Thank You for Playing the Beta

As the Battlefield Hardline closed beta comes to an end, we hand over to Steve Papoutsis, VP and GM of Visceral Games, thanking all beta players for their participation.


The Battlefield Hardline beta is now closed, we want to thank everyone who took part! Running a beta during E3 was definitely something that was hard to pull off, but we did it for two reasons. First, we want your feedback early. We’re listening to it, we’re acting on it and it’s going to help make Hardline a better game when we launch in October. Second, we’re gamers like you. It’s great to hear about games and see games, but we want to play games. And even though it is still early and we have a lot of work left to do, it was important to us that you could see and feel for yourself what we’re doing with Hardline.

But this beta is only the beginning. . .

In the months ahead we’ll be revealing more details about what we’re doing in multiplayer as well as what the team at Visceral is bringing to the singleplayer campaign. As many of you know from previous Visceral games, we have a unique way of telling our stories and engrossing players in our worlds, and Hardline will be no different. We are doing some cool new things in how we present the campaign, similar to what you see when watching episodes of your favorite TV shows. It’s something different and we’re fired up about it. Keep your eyes out for more on this next month.

And, of course, there’s multiplayer, the staple of any Battlefield game. The Battlefield Hardline beta was just a small portion of what is in store. We have plenty of new modes in the game that really play off the cop and criminal theme, as well as the return of fan-favorites. The variety in maps is also something that Battlefield fans have never experienced before, from subterranean grow labs to the streets of Miami, complete with all the vibe and flavor that city has to offer.

If you didn’t get a chance to play the Battlefield Hardline beta this time around don’t worry, we have your back as we’ll be launching another beta this fall on all announced platforms that will showcase more. Stay tuned to hear more later this year.

We have a lot of cool things up our sleeve, but we also have a lot of hard work ahead of us. It’s an electric time all of us here at Visceral, and we’re pumped to tell you more about the game over the months ahead.

Keep the feedback coming, we’re listening and we’ll be responding to it as much as we can.

Steve Papoutsis
VP and GM, Visceral Games
Executive Producer, Battlefield Hardline

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  • RevZilla 07.09.14 at 04:40

    Would have loved to put this huge post somewhere else…but could not find a way to avoid dumping it for everyone to see instead of just the developers…

    -Tazing is awesome! Love it when someone forgets to take someone out after tazing them.
    -Chaos! Battefield chaos is generally fun, but here are a few things I think would help balance things better in Hardline:
    -Large vehicles are too hard to tip over. It just doesn’t seem right to jump off overpasses and the like without being penalized at least every once in a while.
    -Motorcycles are too hard to crash. Motorcycle riding, tandem especially, is tremendous fun, but too effective in my opinion. It is impossible to crash one, very hard to shoot one that’s not coming right at you, and impossible to catch one in another vehicle. Experienced bikers could run totally wild and own the game in many respects. A trade-off would be to make motorcycle riding a more skill-intensive operation, much like piloting a rotorcraft.
    -The option to buy only the weapons you want is solid gold. I’d like to see the same for attachments and vehicle upgrades. Also, this is a weird thing to complain about, but it was way too easy to earn enough money to buy everything in the beta. This would be different if there were some high-dollar vehicle upgrades to save up for (nitrous, extra armor plating, bullet-proof windows, run-flats, spike strip, smoke screen, armor penetrating rounds, crash bars, etc.).
    -The interface for customizing is good, but a different way to move between classes might be nice (quicker, and more intuitive).
    -It would be good to be able to see the weapons associated with each class when selecting it from the map before respawn
    -I have oft wondered why we cannot customize our classes while we wait between rounds. I have to imagine there is a good reason the game cannot do this, but if not, I believe the community at large would rejoice with such a capability. Perhaps you could allow customization for up to about 5 or 10 seconds before the next round if that time is needed to update the server with player data.
    -Small fire damage to vehicles is great, but they blow up to easy. It would be good to make only certain areas of the car capable of triggering an explosion when shot (with bullets, maybe even only certain caliber). It seems it’d be more likely to be able to kill everyone in a vehicle with bullets before you could actually blow up the vehicle with bullets (not that we’re going for a sim here). ‘Nades and RPG rounds are a different story.
    -One beef I’ve always had with BF games. Direct soldier hits with a chain gun should be about as close to insta-kill as it gets. If this would seemingly make the chain gun overpowered, make the chain gun something other than a chain gun, or give it some type of aim limitation (limited range of motion). Same goes for any mounted .50 plus caliber gun. More than two hits required from one of those is enraging and unrealistic (not that we’re going for a sim here :).
    -Ski masks cannot stop bullets. More than one red hit marker required per enemy has not been rare at all, no matter the gun or distance. Headshots should generally be kill shots…or at least no more than two. Perhaps there is a hit box or hit detection problem that is being worked on. (…or perhaps your hit detection is so good it can tell if I hit a guy through his cheeks rather than in his forehead, in which case, wow…)
    -The voices used are good, especially the criminals, but please nerf the language or provide a way to mute the voice track. In Battlefield 3, the track had to be turned to French to avoid most of the obscenity. In Battefield 4 there was a noted, appreciated improvement in the vocabulary. There are plenty of words in the english language that can be used to convey a point without being vulgar, regardless of whether or not cops/robbers use such language in real life (there are many very colorful, non-obscene words for both cops and robbers). Other players can be muted, but at this point the voice track of the game cannot.
    -The Battlefield teams always do an excellent job making chaos work. How you manage so many things happening at once, and keep things balanced gameplay-wise is hard to fathom. This beta is good.
    -Survivalist should somehow be nerfed, but I don’t have a good suggestion on how.
    -More than one parachute…is kinda just OP-ish.

