Take the Fight to the Sea with Battlefield 4 Naval Strike

UPDATE 4/2: Battlefield 4 Naval Strike will be available on April 15 for all non-Premium members. We want to give all Premium members their two-week early access regardless of what platform they play on. Thanks for your patience and we’ll see you on the Battlefield. Learn more: http://bit.ly/OdeM53

UPDATE 3/31: Battlefield 4 Naval Strike is starting to roll out for Premium members on PC today. We look forward to seeing you on the Battlefield!

UPDATE 3/27: Battlefield 4 Naval Strike is starting to roll out for Premium members on Xbox One today. We look forward to seeing you on the Battlefield!

UPDATE: We wanted to provide more detail about the delay of Battlefield 4 Naval Strike. We have delayed the PC version of Naval Strike because we are concerned that the combination of the pack and planned PC updates would increase performance issues on mid-range to high-end PCs. We are working hard to resolve that issue now. Additionally, we have decided to delay the Xbox One version of Naval Strike because we want to address issues in the animation system that hinder players from engaging targets in set circumstances using popular weapon configurations.

We know that many Battlefield 4 Premium owners wanted to play Naval Strike today. However, we didn’t want to release the new content until we believed it was quality content.

We are trying to resolve these problems as quickly as possible and hope to release the update in early April for Xbox One and PC. We also want to remind Xbox One and PC owners of Battlefield 4 Premium that they will have two weeks early access for Naval Strike once it’s released. Thanks for your continued patience and passion for our games.

On March 25, Battlefield 4 Premium members on PS4, PS3 and Xbox 360 will be able to experience the ultimate sea-to-sea warfare in the third expansion pack for Battlefield 4. Battlefield 4 Naval Strike takes the intense and dramatic water-based combat introduced in Battlefield 4 to four all-new maps set in the South China Sea while introducing a new game mode and vehicle.

However, we are delaying the launch of Battlefield 4 Naval Strike on PC. We’ve detected an issue and it needs to be solved. Quality is our number one priority and we will not release Battlefield 4 Naval Strike on PC until we feel it meets the highest quality level possible. Once we have a confirmed date for PC, we’ll be sure to update those players on our official channels. We appreciate your patience and look forward to seeing everyone on the Battlefield.

dice-platoon-reports 640

Four all-new maps:
• Lost Islands: Blow open a crashed passenger plane and capture fishing villages across these tropical islands.
• Wave Breaker: Drop a submarine on your foes as you infiltrate a naval base or rush between shipping docks and rocky islands on this massive map.
• Nansha Strike: Wage war across stormy seas in the largest ocean stretch in a Battlefield map yet.
• Operation Mortar: Storm an abandoned cliff-side resort, or get lost in the breathtaking vistas in this map.

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike also lets you re-live the classic Titan Mode of Battlefield 2142, with the new Carrier Assault game mode. Your objective is to destroy the enemy team’s carrier before they infiltrate and destroy yours. You start out fighting a big-scale war with sea, land, and air vehicles controlling the map, and then everything evolves into an infantry-focused, close quarter fight inside both carriers at the same time! Lean more about Carrier Assault in this blog post on Battlefield.com.

dice-platoon-reports 640

Water-based combat has always been a vital part of the all-out war in Battlefield, and with the introduction of the amphibious hovercraft vehicle, your possibilities to dominate the sea will be even greater. Additionally, you can wreak havoc with five new weapons, two additional gadgets and ten assignments.

Get a head start with Battlefield 4 Naval Strike by becoming a Battlefield 4 Premium member. This will grant you early access to the upcoming Battlefield 4 expansion packs, new weekly content, and exclusive personalization options. Learn more at http://www.battlefield.com/battlefield-4/premium.

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  • Fish1552 11.18.14 at 04:48

    Here it is November and I just bought this DLC on my xBox 1 as well. Imagine my surprise when playing it and my character ends up glitching into the floor of the castle in the middle of the one map, jumps all over the rocks on others and just ends up in and out of the ground in many places around the amp. It’s almost unplayable at times and this is 6 months after release? I hope it’s just a bad download.

  • c17builder 04.13.14 at 20:48

    Wont give me the option to download navel strike. Yes I’m a premium member. Help please!!!!

  • jmzpan3 04.06.14 at 17:31

    Fucking waste of money

  • rokn3rd 04.06.14 at 09:28

    I bought Premium – but i cant DL naval strike – why is this so buggy? Shouldnt origin pop with “updates” prompt? cant say im surprised, this has tot be the worst roll out ever! If i handled my customers like this id get fired!

  • WhiteBaron44 04.05.14 at 01:01

    Speaking of Naval Strike, check out this vid I made for it!


  • RabdPlatypus 04.03.14 at 20:56

    This is but a shadow of the 2142 titan mode.

    A spawn point on the enemy carrier after it is breached?
    No carrier defense weapons?
    Carrier sits absolutely still the whole round?


    With that said I have enjoyed playing the new maps, but for the love of baby jesus fix the network compensation!

  • IamTacoWan 04.03.14 at 03:16

    My Xbox One won’t even load BF4 at all today. I get the initial screen and the game just craps out after like 20-30 seconds. Anyone else getting this? I was just saying how the game is pretty reliable on Xbox One…

  • addo3188 04.02.14 at 10:27

    ok so after i left my comment i could download the expansion BUT now i cant play it i just keep getting errors and the game closes before it opens :/

  • addo3188 04.02.14 at 08:09

    it would be nice if i had the option to download the expansion, and yes i do have battlefield premium

  • iLLMaTiC_cLiPz 04.02.14 at 03:19

    fix the naval strike rubber band lalalalalalalaaaaaaggggggggg! pathetic this high priced game is messed up! who ever runs the show at dice/ea should be fired for such a delay on a fix for a game you made millions of millions of dollars on! shame on you dice/ea you got payed and the fans got screwed typical ea move nothing changes with a greedy company

  • BustYaAzz 03.31.14 at 17:55

    Am I supposed to cheer for what regarding this? A hover craft and a carrier mode? Where is the sub, the cruiser other “Naval” stuff….hmm i feel a serious deja’vu here!

    • Spiers101st 04.02.14 at 23:34

      No kidding, BF4 LCAC assault,………… or BF4 SkiDoo assault? wtf is this? BF Team, how bout remembering this games Origins: I.E. battlefield 1942, there was less to work with then, but yall still managed to put destroyers, carriers and subs, capable of being operated in the very first game????? Have your development idea become this lax? Sad, sad, sad, release people.

  • BoRaXiN 03.31.14 at 12:50

    It would be nice to shoot with the ottoman cannon :)

  • photoshopthis 03.31.14 at 11:57

    the game needs more regular patches. we would have this if they used an engine that wasn’t a pile of trash.

  • GoldPanzer 03.31.14 at 11:15


    Give us some update concerning PC version?
    You should do it day by day as we are your customers.
    You should respect us!

  • Pinky_Bonnie 03.31.14 at 03:38

    pc รอนานแล้วนะครับ

  • v3xD 03.30.14 at 11:43

    look at all of the babies whining about the delay in the release. you all are a bunch of ungrateful fucks. lets see any one of you try to create a game like this. you couldn’t do shit because you don’t know a damn thing about programming. again, you are all a bunch of ungrateful fucks.

    • T5 DogZ 03.30.14 at 16:15

      bollocks you arse licking cunt it lags to much to play

      • Andy2166 03.30.14 at 23:11

        I never lag. You cant blame the developers for your internet/PC problems. I would much rather have them fix an issue that play through it.

    • SgtBrownie 03.30.14 at 16:29

      Well I hate to break it to you, but this isn’t the first, and probably not the last time that EA fucks something up at release, and for your information; Some of us payed extra to get the DLC’s early, so this is isn’t reular stupid anymore, it has evolved into ADVANCED stupid.

    • MadafakinBATMAN 03.30.14 at 16:51

      That is why we fucking paid them. If we all were able to make the next transformers movie, I dont think michael bay would be of any use to the film industry?!

    • Mac338_DK 03.30.14 at 23:05

      Ungrateful? What the fuck do we have to be grateful for? We paid them for a functioning game, we got a netcode that’s worse than the one in the age old Source engine by a long shot. We don’t owe them anything, they owe us.

    • wakeboarder125 03.30.14 at 23:49

      But we do know about missed deadlines. They didn’t come out and say consoles will get it first until a day before the release. We’re not blaming the programmers, we’re blaming the PR department for not fulfilling EA’s promise.

    • Kaare-Willoch 03.31.14 at 12:42

      Yeah, and you are truly retarded. PAying for premium and being the end of a bad joke, and you call people names for having an opinion? GTFO

  • ki2531ket 03.30.14 at 09:06


  • Lis05 03.30.14 at 00:13

    Xbox one BF4 won’t even get to menu screen before crashing. Anyone else?

  • Section8DVL 03.29.14 at 21:31

    Is anyone having problems with the game loading at all. Played a bit last night but now my game won’t even load…

  • Melchior 03.29.14 at 15:30

    PC player do not have to expect this DLC. I played PS3. Especialy Career assault is disappointed one. It is same as CQ. Small Map. No strategy. Nothing can be destroyed in ship. None continue. Rush and new map is good. But now is full of heavy mania group-probably they are NEET. So if you join individualy now, you are only to be target and entertain them.

  • stranger512 03.29.14 at 03:28

    And i realize its EA fault but buffing dmrs wasnt EA i dont care how long you guys take to come out with dlc ill wait a year if it turns out good take your time if you can push this out in 5 months imagine what the dlc can be if your worked on it for a year

  • stranger512 03.29.14 at 03:22

    Everytime i get on naval strike and textures take 10 centuries to load and severe rubberbanding and you took ammo away from the lvg you guys are askholes meaning you get our feedback and shove it up your arse like buffing dmrs i can write a novel in why they are very annoying and the fact that on the building in shanghai the secong tallest one my grenades fall right through the floor and that when i rpg choppers i get puffs of smoke on the chopper and a hit marker its bs plz fix issuses that matter

    • WalterTheWhite 03.29.14 at 19:18

      Get a PC then. Oh wait, we don’t have Naval Strike yet!

  • ImVenting 03.29.14 at 03:16

    Yeah I’m installing it now on the Xbox one. Let’s see if it’s playable

  • X Blitz Demon X 03.28.14 at 22:31


  • X Blitz Demon X 03.28.14 at 22:31

    I got it but it told me TO FUCKING INSTALL IT I CANT PLAY IT

  • SkilledM9 03.28.14 at 19:42

    Love the game guys but since Naval Strike on PS4 I’ve nothing but major lag. Great internet connection picking the servers with the highest ping. A lot of money invested, really hope it gets better.

  • L30N 03.28.14 at 19:34

    Anyway :
    1 EA Sucks
    2 We always complain because of #1
    3 We will say we won’t buy next update or next BF5 because of #2
    4 At the end we will buy BF5
    GOTO 1

  • Mulderdaank 03.28.14 at 15:55

    PC better come out on Tuesday.

    • Mulderdaank 03.28.14 at 15:56

      Oh wait, that’d be one sick fuckin’ April Fools day joke.

      • WalterTheWhite 03.29.14 at 19:19

        Haha, it’s April fools day everyday at EA. So it’ll be no surprise.

  • zip_424 03.28.14 at 15:18

    Why was this released for the plat forms and not the pc users…. You guys should not had released it for any one till all the bugs are worked out for every one… Its just not right… I can see you being prejudice over this… Its bull and not right… Will def keep in mind when you want me to spend another 100′s of dollars on your games…

  • sasconnor 03.28.14 at 13:20


  • SwoopDog 03.28.14 at 09:53

    Got it last night on xbox one and its perfect.couldn’t find a single problem .well done dice.

  • CrispyChicken44 03.28.14 at 08:12

    Huh. I wonder what your guy’s whole plan is. If Dragon’s Teeth is suppose to be released May 3rd. You wanna become some sort of Call of Duty with releasing these games so fast, and the DLC so quickly to come out, you’re gonna lose a lot of fans this way. Also, I wonder what is SUCH A PROBLEM with this DLC that it has to be postponed. Why did you release the game in the state it was in? Did you see no issue with that then? Now you see issues? Come on, guys. For fuck’s sake.

  • SiskoData66 03.28.14 at 08:04

    “Quality is our number one priority” It wasn’t some months ago. Ok good idea I will wait patiently until you fix all the bugs and then you should release the patch with the new DLC but I hope there won’t be any major bugs. Also you should give discounts on BF5 30% for premium owners and 15% for normal users on PC, Xbox One and the beta testers playing on Playstation 4.

  • SEAL Corpsman 03.28.14 at 07:13

    VVV Its m0rons like the guy under me SMH.
    “good job on not doing your job guys”

  • Chipsness 03.28.14 at 07:03

    Good job guys for rolling it out for xbone

  • SEAL Corpsman 03.28.14 at 06:43


  • SEAL Corpsman 03.28.14 at 06:43


  • SEAL Corpsman 03.28.14 at 06:42

    Im on the Xbox One and a first I would have click download for the BF$ in-game store, it would then say “you already own this would you like to install” but it seemed nothing would happen at all so after turning the Xbox on and off and checking both the One store and BF$ in-game store and repeatedly trying to download it from the in-game store, I finally got fed up and decided to delete my xbox cache I went to “My games and apps” and When I got there it showed that Naval Strike was at 48%. In the end, what Im trying to say is, try what I did (restarting/ constantly trying to download) and just because you might thinks its not downloading, it may actually indeed be downloading. Also for everyone say its EA’s fault and not DICE’s fault; you have it all wrong because DICE IS AN EA COMPANY. EA should not be allowed to touch any video games, because everything EA TOUCHES BREAK. Period.

  • xMC HAMMERxx 03.28.14 at 06:06

    Or just do what I mentioned and you don’t have to get off your couch

  • GT MERCENARY 03.28.14 at 05:54

    For those of you still having difficulties on finding naval strike dlc and downloading it press and hold the power button on your xbox one for 10 seconds and then turn it back on relaunch bf4 and then go to the store in which it should be there

  • xMC HAMMERxx 03.28.14 at 05:14

    Just find a naval strike server and try to join, it will tell you to download it. Then go 2 your apps and games in your xbox menu and look @ the download status in Q, the rubber banding is pretty awful though. Seem like rooms with no lag are the empty ones

  • deathfang23 03.28.14 at 04:25

    My naval strike isn’t downloading, I see other people are having the same issue, anyone have a detailed way of getting around this

  • xV1c1ous0dstx 03.28.14 at 04:17

    aw man now i really want the PC release :(

  • skins5150 03.28.14 at 03:17

    Naval Strike is amazing on xbox1!! Thank you EA and Dice!! I can’t beleive how much complaining goes on in these rooms by these pussies. Do you jackasses know how hard it is to build a game like this? No, because your not that smart, well neither am I but since bf1942 Dice has given me a release from the kids or work to blow stuff up! Theres going to be problems but for the most part it runs great! Thanks again Dice!!

