Introducing Battlefield 4 Battlefest

UPDATE 8/1: Above you will see the events scheduled during the fourth week of Battlefest. Every Friday throughout the remainder of Battlefest we will release a 7-day snapshot of all the events you can look forward to.


As we head into the thick of summer, we wanted to do something for our fans and are kicking off a special event called Battlefest.  This is a festival built for gamers, specifically Battlefield 4, filled with weekly rewards, contests and in-game content.  It’s a fun way to give back to our community and say thanks, while doing some cool things in the game.  Not to mention, there will be tons of prizes, including graphics cards and three gaming PCs, provided by AMD.


Battlefest is just a small token of our appreciation and commitment to Battlefield 4.  In addition to this, we have DICE teams in Stockholm and LA continually working on improving the gameplay experience, adding new initiatives like the CTE environment, and also developing the next two expansions packs, with Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth releasing next week for Battlefield 4 Premium members.

To get Battlefest started, we’re giving everyone a weekend of double XP from July 12-13, so if you need to level up your game, now is a good time to start or get back into the game.  The 12th also marks the first day of our daily contest (called Battleshots), where we’re asking you to send us a screenshot in Battlefield 4 based on a different theme requirement.  Each daily winning entry will receive an AMD graphics card, $50 gift card to the DICE Store, and a Battlefield 4 Premium membership on their platform of choice.  We’re excited to see what you send in and will be altering the screenshot theme request daily until August 13 for more chances to win.  Official announcement to come; official rules can be found here.

Beyond the daily Battleshots contest, check out these other initiatives we’ll be doing during Battlefest.

- Free Camo Unlocks
Each week we will be releasing a free camo in-game for all players.  This will give you more ways to standout on the battlefield.

- Double XP
As noted above, we’re kicking Battlefest off with a double XP weekend and we’re definitely going to end with one too for all players to reap the benefits.

- Community Missions
Each week we will be hosting a global community challenge to reach a specific goal in-game.  If you reach the goal, everyone who logs in will receive a free gold Battlepack the following week.  The first mission starts on July 15, 2014, where you will have to collectively reach 15 million revives across all platforms, with the mission ending on the eve of July 20, 2014.

- Stunt Video Competition
This a month long contest where we are asking you to send us your best stunt video that can only be done in Battlefield 4. Once we receive the submissions, the DICE team will pick the top 12 and then you, the fans, will vote on the top three winners to win a massive prize.  Official announcement to come; official rules can be found here.


Featured Prize Sponsor of the Week

Learn how to win an AMD PowerColor TurboDuo R9 270 2GB GDDR5 OC graphics card by participating in this week’s Battlefest Battleshots contest here.



And there it is, a month filled with fun activities and prizes to be given that we hope you’ll enjoy.  But that’s not all, we have more surprises in store that we’re excited to share in the next couple weeks.  Be sure to keep your eyes peeled.  Happy Summer Gaming!


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  • mknk14 07.26.14 at 18:40


  • Melaconda 07.26.14 at 18:10 BATTLESHOTS CONTEST 15

    Saturday, July 26 – Dragon’s Teeth

  • DKs_Honneycake 07.23.14 at 22:18

    Obliteration – So chaotic

  • glitcherboy 07.21.14 at 04:32
    Final Moments before winning

  • karmagedoom 07.20.14 at 23:37
    massive detonation
    heat of the battle

  • karmagedoom 07.20.14 at 22:36
    very hot
    heat of the battle

  • karmagedoom 07.20.14 at 22:22
    Battleshot contest
    hunting heads in heat of the battle

  • Kensay007 07.19.14 at 17:18

  • osiii66 07.19.14 at 14:35
  • Cpt_VirusOfLife 07.19.14 at 14:29

    Tank in action :)

  • _Dellykingz_ 07.19.14 at 12:59

    here is some fun with mav :)

  • Mr_Minion47 07.19.14 at 08:56

    Battlefest Week 2: battleshot#8(tank)

  • Kotysoft 07.19.14 at 01:51

    Short history: Preorder BF3 Limited edition now! … …Commander and battlerecorder/scpecator mode? bugfixes?… … Tadamdam dadamdam…. Order BF3 Premium! … Tadamdam dadamdam…. Commander and spectator mode will be included…to BF4! Preorder BF4 premium now! … Tadamdam dadamdam…. BF4 released…with shitty netcode and more bug than you seen in BF3 beta… (only in battlefield) … Tadamdam dadamdam…. Preorder Battlefield Hardline now!

