Player Appreciation Month has kicked off

Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation Month has officially started! During this month, you can enjoy fun community missions and daily giveaways that you get just for jumping into a match.

How to claim your daily Battlepacks

Every day that you log into the game in February, you will receive a new Battlepack.  During weekdays, these will be Bronze, and during Saturdays and Sundays we will give away Silver Battlepacks. Make sure to play this weekend to receive your first Silver Battlepack!

Each daily Battlepack will be handed out from 4AM PST/12PM UTC (hit the link to find your specific time zone) on the day in question, cutting off 24 hours later, when a new Battlepack will become available. Note that you need to login each day to get that day’s specific Battlepack.

Claim your Player Appreciation Dog Tag
To kick off the month, we want to award you a special bonus dog tag: the Player Appreciation Dog Tag. This can be found in the Player Appreciation Battlepack, and is available between 4AM PST/12PM UTC February 1 and 4AM PST/12PM UTC February 2.

We hope you will enjoy the Player Appreciation Month. Stay tuned to the Battlefield Blog for more updates during the month.

This offer is being issued to you for promotional purposes only and does not constitute a credit, charge, debit or gift card. Battlefield 4 player appreciation month is from February 1, 2014 through March 06, 2014 (“promotion period”). Requires Battlefield 4 (“product”) on applicable platform and internet connection to access in-game content. PC version of product also requires Origin account, acceptance of the Origin end user agreement and installation of the Origin client software ( You must be 13+ to register. Bronze or silver battlepacks are offered daily during the promotion period from 12PM GMT/4AM PST to 11:59AM GMT/3:59 AM PST the next day and are automatically entitled when you log into product during the daily time period. Shortcut bundles are offered for a week-long period and require download from either (for PC) or and (for applicable console versions) during that weekly period. EA online Privacy Policy and Terms of Service are available at See applicable end user license agreement and disclosures on Valid wherever Battlefield 4 is offered. Must be 13+. Code may not be substituted, exchanged, sold or redeemed for cash or other goods or services. May not be combined with any other offer, gift card, rebate or discount coupon. Void where prohibited, taxed or restricted by law.

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  • DynamicCool 11.03.14 at 19:52


  • raubersn 03.13.14 at 18:24

    I got the kits when playing in my PS3, but I lost all the unlocks when I’ve transfered my stats to my new PS4, and I just can´t find the kit to download on the PS4 store!

    Any help on this!?

  • ll-TheRapisTs-ll 03.08.14 at 09:45

    when i installed bf4 i saw the grenade kit, this was all about month ago, i downloaded the grenade kit, but i didnt see anything else, so 2 weeks later i buy the premium, still nothing, now im reading this and seeing its not just one, but several kits im missing :(

  • meas82 03.04.14 at 01:30

    Im a premium member , I only received GRENADE SHORTCUT KIT , I didn’t find the DMR’s kit and the Shotguns !!???

  • Henidor 02.27.14 at 14:12


  • giorgoskom 02.25.14 at 16:17


  • Tr0lloid 02.25.14 at 16:01

    Where is My Shotgun? You got my SHOTGUN?

  • 12PKLONGHAIR 02.25.14 at 14:50

    Didn’t get the “Shotgun.”

  • -BS-Cadman 02.24.14 at 18:18

    Gave me the DMR pack but not the pistol pack. Why is that ?

  • army-gye21 02.24.14 at 16:40

    this event is awesome

  • socomo10 02.24.14 at 13:06

    Im a premium member and only reveived the handgun and dmr unlocks.

  • OMGthatNAME 02.24.14 at 02:01

    I never got my battlefield 4 player appreciation month dog tag. I gave up on playing everyday because the game is broken on my ps3, ps4 and xbox one. I waited all day on the 1st and never got the things you promised me.

  • sandry02 02.21.14 at 21:57

    I am a premium member but the DMR shortcut pack doesn’t pop up on in game store

    • EminemTr 02.27.14 at 21:06

      I lived to the same problem,too. I waited to open to shortcut but it’s time finished so ı say in EA chat that it could not see.They answer that it’s time finished I checked to it on time.But it did not open so ı say to this situation to EA.But everything is the same.It did not change.DMR shortcut kit did not open.Handgun opened in the place of DMR.

  • Cromagnon47 02.21.14 at 01:49

    I am premium member but the battle log does not recognize me as one. What do I have to do to download the current maps?

  • artmamjaa-THAI 02.20.14 at 11:03


  • CybergWar 02.20.14 at 06:19

    Here I sit waiting for a fix during “player appreciation month” Game is unplayabl;e for me. Mouse is messed up, screen is messed up, game stutters, lags, cheaters everywhere, and they want to give me a weapon kit. Screw them. If you appreciated your players you’d fix the game.

  • bubbleboy500_TH 02.19.14 at 22:56


  • Pazuzu-II 02.19.14 at 19:20

    Where is my Appreciation month DOG TAG?

  • Skullrider82 02.19.14 at 16:25

    Appreciation month DOG TAG TODAY via silver. Don’t let it go

  • Skullrider82 02.19.14 at 16:23

    Ps3 ps4 Premium if u don’t have time like i to start a game play

  • DeltaGhostSteuer 02.19.14 at 14:30

    i finded the pistol kit
    but i cant find the dmr kit
    (im a premium)

    • M135i 02.19.14 at 15:07

      PC Owner
      Login to Battlelog
      Go to the “Store” section.
      Find the Shortcut Kit priced at $0.
      Click “Download”.
      Proceed through the Origin checkout flow to be granted your Shortcut Kit.

      PC Owner (Battlefield 4 Premium Member)
      Login to Battlelog.
      Look in the “News” section for info on the Shortcut Giveaway.
      Click on the “PREMIUM GIVEAWAY” button within the news story.
      A success message will display in green at the top of Battlelog if successful.
      You have now been granted the Shortcut Kit.

    • JULIOCB4RROS 03.03.14 at 01:57

      I’m also a premium member and not appeared the option of KIT “DMR”, the other 3 were KIT’s normal downloaded!

  • FisherFool 02.18.14 at 23:02

    have anyone received the shotgun download pack yet?? Im a premium member and only reveived the handgun and dmr unlocks.

    • GGP_Timo 02.19.14 at 08:05

      February 25 to March 4
      Shortcut Kit: Grenades
      Battlefield 4 Premium Shortcut Kit: Shotguns

  • FisherFool 02.18.14 at 23:01

    Im shooting enemy soldiers and some die while a few health drops down to zero and they dont die. Then a team member kills that person and i may get an assist. Is this a glitch or a cheat?

    • GGP_Timo 02.19.14 at 08:05

      I guess it’s just a rounding error or network error.

  • oomslowpoke 02.18.14 at 10:57

    im also not getting the battle packs in the week only on weekends

  • Dr_Fastfingers1 02.18.14 at 09:35

    When does the Shortcut bundles come out, as of now i havent got one or havent found it on PS-Store.

    • FisherFool 02.18.14 at 22:52

      Depending on which time zone your in, you should be able to download them from the playstation store

  • KZol102 02.16.14 at 20:23

    this is cool dog tag!

  • vi STRYKER iv 02.14.14 at 10:12

    If these BP’s are supposed to last 24 hours from 4am PST (im in CA) to 4am the next day, then why on 3 different dates have I missed a BP to be given the next days BP before 4am? Example: It was 12:45am when I logged in little while ago. The 2/13/2014 Battle Pack should have still been available to me for 3 hours and 15 minutes. But when I looked at the details of the BP, it showed the date of 2/14/2014. This has happened to me 3 times already. The other two times it happened to me was on the 6th and the 10th. Can someone give me some clarification? Maybe I’m just reading the news post wrong and misunderstanding something. Thanks All.

  • vi STRYKER iv 02.14.14 at 10:09

    If these BP’s are supposed to last 24 hours from 4am PST (im in CA) then why on 3 different dates have I missed a BP to be given the next days BP before 4am? Example: It was 12:45am when I logged in little while ago. The 2/13/20

    • Skullrider82 02.19.14 at 16:09

      Its avalible only 8 hours from 4am to 12 pm find your time zone i get then all the time TEXAS time 6 to 9 on my free time. Hope that help

  • NOISYSTARK91 02.14.14 at 07:25

    thanks for the Battlepacks DICE, i got a lot of goodies so far this month, i have had a hell lot of XP boosts and a lot of useful weapon add ons and camos thanks! for all you haters out there, go play COD or stop your whining and sell your game already “waste of money” sell it and shut the god damn hell up

  • Gross1985 02.14.14 at 03:53

    I missed something after all. So, the Player Appreciation dog-tag was a one-day only thing, and there was a reminder that I totally missed….

    ….DICE, is there no possibility of this dog-tag being offered during Player Appreciation Month? ):

  • TyrannicDegree4 02.13.14 at 20:59

    Seems a little bit unfair that only premium members get the shorcut bundle ” For all of our Battlefield 4 Premium users, we’re adding two additional weapon shortcuts, unlocking DMR’s and shotguns” and the non premium members only handguns and grenades. We all suffered with the game. So why the benefit for premium and not for the non premium? There is no difference between premium and non premium and the trouble we all had with the game. So do us a favour and give us all the same. Thanks in advance

    • NOISYSTARK91 02.14.14 at 07:21

      well if I’m gonna pay an extra £30-40 for premium i want a few little perks every now and then, wouldn’t you?

    • J Bennett II 02.14.14 at 09:03

      toss in fifty bucks and go premium it’s an easy fix

  • lowstar91 02.13.14 at 14:18

    my game freeze 12 times today . what a great month . dice where is the fix

  • Dev_S-Blackhole 02.13.14 at 10:21

    May I know when the bundles will be readied? Or am I being too freaking stupid and ignoring the bundles…? Where are they?????

    • eCore 02.13.14 at 22:45

      Seems unclear but as I read the text it says that it will be made available later this month and there will be a new news topic about it, so in other words it is coming later this month.. No one knows as far as I know

  • dkshadowkiller 02.13.14 at 08:11

    Its the same every day , Same packed for 6 days now

  • triggalite59 02.13.14 at 04:32

    Really I’ve been getting a ton. Still waiting on that shortcut kit to get all pistols, really want that.

  • AAO ARCHER D 02.12.14 at 02:59

    You know its pretty sad when your told to login to receive battlepacks daily and the thing never comes. Where my battlepacks????

    • eCore 02.13.14 at 22:48

      Really? Are you checking you battleback tag? On PC you hold the mouse over the “Soldier” tab up to the left and click on Battleback tab, and then click the pack to unlock! I also think you can just go into a game and press esc and battlepack to unlock it there. Good luck

  • Jonny_Cannon 02.11.14 at 23:50

    I want my next gold battlepack to contain a fix for all the problems this crappy 1995-era game has. Judas Priest, it frezzes and crashes so much you’d think Bethesda made it. The next BF game should be called “Battlefield: Fallout”.

  • The Silver Nova 02.11.14 at 23:24

    Well the hell our free weapons at Dice?

  • FARQED 02.11.14 at 08:08

    if i could infact log in and get to the game menu instead of being stuck in a never ending load screen after pressing start i would be able to recive your battle packs but seeing as i cant even load a game i dont get shit where is my $90 AUD worth of game?

  • ElfenSky 02.10.14 at 21:58

    I’m not getting ANY battlepacks at all, tried logging and playing 3rd day in a row with no success :(

  • DJFrodo 02.10.14 at 15:37

    This shouldn’t last a month, this should keep it going until they fix the game. Seriously, I bought my PS4 for this and Infamous. But BF4 is still unplayable for PS4, kinda a waste of PS+ (PS4 is just collecting dust)

  • Planting_TheSeed 02.10.14 at 08:39

    Geez idk what to say. I had a lot of fun with this game, even through the numerous fuckups. Lots and lots of fuck ups and the seem to multiply and get worse. That is why I think I will switch back to COD even tho I fell I love with Battlefield since the first time I played it. What used to be fun is now pathetic and disgusting. I don’t know why but the final breaking point was tonight when I was playing, after my xp boost ran out I went to select a new one and I only had 3 out of the around 13 I had saved up for the “double xp appreciation weekend”. This game could have been fun until BF5, seeing as how I’ve been playing atleast 5 hours almost every night since I bought the game about a month after the ps4 release. With all the glitches and bugs (0 health kills, net code bullshit etc…) the game had become more about getting unlocks and ranking up than about playing for sheer fun, since, I the last week or so I have found myself having less and less fun, not because I grew tired of shooting people and getting shot every night but but simply because it seems like the gamble for a normal combat experience was being played with a 1 sided die more and more often. This game had such potential and it may still lie within but I don’t think I can wait around any longer to see if you decide to knock a peg once again tomorrow. Ill probably log on this blog a few more times to see what else fucks up (or is miraculously fixed) in this beta people paid for with what is probably the average demographic’s wage for half a days work but that probably won’t do my blood pressure any good. Fix this game soon like someone who gives half a fuck and make the current premium DLC available to all and maybe you will still atleaft have maybe half of your followers upon your next release. I held out as long as I could but I think I am just too disenchanted to carry on the charade at this point.

  • Comrade825 02.10.14 at 02:42

    You know a way that you could “Appreciate” us more would to give us a battlepack that lets you pick what is in it

  • BadDog1969 02.10.14 at 00:42

    Why all the problems? I am no programmer but I do know before I sell a product it is carefully checked for the customer at the checkout.
    It may be a good step to hire a QC division for the games here on out.

  • Dre is yourBoss 02.10.14 at 00:28

    sorry didnt mean to send my message.

