Ask DICE: Battlefield 4 Naval Strike

As the release of Battlefield 4 Naval Strike approaches, we have received several questions from the Battlefield community about the expansion. To answer these questions, we hand over to lead gameplay designer Gustav Halling.

What was the main design goal you set out with Battlefield 4 Naval Strike?
The design philosophy behind Battlefield 4 Naval Strike was to expand on what makes naval warfare and water-based vehicles fun in Battlefield 4. We know that there are many fans of Paracel Storm in our community, and with this expansion we wanted to give players who love that map more variations in the naval gameplay.

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike - Attackboat_WM

What’s the biggest challenge when designing naval-focused maps?
As always when working with water-based maps the challenge is to give naval units a prominent role on the Battlefield, and at the same time give infantry players enough areas to fight around – and also create space for fast transport vehicles. That is why we focused on making a wide variation of vehicle- and infantry-focused bases on all the maps in Battlefield 4 Naval Strike.

What are the four new maps of Battlefield 4 Naval Strike?
You will get to wage war in the tropical Lost Islands map, in the massive level Wave Breaker, through the stormy weather of Nansha Strike, and by the breathtaking vistas in Operation Mortar. Stay tuned for an in-depth breakdown of all four maps here on the Battlefield Blog!

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike - Heli_WM

What kind of Levolution can we expect in Naval Strike? Will there be storms like the one in Paracel Storm?
In Naval Strike we have been focusing on how the player can interact within the levels to create and block paths for vehicles, or make other strategic use of the environments. For example, you will be able to close flood doors to stop vehicles from entering a submarine base and capturing the objective inside. You can also blow up part of a crashed airplane to create new cover for infantry.

As for storms, instead of copying what has already been done in Paracel Storm, you can expect different visual styles and weather on all four Naval Strike maps. There’ll be calm seas, stormy weather and many other weather effects. For instance, on the Mortar Strike map, you’ll start fighting at dawn and the map will be lit up by the resort lights. As the fight rages on, the sunrise will drench the tropical island in beautiful sunlight.

What can we expect for the new Hovercraft and how will the vehicle affect gameplay?
The new hovercraft, or ACV, is a very fast transport vehicle with a driver and a passenger position that travels seamless between water and land. This unique ability has many advantages; you can for instance maneuver away from boats by short cutting through an island instead of going around it. These new abilities are exciting for us to bring to our players and I can’t wait to see what crazy stuff we will see from this vehicle in the game!

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike - Hovercraft_WM

What new gadgets will there be in Battlefield 4 Naval Strike?
First off, we have the new M320 3GL gadget that will give the players the possibility to fire three grenades without reloading. With smaller explosives, the M320 3GL will be great for tight corridors, but it will also require accurate shots to get the kill.

If you play as Engineer, you will be able to use the new Anti-Heli Mine, an aircraft disabling projectile. This will provide a way to block off small paths for air vehicles and could for example be used to cover a certain area behind the player in order to avoid surprises from low flying helicopters. It is however a challenge to get kills with the Anti-Heli Mines, since pilots can use countermeasures and flare them off, like with any other lock-on weapon.

With naval maps only, how do you balance the gameplay so that all kinds of vehicles still are important?
Battlefield 4 Naval Strike is focusing on naval warfare. Some land vehicles will be there, but they are very limited to give way for vehicles like attack boats, PWC’s, and the new ACV. There will of course also be air vehicles. But as mentioned: with Naval Strike focusing on water-based fights, there will be a limited pool of land vehicles.

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike - Carrier Assault_WM

What is the Carrier Assault game mode?
Carrier Assault is our homage to the classic Titan mode in Battlefield 2142, where two teams fight over control over each other’s massive aircraft carriers, by using missiles and infantry attacks. Learn more about Carrier Assault in this blog post.

What will make Battlefield 4 Naval Strike an awesome expansion?
All that you’ve come to love with naval warfare in Battlefield 4 will be even more intense and fast-paced in Battlefield 4 Naval Strike. Whether you’ll be taking insane shortcuts with your Hovercraft or securing a narrow win in Carrier Assault, it’s our ambition that you’ll truly enjoy the all-out war in the South China Sea.

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike is releasing first for Battlefield 4 Premium members late March. Get Battlefield 4 Premium.

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  • pabonudo 03.25.14 at 23:50

    EA always has an issue. Naval strike still not available on xbox one.