    -I never had a real crash. I got inexplicably disconnected from a server once, but never crashed.
    -In the rewards screen after a round, when I re-open it, the Motorcycle skill meter just keeps recycling if it was the main vehicle I used in the round.
    -As a cop, I spawned into a completely full transport helicopter. I looked around inside and then outside and what appeared to be a chain gun was floating in space. It was a few feet out from the helicopter and persisted. The problem seemed to reoccur when choppers had at least one guy manning the gun and another in the back.
    -It seems more often than not that when I try to join a game, it begins loading as normal, gets to the end, and then just appears to restart loading again. It always begins a game as normal after the “restarted” load. Annoying, but not terrible.
    -While in a heavy firefight, I tried to use the commo rose. It froze on the screen for the rest of the round even through respawns. I could still play the game, though, and could even use the commo rose as normal…the display of the commands just wouldn’t go away. Sorry, but I found nothing unique to the appearance of the problem, and have only seen it once.
    -While trying to hit a cop with a bat as he was trying to melee me with something, I think he eventually got out a tazer and used it on me. The result was my character animation freezing up, at least on my end, until I was beat to death/killed. This was probably close too normal, but not quite right.
    -Since I can no longer get in the game, I cannot remember the menu names, but between rounds after I had leveled up to 7, one of the menus was still showing I had not gotten to 7 yet. At some point they both got synced up and I did not see the problem again.

    -Onto the real debate. I’ve been playing DICE games since I put countless hours into the groundbreaking Battlefield 1942. I’ve seen many upgrades of various kinds and many new games come along. For me, Hardline is somewhere between a really good mod (remember
    Desert Combat!) and a new game. I can see why there is frustration with the potential for the game selling for full retail. The yearly franchise nuisance looms even after the extra charge for maps on BF4 (btw, we won’t forget maps were always free back in the day). I can also see the desire to call it a fresh game with a new campaign and a complete set of fresh gadgets, guns, vehicles, and modes. One cannot shake how similar the game feels to BF, though. At the end of the day, I’d spend 30 bucks on the game, maybe 40 if a friend or two had it, but in a crowded market with fresh alternatives coming, even in the shooter market, I would opt out if it cost more than that. With my limited time to game these days, Evolve is the next shooter on my full price list.
    -Thank you and keep up the good work. I will be doing my PS4 shooting on BF4 until October, then we’ll see…

  • DeluxeAlejandro 07.03.14 at 04:13

    the heli’s cross hairs weren’t aligned with the bullets coming out of the heli itself. Some bug and glitching fixes are needed of course. Stingers were toooooo powerful. otherwise great game and i can’t wait for the release of this game:)

  • 9god_player9 07.02.14 at 14:21

    I liked the beta alot but it wasn’t perfect. Stinger was too powerfull for me. Make it three shot for helis would be more noob friendly. The bearcat is too powerful so maby you could make it less powerful or buff up rpgs. In beta it was wery hard to say what class the enemy was so make skins look more different. Please make this an awesome game and try not to screw the launch like dice did in bf4. Thnx for launching the beta early for ppl to give the feed back to you to make the game better.
    Your loving fanboy god player

