Addressing “Netcode” in Battlefield 4

We at DICE are committed to improving the overall Battlefield 4 multiplayer experience for our players. Some issues, commonly referenced in conjunction to “netcode” are preventing Battlefield 4 from performing optimally for everyone, and with this post we would like to explain what we are doing to address these problems.

Fixing the commonly nicknamed “netcode issues” – problems ranging between faulty networking latency compensation and glitches in the gameplay simulation itself – is one of the top priorities for DICE. We’d like to take a moment to discuss how we are addressing these issues, as this is a very hot topic for many of our fans.

We are working on fixing glitches in your immediate interactions with the game world: the way you move and shoot, the feedback when you’re hit, and the way other players’ actions are shown on your screen.

The game receives updates from the game server and displays these to the player using a system called latency compensation – this system makes sure players move around naturally on your screen when network updates arrive. We have found and fixed several issues with latency compensation, and thereby decreased the impressions of “one hit kills” in the game.

We have also fixed several issues that could lead to rubber banding, and we are working on fixing several more. Below you’ll find a detailed list of the issues we are focusing on, or have already adjusted in-game. We hope this gives you more insight into the “netcode” issues and we will continue to keep you updated on top issues.

BF4 Weapon Balancing

What we are Fixing or Investigating

Rubber banding
We have made several server optimizations that have decreased rubber banding for some players. To further address the issue, there are upcoming fixes for packet loss and a customize screen bug, both connected to the rubber banding issue. Furthermore, we will continue to collect data to pinpoint exactly when and why rubber banding is occurring.

Kill camera delay / Player death sync
On some occasions, the kill camera would trigger before the game client displayed the last portion of damage being dealt, giving players the impression that they died too early. There were also issues with blood effects, damage indicators, and the health bar in the HUD being out of sync. A fix for this will be included in the next game update.


Players have been asking whether the tickrate – how often the server will update the game world – in Battlefield 4 will be higher in the future. Though we haven’t got any immediate plans to increase the tickrate at this moment, we are exploring the possibilities of raising the tickrate on specific servers.

No registered damage

We are aware of the bug where players have been firing at their opponent and not doing damage. In the February 13 game update for PC, we added a piece of code that enables us to specifically track instances where this would occur. We are currently looking at when this issue is triggered, and what causes it. The data that we receive will help us to further improve the firefights in the future.

Instant death while sprinting

At certain occasions while walking or sprinting, a player could get catapulted at high speed which would cause death if any object was standing in the way. This was caused by a mathematical error in the character physics code, and we have a fix prepared for an upcoming patch.

Various Items

In addition to these items, there are also fixes coming for issues with Levolution being out of sync, shots appearing to be fired in the wrong direction, and vehicles outside the infantry area not taking damage when fired at. Also, we have introduced new in-game icons that will help you, and us, to troubleshoot network related problems that could cause an inconsistent multiplayer experience.

Network Troubleshooting Icons

With the January 30-31 game updates, we’ve introduced two new icons to the Battlefield 4 HUD (head-up display). These were added to the game as a way for us, and the players, to more easily troubleshoot common network-related issues that may have negative effects on the multiplayer experience.


The first icon, seen at the top in the shape of a clock, indicates that your connection to the server is lagging. There can be several reasons for this. For example, it could mean that someone else is using your connection while you are playing, but it could also mean that there is a network problem that occurred somewhere between you and the server. The effect of such lag is that it will take a bit longer for you to see what is happening in the game world. If this icon is frequently blinking, you might want to try a different server or see if you can decrease the load on your Internet connection.


The second icon, at the bottom, shows four squares that indicate packet loss. When you see this icon, your connection to the server is experiencing lost packets, which means that information is failing to reach its destination, either when your game client sends it to the server or when the server sends the information to you. Please keep in mind that packets always get lost on the Internet and that you should not be alarmed if you’re seeing this icon blinking once or twice. If you have a large amount of packet loss and see the icon often, you will probably experience game “hiccups” sometimes – action will stop for a moment, then speed ahead to catch up.

BF4 Second Assault - Firestorm Heli

What we have Fixed

Kill card shows 0 health
Kill card sometimes incorrectly displays 0 health, despite the enemy being alive. This could happen when a portion of damage dealt was rejected by the server, since the bullets that caused it were fired after the point of death for the firing player – the kill card would show the health as predicted by your game client, rather than the health confirmed by the server. An improvement that decreased the rate at which this happens went live for PC on Feb 13, and will be included in the next game update for all the platforms.

Broken collision
We have fixed instances of broken collision that made it impossible for players to shoot past broken objects, such as the collapsed chimney on Zavod 311.

Crosshair disappearing, resulting in hit markers disappearing

In firefights, players on PC could experience their crosshair disappearing, resulting in hit markers also disappearing. This would happen when certain gadgets were deployed by other players. A fix for this is now live.

Hit impact sounds

Impact sounds did not match the number of bullet impacts, causing players to feel that they died too quickly.  An improvement to this went live for PC on February 13, and will be included in the next update for all the other platforms. The cooldown time for letting bullet hits trigger the sound has been decreased considerably, so players will now hear every bullet that hits them.

Headshot icon
We have re-introduced the headshot icon to help players understand when they get killed by a headshot, something that usually results in an instant death. The headshot icon went live in the January 30-31 game update for all platforms.

We want to assure you that we are constantly investigating, or already in the process of updating, all these items and several more that you’ve had concerns with – and that we will continue to do so with your help. Please continue to send us your feedback, and thank you for your continued support.

Remember to visit the Battlefield 4 Control Room regularly for all intel on game updates.

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  • Toph_32 06.02.15 at 04:28

    I keep unloading a whole clip into someone at point blank range and they do not die. Friends of mine report the same problem. This has become so bad we had to stop playing the game. Went back to BF3 to see if this happened there and it did not. I have a great internet connection so I know that is not the problem.
    And why can you not jump over railings anymore?

  • Toph_32 06.02.15 at 04:21


  • GambitKK-VX9- 04.09.14 at 20:20

    The main issue right now is fixing the network interpolation between clients and servers. I’m pretty sure that Battlefield 4 will receive the same exact treatment that Battlefield 3. It’s only a matter of finding the pieces of scripting that are the culprits of all the issues that we are going through. That my friends takes time!!

  • Hawxxeye 04.01.14 at 22:25

    I do not see any improvement ins spite of even having bought a better connection than before

    • GambitKK-VX9- 04.09.14 at 20:25

      It’s not really a connection issue I assure you. The link speed of your connection only affects your ping it’s more on the server end than in home. That’s why the structure that DICE has implemented hasn’t really worked out as far as maintaining network load.

  • fragment101 03.29.14 at 21:33

    I’m pretty distinguished the way E.A – DICE have damaged the battlefield 4 franchise with the way they have flogged all the weapon categories and before you say it its not sour grapes as I’m only on rank 51 and im unlocking them normally to me it cheapens the the quality of the game image i bet it was E.A sports who rushed all the level designers that’s why they’ve been so many complaint s battlefield needs to cut all ties with E.A sports because they’ve just got $$$ signs flashing in there eyes.NUFF SAID !!

  • rango115 03.23.14 at 10:37

    To make the game even is make it that grenades should only be able to be resiplied once and ucav’s should be able to be resiplied at all cause all people do now is sit back with them. Also ammo boxes and med packs should have to be picked back up to move them

  • killakobe 03.21.14 at 14:08

    Can we get a compass on hardcore? Be nice when they spot a player for u and say they are west you can know which way that is. mean we cant locate where the sun rises. thank you

  • Captn Insane 03.18.14 at 21:58

    The game freezing issue has a fix. At least on XBOX 360 you need to go into your hard drive and under BF4 delete all the updates except the TITLE UPDATE. Then clear your system cache (device options of your hard drive). After this start the game, download the latest update again and WALAH!! No more crashing!!!!

  • GAMEHUNTER38 03.18.14 at 21:03

    this game freezing issue on second assault constantly and the screen changing colors till you cant even see the map is getting really bad its really stopping us from enjoying the gameplay….this should have been fixed yesterday its really bad on all the maps after the last update.Please fix this issue…your gonna lose customers

    • GambitKK-VX9- 04.09.14 at 20:30

      You may want to uninstall your graphics drivers and re-install them but first using a clean up utility like Driver Cleaner or Display Driver Uninstaller (preferred). That’s also if your playing on PC.

  • bgdaddy11 03.17.14 at 01:47

    Why does bf4 freeze up ?at the end of some games the game will just freeze up and I have to restart my ps3..

  • SaporousSpade5 03.16.14 at 06:36

    Can anybody answer my question why does it freeze on Xbox 360 so much please dice fix this

  • SaporousSpade5 03.16.14 at 06:32

    On 360 bf4 freezes a lot and getting annoying and also changes colors on the new SA maps

  • BRSk PUNISHER 03.16.14 at 04:11

    I though “Premium” members got DLC first then everybody. I haven’t the “Naval Strike” content and it’s almost been a week since it came out. What the F**K DICE or who ever is in charge of that!

  • BRSk PUNISHER 03.16.14 at 04:06

    Fix the damn bugs already it’s really getting annoying! I’m playing and out of no-where the buildings, vehicles, weapons, trees are changing color and even the sky changes color!

  • wjsab1406 03.15.14 at 21:14

    the last days are BF4 Sucks we buy the new releases and after that BF4 are sucks the scream coing f*ckt up everytime and its starting to freeze and it give gives a lot of diffrents collors it not nice because it´s not funny to play so i hope th problems will be soved because on this time is playing not funny anymore

  • xXConManIACXx 03.15.14 at 20:56

    Anyone and everyone who is playing this game is unfortunately probably feeling the same way as myself… what the hell did we spend $100+ for? Headache, aggravation, and an impossibly frustrating crap game. What happened to the concept that was working from BF3? Ever since the last update, the gameplay has gotten worse! Just in the last hour, my game has frozen twice. What happened to creating a quality game that everyone could enjoy? All this game does is piss me off now, because I barely actually get to play, in between shutting down my system and having to reload everything. It used to only be a problem with Dawnbreaker on Conquest, but now it doesn’t matter. I’ve been ripped off!!!! And so have millions of others! You keep claiming to have fixed things, yet things only get worse. Of course, what else should anyone expect from the company that’s been rated the worst in the country? If you can’t fix the damn game, why don’t you just own up to your mistakes and give everyone their money back? Yeah, right….

