Addressing Battlefield 4 Rubber Banding Issues

We wanted to provide a quick update on the issues with Battlefield 4 “rubber banding” that some players on certain platforms have experienced during matches with 64 players.

Looking into this further, we’re unhappy with our server performance, so we’ll be upgrading the hardware as soon as possible, investing more to deliver a better experience.

As soon as we know the exact timetable, we’ll let you know the ETA. Reducing lag for these players is absolutely a top priority for us to solve and we expect to have the solution very soon.

Stay tuned to our official channels for more information.


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  • Harbinger1Reaver 04.16.15 at 06:39

    Im trying to keep the faith here and its good to know that the problem is actually being acknowledged, but I cant help but be discouraged when its been this long post-launch and the same problems still persist. On PC, it doesnt matter if its 12 players or 64, I still get the same amount of rubber-banding lag every match but at least it was somewhat playable before the update 2 months ago.

  • Gauntatr0n1c 03.17.15 at 18:20

    Late to the Battlefield experience on PS4, having played BF on PC for a long time. The server lag is horrendous – I have ver good broadband and no issues playing any other games. This is completely broken – what exactly has been achieved in the last year with regards to the server issues? Why are you selling this game in the knowledge that the multiplayer is non-functional. How do we go about obtaining a refund?

  • quinboo42 02.27.15 at 18:51

    Just bought this game and had to make an account just to show how disappointed I am. I have a 50 down/5 up connection with open nat type and have absolutely no lag issues with any other game however bf4 is literally unplayable for me. No matter how small of a game I join into i have 2 seconds of lag every 5-10 seconds making it impossible to kill anybody or even fly vehicles without crashing into anything. It is such a fun game though and all I wish for is to just be able to play the f***ing game. EA/Dice please pleaseee get this fixed because as of now I’ve completely wasted $60.

  • Skorostrel_BG 02.24.15 at 02:22

    Severe rubberbanding has returned for me and my friends. None of my other games suffer from this, and NO its not my connection. Hardline will be another disaster by the looks of things.

  • DaisukeRiku 02.13.15 at 04:03

    Even on a Server with what looks to be Full Ping Ratting, once I am on said Server i check the connection and the Ping Ratting now shows One Red Bar… Rendering BF4 unplayable for me…

  • Numfug 02.09.15 at 12:26

    I’ve never had this problem until now and i get it in every game mode no matter how many players and i just cannot find a good server. Its pretty much unplayable.

  • Proxzyn 02.04.15 at 21:32

    The rubber banding is not limited to 64 player maps. I get it, A LOT, in all game modes, on all maps. It is unplayable med me on PS4.

  • ODST General 02.04.15 at 14:24

    I too have experienced a lot of lag recently. It had nut been to bad before but now makes the game near unplayable sadly this is somehow worse in hardline.

  • bruster123 01.27.15 at 14:38

    Today was worse than usual… Usually its terrible but today…… Just makes you want to throw your controller at whoever the hell is responsible for these crappy crappy servers.
    I’ve been patiently waiting for this issue to be fixed but now I’ve run out of patience. I bought a Ps4 purely for this game and so far its been an utter waste of money.

  • DITOS_X 01.26.15 at 00:01

    When it is going be fix?

  • DITOS_X 01.26.15 at 00:00

    This fuking sucks.
    You guys better fix this problem.
    I can’t even play. It’s so fuking bad..

  • Elasher1988 01.16.15 at 02:47

    Its just a complete and absolute hassle to play….I spent the 60 bucks for xbox one….on release day. Nothing but problems for MONTHS!! getting booted from games, disconnects, lagging. So i said, “man, i really love this game, im going to give it another chance for PC” So…i bought it for PC, and guess what? Same exact bullshit. Now, i am not going to ask for my money back because thats a waste of time. I just want to play the game, thats all im asking. Please, just fix it, so we can enjoy it, and you can go off and enjoy your money we gave you for it….Thats a pretty fair trade i would say. Thanks.

  • Vindicte267 01.13.15 at 20:40

    Wow, almost a full year after this post and no update, with hardline right around the corner? Way to take care of your customers EA. My connection speed is 5mB upload/50mB download, I have never had an rubberbanding issue in any of my other games. This needs to be fixed, and soon.

  • Killer Pojo 01.13.15 at 18:23

    This is embarassing. Please fix this issue. Ive heard it happening on almost all platforms, even in game modes that dont require a full roster. I am running a wired connection, with the fastest avaliable internet connection in my area. Premium and Live are expensive. THIS IS BULLSHIT!

  • LITHIUMcincip 01.11.15 at 20:24

    Why is this still an issue. EA obviously doesn’t care. There are no updates on progress with this issue. I didn’t have this issue on my Xbox 360, I get an Xbox one and pay for premium and I can’t even play multiplayer. When will this be fixed, when the next game comes out? I’m sorely disappointed and will not be buying the next game. Dice and EA should be ashamed.

  • PirateBarbosa 01.06.15 at 22:06

    The game is broken and unplayable on ps4. I have a strong stable internet connection so I am positive the server issues are coming from your end. I love battlefield and I am a big fan but sometimes just trying to find a stable game is challenging. I sometimes spend close to an HOUR trying to find a server that is not broken…sometimes with no luck at all. Until BF4 is not fixed, I don’t think hardline is worth getting (Which is a shame).

    • LITHIUMcincip 01.11.15 at 20:28

      It looks like they decided to put what they got into Hardline and are forgetting about BF4, way to burn a bridge with followers of the battlefield series.

  • Radamack 12.21.14 at 23:52

    We are now in December and still having the same problem, nice work EA/DICE.

    • LITHIUMcincip 01.11.15 at 20:26

      Ridiculous isn’t it? Pay my hard earned money for junk.

  • Vaxyne 11.22.14 at 20:33

    This post was made in April. I havent played in a while, probably since before this post was made, but i dont remember having as many problems as i do now. I’m paying for 80mbps just to be dragged down by your “upgrades”

    i am never buying a DICE game again. I liked battlefield, i was hoping to enjoy hardline at some point, but since i can no longer play a game ive already spent $100+, im thinking no.

    Thanks for the frustration, I really needed it.

  • fireskyUK 08.30.14 at 16:03

    Everyday the same. I have a 16MB line and my ping fluxes between 67-278 all the time. No one is using the internet, wifi is off, rebooted router. Still, same. I play games on Steam and I get a ping of 37-40 constantly. Fix this issue already! We did NOT pay you for such a crappy experience. This is beyond a joke! Playing the game with this type of maintainance is rediculous.

