Battlefield 4 Community Test Environment Update

We released the Battlefield 4 Community Test Environment (CTE) in early May, and have since then made good progress on improving the game together with our fans. In this blog post, we wanted to share some of the things that we’ve been able to achieve thanks to you.

We’ve tested tons of things in the CTE, ranging from general gameplay tweaks to bug fixes. Many hours have been spent by the team watching live streamed gameplay, analyzing telemetry data, and of course, interacting with the players on the forums. It’s been a tremendous help to the team and we thank all those participating.

The CTE is open to all Battlefield 4 Premium members. If you still haven’t had a chance to test it out yet, then please visit the following link to sign up:

Improving Netcode

Making improvements to the “Netcode” in Battlefield 4 has been a top priority for us. Some of the items we’ve been specifically looking at is how to decrease the feeling of getting killed when behind cover and getting killed without initially seeing a damage indicator. The improvements we did were released in June, and we’re looking at testing out additional fixes during the coming months.

Locker 640

Core Gameplay

The core gameplay initiative has started, and in the first phase, we’re looking at making improvements and fixes related to the new Dragon’s Teeth expansion pack. One of the main items that we wanted to test was the all-new Ballistics Shield, and based on the feedback that we received we made the following changes that’ll make it for the release of Dragon’s Teeth:

 Shield bash damage has been tweaked, it is no longer possible to one-hit kill enemies. The Ballistics shield now better matches with the initial design intent
 Single tank AP-rounds now kill those carrying the Ballistics Shield, something that previously wasn’t possible.

Battlefield 4 Dragons Teeth Ballistic Shield_WM 640

Rush Tweaks

If you’re a fan of Rush, you’ll want to jump into the CTE and try out the new changes we’re currently testing on the Siege of Shanghai, Zavod 311 and Operation Locker to start. The main focus of these changes has been to increase the balance and flow of the Rush round. Often, this means making it easier for the attackers to tackle certain MCOMs. Some general tweaks have also been made, such as:

• Commander has been removed by default in Rush
• Radar sweep has been reduced around attackers base
 Many per map specific changes, MCOM placement and cover passes.

Apart from these bigger initiatives, here are some of the areas of improvements that we will be looking at in the future:

• General Weapon tweaks/balance
 Weapon Suppression tuning
 3P Head-flinch dampening
 Visual recoil ADS tuning
 Vehicle tuning/balance
 Game modes: Rush, Continued tweaks to Obliteration Competitive and Conquest small
 HUD improvements and bug fixes

So, for those of you that have joined the CTE, thanks for the continued support in making Battlefield 4 even more fun!  We look forward to seeing you soon on the battlefield.

David Sirland
Battlefield 4 Associate Producer

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  • DerBauer 10.19.14 at 15:21

    How can I install the CTE?

  • Drew_P_Bowls 08.01.14 at 02:53

    1. Be able to withstand small grenades such as the impact, Flashbang, and at least 1 mini.
    2. Snipers should take 2 shots to break the glass, not 1, along with shotguns and LMG’s
    3. Should show on your back instead of taking it out of your pocket.
    4. Unable to knife someone from the front end of the shield(being knifed by enemy impossible)

    not OLD CTE ballistic shield, but near to it, reasonably, fix the bugs with it too, taking it out in a map then having it shatter for no reason is stupid, having an ammo box/medic case thrown at you fuck you over t(-_-t) that.

  • NuutiIa 07.24.14 at 12:22

    I have few things to say about visual recoil and recoil in veneral. First I think fixing the red dot in the middle of the display is not the best way to solve the visual recoil problem since it looks quite ridiculous and arcade. The red dot should only move as little as the recoil is. For example if the gun recoils 0.1 degrees right the dot should also move that much. Another thing is medium range scopes like 3.4 prisma and 4.0 ACOG. Since those hinger magnification scopes have more zoom, its harder to stay on target. because every movement and recoil is exaggerated and framerate still stays the same, its much harder to see the details and track enemies. I tested ACOG on my 27 inch (was it 27…) TV and I noticed that firng m16 with heavybarrel moves ACOG only few millmeters upwards while the landscape moves several centimetres downwards. You shuld try if sights should also move upwards, I mean for example m16 has 0.28 degrees recoil up so maybe mediumrange sights should go upwards 0.14 degrees and landscape and target 0.14 degs downwards. Ths would decrease screen shake and make medium range scopes more useful. Im not sure if this looks also ridiculous but you should try it.

