Inside Battlefield 4: Platoons are now Live

Soon, fans of Battlefield 4 will be able to come together as one persistent unit and show the world where they belong. Rolling out starting February 27 as part of the Player Appreciation Month, the first iteration of Platoons is coming to Battlefield 4.

Platoons are now available for all Battlelog users. You will find it in the Soldier dropdown menu on Battlelog, as well as on a new tile on Home. Leave feedback for Platoons in this Battlelog forum thread. Furthermore, you can now recruit members, or find the Platoon for you, on the Battlelog Forum under “Platoons”.

Show the World Where You Belong

Platoons in Battlefield 4 is a way for you and your friends to get together, organize yourselves, communicate, and fight together to improve your Platoon. Whether you want to share experiences in a more private space, or show the world who has the most skilled, most awesome Battlefield 4 team around, Platoons is the way to go.

dice-platoon 640

Platoons in a Nutshell

So what can you expect when Platoons launches during this and next week? Let’s look at the main features you will have access to in the first iteration of Platoons:

• The ability to create and join a Platoon for up to 100 members.
• Basic Platoon management such as inviting, applying, and promoting/demoting members.
• A private and public Platoon feed, where you can communicate and coordinate.
• A Platoon emblem and tag that all members can easily apply.
• The ability to earn stats for your Platoon and rank it up, and see all the matches you played together.

Our goal is to make it both fun and easy for you to get organized and be part of the best Battlefield 4 Platoon ever created. Whether you want to discuss your past games and plan the next, or get competitive and see who your Platoon is up against, the feature will be as powerful and intuitive as possible.

Make Your Platoon Stand Out

There will be several different customization options for your Platoon. Apart from setting a Platoon name and 4-character tag, you will of course also be able to design your very own Platoon emblem, which all members can easily use as their own. If the emblem gets updated, for example, you don’t need to worry; the changes will automatically be applied and your Platoon tag and emblem will without extra effort follow you in-game. Besides that, you can write a presentation text for your Platoon and set the address for your website, if your Platoon has one.

Earn Stats for your Platoon and Rank Up

Platoons for Battlefield 4 also feature a brand new progression and stats system. In order to earn stats, four players from the same active Platoon must play together in the same round of Battlefield 4, and then your core stats will be either averaged or accumulated and applied to the Platoon. Best of all, you will earn score for your Platoon, so you can rank it up (initially, ranks 1-10 will be available, with more ranks to come). Other stats such as Kill/Death Ratio, Score per Minute, and Skill will also be shown for your Platoon.

dice-platoon-reports 640

Discuss your Matches and Have Fun in the Feed

The core way to communicate within your Platoon is through the feed, which has both a public and a private section. In the public section, you can allow anyone to leave a message, whereas the private area is for members only. All messages can be commented on, leaders will be able to sticky messages to the top of the feed, and perhaps best of all, you can subscribe to messages, so that every time someone comments on it, you will receive a notification, so you can return to follow up.

Rolling out on February 27

We will begin to open up for Platoons on Battlelog on February 27, with some players getting access slightly before others in order to ensure proper feature stability. When it is launched during this week and next, everyone will be able to join a Platoon, but until March 13, Battlefield 4 Premium and a soldier with at least rank 10 will be required to create your own Platoon. The system is also completely platform agnostic, so anyone can join a Platoon no matter where they play Battlefield 4.

It is important for us to clarify that this is the first iteration of Platoons. We will continue to work on the feature to refine and expand it, but now we will finally have the opportunity to see it in action and get some real-world feedback. Now is the time for all our players to tell us what they like, what they want improved, and what they want to see next.

Don’t hesitate to tell us what you expect from the upcoming feature, and what can be improved once it’s live. We appreciate your questions and feedback!


  • bobassassin 07.13.14 at 00:25

    I hope this chain link play style will make all the maps have a front line

  • bobassassin 07.13.14 at 00:23

    Into one spot so you have a war front or front line

  • bobassassin 07.13.14 at 00:21

    this is the only game i own on the ps4 because i love it so much. I like the maps that bottleneck everyone

  • LPRESTONUS129 05.25.14 at 15:43

    I love the platoons idea but now I can’t even use it when did it go?

