Battlefield Hardline – Community’s Most Wanted List

Two weeks since the last update, and even more progress!

Battlefield Hardline 8 WM

This edition of the Community’s Most Wanted List continues to outline more of the fixes and improvements we are making to multiplayer in Battlefield Hardline.  Here are 10 more things we’ve learned from the beta that we’re putting into the game.  We want to reinforce how important your feedback has been – we have a lot of other awesome changes underway and will be sharing more soon!

We have heard your complaints about breaking the cops and robbers experience with the amount of heavy explosive weaponry available – but we didn’t want to sacrifice fun!  We’ve made changes to reduce the frequency of explosive use to focus on the core gameplay, and we’ve made the use of explosives much more believable now.

We’ve made the class better in more situations – without sacrificing his ability to take down a vehicle.  We’re also looking at renaming it – post your favourite suggestions in the comments!

We’re working on establishing a clearer visual difference from BF4 and improving the messaging of the in-game HUD, from objectives to player status information.

We’ve taken a new pass at how the customize screen is laid out, and are making it clearer and easier to manage your gear and weapon attachments.  This should address the majority of issues reported.

We’ve been working on adding more touches to the game world, giving players more options and things to do that impact play.  Look for interactive objects like doors, radios, ammo lockers, and more!

A significant amount of feedback during the Beta was received regarding the quick progression of rounds.  We’ve made tweaks to both Heist and Blood Money that should help make the experiences last longer without sacrificing any of the fun.

There were a lot of comments about cars dying too easily from gunfire.  We agree that one magazine from the AKM should probably not turn your sedan into a 4-person death trap quite so easily.  We’ve also increased the survivability of the utility van.

In some of our game modes, situational awareness is very important.  We’re working on improving the audio cues in the environment to help you detect and locate your enemies before they do the same to you.

Previously, you could fail to revive someone if a medkit or ammo bag was blocking the line of sight check for the revive mechanic.  We are fixing this so that these no longer block you from reviving.

We’ve worked out some changes to the T62 CEW and the Interrogation mechanic.  We’re working on making Interrogation only show enemies in a radius around the captured enemy, but show the marked enemies as if they had been Active Spotted by a teammate – making it both more useful and less powerful at the same time.

Come back to the site to check in and see the latest CMW lists – and to voice your opinion, we read the comments.  We are doing our best to create an awesome MP experience, and in coming days we are revealing a ton of new multiplayer details including information on maps, modes, guns, gadgets and our single player campaign.

We want to hear your feedback!

Thad Sasser
Lead Multiplayer Designer, Battlefield Hardline
Twitter:  @dirtydeathdog


For more information on Battlefield Hardline, visit

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  • Tay132333 05.29.15 at 21:25

    For the Mechanic class some names our: Destroyer, Elite, Specialist,

  • Tay132333 05.29.15 at 21:21

    I think the TeamDeath Match needs a little tweaking with the spawn locations.The enemy always spawn directly behind you and that sucks. I feel that if players are in that location an enemy should not be allow to spawn there

  • OinkBark 05.13.15 at 21:39

    Make the criminal side Mechanic and the Cop side Technician

  • PredictioN__XizT 04.19.15 at 18:53

    Please, forget that vip bad gamemode. Improve rescue, introduce domination or squad rush. Also for gods sake please more weapons. There is 2 weapons worth using!!

    • PredictioN__XizT 04.19.15 at 18:56

      And weapons license take way too long to get.

  • Ba-Da-Bing_DK 03.28.15 at 00:11

    Am i the only one who wonder why you can not destroy more than 10% of walls in multiplayer?
    And as far as i have seen, no houses can collapse. That was one of the best things in the BF series, that an intense battle could bring a house down and that you couldn’t hide behind a wall to long before it was shot to pieces.

  • Ba-Da-Bing_DK 03.27.15 at 23:58

    I have now played the 2 first missions in singleplayer and 2 things NEEDs to be changed ASAP.
    Nick only has one pair of handcuffs in his vest, but he can cuff 30 bad guys without running dry.
    Why don’t make it zip-ties as his vest is full of them?
    Second thing is, PLEASE let Nick keep his gun pointed at the bad guys while showing his badge.
    It gives me nerves that he puts it away while showing the badge. And why would the bad guys give up then, if he is not pointing his gun at them.
    Other wise love the game :)
    Keep up your ever good work DICE.

  • vice350z 03.13.15 at 20:09

    I really hope the re-record the sirens of the police cars. As of now they sound like toy police car sirens. Horrible.

  • ShankFest 02.16.15 at 02:47

    I have been playing Battlefield games for many years and I just want to say that you guys have an awesome game here. I played the beta and had a blast. Keep up the good work, I can’t wait for the full game to launch.

    That being said, there is one simple request I have that must be voiced. PLEASE offer a setting to turn off all the vulgar language. I love the in-game call outs that you guys have implemented but the cursing really isn’t necessary. There are many households that do not support language like that. Thank you.

  • nightrider128 02.10.15 at 04:00

    Also more cover in game like car doors and a customization menu that can be accessed in the main menu like BF3 and not having to go in game to customize

  • nightrider128 02.10.15 at 03:55

    One thing that I think should be added to the game is better music when driving cars like heat of the moment songs such as welcome to the jungle or jailbreak. Another suggestion is to lengthen the rounds to last longer and not end so quickly. Final suggestion that I have is that you need to change the customization menu to simplicity and not so complex

  • akaalienwarrior 02.09.15 at 23:57

    I loved the beta played for probably 15 hours + a couple things I would add and or change
    1. Car physics: in Hotwire or any game mode with cars, when your car is chasing another and you catch up to an enemy car and swerve into their back tire, nothing happens it’s like the enemy car is bolted to the ground, I would love to see burn outs and better physics

    2. I would add a search and destroy like game mode or a competitive mode where you only have one life per round, I’m not a big call of duty player but search and destroy is sooooo fun..

    Besides that I would keep it the same as the beta, because you level up quick , have good weapon damage and stats (besides p90) it ’twas fun now just gotta wait about a month for the game :(

    • PredictioN__XizT 04.19.15 at 18:55

      rescue is search and destroy essentially ^^^?

  • icallshenanigan 02.09.15 at 20:30

    So here is my take on hotwire. It is a very enjoyable game type. In the beginning I couldn’t wait to get in a car and drive it around, but then I unlocked a rocket launcher that would spawn in the trunk of the cop car with every life. If was easy to decimate a car with 4 enemies in it. Or I would come across a camper who would plant breaching charges on the road and wait for someone to drive by and boom MEGA kill. This made me not want to ride in a hotwired car if someone else was driving. So i took to the air with the helicopter, Me and a buddy would shred enemy life and vehicles from the helicopter, but it took so long to get points, we were close to the bottom of our leader-board at the end of the match. Our team dominated because we kept the enemies out of the hotwired cars, but we got next to no points for blowing a car up. Our teammates on the ground could get in a car and drive 20 seconds and get more points than us for destroying the enemy.

    I think if you were to put a perimeter around the hotwired cars, say 50m, and another car was following it that gets shot or destroyed, the people shooting that car should get massive points too. This would balance that aspect of the game. After all it’s all about protecting the hotwired, and it can be done from another vehicle that isn’t hotwired, without being vulnerable to a single rocket or breaching charge.

    • icallshenanigan 02.09.15 at 20:41

      I also found no way to upgrade and outfit your vehicles other than going into a game. Hopefully their will be a way to do this without missing the action.