  • BIackHole69 07.18.14 at 20:49

    Battleshots: Competition: Parachute, 7-18-14

    Parachuting below Operation Firestorm

  • robinhakan790 07.18.14 at 19:02

    i just got a luggage battlepack is that a part of this

  • dreamerboo_22 07.15.14 at 07:59

    paracel storm Battleshot contest 3 vista

  • ForestArcher101 07.14.14 at 18:26

    Can any one help me? I need to know how to register to win the gaming pc because the site says it has been changed so any help please?

  • AWW-DIN 07.14.14 at 17:41

    Where can i view the winners of past screenshot challenges ?

  • IcoNicQuicKShot 07.14.14 at 13:14

    Well you need to be in US I think to double, it should be automatic, if not log in and log back out again, it should say some pl a e right above where it says Battlefield battle fest and it tells you. You still got the last week of battle fest for double xp and 1pm today

  • FCesar99 07.13.14 at 23:43

    BATTLESHOTS CONTEST 1 HELICOPTERS (He is doing a thumbs up to Battlefield 4 :D )

  • ItalicRex 07.13.14 at 23:37

    How do i get 2xp working

  • PGL163 07.13.14 at 17:53

    After update I lost my new premium knife!give it back or give another one!

  • ry17no47 07.13.14 at 15:50

    Ok the XP bonus is automatic & you CAN take screenshots with the ps3, u press Start & PS Button together,& It’s saved in your Images. Now stop bitching & learn how to use the shit u have

  • Goward86 07.13.14 at 14:25

    How do I sign up gor this shit

  • Kiribm 07.13.14 at 13:09

    it’s goooood for you

  • Airo0r 07.13.14 at 13:07

    How do you post pictures in the comments? Do you use a website?

  • wee red one 07.13.14 at 12:01

    How do you acctaviate the 2x Xp on bf4 xbox I singed out and back in but nothing happened why :(

  • nilaygokay 07.13.14 at 10:57

    I am ready

  • ZombieMerc52 07.13.14 at 07:46

    Though there are many problems with this game, I’m still quite satisfied and enjoy playing it. I’ve played Battlefield since the 2nd game in the series and am a strong supporter of EA and DICE. This is one game they made a huge mistake on, but yet there are many other battlefields to come. No matter how problematic this game is I will still play as well as enjoy it. The calender shown above is missing the 13th. Not the box for it just the number marking the day.

  • lyfesdaddy 07.13.14 at 06:37

    Ready For Action

  • thret2424 07.13.14 at 04:50

    Im ready

  • AiR-Bro123 07.13.14 at 03:32

    Damn ea dont hav a cap-card for ps3 only xbox 360.

  • WHITEBOY4594 07.13.14 at 01:11

    im ready for more contest please dice host more contest

  • signaldawg 07.13.14 at 01:06

    heh Dice please work with your dedicated gamers I have played on all battefields so can you work with us their shouls be awards for gamers who have played on all four games……sorry i dont play games on my PC

  • TrueGamer739 07.12.14 at 23:08

    I feel really alienated on my PS3, way to go DICE leave us out (PS3/XBOX 360). If you wanted “everyone” to participate why didn’t you guys incorporate a screen-shot feature ? Not everyone can afford a capture card -_-

  • SICARO12 07.12.14 at 23:06

    It seems that we will not have Battlefest D:

    • TrueGamer739 07.12.14 at 23:09

      yup, they adore pc gamers , no concern for last gen consoles who cant screen shot without an hdmi capture card , and the games doesn’t even have a theatre feature, or screen shot feature

  • Spiffymammal101 07.12.14 at 22:05

    What do I do to activate this?

  • rutov07 07.12.14 at 21:29

    все работает

  • ILLUZSIONSS123 07.12.14 at 21:19

    Oh now its working

    • IcoNicQuicKShot 07.13.14 at 07:34

      Yeah and I ranked up 5 times while it was working :D

  • SICARO12 07.12.14 at 20:43

    does not work the XP2 and the BATTLESHOTS

  • SICARO12 07.12.14 at 20:41

    What happens to the Battlefest? does not work the 2 XP or the BATTLESHOTS X.x

  • Dunkelaura 07.12.14 at 20:27

    Whats the theme for todays battleshot?

