A New Way to Acquire Battlepacks

Starting today, we are introducing a new way to acquire Battlepacks, the bundles of content that provide a mix of in-game items including accessories, emblem shapes, profile pictures, dog tags, XP boosts, knives, and paints. Battlepacks can still be earned through normal gameplay progressions, but we are now giving players the option to purchase Battlepacks as a shortcut to catch up with their friends on the Battlefield.

battlepacks all

Learn more about Battlepacks

Bronze, Silver and Gold Battlepacks will be available for purchase at Origin.com, Battlelog.com, through the in-game store, at Xbox Live Marketplace and at the PlayStation Store. Pricing will be $1 for Bronze Battlepacks, $2 for Silver Battlepacks, and $3 for Gold Battlepacks.

If you have any questions or comments about Battlepacks, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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  • bgat79 06.21.14 at 05:26

    thats hilarious considering the dozens of gold battlepacks ive opened, I couldnt care less about the guaranteed inconsequential contents. And they want 3 dollars each. LMFAO get scammed

  • Redmanion 06.12.14 at 01:39

    wow you can now buy battle packs? well i probably might get one but maybe after i finish being at lvl 40 and above cos i get one gold battle pack every 2 lvld and i know some of you higher lvl people are gonna be going on about the battle packs they get and I’m fine with that. cya later

  • USEASTGI73 06.10.14 at 02:51

    I think this is a cool think to offer. I would like to buy one of each please :D

  • Cave Eagle 06.02.14 at 23:56

    Should make it so that MBT AP shells destroy a little bird in one hit , because they are manoeuvrable enough to make them very hard to hit, and they shouldn’t just be able to ditch if you hit them

  • fUll951 05.29.14 at 21:34

    this isn’t play to win. the only thing that is like pay to win is the shortcut bundles for weapon unlocks. and even then you don’t get a higher rank.

    what is crappy about this is, why can’t we get gold battle packs for class service stars like we were promised…. over a month ago.

  • deerslayer0570 05.29.14 at 06:18

    u need to fix aa guns 90 percent of the time they dont work either fix it or give us back the control of them

    • Music-AMG 06.07.14 at 00:55

      They work as designed. For them to activate, someone has to spot the air craft over the base. Then they shoot.

  • cabuba 05.29.14 at 02:39

    Really?. What’s next .? Don’t you guys make enough money selling the game, then to be premium, and for playing multiplayer ,,now battle packs…

    • USEASTGI73 06.10.14 at 02:56

      Yeah yeah, we get it. You bought premium membership and now you think own the country club and want the eggs/bacon buffet free every day. Whiner.

    • LAmAs BucHER 54 07.10.14 at 21:38

      you can still get battle packs and every thing else without paying its just a nice shortcut for noobs, no biggy

  • Agent_Peeps 05.29.14 at 01:10

    STILL waiting on BF Bad Company 3. As others have said perhaps if there were new weapons in the battle packs (Bring back the the M14, or better yet the M1A Socom 16 scout) they might be worth buying.

  • CrewDawg36 05.28.14 at 22:27

    You don’t have to buy them you quick to react purest. They are just taking money of the people to lazy to earn the packs and have so much money to waste they can buy it. Stop hating its a business DICE and EA to make money a duh they are not making art.

  • PRIMORD1AL 05.28.14 at 20:35

    At this rate, In ten years we will be paying 20 Bucks for each mission of the campaign…

    • USEASTGI73 06.10.14 at 02:59

      Well, thank your present-day commander in chief for the economics of things. Do you think we’re going back to $.50 candy bars in 10 years? Will you be playing video games in 10 years?

      I am surprised by lack of creative responses to the generosity of offering this. Bitch. Whine. Moan. Repeat. Pretty lame and just like real-world society. Me me me me me me me me….how about trying this: if it doesn’t apply to you – effing ignore it.

  • TheDiaperButtKid 05.28.14 at 19:22

    Really freaking lame EA.
    Whoever came up with this idea should be fired.
    No Gold Battlepack is worth $3.
    You should be giving us money as reimbursement for the turd you won’t support.

  • D4rkranger 05.28.14 at 19:19

    Just a reminder that DICE is working on this “features” instead of fix the game, seriously If people would stop buying DICE games, maybe they could see what’s worng with them…

  • ImTheRealMaxOK 05.28.14 at 15:12

    I’ve gotten all of my unlock legitamatly. To start seeing very low levels to run around with the best unlocks in the game makes me sick. I really don’t want to see battlefield turn into a pay to win. Time to play wolfenstine.

  • binaryhead1011 05.28.14 at 14:49

    This makes me even more concerned about how the battlefield for star wars is going to turn out. Who is steering the ship over there?

  • binaryhead1011 05.28.14 at 14:38

    No more shortcuts. Everyone should earn all assets on the battlefield through hard work. This is disgusting.