  • login5 D50 03.18.14 at 01:26

    I know this has nothing to do with platoons but can dice put the DMR’s damage like it was in bf3 cuz 1 shot to the head should kill someone.You might of changed the damage because you added more bullets in the mag, you probably thought i will be too op but they are weak and nobady uses them so plz can you change the damage

  • GallantIce 03.17.14 at 02:42

    I hope that platoons will be able to stick together as a group of players to 1)join a server, 2)decide our own squads, stay together when leaving/quitting a server, and rejoin another server all as a team/platoon.
    There should be a platoon lobby where we gather, and then the leader selects a server and we all transport together.

  • VILLAIN_SQUAD 03.16.14 at 17:32

    Its good that platoons are back but without a means of joining a server and being able to stay on the same team every other match plus the fact you can only switch side once how are we gonna get any real feel as playing as a full clan etc,maybe on the platoon page you could have a section for multiplayer server were you can pick 12,32 etc player join an empty server and wait for another clan or enough players to start a match.

  • phinnv8 03.14.14 at 13:12

    OK now that I see Platoons added how do I join a game in a squad with my friends?

    You know that feature that Bad Company 1, Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3 and EVERY OTHER multiplayer game I can think of has?

  • AmpleNickel4262 03.14.14 at 00:20



  • AmpleNickel4262 03.14.14 at 00:11

    Who has a good BF4 platoon that doesn’t require kill/death ratio..

  • Noogiloogi_10 03.13.14 at 20:10

    if you want to join my ps4 platoon add me up noogiloogi_10

  • MW2_TIME_63 03.13.14 at 19:40

    Hey dice can you actually make platoons an IN GAME TILE on multiplayer so noone has to go to a laptop to party up?

  • MYNNN 03.10.14 at 16:29

    Join the XLNT platoon for great fun and action!!

  • KILL-JOY-31 03.08.14 at 08:38

    You you dice just to let you know freedom of speech niggle if you try to fuck with my account I will take your ass to mother fuckers dummy down shit but you won’t fix your fucking game. Fuck you dice You Wana dummy down the AA cause of cry baby punk mother fuckers and everything else I feel like you are just like them call of duty punch mother fuckers your games. Is supposed to be based on real life?and u dummy shit down. Cause people are pussy ass punks scared of their Kd goin down I feel like I should take ur ass to court and get my money back.this games isn’t what I payed for anymore stop fucking with your game put it back to what it was and stop the bull shit.cause if I was a developer and people complaining about the game I would just band them from my shit people only complain so the game works in their favor fuck can u say your game is based on real life shit when u dummy shit down your just another call of duty fans in disguise fuck you

    • cobrapoison 03.13.14 at 19:42

      you’re a sad and pathetic individual. get an education and get a life.

    • AmpleNickel4262 03.14.14 at 00:12

      I’m sure you’d win with your shining intelligence and grammar……….

    • Crazy_Joe_Rogan 03.14.14 at 10:39

      Dude you need to go outside or do something to get a life. ASAP.

    • TheSilconSlug 03.14.14 at 18:47

      are you high don’t like it don’t fucking play it simple as that

  • EvilEsp 03.07.14 at 10:40

    Trying to start or join a Canadian platoon. My only requirements are as follow:
    1. Conquer or CTF preferred
    2. Must own a mic
    3. Serious mature and down to business attitude.
    4. Able to commit 2 hours min playtime
    5. BF4 PS3 only
    Those interested may add me…evilesp
    I’m also looking for battlelog squad mates as well

  • xXxXLoCd0gxXxX 03.07.14 at 00:06

    How do you create a platoon

  • The Messenger 03.06.14 at 20:57

    Im not sure how to add people to my clan, there is nowhere in the platoons section to add people, unless it’s because they arent signed up on battlelog, But Elite Assassins is recruiting, gamertag is The Messenger

    • axraiders 03.10.14 at 01:06

      I have no idea how to invite my friends to my platoon. How do I do this?

