Battlefield 4 Naval Strike: Carrier Assault

One exciting feature of the upcoming Battlefield 4 Naval Strike expansion is the Carrier Assault game mode, where two opposing teams launch attacks on each others aircraft carriers. To explain the ins and outs of Carrier Assault, we hand over to lead gameplay designer Gustav Halling. 

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike - Carrier Assault_WM

Carrier Assault is an homage to the Titan game mode of Battlefield 2142, but this time the all-out war rages in the South Chinese Sea, and your objective is to destroy the enemy team’s carrier before they infiltrate and destroy yours. Our goal has been to make Carrier Assault a really engaging game mode, and we truly believe the amount of variety present each round will assure this. You start out fighting a big-scale war with sea, land, and air vehicles controlling the map, and then everything evolves into an infantry-focused, close quarter fight inside both carriers at the same time!

Carrier Assault Explained

So how is a match of Carrier Assault played out? There are two ways of destroying the enemy carrier: either by full map control or assaulting the carrier as infantry. Each round is divided into 2 stages, starting with map control and ending with carrier attack. Both teams start on their own carrier and race to control the missile launchers placed on the map, by capturing the control points near them. This will automatically launch missiles towards the enemy carrier throughout the round, eventually destroying its hull and making it open for infantry attacks.

When this happens for one or both teams, the carrier assault state is started. The team can then either drive a boat out to the carrier and climb aboard, or use the parachute spawn points above it. Once inside, the team must destroy two M-COM stations, which will open up new areas to the carrier, with the engine room being the final one.

Destroying the two M-COM’s, or bringing down the carrier hull’s health to 0%, will win the match for your team. See the video below for a quick tutorial.

An Hommage to a Classic Game Mode

Battlefield 2142 and Titan mode veterans will feel right at home with Carrier Assault, with the unique focus of giving players several options to win the match – either through map control or close quarter fighting inside the enemy HQ. The differences in setting and time period do however  make Carrier Assault a fresh experience, and we hope you will get the same thrill out of parachute-spawning down to a carrier as you did when blasting off in a rocket pod towards a Titan.

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike - Hovercraft_WM

Challenges Along the Way

Carrier Assault has been a fun challenge to develop, with many important aspects to be aware of. As fans of the old Titan mode, we really wanted to nail the end game part of the game mode, where both teams are attacking each other’s carriers. From a design point of view, it was important to create that special feeling of excitement that the potential different outcomes of a match generates.
We also wanted to keep control of the map important, so a team which is having trouble pushing through inside the enemies’ carrier can still win the level by defending their own carrier while controlling the missile launchers.

Coming Late March

We hope you will have fun with Carrier Assault when it launches later this month. Please share your thoughts on this game mode in the comments below, and make sure to keep Battlefield 4 Naval Strike on your radar the following weeks. Thanks for reading!

Carrier Assault will be playable in Battlefield 4 Naval Strike, releasing first for Battlefield 4 Premium members late March. Get Battlefield 4 Premium.

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  • jmzpan3 04.06.14 at 17:32

    these idiots couldn’t change a roll of toilet paper save your money

  • ccfr3ak15432 04.04.14 at 02:55

    This is all probaly a test for the Star Wars game they are making. Cant wait to battle for control of star destroyers and frigits

  • juliuscyvin 04.01.14 at 22:11

    They need to add more boats in the islands in carrier assault. If we get stuck in the island there is no way of us going back to defuse the bomb except of swimming there or redeploy!!!

  • Blued0gg-uk 03.26.14 at 12:13

    Where carrier

  • THA B KILLA 03.26.14 at 03:37

    I GUARANTEE you that the ‘quality’ that their speaking of wont be so great. At best, once this issue is ‘fixed’ it will be just as buggy as the rest of the maps/game has been since launch. Saying “well good, atleast it’ll work right once they do release it” is a bit too optimistic for me. Yea im sure it will be a lot better than if they would have released it today but expecting it to run “optimally” once its released is alittle much based on the last six months with this game. Damn, shoulda never bought premium.. They relied on the momentum from BF3 to sell Pre-orders for BF4 and Premium which I bought. This will definitely affect my future purchases regarding EA/DICE which is sad bc BF is my favorite franchise. Im just tired of EA/DICE pissin’ on my face and trying to tell me its rainin’..

  • OxxINFAMOUSxxO 03.26.14 at 02:53

    Where’s all the negative comments about naval strike not being released. Yall are to sorry to man up for the fuck up yall created?

