Updates from the Battlefield: Core Gameplay Improvements

As some of you may know, our team at DICE LA is working hard to finish the next game update for Battlefield 4, aiming at a release in September. Meanwhile, we’re continuing to utilize the Battlefield 4 Community Test Environment to gather feedback and make various improvements to the game.

Core Gameplay Update

The current CTE initiative revolves around making the core gameplay of Battlefield 4 even better. This initiative has been in full swing for a little over two months now, and we’ve made a lot tweaks and changes that we hope you have enjoyed. As we’re nearing the end of this initiative and the release of the next Battlefield 4 update, these are the major fixes that it will include:

Game Mode Improvements

General improvements and tweaks have been made to the following game modes: Rush, Obliteration, Obliteration Competitive, Capture the Flag and Carrier Assault.

Visual Recoil

Close and medium range optic reticules do not move with the gun any longer, however both bullet spread and bullet drop are still present.

Soldier Movement

Changes have been made to soldier movement so that it closely matches the one in Battlefield 3, but without compromising the visual fidelity. This change also makes it easier to get away from undesirable firefights.

Additionally, we’ve dampened third person hit reactions where the soldier previously moved his head around a lot when getting shot at.

HUD Triage

Focusing on clarity, and de-cluttering the HUD/UI to only show what is important – we have added several options and functionality to make your screen much less cluttered (and give you a lot of choice in making it the way you want).

Revive Mechanic Improvements

A special effort went into making revives easier to use, more robust and easier to understand. Additions include a “fully charged” paddle sound, UI indication on revive time and better networked ragdolls.

“Netcode” Improvements

Making ping differences, trade kills and kills behind cover less of an issue by lowering the time allowed to damage on the client side.

Automatic High Frequency Update setting enforced with the intent of release to all platforms, including Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Improvements to bullet damage times from client to client, “dusting” and de-syncs.

Vehicle Balance

Identifying and tweaking the top vehicles in need of buffs and nerfs.

Weapon Balance

We’ve focused on maintaining a consistent Time To Kill (how long an average engagement lasts for). With the changes to visual recoil, the third person hit reactions and improved “tickrates” has been sped up somewhat as we still need to balance this with damage and recoil changes.

Suppression systems has also been re-tuned and made clearer.

What’s next?

The next initiative on the CTE will be called the Teamplay Initiative. Here we will focus on improving teamplay and the objective aspects of playing Battlefield. This will include everything from Commander, Squads, Field Upgrades and Game Mode improvements, features and bug fixes.

Taking part in the CTE

To take part in early content, feature and improvement testing, you need to own Battlefield 4 Premium. To sign up for the Community Test Environment, visit http://cte.battlelog.com.

And as always – a big THANK YOU to all the players who have helped or is helping making us make Battlefield 4 a better game to play!

David Sirland
Battlefield 4 Live Producer


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  • MuIIer 09.27.14 at 11:58

    How long has this game been out for? I stopped playing because Dice can’t even get the game working properly after all this time. Then they add shit instead of just getting the shit they have to work properly. Also there aren’t enough Aussie servers or servers with all game modes anywhere for that fact in hardcore. Me and my friends only play hardcore and it’s been a big waste of money getting premium because there is hardly anything available besides conquest most of the time. What a joke how’d this game get so fucked up it was working better at the start and in previous battlefields. The connection has been regularly unstable and gotten worse after some updates. It should not take this long to get the game working properly and should be good before it’s released! I want my money back. Let’s hope hardline isn’t like this.

  • HS_91 09.19.14 at 02:33

    How about fixing the issue in defuse first!!! cannot change loadout during the game.. if you do, you get this retarded background that does not go away but your character still spawns (issue on the PS4)…..
    BLITHERING IDIOTS!! you just want to make it seem that you are doing something, but really no one on the other side gives a crap.

  • EngageNutcake 09.13.14 at 14:13

    Visual recoil removal and lower ttk from the game is a big fail.looks awefull how the red dot keeps still in mid air if i wanted a game with no recoil i buy cod.Learning the recoil for almost 400 hours and now they just remove it?wtf

    Realy hope Dice Sweden dont aprove this shit.cuz it looks awefull,lasers al the way.

  • Farrusko9 09.13.14 at 02:24

    what about changing the godamned climb? the dummy cant climb a 1m wall? omg, the beta test demo was fantastic, with climb and jump over, why have you get the climb removed, now we have a deficient dummy that only can handle a gun and run -.-

    fix the hybrid vehicles when they enter water, its like they hit a wall, they stuck, and then start moving.
    fix the rpg fired at vehicles when you aim and fire, and move away from the vehicle, and the hit icon never appears(where does the rocket went to?!)

    ill apreciat if you solv those problems, among others,


  • jBATTLEAXE 09.12.14 at 02:40

    Please nerf the rediculous aim assist in the console versions it is really too powerful.

  • _Zourim_ 09.04.14 at 18:02

    I also wanted to know the date it will be released this update.. who could tell me?