  • Stealth938 03.14.14 at 23:28

    I enjoy this game alot when its working .. so far played it 5 times today to try out second assault got a game maybe 2 before the colors went whacky yes like a disco and or freezes alot mainly right when the levels loading very disappointing dice ,as much as i like this game the cons outweighs the pro’s almost to the point to put it down for good…. hope something fixes it, It has been like this since day one …

  • Foxdies 03.14.14 at 12:32

    I started playing online a little after EU ps4 release and it has been a consistently laggy experience.. Good to see you still working on it.

  • rickybobby6519 03.14.14 at 08:04

    I hope that this freezing every other game and it looking like a disco stops soon. I have a great time playing with my buddies online but i have to reset my Xbox every other game please fix this.

  • mossberg1988 03.14.14 at 01:33

    I have the freeze issue also along with the game just going full retard and losing all texture,tons of colors, and flashing.its not even worth playing its like trying to play while looking through a kelidascope.this is rediculous when we are paying all this money for tye game and the season pass and cant even play.

  • W1LL0W87 03.13.14 at 14:45

    I have had the freeze issue as well. Either before a match starts or half way through. I have since deleted ALL the updates to date and just re-installed the latest one (Update 8) so far no freezes. Except on Dawnbreaker! Can get at least half way through that bad boy and BAM frozen console. So i just quit the match as a rule now when I know that map is next. Ain’t no one got time for that! But there is a whole list of glitches and bugs that I am experiencing as well as other player from as far as I can see. Killed in action, randomly. Off loading whole clips at an enemy and just ONE of there bullets hits me and its lights out, take a seat.. Getting takin out by someone but kill cam shows a random player on the other side of the map.. Still getting that 0 health kill can too. If you are serious about making Battlefield then get serious about fixing it.. At first i thought it was my internet, but im on NBN so it’s not that. Then i thought it was my console. nope every other FPS online game is fine.. Just get your A game on and FIX IT!

  • RoboticCreation 03.13.14 at 01:42

    i know it doesnt even matter because most people on here are complaining about the game and i am right there with them. i really enjoyed playing this game for a while and now i cant even relax and play a damn game without it freezing up my whole console just to start a new match. what kind of bullshit is this, i dont care about your netcode problem, this shit should have been worked on before so the customers that buy your shit dont have to spend there hard earned money to get a false product.

  • elrojoleon 03.12.14 at 22:27

    So when will the freezing stop? Why try to improve on a good thing you had in BF3? Honestly, if there is a BF5 in the works, you might as well stop. With all the glitches a lot of people are experiencing(me included), I wont be a return customer.

  • xAv3Ng3A7Xx 03.12.14 at 19:47

    All this patch did was make every game mode and every map freeze on me constantly. I cant even get my premium items when they are released?!?! Bullshit!! I get an error message saying couldnt retrieve battlepacks please try again later. Im so sick of this. I am so close to buying COD Ghosts if you dont fix this game for good and make it playable. For God sake i paid $60 for the game and $50 for premium and im getting screwed. For the record this is on xbox 360. I love th game when i can play for hours and have no issues. Disappointing!!

  • ThePAUL510 03.12.14 at 07:55

    Thanks for trying to improve the game, I love it when it works. Since your update however, the game has been as buggy as its ever been with the added bonus of freezing every two rounds or so, causing me to either have to turn off my console and start over and/or reconsider ever spending another dime on your products again…

  • vB RiverRat 03.11.14 at 23:48

    All my vehicle setting reset every game. All my gun unlocks disappear. i bring up a weapon, and oh to my surprise, NO reticle at all. I paid good money for a game that plays like ****. Seems like they have a track record of this all the way back to BF 1942. What a shame ….

  • taptap44 03.11.14 at 17:41

    Please just fix the Fin game. I too play for 20-30 min and the game freezes. Internet speed is not the problem. I went out and bought Battlefield 3 and it works perfectly. I hate Call of Duty but this maybe an option.

  • VanillaGorilla5 03.11.14 at 17:32

    For me and my friends, packet loss is the biggest issue. Could this be fixed by doubling the tick rate, but sending redundant data. This would effectively give the same tick rate, but would cover for packet loss. Cell and GPS signals use signal redundancy to deal with packet loss, could BF?

  • KingKOng2o6 03.11.14 at 04:34

    I guess the fate of battlefield depends if they can keep people from going to call of duty

  • OGSmokyTheBear 03.11.14 at 02:27

    Ive been getting pissed off lately, because every 20minutes or so the game freezes and backs out saying ive lost connection or there was an error with EA this been happening to me alot like everytime now, I love this game but now im disappointed, I really am, just please Fix this problem as soon as possible.

  • Al Jeezy 19 03.10.14 at 22:25

    what a freaking joke this game is turning out to be, I kid you not I had at least twenty game freezes between friday and sunday evening. the game is far worst now since this last patch, F-U DICE i want my freaking money back hell what a waste of fifty bucks for premium and you cant even play the freakin game. There are so many freaking issues now I dont even have time to list them all.

    • vB RiverRat 03.11.14 at 23:45

      i agree 100% what ajoke. I paid good money to be pissed off.

  • Top87Gun 03.10.14 at 18:19

    I play on PS4 – I dont want to be one of those players that’s never satisfied and always complaining, but in all honestly the game seems to have more issues now than it did before the latest patch.

    The kill cam almost never works properly now.

    When I run near a teammate or friendly vehicle there is severe rubber banding and lag.

    Now more than ever some maps just dont load and i have to go back to the menu and close the application.

    Finally often there is a delayed hit registration, so often times it appears that I get killed when i’m behind cover.

    If these issues could be corrected the game would be fantastic. Thanks.

  • rettekatet 03.10.14 at 09:35

    IT really is funny!!! The latest update for PS3 was one with Quote”March 4 Playstation 3 Game Update Notes
    -Several crash fixes and stability improvements
    -Fixed an issue with data re-sending that was causing rubberbanding on some servers ”

    But I never had somany server loss and freezes as of then.
    I am not a computer expert (that’s why I play on console) I just wanna put in the disk and play. But it just get worse and worse. How’s that possible????
    Don’t you test the updates???
    I get shot when behind cover. I get shot from way over the map with hills between us.
    I can shoot a magazine in players and not gettin the kills but die instead.
    I’ve noticed that it doesn’t happen with every player on the field but with some. I can put 4 burst fires in people and they walk away. Hitting people further then 100mtrs is just pointless. ( and yeah if i go to test range I hit the mark.) if someones head is the only thing you see and you shoot it it still takes as much of the bullets like you where hitting him in the leg. I randomly get killed in action.
    Ever since the latest update it just got worse instead of better.
    Don’t roll out patches if they suck. plus stop blaming me for losing connection when it’s your fault. That’s really bugging me alot.
    I understand that with a game of this magnitude there would be some problems and that sometimes a game could get frozen when there is a lot going on but now it is just ridiculous,.
    I wanna believe that you guys will fix this, but with every update just making it worse it’s hard to keep it up.

    Good luck with finding out what the F is going on

  • DB feebleweena 03.10.14 at 06:24

    Are u kidding me??? I haven’t bought premium because of how shitty the game is!!! I’ve tried to play 5 games from 2100 to 2200hrs and have had nothing but FREEZING. One thank you for making this awful game its great i like spending money and it works as good as Obamacare. And second I’m tired of corrupted files. How does anyone unlock guns from single player to use in multiplayer. Ugh it’s horrible. So disappointed in this game. I hate COD but looks like i may have to join them if i want to actually enjoy a stupid game………….very digruntal battlefield fan?

  • xAv3Ng3A7Xx 03.10.14 at 02:41

    Wtf Dice!!! I was playing all of the second assault maps with no freezing or any problems and as soon as i downloaded this patch the maps freeze either before the map loads or during the game after ive done really good and then get no points. Gulf of Oman has this weird ass color glitch with is extremely annoying and gives me a damn headache. FIX THE DAMN GAME ALREADY BEFORE WASTING YOUR TIME MAKING NEW MAPS!!!!!!!!! Dawnbreaker still freezes every time. How about in the next patch you change the name of Dawnbreaker to GAMEBREAKER! So fed up bcuz i paid for premium and the damn game itself and can barley play a round without it freezing. Its really dissapointing because this is my all time favorite game and im being let down.

  • Thorsa_1337 03.10.14 at 01:54

    Remove the comander mode… it make it som mutch more laggy

    until the last update the game was good on ps4.. but now CQL i so laggy and the kill cam is so fuckd up…

  • ll 17th Luv ll 03.09.14 at 18:44

    i been playing since update 4 on xbox 360, and this is the worst update this game had so far. all the other issues were tolerable, but my game freezes so frequently now i cant even get 40mins of game time. do anyone know when the next update will be?

  • NM465 03.09.14 at 17:55

    I simply can’t play a game without suffering from huge lag, and my ping is always between 18-24ms. I just don’t understand it, every game plays fine and I have a good connection with every single one of them. But Battlefield 4 always has lagg. It makes the game unplayable. 100 euros laid to waist. Thx dice!

  • SURExSHOTx90 03.09.14 at 07:07

    Dude Thank you So So Much! And it makes sense on how that would work. All the old updates are trash

  • SURExSHOTx90 03.09.14 at 06:50

    I have a big problem. I took a video so please email me so I can send you it. I play on xbox 360 and I have been lagging out alot but anyways on the video you will see that the graphics are completely jacked and everything is purple and green and yellowish, missing data and just going crazy. I also uploaded it to my face book. I think you should see it. It happend after the newest update and while playing Second Assault. Now should I give you my email or can you just find it through my account? I can’t play more then 1 game and like I said the graphics thing is just crazy. DEV. Please contact me so I can share this video

    • SURExSHOTx90 03.09.14 at 06:51


    • keratase 03.09.14 at 16:57

      I too have this issue, in fact, I fell through the map and was stuck in limbo, and was in water and couldn’t get out when I played Dawnbreaker yesterday. I appreciate the new loading, and lag icons, but I have yet to see those and I am still freezing. Please focus on fixing the game, before releasing new DLC.

      • W1LL0W87 03.13.14 at 14:17

        I have had the freeze bug for WEEKS. Get through three rounds and game freezes while loading next map. I have since deleted all my game updates to date and just reinstalled the latest update 8 and haven’t frozen yet. Except for on Dawnbreaker of course. Get through half a match and BAM it freezes. I quit as soon as i see this is the next level thats about to begin. The issues i am STILL having though, for example. I get taken out by a tank.. But the kill cam shows some random dude on the other side of the map has killed me. Wtf? Loading off whole clip rounds into an enemy and they don’t die but if ONE of their bullets hits me. Its lights out, take a seat. Other bugs are getting stuck on invisible objects. Grenades not being thrown just blowing up in my hand. Geez the list goes on. I love Battlefield but love my sanity more. So please do something about the bugs in the online game cause i dont know how much more a girl can take!

