Battlefield Hardline Coming This Fall

On behalf of everyone at EA and Visceral Games, I’m fired up to confirm our next project – Battlefield Hardline. This is a brand new series in the Battlefield franchise, set against the backdrop of a genre we all love – the war on crime and the battle between cops and criminals.

Several years ago, I was at an internal EA meeting in Barcelona with creative leaders from across the company. It was here I met Karl Magnus Troedsson, the GM of DICE, for the first time, and we immediately began talking about games. I’ve always loved Battlefield and KM was a huge fan of Dead Space, so we started talking about different ways we could work together, different ways we could take Battlefield and action games in a new direction. And from that point, the project that would become Battlefield Hardline was born.

I wish I could tell you more now – more about the ways we are adding new twists and turns to the foundation of Battlefield multiplayer, more about how we’re bringing our strengths at Visceral to single player. But the wait won’t be too long – we’re looking forward to sharing more with you on June 9.

Stay tuned for more information about Battlefield Hardline at E3 and sign up for updates at our web site

Steve Papoutsis
General Manager, Visceral Games
Executive Producer, Battlefield Hardline


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  • Fredix 06.22.14 at 11:22

    Check out this:
    thanks guys
    sorry for the spam

  • shadowwolf101528 06.14.14 at 11:07

    Also another reason to keep dice is ._.._.._.._.._DINOSAURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shadowwolf101528 06.14.14 at 11:06

    Listen battlefield hardline looks great but I hope that dice still make battlefield and dont get there baby stolen

  • SNAKEM4 06.13.14 at 22:04

    Salve ragazzi spero che non sia la Grafica massima vista nella Beta di BFH potrete fare di meglio!
    ho tutte le vostre serie di BF e se per favore potreste creare un modalità split screen online
    sarebbe molto bello poter giocare con un amico sulla stessa Ps4 grazie ragazzi

  • Unibomber211 06.12.14 at 17:35

    You guys need to change some things about this game before release! I hope you take your consumers advice this time around and really tune this game up before release. First thing id change is the way the Heist are played out. First you should have to go to the bank and Start the hold up with your crew and second you should have c4 and have to blow vault open all while the other team ( the cops ) have to respond. Make it more in depth more involved. Also you should add ventilation shafts in building so there is a more tactical way of entering the buildings or even using tear gas before entry. Also, you should let us customize our characters any way we like, colors of our gear, and entire gear customization from head to toe different gear so nobody looks the same, and also the driving physics could be better. Make it feel like your driving a car with the weight distribution, the way it grips and slides and add an e-brake. I think you guys should also add more objects in the maps like more objects for cover and
    things that are common items in the type of maps you make exmple – abandoned cars, old trash cans, tv sets, bystanders and frantic people when gun shots sound out. Just the little details like that make the game so much better. I really hope you guys use some of our ideas because at the end thats what the people want and what makes a great game.

  • Jarhead0311_42 06.11.14 at 01:33

    Thank you for the Beta invite. I look forward to trying it out and providing some helpful feedback.

  • Kovert117 06.06.14 at 14:36

    Rainbow Six: Las Vegas meets GTA???

  • T-REXroar59 06.04.14 at 21:57

    No!!! What about the dinosaurs your forgetting all about them :(

  • KenjiTR14 06.04.14 at 07:47

    i’ll buy it , because its battlefield , i love that series.
    but please EA, Dice also Visceral or Battlefield or just whatever.
    please please please make a split screen mode :) it will be a lot more fun and tons of people will surely like it, also single player aside the campaign one , with the AI’s.

  • Beat-machine88 06.03.14 at 12:34

    It is sad to see what makes the developer of Battlefield. Battlefield 4 is for me the last of the series. Nobody ask for Battlefield Hardline.

    • IcoNicQuicKShot 07.10.14 at 02:28

      Well it’s to bad, hardline is coming.

  • JBgamesss 05.31.14 at 14:00

    Acho muito bom ele começarem uma nova franquia de Battlefield, desde que eles continuem no o Battlefield 5, e Bad Company 3.

