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In the past weeks, gamers have had a chance to learn quite a bit about Battlefield Hardline’s Multiplayer.  We’ve had a great beta and that has brought in a ton of data and feedback which is making the game more awesome every day.  Thad Sasser, our Lead MP Designer, has been keeping you up to date on what we’ve learned and more importantly how we’re making MP better. More great MP info is to come, because there’s a LOT more to share.

Battlefield Hardline 6

Today, though, I wanted to talk about our Single Player.

Taking Battlefield into the world of cops and criminals gives us an opportunity to do something completely different than what’s been done in the past, not only in the series but in the genre.   When we look around the landscape of gaming these days, there are a lot of gravel voiced super soldiers saving the world from domination.  But that’s not the world of cops and criminals, and that’s not something we’re interested in doing with Hardline.  Our world is more personal and relatable.  There won’t be any five-minute cut scenes where the evil general explains his super weapon in our game.  Instead, we want to create the look, tone, and pace of our favorite TV crime dramas.

Don’t get me wrong. Like all gamers, we’ve enjoyed some great, linear, roller coaster style games in our day.  We may have even made one or two.  But these days we think gamers are looking for more tactical choice and depth in their games, not just whack-a-mole shooting galleries.  So for the Battlefield Hardline single player campaign, we are trying to fill our world with those choices.    Here are some choices you might be faced with in the campaign:

-Do I grapple and zipline past these guys, or try to get through on the ground?

-Do I intimidate this guy into giving up or go for the Taser?

-That guy has a warrant on him, and I could use the cash.  Do I take him down here or get his flunkies first?

-How many bullets do I have left in this gun?  Do I feel lucky? Well, do I?

We are bringing more depth and choice to our campaign, and by using a TV crime drama aesthetic, delivering a different type of storytelling and a new tone that feels different from the from most of the first person shooters we’ve all played a lot of lately.

In order to really get the feeling right, we’ve teamed up with some great talent from the genre.  Our director Bill Johnson and Narrative Consultant Wendy Calhoun are both veterans of Justified, and our cast includes actors from True Detective, CSI Miami, The Shield, Law and Order, and other milestone cop shows.  This is a story that takes place in the grey area between cops and criminals, with police who aren’t all good and thieves with a cause to fight for.  As players, you’ll get to see things from both sides.

All in all we think we’ve got some cool ideas and are going to try something a little different with the single player of the game. You’ll be able to see some stuff soon, and myself, our Executive Producer Steve, our Director and Cast will be at Comic Con to show some footage, answer questions, and share our excitement for the game.   Hope to see you there!

Ian Milham
Creative Director, Battlefield Hardline
Twitter: @Monkey_Pants

For more information on Battlefield Hardline, visit

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  • BGANNON 02.19.15 at 21:56

    Bring in a final killcam, And as a sniper u should be able to adjust your bullet drop up or down for quick adjustment other then that this is good game.

  • Silver-Raven-20 01.15.15 at 18:55

    Hi i cant seem to find a link to the hardline open beta download for ps4 did i miss my chance or am i not looking in the right place please email me on details at thank you

  • Isaped 01.14.15 at 20:52

    Дайте пожалуйста ключ на бета версию Battlefield Hardline

  • Isaped 01.14.15 at 20:51

    Your login request cannot be processed at this time.
    Please try again in a few minutes.

  • ValidUnicorn992 11.17.14 at 08:59

    they should add more animations like hopping in a car or helicopter and they should add a feature were u could run and jump off a building and being able to grab hold of a helicopter and hang off it