  • Dre is yourBoss 02.10.14 at 00:27

    b.lgkbunbhuklgulfhus;dbgmodiosgrhuodrfgnoryghzpdfuy7gh;dgr8rudvgxpob8mdxopb8yxugpff8gtbmhxdoptfgh;’]xd-t0y844443581634889576546890745689-73=234901=52839047387y68yju6et8euttrtruiotrtruiotruiotriutriuotitrfjkjfk x fdlhawerwq`1234567890-=qwertyuioplkjhgfdsazxcvbnm,./oiopiopjhuiljuijjjjjjjjjjkkkkoooooooooooooooooooooooooo`1234567890-=qwertyuiop[]‘;lkjhgfdsazxcvbnm,./,./,./,././,/,./,/,././,./m,hnghjgjfhrferjmgfd xf fhf b r45r12121212121212121212323232323232323232343433434343434334344545454545455656565656565667676767676778787878787889898989898 ererererdfffrunhosnhqwoeij;[pkolgmk

  • COD4DANNY74 02.09.14 at 16:54

    Where do we get the bundles for PS3? I can’t see anything in the PSN store.

  • Resante 02.09.14 at 00:48

    Under promise and over deliver, not the other way around.

  • xBlackout_DsBx 02.08.14 at 19:53

    How about actually giving us the battlepacks? Or did that get messed up by EA too? It could just be me, but I didn’t get the silver one today, which I only care about at this point for the rest of my soldier camos. I know there’s bigger issues out there right now, but you don’t give us much faith in things getting fixed if you guys can’t even ensure the delivery of something as simple as a battlepack….

  • Al Jeezy 19 02.08.14 at 04:58

    Man I’m not to concerned about the battlepacks Dice, but please fix the freakin game. I am so tired of getting corrupt game saves and the game freezing in mid game and spawing into maps that dont have any sound. I love battlefield to death but Dice dropped the ball on this one.

  • cypherexp 02.08.14 at 03:59

    im VERY disappointed, however love this game.

  • WISportsNut81 02.07.14 at 20:40

    I opened up the first battlepack, still not seeing the player appreciation dog tag in my dog tag list.
    Even with its flaws, BF4 is a great game. Little patience goes a long way. KCCO

    • Archon43 02.08.14 at 02:57

      The Dog Tag is located on the right side tag. You will not see it on the left tag. scroll down to Battlepacks it should be the last one.

  • johanhall67 02.07.14 at 20:15

    It is a great hame, but I’m tired of the f*cked up net code, the game crashing everything. Dice got too money hungry and wanted to compete with cod ghosts. Fuck you dice… you don’t care that much about your customers anymore. Yeah, you fix the “big” problems, but you released an unfinished product, and then pull shit like making us pay for premium again. All you’re worried about now is keeping your customers just happy enough to keep your wallets fat. If you’re gonna do that, then go work with the people at infinity ward and treyarch. Their fan base throws money at stupid sh*t all the time.

  • lian125 02.07.14 at 14:54

    I played BF4 on 1st / 2st Februari but didnt get a dog tag? That’s not fair. :(

    • Archon43 02.08.14 at 03:01

      Did you get the battlePac? if so The Dog Tag is located on the right side tag. You will not see it on the left tag. scroll down to Battlepacks it should be the last one.

  • RangerBandito 02.07.14 at 07:42

    Honestly I dunno what everyone is Bit*hing about…
    This is a phenomenal game..just like every BF

  • D_1st-Desciple 02.07.14 at 07:35

    well i have not received any. i have been on battlelog on my phone, my ps3, and even my laptop and no new battle packs.

    • Archon43 02.08.14 at 03:08

      You get the Dogtag only if you played a round on day one (the Dogtag was in the first Battlepack) – and if you only login to battlelog then you didnt get a battlepack … you have to play BF4 …

  • SleepyJD 02.07.14 at 05:57

    Too many rules I tell ya! Just put a space ship in the game already!

  • iceveiled 02.07.14 at 05:47

    BF5 better be free to play with how pathetic BF4′s stability has been. You ought to be embarassed. What a joke.

  • BIG PAPI 6869 02.07.14 at 02:26

    Ok I cant find the dog tag from day one
    Where is it dice…

    • diablo4711 02.07.14 at 02:45

      You get the Dogtag only if you played a round on day one (the Dogtag was in the first Battlepack) – and if you only login to battlelog then you didnt get a battlepack … you have to play BF4 …

    • Archon43 02.08.14 at 03:02

      The Dog Tag is located on the right side tag. You will not see it on the left tag. scroll down to Battlepacks it should be the last one.

  • SPAZZMATIC MULE 02.07.14 at 00:07

    I’ve gone onto the website links for downloading the shortcut bundles and when i search for them nothing appears. If they are already out how do I find and download them? If they are not , when will they be coming out? Please respond as soon as possible .

    • Archon43 02.08.14 at 03:07

      That’s what I’m wondering. There’s only 3 weeks left so it must be soon. especially for premium members that means 2 out of the three weeks will have a shortcut. Their good for a week once out. I’m going to check the market place twice a week to be sure I don’t miss it.

      • SmittyBGKY 02.10.14 at 00:07

        Or dice could be cool and just farking tell us when it’s coming. Oh yea they are too busy finishing the game I bought months ago.

  • freakondrums 02.06.14 at 22:32

    Titan Fall is coming out March 11th!!!!
    I’m using my Battlefield 4 game as down payment.
    At least now we know BF4 is good for something!

  • freakondrums 02.06.14 at 22:30

    I think I’m done with this game and as long as DICE are involved with putting out Battlefield anything, I’m not purchasing anymore of the content.

  • freakondrums 02.06.14 at 22:28

    Thought maybe you fixed DawnBreaker, ya know the freezing up and system crash issues…was playing and got thru one round of Rush, thinking “Cool, they fixed it”…Nope, wrong…froze during the second round.

  • TrolReva 02.06.14 at 22:12

    Does anyone know when the shortcut bundles come out? just wondering.

    • Archon43 02.08.14 at 03:05

      That’s what I’m wondering. There’s only 3 weeks left so it must be soon. especially for premium members that means 2 out of the three weeks will have a shortcut. Their good for a week once out. I’m going to check the market place twice a week to be sure I don’t miss it.

  • LBurroDelDiablo 02.06.14 at 21:51

    ….except. Above blog post should read “every day that you log in to the game in February (on a console or PC).” As I’m not getting battle packs for playing as commander on iOS. No great surprise really as the commander app is broken (again).

    • LBurroDelDiablo 02.07.14 at 12:15

      Yay. Commander app on iOS is working again!

  • Sussepus 02.06.14 at 16:47

    If this really was player appreciation month you shouldn’t give us bunch of stuff we either wont need(boosts) or we would get anyways(weapon attachments). The only thing you to is to make us unlock everything faster(boosts, attachments and shortcuts). And for those dedicated players that already have hundreds of hours in this game boosts and attachments are just useless. They already got everything they need.
    Why not really show us appreciation and give us something that everybody would need/want/cant get in other ways? Like a new set of weapons, a new map in a future patch or something. Now it just feels you take stuff we already paid for and give them to us fast as “gifts”.

  • BKK_SUB_Zero 02.06.14 at 16:22

    go go go

  • doubledutch96 02.06.14 at 10:26

    I dont receive battlepacks and i log on every single day and i am premium.
    Can someone help me please.

    • ChineseJose 02.06.14 at 12:22

      Same problem here..

      Logged in on Battlelog & BF4 yesterday. Played a couple of games, and I didn’t get my battlepack. Getting tired of this..

    • Archon43 02.06.14 at 13:37

      Are you playing a full game (at least till your game closes and you get a score)? Does you game server history reflect this activity? If not then you have a problem. if you have proof (as in server game history) then goto and follow the instruction to call and talk to a service rep. They are very helpful.

    • Merchant15 02.07.14 at 12:50

      You should be getting a Bronze one everyday I have every time I log in. Should be under your battle pack option when you log in for the day.

    • Archon43 02.08.14 at 03:12

      if you only login to battlelog then you didnt get a battlepack … you have to play BF4 …if you have and your history shows it, go to and contact them

  • UpwindShadow117 02.06.14 at 09:16

    Sick as a parrot seeing as i cudnt find my game lost out on 2 battlepacks and the tag :(

  • Sorrybouthat 02.06.14 at 09:05

    Can we rename BF4 to Operation “Patch Work Quilt” hahahahahahaha

  • caurazekenr1 02.06.14 at 08:07


  • Planting_TheSeed 02.06.14 at 06:24

    Oh yea does any one know if the campaign save is completely fixed yet, without me having to back up files or not turn of console or not play multiplayer or not fart and sneeze at the same time etc..? I I don’t even want to attempt campaign again until I’m am 100% sure because I know I will go off the deep end this time.

  • Planting_TheSeed 02.06.14 at 06:13

    Even with this games many (many, many) bugs etc. I still think it is the best that I’ve played to date in the genre. Now imagine how much people would enjoy it if you actually made it work properly? This sound glitch needs to be fixed immediately, not being able to hear footsteps and gunfire in half the games I try to play (even after exiting and trying again repeatedly sometimes) really doesn’t make me want to run out and pay the price of a full new game for the premium DLC of a broken game. Things like this shouldn’t be happening this long after release for one of the most anticipated launches of this new gen. I know people who already wasted their money on the premium package will be upset but I think the right thing to do to make up for all the b.s. you have put the fans through would be to make the current premium content free to all or atleast offer at a significant discount. I will probably buy BF5 as long as these bugs are fixed in a timely manner (like get to work on it round the clock ASAP like now) but unfortunately a lot of Battlefield patrons will be dropping out if drastic reparations are not made on your part. That said when is this free double xp weekend anyway?

  • KILLSH0P 02.06.14 at 04:39

    I am sorry , dice is getting somewhat of a bad rap for pushing a game they were told to push… now you guys are trying to make up for it….

    Sometimes either way that will not work out too good.

    I know this from a source at EA that said before the release …” A lot of people are gonna be pissed ” Right now your buying time …. If you fix the freezes-glitches-net codes-bugs … don’t worry about the imbalances – this is not COD so don’t worry about the nerfing guns ( we skilled players can adapt)… then do these events … it will turn out as a lesson learned … people will be happy.

    Hey one more thing – I wanna talk to the team – not just the one other person in my squad – that has a mic… it worked in BF3 and now have a few friends due to this feature… I would like to see it returned.

  • MrPew17 02.06.14 at 04:27

    This kiss ass bullshit does not make up for your failures at producing a solid game. After 3 months we would expect some issues, but not this many and not the ones this big. Where the fuck is your common sense. Fix the fucking game dice and EA fix the fucking servers. You have the manpower and infrastructure. Oh wait I forgot you don’t want to spend any money.

  • freakondrums 02.06.14 at 03:00

    Hey DICE, get on your knees and suck my dick and while your down there, you can go ahead and KISS MY ASS!!

  • freakondrums 02.06.14 at 02:58

    Hey EA and DICE, Why don’t you go back to eating your mother’s cunt and sucking on her titties since that’s all your good at, since making good video games isn’t.

  • kingSHARKE14 02.06.14 at 02:20

    do i have to go on the console after i sign in on the blog to receive the battle pack

    • Merchant15 02.07.14 at 12:52

      No you should be able to go to the battle pack option once you sign in on your console.

  • Alex-jeweet 02.06.14 at 01:50

    How do i get that awesome dogtag? i still have nothing, wtf !
    please someone ??

  • CazmanCrazyONE 02.05.14 at 22:28

    If your disc want load…take the disc out of the ONE…unplug the console and plug it back in. Do not put the disc in yet…first go to SETTINGS…then NETWORK settings…then click ADVANCED settings…then click on ALTERNATE MAC address…and press CLEAR…the console will then ask you if you would like to RESTART NOW…click yes. Once the ONE comes back online put in BF4 and give it a shot…your game should now load. hoped this helped. It has helped everyone with that problem so far.

  • Swellsup101 02.05.14 at 22:21

    Xbox One – First off great game. But….. Why is it that %60 of the time the game starts without sound? And the appreciation dog tag is no longer available after the first day of being appreciated. Thanks for being a better shoulder to cry on than my unappreciative wife. – she would really like her husband back soon….

  • CazmanCrazyONE 02.05.14 at 21:18

    Have you tried completely disconnecting power to the console and rebooting? Not just turning it off but unplug the thing. Plug her back in and give it a try. There is another trick you can perform if that doesn’t work…be sure to post to let me know if the power down worked for you.

  • Dannyd534 02.05.14 at 20:48

    I was on vacation for 2 weeks until Feb 2nd, is there no way I can get this dog tag now?

  • CD5P1D3R 02.05.14 at 20:33

    Only probs i am getting now, Dawnbreaker…… get halfway through tanning the arse of opposing team, then FREEZE MUTHAFDDAH!!!!

  • Storman25 02.05.14 at 16:22

    how come china rising air superiority is so slow for ps3, and always cutting off before the game can even finish.. is this just me, or?

  • WarpedVisions 02.05.14 at 16:20

    But in a larger sense great job DICE, everyone complaining doesn’t understand that new games will have problems! Every new game does. But I am a huge fan of everything battlefield and think y’all have made the game outstanding and I’ve barely experienced any lag at all! Thank YOU DICE for the great game!!

    • XSevSpreeX 02.05.14 at 18:35

      Yes, every game has problems at launch. But do those problems include mass freezing, server crashes, frame rate drops, and what seems like an endless list of bugs that only seems to get longer each patch?