  • XX_OBAIDAT_XX 05.30.14 at 09:33

    Plz make a split screen mode!!! That will make it soooo much better!! And make 2 player online multiplayer!!! Plz take this in consideration…

  • xSlingerx 05.30.14 at 00:22

    I watched a trailer on this game looks fucking BADASS at first I didn’t like the idea of Cops VS. Robbers on Battlefield but seeing actual gameplay got my attention. Just as long as they still make Battlefield 5/ Bad Company 3 in the future im all for this game. And as for the issue with them still needing to fix BF4 They have been doing serious work fixing BF4 lately barely ever have any problems thanks DICE for being a good committed developer but next time EA tells you to publish a game before its ready give them the middle finger thanks :D

  • Kyuss1979 05.29.14 at 21:10

    The “BF” moniker doesn’t and shouldn’t limit it to a Military-only game. I for one am excited for Hardline, and i’m looking forward to doing battle in a different kind of field. Bring it on!!

  • G_LEONTAS_R 05.29.14 at 20:37

    We support the new coming game, we need something different, Mr Papoutsis!

  • Jeroenimous 05.29.14 at 18:42

    Leaed game footage looked good so far :) Also remember, this is not BF5, or Bad Company 3. It is not substituting anythong, it is an extra BF game with a different approach. OF course, BF4 has had sad problems, and still not everything is fixed.

    If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. But stop bitching about it :)

  • LTFU_Tom 05.29.14 at 17:48

    Before judging why don’t we wait to see some game footage.

  • kirk1988100 05.29.14 at 13:51


  • kirk1988100 05.29.14 at 13:50

    goddamn you EA greedy, you Sell-outs bastards are destroying my favorite game that I grow up playing it.. I’ve always been supportive never complained too much but EA you really crossed the line you release shit like GTA and semi COD game at lest remove battlefied title , battlefield is military based game if you forgot EA ,, hardline is stupid and it’s sound stupid.. I WILL NOT BUY IT

    • AlexAlmoza 05.29.14 at 16:26

      There’s millions of players,they wont worry about a butthurt like you.

    • Demoshup 06.03.14 at 19:04


    • BAD_BIG_DAY 06.12.14 at 22:17

      Man you have issues ….Please check your meds some may have expired. Its not the end of the world

    • shadowwolf101528 06.14.14 at 11:11

      LIsten if you have a problem with the game do not buy it but stop giving out this is just a game with a different aproach

  • Farcere 05.29.14 at 11:33

    I saw a grappling hook, hoping for it to be in next BF4 DLC!

  • TygeR2ActuaL 05.29.14 at 11:18

    Unfortunately the only only way to make these people pay attention is to stop feeding feeding them your your money, I for one am disgusted by EA and what what they I’d with MoH:WF and what what they are doing doing to BF series! Last decent BF Was BF3 and although they did a decent job patching up the sh*t game BF4 turned out to be. I couldn’t even believe DICE was forced to release such such an incomplete game only only to compete compete with CoD bullsh*t! Ea doesn’t understand understand that BF series is the opposite of that crap franchise. We shouldn’t need to compete for something unworthy of acclaim. Let THEM Hear US and feel it in in their pockets!

  • C_H_R_I_S_3128 05.29.14 at 10:58

    Sell-outs. Stop making this crap and take longer to focus on making something that is actually good. Quality over quantity. Battlefield is just turning into Call of Duty.. *sigh*

  • SmokinNinja816 05.29.14 at 10:51

    Stop making crap please..I dont want to hear anything from battlefield unless it ends in Bad Company 3 much longer do we all have to wait?

  • Egg-O-Deth 05.29.14 at 10:00

    I agree, it is not battlefield, no two ways about it. It can be inspired by… Using the tech of… etc But it is not BF.

    It could be a great game, for sure… Simply call it Hardline, and drop the BF moniker.

    I do NOT blame DICE for BF4, it is EA who force the release of a broken game before it is ready.

  • hiddendragon28 05.29.14 at 07:45

    Me thinks GTA verses BATMAN. Not for me

  • Pallini 05.29.14 at 07:38

    Not buying it. Period.
    BF4 hasn’t even got all of it’s DLC’s, yet you guys are making a new game already?
    Going the COD route with a new BF each year?

    • shadowwolf101528 06.14.14 at 11:13

      It is not made by dice so dice are working on the next BF while viseral games make this one

  • SinisterBlood69 05.29.14 at 06:36

    are you going to do any upgrades on the battlefield for 360?