  • P0WERS-HUNGER 07.13.14 at 19:56

    I cant wait till i can smack you all with riot shield

  • Calvin_Maclure 07.08.14 at 19:52

    DICE, are you going to fix the skill points system cause its BROKE! I’m busy talking to someone, meanwhile, cause im still in a server when a game starts and im busy elsewhere so I end up being a part of a game in which I have 0.00secs of gameplay. I just happened to be in the server when the game started (and ended). I lost 37 skill points. -37!!!!! WHAT THE HELL MAN!?!??! Stupid retarded crap! 37 skill points lost in a game I didnt even play in! If you dare leave a game before it ends, you get screwed in your skill points! If lost a ridiculous amount from leaving bad servers prematurely. Seriously, you NEED TO FIX THIS!

  • NuutiIa 07.08.14 at 16:30

    I forgot the king C4 cant kill people using th riot shield but those nasty little explosives can distroy MBTs! Why arent pistols able to do the same? Shotguns could be awsome at taking out the gunship.

  • NuutiIa 07.08.14 at 16:19

    I think some MBT mechanics are ridiculous and fundamentally wrong. DICE maybe you dont know tank proectiles well enough, but even brief youtube video about APFSDS and HEAT would help you. You are right sabot is much faster projectile than HE but APFSDS is not ment to snipe helicopters. APFSDS or sabot was developed because HE and HESH (high explosive squash head) werent anymore able to penetrate armour. APFSDS is ment to kill heavy armored vehicles like tanks and HE to distroy lighter targets. In BF4 you should increase (I would double)thedamage of sabot against MBTs . Sabot should not damage infantry unless you get a direct hit. HE should have more consistant damage against various targets (IFVs and transport vehicles and helis should take much more damage from HE than from sabot. Also staff shell is completely stupid. It has great damage it has no gravity effect and it is very very easy to hit with. You are forgetting real tank killer weapons but still there is some totally OP and ridiculous shell. Active protection should not destroy fast projectiles like sabot (and oter tank shells) or 30 mm rounds of gau-8 for example.Over all tanks shuld have more damage against vehicles and more dynamic damaging. Also C4 can never destroy a tank the pressure wave just reflects and kills you. Shaped charge of slam still works.

  • NuutiIa 07.08.14 at 15:47

    I think as well that spoting is bit too easy and powerful tool. Maybe the little orange triangle should stay in the place where the enemy soldier was spotted even if the enemy moves.

  • phinnv8 07.08.14 at 15:32

    This is an excellent list of working changes. Rush has needed an overhaul since day 1, along with a Suppression buff, dmg drop off shouldn’t change honestly, just no mini map show and not the recoil buff of other attachments.

    The biggest thing I wish DICE would add to this list is a nerf to the Spotting / Mini Map system. It’s WAY too overpowered as is and results in people staring at the mini map for dots. It shouldn’t show the direction of a player when spotted or firing, just a red dot that disappears the second firing stops. Also spotting should disappear faster. This should be a precedent for all future Battlefield games too it’s always been an issue.

  • NuutiIa 07.08.14 at 14:39

    I guess you are currently indoors watching at your screen. Look up can yo see the ceiling? Try to jump on it. Not an easy task? Well how canpeople do that in op metro? Do you have any paper boxes on the floor? try to move it with your feet. In BF4 you just collided with something big, hard and heavy. You have pen on your desk. Thow it past the corner of the wall to hit your friend. No risk of hitting or annoying your friend in bf4 because the bullet you fired hit invicible wall. DICE dont imitate real world poorly simulate it or imitate precisely!

