Player Appreciation Month has kicked off

Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation Month has officially started! During this month, you can enjoy fun community missions and daily giveaways that you get just for jumping into a match.

How to claim your daily Battlepacks

Every day that you log into the game in February, you will receive a new Battlepack.  During weekdays, these will be Bronze, and during Saturdays and Sundays we will give away Silver Battlepacks. Make sure to play this weekend to receive your first Silver Battlepack!

Each daily Battlepack will be handed out from 4AM PST/12PM UTC (hit the link to find your specific time zone) on the day in question, cutting off 24 hours later, when a new Battlepack will become available. Note that you need to login each day to get that day’s specific Battlepack.

Claim your Player Appreciation Dog Tag
To kick off the month, we want to award you a special bonus dog tag: the Player Appreciation Dog Tag. This can be found in the Player Appreciation Battlepack, and is available between 4AM PST/12PM UTC February 1 and 4AM PST/12PM UTC February 2.

We hope you will enjoy the Player Appreciation Month. Stay tuned to the Battlefield Blog for more updates during the month.

This offer is being issued to you for promotional purposes only and does not constitute a credit, charge, debit or gift card. Battlefield 4 player appreciation month is from February 1, 2014 through March 06, 2014 (“promotion period”). Requires Battlefield 4 (“product”) on applicable platform and internet connection to access in-game content. PC version of product also requires Origin account, acceptance of the Origin end user agreement and installation of the Origin client software ( You must be 13+ to register. Bronze or silver battlepacks are offered daily during the promotion period from 12PM GMT/4AM PST to 11:59AM GMT/3:59 AM PST the next day and are automatically entitled when you log into product during the daily time period. Shortcut bundles are offered for a week-long period and require download from either (for PC) or and (for applicable console versions) during that weekly period. EA online Privacy Policy and Terms of Service are available at See applicable end user license agreement and disclosures on Valid wherever Battlefield 4 is offered. Must be 13+. Code may not be substituted, exchanged, sold or redeemed for cash or other goods or services. May not be combined with any other offer, gift card, rebate or discount coupon. Void where prohibited, taxed or restricted by law.

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  • raubersn 03.13.14 at 18:24

    I got the kits when playing in my PS3, but I lost all the unlocks when I’ve transfered my stats to my new PS4, and I just can´t find the kit to download on the PS4 store!

    Any help on this!?

  • ll-TheRapisTs-ll 03.08.14 at 09:45

    when i installed bf4 i saw the grenade kit, this was all about month ago, i downloaded the grenade kit, but i didnt see anything else, so 2 weeks later i buy the premium, still nothing, now im reading this and seeing its not just one, but several kits im missing :(

  • meas82 03.04.14 at 01:30

    Im a premium member , I only received GRENADE SHORTCUT KIT , I didn’t find the DMR’s kit and the Shotguns !!???

  • Henidor 02.27.14 at 14:12


  • giorgoskom 02.25.14 at 16:17


  • Tr0lloid 02.25.14 at 16:01

    Where is My Shotgun? You got my SHOTGUN?

  • 12PKLONGHAIR 02.25.14 at 14:50

    Didn’t get the “Shotgun.”

  • -BS-Cadman 02.24.14 at 18:18

    Gave me the DMR pack but not the pistol pack. Why is that ?

  • army-gye21 02.24.14 at 16:40

    this event is awesome

  • socomo10 02.24.14 at 13:06

    Im a premium member and only reveived the handgun and dmr unlocks.

  • OMGthatNAME 02.24.14 at 02:01

    I never got my battlefield 4 player appreciation month dog tag. I gave up on playing everyday because the game is broken on my ps3, ps4 and xbox one. I waited all day on the 1st and never got the things you promised me.

  • sandry02 02.21.14 at 21:57

    I am a premium member but the DMR shortcut pack doesn’t pop up on in game store

    • EminemTr 02.27.14 at 21:06

      I lived to the same problem,too. I waited to open to shortcut but it’s time finished so ı say in EA chat that it could not see.They answer that it’s time finished I checked to it on time.But it did not open so ı say to this situation to EA.But everything is the same.It did not change.DMR shortcut kit did not open.Handgun opened in the place of DMR.

  • Cromagnon47 02.21.14 at 01:49

    I am premium member but the battle log does not recognize me as one. What do I have to do to download the current maps?

  • artmamjaa-THAI 02.20.14 at 11:03


  • CybergWar 02.20.14 at 06:19

    Here I sit waiting for a fix during “player appreciation month” Game is unplayabl;e for me. Mouse is messed up, screen is messed up, game stutters, lags, cheaters everywhere, and they want to give me a weapon kit. Screw them. If you appreciated your players you’d fix the game.

  • bubbleboy500_TH 02.19.14 at 22:56


  • Pazuzu-II 02.19.14 at 19:20

    Where is my Appreciation month DOG TAG?

  • Skullrider82 02.19.14 at 16:25

    Appreciation month DOG TAG TODAY via silver. Don’t let it go

  • Skullrider82 02.19.14 at 16:23

    Ps3 ps4 Premium if u don’t have time like i to start a game play

  • DeltaGhostSteuer 02.19.14 at 14:30

    i finded the pistol kit
    but i cant find the dmr kit
    (im a premium)

    • M135i 02.19.14 at 15:07

      PC Owner
      Login to Battlelog
      Go to the “Store” section.
      Find the Shortcut Kit priced at $0.
      Click “Download”.
      Proceed through the Origin checkout flow to be granted your Shortcut Kit.

      PC Owner (Battlefield 4 Premium Member)
      Login to Battlelog.
      Look in the “News” section for info on the Shortcut Giveaway.
      Click on the “PREMIUM GIVEAWAY” button within the news story.
      A success message will display in green at the top of Battlelog if successful.
      You have now been granted the Shortcut Kit.

    • JULIOCB4RROS 03.03.14 at 01:57

      I’m also a premium member and not appeared the option of KIT “DMR”, the other 3 were KIT’s normal downloaded!

  • FisherFool 02.18.14 at 23:02

    have anyone received the shotgun download pack yet?? Im a premium member and only reveived the handgun and dmr unlocks.

    • GGP_Timo 02.19.14 at 08:05

      February 25 to March 4
      Shortcut Kit: Grenades
      Battlefield 4 Premium Shortcut Kit: Shotguns

  • FisherFool 02.18.14 at 23:01

    Im shooting enemy soldiers and some die while a few health drops down to zero and they dont die. Then a team member kills that person and i may get an assist. Is this a glitch or a cheat?

    • GGP_Timo 02.19.14 at 08:05

      I guess it’s just a rounding error or network error.

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