    • akaalienwarrior 02.09.15 at 23:46

      The whole point of the mode it to drive in the Hotwire cars it isn’t team death match, you get points for playing the objective

  • B1OODSP0RT 02.04.15 at 22:31

    It suits what you guys are going for a class were it’s more technical than explosive.

  • B1OODSP0RT 02.04.15 at 22:27

    I think you guys should change the class Mechanic to Specialist.

  • pigorscollin 02.01.15 at 15:42

    I have a suggestion: Roadblock bonus. Yup. If you (the cop) and your team create and defend a road block (only on certain roads to make sure the robbers spawn isn’t blocked) you get points. (I haven’t been in game yet so either i sound really smart or really stupid). And maybe give robber points for getting through and/or destroying it. Idk this was just a suggestion

  • ValidUnicorn992 11.17.14 at 09:00

    they should add more animations like hopping in a car or helicopter and they should add a feature were u could run and jump off a building and being able to grab hold of a helicopter and hang off it

  • eliram874 11.10.14 at 01:22

    What would be really cool is to add the FBI,ATF team and DEA and their tactical team as well as their hostage rescue team in the multiplayer section.
    Dynamic weather sounds really great. I also would like an OPTION button in the sound section of the game to mute profanity, mute blasphemies and mute using the name of Our Lord in vain.

    • MaybeItwasntMe 02.05.15 at 16:21

      I agree! I love the battlefield but do not like the profanity. Please allow us to mute it!

  • DI S4NDM4N 09.12.14 at 02:32

    One of the biggest things our clan noticed during the beta was that there was really no true cops and robbers experience. One easy way to correct that would be to implement something EA already has used in MOHAA. Then it was called Breakthrough. CoDUO and CoD2 called it Liberation. The idea would work perfectly for BFH because when players are shot after being killed they re-spawn in prison and have to be broken out to continue the fight. If all of one team or another ends up in prison the team with members out side wins. This is an obvious way to go for BFH and our clan was more than a little surprised to see that there was nothing like this in the game. I certainly hope that with the extended time we can expect a game mode along this line. As a mode then those that like it can play it and those that prefer something else won’t be forced in to it. In CoD we had very succesful servers dedicated to this mod. As many of us have already pre-ordered this game we hope that the additional time will make the game worth the $70 and nearly a year wait.

  • aC023Z 09.10.14 at 13:34

    I think the game could use some sort of cover system so that players on both sides can take some cover and post up on a vehicle or corner of a wall or whatever. Also there needs to be more distinction between the cops and robbers. Also more random destruction that doesn’t have to offer an alternative route across the map but changes the strategy of the map if you will ,however, I do like some of the destruction that can provide alt routes like the beta had. Other then that try an make it feel as least like battlefield as you can while still being a battlefield game at its core if that makes sense. Looking forward to what should hopefully be a great game :)

  • Acidblowfish 09.01.14 at 01:55

    Technician sounds like a good name.

  • troll1302 08.29.14 at 01:25

    The teamplay is also very important

    You could put the gas mask as a field upgrade rather than a gadget so people is still going to use team-oriented gadgets

    Totaly remove the survivalist
    Other than using a gadget emplacement that could be used for a defib, it is also very frustrating to have to check people you killedso they won’t use this gadget

    I also think that to improve the cops/criminals theme you should give defibs to cops and seringes to criminals

    The Taser should be used as a pistol
    I love the idea of having a taser but i would feel guilty to be unable to revive a teamate just because i equiped the taser as a gadget instead of defibs

    And please don’t make the riot shield as useless as it is in BF4 you should maybe give the abbility to peak behind it

    Thanks for your time and i hope that you will do your best to satisfy your community

  • troll1302 08.29.14 at 01:11

    It would also be great to be able to shoot to pilots and drivers through windows
    Otherwise Skilled players will be upset…

    As a Battlefield player i can guarantee that gameplay is more important than perfect realism

  • troll1302 08.29.14 at 01:03

    I know i’m not the first one who wanted this, but if the weapon calsses are the same s BF4, it would be great to give back the carabines to the engineer
    Now that you are working on making the SMAW and the RPG battle pickups, the Engineer is definetly the weakest class of the game

  • Tha Legit Weez 08.27.14 at 11:12

    Lol shit why not incorporate EA’s game face into it

  • Tha Legit Weez 08.27.14 at 11:04

    I think a lot of people are actually asking for customization in character models as well haha. We can only wait:)

  • Tha Legit Weez 08.27.14 at 10:58

    Please add more character customization/personalization. let the player choose which tactical equipment he/she wants to use. Add more personalization so you can stand out from the rest.

  • AngryMister 08.26.14 at 12:10

    First, increase graphics because in Closed Beta graphics was looking worse than BF3. Bullets (not about minigun) can’t destroy vehicles. Shoting to vehicle windows: can’t destroy windows from out, can if you’re in car. WTF? As well as shoting to windows from outside can destroy the car. Many said some more things so I won’t copy, read others too.

  • Rated_HD6 08.14.14 at 23:59


    The problem with Battlefield: Hardline is that it seems like DLC. It does not differentiate itself enough from BF4 to be viewed as a stand alone title, let alone the next installment into the Battlefield series.

    1. I noticed (as well as others) that the graphics of Battlefield: Hardline looks like they are downgraded from Battlefield 4. Now I know that both BF4/BFH are both designed on the Frostbite 3 engine, but Hardline looks more cartoon-ish. I feel that if Visceral Games/Dice can’t achieve better graphics than BF4 on BFH they should at least maintain that same level fidelity from BF4 on BFH.

    2. The running style/animation is not great. It looks like the character model is a juggernaut or something. I know that Visceral/DICE decided to increase the speed at which the character can run, but it’s not just how slow the character is traveling it’s how “off” it looks when the character model runs. It’s the way the character tilts the gun down and runs as if he’s carrying a ton of gold on his back. Keep the running style/animation from BF4 or BF3 it’s quicker/faster and more useful in sticky engagements.

    3. Survivalists is a joke. It should be removed simple because it takes away from teamwork. Every operator will have this gadget equipped along with the medic bag/health pack. Also it’s very gimmicky and “noob-like”. Have you guys every heard of “second chance” or “Last stand”?

    4. Interrogation: When a player interrogates the opposing player, the opposing player’s teammates appear on the map to the interrogator and the teammates of the interrogator for a couple of seconds. I think that only the interrogator and his squad should be able to see the enemy players nearby not the whole team(allies).

    5. Increase the number of accessible vehicles maybe? Their are multiple vehicles scattered around the Battlefield Hardline Beta that looks as if their in driving condition, but cannot actually be driven. At least make more civilian vehicles accessible or show criminals/police players breaking in the car and hot-wiring them. The animation doesn’t have to be fancy but at least let players be able to access these vehicles when certain vehicles are taken.

    6. Customization like character model skin color and/or attire.

    These are the top six suggestions that I think can improve Battlefield: Hardline. There are many more tweaks that i think should be added in this game to make it a somewhat “TRUE” Cops vs Criminals game. Like [NO parachutes because it doesn't really fit the theme] [NO mini-guns on helicopters] [Make PDW's all kit weapons] Many Battlefield fans don’t like this particular theme to begin with. So if you’re going to make a Cops/Criminal game you need to go all, just like how Dice goes all in with their Military style shooters and Star Wars: Battlefront.

