BF4 Battlefest Stunt Video Competition Sponsored by AMD – The Winners

Battlefield 4 players have always amazed us by pulling off jaw-dropping, out of this world stunts – from the legendary Rendezook to launching their vehicles onto skyscrapers. With the BF4 Stunt Video Competition, we wanted to give some of the most skilled fans an opportunity to shine.

The battle was fierce, but in the end the community chose 3 winning stunt video submissions. The creators of these videos will receive a truly brutal AMD gaming PC for their creative efforts. Congratulations! Enjoy the top 3 stunt videos below:

ponylionHD – “Rendelodon”


VideoDeadGaming – “Rendemissile”

See all of the top stunt video submissions

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  • XboxGameCrasher 08.12.14 at 20:11

    Here is a NEW and EPIC tank MONTAGE

  • VideoDead 08.12.14 at 20:08


  • VideoDead 08.12.14 at 19:39

    Guys, if you want to see my video Google RENDEMISSILE

  • AllHardLuck 08.12.14 at 17:40

    lmao … appears not too many figured on EA holding a legit contest … and one no one has touched on yet: Employees prohibited. Well, if you’re getting paid by EA, doesn’t that make you an employee??

  • xDGKFoXGoDx 08.12.14 at 17:05

    ponylion’s stunt should be void clearly team effort to make the megledon spawn…that and he does this all the TIME! of course if he enters all his subs will vote for him HE SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO ENTER AT ALL!.and the cinimatic how is this a stunt? the only stunt i see that is REAL is the rendemissle..i do rendezooks all the time in battlefield, should be better clips on here!

  • pluto5963 08.11.14 at 22:16

    The first 2 were good but the last one wasn;t as good. people have taken the cruise missile down with a mp412 rex and 44 magnum from the ground firning into the sky.

  • Reinmens 08.11.14 at 21:16

    EPIC!!!!!!! :)

  • DiamondMolecule 08.11.14 at 21:15

    @De4dCaLm It was voted for, not picked randomly or by a certain individual.

  • De4dCaLm 08.11.14 at 21:02

    These were literally the 3 worst videos that could have been picked. Who the hell is the guy in charge of picking the winners? should be fired.

  • MeoowMix 08.11.14 at 20:34

    How did these rendezouk fails win? That was just completely unfair. What about the actual pilots doing crazy stunts? Check this video out by PilotFin. He should of won this competition! ABSOLUTE FAIL how the people in charge of this tournament made those rendeFAILS bailing out of jet and getting back in, WTF? How is that a stunt??????? WATCH THE VIDEO AND GET YOUR MIND BLOWN. The fact that a cinematic video with little to no stunts won is beyond me. this is all rigged

    • VideoDead 08.11.14 at 23:07

      I went and watched that video you linked and it was pretty amazing piloting, but nothing original. I’ve seen loads of videos doing that stuff.

  • spacegy4 08.11.14 at 19:30

    I don’t usually post comments here, but I logged in to point something out. Ponylion’s stunt does not follow the rules and should be voided. There was a clear team effort to trigger the megalodon and the rules stated that a team effort was not permitted.

    • Game4Lyf 08.11.14 at 19:47

      This is what Pony says about this:
      “I asked the community manager of dice/ea about the rules. You can have teammates help with the stunt, but only one person can submit it as their own, meaning there can’t be multiple winners for one video.”

      I guess he had an advantage. Fair vs. Unfair? IDK

    • oRaGaMi1337 08.11.14 at 21:09

      +1 and u can hear in his video “Finally” as in they were trying it over and over aka team effort “are u ready?”

      • DJBrazzy 08.12.14 at 10:41

        This is the main reason I don’t like ponylion’s stunts. Him and his team basically invade a server with a plan to do a specific stunt, disrupting the play of the server because all the fanboys go “OMG PONYLION YOUTUBE FAMOUS”, then they repeatedly try the same stunt for sometimes hours until they either get it or give up. During that time, they hog the vehicles that they need for the stunt, telling people not to use them, and basically make it impossible to have a decent game on that server until they’re done.

        In other words, they ruin the server, they set up their stunts to a massive degree and essentially have an unlimited number of attempts to achieve it. Most importantly, throughout all this, having watched ponylions streams once or twice, the only time they ever seem to actually be enjoying it is when the stunt is succesful; it feels like he’s not even interested in the stunt itself or the game, but rather only cares about the attention he gets for it.

    • xDGKFoXGoDx 08.12.14 at 16:59


  • amishcabdriver 08.11.14 at 19:20

    A team video in a contest that asked for solo submissions, a cinematic with what appears to be little to no stunts, and 1 actual submission that follows the guidelines for the competition. Congrats to VDG. Way to follow your own rules EA.

  • C4MakeYouGoBOOM 08.11.14 at 18:36

    so the guy that EA has a contract with wins the computer. pro!