To All Battlefield Fans

By now, many of you have probably heard about the next title in the Battlefield series, Battlefield Hardline. The Visceral Studio team has done an amazing job of bringing in a completely new concept while staying true to the Battlefield core gameplay pillars. I’ve been working with Visceral GM Steve Papoutsis and his team for several years on the cops vs. criminals concept and we think you guys are going to love it! We’ve always dared to try new settings and experiences with Battlefield and seeing this new one take shape is a long lasting dream come true.

That said, I want to be sure you all understand that introducing Hardline in no way means we’re done working on Battlefield 4. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Visceral team is leading the development of Hardline, while the DICE team continues to drive BF4. We are committed to giving you the best BF4 experience possible.

Let me tell you about a few ways we’re going to continue to improve the BF4 experience.

Continued Support: There are dedicated BF4 teams in Stockholm, Uppsala and LA that will continue to address any issues that might occur. But more importantly will also look to make significant additions to the game.

Netcode Patch: We are also working on a major update to the Battlefield 4 netcode.

Community Test Environment: We launched and are planning to expand our Community Test Environment. You can see the CTE as our labs environment in which we’ll continue testing out new additions, improvements etc. before we go live with them. We’re expanding the CTE program to give more and more players the chance to test new additions.

More Features: Other features rolled out recently such as Squad Join, Rent-A-Server and Loadout Presets, many which have been directly requested by you in the community. This trend will continue.

The games we develop are services. We focus on taking care of the games post launch, delivering new content to those of you who want it and always working hard to increase quality of play. We also continue to work hard to keep investing in areas where you tell us you see opportunities for improvements and new features.  Yes, we’re very excited to partner with Visceral on the development of Battlefield Hardline, but ongoing work to refine and enhance BF4 remains a top priority.

Best regards,
Karl Magnus Troedsson, DICE VP & Group GM


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  • Psi0nicGh0st 11.15.14 at 06:17

    I really don’t like the direction battlefield is going in. The game has become a bloated, glitchy, laggy, confusing mess that caters to people who want to pay to get ahead. I hate it. I’ve been playing since 1942 and it seems to get worse with every iteration as of the past couple years. I wish I didn’t bother buying 4 on sale and I highly doubt I’d even consider buying 5 when it comes out at this rate.

  • x360SLITHERKill 07.31.14 at 21:03

    My platoon, TFC the fight club has 30 or so members, most of us over age 30. Our clan is vetoing Hardline, as EA will soon realize their target demographics are wrong. Even my father who is 68 plays, and you will lose the old crowd very fast. We are the kickstarters not prepubescent teens who beg mommy and daddy for games or money.
    HARDLINE = No Bottom Line.
    (Arsenic, save it. You reply to everyone’s post like a leg humping dog. This column should show Dice one thing, there are more of us against than there are for.)

    • Ghost_JAC 09.02.14 at 04:59

      Agreed. My platoon, SAS, is boycotting Hard line for the same reasons.

  • lestatswos 06.27.14 at 14:04

    Battlefield 4 is dead, there are no more new content since March, I’m bored!!

    • ArsenicShadows 07.21.14 at 14:45

      Why post here then? If it’s dead, then go away please. It’s easier for us not to listen to your complaints. Also, have you heard of Dragon’s Teeth?

  • iSMASHFACE 06.17.14 at 18:28

    Camp resets every match.

  • iSMASHFACE 06.17.14 at 18:27

    I’m have problems with my loadouts being reset my sensitive speed camp reset. Please fix that.

  • GnarlzBroccoli 06.14.14 at 03:44

    I don’t care about the many bugs in BF4. Fix it so it doesn’t freeze all the time. This is my first BF. I like it but you did a disservice to your fans and customers. I see won’t pre order anything ever from you guys. All this turmoil and you can’t fix it or at least stabilize it. Amazing.

    • ArsenicShadows 07.21.14 at 14:47

      Errr… Have you considered that it might be a problem with your computer? My BF4 has been working well for a while; not perfectly, but pretty good. Maybe you can try re-installing BF4. Or maybe upgrade your PC if it has low specs.

  • xXHunters 06.12.14 at 16:04

    Could you fix the origin version of battlefield 4 first? Everytime i try to play out of the browser menu, an error comes up and this is what it says:

    We’re sorry, it looks like your game didn’t start properly.

    Please follow the steps below and try start the game after each one:
    Restart Origin
    Repair the game in Origin
    Restart your computer

    I have tried all of the above solutions and it has not worked for me. Other people have had the same problem as me. It is very frustrating especially because i recently bought both the game and premium. If google chrome (my main browser) has anything to do with it please reccomend another browser that would work.


    • ArsenicShadows 07.21.14 at 14:48

      Have you tried deleting then reinstalling BF4? That might work, although I’m not sure. BTW, I use chrome for Battlelog and it works fine. I’m pretty sure it’s not a browser problem.

