Announcing the Battlefield Hardline Closed Beta

PlayStation 4 – PS4 instant access for Battlefield Hardline has closed for the day. You can still sign up at for a chance to play at

PC – Due to a high demand, PC users who received successful beta sign up confirmation may have seen a delay in access. If you received confirmation, please log out of Origin and log back in to see beta in your game queue.

Xbox One/Xbox 360/PS3 – The Battlefield Hardline beta launched today is for PS4 and PC. There will be an additional beta before launch on all announced platforms. Make sure to sign up on to get your rewards and keep your eyes on the official channels for more information.


Welcome to your new playground! We are very excited to announce that we have made the newly unveiled Battlefield Hardline playable now in a closed multiplayer beta, available on PC and PlayStation 4! This will be a unique chance for you to live out your cops and criminals fantasies – months before the official release on October 21.

To sign up for a chance to play the Battlefield Hardline closed beta, simply head to and follow the instructions. (Please note that beta slots are limited).

Sign up for the Battlefield Hardline beta

Battlefield Hardline E3 Live Stream

To experience the thrilling cops and criminals world that is Battlefield Hardline right now, tune in to the exclusive Battlefield Hardline E3 live stream. Coming to you live from the rooftops of downtown Los Angeles, the live stream features 32 selected players going head-to-head in Battlefield Hardline’s multiplayer mayhem.

Watch the Live Stream – Experience the Future of Battlefield

A special message from Steve Papoutsis, Executive Producer on Battlefield Hardline:

To all BATTLEFIELD fans,

The team at Visceral Games and I are stoked to be working on the Battlefield franchise. Taking on this project and the responsibility of creating an all-new Battlefield game is an exciting moment for us as developers, but almost even more so as gamers. A lot of us at Visceral are huge Battlefield fans and have been playing since Battlefield 1942, Vietnam, 2142, Bad Company and more. That’s the great thing about Battlefield – the settings have changed over time but have always retained that same core gameplay formula that we as fans love. And that’s what we’re hoping to do with Battlefield Hardline.

When we first started thinking about what kind of Battlefield game we wanted to make, the cops and criminals theme immediately came up. At the time (about three years ago), there was a great group of modern military shooters out already and the new direction everyone was headed looked to be sci-fi. Having just worked on the Dead Space series, we were ready for a different setting.

But, making a Battlefield game is a huge undertaking, and we didn’t want to immediately jump in. So, we started by developing the last expansion for Battlefield 3, Battlefield 3: End Game. We were really proud of what we accomplished there, introducing dirt bikes to the franchise and creating some fun new maps that added to that great experience.

What End Game really helped us learn was what makes Battlefield so special – the rock, paper, scissors gameplay. Developing a game around that open sandbox in a cops and criminals world is tons of fun. Our daily playtests are always a highlight of the day. After all, who doesn’t like the action of a good crime drama or action movie like Heat, Die Hard, or The Town. We’re focused on creating a game that allows you to feel that rush of being a cop or criminal, by pulling off that big score or feeling that pleasure of making the huge bust. Imagine blowing open vaults, run-and-gun foot pursuits and near escapes via getaway choppers. This is the foundation of Battlefield Hardline.

We’re introducing a lot of cool new twists, which some of you will be able to discover in the closed beta right now. But, we’re also saving some surprises for launch. New gadgets like grappling hooks and ziplines can take you across skyscrapers, and tear gas and gas masks can really affect the battle that’s going on in the streets. We’ve added fun new melee weapons in the game with bats and batons and added a new mechanic in multiplayer called interrogation that fits more in line with the cops and criminals fiction. Not to mention we have our own methods to destruction and set of police and getaway vehicles including a police bearcat armored truck, fast muscle cars and of course street bikes.

We know it’s hard to believe us by just reading this so that’s why we are unveiling this game with a beta where you get to play the High Tension map on two new game modes, Heist and Blood Money. We want gamers to not only see, but also play the game for themselves. Even more important, having a beta this early will also help us test things on our end to help ensure a smooth launch. We are all aware of what happened with Battlefield 4 and we’ve been partnering with DICE to learn more from them and are working with them on things like the recent netcode patch (please note: improvements from this patch are not in the beta, but will be in for launch). We are definitely listening, so please send us your feedback whether it’s through social media or the Battlelog forums.

Before you go, I wanted to quickly touch on singleplayer. We are bringing the Visceral story-telling pedigree that we learned with Dead Space to the campaign of Battlefield Hardline. This will be a more personal experience than your typical shooter with compelling characters, a deeper story and production value like a great crime drama. That’s all I can say about singleplayer for now but keep your eyes peeled for more in the months ahead.

Welcome to Battlefield Hardline. Can’t wait to see you on the streets!

Steve Papoutsis

Executive Producer, Battlefield Hardline

VP, GM Visceral Games

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  • RHomekk 06.21.14 at 12:44

    I got the code but I dont know how to activate beta on PS4. Anyonecan explain this?