  • Fardonk 09.03.14 at 02:21

    What day in september?? I really want this game to be fix… :(

  • Haxorzllama 09.02.14 at 08:46

    Great! Uh, I have a request that probably you guys wouldn’t add because it’s a too big of a task, but I may as well address anyway, if possible, can you guys add the ‘Win’ and ‘Lose’ cut scenes like in Bad Company 2 at the end of a match and have the top 3 players of the winning team star in that cut scene? Thanks DICE, you’re doing a great job!

  • KILLERpeanutz 09.02.14 at 00:50

    sounds awesome i just want it to come out so people can play it cause you have to watch the video to understand it, if you still think its stupid then you must like your reticle being off target from where your gun is shooting

  • THE_GIF 08.30.14 at 00:52

    -put back some exciting game modes, like scavenger and gun master
    -fix the campaign and the preferences data (vehicles weapons camos and gadgets) Today it’s the third time I lose them.
    -try to solve the continual freezing of the game (on ps3)
    -”open” the map in rush mode to allow to flank or circumvent the enemies
    -fix some textures (For example in Guilin peaks on the top of the mountains)
    Thank you.

  • Greeenspot 08.29.14 at 04:33

    Plz dont take away visual recoil,if i wanted an arcade fps game i wld have got COD.

    • Have Courage 08.29.14 at 16:41

      They don’t. The recoil will be there just not the red dot itself

      • EngageNutcake 08.30.14 at 16:45

        Its gonna be alot of fun if u are on target and not get hitmarkers if u dont see the recoil anymore.NOT!!

    • EngageNutcake 08.30.14 at 16:41

      Agreed taking it out is a fail !!!

  • Harvester0fSouls 08.27.14 at 22:48

    Go eat a D. DMRs should be available to all as should the personal defense weapons. Will get shot, don’t worry about with what class im playing

  • SpoilerOfVirgins 08.25.14 at 10:25

    Can I just have my fucking money back? 120 fucking dollars latter and I’m still being raped in the asshole by a company that doesn’t know what the fuck they’re doing and knows nothing about the weapons they’re trying to emulate.

  • RuStYShEll 08.22.14 at 18:05

    Visual Recoil

    Close and medium range optic reticules do not move with the gun any longer, however both bullet spread and bullet drop are still present.

    Why in hell would you not want a visual representation, being your reticule, not to move with your gun…..answer that Dice….every weapon has a certain amount of recoil, and the visual representation of the reticule is how everyone I would think takes the visual cue to compensate for the given amount of recoil per gun…..this is right up there with having people come in with a 260 ping on a server and rape everyone…..WOW….you guys don’t have a clue to what’s needed to either fix the game, or make it enjoyable…thank goodness I still have BF3 and BC2.

  • LiftedSeven 08.18.14 at 19:29

    P.S. Visual recoil “fix” is not a fix, it’s a way to bypass fixing the gun sway in proper direction of recoil and slapping extremely unrealistic mechanic into the game. You actually just took the skills that people earned when it comes to shooting over the years, that were trying to compensate a realistic recoil and took a big Sh** on their face. So now I can’t wait for rookies to start complaining their shots are not landing while they “stay on target”. I’m disappointed in people like LevelCap that support that idea, and sad to say he is sponsored by EA/DICE, sooooooo….you keep that in mind next time you watch his videos. I started playing BF4 before BF3, I actually went to play BF3 and enjoyed the infantry combat much more, due to the actual remaining realism in that game. If it was the same exact team (same people, same names) that designed BF3 and then designed BF4 I’m yet to understand you guys losing your own integrity to put out a GREAT product, BF4 has to be one of the WORST disasters in gaming history when it comes to “Triple A” titles. Don’t believe me? Read reviews about BF4 yourself. You guys dug a hole for your reputation deeper than you can imagine, from veterans to newcommers to the game like me that at this point put in 680 hours +, and the people that have brain on their shoulders to understand what being used feels like. Maybe one day you will understand it’s not always about making a buck, but it’s also about having a loyal fanbase that will support you over the years. You lost a lot more than what you gained with this release. Hardline will reflect it. I’m sure of it.

  • LiftedSeven 08.18.14 at 19:16

    Fucking DICE, and people that support that visual recoil “fix”. I’ve seen how it looks, so let me describe it, the red dot in the center, that red prong on Kobra, a red dot on Reflex/Coyotee will NOT move, while the rest of the optic sways. SO FUCKING STUPID. So now I have to watch the recoil going all over the place while my crosshair stays on target. FUCKING AWE-SOME…..*heavy sarcasm* …hey Dice/EA, HOW ABOUT…..a FUCKING RECOIL that is actually reflecting the FUCKING SPREAD….HEY! But you don’t want want to reprogram all the visual automations, because you always look for a QUICK FIX that breaks other parts of the game. Like any remaining realism in non-realistic FPS shooter that pretends to have realism. Ugh….not buying hardline until it’s $20, if buying at all. Battlefield 3 had the optic sway in accordance
    of ACTUAL recoill. So what youi did was patch the reticule, while the rest of the animation is still reflecting incorrectly to what is going on. Great way to HALF-ASS once again. 1 year later, the game is slowly living to half life of the play period of general Battlefield series, and you are “close” to fixing it. Right….then you will release Hardline when we had 1 full year of broken game. Take my advice people, don’t buy Hardline, until it’s clearly patched, and if it’s not, don’t bother. It’s not about COD, it’s about putting out a GOOD….WORKING….WOR-KING Game…smh. Truth is, I will never trust you guys to put out a proper product again. I will always hesitate to buy your games, and Visceral cannot help your reputation at this point, due to their own GREAT track record. End rant, end of statement.