  • NuutiIa 07.08.14 at 14:20

    Im great fan of good old m16 and its variants so it is natural it is my favurite gun in bf4. But I dont think it performs as well as it should. In bf3 M16a3 was awesome ( bit OP I know), but a4 had better stats and it was more accurate gun (as it should to compensate burstfire).
    Im perfectly fine with a3 not being in BF4 since it was bit OP but M16a4 in BF4 doesnt have the stats of a4 version but more like a3 stats even though it has only burstfire! You say it is accurate long range rifle bu it has no stats to make sure it really performs well in long range. It has the same 0.2 spread than every other assault rifle (unlike in bf3)(I guess your argument is that yo could use heavy barrel but so you can do with other guns as well). 0.5 (0.1 plus 0.4)horsontal recoil makes the bursts very inaccurate because the gun will bounce randomly sideways. Maybe you think m16 is accurate because fires burtst so the spread wont increase. Still every other assault rifle can be used in small bursts but with more control and variety. I want the M16a4 to be precision veapon that does its job in long range combat. Spread should be 0.1 again, left rec 0.05, right rec 0.2 vertical 0.3 with 2.5x multiplier all this to make sure the m16 has gentle and predictable recoil and accurate bursts. BUT SPREADINCREASE should be increased to 0.13 to counter balance other stats. I think it would imitate better the backwards recoil of m16 (it has very straight body so recoil wont raise the barrel so much.)

  • nmoreKharon 07.04.14 at 12:49

    hi guys, i have a little question. Anyone knows about Dragon’s Teeth realese date or something what is more than the EA/DICE said ? Because, until this time, they gave us a little trailer or menu visual update or something, but we’re here in the middle of summer and no information about it.

  • RONSKIEY 07.03.14 at 04:47

    CoD is actually a bit improving now, what happened to Battlefield? I’d rather get Advanced Warfare than Hardline.

    • FriendlyGerman56 07.06.14 at 08:07

      Hey Ron, ever play Titan Fall? Some CoD soldiers in the game look like just like Pilots from Titan Fall. And have you played the Beta for Hardline? There are much less problems in Hardline than Bf4. And CoD isn’t a very good shooter in terms of Multiplayer. Seriously, 16 players on NEXT GENERATION? That is a failure to gamers! Also, Dinamic maps in CoD? LOL, last time I check you can’t change your enviroment in any CoD game. And weapons? HA, I can unlock everything for 2 guns in a day in battlefield, CoD on the other hand, you can spend weeks unlocking guns and equipment for the guns! That is pathetic! Plus, you call in Air support in a CoD game, in Battlefield, you pilot vehicles instead of calling them in. And lastly, CoD has been using the same Engine ever since MW3….. That is sad! CoD shouldn’t be getting the sales they are now at all.

      • Kriegstein 01.25.15 at 03:04

        No, they haven’t. They’ve been using the same engine since Call of Duty 2 for PC. It’s a modified Quake 3 engine. Even if it is the same though, at least it’s stable. Which is something Battlefield can’t say since Frostbite 2. Oh, and you should have to work for your weapon unlocks. It gives you a reason to play more.

      • Kriegstein 01.25.15 at 03:10

        Also, you’re making a lot of incorrect assumptions about Call of Duty, which you shouldn’t be doing to begin with since you clearly don’t play it. Unlocking equipment for guns has always been easy in Call of Duty. Sometimes even more so than Battlefield. Unlocking guns are more difficult. Yes, I agree. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is a complete and blatant ripoff of Titanfall. Everything looks similar. But there are some “levelution” in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, despite how pathetic it is. Trust me, I’m not arguing in favor of Call of Duty in anyway. They take way too much time to put out something with so little to offer. But it’s important to keep the facts straight.

  • MCP-511 07.01.14 at 15:54

    No, EA a is publisher. DICE has the coders, so DICE broke it. EA allowed a broken game to go into full production. They are both to blame. Its not their first mistake. BC2 freezes in any game mode including online multi-player, also Vietnam often fails to register bullet hits at all and you have to quit and restart it. So please don’t make excuses. Theses bugs went unfixed and they just moved on. Just as they did with BF3, and now BF4. You can expect a BF5 announcement before all the bugs in BF4 are ever fixed. Mark my words.

