The Easter Eggs of Battlefield

The thrill of finding a well-hidden Easter egg in the nooks and crannies of a video game is a true enjoyment. Ever since Battlefield 1942, the Battlefield games have all been filled with secret messages, mysterious sounds, and prehistoric animals – and the fans of Battlefield have been incredible in finding them. Read on to learn some of the most classic ones.

In this part of Battlefield 3 Aftermath, as documented by pvkiller777, someone seems to have left part of their wardrobe lying around. We have a feeling we will see more of this forgetful individual soon.

In Battlefield 3 End Game, a very special family of three could be found. Check out this video from Westie:

Lying about the size of caught fish is, as you know, sadly common. Battlefield veteran JackFrags and his friends were however not lying when they told us about this mighty catch:

Sometimes you have to look on things from a different perspective to find what you’re looking for. Back in Battlefield 2, you could see something unique if you just took to the skies. Weltaz wonders who put those circles there…

The Battlefield is not only for all-out war, explosions, and crazy vehicle stunts – there should be room for more relaxing activities too. Look what lFlapjackl found in the sand:

There are of course many more Easter egg finding that have been reported (and perhaps more that you haven’t found yet…) but we won’t spoil the hunt for you. DICE would like to wish you all a happy Easter, and of course urge you all this: never stop looking.

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  • krazykev101 04.22.14 at 13:52

    WHERES THE FREAKING GOLD BATTLE-PACKS FOR SERVICE STARS? fix the freak-en game please, BEFORE our premium EVENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • maxd3777 04.20.14 at 22:54

    mirrors edge!!!!!

  • F-22Brony 04.19.14 at 01:18

    There is a garden gnome in Alborz Mountains in BF3.

  • KINQQQQQQ 04.19.14 at 00:28

    There is also a Space Drone in BF3 Ende Game

  • Mammatus_Clouds 04.18.14 at 22:45

    Gnomes on the mountains in China rising maps.

  • LETHAL PANDAx69 04.18.14 at 19:14

    There’s a basket of easter eggs in flood zone

  • Roach5555 04.18.14 at 18:52

    There is a sand castle on the blackboard on Grand Bazaar , there is a dick there too lol

  • guitargas123 04.18.14 at 18:44

    You guys still working on the rubber banding?

  • WinnyDahPoo 04.18.14 at 18:21