    • freakondrums 02.05.14 at 20:07

      Apparently this guy is BLIND and/or is just a kiss-ass and thinks he’s gonna get some kinda special privilege.
      You’re right, WarpedVisions…new games do have some problems when they first come out, but they’re usually finished products.
      BF4 is not a finished product and they thought the problems were going to minor and able to fix with ease while being out in the public, and are finding out it’s not that easy and are creating more problems.
      They got their money and really don’t care about you or I.

      • CazmanCrazyONE 02.05.14 at 21:00

        Your exactly right! They already have our money…so what do they care! It’s obvious they don’t…they’re just trying to save face. GOODLUCK!

  • WarpedVisions 02.05.14 at 16:17

    Hey so I logged on Sunday to get my silver battle pack and dog tag for player appreciation month but I never got it:( is there any way I can still get the dog tag?

    • freakondrums 02.05.14 at 20:09

      Good luck on that….have you noticed no reply yet? Didn’t think so.

  • megacuddles 02.05.14 at 15:21

    This game is by far the best game I’ve ever played. The balancing issues aren’t going to kill you or cause cancer like so many of these no lifes on here think, they really aren’t that bad. I have had almost no problems with the lag/glitching, I only have problems with the insistent cry babies that constantly complain about one of the most complex games to be made. DICE, thank you for all you have done and will continue to do. Thank you for appreciating your players, even the ones that don’t deserve it. And thank you for making battlefield 4 such an amazing game. My only question is: when is DICE Appreciation Month?

    • freakondrums 02.05.14 at 20:13

      You must work for DICE and/or on your knees and smiling like a donut for them. That’s not the only issues. If I wanted to buy a head ache, I can buy a hammer for alot less than $60.00.

  • Kleetuz 02.05.14 at 14:55

    Guys, we are experiencing the inability to fire weapons in the second seat of ground vehicles. Also, hacking/glitch in gist at an all time high.

  • MisterMagoo33 02.05.14 at 13:35

    Please, check out a possible razer naga 2014 issue. My mouse stops working frequently and only in Battlefiled 4 (only x e y axis – buttons work).

  • WeightyPath0 02.05.14 at 13:18

    how do i participate in the community missions?

  • MohdJeffreyZin 02.05.14 at 13:04

    I still haven’t got it yet. Mine is in Asian states (Malaysia/Singapore).

  • CazmanCrazyONE 02.05.14 at 09:01

    How about servers for ONLY the U.S. players…I am sick of you people TRYING to produce a game where you THINK you can put players in a lobby from AROUND the globe in a REAL TIME game…NOT WORKING!!! If I get shot and killed by another player from a country I have NEVER heard OF with ZERO HEALTH…or ONE shot killed when I’m dumping entire clips into these guys, so help me! Let’s see…NO SOUND…DATA LOSS…being completely kicked out of the game to the HOME SCREEN as if I had just put the disc in the console…REALLY!!! And where is my Veteran content…you can’t even fix that, and your wanting us to believe you can fix the rest of this NIGHTMARE you call a GAME…you must be out of your mind! Patches and updates should be a last resort…proof you guys sold us TRASH right out of the gate. You guys knew the game wasn’t going to work before you even released it…I hope you all get what you deserve!

    • freakondrums 02.05.14 at 15:46

      These issues/problems are exactly the same for the Xbox 360. I’ve seen where my buddies and I have put entire clips into guys and they get down to ZERO percent and just walk around killing everyone in site, taking out like 6 guys on ZERO health…WTF?

    • CIK APOSTLE 02.05.14 at 15:48

      how bout you just go to server browser and stop searching lobbies outside the U.S. Weird Idea I know… Its almost like they already fixed that problem before it even was one…. #stopcrying

      • freakondrums 02.05.14 at 20:18

        Do they pay you extra to be an asshole, or does it just come naturally?

      • freakondrums 02.06.14 at 22:25

        Hey CUNT APOSTLE, Do they pay you extra to be an asshole, or does it just come naturally?

      • CazmanCrazyONE 02.15.14 at 09:34

        All I play are U.S. servers… : ]

  • CazmanCrazyONE 02.05.14 at 08:32

    I don’t think they CAN fix the game…every update just makes the game more unbearable. I loved BF3 and thought this game was going to be awesome. Spent over 600.00 just to play the game on the new console to find it was a total WASTE of money. I don’t want all of this free junk! I want a game that WORKS! Dog tags and short cuts…really!!! How about my money BACK!!! Once Titan Fall comes out…this game will never see me again. Thanks for screwing all of us that USED too love this game. Maybe next time you will wait and release a game when its a WORKING game! EA practically stole 115.00 from all of us…if you include the PREMIUM…RIPOFF! It’s been 3 MONTHS and the game is still garbage. It’s not even a game…a game is something you can PLAY! I am VERY disappointed. I am officially giving up on what you call a game…more like a JOKE! Just like the other man said…enough with trying to pacify your customers with bribes “IN GAME CONTENT” and FIX the GAME!!!

    • fragment101 02.05.14 at 14:33

      I’d appreciated aworking game this is like in the beta phases still .Stop peddling yeh bells and whistle sorry dog tags which i haven’t received yet then the battle packs open only the xp boost won’t work for me we all understand a few teething problems but this is taking the piss cheers E.A money machine .

    • freakondrums 02.05.14 at 16:00

      -XBOX 360 USER

  • G34RB0X_27 02.05.14 at 08:26

    3rd day in a row I have logged in and played a couple of rounds, but I’m not getting any daily battlepacks. I did get my tags and battlepack the first day, but none since.

  • Gillium-001 02.05.14 at 08:09

    Dice, could you tell me if I’ll get the Battlepacks by playing Commander on my tablet? I’m going to be traveling and it’d be cool to get ‘em while I’m away from my console. Thanks.

  • CosyPigeon 02.05.14 at 06:30

    Thanks Dice, good luck with continuing to improve the game.

  • freakondrums 02.05.14 at 06:26

    And another thing… Why is the maps from BF3 on the server browser but are unable to play?

  • freakondrums 02.05.14 at 06:23

    Any chance you’re going to fix the lagging and Xbox crashing problems for Dawn-breaker?
    And I think if you want to do a “Appreciation” thing…you should give everyone the complete Premium benefits, considering all the problems we are having to deal with of a game that wasn’t even ready to be put out in the first place.

  • Darren_Roth 02.05.14 at 05:53

    I have logged on every frikkin day and received NOTHING. WTF is going on here? E V E R Y day. Very frustrated.

  • fer04101983 02.05.14 at 05:47

    Hey people, I cant play the game,, I press START and nothing happens,,, I cant even play OFFLINE…. the game menu is not loading… FIx thissss peopleeee….

  • OBIZZLE_404 02.05.14 at 05:07

    I cant even play the game. IT gets stuck after i press start in the Start since the last update. Please at least fix it or give us some free maps until fixed. This is total bull man… I payed to play the game not look at the cover.

  • Evanlock98 02.05.14 at 02:44

    Believe me ea, dice and all creators of the game… Ty you have created a great base model for a game and have constantly been working to improve it in all aspects you can, I have experience in game creating and know that it is a daunting task to improve gameplay, balance weapons in game, and continue to create add on material to the game in a small period of time so anyone who send negative posts to target you the creators know that me and many others like me appreciate what you do. So Ty for player appreciation month

  • SevenWalls2081 02.05.14 at 02:38

    I am new to the BF experience. I joined the franchise for BF3 and was thoroughly impressed by the experience compared to COD. With that said, the amount of glitches BF4 has had is not only ridiculous, it is also unacceptable. What DICE and EA did was the equivalent of theft. I thought I was buying a game and instead I received a headache on two discs. In essence I purchased the beta version of BF4. The fact that I see gamers claiming that the community is “lucky” to be receiving anything from this company is unbelievable. It’s not enough to bribe us with crappy content; heads should roll. If there are any gamers serious about pursuing an avenue of recourse I suggest filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. If enough of us file complaints maybe something will be done; don’t waste time with the BBB.

    Here’s the link:

    • freakondrums 02.05.14 at 06:33

      Definitely gonna use this link to complain about DICE and EA putting out a game that wasn’t ready to be put out, only for profits, and now trying to fix things by just making things worse.
      The Swiss should stick with what they’re good at and just concentrate on Chocolate.

    • CazmanCrazyONE 02.05.14 at 21:27

      THANK YOU!!!

  • The Silver Nova 02.04.14 at 23:53

    ETA on when the shortcut bundles will be released?

  • life-or-death-87 02.04.14 at 23:17

    I think a great new feature to set you apart from all other online games even more would be…

    When you create your profile. choose what U.S. BRANCH you want your ranking structure to be.
    Im USAF and would be awesome to see different ranks
    just keep the rank # so everyone knows what rank you are..just change the emblem
    ..of course you would have to keep the CWO even though there is no CWO in the USAF. then on the birthday of each branch you could do a xdp ..depending on which branch of service you choose ..would depend on which week you would get dxp.

  • Gammit_Meister 02.04.14 at 22:01

    During the campaigns I have went through 3 times and collected all dog tags and weapons… and it shows this… but the main page on origin it has a different weapons count and advised me I still have a weapon to collect… but in the campaign mode it advises I collected everything. I am in the process of starting over the campaign again but looks like ill be wasting my time with this glitch

  • redsandstorm 02.04.14 at 19:06

    Will they be redoing the dog tag during the month i missed it cause i was out of the country ? And did they decide to remove the shortcuts?

  • CareerBASSPRO 02.04.14 at 18:50

    When will the next “Appreciation” giveaway be?

  • ArthurSan713 02.04.14 at 17:27

    Hmmm. I opened and claim the first battlepack, the dog doesnt appear on my loadout page on here nor on my ps4 console

  • StrikingWater 02.04.14 at 16:47

    To show our “Appreciation” we are giving away 25 % and 50 % xp bonuses all month long… WOW !!!

    • CazmanCrazyONE 02.05.14 at 21:07

      LOL…I know, what a joke! They must think we’re all a bunch of 10 year olds! Like XP Boosts, Camo’s, and DogTags are going to make up for their broken game…give me a break! Very poor business ethics!

  • Andy7674 02.04.14 at 15:59


  • captainrathgar 02.04.14 at 13:21

    Boy it sure would be great if I could group my friends in a pre game squad like before. But it’s ok, I know how technology likes to move backwards. It’s a game. I shouldn’t be able to do everything I like. I wouldn’t want to enjoy myself too much…Also, didn’t you already finish Second Assault like a month ago? I guess I’ll be taking my battlepacks with a side of CROW!

  • Texhonolize 02.04.14 at 13:14

    Second day of not getting my player appreciation battle pack. Get Fail to retrieve stats error every time I check even though I’ve played a match. I feel unappreciated. :(

  • CobraVesuvius 02.04.14 at 13:13

    Why are all you kids being such brats? You’re lucky they even have a Player Appreciation Month and you’re still whining! If you even LOOK on the forums or ANYWHERE on the site you will see that they’re working real hard to make patches for the game. If you don’t like Battlefield 4′s glitches, then just wait it out or trade it in for COD Ghosts.

    • captainrathgar 02.04.14 at 13:24

      Actually most of the staff went on extended vacation after release. So… you literally don’t know what you’re talking about. As a Premium member and longtime Battlefield player I know what they are capable of and it’s more than we got.

    • CazmanCrazyONE 02.05.14 at 21:25

      Your calling us BRATS…you must work for DICE and EA…lol. Us “BRATS” have a legitimate RIGHT to complain when they SOLD us “BRATS” an unfinished product…they shouldn’t HAVE to be TRYING to fix anything but some MINOR glitches when a new game is released…not a FAILED GAME thus far!

  • MagicManX5 02.04.14 at 11:59

    Dice will you ever bring back the pre game squad? It made it alot easier to play with friends, it was nice to meet up, talk, and discuss what server to join together.

  • loneknight00 02.04.14 at 11:29

    same here and i checked battlelog but it still isnt there

  • KhaosFirestorm 02.04.14 at 07:42

    I dont seem to be getting any battlepacks, signed in and played a few rounds on my xbox one and nothing…

    • justsum1uknow 02.04.14 at 09:08

      If you can, check battlelog, they will be there and openable.

    • Prince77 02.04.14 at 11:48

      They would already be available to open, you don’t need to play a round or match to get them.

  • AlexZzz__Zzz 02.04.14 at 07:06

    I couldnt play this weekend for the double xp because of the stutter/rubberbandind that i have. Im pretty sure it isnt my internet, it started 2 weeks ago. When i first got my PS4 bf4 online never lagged at all untill 2 weeks ago. :(

  • B_R_A_V_O_01 02.04.14 at 06:00

    Dubbed points time ran out sooner then said

  • mquezada030273 02.04.14 at 05:15

    Never got double xp last week. kinda messed up.

  • inthemix420 02.04.14 at 04:56

    i’m not seeing battlepacks show up. what constitues a sign in?

    • L3G3ND27 02.04.14 at 05:40

      You have to sign in while also playing the game. I just signed in to battlelog and started the game up on my xbox and got the battlepacks, you don’t actually have to join a game or anything

    • justsum1uknow 02.04.14 at 09:09

      Make sure you checked BattleLog > Solider > Battlepacks.
      The battlepack type is bronze.

  • Flak n Lead 02.04.14 at 03:38

    Wats up wit the handgun shortcut? Maybe a shot of a new map pack

  • Devellis96 02.04.14 at 03:29

    For the purposes of expressing my opinion, I will forget that humility exists:

    I am an exceptional helicopter pilot. I have been playing flying games since I was four, on the PS1. I have played with RC helicopters/airplanes since around the same age as well. If you’re familiar with FSX, there’s a particularly hard helicopter course (one of the default missions) and I completed it with a damn good time in a few tries. In BF3, I could go full games in a helicopter without dying and come out on top of the scoreboard.