  • Y4nKt0nS10x 05.29.14 at 06:31

    Fix Battlefield 4 my assignments are not updateing upon completion

  • Dune Jumper 05.29.14 at 06:18

    This game sounds good! I’ll defiantly keep an eye on it. If the reviews are positive, I’m easily buying it.

  • h4lfbak3d 05.29.14 at 06:15

    I think id much rather see Battlefield Bad Company 3. That to date has been the BEST I have played. Battlefield 2 had AWESOME maps, Bad Company 2 had amazing play, destruction etc. I think I speak for a vast portion of the dedicated Battlefield Supporters in this would be a much better avenue. Take all the mechanics, destruction, and gameplay and implement it into the new Frostbite Engine and get BF BC3 going.

    • Snazzy_Snafu_OG 05.29.14 at 06:30

      I hope that BC3 is going to be DICE’s next game, and I am not to impressed with Hardline so far. I totally agree with you, BC2 has some of the best maps, weaponry and destruction. But this game might be alright. I mean, Sledgehammer Games and Activision are over there innovating and now Visceral and EA are too… This year is going to be crazy good or amazingly terribe.

  • Threeheadedtoad 05.29.14 at 05:51

    Way to go EA!!!! Finally, you get a chance to screw up a whole new genre! Not just sports games anymore!

  • Maroy 05.29.14 at 05:18

    Cops and criminals? really? no thanks Ill stick with DICE and wait for their next installment in the franchise be it BC3 or BF5, you can keep your BF Hardline

  • knightfang77 05.29.14 at 05:08

    To all the comments about this game that mention DICE, I would like you to take a closer look, this game is NOT being made by DICE, its being made by Visceral Games, a totally different studio in the EA family, I’m sure DICE is still working on BF4 and on Bad Company 3 if that is the next DICE made Battlefield, and while I’m not sure how I feel about the cops vs. crooks idea, I’ll wail till I’ve played it to pass judgment.

    • Egg-O-Deth 05.29.14 at 10:04

      Very few say that Hardline is coming from dice, they are saying that they will wait for DICE to do the next True BF game, hopefully BC3, or another futuristic BF… 2242 :)

    • Unibomber211 06.12.14 at 17:42

      Dice has a hand in this game. Their name is blasted on the start up of the beta so dont let them fool you they just dont want the blow back if this game turns out to be shit.

  • HonchoRyanC 05.29.14 at 04:23

    Will not buy/10

  • Alcatraz VI 05.29.14 at 03:36

    I am actually really looking forward to this, if they actually pull this off I feel like this game will be great. Visual, solid gameplay, these developers have learned so much from past mistakes that messing this game up will be very difficult. I feel like this will end up to be one of those games everyone will refer to (like COD 4, or CSGO). I am excited.

  • TITAN-AE 05.29.14 at 02:54

    Dice Is About To Ruin Battlefield This Isn’t Battlefield Change the name to something else like (Hardline) Only…. totally Not happy with this New Game. i own all battlefields and totally not buying this crap!!!!

  • cabuba 05.29.14 at 02:44

    Come one…really ? Why change what already have been proven to work, ,battlefield is great for what it is..

  • VADE-MiNiUX 05.29.14 at 02:09

    there are many games sharing this theme i dont know if this is the step into right direction… bf was leader in military warfare its weird to see it going into urban kind of stuff

  • xX SpArT1N Xx 05.29.14 at 01:44

    Maybe instead of starting a new project , why not fix bf4. I stopped playing that game because it’s getting worse. But you probably don’t care you’ve got your money’s worth from the game. So your going to continue down the typical EA path and go for quantity not quality, good on ya.

  • TK Chillin 05.29.14 at 00:33

    How long do I have to wait for Bad Company 3. Battlefield is “Not” Cops and Robbers!

  • Cann1bal Corps3 05.29.14 at 00:16

    battlefield 4 still freezes like crazy and they’re already moving on to another game this fall ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous.