  • llxBE3ZYxll 03.25.14 at 22:05

    same here @goulais redneck

  • Goulais Redneck 03.25.14 at 21:28

    its 430 and I still cant find naval strike on my xbox one

  • RifleRound 03.25.14 at 13:30

    so umm. it’s 9:00a.m on the 25th on my xbox one. And naval strike is no where to be found……did i miss somthing?

  • cptcorpxvectorX 03.25.14 at 07:02

    i mean not out yet

  • cptcorpxvectorX 03.25.14 at 07:01

    this dlc is not for the xbox one and yet you guys said it comes out 25 of march what give
    and yet i have premium on my xbox one

  • YOUFREEKOUT21 03.25.14 at 06:31

    Why can’t I download this I didn’t pay 50 dollars and stay up till one in the morning to have the map pack not even show up in the store

  • DaCandyman 03.21.14 at 18:47

    If there is a heavy focus on watercraft usage in Naval Strike, what will be the counter in Defenses Infantry defense in particular. Infantry defense vs. Tanks there are M52 AT-Mines and the M2 Slam. Will there be a water mine to take advantage of?

  • GIGAxINDIGO_7000 03.19.14 at 23:34

    The latest patch totally made the AA mines useless. They weren’t op and they made a great backup for the ground based rocket launchers….They’re a waste of a slot now, this makes all the time put in to unlock them feel wasted.

  • III8 WHITE 8III 03.19.14 at 17:21

    I know you’re busy but can the Xbox one receive it’s emblems now?

  • Eganator2000 03.19.14 at 16:30

    How did you the balancing of the game modes on the maps, wondering how rush would work with the maps mainly being water?

  • steverl22 03.19.14 at 14:54

    Why hasn’t this come out yet? It’s 4-19-14…..come on dice!!

    • III8 WHITE 8III 03.19.14 at 17:23

      It said the trailer will come out today.

  • xEXOTiiCxFARTx 03.19.14 at 04:47

    Will there be any Easter eggs in naval strike?

  • moneybags33 03.18.14 at 21:53

    Its march 18th, 1:52 in canada and naval strike isn’t on the PSN store. does anyone else have it for ps4 yet?

  • Da Krawnik 03.18.14 at 12:54

    What kind of Levolution can we expect in Naval Strike? Will there be storms like the one in Paracel Storm?

    We half assed it just like China Rising and Second Assault. We only used Levolution in the original maps to get you losers to buy the game.

    • moneybags33 03.18.14 at 21:57

      I believe there is a storm in one map, and the night to day cycle like in dawn breaker in the other. Also I think on lost islands theres a crashed plain in the centre of the map that can be blown up and used for cover

  • Raznode 03.17.14 at 23:38
  • Bob69Todd 03.17.14 at 09:38

    would have loved a recreation of “Iron gator” from BF2

  • CrazyCrackAnimal 03.16.14 at 21:57

    Another Question could you Please Make less players in Metro Conquest Cause

    32 vs 32 is a little bit too mich the Russians are in Full Controll they are Throwing grenades like Silvester and you cant attack be The Us Side Gets Destroyed all the time even if you reach The Russian Base with your squad you get killed after a minute again and again and again i dont see the enemy i ONLY SEE THEIR GRENADES

  • CrazyCrackAnimal 03.16.14 at 21:51

    DICE –

    1Q. Why is there no Trailer for Naval Strike PS: it Sucks

    2Q. I would love to see Black Hawks again like in BFBC2

    3Q. i heard Dragon teeth plays in the us Urban like NYC

  • planetsec9 03.16.14 at 04:05

    It’s no BF1942 with battleships, controllable aircraft carriers, submarine warfare and destroyers but I’ll take it over boring RHIBs.

    Loving all the naval focused warfare in BF4, its been boring RHIBs with a single .50 since BF2. So it’s nice to see patrol boats like Vietnam had. Very excited.

  • PsychoDroids 03.15.14 at 21:07

    Hey dice what ever happened to the X-bow you should really consider how many people work on getting that on bf3 and loved it if I were u I’d bring it back with new upgrades and tips

  • BarryBraverman 03.15.14 at 13:26

    Well at least you put the scout choppers back into these maps. Very missed in second assault.

  • Alkanida 03.14.14 at 18:59

    [HOW TO] Get Easy Multikills in BF4:

  • Fiiyasko 03.14.14 at 16:57

    The 10Hz server update rate of Battlefield 4 is unacceptable for a First Person Shooter
    It’s the reason why you “die instantly”, it’s the reason why you have No Time to react to getting shot, It’s the reason why there is a black screen for 1 second everytime you spawn and it’s also the reason why vehicles clusterf**k when touching eachother

    It needs to be increased to 60hz!, Or ATLEAST 30hz!