  • THE1UFEAR04 08.18.14 at 02:29

    The updates sound great. I wish you guys would make a tank only game mode similar to the Air Superiority.

  • Berzerkerpie 08.16.14 at 20:11

    Dear Battlefield team that is “working hard to fix it”
    You do know people had very high expectations for this game, and paid their money to get it? Seriously the game is shit. Fix it ass holes. No one is gonna buy this terrible franchise anymore because they will start to ONLY EXPECT FAILURE!!! I hope this franchise goes to shit and you all lose your jobs. Ass holes.

  • EngageNutcake 08.15.14 at 17:53

    Love all the updates.But the Visual Recoil is a fail!!dont like how the red dot is floating and stays still in mid air when u fire just looks really weird.When only the gun self is bouncing.U can basically go full auto now with any gun its so easy.And when u get hit its already to late to turn.
    Why remove it completely?and mess with the gun damage again.when u just couldt tone it down 50%.

  • danielperla13 08.13.14 at 06:03

    How bout blacked out iron sights or lagging or getting randomly kicked….Please show that u care not just talk and ask meaningless questions and give dumb responses to irrelevant upgrades to the game

  • Quinnibis 08.10.14 at 12:55

    Bring back Team Speak please, and add proximity chat. At least for when your in a vehicle with other surfs. Or at least let the Squad Leaders have the ability to speak to other squad leaders. This way attacks and defensive maneuvers can be coordinated between squads. I believe this will bring a more authentic feel to the battle. Push to talk was awesome in BF2 on the consoles, granted it was only 12v12 from what i remember. At least give it a shot.

    I also want to say thanks Dice for continuing to support Bf4, it hasn’t been your best product but I’m just glad you guys are not giving up on it. Thanks for providing the updates and I am looking forward to the next patch.

    Gamertag: Quinnibis (Xbox One)
    Been doing this since BF2 Modern Combat.

  • Vathom-Vlaffie 08.10.14 at 12:42

    AND you have to do something with that useless punkbuster there is still a lot of cheaters on the game, btf3 is a good example! Some how they buff their guns so it become totally over powered

  • TeamBellyflop 08.09.14 at 23:22

    I know your fixing commander mode. I’m curious if your fixing the snap issue when trying to place a precise uav and it snaps to the nearest squad leader or objective when playing on console.

  • Aj b33m3R 08.09.14 at 22:39

    Please fix Carrier Assault (I’m on the 360). It used to be a delicious first course of Conquest that ended with a scrumptious dessert of Rush gaming goodness. Now it’s Conquest that just ends. Randomly. Without warning.

    Rush on some maps are simply spawn camp fests, I hope that’s one of the fixes.

    Oh and Squad Up. I get why it defaults to private, but there is no option to take it out of private or even leave the squad. Makes it hard for friends that come in after the fact to join you.

    And I know this won’t even be considered, but get rid of DMRs for every class. Who’s bright idea was it to give an Engineer access to a long range RPG and a sniper rifle? I used to really hate snipers, now I’m actually grateful when I get killed by a sniper rifle. Beats the hell out of getting nailed by an Assault out in the boondocks.

    Thanks for working on it so hard. Not saying the game isn’t frustrating at times (though these changes may actually alleviate that frustration some), or that you didn’t mess up royally by releasing BF4 far too early, or that you haven’t made some very sophomoric mistakes… But thanks for at least trying to make me feel like I didn’t entirely waste my money.

  • GSreaperwolf72 08.09.14 at 18:50

    Why even bother with such things now?
    The damage has been done plus we’re still playing the game.
    These issues should have been addressed long ago, not a year later. I’ve been a fan of the series for quite some time, never have I played such a buggy Battlefield game.
    Who knows though, these changes may improve the overall experience but we cannot dismissed that the fact bugs have been there since day one and still are -_-

  • V3RS4K 08.09.14 at 18:00

    Fixing Battlefield 4 only after one year? Thanks for the speedy fix to the game! I certainly have complete faith in EA now and will rush to pre-order Hardline and have no concerns about what they will do with the Star Wars franchise.

  • HAIRYMAN-13 08.09.14 at 15:53

    Below is FUCKING STUPID!!!!!!! beyond anything they have changed…

    Visual Recoil

    Close and medium range optic reticules do not move with the gun any longer, however both bullet spread and bullet drop are still present.

    i dont want to have to mention the word….. realism when referring to bf as its obviously not realistic but cmon now we are just moving into the ridiculous!!!!

    • Gordan50 08.12.14 at 21:32

      You say that now, then when the update comes and your shooting at your target with a better visual, you will change ur mind.

  • Vathom-Vlaffie 08.09.14 at 15:31

    Please Dice never make this gr8 game another piece off shit like COD !! WE bought BTF because its different and unique keep it that way!