  • brdrjohn 06.09.14 at 21:45

    Wow. So you finally put the most basic stuff into the game and you’re expanding the beta program to even more of your customers; we’re supposed to be happy you’re getting to see your long lasting dream come true? Blah, blah, blah.

  • MR Tonkin 06.09.14 at 11:50

    what we want is:

    Bf 2143
    BF bad company 3.

    future warfare, and hilarious warfare.
    cops and robbers should be fun but im not going to preorder this, im going to wait and see.

  • jackhammer_96 06.07.14 at 21:18

    The trailer I saw sure looks like a cross between NEED FOR SPEED and GRAND THEFT AUTO. Going completely away from “BATTLEFIELD” and warfare. I do like some of the gadgets I saw like grappling hook that would be very cool. However the next “BATTLEFIELD” seems to be far away from the “BATTLEFIELD” to me…. I think there needs to be a change of scenery from desert war zone to maybe a jungle conflict in some other part of the world. Need to keep the LARGE MAPS and the WAR atmosphere. NOT a NEED FOR SPEED/ GRAND THEFT AUTO cops and robbers game. That is just not “BATTLEFIELD”!!!!!! I will most likely NOT PURCHASE the next BATTLEFIELD game if this is what you are going to try to sell…. I have really enjoyed this series more than COD since this series has been more realistic…. Time to start looking for another FPS multiplayer game….. Disgusted and not happy…

    • ArsenicShadows 07.21.14 at 14:50

      Your comment seems pretty close-minded to me… Have you tried to play the beta? Although the theme is different, it is very much a Battlefield game. Of course, it’s not the same as previous titles, but there are a lot of great features in Hardline.

  • T-REXroar59 06.04.14 at 22:00

    I guess it is impossible to bring up Dino’s now :(

  • Assassin0fLove 06.03.14 at 15:54

    Cry me a river…….

  • LadBooboo 06.02.14 at 21:07

    How’s that “We’re going to fix Battlefield 4 before releasing anything new.” statement? Typical EA, Releasing a broken game for full retail and give it the least support possible. You talk about fixing Battlefield 4 but after 3 years there are still exploits on Battlefield 3 that has not been fixed since day one *cough* Bravo objective ceiling *cough* . and now a new “Battlefield”? I wasted money on DS2.DS3 and BF4, and I’m not going to waste my hard earned cash on a probably broken game anyway.

    • ArsenicShadows 07.21.14 at 14:54

      You should try making a Battlefield game yourself. I wonder if you would have any success. It’s pretty hard to find one error within millions of lines of code; never mind the code, it could also be a problem with the 3D models. Or, it could be one problem caused by multiple different sections within the code. I’m sure they tried to fix it, it’s just that they weren’t successful. I’m not saying they did a good job — they probably could have made the game better in the first place — but fixing a bug isn’t as easy as snapping your fingers.

  • szrz 06.02.14 at 20:13

    BF Series went to Sewer thanks to DICE and EA, nothing can revive it or bring to the BF2 level of playability and joy.

    • ArsenicShadows 07.21.14 at 14:57

      Go play BF2 then. If you truly believe that no future titles can be as good as or better than BF2, it will never be good enough for you. Even if some people consider a sequel to be better, you may not. I think it’s better to move on and hope for better releases. Just my 2 cents.

  • DarthLordXenu 06.02.14 at 16:53

    BF Vietnam, BF2 and project reality ate up a lot of my life. BF3 was buggy. BF4 I didn’t order and this will be no different. EA killed BF. RIP.

    • ArsenicShadows 07.21.14 at 14:58

      If BF was dead, why post here? Although I have to agree with the EA part; they seriously messed with the franchise.

  • sourcream27 06.01.14 at 18:39

    This is just dumb…If this is going to be the new close quarters type mode of game, I will not be getting it. Cops and robbers might be pretty cool..but where is the vehicles and everything else?…You cant call this game “BATTLEFIELD”…

  • lio1126 05.31.14 at 10:23

    Yeah if you could just give us a throwing knife on bf4 THAT WOULD BE GREAT.

  • Blueman24 05.31.14 at 06:49

    His name is carl and he dares to talk of battlefield other than bad company series. (gustav ftw)

  • sym1on 05.30.14 at 19:13

    Here’s the rub Mr. Troedsson,
    We can put aside the anger we have that you sold us a broken game to level with you for a second. We know it is a separate title from another dev; but tread *very* carefully.

    EA is doing something to your division and you had best open your eyes and realize it before it is too late.
    In the time of BF:BC2 before EA had complete sway of DICE’s development practices: HARDLINE would have been produced as an expansion of BF4 (a true expansion not the map packs you are selling). With this change your company is doing something very precarious: You are burning some of the last shreds of goodwill your company has built over the years with moves like releasing BF:BC2 ‘Nam.