    • icallshenanigan 02.09.15 at 20:39

      I agree you should be able to hotwire civilian cars. You could build a 5 second delay in it where you would be completely vulnerable to arrest or death. Their should be a penalty like this to do it. Another interesting aspect would be to add a few AI vehicles that are driving around on the maps. The cops could commandeer these vehicles, because a cop isn’t going to steal a car. You could make these drivers act like normal civilians, they may even cause a traffic jam. Then a criminal would have to find a new route. They would of course move over for sirens tho.

  • Galactic97 08.04.14 at 21:32

    i hate this hardline beta is over and now i cant get it

  • DylanTimo 07.31.14 at 21:09

    I never got a chance to play Hardline but I was just thinking it would be cool if every map had dynamic weather which changed the maps physics .

  • SebastianQM2295 07.28.14 at 22:03

    Visceral Games,

    I have liked Battlefield Hardline from the first moment in which I saw it and on having played the Beta much more, it is obvious that it is a Beta, but it seems to me that the suits are slightly incomplete and simple ( obviously in the first-person camera ), I would like to suggest to add a watch in the wrist of every agent of all the classes, they are details that are grateful if they are added, for that in the end we play with two arms and a weapon, it will give him one more touch of Policemen and Thieves of L.A.

    I do these suggestions in order that it has in the list “suits”, I will be grateful for it very much and many players too ( More details in the suits and character customisation ).

    Then I suggest to modify the suits of the following classes:

    Cops: Operator and Profesional.
    Criminals: Operator, Enforcer and Profesional.

    Finally I would like to suggest to modify the way of taking the hilt ( The position of the thumb ).

    I hope that there are also several camouflages for the weapon that it is something that i like much Battlefield, and certainly camouflages for every agent.

    It looks like to me a very good decision to delay Battlefield Hardline for 2015. A greeting and very much spirit, you are doing an excellent work improving the feedback and insurance that in 2015 we will have an incredible Battlefield

  • VinceKaras62 07.27.14 at 20:12

    Hello everyone!

    I am currently joureur PREMIUM BF 4 after being on BF3, and I’ll be on HARDLINE.

    I post here what seems to me to miss BF HARDLINE to make it better, or even close as possible to perfection (even if it is far away and that perfection does not exist).

    One thing that has amazed me in the beta HARDLINE, such as BF4 is the possibility ultra thrust customization / personalization of arms, and this is what, in my opinion makes each player.

    That is why I post the following idea: integrate the possibility customization / personalization of the skin of the character (his avatar) so as thorough as weapons (some Skyrim but more general way).

    Namely: – Choice of sex man / woman (no sexism)
    - Choice of shape / color of the helmet: goggles / mask protection, walkie-talkie, different hoods or without face (the face with so choice)
    - Choice of shape / color vest ball more or less heavy with a potential bonus of protection and / or a penalty on movement speed
    - Choice of the position of the secondary weapon, chargers, grenades and radio on the bullet proof vest
    - Choice of whether to add additional protections kinds elbow / knee
    - Choice of shape / color of the pants and shoes.

    All this customization could be done with the different elements that already adorn the skins of the current game; it might therefore not be so complicated.
    These are examples among others, but I think that today, the tendency is to push personalization even if it may seem a little “accessory” or rather aesthetic (like evolution on some maps of BF 4), it seems interesting to ensure that each avatar is truly unique.

    Thank you for reading me and good game!

  • VinceKaras62 07.27.14 at 20:12

    Bonjour à tous !

    Je suis actuellement joureur BF 4 PREMIUM après l’avoir été sur BF3 , et je le serai peut être sur HARDLINE.

    Je poste ici ce qui me semble manquer à BF HARDLINE pour le rendre encore meilleur , voire le rapprocher au maximum de la perfection (même si on en est loin et que la perfection n’existe pas).

    Un des aspects qui m’a bluffé dans la bétà de HARDLINE, comme dans BF4 , c’est la possibilité ultra poussée de customisation/personnalisation des armes, et c’est ce qui , selon moi rend chaque joueur unique.

    C’est pourquoi je poste l’idée suivante : intégrer le possibilité de customisation/ personnalisation de la skin du personnage (de son avatar) de façon aussi poussée que pour les armes (un peu façon Skyrim mais plus généraliste).

    A savoir : – Choix du sexe homme/femme (pas de sexisme)
    - choix de la forme/couleur du casque : lunettes/visière de protections , talkie-walkie, différentes cagoules ou visage sans rien(avec donc choix du visage)
    - choix de la forme/couleur du gilet pare balle : plus ou moins lourd avec un bonus éventuel de protection et /ou un malus sur la vitesse de déplacement
    - choix de la position de l’arme secondaire , des chargeurs , des grenades et de la radio sur le gilet pare balle
    - choix de l’ajout ou non de protections supplémentaires types coudières / genouillères
    - choix de la forme/couleur du pantalon , des chaussures.

    Toute cette personnalisation pourrait se faire avec les différents éléments qui habillent déjà les skins du jeu actuel; cela ne serait donc peut être pas si compliqué.
    Ce sont des exemples parmi d’autres mais je pense qu’ aujourd’hui , la tendance est à la personnalisation poussée même si cela peut sembler être un peu “accessoire” ou plutôt esthétique( comme le lévolution sur certaines maps de BF4), il me semble intéressant de faire en sorte que chaque avatar soit vraiment unique.

    Merci de m’avoir lu et bon jeu !

  • BESTNDAWORLD8DZ 07.27.14 at 20:10

    Make a DLC where it is the gangster era a la Al Capone versus the coppers yaaaaa seeeeeee !!!!!

  • Mercenary_AK-47 07.24.14 at 19:34

    It would be interesting to kidnap people on the street, invade a building and kidnap people in their work or in their homes to make them hostage.

  • CrookBond 07.24.14 at 19:14

    1) Add some Grand Theft Auto features to it. Like stealing any public vehicle from the parking lot or kick somebodies ass to break in to their vehicles etc.
    2) Adding Stunt points will be awesome.
    3) Air Support should be removed from the game all together because this doesn’t fit the theme of this game.
    4) You can also add Bank Robbery mode.Which is similar to Conquest mode. Like one team attacks the Banks and robs it while other team tries to protect it.

  • Calidus 07.23.14 at 09:37

    Honestly, as small a detail as this may be the character models need more depth in their design. What I mean by this is that the “Costume” design of the characters are bland and cliche. Immersion can be further achieved by having character models that have personality to them. This can be done with various accessories and props on the character as well as having realistic articles of clothing. The police wardrobe needs to be updated and the criminals look worse than generic bad guys on a YouTube video. Do research on what actual criminals wear, as well as what modern police wear.
    Feel free to include a generous array of revolvers seeing as they have been a staple in law enforcement communities throughout the decades.

  • x Raven PR x 07.23.14 at 02:36

    I haven’t played the Beta (xbox one player) but from the videos ive seen, the game looks good. I have an idea that i think that would be pretty cool. That is that the robbers and even the police for what is worth, should have the ability to open stationary vehicles around the map; lets say a taxi or such… It gives the players more movement when no other vehicle is around for use.

  • VankoHuntz 07.23.14 at 01:38

    Well done DICE and Visceral, you guys have no idea how good it to read that.
    So, I suggest just one thing for the Engineer class, make the Carabines its exclusively weapon, it’s better, and they are well balanced against the Assault Rifles, and make the PDWs all kit weapon. Was that way back in Battlefield 3, and everyone liked it.