  • Vathom-Vlaffie 08.09.14 at 14:52

    To make it simple and reasonable make all the guns with the same ”shooting impact” but let it differ when choosing attachments except the sniper rifle’s should be 1shot 1 kill

  • Clorex 08.09.14 at 11:01


  • ChaosMachine 08.09.14 at 10:46

    It’s nice to see such a thorough review on the game. Hopefully this will lead to an even better BF experience for us all. My only complaint for BF4 is the lack of destructability but as far as BF4 on consoles goes you’ve taken it to another level with 64 players. Keep up the great work guys!

  • Hellion83 08.09.14 at 03:34

    “General improvements and tweaks have been made to the following game modes: Rush, Obliteration, Obliteration Competitive, Capture the Flag and Carrier Assault.”

    Soooo what are the improvements and tweaks?

  • JR0CHA 08.09.14 at 02:39

    any word on whether the time will be increased for carrier assault and chainlink? those need to be longer than 10min….

  • Schima_HR 08.09.14 at 00:01

    Designated Marksman Rifles need a serious buff. They are weak and pretty useless in most cases.

  • Cali 408 Swagg 08.08.14 at 23:08

    I think the visual recoil is a minor issue and the main issue is bullet damage and damage recognition, all vehicles bullet and rockets damage should be turned up it should not.take more then one rocket to kill someone, and it should not.take a half a clip of chest shots to kill a person, so focus on bullet, rockets and 50 damage rating mounted 50 cal should not take 5 plus shots to.kill

    • TRAYBAG NYC 08.09.14 at 01:35

      Think of it this way, if the vehicles were turned up then everyone would just vehicle camp and no one would run on foot because one jeep could instant kill an entire squad with no problem.

  • Spitfire_CH83 08.08.14 at 15:26

    Is Dice actually listening to the veterans, who brought the franchise to fame?? No, they don’t give a shit.

    This update will further destroy the allready stupid run and gun gameplay… Why Dice, why? Please go back to the roots and remember, how Battlefield should be played…

    BF4 is the worst BF ever. Poorly designed Maps and stupid gameplay… no skill needed. My whole friendlist started with BF 1942 and now hates BF4.

    • luvanurse41 08.08.14 at 16:14

      Stop bitching, they are working hard to fix the game. Stop bitching about small bugs that don’t exist and stop playing the game if you hate it so much you whiny punk bitch.

      • TRAYBAG NYC 08.09.14 at 01:37

        Lol right, these kids are always looking for something to cry about

    • Vathom-Vlaffie 08.09.14 at 14:59

      Come-on its not that bad go play cod you’ll appreciate btf after that round lol

  • King_Thrawn 08.08.14 at 14:18

    My god most of you are so stupid. Please educate yourself by reading about the visual recoil changes and watch some YouTube clips. The visual recoil changes are ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED.

    I see many of you complaining that the optic reticule is supposed to go where it’s aiming and therefor it should move with the recoil. That is EXACTLY what this visual recoil change is fixing! Right now the sight reticule does NOT show where your gun is ACTUALLY pointed! The laser pointer shows where the barrel is aimed, and the sight reticule dances around so that it is NOT pointed where the bullets are landing (ignoring spread effect).

    They are still working on the CTE changes. They will (hopefully) be adding real recoil increases across the board – instead of some FAKE visual trick that looks like recoil.

    I swear to god I never post on these things but most if you are so stupid I felt like I had to. I don’t want all your ignorant complaining to dissuade DICELA from doing what’s right and fixing the game.

    • Quinnibis 08.10.14 at 12:38

      Thank you very much Sir.

    • NuutiIa 09.14.14 at 17:47

      Finally some one knows what he is talking about. Rest of you dont. Currently horisontal and vertical recoils affect where the middle point of your screen is moving and therefore where the bullets are gonna fly. CURRENTLY red dot hasnothing in common with aim point so visual reoil fix is EXACTLY what we need!

  • Neferata 08.08.14 at 13:07

    I’m also confused as to how a sight doesn’t move when the gun it’s attached to is moving around.

    • Gr8OdinzRavn 08.09.14 at 04:38

      The sight does move… only the target reticle in the middle stays where you are aiming. so it seems to move around inside the sight picture.

  • Mahjack 08.08.14 at 09:33

    Why did you touch Visual Recoil??? Which part you don’t understand? Fix the bugs and leave the rest alone! God, I quit this game. I hate this damn stupid CTE thing.

  • Jaredspurlock21 08.08.14 at 07:54

    Why don’t you guys give CTE to consoles like PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. You know we console players could help as well…

  • Gr8OdinzRavn 08.08.14 at 02:50

    after seeing the video of this update coming I retract my previous statement. The reticle seems like it will preform more like it’s real life equivelent. the reticle will move around with your eye in the eye piece while you fire… but the gun will move and the bullet spread will reflect this. but as long as you keep your eye in line with it the reticle will stay on target as the gun moves. just like a red dot does. So it’s not as bad as I though.

  • Gr8OdinzRavn 08.08.14 at 02:21

    I swear…. if they make my scope not more when I fire my weapons this will be the last time I play Battlefield and the last time I ever buy a Battlefield game. This is not COD. If you look through a scope and fire the weapon does not your viewpoint change in the scope? Doesn’t recoil effect your sight on target? If I have recoil and bullet spread but my sight picture doesn’t change then I’m dropping this game like a bad habit.