  • barry3232 03.28.14 at 03:05

    Yeah I’m having same issue, says its now available on my Xbox one. I am a premium member and I see that people are on the servers but when I try to install nothing happens, I’m guessing its still just rolling out? Maybe it will work in a few hours

  • Diversing 03.28.14 at 02:08

    at least its not going to be broken

  • FarkingEyeshole 03.28.14 at 01:47

    Thank you, DICE. Waiting a couple extra days for the most robust, in depth shooter on any console seems like a small price to pay for such a rewarding experience. -Titan mode per community request? How sick is that? – To the haters, please name another game that comes even close in complexity on console. To the whiners, I paid my fifty bucks for Premium too.. go play Titanfall or CoD 6v6 with bots or please simply flame somewhere else. If you are so over this, why, oh why do you keep buying DICE titles? Oh that’s right, because they are still the best out there even WITH their hiccups.

  • knofingers 03.28.14 at 01:44

    ….so after all this IT DIDN”T AUTO INSTALL.

  • 420209 03.28.14 at 01:43

    I have premium for xb1 and dwnloaded the update and went to bf4 store to get naval strike but it says i own it so i choose instal but it doesnt i even went to games and apps no download for it can you resolve this issue

  • knofingers 03.28.14 at 01:41

    ….so after all this where can I down load it?

    • foger6 03.28.14 at 02:02

      Ok so I had this problem too, and eventually got it. I decided to tell how I got it, but remember, I HAVE NO IDEA HOW I EXACTLY DID IT. What I did was go the the store menu in BF4 and clicked on naval strike. It showed me another screen with the option to buy (for free with premium) I clicked on it and it said I already had it. Next I clicked on second assault and it sent me to the same screen with all 3 dlcs and the premium. I scrolled through a bunch of times and then clicked naval strike. It asked if I wanted to install it since I already owned it. I clicked Install and here I am. Hope this helps! :P

  • PKMBULLETS 03.28.14 at 01:36

    HAHAHAHAHAHA, all this hate makes me smile :). EA/dice deserves every bit of it. keep it up guys, run them into the fucking ground. Ive been playing BF since BFMC, and this is by far the worst product they have every released. I really don’t think I can buy another BF, and that is so sad for me to to say.

  • IFUNYUNI 03.28.14 at 00:42

    Downloading on XB1 now. I think DICE seriously needs to consider refunding PC Premium players the price of Naval Strike for being patient and getting it last. Also consider giving all Premium players a Free new DLC map of our chosing through votes. Let’s stop talking about the least you can do and let’s SEE the best you can do! After all the bugs, glitches, and setbacks we’re still here DICE we’re still here. Now time to show us you want us to stay.

    • MelloWatusi 03.28.14 at 01:08

      +1 this shit
      why purchase premium if you guys are constantly delaying shit. If you cant keep a deadline dont make one.

  • TRAUMA 00 47 03.27.14 at 21:58

    As an Xbox One premium member– please don’t delay the NS release for the general population. I paid for premium just to get the maps ASAP, not to get “ahead” of anyone else. The damage is done. Making regular players wait even longer can’t mitigate this

  • cHr0NiCzKi114 03.27.14 at 21:55

    Downloading now …weird..just hoped on for a game and bam…

  • R3AP3R ZOO 500K 03.27.14 at 21:45

    hey dice you accidently released naval strike early to premium today and it is a post to come out in early April for Xbox one. so if some of us can’t have it then none of us shod because I am a premium member and I didn’t get it so fix it.

  • DAWARLORD0 03.27.14 at 20:59

    What is the deal with all these dickriders. Some dude said some shit about stop complaining and play something else there’s tons of games. Which xbox one does he own. There isn’t shit out. I know me personally I expected a ton of games available for xbox one if not on release at least a couple of months. If I just kept my bf4 360 copy at least I could play a less buggy version of this game since the xbox one can’t handle 64 players. And so again I say to this douche which ton of games are there to play. There is only like 3 shooters out and the 2 I played are sub par as shit and attached to EA. EA always keeps up this Fuckry. It started with them whoring out their games to boosting ie: FIFA and the last FIght Night which was a piece of garbage. Why build up your character when you can pay for better stats. BFBC2 which is way better than bf3 and bf4 didn’t have a premium you got the updates for free. Why? because you can’t really complain about bugs when it’s free. When you pay for something it should fucking work. And speaking of BFBC2 where is all this great levolution. BFBC2 had better levolution than both 3 and 4. You can’t blow up shit in the new games; hence the campers since they have a permanent perch. 2 weeks early access to what; shit. Then you dare say when it comes out late you’ll have early access. How is that possible when its late and non premium members will probably be playing on other consoles by then. I hated bf3 and I hate bf4. I will never ever say this is a great game or better than COD again at least you can play COD. And I always preferred BF to that game. Since bf3 people have been losing data and wasting countless hours replaying the story over and over. WTF. This is legalized prostitution because I’m paying a pimp for some fucking jive and bullshit. I used to look forward to DLC and you cocksuckers wait till the end of the day to say we won’t be releasing it till April. My girlfriend laughed at me like you blew me off for that stupid game and the shit doesn’t work. I couldn’t even get mad because she was right. 2 weeks early my ass. The only way I could even play any new maps was on Capture the Flag mode or some on Air Inferiority. Thanks for the options and also loading up challenges and a background on my screen for some shit I can’t even play. Since I bought this piece of shit I’m gonna play it till the wheels fall off. Till your next turd comes out and the game of the year edition comes out where I get premium for free. Fucking losers.

    • FarkingEyeshole 03.28.14 at 01:54

      You know what really helps? Crying about it.

    • Dovika Rivka 03.28.14 at 07:13

      My god you wrote 25 lines thats funny, your boyfriend said his dildo has more power than your ford

  • MFQ-BERLIN_GER 03.27.14 at 20:34


  • MFQ-BERLIN_GER 03.27.14 at 20:34


  • SilverHawk 2 03.27.14 at 18:05

    The real problem here is that Both EA and DICE were well aware that BF4 was not complete since day one. They knew it had many bugs and glitches thus would take many months to repair, and yet they proceeded to sell the game. They knew all the DLCs were not completely fixed yet they allowed us to buy the premium package. We ALL should have been given a choice, both the players like myself who are now complaining, and the EA groupies who accept being FU£€ED. Either buy it upon release date or wait until it is FULLY operational. Like thousands of people all over the world, I would have chosen to wait until the game was complete prior to purchasing it. But that would have cost them millions in revenue, and that’s why they were compelled to lie to us all. Money over their loyal followers.

  • jwromero23 03.27.14 at 16:58

    Okay what the fucking fuck DICE!!!!!!! omg this is pissing me off now. I could handle the shooting behind walls, the zero health glitch and all the other problems but no to top it all off there’s a horrible ducking glitch now with this new update! Am I the only one who’s targeting system is not making a sound? Like while in a jet there’s suppose to be an alarm letting you know that someone is targeting you right? Well no now there isn’t wtf man give me my money back dice at this point I think I’m better off just throwing away this piece of crap!!!

  • GTX1911 03.27.14 at 12:40

    God I hate the haters, yea its a game, yea we have been told a release date and its not here, yea there is a fucking reason……Do you want to play a naval strike where there are bugs everywhere or wait a few days-weeks for a less buggy release? You trying making a game anywhere near the quality and effort BF4 takes and see how many bugs you encounter. Ea have a habit of releasing games with bugs so blame EA.

    • Bawzoot Anton 03.27.14 at 21:02

      If you hate the haters that then makes you a hater so you must hate yourself, so basically your post slagging off haters includes you. Wow is life that bad that you need to openly rip on yourself in public, that’s painful man. As for making a game, when you’ve got ea behind you and it is literally your job then I don’t think it should be a problem. My bin man empties my bin, that’s his job does it every time, no problems there.

  • Dovika Rivka 03.27.14 at 08:03

    People calm your shit just because your bitching about the game not up to YOUR standards dont rant about it on the blog. Keep playing or play another game, they said it wasn’t complete on release and had to deal with bugs that ruin the game. If you seriously think bitching about it on the blog will speed it up your the definition of dumbass. So wait early April for Premium Members or mid April for Non-Premium Members. You dont need to get fired up! Thanks Dovika Rivka a guy some mentality

    • anniecranny 03.27.14 at 12:30

      I don’t see why we should not bitch its a good stress reliever this company has had a lot of time to refine the programming and transfer it into the new content and packs.
      As a Battlefield 4 Premium member I have paid my money and entered a contract with the suppliers of this game as they have taken my money I have a right to complain so go do one

  • XASSASINX YOSOY 03.27.14 at 05:15

    got premium on xbox one still cant download naval strike if u guys now how to fix let me no hate this shit

  • KIDKITKO 03.27.14 at 04:54

    someone at dice must be seeing the backlash from there failed bf4 game.call your credit card company and get a refund for premium because they misinformed and gave us a diffective product.going forward I will just wait like non premium player so I wont get so pissed off.

  • iJustMoody 03.27.14 at 04:05

    I can’t belive i payed 115$ on this game for bugs. I payed for premium for early access, and I get delayed. If you’re going to release it for all the platforms, release it for all of them!

  • nameis_POP 03.27.14 at 02:38

    I propose a GLOBAL LEGAL ACTION against EA/ORIGIN for selling a product NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE, MISLEADING IN IT`S PROCLOMATIONS, AND FRAUDULENT in the way it obtains money from consumers.

    • GayForBraeburn 03.27.14 at 04:53

      Are you retarded? Seriously, what’s your problem?

  • nameis_POP 03.27.14 at 02:29

    Will be taken on board.

  • nameis_POP 03.27.14 at 02:24

    Any suggestions for place where we as consumers can LOBBY! as THE PEOPLE who control

  • nameis_POP 03.27.14 at 02:20

    WE as consumers HAVE THE POWER!. Without our money they CEASE TO EXIST!

  • nameis_POP 03.27.14 at 02:18

    Another thing! STOP CENSORING PEOPLES COMMENTS! A forum by definition is a place where FREEDOM OF SPEECH! IS SACROCANCT!
    I propose to set up an alternative blog/website where we HAVE THE POWER

  • w4rpig31 03.27.14 at 01:44

    Grow the fuck up?? There’s no pleasing some people. Whinge and bitch when theirs problems when released, whinge and bitch when they delay so YOU get a better product when released which is what everyone has been whinging about ?? (Myself included). Yea what a bitch, it will be an extra week os so but hopefully less issues…. Suck it up!!

  • nameis_POP 03.27.14 at 01:11

    AS A “loyal gamer” I`m telling you I will not be buying any further iterations of this game until the gaming community, NOT YOU! Tell me this game is worth buying! Have been loyal to YOUI since BF2. FED UP WIYH

    • XASSASINX YOSOY 03.27.14 at 05:19

      yea man not ever buying fuckin premium shit or preorder game

  • handsome b0b 03.27.14 at 01:00

    HAHAHAHAHA. “we didn’t want to release the new content until we believed it was quality content.” You mean like the whole game? Man EA sure does know how to fuck things up. Make sure it was quality content? Hahahaha. What a joke. Bf4 has been a broken record of shitty game after shitty update after shitty update. The game is now what it should have been when the game was first release. What a joke. Quality content.

  • Jammy Duel 03.27.14 at 01:00

    I would have preferred it to have been released on time, but with a disclaimer that there may be issues and patches as necessary instead of being told “guys, we ballsed up (again) and don’t know how long it will take to sort out (again)”.

    Either that or have it held back on all platforms, preferably the first.

  • XRavishX 03.27.14 at 00:23

    What I don’t get is why no one else was delayed. I paid for premium and I expect to get premium treatment. If there are bugs that need to be worked out, great. I understand that. However, when you tell me that I’m premium then allow someone else who isn’t premium to play before me despite the whole premium-plays-before-everyone-else deal, then I’m going to have issue. Platform means nothing to me. premium is premium. Telling me that it’s delayed on PC and XB1 but not everyone else then reminding us that premium users will get to play 2 weeks before non-premium users is a flat out lie. Any argument is simple word mincing.

    I write this too on the heels of EA staying that we shouldn’t be worried about the same games on other platforms. Well, I wouldn’t be worried if we were all treated the same! It’s not like another company is working on the game for another platform like Minecraft is for consoles vs PCs. It’s the same company! Take a note at how 4J Studios is releasing Minecraft for XB1 and PS4.

    Also, if there’s compensation down the line, then say so up front, not after the thing is released (again). All you’re doing now is making a bunch of people angry.

  • GeeImJoe 03.27.14 at 00:14

    L M A O

  • AngryDave-UK 03.26.14 at 22:56

    Think about it guys… given the broken state everything else got released in, this one must have been REAL bad if they actually delayed it.

  • DoublyLinkedList 03.26.14 at 22:32

    Don’t tell me you are trying to maintain the quality of Naval Strike. According to the user response of BF4, tons of negative comments have come up in the past few months. It was your action didn’t live up to your previous promise, so don’t try to cover up yourselves by telling us stories on how you guys trying to maintain quality.

  • DoublyLinkedList 03.26.14 at 22:29

    Do you mind delay the actually launching date of Naval Strike? I thought Premium membership means early access, and DICE you have deceived all your PC premium members. We demand certain compensation.

  • FEDMAN 03.26.14 at 22:18

    Have to say DICE it’s hard to keeping dealing with this crap your shoveling! I’ve been a big supporter but losing my patience, get your act together DICE! Would also like to know how your going to make it up to the fans who bought premium.

  • SpectacularDemon 03.26.14 at 21:47

    Why are all of you complaining? All of you complain when they release something with glitches so they delayed it to fix glitches and you still complain

    • OG Maltheal 03.26.14 at 22:16

      The reason that we are still complaning is because they are supposed to have this stuff resolved before hand. Another reason is they should waited until everything was resolved before anouncing the release

    • nameis_POP 03.27.14 at 01:19


  • Prince77 03.26.14 at 20:40

    So of you guys are a joke. If they just released as is, you would be complaining, at least they didn’t do it so they could fix this problem. If the game is really pissing you off that much then trade it, take it, back, whatever and shut the hell up.

  • TubbieHubbie 03.26.14 at 20:30

    I meant Dice.

  • TubbieHubbie 03.26.14 at 20:21

    So, I swapped from ps3 to Xbox One after problems in the past with PSN.
    Then I proceeded to purchase bf4 for xbox including premium, because I enjoyed it on PS3.
    Guess what?
    Yeah that’s right…………
    Once developers have your money, they mess you about. Don’t set a release date until your sure EA
    Release for all machines simultaneously even if you only have problem with only one platform. Most unfair EA
    How much do I have to spend to get professional treatment.
    Probably more than £85.
    Thanks again.

  • photoshopthis 03.26.14 at 20:10

    looking forward to the new bugs!

  • rodowski 03.26.14 at 19:58

    Excuses followed by excuses…you are totally lost in BF4. Sincerely, do you really know what you should do? It’s time to listen the users.

