Introducing Battlefield 4 Loadout Presets

Going into battle prepared is key to succeeding in Battlefield 4. With the new Loadout Presets, we’ve made it easier for you to quickly hit the Battlefield with the exact kit and vehicle Loadout of your choice.

Prepared 4 Battle – Every Time

Loadout Presets are a way to save kit or vehicle setups so that you can easily switch between them when going into a Battlefield 4 multiplayer match. With this time-saving feature, you no longer have to edit each slot individually in the Customize screen when you want to change your Loadout. Note that Loadout Presets will only be available on Battlelog in Battlefield 4, and not be reflected in-game. You apply Presets to your Loadout, which then follows you in-game when you save it.

For example, those who want quick access to a “field engineer” Preset can create one of these with the MX4, SRAW, Repair Tool, and Mechanic specialization – or any other combination of the player’s choice. If you are more of a combat engineer, you might want to create a preset with the M1014 shotgun, RPG, M2 SLAM, and Offensive specialization – it’s all up to you.

You can have two presets per kit and vehicle, or four if you’re a Battlefield 4 Premium member.

This allows you to quickly switch between setups based off the map or game mode you’re loading into without wasting time going through the Customize screens in-game.

Creating and Managing Loadout Presets

Your Loadout Presets can be accessed through Battlelog as well as its mobile and tablet applications. Simply head to the Loadout section on Battlelog, and hit the Presets button that appears upon hovering over a kit or vehicle. Here you’ll be able to choose to save your existing kit/vehicle Loadout as a new Preset, or load an existing Preset. Additionally, Presets are accessible from a kit or vehicle page, next to the “Save” and “Reset” buttons

You can have 2 Presets per kit and vehicle (or 4 if you’re a Premium user). The Preset you last chose will stay until you apply a new Preset or change your Loadout from Battlelog or in-game and will display the Preset name in the place of the kit or vehicle name.

This allows you to quickly switch between setups based off the map or game mode you’re loading into, without wasting time going through the Customize screens in-game.

Creating and Managing Loadout Presets

Your Loadout Presets can be accessed through Battlelog and its mobile and tablet applications. Simply head to the Loadout menu on Battlelog, and hit the Presets button. Here you’ll be able to choose slots for your presets, and give them names. To apply a preset, simply click a dropdown menu and select a used slot to apply that preset.

You can have 2 presets per kit and vehicle (or 4 if you’re a Premium user). The preset you last chose will stay until you apply a new preset, or change your loadout from Battlelog or in-game.

Loadouts are available on Battlelog as well as on the mobile and tablet applications.

If you head to the Presets Management page, accessible by clicking “Manage” from the Presets dropdown, you’ll get an overview of all the Presets you have created. Here, you can browse through your Presets, delete them, or apply a bunch of them before you save your Loadout.

Rolling out on April 8

The Loadout Presets are rolling out with the Battlelog update on April 8. We will continue to tweak and add functions to the feature, based on your feedback and comments. Don’t hesitate to tell us what you think about the Loadout Presets, and we hope you will enjoy going into battle using the feature!

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  • Alex TGR 09.10.14 at 22:56

    I just wanted to add. If you were to make it so you have to setup presets in battlelog – but then can quickly choose them in game – that would work nicely for me!

  • Alex TGR 09.10.14 at 22:47

    Thanks DICE! I love where you’re going with this. Sadly I won’t be using this feature until it is available in game (xbox one) but I do really appreciate the concept. I have faith in you guys! Keep up the good work!

  • dawglaw 05.05.14 at 14:49

    I play on XBOX One, every time I enter a new server my loadout switches to a very old loadout. I then need to jump into Battlelog to load. Please allow presets to be used in game.

  • Hundredscalps 04.30.14 at 21:20

    Sorry but this is totally worthless. Oke that you can setup the presets pre-game but what’s the use if you can’t switch/choose them in-game? Don’t get me wrong, the idea of presets is great because every situation or map needs a different setup but the execution makes no sense. Please fix this DICE

  • katreyuk 04.20.14 at 03:43

    Ok, that feature… is nice. But, the reason for that, is make quick swaps while playing… if I’m in battlelog I can take some minutes making setting up, but when playing… I would like to setup a “reparing engineer” or “attacking engineer”, with all setups, in one click.
    Will you enable the choosing of profile on the game or continue having it as a basic/not very useful tool?

  • DAWARLORD0 04.14.14 at 16:53

    What have you fixed. My battlelog is still messed up and I can’t edit my loadouts. You guys are the worst.

  • xxBURNxNOTICExx 04.11.14 at 09:05

    Love the idea of this, but would much rather see the man hours being dedicated to fixing the “Rubber banding” issues, “Doritos” appearing over already unlocked equipment, guns freezing up during close quarter confrontations, Loadouts having to be reset after each match, sound cutouts, etc…

  • Heroic Soulja 04.11.14 at 01:49

    First of all, everything I save in battlelog restarts my loadout instead. Secondly, why not just put it in the game menu? Is it that hard? BF3 had a way to change loadouts in the menu. Why take it out? Thirdly, is it that hard to make a premium server with all maps/dlc? I can go on and on but i’ll end up getting off topic.