    I don’t really care who makes hardline. Its the same engine and probably the same netcode, the two are probably intertwined. It just seems a bit of a stretch to fork out that much money for what appears be the same type of game, more or less with different textures, on city maps. I watched quite a lot of youtube footage and find it funny how robbers have sniper rifles and RPG’s. It looks like BF4 on different maps.

  • Magikbeenz 07.01.14 at 08:16

    First off:
    EA made battlefield broke, not dice. So don’t blame them on something they didn’t do
    hardline is being made by visceral games, not even dice
    yes, bf4 has had many issues, but they are taking time to fix each problem, and are staying very much in touch with their community.
    Just because a company had one mistake doesn’t mean that everything they make will be terrible from here on out. They have learned from their mistakes, and are updating the game constantly fixing more and more bugs each day. And as a community, we should be proud of that. Not many devs take the time to talk to their players and try and fix their game to a point dice has
    (I’m on ps4) I have experienced little to no “netcode” issues in a very long time. One thing a lot of people do not understand about this game is bullet deviation. No matter what, if you strafe while holding down the trigger, your billets won’t go where you aim all the time. Also, holding down the trigger in general also increases deviation. It’s not a bug, it’s not a glitch, it’s an implement in the game. Firing in short bursts and standing still will give you the best accuracy.
    this game isn’t call of duty. It is nothing like it. The gunplay and mechanics are different, and the environment around you is very different in the games. You can’t go out and just Rambo it, you have to take time with your shots and figure out what play style beats suits you. Another thing, is that this game doesn’t repeat itself every year. 1942 is not 2142. 2142 is not bf2. Bf2 is not the bad company series. Bf3 is not the same as bf4. Bf4 is nothing like bfh. So quit complaining about a terrible dev team, and open your eyes. This is battlefield, my friend. And if you can’t accept this game for the way it is, then your just gonna have to find another game to play, but you will never find a game like battlefield. And that is why I care so much about dice, and all they have done for me over the years

    • TheKing2004 07.02.14 at 00:35

      THANK YOU!!! Someone finally gets it.

    • sneerfulmite22 07.02.14 at 06:29

      Seems like you works for Dice Sales team..LOLDice/EA both fked up the entire BF franchise. No one will be buying the game on release or on pre order . Its hard to belive they let this Boggy game come out in the market , and it’s been , what , 8 months since the game is being released and they still fixing it ( so you can imagine how bad the series has become and how bad it was when it was released ) and they are not gona fix everything . Every game will be SH**T like it was and BF ahrdline will be the worst As soon as Battlefeild 5 ( armageddon ) annoucement will be made , all the flashy trailors will come out and no one will be talking about BF4 or BFH.

    • nAtEtHeGrEaT6666 07.07.14 at 18:17

      actually BFH is very much similar to BF4. it is a good game but doesn’t feel like cops and robbers at all it is basically a reskin of BF4. This isn’t to say its a bad game, in fact its very good but its not very different

  • MCP-511 07.01.14 at 06:15

    I’m done buying shooters at full price from DICE/EA. I feel hardline should of been a $12 add-on to BF4. Just like Vietnam was for BC2, or free if you consider all issues. When hardline or future DICE/EA products hit the $20 bin at WalMart, I’ll consider buying, but not sooner.

  • DESTRAUDO 06.30.14 at 17:52

    • Shield bash damage has been tweaked, it is no longer possible to one-hit kill enemies. The Ballistics shield now better matches with the initial design intent
    • Single tank AP-rounds now kill those carrying the Ballistics Shield, something that previously wasn’t possible.

    Holy hell am i glad you ran that past the community first as it sounds incredibly op. Would have been ucav all over again.