  • ILLUZSIONSS123 07.12.14 at 20:18

    That it didnt launched

    • IcoNicQuicKShot 07.12.14 at 20:22

      They said were working on the “issue”

  • IcoNicQuicKShot 07.12.14 at 20:15

    This shit don’t work, time 4 a RIOT!!!!!! I’m in US too!!!!!

  • ajflames 07.12.14 at 19:59

    I got double xp in US est time 1:58pm;) finally

  • SKISCOLA 07.12.14 at 19:57

    Whats the theme for today battle shots ready!

  • ajflames 07.12.14 at 18:49

    Dose anyone if we hot yet?? This has been a battle field epic fail start hope ea/dice gives us extended xp

  • MUSGRADA 07.12.14 at 18:34

    “We apologize, the event we were launching to help you forgive us for releasing an unfinished product has been delayed due to an unfinished product.”

  • ShadowHeretic89 07.12.14 at 18:07

    For all curious……EA_AgentX said:

    We have escalated the issue.
    The team is aware and investigating the delay of the 2XP event. When we have more details, we will update the community.


    Go here….

  • Mister_Jools 07.12.14 at 18:01

    So do you get a prize for guessing how to submit and what to submit?

  • VectorRoll 07.12.14 at 18:00

    So where is this BattleShots Contest info? What is the task for today?

    • TrueGamer739 07.12.14 at 23:11

      apparently they’re making up for bullshit by doing bulllshit

  • Mister_Jools 07.12.14 at 17:59

    Instructions say How to Enter: During the Daily Submission phase, visit (the “Contest Site” or “Site”), and follow the directions to submit your BATTLESHOTS but the page is blank!?

    • cake_specialist 07.12.14 at 20:08

      you are right, how can you give your screenshot

  • ajflames 07.12.14 at 17:47

    Is double xp live yet est on ps3 11:47am

    • IcoNicQuicKShot 07.12.14 at 20:18

      I’m not on ps3 but they say that “we are looking into the issue” so it might not even happen, you need to be in US also.

  • ShadowHeretic89 07.12.14 at 17:40

    10:40 CST….anyone have double XP yet???

  • fcmeyer 07.12.14 at 17:36

    What is the theme for today? And where do we submit them?

  • MCN SPARTAN86 07.12.14 at 17:21

    ragazzi , potete fornire il link dove poter caricare lo screenshot !!

  • Gannon4Higher 07.12.14 at 16:35

    Where do we go to submit our screenshot or stunt video for the contest?

  • imthegamme123 07.12.14 at 16:33

    does any body any xp yet 10;30

  • farnell87 07.12.14 at 16:22

    This game has been poorly managed from day one #Battlefail

  • Lilzoe99 07.12.14 at 16:08

    Still no double xp? ive been waiting all night

  • Midget-Magic 07.12.14 at 16:04

    Still nothing on the PS3…

  • ajflames 07.12.14 at 15:25

    Iam on ps3 no xp yet, I have a 200% and a 100% boost ready for action. Hopefully they give it to soon waiting is boreing as hell n I been up since 6am est time

    • TrueGamer739 07.12.14 at 23:13

      hey uh, do u have a cap card or is there a way to screenshot without 1?

  • ShadowHeretic89 07.12.14 at 15:14

    8:15 CST and no Double XP…..seriously? Not posting a time it starts usually is an assumption it’s an all day thing 12am-12am, 12th-13th…..chop chop, activate this Double XP!

  • ajflames 07.12.14 at 15:10

    No xp on ps3 yet the f**** yo I been up @ 6am est n nuthing

  • redroom3 07.12.14 at 15:03

    JUst played 2 hours this morning (july 12th at 6 am eatern Us time) with a high k?d ratio and no xp points? when do they start

  • faceyourfear NL 07.12.14 at 15:01

    still no double xp on xbox one.

  • M1cr0nus 07.12.14 at 14:38

    Guys when does the Double XP start? I’m on Xbox One & nothing yet…

  • TSilentGaming 07.12.14 at 14:32

    Thanks DICE! I really appreciate all the work you try to do for us! I understand that battlefield 4 is still a little bit broken, but I’m still a huge fan and I’m looking forward to battlefield hardline! Keep up the good work! I will be enjoying the battlefest for the next month! This is a lot of fun and thanks a lot dice!