  • DislodgedAtom 03.06.14 at 11:18

    If anyone wants to join the PlayStation Militia (PSMT) shoot me a message on PS4. Same Name.

  • Resistantkeiba1 03.06.14 at 04:17

    Anyone looking for platoons member

    • DislodgedAtom 03.06.14 at 11:12

      Send me a message on psi if you want

  • sharksfan7 03.05.14 at 22:01

    Will platoons be cross-platform? So can I play with friends on ps3 or Xbox one?

    • DislodgedAtom 03.06.14 at 11:09

      Send me a message on ps4

    • DislodgedAtom 03.06.14 at 11:13

      Disregard that

  • olds86_supreme 03.05.14 at 19:42

    I have my own platoon on ps3 if anyone is interested need member! Like to have people with mics that can work together well. Also send me some invites to your guys platoon. Juat need some more people to play with

  • TERMIGATOR15 03.05.14 at 19:31

    we need members, please apply for the fighting thundercats

  • nF TrUMPst4 03.04.14 at 09:54

    i will be creating a platoon soon

  • benmay22367 03.03.14 at 12:27

    not sure if this helps, but Rangers are looking for current or ex military members that want to join a platoon. RANGERS LEAD THE WAY! :-) doesnt matter if ur ex army, marines, etc. just have to have a mic.

  • coinwalker 03.03.14 at 06:39

    has anyone visited sites like this cause it may be a way of buying everything on ea and psn

  • nathan11howes 03.03.14 at 01:41

    can someone invite me to there platoon

    • DislodgedAtom 03.06.14 at 11:15

      You can send me a message on PS4. Always looking for members

  • nathan11howes 03.03.14 at 01:39

    how do I join platoons

  • Mike-Austin-Lee 03.02.14 at 22:30

    I wish it were easier to invite people to your platoon. Most of my friends cannot log onto their battlelog account so they cannot accept my invite. If I was able to send in-game platoon invites that would be nice.

  • sandisslow12 03.01.14 at 08:37

    hey would love to join with some good players with a mic would be awesome im sad that i cant talk to anyone i would love to talk tactics and win thats what im bout playin conquest if you want to add me send me an email playin right now ps4!!

  • HemiRoiD 03.01.14 at 05:28


    • Starlite_Warrior 03.02.14 at 18:57

      hey im on ps3…..but i dont know how to join platoon

    • Dustmansdad13 03.02.14 at 19:39

      send me an invie to mcc my psn is dustmansdad

    • KimeHime 03.05.14 at 19:40

      I’d be interested in joining. Not sure how it works though. Gamer tag is KimeHime

  • ChewbacaThe3rd 03.01.14 at 03:08

    oh, fwew. i thought they would require premium forever! thank gos its only till the 13th

  • pathogen1973 02.28.14 at 22:16

    How about fixing ur game first

  • jukicha 02.28.14 at 18:21

    Por mucho que hagais ,no me vuelvo a comprar un Battlefield en mi vida,nos habeis engañado con este juego y eso que he sido de todos los battlefield y de los bad company pero a mi ya no me volveis a engañar que habeis vendido un juego que es una ……
    y encima nos quereis callar la boca con maletines ,anda y que os den.

  • fubar_fox 02.28.14 at 17:11

    one question where do i go to make or join a platoon, i cant find it anywhere just this thing telling me about them. but not how to start or join it.

    • dinky_101 03.02.14 at 20:45

      go on battle log

  • JACE66 02.28.14 at 10:00

    It would be great to have a search feature of players/platoons down to area code to create local platoons. Awesome South London Army

  • Pist0lKnight 02.27.14 at 23:38

    Is there a rollover feature / function from BF3 platoon to Bf4

  • moh3dasy 02.27.14 at 23:03

    How about renting servers on consoles DICE ;(

  • Nate-EffeXe 02.27.14 at 22:13

    Please do not add more untested features to the already shaky gameplay that’ll more likely leave my PS3 frozen and needing a restart/restore. Just maybe the Battlefrozen 4 CryBomb could be debugged then fixed before my PS3 harddrive has a failure it can’t “restore”. Just abit of constructive criticism.