  • Zincinator_5000 07.21.14 at 21:08

    1930′s style cops and robbers dlc. Make it kind of like how battlefield Vietnam was though where you could only use the dlc guns and not vanilla guns. Have tommy guns 1911s and stuff in it

  • intervaltsu 07.20.14 at 14:26

    I would want to drive tractor, haha. I hope you do it too. I love Hardline already, keep up the really good work. Queston: Is there gonna be DLC map packs in Hardline?

    • DylanTimo 07.31.14 at 21:12

      There most likely to be dlc it would be nice seeing the streets of London ,Moscow ,New York , Tokyo in them

  • CloudCluster 07.20.14 at 07:33

    So, after playing the beta, there are a few small things I’d like to point out. First of, the vehicle health (which seems to have been adressed) and second, the police sirens. Seriously they sound like toys. Switch the sound effects and increase the brightness of the top lights a bit, just so you know its a police car coming your way. It can always be toggled off anyways. Also, on heist, move the cash should spawn further from the escape points, or the escape points should be moved further from the cash spawns. And design the rest of the maps with the following things in mind for this specific gamemode:
    Make sure that there are 2 paths to the escape points, or 2 escape points that are differently reached. For example, have a path that is inaccessible by vehicles, just like the skyscraper on high tension, and one that is A LOT further, but blocked close to the exit. That way car chases can exist, and not 2 second runs with a sedan then bunnyhopping all over the place to get to the truck. A clear path, with corners and destructible barricades, with parked cars or debris or anything for that matter to obstruct the vehicles a little bit before they reach their destination. Preferably close to the police spawn, so defenses could be set up while the criminals rush to the exit. That would spice up things and make the escapes more tactical, requiring heavy criminal concentration to break through.
    In summary:
    1 Infantry based exit point, relatively close to the money bag’s spawn but vehicles should be UNABLE to even come close (except for helis)
    1 Vehicle based exit point, VERY far away from the money bag’s spawn, with lots of open spaces for intense car chases and epic scenes, located closer to the police spawn so defenses can be set. Obstructed for vehicles only at the very end.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my suggestions, and thank you for putting such effort in making this game. Heist is a gamemode with so much potential if implemented correctly. I know that you guys at Visceral are doing your best, and we all appreciate it. Make this a good game and light the spark of battlefield that seems to be dying after bf3 once more.

  • tyman2727 07.20.14 at 01:03

    My personal opinion to Battlefield Hardline is good. I like this game and i think you guys are heading in the right direction but there is some things i think that is breaking the game. the survivalist pen in my opinion is breaking the game cause in classic Bf4 you would never think of double tapping someone to make sure you killed them. Also i think you might wanna improve the netcode alittle cause your using the old frostbite engine that they are using in the launch of Bf4 which wasen’t to good so i think you guys should try and make a new netcode plus new character models like in Bf4 you can observe what class someone is. Overall Battlefield Hardline is a very well composed and well developed game. Thats all i have for feedback for you guys.

    • JohnMarkus 07.22.14 at 00:26

      That’s because BF4 is military grade arsenals, and BFH is more to the civilian grade arsenals. That’s the reason why you do not see tanks and gunships flying in BFH, but you see cop cards and etc. Anyways, you can still aim better (headshot) or use explosive rounds to kill a survivalist.

  • Pjuske1954 07.19.14 at 12:45

    I was driving along, in the hardened attack truck, when one from my team, was driving towards me in a police interceptor. Before he past me, he jumped out of the car, while it was still in speed, and the car crashed into me – and got stuck. It was like the cars had been melted togehter. I soon found out that if I kept on reversing , then I eventually got away form it. I don’t know if the car became af solid obstacle when the other player got out of it in speed, and I don’t know if this is a one time problem. But thats all I got of feedback

    But I like the game – but I would like a game mode like if the police is transporting a money pile, and then the bad guys has several atemps to stop the transport unint and steal the money

  • Sgt_ColdBreeze 07.19.14 at 02:20

    Here is my list of stuff I liked about the game:

    1. MORE, MORE destructible, almost everything…
    3. DOG TAGS-like Battlefield 3

  • iHaveWhiteTeeth 07.18.14 at 23:14

    The game should be more “talkative” the orders should vary like” come with me to A\lets go to plant it in A, and when you go to A and find enemy you should add an option that would say enemy here go B instead or back off
    as honestly people never speak throughout their headset

  • iHaveWhiteTeeth 07.18.14 at 23:10

    I also want to see character customisation and making my own character maybe we get to see that in a unique different mode like Free for All maybe? and special weapon customisation\crafting so we can see players talents in creating guns.

  • iHaveWhiteTeeth 07.18.14 at 23:08

    PLEASEEEEEEEE: Make it easier to access the stats of other players and on the profile make sure to show how many medals the player has as by knowing that we will see other people working towards their medals so other people will know how good they are also this will encourage others to do all sort of things in the game from killing with pistoles using vehicles to kill …etc

  • Sunctru 07.18.14 at 17:42

    In my opinion RPG is too weak.

    • Sunctru 07.18.14 at 17:52

      Without exaggeration, to destroy the car you need two shots.

  • Warr3n_97 07.18.14 at 14:08

    Please please try to add more destruction into the game. On the city maps add in rubble kills, shooting the walls of buildings causes rubble to drop and kill people below

  • Wezzy Time Lord 07.18.14 at 06:40

    I would like to see a 6x automatic spot scope for sniper rifles, longer steady scope specialization perk for recon, more visible gas from gas nades, also make rapelling down building faces and smashing through windows a thing, also give more XP when capturing objectives with team mates, the more team mates capturing together the more XP earned. Team play in BF4 is non-existent these days.

    • Online_Ranga 07.18.14 at 09:12

      Hey, you might want to re-think “more team mates capturing together the more XP earned”. What if you have all 64 players on one capture point? (for some reason). Or to make it more realistic, somewhere between 10 – 30 players on one point.

  • xMercilessWolfx 07.18.14 at 04:42

    Change parachutes into gadgets!

    • IcoNicQuicKShot 07.18.14 at 05:08

      Why, you would have to waste like a slot just 4 parachutes, no thanks. The zip line is new and should be a gadget the parachute has always just been there for you like in BF4.

  • ash1taka 07.18.14 at 01:43

    Please PLEASE bring back the zoom to the Halo and other 1x sights I still can’t get used to the way the aiming is with the zoom the same as the red dot sight. Having a 1x zoom was perfection.
    The speed of the sprint needs increasing, I don’t know if it’s actually slower or the animation makes it feel that way but it doesn’t feel right, make it like BF3. If you can get the aiming/weapon handling closer to BF3 that would be awesome too.
    I like all the controller specific tweaks you can do in the menus for PC, if could also add the ability to change the aiming sensitivity in vehicles if you’re using a controller, in the Beta it was painfully slow.

    I don’t play BF4 anymore, I’m really hoping Hardline addresses all the issue BF4 has had and implements a lot of the changes seen in CTE like the net code and reticule drift. Hoping the maps are similar to the feel and gameplay of the Aftermath maps in BF3. Really want fun BF3 Battlefield back. I’m the guy at #1 on PS3 if you can get me back, you’ll get the rest.
    Currently playing Hardcore 64 player BF3 amazingness on PC, the best game ever made.