    The irony: Not only can you look back to the bright future of DICE 2010 but also the sad future of EA’s DICE 202X with Visceral:
    Whereas Visceral started out making their own vision of survival horror with Dead Space 1 but gradually EA sank their fangs in *their* development twisting their arms to shove in more action with DS2 and finally ruining their vision with the micro-transaction riddled DS2

    Now where are they you ask? Shitting out a COD style second fiddle series to Battlefield’s main instead of pursing their vision. Head my words Mr. Troedsson, take measures now or your team too will be forced into the same fate.

  • Clarke510 05.30.14 at 19:07

    Battlefield hard line looks epic, but something about it makes it seem like the new close quarters, which isn’t a bad thing close quarters was great. It was just an expansion not a whole new game and it seems a bit too soon after Battlefield 4 to release a new one. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll have it on release day, I just don’t feel like I have had enough time with battlefield 4.

    That being said I hope battlefield 4 gets its long over due net code update, I would really like to enjoy this more with my friends.

    • ArsenicShadows 07.21.14 at 15:00

      I agree. A net code patch would be greatly appreciated. Also, I’m not sure about close quarters; in the beta, the map(s) were slightly smaller than before but not that small. Somewhere around Operation locker, but not as linear. Although I could definitely be wrong about the other maps.

  • VintageRoller 05.30.14 at 15:35

    As far as I’m concerned I think this is a brilliant and great take on the Battlefield formula. For me battlefield has been about one thing. A dynamic large scale battle with vehicles and infantry, perfectly balanced. It doesn’t really matter what the theme is imo cause a battlefield can be anywhere and bring it to strictly urban\, cops and robbers style theme intrigues me greatly. I’ll be preordering this for sure.

  • NilaoBR 05.30.14 at 01:31

    Mainfold, totally agree with you.
    Sorry, but it is not BATTLEFIELD. It sounded like a EA`s desperate way to call for players.
    The game itself is not a big deal, they will need and awesome gameplay to make it worth.
    And now, the real question: will you stop playing BF4 to play Hardline (haha Not Battlefield Hardline). As it is shown, NO WAY!
    All good soldiers!

  • Mainfold 05.30.14 at 00:44

    It should honestly have been called ONLY “Hardline”, not “Battlefield” as the word battlefield points towards a piece of land where wars are waged, and not a general description of “an area of combat”.
    That being said, it does (in it’s current state) not look very impressive yet, and considering what the community has endured from Battlefield 4, there has to be something to REALLY pull the players in, because no pre-order bonus will be able to after the unfortunate situation which Battlefield 4 was in, especially if the price is as outrageous as the one for BF4 + Premium currently is, and was at launch (all things considered).

  • Skipperrule 05.30.14 at 00:38

    didn’t they already make this and called it grand thief auto ????????

    • ArsenicShadows 07.21.14 at 15:07

      Grand Theft Auto? Completely different. It’s like saying milk is the same as water because they’re both liquids.

  • Skipperrule 05.30.14 at 00:13

    ok cops and criminals, well how about cowboys and Indians next!!!!!!! I still want Dino then !!!!

  • booker_64 05.29.14 at 22:29

    Hello Karl. Good news indeed. Anything of that coming to consoles?

  • ForceXXI 05.29.14 at 21:44

    It is a totally different genre from BF3/BF4 series. All you self righteous little kids need to learn the difference between End of Life cycle and bringing a new game to market. They will not stop supporting BF4 just because they come out with a new game based on the BF4 game engine and maybe some of the maps. At some point they will stop supporting BF4, at which point, we can all stop listening to you twerps whine about every damn thing about the game. I am curious, why the hell did you buy BF4 in the first place?

    • Skipperrule 05.30.14 at 00:14

      LOL ok ok chill out Franchise !!!!

      • ArsenicShadows 07.21.14 at 15:10

        BTW, I agree with you ForceXXI. After all, there are still DLCs to be released for BF4, which means they’ll support the game ATLEAST up till Final Stand.

  • Assassin0fLove 05.29.14 at 20:44

    Scroll down to read complaints from self-entitled brats.

  • Ariels_SOLD1ER 05.29.14 at 20:24

    As I said in my previous post, I will not be buying this Battlefield and majority of my friends claim they will not either. You are losing a lot of your core Battlefield fans. I say realize that you have made a bad mistake and get back to creating a kickass Battlefield game. A BATTLEFIELD game that is… do not put my beloved title of all action, infantry and vehicle combat on a retarded police and criminal version. Police are not on a Battlefield, they are on civilian streets taking care of civilian problems, armed forces are the ones that fight on the Battlefield and go to war. Bring back Battlefield to what it is supposed to or begin your downfall. I cannot believe I used to envy and literally dream about the next release of a Battlefield back when I got 1942, Battlefield 2, 2142 and on up, now I am afraid to see what bullshit you have coming up next. I have lost faith in all of the shooters I used to love. Call of Duty lost me a LONG TIME AGO and I had hope you, Battlefield that you would keep giving me something to look forward to. But I have now officially lost all hope.