  • GclickBang1 07.01.14 at 20:33

    This game takes over and dominates Cod Next gen with an Iron Clad fist & Smashes it direct to the face . The fluidity of the vehicles controls are unmatched by anyone even experimental. This has been a privilege to entitle us to post up and try out what the future holds in store for the gamers games . There is Air, Land , Sea with you being able to jump from one platform to the next as u were watching a 1\2 a billion dollar movie production . Then you get the rush of all naturaln adrenaline pumping through as you graple from one building to the next as you are taking fire you can board a heli, then ditch pull the parichute, just barley make it and hop into a friend or vehicle as if u just spend 1/2 a billion to do so in Hollywood.. Amazing game 10/10 There will always be EA Hoooo Raaaa!

    Gamers Advisory Panel

  • guapi 07.01.14 at 12:33

    It was reallt nice to play the beta. You can make a very nice multiplayer with the concept.
    My suggestions are:
    -You must do a lot more with the aresting. Like when you handcuff sombody you can take him prisoner and drop him off somewhere, like with ‘Heist’ you can drop the pakkage off at droppoints. It would be really nice of you could do the same, while playing Heist or blood money, to drop the players that you arrest somewere at a droppoint. Droppoints can be prisons or warehouses or someyhing. If you can drop them off or intercept and free them you can also get points.
    For example you can use arrest vehicles where you can stock the prisoners or so.

    -When a multiplayer match is over I would like te see more details at the score summerary. Like cash collected, persons arrested, pakkages dropped off,..

    -For perks I would like following options:
    Spikes, so cars can have flat tires.
    I would also like to see the unlimited amound of paracutes reduced, or a reload point of it somewhere.
    Flank jacket
    A blowing up after you die option, like suacide button and BooM. You have now revive yourself, exploding would also be something to consider.

    Thats all I can think of for the moment. Good luck with your work in the future
    Greetzz Guapi

  • avatarguy 07.01.14 at 04:38

    Zip lines need to hook onto a harness, you should be able to shoot with both hands while zip-lining but you get a 10%− to your accuracy.
    Grapple hooks need to work on every surface even the tallest tower. Either by an upgrade or by normal you should be able to attach something that will make you zip up to where you shot your grapple hook. In blood money you need more defensive options and more offensive options like turrets and being able to turn the enemy base into rubble or breaking into vulnerable points on the enemy base. In heist mode you should have to go to other objectives before just heading to the final location both of which should be completely random. I think you should also add a two person hang glider. It should have been in the beta L1 aim R1 shoot.

    You’ve created a good battlefield game but it just feels like battlefield 4, that actually works. It’s like you just made new cops and robbers skins for the game. If this was an add-on or an update to bf4 and was only 30-50$ I would totally buy the new game modes and skins; but this game has nothing unique or fun. I think I will be skipping battlefield this year.

  • SgtStiffrod 06.30.14 at 01:15

    the concept is cool but definitely not up to par with bf4 don’t like the whole way you get the weapons and gear reminds me of black ops and the graphics aren’t as crisp.i will buy it as long as it will not change the way dice makes there bf5.and EA just remember this is the kind of stuff that ruined cod.please dice don’t use these features in bf5 I like the whole reward type thing and not into the whole cartoon look hated black ops.long live bf4

  • Oriolrso 06.29.14 at 23:59

    1st of all i’d like to say that the beta was great.
    I was thinking about the money you get and i think you could introduce a clothes shop to customize your outfit.

  • Insta9ib 06.28.14 at 22:11

    People never learn, Battlefield 4 all over again!

  • Ra1tzU 06.28.14 at 12:23

    attack helicopter should have some spalsh damage on his rounds and sometimes explovises don´t make a sound and reload glitch it´s still in the game :D

  • Imrancatz 06.28.14 at 12:17

    Just one important thing I wanted to say. Make much more improved destruction in single player, so that even buildings can be destroyed

  • elsogs 06.28.14 at 02:08

    Good job guys! I’ve been waiting for this game for a while.
    Don’t forget to put our feedback to good use!
    P.S. don’t forget about Heli Superiority :) … and premium

  • Dude_Largepants 06.27.14 at 21:18

    Awesome beta, and i’m glad we got it so early so you guys can make the necessary adjustments. Thanks in advance for another solid Battlefield release.