  • IcoNicQuicKShot 07.17.14 at 22:59

    I know this is nothing to do with BFH but is anyone in xbox one having issues with trying to get on xbox live, like it says my network aint connected. My network is connected my xbox live trial card isn’t due yet and my reputation is good and I don’t know why it’s happening anyone got this issue and knows ho to make it work?

    • IcoNicQuicKShot 07.18.14 at 00:03

      Think it’s me only, got to contact the Xbox help people and maybe Internet service provider people, :/ why me !!!!!!!!!?????

  • jmkri98 07.17.14 at 19:37

    i think as a DLC there should be a 1930s theme. so you could play heist and other game modes with say tommy guns and as al Capone and other famous mobsters.

    • SLOnuttela 07.18.14 at 14:00

      That is actually quite an amazing idea :D You sir, you have an awesome idea on your hands!

  • [VISCERAL]dirtydeathdog 07.17.14 at 19:28

    Thanks for the great name suggestions guys!

    So many good choices: Technician, Saboteur, Demolitionist, Fixer, Wheelman, Grease Monkey, and the option of keeping it Mechanic.

  • grandangus 07.17.14 at 16:12

    Although I haven’t played the Hardline beta (so I don’t know whether this has been added) but it would be nice to finally be able to change your classes outside of game time as well as during the game. I’ve wasted so much time during a game altering my classes while the battle rages on.

  • epiroleo66 07.17.14 at 12:44

    I would like if you reduce the killcam time,I would like it lasts something like 2 or 3 seconds,I really hate the long killcam.

  • Mercenary_AK-47 07.17.14 at 07:36

    The problem is that for more amused than Battlefield Hardline it is, does not seem a game of police and thief. It is a game of thirty and two outlaws exchanging shots and garnets against 32 agents of the law, without no civilian in the streets or the buildings to serve of hostage, as if the city was abandoned.

    Buildings fall without no great apparent reason beyond dynamic changes in the map of the game, the call “Levolution” of Battlefield 4, a building implode in the middle of the city rising smoke and spreading wreckage that do not reach nobody, none of the 64 players gifts in the departure.

    I understand that the game is in phase beta, but lacks realism in the physics of the game, mainly in the movement of the vehicles that they do not break when hits in something, the graph of vehicles is bad mainly the interior.

  • II_JUSTNOOR_II 07.17.14 at 03:22

    wow thats grret but can you make the cops look better and better weapons

  • JohnMarkus 07.17.14 at 03:13

    - Please add tooltip text on mouseovers in the in-game controls.
    - Fire Sprinklers and building electricity shutdown sounds like a nice addition.

    Self revive is absolutely okay. It teaches you to confirm your kill and secure the area properly (ever seen people shouting “CLEAR!” in movies ?).
    Securing area properly is also good for teamwork.

    • JohnMarkus 07.17.14 at 03:36

      - Double tapping during fall animation should kill the survivalist.
      - Full automatic fire should not kill survivalist during fall animation unless double-tapped.
      That should balance the play reasonably.

  • Dinglestains 07.17.14 at 02:54

    Can you allow server admins to select allowed kits if you implement custom (rent-a-server) servers? I remember playing Rainbow Six back in the day and having shotguns only, pistols only, etc… matches and they were a lot of fun. I would keep a rented server year-round if I had this ability as a server admin.

  • Delta4582 07.17.14 at 02:53

    Rename mechanic to engineer or technician.

  • TwoCoins 07.17.14 at 00:48

    Can you make grappling hooks hook on to helicopters trying to get a ride, or hijack them? And/or a possibility to rappel down from helicopters as well when equipped?

    And Imagine ramping off a motorbike then shooting the grappeling hook onto a low moving helicoptor and hang off and shoot onto it or hijack it.

    Also need to to drop down from roofs with the grapple rope instead of just shoot em and able to sway side to side and jump when going up a building and being able to aim from all angles since they should be held on by the hip.

    grappling hook/zipline seems like a nice game changing mechanic that isn’t doing much to change the game. Please look more into them.

    • IcoNicQuicKShot 07.17.14 at 00:51

      That’s pretty much Just Cause 2 about the grappling hooks part.

    • BBOYMAC 07.17.14 at 01:58

      This guy is actually in to something :)

    • Trooper8059 07.17.14 at 06:04

      And allow repelling from on top of buildings too.

  • KING_JOHN2 07.17.14 at 00:32

    Yea read some peoples post and my i say retarded about 95% of them wanting to chang the cops knife because it dont fit well with him no do not like keep every thing as is except what yall already changed ^^^ and the only problem i see is self revives to over powered and not enough gore if its already going to be rated m put some mortal kombat stuff in there brain splater blow off there legs etc it 17+ so it shouldnt be mde for the kids anyway like cod so as i say go balls to the wall and make a kick ass brutal game HELL YEAH

  • [EA] danmotoxx 07.17.14 at 00:21

    Great blog, Thad!

  • TillKill 07.16.14 at 23:12

    suggested improvements in general (german):

    1. sprintgeschwindigkeit bitte NICHT erhören, sonst wird das gameplay zu hektisch.
    2. erhöht biite die fallhöhe ehe man den fallschirm öffnen kann.
    3. maps organischer, lebendiger gestalten mit mehr details, für die atmosphäre, glaubwürdigkeit! Mit mehr individuellen objekten füllen.

  • SherlockCFC 07.16.14 at 22:35

    Also with cops, replace the knife with a stun stick or hand tazer to improve realism.

  • SherlockCFC 07.16.14 at 22:21

    Rename mechanic to “Demolitionist” and remove make it that you can only retrieve parachutes from being inside aircraft, and instead add zipline to the top of important sniper positions, this could also be effective for enemy snipers as they can stalk the zipline and wait for a clean kill.

  • Stoopitnoob 07.16.14 at 22:10

    New Game Mode:

    Vip protection/gang leader arrest/hacker protection. Two teams (max 14-20 players on server) fight to keep the objective safe. After certain progession elements ie, gang leader arrest, vip extraction or hacking completed- move the objective like rush, where the teams move forward on the map.

    Possibly have two hackers per team only allowed to hack. 2 gang leaders etc. Just something from top of my head. I can expand on that if necessary.

    • Stoopitnoob 07.16.14 at 22:13

      If gang leader arrested, set the gang back to a previous level of the map, kind of like a tug of war.

      • Stoopitnoob 07.16.14 at 22:24

        Team that sets back the team the most in either direcyion wins. Ties are decided by team points at end of timed round

        • IcoNicQuicKShot 07.18.14 at 05:10

          That sounds interesting, I would play that mode.

    • Stoopitnoob 07.16.14 at 22:18

      Vip is inly spawn point which teams can spawn on. If killed, the are sent back to initial spawn point

    • SherlockCFC 07.16.14 at 22:28

      Yes, and maybe you can make the objective you are moving through each point a truck full of cash, the cops must push this truck back whilst the criminals must get it to the end of the points and clear out cops at each point. Maybe call it Laundering, Money Laundering or Laundry

  • DMX007 07.16.14 at 21:42

    change killcam from bf4

  • Darigaazrgb 07.16.14 at 21:38

    IMO, you need to remove the knife from the Cops load out. The brutal animation that plays when you knife an enemy does not belong on the Cop side. If you want to keep the knife then change the animation so the Cop uses the knife to get the criminal to comply before cuffing him. Also, breaching charges are shaped charges that blow in one direction so SWAT can quickly enter a door instead of having to stand way back. In that respect, they should have a lower radius and would work with intractable doors.