    • BRASIL270 06.22.14 at 00:01

      You go to the Store, and click Redeem code, or redeem. Add the code there

  • Marty7558 06.19.14 at 04:33

    The game is not update for next gen. Needs better game modes. This game is nothing better than bf4. I think this should be an expansion to bf4. I won’t buy this game for $60 dollars. Especially when the last expansion for bf4 won’t be out for another month maybe 2.

  • BRASIL270 06.18.14 at 20:32

    I got the Battlefield Hardline code! I’m here to give a review for the game: all the weapons are deadlier, and this makes the game feel more realistic:) But someting disturbed me. I was using a sniper, the first one we unlock. I shoot a guy on the foot, and he was full of health because I saw him spawning on a teammate. He died in the same second. When I saw another, I shoot him in the back and he didn’t died. That’s the only issue I found.

  • das94 06.18.14 at 19:01

    Anybody got another ps4 beta code that they are not using ?

  • jac_mel20 06.17.14 at 04:10

    I wish battlefield hardline in third person shooter ,because not everyone ‘s like first person shooter .Or they supposed to have an option ,third and first person.

    • NickCarriere 06.17.14 at 12:55

      3rd person is not realistic and is OP. How is it fair that you can look over a wall and see someone but they can’t see you? If you like third person shooters don’t look at first person shooters.

      • xB0R1KU4xBL1NGx 02.09.15 at 16:20

        Yeah third person might not be as realistic as first person shooter but not everyone likes first person plus this game it is nothing like COD as first person shooter. They need to improve alot n it should be a players option whether they want first or third.

  • Tomahawk08 06.16.14 at 19:24

    Will experience earned in the Beta transfer over to the full game when its released?

  • Capitao-BL1ND4DO 06.16.14 at 19:22

    Hello, I would like to express my dissatisfaction and sadness with the EA team.
    I always bought all the games in the series, including the DIGITAL DELUXE, I already bought the DELUXE DIGITAL Hardline and not get access to the BETA?
    I’ll have to wait until October to play a game that is already paid and why not release the BETA access for those who bought the DIGITAL DELUXE?

    Why do all my friends received access to the Beta and I do not?

    EA, please revise this you are ending your customers.

    • NickCarriere 06.17.14 at 12:57

      It is just the luck of the draw. They don’t favor one type of player over another.

  • Killer-Behind-U 06.15.14 at 14:29

    Can i still get a key? And how long will it take to get one since i’m really excited for it.
    Or does anyone have a spare pc key?

  • bkyrdroky 06.15.14 at 05:09

    Hi please help I have the code but how and where do i download ( PS4)? Thanks

  • YakuzaTX 06.15.14 at 01:17

    Started playing the closed beta of BF Hardline today– it is incredibly fun, and well polished for an early access beta. I already can tell I’ll be pre-ordering this one. Earlier comments were critical of the graphics, comparing them to ps2… I can say that the PC version looks every bit as fantastic as BF4.

  • zaltman_bleroze 06.14.14 at 10:48

    I got an email saying Here is your PS4 code… but there is no code to be found… so I’m playing Destiny Alpha for now…

  • Jakob6457 06.14.14 at 10:47

    i got a mail that i am in the beta but there was no code in there can you guys fix this problem?

  • Sepraternal 06.14.14 at 10:03

    Anyone working unused pc download for ps4 code unused fare trade here no bs or jokes legit

    • xSacredStranjax 06.15.14 at 02:26

      Hey man I have one if you want it, no bs man haha I got my ps4 right before the beta key came in and I want to play it on ps4 so if you want it you can have it! If you Can give me the ps4 one.

  • sinner81891 06.14.14 at 06:04

    Anybody have extra acces code for ps4 if u dp please msg me i wanna try it

  • CodinomeJhon 06.14.14 at 02:39

    UnableddtUnable to release the beta today, I will try, and anything post my first impression hereo release dthe beta today, I will try, and anything post my first impression here

  • SNAKEM4 06.13.14 at 22:24

    we want the ability to customize your own character, that is, replace camouflage tactical vest and various things about the weapons that also need to be more detailed. thanks

  • GRAVE_DIGGLER1 06.13.14 at 20:54

    Please send me a Beta Key.I need to try this game out for my Clan mates.So i can get them to buy it.Hurry please i want to play this game.

  • niberz89 06.13.14 at 20:41

    I am trying to find out where i can write some feedback on the game… I am guessing it is here?
    Well they have taken quite a risk to take it out of the battlefield style into a more urban police vs crooks theme. Dont get me wrong I love the idea of police battling crooks. But i am hoping that when the real game comes out it won’t feel like I have stepped back into playing ps2 games with cartoon characters that is more like cod then bf.

    So yeah bit disappointed in beta version at the moment. I want a realistic game. I dont want to be wasting a cartridge on an enemy. I mean the police are wearing tactical bullet vests I am guessing but still take the same amount to kill them with a sniper as a Crook wearing a jacket?

    The sirens on the police car sound like they are miles away. Very glitchy at the moment also.