    Now, I agree it should be more difficult for even a very good player to go an entire round without dying in a helicopter, however right now, in BF4, I have never gotten a particularly good attack heli run. Bitch about it all you want, but helicopters are severely underpowered. And let’s not forget the delicate balance between “a balanced game” and “a believable game.” It is not, for example, believable that it can take three strafes to down a single tank. It is not believable that it takes half a cannon magazine to down a single infantryman. It is not believable that some punk-ass engineer can pull off three stinger missiles before I can flare for the second time.


    Aircraft are only effective against ground targets at relatively close range (I’d say ~150 m) with the current flying mechanics. So why are anti-air weapons effective at such longer ranges?


    Seriously, attack helicopters need a major buff. Cannon damage overall should be increased, rocket damage should be increased (and I think it would be best to reduce the re-arm time for rockets to 3/4 what it is now). Get rid of the re-arm time for Attack Heli heatseakers. All the rearm time does for Air to Air weapons is make aircraft dogfights incredulously long.

    I can’t believe this wasn’t caught in Alpha/Beta (and a lot of things weren’t) but helicopter dogfights are SOO SLOW PACED. I really don’t like the limited ammo thing for vehicles in general, but at least for air-to-ground combat, it limits the amount of superiority a skilled helicopter pilot can have. It simply doesn’t make sense for armor (why does a tank only have 5 shells?)


    Please increase surface-to-air-missile reload time. It is absolutely ridiculous (especially for slower moving, lower-flying scout-helicopters) that an engineer can get more than THREE rockets off before I have time to both flare again and gtfo. A decent player will have no trouble taking down a hostile helicopter without surface-to-air lock-on weapons. surface-to-air lock-on weapons should be for noobs and as last resort only. As stated in a previous BF3 change-log: for point defense. I think the range should be decreased as well to 300 m if you don’t increase reload time, and 400 m if you do. 500m is just too much coverage.


    Come to think of it, it isn’t just the Attack Heli, vehicles in general need a buff. Remove the rearm time on armor and increase anti-tank weapon effectiveness. For example, unlimited primary weapon ammo for all armor. RPG/SMAW/SRAW should be three-hit disables, except from front. Javelin should be a two-hit disable and MBT LAW should remain a four-hit disable.

    Vehicles really feel tacked-on and ineffective in BF4 compared to BF3. I shat myself in BF3 when I saw a tank and I was an assault player. Now I feel “meh I’ll just go that way, he won’t dish out enough damage by the time I run that 100 m to cover.”


    And the argument for the G36C is terrible. The G36 is an obsolete weapon. It isn’t good at anything. I don’t see how that contributes to positive balance in the game.


    I hate DMRs, but even I can agree that a three-hit kill in close-quarters just isn’t competitive. If you want to encourage mid/long-range use, increase the max. damage to 50 and decrease the ROF significantly. I’d say at least a 15% reduction across the board.


    I think the easiest way to balance these would be to give them infinite lock-on range or limited travel distance. The former would give pilots/tank operators a fair(er) warning and give them time to take action. AAs couldn’t spam active radar missiles from spawn, because the pilots flying from base would know almost instantly that a pesky, camping AA has fired rockets at them and should be able to take action quickly. It would limit active radar missiles to what it looks like they were designed for: point defense.

    The latter suggestion would also solve the aforementioned problem. You could still fire them, the pilot would have a sudden, brief warning, but if they could only travel, say 500 m (linearly, regardless of path taken from source) then it would still prevent active radar missile spamming.


    In theory, it makes sense that an engineer would carry a PDW, but with the BF4 weapon mechanics, it doesn’t make sense. Engineers spend their time far away, either in vehicles or trying to destroy them. There literally is no reason to use an engineer in close quarters other than the fact that you have given them PDWs exclusively (which are not very competitive weapons to begin with). Carbines are all around better, except, generally, in hip-fire. There is no reason you’d play as an engineer and not use a carbine. I do admit, being able to use carbines with any class is nice, and makes for interesting, diverse load-outs, but it does not make sense to give PDWs exclusively to engineers. I think it would be far more balanced to switch carbines and PDWs.

  • BLocKwOrK550 02.04.14 at 03:01

    STFU…. MAPS NOW !!

  • BLocKwOrK550 02.04.14 at 02:58

    we don’t give a f*** we want new maps…

  • N-Shifter 02.04.14 at 02:50

    The game is working great for me now on PS4, thanks for the extras this month, just one thing……”Second Assault” soon, right?

  • MR_SWiFER 02.04.14 at 02:33

    Hello DICE,

    Thanks for all the updates but I would like to get strait to the point. DINO MODE! Is it ever gonna happen? I’m buying Premium in good faith that BF4 will be the fist BF to feature this.. You know the community has been going insane (myself included) with all the Easter eggs and hints!. DICE, you guys are truly cryptic and know how to stir us up, the king of all trolls goes without saying. RAWR – ‘this is bf4 – you’ll see”.


  • HOLYBUTT 02.04.14 at 01:38

    A message to all those sniper ranters… Sniping is aloud… Duh amount doesn’t really matter the more people snipe the more campers to kill… Although when a solider can take a high powered scope and rifle and shoot you not even 10 feet in front of them then there is something wrong snipers are long range recon combatants who in reality wait in cover for weeks to make 1 shot… So we can’t have players waiting forever for a kill but there should be a decent bit of distance between you and the marksmen… Also snipers don’t jump and run and shoot then duck… They are stationary, when players pop quick shots from 200m (not far in realistic terms for actual weaponry) there is something wrong ALSO HOLDING YOUR BREATH DOESN’T MAKE YOU A PERFECT SHOT YOU STILL WILL SHAKE A BIT!!! Snipers have bi-pods for a reason… When you see the sniper STANDING, 100m AWAY, WITH STRAIGHT PULL… COME ON what true marksmen does that… Because holding your breath makes everything ok. I understand that sniping can’t factor in wind or heart beat… But come on… Sniping is somewhat over powered I believe we can all agree. If I were to add something to the game it would probably be weapon jams… No gun fires perfectly 24/7 although I realize this would really affect game play and probably drop a lot of fans but it happens… Maybe even just throw in some more weapon handling like a misfeed when loading or something.

  • Texhonolize 02.04.14 at 01:36

    I logged in Sunday and checked Battle packs and played a few matches and still didn’t get my appreciation battle pack.

  • X5NIKOLAIxLIVES 02.04.14 at 00:47

    What are the challenges for player appreciation month? I have been trying to find this out for days and I have still not found anything on it.

  • Crimsonskulls607 02.04.14 at 00:38

    when is the week losng period for the shortcut stuff? just curiou

  • rompindonkey1 02.04.14 at 00:27

    When or will they ever limit the number of Recon’/Snipers per game? It’s bad enough already fighting against a horde of snipers in a single game, now they want to give everyone access to a DMR. Get real “Dice” there are very few snipers out there in the real world

  • D3adF33lKat001 02.04.14 at 00:04

    Best game-play out there to simulate warfare. Multiplayer is GREAT!! Though, as previously stated, certain weapons could stand to be a bit more powerful. Especially when dealing with body upper body shots. Other times I wonder if I really DID just lay 5 into that guys chest while he is still shootin’ at me. Maybe the hit-markers were off? I never know. To tell the truth, more difficult (to a point of course) usually means more fun when givin so mush open space.

  • v3pnighthawk 02.03.14 at 23:29

    Dice u need to fix the DMR’s I never new 7 shots to the head with a 7.62 round killed a person I though 2 did just fine and LMG’s are shite to there still a lot of glitchs that need fixed but please get the weapons fixed they suck I lefted CoD for u guy and got my hole school to switch they all wish they when to battlefield soner can’t want for a BF5!!!!!

  • Umbra Nights 02.03.14 at 22:26

    never got my tag….

  • Umbra Nights 02.03.14 at 22:25

    never got my tag…..

  • Savage30cal 02.03.14 at 21:58

    We appreciate what you guys are doing but the game still needs work. I think choppers need a faster countermeasure reload time. In some maps like zavod you can’t even get off the ground before being shot down by AA at the other end of the map. The choppers are pretty much useless. Even with engineers fixing them the AA drops them like flies.

  • StayRealForever 02.03.14 at 21:51

    Okay so this weekend I wasn’t getting the double xp, was this occurring to anyone else?

  • HIGH-NOON13 02.03.14 at 21:30

    How do I get into the China Rising rooms? The only time I have been able to is to follow a friend, even though I have the China Rising downloaded?

    • HOLYBUTT 02.04.14 at 01:40

      You need to use server browser and specifically choose the DLC maps

  • pwickings19 02.03.14 at 21:12

    Dear EA. I logged in yesterday to get my Player Appreciation dog tag, but I have not been awarded one – could you please help me?

  • Pazuzu-II 02.03.14 at 20:33

    where is mine PLAYER APPRECIATION DOG TAG? i was online at the 2nd of feb.

  • Capt Mike I 02.03.14 at 20:32

    I am not getting the daily battlepacks for some reason. Can you fix it? Thanks in advance!

    • HOLYBUTT 02.04.14 at 01:41

      Starts Feb 2nd I think that’s when I got mine

  • okmetoo 02.03.14 at 20:20

    I Love BF4

  • lll-Mission-lll 02.03.14 at 19:48

    I Love BF4 But If I Had That Chance to have a server it would be much better

  • bobotallica 02.03.14 at 19:22

    Awesome game and love free stuff could give more dog tags instead of weapon attachments we will never use

  • darkchylde1981 02.03.14 at 19:12

    Player Appreciation Dog Tag – available for 2 days ? Well way to screw a ton of players out of getting them, since not everyone can login during the weekend.

    Double XP wasn’t available all weekend either.

    I feel so appreciated, that I can’t wait for another EA Fail to rear its head.. so I can be appreciated even more.

    • HOLYBUTT 02.04.14 at 01:49

      Hey.. Sorry that after releasing a new game… That has revolution sound, graphics, interaction, and gameplay. Fixing thousands of errors since it’s still new, and creating millions of servers, DLC’s, and weapons, expansions, trophies/achievements, etc that you miss out on a double XP… Sadly I guess frostbite and dice (and other producers/designers) still aren’t Living up to expectations… They ain’t pulling their slack… Guess since they made a mistake we should post a bunch a hate mail on their blog and rage at em… Sounds good

  • xXFromarXx 02.03.14 at 19:00

    i never got double xp all weekend

  • BeeSeeBee 02.03.14 at 18:41

    You guys fail on so many promises. Think about it… If you are offering a special olive branch to the community, and then don’t deliver, what does that say about it? I know it tells me you don’t pay that close attention to your community. Ps4 premium. 2xp special event didn’t work all weekend. Like so many other things.. Disappointed

  • BeeSeeBee 02.03.14 at 18:39

    Ps4 premium. 2xp special bonus didn’t work all weekend. It was disappointing!!! I was looking forward to it and it never came.

  • Aldo92 02.03.14 at 18:26

    I really need some explanation about the servers , suddenly my battlefield experience has changed dramatically, since February 1st, four little boxes appear on the right side of my HUD, did the research on my own , and it looks like it is “packet loss”. It’s affecting me considerably, can someone please tell me it’s on the battlefield server side ?
    My setup is a xbox one, wired connection , 10Mbps down , 1mbps up.

  • Cover1Fire 02.03.14 at 17:17

    There are several things not to chill about. One is apparently the inability to properly beta test any of the patch releases or to provide any feedback as to why they are failing. Another is the As they fail on the quality component they continue on development of Mantle. I and a significant population in the gaming community do not care or plan to use AMD products. As to the effect of what this might do to consol-ize the game they should realize that we play PC because of the enhanced experience the PC brings to the game. So no chill here and as soon as I find an alternative I will take my business elsewhere.

  • iTheHunter 02.03.14 at 16:31

    Where mi pack? :P

  • Lasagnaverse 02.03.14 at 16:01

    You should give the M1911 scope to the rest of us that missed it.

  • Richie_uk 02.03.14 at 15:57

    i think BF4 is class all games have there teathing problems godd to see your working on it
    just waiting for the next map pack and up dates :)

  • BETOELCHIDOZ 02.03.14 at 15:55

    great Week

  • Double00Dustyy 02.03.14 at 15:54

    So are we still waiting for the weapon shortcuts? I would like to know how to do that for a few of the weapon types.

  • USMC 1st FR Jgb 02.03.14 at 15:23

    You guys should re release the dog tags for the people like myself that had no idea you guys was releasing it I think it’s unfair you guys did that for 2 days. That is a sick ass dog tag and I want it and I didn’t find out about it till this morning. Just saying dice/ea.

    • DJFrodo 02.03.14 at 16:06

      Some of us got the pack and still can’t use it…..yeah

      • luxeled 02.03.14 at 17:31

        the trick is when you play a match press start and go to where it says battle packs click it and claim it or reclaim it

  • bigsmellyfart 02.03.14 at 14:50

    I wish I had known this before

  • BEBER7 02.03.14 at 14:26

    Hey Guys,

    Could you do something for the commander ?
    People who play commander want to help squads to win on the battlefield but the commander can’t really do anything…

    Bad things :
    Squad are not listening at all ( they were in BF2 .. so why ? )
    - We can’t rebuke and tell them to follow orders… we can’t tell we are not happy of their job.
    - Bonus on point ( like scan or rocket ), the squads say.. no I don’t want to go in B it’s useless I prefer E because there is the rocket bonus.. .WTF… follow orders, I send already 3 squads there.

    The commander is just looking the battlefield without any power… He gives orders but just few people follow it, almost do not care…. He can’t organised himself because his action depend on the success to take a point… but like I said,, no one is listening.