    • Ariels_SOLD1ER 05.29.14 at 20:25

      And all I have to ask, is if you do decide to go through with this BS, please do not close the servers to the other Battlefield games until you decide to wake up.

    • ArsenicShadows 07.21.14 at 14:40

      Your beloved title? Wow, that’s what I call idiocy. Did you develop it or purchase the license? No? I thought so. In the past, there have been numerous examples of products that differed greatly from their predecessors and were very popular. Have you tried playing the beta? I have, and believe it or not, it was actually pretty good. Red hit markers for headshots, infantry guns finally damaging some vehicles (not all; this means no more helpless Assault, but there is still a use for engineers), grappling hooks, taking health and ammo from others (not endlessly chasing them down across the map), and more. Not saying it’s an amazing game, but it’s worth a try before complaining about it. Dice may have made some extreme mistakes, but that doesn’t mean they always will; nor does that mean that you suddenly have a right to own the franchise and decide what exactly comes out in the next title. Go make your own company and develop your own series.

  • TheDiaperButtKid 05.29.14 at 19:34

    The perception is, Karl, that you say that “Quality is number one priority”, yet there has been a very poor showing of interest by DICE to fix the issues for the last seven months.

    Releasing patches that don’t fix what they were suppose to and break other elements, really makes it look like nobody cares.

    You know you have been doing a crappy job at addressing player concerns.

    Battlelog improvements do not count as game support. No one cares that they can change their loadouts in a web browser.

    No line of BS in a blog post is going to make this perception of not giving a damn go away. For BF4, it is too late. DICE is going to wear this badge of shame for the rest of eternity. The only thing you can do is not let it happen again. (That assumes you care, and you are not just another EA stooge who’s only concern is how to retain their job.)

    Gamers fully expect that ALL BF4 issues will not be present in Hardline.
    I can’t tell you how many times I saw things that were fixed in BF3, show up again in BF4.
    (and still haven’t been fixed!)

    • ArsenicShadows 07.21.14 at 15:15

      Wow. I’m surprised that someone could stoop to this level of pure… I’m not sure how to describe it. Something along the lines of “too obsessed with video games to understand the concept of living and supporting a family”?

      “who’s only concern is how to retain their job”…
      Just saying, but if someone doesn’t want to keep their job, they probably have another job to support them. If not… well, that’s a curious situation. But saying that he shouldn’t care about supporting his own family, his (possibly, probably not though) 3 year old kid and whoever else lives off of his paycheck, just to satisfy millions of strangers’ GAMING WANTS? That’s cruel.

  • ryunjunior 05.29.14 at 18:54

    Yea i dnt think i will be purchasing the game as well not going say i wont but i love battlefield and steering away to cops and criminals and shit is not battle field. Shouldnt have the title battlefield in it. N for people complaining not a working game everyone i play with shit works fine. People just whine and bitch cause get ass whooped and blame it on the game. My bf4 works just fine never have problems sincw patch back in december

    • CONTROL(R) 05.29.14 at 19:24

      Yup BF4 works great for me 99% of the time. I’ll say that’s pretty good considering all the hardware combinations out there.

      • ArsenicShadows 07.21.14 at 14:45

        Agreed. My BF4 works really well too; when I do encounter problems, it’s usually just a bad connection with the server.

  • NzO_z 05.29.14 at 18:51

    Guys you messed up the name of the new title! Didn’t you mean to call this Grand Theft Battlefield? Good job. Completely have lost all faith in your games. Bad company 2 was epic and unforgetable.. 3 was a pile of shit. 4 is more like a really sore pimple. And now you are going to release what can only be compared to a T-rex sized pile of shit. Shoot me a txt or email when you realise that you derailed. A few bad company fans and myself will set you back on track.

  • Jesse165 05.29.14 at 18:46

    I don’t really care much more either. Unless they add bots back like what were in Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 2, and Battlefield 2142 this will be the first Battlefield game I do not buy at all !!!!

  • RaginDude 05.29.14 at 18:18

    At that point, I don’t really care. No matter what Dice can say to defend themselves, after all the royal screw ups of BF3 & BF4, I will never buy a battlefield game ever again. I didn’t pay ~$120 for a work in progress, only to be finalize a year later. I don’t know why this kind of business malpratice is still legally allowed in the video game industry.