  • Throat_Choppper 08.24.14 at 03:25

    So I just bought BF4 and a playstation 4, something I have been saving up for almost 2 years. I don’t have much and this was a major investment for me. So I was pretty upset to notice that the online gaming was pretty much unplayable due to lag. Since this seems to be a problem that has been going on for the last 5 months I will be returning my PS4 and BF4. I will also be boycotting Dice and EA from now on and investing the money in a Bike instead.

  • fred11-_- 08.21.14 at 14:26

    After numerous updates the rubber banding had gotten worse the game is unplayable and I will be returning it if it isn’t fixed by September

  • Lord Crady 06.06.14 at 03:18

    Your last 600mb update did nothing to fix the lag, it is utterly unplayable

  • Roosville 04.25.14 at 15:16

    When it play right, I’ll pay Premier…..

  • doctorchrist 04.24.14 at 03:49

    1 step foward 2 steps back

  • Danielcaldwell 04.23.14 at 00:30

    no wonder why EA got voted the worst company in the world last year

  • SqueezingLimez 04.22.14 at 22:37

    Seriously when are you going to fix this issue, it makes me turn my Xbox off in rage because you cant control a Heli properly, I know you have a long list of things to fix with Battlefield but this surely has to be at the top of the pile with the amount of grief it causes.
    Spend more time/effort on fixing this stupid problem and less on giant sharks!
    And when you’ve got time – Emblems.

  • Buckpasser 04.22.14 at 20:45

    This lag/rubberband issue is a sad commentary for such a great (could be great) game. This freaking sucks Dice!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BIG-JON86 04.22.14 at 17:22

    This is actually ridiculous now..
    I also got a PS4 primarily to get on 64 player games at a reasonable price. Problem is like many others I cant enjoy the 64 player games because of this rubberbanding lag whatever you want to call it you need to fix it. I thought it was great seeing this post about investing in making the servers better, but people are staying tuned for updates that are not being provided, if it is taking longer than expected just say, don’t hide away and keep things quiet. I have had my ps4 for about a month so I feel sorry for the ones who have experienced this for longer than I have. Sort it out and update us at the very least, angry would be an under statement for how myself and the rest of us are feeling right now, and we want some sort of in game comp for this too at the very least!

    • PhychoDuckTM 06.02.14 at 02:13

      Yo your totally right bro….they must fix this I turn my Xbox off in a rage all b cuz they are worried about Easter eggs more than the connection troubles….I wonder if they even read these post n give a care….I’ll b stuck in a crouch n I can’t sprint just can walk ten all if a sudden bang I’m stuck only turning in circles waiting to b killed…I’ll shoot on target first watch blood pour out another man n then b killed by a dead body with 0% health this is outrageous….I’ll b sucked back out of coverage I’ll b stuck in the start menu black screen repeatedly but the worst is when I kill someone n die after walking away from the dead body it’s sooooo frustrating DICE!!!!

  • A_Evil_Gnome 04.22.14 at 15:02

    I would like to say this game is the reason I spent the 400+ dollars for a PS4 System. I have been playing Battlefield on the PC, XBox 360 and now the new system, this rubber banding needs to be fixed, like many others I first went through my systems, firewall, ISP speed etc.. and it comes down to the game developer and the game producer to step up and fix it. Since it’s been a while, and the problem still exists, I think a quick update on project “banding repair” should be announced. I do not think it’s selective with players and I know it’s on the 360 and the PS4. Almost every map I get in the banding is prevalent. I am sure you do not want to put the negative statements out , but please update the community and fix the issue.

  • Artorius717 04.22.14 at 01:26

    Some Naval Strike matches are unplayable….. When is this going to be fixed!

  • Sepanian 04.21.14 at 21:44

    It’s unbearable; specially in Lancang Dam (for me). Some maps like Zavod I don’t experience this lag much but when it starts, I turn it off, because it’s pointless and not fun. This is a waste. I bought a PS4 specifically for this game. Too bad! I wanted to purchase Naval strike, but read that this issue is even worse on those servers, so I’ll hold off until this issue is resolved for good. Your move DICE, make it wisely, please.

  • LoopDawg79 04.21.14 at 17:18

    Still no updates and the game is still very laggy, when are you planning on fixing this game?

  • stinkalot 04.21.14 at 08:30

    the lifespan of this game is coming to an end, if you really think they are going to fix it, your a dumbass, and they are liars. It is that plain and simple!

  • DarkRift5 04.21.14 at 04:23

    I’ve been supportive for a long time on this game. I’ve finally gotten fed up. Its been almost 3 weeks and you haven’t out any new servers out. I payed $110 for the game and Premium, I expect to be able to play on more than 5 test servers. Sure, bugs happen and that’s fine. But there’s a difference between being a little buggy and being completely unplayable.
    Look, its not like EA/DICE is strapped for cash( especially with what they made from us now), so fix your stupid servers. The game should be playable after being out for 5 months.
    Good riddance, and please don’t f*** up Battlefront 3.

  • sbpuffer 04.21.14 at 02:29

    I normally Don’t post on forums but I am writing this because BF4 is just so so bad. Battlefield 4 can’t be played because of the lag on EA servers and it is a lesson in frustration if you try. Do people at EA play this game because if they do they should be simply ashamed. Now every time I see EA I think about this issue and the fact you could not ever play BF4 when it first came out because of the crashing. As Charlie Brown would say “good grief EA. I feel like EA is Lucy and I am Charlie brown trying to kick the dam football.

  • lSHoCk_WaVEl 04.20.14 at 10:09

    Something is fundamentally wrong with this game and that is EA!! The rubber banding cannot just be lag as eg if you are in a jet you lag horrendously then bail out on foot and voila no lag, so what the fuck? I hate EA. Always have, money grabbing greedy corporation ruined what would’ve been the best next gen shooter.

  • Necco94 04.19.14 at 05:49

    I did not sign up to be a beta tester. I would have been more then happy if you gave the game to me for free. STOP RELEASING EXPANSIONS UNTIL YOU FIX THE PREVIOUS ONES!!! You are trying to pump out the expansions so you can move on to BF5. Then you will start to make promises that this one has all of the bugs worked out of it. You need to clearly lay out your plan along with the timeline rather then leaving us in the dark. When you minimize our concerns then you make us less inclined to buy future products.