  • FuZion x BearZ 03.26.14 at 19:39

    Good thing i paid $50 for this bullshit

  • Morriz27 03.26.14 at 19:26

    Gays I just found a esteregg because on the wall whit the red chines text the camera turns left after a some seconds AND THE WALL SAYS GOOO AWAYYY you can find the glitch on the map nansha stike in the new naval strike DLC the wall is in the celler in the moutin on the navel strike DLC

  • CyberZ1983 03.26.14 at 17:58

    Looking forward to get a bug hole free game :)

  • StewieGriffin25 03.26.14 at 17:22

    Not surprising, right guys? I mean, I can’t even play through the 1 player campaign because it still loses my saves! Oh the wasted money on this broken garbage

  • theCPjuggernaut 03.26.14 at 17:15

    Just so you know EA is now offering “Hush Money” in the form of a single gold battlepack. Apparently, this is the only compensation that they are allowing for this batched roll out. Sounds a little like cough cough *Obabacare* cough cough.
    If you feel wronged, please contact EA via their chat button and tell them that this battlepack won’t shut us up. Strength in numbers gentlemen, make your voice heard!

    • GameWizzard2 03.26.14 at 17:29

      So u want them to release broken dlc?

      So you want them to release broken DLC?

  • DA AGENT ORANGE 03.26.14 at 16:48

    Hi I have the premium on xbox one an acording to my screen I should be able 2 play the new maps 2 weeks early on the 25th well its now the 26th an im not happy no new maps or updates to download the maps an I can see that ppl are playing on them is any1 else having troubles downloading them 2 weeks early as promised by ea for buying the premium

  • Bad Poeky 03.26.14 at 16:44

    I think that I have been pretty loyal to bf … I owned 1942, Vietnam 2 copies, BF2, 2142, Bad Company 1&2, BF3 premium 2 copies, I pre ordered bf4 on the 360 and I ultimately imported a xbox one especially for bf4 wich I bought again with premium.

    From Day one bf4 was in a terrible state, netcode wise but mostly the frequent crashen. It was in no state to release to the public. I tried to be optimistic, but I felt screwed over. Full price game in a prealpha state… After 5 months or so and switcht over to a next gen console the crashes seems to be a thing of the past but the netcode still really sucks.

    I really like the idea of bf, but there is often a lot of frustration while playing because of the state the game is in. At this moment if a New game offers a better experience I will probably step over. This last minute postponing of the dlc is just another letdown … I really was looking foward to this release.

    You really blew this one EA/Dice…. If nothing changes you will lose a loyal customer. You already lost a few after BF3 on the 360, back then I was still trying to defend you. I love battlefield but with bf4 you really killed what it could have been. I hope you will change things because I really want to play the bf4 I think it can be.

  • theCPjuggernaut 03.26.14 at 16:25

    LOL this is like that batched Obamacare roll out…. fucking weak guys.

  • Lis05 03.26.14 at 16:17

    Will you at least prove your working on it or even concerned about the situation by removing the “gets released March 25th message from the load screen of the Xbox one! Or are you on some beach enjoying spring break?

  • Strattegery 03.26.14 at 16:07

    But I guess we will just have to come to terms with being screwed by you. Early April, right? Sure. Not like this game has been out for over 5 months or anything. Doubt we see this update till June.

  • Strattegery 03.26.14 at 16:02

    I’m all for being patient. I love BF4. But the fact that everyone else gets to play naval strike except the people that paid the most money (generally x1 and PC are more expensive), is totally jacked up. Bad form Dice/Ea. We deserve compensation… After all we did pay $100 for your persistent failures.

  • beastlee2u 03.26.14 at 15:36

    You guys think you spent a lot of money, I have bought 6 360 versions, 4 xb1 versions, and 3 premium’s for me, my wife, my two kids, and two nephews. I am not very happy about it but I do understand. I do think they should have delayed it on every system and that we should have been told earlier. Some people take the day off work for shit like this and I was one of them. I can do that when I want to but some people cant.

    • killjoy5541 03.26.14 at 16:03

      Why would you buy 6 360 copies and 4 Xb1 copies for a total of 6 people, and two of them are kids and one is your wife. It’s sheer stupidity.

  • JEBUS187 03.26.14 at 15:23

    Good job Dice. Screwing up as usual.

  • ORS0_BLANC0 03.26.14 at 14:52

    Still not available in the uk on ps3. I’m pretty sure it’s no longer the 25th also

  • ForesterNL 03.26.14 at 14:51

    some issue…….. i think ps4 should not get it either or earlier than pc users

  • TheGreatDavid R 03.26.14 at 14:03

    I hope your investors will treat you the same way as you treat your customers! I paid £40 on top of £50 for the game itself and now you are saying PlayStation owners can have it but Xbox One can’t!!! I was premium member for bf3 and bf4 but I won’t be for bf5 guarantee. you screw it from the start on bf4 as a developer with all this bugs and delays. I wan’t my money back!!!

    • Autistic1945 03.26.14 at 14:18

      so u want a game thats like release bf4 all buggy u want your money back because its not on time, i just wait i’ll get bf5 even if its 100% buggy

    • ForesterNL 03.26.14 at 14:49

      Me and some 20 playing friends support your story. very disappopinted after paying A LOT OF MONEY !!!

  • ryunjunior 03.26.14 at 13:49

    Shouldnt have even realeased for ps4 either. Cant even play the rubber banding and lag is so intense in big game modes. Guess can at least play in rush mode or dom but as for 64 or carrier assault cnt even play the game

  • BooocaJ 03.26.14 at 13:37

    This is probably gonna be the new Dean Hall situation… delay, delay, delay. It has already been delayed from 18th March to 25th March

  • AMstilWICKED420 03.26.14 at 13:30

    Also Delay on Xbox One… no reporting of that.. honestly I don’t think any system was released yesterday

  • PHprof 03.26.14 at 12:57

    That’s about as childish as it comes. You need compensation for everything, don’t you? They are trying yet you just can never be happy. Just go away. Go away and play Arma or something else. Just go.

    • cHr0NiCzKi114 03.26.14 at 13:21

      Why arma when we have paid in advance for something that we were meant to have …stop licking there butts..this is false advertising… no respect for the fans..so u just get tae ya radge.

    • AMstilWICKED420 03.26.14 at 13:28

      here is the worst part my friends they also delay on xbox 1 but they have not report this I been calling them since yesterday I’m not getting anywhere with this f******

    • Chalybos 03.26.14 at 15:53

      Yes, that’s brilliant. Bash the people who are pissed for having paid up-front for a product, and were denied the services, or in this case, product promised. Tell them to go play something else. You know, there’s an irony in calling someone childish and then telling them to go away because you disagree with them.

  • cHr0NiCzKi114 03.26.14 at 12:57

    Skarden …we all have the right to moan ,this game has had nothing but problems since day one…they’ve took all our money and for what…?they don’t even have decency to email us to apologize it’s a feking joke ….no respect to the people who pay there wages …so you my friend need tae get a grip and stop kissing there brown stars you homo..

  • Dantechno 03.26.14 at 12:51

    they make the $$$$….its all that mathers….

  • Jack0rias 03.26.14 at 12:35

    The fact there’s no compensatory offering is ridiculous, we want what we paid for, when we’re told we can have it.

  • TimmyDope 03.26.14 at 12:22

    Thanks I was excited to play today… guess not.

  • skarden 03.26.14 at 12:14

    Jesus tap dancing christ, they release the game as quick as possible to get it to us and you lot sook that it’s not finished and there’s problems, they delay it to fix problems with it and you lot carry on like 8 year olds, I’m really really not a fanboi but FFS a little patience goes a long way eh, everyone of you have a tonne of other games to enjoy, it’s just a game, get the fuk over it.

    Oh and If having a little patience, commonsense and other things to do with my time other then carry on like a child about such small things like a god damn game then then more of you need to get on this ” on a high horse” for a ride

    • Bawzoot Anton 03.26.14 at 12:36

      contradicted yourself a bit considering you’re on here moaning about people who moan about the game.

    • ObecnyBujak 03.26.14 at 15:15

      You should add at the end “Get a life tards” :D
      Thumb up

  • jurgernungbung1 03.26.14 at 12:09

    last time i buy anything from you money hungry amateurs. The worst part was you left us waiting 24 hours before even bothering to tell us it was gonna be delayed. That just goes to show how little you care about your customers. Disgracefull

  • TheDustfinger 03.26.14 at 11:56

    Are you serious? Something is really going wrong at dice.

  • Blued0gg-uk 03.26.14 at 11:49

    Is there a delay on the ps3 release of navel strike.
    Ive got premium, it says out now but it says I’m missing DLC, I think it downloaded, am I missing something

  • Bawzoot Anton 03.26.14 at 11:10

    Anyone got any ideas what we should be getting free this time, the battle packs last time were a bit crap, and on the subject of battle packs, who’s idea was it to put battlelog portraits in them? Honestly I would rather $h¡t on my hands and clap.

  • J3TS_F00_23 03.26.14 at 11:07

    This was my first bf game after this it will be my last. Also DICE and EA both look stupid as shit since they only test the game the day it comes out Bravo Great job.

  • Kainoa25 03.26.14 at 11:00

    You guys got my attention with BF3 and pulled me away from COD. Now i’m over your products and won’t buy anymore DICE and EA games.

  • FearFallenAngel 03.26.14 at 10:57

    Programming is hard. I am glad DICE took a risk and created such an incredible game. If anyone wants a game that runs smoothly from the beginning it is not going to be a revolutionary game.

  • Ethendriel 03.26.14 at 10:43

    Since day 1 I regret buying this game.
    I have never regretted buying any game in my whole life. BF4 really is the 1st, and hopefully the last game.

    i don’t even know how you DARE to advertise premium in this post.
    And even better, now you punish the non-premium players for YOUR mistakes?
    Quote: “We also want to remind Xbox One and PC owners of Battlefield 4 Premium that they will have two weeks early access for Naval Strike once it’s released. Thanks for your continued patience and passion for our games.”

    You said earlier you want to get the DLC released in early April.
    Does this now mean, that non-premium players are forced to wait for a product they would get without any problem, because YOU fuck up?

    I honestly couldn’t care less about that, since I am one of those idiots who actually bought Premium, but punishing the non-premium players?

    I wish I had refunded my game in the beginning when I still could.

    • Ethendriel 03.26.14 at 10:46

      You guys really know how to make money.
      A 3 step plan from your side I have noticed so far:
      Step 1: Advertise game/Premium service
      Step 2: Don’t give the people what they bought.
      Step 3: Profit

  • FatedMetal0 03.26.14 at 10:32

    wait i paid to play it 2 weeks earlier so what you’re saying is you not going to give me what i paid for this is a joke this hole games been a joke i think this is the last bf i buy this is breaking the law false advertising so as an xbox one owen how are uses going to make it up to us xbox one owens ?

  • lore2009 03.26.14 at 10:27

    Too much trouble enough!!!!!!

  • faster72 03.26.14 at 09:30

    This has been the last straw, you lost a good customer, I do not think I’ll buy more from you.

  • almostrodney 03.26.14 at 09:27

    Firstly, to all the people saying “stop whining/crying about it being pulled and grow up” get off your high horse because we have paid money for this promised dlc and it is unacceptable. These people obviously have no concept of money. While it isnt everything I will not allow my hard earned money to be wasted.

  • BEN2981 03.26.14 at 08:41

    Called for customer support right before 11pm……operator let it ring once and hung up. My rank dropped from 79 to 56 after installing dlc. Been chatting with outsourced Indian operators on chat….disconnected six times. Tuck ea tuck this game I will never ever do business with u again

  • AIRMAXHITMAN 03.26.14 at 08:34

    This is ridiculous , I will not give them anymore of my money . They have done nothing but drop the ball and give false information since the beginning. I can’t wait for new titles , I will not continue to give dice money for false promises.

    • LITEON_RAZER 03.26.14 at 09:29

      dude do you really want an unfinished project? or an dlc that makes your game expirence much better?

      • Bawzoot Anton 03.26.14 at 10:58

        I think people just want the service they paid for.

  • Cujucuyo 03.26.14 at 08:29

    If only this would’ve happened for the actual game, delaying it until perfected instead of rushing a Call of Battleduty 4.

  • vMr Insanity 03.26.14 at 08:23


  • bmxkevin123 03.26.14 at 08:21

    its not even out on consoles, i dont pay an extra $50 for you to lie, itd no where to be found in the in-game stores on xbox one, and there is nothnig that shows up on the server browser, its not the 26th still no map pack, ive been trying all day, did u delay it on consoles too? cause im premium and i still dont have it!!!

  • Verdugo Python 03.26.14 at 08:20

    Compro battlefield en Premium en Xbox 360,compro Xbox One y juego aparte,y me dices que solo los de PC son los que triunfan,que nosotros de consola,hemos sido y seguimos siendolo los que mas dinero damos?,en PC todo lo que pido ya lo tienen,dejar de reirse de nosotros por favor,que los servidores,os han dado mucho dinero nuestro,en bf3 yo pagaba dos,dejandome 60 euros por lo menos al mes.Gracias por los comentarios absurdos hacia las consolas,y es un juego de guerra,no me cuentes rollos.

  • GMadFr 03.26.14 at 08:13

    Shame on you. I never experienced this behavior regarding xnox one players. We pay lot of money for a bugged game. This is not battlefield. You provide ps4 but not the other support. You should remember that pc players and microsoft players were thoses who put you where you are now. This is my last battlefied game.

    • Happy_Knuckles 03.26.14 at 08:28

      Well bugger off, then. It’s always been “Fix the bloody game!” ad nauseam. Now Dice is trying to fix something before *we* run into it and the forums are again awash with tantrums.

      • LITEON_RAZER 03.26.14 at 09:35

        i agree with you there Knuckles. some people wants an unfinished project that is buggy and just horrible. but true gamers want’s an rally good dlc with no bugs at all. please guys, be patient.

        • Bawzoot Anton 03.26.14 at 10:55

          I can’t see why you guys aren’t able to sympathise with all these people, this ain’t just because naval strike is being delayed, this torrent of anger and distress is the result of constant failings on the part of dice from the games launch. Let’s say you paid a guy to clean your carpet and you get home from work only to find that instead of cleaning it he has decided to take a dump, a big steamy chocolate dragon right in the middle of it. So you think okay that’s not what I asked for but I’ll give you another chance, so you get in from work the next day and although he has cleaned up yesterday’s dookie he has proceeded to drop a fresh one to welcome you home today, this then continues until you throw the carpet out and get hardwood flooring instead. That’s essentially the story of this game, they drop chocolate surprises on people, the surprise being it ain’t chocolate it’s actually poo, then clean it up and then toss another chocolate handstand on in there and let’s not pretend that there will not be another string of brown treats coming our way throughout this games existence. Now you may argue, “well don’t play the game then”, but my problem, and probably the problem of many, is that I’m £90 into this game, for Americans that’s $144. I, like many others, have paid upfront for a service which is completely below par. So please before you start bad mouthing the community you should consider the stark injustice which has been dealt to all of us. As for all this “dice have done the right”, this may be true given the situation but I think you may be missing the point. The dlc and the game should never have been in a state where this sort of action is necessary, prevention is always better than cure and proper planning and testing would have minimised the chance of an issue arising which would require the dlc to be pulled.