    • necroman12 08.09.14 at 05:49

      The dot in the middle of your scope will be the only thing not moving when you fire. It’s supposed crate a more accurate representation of where your bullets are going. You’ll still need to lead or aim above your targets to compensate for bullet drop. The only reason DICE is doing this is because they can’t go back and change the recoil since it’s built into the animations.

    • Vathom-Vlaffie 08.09.14 at 15:11

      lol joker, there is no other game too compare with btf, its the no1 FPS !!

  • SH4RPest1 08.08.14 at 00:53

    A lobby to set loadout at the “my soldier” menu level and the ability to go to this lobby in between matches would be awesome. The inability to change load outs before gaming and in between match loading is annoying. We had a main menu level load out on BF3. Please implement…

    • Quinnibis 08.10.14 at 12:48

      Exactly, it actually hindering the player by having to take the time to reset your load out during an ongoing battle.

  • Redneckgear 08.08.14 at 00:35

    Leave the recoil alone. Why is a .50 sniper rifle a one shot one kill anywhere on the body but a .50 on a vehicle takes six hits for a kill? Come on and fix this. I am tired of resetting all my weapons from the last game.

  • SpeedfreakTM 08.08.14 at 00:15

    PLEASE do not change visual recoil

  • ffuuzz 08.08.14 at 00:06

    …..are you seriously stopping the optic from moving with the gun. Does all of your CTE consist of fucking retards that can’t fire a weapon with recoil….you guys are ass fucking your own game. I’ve had it since it came out and you still haven’t gotten your shit together. God damn just fix the stupid things that happen. Do not change anything else. I cannot even begin to describe how much this pisses me off. If I wanted to play Call of Duty I would buy Call of Duty. Don’t change your shit. Jesus fuck it’s not a radical concept.

    • SpeedfreakTM 08.08.14 at 00:16

      RIght?? why change visual recoil

      • AquaGeneral 08.08.14 at 03:59

        Notice they are specifying “visual recoil”, and not just “recoil”. Read: “…however both bullet spread and bullet drop are still present.”

    • TRAYBAG NYC 08.09.14 at 01:40

      Stop bitching! Holy shit, it’s just a fucking game so stop your crying and play the game. Crying and bitching won’t change anything so what’s the point

    • necroman12 08.09.14 at 05:31

      They aren’t changing ANY of the bullet physics, it only affects the little red dot. You’ll still have to lead/aim above your targets.

  • BrimyYta 08.07.14 at 23:36

    Add second flares to helicopters so you can’t die immediately from one guy with a stinger or make missiles track more “dumb” most frustrating this since bf2 and 3 it’s nearly impossible to out maneuver a surface to air missle in this game which is in realistic

  • TurtleBAQ 08.07.14 at 23:20

    I’ve been waiting for this CTE patch to hit the live game for a while now. The HUD clutter fixes are gonna be awesome along with the reduction in 3rd person movement upon taking damage. I love the visual recoil changes because it makes the game more in line with arcade shooters which are my favorite and it will give players better feedback on where their bullets are going.

  • xMEDICALUSEONLYx 08.07.14 at 23:04

    This is the first battlefield game i like DONT MESS WITH the way gameplay …… other then that yeah lots of fixes to be made for this……. servers…. dont know if its just me… only a few servers show up not many at all WTH.. am i doing something wrong…. i can not play CTF… at all… that really starting to piss me off… fix it….. not buying the DLC tell i dont like the old maps….now VISUAL RECOIL not sure this needs to be changed… OK MAIN thing were the hell is throwing knives THROWING KNIVES THROWING KNIVES THROWING KNIVES…… MAKE IT HAPPEN ARE WE SOLDIERS OR WHAT… DOES NOT HALF TO BE LIKE COD…. make it real… if it hits someone in the arm or foot they dont DIE, they get hurt n cant aim very well but anyone even people without knives on can still grab the knife out of the arm say n throw it back… maybe not sure if this is a good idea but make the teams have red and blue outfits…. not a lot but just LITTLE noticeable… hate when i dont see the team icon and i kill team…. or same thing i see icon but its throw a wall and the enemy kills me… take a few maps you have that came with the game and make a few more small sized maps for TD or other small games…. HEY DICE,,,, where the hell is FREEFORALL…. COME ONE 15 TO 25 PLAYER FREE FOR ALL. I WOULD LOVE TO SEE N PLAY THAT….

    • Tomdeaser 08.08.14 at 01:40

      There’s this game series which you should try. It’s like Battlefield, yet dramatically unrealistic; just like what you’re describing. This is the Call of Duty series. You don’t want Battlefield, you want a Call of Duty game with maps larger than a small flat.

    • Vathom-Vlaffie 08.09.14 at 15:16

      Go buy yourself cod you want to fuck up our game!

  • MorteEtDabo13 08.07.14 at 22:49

    For the love of god and the great battlefield franchise. DO NOT ADJUST THE VISUAL RECOIL! It’s what makes battlefield “battlefield”, plus it’s great to know where my shots are going to land where my reticle is aiming at,even while sustaining continuous fire with the lmg. That’s how you properly adjust to firing. Now with this update, I’m going to be leading a target while firing and while the reticle is in front of a moving target the “barrel” is going to be recoiling behind the enemy. How in the world is this going to help with being accurate?! Don’t not change the recoil in any way!