  • Insta9ib 06.29.14 at 21:57

    Battlefield 4 is the biggest scam in games history, even comes with lawsuits! And it should be dealt with just like they did to that famous game which they buried all the copies in the desert.
    Horrible game experience, nothing works in this pos! The devs and managment at EA DICE are totally clueless and dont give a flying F about work ethics/pride. Not so much about games any longer.

  • NEKTAR11 06.29.14 at 01:34

    Q&A the games better next time, please. These out of the map glitches are so annoying and really take the fun away. Next you should concentrate on the glitches in the maps.

  • Insta9ib 06.28.14 at 21:40

    Never buy another product from EA DICE ever again! Dont support evil, greed and incompetence.
    CTE was/is just damage control for future releases. The people at DICE are experts on marketing and they knowe how to lure people into buying their products despite how broken they are.

  • TEHBRAIN 06.28.14 at 09:09

    BF4 was unplayable for most of the time and it’s beeing tweaked now when it’s about to be replaced with BFH. And only because EA knew that BFH will not sell if they don’t do something about BF4. They don’t give a rats ass about the suckers who spent money on a broken product. CTE should have been in place in the first week after launch. I preordered BF4 because I liked BF3 so much, that won’t happen again!

    • MercRios 06.29.14 at 03:49

      Do you even realize that DICE had a strong Alpha and Beta release? yes there are a lot of bugs that should have been addressed, but if you knew a hint about game coding, you’d realize these Net code issues cant be detected till AFTER the launch of the game and actual full fill server usage Is implemented to see the issues. That’s also why DICE dumped the old dedicated servers for these new ones with a all around stronger connection. So before jumping the band wagon to rage against a company that’s actually trying (unlike Treyarch and infinity ward) maybe you will be more of a true fan to the series and chill out.

      • binoculars 06.29.14 at 05:56

        just lol. There’s such a thing as dedicated game testers. Individuals who are
        knowledgeable in code and finding\fixing bugs pre-release. Companies now
        just release bullshit games and let the general public (who have no idea) critique
        the game play, bugs etc. We suffer and wait for updates that should already be addressed.
        Sure, some bugs will still exist, but not even close to this.

      • NuutiIa 07.08.14 at 16:35

        Have you ever played the BF4 campaign? It has the worst hit reg I have never seen from a AAA game. Tell m if Im wrong but single player is not online.

  • DamMerkalater 06.28.14 at 08:36

    Xbox one the mini guns on the choppers don’t seem to kill infantry as fast as you would assume it should and the javelin should not take 4 shots to kill a tank even with old laser designation and the game chat very unreliable and randomly spawning under the map when trying to spawn on teammate is disappointing the frame rate drop when the sides of the hannia resort fall is ridiculous and the battery life on the ucav is way to short u can barely fly it from one flag to another

  • binoculars 06.28.14 at 07:11

    We shouldn’t have to buy premium for something that should’ve been implemented
    since launch. What ever happened to working out bugs BEFORE you release a game? On a different note; shotguns are stupidly overpowered, I constantly die 1 shot, I empty clips into people without registering hits and I get shot through solid objects even multiple walls in some cases.
    The lag is an absolute game kill.
    Just a few among MANY of the bugs that still plague ps3.
    Don’t you think you should resolve some of these issues before venturing into another game? Ie. Hardline

    Fix this half-assed game already. Some next-Gen game. I think Mario was more stable and fun.

    • MercRios 06.29.14 at 03:43

      do your research before flaming. DICE isn’t doing HL, Viscreal is. DICE supplied them with the source code to the BF franchise.

    • coup2grace 07.02.14 at 13:59

      Just saying, ps3 is not next-gen, bf4 was made for next-gen, they just did a ps3/xbox 360 version so people that don’t want to buy a next-gen console don’t cry out : “Injustice”

  • BdayHunter 06.28.14 at 04:14

    I hate it when my soldier dies, i get stuck in the kill cam and the options to spawn just doesnt come out. Bf4 has been ruinin the game. Going back to bf3, it is much better. Sadly no one plays bf3 anymore

  • FriendlyGerman56 06.28.14 at 01:45

    I have never hated gaming in my life more then I have playing bf4….. This game ruined my outlook on future bf games. You didn’t fix anything with the “update”. Speaking of which I am getting killed behind cover more, rubber banding (never rubber banded until this update btw), and how the fuc* is it possible to shot with a repair tool…? This game is awful, Hope Hardline has these problems fixed. You fucked up on BF4 EA. Don’t fuc* up Hardline.

