Battlefield 4 High-Performance Server Solution

Hi everyone,

As you know, we’ve been looking into resolving the “rubber banding” that some players on certain platforms have experienced with Battlefield 4 after the recent release of Naval Strike. We’ve found that the root cause of the issue was a configuration of certain hardware types dedicated to 64-player matches.

We have invested in new hardware to resolve this issue and deployed new higher-performance servers this week. In preparation, we conducted a significant amount of testing before installing the new servers to ensure they would correct the issue. We are already seeing performance improvement with 64-player matches and expect this to continue.

While the process took longer than we would’ve liked, we wanted to be 100% sure it was done right and that the long-term solution was properly in place.

Our objective is to deliver the best player experience possible. We feel this solution helps us deliver that to you. Stay tuned to our official channels for more information.


Karl Magnus Troedsson, DICE VP & GM

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  • icraigt 09.28.15 at 23:43

    Have to echo comments here that lag makes BF4 unplayable (PC version for me). Only game that shows lag.

  • PH03N1X-PC 11.18.14 at 17:54

    Is November 18 of 2014 and I still have this frustrating problem, I have a i7 3770k 8Gb(2×4) 2400mhz trident x gtx 670 OC and 40mb down 20mb up speed. the only game that have troubles is BF4, is a shame that ea thrown everything away that did with BF3 with bf4 that has the potential to quit COD throne in FPS category, because was when the new generation of consoles come for a good next gen game and find this garbage.
    I’m really sad

  • vbs1214 09.05.14 at 16:21

    I am experiencing runbber band on ALL servers.
    Im om 100/100 Mbit connection, win 8.1, GTX880m, 32GB 1600mhz DDR, super raid 3 (msi).


  • BIGARMY91A 08.18.14 at 17:34

    I have had the bf4 for a while now and just recently I have had an issue with getting into a heli or certain vehicles that my screen starts to go in just random directions and i cant seem to figure how to get it to stop. I can’t use these vehicles at all. Please help if possible

  • EvasiveHaddock4 05.27.14 at 20:54

    I’m having the rubberband issue right now on my Xbox 360! Please fix it!!

  • Ronincfc 05.25.14 at 16:07

    Rubber banding has decreased a lot but still present on some maps, hit detection is still very broken, especially when server is full of out of region players with bad internet connections, want to do improvements, then why not listen to the community?, have seen tons ask about having a ping limit added to servers so as to stop high ping/laggy players joining & ruining it for others, have played on a clan server where all but 2 were in region players & it ran great (ok it had the odd bug here & there}, you actually hit what you aimed at, damage was as it should be ect, yet go on an EA server & it’s nothing but lag, players appearing out of nowhere, 1 hit kills {the bug you tried to cover up with a head shot icon}

    After 6 months & game is still far from perfect, is it not time to either FIX it or admit you can’t?

  • MAAD DAWG 05.14.14 at 20:43

    I’ve seen a lot of improvements since the last patch. But lag is still an issue. I don’t know if the problem can’t be solved or simply hasn’t been solved.

    I recommend that any player with lagging packets be automatically kicked from a server, since his slow packet times effect the entire game.

  • Musashi_81 05.12.14 at 05:32

    Rubberbanding still happens on my PS4,when is it going to fix???????? It’s been a month since you people say going to fixed!

  • Zappa616 05.09.14 at 15:57

    Adding on from yesterday as the issues just keep piling up. The being shot behind cover is now so extreme that I had to quit the game tonight. This was happening whilst playing in a TDM 20 player game. Playing in 64 player matches in most cases is just pointless as all the issues players have been complaining about since launch still exist.

    “While the process took longer than we would’ve liked, we wanted to be 100% sure it was done right and that the long-term solution was properly in place”

    Why don’t you revisit this comment and explain to the community how this statement does not align with how the games actually plays.

    And fix the bug where you can not throw out a medic bag whilst carrying a hand gun. Really annoying.

  • Ryan_Bez_12 05.07.14 at 15:18

    Why does it give me a message that says ”could not find a server to join” when I try to enter any game mode in multiplayer?? Please fix this!!!!!!!

  • Zappa616 05.07.14 at 07:31

    Are you serious. Where are these high performance servers for PS4, I see rental servers which are worst on most occasions than the EA servers. I am in Australia and the game has just gone to a new low with it’s performance. Are you guys actually monitoring how the game is playing on the client side as it is shit. Point me to one of these so called high performance servers and I will give it a go. You haven’t even taken the time to suggest which platforms these servers exist on let alone which geo locations actually have them. Another attempt with marketing spin. Provide more detail instead of these ambiguous bullshit snippets of information Karl as this is tiring.

  • IIIDMOIII 05.05.14 at 02:21

    This didnt work guys. It’s still a warp fest.

    Incredibly insulting to say “some players on some platforms”.
    Equally insulting is you stating that the rubberband issue only started with naval strike release.
    False false false. Games been a laggy unplayable mess on both xbo & ps4 since release. Period.

    Why can I play on PC without issue but console versions lag? Explain now. This proves that it’s not our connections. I’ve tested every platform on various connections and the end result is always the same: PC version runs fine. Xbo/ps4 lag.

    Why can’t we see pings on console browsers? Why can’t we see our pings in game? Why can’t we filter by ping in console browsers? Why are there no official conquest small servers? At least let people enjoy the game with 16v16 until you finally sort it out.

    I honestly can’t beleive you have the audacity to keep releasing dlc and selling server rentals before this is fixed. So many idiots fork over their money and send ea the wrong damn message.

    If I were Disney/Lucasarts I wouldn’t want this team or publisher near the battlefront franchise with a 10 foot pole.