          Thanks for listening.

  • Verdugo Python 03.26.14 at 08:10

    Espero que antes de dejarnos tirados en BF4,saqueis de una vez el boip de equipo,los servidores y poder hacer las patrullas antes de entrar en un juego,todo battlefield les estariamos muy agradecidos,pues los clanes,estamos ansiosos de que pongan todo este contenido,hablo en nombre de la Xbox 360 y One,que todo lo mejor lo tiene PC y estamos hartos

  • Happy_Knuckles 03.26.14 at 08:09

    I don’t care if the expansion was pulled a week before or a minute before the scheduled release. I’m sick of running into obvious bugs that Dice’s QA should have found. If QA finds a quality issue serious enough to pull the expansion then it MUST be done. Ignore all the disturbingly numerous COD kiddie like tantrums in this thread. Dice has done the right thing.

  • SilentAss4ssin 03.26.14 at 07:48

    LOL.. after i bought bf4 premium, i’ll never buy a game by you.

  • DR-OETKER! 03.26.14 at 07:30

    Seriously!! You announce right at the end of the release date that you’re pulling DLC. YOU GUYS NEED TO THINK ABOUT RELEASE MANAGEMENT – ITIL! You won’t be able to give it away if you don’t get your sh!t together

  • TRiple x COR3 03.26.14 at 07:27

    Dice fuck off with this bullshit ps4 got another advantage it should launch yesterday but now it going to roll out in april you aren’t better than ghosts

  • Frysenberg 03.26.14 at 07:17

    Dear DICE… srsly…. FUCK OFF…

  • Pops Brutal 03.26.14 at 06:56

    This damn game had out lived it self already. For the damn hundred bucks between the game and premium packs . Then you stall us out . Then i read for battlefield 5 you got the balls to want to charge 29 buck for premium cause of all mistakes you made in BF4 like you doing us a favor keep F Ing up this big and you’ll have to give it away just to get people back ……Good thing ESO Starts the 30th ….. damn you for this let down

  • icy1007 03.26.14 at 06:47

    I am so glad I play Battlefield 4 on PS4. Naval Strike is pretty awesome. Carrier Assault captures the feeling of Titan mode.

  • knofingers 03.26.14 at 06:40

    I do believe in quality over content AND I do want this to WORK!
    …but to find out on the “day of download” .
    It’s like being told to come over for a big dinner and when you get there they tell you the stove stopped working.
    EA if you knew there was problem communicate that with us, we paid for Premium.
    So be “PREMIUM” with us.
    And yes as FPS games go there is nothing better than Battlefield 4.

  • AIrGeniuS 03.26.14 at 06:18

    Such a scumbag move. None of the other glitches seem to matter. So why should this one matter ?? Just drop the damn maps I made 3 people get premium and your making me look stupid

  • BACKYARDBOYS 03.26.14 at 06:12

    You know its not that its going to take longer although that does suck!! Its that when i turned on my xbox i saw and read, out now!!! When it should have read, we are experiencing some difficulties getting it ready. Sorry for the inconvienence You know the whole “Training exercise” jargen. Anyway what iam MAD about is that you released it on other platforms, why? That’s what makes me angry. You guys are still the best at what you do reguardless of your hickups that should be expected for the amount of work and world you create compared to… … well there are no other designers creating anything like what you guys have been doing since your first baby. Still bf2 is better than COD any # the best thing call of duty has released was Black Ops 1. Next time keep us posted, thats all we ask. In this day and age having the best product isn’t enough. Cause we are a spitefull bunch, we will boycott the hell out of something or someone. Cheers yall get your game on!!! µad 2 put in my 2½ ©ent$

  • double0frodo 03.26.14 at 05:38

    This might not have been a big deal…if it weren’t for the fact that you just announced this release date last week (if it was some place holder date put up months ago, and then weeks back you guys had stated you were having problems and pushing it back that would have been different) and as of today there were announcements that the map pack had been released today, on the dashboard of my xbox one, within the video game itself and here on your site. Only almost a day later, do you post that, well it isn’t actually coming out today, it may or may not come out next month, but dont worry because we did release 15 pay for unlocks of content already in the game. Maybe if you put your resources into game development instead of advertising to cover up the fact that you released a broken game…you wouldn’t have such a broken game. It’s like you guys were intentionally trying to win the worst company in America award for a 3rd straight year. I know there is no way in hell you will refund me the money of my premium account despite the blatant false advertising (do all the trolling you want, this very second there are still adds on my xbox home screen and in the game saying the expansion is out). I will not ever buy a battlefield game ever again. When the call of duty franchise started producing crap and turning everything into a money grab i stopped buying their shitty products. Now you have gone the same route and I will once again look for any other franchise that isn’t focused on screwing me.

  • Slaughterz 03.26.14 at 05:36

    I say then you delay it for everyone we paid A LOT for this damn game and the extra content on the premium and now we get screwed again as a pc gamer. The complete deal with buying the so called PREMIUM was for the early access to the game and to me it is not right to release it for the stupid consoles when the main players that got the whole game/games in general started and going was PC users and players. If it weren’t for us no game would be where it is today but we get jacked again as usual. NO NO I don’t want a EXTRA BATTLE PACK JUST GIVE ME BACK THE 50.00 bucks that i spent for the game that has been screwed from day one and then I MAY BE A LITTLE HAPPIER AND BUY MORE FROM EA

  • FTDTxREAPER 03.26.14 at 05:12

    for the people who are saying they dont mind waiting shut the fuck up we should be piss that its not out we payed to have it early not late its not like they woke up today and was like oh yeah we have to release naval strike today better go try to fix everything by the end of the day they have had time to fix shit and if they did missed something it shouldnt be a big bug it should be a small one that shouldt take that long to fix.

  • A_TACO_SUPREM3 03.26.14 at 05:11

    I was wondering why the download failed. But it’s good to know why it won’t. At least they are fixing the problems within the DLC instead of sending it out to the public so many of it’s customers can complain on how broken it is.

  • Hertzy the II 03.26.14 at 05:02

    I don’t mind having to wait for DLC, and I understand you’re trying to fix it, but why would I buy Premium if i’m only going to get DLC later than promised. I mean I don’t care to much, but it doesn’t make sense to me.

  • ssSkull 03.26.14 at 04:52

    No problem to me, I’d rather have a working DLC than a broken one, unlike these whiny little bitches who’s sad pathetic world seems to have fallen down around them because its going to be late.

    Your teenage tears are like little raindrops LOL @ U

    • King17007 03.26.14 at 05:15

      You must like wasting time and money, if you settle for crap thats what you will get, and i’m pretty sure everyone that is pissed off are not just teenagers, you ignorant bitch.

    • Pops Brutal 03.26.14 at 07:08

      Kill yourself bitch i want what i pay for… not to give my money away in the hopes that they do the right thing ….when i hear dumb shit like your comment it make me think about how far we have fallen as a people

  • Durt_Murvey 03.26.14 at 04:43

    Go fuck yourself. I will never buy a BF game again.

  • skiprrr 03.26.14 at 04:38

    you have got to be f#@king kidding me.

  • waiting 2 burn 03.26.14 at 04:24

    By the way I want my fucking money back.

  • CROOKS JRAW 03.26.14 at 04:18

    Bull shit why did I buy a Xbox One

  • dilltoro 03.26.14 at 04:15


    We all got what was coming to us.

  • TioLi_GWAR 03.26.14 at 04:14

    GO GO GO this game deserves a new score.

  • King17007 03.26.14 at 04:09

    Oh and for the people saying to me, why? play then. I say because i purchased a product markted as a finished/working game. I can’t just get rid of it, or blow cash i do not have on other games.

  • xGearFreakx 03.26.14 at 04:09

    That really pisses me of why couldnt you say something bout this yesterday or last week, i dont get it, this make me want to play Call of Duty, why? aleast can we ger something for having to wait

  • waiting 2 burn 03.26.14 at 04:07

    This is bullshit, how long have you guys had to get this shit straight? I mean all the fucking money we’ve given you and you continue to fuck us. You could’ve told us this earlier it’s not like you just figured it out. We are sick of your bullshit excuses, do your fucking jobs.

  • King17007 03.26.14 at 04:00

    Ok i want the dlc to be fixed before release and i understand the delay, although they did give us a release date which is some b.s. They screwed up big time, plus i’m sick of people trying to defend EA when they not only remove there phone number to avoid there angry ripped off customers, only on there website can you contact them, my guess avoiding angry customers. Then we use our xbox membership wasting time on this unfinished game. We have paid good money for premium/bf4game, and what do we get? a bugged out, black screen/in graphics in game, laggy weak servers. I’m not trying to waste my time writing this, it needs to be said because it’s true. They made a killing off us, now we have to wait until april? We need some cash back or free dlc, not free camo or tags, which is a slap in the face. I have been a loyal customer, bought every battlefield game, every dlc/premium, XB1 customers deserve better than this. I know part is microsofts fault with this buggy Xbox one. I contacted microsoft customer service and the customer service guy admitted bf4 was released to early and is not running good on xbox one. Thanks much microsoft/EA. Oh i almost forgot the microsoft customer service gave me 4 free months of live lol.

  • Devilish Raid 03.26.14 at 03:56

    DICE you suck I use to be a very happy fan but now all you do is delay DLC and scam us of our money what is the point of calling it Battlefield 4 if all your franchise is,like Call of Duty.Scam,scam,scam,delay,delay,delay.

  • theCPjuggernaut 03.26.14 at 03:53

    Dice and EA are resembling the Malaysian government right about now. its been 12 hours since an update has been put out on the XB1……

  • zZAFTERBURNERZz 03.26.14 at 03:53

    Well, my names brysen, ive been a loyal battlefield, EA, and DICE customer and a veteran of all the battlefields for console even modern combat, BF BC-4 AND i dont recall you guys ever having this much trouble in a single game, youve had so much time to prepare this game and its DLC’s and you encounter problems at the last minute now i can see we all make mistakes but ill make a list of the known mistakes glitches first metro ceiling; which was patched an then again people found other ways up, revive glitch; where your screen shakes after resurrection(not a glitch but a problem), the assignment glitch/problem; where your assignments if not complete would restart, the battlepack glitch/problem where everytime you open up the battlepack screen they would reset and any xp boosts you got you kept, an a few more i can’t remember but as a loyal and faithful BF vetran i feel like ive been robbed like i got a big check and someone stole it i was excited then let down you took away our naval strike, but i agree quality is the best policy i would be disapointed if it was released today and i noticed to many imperfections i feel like i speak for most of the BF and BF VETRANS out there that im disapointed and i heard many people on consoles in-game complaining how dice has stolen our money by not releasing the content we paid for. Many people on other blogs have even tried to start mass-post following/liking for a refund of there premium payment! I would like to ask one question which i believe everyone deserves an answer for is:WHY WAS THIS PROBLEM NOT ADDRESSED BEFORE A RELEASEDATE WAS POSTED AND WHY ITS NOW A LAST MINUTE TUNE UP KEEPING US FROM NAVAL STRIKE? I in no sort of way agree or disagree with online opinions i adressed in this statement, an would like to say ill always be a faithful customer, but with increasing problems that seem to be arising i dont know how much more i can take! Please give us more details and possibly answer my questions please, it may provide somewhat as a source of closure you could say to the community.
    LIKE,FOLLOW,REPLY with your opinions below,

  • Gene Hakman 03.26.14 at 03:50

    Wow, nice job, oh well, just another lawsuit huh fellas? Thanks for letting us know a day after the fact, you are just JERKS!!!!

  • Ser Blaze Alot 03.26.14 at 03:46

    So since it didn’t come out on the day as advertised, i call false advertisement. So now that its delayed for us on Xbox One and PC, what, if anything, are you going to do to compensate these falsely expected expansions that us premium members paid for, but are not receiving services for such pre-payment?

    • Devilish Raid 03.26.14 at 03:49

      Damn I love your argument it would be false advertisement

  • oHkLeY 03.26.14 at 03:39

    is there going to be maps set up to play on defuse game mode??

  • iHateCalifornia 03.26.14 at 03:38

    2 week early access my ass fuck you fuck EA & fuck your kids piece of shit game

  • HAPPENDDROP1 03.26.14 at 03:33

    I have premium but it still won’t let me join Naval strike on my ps3 are they releasing it today on my Facebook page it said it started

  • BlueEagle7000 03.26.14 at 03:32

    “we are concerned that the combination of the pack and planned PC updates would increase performance issues on mid-range to high-end PCs.”

    What? This tells us nothing.

    Who is dumb enough to just go “Oh, ok.” and leave it at that?

    Why did you post this “reason” if it tells us nothing concrete anyway? I mean, come on DICE.

    This is not an explanation as to why it’s delayed. Gör om, gör rätt.

  • Pazuzu-II 03.26.14 at 03:32

    Maybe not everyone like to read but I believe there will be some of you who will read this how much DICE put their hard work into their games we can play now. Very my self I would like to work for such a company as DICE but at the moment I don’t have skills or experience as many from them to create such awesome games. Read in the link how DICE created future for some of us.

  • ShenanigansAhoy 03.26.14 at 03:28

    I wonder how many people didn’t think that this might not be on their end and rather on say….Microsofts end? Seeing as how the Console/PC, etc companies have to license everything. Anyone that played Skyrim on the PS3 that had to wait a full year after all the intial DLC will know what I am talking about.

    Just food for thought…haters.

  • Pazuzu-II 03.26.14 at 03:25

    Thank you DICE/EA for your respond. We all will wait with patient till you finished with the issues! Please keep us updating and thank you for your games.

  • MineTrap 03.26.14 at 03:20

    While inconvenient, I would rather wait for the content to be complete and ready to launch.
    I however; do agree with the comment below posted by user RoM012788: Why announce a release date if the product isn’t fully tested and ready to launch?

  • mellowtrinbago 03.26.14 at 03:19

    Waste a hole day waiting on this shit

    • r3dt41L 03.26.14 at 03:33

      Guess ya didn’t have to, like, work and stuff. Hm?

  • RoM012788 03.26.14 at 03:14

    Why dont test it all looking for problems and then when you have it ready announce the release date.
    Bets game but sh**ty online lots of troubles

    • RoM012788 03.26.14 at 03:16

      I hope they gave us something really really really good to xbox one and pc owners

  • Beazer88 03.26.14 at 03:12

    Is a premium refund available? Since day one, yes I was dumb enough to get premium day one, its been countless issues and you continue to disappoint. If a refund won’t be done than Xbox 1 & PC premium members should have their account ts extended another year for the constant issues and false advertising. Also for your horrible communication skills to your “ex” fans…

    • Beazer88 03.26.14 at 03:15

      And PS. You probably should redo your premium sales pitch at the end of this article to mention your inability to put quality work out for all platforms simultaneously. Hate to see others pony up hard earned money for a product that does not live up to the expectations.

