Battlefield 4 Patch Introduces Commander App & Various Game Updates

UPDATE 7/9: The Patch Notes have been updated. Apologies on the confusion with several line items. Please refer to your respective platform notes below.

We are proud to announce that we’ve released a patch update for PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 today. Xbox One will receive the update tomorrow, July 9th.

NavalFleet 640

The patch introduces several bug fixes for the Commander App and also expands functionality on Xbox One to include VOIP (a feature already available for PC & PS4), allowing Commanders to communicate with teammates with their voice. Now you can bark out orders with authority!

Additionally, you will find various fixes in regards to general gameplay, graphics, modes, server support, user interface, vehicles and weapons.

Please refer to your respective platform patch notes:

- PC
- Xbox One
- Xbox 360
- PlayStation 4
- PlayStation 3

As always, we want to know how these updates are performing and how we can improve your game experience further. If you haven’t done so already, jump into the Battlefield 4 forums and sound off with your feedback.

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  • snakedoctor1312 10.07.14 at 04:42

    Voip would be nice for 360 commander mode

  • redlineknight 07.14.14 at 03:24

    Dice…after the patch I lost my premium knife. It was the precision…help?

  • Octavia Melody2 07.13.14 at 21:31

    Hey guys instead of complaining just think of how Battlefield 3 was like on launch day and its progress think of Battlefield 4 as battlefield 3 bugs

  • desmendETKILLAZ 07.10.14 at 23:16

    So when will you guys add Marpat cammos for the weapons and add weapons like the Springfield XD, Smith and Wesson M&P series and other popular weapons on the civilian market?

  • bobjones64 07.10.14 at 18:20

    Fix the game before anything. Also when is the CTE version coming to ps4

  • PHILTHEDEAL1 07.10.14 at 14:13

    I had the same problem with my premium melee weapons, so I asked DICE on twitter (@Battlefield) and they are investigating this problem. So for the moment I think there is nothing to do, but they will release a patch.

  • SPANISHXASSASSIN 07.10.14 at 06:01

    dice the game is crap again on the ps3 you guys lie so much of making the game plate less frustrating, but now it’s it’s even more frustrating with the lag back and all the textures keeps breaking and still no hit marker fix. Dice with all the lawsuits and complains you guys never understand and will never get the game fix. If you guys do fix this gam with the old gens and now to PC you get our respect but now you guys fail disgracefully.

  • SPANISHXASSASSIN 07.10.14 at 05:56

    Dice you don’t deserve any respect for all the crap you put in the game now since the update for the ps3 it’s all broken again and worst then before when it first come out. I’m sorry but the game is total disgrace.

  • MATADOR APOL 07.10.14 at 03:59

    What happened to 64 player CTF maps? Those were my favorite

  • VW ASSASSIN 07.10.14 at 02:13

    I hear sorry way to much from Dice and less Game fixing. It sounds like there should be a law suit filed for them to really fix the game, we have paid for a finished product not a half-ass job.

    Dice your lack of respect for gaming consumers to rush an unfinished product is appalling, GM, Ford and DaimlerChrysler admits they have bad cars out there a recalls them to be fix and comp the customer with free services.

    My Question is why haven’t you?

    Your response needs to be outstandingly good because it can turn to a lawsuit for sale of damage goods.

    • Atomicdawg187 07.10.14 at 17:12

      U big assed crybaby a lawsuit AHAHAHAH GTFOH!!! Go play u some ghost recon return your game to gamestop then and quit crying if u don’t like it LOL

    • DARK ANGEL12348 07.11.14 at 02:59

      Yea the game has issues its agood game or u wouldnt continue 2 play it. If bf4 is what u spend ur time cryin bout then u have a prety easy life I would imagine that u still live with mommy and daddy,grow up

  • SolidMGSnake 07.09.14 at 19:50

    Fix the TV missile for the attack jet. It shoots at a high angle when fired..

  • Wolfe_ZX 07.09.14 at 19:36

    The patch removed all of my premium unlocks. anyone know how to get them back? This game has had nothing but issues since it came out.

    • PHILTHEDEAL1 07.10.14 at 14:11

      I had the same problem with my premium melee weapons, so I asked DICE on twitter (@Battlefield) and they are investigating this problem. So for the moment I think there is nothing to do, but they will release a patch.

  • Juanking 07.09.14 at 13:49

    I’ll be honest the load out reseting every time I change servee/power cycle my xbox is really starting to grip my shit, not to mention the into the walls/under/on top of the map glitches in operation locker. Seriously sort it out.

  • dawsy08 07.09.14 at 11:52

    fix the bug, where it resets all your loadouts any time switch servers

  • mx200394 07.09.14 at 06:53

    What about the fix for when you join a server and your load out you earned through playing is no long able to be used and you are forced to use the basic weapons you get when you first start. This happens to me a lot on PS3.