  • GroinSniper 05.29.14 at 00:15

    What’s next? Battlefield Frontier with Cowboys and Indians? I was hoping for more Urban Warfare but staying with the military theme…

  • TeddyBonFire 05.29.14 at 00:09

    I have a feeling its going to be like Payday 1 and 2 but you can be the cop…

  • zurrenda 05.29.14 at 00:03

    i love every idea the only thing i dont like is that you guys are competing your release dates with cod battlefield is super farsuperior for every 5 games cod launches is equal to 1 battlefield 3 please stick to your game and make them better … dont rush it we dont get tired still today of bf3 and u rushed us bf4… dont get me wrong i love it but we can tell it wasnt quite finished yet no squadjoin ready… no server controll too much too handle

  • NIKOYA-PINOLERO 05.29.14 at 00:03

    Wow! Is this turnings into a COD game?

  • Ariels_SOLD1ER 05.28.14 at 22:56

    I will probably have to say no to the one Battlefield game in history. I own every Battlefield game to ever be produced on PC, PS2, PS3 and now PS4 and now I will be saying no for the first time. I buy Battlefield for the “Battlefield” experience. Specifically I love the military play, using armor and aircraft in coordinating attacks with Infantry against other teams. But now your going to make a Battlefield Police game? That is like taking an NFL game and releasing a version of it in flag football. Its just not the same, not the same violence or action. But hey, I guess that is why I am not the CEO of DICE, EA or etc. Good luck. I will wait until Battlefield 5 is released.

  • Tokoroa-Terror 05.28.14 at 22:34

    How about getting the current game working properly before worrying about the next…. what a joke!!

    • TrevorMcNeill 05.28.14 at 23:17

      you realize that they have multiple teams for different games so chances are there will be a team for BF4 and a team for this game.

  • phinnv8 05.28.14 at 22:24

    Battlefield meets Counter Strike? Very good idea DICE as a good midpoint from Battlefield 5 / Frostbite 4.

    Will wait to see if it’s a well done and a bug-free release or not buying.

  • Anatolianer 05.28.14 at 21:28

    It’s a great idea, mixing CS:GO and Payday2 but it is not a battlefield at all, and after Frostbite 3 engine, this game’s graphics look so cartoonish to me

    • phinnv8 05.28.14 at 22:23

      Agreed it would be nice to see Battlefield to take on a more gritty / dark look for Hardline.

  • UnconsciousSol 05.28.14 at 21:07

    Releasing a new BF every year? BF was once better than CoD now BF is CoD…lawlz

  • UnconsciousSol 05.28.14 at 21:06

    I don’t give 2 f*cks about Hardline if BF4 isn’t even fixed. F*ck the netcode and the aim assist for console. EA and DICE are just going to push another broken game out the door for revenue because they think their fans are stupid enough to buy another BF on release. F*ck you all. _l_(-.-)

  • RoundishRogue5 05.28.14 at 20:27

    Just call it Swat, or Hardline and leave and leave Battlefield to the military gaming. I am not to hyped about a police shooter, Just make BF5 as good as 3 in MP, or like CoD games, it will not be bought by me. And I get the cities are battlefields but I would like a good shooter cop game with some real good cop twists which would make it distinct from military style SP and MP. All in all sounds like a do able concept. Will not be rushing to buy though as it could be a dud if not done right.

  • whysoseriousmr 05.28.14 at 20:09

    i really like this. new concept in battlefield, with good graphics and i guess a new inovative single player. really excited. who doesnt want to be a criminal :D my dream coming true

  • HalfBloodPimp 05.28.14 at 19:43

    Meh, I already play enough CS:GO.

  • inekorain 05.28.14 at 19:35

    To be honest, this game sounds like it will be the next BF Free to play. Except that we get to pay for it!!! Visceral specializes on single player therefore do not expect them to deliver a good MP experience. I think, that you should have Visceral develop the SP for BF5 and let whoever worked BF2/3 deal with the MP of BF5.

  • mohammedamer901 05.28.14 at 19:32

    I can’t feel the sense of da dum dum dum dum da da dum dum (BF theme) with this type of game .I like the new idea but name it anything else .that doesn’t seem to belong to BATTLEFIELD franchise.

  • hiddendragon28 05.28.14 at 19:28

    It’s not battlefield is it, it’s another game entirely, wouldn’t it be better to release all battlefield game series for those havnt had chance to play them including those from before 2007 on console.if DICE released all maps from all battlefield series revamped for the new generation console then I would gladly pay, but not for a diffrent game with a old name.