  • DAWARLORD0 04.09.14 at 20:49

    I love how you have to access it through battlelog. How about you fix your overall system. None of my shit transfers over from the game battlelog to the battlelog online. So no platoon for me. First it was my psn account and xbox account not syncing up so thanks for the M1 Garand for BFBC2 after BF3 came out. Oh well maybe by October they’ll sort out the bugs.

  • kory519 04.09.14 at 17:57

    I swear yesterday i loaded my multiplayer and Team Sqaud (beta) showed in the list instead of just the 3, test range, server browser & Quick Match, so I clicked in and saw create new squad or have previous something like that, i couldn’t go forward because it wasn’t actually set were it was functionable, then I reseted my application on PS4 to see because my friend said theirs nothing here, Team Sqaud (beta) was not there anymore, that was trippy, are u’s trying to edit it in multiplayer option because I actually saw and should of snap shot to prove that it was there?

  • Assassin0fLove 04.09.14 at 17:37

    So i have to be on battle log to do this. Why don’t you just put it in the game!?!?!?!?! Jeez. You guys are screwing this all up.

  • SAO666 04.09.14 at 11:47

    Oh look another pointless add on no one wants.
    Fix the game, give us back the squad menu and stop adding sh1tty little gimmicks that no one wants.
    So this was supposed to roll out yesterday, it didn’t work did it, you guys released yet another broken product didn’t you? :p

  • Herinox97 04.09.14 at 10:48

    Can this only be done through BattleLog, because my BattleLOg is broken and it doesn’t show any of my soldiers linked to my PSN account (my brothers accounts still show).

  • Grozarom 04.08.14 at 10:23


  • jonowee 04.08.14 at 10:11

    Are those space wasting “Premium slot”s going to be there for non-Premium customers, I’m a Premium member and find that looks like a dick move.
    DICE: “Got no Premium? Look at these two extra preset slots per class and vehicle, YOU CAN’T HAVE IT!”

  • XxxxV1P3RxxxX 04.08.14 at 04:47

    Great. About time!

  • Mclovin649 04.08.14 at 02:45

    great idea but i want to be able to see weapon paints on weapons and see what camos look like on me maybe they can use the unity player? its a pain to go in game and join a server or go to test range

  • SharpiePenAddict 04.08.14 at 00:37

    At this moment I am euphoric,This is absolutely perfect granted its not on the consoles so perhaps trying to get people to use battlelog more is the idea here but great idea and is much needed.

  • simmonsg27 04.08.14 at 00:12

    I want to know how can I be shooting someone with a mini gun which should fire high power rifle rounds and somehow they magically shoot me with a 357 magnum twice and kill me yet the mini gun after 20 rounds doesn’t kill them and why I can’t use my tablet for battlescreen nor can I use all the dumbest emblems I’ve unlocked on battlelog could someone please address these issues

  • swishersweets 04.08.14 at 00:05

    this is pointless for console players. I’m not going to go run out of my way to change this on the PC then run back to the ps4. Considering as well trying to come on to battlelog via the ps4 web browser doesnt work worth a damn since they updated the webpage.

  • Fred Garvin 80 04.07.14 at 23:24

    Can we maybe get it so I don’t have to reset my player Camo every time I start the game up. Maybe a save feature? That would be greeeeat

  • PurpIePanda76 04.07.14 at 22:47

    Fix rubber banding first

    • Evonater 04.07.14 at 23:24

      SHUT UP already. God the first comment in every new thread is just this. Not every person or team at dice can fix the banding relared or gameplay issues. Do you know how development teams work? They all have their own focus. I.e. the cashier at the grocery store probably can’t help you or know anything about the deli counter but they work for the same organization

      • Crashpilot_GER 04.09.14 at 11:48

        THANK GOD someone finally brings this up. There isnt only one person working at DICE, not,everyone is a programmer focusing on the netcode, and this thread is definitly the wrong to bring this up. Dice also stated clearly that they are working at it, and it will take some time. Just calm down.

  • KRYTICALV 04.07.14 at 22:13

    You can already do this minus the exception to “save” the loadout, reinventing the wheel to make it seem cool is like recycling old maps. Waste of time and money.

  • Greenwoodguy 04.07.14 at 22:05

    This is good , but will we be able to edit these outside of game?

  • ExSantiago101 04.07.14 at 21:50

    how about you dumb fucks fix the damn lags and damn bugs you guys have for battlefield 4!!! you cant even play one damn good game without and problems game been out for 6 months like wtf!! this keeps up and battlefield is going to the garbage!! Dice get on your thinking hats

  • N-Shifter 04.07.14 at 21:44

    Great addition! I’ll say “Thanks” since most people forgot ;)

  • ThatzWutSh3Sed 04.07.14 at 21:16

    Pfft, when I saw this title I was like “cool”, but you lazy asses made it only available on Battlelog? Do you KNOW how many games out there let you choose presets IN the game? Every single one. You not doing it inside the game does not make you different or ingenious; it makes you a bunch of fucking cunts that once again have no idea wtf you are doing. It’s not like you are the first shooter game ever. Look at what the other guys are doing, adopt, change, and make it better. This, is not making it better. This.. is stupid. Yet another “cool” thing I won’t use on Battlefield.