  • stinkalot 04.18.14 at 19:50

    its been over two weeks, how about an update deucchebags

  • manowar71 04.18.14 at 17:38

    DICE made a great game with great physics. But now all the gameplay is ruined due to some AE decisions, trying to save some money. The rubber banding made the game unplayable on PS4, more on the new maps; the servers for Europe are located far… far away from Europe, giving us a latency of hundred and something, and we keep dying behind the walls, worst when people from States step in our game…
    I saw some great franchises disappear from one day to the other due to bad decisions of the companies. I hope that don’t happen to Battlefield, but talking with many players they just say that, with the strong competition that’s coming they don’t meant to buy the BF5.

  • WolfUlfric 04.18.14 at 03:50

    FIX THIS. I LOVE this game, but I cannot stand playing it lately because the rubber banding on Naval Strike Maps (Which I love the maps, hate the rubber banding) is unbearable. I thought, “Maybe it’s my connection?” So I’d try another game, smooth as ice with no rubber banding. Go back to BF4, rubber banding parade begins again. PLEASE fix this. I love this game when it works, this is killing any desire to play this or future BF4 games despite my enjoyment for the times when it does work. Show your community you’re getting it done FAST because you want them/us to enjoy this game the way it should be enjoyed.

  • JOHN_PARO 04.18.14 at 00:27

    Nahhh, lag???? Rubber banding??? who is having this kind of issues?

    ALL OF US!!!! The game is literally broken! Naval strike is unplayable in conquest! and so many maps too.

    Ok, EA says they are upgrading their servers, good call, but make it faster please!! If you need help we can all go and buy the computer hardware!!! you are too lazy or too cheap to invest in people´s satisfaction…. you sold the game and now what? you can´t treat us like this. The game has been rubber banding since launch!! 6 months!! 6 EA!!! SIX!!

    I really want a definitive solution or you should give my money back (60$ for the game, 50$ for the premium pass and not to mention I had to pay PS plus to play it online!!! )

    Now that I´m thinking….. EA should stop publishing games and should start a political party, they are really good at selling lies.

  • monsoonmike 04.17.14 at 14:17

    DICE / EA games come on its been months since this problem started (rubber banding) you played it down long enough stop listeng to your lawyers and your engineers sometimes you have to spend some money to make money. So you have 100 thousand people telling you there is problems withe the game and you just deny it “some players on certain platforms” is all players on all players so just admit and fix. Even the guys on the Black Opps / Call Duty fix there rubber banding granted they don’t step out of the box and reinvent the game but they do fix there issues. I like big maps and lots of people so that is where you drew my attention that is why I got bored with Ghost after a month . I have hung in on to bf4 and have not sell it off. By the way Dice I have bf4 on a ps4 and I have an Xbox 1 and the bf4 game I borrowed from a friend RUBBER BANDS JUST AS BAD.. I know it is not my Internet or hardware I checked that all ready it’s fadter than what you require up stream and down stream. Complaint is getting old and I’m thinking I want my $100 back game and premium.. So maybe it is time for everyone to get there money back we want a refund or a complete fix. You haven’t even gave a new fix time frame. It’s been close to a month you should be on here once a week giving updates and stop pushing the blame on others . So in closing this complaint anyone interested in a class action lawsuite. So dice what is cheaper for you fixing problem or facing lawsuite.believe this there is a lawyer out there that plays this game and he is researching the possibility of a lawsuite. Good day

  • TheNewKids 04.17.14 at 00:05

    On my Xbox One I have a different account and this is a glitch I experienced that I earn a assignment and it’s gun then when I come to play, it says I have to do the assignment all over again and that is still in my class. Here are the assignment guns that are experiencing this glitch: MTAR, L96A1, and F2000. PLEASE fix this glitch on the Xbox one and here is my Xbox one gamertag just in case: MacBook Pro GTX Please fix this.

  • grksuperleague 04.16.14 at 18:26

    Yes the game has been out since November on Ps4 and WOW the rubber banding is crazy even though I love this game but how long can it possibly take to fix? And for those of you complaining about the complainers, I don’t even know why you would be on here so STFU!!!! P.S I can’t even plY the NS maps cuz they lag so much and what is the status on your servers already???? Because this post is over a few weeks old and the I have heard NOTHING!!!

  • monsoonmike 04.16.14 at 02:17

    It’s been weeks since the rubber banding has been addressed. What is the statice of the new servers. Your customers would like an update. This has been going on since January. I got headaches now if I try to play. So I wasted $100. On a game I can’t play. So please up date the repair statice. Thank you

  • murdoc006_l3t3j 04.15.14 at 09:33

    No more dlc. First fix the rubber- banding isseus plzz

  • stinkalot 04.14.14 at 23:44

    its been 14 days and still no word, it appears we have been told yet another lie!

  • clarke of isaac 04.14.14 at 05:25

    don’t get mad at dice, get mad at EA, who rushed them into planning, and making dlc when they should have been working on the game before release, also im sure star wars BF screwed them over as far as development power, i just wish DICE would make it up to us with more camo customization, like patterns and colors, and more double xp days

  • Derpy92 04.14.14 at 00:27

    What Dice should take away from all this complaining and anger is not all the negativity, but instead the positive implication, that we all love the hell out of this game. People wouldn’t bother complaining so hard about a game they didn’t like. BF4 is amazing and would stomp any fps if it wasn’t for this very legitimate issue. Honestly I had no problems on my ps4 even when all these complaints emerged months ago, but about a month before naval strike, rubber banding has gotten progressively worse. First it was just NS maps but now its everywhere. Though I really hope this game gets completely fixed so I can go back to it, I won’t be looking at any future dice games.
    PS: why the hell haven’t you told us the reason for this. I imagine the game just wasn’t done but publisher pressured for holiday release but that’s just my blind speculation

    • monsoonmike 04.16.14 at 02:22

      I have to agree with your entire post. When I first got this game at Christmas it was hundred times better than ghost. Bf4 was a great game and will again if they fix rubber banding but I can’t even play a whole game now the rubber banding give me harsh headaches.

  • XEPicZzVIPERX 04.12.14 at 19:30

    At least they admit their servers are bad. I’m glad they’ve finally noticed.

  • SSOwiD 04.11.14 at 19:43

    Really hope so be it. I could not play decently for more than a month ago. And this, considering that before the game was wrong either. I’m already considering requesting the return of my money.