  • SKIPPY25180939 03.25.14 at 21:26

    When is it out in the uk

  • Joeypunkrock 03.25.14 at 11:15

    It’s a bit of a bummer that when in the carrier all you do is destroy two mcoms. seems a bit strange how that can blow up a carrier. why not plant charges in the engine rooms or something?

    But what’s really unfortunate is that you cannot have a daring escape from the carrier at the end, like you could in titan mode. That was awesome running out from explosions trying to survive. but now it just ends which is a bit lame.

    I hope you take these suggestions into consideration, and I’m looking forward to playing the new maps and carrier assault! :)

    • ersopa 03.25.14 at 14:18

      you are so right. I still wonder why they took away the greatest things about that game mode :(

  • Tnail 03.22.14 at 16:07

    Has Battlefield 4 Naval Strike: Carrier Assult been released to Premium Players yet?
    I have the option on my XBOX360 Console, when I select and click the Carrier Assult game mode option I recieve an error message that reads “You Are Missing One or More DLC Server(s).”
    *Note that all other game Modes load and work fine.
    • I’ve read the: Release date as “tentative” and set for late March.
    Can any of you guys or girls confirm weather or not this game mode has been released yet?
    Thank You for your time, help and support ~ Happy Hunting Soldiers!

    Best Regards,
    ~ Tnail ~

  • TheSteamapps 03.22.14 at 08:15

    Please cpnsider making an intense escape option after detonating objective B and perhaps make it more like Obliteration than Rush and or make the bomb be armed on some part of the ship instead of a COM Station

  • CrazyCrackAnimal 03.16.14 at 22:02

    Pls make the Tanks Faster im getting pissed make the speed like in Bf3 Abrams

    • TaskForceRebel 03.18.14 at 19:54

      THose tanks are already way faster than in real life.. –’ what do you want, a 120mph tank…?

  • CrazyCrackAnimal 03.16.14 at 21:38


    WE WANT A TRAILER PLS that we all can die in piece with a Boner ahhaa peace im out

  • SilverBu77et 03.16.14 at 13:48

    Premium member ! Naval strike not working!!!

    • SUBVERT2c 03.17.14 at 06:45

      Thats because it comes out on March 18th you retard

    • WhiteDeath_46 03.20.14 at 22:08

      I have same problem. I am Premium Member and I can’t even download it, before final release :/

  • ATATI 03.16.14 at 02:50

    You guys need to come up with a Convoy mode, where the job of one team is to get their vehicles to the other side of the map, and the other team’s jobs is to sop them.

  • Fiiyasko 03.14.14 at 18:26

    The 10Hz server update rate of Battlefield 4 is unacceptable for a First Person Shooter
    It’s the reason why you “die instantly”, it’s the reason why you have No Time to react to getting shot, It’s the reason why there is a black screen for 1 second everytime you spawn and it’s also the reason why vehicles jamup when touching eachother

    It needs to be increased to 60hz!, Or ATLEAST 30hz!

    Everyone has their own idea about what it “should” be, what we need to discuss is what the “netsend rate” Needs to be.
    I vote 30, it NEEDS to be atleast 30 at minimum, I would want 100, but at this point in time it’s not going to happen

    The major problem is that these “next gen” consoles can’t freaking keep up with a netsend rate of >30 because of a rule that basically states that your game needs to allow someone with a 256kb/s modem to beable to play online without being kicked for lagging in order for you to be allowed to publish the game, NOBODY PLAYS ONLINE FPS GAMES WITH A 256KB/s MODEM!, Barely anyone uses 256kb/s anymore, letalone use it for Intense internet gaming!
    I’d call it a failure of the console desingers/devs, because seriously, consoles are the reason why we have such an ungodly low tickrate, this “publishing rule” is killing PC gaming, Yet consoles are just barbone locked OS PC’s without proper HID’s like a mouse

    If you can’t raise the netsend rate on consoles, could you atleast do it for PC Gamers?
    We have BEASTLY systems that can run almost anything you toss at us, and we can always upgrade the slow component
    Why are PC’s being Capped at the speed of a Console, A console is a cutdown barebone locked OS PC!!!

    I was banned from the forums for talking about this too much (swearing, double post) and yet im still here saying to EA/DICE,
    That a “netsend rate” of 10hz is unacceptable for modern games, Letalone “Next generation games” which is what BF4 should be

    • Riggs-Da-Hamster 03.16.14 at 20:28

      I totally agree with this guys post. I’m also sick of this for PC gamers. It’s killed this game and all my clan members are fed up about the slow netcode too. This game is not enjoyable to play at all. I have played BF4 the least out of all the BF games because of the 10Htz netcode and if nothing will change then I will not play of buy anymore BF games. Please Dice sort this out its the only problem all players are have in BF4 as I see it.