  • jwromero23 03.26.14 at 03:10

    hey guys dont feel bad that its not out at least we know the PS4 users arent having any fun either check this out lol


  • CarlosZouk 03.26.14 at 03:06

    I give up ….. I’m sick of playing this fucking game!

  • RakkRam 03.26.14 at 03:03

    Shit,whats the point in premium then? Early April ridiculous…..

  • Troldier 03.26.14 at 03:00

    Well. I hate everything. I waited a whole day . . . I would have been ok with it if it was announced earlier, but to give my hopes up after waiting . . . I guess we have to live with it.

  • SomaticPT 03.26.14 at 02:59

    you people who complain about the game are so stupid, yeah sure they messed up on the release and with the China Rising DLC, but at least they assumed this DLC to be incomplete or with bugs, they are gonna need some more work done to avoid your mouths and yet you can´t be pleased, or would you rather have the DLC with more buggs?
    just stop complaining or go back to BF3

  • 5zero2 03.26.14 at 02:41

    It’s always something with this damn game. Worst launch of a game that I have seen. Countless patches and delays. I’m so sick of it already.

    • Cookface00 03.26.14 at 02:43

      Oh i’m sorry, you want a buggy dlc? Exactly. Be quiet.

  • mustangguy85 03.26.14 at 02:39

    Non premium better be delayed too dammit

    • jwromero23 03.26.14 at 02:46


    • L1QU1Drider 03.26.14 at 02:58

      hahaah just because you are foolish enough to pay for a premium membership on a broken game doesn’t mean everyone has to suffer.

  • ReDSn0 03.26.14 at 02:38

    You guys constantly make me wonder why I spent the extra $50 for Premium. We got a broken unfinished base game, dlc with missing levolution, and now you can’t keep your release date schedule. How is it that this problem with pc and xbone was not discovered till the day of release? Do you guys even test your product? Do you guys just say “Hey ship it out unfinished and we will shut their mouths with extra double xp and battle packs”.

    • Cookface00 03.26.14 at 02:42

      But if they released it today you would complain saying that it is buggy. There is no pleasing you people…

    • jwromero23 03.26.14 at 02:47

      Idk if they gave us like maybe 10 gold battlepacks and a refund for at least the premium then it might be fair

  • udjet 03.26.14 at 02:36

    What pisses me off about all of this is the fact that they knew this all fucking day. They ignored everyone asking questions about the Xbox One on twitter and to top it off, when I went through the help chat 45 min wait the customer service agent “Jasmin” dropped me after I brought up Xbox One. All I have to say is FUCK EA, FUCK Dice, your customer service is horrendous and from here on out the only EA games I’ll play is the ones I can pirate. I’m done being a paying customer only to be treated like shit. Kiss my ass!

  • Hunt3r Warrior 03.26.14 at 02:33

    IS READY ? YES OR NO ??????

  • Shiaugar 03.26.14 at 02:30

    WELL NOW IM PISSED. 930 in the PM BEFORE THEY SAY “Oh yeah Xbox one will also get the strap on.” Well this is just bull crap. I understand its a lot of programming for this game but DONT wait till that last sec before you post it morons. ALSO stop putting dates on games/DLC on games that dont work on the day they come out. STOP IT. just do the work then put it out.

  • LaraCroftsBooty 03.26.14 at 02:30

    Us x1 users should get a week of 2xp instead of just 2 days

  • DrLilRobot 03.26.14 at 02:26

    finally, a response. i’m happy now. i just hope it comes out before friday/by next tuesday, so i have time to play with it over spring break :3

    • Shiaugar 03.26.14 at 02:35

      NOPE they are going to push it back farther……cuz thats howz theyz rollz youzzzzzzzzzz. I just wish they got more ppl so they can work on it faster. I bet that is the issue. DICE is being pushed too hard and too quick (pause DO NOT PUT A GAY JOKE HERE) to put out anything of good quality…..I hope that is the issue at least for all the set backs in the past few months.

  • IIchuckwagonII 03.26.14 at 02:25

    I’ve got a high end PC, and the only performance issues I’ve had is the terrible hit registration. I’d be interested to get more details into the performance issues they’re speaking of

  • genesis1_one 03.26.14 at 02:22

    Thanks for the hard work BF4 team. I’m sure it’s a huge task getting a game this size just right for so many different platforms. Glad you’re holding off the PC release. There are so many whining babies on the in game chat about things not working yet they still play the game. Mostly just excuses for so the user can blame the game and not their skill. Can’t wait for Naval Strike!

  • B0BAFETT 03.26.14 at 02:21

    Well it’s back to TitanFall for me.

  • I am Tawil 03.26.14 at 02:18

    i bought premium for $50 to play dlcs 2 weeks early and you delay the dlc for a graphical glitch on the xb1 that i and most of my friends have never experienced.unbelievable.

    • B0BAFETT 03.26.14 at 02:22

      Relax bud. It’ll be up and running. If you read the article it does say we premium members will still get the dlc 2 weeks early. Chill winston.

  • Joeful 03.26.14 at 02:14

    Keep up the good work. I’ve got FF X/X-2 to keep me company while it’s being worked on.

  • pskj363 03.26.14 at 01:59

    Dice please patch the client side server issues and address the crashes. 3 on first day

  • pskj363 03.26.14 at 01:59

    I found it on playstation store not bf4 store. Check the xbox equivalent.

  • GODSMACKx751993 03.26.14 at 01:44

    im just glad im not the only one having problems with this dlc

  • SearsSAYSwhat 03.26.14 at 01:43

    I was looking forward to playing this dlc on the one too

  • bocefus308 03.26.14 at 01:37

    Says i am missing one or more of my DLCs for xbox 360

  • greemreaper22 03.26.14 at 01:34

    They say that is out now for premium,but I don’t see it:)))). Is not good

  • Ar15shooter80 03.26.14 at 01:25

    Would be nice to play of I wasn’t missing one or more of the dlc’s. This is bull already

  • Dat 80s Guy 03.26.14 at 01:11

    AND U TO E.A

  • Dat 80s Guy 03.26.14 at 01:11

    WHY DICE WHY?!?!

  • FMS Souza 03.26.14 at 01:10

    naval strike out 25/03/2020

  • Dat 80s Guy 03.26.14 at 01:07

    I hope DICE LA does a better job i counting on YOU

  • Penguinhunter88 03.26.14 at 01:04

    Wont let me download it even thought i have premium

  • The OG Ginger G 03.26.14 at 00:46

    I am amazed at how many people don’t look at the battlelog forums…

    • jwromero23 03.26.14 at 01:03

      Yeah but that was posted 10 hrs ago. It would be nice to know so most of us will know whether or we can take a break from monitoring the site.

  • Thrasher1066 03.26.14 at 00:31

    can you give me any idea when this new naval pack WILL WORK because of course it doesnt work i keep getting signed out of playsatan network I’m getting sick and tired go this game and its glitches and general bad gameplay is it ever going to end DICE????????

    • Jksnipe 03.26.14 at 01:16

      Look, I’m not a DICE developer, but I can tell you that Battlefield 4 was rushed, and it wasn’t DICE’s fault. It was EA’s. In fact Dice asked EA for about a month of extra time before the game was launched, but because EA sucks and wants more money they said to DICE that Battlefield 4 had to compete with Call of Duty: Ghosts. Essentially EA is giving DICE a really bad reputation. It’s SimCity all over again.

      • IIchuckwagonII 03.26.14 at 02:23

        But they’ve had how many months to fix it since it’s release and it is STILL plagued with issues. Sorry, but the “game was rushed” argument is no longer a valid one; they’ve had nearly six months to fix the game. Dice is as much to blame as EA, if not more so at this point. Each dlc introduces more issues, many things gone unfixed. EA cannot be blamed for everything; Dice has a lot of culpability in this as well.

  • Durt_Murvey 03.26.14 at 00:20

    Can you give me any idea of when it will be available for XBOX1?

  • KillaKaminski25 03.25.14 at 23:53

    Awesome! Another DLC that we have paid for, yet does not work. Thank you DICE for not having your Dioses ready when you say you were going to. Thank God I got my Premium for free back when you guys messed up China Rising. To the rest of you, I strongly suggest you get in touch with EA games support and demand a refund on your premium, at least half of the money. They will tell you at first that they cannot give you any kind of refund, but if you are persistent and give reasons of how you are not getting the service you have paid for (early access to DLC’s), you will get your money back. I have done it, and so have a few of my friends.

    • jwromero23 03.26.14 at 00:08

      Please tell me how you did this. Like what number did you call or what department were you speaking to? I know I could google it but if you could elaborate on this a little bit more you would be doing me and a lot more of us a great service man. Thank you in advance man.

  • reb101 03.25.14 at 23:51

    I am downloading now. lol

  • pabonudo 03.25.14 at 23:46

    EA completely stole all of our money. Naval Strike still not available and they haven’t fixed the game since it came out. Total waste of moneh and I think players should stop buying games from developers like this. Let tehm go bankrupt

    • KillaKaminski25 03.25.14 at 23:53

      Awesome! Another DLC that we have paid for, yet does not work. Thank you DICE for not having your Dioses ready when you say you were going to. Thank God I got my Premium for free back when you guys messed up China Rising. To the rest of you, I strongly suggest you get in touch with EA games support and demand a refund on your premium, at least half of the money. They will tell you at first that they cannot give you any kind of refund, but if you are persistent and give reasons of how you are not getting the service you have paid for (early access to DLC’s), you will get your money back. I have done it, and so have a few of my friends.

  • theCPjuggernaut 03.25.14 at 23:40

    tick Tock mother fuckers……

    • KillaKaminski25 03.25.14 at 23:54

      Awesome! Another DLC that we have paid for, yet does not work. Thank you DICE for not having your Dioses ready when you say you were going to. Thank God I got my Premium for free back when you guys messed up China Rising. To the rest of you, I strongly suggest you get in touch with EA games support and demand a refund on your premium, at least half of the money. They will tell you at first that they cannot give you any kind of refund, but if you are persistent and give reasons of how you are not getting the service you have paid for (early access to DLC’s), you will get your money back. I have done it, and so have a few of my friends.

  • PhantomGaming l 03.25.14 at 23:30

    I’m going back to borderlands 2 for fuck sake.

  • COCRODILO 03.25.14 at 23:30

    Parece que foi adiada(delay)

  • RAIDERMAN 03.25.14 at 23:26

    I’m on a XB1 and it’s 3:25pm on the west coast and still no Download! Come on now!

    • xi ARKADE ix 03.25.14 at 23:45

      I’m in same location. No naval strike here

    • KillaKaminski25 03.25.14 at 23:56

      I just spoke to EA. They found a bug in the Xbox one servers, and are supposedly fixing it. as of now they have no time period of when the DLC will be ready. Thank God I got my Premium for free back when you guys messed up China Rising. To the rest of you, I strongly suggest you get in touch with EA games support and demand a refund on your premium, at least half of the money. They will tell you at first that they cannot give you any kind of refund, but if you are persistent and give reasons of how you are not getting the service you have paid for (early access to DLC’s), you will get your money back. I have done it, and so have a few of my friends.

  • PonBros 03.25.14 at 23:19

    Done paying for this shit horrible service, horrible EA customer support all they have is chat and no phone and $120 for a game that’s still doesn’t work I’m talking about the actual game that still lags and chat still doesn’t work. Then the DLC don’t work and they don’t even give it to us really pissed would like to send them this piece of crap and get a refund

    • KillaKaminski25 03.25.14 at 23:56

      I just spoke to EA. They found a bug in the Xbox one servers, and are supposedly fixing it. as of now they have no time period of when the DLC will be ready. Thank God I got my Premium for free back when you guys messed up China Rising. To the rest of you, I strongly suggest you get in touch with EA games support and demand a refund on your premium, at least half of the money. They will tell you at first that they cannot give you any kind of refund, but if you are persistent and give reasons of how you are not getting the service you have paid for (early access to DLC’s), you will get your money back. I have done it, and so have a few of my friends.

  • PhantomGaming l 03.25.14 at 23:17

    I am so disappointed that I have already posted this game for EBay, thanks a lot DICE.

  • PonBros 03.25.14 at 23:13

    Xbox one 6:12 EST Time no DLC available at all. This is literally ridicoulous and we should all get a free credit for this . I am very unsatisfied

    • KillaKaminski25 03.25.14 at 23:56

      I just spoke to EA. They found a bug in the Xbox one servers, and are supposedly fixing it. as of now they have no time period of when the DLC will be ready. Thank God I got my Premium for free back when you guys messed up China Rising. To the rest of you, I strongly suggest you get in touch with EA games support and demand a refund on your premium, at least half of the money. They will tell you at first that they cannot give you any kind of refund, but if you are persistent and give reasons of how you are not getting the service you have paid for (early access to DLC’s), you will get your money back. I have done it, and so have a few of my friends.

  • jmzpan3 03.25.14 at 23:12

    I think I speak for every person in this blog when I say what the f***

  • jmzpan3 03.25.14 at 23:11

    What should we have expected

  • Noself 03.25.14 at 23:02

    5:00 central US still no DLC I’m not going to flip out and rip my arm off and stop buying battlefield but come on

    • Noself 03.25.14 at 23:03

      I’m in Xbox one

    • KillaKaminski25 03.25.14 at 23:57

      I just spoke to EA. They found a bug in the Xbox one servers, and are supposedly fixing it. as of now they have no time period of when the DLC will be ready. Thank God I got my Premium for free back when you guys messed up China Rising. To the rest of you, I strongly suggest you get in touch with EA games support and demand a refund on your premium, at least half of the money. They will tell you at first that they cannot give you any kind of refund, but if you are persistent and give reasons of how you are not getting the service you have paid for (early access to DLC’s), you will get your money back. I have done it, and so have a few of my friends.

  • Almosst 03.25.14 at 22:46

    as of 5:45 pm Eastern Standard Time there is no sign what so ever of the DLC

    • EpicWatermelon1 03.25.14 at 22:48

      are you a premium member

    • steven1234567898 03.25.14 at 23:00

      If you are on the ps3/ps4 look in the Playstation Store, Games, Add-ons, Titles by game, Battlefield 4, add-ons and scroll down and ull see naval strike

  • EpicWatermelon1 03.25.14 at 22:44

    No DLC what so ever where I am and its clearly the 25 so whats taking so long

  • OxxINFAMOUSxxO 03.25.14 at 22:41


  • theCPjuggernaut 03.25.14 at 22:38

    West coast XB1 premium member, no DLC in the marketplace or the in-game store as of 1437 hours.