  • David_Camacho_PR 06.27.14 at 18:47

    Visceral Games and EA Digital illusions CE did a good job on gunplays and everthing else on the game making it fun as well.

  • thefoxyone 06.27.14 at 15:13

    Please give us RUSH, please pretty please

  • 1shot1kill1986 06.27.14 at 14:05

    I had a Great time playing the game & i enjoyed everything. My only question is there going to be more weapons for each class?

  • freeman_vincent 06.27.14 at 13:24

    Thank you for let us play BFH. It´s an awesome game. The Beta of BFH looked better than BF4. Great Netcode! AWESOME AND ABSOLUTELY GREAT GAME!!!
    You made us happy, letting us play BFH.

    THANK YOU !!!

    Greets to Minsto & Thai_Legend

  • PAINE-PREDATOR 06.27.14 at 12:42

    Thanks for letting us play the Beta so early, i had a lot of fun playing it but some of the things in it i did not like. if im talking about the things i dind not like i am for the biggest part speaking for the first person animations like forinstance the reload animation. i think you guys can make the animations go a lot smoother. also i did not like the sprinting animation, it looked like we where going much slower than in BF4 and i didnt like that you cant place the grappling hook everywhere you like. But there are ofcourse some good things too like the whole theme itself, cops vs crooks. also i do really like the awesome zippline you guys put in the game. but some things could be made better too like when you are a criminal you should only be playing with guns that pnly criminals can afford like an Ak-47 or something like that and the sawed off shotgun. For the rest theres nothing to complain about and the car handeling and dynamics feel great.

  • AngryMister 06.27.14 at 12:25

    I played only 7 hours :(

  • Dekka333 06.27.14 at 11:25

    I have to say that I have been a massive fan of Battlefield since the ‘Bad Company 2′ days and it seems like a brand that is always pushing forward, and coming up with new and creative ideas when it comes to fps games.

    I love the concept of this game which takes obvious influence from films like Michael Mann’s Heat, and tv series such as 24. The cops and robbers angle is a fresh new idea, and I love that. I am particularly lookng forward to the coming months, and seeing what other modes and details Viceral have in store.

    However I have a few niggles that would be great if they could be addressed before the finished game. Firstly is something that has not been done in any of the battlefield games to date, and that is the option on the home menu to edit your loadout.
    I am constantly changing what weapons, attachments, and gadgets I carry with each class and it would be great to do this from the main menu.

    Secondly I would love the grapple hook to connect to higher ledges, the ones you can connect to seem a little low. I know that it is supposed to be a realistic game and I’m not expecting to connect to the edge of a high rise building, but I felt a bit limited with the startigic optons I had when using the grapple.

    Finally I feel like there could be a little more destructability, again I know this was only the beta, but coming from BF4 and the huge amount of damage you can do, it would be nice for criminals to have the option to blow up a bridge to prevent cops from geting to a certain point in the map. Or set up a burning tyre barracade?

    Some weapon balancing needs to happen, but that i’m sure will happen before the finished game.

    These are minor niggle however and I will certainly be buying the finished game. Well done guys ;)

  • Dranas1977 06.27.14 at 11:14

    Thanks for the great work and effort you put in this game and the nice change from army style to cops and criminal but I have a couple of things like:
    1- the round summary is like an arcade game which needs to be more stylish
    2- need maps outside the United States
    3- may be adding dogs to the weapons
    4- the ability to sit in the trunk of the car
    5- I think the battlefield 4 load out is better
    And finally I really like the game speed is more realistic than the battlefield 4 turbo speed which gives me a headache and nausea after a couple of hours of game play and thanks again for making this great games

  • Pee_Eye_Emm_Pee_ 06.27.14 at 05:09

    I seen a lot of people hating on this game.Most who hated did not even play it. I totally loved the concept and for year was wishing someone would make this concept to life. I actually had a lot of fun playing this game.I liked Blood money more then heist for the mere fact the game was longer. I would like to see Blood money have a bigger cash vault. at least double it only to make the game longer.I m sure Visceral is gonna do an amazing job with the finished product and i cant wait for it to come out.Kudos Visceral:)

  • Pee_Eye_Emm_Pee_ 06.27.14 at 05:04


  • Soldier4Snipin 06.27.14 at 04:48

    Blood money was awesome, but a higher cap than 5 million bucks would definitely be a great addition to that game mode. As far as heist goes I love it! If you have a decent squad of 5 or 6, that one squad can run the game and the rest of the clown can just blow each others brains out with the gonzos on the other team. At the same time, it wouldn’t hurt if there were less people in the lobby like something more realistic, say 6 to 8 people per team and maybe after 15 minutes allow the LE to gain additional players. Also, please make a stronger long range sniper.