    • robinhakan790 07.09.14 at 11:29

      i believe that this is because there is a hting called unranked matches that will force you to use basic weapons

    • SuspiciousPotato 07.09.14 at 17:25

      Pretty sure that you just keep joining unranked servers mate, :|

  • Xiox231 07.09.14 at 06:40

    I dont know why everyone says the game is broken… sure it has a few bugs but what game doesnt? I personally havent had any big problems excpet for the first week after release.

    • VW ASSASSIN 07.10.14 at 02:02

      All Halo Games didn’t, ubisoft games like Assassin Creed and Ghost Recon, EA Need for Speed, Turn10 Forza Games I can keep going. That fact is Dice dose not care about us gamers if So they would have not rush it out so quick, Go to Gamespot the EA president said that they rush to fast and F up. I bet if I was building there house and did not put a roof on they would not buy or live in it so why do it to us?

      • Atomicdawg187 07.10.14 at 17:09

        Ubisoft sucks LOL BF4 kills any ubisoft game ghost recon was a garbage game nothing beats BF4.

    • oO G I JOE Oo 07.10.14 at 22:19

      Agreed. I don’t know about just after release, as I just got the game a month and half or so ago, but other than the loadout resets (which, I admit, is annoying, but it is not, I repeat, NOT, that big of a deal), and the random and sudden violent “bouncing” glitches (again, very annoying, but nothing to cry about), I see absolutely nothing majorly wrong as of 100 hours of play time. That being said, yesterday’s patch did take away a few of my Premium items.

  • Savage Flight 07.09.14 at 04:41

    I seem to frequently encounter an issue with the DMR’s where my bullets seem to miss my targets even when I’m aiming directly at my them with my ACOG sight. I’m standing still no more than 15 meters away from them, but still no hit markers appear on the screen. Is there anything you can do to fix this, DICE?

  • FkUdice 07.09.14 at 04:06

    You can suspend accounts from posting you pieces of shit, but theres a million ways to keep making accounts and reminding everyone that DICE ORiGIN And EA ( You fucking bitch moderators too) rip people off, sell beta games at full price, lie and to me it’s fraud. Fuck you and thanks for the shitty game. Sorry mother fuckers. Ban that.

  • conmulligan 07.09.14 at 03:05

    Wait, is the issue with campaign saves being deleted seriously still not fixed? Unbelievable.

    • IcoNicQuicKShot 07.10.14 at 03:11

      Who even plays BF4 campaign after such along time of release?

  • Bovrillor 07.09.14 at 02:51

    What happened to the memory leak fix for PS3 we were promised? The Vanilla maps still freeze up the console ever 10-20 minutes (some maps, such as Lancang, freeze every time). The game is still basically unplayable unless you only play TDM.

    We were assured the fix for this was incoming:

    • robinhakan790 07.09.14 at 11:31

      it still is like that for you i’m on ps3 too and that promblem stopped like a month ago except in obliteration

  • Jagerbomber 07.09.14 at 01:04

    Played PC on Hardcore after the patch. Kill Cards were not fixed…

  • LakersMamba24 07.09.14 at 00:04

    Glad you finally fixed the Dawnbreaker crash on Xbox360, but Flood Zone, and sometimes Lancang Dam crash as well.

  • NUMBxxNUTS 07.08.14 at 23:18

    Fix picking up weapons on map like ones that are placed on map to pick up when i pick them up soon as i let go of pick up button i drop them = S #xboxone

    • IhadFunwiturSIS 07.09.14 at 01:03

      I feel you. 37 time of attempting to pick up the weapon before it actually equips it.

    • Sniper Davie 07.09.14 at 01:05

      1000 times this! How is PICKING UP A WEAPON still an issue 9 months after release?

      The ability to revive someone whilst a health pack is sitting on their body would be nice too.

      Or bodies ‘phantom’ sliding down hills. When you get close to revive, they appear at the point of death. Move to the point of death, and the body is down the hill. -_-

  • DerrickTheMan 07.08.14 at 23:06

    What about friend invites i stopped playing for while because i could not invite anyone into my game without jumping into theres own the ps4. Please fix this issue, it is so annoying.

    • BLADE DEATH117 07.08.14 at 23:09

      Same problem on Xbox One :/ like I know they have that Squad join Beta thing but there is no option to invite your friends.

  • MDK_M 07.08.14 at 23:05

    Give me a hooyah for the mannschaft soccer team……

  • GeneralHung787 07.08.14 at 22:38

    Is there only VOIP on xbox one because PS4 players do have mics to ?