    • kallenef21 04.12.14 at 12:26

      How do u try and get your money back!? I want every last dime I paid for this piece of shit game.

  • Dono5062 04.11.14 at 02:20

    One time, I was playing on an empty server on PS3 and there was rubber-banding. How is that even possible? I always have 4 or 5 bars with my internet signal. I was the only person on the server. Also, my game crashes ALL THE TIME!!

  • TinyKillerRobot 04.11.14 at 00:23

    Ill tell you what you can fix. Stop spawning an an enemy in my back pocket at the start of TDM. And, when I do spawn, it would be nice to actually see my character rendered and not running around defenseless with no body if weapon for the first 10-30 seconds. And, when I finally do see my character, the iron sights are almost always occluded until you kill someone of get killed yourself. The game looks nice, but the coding appears to have been don by a 9th grade computer science class.
    Apologies in advance for any spelling errors. It is a little hard to see light gray font on a white background. DICE you rock at failure.

  • Terrordactyl 04.10.14 at 18:40


    The servers have been shockingly bad since release. Naval Strike is the worst by far. I really regret wasting my money on Premium.

  • Luciphoros007 04.10.14 at 08:31

    This has been complete trash for six months now. If you are incapable of putting up servers to run your games why should we pay for any of your other products? For that matter why can’t I get my money back for this abysmal failure of a game? It’s been over a week and I’ve seen literally zero improvement on PS4. I can’t wait for H-Hour to get made so I can get away from this shit company. Don’t market a game that has B grade servers as a AAA game. It pisses your customers off.

  • norcalhooligan 04.10.14 at 04:35

    I think it’s a load of Bullshit that Dice can sit here and sell premium accounts, and advertise naval strike like nothing is wrong. You know everything is messed up Dice, fix it or refund us our money. You should have never released such a crappy. Knowing you were going to alienate your hardcore fans. You suck dice

  • Assassin0fLove 04.09.14 at 17:39

    I hope someone gets fired for this.

  • stinkalot 04.09.14 at 02:25


  • guitargas123 04.08.14 at 04:02

    Please fix the rubber banding soon. It’s bad tonight :(

  • Spiderface2000 04.08.14 at 03:38

    Eyedentify …You ignorant fool..I have been played and owned every Battlefield game and map pack since 2002..Battlefield 4 would dominate the competition, but the horrible lag issues render any conquest game mode unplayable for me and my local buddies on PS4.. It is more than a small issue the game is literally unplayable…My friends in California do not have as big of issues as we are all having..
    So piss off…

  • RilexGamin 04.08.14 at 00:35

    LAG LAG go away and never return another day !!!!!!!

  • sji1973 04.06.14 at 22:46

    Totally abysmal and not fit for purpose.

  • USEASTGI73 04.06.14 at 17:28

    I’ve noticed this issue ever since Naval Strike. At first it was limited to N/S servers (for me) and now seems to have crept into every server I play regardless of map pack. Can’t do shit really. Seriously DICE….game has been out since NOV and you still have so many bugs. By the time you fix them all, BF4 will be an “XBOX classic”. Damn pitty. DICE should be delivering gold briefcases for this to all premium players.

  • Wade_Martin 04.05.14 at 15:05

    I think it would be cool if they brought back the ak 74m or the 47

    • USEASTGI73 04.06.14 at 17:15

      How does this apply to the topic of the blog?

  • eyedentify 04.05.14 at 11:20

    Oh my lord…. I never seen so many cry babies in a single community like this.
    It´s really pathetic people…. grow up a bit will you.

    If you put half the energy you use to cry, bitch and moan into playing and you would actually become a better player.

    So sad seeing all these people who have nothing better to do then complain of every little detail they think is wrong or not to there liking.

    And all you people comming in here to post and bitch and are not even playing, dont waste our time. Just go away and let us play in peace.


    • xX-VENOM_936-Xx 04.05.14 at 16:49

      Cry babies? Fuck you you shit. There are legitimate issues here and they aren’t fucking small ones. lagging/rubberbanding of this sort should be the FIRST, FUCKING, PRIORITY when dealing with a game. NOT DLC, NOT IMPROVING OP DMRs, none of that BULLSHIT. You have no idea how much stupid shit happens in this game do you? I’m absolutely amazing in BF3, but holy shit I can’t do anything for my team when I can’t even tell where I’m being shot from because of this game’s shitty hit detection. So yeah, if I’m gonna spend $60 plus another $50 for premium, and the game still has issues over 6 months in, Myself and the tons of other intelligent people in this comment section have the right to bitch. and you? You have the right to shut the fuck up.

    • USEASTGI73 04.06.14 at 17:21

      The complaint is 100% legitimate. You are a troll who rights three lines to complain about whining and complaining in a”whining” and “complaining” way.

      Just go away and let us play in peace? ARe you serious? the goddamn developer posts a blog about how they undersized hardware, admitting that there are rubber banding issues and you want all of us BF4 fans to just go away? You should be effing banned for being so damn STUPID.

    • Luciphoros007 04.10.14 at 08:41

      I would love to be playing. The point is that the game is unplayable with this issue. My PS2 ran more smoothly than this dreck. Do you understand how hypocritical it is to post a comment bitching about people bitching? Probably not, you’re too busy Googling Italian to seem intellectual on the internet.


  • CMFLAME13 04.04.14 at 21:52

    Can you buff the g36c please and add the an94 I would happy

  • punkazzINC 04.04.14 at 20:32

    Maybe while you’re at it you can fix the damn SR338. You put in a semi-automatic sniper rifle that fires worse than ANY of the DMRs in the game. Never mind that it is chambered for Lapua .338 and should be able to one shot BEYOND 12 meters and the actual rifle has a sub 1 MOA rating. Do you fellas even play the game that you make or research the weapons you are including?

    • xX-VENOM_936-Xx 04.05.14 at 16:56

      Dude, screw you and your damn DMRs, I hate everybody that uses those damn contraptions from hell. All I ever hear in servers anymore is that damn familiar “pew pew pew” noise as some stupid asshole just comes spamming towards me. How the fuck is it fair that a gun has that much suppression, while only taking 3 shots out of those huge ass 20rd mags, to kill somebody? it’s not, and these idiots at dice think it’s better to buff them? Do they not play their own fucking game, or are they just noobs who need a different name for a weapon class that should rightfully be titled “death lasers”?