  • Squash85 07.12.14 at 12:07

    file:///C:/Users/vincent/Pictures/photo%20vincent/Capture.PNG la capture d’écran j’espere que je serais inscrit

  • pang_10 07.12.14 at 12:05

    I am also a swedish solider and wonders when we will get the “Swedish scout knife”?

  • SnowAct 07.12.14 at 11:46

    Thanks Dice.
    I have waited for to long. As a swedish soldier am i not More than exited to Join the fest

  • BlackArrow6 07.12.14 at 11:46

    They fuckin trolled us danm u DICE like come on they can tell us we have a double xp but they don’t tell us what time it starts

  • Munir2000 07.12.14 at 10:51

    I’m in Australia can anyone tell me when it starts or how to get it

  • BludThirstyKilla 07.12.14 at 10:41

    hell yeah

  • x13roger 07.12.14 at 08:48

    Well its the 12th…. so where’s the double XP?

  • Sgt_Recker_BF4 07.12.14 at 06:07

    I really wanted to buy the Premium Battlefield 4, but not this hanging on my PC or the standard version, so I will participate to try to win the PC Gamer THANK YOU EVEN


  • LazyLeopard014 07.12.14 at 05:03


  • Risky_kopASSUS81 07.12.14 at 01:39


  • IAxiosI 07.11.14 at 19:37

    Why México not is in the LIST! :C </3

  • painekiller12 07.11.14 at 18:51

    You can take SS on PS4 idiot

  • CosmicStorm141 07.11.14 at 18:04

    now I really have to get an capture game recorder for this

  • JIMBADASS 07.11.14 at 17:26

    not in greece well fuck you everyone should have the right to participate

  • oRaGaMi1337 07.11.14 at 17:09

    in case you guys are wondering how to take a SS on Console versions…YOU CANT ahaaha unless you have video recording software OR use a camera to take a picture of your tv.

    Also good move on your part Dice, Fuck hardline, keep deving bf4, u have my loyalty since u already have my cash :D lol

    • oRaGaMi1337 07.11.14 at 17:10

      also i meant hardware…lol not video recording software ^^

    • JohnnyArizona 07.11.14 at 17:36

      That’s funny, last time I checked my PS4 took screenshots, dumbass.

    • WhiteMike77 07.11.14 at 18:39

      For PS4 press the share button on your controlef twice that will start a recording. Use the share factory app to edit screen shot

    • painekiller12 07.11.14 at 18:49

      PS4 can take SS dumbs***

    • painekiller12 07.11.14 at 18:50

      You can take SS on PS4 Dumb****

    • Sniperfreak41 07.12.14 at 01:31

      Dumb ass. You can take ss on the new gen consoles fucktard

    • Frozen-_-Acid 07.12.14 at 07:12

      Maybe you didn’t realize there is a button on the PS4 controller called `SHARE´

      Thanks Sony

    • JhonyWoof 07.12.14 at 22:10

      Next gen has capture pleab

  • REC0N SOLD1ER12 07.11.14 at 16:46

    Thank you dice

  • Danny_MacMillan 07.11.14 at 16:44

    How to i take a screenshot on PS3??? plz help

    • Frozen-_-Acid 07.12.14 at 07:13

      You can in some games but i think you can not in BF4

  • daniel_jas009 07.11.14 at 11:06

    Thanks dice don’t know what you did but battlefest works on my ps3 as it should now thankyou it does not freeze the console anymore yeah buddy “Jeep Stuff”!!!

  • u shall lose 07.11.14 at 09:15

    How am i supposed to post a screenshot from my xbox360??? can you even do that?

  • don-killer7 07.11.14 at 08:47


  • AidanVigs 07.11.14 at 06:39

    Please click on “official rules can be found here” (blue writing) in this article for more information.

  • AidanVigs 07.11.14 at 06:35

    Where to post your videos:
    How to Enter: During the Submission phase, visit (the “Contest Site” or “Site”), and follow the directions to submit your Battlefield 4 stunt video (the “Entry” or “Entries”). By uploading your Entry, you agree that it conforms to the Submission Guidelines and Content Restrictions as defined below (collectively, the “Guidelines and Restrictions”) and that Sponsor, may disqualify you from the Contest if it believes, in its sole discretion that your Entry fails to conform to the Guidelines and Restrictions.