    Everyone has their own idea about what it “should” be, what we need to discuss is what the “netsend rate” Needs to be.
    I vote 30, it NEEDS to be atleast 30, I would want 100, but at this point in time it’s not going to happen

    The major problem is that these “next gen” consoles can’t freaking keep up with a netsend rate of >30 because of some rule for publishing the game onto the consoles
    I’d call that a failure of the console desingers/devs, because seriously, consoles are the reason why we have such an ungodly low tickrate
    Nobody uses a 256kb/s modem anymore, letalone plays online multiplayer games with it, You’d get kicked out of ANY online game with that modem’s connection

    If you can’t raise the netsend rate on consoles, could you atleast do it for PC Gamers?
    We have BEASTLY systems that can run almost anything you toss at us, and we can always upgrade the slow component
    Why are PC’s being Capped at the speed of a Console, A console is a cutdown barebone locked OS PC!!!

    I was banned from the forums for talking about this too much (swearing, double post) and yet im still here saying to EA/DICE,
    That a “netsend rate” of 10 is unacceptable for modern games!, Letalone “Next generation games” which is what BF4 should be

  • omar-assassin-99 03.14.14 at 15:27

    What About February Offer Still Available Guys?

  • Foxdies 03.14.14 at 12:44

    I hate having to unlock DLC weapons.. Just to think that I’ll never get to use some of these weapons (like in BF3) despite having paid for them is just.. ridiculous.. Still working on the F2000 which feels more like you need a serious stroke of luck to achieve, being on the right team and side, and then still being lucky enough to get that many assists in such a short time.. I never even bothered going for the snipers in BF3.. If anything, these are what you should consider giving away those quick unlock packs for, not the weapons in the actual game which you can unlock by simply progressing.. Hate having to change my tactics for this too, failing my ass off and getting nothing in return.

  • Strike-hoboy 03.13.14 at 21:32

    how time release official trailer of naval strike mp

  • CHRYSUSbyGT 03.13.14 at 19:03

    It’s great news that Titan mode, essentially, is coming to BF4 and that’s great but; (at the risk of sounding ungrateful) rather than offering a popular game mode that the community wants why don’t you just offer us the sequel to 2142 instead? We’ve been waiting patiently

  • xBlackout_DsBx 03.13.14 at 18:49

    yeah, here’s a question, are you guys EVER going to do ANYTHING about the EXTREME amounts of lag in EVERY server?

  • kirk1988100 03.13.14 at 17:56

    com on dice AA mines !!!!! why you do that to us i mean stingers and igla & AA mines = attack chopper have no chance at all !!! and the campers is very happy now

  • CrimsonJohan 03.13.14 at 17:03

    No Dice, just no to the anti heli mine, the last patch didn’t make any noticeable difference at all, air game is totally NOT BALANCED right now. Helis still flip like pancakes, MAAs still camp from their spawn with active radar spamming, and now, this portable sam turret? Two per engineer? Do you want to alienate all heli pilots from battefield once and for all? Is that your goal? Helis balance has been horrible since launch, and you keep poking that wound with new knifes. Please stop, take a step back and evaluate this whole thing. Your assumption in this blog is that countermeasures work, and pilot can always dodge away. They don’t, most of the time, it doesn’t matter when you flare up or ecm, you get hit and flip and die randomly. Therefore, your initial assumption about introducing another new anti air nonsense is flawed, and then you go from there to assuming that helis will still be able to escape, completely forgetting that any hit induces a mobility hit, and the same engineer can equip stingers/igla. I am not even talking about the imbalance between the almost 1 second reload speed of stingers and iglas vs the 25+seconds reload of the unreliable counter measures. Where is the balance in that? And now this plant-and-forget-with-absolutely-zero-skill sam turret? Do you guys seriously play this game?

    • KoTNorth 03.13.14 at 17:19

      The Biggest issue I have while in a Helicopter is the FREAKING STINGER! That weapon can make it nearly impossible to fly and is nearly impossible to escape when locked on.

  • TheDustfinger 03.13.14 at 14:56

    So no big levoloution on these maps either.