    • TheLichKing83 05.06.14 at 11:43

      He is so right ! I`m on ps4 with this Battlefield4 and it has huge frame drops when on conquest large @shanghai there are 3 tanks 20 soldiers smoke, fog, i can`t even aim :))). Another funny things is that i run behind a wall wile i`m fired at and after 2-3s i`m dead :)) I`ll soon adress Sony regarding the game experience with the fps loss and EA because we are supposed to buy products, new, that work, not products that deliver lag,fps loss, stupid 2-3s after cornering a wall i die.

  • jasonborn81 05.04.14 at 11:04

    I am still getting serious rubber banding tonight on PS3, multiplayer has pretty much been rendered useless..stop selling DLC for platforms that arent going to be amended EA

  • douche126 05.03.14 at 08:27

    im so fucking pissed with the huge amount of fucking lags and rubber banding i’m having right now. i cant even play the game. everytime i move it’ll start lagging and shit. fuck. me.
    (sorry for the vulgar language. i’m so pissed off right now)

  • thekoenig 05.02.14 at 22:38

    I bought Naval Strike for PS4 yesterday and almost every match I join in is plagued with terrible lag making the expansion almost unplayable. This needs to be fixed.

  • douche126 05.02.14 at 20:44

    i’m playing on ps4 andstill having terrible rubber banding and lags after the high performance server upgrade. come on dice pls fix this game :( i love battlefield :( it upsets me everytime it starts lagging :(

  • TechResq90 05.02.14 at 17:29

    I appreciate the work that is being done, but unfortunately I still have terrible lag. The rubber banding has diminished but now there is terrible lag, and unable to see who killed you at the bottom of the screen. It seems to me that when one thing is fixed two other things go wrong.
    I won’t even pretend to know anything about making or maintaining a video game, I am only making observations.

  • CAPTIN_CRUNCH801 04.30.14 at 21:09

    I thought this game was on the right track with upgraded server but after trying to play a few rounds I’m left with an the feeling that I got ripped off by buy a broken game. The frustrations from everyone shouldn’t be ignore by the ea any longer …fix the game or return my money back.

  • CaptRondo 04.30.14 at 16:13

    Hopefully this also fixes the “Stuck in Loading screen” for Naval Strike. Was able to play all games, game modes on all maps, except for Naval Strike…

  • Secre7Agen7X9 04.30.14 at 05:25

    Yeah and now all my guns are gone…. One step forward 2 Steps Back. Also there are hardly any servers available now

  • Buckpasser 04.30.14 at 00:32

    Sorry but as of 5:30 pm cst there is just as much rubber banding as ever on my xbox one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rxOFdeath 04.29.14 at 18:50

    I have an excellent internet connection I pay good money for, and a game I paid good money for….except I can’t play it. I quit everytime I get Dawnbreaker because it ALWAYS freezes. Other maps lag is just as bad. You point out the new map pack with 64-player mode as the problem- it isn’t. These issues were embedded from the beginning. Get your shit together DICE, I’m dissapointed. Don’t even get me started on the &%$% mess it is to get friends together on the same team to play.

  • GaZh86 04.29.14 at 15:00

    I think every1 knows this 1 picking up the power weapons i.e the 6 shot grenade launcher(forgot what its called), M82 barrett… it immediatly throws them back down. Also on a personal note it would be cool if on the next dlc pack that you would put the accuracy international ax .338 sniper rifle with the adjustable stock so it could rival the srr61 n 1 shot head shot at any range coz on large maps that srr is practically the the only sniper that gets used.

  • GaZh86 04.29.14 at 13:39

    This isnt a major 1 but when u use the 2x magnifier sight with any red dot sight n switch between the sights immediately after a reload, under barrel grenade launcher etc u get the 2x zoom on the red dot n u get the 1x zoom on the 2x time magnifier can be quite annoying at times.

  • GaZh86 04.29.14 at 13:16

    Heres a recent issue thats happend to me lately enemys (including me) have been spawning on the opposing side at the start of tdm. Doesnt happen all the time but frequently, any1else?

  • GaZh86 04.29.14 at 10:43

    I ve been a console player for years n even with the bad connections,rubber banding issues e.t.c, this is the best modern fps war game i ve ever played! After playing bf4, cod 4 me is about as welcome as a fart in a space suit! Been playing since the server update n 4 me its a massive improvement. Still rubber banding a tiny bit but nothing no where near as badly, i know u will get this sorted when u have finished fine tuning the servers (hope you got those greedy c***s at ea to pay for them if its there fault!). I hope you get the other issues sorted out quickly ( i dont know if this is 1 of them but i have never been head shot killed as much on any shooter game im my life!) because if your reading this dice let this be a lesson to you,theres somthing in the gaming industry that money cant buy REPUTATION! If it was ea s fault in some way i.e making you release it early, you should consider your future with them because it would be a shame if (knock on wood) bf couldnt recover from this and it wasnt even your fault. I for 1 will deffinitly buy bf5 coz i can see bf ruling the modern warfare genre in the future! p.s please sort out the attack helis and give the scar h an extra clip of ammo ( im alway out of ammo and my killstreaks stop early because of it it) and before anybody says somthing let me remind you that even if you did give the scar h another clip the ace 52 cqb still has more n thats a carbine.