  • Gunimanss 03.09.14 at 06:42

    FIX YOUR GAME DICE! Why release new expansion packs when you can’t even cope with the game itself!

  • SidedDolphin8 03.09.14 at 02:10

    This used to be my favorite game but I seriously cant stand it anymore, I cant play for more then 30 mins without it freezing and everytime I go on the game it says my profile is damaged and I have to reset everything I really cant take it

  • Sherfield87 03.09.14 at 01:20

    Ever since I did this update for my xbox 360 the levels are freezing every 3rd map/ load screen. And also on random levels the graphics turn into a acid effect. I.e. bright 80′s colours destroy the whole map and the fun.

    • SURExSHOTx90 03.09.14 at 06:54

      Ok that happend to me too. I took a video and I’m trying to get dice to take a look at it. It’s complete BS. This should not be happening to any game that gets released in 2013. Or since 2005

  • Player_h8v2abpd 03.08.14 at 23:53

    UPDATE 8 has RUINED this game on xbox 360. Game has frozen on almost every loading screen when joining server, I once loaded metro and all textures were rainbow/purple/trippy. This is ridiculous. This game was a waste of $100+ until update 9 comes along. Thanks DICE

  • A WHITE VAN 78 03.08.14 at 21:40

    With the latest update Dice fucked BF4 all up with the killcam and getting into a game please fix it Dice

  • ShepherdOfLove 03.08.14 at 21:09

    Hello everyone here’s the solution to solve the problem with this most recent update problems of causing freezing and profile corruption

    Step 1 On Xbox Dashboard slide along to settings then click system once in system settings select Storage

    Step 2 once in storage select your hard drive and then select Games and Apps when you are in the Games and apps file locate your Battlefield 4 file folder

    Step 3 once in your Battlefield 4 folder Delete all updates except title update Do Not Delete Anything else like expansion packs or profile saves (unless they are marked as corrupted then you should delete and redownload)

    Step 4 once you have deleted all the updates press B a few times to return to the Storage devices screen once there highlight your hard drive and then press the Y button to bring up device options

    Step 5 once you have entered device options select Clear System Cache this will then run maintenance on your console which shouldn’t take more then 20 seconds

    Step 6 Once Clear System Cache is completed you are now clear to play Battlefield 4 once you are in battlefield 4 you will be asked to download the March 4th update named update 8 completed the download of update 8 download time depends on your internet speed

    Step 7 once downloaded has finished you can now play Battlefield 4 without any server loading screen crashes and also take note your profile will not corrupt every time you launch battlefield 4 as well hope this solution helped

  • ShepherdOfLove 03.08.14 at 21:07

    360 players need to do this…..this greatly improves the quality of the game. It also limits all the crashes even Dawnbreaker to a degree. Only glitch left after this is done is now the kill cam doesn’t work on head shots from snipers or vehicle kills sometimes. It’s logged right but not shown right and sniper locations not revealed often so take advantage.

    Hello everyone here’s the solution to solve the problem with this most recent update problems of causing freezing and profile corruption

    Step 1 On Xbox Dashboard slide along to settings then click system once in system settings select Storage

    Step 2 once in storage select your hard drive and then select Games and Apps when you are in the Games and apps file locate your Battlefield 4 file folder

    Step 3 once in your Battlefield 4 folder Delete all updates except title update Do Not Delete Anything else like expansion packs or profile saves (unless they are marked as corrupted then you should delete and redownload)

    Step 4 once you have deleted all the updates press B a few times to return to the Storage devices screen once there highlight your hard drive and then press the Y button to bring up device options

    Step 5 once you have entered device options select Clear System Cache this will then run maintenance on your console which shouldn’t take more then 20 seconds

    Step 6 Once Clear System Cache is completed you are now clear to play Battlefield 4 once you are in battlefield 4 you will be asked to download the March 4th update named update 8 completed the download of update 8 download time depends on your internet speed

    Step 7 once downloaded has finished you can now play Battlefield 4 without any server loading screen crashes and also take note your profile will not corrupt every time you launch battlefield 4 as well hope this solution helped

    • SURExSHOTx90 03.09.14 at 07:08

      Dude Thank you So Much. It makes sense how that would work. All the old updates are trash

  • crazypepper666 03.08.14 at 14:52

    Can’t say that anyone is happy about freezing in between every single game. Please fix this. I look forward to coming home from work and taking out my aggression. Now I just get more frustrated about it freezing. Come on ea and dice you are better than that!

  • bubbahubba11 03.08.14 at 09:40

    how about getting locked on in heli/jet. locks seem extremely quick sometimes while others take longer. frustrating when at the first sign of a lock u deploy ecm, but still get hit. at least i hope this is a netcode issue. if ecm is meant to avoid locks we need time to deploy it b4 they fire. ( also i know im not talking about active radars, its def. heatseekers, stingers that hit me)

  • RRuncie1 03.08.14 at 09:23

    I don’t think I have managed a full round on my xbox 360 since update 8 was installed. My xbox keeps freezing or the graphics glitch. This really needs to be sorted out. I am very unimpressed with BF 4. There seems no end to the problems. For the next installment I really think EA and Dice should take more time before the relase and give us a game to remember.

    • ShepherdOfLove 03.08.14 at 21:08

      Hello everyone here’s the solution to solve the problem with this most recent update problems of causing freezing and profile corruption

      Step 1 On Xbox Dashboard slide along to settings then click system once in system settings select Storage

      Step 2 once in storage select your hard drive and then select Games and Apps when you are in the Games and apps file locate your Battlefield 4 file folder

      Step 3 once in your Battlefield 4 folder Delete all updates except title update Do Not Delete Anything else like expansion packs or profile saves (unless they are marked as corrupted then you should delete and redownload)

      Step 4 once you have deleted all the updates press B a few times to return to the Storage devices screen once there highlight your hard drive and then press the Y button to bring up device options

      Step 5 once you have entered device options select Clear System Cache this will then run maintenance on your console which shouldn’t take more then 20 seconds

      Step 6 Once Clear System Cache is completed you are now clear to play Battlefield 4 once you are in battlefield 4 you will be asked to download the March 4th update named update 8 completed the download of update 8 download time depends on your internet speed

      Step 7 once downloaded has finished you can now play Battlefield 4 without any server loading screen crashes and also take note your profile will not corrupt every time you launch battlefield 4 as well hope this solution helped

  • Megahurts1970 03.08.14 at 04:37

    You also need to address the saving issue in campaign mode.

  • Wildfire989 03.08.14 at 04:04

    If this new update is supoosed to be better, tell me how so when everything is crashing, being unstable, or rubber banding vehicles with no sound, not to mention the un-use of any digital pad functions when you jump into certain maps on second assault? I love the game and a I’ve thourally enjoy it a lot, but, It’s really nerve racking when you have to restart the system after one match. This needs to be fixed for us Xbox 360 and PS3 users.

    • ShepherdOfLove 03.08.14 at 21:09

      Hello everyone here’s the solution to solve the problem with this most recent update problems of causing freezing and profile corruption

      Step 1 On Xbox Dashboard slide along to settings then click system once in system settings select Storage

      Step 2 once in storage select your hard drive and then select Games and Apps when you are in the Games and apps file locate your Battlefield 4 file folder

      Step 3 once in your Battlefield 4 folder Delete all updates except title update Do Not Delete Anything else like expansion packs or profile saves (unless they are marked as corrupted then you should delete and redownload)

      Step 4 once you have deleted all the updates press B a few times to return to the Storage devices screen once there highlight your hard drive and then press the Y button to bring up device options

      Step 5 once you have entered device options select Clear System Cache this will then run maintenance on your console which shouldn’t take more then 20 seconds

      Step 6 Once Clear System Cache is completed you are now clear to play Battlefield 4 once you are in battlefield 4 you will be asked to download the March 4th update named update 8 completed the download of update 8 download time depends on your internet speed

      Step 7 once downloaded has finished you can now play Battlefield 4 without any server loading screen crashes and also take note your profile will not corrupt every time you launch battlefield 4 as well hope this solution helped

  • iAMDarkFury 03.08.14 at 03:26

    Just updated. Tried to play 3 times, 3 times it crashed with “you have lost the connection to the session” and “The connection with EA Online was lost”. My PS3 is still connected online and everything else is working fine. This is unplayable. I love Battlefield but for the time being won’t be playing it until this is fixed. Sorry Dice, need to try harder, the game is feeling more like a beta than anything else.

  • RoboticCreation 03.08.14 at 03:11

    so yeah just stopped playing battlefield right now because every time i play one game and it loads to another it freezes every time and i have to start it all over again. How much bullshit do we have to deal with for this game. Your appreciation month is now void because you tried to smooth us over with this random crap you gave us for the month just to have the game constantly freeze more than last time. How does fixing a problem turn into a bigger problem. I just dont get that

  • miniFRIDGE0205 03.08.14 at 00:22

    Since the newest update on the 360, when I start the game it says it failed to connect any battle packs, when I go to my soldier it says failed please try again, but I go to it again and it immediately pops up like nothing happened, I can’t play more than 1 game if that before it freezes. It use to be only dawnbreaker but now it’s EVERY map. As soon as I get in a match the entire thing goes hay wire and starts glitching out with discoloration I’ve seen what looks like a mother board on what should be the ground. My rifle is always a glitch purple now. I love battlefield this is your best game yet I just can’t play it right now bc of all this glitching. Please fix ASAP. I really want to get back into playing. Thank you.

  • wearetheduty 03.07.14 at 22:46

    Your patch gave me more bugs than ever and no solutions. Thank you DIce.

  • Mofio 03.07.14 at 19:57

    I fire a Shell in a building where enemy Soldier is. I hit the wall rightbeside the enemy. The wall explodes in all directions and the whole building rumbles. Do i kill? Nope,he fires AT missile and runs away despite me fireing again and again. Usin HE Shells. He should be killed by flying bricks or debris from explosion..but no.

  • wolverine james 03.07.14 at 15:24

    I am a player from X360 and always play battlefield since bad company!since last actualizacion pacth for btl4,its impossibel to play 2 games in a row,it always crasch in all maps on conquest mode and other issues also!i hope u dice resolve very quickly this problem because i am becoming very furious with this situacion!!peace and love from Portugal

  • nrkg2525 03.07.14 at 13:37

    As soon as I went on after update 8 all the textures were screwed up and the scopes I had for my AS VAL were the ones I had for the A-91 PLEASE FIX

  • UnconsciousSol 03.07.14 at 06:32

    Increase the infantry movement speed back to the way it was in BF3. This game has become a haven for campers. Hopefully the net code fixes makes ADS’ing to engage multiple targets much snappier like it was in BF3.