  • sean43nathan11 03.13.14 at 11:33

    Could you please fix to killcam as I get shot by a soldier but it shows a friggin tank or some other vehicle or nothing at all

    • Ej_warsGaming 03.13.14 at 12:32

      yea i have the same problem on my PS4 and that problem come from the last update, some times the game show that my team its kill me its sooo crazy LOL

    • GrannyHub 03.19.14 at 08:30

      Same here

  • StrikingWater 03.13.14 at 06:24

    of all the the community questions, you pick the most obvious and self explanatory ones. as always, keep trying dice

  • Ethos Socom 03.13.14 at 00:13

    My sniper rifles are taking 2 bullets to kill people on hardcore I play hardcore for a reason I love snipers.and when I die it doesn’t come up with how’s killed me. I think that if you make the snipers one shot and add in that if you are out of amo you should be able to go to any car around the map and open the boot and able to get a new gun or a medical box or my creater class like when I die.I’m sick of runing out of amo and no one giving me amo or health .I love the game I play it more that any other game on the Xbox one

    • Skater_Ricky 03.13.14 at 00:27

      Sounds like you play by yourself. You really need to stick with your squad and be a team and work together. No one likes a sniper that is on his own off in the woods/rocks no where near the objective. Yes I know your important to spot out enemies but most of the time other infantry already see that enemy the same time there spotted out. Also to add you need to play with friends together or else you will be stuck doing the same thing. Also I don’t find playing hardcore that rewarding because it only counts who got the first shot off first not who has the better skill. Also aim for there head next time ;)

      • hairtrigger4 03.13.14 at 10:06

        There are more variables at play than who shoots first. Shot placement,weapons rate of fire and load out are a few. Are you scared to admit you prefer a HUD?

    • DasSniper89 03.13.14 at 01:00

      The snipers are 2 hit kill for a reason, so they aren’t over-powered. and if the thing about changing class in any vehicle, is a very stupid idea, and will NEVER happen.

    • CHRYSUSbyGT 03.13.14 at 19:05

      Be good. Get headshots…

  • Skater_Ricky 03.13.14 at 00:06

    I’m all for Naval Warefare but I also want to see Bigger maps with lots of land vehicles such as MBT’s (Main Battle Tanks) because I’m a veteran in Tank Warefare and love to see such maps bring to life. I love Paracel Storm but wanted to see bigger islands that was big enough to have base fights with other Tanks. As a heavy helicopter pilot user as well I’m tired of getting shot down by the Mobile AA when he/she is sitting across the map in there own deployment when you can’t get a land nor air vehicle close enough to blow it up. Please reduce the lock on range according to the size of the map your playing on. Thank you. Your biggest Fan Ricky,

  • swishersweets 03.12.14 at 22:53

    Dice have no choice but to give below radar back to helicopters when it comes to air vs air and vehicle vs air, and buff the reload time on counter measures. There is way more AA in bf4 compared to bf3, if this isn’t done then they might as well just pack up and ship this game into the trash because it’s only going to appease the ground only people. Everyone else will fume.

    • Skater_Ricky 03.13.14 at 00:10

      Agreed, I can’t stand getting shot at from nearly 32 different shots fired from land to infantry shooting Stinger’s to Mobile AA. Reduce the range of these lock on guns and decrees the loading times of IR and EMC’s because there more players on the field that like to run lock on weapon’s.

    • hairtrigger4 03.13.14 at 10:24

      I might be giving away a huge secret here, But most of these maps have enough vertical space to fly out of the 300 meter(I think the actual number is around 350.) operational range of a stinger missile.The AA tank is easy enough to avoid, most people I encounter sit in one area. If you like to fly low I’m surprised you don’t like Dawn breaker weaving in and out of the buildings reminds me of GTA 5.

  • HootieMcBoo8 03.12.14 at 22:07

    Fire Alan Kertz. Anyone who thinks that dropping 2 AA mines plus a stinger 1 shotting a helicopter in under 1.35 seconds is balanced should not be making decisions on balance of an AAA title.

    • swishersweets 03.12.14 at 22:50

      Agree’d. i can only imagine the amount of threads that will flood the forums after this weapon hits. I can imagine a squad of 5 sitting outside the enemy base with stingers and AA mines on top of a ammo pack dominating the entire air from the ground. Lets not forget the scrub ARMS missiles and the other lock on friendly shit in this game.

  • jrs2502 03.12.14 at 21:48

    If you dont Fix any of the NetCode and the rest of the “game” i don’t think it is even a “game” its more of a beta still…. Sort your life out dice and fix everything before you put more crap content out that wont even work… this game had so much going for it, and you even screwed that up. all you want is money money money. But Guess what!? you’re not getting any of mine until you sort the bugs and Net code out and Wright a apologie to everyone.