  • FicciMusic 04.29.14 at 01:38

    I’m not a PC player, but trawling around forums and YouTube shows that the main problem for Xbox 360 players (maybe other platforms) is the freezing on multiplayer. Thank god I waited until this game dropped in price to £17 rather than the £100 + some people are paying. I haven’t experienced any lag so far, other than when the maps change drastically but, as i said, the game freezing is extremely aggravating. Surely you should try to fix this problem before anything else? Now there’s obviously been a lot of talk about EA (aka: the money grabbers) being at fault for this but this game shouldn’t have been released until AT LEAST six months after it was. AND SURPRISE SURPRISE, several months later, the game is still not fixed. Sorry to rant, but I actually bought this game because BF3 was like a ghost town online, and you had to shell out half your weekly wages just to buy the DLC to play the game. I love this franchise, but it’s going downhill. If you don’t fix these problems soon then people will simply not pre-order the next title from DICE. And we all know how much EA likes their lump-sum of pre-order MONNNEEEYYYY. I don’t blame DICE, but if they read anything of this rambling, read this: people love this franchise, and half the buggers cant play it without something going wrong, sort it out quick time please.

  • ssdanny355 04.29.14 at 00:22

    Played last night with a party of 8 which should be more IMO. But yes still rubberbanding last night on maps aswell as constant lag that causes a lot of frame rate drop then on one map black loading screen could speak with everyone on party still and all had the same issue we all gave up and called it a night. These were Australian ranked hardcore servers, and still had overseas guys joining through quick match. Game is a lot better than release but it will never be right and I believe premium members should be given free premium on bf5 for crap we’ve had to put up with on bf4

    • jacobrhubbard 04.29.14 at 13:13

      Same here rubber banding and lag and I think it got worse

  • The Grader 600 04.28.14 at 19:25

    Hi peeps, can someone please think of a solution for my problem. I was unaware of the server being fixed and bought the naval strike DLC. I cannot play it! It just keeps telling me that there is no available content at this time. anyone else getting this?

  • guitargas123 04.28.14 at 14:07

    Some servers are perfect and some will barely let you move due to rubber banding. I’m sure all it is, is fine tuning the new equipment. I have a 30 down and 5 up wired connection. Also I stay in my region (east US).

  • IMEFDIV 04.28.14 at 06:24

    maybe you just suck

    • sladek 04.28.14 at 07:46

      and maybe you are one of this overpowered guys, who thinks hi is gods gift to the gaming world! then if you would read what exactly i said, you would notice that this has to do with the connections, the netcode and the way the game is made!

  • sladek 04.28.14 at 05:04

    Sorry – But you guys are right now nothing but a bad bad joke for me…. i even hoped the game gets better with the new servers, but nope!!! I can shot guys mags in there faces and the dont die, but they shut me into my legs and get Headshots and instand kills for it, besides the fact how much i die from bullets 2 meters around the corners ore still get killed by peoples with 0 health… it looks like every new game you guys make gets worser then the last was… BFBC was cool and BC2 even better, but since then it just gets worser! its not even possible to save my loadouts and weapon settings… you better should work on making a fair playable game for once instead of overpower the peoples with bad connections by lagcompensation and stuff like that… and also what is up with making regio servers, if there are allways players on it from other regios, wich run around in godmode because of there sucky connections? – i buyed BF4 overall 4 times and i’m really dissapointed, playing the game at the weekend evenings (wich is allmost the only time i have for it) is a pure pain in the a** and nothing to enjoy at all!!!

  • Kess82 04.28.14 at 03:57

    I’m guessing it’s not done? I’m hoping it’s not done. I rarely play shooters. But BF gave me a different experience since I was in college playing the original. I got back in with Bad Company 2. I adored BF3. The memories were incredible. More often than not, I get pissed off with BF4. Rubber banding, falling through levels, taking about two rounds to get all our friends on the same team because of the crappy “squad system”. I have some good times, don’t get me wrong. It’s still a neat game, and I’ll even say it’s a step or two above CoD. But if it’s an FPS, I don’t play neat, and before you were leagues out of reach of CoD. I play spectacular FPS games, which you had come through on time and time again, until now. I even convinced my brothers and friends we need BF4 as they were leery about it. I guess they were right. I will likely get BF5, but I really hope you actually put effort into it. Otherwise, I’m likely out of BF.

  • xAv3Ng3A7Xx 04.28.14 at 03:55

    I also forgot to mention that ive been killed by bullets while hiding behind a container or the bullets will go through a hill/mountain. This seems ridiculous to me. Also one C4 shouldnt be able to completely destroy a tank at full health. At least make it two C4′s so it is somewhat fair. My last point is that the player should be able to throw C4 a bit furthur than a foot in from of them. These changes would also make a better gameplay experience.

  • xAv3Ng3A7Xx 04.28.14 at 03:49

    Great job DICE. For some reason Rouge Transmission always freezes at some point in the game and Dawnbreaker is still freezing always. Hopefully you guys can fix these issues to make overall gameplay better. Keep up the good work!!!

  • strawbunny12 04.28.14 at 01:23

    All maps are unplayable at this point in time for me, I cannot play conquest or Deathmatch…. When will you FIX THIS? Yo certainly have made a lot of unhappy customers by this… Hope you resolve this ASAP.

  • x II NYC II x 04.28.14 at 00:30 …. Sell ur A#* and get PREMIUM

  • the_TxRig 04.27.14 at 23:38

    Have you put them in yet? My game is still grade-A sh!t even in a game of team death match. It sure as hell not my internet connection because I’ve been able to play before that crappy dlc came out. I’m kinda pissed that I spent $110 for a piece of sh!t that doesn’t work. What have you been using all our money for? Wiping you @sses?