  • StablerFurball0 07.11.14 at 06:01

    Looking forward to this. And all u crybabies complaining, quit it. Go play something else like COD and shut up! Its extremely annoying! Y r u guys even playing Battlefield if u hate it so much!? So quit your complaining and piss off!

    • IcoNicQuicKShot 07.11.14 at 20:44

      Your complaining right now that people complain about Battlefield

  • LauerPower 07.11.14 at 04:49

    I love battlefield, so don’t get me wrong when I say this, but why the hell are you doing this during the summer? Seem more fitting to have this month long event during colder months. And also, how do I upload my clips to your site from my ps4?

  • slz_ShadowGhost 07.11.14 at 04:46

    Looking forward to battlefest. I’ve been away for a while and ready for some action. Let’s git it on!!

  • s1234saad 07.11.14 at 04:17


  • phantomlordrh 07.11.14 at 04:00

    Hate to break it to you but if you’re still playing on the 360 then yeah the population would be slim due to the fact that there are a thousand times better experience playing bf4 on the new consoles… This game was truly not meant for the old hardware

  • dimi1238 07.11.14 at 03:38

    How are people on ps4 supposed to send it and to where more info is needed

  • WILSON_0555 07.11.14 at 01:36

    Battlefield is my favorite franchise. Love bf4. Loved hardline beta, can’t wait to play full game.. So! Thanks dice and everyone involved. Tired of all the crybabies about the problems. Go play cod or something else then or just shit up already

  • ExtraPowa17 07.11.14 at 00:56

    I lost my precision knife in the last update along with the bj knife and some camos i care most about the precision knife because it’s the knife I had the most kills with please could you fix this

    • BJones91988 07.11.14 at 01:12

      I lost mine too & all my camos

    • ReC0N-S1aY3r 07.11.14 at 06:40

      I also lost my bj-knife and precision and couple of my camos after the update :/. They should fix it

  • hatchetmannn 07.11.14 at 00:50
  • Insta9ib 07.10.14 at 23:27

    You can take your Battlefest and shove it! This is just another damage control by EA DICE.
    Sure, you will fool most of the kids but youve lost ur main fans and supporters.

    And btw, having a disclaimer thats actually longer than the info about the fest says something about you people!

    • ForestArcher101 07.10.14 at 23:30

      I think it’s a good way of getting players to play battlefield ,and what kids it’s for 18s

      • IcoNicQuicKShot 07.11.14 at 04:01

        Yeah it’s for 18s but you know kids, their gonna play what they want and not care, just like a 10 year old playing gta5, do you really think any kid is gonna care that it says it’s for 18+ ?

    • phantomlordrh 07.11.14 at 05:50

      Lost their main fans…. Because you say so?! Get a life! A true fan is excited beyond belief that I can play this absolutely stunning, fun, badass fps’er right this second without any problems.. All due to the fact that Dice truly does care about their core fan base and does take pride in their work! Every time I slap on my ps4 and start my first match I always say to myself, I love this game! Its truly stunning!!

      • IcoNicQuicKShot 07.14.14 at 14:06

        Yes they do work hard 2 give stuff out, yes we all should be gratecfful it’s possible 2 play video games ,love the love the game. Not sure about the other guy though. BTW we all have a life, even if we don’t do nothin we are still in life and living.

  • ForestArcher101 07.10.14 at 23:24

    How are we supposed to take pictures and then send them were would we I really would like to win that pc EA please can you give me more information?

  • mikkelm40 07.10.14 at 23:06

    It seems a bit odd that Denmark is excluded from the Battleshots competition while Norway and Sweden is included. Of course it could be legal issues, that much i do not know. Denmark, Sweden and Norway just always seems to be chosen together or not at all. Very strange.

  • McGee2014 07.10.14 at 22:32

    Ireland isnt eligible what the hell EA

  • Aj b33m3R 07.10.14 at 21:28

    It’s start. But you’re going to have to try a bit harder to pull the real BF players back into the game. Right now it’s mostly CoD kiddies running around, not playing the objectives, sniping all the time…

    I appreciate the efforts so far, but please keep fixing the game.