    • DuffSauce 08.07.14 at 23:53

      PLEASE do not adjust the visual recoil! The most fun part of the game is learning a gun’s characteristics and becoming good at shooting at different ranges with varying muzzle velocities and rounds per minute. Changing this will make the game like unreal tournament a twitch aim shooter. Gun mechanics is what makes BF great! How will this work with iron sights?? Not a good change IMO

      • AquaGeneral 08.08.14 at 04:06

        They are changing the visual amount of recoil, the actual amount of bullet spread will remain the same: “however both bullet spread and bullet drop are still present.”

        I find it crazy how manically vocal everyone is about this. It is fairly clear that in specifying “visual” recoil, they aren’t referrring to just “recoil”, then of course they clarify in the accompanying paragraph that bullet spread and bullet drop remain as is. Above all, you’d have to think to yourself “Would they really remove a deeply fundamental part of the balance, gun-play and feel of the game a year after it’s release?”

        • MorteEtDabo13 08.08.14 at 19:20

          You numbnuts, you don’t get it. If you have ever fired a gun then you would understand that you wouldn’t just sit in one spot while the guns aim bounces all over the place. Your scope is going to sway and you have to fight the recoil to to adjust your aim. I rather know where my shots are going to land as to where the sights reticle was aiming at then just have it in the target and hoping one well hit the center of reticle at the enemy. It’s literally spray and pray that this update will cause.

  • Mainfold 08.07.14 at 22:34

    The right way to balance weapons, is NOT to nerf damage and such, but it’s to balance via weapon-control, adding a lot more recoil, ADS-times, movement-speed, ammo-pool, weapon-draw time (out of sprint and when swapping between weapons&gadgets), adding overheat to LMG’s, stuff like that.. things that can slow down combat, without actually slowing down the “optimal TTK” of the game, but rather increasing “probable TTK” (what will happen under stress etc, this was predominant in BF:Hardline (because of increased recoil etc) and made fights more balanced).

  • DoctorStrange91 08.07.14 at 22:15

    Have these jokers even fired a real gun before?!? That should be a requirement for any dev who works on an FPS game.

    Don’t touch the recoil mechanics, fix the hit detection issues, and find a way to make the Battlefield franchise BETTER than COD, not the same.

  • Pr0siris 08.07.14 at 22:12

    The visual recoil thing is the final straw for me. It looks completely fake and ridiculous and makes the game way easier. That was always one of my favorite parts about the Battlefield series was the realistic recoil on the guns. I can’t see how there is any skill involved with what you’re changing it to. Yes, the gun moves around, but all you have to pay attention to is the reticule that stays directly in the middle and then there is essentially no recoil. Instead of eliminating it you should have from the start made the bullets go where you were aimed, even if the gun is bouncing all over the place. The game is supposed to be difficult and realistic, one of the biggest benefits of the Battlefield series.

    All you had to do was fix the lag and other issues, instead you have to listen to the most vocal part of your audience, which in no ways represents your entire customer base, and make completely unnecessary changes. Just because some troll spends all day making YouTube videos and ranting in forums means they get the game custom tailored to them? Will never bother with a Battlefield game again, especially the cheap mod that is called Hardline.

    Oh, and I had to create another Origin account to post this because apparently you can’t even make a website function properly.

    • DoctorStrange91 08.07.14 at 22:21

      I think a significant portion of the community feels the same as we do. The problem is that the CTE is filled with people who want the game to be more like that crap COD.

      • TurtleBAQ 08.07.14 at 23:26

        Then join the CTE. Who do you expect them to listen to, people who are actually testing or people complaining here?

        • Pr0siris 08.08.14 at 00:38

          You realize some people have lives, some people have to work and what not. When I have free time I want to game, not argue in forums with people who have nothing better to do then start crap in forums. I’m in the CTE, and I test out the changes every once in a while, but I don’t have the time to constantly be providing feedback in forums. Hence, my original comment. The only people they are listening to are people that have nothing better to do than troll forums all day. To make changes based on the feedback of that small minority is ridiculous. It’s fine though, there are plenty of other games to play that aren’t trying to cash in on the profits of the COD franchise. I’ve really enjoyed Battlefield up until this point, but I’m pretty much done with this franchise.

        • Mahjack 08.08.14 at 11:41

          CTE is only for BATTLEFIELD 4 PREMIUM Members… So you ask people to Buy premium for 54$ “or whatsoever” just to keep begging DICE to not change some things to worse? And just for your info, I’m premium and a part of CTE and it’s becoming ridiculous over there.

      • ZockiRR-GER 08.08.14 at 00:50

        I have to agree, because Battlefield Fans just wanna play Battlefield and they do. Not cte even if it’s a great idea to do something like it. Many things in Battlefield have to get fixed and progress is clearly there but please…please don’t change the core gameplay. Just let Battlefield be Battlefield and make it a good Battlefield, not another game.