  • ChancerUk 05.29.14 at 18:12

    Every one bitching about dice and there up and coming titles.but your all going to buy it because theres nothing out there even close to how good bf is.enough said

    • VladDrakulyaIII 05.29.14 at 19:00

      Sorry but no, the problem is DICE really screwed up with Battlefield 4, I regret beyond words buying premium, and I’m not falling for that Bravo-Sierra again, I’m never buying another Battlefield game. I’m trading my Battlefield copy for The Evil Within, different style but should be enough to keep me/many of us going until Tom Clancy’s The Division is released next year. And The Division renders your argument invalid. It will be better than Battlefield and most importantly, it’ll work since launch.

  • XCarolusRexII 05.29.14 at 16:47

    Isnt Visceral just making the singelplayer mode?

  • SolidMarius 05.29.14 at 16:38

    OMFG i cant fucking wait!
    First of all i love Battlefield, secound of all i love Deadspace.
    Yeah i know this has nothing to do with dead space other than that Visceral is making it.
    But thats the point, Visceral created 3 amazing singleplayer games and they are about to make another amzing game along with dice! :D

  • NuclearPotatoDK 05.29.14 at 15:44

    Jesus christ everybody calm your tits, this game looks freaking AWESOME! And they can call it “Battlefield” all they want, because they made a “completely new concept while staying true to the Battlefield core gameplay pillars”.

  • Daniel12777 05.29.14 at 15:20

    I think it’s cool they are expanding the battlefield to now just military warfare… And for the glitches, I think that has more to do with EA then DICE IMO.

    • fede01_8 05.29.14 at 15:37

      DICE made the game, not EA, dumb@ss. Stop blaming EA for everything

      • Death1099 05.29.14 at 15:43

        EA bought out dice. Read up on it. You would know that if you played BF2.

      • Daniel12777 05.29.14 at 15:50

        I said “IMO”… I don’t know exactly where the blame lies. All I know is that EA bought out Dice, and I think EA pushed DICE to release BF4 way too early because of COD: GHOSTS :) Again, just a thought.

      • ArsenicShadows 07.21.14 at 15:16

        If you’ve been keeping up with the news, EA was the one who pushed DICE for a faster release. Also, the producer usually makes major decisions regarding the game. You called him a dumb@ss? You must be worse then.

  • Death1099 05.29.14 at 14:44

    Rename the game to Hardline. This has nothing to do with battlefield. You will not see any money from me. BF4 is not even a working game.

    I know Karl Magnus you will not do this because all you think of is money.

    • ArsenicShadows 07.21.14 at 15:20

      If all he thought of was money, then he wouldn’t be alive. I’m sure someone who can’t think of buying food wouldn’t be able to survive for long, right?
      Jokes aside, you care about giving EA your money and you groundlessly blame Mr. Troedsson for only caring about money… seems pretty counter-intuitive. He also doesn’t have full control over what happens at DICE or EA. If you think so, then you seriously need to get a job.

      P.S. I don’t think he cares about money from you. Millions of others to get it from, right?

  • DominikTV 05.29.14 at 12:30

    My bug on SIEGE OF SHANGHAI hasn’t been fixed… or even registered by DICE:
    I think DICE don’t care about allready released maps, thats very sad :/

    • blazen67 05.29.14 at 14:26

      i don’t get what you are trying to say in that thread you posted…are you complaining that your stationary AAA cant hit a target because of a building in the way or they are out of your line of sight?? how is that a glitch in the game? that’s just smart tactics. or am i missing something that you are trying to say? as for the player camping…all you have to do is get them banned from the server..camping is going to exist in every game unfortunately

  • EyezGlazed 05.29.14 at 11:42

    As you saw (from facebook, and thus you felt you had to post THIS in response): The new game will not be accepted by the majority of the community, as long as it’s exploiting the use of the name and fame of BATTLEFIELD to get into the market. But then again, it’s your choice. Sink or swim.

  • VS ViperStriked 05.29.14 at 10:55

    Battlefield is suppose to be all out warefare using Military equipment. Not this GTA on frostbite 3.0 cops vs robbers concept. Sorry dice. I’ll pass.

  • Ortega_King 05.29.14 at 10:51

    You guys really should give Dice and Visceral a break…
    This is something that I’ve been wanting for a while now.
    Battlefield is about war… I mean, come on. Does it really have to be US vs RU every single game?

    It’s still war-themed if the plot was about demonstrations, protesters, civil wars…
    I think this is good that they take Battlefield in another direction…

  • mati_HUN 05.29.14 at 10:41

    I would be ok with this partner program, but CHANGE the name of the game… dont call it Battlefield…. find out the other name. You can not name this counter strike copy to battlefield… by the way DICE is much bigger and better than this Visceral.. Do your own job, Visceral do his own job and thats it… if they develop the game alone, do not give them our favourite game name… It is like if USA would give the “old glory” flag name to the Russians -.-” or something… do not do this please…
    I will not buy this Payday+Counter Strike+Gta V+ a bit Battlefield engine and levolution (i men the sandstorm at omaha map oh my god really they put it in????? unrealistic!!!!)