    • BBOYMAC 07.17.14 at 01:51

      NOOOO!!! Please don’t listen to him… Knives are ok, and gore is also ok, in fact, in real life we would see even more violence than there is in the game, severed limbs for example.

      • IcoNicQuicKShot 07.18.14 at 05:13

        Yeah it’s just a game, not everything can be realistic, example play gta5, they say 2 you die mother****** as a cop haha

  • SlipSand 07.16.14 at 21:17

    Honestly take the mechanic aspect out of the game. The more and more realistic the game gets the better and experience it will be. You can’t fix an rpg blast in combat and drive away. Keep a max of two rpg’s as anti-vehicle per person. Add c4…call them EOD / Demolitions. Give them carbines.

    • SlipSand 07.16.14 at 21:19

      “The more and more realistic the game gets, the better an experience it will be.”

      • IcoNicQuicKShot 07.18.14 at 05:17

        Go play CoD Advanced Warfare once it’s out, it’s very realistic and is very similar like today is, totally NOT futuristic hehe.

  • BTL-A4_Ace 07.16.14 at 21:02

    Awesome news! Very excited for this. :D

  • sBRObertsARG 07.16.14 at 20:09

    I think you should take away the parachute unless you bail out of a helicopter lol. It’ll make you think twice before running to the top of a building. Give them something to repel with and you can use the hipline as well to make a descent

    • IcoNicQuicKShot 07.18.14 at 05:19

      Goes in elevator* Jumps off the building* “Oh S**t” haha

  • AntPr2 07.16.14 at 19:53

    One thing that you could improve upon is the E.O.D bot and similar gadgets movement, with the addition of the R.A.W.R in Dragons Teeth, I feel that the movement of the pick up is very annoying. This also goes for the E.O.D bot, if you could rework it’s movement, the gadget would become a slightly more viable option on the battlefield

  • AntPr2 07.16.14 at 19:41

    You could rename the mechanic to ‘Tactical Operator’

  • sBRObertsARG 07.16.14 at 19:36

    I like “Demolitionist” instead of Mechanic

  • Trooper8059 07.16.14 at 18:29

    Another one of the risks that should be added to carrying money in Blood Money should be the more money you collect the slower you move. This would add a much more tactical approach as you have to decide whether the risk is worth it.

  • kaytorious 07.16.14 at 18:23

    The option to rent servers At launch would be nice as well as being able to choose different servers that have a different ticket limit or a larger amount of money to collect to extend a match

  • kaytorious 07.16.14 at 18:18

    For smaller game modes like team deathmatch and domination give players the ability to play on different sections of a map each round instead of restricting us to 1 small section for every map like in bf3 and bf4.. It gets pretty stale

  • tt11200712 07.16.14 at 17:37

    Der Pfeil auf der Minimap , der meine Position anzeigt , muss eine andere Farbe haben wie die Pfeile meiner Squad Kamaraden . Ich verwechsele oft mein Pfeil mit dem eines in der nähe stehenden Teammitgliedes

  • QwertyRob 07.16.14 at 17:09

    I think “mechanic” wasn’t a bad name but I like “Technician” as well. It fits well with both the cops and the criminals.

  • mrvodka69 07.16.14 at 16:43

    Can you guy make the grappling hook grab on to more things. Also make the walkie talkie sounds come out of the ps4 controller with an option to turn on or off.

  • PFC_PWNAGE 07.16.14 at 16:22

    Mechanic should be Saboteur.

  • RawWilson1 07.16.14 at 16:13

    Will cars just parked around the map be drivable the next time we’re able to play the game? Players should be able to drive the parked cars around the map. Players should be able to use them as mobile cover as well.

    • dirtydeathdog 07.16.14 at 19:15

      We’d love to do this, but it greatly increases network traffic. We’re still looking into this as we’d like to see it too.

  • jew1 07.16.14 at 16:03

    wish it has platoon support with pre game lobby,and not splitting between game.if u make a team based game,let the team stay together as a team.

  • Trooper8059 07.16.14 at 16:02

    Does Number 5. Promise more destructible enviroments?

    Also my suggestions are to add more features to the grappling hook and zipline heres my ideas. For the grappling hook players are able to slide down it from the top and can also repel down a rooftop to get the pesky campers on the floor below also allow more verticality with it. Let us swing around in it. For the zipline allow us to throw ammo bags and med bags to any friendly teammates on the other end of the line.

    I enjoyed the beta much more than BF4 and if these changes keep up I might just pre order the game. Great job Visceral.

  • VintageRoller 07.16.14 at 15:46

    I loved the beta. The crane shake was a bit much but I’m sure you guys all ready knew that. my only real concern with the game was that you couldn’t damage an enemy through the glass of a vehicle. instead it would just cause damage to the vehicle instead. now I like that bullets cause minimal damage to the vehicles but not all the windows should be bullet proof. Its not battlefield if I cant snipe the pilot out of the chopper imo. If thats not the case then disregard what I’ve said and keep up the good work. Looking forward to playing the game.

    • dirtydeathdog 07.16.14 at 19:20

      We’ve heard a lot of comments about being able to snipe the helicopter pilots and are looking into a solution for this. Thanks for the feedback!

  • 53COP-ceco 07.16.14 at 15:38

    Hi here is my few wish.
    I would like that we can take almost all on map
    Visal tuning for criminals cars
    Bulding destruction from rockets( like in BC2 and BF 3 where you can detroy part od bulding to enemy)
    Music in cars like in BC vietnam
    Zipline and hook no shot limit. With that i mean you can always shot that 2 gadets but if don t shot in range your gadet will fail.
    Delete music for soon end of round and add some video end of round like in BC2. ( cops win = video with capture of criminal side or in other criminals escape in the sunset with money)
    Change the hitmark for vehicle its hard to aim when is so big one.
    I don t know how much perks helicopters will have but in BETA helicopter was preaty bad. Stingers reload is to quick for damage so just put longer reload for AA rockets for better team work.

  • PillowSamurai 07.16.14 at 14:52

    First of all, I wanted to say the beta was very fun.

    My improvements would be the two following areas:

    1) Spawn vehicles in/near bases, especially in Blood Money
    The spawn camping/spawn attacking was crazy in BM because people would park their spawn trucks next to the vault and constantly steal money. I found this to be unfun, and when abused it often degraded the gameplay. It often either led to one team winning very shortly after the round began (in my experience, the enemy team) or one team losing due to their constant assault (spawn camping) and not focusing on the objective in the middle (in my experience, this was my team :P)

    I am not opposed to the idea of being able to steal from the other team’s vault; I find that a nice dynamic that adds strategy. However, I think there should be a restricted area around the vault for spawn vehicles, or some way that slowly damages spawn vehicles until they explode (such as the gunship in BF4 – when the enemy team captures the point it loses health until it despawns)

    2) This is more of a “pet peeve” if you will — I think the police’s vehicles should have the flashing lights / siren in sync, because in the beta the lights would complete the animation of flashing, then there would be 5 or so second delay until they flashed again, even if the siren was on constantly. This isn’t by any means top priority, but I think it would increase immersion if the lights flashed continuously, or had a shorter time between flash sequences.

    Thanks if you read this comment, and keep up the improvements. I think Hardline can be a nice addition to the BF franchise if the improvements keep rolling in!