    • jacobrhubbard 04.30.14 at 13:13

      Do chill out they are trying to repair the game give them some time and just go play another game until they upgrade or someone upgrades all of the servers

  • jharv01 04.27.14 at 20:39

    i love the way they have to announce a functional server upgrade. shouldn’t this be a given when you release a game? “sorry guys, for the past 6 months we recognize that our servers are garbage and the netcode isn’t up to par so we plan to do something about it in the future. in the mean time, we’ll continue to release new content before we get the old stuff working as intended. thank you for your loyalty to a company that had a sole goal of matching call of duty’s release date so we wouldn’t fall behind in the profit department and doesn’t prioritize customer satisfaction.”

  • angry_IT_Guy 04.27.14 at 17:14

    Although I appreciate that producing these games is not easy, the lag still persists. The interfaces for using vehicles is frustrating and the there is not enough info from dice to tell us if we are premature in out expectations of server upgrades. All together I am no longer a BF fan… You guys lost me.. Good luck with your next job waiting tables…

  • beastlee2u 04.27.14 at 15:38

    Yes yes yes, the servers are working perfectly now or at least real close to it. It always has bugged me when your getting shot in the back so you run around a corner of a building or container to avoid the incoming fire then you continue to get shot until your dead. That’s not right but I do understand that there are just some things you can’t change like how much internet your opponents pay for. Thanks Dice for a spectacular game. If you stand back and really watch some multiplayer action, it is nothing short of spectacular and incredible. Much better then the tiny boring COD maps and horrible control that it has. Titanfall is a great game also but it still does not compare to the all out war of Battlefield. I am looking forward to the next couple map packs and I can’t wait!

  • Azazel Wings 04.27.14 at 15:30

    You guys failed miserably this time, BF3 was awesome but the fact is this time you sold your fans down the river by giving them just a taste of the game for the money they pay, what happened to buying a game for £50 and being able to play it all? Now you guys try to rip us off for nearly double that just for the maps in multiplayer. Which btw is so badly put together it blows my mind and the update this time has made it even worse with more lag and elastic banding than ever before. I have put in almost 150 hrs now so I am fully aware of every aspect of the game and another thing why is every good unlock able extra only available on premium. This is a joke! I switched from COD to battlefield a while back for a lot of reasons but it seems now the two titans of fps are both sell outs. This is one big fan truly disappointed, and I’m sad to say I won’t be getting the next instalment in the BF series

  • Sgt Pishflaps 04.27.14 at 13:42

    Hello DICE or whom ever reads these comments
    I’m in the Scottish Highlands and play BF4 on a Xbox 360(at the moment),and have to agree with others that the game is steadily getting worse.
    It now crashes consistently on dawn breaker either in game or on the loading screen/between maps, as well as other maps at random (including commander mode) other problems include rubber banding,hits not being taken by players Ive shot even though the animation has shown hits landing and in the last few weeks connection loss with the servers
    It pains me to gripe as myself (37) and my farther (62) truly only buy consoles primarily to play the Battlefield titles,of which we a having increasing difficulty doing so.
    yours with respect and frustration
    two old school Battlefield fans

  • favosys 04.27.14 at 06:28

    This is a disgrace I just went in and rubber banding is as horrible as ever. PS4. After waiting since Nov 15th it’s time for a 1 star review on amazon

  • ap70 04.27.14 at 03:44


  • snakebitemagee 04.27.14 at 03:41

    The rubber banding has only gotten worse. $60, or if you have it their way, $120 spent on this game, and it has never worked since day one. That’s a lot of money for a lot of shit in my mouth.

  • ap70 04.27.14 at 03:41

    EA go fishing you are not in the right business.

  • ap70 04.27.14 at 03:39

    DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE, Please guys….listen me….I have been playing this game with NO NO NO problems since the Beta version. WHAT DID YOU GUYS JUST DID? My game is gone…I cant play my matches anymore MAN…wtf…I just play in 16 rooms and the rubber thing is bad…REFUND

  • Chucky Dope 04.26.14 at 21:48

    I’m playing in squad death match, just 20 players and I haven’t had a stable run of games day after day since launch. 125Mb down, 12.5Mb up. 14ms ping. Xbox stats show 94d/11u 162ms (UK). My connection is solid but still the game has screwed stability issues. I received a refund for my premium a month or so into playing the game, still today I’m glad I did. Don’t get me wrong the game is very good when it works properly… It’s a shame that is only once in a blue moon.

    I won’t buy battlefield premium again this time for the new maps etc purely because the game is flawed and patch after patch hasn’t worked.

    Nor will I buy bf5 at launch, if it gets good feedback and is solid then I’ll buy it. I won’t hold my breath.

    Destiny will dominate the platform

  • SkyeWolf 04.26.14 at 20:59

    The servers are not the only problem it’s the way Frostbite 3 handles water in the game. I’ve noticed I have a much higher chance of rubber banding when water is present. If I remember Frostbite has to send matching updates to all players for wave positions and splashes and so on and so forth so everyone sees everything in the same position, this is also a quick way of generating packet loss and errors over the network from constant pings server wide. The same is true for large Levolution events where one massive ping is sent to all players.

  • XxA_MAFIAxX 04.26.14 at 20:18

    why dont u fix the freezing cant finish a game without that happening PS3!!!!!!

  • callofdutywizzzz 04.26.14 at 18:22

    The update came out for ps4 but the game is still lagging the upate didnt do anything useful

  • KiKNASSNCHWNGUM 04.26.14 at 16:35

    B4 is without a doubt the most incredible FPS I’ve ever played, this is the first of the franchise I’ve actually played, and was overwhelmed with the incredible game play you get out of these matches. However it’s a crying shame that such an amazing release has been plagued with so many setbacks. The rubber banding, the crashes, absolutely horrid, and even now with the announcement of these new servers I’m still experiencing Rubber banding, and it’s Double XP weekend (OUTRAGEOUS) I think you guys should certainly do something to make the gamers feel loved and appreciated for the heart aches these set backs has caused to such loyal fans

    PS4 – 4 LIFE

  • Albyreliew 04.26.14 at 14:56

    Good job! Shame it took so long to have a good 64 players experience but now we had a BIG step in quality. Well done!

