DICE Community Mission: 10 Million Dog Tags

Six days. 10 million dog tags. Can you make it happen?

In the first DICE Community Mission we challenge all Battlefield 4 players to collectively grab 10,000,000 dog tags using melee attacks. This mission will run across all platforms. If the objective is completed in time, all participating players will be rewarded with a gold battlepack (handed out on February 20).

The community mission is active between February 5, 8AM PST/5PM CET and February 11, 8AM PST/5PM CET.


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  • Hoods_CZ 11.12.14 at 15:18

    Yes, dog tag looks good

  • aknielsen00 06.01.14 at 10:51

    hey guys iwe buyed BF4 premium to the pc but does premium work for the pc too well i mean can i get the dlc when iwe buyed the premium to ps3

  • lowstar91 02.13.14 at 14:20

    my game freeze 12 times today .when are you going to fix this

  • exotickillerrr 02.11.14 at 14:58

    very nice mission , how to get results ?

  • WarpedVisions 02.11.14 at 14:51

    The dog tag should be in the gold battle pack.. Come on guys

    • TKEFresh1899 02.12.14 at 01:49

      False statement when I’m knifing people and they have fan appreciation dogtag and I don’t. Participated all week long, just want the dogtag to be honest lol don’t care about the battlepack on the 20th.

  • sjagger 02.11.14 at 13:09

    Hey DICE, how about solving the stability problems in “BETAFIELD” instead.

  • TKEFresh1899 02.11.14 at 11:23

    I understand that the battlepack is being released on the 20th, but apparently there were dogtags too? I’m knifing people and getting this “participation dogtag” but still haven’t received mine. Anyone else having this issue?

  • oOoSECTORoOo 02.11.14 at 06:36

    Our contribution to the community challenge http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqxNJ0qfQE8

  • KING TRAY SLAY 02.11.14 at 06:24

    Oops read more comments there are only a few slow premium players…. Sorry

  • KING TRAY SLAY 02.11.14 at 06:22

    Do you guys not know how to read it says ( players will be rewarded with a gold battlepack handed out on February 20).

  • CerebrosXIV 02.11.14 at 05:45

    Well, I participated and got nothing. Thanks Dice.

  • Prince77 02.10.14 at 20:58

    No need to complain, we reached the 10 million. The battlepack will be handed out to everyone on Feb. 20th. We will just have to wait. Hopefully Second Assault will be out by then as well.

    • CraigMitchell44 02.10.14 at 21:21

      20th? OH COME ON DICE!

    • kritacul 02.11.14 at 04:52

      Shot, we did this challenge so well, I think to end the month on top of the Battlepacks, everyone gets Second Assault FREE.

  • merlynanderson 02.10.14 at 19:31

    Nope when the mission ends its done. ALSO AMAZING WORK OUT ON THE BATTLEFIELD

  • VoLiTioN v2 02.10.14 at 17:33

    I’m only wondering, if the counter reaches 10 mil already, will I still get the battlepack if I get melee kills?

  • wemissBernieMac 02.10.14 at 12:24

    On a web browser go to missions at the top of battle log and it will show the mission. I think everyone is a part of it.

  • Texhonolize 02.10.14 at 02:33

    Anyone else have their ps3 freezing and locking up during multiplayer? I have to pop the disc out to get it to reboot and get a screen to send Sony a report and the unit goes into a repair mode. This only happens with Battlefield 4. Hope the game isn’t messing up my console. I have no idea if all my efforts have been saved or not.

    • TheUnseenHand81 02.10.14 at 02:57

      it’s not just the ps3, its both of the older consoles…almost looks like some type of gpu crash…happens frequently enough…but more often on certain maps…I play on my 360 and ps4, and while my ps4 almost never has an issue….my 360 crashes everytime I start playing dawnbreaker….for all those who are going to read this, please conserve your trolling for people who are geuinely whining…if I didnt love the game regardless of its flaws…I wouldn’t own it on two consoles…with premium.

  • PaDDyBoCrF-_- 02.10.14 at 01:06

    Yea I think second assault comes out late January maybe the last Tuesday? Wow can’t wait

  • PaDDyBoCrF-_- 02.10.14 at 01:00

    Can you play multiplayer normal for this challenge? And just knife people when you have a chance? Or do you run about like a header and just knife people?

  • flexen85 02.10.14 at 00:20

    I got so many knife kills the last couple of days but it said 0/ 18 and now I don teen know how to see the stat again? What am I doing wrong?

    • rodarpersia 02.10.14 at 17:53

      What are you seeing (0/18) is the missions dog tags you have won by completing the other missions you can create. As an example I have 1/18 because I have won 1 mission 20 times against friends (the ones that you can create or be invited by a friend).