  • LEMONOWSKI 02.27.14 at 20:32

    Awesome! I’ve been waiting for this since the game launched!

  • JO ROCKSTAR 02.27.14 at 18:22

    I don’t see the drop down box or anything new.

  • Beotsh 02.27.14 at 17:59

    How about a Looking For Platoon feature? Platoon Leaders could look at profiles of those who wish to find a platoon. They could see our stats and what we are looking for in joining a platoon.

  • FishFearMe76 02.27.14 at 17:40

    What would be best for EA & Dice to do is Release Rental Servers for consoles!

    • fubar_fox 02.28.14 at 17:05

      i think your wrong there. i hated that about 3 spending an hour to find a server that wasnt just one map with 2000 points, it sucked.

  • naughty40 02.27.14 at 13:25

    no thank you…i don’t want this feature…and i certainly do not want to share my info with just anyone…
    i have trouble playing in a squad,that doesn’t follow orders,or do the objectives,so for me a platoon is a complete and utter waste of time.
    you really should fix the server crashes and lost connection,the lagg,the low hit detection (even right close up in their face)..the gol sniper rifle is now very poor in comparison the how it was in bf2 and needs tweaking,and is also poor compaired to the other bf4 sniper rifles too.
    fix everything else before you intoduce new features PLEASE!!!!

    • RyannosaurusRexx 02.27.14 at 20:35

      I agree about the usefulness of this for me.

      But every time I see someone saying “stop adding new features and fix netcode” really makes me wonder:

      You guys do know DICE has more than one employee, right? They can have a team working on Appreciation Month, and another team working on bug fixes.

    • buzzkill08 02.27.14 at 21:30

      Don’t be a wimp dude! You odviously should just play call of doo doo :)

  • IAFknight 02.27.14 at 11:01

    “but Battlefield 4 Premium and a soldier with at least rank 10 will be required to create your own Platoon.” Please read carefully if youre atleast lvl 10 without premium you can create platoons

  • buzzkill08 02.27.14 at 07:36

    I’m very eager to join a platoon, if anyone is getting one together for when this comes out soon please let me know my gamer tag is “buzzkill08” I play on xbox 1 and I’m a premium member. Please let me know if you are interested

  • WolfPack VII 02.27.14 at 04:30

    Why couldn’t you wait to release BF4 in 2014? Is it so you can keep in competition with Call Of Duty? Because honestly Battlefield is more enjoyable than Call of Duty. But releasing a game that doesn’t seem to be quite finished concerns a lot of BF4 players. Having a Platoon is something that could have been in the game already if you would have worked on the game a little longer. Please worry about the fans and the players who enjoy the games you make. Because so far you guys have been digging a hole that just keeps getting deeper and deeper.

  • morNA_IRPepper 02.27.14 at 04:25

    So your telling me that I HAVE to spend $50 more on something promised for the original game? Creating a platoon shouldn’t require premium, it’s like you guys don’t care or don’t know that you slap your fan base in the face at every chance you get.

    • buzzkill08 02.27.14 at 07:33

      No you do not have to be a premium member to be in a platoon

    • Pepsimaxzero1337 02.27.14 at 10:24

      No, premium gets early access for everything really. So you’ll eventually get the platoons feature. Also, you’re not just paying $50 for the platoon feature, you’re paying for every other exclusive premium things.

  • RatsoReily 02.27.14 at 00:16

    I love the upgrades but please fix the game stability issues. I play on PS3 and your having problems .. wow. PS3 is old enough that it should be extremely stable not locking up every couple of hours …. I’m level 98 so I do know what I’m talking about.

  • luisfer24_2k 02.26.14 at 23:17

    When will be able to rent a server ??