  • jimmy62340 04.04.14 at 19:08

    dice please fix battle field 4 severs on pc ps3 and xbox please so it won’t happen to anyone

  • jimmy62340 04.04.14 at 19:05

    please fix server crash i was on my ps3 it froze and it said i did not turn off croectly and it froze when it was cheking my game files and i had to turn it off and i lost all my game updates and game data i had to restart all my games from the beginning it took 3 hours for 7 games to update please fix!!!!!!!!!

  • panicman66 04.04.14 at 13:58

    A great game……BUT……could be the best shooter out there…..serious lag issues on 64 player servers… probs with playing Rush.

    While you are messing around fixing this……sort the bloody stupid annoying issue when shooting some one from a tank or other vehicle, and they live through it!!!

    Also the another annoying issue (just one of many with this “finished” game) is shooting a player with the Gatling gun, one sec hit with this and you would be pate, yet people can easily walk through continuous fire of this with out dying…….wtf!???

    DICE…..looking forward to the next PS4 update were it will enable you to DL a players previous game play onto a memory stick…….Gonna make a web site/YouTube account and dedicate it to BF4 crap multiplay glitches ect….BF4=WELCOME TO THE CIRCUS!

  • sinister_ending 04.04.14 at 07:23

    OMG, this is a joke? are you serious? “that some players on certain platforms have” what are you talking about?? lets be clear.
    this is not only certain players, you make this sound like this only effects very few, but lets look at the facts. everyone i talked with, and every stream of 64 player games, has had rubber-banding , in in fact, that EA has said they need to upgrade servers , shows this problem is with servers and game design. i wonder how much of this game is using udp packets compared to tcp packets, because EA asked that ports be open for both. and I also have done trace route to EA servers and seen that results show this lag is 100% problem on EA servers, that is where response time is very bad. also, if this is user’s network that causes lag, then why do all have good speedtest and other games dont lag, such as COD.

    I’m amazed how EA can sell game before it’s ready, or even been tested good, as there are so many problems with this game. and for you to insult your customers by saying this effects only some certain users is unbelievable . do you live in the real world? let me show you facts.

    1. google “battlefield 4 lag” and you will get over 11 MILLION results , so only these ” certain users” must post much?? besides, you know that many that have lag , never take time to contact EA , but even so, i bet these “certain users” are in the millions.

    2. states, Battlefield 4 experiencing “rubber-banding” issues, DICE say reducing lag is top priority

    3. DICE promises to fix Battlefield 4 rubber-banding woes…

    Battlefield 4 promise is that it will fix the rubber-banding issue that many users have complained about since the shooter’s launch last year.

    The issue, when it happens, flings players around the map when servers are feeling the strain, and is more prevalent in 64-player matches.

    [ strange here DICE said many users ]

    3. DICE Promises to Fix Battlefield 4 Rubber-Banding Issues
    The saga continues.

    if this is only effect some certain players, then why all write about this? why is there over 11 million results about this? I even read talk, about a class action suit about selling i game that only half works. the real problem is that EA servers can not handle so much data for a
    high resolution fps game with 64 players, perhaps there is a problem with code, or udp packets vs tcp packets. maybe DICE decision to recycle maps from bf3 instead of making new maps, because I’m sure this is faster and cheaper to use old maps, is cause of this lag, because original maps that first came with the game, 64 players there do not have much lag, lag is much more of a problem in these expansion maps, [ china rising , second assault and naval strike ] are where much rubber-banding happens. this seems to be on maps that are redone that lag.

  • renegadetx78 04.04.14 at 00:25

    Hope the problems BF4 has is meant for the xbox 360 i do see problems there big time

  • CmdrVOODOO 04.03.14 at 17:43

    I find it interesting that it’s only “some players on certain platforms have experienced” when it happens simultaneously for all 10 players in 2 squads of friends. And it’s every single person in that server who is getting the same issues, not just some people. No one says “no, not on my end”. It’s everyone.

    When we’re playing we all get the same “lag” or “rubber banding” even though we’re spread all over the US with different ISPs. 10 of us on teamspeak all say “whoa, that was bad!” and “Holy s___ that was bad” at exactly the same time. The frequency of it happening has been significantly reduced with some of these patches, but there are times on certain servers (when full) that it makes us all stop playing because the rubber banding is so annoying.

    I’m please that DICE has finally admitted that it’s on the server side of things. There was no way it was an issue with people’s connection to the server/ISP when so many people from all over the US and Canada would experience it at the same exact time.

    Looking forward to seeing the rubber banding go away!

  • guitargas123 04.03.14 at 15:28

    Glad to see this is being addressed.

  • swishersweets 04.03.14 at 09:45

    6 months later they finally admit their game is garbage. No more lies, no more bs. Greed and lack of serious leadership destroyed and pushed away it’s fan base. Make right your wrongs or don’t bother to try making a sequel to this because your sales will just be a joke.

  • kurmudgeon 04.03.14 at 07:24

    I’ve been waiting since December for this to get fixed. I haven’t played BF4 since then because of this frustrating issue and really regret buying BF4 altogether. I’ve spent $120 for a game that to me was unplayable. If this issue gets fixed, I might start playing again as I really miss the Battlefield community and game play. I just wish that this was addressed at the beginning along with so many of the other bugs. I’ll be more cautious about purchasing or preordering any EA or DICE games in the future until I can feel confident that I’m not buying an alpha quality game. I say alpha because I had far fewer issues with this game when it was a beta on PS3 than I have on my PS4. I absolutely loved BF3, but BF4 so far has left a scar. I’ll be watching this closely so that I can finally quit playing crappy CoD Ghosts and get back to a real FPS that’s actually fun.

  • hozer242 04.03.14 at 07:03

    Thanks DICE for all your hard work! I do have a question about the assignment. I complete parts of the assignment and then start the next game and it is gone. A good example is I achieved the 10 kill streak in the metro to where it is shown on the review of the round. However now it is erased from everywhere. Is this a glitch or am I missing something?

  • SwiiFty-VaporZz 04.03.14 at 05:56

    people should understand that a games are hard to make and should appreciate that they are trying their best to fix the problems because if ur in their shoes u wouldnt know how to do shit

    • Vambroes 04.03.14 at 06:31

      ……the game has had serious problems from the begining, IM A BF FAN and dont like saying bad things about BF buuuut they need to try harder, hit reg has been nonexistsnt since launch, its been crash crash boom instead of bang bang doom. Releaseing a game that isnt ready is irresponsable. (appoligies for my bad spelling my ipad is greying the letters maing it hard to see). Ps navel strike looks awesome!!!! Fix the bugs.