  • casey061075 04.26.14 at 09:33

    Lag or clichin has been shitty for everyone. Ive found about 8 servers that have kept me sane. All the money Dice, EA, and Sony have made on this game alone you would think someone would try a little harder. !!!

  • dodgybrothers 04.26.14 at 08:26

    Adding to what I just posted, I’m on xbox one and my gamertag is EarthlyBread

  • dodgybrothers 04.26.14 at 08:26

    If anything, the lag seems to have gotten worse for me. I’m not sure why, but right after this was announced, I immediately started getting massive amounts of lag. I’ve tried multiple times within the last 12 hours and it’s always been the same glitchy lagginess. What’s going on?

    • snakebitemagee 04.27.14 at 03:42

      I agree entirely. If anything it has gotten worse.

  • CAMBARARE420 04.26.14 at 07:54

    This should’ve happened in the first place, instead of releasing a game to us that was BETA quality. You took our money and gave us something that wasn’t worth it. You owe us…

  • FlyingMongeese 04.26.14 at 06:55

    That’s nice, but when are you going to give server administrators the ability to administer their own servers AND get ‘Play Now’ traffic?

  • CHUCKERNAUT77 04.26.14 at 05:40

    “100% sure it was done right”? Still lagging, still have no kill card, still being killed behind cover, still watching choppers get hit by tank rounds and surviving, and still getting headshots but no kill. 60% of the time it works 100% of the time!

  • buddyz0108 04.26.14 at 04:25

    Anyone complaining about the game take into consideration the fact they are supporting this game across the Xbox1, 360 PS3 and 4 and on PC. They still show support to BF3 also better then any COD series game. The fact they can support on 5 platforms 2 majorly packed games and work on something we think is simple when coding is no where near that I would love to see anyone that complains about this game being the worst try their hands at it. I hate my fair share of the issues but I respect the fact they support it as much as they do to help keep the loyal gamers.

    • CAMBARARE420 04.26.14 at 07:56

      Brown-nose all you want. We didn’t get what we paid for, BF3 was far superior in many ways. It doesn’t matter that EA forced DICE to release the game too early, THEY DID. That’s all that matters. We are ALL still feeling the effects…

  • DEMONG-4444 04.26.14 at 02:50

    Simple fix, free premium all around and refund those payed players. Cause I feel bad for them to spent all that extra cash on a broken game. Oh yeah, but yall don’t give away free stuff unless its stupid shortcuts and only for a limited time. Hopefully we’ll see a fix on the PS3 real soon. Its funny Battlefield 4 was actually the reason why I wanted to buy a PS4, guess I’m back to waiting my initial 3 years before that console can become a good investment.

  • kawasaki080mike 04.26.14 at 02:48

    About to give up. I have a 360 and there has never been a dowlaod that just fixs this game. How many people have to stop playing before everything is just fixed. Never thought something like this would be so hard for a company as big as you guys.

    • -ASV-PEves- 04.26.14 at 05:27

      Ummm, Have you played Battlefield 2? Every single patch fixed something but added something new that was buggy. This has always been the way for EA/DICE They don’t beta test anything before they release it.

  • jacobrhubbard 04.26.14 at 02:36

    Help sent this update I am now rubber banding for me this has made it worse

  • NickAceDanger 04.26.14 at 01:42

    I’m going to remain skeptical about how “fixed” the issue is until I vigorously play it myself

  • nextcrossing 04.26.14 at 01:11

    now please fix the issue on ps4 where the pistols hang up when firing on semi auto.

  • nextcrossing 04.26.14 at 00:57

    This Works thanks u for fixing Dice. It is enjoyable to play again.

    • nextcrossing 04.26.14 at 00:59

      I have 100mbps dl speed and 10mbps up. with 35ms ping to from my ISP so this plays great again. I’m playing on PS4

      • SilverCaboose 04.26.14 at 07:13

        That’s insane speed. To bad the PS4 only uses about a quarter of it. :/
        I have 60Mbs and don’t get to use it all on PS4.

  • Felipe_020 04.25.14 at 23:48

    It Works! fixed all my rubberbandings problems in ps4, and 0 packet loss. Thanks!

  • NO_FEAR 04.25.14 at 22:58

    Is this for all platforms?

  • Skater_Ricky 04.25.14 at 22:34

    Keep up the good work guys. My Platoon greatly appreciates your hard work.

  • IRELAND914 04.25.14 at 22:11

    Much appreciated. Now do something about the horrible netcode and you’re all set! We’re sick of getting killed after turned a corner or ducking behind cover. Kills the #Battlefeel.

  • steiner116 04.25.14 at 22:05

    Awesome thank you very much. I think it is funny that the old gen console players are complaining so much. Yes the game should run decent for them but at the same time what did they expect getting a next gen game on an old gen console, you made that choice.

    • Skater_Ricky 04.25.14 at 22:08

      Hooah! Totally agree.