  • MrFoxington 06.27.14 at 03:03

    Hey guys! Here are my thoughts and idea son the Battlefield Hardline Beta. I want to start off by saying that I absolutely loved the Beta and can’t wait to get the game later this year.

    Modes: Personally my favorite is by far BLOOD MONEY! I didn’t really enjoy heist. The concept of heist is cool but in the beta matches i died almost instantly trying to go for the vaults. When I was focusing on killing the enemy team it was more fun. Now blood money is genius! It’s honestly my favorite game mode i have ever played.

    Modes I’d like to see: A hostage mode where the criminals kidnap an AI guy or girl and the cops have to rescue them. you could do it like defuse so each person just get 1 life and do the maps in smaller close quarter buildings. It would be very intense and exciting.
    A classic bank robbery ,ode where the criminals can enter through multiple different ways that they choose by respawning there. The cops don’t now where they will come in from so they have to be prepared and vigilant. or the robbers are already in the bank, they have to hold out for as long as they can before fleeing and see how much money they can get, and the cops come in through multiple different spots to take them out and stop the vault robbers from escaping. It would be a lot of fun! Plus it would be entertaining because the robbers would want to get more and more money but they can’t stay too long or they will all get busted by the cops. you could also have the robbers get a certain amount of money that they got away with to keep to spend on their classes. Which would make them really get greedy. The cops could take them out very quickly or it might take awhile. but the cops would have unlimited lives, the robbers wouldn’t.

    A hit mode, where the criminals get a contract in the game for a certain player, and if they kill them they get real money to use on their classes. The cops have high priority criminals to take down dead or alive but they get more points?money if they get them alive. could be played as a freestyle mode or a team mode. when someone gets say 3 contracts completed they be come the focus of the contracts so more people will be trying to kill them. you’d have to put a way pint to their rough location on the map so the players could find them.

    Weapons: 1st i want to say how freaking happy i am that you have different types of melee weapons! finally! I hope you guys have any more of them when the game launches. some ideas: Meelee-Nun-Chucks for criminals. Maybe too crazy but it would be a blast! Brass knocks. and you did more punches. Also, a kick monarchic would be really cool. Throwing weapons like knives would be awesome!
    Guns- I don’t have any specific guns in mind, but since it is cops vs criminals, a hinge variety of guns would be great!

    Equipment: Number 1 is I love the grapple and hipline. But id really like top be able to grapple onto any surface as long as it had a ledge of some sort, and zip lines should be able to shoot farther so you could basically hipline and grapple anywhere! I know Battlefield is a very realistic game, and since this is more a hollywood style, I’d love the freedom to be strategic and creative on how i could sue the grapple and hipline. also You could make it to where they could also be shot at players for some kick-ass kills. Now in the HIGH TENSION map there wasn’t really a reason to use the zipline gun because all the big buildings were to high to hipline down to the money stash. But i would love to see more verticality in future maps so the buildings could be more strategic to gameplay.

    Equipment: I didn’t get to try out the camera and distraction sniper equipments but I think they are cool additions. road spikes and more land mine type weapons would be sweet! Especially since you could lay them down so when people tried to rush your vault or a certain object if they didn’t pay attention their vehicle would be disabled.
    for the support class, a turret he could set down would be awesome! probably more a criminal thing, but the cops could have a similar weapon.

    This is more of an ability, but if you could take the other teams clothes to blend in and not stand out to the enemy team till you shot someone, that would be awesome!

    Maps: I read that you are going to have maps in places like Miama, which is something I was thinking would be cool so definitely like that! Id really like to see a wide variety of maps and locations. This may be too much, but nothing says you couldn’t have ,ape in other countries like paris, or rome. so thinking out of the box for various different locations will definitely make the gaming experience even more enjoyable.

