Introducing Squad Join Beta

Connecting and playing with your friends has always been a central aspect of the Battlefield multiplayer experience. To help make this easier, we are now releasing Squad Join Beta for Battlefield 4. This is something we know our fans have been asking for – and something we wish we could have provided at launch – so we are now happy to present the first iteration of Squad Join.

Squad Up Before Battle

Squad Join Beta allows you to set up a squad for up to 5 people before joining a multiplayer server. This means that you and 4 of your friends can join a Battlefield 4 match as a squad, and deploy directly in the game together. Once in-game, you and your squad mates are guaranteed to stick together over rounds.

We would like to add that Squad Join Beta is the first iteration of the feature. We will continue to add features and tweaks based on your feedback and comments, and are aiming to release the next version of Squad Join when Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth arrives this summer. Also note that Squad Join Beta is available for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Before digging into the details, check out this Squad Join Beta tutorial video (note that this clip shows a work in progress).

How It’s Done

To join Battlefield 4 as part of a squad, simply choose “Squad Join Beta” in the game’s multiplayer menu. Here you will be able to see a list of active squads, or create your own. A list of the five slots will appear, with the squad leader indicated by a star. When you’re good to go, just initiate quickmatch to join a game, and you’ll be in-game with your squad mates, ready to bring your team to victory.

Also, if you’ve left your squad and want to re-join it, you can do so – if the squad has a free slot. Joining this way will enable you to both join the squad and the match at the same time.

Other Squad Join Features

As mentioned, this is the first iteration of Squad Join and other features for it are planned, with the first major update coming within the next months (a more exact date will be communicated later). In this multi-release process, we are working on features like managing party members, and making Squad Join available for all game modes.

Initially, Squad Join Beta will be available in the Battlefield 4 base game maps in the Conquest, Team Deathmatch, Obliteration, Rush, and Domination game modes. All the other Battlefield 4 maps and more game modes will be supported in later iterations of Squad Join.

Give us Your Feedback

Your comments and feedback are valuable to us. We’d really like to hear your input about Squad Join Beta and make you a part of improving this feature. Please leave your comments below. We hope you will enjoy trying out Squad Join Beta, and that it will make your time in Battlefield 4 even more enjoyable.

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  • nobba2306 02.10.15 at 18:12

    Always used it

  • PM Quango 10.12.14 at 03:48

    When is Squad Join going to be available for PC wa are as important as all the console players!!!

  • weaXpon 07.01.14 at 18:33

    is there a way i can set up the game mode type ie regular or hardcore , i noticed there is no way to switch the game setting to hardcore when getting my squad ready , if im missing something and some one could point me in the right direction that would be great .

  • CriminuhL- 05.14.14 at 06:07

    This beta test is not working for the PS4. Any one know why???

  • becca0011 05.09.14 at 14:09

    The Squad Join beta needs an (1) “INVITE FRIEND TO SQUAD” option, otherwise it’s useless. There’s no way to organize people into the squad if one can’t send them invites. (2) IN MENU VOIP would be helpful too, so people can communicate with one another and discuss which game mode/maps to play.

  • zak187187 05.07.14 at 08:53

    please allow server browser for squad join beta

  • TonyNibbles 05.06.14 at 16:31

    This will only be useful if it works without needing to use quickmatch. I never play noob mode, and always use the server browser to select the game modes i want to play.

  • Cl1ntB3astw00D7 05.06.14 at 02:20

    It would be nice to be able to join hardcore modes from this function. On that note, I would much prefer if this function would work with the server browser instead of quickmatch. Quickmatch has the potential to place me in a rented server, and I would much prefer official Dice servers. If the squad join feature had these fixes I think you would be in business.

  • Aj b33m3R 05.04.14 at 18:41

    It’s great you finally implemented the ability to squad up before you enter a match but I do not want to be thrown into rented servers. As it stands right now a feature I’ve been waiting for, and honestly can’t understand why it was not implemented at launch, is ALL BUT USELESS to me and my friends.

    Unless I’m missing something on the 360, once I squad up I only have the choice of game mode and Quick Match.