  • GuyWithNoLife96 03.07.14 at 02:44

    I’m having trouble LAUNCHING BF4 on my X1. Everytime I try to, it takes me to the prompt screen and stays there. I’ve left it on there for 5 minutes just to see if it was just a glitch, but this is persistent. PLEASE fix this too.

  • PKMBULLETS 03.07.14 at 02:41

    I didn’t know the tickrate was 10!!!!!! That explains a lot!!! They should optimize the game for all different platforms, not this one size fits all approach. Dang 10…really dice? I feel sorry for the PC guys.

  • DoppelGanger351 03.06.14 at 22:48

    Ill just have to say is im really disappointed because after buying Second assault i can only play one map when the round is over theres a freeze when the next map loads. Sometimes it does it with the regular maps then i have to turn off my xbox360 again and trust me not happy at all turning jt on and off every time it happens. fix it as soon as possible!

  • dj_suave 03.06.14 at 19:11

    even logging into this blog is a workout. wow.
    So you made a “netcode fix” did ya? Well I can tell you that it has gone from bad to worse. Nice packet loss- icon . It´s not flashing in Conquest Large, it has already burned in my plasma screen. Now it is totally unplayable.
    I´ve been keeping my PS4 on a DMZ to avoid any packet loss. Now I even opened the whole god damn router wide open. There is no security. No firewall. I get A+ result. 10ms ping. No packet loss.
    In domination the movement is fluent, but when ever i get shot at or I am trying shoot someone, the packet loss-icon lits up… And yes.. if it is CQ-combat it goes haywire. First enemy is on the left side, then stutter, then he appear on the right side, the stutter, then the left side… and after that I am dead….
    What you call that? Competive gaming? Is there a learning curve to this? Should I be learning which side I should predict my movents?

  • Liongaze2 03.06.14 at 19:00

    Dawn breaker and radio station maps were two that crashes xbox- now multiple maps crash- color distortion, and saw breaker no one does unless you shoot up close- also in ibliteration the bases do no receive the bomb .. It seems like update 8 made more problems than it fixed – your head of development should be fired.

    • Liongaze2 03.06.14 at 19:22

      That’s “dawn breaker” no one dies unless it’s an up close shot.
      The respawn time is too long, however the time for detenation is longer- which is good.

      Still your quality assurance is terrible.

  • Turtle Sniper6 03.06.14 at 18:38

    The graphics when you play caspian border never load properly. Theres no sound and after awhile it changes to multicolor

  • M1LL3R_UK 03.06.14 at 18:29

    The Tickrate is the most important thing , but thanks to consoles DICE wont touch it ! 10 per second rather than 100 . check out this video which explains why.

  • bware0861 03.06.14 at 10:37

    I don’t what ya’ll did on the last update but the game sucks you can’t play more than 2 games then the game freezes and you have to restart your Xbox and now you can’t even play 2 games because in the middle of a game it freezes and you loose all kills and points! there was also a gold pack released Monday what happened to that?

  • JohnieCide 03.06.14 at 04:58

    I appreciate your efforts at communication. But I feel like many others that even if you fix most of the bugs there is still the issue with the tickrate of the servers. Unless that’s increased dramatically I’ll probably not be buying another battlefield title. I’m disappointed with this outcome, but I have little faith that it will be increased when there is no acknowledgment that it’s even a problem. I know you said it was something being considered, but that clearly means it’s not something recognized as a problem. And more than likely code for “We hear you, but really can’t change it”. I don’t blame DICE perse; I have no idea if the issue is EA or DICE. But it’s clearly a problem regardless of whose at fault. Please understand; I love the game warts and all. But the lack of adequate world updating just sucks the fun out of the game, at least for me, and certainly for others I’ve spoken to. I do hope you prove me wrong.

  • PureK ROCK 77 03.06.14 at 03:58

    This is really getting frustrating.. I cant even finish 2 games without it game freezing up on me..I love this game but with all the new problems with it Im starting to lose interest. . When someone pays$60 for a game it should work for more than 10 minutes. Fix the problems soon or give me back my money.

  • hoeftdog 03.06.14 at 02:56

    Since the new patch I’m having massive issues with the 360 version of this game as well. Might get through one round but as it’s loading the next one it locks up the entire console! Not to mention the occasional pink and black plaid screen of death that ends the entire round for me if it’s actually working…

  • JustifiedMadness 03.06.14 at 02:08

    Hi, for some reason with the newest update on Xbox 360, every second or third server I’ve joined has froze my Xbox. I am wondering if this is a local problem or if other people are having this happen to them, and how to fix it. Thanks.

    • CATALYS7 187 03.06.14 at 02:53

      This is happening to everyone on my friends list, including me, that still play BF4 on the 360. I did talk to my friends who play on xbox one and none of them are having these issues. So basically the game freezes whenever the server lobby I am in (or whoever is experiencing the freezing problem) switches to a new map. For example, I play domination, and the game won’t freeze when it switches to the 2nd round of the same map, but when it comes time to switch to the next map it will freeze within seconds of trying to load the new map. And of course there is the glitch that causes the screen to go crazy with color.

      So sad. Released a broken game, fixed most issues after about 2 months of constant game updates/suffering through the problems this game has had, then they seemed to finally have figured it out and made BF4 playable (finally!!!), and then they release this March 4th update and it completely breaks the game all over again…after months of constantly trying to defend DICE/EA and keeping hope that the problems would one day finally end, I have now lost all faith in the developers with this latest bout of issues, and regret ever buying a premium membership to support these guys in failing us.

      I mean come on, how can you release a game update to help fix game issues only to make the game even more broken to the point where it is almost unplayable…?!?

  • ChubbyChopps 03.06.14 at 00:39

    For fucks sake DICE stop working on shit that can wait for example more dlc when the base game doesn’t even run properly. I can play half a game then it freezes, or i join a game and my sound won’t come on till I’m a couple minutes into the game! HOW HARD IS IT TO FIX CRAP THAT MATTERS RATHER THAN CREATING MORE THINGS TO HIDE YOUR FUCK UPS

  • Magickiller 03.05.14 at 20:44

    The latest update is a drama on the PS4. The hitbox and no gun glitch Unfortunately again. Six bullets into an enemy pumps with a sniper rifle and he shot me down with a health of 51.

  • avenger_sb25 03.05.14 at 19:44

    Thanks DICE for the patches… I appreciate that you haven’t abandoned the players… I was having freezing issues with my GTX 560 and AMD FX4 but after I upgraded to GTX 780 and I5; I haven’t seen any freezing. So may be you ppl have to look at the old hardware and provide better support for that

  • Al Jeezy 19 03.05.14 at 19:31

    What the hell was in that update now the game feels totally different, one shot kills are far worse than before, super easy to kill someone now, game still lags when spawing into battle. this is horrible, I’m going back to BF3, DICE you guys punked us.

  • xMMRx Fry 03.05.14 at 18:00

    I play BF4 on X1 and constantly see the packet loss symbol in every server I join. I checked my internet connection using my X1′s detailed stats test and it says their is no packet loss when I test it? This has just started happening to me after this last update I installed….don’t know if that helps but that packet loss icon doesn’t flash for me, it just stays lit on my HUD about 80% of the time. I have the “rubber banding” issue all the time now after this last update. I love battlefield, I’ve been playing since Modern Combat and hope you guys can iron all this out

  • wi1dcherry 03.05.14 at 17:52

    Tried to play 4 rounds this morning and froze my 360 three times. Was that update for fixes or for the next expansion? It froze twice on me last night.. And how about some type of punkbuster?

  • otynane 03.05.14 at 17:37

    What the fuck update you made DICE when you can’t even complete 2 games??? I’m tired getting freezed all the time.. At least before multiplayer update 8 the only map that was always freezing my 360 was Dawnbreaker and the game was playable. I’m really disappointed :(

  • underdok3 03.05.14 at 15:41

    If you replay missions in campaign and you retrieves more than before it won’t be show

  • TheGreatManta 03.05.14 at 15:23

    Also… the vehicles in BF4 are much weaker in comparison to BF3. Especially Helis and Tanks. Plus there are way too many different types of rockets and lauchers to hit them. Too unbalanced in my opinion…

  • TheGreatManta 03.05.14 at 15:14

    And how about addressing that fact that a player gets stuck on a footstep or any other small size obstacle as if it was a wall? I mean all obstacles that you can put a leg over and mantle or jump over should not be stopping the player movement. It’s insane!

  • DutchGuerrilla 03.05.14 at 11:11

    Is it the netcode?? Why can I play some maps without lag with 64 players. I don’t see packet loss icon on the good maps with 64 players.. Does it have something to do with a lot of vehicle maps? The map with the dam gave an almost constant packet loss icon..

  • AdamFrost 03.05.14 at 10:55

    My son , someday you will play this game cleaned

  • sygys 03.05.14 at 08:59

    It would be better to adress the still faulty and buggy reviving system.

    Its impossible to revive:
    1.When a med kit is in a person
    2.When and enemie is in a player
    3.When the enemie is shot while knifing a player
    4.player will disapear when walking over him.
    5. when dead player is touching the boundries of items/the map its impossible to revive.

    All these bugs have been there since day one of bf3 why isnt this fixed allready?

    • sygys 03.05.14 at 09:04

      Some times when i play with a friend in the same room i look at his screen and see him reviving a person. when i look at the same spot on my screen the dead player is on a totally different place, and my friend cant revive him…. this means the bodies are out of sync and i think thats one of the biggest problems the revive function doesnt work at all.

      Also the fact that you get 20 point for fast reviving a team member will result in people not reviving, because the risk is too high for the reward. i end up dieing with 4 medics around me not even doing a little effort of tring to rev me. The system was so damn good in bf3… why ruin it so hard in 4?

  • kellster177 03.05.14 at 04:53

    DICE please fix the freezing I can’t play 3/4 of the games I join because I freeze I love battlefield4 but I can’t even play it

    • xXBaNdItXx1344 03.05.14 at 06:42

      I have the same problem on my ps3 i can play great for hours one day, then the next it constantly freezes the next

  • Royal King134 03.05.14 at 02:31

    It’s nice to see DICE communicating with us.But the community has to give better detailed problems.Because all i’m reading is fix this fix that,be more detail guys and keep it classy.If you guys do this it will help DICE.And I don’t think Tickrate is a huge problem,never had problems with it,people just want the game to be like Counter strike.

  • Nickmett 03.05.14 at 00:25

    Since i’ve got Bf4 I was never able to watch my Ping. It shows as a “-” icon and because of that I’m always getting kicked from servers or even not being able to enter at all most of the times. That, plus the horrible stuttering, make the game unplayable for me. I’m hoping they can fix this…

  • T3XAS J0K3R 03.04.14 at 23:42

    Suggest to stutdown 64 man servers till its fix. 32 player conquest should be enable on xbox one. I usally dont have any issues on smaller servers.