  • SJ BROZ 02.26.14 at 19:44

    the past expantions havent been amzing i hope naval strike gives bf4 a big jump

  • Gillette-Gkit 02.26.14 at 19:19

    great news for me as we have friends across 360 / xbox one ps4 and ps3 all playing – thanks x

  • SGT BUDSTUD 02.26.14 at 18:00

    How about you fix the Game, and all the bugs before making a game mode that will cause more bugs and problems. Not going to be able to win people over with free Guns and Game modes forever. You should really get your bearings straight

  • AvsFreak 02.26.14 at 15:17

    All this will do is remind me that none of my friends play Battlefield. Forever Alone.

    • SJ BROZ 02.26.14 at 19:43

      Dude ur not alone all my friends that i played battlefield with are still on 360 most of my friends on xbox one are cod players

    • sodafizz3000 02.27.14 at 07:42

      Same here. I get so freaking lonely when I play this game. ;(

  • BF_MeltDown 02.26.14 at 11:47

    Alright, nice. Thanks DICE/ESN/EA: Now when I read that you need Premium for BF4 to create a Platoon, I got a bit annoyed. DO you seriosly think, everyone has Premium? Battlefield 4 isn’t ready at all, so not everyone is up to spend 60 bucks for Premium. The only reward you get at the moment, is, that you even get more bugs. So please just let each BF4-Player creat a platoon, not only the Premium’s! Thnx

  • Zloteusz 02.26.14 at 10:06

    BF4 was relaesed 6-10 months to fast.

  • MojoSetter 02.26.14 at 05:58

    Hope Dice put true privatacy in place for friend of friends, and fans of page. Also be able to block or remove fans of page.
    Nothing worst then a ex member or a stacker of a wannabe clan ranting and viewing clan info and page.

  • STR33TXFiR3 02.26.14 at 04:46

    I don’t always give advice to DICE,
    But when I do,
    I ask them to learn a thing or two from Planetside 2.

    • CaptPAG 02.26.14 at 10:16

      I fully agree , EA and DICE could take a page or 4 out of PS2

  • xCxRxOxWx 02.26.14 at 04:20

    Proximity chat with the players around you. make right bummer a voice comms button. and/or bring back team chat for 360 since we still only have 12 per team. commander should have the option to have open comms with all squads as well to help coordinate instead of having to waste time scrolling through squads to get the right one. also bringing back the squads would be nice. ill be more than happy to download another gb to get these features if that’s what it takes.

  • No_Leggs_J 02.26.14 at 03:47

    My main concern has always been communications. Team chat with 32 players is obviously out of the question, keeping talk within squads is perfect for me. Commanders should be able to communicate with squad leaders verbally without other squad members being privy to those talks.
    In the case of parties, I love being able to party up in a lobby with a party leader in control of where the party goes. In my humble opinion, Sony should be the ones to implement the party lobby systems and require compatibility from developers.

  • raibowncreaper00 02.26.14 at 02:29

    y alquilar servers para cuando?

  • deeznutz016 02.26.14 at 01:56

    We need Lobby parties first, Jesus the priority list at Dice is pathetic. How is a entire platoon (32 players) going to communicate without team speak. How are we supposed to play have platoon battles without rent a server? More junk thrown at us is all this is. Us players tell Dice everyday what we want and Dice does the exact opposite…. Fix the fn basic issues with the game before churchin us up with useless garbage.

    • IICUDAII 02.26.14 at 02:09


    • Prisma01 02.26.14 at 13:15

      Plz all u whiners get in mind that there are different teams to develope software. The Battlelog-Team has absolutely nothing to do with the Game-Coders or Bug-Fixers.
      So please first get some info and then decide to just shut up if ur brain didn’t get it. Thx a lot.

  • Da Krawnik 02.26.14 at 01:38

    DICE is doing this to try to hide the current state the game is in (see: player appreciation month, M1911 with some stupid scope). They are treating us like idiots, and i’m offended.

  • TheDiaperButtKid 02.26.14 at 01:37

    I vote, “meh”.

  • Wojtek42 02.26.14 at 01:33

    Be nice to see a tournament created because of this, with full ongoing coverage brought to you by Twitch. I’d also like to see Platoon vs Platoon matches done through BattleLog where an online match calendar can automatically notify those who would like to spectate the match through Twitch subscription channels and I would also like to have the ability to battle against a different group of gamers at the end of every match, and a join random option would be appreciated at the quick selection game menu.

