Battlefield Hardline Beta Stats

We thought we’d share some awesome stats with you guys coming out of the Battlefield Hardline beta. Yes, that is trillion with a ‘t’! Thanks for playing, and be sure to stay tuned as we reveal more Battlefield Hardline multiplayer and singleplayer details in the weeks ahead.


For more information on Battlefield Hardline, visit:

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  • KillahKoala216 01.26.15 at 22:39

    I want to play the beta but cannot find it anywhere.

  • bassapguy 11.06.14 at 19:40

    can you send a hardline beta key?

  • tonyfar 07.30.14 at 14:43

    Did we need to be part of the Hardline Beta to receive 4th floor dog tags in Bf4?

  • apachee420 07.15.14 at 19:53

    Besides a few problems I have noticed with the beta I still would like to see faster respawn times as well as being able to customize weapons outside of a multiplayer match!!!@!!!!!!!!!!

  • 937110652W231 07.11.14 at 14:49


  • Sarlon2 07.10.14 at 21:30

    Soooooo, the average price of a new car – according to your glorious statistic – must be 29,024,399.90 USD…..I think it’s time to reconsider your numbers. :P

    • BenHogan1842 07.11.14 at 04:18

      think u may need to reconsider your calculation correct i got $29024 so….

      • Sarlon2 07.12.14 at 14:51

        No, it’s you who may need to consider his calculation. (-> see my reply to d_GriM_b)

    • d_GriM_b 07.11.14 at 15:13

      Your math is way off troll. 29K would be the average price.

      • Sarlon2 07.12.14 at 13:52

        Oh, is it? Then please do this: Take a calculator and divide 374 TRILLION (-> 374,000,000,000,000 !) USD by 12,885,710 Vehicles, then press enter and watch the result :P
        Math is really hard, eh? :P

    • VeboGamings 07.11.14 at 19:43

      Vehicles meaning Helicopters, armored vehicles too.

      • Sarlon2 07.12.14 at 13:54

        Well, the statistic says “based on the average price for a new car”

  • PKSIXSIXSIX 07.10.14 at 21:03

    man I wanaa do the beta but only have a old pc can run it on have a xbox one thow ill love to beta on hey EA and Dice help a guy out cant wait for the game ;)

  • ErrledUpFurball 07.09.14 at 20:38
  • ErrledUpFurball 07.09.14 at 20:37
  • SirNyck 07.09.14 at 20:26