    • KillaKaminski25 03.25.14 at 23:57

      I just spoke to EA. They found a bug in the Xbox one servers, and are supposedly fixing it. as of now they have no time period of when the DLC will be ready. Thank God I got my Premium for free back when you guys messed up China Rising. To the rest of you, I strongly suggest you get in touch with EA games support and demand a refund on your premium, at least half of the money. They will tell you at first that they cannot give you any kind of refund, but if you are persistent and give reasons of how you are not getting the service you have paid for (early access to DLC’s), you will get your money back. I have done it, and so have a few of my friends.

  • Matheusbazzotte 03.25.14 at 22:32

    18:30 aqui e nenhuma Dlc ainda pq isso ? o dia era 25 de março e hj é dia 25 de março e nao veio nada pq essa demora? entao n posta um dia e nao entrega a Dlc,eu so premium e ate agora nao veio vc pagar 100 reais pelo premium e toma no cu !

  • The OG Ginger G 03.25.14 at 22:28

    I would be happy if they gave us a specific time for release rather than an entire day so we don’t create false expectations

    • KillaKaminski25 03.25.14 at 23:58

      I just spoke to EA. They found a bug in the Xbox one servers, and are supposedly fixing it. as of now they have no time period of when the DLC will be ready. Thank God I got my Premium for free back when you guys messed up China Rising. To the rest of you, I strongly suggest you get in touch with EA games support and demand a refund on your premium, at least half of the money. They will tell you at first that they cannot give you any kind of refund, but if you are persistent and give reasons of how you are not getting the service you have paid for (early access to DLC’s), you will get your money back. I have done it, and so have a few of my friends.

  • S0nOfKodiak 03.25.14 at 22:21

    I bet if it were the other way around and they needed a payment for something they would be unhappy with getting the payment 10 hours after it was due ….

  • S0nOfKodiak 03.25.14 at 22:18

    5:15 pm east coast and still no DLC yet? what the fuck battlefield im paying 120 in total for a game expecting that if i pay an extra 50 bucks on top of the almost 70 dollars the game costs that you guys can simply put shit up on time. as someone who has played the entire battlefield series im a very unsatisfied customer. hopefully you guys will release it soon and not fuck us over like the PC players.

  • FiremanPig 03.25.14 at 22:11

    I can’t download it for xbox one. please fix I already see a few others w/ the same problem. And yes iam a premium member

    • powergainer1 03.25.14 at 22:20

      Yeah, please fix it, don’t mean to sound mean, but please try to fix it, FAST

  • iHateCalifornia 03.25.14 at 22:11

    West Coast North America 2:10 no DLC Xbox One -.-

    • powergainer1 03.25.14 at 22:21

      Same here

    • KillaKaminski25 03.25.14 at 23:58

      I just spoke to EA. They found a bug in the Xbox one servers, and are supposedly fixing it. as of now they have no time period of when the DLC will be ready. Thank God I got my Premium for free back when you guys messed up China Rising. To the rest of you, I strongly suggest you get in touch with EA games support and demand a refund on your premium, at least half of the money. They will tell you at first that they cannot give you any kind of refund, but if you are persistent and give reasons of how you are not getting the service you have paid for (early access to DLC’s), you will get your money back. I have done it, and so have a few of my friends.

  • iLLMaTiC_cLiPz 03.25.14 at 22:01

    fix the lag put suppression down you guys fuck up every bf you come out with why? I have the best internet money can buy I am on the ps4 and still the game lags what am I paying for ea dice? you guys change this game around so much and for what! the game works fine why fix something that’s not broken! STOP FUCKING DESTROYING THIS GAME! EAT A DICK DICE\EA

  • CHUM IS FUMM 03.25.14 at 21:51

    Same question ive been waiting for something new to do for battlefield for a LONG time

  • Crustynuts555 03.25.14 at 21:50

    it is 1:45 p.m. in Spokane Washington United Stated. I cannot find naval strike no matter what you guys say. I am a premium member for the PlayStation 3. Would you mind admitting to your errors or someone explain the troubles your having instead of putting it off? unsatisfied customer at the moment. please tell me truth man ive been up all night.

  • TRAYBAG NYC 03.25.14 at 21:48

    Im tired of seeing all these people complaining about DICE trying to “fuck us over” or “taking our money” it was your choice to buy the game and it was your choice to buy premium. No one force you to buy these things so dont bitch at DICE like they’re doing it on purpose. Shit happens and not everything goes according to plan, so stop acting like babies ITS JUST A GAME

    • jwromero23 03.25.14 at 21:52

      you don’t have to read it then…lol but most people just go by the fact that if you’re going to pay damn near $120 for a game then it better be playable and if there were refunds a lot of us would gladly accept that.

    • USEASTGI73 03.25.14 at 21:57

      When you are paying for a service, it should be delivered as expected. I do get your point that people may be overly sensitive as BF4 is a very fun, addictive game. Myself included in that descriptor. And yes, stuff happens. Stuff outside of EA’s control perhaps too. But I don’t think it should be discounted the fact that they marketed a 3/25 delivery and didn’t, well…deliver. Now, to augment your point, I don’t think EA ever promised “At 3/25 00:00:00 the Naval Strike will be available”…they just threw out a date. Perhaps it’s available 3/25 at 11:59:59? That would be real bad and loyal fans would see that as a slap in the face. Respectfully submitted.

    • powergainer1 03.25.14 at 22:22

      U r right, but at the same time, I don’t want to pay $120 for 2 dlc’s and a game.

  • PSyC0TiC LEGacy 03.25.14 at 21:45

    Where’s the Xbox One’s Naval Strike?

  • Ghosty9845 03.25.14 at 21:40

    Where is naval strike!!

  • jwromero23 03.25.14 at 21:38

    Does anyone ever notice that despite all the negative comments all over their blog, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc. that no DICE or EA representative doesn’t even respond. The least they could do is send us a quick response. For example. We are working hard on fixing the problem at hand. We will update you with any further information as it develops. Hmmm it’s pretty obvious this companies level of professionalism and customer support is. Am I right guys? Repost this if you feel the same way because if we can start spreading the word everywhere they are bound to realize the severity of their continuous problems.

  • Big_Dave_P_UK 03.25.14 at 21:33

    Soooooo…… Given that PC BF4 Premium owners paid for the promise of access to DLC 2 weeks before non Premium owners, what will EA/DICE be offering us to recompense us not getting this promised early access?

  • SKIPPY25180939 03.25.14 at 21:29

    Is there a reason why it’s not working in the uk?

  • WINDWAKER85 03.25.14 at 21:26

    Surprise, surprise. I wish they had of taken this much care in releasing a “Quality Product” when they released BF4

  • MoRe_X_RaGe 03.25.14 at 21:18

    On Xbox One and can’t get it and I also have Premium so I’m waiting DICE.

  • TheDiaperButtKid 03.25.14 at 21:14

    Outstanding DICE.
    Once again you lowered the bar for what players can expect from you.
    No fucking excuses. You’ve had plenty of time to test this DLC, and like everything else you test, you did a half-ass job at it. Why anyone still calls themselves a fan of DICE is beyond me. This crap is not going to fly with Disney and your Battlefront game.

  • Goulais Redneck 03.25.14 at 21:13

    what gives I cant find it on my xbox one

  • gareen91 03.25.14 at 21:04

    4 pm torontos got it

  • jwromero23 03.25.14 at 21:03

    How is it looking on xbox one? Still no update?

  • IamTacoWan 03.25.14 at 21:01

    It isn’t available yet for Xbox One Premium, what gives? When will it be available?

    • xi ARKADE ix 03.25.14 at 21:22

      Same here. It’s annoying, I was looking forward to play it before I go to work.

  • gareen91 03.25.14 at 20:52

    anyone in toronto got it yet for their ps3

  • UnSuccessFulNOOB 03.25.14 at 20:48

    What happened to the good old days where PC got either A: Free DLC or B: Early access. Fuck these “Next Gen Consoles that are going to be outdated in 6 months. I hate this promotion of the consoles by EA, totally screwing us PC players who pay MORE to play their game… a lot of people even paid MORE to SPECIFICALLY play THIS game. Come on EA… way to fuck us over.

  • XLAndB4Timex 03.25.14 at 20:42

    Ps4 I got it go into the store go to battlefield add ons find it and quit crying

  • jaydog313 03.25.14 at 20:41

    premium member and I can’t download naval strike yet why is that

  • i am button 03.25.14 at 20:39

    no. no one needs to lose their job over your impatience. Can they do a better job? sure. wtf do you know about making video games? You know about playing them. and you know about whining when they dont come out on time. You think someone should lose their income because it’s something fun to say? yeah you’re the coolest…

  • dougthehead_3 03.25.14 at 20:38


  • Potadoh 03.25.14 at 20:35

    Where Can I find the DLC on the Xbox One Cause I am Premium But can’t seem to find it anywhere

  • HAPPYHUMPER_ 03.25.14 at 20:31

    I live in NY and Just started down loading it. Try restarting your ps4 then search it in the psn

  • stevieblpc 03.25.14 at 20:27

    any one that lives on the east coast you have to wait untill anywhere from 5pm-9pm little unfair since the west coast only has to wait till anywhere from 2pm-6pm

    • TheWu05 03.25.14 at 20:32

      im on the east coast, it is now approximately 3:30 pm and i am downloading the dlc now.

  • HAPPYHUMPER_ 03.25.14 at 20:22

    Whats the sense of getting it, if its flawed? They should be testing the DLC on a designated server and allow willing beta testers to participate and give their feed back on all the issues that need to be addressed, fix the issues, re deploy the “beta DLC” let the willing beta testers re-test the fixed issues and repeat the process until its a green light. Then release it to the general public.

  • HAPPYHUMPER_ 03.25.14 at 20:13

    Nothing in NY

  • D Money093 03.25.14 at 20:13

    I think it is smart for them to delay this map pack.It gives them time to fix what ever else needs repairing and to satisfiy our hunger for this dlc. Plus just last month second assault came out on ps4,ps3,pc, and xbox 360; so just enjoy that some more. Y’all just be patient with them or go to a different game in the mean while.

  • NSANExMONKEY 03.25.14 at 20:11

    When will it be out for Xbox one? I see it’s on the store for 360 but not the one? Wtf

    • Thewasabii2 03.25.14 at 20:23

      where is it on the store for 360 cause I play 360 I havent been able to find it

  • Judas Daegon 03.25.14 at 20:11

    When is it supposed to release for Xbox One premium members. I’m sitting here waiting and I can’t seem to find the damn thing…

  • Thewasabii2 03.25.14 at 20:10

    I agree with captnsnot because it was said that it was delayed for PC not console… that does tick me off a bit

  • xi ARKADE ix 03.25.14 at 20:06

    Where is it????!! I’m on xbox one and it’s not in the in-game store or MS store. Where the heck is it?!!

  • dalko1981 03.25.14 at 20:03

    somebady in italy are plaing?

  • captnsnot 03.25.14 at 20:02

    Good luck to the rwst of u with getting the dlc.. i for one am still upset to the fact that neither dice nor ea released anything as far as y its not on all consoles by now.. get ur shot together dice.. im a premium member and deserve to no wait i paid to know whats goin on

  • Thewasabii2 03.25.14 at 20:01

    I play on xbox so my bad if I caused something

  • MLPtomzy 03.25.14 at 20:01

    Wow, you all are giving DICE too much hate. I know you all payed a lot for the game, including me, but they are trying their best to fix all these problems. It’s better that they delay launch of Naval Strike so they repair it, and not to relase unfinished product. Be patient a little bit, and soon we’ll enjoy a new expansion.

    • Thewasabii2 03.25.14 at 20:04

      I’m not trying to give DICE hate, just as being a sniper I was REALLY looking forward to the semi auto sniper.So my bad if it seemed that I was hating on DICE/EA not trying to.

  • Chalybos 03.25.14 at 20:01

    Well, there’s something to be said about consistency.

    And they ARE consistent.

  • captnsnot 03.25.14 at 19:59

    I retract my last comment… i have a ps3 and ive found it its on the psn network not the in game store

  • Nerusonu 03.25.14 at 19:55

    It’s out… Just search the DLC on the psn store US.

  • captnsnot 03.25.14 at 19:54

    Ya playstationers dont pay attention to the idiot who said its out for playstation becausebots not

    • Murdoc85 03.25.14 at 19:56

      Ehmm it is out on psn.. But it may depend on where you live.. Dont be to quick about judging people..

  • Thewasabii2 03.25.14 at 19:51

    Allot of pc players are getting upset about them being underprioritised compared to console but as far as I’ve read playstation is the only one thats gotten the DLC, yes i’m upset that it hasn’t come out yet but I still at least would like a date.

  • Menerik 03.25.14 at 19:49

    Yesssss there it is. Completely as expected: no vehicle sounds at the beginning of a round, and the lag is present as always. Bummer. (Ps4)

  • STR8_REGULATING- 03.25.14 at 19:48
  • Cats_Can_Bark 03.25.14 at 19:47


  • kikosi 03.25.14 at 19:47

    The challenge for DICE is to explain rather than abruptly announce a delay on the morning of launch. Is it a network issue or a security hole for the PC version of the game? Dice, whatever the problem is just briefly explain it. You’ll still get angry comments, but you’ll also reduce the frustration of most of your loyal customers, & reassure them you really care. I for one appreciate the complexity of what DICE is doing. From seeing something as personalized as players customized emblem on their shoulder patch, weapons & vehicles to the intricate mayhem of playing a Deathmatch or large 64 player infantry/vehicle/air map. BF3 was the first multiplayer FPS I played online. It was so fantastic, such fun & so challenging I didn’t hesitate to order BF4 Premium. My concern is seeing so many empty servers & wondering if all the unexplained issues are keeping people from playing. I hope not, because I want to see this fabulous game continue with lots of people playing it.

  • ACrazedFarmer69 03.25.14 at 19:44

    Getting irritated spend all this money on this game and a $50 for premium here it is at 1:45 p.m. Central Time and I can’t believe that I cannot download my new maps yetjust freaking rediculous

  • Murdoc85 03.25.14 at 19:39

    Im from norway europe, and it is out her, got released about 30 mins ago:)

  • ruiner 03.25.14 at 19:38

    It appears PC testing has been lax in favor of pushing multiplatform. It is a very sad moment in Battlefield history. Why the continued priority for illiterate console gamers?