    Bf and the new takeover want to hear feedback so that they can make the game brilliant in what the players want. I hope they do listen. As bf 4 was a slight let down. (GETTING BETTER THO)
    Bf will always be in a league of its own due to the destruction and vehicles at hand. But if they are going to make a more urban shooter on shooter maps then they need to have something stand out from the crowd.

    Everything at the moment is looking tinny and basic. Maybe this is a tester to make us see how brilliant the finished product will be? I hope so.

    P.s I would love bf to make a new updated version of ww2 maybe another 1943 with levolution etc….

  • freezingshadow 06.13.14 at 19:18

    If anyone wants one: Beta key for PS4:


    I need one for PC though :(

    • Sepraternal 06.14.14 at 10:01

      If anyone wants a pc download I will give them mine for a working ps4 code no joke or games here I will give my login info for u to download it

  • Laine115 06.13.14 at 18:55

    why cant i choose a platform on closed beta signup?????

  • TheMaxBoy 06.13.14 at 18:13

    I registered about 5 days ago but i still havent got my beta code( i also checked the spam folder but nothing. I hope i get it!?

  • EHRazoRex 06.13.14 at 13:36

    sorry ps4, also I signed up for closed beta yesterday

  • EHRazoRex 06.13.14 at 13:35

    Yes I finally got my code on the PS$, Thank you Battlefield :)

  • BU][ET REMEDY 06.13.14 at 09:23

    Thats what its like these days, no mod tools becasue DEV is greedy and will charge for MODS, community will always have better mod skills though.

    • YakuzaTX 06.15.14 at 01:22

      I’m guessing you haven’t played the beta yet? It uses the same engine, and the controls and GUI are immediately familiar to BF franchise fans, but it’s far more than a mod.

  • FarOutNinja 06.13.14 at 02:36

    How long does it take for the code to get to you if you get it?

  • KAYODEEZ 06.13.14 at 02:12

    Thank you for the beta code. I am a long time battlefield fan and battle fields has been always improving on its previous games. I have to say though that for this battlefield it didn’t feel that there was any improvement from bf4. The only reason I would buy this game is to play the single player campaign but for multiplayer I’d rather stick to bf4. This is offcourse only my opinion as I favour army wars in mountains and fields over police vs. gangs wars in cities.
    What I liked about this game bf was the new gadgets, hopefully the maps will be built so that we can strategically use them to gain advantage.

    I also hoped to see customizable characters in this one. It would be a really cool addition if we can customize our player’s face and outfits and also our vehicles. I wish for every fan who reads my comment to ask the same thing so hopefully we can get the creators to add this feature :-D.

    Also, I was hoping to see improvement in graphics from bf4 but the graphics on this one looks like they’ll be the same as bf4′s.

    Finally, even though I will be buying this bf just because I’m a big fan but I hope in the next bf you go back to army wars. I’ll be looking forward to bf6. Yeh .. 6.

    • niberz89 06.13.14 at 20:44

      Are you talking about the graphics in hardline? I feel they are nowhere near the quality of bf4.

  • Scheffla 06.13.14 at 01:10

    Thanks for access to the beta for the PS4, I love the concept and the gameplay. I tried to play with as many things as I could and these are the issues I saw. I started with 1942 and have played most of the games since so I feel like I have a good understanding of the franchise. I only play BF and love to be a part of making it better for everyone.

    Sometimes when you impact a vehicle it seems to get stuck on your vehicle and from the 3rd person view looks like one is inside the other.

    The mute function did not seem to be working every time which was unfortunate as some of the guys I played were quite rude to teammates, COD players I am sure

    I saw several issues with the end match screen upgrades update, they seemed to flash and continue to make an annoying noise while showing a +0 score.

    I will report anything else I run into, I hope you are going to have 64 man servers on the PS4 as I believe this to be a core concept of BF that made it so great on the PC and loved that it finally made it to BF4. The grappling hook and zip line were amazing in special forces and I was happy to see them make a come back. I only used them a little as the level didn’t really have a ton of places to use them but I hope you make it so that you can grapple to most buildings as it added another level to the fight when you could easily change heights and attack sniper points from any side. Great game overall guys, I will pre order soon. Good luck getting things off the ground.

  • Cory_Brayshaw 06.13.14 at 00:20

    How long can we use the beta for guys or is it unlimited?

  • Sile119 06.12.14 at 23:40

    The game does not feel like its worth 60 dollars. Its fun and all but it really feels like a bf4 reskin insteqd of a new game

  • EdGyZzz 06.12.14 at 22:06

    Thank You DICE/EA for access to Beta version. Just now received it!
    Now I am happy :D

  • UNWORLDYHAWK323 06.12.14 at 20:58

    I got an email but idk where to put it in

    • drosephh 06.12.14 at 22:00

      In the redeem code. In the playstaion store

    • Platvia12 06.14.14 at 10:49

      where did you even find the code itself in the email?

  • MgbKing 06.12.14 at 20:33

    i registered for the beta 3 days ago, but i didnt get email… anyone else? or no more spot?