    I will post more as I think of them. Once again, thanks for making my favorite games.

    -Mr Foxigington

  • sad0thef0x 06.27.14 at 02:03

    when was the ps3 beta?…

  • Cemaksoy6 06.27.14 at 01:33

    Nice game but we need 60 fps at PS3 . Just not 20 or 30 fps and if you do like this , I believe you can sell way too much because BF4 was affected from fps problems

    • epee11c 06.27.14 at 01:48

      The Xbox 360 and PS3 can’t run the game at 60 fps, they can’t run battlefield 3 at 60. The developers were held back by the old consoles, once the new ones came out they make their games for those consoles because PC, PS4, and Xbox 1 is where the money is. Not trying to sound elitist in any way but you need to either upgrade to a new console or get a PC if you want the best quality and newest games. Developers aren’t going to hold themselves back because of the small number of people using 6-9 year old hardware. BF4 has had it’s own unique set of problems that I hope visceral will not repeat, low fps is not one of the problems, at least on PC, on xbox 360 and PS3 probably because they aren’t meant to run the game but not PC, PS4, or Xbox 1. The Hardline beta seemed like a solid beta; hopefully the second beta is better and the game continues this trend.

    • Tribbeh 06.27.14 at 15:14

      hahahah and I want unicorns to exist.. never ever gonna happen!

  • thewizard699 06.27.14 at 01:00

    Very nice game and i like the new concept. It would also be nice to have horses monted police, regular civilian people, side by side ATV, LAPD Segway.

  • Ra1tzU 06.26.14 at 20:35

    And i think small arms fire should not do damage to helicopters and only police can arrest a criminal and criminals would do somethng else non-lethal takedown.

    • UnSuccessFulNOOB 06.26.14 at 21:25

      Yeah, but they dont do a lot, I actually like that fact. The thing I hate is being able to destroy a car with a single mag… thats dumb. However for the criminal non-lethal… maybe spray them with tear gas? take their watch and wind a hidden cord around their necks? maybe just good old fasioned strangling? That would be a cool one

    • epee11c 06.27.14 at 01:52

      I like the small arms dealing damage to helis, it makes the more skilled pilots stand out and it means that a heli can’t demolish a round solo. Air vehicles have been ridiculous in the past with a good pilot. the new changes make them good but not OP.

  • Ra1tzU 06.26.14 at 20:29

    I signed up at E3 day. Still waiting for confirmation e-mail …

  • Dr_Fastfingers1 06.26.14 at 20:26

    Levelcap(BF4-HARDLINE youtuber) hot the chance to play all the Maps on Hardline. He said that High tension was the map that was most vehicle based. That means that it will be much more close quarter Maps. And if you want large Maps you should try BF4 if you havent.

  • Dr_Fastfingers1 06.26.14 at 20:24

    Hey i got access on PS4 and i think that Viseral should remove the “Survivalist” gadget COMPLETLY. It is so anoying to kill a enemy go to the next guy and get shoot in the back. This game is about teamplay not a singleplayer multiplayer.

    • epee11c 06.27.14 at 01:55

      I agree with that although there are a lot of indicators that tell you when they are about to self res so you can shoot them right as they stand up. It’s still really annoying. If you could shoot them during the animation I think that would balance it enough to leave it in the game. I’ve been in too many games where nobody revives even when it’s completely safe.

  • yupi41 06.26.14 at 18:34

    Visceral,I have one Very Annoying problem,Stuttering.
    When I used Mantle, the FPS was high but there’s so much Stuttering and very annoying.
    but when I used Directx11 the FPS much more stable,but the FPS was lower than Mantle.
    please fix this in the full game.
    and also I found some Bug. I respawn on my Teammates which is Underground and can’t do anything. I don’t know if that my teammates is cheat or not,or it was just a bug.

  • al3mer95 06.26.14 at 18:24

    We hope that the full game will have larger maps and more exciting modes.

  • Moustage-4ever 06.26.14 at 18:19

    it is nice to hear they will do 2 beta’s now they van fix a lot of buggs and test servers. so next beta they can again fix the remaining buggs and stuff! good job DICE~~!!

  • MVPjorge197 06.26.14 at 18:18

    Lucky for me im in the East so i have till 3:30pm but now what am i going to do with my 1/2 million i hvae!!!