    Dawnbreaker is now playable, thank you for that. Now please fix the crashing on the other maps on the 360. Of all the bugs, the console crashing ones are the biggest deterrent to people wanting to play this game. Once the map crashes, your friends rarely come back that night to play more BF4.

    Player population is dwindling and it’s the second biggest problem. You gotta do something to bring the players you pissed off with that incompetent launch back. Battlefest is a good idea, but at this juncture you have to go above and beyond, especially for all those people that pre-ordered the game and Premium.

    • Marsman822 07.11.14 at 04:36

      I am with you on this one. really everything you said. it is very hard to get into playing the game. when you worry about someone taking down the building or b on locker or any of the things that comes down and lags everyone out of the game. and like you said. after this happens. most of your friend do not come back online. and its hard to get a good crew up. because of this. and with use getting Premium you would think that would be number 1 on there list. I am on PS3 and have the same problems. I wish they would fix this..

      • phantomlordrh 07.11.14 at 05:24

        There is a fix! Its called a ps4!! This game was truly not designed for the ancient consoles…

  • Delavonboy12 07.10.14 at 21:17

    Oh look, I can’t even participate in Battleshots because Denmark is for some godforsaken reason NOT on the eligible country list.. Yet you have 0 problems with any of the other Scandinavian countries.. And I know DICE is Swedish so of course Sweden is eligible, but that Norway is, but Denmark isn’t freaking sucks..

    • TrueGamer739 07.12.14 at 23:20

      so am I , im from the Caribbean Trinidad to be exact n I cant join , this is how they make up to “worldwide” fans

  • hodum4 07.10.14 at 21:17

    How are you supposed to take screenshots on ps3?

  • Shien Uchiha 07.10.14 at 21:10

    IS this going to all the platforms?

  • FAT-BACK11 07.10.14 at 20:40

    I want to join a squad.Who need s a good playa?

  • Ali_Akaed 07.10.14 at 20:35

    Free camo and xp thes is sooooo gooooood

  • mustang_132 07.10.14 at 19:14

    Esto es realmente frustrante, tengo bf4 con premium, tuve bf3 con premium, recibo la grandiosa noticia de que hay un “battlefest”, pero me le dan posibilidad de participar en todos los concursos por vivir en el grandioso pais que es Colombia… Pero si les dan la oportunidad a los chilenos, que por cierto, no me he topado con ninguno en el multijugador, pero si con cientos de colombianos. Si venden el juego en mi pais, obtienen ganacias por nosotros, ¿porque no nos dan soporte para este tipo de eventos?, ¿les parece justo para con nosotros?. Postdata : Colombia= Gradioso pais ubicado en america del sur, lleno de riquezas naturales, hogar de grandes estrellas y deportistas reconocidos a nivel mundial, pais que estupidamente gasta dinero en compañias que los excluye injustamente. No quiero volver a toparme con este blog, si quieren comunicarse con migo, mi correo es

  • SirBigWater 07.10.14 at 18:46

    I hate it when Quebec is excluded. Why is it always excluded?

  • AngryMister 07.10.14 at 18:38

    F***, XP weekend at the moment when I will be not at home… :’(

    • IcoNicQuicKShot 07.11.14 at 04:09

      I think it’s every weekend, so you’ll get a chance to get it a different week.

  • AngryMister 07.10.14 at 18:37

    Why this can be able to do only in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada (excluding Quebec), Chile, China, including Taiwan, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, United Kingdom and the United States (including the District of Colombia)?!!!!!!

    • Bubujeans 07.10.14 at 20:20

      These are locations eglible for the shipment of AMD products for the competitions

  • Zen_Shot 07.10.14 at 18:19


  • Rage CompleX 07.10.14 at 18:18

    Looking for a squad for xbox one gt Rage CompleX

    • IcoNicQuicKShot 07.11.14 at 04:13

      If you want to join a platoon message N1m Ph0 on xbox one or ps4 and join are platoon JTF2

  • Squash85 07.10.14 at 17:02

    hi people I do not understand how wrong register on battlshots battlefest or a person able to help me??

    • AngryMister 07.10.14 at 18:36

      I think it will be possible to register when it starts

  • Squash85 07.10.14 at 16:06

    salut les gens je ne comprend pas comment il faux s’inscrire sur battlshots ou battlefest une personne pourrai m’aider ???