  • RebelBoy61 06.12.14 at 20:32

    I would like to know if I even have a chance to receive a beta code. I applied 2 days ago and haven’t gotten one. Are there any spots left in the ps4 beta or not?

  • berdis9 06.12.14 at 19:16

    Whats the situation for Ps4 i signed up yesterday and haven’t gotten anything?

  • Cory_Brayshaw 06.12.14 at 17:22

    By the way guys are we gonna get any more maps at any point?

  • Cory_Brayshaw 06.12.14 at 17:19

    So far so good I cant see to many problems so far. The only major one I would say would be that in the transport helicopter you cant always see the Mini Guns and if you can its way over in the distance… This is on the PS4 version I’m not sure what its like for you lot on the PC

  • ShadowStriker212 06.12.14 at 12:14

    Well its a pretty solid game, the only thing I would complain about is why can’t I customize my controls. Like honestly, why are there default presets and not a way to change your controls. I normally use the L1 and R1 to aim and shoot, but thanks to you guys I have to use the L2 and R2 which cost me many kills. There are even people on forums who will not buy the game due to this. All I am saying is add an L2 R2 aim and shoot preset, or let us customize the controls the way we, the fans, want.

    • TheVeccie 06.12.14 at 17:48

      This is a thing I always miss in a PS03/04 game.. Free to set controlls.
      For example, the controles on a helicopter don’t feel right for me.. Like to change the pitch and staff function on a stik from left to right…

  • RomanDuke 06.12.14 at 08:02

    Battlefield Hardline is far from being any experience you will get from Battlefield 3 or Battlefield 4. I feel it is designed in a way to compete harder against the CoD series, but with much better looking environments.
    In saying this, I will explain the pros and cons of BFH I have experienced thus far:

    PROS: Well, it’s Battlefield! Levolution is still at hand and there is constant chaos all over the place. The district of Los Angeles looks stunning and the game still ties with the four classes (Medics, Engineer, Support, and Recon)… However, these seem to be the only pros I can tell.

    CONS: Here’s the big one. BFH takes a turn away from, well the battlefield. No longer do I feel like I am across the seas defending the Red, White, and Blue. Instead, you get a feel that you are a swat team member fighting some clowns from the intro in The Dark Knight film. This is a huge step back as this feels like an old experience… Rainbow Six Vegas, anyone?

    Secondly, the streets are over crowded with vehicles that you are unable to get into. As a professional criminal, one would think they would be able to break into a vehicle and hotwire it to drive around. Instead, they are just decoys to run into and possibly blows you and your vehicle to the next life.

    Thirdly, vehicles are really, really, underpowered. I understand what bullets can do to a vehicle, and I get how blasting into a windshield can kill someone, but I have noticed that I will put thirty round into the trunk of a vehicle, and then I just got a triple kill while blowing the vehicle up. Just seems a little unnecessary.

    Lastly, there is definitely a CoD feeling. BF3 and 4 were designed off of teamwork. There were six different objective points and I can recall times being down by 200 tickets and coming back to win it all. This game seems to lose this sense of comeback by 1) time seems to flow by really fast (as the speed of the game has increased, and 2) snipers don’t have to dial their scopes. Yup, this was a major setback for me. The recon, or professional, class does not have to spot enemies and have no dials. It’s just a simple aim and shoot. This was one thing that made BF huge for me. Sniping was difficult and granted major bragging rights whereas it is now spam your shots and walk away happy.

    Overall, BFH feels more of a CoD game. I know, it is still in beta and there will be a lot of changes (and yes, I know there will be a BF5 and DICE will be working day and night on that masterpiece) but I do hope that BFH does not put fear in the newcomers. It is two separate worlds that EA has now created.

  • A-ROD17_ 06.12.14 at 06:04

    Bug: the left-mini gun on the transport helicopters does not appear on the screen in the PS4 version.

    • RomanDuke 06.12.14 at 07:42

      Lol I thought I was the only one seeing this.

  • chymz 06.12.14 at 04:49

    My first impressions:

    Look and feel
    1 – the overall style feels much more cartoon-y than BF4. I appreciate that this is an artistic decision, but the character models look closer to BF Heroes than BF4, with long, gangly legs etc This detracts from the realism for me, feels like I’m shooting at the slender man.
    2 – We’re playing cops and robbers, not hardened military types, so the shock and awe of combat should feel much more visceral (pun intended). Being hit once should feel like it means something and dying should feel like a big deal. At the moment it feels very rinse-and-repeat; spawn/get shot/die repeat. I KNOW this is the same for all shooters (obviously), but in recent BF games it feels like your life lasts a little longer and actually MEANS something. You can get shot and struggle on to survive and fight again, BFH just feels like Warner Bros cartoon characters running around getting shot and killed with no consequence. [This maybe just me?]