    Rented servers are always hit or miss, and more miss than hit. They all have these asinine rules the admins never enforce for their own team. I don’t mind rules, I’ll follow them, the problem is the rules aren’t hard coded and server admins never seem to mind when their own team is breaking their own rules.

    This is not a rant against rented servers. I simply have had more bad experiences on them than positive so I avoid them like Sarah Palin avoids reason and intellect.

    DICE, please fix. I just blew my gaming budget on Premium, don’t make this my next Black Ops (which was unplayable for me after the last patch). I believe this is a solid game. I believe you’ll fix the game, but the hard sell of these rented servers on console is the bane of an honest gamer’s existence on Battlefield. Stop forcing them down our throats. If people want to waste their money on a server for themselves and their friends, great. The rest of us should not be subjected to their tyranny and often, childishness. We paid for the game too. And we also pay a monthly fee on top of that.

    Before everyone starts whining about how great their rented server is or how I’m being “dumb” or whatever… If you can’t or are not willing to make the effort to enforce the rules evenly for both sides in a match, you should not be making the rules in the first place. NO EXCUSES. You can’t have a no shotgun server and have your own teammates blasting away with a USAS right next to you and not kick them from the game.

  • Jrod115683 05.04.14 at 17:57

    Just a quick suggestion for this system. Most of my friends and I generally play Hardcore game modes so adding those options to this system would be much appreciated! Thanks DICE!

  • Zielujw2523 05.04.14 at 12:39

    why do you ask us what we would like to change? But in BF3the function worked great! not enough to copy? why complicate

    • becca0011 05.09.14 at 14:18

      I agree. The in-game squad up function in BF3 worked seamlessly, and I don’t understand why DICE didn’t implement this from the get-go. Every option available made sense, and made creating squads easy.

  • gx5cpx 05.03.14 at 15:17


  • Morisato 05.03.14 at 02:39

    Let me guess, your forgot the PC players? GOOD JOB DICE/EA. Typical.

  • Atratus 05.03.14 at 02:01

    PC player have to deal with BL or is this console only?

  • Mabbubupu 05.03.14 at 01:00

    When you can use this feature with the server browser, instead of quick match, then i will be happy.

  • zancul 05.02.14 at 23:01

    Can it be done to play hardcore?

  • Jeden_nasty 05.02.14 at 22:15

    Finally! THX :)
    And by the way, maybe some off top – please, remove flag B on Metro from elevators to near point A, in the “cashbox/shop/bureau” (whatever it calls) for example. It will really improve game and fight will be more interesting. Think about it, pls. Thx:) Jeden_nasty PS4

  • STEVEN RATTY 05.02.14 at 22:05

    So squad death match still not working it takes 6 matches to get 5 party members on the same squad.

  • IVIarc 05.02.14 at 22:00

    Squad joining! Finally! But what about if there’s more than 5 of us (i.e. a clan). Keeping clans together and preventing rebalancing from splitting clans up in between matches needs to be next.

  • LightOfValkyria 05.02.14 at 20:36

    And it only took 6 damn months.

    • ArmouredKK 05.02.14 at 20:43

      The Game was released 6 months early. The State the game is now, is the state DICE would originally have released the game in.

      • LightOfValkyria 05.02.14 at 21:02

        The game’s current state is still unacceptable.

  • DoucheVader 05.02.14 at 20:30

    “This is something we know our fans have been asking for – and something we wish we could have provided at launch”

    I have to call this BS out. DICE released BF4 and at every junction they said they were NOT going to add pre-game squads, the only reason you have done this was because DICE finally caved to the pressure and likely this may be a means to try to get older players to come back since the game is running better.

    I appreciate the feature, just be honest about why we getting it, we the audience are not stupid.

    • MxA Alenori 05.02.14 at 21:56

      You really shouldn’t be talking like that, I’m more than positive they did want to add it in during pre-launch, they just couldn’t because big brother EA was pushing to beat Call of Duty. This is why the game is still in the state it is, I’m considering it a gamma development.

      Full game abilities, just not everything they want fixed, or things put in.

    • Aj b33m3R 05.04.14 at 18:45

      I think another reason they may have decided to do it was as a hard sell for rented servers. Squading up then Quick Match will throw you into a rented server.