    • Jax18 04.30.14 at 22:53

      We expected a game that worked properly just like everyone else. Old consoles or not, the state of Battlefield 4 on PS3 and 360 is just as unacceptable as on the next gen systems. How is it my PS3 can run games like Uncharted 3 and GTA V just fine, but BF4 crashes every other match. You can say BF4 is a lot more complex then those games and putting more stress on the system but it really isn’t. We’re looking at a game with 24 players max. The graphics might be ground breaking on next gen, but on PS3 and 360, its about equal to BF3 which ran fine. Yes there’s destruction, but its not much more than was present of BF3 and especially BC2… and don’t even bring up levolution. It isn’t a huge deal. It’s pretty much the same thing as the scripted destruction in Call of Duty’s campaign missions, and that game doesn’t crash during those moments. Why should BF4? Overall, no, we weren’t expecting the game to be as good or as advanced as it is on next gen systems… but this is NOT the best DICE could do for us by a long shot…

  • JBur1986 04.25.14 at 21:40

    A big thankyou from me. First BF experience with 4 and love it. Admitted it had issues but Dice seem to listen and respond. Now i hope the 64 servers arent queued too bad in light of this Hail Mary.

  • Gideon21 04.25.14 at 21:29

    Xbox 360 players are having the same rubber banding issues. Why are you only addressing next gen consoles. Get on the stick and fix the issues that every player has not just the morons that bought a new system to play your broken game. The dissent from your fan base is very real and we are fed up. New games are coming out and making the jump to games like Tom Clancy’s Division will cause a loss of many players. Stop the potential hemmorage of players while it’s still not too late.

    • D4rkM4tt3r6 04.25.14 at 22:00

      Ok so what makes us morons? The fact that we bought next generation consoles?you sound pretty retarded

    • Skater_Ricky 04.25.14 at 22:04

      Not sure which side of the bed you woke up on but 64 player matches are on Next-Gen platform’s. And there deploying new servers all around. Tell you see problems still in the next few weeks after all severs have been put in place then you can complain. Tell then shut your face. And for the Next-Gen comment. You better keep your comments to yourself. Us Next-Gen gamers are proud owners of our new shiny hardware that run faster, load quicker, have more social feature’s, and run bigger map’s, more players on the map, beautiful graphics. Step down before you reck yourself. You sir are the low as all low a gamer can go. Where all here to play games. DICE knows there’s bugs on all platform’s and are working there hardest to get them all fixed. Do your part and provide important, accurate feedback on the forum’s instead of complaining.

      • GaZh86 04.29.14 at 11:51

        Well said, does my head in all the haters who dont even try to give some usefull feed back.

    • SYSTEM_ERROR_9 04.25.14 at 23:08

      HA!!!! WERE THE MORONS!??? looks like vastly superior graphics, faster processing and better controllers arent that big a deal to you. the game is hardly broken, and it gets better every week. they’re focusing on the new consoles because the old consoles are crap. this is not ground breaking news. xbox360/ps3 can barely run the game at reduced levels… again not ground breaking news. ask your mom for an allowance raise and buy a modern console.

  • Edn4rg 04.25.14 at 21:18

    aaaa okok and the server for the old gen console?? what do you think to doing about??
    The server sucks!!! WTF WAKE UP AND FIX THIS FUCKED GAME

    • jacob5849 04.25.14 at 21:38

      dude you should have not even bought BF4 on a last gen console you should have just waited until you could get a PS4 or xbox one or PC, just anything but the 360 and ps3.

  • Achilles64Scott 04.25.14 at 20:55

    I cant see any change its still rubber banding on ps4 so what the hell

    • SYSTEM_ERROR_9 04.25.14 at 23:10

      i was hoping to NOT see this comment ;(

  • PrimeCode 04.25.14 at 20:45

    Solution ? On PS3 it is worse than last week. No improvement ! Low frame rate issues ! Please fix the game or let me know if I can return my game and get refund…

  • booker_64 04.25.14 at 20:09

    @DICE – guys! This is all great and very long awaited upgrade. Well, actually console community is awaiting for it since the game was out. It’s a very welcomed thing.

    However. Some time ago you seem to start aiming at improving your comms (announcements on Battlelog and so on). For whatever reason you started off great but recently the updates are poor. If you want to work for a good PR it’s not only that you create nicely formed posts – it’s also the frequency of updates. Last month past on with zero to none updates. This makes people you basically don’t plan or don’t do anything. If you want your community to live the game with you, post them at least once every week about planned or implemented events.

    One of most anticipated things in console community is rented servers. There has been no a single word about it since the game went out. It’s been now half year gone while PC players got rented servers for long time now. You have understand that lack of comms puts console community in a 2nd grade level – lack of the rented servers and locked features (like Spectator) even further.

    Best regards (also to Pantaloon aka Marcus S. ;) )

  • Mubarak80 04.25.14 at 19:46

    Thank you BF for everything I really enjoyed this wonderful game and I always believe that this company do many to satisfy their fans ( Thank You so much )

  • AdSprad 04.25.14 at 19:39

    Thank you so much for doing this, it was so greatly needed. I appreciate your investment in time and finances.

  • phinnv8 04.25.14 at 19:24

    Hoping this fixes the horrendous rubberbanding on 64-player servers on PS4.

    I’ve always played game types 20-32 players (Domination/Rush/etc.) and quite like them but it would be nice to FINALLY be able to play Conquest and Carrier Assault. Especially after buying the game then Premium and not much to show for it.

  • gcd73 04.25.14 at 19:20

    There has also been no lag or rubber banding on the srevers that have 44 players why not make those permanent

  • SeraphX2 04.25.14 at 19:16

    “While the process took longer than we would’ve liked, we wanted to be 100% sure it was done right and that the long-term solution was properly in place.” is just BS-speak for, “We suck at this but don’t want to admit it”.

  • SeraphX2 04.25.14 at 19:14

    Probably if you were not using EA servers, this would have been done quicker. Ever hear of AWS (Amazon Web Services)? They would have been able to spin up servers as fast as you needed them once you found the problem. Or at least faster than 2 freakin months.