    • NuutiIa 07.08.14 at 16:41

      Im thinking exactly tbe same. Dead body killd me twice even though he was not revived. I just think that mybe frotbite is just so bad in terms of onlinegaming. DISE you should consider doing some other games than FPSs if yo cannot make core elements work.

  • StrikingWater 06.28.14 at 01:18

    CTE, sounds more like an ongoing BETA!

    • Morpheus267 06.28.14 at 01:23

      It’s not a Beta.
      CTE will help to improve the performance and fix some bugs and so one.
      If you test it and you say: “guys the AWS is totaly overpowered”.
      The CTE Team will look and change the Damage or the Accurity and so one.

      It looks like a Beta but it isn’t. ;)

    • TheKritter71 06.28.14 at 01:51

      But thats just fine, CTE should of been implemented long time ago,
      And when it’s running really good, it will bring back the the players that

      • MercRios 06.29.14 at 03:55

        They couldn’t implement the CTE before. The stability of the old servers to the player was too unreliable. Look it up. Once they dumped the old ones for the new ones, it made CTE doable in regards to testing out CTE. I also agree, stop the overall whining about BF and EA. EA is the PUBLISHER not developers. DICE made BF. Least DICE acknowledged the issues and are making a effort to fix it. Want to play a broken game, go back to ghosts, black ops where ever room nearly is filled with bogus modders. Don’t believe me? research it. Ghost was the most hacked, modded COD to date and their developer’s did nothing

  • Devdj007 06.28.14 at 00:04

    God the amount of bitching, rudeness and ridiculous behavior mskes me ashamed to be a gamer

    • FriendlyGerman56 06.28.14 at 01:51

      There wouldn’t be so much of that if EA didn’t screw up the game.

    • NEKTAR11 06.29.14 at 01:43

      Give it a rest man. It’s all pretty much justified given the state Battlefield 4 was released at. It was up there with some of the worst releases I think. And you don’t need to let everyone know how “ashamed” you are, because with every product there are always going to be those who feel they have been cheated. It’s life.

    • NuutiIa 07.08.14 at 16:48

      I think the same. I just think why in the hell I even play games because 90% of them are 90% shit. I purchased PS4 PX4 BF4 + premium and PSplus just to play battefield. What a mistke…
      Week ago I got Killzone SF an I realized BF4 doesnt use DS4 as well as it could because there is some digital deathzone on the analog sticks. Please make it better!

  • TH3REDSP1R1T 06.27.14 at 23:47

    I agree the game is broke but can’t say you’re not buying another BF game again just because those bugs are from Xbox360, thats blaming the game in general instead of Xbox360, The game is better on PC and have it running 32bit

  • guniu 06.27.14 at 23:31

    Why you are using words like “Visual recoil ADS tuning”? Isn’t that a bug? Shouldn’t it be removed and not “tweaked”? That doesn’t make sense.

  • Sephiroth0411 06.27.14 at 23:15

    What happened to helicopters??? I used to run kids in bf3 the attack choppers are trash now. Stop making tanks better and the vehicles that require skill like the beta and choppers garbage.

    • Sephiroth0411 06.27.14 at 23:18


      • MercRios 06.29.14 at 03:57

        hate to break it to you, jets in BF3 were trash. The ability to gun down a tank while stalling a freefall with 25mm guns is garbage, now that they removed both those, you cry its trash? that screams noob

  • Echelon1007 06.27.14 at 22:58

    I play on the Xbox One and the only big issue I have is when your loadouts don’t save from one game to the next. All the other random bugs and whatnot I can momentarily live with. But the loadout bug is infuriating.