  • dalvarez15 04.07.14 at 20:55

    What would be helpful if you could keep track of assingments and challenges while in game.

  • cj2allen 04.07.14 at 20:53


  • FrostBalrog 04.07.14 at 20:25

    I would prefer to be able to edit my load out outside of a game, in the my Soldier menu. Also why can I still not join a game with my squad, having them all join and then get on the same team is a pain and I don’t see why things that were in BF3 are not in BF4

  • Crashpilot_GER 04.07.14 at 19:25

    Will we be able to acces those on the battlelog menu on consoles? Because having to turn on the battlelog app, which is not only very slow, but often doesnt even start, is a WAY bigger waste of time and would make this feature (atleast for console players) entirely useless. I really hope we can atleast acces them in the battlelog console menu.

  • PureEvil616 04.07.14 at 19:21

    Would be a better idea if we could just do it in game. Hell I’d still like to be able to customize my load outs from the main menu like in BF3 instead of doing it mid match or in the test range. You guys have got to stop treating the battlelog like it’s the best thing ever and just put some of these otherwise great ideas in game.

  • RapheGalland 04.07.14 at 19:05

    All this, and yet the soldiers camo still doesnt save, hasnt since BF3…

    How about fixing that before adding all this to shave off a few seconds of “inventory” use ingame?

  • Atratus 04.07.14 at 19:04

    As long as I can’t switch between them INGAME, this is quit useless. We have to use alt+tab every time to switch to BL, to change the loadout? Impractical.

  • i2av3r 04.07.14 at 19:01

    will we ever be able to throw our knives?

  • C00kieMonsterX 04.07.14 at 18:41

    The one thing i wonder is if i can switch between presets in the middle of a game or only before i load in the game

  • Thepokezuma 04.07.14 at 18:39

    PLEASE Private servers for consoles…

    • Skater_Ricky 04.07.14 at 19:10

      Soon I’m sure. Where waiting on new servers first. So the rubber banding issues can go away. I’m sure this will happen very soon.

  • AWPtical800 04.07.14 at 18:37

    Awesome. Now, if only you guys could make some headway on the rubber banding issues…

    • Skater_Ricky 04.07.14 at 19:06

      There investing in new Server’s. I assume where just waiting on the shipment of them.

      • gonzigity_2 04.15.14 at 18:29

        That was quite possibly the most atrocious grammar I’ve ever seen. Just saying. Lol

  • ySfu 04.07.14 at 18:34


  • hawker_mech 04.07.14 at 18:33

    Useless if you ask me

  • LyricalGfx 04.07.14 at 18:32

    So this is only for pc? & can we at least fix the damn campaign save bug I actually want to play it without starting over every single time

    • Skater_Ricky 04.07.14 at 19:13

      You clearly didn’t read the article. You need to customize your loadouts via Desktop Battlelog site. Then from there you can switch your loadouts both mobile and tablet app of Battlelog so there for you could use this for console too.

  • BOX JOCK 04.07.14 at 18:31

    Give us updates about rubber banding, makes us think u don’t care. I think it takes priority over all other minor game changes.

  • ISAF Mobius 18 04.07.14 at 18:30

    How will this work for console players?

  • blenge squelch7 04.07.14 at 18:30

    Thank god. This is a cool feature, but I’m not praising it because of that. I’m praising it because it will hopefully fix the excruciatingly painful glitch I am getting that resets my loadouts to really old settings every time I join a server. Of course this isn’t on your current issues tracker. And I have no means of communicating it you. So great it won’t be so much of a problem now but that doesn’t mean it will disappear. It really needs fixing as well as a bunch of other issues that can’t be found in the issues tracker. But again, this is a cool feature anyways so if you want feedback on that then there you have it; It’s something I’ve been wanting for a while.

  • Phoxhole 04.07.14 at 18:27

    Will these be available on the iPad app?

  • Yingerman 04.07.14 at 18:24

    I was just thinking how great of a feature this would be! I spend too much time picking my loadout in-game while all the action is going on. Will this ever be implemented in-game so I don’t need to switch to Battlelog open?

  • Natetendo83 04.07.14 at 18:22

    That’s great and all, but when will you finished upgrading the server hardware so that we can actually play the game?

    • amishcabdriver 04.07.14 at 18:29

      118hrs played. Man if only you could “actually play the game”. Too bad you’ve clearly boycotted the game until these upgrades are made.

  • RandyJA85 04.07.14 at 18:22

    I was excited about this until I read “Note that Loadout Presets will only be available on Battlelog in Battlefield 4, and not be reflected in-game. “

    • Collision_TN 04.07.14 at 18:33

      They are too lazy to make an update for it in-game.

    • C00kieMonsterX 04.07.14 at 18:37

      Well if you have the phone app open it will work much better, dont need to close down the game to switch class

    • ThatzWutSh3Sed 04.07.14 at 21:18

      Yep, me too! Kind of a waste!