    Please bring us our commander back !
    Makes radar building, artillery building ect
    Give the commander the possibility to be a commander ! PLZ !


    PS: A commander do not take pleasure to give orders.. this is not a point. The commander like to create a strategy, different front, take on flank and succeed to give advantage to the troops. In BF4, commander is only a support, but it should be both, leader and support.
    Thanks for the month.

  • ICatalystI 02.03.14 at 14:22

    Couldn’t agree more with the previous post we all paid good money for this game the least that could be done would be for it to work its issue after issue…

  • CallMeCobra 02.03.14 at 13:43

    yo baby,yo baby, yo
    I haven’t got no dog tag, no
    Had to work all weekend, bro
    But I don’t care,
    no no no, cuz’
    Seahawks won the Superbowl
    Yo Baby, yo Baby, yo
    written by: FixTheGame

    IwantzACHAWKXtagz (i want a Seahawks tag ;))

  • SonofAndrew 02.03.14 at 12:57

    Well I opened the battlepack and got the dog tag, only it’s not showing in my tags so can’t set it, now I log on only to find no battlepacks available for today!

    • Double00Dustyy 02.03.14 at 15:56

      This has happened to me with 6 weapon camos I got from battlepacks… no where to be found in the menus

  • Burnardburns 02.03.14 at 12:34

    Player Appreciation….er Tease Month had kicked off. Logged in to see 100% XP boost event, did not get 100% XP boost. Logged in to get Silver Battlepack “You have no unopened Battlepacks. Play some more to get some!”. Brilliant! Thanks for nothing.

  • Mr_Oppedal 02.03.14 at 12:22

    How about fixing the game DICE? After the latest patch, it’s sometimes impossible to be gunner on tanks. Different sound errors, hitbox and 0hp it still a situasion. I you want have people still playing this game, make more ranks. 110 is way to little. Stop with all this bullshit with battlepacks and xp boost, concentrate on the game itself, and make a more open dialog to the players.

  • leinadsnave 02.03.14 at 08:27

    How do I get them shortcuts?

  • DERP 2 6 8 02.03.14 at 08:22

    The weapon shortcuts will be really cheap to all the players who worked for them i say no to short cuts!

  • Grad98CofC 02.03.14 at 08:02

    No 100% xp bonus, and I’m premium!

  • themortalkaos 02.03.14 at 08:02

    Logged in the required time and never got the battlepack for the dogtag

  • ensty 02.03.14 at 07:01

    No sound!!!! Yea, it sucks not being able to hear someone right behind you. After last patch there is no sound during the first round I jump in to. Also my guns are not showing up or showing up without my solder or even worse spontaneously changing from pistol to rifle to defibrillator. Seriously guys your gunna make me switch to cod!!!! Please don’t loose a good costumer. Thanks.

  • xDOGWARx 02.03.14 at 06:33

    Ok, stayed up the night before, didn’t notice anything till mid morning, got some nice battle packs bit, have not noticed any extra points for the 100% xp boost. And even in one game I got several rewards after getting 20 headshots on hardcore. Why am I not seeing the boost.
    And mind you, daily I have to do a soft reset. And it’s not the Xbox one, it is the game.
    Come on with this.
    Been die hard battlefield since the Xbox live game 1947 I believe it was

  • grim_reaper_151 02.03.14 at 06:32

    Im not receiving any of this weekends Xperia boost

  • breachman007 02.03.14 at 06:00

    Fix serious lagging. No headsets being used. Add “channels” for TACOPS or Objective target in Conquest.

  • bigjon1081 02.03.14 at 05:58

    cant find my dog tag this is the shit with dice

  • RUS Centralnui 02.03.14 at 05:42

    Look at the BF4 bug:
    there is no TUGS or anything like this, we don’t even have the commander, but all the enemy team is appearing for no reason. It is happening not just once, a few next maps it were the same way. Btw, the enemy team don’t see us this way. This bug is braking any tactics, there is no way to play any clanwar, because any team could be awarded to see the enemy team like this.

  • w0Lf57 02.03.14 at 05:41

    I logged in, but I never got the special tag either. Is there some other way I could get it?

  • Khaos_elite 02.03.14 at 05:35

    Opened my silver battlepack…no special dog tag :/

    The dig tag shows up on battlelog but its greyed out, wtf dice?

  • SmellDatGudWeed 02.03.14 at 05:30

    OK well I’m getting the battlepacks as most of you that cool and all but I want the shortcuts and the double xp now it says the couple xp is active but I’m not getting any. I have also searched night and day for the shortcuts and can’t find any kind of download or install for the and also got no dog tag? So can any1 help?

  • David_Musclescof 02.03.14 at 05:22

    Can we get a desert .44

  • BrandonHELLA 02.03.14 at 05:19

    I can’t find the dog tag in my selection. ?

  • isaac6543 02.03.14 at 05:08

    Fuck dog tags and stuff, I want to relase First Strike! At least for this month :)

  • RadiX.DIS 02.03.14 at 05:08

    I didn’t received my dog tag too

  • xkillamanjarr0x 02.03.14 at 05:02

    I can’t find my dog tag in my tags. The xp boost doesn’t seem to be working either

  • Jasspers 02.03.14 at 04:22

    DLC to play Capture the flag, anything on that?

  • Jasspers 02.03.14 at 04:20

    I didn’t received my dog tag, has anybody come up with the same issue?

  • KotR_Iceman27 02.03.14 at 04:14

    I have no problem with the battlepacks, but I am not getting the xp boosts or the shortcuts. Any ideas on when the shortcuts are coming?

  • nefariouskill 02.03.14 at 03:32

    i have logged in and played every day and I am not receiving any battlepacks, is this an issues for the ps4? is any one else having this problem?

  • SoCal_Samurai 02.03.14 at 02:45

    Love this game. I am patient with the crashes in knowing that they are working to fix. Thank you so much for the Fan Appreciation Month gifts. Got my Dog Tags and the first two Battle packs.
    To those who post negative comments, you can either trust tht they are trying to isolate and fix the problem or you can take you game to the store for a refund. It’s that simple.
    For the rest of the BF’ers out there……play on my brothers!!!!

    • WestBankHitman 02.03.14 at 02:59

      After you clean the brown off your nose just know you are the type of fan that allows this pos game to be sold in its horrible state. I have been a Battlefield fan since day one. But, the hours of my life I give to this game and to have it released in this state is a complete slap in the face. The game is not worth nothing to go trade in. And you can’t return premium so that is a ignorant comment. If you really cared about your “brothers” you would get behind them and demand a fix not a bribe. Not to mention you should earn your weapons and unlocks not have them given to you. And then after you spend your time doing so, they give them away to everyone else. This is about the stupidest decision ever.

  • Slowmosexual 02.03.14 at 02:39

    A good way to show some player appreciation would be to fix things you continue to ignore.

  • XxKBAK3xX420 02.03.14 at 02:35

    Half the time I play there is no sound.really need to fix that

  • 1ofgodssons009 02.03.14 at 02:31

    sometimes the game freeze in the middle of a good match. DLC to play cature the flag I dont understand? sometimes I have my opponent in my crosshairs and I get no hit points? ontheotherhand you guys did a good job, although you was rushed a bit to release. I like the game alot can wait for BF5.

  • shottazz922 02.03.14 at 02:06

    games just froze 2 mins into playing again…not good guys something needs to be done very soon

  • shottazz922 02.03.14 at 01:54

    great game,updates and gifts great just a little problem with sound now and then also freezes often quite annoying when youve played half hour and it freezes b4 your xp as been added this has been happining since last update ..hope this can be fixed soon ..thx

  • Runemage9008 02.03.14 at 01:43

    So this isn’t fair, I tried to log into battlelog yesterday, but the traffic was so bad for this site that it wouldn’t load, I never got a chance to log in. I tried every few hours for 10minutes at a time. Thanks to that I missed out. Any ways I can be refunded? Maybe check your records to see I tried logging in?

  • AssassinTwins69 02.03.14 at 00:48

    I’m on Battlefield now and I didn’t get no appreciation dog tag. Did I do something wrong?

    • AbagOwhinerS 02.03.14 at 02:33

      You’re too late. You had to log on to the game between 1st of Feb (4AM/PST) and the 2nd of Feb (4AM/PST). Sorry

  • MORGANTE10 02.03.14 at 00:38

    It says above you have where to get it but couldn’t find in store

  • olittleman10 02.03.14 at 00:24


  • Spider9080 02.03.14 at 00:19

    was just wondering when the shortcuts will be released? and will we receive them at once? (I have premium)

  • TJ_Lee85 02.03.14 at 00:14

    I also logged in and didnt recieve the battlepack on Saturday.

  • HeliPilot INIT 02.02.14 at 23:51

    I logged on and got played a game and received nothing. Bullcrap, broken BF4. Player appreciation? My ass, more like, if it works then free goodies, if it doesn’t work then tough luck. THANKS A LOT DICE FOR NOTHING>

  • ThejArmAhead 02.02.14 at 23:24

    So I’m confused, how exactly do we get the Battlepacks? Just play a match, log into Battlelog…? Because I just played a match and never got a pack.

    • ThejArmAhead 02.02.14 at 23:25

      Nevermind, there’s no “notification” or anything you just have to go to the Battlepack screen. Got it!

  • DGAF_7590 02.02.14 at 23:21

    Go fuck yourself, I have a PS4 and I have a CAT5 cable running from my router (which runs at 42.3 MBs). Your argument is dumb as fuck and invalid.

  • Heero7176 02.02.14 at 23:07

    For being fan appreciate month you sure did let me down and a ton of other people. The 100% xp bonus did not work for me. Played for.a few hours. Disappointed at best looks like its time to move on…

  • el_kokol1984 02.02.14 at 23:05

    i dont know what everyone is fucking crying about . i havent had any problems with the game, i ve had some pretty fucking epic moments my game doesnt freez , maybe you girls should buy yourselfs the ps4 and pay for better internet , you cheap asses. thats really the reason yall have conneccion problems , you lagging mofos. the game is great the connection is awsome, its very rare i get kicked out, like onece well i forgot the last time i got booted lol. all you ps3 gamers go fuck yourselfs, the game was NOT ment for that console, eccept it,

  • miles_x_jj 02.02.14 at 23:02

    Just want to say thanks love the game my only complaint is losing a gunfight only to see my opposing player run off with 0 health remaining very annoying but otherwise a fantastic gsme I absolutely love it went out and got premium too which I never bothered with for bf3 never really got into it
    now I got a ps4 and love bf4
    thanks again to everyone who made such a good game and to those still working at making it better

  • biteeme 02.02.14 at 22:46

    the way figure your going to do what you want anyhow so why say anything but i think it is crap you have to open every scopes each time you get new gun why not open it one time its not like we dont have to earn it anyways like 130 kills to open ballistic for sniper once is fine but come on and the fog in the scope other than that im happy

  • misiodaniel111 02.02.14 at 22:44

    the 100% boost no work

    • Heero7176 02.02.14 at 23:08

      Mines isn’t working either but my brothers works…

  • DGAF_7590 02.02.14 at 22:43

    WTF?!?! I have yet to receive any of this so called “DoubleXP”, on top of that my game has randomly shut off for no reason about 9-10x’s, right in the middle of a match. I have never commented before on the things that have frustrated me (from BF3-BF4) about these games, I realize it takes a lot of hard work to produce and constantly run these games but honestly it doesn’t even seem like you’re trying with BF4 (IMO), everything about BF3 is so much better than BF4, it’s kind of sad. The ranking system of BF3 far surpasses the (shitty) ranking system for BF4, the layout and customization options in BF3 are also a million times better (there are many other examples but I don’t feel like writing them all down at the moment). You can’t even customize your load out or vehicles until you are in the game, I don’t know who told you that was a good idea but whoever it was should find a new job. BF4 is so basic that I’m honestly shocked it’s not available on the first-generation PS1 systems. It seems as if though you just took the basics of Battlefield 3 (added battle-packs (which is stupid)) and added the #4 to the cover. The only thing that is decent about this game is the graphics and the ability to totally bring buildings down instead of just half way through like in BF3. I truly love(d) this game and (until recently) the DICE DEVS too, you have shown passion and care for the Battlefield series more than any other game developer has for their franchises, but it’s like you just gave up. I seriously hope you read this and give ALL of us two extra days of “100% XP Boost” (read from the main menu screen) for us not receiving it from the start of this event.

  • Gottis-wcx 02.02.14 at 22:42

    keep the good work up its working better now than when is waht relesase.sad to read that peopel not can behave

  • rizzomach 02.02.14 at 22:31

    you knowwhat dice you guys van go fuck yourselves this Fucking game is so fucked up j can’teven play for 10 minutes without it freeXing my fucking system.and I paid premium for what to get every freaking 5 minutes to reset.

    • Gottis-wcx 02.02.14 at 22:40

      buy i new computer then my is working like hell whit windows 7,GTX 780 ,16 gb ram sdd

    • el_kokol1984 02.02.14 at 23:08

      you should go fuck yourself. rizz go buy yourself the ps4 and then shut the fuck up,

  • korruptedknight 02.02.14 at 22:22

    when is the shot cut pistols and stuff comeing

  • Xx_Psycho_1 02.02.14 at 22:15

    Id appreciate it if you give us what you promised. You say Double XP but some people are not getting it.

  • Techo-Gz 02.02.14 at 22:14

    Oh and wheres second assult? i see the maps but its not in stores. i dont hate u guys, iv got premuim, and uv give away half the game in one month, as a premium member i want to earn this stuff not get it free, u should be more carefull what u put out all the time. oh and PLZ make a co-op dinosour i think that is one of the greatest ideas yet, and stop trolling with this megaladon shit, make the thing!!!