  • highCalibre-VX9- 03.04.14 at 23:37

    Also I understand tick rate/hardware limitations for Large Conquest and the like, but we really need an increased tick rate for smaller games like low pop Domination/TDM if BF4 is to survive as a competitive RTS.

    This doesn’t strike me as exceedingly difficult to implement, should just be one switch statement to change the tick rate var based on game mode and server pop, no?

    • highCalibre-VX9- 03.04.14 at 23:40

      Err I mean FPS.

    • DeeJaySlick 03.05.14 at 08:34

      yes i fully agree that DICE needs to strongly consider implementing a higher tickrate (50 ideally) in the DOMINATION game mode.

      I’ve played for 20ID for BF3, and every single professional FPS player i’ve spoken to, playing for top tier team (teams that actually fly their players out for LAN tournaments) will not TOUCH battlefield infantry with a 50 foot pole.

      running around in a tank is fun, but that’s about it, no one worth their salt stands by the infantry portion of this game, it just makes them very very angry, and i understand why. you need a 50 tickrate to be taken seriously. for DOMINATION, this shouldn’t be hard to implement.

      doesn’t matter if servers have to double the cost of each server slot to make their money back, it’s what needs to be done. build it, and they will come…back ;)

  • highCalibre-VX9- 03.04.14 at 23:28

    Kill card shows 0 health:

    I’ve noticed that this display is still inaccurate, I will shoot a guy and see his health displayed as say 50 but when he dies moments later I get a 75 assist… Which would imply that this bug was ‘fixed’ via ‘magic number.’

  • DAKINE2009 03.04.14 at 22:05

    Since thus new update, my PS3 has frozen 5 times today. What gives?

  • GsTr WaRrioR NL 03.04.14 at 21:49

    100 procent lives around

  • GsTr WaRrioR NL 03.04.14 at 21:48

    And People with 100 walking around so yeah guys this is not funny at xbox 360

  • GsTr WaRrioR NL 03.04.14 at 21:47

    Dear battlefield 4 where at xbox 360 have big Probleems
    At the xbox 360 disco screen xbox freez allmost all the time can You guys fix this because this insend making fun

  • burtonsnowbds 03.04.14 at 21:10

    Removing the death cards from Hardcore…. thats a clever way to cover your tracks with all the Death glitches that occur in hardcore. also fixes the running killed in action glitch. now that no one knows where they died from or how they died, or how much health they had.

  • eaglesfan_4for4 03.04.14 at 20:44

    All of these things are great but I would love to see servers that are only for specific areas. Keep the servers how they are now but add more so that the only way to get in that server is if you live in that specific area. This has to be possible.

  • SC0RPl0N 03.04.14 at 20:27

    Its nice to see that you are working on improving netcode of the game.I would like you to see this research about characteristics of UDP packet loss :

    Here in this research is to the detail explained when highest UDP packet loss is happening and why, also what size of UDP packet producing smallest packet loss. It appears that few well sinchronized TCP connections have big impact on UDP packet loss. I noticed this also and it was not placebo effect. If i had several tabs opened in browser while i was playing my hitreg became worse. So now i am playing with only battlelog opened and I disabled TCP autotuning in command prompt wich helped me alot with reducing UDP packet loss. Please read this article and if you can please define best size of UDP packets to reduce overall packetloss from all players connected to the servers. It would be good if we can get option to stop origin TCP connections while playing also because less active TCP connections means less UDP packet loss for UDP connections.

    best regards


  • greguss4life 03.04.14 at 17:49

    Sometimes i randomly die or the game stops and I have to restart my ps3. I also had these problems with battlefield 3. I live in the Netherlands. Btw awesome game!!

  • L3377MA573R 03.04.14 at 17:16

    I’m really glad to see you guys communicating with us, it’s good to see that the game at least is getting some decent Q/A, even if it’s half a year after the launch. It is still hard for us to understand, though, why these are still such big issues; the reason that these effects are so jarring for players is because they’re used to things working normally. I know that Q/A was pretty lackluster for the game because of how much it was rushed, but considering how many elements are EXTREMELY similar to BF3, it’s pretty frustrating on our end when the game plays like a less polished version of its predecessor. (SOMEHOW)

  • BiGbOy_HeAt 03.04.14 at 16:35

    I love Battlefield, my brother got me into this game with BF3. I been hooked since, however I love BF4 and I just did the update a hour ago but my game still freezes. Please fix

  • W1nn1ng1 03.04.14 at 14:52

    The most troubling thing with all this is how long its taking. The game has been out for, what, almost 4 months and we still have BETA issues. It seems as if DICE has removed their development team and placed them on a new game, even though EA stated they were putting everything on hold till this was fixed.

    Until DICE can prove they can fix the bugs in BF4, I won’t be purchasing the next product they introduce. It’s time we, as a community, stand up against this. They have already made their money on this game and have probably pulled off most of their dev team for a new project. They gave us a BETA product and won’t admit their issues and fix them. Instead we constantly get updates that fix stuff no one cares about without actually fixing the real issues. And don’t even get me started on their “balancing” patches. The only thing its done is more of the same, air vehicles are a complete joke as it takes about 30 seconds to take one down.

    • Quintox 03.04.14 at 15:27

      What did you expect from the MoH;WF team? ;) Dangerclose is rebranded DICE LA.
      Doesn’t come as a surprise that they dropped the ball.. Dice Stockholm is working on Battlefront. Let’s hope they do finally know how to utilize and optimize that game and FB3.

      Advice: stop buying games from EA. Turn to independent developers. Gamers are weak, we all know “we” hardly walk the talk. Can’t really blame them, teenagers falling for marketing.
      As long as we keep spending money on shitty half baked products, they will keep delivering shitty half baked products. Shareholders don’t care about you, me, the game nor Dice. They would disband the studio with the blink of an eye ( Westwood anyone? )

  • JetWave 03.04.14 at 13:50

    “we are exploring the possibilities of raising the tickrate on specific servers.”

    This is something I am very interested in seeing. As someone with an extremely fast bandwidth it could make a huge difference for me while at the same time those with slower net will still be able to play on servers more fit for them. It would be great for all parties on all sides so if you could do this it would be amazing! Just make sure you get some good servers for it here in Sweden! :3

  • TEHBRAIN 03.04.14 at 12:33

    I say make a different version of BF for PC in the future.
    And by that I mean with high as possible tickrates, no limit on upload/download and show what you can make when you are not restricted by some shitty old/new consoles.
    If they want players with 4Kb upload and 300ms lag to still be able to play, it’s their problem and we who spent a lot on powerful rigs should not have to suffer because of this.
    If you guys do this, no one can blame you and talk shit. They’ll bash the consoles instead for having shit hardware and shit policies.
    Even if some money are lost cause of more work to do this separately from consoles version, it will be the best publicity for you, a flawless version of the game who is more than suited for competitions and for gamers who want the absolute best.
    It will more than pay for itself, I think.

    • W1nn1ng1 03.04.14 at 14:55

      Tick rates on PC are pretty much the same as consoles. Consoles aren’t limited in their network capacity, sorry to burst your bubble. All increasing tick rates does is put more strain on their servers. So, if they don’t implement this change, its more than likely because they are using cheap server hardware instead of top end processing / memory.

  • BessieSABU 03.04.14 at 08:27

    What about EU region servers with US IPs?

  • purius 03.04.14 at 04:01

    The tick rate is causing all the problem and still you have no plans on fixing it?
    How ridiculous can you guys be?
    Every one is complaining and you still ignore it?
    Yea right, you guys are part of worst company of America.
    No wonder

    • AzNjoEz 03.04.14 at 06:33

      “we are exploring the possibilities of raising the tickrate on specific servers.”

      You read?

    • MartianGeneral 03.04.14 at 10:21

      Please stop talking because you have no clue what you’re saying. Just because everyone is complaining about this “tickrate”, it doesn’t mean increasing the tickrate will solve all problems..
      It’s the network related bugs and not the tickrate that’s causing all these problems..
      Please tell me this, if they fixed the ‘no hit detection’ bug, the kill cam appearing too early bug, rubberbanding/packet loss, etc. why would you blame tickrate?
      Just because a guy made a youtube video doesn’t mean he is spot-on. Stop being so clueless. The devs know better than you, that’s why they’re working at DICE, not you.

  • Crutchieee 03.04.14 at 03:56

    I’m looking into optimizing my gaming experience by playing another game, this should extensively reduce the urge to throw my controller at other objects. Race you.

  • bhull302 03.04.14 at 03:54

    Thanks for the update. I think more regular communications like this would help soothe the player base.

  • Irishmofo79 03.04.14 at 03:45

    Thank you for showing us that you are all still working to get the game experience working to the fullest capacity. You probably hear more negative comments than positive, including myself. Just know that there are some of us that appreciate this awesome one of a kind game. Keep up the good work EA/Dice/Sony/Frostbite.

  • rexbinary 03.04.14 at 03:43

    There are quite a few companies that hammered this stuff out many years ago. Maybe you could reach out to one of them and license their netcode?

  • SparkyPanic 03.04.14 at 02:43

    From the looks of it, especially with PS4, the in-game server browser, tablet app and web-browser versions all suffer from the same problem: Matchmaking.

    When I search for a server with the above mentioned ways, very few servers come up. If you tick everything to AL, except for adjusting player count, you will see that servers are either completely full or completely empty. So getting a whole squad together of friends is tough and we know that is the best way to play – with friends, squaded up.

    All the things that DICE is investigating are all very critical game breaking things and I think that it is great they are attacking it. My question is: How can we improve the matchmaking? Will improving matching making improve servers overall lag? My reasoning behind this is more often than not I seemed to be matched up with people far from my region even if my region is set a specific region. The strangest thing is I seem to end up on EU servers more than anything, which makes no sense. All I am looking for is more servers, in the end. I just want to play because, sans lag / rubber-banding I love this game.

  • phinnv8 03.04.14 at 02:24

    DICE when are you going to address most rounds only lasting 6-10 minutes? This is a quick server config fix and it should be done BEFORE ANY OF THIS.

    INCREASE player counts, INCREASE round time, INCREASE tickets, etc. Rounds should be lasting 30 minutes. Conquest 64 even longer.

    • AzNjoEz 03.04.14 at 06:34

      You do know that what you are complaining about is specific to the servers? You should find a different server with a higher ticket count.

  • Mariner169 03.04.14 at 02:02

    Anywayz, my campaign progress has been deleted 5 (FIVE) times. WHEN is THIS problem going to be fixed???