    1 – I may be a terrible player, but I feel like I can empty a clip into a guy and he’s fine, but 1-2 shots hit me and I’m dead. This could have to do with hit detection, or me getting used to recoil/new weapons etc?
    2 – weapons always felt “weighty” in previous BF titles (BF4 was particularly good). BFH seems to have lost this a little, again feels more cartoony.
    3 – I can see that playing as part of a co-ordinated team with excellent comms would make this a completely different game to what I experienced last night. But relying on random players to team up and organise has not worked for any BF title so far, so how do you expect it to happen in BFH without a more front-and-centre form of incentive/requirement to do so? The 6min of multiplayer clip looked awesome with coordinated attacks etc, but the cluster-f**k of lone wolves I experienced last night was a very different game.

    Beta TESTING
    1 – I’m having a hard time finding somewhere to report my findings to EA. They’ve given us this Beta to play for free and I’d like to give something back by reporting my findings. Does anyone know of an official forum for PS4 players?

    • niberz89 06.13.14 at 20:49

      I am also trying to find somewhere to feedback. but what you have said feels very much the same as myself. Its very cartoony and I want REALISM I don’t like wasting bullets anyway lets alone on one person. The running feels very slow and the vehicles feel like I am driving a tank rather than a squad car.

  • R6Samurai 06.12.14 at 04:17

    I feel that you should provide premium members an instant beta key for upcoming games automatically. I feel it would be an added incentive for premium members. Hoping I get a chance to test this one out. Looks sick!!!

  • xRaptorBladex 06.12.14 at 03:38

    I have my code, where do I enter it at?

    • ninjademonic206 06.12.14 at 09:40

      Ps4 store scroll to bottom redeem code and enter it

  • kaputTomcat 06.12.14 at 02:38

    I got my PS4 beta Key. Problem – I cant find where to download the beta version of the game. The “tile” on BF4 game just links to get a beta key. Any help would be great.

  • ChopperHMK 06.12.14 at 01:08

    Happy days, I got my PS4 beta Key. Problem – I cant find where to download the beta version of the game. The “tile” on BF4 game just links to get a beta key.
    I searched the store and can only find pre-orders?
    Any hints where to get it?

    • c20h 06.12.14 at 08:30

      Go to the PSN store, on the left hand column scroll down to ‘Redeem code’, enter the code, and continue, download the 6GB file and get stungunning / C4 trolling.

    • ninjademonic206 06.12.14 at 09:41

      Ps4store scroll down redeem code enter

  • BigsBee_McBuds 06.12.14 at 01:07

    Also don’t put your email on here that’s not how you get the beta key morons lol. You register ever think about that? I’m sure EL doesn’t go through these comments and say “ah I’ll take this email and give them a beta key”…

  • BigsBee_McBuds 06.12.14 at 01:05

    God D*MN some of you people whine soo much like f*cling babies I wouldn’t give you a beta key either…stop acting like 8 year Olds who can’t get a toy and grow the f*c up cry babies geez….stop whiney and be patient or ever think about your not getting beta keys because your complaining like kids????? Grow up let your balls drop and be patient…check your email every hour on the hour and make sure you retards actually registered for it. Cry like toddlers isn’t gonna help you it’ll just make you look immature .

    • Cory_Brayshaw 06.12.14 at 17:21

      Ikr people need to be patient. I had to wait quite a while for my key and didn’t moan, plus right now its unlikely that you will get a key at all

  • willpv23 06.11.14 at 21:20

    When does the closed beta period end?

  • djbarrett11 06.11.14 at 21:15

    Hi ea i do want to play this game pleas give me a email my email is pleas can you i love playing your games so can you give a code pleas thank you.

    • Captral 06.13.14 at 07:38

      Hi EA I do want to play this game, please send me a email, my email is Please can you I love playing DICE games, so can you give me a code please and thank you.
      Message From Captral- Please learn to type correctly makes it look like you’re not an 8 year old :)

  • pcsoldier2 06.11.14 at 20:28

    did not get a email
    its just show-up in my games /origin
    downloading it now

  • moonstuff12 06.11.14 at 19:23

    why don’t I get a email guys please send me

  • Hojnackii 06.11.14 at 14:57

    I pre odered hardline digital deluxe and have bf4 prem aswell and no beta key :-’(

  • ecky-1984 06.11.14 at 13:45

    ive been playing hardline all morning and i have to say it feels responsive and fun to play. there arent any 64 player modes available yet though but hopefully they will play as cleanly as the 32 player servers. the attack heli’s LMG is the most inaccurate weapon ive ever fired in a game lol you have to compensate so much to get hit markers that the soldier you are shooting at is nowhere near the aiming dot. i hope when i unlock the minigun its improved dramatically.

  • xzer123 06.11.14 at 12:48

    great news!

  • tecknobabble 06.11.14 at 12:04

    I got the error E-82000130 when trying to redeem my code. I think the fact I tried to join the beta via the PS4 borked on Monday – I had a message in the BF4 Overiew page on the PS4 that I was signed up and I could click X to re-download. Perhaps that meant the PSN code I got was already redeemed as I had already managed to sign up.

    Clicking X to re-download didn’t work, saying the content wasn’t available. In my PSN Store download history I did see BF:Hardline but there was nothing on the system storage for it. I managed to fix this by going to Settings -> PSN and picked “Download licenses” and it became re-downloadable via the PSN download history (the download icon on the game’s image appeared).