  • ZOMBIEXBOMB 03.12.14 at 21:16

    if it doesnt have a crap ton of glitches… like china rising and second assault then it could be good.. but chances are …. slim

  • theeF3AR 03.12.14 at 20:57

    I was the best fucking Viper pilot in BF3 but I get RAPED by utter noobs in BF4 who are using 6 AA mines on top of Shangai buildings or mobile AA vehicles on small ass maps like Zavod or Dawn Breaker. BF4 developers like putting their penis in a viper pilot’s ass. Everything in this game is setup against people who like to fly. I have to use buildings non stop to hide from missles because the flare red pawn time is like 25 seconds. It’s bullshit. On maps where there is no cover to hide behind flying is a JOKE. I know the developers like being ground infantry playing type but some of us like to fly the whole match and help out people on the ground.

    • EnigmicPhantom 03.12.14 at 21:08

      I vote that because there is so much AA in the game DICE has one of two options that will severely buff the Attack Helicopters and give them a better fighting chance.
      1.) They can give them a shorter flare time. Instead of 25 seconds make it 15 seconds.
      2.) Give back the Pilot/Gunner Flare combo.
      In a Battlefield game where there’s so much AA. it’s really not that bad for an Attack Helo to have 2 flares in my opinion.

      • Spampooper 03.19.14 at 20:53

        I would add a third option to your list. 3.) below radar. and then i would also say for the gunner countermeasures maybe have them reload slightly longer. then I would tell DICE to pick two of the three options. I used to absolutely love being a heli pilot in BF3. It was a fun challenge and great for people that communicate. BF4 however, is a completely different story. BF4 has like 5X more anti air weapons than BF3 also playing in 32 v 32 is hell for air players because a majority of the enemy team runs with some sort of anti air solution making air play impossibly hard. In BF3 I considered myself a very good heli pilot when i played with my friend as the gunner and we communicate. In BF4 we can’t do squat and get shot down almost as soon as we leave spawn.

    • Skater_Ricky 03.13.14 at 00:22

      Agreed, I love flying a helicopter but flying in BF4 is like flying a coffin in the sky because your going to get shot down within 1-2 minutes sometimes less time. Same that goes to driving a Tank as well in BF4. There’s so many more lock on weapons you can’t even defend yourself in some areas of the map. (to many choak points for Tanks) I thank the developer who thought of the Active Protection for Tanks. Without those tanks driving would be a utter chaos. Hope we find a middle with these balancing issues between land and vechiles in the sky to the land.

    • hairtrigger4 03.13.14 at 10:09

      Do you play on Xbox 360 or PS3?

  • SwayRage 03.12.14 at 20:47

    I agree *theeF3AR*. Although I never was the best pilot, I loved being able to fly planes and the plane combat in BF3. I love BF4 but in this game I CAN NOT FLY JETS OR HELI’S and now you want to put an anti-air mine in? Well, I will never get in a flying vehicle again. But besides that BF4 is 5-5 stars after glitches and other nonsense, but one question…. Why wont DICE but out a date for Naval Strike…. Dunno whether that’s good or bad :D

    • AmpleNickel4262 03.12.14 at 20:49

      Because they’re not done with it. They never put out release dates until they only have a week or two left. Don’t want the embarrassment of having to push back a f-ing DLC launch date.

  • snakefyre69 03.12.14 at 20:46

    will dice ever be fixing the drowning glitch?? ps3 not to sure on ps4 yet since I stay out of water now but I get in water swim get on land go for 5 minutes go to shoot someone and get hit start seeing water bubbles and start drowning im not in the water ive ben n land for 5 minute please for F%%k sake fix the issues

  • theeF3AR 03.12.14 at 20:41

    Anti-Heli mines??? Really? The Viper is already totally nerfed on counter-measure resupply time and gets paralyzed when it’s hit by any middle type AND had terrible maneuverability. Fuck you DICE. Your developers for BF4 obviously hate flying helicopters. It’s bullshit. Make the viper like it was in BF3 for fucks sake. LISTEN to what the players want you dick heads!!!!!

    • AmpleNickel4262 03.12.14 at 20:44

      Have you played since the patch the other day? The scaled back the AA tank’s powers tremendously and tweaked the heli’s ability to not just plummet to the ground after only being hit by one missile.