  • flashfire007 07.16.14 at 14:39

    I think BF:Hardline needs a better character customisation like you should be able to customise every aspect of your character (faction related items) example:
    Head (face and accessories)
    Torso (Uniforms and ballistic vests)
    Hands (gloves and accessories)
    Legs (pants,boots and accessories)
    sorry if this idea sucks but I thought it would make each player unique

  • FistfullofFlour 07.16.14 at 13:58

    Loving where BF Hardline is heading, and these changes sound good. One thing I’d really like to see however is the ability to actaully change our loadout, customization and battlepack type stuff in the main menu. Not in a match like BF4. Having to join a match to equip our new unlocks is a bit odd. I like to be able to chill out in the menu after a few matches without stressing out that my team’s fighting while I am tinkering with my loadout.

    • PillowSamurai 07.16.14 at 14:55

      If you are on PC, just head over to the “Loadout” tab on Battlelog — you can change every and any loadout. If you alt+tab out of the game and do it inbetween matches, as long as you save your changes, it will sync with the game and the next round it will be applied

  • Schmidlapp84 07.16.14 at 13:55

    Didn’t really like the game at all. It was just boring and new skins in my opinion. We could do with Bad Company 3 soon though! Otherwise, I’m sticking to BF4, I’m not really interested in the new game. I’m a veteran so I like the military theme more than the cops and robbers. Hopefully enough people stay on BF4 PC servers so I don’t have to buy Hardline.

  • SebastianQM2295 07.16.14 at 13:21

    Visceral Games,

    I have liked Battlefield Hardline from the first moment in which I saw it and on having played the Beta much more, it is obvious that it is a Beta, but it seems to me that some suits are slightly incomplete and simple ( obviously in the first-person camera ), I would like to suggest to add a watch in the wrist of every agent of all the classes, they are details that are grateful if they are added, for that in the end we play with two arms and a weapon, it will give him one more touch of Policemen and Thieves of L.A.

    I do these suggestions in order that it has in the list “suits”, I will be grateful for it very much and many players too ( More details in the suits).

    Then I suggest to modify the suits of the following classes:

    Cops: Operator and Profesional.
    Criminals: Operator, Enforcer and Profesional.

    Finally I would like to suggest to modify the way of taking the hilt.

    I hope that there are also several camouflages for the weapon that it is something that i like much Battlefield, and certainly camouflages for every agent.

    A greeting and very much spirit, you are doing an excellent work improving the feedback and insurance that in October we will have an incredible Battlefield.

  • Avenger-Ruchir 07.16.14 at 13:16

    Though did not got a chance to play the beta (thank u for not sending me one -_-)please fucking remove the self revive thing…this shit seems too overpowered for infantry gameplay!!

  • Marler 07.16.14 at 13:07

    Either add more grapple points or fix the grapple so it’s like it was in Special Forces as it’s pretty much useless at the moment and should be a game changer as it’s supposed to help you work your way around the map.

  • jaraldoe 07.16.14 at 12:58

    A couple suggestions I feel should be made:
    1. Get rid of the survivalist gadget, Battlefield has been more about team oriented gameplay and the survivalist gadget defeats that purpose
    2. Why not get rid of the 3D spotting so when you spot someone it’s only on the minimap, this gets rid of some of the clutter on the HUD as well make battlefield not shooting at Doritos while still conserving the spot feature.

  • K4r1ssoN 07.16.14 at 12:55

    You should rename the mechanic to engineer again and you should also make so that if you self revive you should have 3 to 5 seconds to do the revive so you can’t wait for half the enemy team to go past you before you revive yourself and also reduce ALOT of the screen shake, cuz when the crane crashes your screen shakes even if you’re in a HELICOPTER!

  • IJustWantToHug 07.16.14 at 12:44

    Technician would work. However, I believe transferring the class names from BF4 over to Hardline is a much better decision.

  • archii 07.16.14 at 12:42

    Add ful customiation buttons layout, or add L1 & R1 to aim & fire

  • Toto the Tank1 07.16.14 at 11:58


  • ArnoldFPS 07.16.14 at 11:55

    The self-revive thing is soooo overpowered. When you shoot an enemy run further down the road, he stands up and shoots me in the back… I mean like… Comeon…

  • GHOSTEKZ 07.16.14 at 11:21

    I think the T62 CEW should have a more realistic shot, it should include the two wires attached to the barbs maybe glowing blue, the wires should remain until the enemy has been incapacitated.

  • MaddenShadow 07.16.14 at 11:06

    What about vehicle physics. Its still as bad as in BF 3 and 4. Yeah, you know what Im talking about. Rubber banding, random acceleration, etc. This is unnaceptabe for a cops vs robbers game in which hetaway vehicles play a huge role in success.

  • plinth 07.16.14 at 10:35

    I think the Mechanic should be renamed the “Toolman” for the robbers, and “Technician” for the cops.

  • BannaPlanna 07.16.14 at 10:33

    Demolitionist would be a grate name

    • BannaPlanna 07.16.14 at 10:36

      Or the Demolition Expert. (GRATE WAS ON PURPOSE)

  • Thinkscape 07.16.14 at 07:51

    Only one request: make it available for free or < $10 for BF4 Premium customers. They've already paid for all upcoming bf4 mods.

    • OsamaJavaid 07.16.14 at 10:54


    • IcoNicQuicKShot 07.16.14 at 13:14

      So… eventually non prems will pay money and that’s unfair a free game or $10, really? No Battlefield game is gonna be free or $10 when it just released.

    • Schmidlapp84 07.16.14 at 13:57

      I agree, this game seems more like a new BF4 game mode than a new game all together. No way is it worth $90 + premium

  • Imperion 07.16.14 at 06:58

    I’m thinking “wheelman” for the new name.

  • antai91 07.16.14 at 06:18

    Please try and work on the gamepads used on pc, so that at least there is some competition with the players who use keyboard and mouse. Something like a small aim assist would help

    • CloudCluster 07.20.14 at 07:08

      NO, NO, NO AND NO. You wanna be competitive, use your mouse. Otherwise stick to consoles.

  • Ranteh 07.16.14 at 05:52

    I like what others have said: For the Robbers’ side, the Mechanic class should be called “Wrecker.” As for the Police side, “Technician”

  • TrolmanRueda 07.16.14 at 05:23

    Mechanic class name suggestion-Technician

  • PilarMonster7 07.16.14 at 05:08

    Well you guys are having some problems in figuring out what we liked about bad company 2(will provide proof that you guys dont know why we loved it in the bottom of this comment) which is ridiculous since you made 2 bad company games witch are both amazing and know you guys are asking what we like about them. Well here is my list of stuff I liked about the game:

    —Realistic bullet drop/velocity
    —Almost everything was destructible
    —Rush was very balanced and thought out
    —Had a balanced map design
    —Every gun had good stability and was not twitchy like bf3,bf4
    —micro-destruction::::::::::like when you shoot a rpg to a tank little bits of the tank were broken off.
    —did not have a ridiculous low damage output of some weapons.
    —had good/balanced bullet spread when in long auto fire unlike bf3,bf4
    —Hardcore mode was very good unlike bf3,bf4.
    —every gun(besides shotgun) had accurate long rage fire witch made long rage engagements much more loved and was fun unlike bf3,bf4 witch did not so people started liking short range firefights witch was not the battlefield theme.
    —Had this solid slow movement/aim movement witch mad it easy in long rage shooting.
    —More responsive destruction like if I shoot a rpg to a helicopter it explodes right away unlike bf3,bf4 were you wait like about 1 second before it explodes and destroys.
    —Destruction detail: in bfbc2 when something explodes and destroys into peaces those peaces are very detailed and know were it went unlike bf3,bf4 were it its all black and has no details on it indicating where it went on.…/dice-explains…/1100-6420695/

  • liquidgenesis 07.16.14 at 04:46

    The Mechanic Class should be renamed to I can vouch for that guy class. Or The friend of a friend class.