    • fragment101 07.10.14 at 18:04

      Couldn’t agree with you more leaves a bad taste in my mouth.Now there just rubbing our faces init.

  • Sphinx0716 05.28.14 at 13:12

    We need to vote with our wallets. I think folks on here won’t be buying these for we all know how worthless this is. The trick is keeping others from falling into the trap. Obviously they keep putting this garbage in games because enough of the community is stupid enough to buy them. EA is a greedy machine but we as consumers need to recognize this and just not buy garbage. Its not hard. A few times when they don’t make money they will stop.

  • TheTou 05.28.14 at 13:11

    micro transactions in a full price game? screw you ea. hope you chocke on your greed.

  • jonowee 05.28.14 at 10:06

    If you charge 10% of THAT current asking price, maybe you’d actually move some units, but USD$1 to $3 per battlepack is insane!

  • Didier_Touchette 05.28.14 at 09:41

    As the others, I’m disappointed on DICE’s new approach, maybe forced by EA wanting to make money. As the others said, you’re ruining the franchise and Battlefield 4 may be my last Battlefield. The franchise is more and more following CoD bounds.. The desastrous launch, the pay-for-whatever-the-fuck-useless-perk-or-unlock mode, the announce of a new Battlefield every 2 years… I don’t want to play another Call of Duty, I already did it.

  • lehusan 05.28.14 at 07:26

    Is this a f… joke?! I’m done with bf games…

  • ricindem 05.28.14 at 00:47

    still no class service star packs?

  • Swolenator 05.28.14 at 00:19

    Mailed away for the free axe promo codes in november and never received a single code for it!!!!!!! I really hope people do not buy the battlepacks. Now if they were packs that contained the knives or camos guaranteed that would be different rather than xp boosts. I still would not buy them personally. I somehow have like 17 battlepack dogtags to go and 2 knives at max rank…. And i Have like 80 or more unused xp boosts even though i used them all the time. I think the balance was way off and that by max rank you should have gotten every knife and dogtag that came in battlepacks possible yet here I am without them and a stockpile of xp boosts. Maybe let us trade in xpboosts for dogtags….

  • koray 05.28.14 at 00:18

    BF4 is my last DICE game….

  • M0bius01 05.27.14 at 23:27

    This is just pure comedy. EA, you’re disgusting greed knows no bounds.

  • BenjaTheGamer 05.27.14 at 23:25

    This is fucking low… Does DICE/EA at all care about the loyal fanbase and/or franchise?

    • Ragnarok013 05.28.14 at 03:56

      This is no different than the Spectre packs in Mass Effect 3. If you don’t want to buy them don’t because you can still earn your battlepacks in game.

  • Crashpilot_GER 05.27.14 at 23:12

    Hey guys,,i have a suggestion:,if we can buy those, let us sell them aswell! Ive got maybe 50 unopened battlepacks, and atleast a hundred XP boosts. Who is interested? Lets say, 5$ for 10′boosts and one BP. jeez EA….

  • Death1099 05.27.14 at 22:12

    HA HA. It is not even worth it. Half the stuff they give you is useless xp points. Can i sell mine please. If you made new guns (g36E) people might by that. You guys are greedy. Oh well there is a sucker that will buy this.

  • vice350z 05.27.14 at 22:10

    I’m enjoying reading all the positive feedback about Dice’s new feature of charging for battlepacks.

  • Mponto 05.27.14 at 21:55

    Developers are ruining the games.

  • vice350z 05.27.14 at 21:34

    I would like Battlefield 5 for free for being loyal player on 2 consoles and PC since day one of BF4′s disastrous release. Thanks.

  • HeroOfCanton 05.27.14 at 20:49

    It’s funny, in a sad way, how everything that gains EA money works fine but anything after you pay for it is broken.

  • N1MITCH 05.27.14 at 20:26

    Congratulations EA and Dice you have now reproduced the Call of Duty franchise , just waiting for the Snoop Dogg VoiceOver purchase pack to confirm the transition , good night to you…

  • Alaurian 05.27.14 at 20:25

    How about you fix your very broken game before trying to milk us for more money…. Idk if this is Dice of the Evilness of EA but it needs to stop… Fix the game then we will talk.

  • ghetto_spokesman 05.27.14 at 20:08

    Why would anyone support microtransactions in a battlefield game? This is ludicrous.

    EA and DICE don’t care about us or the game. They just want to farm us for cash.

  • ghetto_spokesman 05.27.14 at 20:03


  • ghetto_spokesman 05.27.14 at 20:01

    This is disgusting. I used to be a huge fan of DICE and Battlefield. The quality has went out the window and you’re now basically in Pay-To-Win territory.

    Screw EA and screw DICE. You guys are such scum. I’m never buying your games again.

    You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

  • guitargas123 05.27.14 at 19:24


  • alcatraz669 05.27.14 at 19:20

    Wow….the game has so many rage inducing connection issues yet they are still trying to bleed money out of us….nice

  • CHRYSUSbyGT 05.27.14 at 19:18

    This is a fucking joke, right? Is it not enough to purchase the game and pay a premium for Premium?