  • deathbylatte 03.04.14 at 02:02

    I appreciate the post, but would have appreciated it a lot more if it had come out 3 months ago. I don’t blame DICE for this at all, its clear to me that they wanted their game to be enjoyable for everyone, and that EA rushed it to the market. I only hope that DICE now has the sense and courage to say no to EA next time they push for a stupidly early release. If the next Battlefield releases in a state like BF4, my favorite series will go down in flames.

    • Kold2012 03.04.14 at 02:04

      EA owns DICE. if EA sayJUMP, Dice has to say how high?

    • Blitzorz 03.04.14 at 07:52

      You are wrong. DICE is completely at fault. They had a deadline and over delivered on features, yet under delivered on quality. They had the deadline, they f*cked up and over sold the game’s capabilities to EA.

  • SP_daphantom1 03.04.14 at 02:02

    You guys need to fix the net code or something because every time i play for awhile it freezes on me and im getting tired of it

    • JosephWard111 03.04.14 at 05:53

      i agree me and my mates are having the same problem and hope its fixed soon

  • phinnv8 03.04.14 at 01:56

    This is nice but it matters very little when the #1 issue is still not addressed.

    There is still no way to join a squad as a squad like you could in BC1, BC2, BF3 and EVERY OTHER multiplayer game I can think of.

    This absolutely fundamental feature is STILL missing.

    • Mariner169 03.04.14 at 02:01

      What R U talking about? Press triangle in the spawn screen, pick ur squad and and join.

  • terrible_B 03.04.14 at 01:54

    Please add ping time to the PS server browser, bars don’t count, come on! Getting up from kneeling or laying down is way toooooooo slowwwwwwwwwww, like a 90 year old man with bad knees, raise the gun faster, more like COD please! Customizable group of perks instead of fixed mix of presets. Add a in game chat console so you can pick who you want to talk to.
    that’s just a few things

  • pepperbandit 03.04.14 at 01:52

    Guys, give DICE some slack will you…just keep in mind, programming such a huge game, takes a lot of skills..just saying ^^

  • StrikeS12 03.04.14 at 00:53

    How about adding a ‘Spotted’ indicator as well? If you were killed while spotted it would display on your kill cam. This might help calm some people down and chill the ‘OMG Cheater!’ rants… because often people are killed because they’re spotted and people are just shooting at their Dorito

  • wWaAVve 03.04.14 at 00:38

    Thanks DICE. We appreciate you working on issues and keeping us informed. That is why your loyal fans will stay with you as long as you stick with us.

  • Ridgeblader 03.04.14 at 00:28

    DICE. I don’t care about you increasing your ‘tickrate’ but please fix the desynchronised hit boxes and the issue that causes the One Hit Kills. Currently it’s far too frustrating to play your game.

    • terrible_B 03.04.14 at 01:44

      A 10hz tic rate is most likely the root of 80% of the problems. How can you sync every ones movements and shots when every ones ping is different and then add that to 100ms tic rate updates. Massive mathematics trying to sync every ones movements and actions only 10 times a second, no way, but how do you turn back now, start from scratch? Unloading entire clip up close in the chest and head, no hit markers and then they kill you while your reloading, over and over again. Getting shot around corners and threw walls. Even shot someone in the side of the head with a sniper riffle up close, there hear twitched and then what seemed like one shot and I was dead from them. Doom and Heretic with a 56k modem worked better

    • PLACENTA_EATER 03.04.14 at 01:45

      You dumb bastard tick rate causes the two aforementioned issues.

  • zzz-SandmaN-zzz 03.04.14 at 00:23

    So when is this game coming out of beta again? Oh…. wait.

  • Kremlin 03.04.14 at 00:23

    if i reached the end of a project cycle at my place of employment and submitted code on par with the quality of battlefield 4′s, i would quite literally be fired on the spot.

    not even your news post comment system works, jesus christ.

  • K3_600 03.04.14 at 00:07

    What % of packet loss does each square represent and is this true packet loss or just retransmissions?

    When are these fixes being rolled out and would it be possible to see the ping of the person killing you?

  • TeesPoopie2400 03.04.14 at 00:06


  • Two Face Killah 03.04.14 at 00:03

    DICE remove the in game timer clock for all game modes cause its BS. And get the rent a sever up!

  • PLACENTA_EATER 03.03.14 at 23:49

    Maybe you guys should let us host our own servers with a configurable tick-rate. Maybe you wouldn’t need to compensate for lag, because those of us with high bandwidth connections would be able to actually use them. I want to say some extremely, terrible things to you but I’m not sure I’d be offending the right people. So I’ll make this clear. I hope whoever made the decision to not allow players to host their own dedicated servers gets prostate cancer at the very least, and dies a slow harrowing painful death watching after their loved ones have suffered the same fate at the best.

    • zzz-SandmaN-zzz 03.04.14 at 00:22

      Wow….that’s uncalled for. Not cool

      • Kold2012 03.04.14 at 01:48

        What is uncalled for is releasing such a shitty game and taking peoples hard earned money for it. I didn’t pay over $120 for this laggy, bug filled, glitchy POS. We are quickly approaching DLC 3 (that’s 3 out of 5) and the game is barely playable. BARELY! the fact i even can get in a match amazes me. If i dont get 1 shot killed by an AR, its by the undead soldier i just unloaded on. Cant even begin on how many times ive just plain “lost connection to EA” I see more “killed in action” screens then anything. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DICE don’t let Battlefield become the next call of duty. There are many aspects of the game i love but in its current state it doesn’t matter cause every gun fight is a game of chance. BF3 was never this bad despite its problems.

      • PLACENTA_EATER 03.04.14 at 01:54

        I know its not cool, but really where do these problems stem from? The old saying goes “shit rolls downhill,” and I’m sure if we followed the greed up the chain we could find the group actually responsible for the lies, bugs, glitches and overall toxic corporate policy that poisons the whole gaming community. I do not believe that the game is shit because Dice is greedy or has terrible developers. I think the people making the deadlines, pulling the strings above Dice are at fault. The “Marlboro Men” or “Smoking Man” ala the X-Files of the video game industry. These men need to be dethroned and publicly derided for the the collective rage they cause.

        I know Dice is an excellent development company I never blamed Dice ever some of the people made Battlefield 4 back in 2006, it was called Desert Combat mod and it was much more playable than this piece of shit. So I know its not Dice, or at least I hope its not them who chose to institute such fucked up Tick-Rate, closed source, dedicated server policy.

  • CranialAssassin7 03.03.14 at 23:43

    The problem I’m having is that the enemy is invisible and appear when He kill me and I also unload a full clip in the person face and he just put one or two shots on me and I’m dead and these 2 keeps doing it to me and it’s pissing me off

  • waldo15 03.03.14 at 23:38

    So you write this:

    “We are working on fixing glitches in your immediate interactions with the game world: the way you move and shoot, the feedback when you’re hit, and the way other players’ actions are shown on your screen.”

    What I read is:

    “Yeah, the game has rage-inducing moments that we have not been able to fix up until now but we launched the game anyways. So bear with us while we try to get things to a level of decent gameplay that you all deserve…. but hey, look over there! Isn’t that a new Titan mode we are unveiling?…”

    Please guys, get this fixed stat. It’s been a very rough 4 months already…

    • TomaHawkSDCS 03.04.14 at 00:24

      You do know that it was EA that pushed for the game release right, and not Dice. They are doing what they can to fix it, its not their fault. Before you bitch about something you know nothing about, try and do some research so you don’t look like a fool.,.

      • AmpleNickel4262 03.04.14 at 00:44

        I constantly hear this but do you actually have any evidence DICE didn’t push this out the door as well? Or is this opinion of your’s formed based on all these nice and snappy comments/articles Battlefield always posts?

  • the_manny500 03.03.14 at 23:06

    MAMBO JAMBO. the icon that looks like a clock never appeared on my screen even though I am always experiencing lag

  • Grozarom 03.03.14 at 22:55

    Nice DICE!

  • SgtCueball 03.03.14 at 22:54

    Thanks for the detailed update, it’s appreciated. Regarding the lack of plans to change the tickrate, can you perhaps explain how this isn’t a priority? There’s a LOT of claims floating around, including some in carefully researched and meticulously produced YouTube videos that appear to show a clear correlation between certain in-game problems and the tickrate.
    If the tickrate isn’t the problem, what is? What exactly is causing me to get killed after I think I’m safely in cover (pinging 20-ish to server, no apparent lag)? What’s causing the complete lack of hit registration when I pepper a guy with controlled bursts and see no hit markers? Then, when he kills me with one or two shots, he still has 100% health?

    I’d rather base my complaints on accurate info straight from the source, so if you guys could clue us all in, that would be awesome.

    I have to say, that when the game works, it’s probably the most enjoyable, best-looking FPS I’ve ever played, and I’ve been playing them since Wolf3D. A glitch-free game of Obliteration is a real rush, so huge kudos to you guys for all the things you’ve gotten right.

  • IIRAY_DIABLOII 03.03.14 at 22:19

    sound loop op.

  • Pugey86 03.03.14 at 22:18

    I keep having problems when entering a game my screen just stays black with the loading sign working on top right hand corner of screen and im also having problem where i serach for game and every map is on a one bar, i have to restart everything to fix it

  • RabbitusMaximus 03.03.14 at 22:14

    Great to see an update from the dev’s on everything keep up the good work, communication with the fans and players is the way forward.

  • Faolan3 03.03.14 at 22:08

    Im glad to see that some of the issues iv been having are being looked at and fixed. But there are still 2 issues I have happen the most. The map: Dawn Breaker always freezes on me. It freezes anytime I do more then one thing. Example: Run to elevater, press button, crouch. or Once we hit half time. Were half the match is over. It gets… Frustrating when it freezes, every time.

    The second thing are the morters. I know there supposed to be for “indirect fire” But when you cant hit anything because it misses the mark completly, then that gets annoying aswell. Now I could understand missing if I was firing rapidly. But if im taking my time, then that round should hit my target. Not got 15ft past him.

    I hope these other issues get fixed soon. But for now im happy knowing that some of my other issues are being fixed. Thanx DICE.

    • AmpleNickel4262 03.04.14 at 00:47

      Are you firing on level ground? Even the SLIGHTEST angle to the ground can throw off shots and make the aiming goofy and whacked out.

  • BlackCat314 03.03.14 at 21:59

    The game works great for me, has pretty much from the start. I appreciate the time and effort you are putting in to fix the remaining issues, and know not all of us are ingrates and some of us actually understand that some issues can not be foreseen.