  • XxCarnage702xX 07.16.14 at 03:45

    The mechanic class should be renamed as Grease Monkey

  • IcoNicQuicKShot 07.16.14 at 03:14

    Is there premium in this game? Anyone know?

  • Col STRATTY 07.16.14 at 02:51

    For the Robbers’ side, I think the Mechanic class should be called “Wrecker.” As for the Police side, I think “Technician” would fit in just fine!

  • TheCrawlingGecko 07.16.14 at 02:49

    will there be any mod support?

  • DOXthaFOX 07.16.14 at 02:45

    Good to hear the changes! Glad to hear about the hud being revamped, always hated seeing a bunch of bright color icons everywhere! Soldier customization would be awesome , and no more battle packs! Use the gun to unlock camos for it …push the graphics for next gen consoles!…..keep up the good work!

  • VG_HAZARDER 07.16.14 at 02:25


  • xgiovio 07.16.14 at 02:24

    it’s necessary reduce te time between rounds. It’s boring wait 2-3 minute to play again.

  • Mahjack 07.16.14 at 02:18

    Mechanic is fine but if needed then maybe ”Destroyer” would be a better name. But again, like what some people said; Mechanic is fine.

  • IRELAND914 07.16.14 at 02:09

    I hope there isn’t a hardcore setting. While I do like things about the hardcore mode, I think it’s better when the community isn’t divided. It increases player count in servesr if everyone is playing normal.

  • IRELAND914 07.16.14 at 02:07

    Maybe rename the engineer to technician?

  • hsram 07.16.14 at 01:56

    Is there going to be a hardcore preset? If so, the interrogation bonuses might not be ideal considering there are no mortars or anything else that relies on doritos on the map.

  • Im Unspoken For 07.16.14 at 01:45


  • DogTagsUk 07.16.14 at 01:41

    Hi can you all so add in the when picking scopes some way so that you can all so pick a color for you each crosshairs .All so don’t for get to add away so that can pick out friends in game easy when looking round in the 3d world giving them there own unique color from friends list ..

  • JOYS ODT 07.16.14 at 01:41

    Also suggestion for mechanic: Enforcer?

  • JOYS ODT 07.16.14 at 01:40

    Ability to customize character appearance?? Rather then playing as 1 of the 10 alternate skins.

  • PandionHaliaetus 07.16.14 at 01:33

    Name suggestions for Mechanic: Technician, Demo, Petardier, Explosivo, Dem.Ex., Boomboomguy.

  • MaverickX75 07.16.14 at 01:32

    Technician for Mechanic would be great! Love the other improvements especially more interactive environments. Only thing I would ask if is there a way to add a rappel feature? For stealthy entry from rooftops?

  • sr1300nx 07.16.14 at 01:30

    I think it would be cool if you could grapple into a heli if it was on your team but it would have to be still

    • TwoCoins 07.16.14 at 02:51

      i also said this… grappel onto them or repel from them when equiped. imagine all the possibilities

  • jewie27 07.16.14 at 01:27

    I said it for Battlefield 4 and I’ll say it again here: BRING Nvidia 3D Vision SUPPORT to this game!!!

  • Deathspankd 07.16.14 at 01:25

    Fixer is a reference to assassin. id say craftsman, technician, or machinist would fit better or if you want to add a comedic name to the class grease monkey since its street slang it would fit in the game even if its 2 words lol

  • shimme01 07.16.14 at 01:24

    Mechanic is good

  • keiichimorisato 07.16.14 at 01:11

    For the Mechanic Class name change, how about Technician?

  • TwoCoins 07.16.14 at 01:06

    Can you make grappling hooks hook on to helicopters? And/or a possibility to repel down from helicopters as well when equipped? Also why not consolidate the grappling hook and zip line? idk unless your other maps have better use of these choosing one or the other kind of looses it’s appeal equipping both. Or at least buff them when used together some how?

  • BasedMuffin 07.16.14 at 01:05

    Why not make it so that the Only the Police side can utilize the baton and also cuffing and interrogating should only be available to the cop side.

  • Rave2n 07.16.14 at 01:01

    Have we considered lowering the price yet? As a premium member, I’d love a hefty discount on this expansion.

  • HutchHogan 07.16.14 at 01:01

    How about Tech as the Mechanic rename? Or perhaps Specialist

    • HutchHogan 07.16.14 at 01:03

      Fixer would be another possibility that might have a nice criminal cut to it.

  • OsamaJavaid 07.16.14 at 00:58

    Please remove offensive the profane shouting and cursing voiceovers from the game. That would be very good.
    Please do not neglect it.

    • Rave2n 07.16.14 at 01:01

      Hmm how about an option to do so. They do not bother me.

      • bAwng 07.16.14 at 01:02

        I was just logging in to say the same exact thing. I like heavy swearing, its more realistic. Just give people an option to disable a category of audio content.

        • IGJoe2192 07.16.14 at 01:05

          The option to do so would be the best as these others have stated.

    • rafd97 07.16.14 at 01:05

      Wait, what?! Who are you? Momma gretchen?
      No, dude. dude. There’s no way! I mean, seriously, no way you can play a FPS without cursing someone’s family, really. Now you come here like a little baby, and cry because someone wrote, ON A SCREEN, that you are a faggot. C’mon please, be a good player. And Play.

    • I No I FeaR I 07.16.14 at 01:09

      This is a Mature rated game. That means it’s for adults. It’s not for young little children who get upset because they heard a potty word. Go play in your crib some more and maybe you can play Battlefield when you grow up okay kiddo?

      • IcoNicQuicKShot 07.16.14 at 03:24

        No child gives a fuck if you have been paying attention 2 what the world is like now. Let’s hope no person will stop a child from playing “Mature rated games” cause obviously it ain’t gonna happen, if you wanna try I would love 2 see what that child says 2 you. It will most likely will be “No” btw what’s your age? I’m 29 how bout you?

      • AngryDave-UK 07.16.14 at 15:04

        It’s usually kids that spam the chat with immature profanity in your mature game.

        • IcoNicQuicKShot 07.17.14 at 00:26

          If your asking me I’m not spamming this comment section, not sure your asking me but I’m not spamming and read Fears comment first or again before replying. If you don’t like my opinion 2 this comment then don’t say stuff 2 me and before you say oh well fear had his opinion, well yours is more disrespectful calling me a kid and I said the f word so what are you gonna tell your mommy and daddy to stop, dude f*** off. I guess you can’t take a little swear word.

        • IcoNicQuicKShot 07.22.14 at 16:04

          I guess not actually? Well sorry for that.

  • IGJoe2192 07.16.14 at 00:57

    Have you looked into giving the captor the option of giving up the position of his teammates with a penalty and not with a worse penalty? Yes and they let you live, and you are stuck there until one of your teammates comes to free you “revive” and no, they kill you and you have an extended spawn time? say 15 seconds additional?

    • Darkrenegade25 07.16.14 at 14:04

      I think we should call the engineer the “Fixer”