  • chiper40 05.29.14 at 09:57

    I hate cop shows

  • DogTagsUk 05.29.14 at 09:53

    How can you call cops vs criminals a BATTLEFIELD game i just don’t get it ?…Sorry even with all the HARDWORK DICE LA are doing right now trying to fix DICE SWEDEN MESS ,ill pass but thanks for the offer …. And BTW don’t force players to play the beta by making them PER ORDER a broken game if you want sales then give it out day one free , Any one smell that .

  • TUMBLER1964 05.29.14 at 09:28

    Oh yeh!! And as for Battlefield Hardline , you can keep it. Sort out the current problems before you try selling us something else, that probably won’t work. I think the majority of Battlefield players, will not get stung again, you may be sorting BF 4 out. BUT!! WE won’t forget the shambles of the last few months.

    • blazen67 05.29.14 at 14:15

      ” I want to be sure you all understand that introducing Hardline in no way means we’re done working on Battlefield 4. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Visceral team is leading the development of Hardline, while the DICE team continues to drive BF4. “…what part of that statement did you not understand?

  • .:.keno.:. 05.29.14 at 09:23

    They give us BF3 for free :d when BF4 come for free or he will cheap?

  • TUMBLER1964 05.29.14 at 09:22

    ‘Rent-a-server’, when are they actually going to be available ??? , because they haven’t been, on Xbox 1, for weeks!!

  • makmende2013 05.29.14 at 08:31

    Its a shame that dice chooses to ignore us players by not fixing bf4 and yet they expect us to buy their next unfinished product

    • DeLucaFTW 05.29.14 at 09:04

      Jesus…Did you even read the damn thing?

      • Newland979 05.29.14 at 09:13

        I did read the article. My concern is the lack of stability present in BF4. Several fellow BF4 customers share my concern. A new game using the current BF4 engine is destined to suffer from some of the same problems. I just want to see EA set a reasonable production pace for DICE. EA needs to let DICE fix current problems before brewing another storm.

        • ArsenicShadows 07.21.14 at 15:23

          Well, I think I see another “I know everything without having to try” person. Just because it uses the same ENGINE, doesn’t mean it has to suffer from the same problems. You can make extensions or modifications to the engine, or create workarounds. Of course, there may be some things that are difficult to change because of the engine, but Hardline isn’t DESTINED to suffer from the same problems. I played the beta of Hardline, and it’s gameplay was actually better than BF4.

  • Gh0stFacex95 05.29.14 at 08:24

    This is all well and good but what about the fact that most xbox 360 players (myself included) have never even finished a round on Dawnbreaker when playing the larger gamemodes due to the freezing issue. Also this issue still sporadically appears on other maps too.

    • sexyUSSRussian 05.29.14 at 09:50

      That is what happens when you buy it on an outdated console that it was not made for until the last minute. Get a Playstation 4, and Xbox One, or hell, even a gaming PC, and tell me if you are having the same problems.

      • OBdaffy 05.29.14 at 11:13

        Mate, you can’t just tell people to ‘get a ps4 or better xbox’ – Some of us do live on a budget and therefore we cannot to buy the latest thing.
        If Battlefield 4 was unsuitable because it was outdated as you put it, then maybe it shouldn’t have been released (or had more attention given to it) to save people the hassle.

        Some of us have budgets to follow and bills to pay, so we can’t just buy the new iPhone when its released or console when that arrives. Some of us have to stick with what we got.

      • kainraz33 05.29.14 at 13:51

        Your fault not ours

  • Newland979 05.29.14 at 07:59

    Battlefield 4 still has release glitches on PC. Would you guys mind stabilizing the game many of us have spent over 100 USD (original game with premium) on? I regret new content being released faster than your support team can fix glitches. Your engine still experiences trouble running BF4. How do you expect us to have faith in a new game using your current engine? Reconcile with customers or I will not be purchasing BF: Hardline at any point.

    My main point is… quality wins lasting loyalty. I miss the recent past when DICE cared about stable game play.

  • lllKite 05.29.14 at 07:58

    Please bring grappling hooks BACK to Battlefield!!!!! Give it to the support class. I don’t care.

  • Dr_Fastfingers1 05.29.14 at 07:47

    Will there be a beta or demo for battlefield HARDLINE? Like it was with BF4, i think this is smart because viseral games can get the big bugs fixed before release.

  • R0flWaffIe 05.29.14 at 07:39

    Would it be possible to implement a way to make a LAN game or private match onto the test range so we could practice inside vehicles with eachother and other things? Just a thought, maybe if possible a response to my email?