  • ThatzWutSh3Sed 03.03.14 at 21:58

    Honestly, I am glad to see that they are finally addressing something instead of always trying to lure us away from the issues. Or rather, TRY to lure us away from the issues at hand by giving free stuff away. However, there seems to still be no talk about or fixes or updates about my issues I have been having since day 1 with the actual campaign. Yes. The multiplayer is an important facet of the game. I play it often. But, I would also like to actually play and finish the campaign so I can get more of my guns in the assignments. Also, my “profile” is corrupt. Sometimes it is, sometimes it is not. It would be great if it would pick a choice lol and stay with it!

    Then you need to fix the above issues, and let Premium members (or anyone) rent servers. I am tired of the 8-10 minute games.

    • phinnv8 03.04.14 at 02:05

      Ugh exactly. Battlefield games used to be epic, lasting 30 minutes minimum. Battlefield 4 is a disaster. Every game lasts 6-10 minutes no matter what game mode. It’s so bad it’s almost laughable tickrates, timers, and kill counts haven’t been quadrupled by now.

  • porterx2 killer 03.03.14 at 21:51

    No no no no you are not experiencing all the bad lagging and the freezing and all the other issues there are more people that need updates including myself so the game can be enjoyable.

  • Van Winkel x 03.03.14 at 21:49

    How about region locking the severs as well??? This would go a long way to improving things..

    I and nearly everyone who has played this train wreck now know that you lot are totally incompetent. No one really has any faith in you fixing this travesty. The on-line is worse than a mess, and you refuse to lock the servers by default to remove what is undoubtedly adding extra strain to an already poor server network.

    Great work dice! I paid for premium… But never again

    • pinpoint4545 03.04.14 at 00:32

      I agree with the region locking thing, or at least have a server setting to block out international I.P. addresses. though i have to disagree with the statement that they are incompetent, i think you should briefly review what video games are, and reassess your notion of their complexity and artistic integration, making games in general isn’t “easy” let alone making a game that has as many details as bf4. Its rather impressive that it works at all granted the time that was available to the team to construct it.

  • Versatile337 03.03.14 at 21:46

    Keep it up. This is what we want to see. Forget adding new features/making a new game. The game you have now is amazing. This is all it needs. Consistency in multiplayer experience to make Battlefield mostly a skill-based first person shooter.

  • EXILE157 03.03.14 at 21:37

    Now they want to add connection Icons to make you feel as if ” oh it’s my connection with the problem not the game” yeah disguise your bullshit EA / DICE!

    EA / DICE Developers need to actually play the game online!!! We all know they rushed out BF4 unfinished and have us test it for them without getting paid! We actually paid them to test their games!, When are the Developers really going to put hard work into playing the game!? Before throwing out to public!? Yeah we see Developers have BF Accounts online but hardly play it, it’s just there to say we play it!? That’s why EA / DICE have no clue what’s really going on! Unless we give feed backs!!!! ( Pay Us to be your Testers!!! )

    Actually Fix the “Netcode” don’t give us Icons to fool consumers into thinking it’s their connection with the issue, high ping players should not have advantages over low ping players!!! Which EA / DICE made sure they had to so called balance their gaming experience!!! This is not console players here!!! We have extreme machines with extreme internet connections!!!

    • xYEAHIROCKx 03.03.14 at 21:42

      You’re a moron, that’s not what they’re trying to make you feel at all… I swear, if the rest of the fan base of this game were people like you, DICE would be better off letting this game die..

      • Crashpilot_GER 03.03.14 at 22:33

        Agreed. The BF fanbase turns worst with every new release….

  • DK_Nelson 03.03.14 at 21:37

    Freezing… Lvl Cap… Party system… Servers with more tickets… Why do I have hundreds of leftover boosts at lvl 110…? Looks like us people who put hundreds of hours in will continue to be ignored. Keep marketing to the kiddies, it will be COD soon enough.

    • EXILE157 03.03.14 at 21:42

      Yeah it’s really sad EA / DICE been trying to compete with Crap of Doodie, and they starting to slowly get into that gaming style! I see that slowly but surely dedicating it to only console!

  • BLAZErazgriez 03.03.14 at 21:20

    SOOOOOOOOOO Y NOT FIX THE FREEZING???????!!!!!!?????????

  • VredeBavian 03.03.14 at 21:02

    I am one of those players who experienced little to no issues from release until the first patch. Then it went unplayable for a couple of weeks. Ever since it has been a great ride. You guys deserve points for effort. Truly, there is a large portion of the community that has problems, but more and more players are seeing improvements, I am noticing changes all the time. The game is immense, patience will always be in short supply, we are many who believe your devs are working round the clock for the better experience. Keep it up!

  • Pandelas 03.03.14 at 20:58

    The game is broken since bf3. Same game, same bugs, same engine, same net code. After so many years, dlc’s, ‘new’ game, ‘new’ dlc’s and you want to fix the game? After 3 god damn years? Seriously you decided to work instead of getting easy money? Oh no you already made enough easy money so far with broken games. By the way these are some great news. Make me feel proud of you some day (before bf5 please).

  • SMOKE6869 03.03.14 at 20:48

    my single player still dont save i played it like 7 times and still dont save and the black load screen still takes forever

  • MrEntTastic 03.03.14 at 20:40

    Not the be that “Fix your game” guy but aren’t we still waiting on other promised fixes that will be applied “in an upcoming patch”? Such as vehicle re-balance?

    Can we please have a DATE or some sort of confirmation that this isn’t just more placation?

    We seem to get a lot more promises than results.

  • Lordjester13 03.03.14 at 20:11

    Join our group! And no it’s not spam.. Here, you can find PSN Battlefield 4 players who work as a team, communicate with one another, and also have the power to choose players in YOUR desired class to play in a squad with! EVERYONE IN OUR GROUP USES A MIC TO COMMUNICATE! We’re slowly growing with new people each day! This is for PSN players of PS4/PS3! There is NO other group out there like this. ANYONE CAN JOIN! Have fun Join the Batlefield 4 PSN Exchange Group!

  • -6thAD-Buzzard 03.03.14 at 20:06

    THANK YOU! While we cannot ‘unring the bell’ regarding the incredbly poor state of initial game release and the first couple of patches, transparency into what you ARE trying to resolve at least lets the game player know that you care a little bit, instead of just spending the money.

    One suggestion to the money grubbers at EA: Stop with the constant barrage of ‘buy me’ ads to those that have already purchased the product. You SHOULD KNOW that you won’t sell any more premium versions without fixing the issues — regain the trust in people BEFORE you restart the money grabbing machine.

    • DSGamer33 03.03.14 at 20:29

      I actually spent 2 hours on chat with a support representative begging for exactly this. I can’t play the game. At all. First it was client crashes. Then it was the sound loop crash. Now it’s the resolution change then crash. This is already maddening. Already I know I’ve thrown $60 down the drain. But to have to fight the server browsers to find servers that don’t include Premium maps is insulting. I’m beta testing your software. Heaven knows why I keep doing it. At least have the decency to stop trying to upsell me a broken product.

  • mrlee75 03.03.14 at 20:00

    so when i see them squares on the side of my screen is that when im gunna get screen freeze . and also my friend comes around and plays his ps3 with bf4 my gets screen freeze but he does not

  • JamieCharles 03.03.14 at 19:54

    One of the easiest ways around alo of these network issues is to allow all platforms the ability to run their own servers. This way we can remove the players who are joining with very high ping or demonstrating lag on the server during their play.

    I play in the east US servers due to my location in Canada. Why are players from other regions with high ping also allowed to join these servers? It’s not a region lock that we need; as some players from other countries and continents have good connections with reasonable ping.

    What we need is the ability to “ping lock” a server so only players within the range designated are able to join. Ranges could be as simple as 1. <50ms ping. 2. 50ms to 125ms ping. 3. 75ms to 150ms and finally 4. 150+ms ping.

    Please give all platforms the ability to see in game ping for other players. And hurry up on the server rentals for console.

    My last issue with latency is that the servers for console players are all located in California; West coast USA. Perhaps having servers actually located in their respective regions could help. As it will immediately reduce players ping times.

  • UtterDread 03.03.14 at 19:51

    Can you please speak to the fact that the PS4 version continues to be a comedy of errors? It is unplayable for a majority of my online community.

  • slicksta 03.03.14 at 19:50

    I think you should also look at the ridiculous amount of times youre shooting someone and hitting them first and then bam they get a head shot! Completely bang out of order and again another pile of rubbish to add to the mountain EA have already amassed!

  • Realkuho 03.03.14 at 19:45
  • hopesfallout 03.03.14 at 19:38

    You should also look into a lagcompensation issue that gives high ping players an advantage. Yesterday I played TDM and I didn’t know that my sister was downloading some shit, anyhow I played and destroyed people going 65/3. Then I stopped because I couldn’t really believe it. I checked my ping and it was above 500 so I don’t know what went wrong there but I think many players might exploit this…

    I stopped playing btw because I don’t enjoy playing while having a huge advantage over my fellow players.

    • slicksta 03.03.14 at 19:53

      How the hell can the server even let a player join with a 500 ping!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! How many years does it take for EA to fix up and learn from mistakes made years ago with tons of games!?!?! Stop filling the fat cats wallets and start thinking of the gamers coz sooner or later we will shove it right back up ya chuff and say no to buying this half finished junk.

  • VanillaGorilla5 03.03.14 at 19:31

    PS4 version: The packet loss icon basically lives on my screen and the same goes for my friends. Not sure if location info would help, but we are in MN, WI, IL, IA, MS. The “hiccups” are definitely more noticeable on Langcam, Oman, Golmud, Caspian, etc. Is it just me, or is it more often on maps with water?

  • CriBz 03.03.14 at 19:29

    Props to Dice for plugging away at the problems, if this was a certain OF DUTY game they would simply brush it under the carpet.

  • Yingerman 03.03.14 at 19:24

    Thanks for the update! When can we expect this patch to roll out?

  • Nokia_Se 03.03.14 at 19:23

    Really nice addresses we got here, this could definitely help us have a grip on what’s going on now. Thank you.

    Here is a little hiccup though; I think showing 「you’re killed ‘by’ a headshot」 is not enough as not every weapon in the game is capable of delivering a one headshot kill. There are times more than just often that we died in almost a instant in a one on one situation where we knew our opponent shouldn’t be dropping us that fast. And in such case, we need to know more like whether is our death involved with other factors like headshot(s) that can boost its process in the middle. e.g. If you’re hit by a headshot then killed by bodyshot that follows up, the game will display an alternative version of headshot icon that indicate a headshot or headshots were involved in the process of your death.