  • TheDiaperButtKid 05.28.14 at 19:16

    Sorry Visceral, due to the lack of support from DICE on BF4, I will not be purchasing this game.

  • Skurfking 05.28.14 at 19:15

    What makes Battlefield “Battlefield” is Destruction 4.0. If I can blow holes in most buildings then I’m all in. I have no doubt the gameplay and vehicles will be up to Battlefield standards.

  • KREA8HAVIC 05.28.14 at 19:05

    This is a smart move for the BF franchise. They are kinda following what COD is doing by recruiting another developer to participate in a rotation maybe? It is a different company and project than BF4 so complaining about fixing BF4 has nothing to do with this ccompan. I do feel EA needs to listen to their “buyers” if they want this franchise to survive. Reborn a previous game, BF Bad Company, probably one of the best story lines. I do miss WWII era games but unfortunately the new generaition of kids would look at it as a old ancient setting that they wouldn’t really understand or appreciate. I mean would you want to play a first person Civil War era game? I wouldn’t.

  • DEMONG-4444 05.28.14 at 19:00

    Just make this a free add-on for BF4 and you may win your market back. (Wishful thinking)

  • Assassin0fLove 05.28.14 at 19:00

    Scroll down to read expert commentary and analysis by uneducated people who have no idea what they are talking about…

  • Corporal-troller 05.28.14 at 18:52

    I play battlefield for all out WARFARE,not cops n’ robbers

  • vonDassendorf 05.28.14 at 18:42

    what is so hard to understand? This is a diffrent battkefield game developed by another studio, it does not mean that the will stop working on BF4 ^^. Hell it probably won’t appeal to the same audience! It sounds like more of an arcade-shooter that competes with games like rainbow six and Counter-Strike.

  • thetreerapist 05.28.14 at 18:37

    Gotta love how they fucked up bf4 trying to beat cod ghosts to the punch, thenthought they could do it again to cod av… Seriously guys? There’s still major issues in bf4, and all you care about is a dying rival. I want to say its sad to see bf go down the same road but really its just stupid. You want to try to pull the same shit you did with bf4 and cod ghosts, fine, see you in a year when your game is in the discount bin at Walmart…

    • Dr.TekHOUSE 05.28.14 at 19:05

      still better then COD! for PC, bf4 works fine and i have all in low. Sometimes i have netcod problems but then i switch to a better server.

  • p41n4ndm1s3ry 05.28.14 at 18:33

    why not just reboot battlefield 1942? it would be a sure thing and I dont see anyone else really making any good ww2 games with better technology anymore. also when is bad company 3 coming out?

  • SiskoData66 05.28.14 at 18:33

    No no no. Anyone at EA DICE listening to the fans or you just scoop up bad ideas. What we need are better working games and leave battlefield as it is no stupid ideas like these. Why not ask the fans I would like a WW2 Bf with the new engine or even BF2143. I am waiting for the Star Wars BF as well why not concentrate on that or at least fixing BF4 first.

    • vonDassendorf 05.28.14 at 18:36

      If you read you’ll see that DICE is not developing this one!

    • FullMetaI 05.28.14 at 18:38

      2148 is the end of the lore.
      So Doing 2143 would work but we would see the same maps

    • Dr.TekHOUSE 05.28.14 at 19:16

      totaly agree with that, and they should also do a “command & conquer” mode that enables the commander to move ships and select stratigic outposts for flags.

  • BFCentral 05.28.14 at 18:32

    Hey look everyone its a new Counter Strike Game.

  • ronko32 05.28.14 at 18:28

    oh sorry i meant agree, my bad xD

  • ronko32 05.28.14 at 18:28

    I agtee with ariasjose name this game something else and not Battlefield. Because battlefield sounds more like a war against to armies this could be called something totaly different.