    • DezertWulf 08.08.14 at 00:32

      I prefer the visual recoil fix, because having a red dot optic giving you incorrect feedback is worst. Plus, dice is just trying to fix something they could not do properly in the first place. You see, in real life when you shoot using a red dot and the red dot moves to the left that means the barrel moves to the right. So generally speaking the bullet travels the same direction the barrel moves which means in this case it moves right. But in bf4 that doesn’t matter. So yes I prefer a fake visual look compared to an incorrect visual recoil. But don’t get me wrong, if dice were to have correct visual recoil I would love it.

      • Tribbeh 08.08.14 at 08:51

        Someone who is actually smart :D Thank you sir

  • Cerebrus 08.07.14 at 21:58

    “and better networked ragdolls.” So does this mean bodies won’t randomly disappear when I try to revive them after they ragdoll away or down a hill?

  • CiaoNeeMarDeBee 08.07.14 at 21:42

    LISTEN DICE, I will only capitalize once this time for my comment, you said you motherfuckers listen to us, and here is what I said in forum earlier: REDUCE VISUAL RECOIL IS FINE, AS LONG AS IT IS NOT COMPLETELY GONE! IN REAL LIFE THE PARALLAX DOT DOESNT JUST STICK, THEY FUCKING VIBRATE WHEN YOU SHOOT. MAKE IT SIMILAR TO BF3 OR ELSE BF4 IS FUCKING COD. Plus, I wanna say fuck you to those youtubers who support this to dead(don’t want to mention the names but you guys all know). Game is meant to be fun and hard, if you want something easy, go no scope simulator. Done

  • Crateria 08.07.14 at 20:39

    Also please, FFS get rid of Audio Spotting. Please… please change what suppressors do for a gun and just get rid of Audio Spotting. Christ that alone still puts BF3/4 a peg below BC2…

  • Crateria 08.07.14 at 20:36

    “Visual Recoil

    Close and medium range optic reticules do not move with the gun any longer, however both bullet spread and bullet drop are still present.”

    So… you’re taking BF one step closer to CoD? wtf Dice…

  • sesamechicken0 08.07.14 at 20:33

    I have an ongoing issue where on PS3, when the left stick is pressed to sprint, my character often throws grenades and cycles weapons automatically. The only way to make it stop is to stand still and take at least one shot. This almost always happens right after spawning.

  • Zero Five Nine 08.07.14 at 20:13

    Oh hey! another thing you could add is changing you’re class before going into a match, so you don’t have to go into test range. You know….like you had it in bf3?

  • x-Irish-Tommy 08.07.14 at 20:07

    One major fix you guys need is in Defuse. After the first round of each side you are no longer able to set up your load out in game. Once you “spawn” it takes you to a screen with the city in the background. It doesn’t fix itself until you either change sides or the map is over. This is highly irritating.

    • Officer212 08.07.14 at 20:16

      Yessss! THIS! Needs to be fixed badly, it takes away so much from what is otherwise a great and underplayed game mode. It gets no attention at all!

  • YakAttack91 08.07.14 at 19:19

    How about making Javalins work how they are supposed to? No more of this hold to lock on crap. Make the weapon systems act like they are supposed to. Please

  • Gotyourshangen 08.07.14 at 19:16

    I would like to see more visuals while under water. Fish and coral please.

  • BulletDropped 08.07.14 at 19:14

    lol when you trade kills it should give a ribbon called an eye for an eye.

  • mikevad3er 08.07.14 at 19:09

    Please don’t mess with the visual recoil! That’s is one of the reasons I prefer to play Battlefield! If you guys do that then people will just be running and gunning like in COD. If you wanna fix something, fix the bug with the load outs. Every time I play my load out is not saved from the previous game session. It super annoying b/c every time I play I have to tweak my load out to how it was before.

    • DEC3PTIVE 1 08.07.14 at 20:09

      + 1 for this comment. Loadouts not saving absolutely drives me bonkers. Im amazed that this is still an issue. Get on this DICE.

  • VIDEOgameDROME 08.07.14 at 18:43

    You guys really need to fix the grenades that don’t explode when you throw it at an enemy and then they kill you. It should still explode since I’ve thrown it, no? Most of the time it doesn’t. At least with kill trading my grenades would explode!

    Also, what is up with the defibs auto-reviving players when I have my gun out and I’m trying to shoot someone instead?? It just pulls out my defibrillators and revives a guy when I’m pressing the trigger. And why is it that most of the special weapon items make you hold triangle the entire time you’re using them so you don’t auto drop them? You would think this would have been fixed by now unless you guys have a good reason for this.

    • jojomane 08.07.14 at 18:45


    • katodabull 08.07.14 at 18:53

      I feel you on the grenade issue. So many grenades thrown right before I died with no explosion after

    • n1kobg 08.07.14 at 19:25

      I think you’re using fire & use in one key. When you stroke use key you automoticly revive the closest guy. It also work when you want to get up on flying helli-just hold the use key.

    • Zero Five Nine 08.07.14 at 20:09

      I agree with you, when that happens to me its like “Am I playing cod? Isn’t that why I stopped playing that awful game?”