  • EL_CAPITRUCHO 04.03.14 at 04:49

    since the problem seems to be mostly on the 64 player servers why aren’t we at least allowed to play the 32 player conquest on the PS4?

    • CmdrVOODOO 04.03.14 at 17:47

      I wouldn’t mind seeing 32 player versions of games with smaller maps just to change it up regardless of if they fix the rubber banding.

  • ssdanny355 04.03.14 at 02:44

    Loved bf3 got ps4 for bf4 paid premium and I’ve wasted my money I understand there are bugs on release. But c’mon 6 months later and it’s got worse. I won’t be making the same mistake with your next bf series release.

  • King17007 04.03.14 at 01:22

    This game is trash, thanks EA.

  • TITANUX 04.03.14 at 00:26


  • dL_MATHETOP 04.03.14 at 00:04

    give us location server and we never playing again on Hainan, Lancang,Paracel and Titan mode

  • SeCALPHA1 04.02.14 at 22:25

    “You must have known your servers were border line before you released the game. You’ve provided a product which is faulty and you’ll be investing more to deliver the basic requirements. You’re not doing any one a favour by upgrading. How about a “we’re sorry we didn’t deliver the fundamentals of an online multiplayer game”.”

    DICE, Get a new publisher. Seriously, ditch EA and their tyrannical deadlines.

  • men1kmati 04.02.14 at 22:00

    stopped playing this shit 2 months ago. wasted money.

  • DEDMAN 00 04.02.14 at 21:03

    I understand your 64 man servers are a top priority but from a customer service stand point your entire community should be your top priority not just a select group I may play on console but I do believe I’m just as an important part of your success cause it may be broken and buggy but I rather play your amazing game over cookie cutter cod and that is why I give you my hard earned money but at the same time I feel I’m not as important to you even though I support you why am I not prioritized in your eyes but your are in mine?

  • Jrod115683 04.02.14 at 20:47

    Apparently know one seems to understand the complexity of the game DICE has built. A game of this magnitude will have problems. It’s simply fact! DICE has apologized on numerous occasions about the latency and packet drop issues that many people are experiencing. Rest assure, DICE is doing everything in their power to get this game to the quality it was originally intended. JUST GIVE IT TIME PEOPLE! Everything will be fixed soon! They have learned from their mistakes and BF5 will not suffer in sales because the Battlefield franchise is by far the most challenging and competitive FPS game on the market.

  • MadShoooter 04.02.14 at 20:46

    The game is unplayable in all 64 maps, it’s urgent to fix your servers !

  • alcatraz669 04.02.14 at 20:36

    Or shoot a guy.he runs 3 steps then falls dead

  • alcatraz669 04.02.14 at 20:32

    I’m just tired of putting 6 rounds into a french kids chest only to have him one shot me while his gun is clearly aimed at the ground

  • OriginalJ4Y 04.02.14 at 20:05

    “some players on certain platforms” LMAO

  • alcatraz669 04.02.14 at 19:57

    If you’re not implementing a region lock on rented servers then you need to tone down the compensation the network gives to higher ping players

  • alcatraz669 04.02.14 at 19:55

    What are you guys doing about the poor latency comp.the out of region players are unstoppable

  • Shadic94 04.02.14 at 18:31

    They should’ve left last gen out of the equation and just focus on PC,ps4,x1

    Btw. Fix the game. Don’t pull a rockstar and release heists 5yrs after the game comes out

  • SIDWULF 04.02.14 at 18:13

    Why would you play a FPS with a controller? makes no sense. I play on PC since beta and have had no game breaking issues with BF4.

    Thanks DICE for hundreds of hours of incredible gameplay. I have played every single Battlefield game and BF4 is by far the most polished and fun.

    • SIDWULF 04.02.14 at 18:25

      Reading all these negative comments is heart breaking…I must be playing a different BF4 in a different dimension. Lucky me :)

  • IBD13_7 04.02.14 at 18:12

    I play bf4 on PS3 (up to 24 players in the biggest matches), and there is also rubber banding, so it is not unique to 64 players matches.

  • ThE1WiTh1EyE 04.02.14 at 17:44

    Since Dice messed about with trying to make everyone have the same experience by aggregating the ping rates it’s never and would never work so why not just go back to what you know works…. bf3 and previous versions were fine…. do other mp games suffer with this problem? I doubt it so why not just adopt the philosophy that if your ping is crap. …. suffer get a better Internet connection….. I doubt it’ll improve by throwing money at the problem… its software….. use the code from bf3 and stop effing around…… by the way you know dice said they’d solved the issue of you being informed when a friend comes online…..well you haven’t. ..

  • ThE1WiTh1EyE 04.02.14 at 17:35

    If nothing else is fixed with bf4 rubber banding should be fixed. …. I can cope with everything else rubber banding is horrendous and destroys the game…….

  • Swiftzord 04.02.14 at 17:25

    Thanks for the update. We really appreciate all of your hard work!

  • SoS_Qcfax 04.02.14 at 17:12

    April Fool’s day was yesterday DICE….

  • CrimsonJohan 04.02.14 at 16:38

    Dear Sherlock, it is not “Some Players on some platforms”, it is every player on every fucking platform that experience this issue very often intermittently … thank you! Also, why won’t you allow 16vs16 conquest if your servers are not all that…Who makes these kind of decision at dice.. it ‘s puzzling to say the least.

  • Samonides 04.02.14 at 16:33

    On PS4, I’m having rubber-banding on any game mode I play, sadly. It’s only become worse since you released the new expansion. It’s horribly disappointing to see such a beloved series alienate and poison its biggest fans.

  • Nic-ke47 04.02.14 at 16:32

    Some players? You guys are retarded.

    • furia13PR 04.02.14 at 20:37

      Everyone that plays and loves battlefield, no matter what platform you play in , should read this article that “Menel4us” was kind enough to post for us.

      It’s nothing but the truth and anyone who thinks otherwise is blind or just plain dumb.

      thanks for sharing dude

  • iiTz SteveO 04.02.14 at 15:24

    Only question i have is: Did you guys (Dice) even test the DLC before you released it?