    • vice350z 05.27.14 at 21:37

      game :$60
      premium $50
      ultimate shorcut $50

      and now pay for shitty battlepacks that will get you a comma to make a graphic, 25% boost or scope on a gun you’ll never use.

  • Neo_Orion 05.27.14 at 19:06

    Do ea games do you also have solutions for the network problems on ps3. Thx sir for any help.
    Sincerely yours….
    I liked bf

  • JimmerusMaximus 05.27.14 at 18:50

    What ever happened to earning battlepacks through service stars? EA cares more about those willing to pay the most money in game than those who prefer to just enjoy it without breaking the bank. Doom on you for not following through.

  • llKR470Sll 05.27.14 at 18:50

    You shouldn’t tag a price on something that us games already bought last year on the base game. Thats sad because BF is for me the best FPS of all, and could be even better if they was cracking their head fixing the game issues instead of trying to sell the same thing for us twice.

  • JayKay900 05.27.14 at 18:49

    Why all the hate comments. They’re are just trying something new. I support this EA. I been by your site every since need for speed 1. Also, to the people calling this an unfinished game, you can’t call yourselves humans, because almost everything we do is unfinished like or lives. It takes them a long time publishing a game anyway. So I’m saying that everyone who is saying all the mean stuff you stuck pimple covered penises. Also, ES could you fix the glitch that erasses campaign saves? That would be nice.

  • llKR470Sll 05.27.14 at 18:46

    Sorry, since this kind of approach happens since BF3, its becoming a “pay to win” franchise.

  • llKR470Sll 05.27.14 at 18:44

    I bought this game at release, but I’m proud to say that I didn’t got the premium (that was released EVEN BEFORE the game), my friend who got both BF4 and premium is waaaaaay ahead of me at the leaderboards. We used to play the same amount of time when he was already 10+ ranks above me. Thats ok since he pay for it, but this thing of “you can only have this weapon or that weapon if you have this or that DLC” is bull. Its becoming a pay to win game, and the worse, becoming a ” Unfinished Pay to Win game”.

  • Videaprojaekt-de 05.27.14 at 18:40

    This is wrong. Thank you EA for screwing up every game you publish. Maybe I should stop playing Battlefield 4….

  • Raiger80217 05.27.14 at 18:35

    It’ll be buy your own bullets next!

  • pacey494 05.27.14 at 18:30

    What a load of garbage. Did anyone in the community actually ask for this? They are so greedy it’s unreal!

  • MoshPit1967 05.27.14 at 18:27

    This is why companies deliver inferior product time after time, because they know that no matter what ,there are suckers who will spend $$$ on their shit. What a shame. Resist the urge.

  • morkil 05.27.14 at 18:26

    I was just waiting to get another gold battlepack containing 2x 25% bonuses… I’ve only got 300 of those left. My “best” gold battlepack is 2×25%, 2×50%, one emblem. Dear EA, please give what you already promised – battlepacks for service stars (retroactively would be nice).

  • MoshPit1967 05.27.14 at 18:25

    Shame on anyone who purchases these Battlepacks. 1st off don’t let them suck any more money out of you for a unfinished game and 2nd unlocking them in game is the most fun thing about them.

  • bf4john 05.27.14 at 18:24

    I Will gladly pay you 1, 2 or 3 dollars depending how well you suck my D, thanks

  • Bluizm 05.27.14 at 18:23

    I would buy some if you actually got decent items, about 90% of the time it’s all shit. If you sold new paints I think a lot more people would buy. But I agree with most people, you need to stop making it all about the money.

  • gmbf_nasvd06fkf 05.27.14 at 18:22

    How about you fix the roof glitcher on operation metro? Can i buy this as a shortcut??? The same issues from metro 2013… thats a shame

  • SAVIUSo_O 05.27.14 at 18:21

    lal they actually are aiming to be valve thats bs

  • Nic-ke47 05.27.14 at 18:21

    Fuck you guys. Now you’re making the game PayToWin too. I will not buy the next battlefield game. WELL DONE ON RUINING THE FRANCHISE!

  • ShavedApe 05.27.14 at 18:20

    Oh dear oh dear! its all about the money aint it EA, all you have to do is create working games ones that dont still need fixes six months after release and people will give you there money more freely.

  • innerpenguin 05.27.14 at 18:13

    Why would anyone waste even more money on this game?

  • DREAMR91 05.27.14 at 18:10

    It seems you guys have to charge for everything but in NO way is this used to speed up the process for all the crappy mistakes you guys should be able to fix easily. Game has been out for a year and you still continue to fail on the small issues. I don’t mean to talk trash is just frustrating when we the fans put our money into your games and you give us back nothing but crumbs.

  • Chris_D_Turk 05.27.14 at 18:07

    Why are battlepacks through servicestars still not unlocked?