    Maybe this will help someone else that hits a similar problem.

    Really there needs to be a BF:Hardline beta forum… EA aren’t supporting the beta and state the developer is supporting it, but there isn’t a forum under battlelog for the beta. Frankly I’m not surprised given how poorly BF4 release and stability has been.

  • El_Jakki 06.11.14 at 11:04

    my redeem code is not error E-82000134…..

  • willempie1406 06.11.14 at 10:36

    i have signd in and no mail a friend ask for a beta key and get it in 10 min wtf?

  • Warr3n_97 06.11.14 at 08:54

    How long does it take for your email to come through!!!

  • ZippyBlingZB 06.11.14 at 07:43

    Been playing since BF3, got it first go. :)

  • DipsSummer 06.11.14 at 06:59


  • DipsSummer 06.11.14 at 06:57

    I wont buy the game if they dont let my try it!

  • cocomaster42 06.11.14 at 06:37

    This is bull i have 3 accounts up and waiting for a key and not a single one has got one they all signed up yesterday… if i dont get to play this beta. then they wont see a 60/70$ from me cause i need to test this thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Evanio18 06.11.14 at 23:19

      It’s because EA is bringing in new customers cause they know that no matter what the loyal fans say about not buying their game they will anyway

  • MendedEagle0180 06.11.14 at 06:18

    How the fuck do we tell if we got into the xbox360 beta i mean I’ve got the unlock screen ( where it tells you what you’ve unlocked for signing up ) but no email so is this email gonna be sent later or what

  • Sulfurious92 06.11.14 at 05:45

    so i got in for ps4 but where do i go to get it?

    • JonathanAdamsGB 06.11.14 at 16:30

      Go to PS Store on the main dashboard then go down to the bottom to redeem codes, enter the 12 digit code EA gave you and then you should have that activate it and it gets added to your downloads automatically with one update file then added to your list of games and use it in the normal fashion. Hope that helps!

      • xRaptorBladex 06.12.14 at 03:42

        Thank you so much. I forgot about that in the PS store. You are a hero lul

  • CptSuave 06.11.14 at 03:49

    Been playing since ’42. Got it, first try.

  • asome24 06.11.14 at 01:29

    just spam them you will get it eventually

  • NomadBear 06.11.14 at 00:26

    Nice to be passed over for beta after owning every Battlefield game, just because I have to work so I can buy your games. Thanks a Million nice to be appreciated. \

  • letice721 06.10.14 at 23:54

    Iv been loyal to u since bf veitnam and 2142. I bought premium for bf3 and I bought premium twice for bf4 after they screwed me over but I stayed faithful and loyal and bought it again. The few of us who has been actually loyal to ea/origin are getting shafted while kids who are basically new to the whole battlefield experience are getting praised by being allowed into the beta. But we few loyal fans are supposed to say ok and keep trying our hardest to be Givin a chance to play a game from a company who we thought appreciated and valued long term loyal players. It’s really making me reconsider buying another ea/origin product.

  • colers25 06.10.14 at 23:28

    Will new beta slots open in the future (since most of us are a bit pissed for not getting in soon enough)

  • T0MPY 06.10.14 at 22:34

    looks well shit not like battlefield at all FIX THE 4th ONE BEFORE YOU MOVE ON

    • colers25 06.10.14 at 23:24

      I believe this is mostly visceral studios. you know, not the ones working on BF4

  • Psytex-Hegemon 06.10.14 at 21:18

    I registered yesterday only a few minutes after the Open Beta registration started, I also own BF4 and BF3 premium on my origin, (and Bad Company 1 and 2 on 360), yet I haven’t received a beta key or any confirmation, well thanks a lot EA/Dice…

  • CHAMBIES2015 06.10.14 at 20:57

    I have been playing battlefield since Bad Company 1. I have bought all expansion packs and premium and i still play most of them to this day. But of course EA does not want to thank all of their loyal customers. Just the lucky ones who don’t even own BF3 or BF4. I am really disappointed with EA.

  • Warr3n_97 06.10.14 at 20:54

    So when will instant access open up for PS4 again or when will I get my email?

  • Joust 06.10.14 at 20:43

    BETA FEEDBACK – Where do I send it?

    I’m a different kind of player, in that I’m not a hardcore BF gamer, but a lot of the ideas appeal to me. The HEIST idea seems amazing, but when I tried the beta, it felt like just another 32v32 massive battle where I had to run to a point, shoot at tiny little specs of people, and die over and over from people I didn’t see.

    I was hoping for a more specialized team of 4 or 5 people, fighting their way out of overwhelming cops with secret routes and intel that balance out the teams. 32 cops vs 32 robbers isn’t a heist, it’s a war.

  • RogueNinjaIzzie 06.10.14 at 19:13

    So ive been playing battlefield since bfbc2 and i am a premium member but people that dont even own the game are playin the game and im not, thank you for repaying loyalty EA/Dice much appreciated.

