Battlefield Hardline Interrogation Room – Q&A with Steve Papoutsis

Hi everyone,

First off, thanks for all of the questions. We’re heads down working on Battlefield Hardline here, but it was great to read through the feedback and to see the passion you all have for Battlefield. There were a ton of questions and I got to as many as I could this time. If we couldn’t get to you this round, don’t worry. I’ll be doing this a lot more between now and launch.

For those of you who are curious, we chose some of the more common questions from the community and have listed them below:

Again, thanks everyone for the feedback. As I’ve said before, the Visceral team wants to continue to keep the dialogue going with you – our fans. Keep your feedback coming. We’re listening and responding.

Steve Papoutsis
VP and GM, Visceral Games
Executive Producer, Battlefield Hardline

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  • Oklahoman101 09.21.14 at 20:43

    Just how many expansion packs will there be and how much will they cost? Because i dont want to pay another 50 bucks for yet another premium edition

  • quitypop 07.17.14 at 14:01

    Are you going to do anything about the self revive because when I killed somebody and though the area was clear and went back to sniping the next minute he stab me behind the back. Are you going to improve this, thank you.

  • toshineon 07.11.14 at 02:12

    “We’re doing a couple new things with eSports.”

    Now it’s getting interesting.

  • Pazuzu-II 07.10.14 at 22:51

    Are we going to see all types of weather in the game, for example as left footsteps while raining or snowing? Anyway night maps would be awesome.

  • robinhakan790 07.10.14 at 21:14

    a nigth time map i thougth youhad said or something that you wouldn’t do that but i love that you will :)

    • StealthNinja51 07.10.14 at 22:48

      Dice said that they wouldn’t be making night time maps, not visceral (Think I spelt their name right) So hopefully with Visceral in charge hopefully we’ll get a bunch of cool different ideas for maps.

      • robinhakan790 07.11.14 at 21:43

        yes i love when they go with something different with the maps