  • Murdoc85 03.25.14 at 19:36

    Lol killerdo;) but your right, but ii am downloading 50% percent left;) it is out on psn store now:) no joke

  • xPARNELL 03.25.14 at 19:34

    Well I can buy some shitty lazy basterd money grabbing shortcut bundles but not naval strike. Perfect, bloody perfect

  • killerdo 03.25.14 at 19:33

    No your not Murdoc your posting

  • Murdoc85 03.25.14 at 19:27

    What are you all complaining about, im playing naval strike right now:)

  • B3AST131 03.25.14 at 19:26

    Please i know DICE didn’t deliver as promised but please stop the hate we all know that it will come out soon so please support DICE and we all love battlefield we are just a little frustrated at their work

    • JayTheGr8 03.25.14 at 19:29

      Ppl spend a lot of money on a game an PC is delayed u tell me what xbox one got to do with that an why they telling us it’s out but u can’t play it what’s the reason. Don’t give us a date an then nothin happens

  • captnsnot 03.25.14 at 19:24


    • GomerPylesDonut 03.25.14 at 19:41

      DICE is doing the best they can, but EA is evil and pushing DICE to release stuff when it is obviously not ready, blame EA, not DICE.

  • JayTheGr8 03.25.14 at 19:24

    Okay it’s the 25th an xbox one is a console no neval strike I don’t get it

  • OxxINFAMOUSxxO 03.25.14 at 19:17

    Thought the whole point of buying premium is getting maps before everyone else.. looks like everyone’s getting this dlc at once. Well played DICE. Consider this my last game I buy from your shit to company

  • iHateCalifornia 03.25.14 at 19:12

    Just YouTubed Naval Strike & found videos of people in Japan & the UK already playing :/

  • G-Gnu 03.25.14 at 19:09

    So you actually found this “issue” out only a day before premium release ????, I find that hard to believe. Something smells wrong here.

  • polk0vnika2 03.25.14 at 19:08

    Hi, I’m from Bulgaria and here still missing.
    time is 20:10 25.03.2014

  • Saesch85 03.25.14 at 19:06

    Quality is our number one priority
    Bullshit XD
    It’s allways the same….

  • STR8_REGULATING- 03.25.14 at 19:03

    This is all bad and just ridiculous!!! Can’t find the add on to download naval strike I think premium is was a waste if money now

  • HAPPYHUMPER_ 03.25.14 at 19:02

    Why would N America get the shit end of the stick when we all paid the same price for the same product??

  • bluemagic508 03.25.14 at 18:59

    does any1 know what time the new dlc pack comes out today for eastcoast

  • HAPPYHUMPER_ 03.25.14 at 18:55

    Remind me why I purchased PREMIUM if I cannot download the new DLC when its suppose to be already released???? Meanwhile Ive been watching my friends in Europe play Naval Strike since last night!! Whats wrong with this picture?!?! Please feel free to explain your favoritism (Don’t answer time zone because its only a few hours difference, its now been over 14 hours since you released it to Europe)

  • Panabear 03.25.14 at 18:51

    I’m on xbox one with battlefield 4 and I’ve looked every where and couldn’t find the naval strike expansion pack even though it says it’s out today

  • lOverKill420l 03.25.14 at 18:42

    More problems with BF4, big surprise…. get your shit together EA

  • woolynpples 03.25.14 at 18:41

    I can’t get naval strike either. When second assault came out I had to redown load china rising. Now there two versions of china rising and can download either of them or naval strike

  • YakinikuParty 03.25.14 at 18:39

    “Quality is our number one priority.”

    Yeah, because that’s why BF4 released the way it did, still hasn’t had the abysmal tick rate raised, and we’ve been lied to through your teeth on many accounts already, right?

  • Mongo Starr 03.25.14 at 18:39
  • Nerusonu 03.25.14 at 18:37

    Cool, now I’m premium since I bought the game in November and going to PS store on web Browser it won’t let me download the DLC because it is for premium only… Srsly?

  • Imperum 03.25.14 at 18:35

    What patience…?? Tell us again that you are not losing a big part of your community…

  • SopranoWizard 03.25.14 at 18:31

    Wat the fuck bro i just wat to play naval strike dlc on the fuckin xbox one

  • Zomboid Slayer 03.25.14 at 18:29

    17:58 uk no dlc for xbox one, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Been waiting all day

  • dougthehead_3 03.25.14 at 18:26

    It’s 12:25pm here in Florida and still no DLC. I paid $50 last month to get this fucking shit two weeks early and you’re going to make me wait until its convenient for you to release the DLC which will lag and kick me off every time I start playing it fucking game. And I’m sure after all this waiting this NEW DLC WILL SUCK BALLS. FUCK YOU DICE THIS WILL BE THE LAST BF GAME I EVER BUY!!

  • BIGJOSHSR96 03.25.14 at 18:24

    I can’t get Naval strike on my ps4 anyone else ?

  • polk0vnika2 03.25.14 at 18:21

    What’s happening now.
    Is dlc available for premium

    • Mr.Electric777 03.25.14 at 18:52

      Not unless your on console… Pc is not out yet… :’(

  • Swissblunt1 03.25.14 at 18:19

    who is the addon??

  • Fawster 03.25.14 at 18:14

    Jesus F Chris, i mean reallyt dice, if youre going to fuck me hard up my ass, atleast i’ll exspect a dinner first.

  • meth1 03.25.14 at 18:13

    Nothing on PS4

  • STR8_REGULATING- 03.25.14 at 18:12

    This is ridiculous!!! I have battlefield 4 premium and I don’t see no add on to download naval strike, does anybody else have this problem

  • meth1 03.25.14 at 18:02

    I like how ea customer support is all on the web, it just as bad wait wise than b4. They dont want to help. Whatever jackasss thought thatwas a good ideal is an idiot. They just didnt want to pay more customer support agents. News flash make better games!

  • captnsnot 03.25.14 at 17:55

    Yea so still nothing for ps3 this is a bit frustrating..

  • TicketedFawn4 03.25.14 at 17:50

    It’s out here in Indiana:):):): come on and download already, can’t wait!

  • Blackwat3rKi11a 03.25.14 at 17:42

    It’s out on the East Coast USA on Xbox 360. Reboot game if playing and it should be in the store. I am downloading it now

  • meth1 03.25.14 at 17:40

    Just make a statement updating PlayStation and Xbox user. Why keep everyone hanging. Ican see serversbut cant download dlc. EA treats us like sheep, because we keep buying theirbroken s#!t we gotta stop every game has too many issues. Stop giving them $$$$$ they will chage. They dont respect their consumers

  • jimmynumbnutz 03.25.14 at 17:35

    Oh my god fix the lag rubberbanding freezing it’s unplayable like all the other maps.How do you guys get away with releasing stuff when it’s so unplayable is beyond me.

    • TwiztidPsycho420 03.25.14 at 17:49

      in addition to this, you should seperate the different countries’ servers, like dont allow JP to play on US, or EU to play on JP, and so on and so forth. this would cut down on alot of rubberbanding, because you dont have someone(or multiple someones) trying to play on a server not in their country, which shoots up the ping. i cant play a SINGLE match without rubberbanding at some point in the match, where i get constantly lag killed. and by no means is this a racial comment based on player’s countries. its an issue with the poor latency handling of servers

    • meth1 03.25.14 at 17:50

      You mean like getting shot by a sniper but they show you a tank, our you get shot by someone on the floor above you and has no logiacal shot unless he redirect the bullet off the escalator then the wall the the subway car.

  • Ltsoda 03.25.14 at 17:35

    It’s out for xbox 360
    But not xbox one

  • Nerusonu 03.25.14 at 17:33

    In Europe the DLC is out on PS4 at least, you just need to use the search on the psn store.

  • PUNISHER PYLES 03.25.14 at 17:32

    Where is naval strike for XB1 ? I am a premium member? I see the credits for it but no download option.

  • TicketedFawn4 03.25.14 at 17:32

    12:30 pm in Indiana, no DLC yet… Kinda bummed but hopefully it will be here after work tonight!

  • Ltsoda 03.25.14 at 17:28

    It’s 4:27 in uk and still no dlc for xbox one but we have the credits

  • TwiztidPsycho420 03.25.14 at 17:27

    i would like to know where i can access the download to download to my ps4? i see other ppl broadcasting naval strike but i cant find it anywhere.any help would be greatly appreciated. i wanna start playing already

  • snod983 03.25.14 at 17:26

    So your GMT time frame has been and gone? Where is the DLC? I pay premium for many reasons, one of which is the early release of the DLC’s. So where is the promised DLC which has a release date of today and was promised between 0900 and 1300 GMT?

  • BabyJ71 03.25.14 at 17:25

    So it’s 12:25 in the afternoon here in Indy, and still no DLC. Just wondering wtf? I hate to reference COD, but when it’s time for one of their dlc’s I’ve never had to wait until a certain time on the actual release date to download the shits.

  • theCPjuggernaut 03.25.14 at 17:17

    Tick tock mother fuckers…. 915 on the west coast, and still no new DLC on xbox one… fuck, you guys suck.

  • muldyr95 03.25.14 at 17:02

    what dos os on pc get for this? I do not think it is okay to give a date and time and not stick to it!!!!!!!!

  • SingingTurnip 03.25.14 at 16:53

    What time is this going to land, its nearly 1600GMT and I cannot locate it.

  • lil_hegz19 03.25.14 at 16:46

    Hi I have a questions, do you guys get tired of being pieces of shit? The reason I ask is I paid 59.99 for the game which was very broken upon release (not to beat a dead horse), and though there have been various updates and patches since then, the game is still broken. Now that it’s on the right track you dropped a release date of today for naval strike on all platforms. Foolishly I paid an additional 59.99 to become a premium member. Now your saying for PC users that it is not available because it’s not done. I understand you don’t want to release a game that isn’t finished after the backlash of the initial release but are these release dates decided by throwing darts at a board with dates on it where you then hand the project off to monkeys that you pay in over ripe bananas or is it just a lack of interest in protecting your brand.? Incase you have not noticed you are not very well liked amount the gaming community. Get back to me when you can.

  • zK-1 03.25.14 at 16:45

    “Quality is our number one priority and we will not release Battlefield 4 Naval Strike on PC until we feel it meets the highest quality level possible.” Why start now, DICE?

  • Nerusonu 03.25.14 at 16:45

    So in Europe NS is out for PS4… now when does US gets to enjoy this DLC?

  • robinhakan790 03.25.14 at 16:43

    what time for ps3 in sweden

  • zarathustra 03.25.14 at 16:43

    “Quality is our number one priority”

    Cool story, bro…

  • shevlfs 03.25.14 at 16:41

    I’m very sad. Naval Strike is delayed for PC I wait that DLC :(

  • scottyk22 03.25.14 at 16:39

    Almost 9 am west coast and nothing yet! Seems lately anything that is suppose to come out for premium is always a day or two late which is really pissing me off. You set a date for release it or post that it’s delayed!

  • ZeForgotten 03.25.14 at 16:36

    I wonder what would happen if they released the expansion broken and unplayable.
    But then again I’m ok with them not doing that, but apparantly you minnows aren’t for some reason. What a strange generation of kids we’ve gotten.

    “WHAT?! You’re not gonna release the expansion because it’s broken?! that’s not fair!” apparantly makes sense in lala-land

    • Rudy_Eila 03.25.14 at 17:12

      I don’t think it’s that. It’s more of a “Why the hell did you just realize that there is something wrong a couple of hours before the release? Why don’t you pay a team of testers to PROPERLY test the expansion pack before? Why do you always have to be so incompetent and unprofessional?” kind of justified anger.

    • Thewasabii2 03.25.14 at 19:56

      Hey! someone has a brain in this comment section!

  • Chris Scalfani 03.25.14 at 16:22

    This is just unbelievable how there doing this I’ve been up for so long and still nothing…I’m so pissed and tired

  • rellik_cinatas 03.25.14 at 16:07

    what time east coast will i be able to dl it for ps4

  • Genzun 03.25.14 at 16:05

    I will just wait, no biggie.Rather have it working right….

  • Evan326 03.25.14 at 15:55

    So what are pc premium members going to get to make up for the delay? One of the selling points of premium is the early dlc.

  • iHateCalifornia 03.25.14 at 15:47

    I agree we shouldn’t whine & yes y’all are right I’d rather play a legit working DLC rather than be given some half a**ed sh!t but I’m just a little more upset at the fact it was so hyped so anticipated & when its time its like “hello”?

  • NEME5I5 03.25.14 at 15:47

    guess some1 didnt see the life streaming of it running fine and which face do u respect the 1 they sit on or the other 2 they use to get everyones money

    • supabeaner916 03.25.14 at 15:53

      Running fine on EA PRIVATE servers with 64 people…. Not millions of people playing world wide… Do some research about how shit like this works before you open that dumb ass mouth of yours.

  • Vujec190 03.25.14 at 15:45

    EA there is a reason you are the shitiest company!

  • NEME5I5 03.25.14 at 15:44

    funny how u slag pc players when there saying its not hit xbox one or ps4 networks yet

    • supabeaner916 03.25.14 at 15:49

      I guess you are to dumb to realize the map packs will be ready when the psn store updates at it’s normal time every tues. I’m not worried.

      • rellik_cinatas 03.25.14 at 16:00

        when is that could you tell me please thanks

  • CaptainEggs 03.25.14 at 15:43

    All you kids crying over here… would you rather have a messed up DLC that would be unplayable?? quit whining and deal with it.. I respect the face that DICE/EA delayed it the release to fix issues and not just throw it out there care free!

  • supabeaner916 03.25.14 at 15:39

    I just got 4 gold battle packs for NO reason. Bet they delay the release for all since these PC players are crying that their “master race” bullshit is not so master…. Lol

  • rafamainovo 03.25.14 at 15:32

    I wonder if going out on PSN BECAUSE NOT YET AVAILABLE for download anxiously waiting for it

    • supabeaner916 03.25.14 at 15:40

      If you recall you could not download the last pack until 2pm PST. Will be the same here

  • iHateCalifornia 03.25.14 at 15:31

    Hey fellow BF4 players, on Xbox One here & there has been no release of the DLC yet for us. Yes I am a Premium member all that I see as of now is an important message below the in game Battlelog that reads Xbox One users may experience some delay. Kind of disappointing considering they were so hype about this all week just to end up not giving us what we pay for. Disappointed.

  • SnapTheMag 03.25.14 at 15:28

    “Quality is our number one priority”

    It’s nice to know EA/DICE still have a sense of humor.

  • NEME5I5 03.25.14 at 15:26

    prob for xbox 360 and ps3 have diff code but not for xbox one and ps4 there same coding as pc’s

  • NetRngr 03.25.14 at 15:24

    You guys do realize that the game is a different code set for each version of the game don’t you? It id possible for the DLC to be broken on one platform and work fine on another right?

    • NEME5I5 03.25.14 at 15:25

      prob for xbox 360 and ps3 but not for xbox one and ps4 there same coding as pc’s

  • NEME5I5 03.25.14 at 15:23

    how can they say Battlefield 4 Naval Strike DLC Delayed Indefinitely On PC as the xbox one and ps4 are completely the same setup as pc , if its messed up on pc they should be holding back these aswell

  • JDClampett 03.25.14 at 15:21

    Maybe the problem has got something to do with the recent update for AMD? Ea just tried to solve and issue with that, to give amd users better resolution? Maybe that might be it?If only EA would say something other technical issues? What are we PC users anyways? Braindead? There’s a lotta talent in the PC world Ea! Open up and post the prob a bit? May be the PC Smarties can solve the Prob for YA?