  • ZenyT 05.29.14 at 07:25

    Once more…..Ping display in scoreboard and ping limit (and\or region lock) for PRIVATE SERVERS

  • CherbleFTW 05.29.14 at 07:23

    Are half of you people too stupid to understand that ANOTHER STUDIO is creating Battlefield Hardline? Did you even read the post? And I for one am excited for a new kind of game with Battlefield mechanics. And I’m also okay with a new Battlefield every year, as long as it isn’t the same thing over and over. ex. Cawwadoody.
    Here’s an idea, if you don’t like the idea of the new game, then DON’T BUY IT. That’s basically what this post is telling you.
    The tl;dr version is..
    Hey, ANOTHER STUDIO is making Hardline, but DICE will continue support on BF4 even though a new Battlefield is coming out.
    Just because they decide to make a game every year, doesn’t mean you need to buy every single one. If you don’t like the idea of a different kind of game with Battlefields mechanics, skip it and keep playing 4 until 5 comes out. And 6 and 7 etc. etc.
    And for real, shut up. You all look like idiots when you waste your energy typing unintelligible posts on Battlelog. They don’t care that YOU don’t like the idea of a new battlefield because a lot of people (like me) do.
    As long as we don’t have another BF4 release repeat later in history, I have no complaints.

    • sexyUSSRussian 05.29.14 at 09:37

      Thank you. These guys are all idiots. “Oh herpa friggin derp, don’t make a Battlefield every year DICE, your games will suck.” Shut up already. You drooling idiots don’t realize that we will be getting a main Battlefield title every 3 years do you? This is the way it will go…
      2014: Battlefield: Hardline (Visceral)
      2015: Battlefront 3 (DICE LA)
      2016: Battlefield 5 (DICE Stockholm)
      2017: Battlefield: Hardline 2?? (Visceral)
      2018: Battlefront 4 (DICE LA)
      2019: Battlefield 6 (DICE Stockholm)
      And so on…
      If you neanderthals really are willing to sit here and kill my brain cells and tell me that Battlefield is going to be worse being made by 3 different devs, on a 3 year cycle, than if EA were forcing DICE to push out a main Battlefield every 2 years? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!

      This is just proof that catering to the Call of Duty community only killed what little intelligence there was left in the Battlefield franchise.

      These kids complain about Battlefield being like Call of Duty while they sit there any cry over dying in Ghosts. It is hypocritical, and ignorant.

      If any of you out there still have common sense and aren’t brain dead 12 year olds who have been raised on McDonalds and American Television, feel free to hit me up on Origin, or steam under this same name, as I would love to hear some intelligence in this community again!

      • sporeboy100 06.02.14 at 09:23

        that was very insightful, adding you on origin

  • Battery34 05.29.14 at 07:18

    Do not take the one game every year route! Keep it as it has always beeb

  • Battery34 05.29.14 at 07:18

    DICE, if you are reading this i just want to say that: i love bf4 even though some really small bugs might be here and there. I have a couple of suggestions to the game: remove scope glint. It is not working, for example: the sun is not shining towards the scope but still the enemy sees it. When you spot a player, make it so that you only appear on the minimap (i want to camp):) Last suggestion: When all the dlc:s have rolled out i really hope that you will keep adding weapons that the community wants. I really want the M1 Garand and the XM8 assault rifle back. I know those might not be in the dlc:s but if you keep adding small assignments now and then. Thank you :)

    • sexyUSSRussian 05.29.14 at 09:41

      Scope glint stops sniper from being undetectable and over powered. I honestly think there is no place in an FPS for guns that can one shot you from 500m away anyways. Snipers are for cowards.

  • Thermos017 05.29.14 at 07:15

    you’re putting a battlefield name on a $#!t game to try to sell it. This new game will not follow the battlefield tradition as a cops & robbers concept. and you’re putting it out less than a year after your last major release, and well before fixing issues that existed on day 1 of the BF4 launch. After the terrible, lacking, ‘don’t give a damn’ service BF4 seems to have received, this new title is sure to be a flop announcing it this soon. I may have to find my BFV discs and take a step back to a game worth half a damn.

    • sexyUSSRussian 05.29.14 at 09:45

      They only announced it because it was leaked by a clever hacker. And are you still that friggin stupid that you think that this game was developed by DICE? DID YOU EVEN READ THE ARTICLE YOU NEANDERTHAL? DICE will not stop supporting BF4. DICE IS NOT MAKING BATTLEFIELD: HARDLINE. Police are just as much soldiers, as the marines are. They fight so you can be a lazy, ungrateful, brain-dead moron and sleep in peace knowing that you money you made off of selling your Star-trek dolls is safe from being carved out of your tubby miserable carcass while you sleep. Stop complaining. If you don’t want to buy the game, THEN DON’T BUY IT! You can buy a whole 2 weeks worth of MCDonalds with that money.