  • jraid05 07.10.14 at 14:41

    Add me on the ps4 need a squad. Has mic

    • CHUCK_NORRIS305 07.10.14 at 18:27

      Hey buddy if you are interested you can join us .We are a world wide clan .We have fun and help each other add me with a message if you’re interested

    • MAYAN_WARRIOR115 07.11.14 at 03:29

      Hit me up, psn name is my username

  • daniel_jas009 07.10.14 at 12:22

    Hey guys i have this every time i click on battlefest on my.ps3 it freezes the console immediately after i click on it its happened twice in not.will to click on it a third time

  • FatterTen 07.10.14 at 12:21

    is the only battlefield 4

  • RIDDICK3D 07.10.14 at 07:59

    I just hope that dear developers will add this camouflage! I’m a Fan of this game!

  • Theseuskhan 07.10.14 at 07:12

    THANK YOU, Cheers for bringing bck PC gaming, Cheers for making the next gen more worthwhile, cheers for advancing gaming. Thank you for supporting 2 games years after CoD would of dropped theres, Epic on you for making outdated hardware look good, Jolly til what hoe for making real war a thing again, splendid my good sirs for giving me more fun then u could ever have with terrorists and duck tape, Spot On Chap for bringing back Battlefront when it was looked to be dieing, Thank you EA for being the Chinese to my Cartman. Oh and thank you aswell for keeping a entire dev team just to make patchs and fix code as users slowly upgrade.

    Im sorry for my fellow PC gamers looseing path, im not with those consoleites who swear and cry, I don’t dwell inside Morder to throw sticks and stones at you, I cannot say I follow the kids with there tamagochi of ea hate, I always try to make amends for the player base’s IQ, in defence they produce more money, atonement for there words is not needed , for you they should plea and not cry, however much is indeed done on this night.

    Oh yeh HardCore rocks

    - PS3 users I presume ur playing on catche and a install that’s been dated from release…
    - Anyone with any issues should seek help n not moan. – EA Answers google it, come, post ur bugs or questions. =) enjoy

    • phantomlordrh 07.11.14 at 05:35

      Amen to that Bratha!! I’m with you on this all the way!! Kills me when all these haters consider themselves true Battlefield vets…

  • JER_DA_BEAR_LZ 07.10.14 at 02:28

    What does it mean by ” we’re asking you to send us a screenshot in Battlefield 4 based on a different theme requirement.”

    • Low_Hurts 07.10.14 at 07:44

      FE. they ask for picture where is jets fighting or lots of medic and ammo packs around, something like that

    • FCesar99 07.10.14 at 21:02

      they are going to give a theme for example: “Explosions” And we need to take a screenshot with a lot of explosions or something like that

  • Mulletino 07.10.14 at 02:14

    Yeah perfect timing, just when I restarted the campaign for the third time after my progress getting wiped twice before by going online due to a bug!

    Can you guarantee that if were to go online for this at the weekend, my campaign progress would NOT be lost?

    I am not starting again for the fourth time if it messes up.

    • ChewbacaThe3rd 07.10.14 at 03:54

      Quick! come on you can finish it in 3 days! it should only take 7 hours

      • Mulletino 07.11.14 at 01:26

        Not easy when real life commitments make a massive dent in your gaming time mate. :(

  • GAATFounderBR1 07.10.14 at 01:56

    Dice, Could you explain why Brazil is not eligible to participate in the Stunt Video Competition.

    • xAAx_Xt3rMiN4t3R 07.10.14 at 15:12

      Due to your pitiful performance in the World Cup you have not been selected to participate in the Stunt Contest :P

    • FCesar99 07.10.14 at 21:03

      porque 7-1 XD

  • IcoNicQuicKShot 07.10.14 at 01:48

    Can’t wait for the the free camo, hope they do this in hardline

  • Gafiltha 07.10.14 at 01:30

    Pays to be an American! USA!

  • Sanchez2093 07.10.14 at 01:15

    Where does it say those countries are excluded? It says contest is available wherever bf4 is sold

  • KD Da DRiFTaH 07.10.14 at 01:07

    What do you do? Just post vids and pics too battlelog

    • Pvt NoxXx 07.10.14 at 01:34

      Need post, and share to your friend on facebook, twitter and google plus.

      Hope win some stuff this time! :)

      C ya on the battleground guys!