  • Posterchild 06.27.14 at 22:43

    Evolve = get it to a quality ready for launch
    oh wait…

  • LatinNasty007 06.27.14 at 22:38

    Why are you taking our Commander in Rush? Plus when is the beta for squad gonna end?

  • Freedom_Myth 06.27.14 at 22:28

    Are there no servers available for purchase on PS4? I have been trying to buy one since they were “fixed” and when i click it says “no server capacity available” or something to that effect.

  • RedWingFan71 06.27.14 at 22:19

    How about fixing: (all on Xbox360)

    1) No sound when spawning into a new game (broke since release)
    2) Browser never works right (broke since release)
    3) Never puts same party members in same squad or team (broke since release)
    4) Dawnbreaker locks up every time (broke since release)
    5) Major lag during revolution (broke since release)
    6) Getting hit behind cover STILL (broke since release)
    7) Random lock ups (broke since release)

    Face it, this game is broke. It sucks. I will not buy another BF game. Currently went back to BF3, and just started GTA V. Both work, no issues.

    • r4phstryker 06.27.14 at 22:29

      People play this game on 360 or Ps3? get a PC,Battlefield4(PC) as no issue since fevrier mon ami ;)

      • FriendlyGerman56 06.28.14 at 01:47

        Not every gamer can pull money out their ass for a PC.

      • FriendlyGerman56 06.28.14 at 01:55

        Not every gamer can pull money out their a$$ for a PC. Plus there are still problems on the PC.

    • caroliro 06.27.14 at 23:43


    • prodigyofguitar 06.28.14 at 00:05

      That’s not entirely tr

  • Dustonian83 06.27.14 at 22:11

    3D HUD markers/friendly tags need a hot key to turn on/off on the fly like in old Battlefield games. Especially in more clustered maps and modes where the 3D marker spam obstructs the players view. The game is so detailed and cluttered but the 3D HUD gets in the way and does more harm than good.

  • iBeas7n 06.27.14 at 22:10

    And still can’t deploy bipod after being revivd. Is this such a hard fix?

  • box-art 06.27.14 at 21:50

    In what kind of maps are you most likely going to succeed as an engineer? Big maps.
    Why would you most likely succeed on big maps as an engineer? Because big maps have the most vehicles.
    Why does the engineer class then have the PDW’s as the class specific weapon? They need the range because you need cover to take out tanks and if your gun doesn’t have range, you’re dead in those infantry gunfights.
    PDW’s should be all-kit weapons and carbines should be the engineer exclusive weapons.
    Just my opinion, don’t hate me too much.

    • Deathspankd 06.27.14 at 22:26

      thats what i was thinking. just make the carbines for engineers instead of pdws

    • NEKTAR11 06.29.14 at 01:47

      You make valid points. I agree with them though. It would make more sense.

  • llKushed Outll 06.27.14 at 21:46

    How about an option to change icon transparency like you can do with the HUD.

  • Exia_91 06.27.14 at 21:45

    Please fix SCAR-H randomly switching to single shot on spawn as well. Also are we ever going to have a working server for Conquest and Carrier Assault small on PS4? It would also be nice to have more realistic server prices – hoping Hardline will not repeat BF4 problems, had fun in the beta!

  • Luka_Mijic 06.27.14 at 21:42

    Please fix jets! They are slow and weak :’(

    • Exia_91 06.27.14 at 21:46

      Agreed…plus they serve no purpose on Dawnbreaker Rush

  • Thy Majestie 06.27.14 at 21:37

    Any chance the Spot/Communication can be fixed for use on the mouse properly? And the scoreboard* work with any other button but TAB when I’m on the spawn menu or in a vehicle? It only works for the decimal point on my numberpad when I’m infantry.

  • Thy Majestie 06.27.14 at 21:36

    Any chance the Spot/Communication can be fixed for use on the mouse properly? And the spawn menu work with any other button but TAB when I’m on the spawn menu or in a vehicle? It only works for the decimal point on my numberpad when I’m infantry.