  • thedarkness949 06.10.14 at 19:08

    I bought the damn game shouldn’t i get a beta copy?!

    • AdReNaLiNe9_ 06.13.14 at 07:18

      No… Nowhere does it say “when you purchase the game, you will get access to the beta”

  • Ra1tzU 06.10.14 at 19:04


  • Ra1tzU 06.10.14 at 19:04

    I signed up yesterday, but haven´t got confirmation e.mail yet :(

  • X_YOURM0MSHER0_X 06.10.14 at 18:41

    Why wasn’t the beta first given to Premium Members? I have friends on my list that don’t even own BF4 who are playing the beta. WTF is this??!! To everyone…if you have BF4 all you should’ve done is put the game in and press down to see what’s new. From there you go and download the beta. For anyone who didn’t have the game they are the ones who needed to sign up from the website. Again, GIVE IT TO THE PREMIUM MEMBERS!!!!!!

    • RogueNinjaIzzie 06.10.14 at 19:36

      I feel u bro. I mean its not like supporting a half baked product like bf4 was enough to get into a beta for another game which they will probably expect us to get premium for. At this rate i might not even get the game.

  • Lukeh147 06.10.14 at 18:33

    I have signed up to the beta 10 times!! i want the beta!!

  • MgbKing 06.10.14 at 17:40

    Anyone can help me, i sign up for beta, but i didnt get e-mail, a did it a few times again, but no email.

    • RN_killerking 06.10.14 at 18:06

      same here :-(

    • jordany66 06.10.14 at 18:24

      Remember it’s closed beta, not everybody will get the access into it. They might working on stress issues. Wait and you might get beta soon.

    • Ra1tzU 06.10.14 at 19:05

      same problem with me :(

  • GoDLichT 06.10.14 at 17:28

    You are so cheap guys…
    As customers who purchased premium for BF3, we recieved invitations to BF4 beta.
    Now you are just spliting the community.
    It’s like kindergarten games.
    - Race each other to get the beta, and who ever gets it will be able to brag about this.
    You didn’t think about the people who worked at the same time E3 announcements were taking place.
    Some of us were not able to submit our requestsd for beta in time…
    And now we basicly can go eat s***.

    That isn’t a nice move for you towards the community.
    I realise that everyone who actually got the Beta Access will tell me:
    —- LawL, look at that looser, didn’t get the beta and cries about it.

    i’m not crying.
    I AM disapointed, a bit.

    I was wxpecting the beta access be in the same way they did with BF3 >> BF4.
    Wich was a great model. And let all the “Premium” owners to test out the game…

    • RN_killerking 06.10.14 at 18:10

      same here i’m in the netherlands so i’m not up all evening and night just for the game but i really wanted it. what they did was very F***** up for some of the players that can’t just signup at that moment.
      (i’m a premium member bf4 and bf3)

  • LegendaryKing89 06.10.14 at 17:13

    You do realize they didn’t invite people right? You had to rush to get it. Losing faith in them? Shouldn’t lose faith in those not responsible for you not being fast enough. Just saying it’s not their fault.

    • GoDLichT 06.10.14 at 17:34

      It is, for not taking in consideration different circumstances in which people could not apply, thus making the cances unequal.

      Just saying, it is theif fault.

      • RN_killerking 06.10.14 at 18:12

        i’m with you it isn’t honest to do that kind of stuff

  • Fairplay 06.10.14 at 16:51

    To all Devs in EA and Battlefield Series,

    Im Deeply sad to see i dont get the Invite for the Battlefield Hardline Closed Beta.
    And because I never get a Closed Beta Invite, im here to say my point of view .

    Im a EA customer for more than 10 Years. I aways buy all my EA games on the Pre-Sales, I have all the Battlefield Series (BF 1942 to Battlefield 4) All With Premium Accounts, Plus i spend a lot of money and time in your Free to Play games like Battlefield Heroes and Need For Speed World. Im Also are the biggest fan of the Battlefield Series, im person that knows how to apreciate the game in all the ways, even in Beta editions.
    Im the kind of player that helps the others and im aways looking for how to fix some game crashes and bugs and i theach my friends how to fix it. im not the kind of person that comes here to say crap about some game bugs.

    Im can cooperate too, giving you information about bugs, crashe, Gliches so we cam work togheter to improve the game for the most graet performace.

    I was waiting for so logo to EA create a game so fun like the Battlefield Hardline shoud be.

    Im starting to lose my faith and admiration for your company.
    So PLEASE if you want to maintain a good and regular customers like me at least satisfied, give me a invitation is the minimum you can do for me.

    I hope you reed this and Answer me, by the way, since you dont send me a Invite, i registered for the Closed Beta yesterday.

    I really like EA and the team that work hard to keep the game so Awesome as it is.

    My best regards.

    Your Costumer and fan.

  • Mr_Stizz 06.10.14 at 16:44

    After playing the BETA all night long here are my thoughts and suggestions and I welcome all to post their own as well.