  • ProximalPoet99 05.28.14 at 18:27

    WTF! You start making a new game before you have even fixed the earlier game. Come on. Fix Battlefield 4

  • rbi25marvelous 05.28.14 at 18:27

    Nooooo. Stick with this battlefield n milk for what’s it worth. Where’s Dino mode. Forget this game. #lame

  • DominicanSwa66 05.28.14 at 18:26

    This sounds alot like rainbox six….can we just stick to the concept we all know and love

  • ariasjose 05.28.14 at 18:03

    Looks good, but this is NOT Battlefield, name it the way you want, but NOT “Battlefield”

  • strYker555 05.28.14 at 16:41

    Good concept, bad naming. This game should not be in the Battlefield franchise but its own title. Yes it would use the Frostbite engine but this is no Battlefield game. I would advise Visceral and EA not to mix Battlefield with this game but promote it on its own merits.

    • ShavedApe 05.28.14 at 16:58

      I take it you missed the part where he says they wanted to “take Battlefield and action games in a new direction”
      I know I know battlefield is about conquest bla bla bla well guess what the GM of dice disagrees and since he has more say than we do the only way you are going to change that is by not buying the game.

      At this point all i see is a re skinned battlefield with new modes to play and of course a clear push to release battlefield on a yearly basis. None of which I am happy about. I have no problem with Battlefield going in new directions in fact i am all for it innovate away.

      This to me just makes me think call of duty life cycle here we come and I for one want no part of that.

    • RioichiFIN 05.28.14 at 18:24

      Why are you saying that this is not a Battlefield game? What defines “Battlefield”… This series is one the most varied shooter-series and this new announment just proves it! We have WW2 Battlefields, we have modern Battlefields, we have futuristic Battlefields, we have story focused Battlefields, we have free-2-play colorful and lighthearted Battlefields and now we get a new Battlefield! And this game will feature everything you want in Battlefield game! And that is the fantastic multiplayer which mixes up infantry and vehicle combat in markable way!

    • EzioAuditoreDa69 05.28.14 at 19:02

      that just cant happen’s got 70% of battlefield in it so it cant be named anything else

  • Amsterdam1992 05.28.14 at 15:33

    Hmmm, I really wanted 2 see a new Bad Company, but this may be fun though.
    But Im pretty worried that Visceral Games is gonna ruin our Battlefield games.

    DICE made Battlefield what it is today, although EA f*cked it all up with BF4…

  • Exzentrik 05.28.14 at 12:27

    So, several years ago this awesome Idea was born. I sure hope not around 2010 when EA published a game called “APB”, in which one team played law enforcers and the other team played the gangsters. After all I’ve heard about Hardline until now, this sure sounds like APB to me…

  • Spike III 05.28.14 at 12:08

    So many FPS disappointments in recent years… I just hope this isn’t a pure punt at greed in an attempt to annualise this apparent new ‘franchise’! How long before we see zombies, aliens and even Snoop Dog narrated game play with a astronaut wielding an SMG in the jungle, I ask myself :/

  • SamFixEA 05.28.14 at 11:54

    Seems like a really solid concept – something fresh and new. It’s not going to be for everyone, though if you need tanks and jets you’ve got them now in BF4. Hoping a woody FN FAL might be employed by the crims….

  • Qusai_Alkindi 05.28.14 at 11:41

    don’t destroy battlefield with this game swat battlefield is open war between solider not police you should remove battlefield word from the name

  • Lindetiel 05.28.14 at 10:52

    This is ridiculous! Instead of making battlefield 4 work for the players (while charging practically twice more than for BF3) EA brings up new Battlefield this fall? Not cool.

    • M16SEAL 05.28.14 at 11:04

      That’s because they can do nothing to current states of battlefield 4

    • LoneHamish 05.28.14 at 15:36

      It’s being made by Visceral Games…not by DICE…

      They’ve got no Dead Space sequels to make so they have to work on something…

  • M16SEAL 05.28.14 at 10:38

    that’s mean No tanks , No IFV , No MMA , No attack helo , No scout helo. No rocket launchers …. Actually Battlefield series die .

  • TheFpsGamer1125 05.28.14 at 10:30

    Ok, im not a real fan of this idea, but if it does play and look appealing, with MINIMAL bugs at launch, ill be hands on for it.

  • latro666 05.28.14 at 10:26

    Before all the moaning starts, imagine payday with BF graphics and gamepay.

    And whos to say there wont be larger scale stuff? Look on the news there are plenty of urban conflicts involving law enforcement that are in the 100′s of bodies, certainly 64 players worth… riots, terroist attacks all that kinda stuff.