  • Strike-hoboy 03.13.14 at 23:27

    how time release official trailer of naval strike mp

  • ff15117 03.13.14 at 15:03

    Would they will be using wasp class LHD for Chinese and Russian force as well? It would be nice if they used carrier from their own country

  • lv426zeno 03.13.14 at 01:05

    why does gustov halling has the same name as me that is so weird not many hallings about

  • ReDSn0 03.12.14 at 20:24

    Will we see servers that have all base and dlc maps rotating through for those of us that have Premium? I’m getting a little tired of the community being split up by map packs.

  • TuLsA-LeGeNd 03.12.14 at 09:13

    Looks amazingggggggggggggggggggggg!

  • superdeafguy22 03.12.14 at 01:27

    Hey DICE!! Once it release naval strike downloading but it said DLC’s is missing which I still can’t find it to redownloading and nothing is there been weeks now.. You gotta fix it please…

  • unite686 03.11.14 at 06:03

    The latest update is freezing the game after one match which is way worse then every 3 matches please fix ASAP can’t play the game going crazy because of it. I don’t want to clear out my old updates like some people have posted just fix it already!!!!

  • asquishybunny 03.11.14 at 00:16

    DICE, you need to fix the game!!! please, on xbox 360, i cant even play second assault! i get on any on of the maps, and it immediately freezes after one round. i kid you not, i cannot go 2 matches without it freezing, and my data corrupting! please do something about this, i know its on xbox 360, but please, there isstill alot of us playing on here. FIX THE GAME

    • FAMOUS610 03.11.14 at 05:30

      Delete all your old updates out of your storage on your 360 other then the most recent one, that will fix thew corrupted data problem

    • superdeafguy22 03.12.14 at 01:29

      Same here dude!!

  • Peso Much 03.10.14 at 21:27

    Please add “Below the radar” to Attack Helicopters soon?! Then everything in the sky will be at perfect balance…….PLEASE!

  • D O D50 03.10.14 at 21:00

    You need to fix the nonsense you have going on with all the new crashes before you put this out!! I can’t even get through 2 straight games without a crash……I’ve done all the erasing of updates,and the shit doesn’t work!

  • zyperspace8 03.10.14 at 11:55

    cant believe they bring back two unique elements from BF 2142! The commander mode is raging in the sky and i am basically blown back when i heard the rumors of titan mode making its return. Im a huge fan of Bf 2142, especially the titan mode. Cant wait to get my gaming rig. I am gonna insta-buy Bf4 :D

  • WarAddict_Tango 03.09.14 at 21:28

    Yo dice why not have a war submarine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ViverrineMean89 03.09.14 at 09:38

    Purchased second assualt for xbox360, xbox crashes….. graphics are crappy…. dissappointed again come on dice sort out your crap before releasing anything, fix it please…..dissappointed fan

  • s0upn4z1 03.09.14 at 04:57

    Did DICE SERIOUSLY add AA Mines? Are you actually joking right now? SERIOUSLY. Whose idea was to add AA mines that lock on instantly. You can’t patch this game without breaking something else. Disappointing.

  • ShepherdOfLove 03.08.14 at 21:13

    360 players do this now…so we can play. After, only bug is the killcam is off sometimes.

    Hello everyone here’s the solution to solve the problem with this most recent update problems of causing freezing and profile corruption

    Step 1 On Xbox Dashboard slide along to settings then click system once in system settings select Storage

    Step 2 once in storage select your hard drive and then select Games and Apps when you are in the Games and apps file locate your Battlefield 4 file folder

    Step 3 once in your Battlefield 4 folder Delete all updates except title update Do Not Delete Anything else like expansion packs or profile saves (unless they are marked as corrupted then you should delete and redownload)

    Step 4 once you have deleted all the updates press B a few times to return to the Storage devices screen once there highlight your hard drive and then press the Y button to bring up device options

    Step 5 once you have entered device options select Clear System Cache this will then run maintenance on your console which shouldn’t take more then 20 seconds

    Step 6 Once Clear System Cache is completed you are now clear to play Battlefield 4 once you are in battlefield 4 you will be asked to download the March 4th update named update 8 completed the download of update 8 download time depends on your internet speed

    Step 7 once downloaded has finished you can now play Battlefield 4 without any server loading screen crashes and also take note your profile will not corrupt every time you launch battlefield 4 as well hope this solution helped

  • Wildfire989 03.08.14 at 03:54

    Why is it that when I log into my game for the 360 it won’t show my soldire stats or battlelog info on the start up screen? Is it a problem with the servers or is it a problem with my 360? I have no clue, but, I think it should be one issue that needs to be fixed. The second problem that I’m noticing a lot of is that when I sometimes switch from one finished match to another, the game freezes on the map loading screen or it goes all black. I have to sometimes shutdown, or, even unplug the system just so I can play a match. Help me out with these questions so I can see if it is anything on my end.