  • AP_King7 04.02.14 at 15:16

    You’ve known about all of these problems for 6 months now. In the gaming world, this is a very, very long time. I love Battlefield 4 and many gamers like me have dealt with these problems and played through them on multiple consoles this entire time. How about instead of trying to suck more money out of us for DLC, maybe give back to the community with some FREE content(after you fix the lag of course)?

  • BPA_Jhury 04.02.14 at 15:14

    I’m waiting to see the next BF5 sales, I’m pretty sure some time before they will admit all the problems with BF4 and will apologize sincerely (but they can’t admit now, it will be catastrofic). So EA / DICE when you see that BF5 doesn’t sell more than a bunch of games don’t be surprised!!!!
    You just needed to apologize, take your time because you’re only destroying your reputation.
    I’,m a clan member (the only one who defended at first your game) but you have let me no arguments to defend.

  • Sekoku 04.02.14 at 15:12

    “It’s totally not our server tickrate, guys!” -DICE 2014. So, what will be the excuse when the server rubberbands/drops packets (which is BS when other online titles I try in the same time-frame play just fine?) and lags in general while still having me die from someone not facing my direction killing me at the same time I did them?

  • TrouzzzerSnake 04.02.14 at 14:56

    I enjoy these comments!!! It took a long, long while, but I think a large majority of gamers are starting to wise-up to industry (mostly EA) shoddy development practices.

    I’m very excited for the next installment in the Battlefield franchise. I’m starting to believe that this is the game – high profile enough and terrible enough – to tip the scales and derail the next big hype train. I’ll tell ya, sales numbers are going to be interesting for the next game.

    The times, they are a changin

  • Mr-interested 04.02.14 at 14:24

    While you are upgrading the hardware, how about you also do something about the massive amount of high latency, out of region, South Americans, who overpopulate East Coast North American Servers? Please introduce some form of ping limiting, region locking, or region grouping so that these South Americans play on their own servers.

  • segabor 04.02.14 at 13:58

    Guys, fire the whole back-end staff including the head who let this happen. This is literally pathetic. It so cheap to blame the hardware instead of admitting that the server code is broken / non-scalable mess.

  • LeftyBigGuns 04.02.14 at 13:55

    This is the main reason I don’t play BF4 much. I bought the PS4 specifically for BF4, and I tend to play obliteration or some other smaller game that has less lag. I think that the programmers were pushed to rush this game out for the next gen consoles and they must have been aware of all of these issues. Still a better game than most, but I wish I could still be playing BF3 on my PS3 that I sold…

  • ChipsRUp 04.02.14 at 13:47

    It’s only been four months since PS4 release and BF4 is still a bug ridden laggy mess. I’ve played every Battlefield game since BFBC1 and BF4 has seen a sharp downturn in the quality of your product. I mean you could have mitigated this by at least allowing the server browser to find 32 player games on conquest. But no – no 32 player conquest, awful hit detection, lag and rubber banding. Worst of all no squad creation for friends that want to play together – always put on different teams never mind different squads. It worked on BFBC2 but it seems to be an overlooked feature since – and pretty much everyone would like to squad up with mates without going through a load of hassle first. I’ve paid near enough £90 for a broken mess.

  • Gas Tank Killer 04.02.14 at 13:45

    Hopefully this will be fix soon. I’ve been trying to streaming Naval Strike via twitch from my PS4, and ever since that expansion released I’ve been having more issues.

  • JamKaBlam 04.02.14 at 13:26

    The question is, how did you NOT discover this before release? Seriously, this has been an obvious issue since day one on PS4 as it’s not exactly that hard to replicate as it happens all day everyday. Did you not even bother testing your game across different studios to actually stress test the server connection or did you only bother doing local area testing which would result in no issues, go figure. It’s pretty insulting for you to finally say “we are unhappy” when this should of been painfully obvious straight away.

  • TRUE 5AINT 04.02.14 at 13:08

    Thank god as at times it became unplayable on Xbox 1 when can we rent are survers on the xbox anyways playstation have there’s where is ares

  • LBTaylor1984 04.02.14 at 12:38

    Frankly this is well overdue. I suffered rubberbanding on playing naval strike the last few days, but from day one I’ve suffered from lag and rubberbanding of the opposite team in firefights. Frankly I dunno if this is because I have a very fast connection and everyone is playing on a slower connection but whatever it is you need to get this sorted… NOW! if there is no remarkable improvement soon you will have lost a battlefield player permanently, I can’t be asked anymore to play as its not enjoyable because of the issues, this simply isn’t good enough for a game which is £90 I hope you learn something before bad company 3…

  • PARKY_CP 04.02.14 at 12:10

    You must have known your servers were border line before you released the game. You’ve provided a product which is faulty and you’ll be investing more to deliver the basic requirements. You’re not doing any one a favour by upgrading. How about a “we’re sorry we didn’t deliver the fundamentals of an online multiplayer game”.

  • Private UMPalot 04.02.14 at 12:00

    Praise the sun.

  • iPacketloss 04.02.14 at 11:21

    So basically DICE, were waiting for a suit in EA finance so sign off on the server upgrade’s, I won’t hold my breath too long!

  • Crystal Dragon 04.02.14 at 11:18

    How about TV missile dusts & ghosting? Not even under investigation, right?

  • Nuseal 04.02.14 at 10:44

    This is also accruing on PS3 ever since the new patch and DLC download.

  • YIAZ-M 04.02.14 at 10:42

    This awful rubber-banding on Naval strike is a miracle for me because Dice is FINALLY adressing rubber-banding ASAP. They have no choice but adressing it right now.The truth is that some players can’t even play 64 players mode since the release of the game.

  • Grozarom 04.02.14 at 10:36


  • TheDustfinger 04.02.14 at 10:20

    Some players on certain platforms? More like every single player on next gen consoles.

    • BANGE0 04.02.14 at 11:05

      Absolutely untrue. i have bf4 on both PC and XB1 and i almost never have rubberbanding issues on my console. I have 7mb/s down and 1mb/s up internet speed and i usually play on servers on the other side of the world. And yes i do play 64 man servers all the time and rubberbanding is rare.

      Ill also mention that every single person ive met in my city that plays bf4 MP doesnt have many rubberbanding issues either. (yes i did ask them all when i found out they played bf4).

      • iPacketloss 04.02.14 at 11:25

        So because it doesn’t affect you it’s not happening right? FFS DICE themselves have acknowledged the issue and the solution what more evidence could one possibly need?
        Absolutely untrue, have a word with yourself!