    Great game nonetheless.

    • Prisma01 02.26.14 at 13:12

      Freakin great thoughts man!
      Fully argee!

  • Mitchman1411 02.26.14 at 01:24

    Please tell me this has a way to squad up before joining games! It’s very hard now to gather a squad of friends to play. Also, comments in the text field here is bright gray on white, unreadable.

  • Mike-Austin-Lee 02.26.14 at 01:15

    This sounds great, but I would like to see the party system brought back.

  • Kangawar 02.26.14 at 00:51

    too bad i have no friends

  • BLaZeDxDJx 02.26.14 at 00:25

    DICE!!!!! Just bring back Clan matches like Battlefield 2 Modern Combat. Where there is a leaderboard and people actually have competition instead of stat padding with these stupid platoons. Typical game company “fixing” things that are not broke. Bring back in game competitive Clan matches!

    • PBob296 02.26.14 at 01:08

      First off, that was Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, which is not on my list of “real” Battlefield games. Why can’t people be willing to try new things? I’m not going to miss ANY type of clan-esque system that tried to copy Call of Duty. They can keep those systems in mothballs.

  • puremoneylilhead 02.26.14 at 00:10

    think its a great idea i have friends that play on ps4 and i think its pretty cool that we can all be in the same platoon

  • AmpleNickel4262 02.26.14 at 00:08

    This is pretty dumb DICE. WTF? No friend lobbies or even a normal lobby, no team VOIP, no custom servers.. I could go on. And this is what you make a priority to roll out? Shit from the last game that no one has been asking for instead of stuff from the old game that was taken out that most hardcore fans have been asking for and bewildered as to why it wasn’t included since day one?

  • Anim0L 02.25.14 at 23:49

    yet All you guys bitch about team ballance and then you bitch you cant play with your friends on the same server

  • TEXAS_RIDER58 02.25.14 at 23:40

    I want to be able to create a party with my friends and not sit hoping to join them in the same team. And bring back team VOIP Dice!!!!!!

  • Mr SIye 02.25.14 at 23:40

    1. Player Lobbies.
    2. Custom Servers. Need to integrate maps and game types.
    3. Keep friends together.
    4. Raise the level cap.
    5. Fix that tie kill.

  • OpEnEd_WoUnDs 02.25.14 at 23:35

    Where would you go to set it up once it is available?

  • BIGORNA 02.25.14 at 23:28

    We have seen improvements on the game, but it still lagging in some servers here and there. Right now, I have experienced 50/50 the number of servers playable in comparisson to unplayable servers. I really hope DICE look into this issue (yes, it’s an issue!) and take more measurers to fix the game.

    • BIGORNA 02.25.14 at 23:29

      Anyways, thanks for the platoon.

  • Troll-Pingvin 02.25.14 at 23:10

    Why is there a limit of only 100 members ???

  • Grozarom 02.25.14 at 23:05

    Good news :)

  • LordSkrampton 02.25.14 at 22:45

    How is this a priority? The game doesn’t even work! I have zero confidence in Dice right now.

    “It is important for us to clarify that this is the first iteration of Platoons. We will continue to work on the feature to refine and expand it, but now we will finally have the opportunity to see it in action and get some real-world feedback.” At least you told us up front it wont work for crap and we need to lower our standards, thanks.

    “Don’t hesitate to tell us what you expect from the upcoming feature, and what can be improved once it’s live. We appreciate your questions and feedback!” Yeah right.

  • Mean Keen 007 02.25.14 at 22:35

    There is alot still to be fixed and alot of wants by our good players before new idea’s can really be put into action. platoons need to be able to play together not put on different sides as currently. aka TG will defo be involved so if you fancy a tactical Clan go and sign up and be apart of a team!

  • Ninja Impulse 02.25.14 at 22:25

    Just fix the game please.