  • MindLess PoW 03.07.14 at 22:31

    Cannot wait for this! I bought 2 PS4′s and 2 BF4 games, with Prem, so my son and i could do this!

  • Wray76 03.07.14 at 17:12


  • Luck0fShields 03.07.14 at 15:22

    ass someone who is stationed on an aircraft carrier. i.cant.wait.

  • JohnnyBNL 03.07.14 at 14:43

    Can’t wait! I’m exited! Do hope to see more re-imagined Battlefield 2 maps….

  • Dae-suOh 03.07.14 at 13:05

    I’ve got a question, when you know nade spam is a problem, why did you add a 3 grenade launcher? Also when you know AA is a problem why did you add auto lock anti air mines? Why?

  • WarFox89 03.07.14 at 10:59

    sounds great game mode although I have never played the original game mode in 2142. can’t wait

  • Cream Machine 03.07.14 at 09:44

    So you can spawn right on top of your enemies carrier? That sounds way too easy, part of what made Titan mode fun in 2142 was the challange to board your enemies titan. Parachuting in right on top of it sounds like it would take some fun away, but I might be wrong…

    • zyperspace8 03.10.14 at 12:01

      you misunderstood something my friend. It is going to be just opposite of what you said. So no changes in the gameplay, we´re going to have BF 2142 flashbacks when playing BF4 ! :D

  • TheAidan987 03.07.14 at 05:42

    When can we expect a trailer for this DLC? Because that is what I LOVE to watch a billion times before it actually comes out.

  • Bush_Killa-73 03.07.14 at 05:42

    Are you sure the parachute spawns aren’t unnecessary & don’t cheapen the experience? I’ll trust you on this & reserve judgment. Really high hopes for this mode. Thanks for bringing it back guys. Seriously.

    • Cream Machine 03.07.14 at 09:45

      Right? Wouldn’t it make boarding your enemies carrier a little too easy?

  • BirdHeezy 03.07.14 at 04:17

    let downs on 2nd assault… let’s come out with a new game mode!

  • Mrawesome 03.07.14 at 02:53

    I wish there would be more than 2 Mcoms……

    titans had… 3 or 4? there were two different paths to take with their own computer terminals, then they came together at the end where a final power core was.

    it would be nice if there were maybe, two paths, one mcom each, and both blowing up opens a path to the engine room of the carrier.

  • PKMBULLETS 03.07.14 at 02:45

    Sounds like fun, but I’m not going premium until this game is fixed, which I doubt is going to happen. And if it dose it’ll be a year from now

  • ninjakiller6012 03.07.14 at 02:26

    I have battlefield 4 on xbox 360 and I have had too many problems with the second assault pack.. my maps turn bright colors and sometimes my weapons do not draw.. in some instances the enemy player appear invisible… battlefield 4 is the only game that freezes my xbox and sometimes when I boot up the game my , “existing player profile is damaged or corrupt”. I have had many problems with this game on the 360 and none on the xbox One.. is there any way you can relate or know any solution to these problems.

    • FrostBalrog 03.07.14 at 04:23

      It is because the 360 doesn’t have the power to run Battlefield, the version on the 360 is already intensely scaled down for it to even run

  • McAngusYoung 03.07.14 at 01:24

    I can see it now… New untold levels of grenade spamming.

  • Chalybos 03.25.14 at 20:09

    I think the problem is that there’s no mention of it until the day it is supposed to be released. If there’s weren’t so many issues with every (and I do mean every) single BF title since the franchise launched, there would be fewer people ranting. As someone who’s played since BF 1942, rented and admined a couple of servers, and seen some of the unbelievable lack of support they give to their server providers, any ire they face is well earned.
    Every product they’ve released is unfinished. The question usually isn’t about whether it’s unfinished, but whether it’s unplayable.
    Me? I’ll just play World of Tanks tonight, if they don’t have it fixed. But I’ve got a lot of friends who are going to be downright pissed at EA (again) for having dropped the ball (again), like when they broke the game a couple of months ago with a bad patch. Lost 8 or 9 good players until they fixed it. Hopefully, they won’t just say fuck it and uninstall. Adults tend to do that when their entertainment gets them more agitation than relaxation.