  • Techo-Gz 02.02.14 at 22:06

    Im having problems with the new megalodon and dinosaur dog tag. it showed that i got it but its not im my list of tags??!!! it would be nice if Dice fixed it, and i hate u guys i worked hours on DMRs this week and u do this seirously!!!

  • EVUL_DEEDZ 02.02.14 at 21:53

    Info on the shortcut bundles. Its not out just yet bros.

  • probatus 02.02.14 at 21:23

    No double XP for me either.

  • DaddyPonyAnt25 02.02.14 at 21:13

    No double xp and have played since 12am on Sat.

  • bign69 02.02.14 at 21:02


  • BoomPlatinum 02.02.14 at 20:52

    i logged in yesterday and today and i only received 1 silver battlepack (not 2, just 1). i also did not receive the player appreciation battlepack for the player appreciation dog tag. i assume i did not miss it because the website says

    (quote) Claim your Player Appreciation Dog Tag
    To kick off the month, we want to award you a special bonus dog tag: the Player Appreciation Dog Tag. This can be found in the Player Appreciation Battlepack, and is available between 4AM PST/12PM UTC February 1 and 4AM PST/12PM UTC February 2. (quote)

    i have tried restarting the game, playstation 3 and playing a game round but no dog tag battlepack. if anyone was able to get the dog tag on playstation 3, please add me or reply here on how to get it.

    i also have premium since day 1 but i am not able to view any second strike maps, anyone else having this problem? again i am on playstation 3

    • drddaydstryr 02.02.14 at 21:03

      The answer to your question is in your post. They hand out the battlepacks every day between 4AM the day of, to 4AM then following day. So you received your battlepack at 4AM or whatever time it states for your timezone, for playing on Saturday. Tomorrow, you will receive your battlepack for playing on Sunday at the same time. The same goes for every day after that. You will receive your battlepack the following day from when you logged in.

      • BoomPlatinum 02.02.14 at 21:12

        i was confused, i thought we received each days battlepack the same day, but how to explain for not receiving the dog tag battlepack if i played yesterday, it should be showing up for me today correct?

  • MaximusBiPYC 02.02.14 at 20:38

    Could someone from The DICE team say us which week will second assault lanch. The game is improve alot sinds the beginning like lvlcap, jachfrag, etc.., saying about the issues I agree with them just a few more tweaks, nerfs and game improvements. I have like 300+ hours on bf4. I have alot of fun playing it. Some moments were soooo funny and like WTF. I can only DICE keep up tge good work and passion

  • Vxnquished 02.02.14 at 20:37

    Glad the double XP weekend doesn’t work, not that double XP is really what we need. But even that doesn’t work properly. The “event” isn’t an event at all. It’s a joke.

  • N7_za_MDS 02.02.14 at 19:53

    Do i have to pay 20$ a month for your cheats so i can play in peace. Give me the site and i will pay to play.

  • edmund5769 02.02.14 at 19:46

    I would greatly appreciate a fix to the ridiculously heinous lag and maybe actually get 100% xp boost when you have events. The damage of the v40 nuke is also ridiculous.

  • DirtSlap 02.02.14 at 19:42

    It seems like DICE HAS to do this because so many people either A) didn’t buy the game because of how broken it remains or B) Are leaving the game and just waiting for TitanFall or ESO because of how broken it remains.
    Splash damage for tank shells is basically turned off. Spawning in front of enemy players still happens a lot, net sync is STILL an issue, 0 health bug (after the 100 health bug), the list just goes on and on. It looks like BF4 can’t be fixed. Maybe they should trying turning Levolution off or something aggressive like that, since that what seems to eat the most system resources. Just too ambitious with this game I think. Bit off more than current hardware can chew. Shouldn’t need a $500 processor to just play any game. I have 3570k at 4.3 and a 780 classy and when the game works I get 120fps. But my cpu is at 100% the whole time. BF4 uses 80-90% of CPU (have taskmanager running on 2nd screen) but with Chrome for battlelog and everything its at a constant 100%. That might be the reason the game STILL crashes. It seems that optimization won’t do much for this game if they still can’t get it lower. After this, I hate to say it, but DICE deserves to lose the franchise they created. They totally dropped the ball.
    Mods can delete this, I made a copy and I’ll just post it again. Them deleting it just shows they don’t want to now about what the community actually thins about their game. The thoughts expressed here align with fellow BF4 players I work with and am friends with.

  • N7_za_MDS 02.02.14 at 19:40

    Struggle to log into server.When do log in server, server looses me when moving to next game.This is not good to say the least.I am trying to play but it is all uphill.Some of your programmer’s have a grudge against me and does not look like they going to drop in this life time.This is bad for bussiness as WWE says so often.Who listens.

  • captecoli 02.02.14 at 19:37

    I’d appreciate it if I had sound like before the update and not have to listen to the end credits on repeat ever 5 f’n minutes…,.

  • walkerstempe 02.02.14 at 19:31

    Can’t get into the game!!!!!!!!!

  • Mister.Harley 02.02.14 at 19:20

    Some appreciation. I can’;t play the game to get a battlepack. Mods: eat it.

  • DinamoBek29 02.02.14 at 19:05

    Thx for great game!!! Love it, love it….and …love it!!!

  • SNIPING G8R 02.02.14 at 19:05

    I got the dog tags yesterday but not they are not available. Also it won’t give me another battle pack for today.

  • Lord Doener 02.02.14 at 19:04

    Is the “event” with the dogtag over or why i am not getting it? I wasnt at home this weekend?

  • timmerz112 02.02.14 at 19:03

    How do you find the community challenges?

  • Urd3AD2mE 02.02.14 at 18:59

    How do we get the shortscuts for the Xbox One, it says durring a weekly period, does that meen we can only get the shortcuts that week

  • thereisnocake 02.02.14 at 18:46

    If you appreciate the players how about you fix this fucking piece of shit game instead?

    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…\………. _.·´

  • rileytj8 02.02.14 at 18:21

    How do you get shortcut packs

  • leinadsnave 02.02.14 at 18:18

    To receive costly costly irritation, buy Battlefield 4 now! For FREE irritation, play it at your buddy’s house!

  • pineappletuss 02.02.14 at 18:13

    I appreciate the player appreciation month but I would really just like a Veteran Battlepack. I wish i would have preorded and got it months ago but i don’t think anyone can get it now. If thats possible it would be greatly appreciated. I just want a .44 magnum 3X scope.

  • CALL of FIEND 02.02.14 at 17:21

    Yeah…fix the fucking game!

  • MechaGman 02.02.14 at 17:10

    I’m having errors putting on my dogtag. When i go to put it on it’s not there..

  • Piss4ndVinegar 02.02.14 at 17:04

    Show your appreciation by refunding everyone for the $120 spent on bf4 and premium and give a public apology for 6 updates that still havent fixed MAJOR problems. I guess nerfing grenades and vehicles is more important than fixing freezing issues that lead to corrupt data and reformating my gamy settings several times a week. Hey guess which finger I’m holding up?

  • dbole007 02.02.14 at 16:50

    to get yoru battlepacks, just go under soldier in the menu, then go to battlepacks.

  • tnpopatop 02.02.14 at 16:40

    What’s today’s cool thing???

  • DockenWS 02.02.14 at 15:55

    To receive the free battlepack, do I need to just log into Battlelog or do I actually have to play a full game?

  • wayne7002 02.02.14 at 15:50

    how about you give us the dice camp

  • AFKxScope 02.02.14 at 15:22

    When do we get short cuts

  • THEGUNS1INGER19 02.02.14 at 15:18

    Also no 100% xp boost on xbox 360

  • T0MPY 02.02.14 at 14:48


    • pumphypete 02.02.14 at 14:53

      Keep cool man and snipe the fuckers that’s what i do it really pisses them off especially the French

  • pumphypete 02.02.14 at 14:44

    no xp boost for me either on ps3

  • jaco-predator 02.02.14 at 14:34

    What about shortcuts for DMRs and grenades and so on ?

  • THEGUNS1INGER19 02.02.14 at 14:25

    Of course immediately after I post this Dawnbreaker freezes and I had to shut off my xbox. Wonderful.

  • Mikee_Dredd 02.02.14 at 14:21

    I like that your rewarding everyone with the battlepacks etc etc but I’d appreciate it if the basics were fixed instead of all this tweaking. (PS4) Update: I thought the new patch (30Jan) would have finally made the game more stable but its not. I had two decent games yesterday but tonight it was back to normal.
    1. No hit-markers registering when hitting enemy.
    2. Being shot dead that seems instant, 1-2 hits.
    3. When killed, you don’t see enemies damage you made until after 2-3 seconds of watching the ‘killcam’
    4. When flying any vehicle in cockpit view, reticles shake violently.
    5. Enemy still alive with 0% health.
    6. When a match is finished it seems to be stuck on black screen with flashing icon in top right corner. I left it run, 4-5 mins later it loaded the new map.

    1 to 4 are all server lag related as they are due to a delay, at my expense… :( 
    It just makes me angry playing it as I can’t compete.

    Please fix the basics FIRST !!

  • THEGUNS1INGER19 02.02.14 at 14:16

    Of course you choose the shortest month of the year to show us appreciation. Every time I play on zapped 311 the only noise is the sound of the end of round theme. Dawnbreaker CONSTANTLY freezes, and I’m waiting for my expansion packs I paid $50 for. Get on it. Isn’t EA supporting you guys at all?

  • SHADEY SNIPEZ 02.02.14 at 13:47

    got my battlepack with special dog tag but it wont show up in the dog tag menu for me to select it

    • MasterGCro 02.02.14 at 13:51

      same here, dunno where to find it

    • MasterGCro 02.02.14 at 13:54

      oh I found it, go to dog tags…and there is LEFT and RIGHT , click on RIGHT and there it is

  • QQ McRage 02.02.14 at 13:41

    Nice to get some more battlepacks – bit disappointed that the Player Appreciation dogtag is only available in the first pack; why isn’t it just in the first player appreciation pack you open?

  • okalabino 02.02.14 at 13:11

    it says ongoing 100% boost but it is not working why :(

  • Maj_Animal 02.02.14 at 13:06

    Just wanted to say, “I WAITED”, and just got the game two weeks ago, for $29.00 and NOW IT WORKS, at least it does for me.

    I have been into computers since 1982, and gaming since the early 1990′s, and I have LEARNED, “Don’t be too quick to jump IN and BUY THINGS”. Every game and every software program for the last 10 years have had bugs, which ha ha works out in MY FAVOR. When the have bugs they drop the price really quick. I did the same thing with BF3, Windows 8, Windows Vista, even clear back to Windows Millennium. Those three versions of Windows were the WORST, and thankfully I MISSED ALL THREE of them, and do NOT PLAN on buying Windows 8! COME-ON I don’t want a TABLET in my PC!!

    I was a beta tester for Windows 3 and 95 but I STOPPED after that. JUST TO MANY HEADACHES with new software, of any kind.

    ALL that said, I have had ZERO problems with Battlefield 4, not a single one?? I love the game, single player and multi-player. Some people complained about the Single player, said it was dumb, dis and dat, dis and dat. I enjoyed it a lot. I thought it was one of the best. Even better than Single player in BF3.

    Ha, WHAT would people do if they did NOT have something to complain about?

    I understand that a lot of people have had problems, just a word from 32 years of experience, “NOW that most of the BUGS have been quashed, you need to start looking at YOUR system’s hardware and software. I can almost guarantee that IF you look hard enough you will find the problem. Don’t keep blaming the company.

    I can’t believe how well mine is working. My grandson bought the game when it first came out, and has done every game and drive update, etc. He has a very high-end system, with an i7 CPU, GeForce GTX 770, etc., etc., etc. and still cannot get it to work. I offered my help, I have built 15+ systems over the years but HE KNOWS it ALL and doesn’t need my help. Wants to BLAME the company like everyone else.

    So take my advice, no matter how much you know, there are STILL a lot of things you don’t know, so GET HELP. Best if it is free but even if you have to pay do it.

    For information: I JUST built my system one month ago: MSi Z87-GD65 Gaming motherboard, Haswell Z87 i7 3.5 GHz, 16 GB RAM, G.Skill Trident 2400 GHz, an older GPU – EVGA GeForce GTX 680 with 2GB of RAM, and a Samsung SSD. AND it all works GREAT.

    SEE YA on the Battlefield, I HOPE. :-)

    • Mikee_Dredd 02.02.14 at 15:01

      If most the bugs have been quashed, then why are we still experiencing it Mr Beta Tester ? Until you go to everyone’s house & see it for yourself then there is no point in you blaming players hardware, you don’t have the resources to make a statement as bold as you just did. I was gaming from 1984 so I don’t know what your point validate’s & I’m sure you could spell ‘too many headache’s ‘ being the Windows Beta Tester you are. Your post was just too selfish to point anything out to do with the community and how to address problems players are facing.

  • 75-Conner 02.02.14 at 13:03

    robin “Each daily Battlepack will be handed out from 4AM PST/12PM UTC (hit the link to find your specific time zone) on the day in question” … look at the times ;)

  • SmallThumbMum 02.02.14 at 13:01

    When or how do I get todays award???

  • robinhakan790 02.02.14 at 12:20

    i got the battle pack yesteday but now nothing

  • thefiresidecat 02.02.14 at 12:05

    argh! says 100% boost but no 100% boost at end of game.

  • Kaye99084 02.02.14 at 11:35

    Second assault release date for PS4 ???

  • BSH1975 02.02.14 at 11:17

    So you have to login everyday on this site? Or just play the game?