  • ReDSn0 03.12.14 at 20:26

    Will we see servers that have all base and dlc maps rotating through for those of us that have Premium? I’m getting a little tired of the community being split up by map packs.

  • swishersweets 03.12.14 at 20:10

    That’s a joke, can use counter measure to deflect the scrub mines. Yeah thanks for allowing them to carry two of them on top of their stinger or igla. Counter measures are broken and only will deflect 1 of the in-coming missiles. Not the barrage of 3 to more coming at you constantly in a chopper.

  • swishersweets 03.12.14 at 20:07

    Where is the damn China Rising Levolution. I want what i paid for and what was advertised. Taking it out and stripping it because you guys were rushed is no excuse. I’m waiting for the day when someone puts a class action lawsuit against you guys for FALSE ADVERTISEMENT and selling a BROKEN GAME!

    • AmpleNickel4262 03.12.14 at 20:39

      I do believe there already are a couple law suits

    • AmpleNickel4262 03.12.14 at 20:48

      You did get what you paid for. BF 4 has levolution. Which is what levolution was advertised for. You are now playing an add on that was purchases separately. Levolution was never advertised for China Rising. And it was clear very early on there wouldn’t be any.

    • WAGJ_Phoenix50 03.13.14 at 00:12

      dude the game has improved since release and stop complaining they have posted so many notes showing what they are fixing in future updates. Also no levolution was put into china rising but there is evidence for levolution in the sound files of china rising if you didn’t know in the first place.

      • GrannyHub 03.19.14 at 08:37

        Remember them games with no updates they were perfect but now up dates up dates up dates they just want to get the game running as soon as possible to get money

  • Fiiyasko 03.12.14 at 19:40

    My gosh, increase the freaking tickrate, 10hz is WAY TOO LOW, it should be ATLEAST 60hz, a mandatory minimum of 30hz, and 100+ for anything competetive. —-Please increase the tickrate before pushing more product—- China Rising still has it’s leveloution STRIPPED AND REMOVED from it (Sold us a faulty product since BF4 advertises “Leveloution” and an ENTIRE DLC has no “Leveloution”) Your pushed products and DLC’s are heavily incomplete, filled with issues, and instead of fixing them, you move ahead asif nothing is wrong, because you won’t get a lawsuit…. —Please increase the Tickrate—- It’s the entire CORE of the game and it’s not working correctly, add that atop the unfinished DLC’s and this game shouldn’t be on shelves…. We deserve a tickrate that functions correctly

  • aouniat 03.12.14 at 18:58

    fix the netcode.

    • WAGJ_Phoenix50 03.13.14 at 00:18

      Seriously think before you type, the netcode has been improved from release of the game

  • JyderStyrer 03.12.14 at 18:42

    Epic!! :D

  • t-celik 03.12.14 at 18:35

    When will be available rental servers on consoles?

    • swishersweets 03.12.14 at 20:10

      Don’t throw money at this company! Damn you people!

  • Sanitarium09 03.12.14 at 18:31

    Sounds fun. I can’t wait to frustrated by more bugs though.

  • I Fuzion xPwn I 03.12.14 at 18:30

    This is gonna rock! But the game is not finished yet….. The console players having alot of issues :(

    • Wolfsnake66 03.12.14 at 19:03

      I dont know what you are smoking. But i have absolutely no problems with the game on my ps4 console…

      • AmpleNickel4262 03.12.14 at 20:43

        Or you aren’t recognizing the problems. It’s extremely hard to believe you never experienced any game breaking issues. It’s a much more solid game now a days but those first few months were absolutely miserable. 50% fail rate I had for a month with matches. Where it would just freeze, or go back to my home screen, or spawn in with no gun, or spawn in with no sound, or spawn in and be instantly killed by someone reading 0 HP etc. I went from PS3 to Xbox One and play my friends PS4 copy. So the problems are/were universal. Just because you “haven’t” experienced absolutely any problems doesn’t mean they’re “smoking” something. It just means you’re either that very small portion of lucky users or oblivious.

  • gtyfkiftt 03.12.14 at 18:23

    Did you guys add more bugs and glitches to further deteriorate the stat of the game?

    • gtyfkiftt 03.12.14 at 18:23


    • EPICOOKIEZ 03.12.14 at 20:28

      No, they didn’t. They just added more retards like you to continue reviewing/playing the game. :)

    • DasSniper89 03.13.14 at 01:02

      yes, have you seen Second Assault?

  • Strike-hoboy 03.12.14 at 18:17

    Naval Strike mp Trailer release ???