  • is not null 04.25.14 at 19:00

    Thank you! The games have been running A LOT better this week.

  • allsolo13 04.25.14 at 18:42

    What a load of crap…..just played on operation mortar and it’s still all over the place…..I love shelling out £100 for a still broken load of tripe….I’m off now to go and play viva piñata … At least that works !

    • Tom the Grouch 04.25.14 at 18:50

      clearly you can’t f***ing read its says stay tuned for more information….the patch has not been released yet

      • ISAIAHreynolds77 04.25.14 at 19:17

        Your right this guy is just a battlefield hater

    • DMR-KILLED_YOU 04.25.14 at 19:01

      don’t be downloading porn then faggot and get a good connection

  • PolkadotCadaver 04.25.14 at 18:34

    So glad us 360 users get pushed back onto the crap servers… But yay for PC and new gen conses!! I prefer the smaller armied matches myself versus the new gen 64 matches myself. Less madness on such small maps on conquest. That’s what I love to play. Getting 20+ people gathered around one flag is too much for this 36 year old… Lol…

    • PolkadotCadaver 04.25.14 at 18:36

      BTW, was playing naval stike earlier today and it was “rubber banding” so bad, it almost froze up 2 or 3 times…

  • NuutiIa 04.25.14 at 18:29

    I had that same freezing problem on PS3. Something may have been corrupted because there was only sound in campaign… There is no that problem on PS4 it has freezed only two times while on PS3 I needed to restart like 50 times…

  • rdespres72 04.25.14 at 18:27

    now if you can do a update for ps3 that would be great

  • OpEnEd_WoUnDs 04.25.14 at 18:24

    Awesome!! Can’t wait to play Carrier Assault with these new fixes. Just wondering if the problem where there is a 1-2 second delay and die behind complete cover. Keep up the good work.

    • OpEnEd_WoUnDs 04.25.14 at 18:26

      “die behind complete cover” is being worked on? But, keep up the good work!

      • RandomCanEHdian 04.25.14 at 18:49

        They don’t care. With servers with a refresh rate at 1/6 the speed of CoD4, it’s going to continue. If they cared, it’d be fixed pre-launch.

      • phinnv8 04.25.14 at 19:26

        with the extremely slow 10Hz server refresh (obviously needed to handle the absurd player counts rather than just making a good game) it’s unlikely they’ll address this until Battlefield 5.

        This should be their top priority once rubberbanding is fixed. That and being able to join a game as a squad.

  • Zemlan 04.25.14 at 18:24

    Sounds like a step in the right direction! :)

  • T0NY-_-GV 04.25.14 at 18:21

    I’m playing BF4 on PS3 and get screen freezing every 2-3 match that need a reset and a long wait to verify corrupt files so don’t forget to get that fix too. Thanks

    • PolkadotCadaver 04.25.14 at 18:39

      Have you cleared all your older updates and got the newer one? Just asking cause I did and its never crashed on naval…

  • vice350z 04.25.14 at 18:19

    If this doesn’t work.. Then lol.

  • TheKrustyKrab8 04.25.14 at 18:11

    You have my 1% confidence that this will work! the other 99% is where you have everyone download the patch and the cons out way the pros like the game is now. BF4 = unplayable

  • NuutiIa 04.25.14 at 18:05

    Im also playing on PS4.

  • Matthew99w 04.25.14 at 18:04

    It’s really low lag on PS4. Keep it up. I still want to see improvement.

  • TeknoBlast 04.25.14 at 18:04

    For the Xbox One, you guys should have used MS’ dedicated servers instead of your in-house ones. Maybe the next BF release you can get it right the first time.

    • Skater_Ricky 04.25.14 at 22:20

      They use there own servers because they can fine tune the servers and implement a patch themselves rather then relying on Microsoft.Things get done faster when you have access to your own equipment.

  • NuutiIa 04.25.14 at 18:03

    And well, and hitboxes or “shitboxes” are very bad. I have never played any game that has worse hit registeration. I dont only mean hiting the enmy but also colliding with any object in the game. Even doorways, roots, paper boxes, little rocks and other small things can prevent me escaping the enemy. Two players cannot go though the doorway because they they are two meters wide. And I nearly forgot that I stuck behind the cannons in operation mortar even though I dot even touch it. Also I cannot shoot in windows or past walls, rocks, trees… just because the bullet hits invisible wall. You must remake ALL thehitboxes of whole game not just something like pipes in zavod311.

  • RVDHUDDING 04.25.14 at 17:48

    It is also rubberbanding on the playstation 3

  • NuutiIa 04.25.14 at 17:42

    Thank you DICE! I could finally play NS without any rubber banding! Still it doesnt help to deploy new servers you must simply upgrade ALL the servers. And there is still thegig beast “netcode” to beat. My bullts doesnt count, I have latency of like one second so I can die five meters behind the corner even though I was visible for very short time. And whenever I see a sniperglint Im already dead. I want to feel like having something to do to beat my enemy.

  • Mariner169 04.25.14 at 17:23

    So…does this mean I can play the campaign without it being deleted???

  • CHRYSUSbyGT 04.25.14 at 16:37

    I’ve been playing on PS4 & my experience of rubber-banding can be describe as ‘occasional’. That being said, the new servers are very welcome. Now reward the loyal fans who’ve stuck with the game throughout the last 5/ 6 months with another player appreciation month ;D

  • JamKaBlam 04.25.14 at 16:29

    Congratulations. You have nearly got the game actually ready for release. Just in time for Battlefield 5 right?