    To push this idea further: As the Battlefield we know is quite a complicated place – if not always, there usually will be something more than just one are happening in one time beyond our receiving end could ever aware of. So I think it would be help a lot if we can have a more detailed information about the death we had in the game. i.e. What were the sources of our taken damage, when does each instance of them was given (hit), and how they were involved in our death (hp&dmg process).

    I think we should be focusing on move on to play our next move as we will do the best we could like we never knew was it going to be our next crescendo in our entire gameplay experience, instead of putting unnecessary efforts on trying to figure out why in the world we died like that.

    • thequinox 03.03.14 at 19:55

      I would like to see a little soldier silhouette in the corner or something. It would simply have a red dots on each area of the body that was hit. You could see “Oh, twice in the arm and one in the chest, that makes sense”.

  • Goldenboiiii 03.03.14 at 19:22

    Dear Dice

    It’s heartwarming that you still are going strong against all the hardships!
    I also like that you share what you are working on to fix instead of leaving us fans wondering, keep up the good work!

  • AMoronicWalrus 03.03.14 at 19:15

    Adding in the headshot icon is cool, just please add in the M16A3, many players miss it sooooo much

  • -tRs-SnowmanX11 03.03.14 at 19:14

    OK, glad to see. Now, you DICE guys just need to remove M142 truck and mortar, the two game-killer stuffs. They are boring… If not than just patch it, jut not to let them to leave/place outside of the infantry area. Please, please, please. Also, if two engineer repairs helis, 3-4 stinger is not enought to take it down??? Have you ever heard about how stinger works? This tiny, flying tincans would never ever sirvive such an attack, but these helis became verz annoying, when alone wins a complete battle round! Please do something!

  • islammoha 03.03.14 at 19:12

    Thanks for you support but please ….. just please
    Stop releasing DLC`s before fixing the game..Pfff

  • BIGJONRACE 03.03.14 at 19:11

    Recon – “HOLD YOUR BREATH” does not function properly on control style LEFTY VETERAN, SOUTHPAW.
    It should be on the right thumbstick(360) but it is “stuck” on the left thumbstick with crouch/prone.

  • Skater_Ricky 03.03.14 at 19:09

    I thank you for continuing your support for Battlefield 4 and the continued support for all your games you have made. I thank you for going above the call and reaching out to your fans “me” to keep me in the loop on the game. Keep the hard work coming the gaming community and myself thank you. I’ve been a Battlefield fan for years and will continue to support your work at DICE. I will continue to share your news to other’s that love FPS game’s like myself. Look forward to the updates to the game and look forward to seeing you on the Battlefield one day to get you hard earned dog tags :) Game On! You fan Ricky,


  • allangba707 03.03.14 at 19:08

    I must say I’m glad and impressed that DICE is not only acknowledging those issues but giving us consistent information on the matters. Sometimes it feels like we are speaking in a vacuum when it comes to feedback. Hopefully those “fixes” will make the game better and put an end to all of these technical issues, without which the game is excellent!

    • FazuzuAmandi 03.03.14 at 19:22

      You really have no idea. DICE is one if the best dev teams when it comes to communication
      Try getting involved in something like Gran Turismo where you don’t even get patch notes.

      • Crashpilot_GER 03.03.14 at 22:32

        Agree. Full respect to dice. A lot of devs dont even give a shit about their game and start working emediatly on the next one… Dice does a lot to fix this

  • burtonsnowbds 03.03.14 at 19:03

    I would like to bring up an issue that i have seen. I Call it the 17 or 18 health glitch. This usually occurs when I am firing on an enemy before they start to fire on me, I am usually at the end of my magazine and then they kill me in 1 or two shots. It commonly displays they had 17 health and less frequently 18 (but if i get a kill assist it will display as a “83 kill assist” regardless of if it says the enemy had 17 or 18 health. I have seen this happen with every weapon I have use (MTAR, AK5C, SCAR SV RFB, MOD 11, L85A2 and Type 88) and when I do the described action it occurs over 70% of the time, i would say. in regular mode and in hardcore mode, conquest, rush, oblit and CTF. I’m not sure why it occurs but I doubt that its a big coincidence that whenever i am shooting someone first and they kill me, i get them down to 17 health exactly like clock work especially considering different weapons do different damages . Has anyone else noticed this?

  • Mozzy4Ever 03.03.14 at 19:01

    It’s pathetic how BF4 gets updates that revolve around the game engine, while BF3 doesn’t get ANY of these updates. BF3 STILL has over 50,000 players online (as of this moment). Admittedly not nearly as many as BF4, but that doesn’t mean that their past games should be completely forgotten. This is the exact sort of reason I will not be purchasing any more EA published games.

    • Crashpilot_GER 03.03.14 at 22:30

      Dude… Right now bf3 plays way smoother and better than BF4. Bf4 is a huge mess and needs care and fix. They may go back to bf3 later, but every day they loose a lot of players because of broken netcode etc. They really have to focus on that right now, aswell as balancing and bringing out the promised expansions

  • BigRog219 03.03.14 at 18:56

    What about assignments being glitched? It’s been an issue ever since the early release of second assault. Its only affecting second assault.

  • decks07z3to 03.03.14 at 18:52

    The guys at DICE are working really hard to fix this game, you can’t put all the blame on DICE, EA pushed DICE through quality control just to beat Call Of Duty. In my opinion Battlefield 4 is more complex than Call Of Duty in terms of leveloution which is an awesome aspect of the game.. EA should of realized that before forcing DICE to release the game early. Big ups DICE for caring, thumbs down EA.

    • burtonsnowbds 03.03.14 at 19:07

      I agree that EA pushed DICE through. I also think it is not only your opinion but fact that this game is far more complex than COD. You have destructible environments and vehicles, there are no two maps that look identical after any round of play.

  • SKAD839 03.03.14 at 18:46

    As bad as the game currently is on CQ large (I don’t play other gamemodes, so don’t know how those are out), I’m glad they’re at least keeping us updated, and working on these issues.

  • Jage-FO 03.03.14 at 18:45

    “No immediate plans to increase tickrate” Seriously guys… Just raise it to 100 on all platforms already… The 10 tickrate is ridiculous, and I’ll bet that raising it to 100 will solve 90% of all your problems!

    • Thesilentwindow 03.03.14 at 18:47

      They can’t just do that, the game is made around it, and it might cause even more problems, plus the some platform dev kits don’t allow it to be higher due to bandwidth usage restrictions :/

      • Jage-FO 03.03.14 at 18:52

        The game is broken BECAUSE it’s made around it. There’s a reason games like CS and COD4 (with their 100 tickrate) are one of the most played games ever. Because they WORK! How DiCE thought it would be a good idea to make FPS games with 10 tickrate in the first place is completely un-understandable!

        • Thesilentwindow 03.03.14 at 19:40

          It has something to do with the bandwidth limitations/restrictions set by the developement kits for some platforms like the Xbox 360, it doesn’t allow the bandwidth usage to be much higher than it currently is, increasing the tickrate would make it higher, so that wasn’t a possibility, and reprogramming the game for each platform would cost to much and/or take too much time, i doubt EA would allow that, and that sucks.

          • highCalibre-VX9- 03.04.14 at 23:44

            I’m betting it has as much to do with server strain as well, there is a lot of math being done in between ticks to support bullet physics, large maps and large player pops. Doesn’t mean they should not be able to scale it up on smaller maps/lower pops though.

  • Thesilentwindow 03.03.14 at 18:44

    I just want the “netcode issues” to be fixed and then i’ll be happy. I can’t stress it enough!

  • ROBAX3R 03.03.14 at 18:44

    “Lost packet” symbol is constantly flickering in my screen…. 64 player conquest rubberdands A LOT.

  • DiamondMolecule 03.03.14 at 18:42

    That one part where you talked about implementing that thing to track when rubber-banding occurs; it honestly needs to be implemented into the PS3 as well, mainly because of the amount of rubber-banding that we get on a hourly basis. I think that adding it to that PC was a step in the right direction though. It may actually help a lot for other consoles/platforms. But just would like to know if maybe you could add this feature to all platforms? Just a suggestion. Thanks DICE for making a good game anyways.


  • gadaffi81 nor 03.03.14 at 18:42

    sorry but the game is just crap and theres nothing you can do about it, you lost Your souls when you gave the company to EA and it will make sure you don`t have the same succes as you had before you let them buy you, those problems in this post has not been anything i have noticed yet and there is a lot to fix in this game and it really feels like you sold a beta version for the price of a full game and even pushing the premium pack down the players throat for almost the same price as a full game is wrong, shame on you Dice!!!! and please bring more weapons in to the game the Assault class is no longer fun to play with Scar H as the most powerfull weapon :( i will not buy Premium or spend any more money on the game until it is finnished…

  • RedRich1917 03.03.14 at 18:40

    It’s over… it’s finally over…

  • JIMSTER305 03.03.14 at 18:35

    Nice to finally see that DICE has taken the time to update us on whats going on. Thanks and truly hope you guys fix the game. Keep us updated please…

  • 2young2dieFR 03.03.14 at 18:31

    And Blablablabla…
    Alwayz the same communication from DICE and alwayz much bugs on PS3
    IT’S A REAL SHAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lIldomlIl 03.03.14 at 18:29

    Hope this will really be fixed.
    Netcode issue is sure the most annoying thing in BF4 and affect the gameplay and fun so much. BF4 can’t be a truly great game if the netcode issue is not fixed.

  • xpc_absol 03.03.14 at 18:29

    Thanks for exploring the possibilities of giving certain servers higher send rate!

  • Fubble 03.03.14 at 18:27

    I appreciate the update but the fact remains that 125 days after launch, the game is still largely unplayable with huge issues and glaring glitches. Not to mention the lack of servers (and where ARE you’re European servers hosted??). There needs to be much greater transparency for the millions of customers who have put millions in your pockets.

  • maybemore 03.03.14 at 18:27

    Thanks DICE! :)

  • wschua1122 03.03.14 at 18:26

    Glad to hear that DICE….those issues are the reason why this game was broken…make sure u have fix it…..and keep up with the good work dice…^^

  • Primekiller97 03.03.14 at 18:25

    Thanks dice!!!good job to anyone who works on the game’s fix.

  • BoRaXiN 03.03.14 at 18:22

    Hope you complete fixing asap, thank you in advance

  • Crashpilot_GER 03.03.14 at 18:22

    Please Dice. Please get it right. As you know, BF4s Netcode is really bad, we really need it to be fixed, and fixed correctly. Otherwise, way more people will loose their faith in the game..

  • Pr0diGaLGeniuS 03.03.14 at 18:21

    rubberbanding all the way

  • LT-Kelwino 03.03.14 at 18:20

    First lol.

    Ontopic: thx for working @ the netcode. :D