  • Satan515 07.10.14 at 01:04

    In case you haven’t noticed, Quebec is excluded from a lot of crap/contests. Its because you frogs are special. Separatist, no-body-likes-you special.

    Love, the rest of Canada

  • ZeroDs111 07.10.14 at 01:01

    And Why Mexico no?!!

  • kratos0_2_0_3 07.10.14 at 00:21

    u guys r a bunch of hatter (not dice)

  • Phakowee 07.10.14 at 00:19

    I’m so excited. I’m still learning and not very good, but I love it! My only wish? I want a female soldier. Please!! I’m sick of looking like a dude!!! I’ll be 46 on the 11th, so make us female gamers female soldiers please!

    • Sanchez2093 07.10.14 at 01:19

      Arent you concerned all guys will just start hittin on you once they figure your a girl gamer? Mean none of my business i think diversity in gaming is good but just a thought

  • shaneduce 07.10.14 at 00:17

    Double XP while at PDXLAN 24 sweet

  • SgtDeathAdder 07.09.14 at 23:42

    DICE I am so dissapointed, why you din’t include the Latin-America countries in this contest? you know gamers buy your game world-wide?, but noo, lets just ignore Latin America, f**ck this sh*t

  • ForestArcher101 07.09.14 at 23:34

    Prizes that contain gaming pc’s as long as I get one Im happy give me that gaming pc!

  • EdHawk_85 07.09.14 at 23:20

    I want my promotional “DICE” dog tag that I had in Battlefield 3. Please!

  • Weener65 07.09.14 at 23:10

    Why is Quebec excluded from canada in this contest … thanks a lot Dice/EA/ or the f***tard that did this thanks a lot, I’ll remember

    • Satan515 07.10.14 at 01:03

      In case you haven’t noticed, Quebec is excluded from a lot of crap/contests. Its because you frogs are special. Separatist, no-body-likes-you special.

      Love, the rest of Canada

    • Teburninator 07.10.14 at 01:41

      You do realize it’s because your province has backward rules when it comes to contests? Its not DICE’s fault. Its yours.

  • UZIboy420 07.09.14 at 23:04

    Video contest is what I’m looking for.

  • DZ-Clear 07.09.14 at 22:50

    They should instead change the section of “post a comment” to “post a compliant” because that’s all I seem to see.

    • TGPomy9795 07.09.14 at 22:55

      I didn’t complain. I’m just begging for the DICE Camo/Paint.

  • TGPomy9795 07.09.14 at 22:42

    I hope by “free camo” you mean, the Jet black DICE Camo. :)

    • IcoNicQuicKShot 07.10.14 at 01:57

      It would be cool, I’m not in premium so maybe some premium camo stuff also :)

  • sTOOLchief 07.09.14 at 22:35

    Nice initiative… I’ll send a screenshot every time the game freezes. ;)

  • sTOOLchief 07.09.14 at 22:34

    Nice initiative… I’ll send a screenshot every time the game frezzes. ;)

  • CptKee 07.09.14 at 22:31

    - Free Camo Unlocks
    Each week we will be releasing a free camo in-game for all players. This will give you more ways to standout on the battlefield.

    Standing out is not typically something you want to do one the battlefield, just sayin

  • Maskot_Dk 07.09.14 at 22:30

    Super nice initiative to have a battlefest, but why can’t Denmark enter the contest

    • TheLazyGrizzly 07.10.14 at 02:10

      Sadly it’s because our law is against it, the same reason we always excluded from this kind of contests.

  • JAHoE 07.09.14 at 22:27

    ohyeah !_!

  • BratuB 07.09.14 at 22:22

    I am dissapointed with you again,WHY haven’t you included ROMANIA as an eligible country…You have such a huge player a

  • BratuB 07.09.14 at 22:21

    I am dissapointed with you again,WHY haven’t you included ROMANIA as an eligible country…You have such a huge player/fan base here

  • DiogoMLopes 07.09.14 at 22:04

    “Each week we will be releasing a free camo in-game for all players. This will give you more ways to standout on the battlefield.” STANDOU?!!? Isn’t a cammo to blend in the environment surrounding us?

  • Atlas_AS7-RS 07.09.14 at 22:04

    Awwwww yeah! Bı̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̨attlefest!

  • AlexAlmoza 07.09.14 at 22:01

    Double exp for sure

  • Infemeth 07.09.14 at 21:36