    1. Customizable characters – Having the ability to change the appearance of your character I believe is important. The one SWAT character does not look intimidating at all. I cant remember what class he is under but if you played the game, you’ll know who I’m talking about. I also believe that a FEMALE character is needed and should be added immediately. I play with so many chicks on this game that I’m on the verge of getting divorced from my wife! HaHa all jokes aside, GIRLS GAME! Make it happen!

    2. Keep BIG MAPS 32v32 conquest – This is and always will be the bread and butter for battlefield. If you get rid of this, you-re going to fail. I have seen that you are going to have 62 player maps but no word on conquest. That’s a selling point for me. I have not pre-ordered yet due to that and other things as well. KEEP IT BIG! This isn’t call of duty!

    3. The Little bird – I was thrown off a little with only having 2 seats in the bird. It’s something I could get used to only if you DO NOT bring back AA guns. If you decide to have AA guns, you need to bring back the bird from BF4. I’m also hoping that this is not your final weapon selection for the bird either, but I guess time will tell.

    Those are the first things that come to mind after playing I must say, I’m impressed so far with the direction you guys are headed. keep up the good work. I would like to think my feedback will be read and taken into consideration. Asking the players to give feedback for a game of this magnitude is welcomed and greatly appreciated. I hope to hear back from players and staff regarding my thoughts. Take care!

  • the_amir 06.10.14 at 16:30

    video isn’t working.
    cant expect much from a game by people who cant even run a website.

  • Hu3Infinity 06.10.14 at 15:47

    Who runs BF3 at least will run hardline? my computer is really bad, and I’m wondering if the game will be done to slow pcs.

    • LegendaryKing89 06.10.14 at 15:58

      Kinda have to realize these games coming out nowadays are requiring better hardware and I’m seeing alot of people building new PCs. So to answer that it’s probably not gonna run at all or won’t allow you to if it’s “slow”

  • LegendaryKing89 06.10.14 at 15:39

    The slots got filled in like 5-15 minutes after they announced it. Crashed Steam and PSN was having issues. Nonetheless I got my beta and have been playing since. Preety sweet game and I can’t wait for the release. It’s an interesting concept of a game :) I’m on PS4 with the PSN name Legendary_King09 on Twitch streaming the game off n on: reyes_legend

  • Samurai_F0x 06.10.14 at 14:24

    I registered yesterday. I had confirmation that Im in beta. I downloaded the game. I even have order confirmation on my email and today it doesnt work and they say there are limited number of invites? What the F??

  • D3adT3ddyb3ar 06.10.14 at 14:22

    I registered yesterday, but I still hanven’t got an e-mail… What can I do?

    • MgbKing 06.10.14 at 17:42

      same problem, maybe the system is full, and we have to wait a few days..:/

  • dPolterghost 06.10.14 at 13:30

    I registered yesterday. I had confirmation that Im in beta. I downloaded the game. I even have order confirmation on my email and today it doesnt work and they say there are limited number of invites? What the F??

  • SNAZ_treat 06.10.14 at 13:25

    i signed up yesterday and i didnt get the message i got it or no…. and in my games i havent got the beta….

  • IthXero 06.10.14 at 10:35

    I signed up during the announcement, was given instructions on what to do to download. I couldn’t right at that moment, now it’s having me apply for the BETA. Was this a “you snooze, you lose” kind of thing if we didn’t queue it fast enough in Origin?

  • markts619 06.10.14 at 06:15

    So when it will be released you won’t support bf4 anymore?!

  • Corporal-troller 06.10.14 at 05:54

    I applied the beta when you announced at E3 than I can’t even get?where is my beta?

  • double0frodo 06.10.14 at 02:32

    First I paid $110 for a game that only worked sometimes. Then you announce that the new “battlefield” game, is cops and robbers? Now as an xbox owner, I wont even have access to a beta? I have absolutely no faith in this franchises current direction that’s going the way of COD (although they are just boring/repetitive/reskinned annual map packs vs. broken as all hell). Oh well, at least I have Destiny to look forward to.

  • double0frodo 06.10.14 at 02:31

    First I paid $110 for a game that only worked sometimes. Then you announce that the new “battlefield” game, is cops and robbers? Now as an xbox owner, I wont even have access to a beta? I have absolutely no faith in this franchises current direction that’s going the way of COD (although they are just boring/repetitive/reskinned annual map packs vs. broken as all hell). Oh well, at least I have Destiny to look forward to.

  • fishingtime 06.10.14 at 01:43

    Couldn’t get in because of your broken ass shit. Tried as soon as announced. Nope. Saved $110. Thanks.

  • PRIMORD1AL 06.10.14 at 01:29

    When do we get the beta invitation emails

  • PROseekar 06.09.14 at 23:27

    What about the xbox one system? Will we get BETA access?

  • Lordzim_LZ 06.09.14 at 23:23

    why cant I sign up for the beta ?

  • Lordzim_LZ 06.09.14 at 23:21

    why cant I sign up for the beta ?

  • keiichimorisato 06.09.14 at 22:02

    Excellent! So glad I caught the E3 Live Stream! Can’t wait to test this baby out! Thanks for all the hard work!