  • o5x5o 08.14.14 at 16:17

    For me, Hardline could be the n-1 limit for my following of the bf series, where n = Hardline. I have been around since the original bf, and my FPS multiplayer days goes back as far as Doom and Descent with Kali. I missed the opportunity to try Hardline, but have seen the trailers. Trying to leverage the bf reputation, which unfortunately has had some major kinks in it, is a bad move from my perspective. Bf has been about military war. I see it as a shame trying to leverage a different genre by jumping on the coattails of the bf series. The logic of why this is done based on a more realistic, personal environment escapes me. It sounds more like an excuse, than a motivation. Be that as it may, what could convince me to keep up with the series? I took a look at the comments on how the game is being changed based on user comments. Some make sense, but I see a lot of real heavy hitter bf type problems glossed over, amid fluff changes. 1. No mention of netcode issues, which from my internet experience, probably accounts for at least 30% of player “skill”, and has been a problem since bf1. (Of course, this issue is not only a Bf FPS issue.) I am sure UDP is tough to manage, and TCP is probably to slow, but the packet loss issues need some really intense input to stop the player frustration of emptying clips and getting killed by what appears as one shot from an opponent. Most servers do not control the ping/latency issues in this regard, so it is up to the company to manage a universal fix. 2. It is not clear how much worse the tactical will get from bf4. Bf3 catered to tactically intelligent players with strong VOIP relationships between commanders, squads, and squad members; bf4 thankfully brought back VOIP, but hobbled the command structure and commander role. 3. The excuse for explosive weapons is a weakly veiled concession to cater to kids, not adults. At least be honest enough to admit it straight out. Two good examples of over-weaponization are the Metro and Locker maps, where most games degenerate into grenade and sniper wars. Such close-in maps should automatically lock out more powerful weapons; this will ruin it for the kids, but make the game more reasonable for mature kids and adults.

  • wrk-now 08.13.14 at 12:56

    people dont really think about previous gen consoles such as ps3 and xbox 360. people dont know that having 24 players max in a lobby is not enough. Next gen has 64 layers, us previous gen players will be hapy if we at least had 44 players in total, this will prevent us from not being to find people due to the map size

  • SATO777NOGI 08.03.14 at 08:08

    It’s going to be a bad ass game

  • DylanTimo 07.31.14 at 21:05

    It would be cool if they added dynamic weather in every map which could slightly alter the maps physics

  • avpjs213 07.21.14 at 05:57

    Just started playing and its awsome I love BF3 but this one took it to another level can’t wait for Hardliners…

  • TheDild0zer 07.19.14 at 19:11

    I love the flashy action fantasy you’re going for with SP, but “How many bullets do I have left in this gun? Do I feel lucky? Well, do I?” – does that mean realistic ammo management,and if not can we get it as an option for hardcore multi player mode at least?

  • IcoNicQuicKShot 07.19.14 at 17:11

    Haven’t got a chance to go on BF4 but I’ll check it out, oh I know it’s cause the battlefest gives us a free camo which was alligator camo. Mystery solved :)

  • robinhakan790 07.18.14 at 19:06

    i just got a luggage battlepack in bf4 does anyone know why and how i got that i just saw i had one

    • IcoNicQuicKShot 07.19.14 at 04:36

      Did you play on Pearl Harbor and go on a fourth floor room with a bed in it?

      • robinhakan790 07.19.14 at 09:01

        i have no idea but in the description of the battlepack it said this item aint no rock and it contained alligator paint

        • robinhakan790 07.19.14 at 09:04

          oh he lol i just saw it was a free battlepack because it’s battlefest lol

        • IcoNicQuicKShot 07.19.14 at 17:09

          Ok I meant Pearl Market not Harbor haha

  • GAME5MA5TER 07.18.14 at 00:37

    I think they it’s going to be a great campaign. …is there going to be pre release demo

  • Riggs-Da-Hamster 07.17.14 at 22:16

    Open World like GTA 3 or 4 would be awesome too, The beta worked well and good gameplay but got bored within an hour they need allot more modes and WAY BIGGER MAPS, an open world mode with large city or cities with people choppers and missions would crush the GTA games with the FB3 engine with a good single player game aswell and this game could rock, I did get carried away being a cop or robber this was a good idea but how far can you go with this ? VERY FAR if you have imagination and a good team to create the game of the decade. GO EA GO GO GO

  • KruffyGuf 07.17.14 at 19:54

    I never felt that the Battlefield 4 campaign was overall bad. Just that it was too short and rushed to the spoken of elements into the game. Glad to see that they’re doing something with the Hardline story.

    Please Visceral, take the time you need.

  • FuelSEAL 07.17.14 at 18:59

    I wish the game design Battlefield Hardline will be like Far Cry 3 or 4 open world in the city of crime with so many choices missions, and also very important that other players can disturb our mission and play as the bad guy just like in the game Watch Dogs by Ubisoft.

  • Thy Majestie 07.17.14 at 18:31

    “Feels different from the from most of the first person shooters we’ve all played a lot of lately”? :P

    I feel I’ll like this setting and I tend to enjoy the single player game that comes with Battlefield all the time. The only thing I don’t like is that the issues I’ve reported with key mapping bugs are still being ignored. It was fine with BF3, but BF4, the CTE and the BF:H beta all have them.