  • xmanpr69 02.02.14 at 11:05

    U can view the maps of 2nd Assault in server browser, but they’re not available yet…

  • xmanpr69 02.02.14 at 11:02

    Second assault on PS3? When????!

  • JustBrutal 02.02.14 at 10:56

    Yea baby!!Nice:)

  • harrypottermp 02.02.14 at 10:29

    If I’m deployed and can’t log in will I loose the chance to obtain these exclusive amd awesome dog tags??

  • JesterBLEDDRY 02.02.14 at 10:19

    Why does it say ongoing 100% XP but when I play online, the extra XP doesn’t appear?

    • bigdog6322 02.02.14 at 10:27

      there is a spot on the loadout/setup/whatever screen ingame that has a boosts available drop down, you have to initiate the boost for you to get it…not very descriptive im sorry, but if you can figure out what i mean youll find it on the right hand side of the screen near the bottom

    • KING TRAY SLAY 02.02.14 at 10:42

      It adds on at the end of the game

  • cusanorojo82 02.02.14 at 09:59

    Going out of town, but still can use my note pad to be a commander. Will I be able to get my battle packs?

    • bigdog6322 02.02.14 at 10:28

      i think all you have to do is be able to log into battlelog, thats what im reading anyway

  • Raeonn 02.01.14 at 20:48

    Need to know if I can get it on battle log as well??

  • IG Nexus 02.01.14 at 20:48

    How long after logging into the game will we get the Battlepacks?

    • MightyMat321 02.02.14 at 09:23

      You will get it instantly, except because of timezones, it may be halfway through the day for you in a county different to America. For example, if you live in the United Kingdom, you get your battlepack after 12:00 noon.

  • Mr Corrupted818 02.01.14 at 20:47

    Yea I got the battlepacks but everytime I go to play it says lost connection to EA so why all the problems Xbox one player

  • DWILL504 02.01.14 at 20:41

    What about the veterans battlepack that’ll be nice?

  • StrikingWater 02.01.14 at 20:35

    Log into the game or log into battle log>>> Be more specific

    • pumphypete 02.02.14 at 14:51

      login to battle log every day read the info on this but i do both just to make sure when i login to the game on my ps3 i goto soldier progression then battle packs to see what i have that has not been opened the pack will be titled Calender

  • Raeonn 02.01.14 at 20:33

    Can we claim these battle packs just by logging into battle log if we are away from our systems?

  • TOMMYBK1 02.01.14 at 20:20

    I’m lovin player Appreciation Month

  • Kadim447 02.01.14 at 20:18

    And shortcut bundles

  • Kadim447 02.01.14 at 20:17

    Where’s the new dog tag and it’s cool because Mire Easter clues

  • surfking808 02.01.14 at 20:15

    when are the shortcut bundles?

  • DF 223rd Sgt 2 02.01.14 at 20:10

    lol dinos and a shark….

  • foxxboy 02.01.14 at 20:07

    i opened battlepacks but cant equip new dogtags what gives?!

  • manos_the_greek 02.01.14 at 20:04


  • ClairVoyantFool 02.01.14 at 20:03

    So yeah got the special player appreciation dog tag yet its not in my dog tag list to be used !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ClairVoyantFool 02.01.14 at 20:04

      note xbox 360 I am also VIP 9, 12 if you included all the expansions and I still don’t have my VIP pack ether.

  • StormRider2525 02.01.14 at 20:03

    I would be appreciated if they fixed the bug on the xbox one where at the beginning of any match there is literally no sound until a minute later. small but very anoying when you hop into a loud vehicle and you hear nothing.. thank you.

  • phantasm42 02.01.14 at 20:00

    yeah, why does it say 2x xp boost, im not gettin any xp boost, but a battlepack every day for a month makes up for some xp boost. (But serously could u fix that?)

  • SpicyJalepenos 02.01.14 at 19:47

    When do we get the shortcut bundles?

  • DANI1EL86 02.01.14 at 19:47

    So the people who can’t make it online at the time you say don’t get any appreciation, well done EA Dice

  • manos_the_greek 02.01.14 at 19:40

    How can i put a photo???? someone please answer!!!!!!

  • Showbiiz 02.01.14 at 19:38

    Dont you think they are working 24/7 to fix the game? This game is one of the best game i have ever seen even if its som bugs in it. So be happy this game even exist.

    • phantasm42 02.01.14 at 20:01

      So true, The Battlefield Series Will Top Any Game Including Anything Related To Firearms!

  • Oczy_Aniolka_PL 02.01.14 at 19:37

    It’s Saturday and I turned on my PS4 and no second assault access, it’s showing up on the server browser but not store what gives yo???

  • me3_08E0826D8 02.01.14 at 19:33

    How about fixing all the game breaking bugs you introduced in the last update?

  • Grad98CofC 02.01.14 at 19:28

    Why does it say 100% XP boost, but I’m not getting any bonus xp?

  • NinjaBeast-14 02.01.14 at 19:26

    When are the Shortcut Bundles coming and where is the XP boost? I dont have it on my PS3…. PSN: NinjaBeast-14

  • q APOPHIS p 02.01.14 at 19:20

    Yep, you totally broke the game now. I’m on Xbox One and I get this after the update “For some reason Battlefield 4 too too long to start (0x8027025a)” And she if does start there is no sound on some parts of maps. WTF! Is the game so broken you can’t fix it?

    • DevMorgan 02.01.14 at 19:29

      Shut up bro, those issues have been there you’re just blind and deaf

    • CombustibLemons 02.01.14 at 20:03

      The problem is you’re playing on xbox. Where if you have problems there are no solutions.

  • brownboygamer 02.01.14 at 19:19

    I’m on PS4. Where and how do i get the shortcut bundles *btw, I’m premium so is anyone else seeing the second assault maps on server browser?*

  • Makatak79 02.01.14 at 18:58

    im maxed out.. no xp boosts please!!!

  • ExtremeCuppah 02.01.14 at 18:53

    I wish they would give us the shortcut bundles soon!

  • vvv RAGE vvv 02.01.14 at 18:49

    It says there is a 100% XP boost ongoing, it doesn’t appear to be working

    • IndianSummer 02.01.14 at 18:54

      I’m having the same issue. Got the battlepacks just fine but no XP booost

      • SpicyJalepenos 02.01.14 at 19:46

        same here. And no shortcut bundle. Maybe later it you get it?

  • manos_the_greek 02.01.14 at 18:45

    How can i put a photo ? I commented before and i hadnt a photo.If someone know answer me please

  • chabbawakki 02.01.14 at 18:39

    Day in day out, its fix the game this, fix the game that…….let dice do their jobs. Yes there are glitches/bugs here and there and they will get sorted eventually, so just play on. Hooah!! And smell your mam

  • omegaman122 02.01.14 at 18:38

    This should be called the snivel log. only boys whine so much

  • ReDSn0 02.01.14 at 18:29

    Thanks for the appreciation month, now where is my veteran battle pack

  • damagejackyl 02.01.14 at 18:26

    i love how most assume the last thing you unlock is the most powerful… statistically, the rfb is better than the scar sv…and others.

  • Iflank 02.01.14 at 18:21

    I tried jumping in to a game , ranked up a level , signed out , got back in , now where the hell are those tags .

    • Nubs4Lyfe 02.01.14 at 18:22

      Did you get battlepacks? The tag is in the battlepack. Bronze one I think. Got mine.

    • Toast_T_Buns 02.01.14 at 18:44

      In a bronze battle pack under “battlepacks”

  • luebeck71 02.01.14 at 18:19

    its nice if this will work i had 2 times problem to get my douple xp and i call e a games support line they say they can not do anything about activating the douple xp is on dice hand so nobody listen or read in the forum about my issue dice so i hope this month app thing is not a flop again to me

  • True Zinc 02.01.14 at 18:16

    What about the shortcuts I can’t find anywhere to download/get then plz help

  • sugarmomo 02.01.14 at 18:12

    BATTLEPACK *_________________________________________________*

  • BlackDaggerGamer 02.01.14 at 18:06

    I play on ps3 and that sony store thing dosent do shut when u search BF4 it gives u a list of battlefield like premium and china rising but no fucking shortcut bundles. What DICE r u lying to us like how u lied about the net-code being fixed

    • Nubs4Lyfe 02.01.14 at 18:13

      Chill dude. The shortcut bundles will probably be out later. The way they put it across, it seems they will only be available on certain days within the month. (PS: you have to be a premium member to get the dmr and shotgun bundles.)

  • BlackDaggerGamer 02.01.14 at 17:58

    When do we get the shortcuts I’m getting really pissed off right now I’m getting killed by level 2′s with fucking scar-h sv’a but I still haven’t gotten my shortcut bundles

    • omegaman122 02.01.14 at 18:35

      scar kicks ass neo. just got to know how to use it

  • DOVER___ 02.01.14 at 17:51

    Just go and join. Game and go to screen where u get battle packs and it should be there

  • SUPERTOASTER316 02.01.14 at 17:47

    it should of started for me were i am but i dont see the battle packs eastern time is where i am at so its almost 12:00pm noon

  • manos_the_greek 02.01.14 at 17:40

    I have to play between these 2 hours to get battlepacks or not?

    • DOVER___ 02.01.14 at 17:55

      No log in and pause game look into battle pack.

      • manos_the_greek 02.01.14 at 18:03

        You mean i have not to play between these 2 hours

  • xV1c1ous0dstx 02.01.14 at 17:32

    so no shortcuts yet? thats weird

  • CLOUDN9NETY 02.01.14 at 17:31

    I agree with everyone else. There are ZERO fucks givin for bronze and silver battlepacks containing items that we already have/can easily earn. FIX THE FREEZING!! Tired of not having sound for the first minute of a match(especially suck when in heli) as well as spawinibg in with no friggin weapon and gettin killed. Wtf. FIX YOUR SHIZ!!! #BATTLEFREEZE #BATTLEFAIL I don’t understand how or why DICE is consistently missing the mark here and seems to be taking steps, better yet, LEAPS, backwards. You guys really screwed the pooch on this. From a bf veteran(for which I still haven’t received my battlepack). Good luck with the lawsuits.

  • Tashpeters 02.01.14 at 17:26

    Is anyone else getting a red bar that says “Couldn’t open battlepack?”

  • BlackDaggerGamer 02.01.14 at 17:13

    Hey DICE why didn’t I get my shortcut bundles I’m premium so I should get the bundles. It’s not in the game store and there not on the Playstationstore

  • Ghrolt 02.01.14 at 17:07

    I can’t play one single match without the game freezing. Not one! Getting really tired of this bullsh…
    Updated firmware on PS3 and latest patch of the game.

    FIX the crashes!

  • Grizzlyninja562 02.01.14 at 17:03

    yes how do I get the shortcuts

  • manos_the_greek 02.01.14 at 17:02

    You play on ps3 ?

  • Grizzlyninja562 02.01.14 at 17:01


  • Grizzlyninja562 02.01.14 at 16:59

    im on the ps3

    • manos_the_greek 02.01.14 at 17:13

      add me on ps3 to play togather ps3 manos_the_greek

  • Grizzlyninja562 02.01.14 at 16:58

    permanent but how do u get them

  • KFC ZingerBox 02.01.14 at 16:57

    what time do i have to play i live in Australia i don’t think it’s fair if i gotta get stay/wake up at 4 am or 2 am, also i’d like my shortcut’s now please, are they permanent or just for a little while?

  • FortyFourAssasin 02.01.14 at 16:54


  • Grizzlyninja562 02.01.14 at 16:54

    how do I get the shortcuts

  • LORD_DC 02.01.14 at 16:50

    Very cool guys, thanks!

    And for everyone else asking all the questions wondering where your “player appreciation packet” and shortcuts are, it would be of great service to you to read the entire article.

  • Jeff0629 02.01.14 at 16:50

    Can’t connect to ea servers big surprise.

  • DOVER___ 02.01.14 at 16:41

    What coded

  • manos_the_greek 02.01.14 at 16:40

    It says I have to login once within these 2 hours.It means I have to play the game or i have to login to this site

  • korruptedknight 02.01.14 at 16:35

    what would help is if they gave all players those codes for the pistols and grenades for the most part i think its doing alright for now… JK

  • GripMane 02.01.14 at 16:33

    I opened my “player appreciation battlepack” and received a dog tag…but when i go to the list to apply it, it’s not there…no new tag..i reloaded bf4 and opened again just to see if it registered or not..It registered but just not showing up in the dogtag list..Get right MRCantGetRight

    • manos_the_greek 02.01.14 at 16:35

      On my ps3 i have to go to one of the first dog tags of the list and then i scroll down.Idont know if it work for pc

      • GripMane 02.01.14 at 16:41

        Wow lol thanks..that helped! i hit R1 to go to second page..scrolled down from the first dog tag all the way to the bottom..i was in the middle of the tag list scrolling down..guess it wouldn’t let me scroll all the way down unless i was on the first or second spot in the dog tag list…thanks again..really appreciate it fam

  • DOVER___ 02.01.14 at 16:32

    Billion dollar company halfAss people working for them given people the shaft cause they need to make money for a crap game with all kind of bugs y’all think you would have a test server to do you test on before you but it to the main stream with out knowing the problems it may cause like sound sp games not saving getting kick of server game locks up and biggest of all let give out to all stuff premium should be getting but hey you screw up some one has to pay the price I guess the way dice see’s it we should we paid for the game right. Thanks how about giving us some battle packs with crap we can use not camo and dog tags. Guns guns scopes toys.