  • Grozarom 05.29.14 at 07:11

    No way!

  • Y4nKt0nS10x 05.29.14 at 06:38

    Fix battlefield 4 befor you guys put out another game I’m not going to buy till my assignments are fixed they’re not updating upon sure I have access to the gun but none of my other assignments are progressing any further now

    • sexyUSSRussian 05.29.14 at 09:46

      You didn’t read a damn thing they said, did you little boy? Go away.

  • Rud3dawg 05.29.14 at 06:25

    Thats not a Battlefield!!!! its Cops & Robbers!!!
    and I am far from satisfied with BF4 services!! instead of planning how to cheat people into buying new and INCOMPLETE games!!! please fix your existing game and you will earn your respect!!!

    • sexyUSSRussian 05.29.14 at 09:47

      Howabout you read the fucking article you nitwit! Read the damn thing before you type a comment with you chubby, greasy little sausage fingers! DICE IS NOT MAKING THIS GAME, AND THEY SAID THEY WILL FIX THE GAME, NOW GET OVER YOURSELF!

      • Rud3dawg 05.29.14 at 10:06

        Hows about you advocating for the losers who are out to con us.. I am not talking about DICE its EA that I am pissed at…!!! and please stop commenting for everyones genuine problem.. my greasy fingers… loll. Y dont you take that foot out of your mouth and get to work!!! do something useful for a change.. and just DIE!!! more food for the rest!!!! :p

  • fishingtime 05.29.14 at 06:19

    Sad that you have to write a letter like this to sell a new game.

  • allangba707 05.29.14 at 06:14

    As much as I like the idea of a new take on the Battlefield franchise, I am concerned of having a Battlefield every single year. The interest might wears off. Having said that, Battlefield Hardline has hardly anything to do with the typical core Battlefield experience we all used to.

    From what I saw, it looks original and fun until I play it, the real question is does it play like a Battlefield? can it sustain interest in the long term or is it gonna be forgotten just like MOH?

  • Indignant Yeti 05.29.14 at 06:12

    Cops vs robbers? You seriously have the gall to call that Battlefield? No thanks, there’s enough douchey cops and robbers games out there.

  • C013RA 05.29.14 at 05:59

    I am VERY tired of shooting someone at point blank range for 0 damage. I am about done with this BS.

    • ArsenicShadows 07.21.14 at 15:26

      Wow, you must suck at aiming.
      Unless you have an EXTREMELY bad connection or PC, there’s no way that’s still happening. Point blank range? They fixed that a while ago; atleast for most people.

  • Sekoku 05.29.14 at 05:57

    If you’re focused on taking care of the series’ games: What is gonna happen to BF2/BC2/etc. that used Gamespy? Are you guys gonna patch Gameranger or another browser in?

  • MEDLEO76 05.29.14 at 05:51

    my game works fine. At least fix the Bluetooth

  • dbthump 05.29.14 at 05:41

    I’m not buying that game. That’s not BF to me.

    • TrevorMcNeill 05.29.14 at 05:51

      ill be honest I would rather them do this instead of going all futuristic and shit.

  • Reiz3r 05.29.14 at 05:36

    7 months and the game still has problems,yes u are going to fix it,but when?

  • kuenhaw 05.29.14 at 05:16

    Keep up the good work! !

  • DeathbyDEEZ 05.29.14 at 05:11

    Another way of dodging the questions. When will it be fixed. Most of your users have $100+ dollars invested going on 7 months. We are still experiencing problems on a day to day basis. The is beyond over due. Instead of tasking different studios to add shit and develop different titles you should task them with fixing the broken pile you have already sold and are still making money on.

    • AWPtical800 05.29.14 at 05:19

      my guess is that there will be a massive patch to go along within Dragon’s Teeth, which is coming out this summer (hopefully late june)

  • kirkvillian 05.29.14 at 05:11

    Any updates to saving in campaign mode? Still haveing issues with sysetm crashes as well. How about a hardcore mode?

  • DocSavage 05.29.14 at 05:09

    Okay, well we’ve heard “good news” before. Like “The PC build and console build are two completely different builds”, a few months after release, “No really, pay no attention to the console controls poking their heads out in the keymap, it’s totally diffreent.” A few months later, “Fine, fine, you’ve caught us, we decided to scrap the PC only build and port it over.” Sorry if your customer base doesn’t buy this hook, line and sinker. You’ve lied before.

    • TrevorMcNeill 05.29.14 at 05:58

      Yeah that’s why i hate consoles until they can handle the same thing a computer can graphically game designers will be held back by the limitations of consoles

  • II JONZIE II 05.29.14 at 05:09

    Awesome! can’t wait for E3 :)

  • deathbylatte 05.29.14 at 04:49

    This was needed.