  • guitargas123 04.25.14 at 16:12

    I’m very, very happy. Just work on the “netcode” a little more and we’ll have a perfect game!

  • Criff713 04.25.14 at 16:01

    Thank you for the hard work and the fix. I’m glad 64 man will play better, but I would still really enjoy playing on some 32 man servers, and update on that??

  • angry_IT_Guy 04.25.14 at 15:28

    What sort of announcement is this ? How can I be convinced to invest another $80 for premium? This is just a marketing blurb. You fucked me on the shitty servers and this says nothing to inspire me to upgrade.. PRETTY POOR EFFORT IN COMMUNICATING HERE.. I might spend my hard earned cash in COD, they don’t seem to have probs with their servers or spin complete bullshit about their tech.

    • angry_IT_Guy 04.25.14 at 17:21

      This blog post has been updated since my rant above and the marketing BS has been taken out…. Looks like they’re reading the responses which is a good sign. Still the proof will be in the server performance going forward.

    • Kermit2055 04.25.14 at 19:18

      Dude, don´t buy it, wait for a couple of months or just wait for Battlefield 5, hoping that this shit wont happen again.

    • Skater_Ricky 04.25.14 at 22:29

      Sounds to me your no where near of a loyal Battlefield players as allot are on here. I don’t appricate all the insults you make here in the comment’s. Please be respectful. If you treat someone like trash you will be treated the same. Karma will bite you back. Enjoy the game. Provide valuable feedback. Be respectful to other’s.

      • angry_IT_Guy 04.26.14 at 14:10

        Problem is I AM a loyal BF fan. BF3 was very good. Game mechanics were smooth and lag was a rare event. BF4 was a mess. They ruined the operation of vehicles, and lag is a persistent problem. Tank shells disappearing on impact, unregistered head shots, getting killed well behind cover. You also didn’t see the original post that DICE made which was not by the DICE GM and was just some condescending BS. The frustration is off the scale.

        If I didn’t care I wouldn’t bother. Right now I have decided to wait for BF5 and then wait for the reviews. I think DICE have done damage to their brand and service, and now have to work harder and re-establishing trust and credibility with its loyal fan base, or lose them to other titles that have a better track record. In the end it’s just a game. What really offended me was how condescending and patronising the DICE marketing team are/were after suffering a pretty poor player experience for a long time being a BF fan….

  • torgeirt 04.25.14 at 15:28

    Finally one step in the right direction. Nice Dice. Now the rest of the steps. And do try to inform us on the progress. I have spent $1000 on PS4, premium etc just to play BF. And change that social media hype strategies, and start doing service recovery. It only insults us, and make you seem ignorant and greedy.

    • angry_IT_Guy 04.25.14 at 16:27

      Well said… Patronising is more like it..

  • Bowlringer 04.25.14 at 14:48

    Too late, 2/3s of my friends stopped playing because they didn’t like being treated like pay-to-play beta testers. Smell ya later, DICE.

    • angry_IT_Guy 04.25.14 at 15:42

      I think you summed it up… We’re being treated like beta testers, and then they patronise us about the fixes..

  • Crashpilot_GER 04.25.14 at 14:06

    A MASSIVE thank you, DICE. After weeks of taking criticsm from the community, you still managed it to solve this problem and make the game playable once again for myself and a lot of other players. This is greatly appreciated and i hope you will continue to fix the games issues until it will be an a perfect state for all the gamers. THANK YOU

  • TheBironicMan 04.25.14 at 12:49

    why don’t you guys give us a smaller player count conquest on new gen consoles and PC? Something 40 players. That might help with the lag/rubber banding issues as well.

    • magneira 04.25.14 at 15:13

      Just search for conquest small, and there you have it.

      • abazuupzuup 04.25.14 at 15:58

        When you search for conquest small/carrier assault small, it says “no servers found” I also want some severs with fewer players.

      • Skater_Ricky 04.25.14 at 22:33

        This is for PS3 and 360 owner’s. Maybe in the future or when rent a Server’s get released. Till then join a low count server and enjoy the 1 or 2 rounds before the server is full and then join a new server.

  • DogTagsUk 04.25.14 at 12:45

    which platform is this for because no is saying if it all platforms ,

  • RiotRick 04.25.14 at 12:32

    Finally! Really hoping this will make naval strike playable.

  • Jaredspurlock21 04.25.14 at 12:15

    It’s about time. I can finally play my favorite game mode! Thanks DICE and keep up the good work…and also please try and release Dragons Teeth as soon as possible. Thanks.

    • The_Stooges_ 04.25.14 at 18:10

      no its people like you that made this game so laggy and fucked up trying to push them to release it faster so they wont have as much time to work on it im excited for dragons teeth but im giving them all the fuckin time in the world to make it better unlike naval strike it was so laggy on CA that the floor wouldn’t load sometimes i dont want that again

  • Hulk4D 04.25.14 at 11:53


  • Deathspankd 04.25.14 at 11:52

    now solve this issue with 24 players on 360 and itll be the starting point to recovery for this game

  • Umainebearman 04.25.14 at 11:29

    What platforms where they deployed on and how do we tell which servers are the “high performance” one when in server browser so we don’t get stuck in a rubber banding match?

  • esmorgue 04.25.14 at 11:27

    Thanks for your hard work.

  • YIAZ-M 04.25.14 at 11:26

    I played a lot yesterday, and still had rubber-banding and lags (CQ64)…Are Optical fibre players condemned?

  • Grozarom 04.25.14 at 11:22

    Good news

  • p0di 04.25.14 at 11:21

    That’s a good news ! Thanks Dice for you’re work, now we need private servers ;)