  • rellik_cinatas 03.25.14 at 15:18

    ps4 bitches

  • Chris Scalfani 03.25.14 at 15:12

    I’m just so done with dice I mean come on its now 10:11 and still nothing… Can you be more fucking delayed!

    • captnsnot 03.25.14 at 15:22

      Are u waoting for naval strike.. is that what ur talkin about? Just wonderin cause naval strike isnt showing up in the in game store or psn network

    • supabeaner916 03.25.14 at 15:36

      Lol want some cheese with that wine bro?

  • xanode 03.25.14 at 15:10

    Well i didn’t think it was possible, but you’ve done it, you’ve managed to fuck over PC players even more… job well done at-least core competent at something.

    You would think after the absolutely terrible launch, game breaking bugs, net-code, player appreciation month that a company as big as DICE/EA would be on top of things by now but once again utter failure again… seriously you really need to start firing and rehiring… absolutely terrible.

  • captnsnot 03.25.14 at 15:03

    How do i get n.s i am premium but cant find n.s in the store to download.. im on ps3 please help.. cant find it in psn store either.. i had the upsate this a.m but no n.s help dice..

  • ALIEN_G0D 03.25.14 at 14:57

    This means your going to have to delay the final release because if you don’t then you would be fucking over all your premium members who supposed to be able to play for at least two weeks prior to everyone else. But it looks like you are giving console users very special privileges. This is completely fucked up for you to half ass release this to only part of your customers. You all a bunch of fucking pricks!!

    • JDClampett 03.25.14 at 15:15

      Yup, I smell the same rat here pal? But in the meantime, at least the console players will be able to play without cheaters/hackers? If only Ea would institute a password on the PC for licensed and approved game developers to use, the the tilde key on PC keyboards would become useless to game hackers/cheaters?

    • supabeaner916 03.25.14 at 15:44

      What’s wrong bro, your “master race pc” bullshit not so master anymore? LOL

  • sickbox0 03.25.14 at 14:50

    lol so glad I paid for premium. never again EA

  • MTLMortis 03.25.14 at 14:49

    oh see… I see now…. NOW quality is your number one priority…. where was that at launch? Talk about hypocrisy. Maybe if you didn’t have some corporate PR jackass writing your blogs things would be better.

  • pablito7981 03.25.14 at 14:42

    FUCK YOU DICE…..again nothing????fuckin losers…..NO more spend money on shit game…DICE SUCK MY LEFT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MiddleFngrSalute 03.25.14 at 14:40

    +1 this comment (petition) if you wish to bring legal action against Dice/EA for breach of contract.


    94 Harv. L. Rev. 369 (1980-1981)
    Breach of Contract and the Common Law Duty to Perform in Good Faith ; Burton, Steven J.

    • NetRngr 03.25.14 at 14:58

      Were you born a complete idiot or did you have to work on it? Seriously You people bitch when they release something with bugs and you bitch when they hold it back saying there are issues that have come to light and need to be resolved. Grow the fuck up .

    • JDClampett 03.25.14 at 15:17

      Better read your agreement with Ea about them providing BF4 game online for you?
      It kinda reads like the old Western Union Telegraph contract sorta, “They will attempt to provide as soon as possible, and withing reason”, or something like that?
      Better rethink your petition pal?

  • tonster76 03.25.14 at 14:36

    “we’ve detected an issue” too

  • tonster76 03.25.14 at 14:34

    hahahaha I hope someone got the sack. What do you do when you know you’re going to just make things worse, and the best thing you can do is just pull it… and minimise damage,

    • i am button 03.25.14 at 20:23


    • USEASTGI73 03.25.14 at 22:02

      Did it get pulled? In the dark and just starting to catch up on the topic. I did try to DL it and no dice. Can’t find it for Xbox 1.

  • ALIEN_G0D 03.25.14 at 14:34

    I have always tried to remain patient with your company and all of the issues you have encounter, but what you did this time is completely wrong. Your company has clearly crossed the line this time. If there was still issues in the game then it should have been delayed for all customers. By delaying the release for only PC users makes us feel like your favoring the console users and is discriminatory. You should treat all your customers as equal unless of course you want to loose them or piss them off!!!!!!

    • YouAreSooTall 03.25.14 at 15:04

      I dont understand why they only delayed it for the PC, when the game was programmed for the PC then ported to consoles. What in the FUCK.

      • slantingsiren6 03.26.14 at 21:19

        I agree 100%! I don’t know why they would have given us a release after showing us a trailer last week. Last week they knew it wasn’t working. So why give us a release date? If the was any type of a good business some one would get the boot. I don’t believe DICE is any different than EA. Just different names. That’s all!

    • JDClampett 03.25.14 at 15:24

      Did you see the latest on Titanfall PC? Its Hacked to death Pal! Somehow I think, these game makers have got to stop letting PC users to see their game code? A good hacker simply uses the tilde key to see it now?

    • WalterTheWhite 03.29.14 at 19:23

      Unfortunately EA won’t declare bankruptcy anytime soon; this was the case before EA started heading for rock bottom. Now, if they keep this level of service up, I would not be surprised if they took desperate, customer draining measures to quickly make more money before they become redundant. Not saying they definitely will, simply saying I won’t be alarmed if they do.

  • Zalmez 03.25.14 at 14:26

    O my fucking god!! How can you even do this?! I hope to play this at my birthday aka today :P and you guys are fucking it up by delaying naval strike :P at least try to fix your bugs guys!!!!

  • ponemaster6 03.25.14 at 14:24

    Bending over customers and taking your money is our number one priority.

  • orangultra 03.25.14 at 14:15

    bad! very very bad!
    This should not have happend. You lost control of the situation and now we are paying (or we prepaid) for it. So I think you lost a lot of future costumers or ex-fans like me because of this. And for sure nobody will ever preorder anything from you guys. Its a shame.

  • necroricci999 03.25.14 at 14:13

    Not working ….unbelievable !!!

  • Faffens 03.25.14 at 14:11

    As a long term Battlefield fan I’m really starting to grow tired of all these kinds of excuses, delaying of expansions etc. As mentioned by several others, is it really fair for us to pay you alot of money to become BETA-testers? I can understand that some things might go wrong, but basically everything from start with the release of Battlefield 4 until now, 6 months later, has been handled really, really bad… The fact that you don’t even give us some proper information about these issues (for example, posting this on the actual release of expansion) Really explains how bad of a franchise it has become. I know you can do better then this Dice, and you have been in previous games.

  • luckypoggi 03.25.14 at 13:51

    Well, how UNEXPECTED… This game is a damn catastrophe all way long. They screwed the entire BF gaming community over with an unfinished game but still got their money from all the preoders. and it seems not a penny of that money is going into fixing the game. and this is the obvious part.

    “quality” sounds like a fucking excuse to me. the game never had quality and probably won’t got some. Futhermore, they annonced the delay on the day it should be released for pc premium members. So what, you woke up today and said “nope, we are not finished with the so called quality, lets delay the thing. but only for the PC gamers”. This excludes a big part of the community (anyone remember something familiar?).

    Get some fucking order in your damn development calendar. FFS! And grow some balls and tell the community the god damn truth about this game. Battlepacks and ingame compensation will not suffice this time!

    And one more thing: The gamers don’t talk about what crazy and amazing action they could have with the new DLC. Instead they try to guess new bugs and anything going wrong with the DLC. Myself, I feel really sad reading stuff like that. They ruined the Battlefield experience for good. The excitement has vanished.

  • SRR0CK 03.25.14 at 13:50

    WTF Have you heard of checking the game out before launch time. You claim that “Quality is our number one priority and we will not release Battlefield 4 Naval Strike on PC until we feel it meets the highest quality level possible” I say BS all you guys are monkeys flinging poop from the trees at people. Way to build a client base of trust. Like allot others have said why pre purchase…and I say why buy at all if this is to be the norm from now on. Just wondering if there is anyone or group doing a law suit against them for not delivering yet again on a product?

    • MiddleFngrSalute 03.25.14 at 14:01

      I am already talking to my lawyer about this, he is suggesting a class action lawsuit….

      • IRELAND914 03.25.14 at 14:08

        What a drama queen.

        • MiddleFngrSalute 03.25.14 at 14:25

          perhaps, but a class action lawsuit against DICE/EA might finally get them to pull their heads out of their collective asses, when they realize that their stolen income is at stake.

          and you could benefit from a class action suit too.

          May attorney is sussing out the details as to how to go about it…

          perhaps in the mean-time, we could start a sub topic for people to +1 on if interested in bringing legal action against Dice/EA pertaining to BF4 and it’s DLCs….

          • i am button 03.25.14 at 20:44

            LOL!!! Seriously?!?! Of ALL the things you can get your lawyer to class-sue for its VIDEO GAMES!? How about suing actual EVIL companies that poison you and our planet? On and FYI, lawyers will tell you you have a case so they can GET YOUR $$ You represent the worst about out whiny, self-rightious, self-centered culture. Can’t get your DLC on time? Sue! Don’t like the ending of your game (ME3…)? Sue! lol… pathetic. f’n whiners. try rallying for an actual good cause… oh wait you ave no idea what that is. on second thought… sue. your lawyer obviously knows what to do with your money better than you. who’se your lawyer?

      • slantingsiren6 03.26.14 at 21:22

        I’m in sign me up!

  • MiddleFngrSalute 03.25.14 at 13:50

    EA/Dice. you’ve fucked over PC players at every turn. I paid for pre-order digital deluxe, and premium, and yet you still haven’t fulfilled our contract. Unfinished/incomplete original release, bugs, glitches, and late releases.

    I want a refund, on the grounds that you have broken a contract between us. I paid for this game (which is broken), and for premium access(which clearly doesn’t give me early access to DLC) . $60.06 for digital deluxe, and another $53.63 for premium; for a total of $113.69.

    If I do not receive my refund you’ll be hearing from my attorney.

    • NetRngr 03.25.14 at 15:42

      You sir are more fun than playing the game! Its not often you see comedy of this caliber. Bravo sir you should take this show on the road. Seriously put the crack pipe dow and and if your “attorney” had a degree worth the paper it was written on he would tell you the same thing. I quote because im pretty sure you are talking out of your ass.

  • allyboy420 03.25.14 at 13:47

    You pricks should have detected this shit weeks ago,not the day of release..I never seen such gross negligence to loyal,paying customers in my life..If this were any other business,we’d get our money back..But you guys collect tens of millions of dollars and put out shit..Funny that you have no actual number to call and bitch someone out personally about this shit..I’m a 30 year old father who barely has time to play as it is,so I wake up this morning after paying lots of money to BF franchise to play the new DLC & there isn’t shit there..Thanks DICE for fucking shit up again…I think i speak for the whole community when I say you owe us big..At least some free content or something..Or maybe we should boycott DICE?

  • POPEYEYABASS 03.25.14 at 13:40

    Battlefield 4 Naval Strike on PC. We’ve detected an issue and it needs to be solved. Quality is our number one priority and we will not release Battlefield 4 Naval Strike on PC until we feel it meets the highest quality level possible.
    since when was this a priority, the game is full of bugs and glitches.
    battlefield was originally a pc game and when you started to make it for counsel the game is slowly going downhill for the pc user as we seem to be getting shafted left right and centre.
    just tell us when we’ll be able to play the game as we have paid for it.

  • nunny71 03.25.14 at 13:39

    what was the point in me paying for premium ? when clearly its not early access. waited up till 12 last night to download the expasion ! what a waist of time. and why is it pc gamers always suffer when console noobs get it all first ? biggest let down ever ,.

    • rehposirhc 03.27.14 at 15:54

      Console noobs… I resent that as I play bf4 on both pc and X box 1. And too make it clear console users cant play at all due to the new update thanks DICE for fucking up so bad.

  • JAZ_M4 03.25.14 at 13:26

    if there are problems in naval strike and cant release it .then I have news for you DICE the hole game has been fuckedup from the start . you didnt have a problem with the money we gave you. we didnt delay our payment .why do you dalay my product and bullshit me with excuses. this is a business and im not getting what was promised. So FUCK YOU AND YOUR EXCUSES.

  • Obiebozza 03.25.14 at 13:13

    I will never pre-order anything from EA again.

    • purefckingm3tal 03.25.14 at 13:20

      they just keep spiting our players in the face

  • GoldPanzer 03.25.14 at 12:59

    Incredible! Why you DICE/EA think that we have patience after all what you have done early?
    I think this is part of your console marketing. As it was with second assuat DLC (it was available about 1 month on Xbox before it released on PC).
    Do you realy think that we believe you when you’re telling us that you have found some serious bug? There were bugs and they are still in place.
    Fix the game or give our money back and close BF4 project.

  • subwoofer2008 03.25.14 at 12:31

    i had an update but no naval strike,
    when can i download it ?
    i,m from the netherlands

  • StealthShank45 03.25.14 at 12:22

    Does anyone know when bf4 will work again, it just updated but i cant connect to ea servers, and when will naval strike be on the ps store

  • anniecranny 03.25.14 at 12:19

    so tell me and everyone else what is the issue? you can’t just say that you have detected an issue then not give us some detail! or dates!

    Why am I finding this out on the release date of the expansion pack?

    if you had issues you should be telling us about them as you went along…..
    your PR Stinks The introduction of your expansion pack is a farce if you are selling a product everyone should get the product at the same time.

    we appear to be a bunch of beta testers not game players and what is worse we are not being paid for it we have to pay to alpha and beta test your products.

    I have paid my money now I want my product as I believe paying the money and you taking it from my account is a contract a release date you have failed to meet the stipulations set on the release date sort it out or let us know what is being done or Origin as far as I am concerned is a non entity for any other games I may play in the future I will be looking to Steam

  • 1st-HumanzeE 03.25.14 at 11:47

    WTF why did we pay for premium to get delays and bugs.

  • audiodistortion 03.25.14 at 10:25


  • Lakota Gray Wolf 03.25.14 at 10:17

    This is just WRONG we PC players have been screwed over by EA/Dice ever since the launch of BF4. They basically stole our money for Premium they have either screwed up the DLC schedule and think that we PC premium Members will settle for a oops we’re sorry everyone else gets it but the PC version is delayed yet again. How about a PC Premium Refund??? No we don’t want more 2xXP or useless free Dice developer only in game items.
    The game worked fine before you started the patching process, with the exception of staying connected to the servers. With each patch comes even more glitches and bug’s.
    I for one will not be “onboard” for the next BF game.

  • Banky21 03.25.14 at 10:00

    When is this available on PS3? I have Premium and cannot see it anywhere.

  • JohnMirra 03.25.14 at 08:43

    >Quality is our number one priority
    Oh, is it now?

  • Duncan_Idaho_YH 03.25.14 at 08:39

    I can’t wait !