  • GhostfaceKnuts 02.01.14 at 16:31

    Come on, the ending time for today’s battlepack was 7am (my time)!? It’s Saturday, aka the only day of the week that I can sleep in…

    • tnpopatop 02.01.14 at 16:49

      I love starting my day already knowing I’ve lost….Rochester, NY

  • fullrage2012 02.01.14 at 16:30

    i guess playing as a commander on the commander app doesn’t count because i didn’t get any battle packs sucks working on the weekends

  • manos_the_greek 02.01.14 at 16:27

    It says i have to login within 2 hours.It means I have to play the game or i have to login to this site

  • Brovayurbee 02.01.14 at 16:26

    Sounds like DIce/EA is trying from all the hickups..

    I just hope my game doesnt’t freeze constantly and don’t get a chance to use the double xp or do the community missions. I got a new new BAttlefield4 for the ps3 because the gamestore new of all the problems it was causing, Even though I knew it wasn’t the disc i took a new copy but I haven’t opened it yet, still wrapped in plastic. I must be a BF supporter to read these blogs though. So I will claim my awards by logging on then atleast i’ll have those :(

  • Crashpilot_GER 02.01.14 at 16:17

    The premium double xp doesnt work for me, anyone knows why?

  • tybee-al 02.01.14 at 16:16

    Don’t like people shooting me before they round corner also when I’m within 10 feet and pull trigger I melee or go pron cost me kills and lives not fun

  • plays c bricks 02.01.14 at 16:14

    update #6 reset all my load outs and controls. played at 1am this morning and still no battlepack. not to mention update #6 made my game run worse. locks up now on other maps besides just dawnbreaker. I’ve been giving you guys the benefit of the doubt since update #4; but I’m loosing faith quickly. i’d really like one of the programmers to play from my console to see how unplayable it really is.

  • rha600 02.01.14 at 16:11

    ok, I’ve been here since 4:00am Eastern time and I still have no battle pack form them. Looks like they screwed this up as bad as the game code.

  • manos_the_greek 02.01.14 at 15:56

    Can someone help me.It sais u need to login withing 2 hours in order to receive battlepacks,you need to play the bf4 within these 2 hours or to login to this site???

  • 1313ANIMAL1313 02.01.14 at 15:55

    I’m very happy to hear it but can I please have my veteran battlepack, surely its been long enough to have rolled them out.

  • tybee-al 02.01.14 at 15:49

    I agree we paid extra money but get same as everybody else most times can’t get on china rising not enough servers l get my packs but sometimes the items don’t show up

  • TailGate_1-1 02.01.14 at 15:40

    Oh and the Premium players get what ?? the shaft again!!

  • Last Mudkipz 02.01.14 at 15:38

    Wair you have to play the game to get them? I cant just go on the website and recieve it?

  • PREACHER1527 02.01.14 at 15:32

    Keep it up bf4 we love the game. Nothing else touches it.

  • DarkAssassin1499 02.01.14 at 15:31

    I just got the battlepacks and now all my guns are locked. What is this?

    • DarkAssassin1499 02.01.14 at 15:43

      Never mind they got unlocked again. Thanks for the battlepacks. Keep it up Dice.

  • BroNanofists 02.01.14 at 15:28

    When are we going to get the bundles to unlock pistols and stuff?

  • zeus250 02.01.14 at 15:26

    i could use a ps4 to kick this off with. skill 470 but with a line goin across my tv and a dying ps3 i could use some new hardware lol sponsors? donations? tournaments?

  • iggyvd2000 02.01.14 at 15:22

    hey dice. I got a player appreciation battle pack for my PC acount instead of my PS3 acount. Please switch this.

  • TheGrubby2 02.01.14 at 15:21


  • GiltLeaf2 02.01.14 at 15:19

    Can you just fix the game first!!! Xbox360 Conquest/Dawnbreaker still crashes and freezes… horrible that you think concentrating on the weapons/vehicles is more important than fixing the game and then think you can cover it up by throwing free “crap” at us so we might not notice??? Please just work on the game mechanics and stop with the “balancing”

  • HAWTPOCKET 57 02.01.14 at 15:16

    i know there is problems with the game, and i for one would like them fixed, for Dice to do this fan appreciation month is ok and thanks guys, but for thoughs whom are bitching that you have to play just one game a day in order to get the battlepacks…..this isnt Obamacare where you dont have to do shit in order to receive stuff for free, trade your game in for ghosts and then start bitching!!!!

  • packersrock57 02.01.14 at 15:15

    What about the pistol unlocks how do we get them do they come in the battlepacks or something?

  • tybee-al 02.01.14 at 15:13

    I’m getting the bonus stuff OK that’s good . But please fix so I can complete campaign. Trying to get some of the unlocks from that made it to old town yesterday than froze had to reboot and lost all progress suck been trying since game out .also tied of getting killed by dead people I watch them get hit again and keep going. Shoot one guy 2 clips 3 laws direct hit before he kill me with 0 health also make pistol shots more real not fun when need scope with rifle to hit them and they kill me with pistol

  • F4TAL FROSTY 02.01.14 at 15:12

    why havn’t I had anything yet?

  • crossICEpass 02.01.14 at 15:11

    Just tried the latest patch on PC. It’s workin great! No issues with sound for me, and I got the silver battle pack before I even joined my first game. Awesome work dice! Love it! Thank you and keep up the good work! Been playin battlefield since 1942. This is by far the best iteration.

  • Smoku0192 02.01.14 at 15:03

    Game crash every time when I’m using MAA.

  • BF3-zocken 02.01.14 at 15:00

    Why do i not get the veteran pack ive Got bf4,bf3,bfbc2,bf play4free,bf1942.

  • LandMine84 02.01.14 at 14:57

    Logged in played all day and received nothing

  • Jamajusi 02.01.14 at 14:55

    maybe all starts first when in USA is the time 1. febr. 2014 12 am hahahaha

  • Linuxy2000 02.01.14 at 14:55

    I haven’t got anything on PS4, been on all day

  • SmoKey Shift 02.01.14 at 14:53

    What about 360? ive gotten nothing!

  • AQUAMEDAL 02.01.14 at 14:50

    I would really “appreciate”No system crashes & to finish one “Xbox breaker” mission before I die.
    COME ON!!!! This is redonkulous :(

    • Jamajusi 02.01.14 at 14:54

      yes man and with ps3 the same shit…when will DICE finally fixe it up :(

  • TheGrubby2 02.01.14 at 14:49

    Logged in, Played a bunch of matches, tried to log off/log in, but nothing.

  • hanshenrik1967 02.01.14 at 14:46

    Why do i not get the veteran pack ive Got bf3,bfbc2, bf4 on the ps4

    • Differic 02.01.14 at 15:17

      I have got BF BC2, 1943 and BF3 with Premium on xbox 360 myself, but since I switched to pc for BF4 I also had to make a new account. And thus battlelog doesn’t see that I am a Battlefield veteran, so I don’t get the veteran battlepack. It’s a bit sad, ’cause I would really like to get the 3x skope to the magnum. If anyone would kindly tell me what i have to do to verify that I’m a BF veteran, so that I could get that skope, I would highly appreciate it.
      It’s Player Appreciation Month after all! Couldn’t DICE show some kindness to players who are switching platforms as well?

  • -UF-TheBuddhist 02.01.14 at 14:45

    This would be great if I can get the game to run.

  • Darca_PL 02.01.14 at 14:41

    what about peoples who check dont log off thing, i have to manually log off and log in?

  • pbmxx123 02.01.14 at 14:40

    The answer is simple for everybody complaining about BF4. Dont buy it, return it, or stop playing it. As a consumer we have the choice to buy it or not to buy it. BF4 has never had good press since beta or anytime for that matter. Oddly enough I dont have all the problems that all the whiners cry about on here either. Your PC problems are not a problem EA or DICE can fix. Thats up to you. TIP: Stop trying to play the game on settings your computer can not handle.

  • musakhawaja345 02.01.14 at 14:40


  • DrAwesomesauce69 02.01.14 at 14:38

    Ok so the player appreciation month had started, but when are the double xp weekends? i thought it would be today and tomorrow but i guess not

  • RAZETrooper 02.01.14 at 14:37

    COME ON DICE, where second assault and those shortcut bundles be at?!

  • alexeus1979 02.01.14 at 14:35

    Lol,already played some sessions,but nothing there… I guess ps3 is last in line :( lol not. But eitherway thank you Dice for making up the mistakes EA has made. Keep it up Dice

  • Legandary_1 02.01.14 at 14:31

    Wheres second assault? I’ve waited too lang and im premium member

  • DamianGr 02.01.14 at 14:30


  • iCosta89PT 02.01.14 at 14:25

    I would really like to appreciate a Second Assault….

  • AncientAlien63 02.01.14 at 14:25

    Not working . No 2XP No BP. I’ve played 3 matches

  • FinnHendrie 02.01.14 at 14:24

    is it just me or when ever I join a server, the round end loops through out the game and theres no in-game sound (shots, footsteps, explosions ect…)

    • niallirishman 02.01.14 at 14:36

      Ya happening to me can they fix it please I cant play a game with out sound in it

    • X116CLIQUEMIKEX 02.01.14 at 14:59

      No, it isn’t just you. This glitch seems to be only in Team Deathmatch, and I’m sure that Dice knows about this and is going to fix it quickly.

  • FuBaRWales 02.01.14 at 14:21

    It’s hardly apprieative to still have an UNSTABLE game after 3 MONTHS……. I thought crap like this was being scrapped untill the game was fixed? Also what happend to veteran stuff????? it’s in the game but still not be fixed and your adding more crap that won’t be used? Get RENT A SERVER sorted so 1. I can crashing crap maps out of rotation 2. ban all non euro players to fix your crap net code problems…… My faith in DICE is lost from playing since BF1942 I’ve never felt so let down with one of your games. as such I have bought an Xbox one and have yet yo get BF4 for said console untill something changes! maybe read listen then apprieate properly guys. Yes you can’t listen to all the gripes that’s understandable but really dice STABILITY isn’t a minor issue!

    • pbmxx123 02.01.14 at 14:32

      if you are talking about problems with the pc version, then I dont know what your talking about with all the problems in BF4. Obviously netcode is an issue but all the crashing and problems for me pretty much ended 1 month after release. My system isnt OP and it still plays BF4 good on high. Im betting most of the problems are in your rig somewhere. DO a little more tweaking and get to know your system better.

  • aRealBadMofo 02.01.14 at 14:19

    Hey DICE how about putting the VOIP feature with the TEAM & SQUAD option onto this game. It was a game changer in BF3 & its desperately needed in BF4. It is very frustrating when a teammate is flying the heli that you are in but can’t tell him where you want to be dropped out at. That’s just only one example of why the VOIP feature is needed.Seriously, not having that feature available has caused many teams to lose matches. Communication is key with this game. Just like in the real world in real battles. This topicis more important than any of the topics that I;ve seen so far. Please take this into consideration. I didn’t understand why it wasn’t available on this game. That was another key feature. This is URGENT.

    • pbmxx123 02.01.14 at 14:25

      Very true. I couldnt understand that either. Same with commander mode. Only have squad chat in there and sometime you need to communicate with the whole team.

    • Aerros 02.01.14 at 14:36

      I don’t normally offend people, but this is a whole new level of stupid. VOIP communicates to the entire team, already…. fckn, trolling poser.

  • john_johnson008 02.01.14 at 14:16


  • Doomsaint 02.01.14 at 14:16

    Wow, look at all the babies here!!! Little, whiny babies. Nothing more.

    • Maj_Animal 02.02.14 at 12:32

      Ha Ha, what do you expect most of them are under 16, so don’t expect TOO MUCH!

  • Puffah1 02.01.14 at 14:11

    Just log in and out of battlelog damn it

  • LT ThreeStripes 02.01.14 at 14:09

    When does this kick off in the UK I haven’t got a battle pack yet have been playing all morning

  • Xx_WTF_xX2 02.01.14 at 14:01

    I don’t know i didnt get it

  • Redstar_Swe 02.01.14 at 13:59

    Got the battlepacks, got the dog tag, but I don’t see the promised shortcut to grenades and pistols, nor to the dmr and shotguns for us premium players?

  • maccan321 02.01.14 at 13:57

    ANY news about the shortcuts?

  • LtMunyosz 02.01.14 at 13:57

    Please fix the ‘entering/spawning in vehicle’ crash… Please!!

  • Archon43 02.01.14 at 13:48

    I kept watching for it, never saw it awarded. But when I looked in my battlepacks it was there.

  • KingOfThaKy 02.01.14 at 13:41
    BearArms Bracelets 9mm Custom Shell Casing Bracelets…
    (Support Your 2nd Amendment)

  • JUNKIExMONKEY 02.01.14 at 13:39

    SO cool

  • CrayZee EffectZ 02.01.14 at 13:35

    So when is it kicking off in the uk on 360 it’s gone 12 GMT and the first of February

  • DJ-FenFen 02.01.14 at 13:34

    OK got the battlepacks, but why isn’t the special dogtag showing up for me to equip?

  • GaryGoodJob 02.01.14 at 13:28

    Appreciate your fans by fixing the game!

    • NDragonbutt 02.01.14 at 13:38

      Really? You say that WHILE they are fixing the game. If you didn’t know they can’t fix the game in 5 seconds. If you don’t like it, don’t play it. Simple.

  • DJ-FenFen 02.01.14 at 13:26

    OK I logged in. What the hell do I do now? It ain’t showing up.

  • Frost_mgL 02.01.14 at 13:25

    I hate Premium

  • Atratus 02.01.14 at 13:19

    Is it enough to login to BL to get those things?

  • NoTouchGoon 02.01.14 at 13:08

    just give us patch fast. IMO that’s the appreciation.