      • xX-VENOM_936-Xx 04.05.14 at 17:02

        You play on servers across the world? Why does that line make me strongly disbelieve anything you’re saying? Oh that’s right, who the hell purposefully plays on a server ACROSS THE WORLD? You sound like a lying shit. either that or you’re stupid for not picking closer ones that DO exist.

      • USEASTGI73 04.06.14 at 17:34

        .”..and ***I ALMOST NEVER*** have rubberbanding issues….”

        Thanks for your analysis. Really. I hope you are only pumping gas for a living.

    • USEASTGI73 04.06.14 at 17:29


  • waldo15 04.02.14 at 09:01

    So why not in the meantime you folks on DICE/EA side enable low count servers for Conquest/Carrier Assault/etc. for the PS4/XB1 platforms? We have no options but to jump into a 64man rubberbanding bonanza or not play the new mode/maps in their maximum full glory capacity.

    I am still puzzled as to why you have not enabled such servers all along. In fact the option to search for Conquest maps always returns zero alternatives as ALL servers are running Conquest large.

    When will this game finally be at a level that can be called decent?

  • VOZ1 04.02.14 at 08:57

    Why did it take so long for this post? And why did it take so long to make a decision to actually do something about the poor state of the game and servers?

    • USEASTGI73 04.06.14 at 17:37

      DICE – I can help….Eject, place disk in box, drive to GameStop, trade for COD.

  • GoodmanAlx 04.02.14 at 08:56

    Metro still does’t boot. Win 8.1 x64, KIS14, no firewall

  • Lpmikey 04.02.14 at 08:31

    The game still freezes all the time on Dawnbreaker. i have no faith in this franchise anymore

  • RustyPatty 04.02.14 at 08:02

    Will better servers stop the framerate issues?

    • RedLetterDay94 04.02.14 at 08:11

      I’d imagine not, better servers should help a bit with “netcode” and whatnot, but framerate issues could be due to optimization issues or a player’s hardware or a few other things not related to the servers

  • middlemanSI 04.02.14 at 07:56

    “we’ll be upgrading the hardware”
    Thanks for realizing this has to be done. We realize this means less profit so thatnks again for doing the right thing!

    • WECtheBOBCAT 04.02.14 at 08:15

      Much better than anything Call of Duty would do! Lol they haven’t upgraded their equipment since MW1

    • Jrod115683 04.02.14 at 20:52


  • sib0rg 04.02.14 at 07:52

    Could not go back to this game after playing Titanfall……not because of the game itself but I hadn’t realised how clunky BF4 really is until I played a smooth game

  • CoMBo187 04.02.14 at 07:39

    I’m playing on PC master race, Naval strike is worth every cent!! Haven’t had any issues, sucks to be a console peasant amirite!

    • Third-Rail720 04.02.14 at 07:45

      Always someone that needs to turn this into a PC vs Console. Why can’t you just accept the fact there are different ways to play games and move on? Is so old.

      • RedLetterDay94 04.02.14 at 08:21

        Unfortunately I don’t think this is something that will ever go away. I play on PC, but I don’t rub it in console player’s faces because I can do more with it (also because I recently came over from console and still play certain console games, so I know how they feel). Seriously, I don’t understand why we can’t just all play the game and discuss the game, share stories etc. as a single community no matter how we play it.

    • RedLetterDay94 04.02.14 at 08:13

      Are you being satirical of PC supremacists? Just curious

    • xiXR3V0LTXix 04.03.14 at 02:36

      I’m on Xbone, and its just fine for me. only lags for the first map i play, but if i wait it out, its fixed

  • angry_IT_Guy 04.02.14 at 07:19

    This has been nothing short of an amateur effort. I have noticed that you should only play on servers that are at around 80% capacity. Beyond that, it’s just goes to hell.. I haven’t upgraded to premium simply because of these sort of problems… What guarantees will I have that DICE won’t mess this up ?

  • Third-Rail720 04.02.14 at 06:49

    It got so bad at one point, I shot myself in the back 3 times.

  • TummyBanana 04.02.14 at 06:48

    Cool maybe after this you can spend four months figuring out how to let us pick up kits properly

  • ZJAKSN10 04.02.14 at 06:26

    You misspelled ALL PLAYERS!!!! this game is complete shit almost half a year after launch. This game is ruining FPS games for me. Do you know how terrible a game has to be to ruin a complete genre of gaming?

  • Facedbydeath4 04.02.14 at 06:04

    So EA owns their own servers or network. They are not using microsofts. So thats why its shitty. Theres a reason TITANFALL didnt go with EA servers. They went with microsoft whick are the best.

  • CAT_FACE-IV 04.02.14 at 06:01

    I’m on PS4 and I get rubber banding on EVERY map with 64 players. This issue is only made worse for us ‘next gen’ console players because we don’t have any 32 player conquest or carrier assault servers available to play on for some stupid, unknown and still unaddressed reason. It really is time to step up before more and more players abandon hope for the game/franchise.

  • guniu 04.02.14 at 05:58

    What do you mean by “our server”? You gonna upgrade your own BF4 server? Or do you mean some backend servers, that will have effect on all the other servers?

    • USEASTGI73 04.06.14 at 18:03

      Yes the one under the dev’s desk running a PII and 1GB of RAM connecting to a 10MB hub to a DUN connection to AOL.

  • IRELAND914 04.02.14 at 05:48

    This is a major issue on the Naval Strike maps, on any size. Why did you delay the release of these maps only to release them in a buggy state anyway. I’m really losing respect for DICE these days. Love the game but they’re making amateur-level mistakes left right and center.

    • Cat Icarus 04.02.14 at 06:13

      No don’t lose respect for DICE. They brought us battlefield bad company 2, my favorite multiplayer shooter of last gen. Hate battlefield 4. The game was rushed and I knew it was gonna spell trouble. If you compare the release gap between the other main battlefield games, battlefield 1942 to bf2 to bf3, you’d see there is about 5ish years between their releases. Bf4 came out what 2 years after bf3? Not good enough. Made a veteran player like myself decide to skip bf4. But now that I got a new console I may wait and see if they’ll fix it before giving them my money.

  • Nighthawk7397 04.02.14 at 05:46

    “Top priority”
    >Releases DLC

  • graham_cracka15 04.02.14 at 05:46

    Upgrading the hardware? Like your were using budget servers before or what? Thanks EA…