  • Collision_TN 02.25.14 at 22:21
  • Martinspire 02.25.14 at 21:53

    Who cares about platoons? At least nobody who owns BF4 on consoles. Just fix Battlescreen for Win8.1 smartglass with X1 cause that still doesn’t work. Also, when are custom servers coming to consoleplayers?

  • RussDad 02.25.14 at 21:47

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add a filter feature that allows us to search/join games with ACTIVE VOIP players. Playing this game with nobody talking is incredibly frustrating. If you like to play without a headset that is fine, but please give me the option to find those that actually want to talk and strategize

  • Mushashi_ 02.25.14 at 21:39

    Lol this is all pointless without a party system

  • ChiuyVallejo79 02.25.14 at 21:25

    With support class i have chosen the option to plant 3 claymore and it allows me to do one. Private servers were one of the goodies in BF3 because the tickets in your servers are really bad… I can’t fly and you asked me to get 5 kills in an Air superiority or any other is impossible for me the best i been able to do is like 2 or 3 kills. I can’t seem to manage a nice strike of kills in any of the second assault maps… I play objectives but with the current features is not possible and I’m not a good player. Any way thank you for the huge efforts the new layout to select maps of the DLC’s is very nice and useful. Just keep attention to the details PLAY THE GAME and you will find the issues you have is fairly easy!

    • AmpleNickel4262 02.26.14 at 00:04

      You sure that’s not just a squad perk option in your loadout you’re talking about? That’s the only place I can think of you can change the number of claymores or grenades or the like.

  • Collision_TN 02.25.14 at 21:25

    “The ability to create and join a Platoon for up to 100 members.”

  • weed37 02.25.14 at 21:20

    But you only get platoon points if you are playing together, but there is NO WAY TO JOIN AS A SQUAD, SO HOW ARE WE SUPPOSE TO PLAY TOGETHER???!!! Frustrating!

    • Mr SIye 02.25.14 at 23:42


  • Bobbytptpyr 02.25.14 at 20:57

    How about a lobby friends can join prior to joining a server? I’m sick of being put on the opposite team as my friends because we each have to join separately. And why can we not customize our loadout outside of the game? I typically prefer to customize loadout in the menus so as to not waste in game time not helping out the team! Seriously dice, how did you overlook these features?

    • xmayhem420 02.25.14 at 21:05

      I agree with everything that was said. BF3, you were able to do all of this and now you can’t. Is this a way for you to force everyone to use the battlelogs on the web or mobile device? Have you tried it from a mobile device? It seriously sucks.

    • Aerros 02.25.14 at 21:18

      Everyone, bump this!
      DICE, you’re placing your attention on the wrong details…

      Lobby parties should have been a priority

      • Mushashi_ 02.25.14 at 21:42

        Agreed this is useless without the implication of a party system. Being on the opposite team of a clan members and beating them would just drop platoon stats Whats the point of that. And we shouldnt have to sign a damn petition to make it happen just listen to your community

      • cgpetrus 02.25.14 at 21:46

        Fixing the game should have been a priority….!

      • BIGORNA 02.25.14 at 23:31

        Yes, I concur (don’t wanna repeat “agree”).

    • KENER_ONE 02.25.14 at 21:37

      100% AGREED

  • C4BARSan13STARS 02.25.14 at 20:51

    What about private servers thats what our clan needs we have had to go back to bf3 to use private servers bring them to bf4

  • DaNNi-World 02.25.14 at 20:47

    So there’s no competitive features for the platoons? Don’t see a big differense between this and the old system tbh… big whoop

  • nycff_Useless 02.25.14 at 20:41

    very very interesting…..looks great on paper hopefully there are not as many hip-ups when it launches

  • SpYnE22 02.25.14 at 20:40

    Will you be able to join a game as a platoon or party like bf3? That way you don’t have to try to switch every friend to the same team when a slot opens?

    • spiaggi 02.25.14 at 20:48

      My thoughts exactly, if this doesn’t make it easier for your friends to squad up with you….it’s pointless imo. Dont get me wrong who doesnt like taking 30+ min. to get all your friends in the same gm, on the same team. #Winning

  • IncarnateStrike 02.25.14 at 20:36