  • jojomane 08.07.14 at 18:42


    • DogTagsUk 08.07.14 at 18:50

      Take it you don’t play CTE and never have , VISUAL RECOIL is not recoil its just VISUAL RECOIL ..How ever the weapon still as recoil but not VISUAL RECOIL get it ? ..Before the VISUAL RECOIL was removed there was an impact on sights not hitting there targets so you would be aiming with your sight thinking its on target but its not because of the fake VISUAL RECOIL .Now your sight is a true sight what you aim at and see on your sight is what you get …

      • jojomane 08.07.14 at 19:27

        No I haven’t played CTE yet.. I know exactly what they’referring to… And all it’s going to do is make the game easier for less/underskilled players/children… Can u say COD? perfect example of it…. I prefer it the vanilla way… But hey, maybe that’s because I prefer more of a challenge and the game not get taken over by 9yr olds, lol… However I do like the less pronounced flinching with medium range scopes…

    • Druface 08.07.14 at 18:50

      It’s not what you think:Battlefield 4 CTE – Visual Recoil Fix and Medic T…: http://youtu.be/NZSpQOKOl7E

  • DiamondMolecule 08.07.14 at 18:36

    Is this going to be for all platforms?

  • TATTOOED HITMAN 08.07.14 at 18:34

    I would like to see dice do something about damage balancing. The pistols are to powerful compared to the assault rifles.

  • CiaoNeeMarDeBee 08.07.14 at 18:32

    Visual Recoil gone by complete instead of some, time to uninstall game.

  • soldato_fantasma 08.07.14 at 18:17

    Since the BF4 launch, I’ve only seen 4-5 hackers, that got banned within the next round. So it’s not a problem. Maybe you are just bad at this game.

  • BenLaa 08.07.14 at 18:17

    I’m glad you are working on the game but we dont care about the noise that the defibs do. They generally dont work sometimes. And one other thing. Remove the AA vehicle out of the game. Don’t just nerf it. Remove it. It’s way too powerful. Cant take off any more when there is a guy camping in an AA.

    • Ronin0ni 08.07.14 at 18:30

      Defibs don’t work because of the ragdoll desync. You’re paddlin away at your friends corpse, but he’s not there, he’s 10ft behind you and you’re charging empty air.

      They’ve addressed this along with improving audio feedback so you know exactly when you can zap for a full health revive (I hate 20hp revives… piss off if you’re just gonna give a tiny pop and run) and finally and probably most importantly (though ragdoll fix is huge too) is an indicator on the revive icon that shows how much time is left before there’s no more revive.

    • ChaoticWaffles- 08.07.14 at 18:34

      They should make the game more like hardline to where you can damage vechicles with guns so they could then add a 2nd flare to the helicopters

  • Zero Five Nine 08.07.14 at 18:13

    Glad you’re working on the netcode. Nurf the deagle? It’s a cheap one shot zero skill to use weapon.

    • Cmdr_Arc 08.07.14 at 18:18

      takes about two and sometimes three … don’t know what u’re talking bout

      • Zero Five Nine 08.07.14 at 19:59

        I engage a sniper put a few rounds in his back he turns transitions to deagle and one shots me. I haven’t had a grievance with a weapon until the deagle. ps its you’re

    • Ronin0ni 08.07.14 at 18:31

      OHK only with headshot. Last I checked that took skill.

      You’re just mad you don’t have one cause you can’t get headshots with the Unica to unlock it ;)

    • ChaoticWaffles- 08.07.14 at 18:33

      Why would they nerf the deagle? every freakin gun is gonna have the same damage then we might as well just only have one gun that shoots marshmallows because everything seems to be to strong.

      • Zero Five Nine 08.07.14 at 20:07

        Well that doesn’t make sense cause making a pistol slightly less powerful than its ridiculous current status isn’t going to effect any other gun. Every other gun is fine. I’m noticing a trend with the deagle, everyone who has it, loves it and doesn’t want it nerfed. Whys that? cause it’s an easy to just one shot someone? If i had it I probably would have it on every class too and just use that instead of everything else. But I don’t have it unlocked, and I don’t want it. Its cheap.

  • Ranger302 08.07.14 at 18:08

    You are still missing one huge issue. Cheaters/hackers. The “paid” hacks still have yet to been banned. I have not played any EA/Dice game in several months and will not purchase anymore until this issue is dealt with in a serious manner. The “free” hacks that do get banned just speak to a EA rep and have their game moved to another account and “un-banned”. This has been going on for some time. I know “there will always be haxors in online fps”, It is just my opinion that much more can and should be done about it.

  • Rattlesnark 08.07.14 at 18:06

    “HUD Triage -
    Focusing on clarity, and de-cluttering the HUD/UI to only show what is important…”

    YES. Thank you for finally getting to this. Having the objective symbols and squad icons 100% opaque on at all times on the HUD really kill my visibility.

  • kolyakill 08.07.14 at 18:04

    well twas 70+ fps for me, now it’s 50 and unplayble :(

    • KAndrews101 08.07.14 at 18:33

      AHAHAHA! 50FPS is unplayable? What an age we live in!

      • NeuromancerTX 08.11.14 at 02:59

        144FPS + is required for serious gaming. One frame per one refresh rate cycle of monitor = you see much more in 144Hz.