  • Anagramgamer 05.28.14 at 08:44

    Sweet, it looks like we’re getting a NOTAR heli in Hardline. Cool thx Visceral

  • Atratus 05.28.14 at 08:41

    The name is SOO wrong for this game. “Battlefield” means war, means military, army, tanks and so on. So this game has nothing to do with this setting. AND the name “Battlefield” is losing its quality even more than because of the disaster about BF4. So, just give that game a news name and stop destroying the name Battlefield.

    • Sanosuke^ 05.28.14 at 08:49

      Battlefield means a “Field of battle”.

      The streets in a city is policeofficer’s field of battle

      • Spike III 05.28.14 at 12:10

        The classroom is a teachers field of battle but we wouldn’t accept that concept! They tread a fine line with this, don’t you think?

  • PuppetVaysa 05.28.14 at 07:52


  • lehusan 05.28.14 at 07:29


  • tomr1112 05.28.14 at 07:07


  • HeLiX-Koala 05.28.14 at 07:03

    This game looks Awesome! As a Veteran of all the Battlefield games this is a great new change to the Battlefield series and should not be frowned apon because of the small issues with Battlefield 4 that are now 100% fixed! Battlefield 4 is a great game and the “netcode” that supposedly ruins the game is non existent. Anyone that complaines about that is just plain bad at the game. I look forward to Battlefield Hardline knowing that it will be an outstanding game in the Battlefield series!

    • CaptPAG 05.28.14 at 18:35

      you must be smoking something , the game is still not fixed , Fix BF4 before I payone cent out on any EA games agian

  • jxysyrs 05.28.14 at 06:37


  • Zen_Shot 05.28.14 at 06:20

    As a veteran of 12 Battlefield games now, I can safely say I will not be buying this. Not just because of the Battlefield 4 debacle, but also because this is just wrong. Battlefield has always been a military shooter. What next? Battlefield Kart?

    • HeLiX-Koala 05.28.14 at 07:06

      You obviously are not a true Battlefield Veteran.

  • shyuechou 05.28.14 at 05:05

    Oh dear, another gangster title.

  • icelo_93 05.28.14 at 04:16

    Please don’t mess up this game like battlefield i hope the netcode will be smooth and i hope there is no bugs in this game please don’t mess this up like battlefield 4 and one more thing please return to sony and give us early dlc for this game and future titles like you guys did in BF3 that was amazing because call of duty is partnered with microsoft and its really annoying waiting for the dlc to come on sony platforms thats why i made the switch to the battlefield franchise so please i am begging and crossing my fingers please make this happen

  • Ragnarok013 05.28.14 at 03:51

    I have to agree with Philliefan678, Battlefield is about large scale warfare which Law Enforcement personnel do not engage in. That fact eliminates tanks, jets, attack helis, Rocket launchers, and most of the class structure, etc while limiting us to SWAT type vehicles and gear. Police games are fun but it should be made as a new IP and not riding the coat tails of the Battlefield franchise.

    • DragonTHC 05.28.14 at 05:44

      I think this might be EA’s response to ubisoft’s “The Division”

  • Deathspankd 05.28.14 at 03:33

    yay another battlefail. save yourself the money and quit making battlefield if you refuse to make them complete

  • GroundWire 05.28.14 at 03:24

    Interesting. It will be good to see more info in the future but unfortunately all I can imagine at this point is terrible close quarters combat swayed with lag and bad registration. I truly hope the bugs get worked out of the engine & netcode if it will be running the same engine.

  • philliesfan678 05.28.14 at 03:01

    Battlefield has always been a franchise on all-out war. That is the trademark. This could be interesting, but I’m very hesitant. Lets see what other info we get.

  • Mull3tMaster 05.28.14 at 03:01

    Lets be honest, anything published under EA’s Flag is tainted now. I, and several of my friends, have sworn off preordering ANY Battlefield game in the future. If and when this comes out, I’ll RENT it because I will NOT invest in unfinished products anymore. Good luck convincing people otherwise.

    • AlphaTaco1 05.28.14 at 03:06

      Stop hating this looks really cool

      • Death1099 05.28.14 at 05:04


      • SoulAssassin808 05.28.14 at 13:30

        What part of it looks cool? The 5 concept art pictures? That’s not really anything to draw conclusions from.