  • FirstWheelsTX 02.10.14 at 00:13

    Lol, just adding my similar experience. I am an old man (55) and play engineer so knife kills are tuff for me (although I am helping the community by dying A LOT). I did get 2 over the last 3 days and they show up in my stats under knife but not under the community challenge “0/18″. What am I doing wrong or not understand?

    • HighNoon_USA 02.16.14 at 00:54

      55 years is not OLD. I’m 63.6 Years old, Vietnam Vet with the 57th AHC. Kontum RVN 1968/69 and can do anything a 20 year can do except maybe run faster. Don’t tell yourself your old because you will start behaving like an old man! Stay young my friend…remember it’s all in the mind and somewhat the body!!

  • C4HeliBomber 02.09.14 at 22:05

    Idiot it says 0/18 Mission Dog Tag’s. There is only a total count for this challenge.

    • StressQuest 02.09.14 at 22:07

      There are different way’s of reading it. No reason to be calling people idiots.

  • AHappyFaceSpider 02.09.14 at 22:05

    Betafailed 4…. Anyone? EA’s new slogan… EA Games, screw up everything :D

    • thateuropeanguy 02.10.14 at 16:56

      Lets hope DICE has learned that they should never work again with EA. Nice slogan though :D

  • NinjaMurderFace 02.09.14 at 21:59

    I’m knifing people left and right and it’s not counting them. My knife count says zero out eighteen. What the hell am I doing wrong?

  • UnvisibleZed 02.09.14 at 21:18


  • warnerbross48 02.09.14 at 20:41

    how do i play this event

  • Beefy5LayerSoda 02.09.14 at 20:35

    How do I register for the event? AKA add it to my missions?

  • StressQuest 02.09.14 at 20:22

    Iv knifed 5 people and it shows 0/15 on the mission….. ???

    • StressQuest 02.09.14 at 20:24

      Does the Knife need to happen while on a separate mission created?

  • PetjesvolkNL 02.09.14 at 19:23

    For those still having issues with the ea server, i was able to fix it by changing my wifi channel to channel 6. Channel 1-6-11 and maybe more are the better ones so give it a shot:) you can do this by logging in your router or modem and do it in the menus there. If thisdoesnt work make sure you forward the right ports

  • cusanorojo82 02.09.14 at 19:02

    I don’t know why people complain about a freaking game, I was in the marines and I seen helo’s get taking out by RPGs. Did I complain and get mad? Yes I did, because my friends are not going to spawn back from these things. We have done the same thing to others! I played this game and some people are playing it the way it should and some are just campers! Yes I agree they need to fix a few things, but come on its a DAMB game that allows you to waste time. Unless you are getting paid for this you have every right to complain, other then that they will fix it when they fix it! In the military you learn a phrase and it’s ” hurry up and wait.” So dice when you got time can you fix why I freeze out out down breaker and couple othe maps thanks! Semper Fi.

  • TwoTabs 02.09.14 at 18:09

    you Sir are the biggest whiniest little bitch i have ever met in my life. go cry to someone who actually gives a fuck. you pathetic little cunt

  • Sold_Separately 02.09.14 at 18:04

    I would like all you whiners and naggers to create a game at this scale and see if there aren’t going to be bugs. Quit your whining and nagging. Give credit where credit is due. You non-constructive “criticism” isn’t needed here. Enjoy the game or don’t play it at all.

  • JesseJames021 02.09.14 at 17:23

    In case some of you haven’t noticed, this thread is about a community challenge. Go post you non-constructive b*itching somewhere else. If you have the game and company so much then why are you still here? Come back when you’ve created the perfect video game. This game is a blast and I’m excited about this challenge!

  • UltimateMINK 02.09.14 at 15:07

    Same for me the mission is not there on xbox 360 is it only premium player that get it?

  • Cathal 02.09.14 at 06:13

    It isn’t appearing under the missions section. Seriously, how difficult is it to do something this simple? Does anyone test anything over there?

  • xIRODRIGO 02.09.14 at 05:42

    How do i apply or does it do it automattically?

  • Someguy12121 02.09.14 at 05:27

    So when is the freezing going to be fixed? Also when is team VOIP and broken mics going to be added/fixed?

    • Banzeibob 02.09.14 at 15:18

      i dont know about you, but i havent had a freez since china rising came out. maybe you should check your own hardware instead of blaming the usual party. DICE great job cleaning up this game!

  • Srgt Ares 02.09.14 at 03:34

    I have 10 plus dt’s since the start of mission but i dont see any show up on mission page still said 0, any one else have this problem?

    • Grrems 02.09.14 at 04:57

      Yep. Same here. I’m going to look and see if you need to accept a mission or click something or something or whatever. It should be a little more obvious than it seems to be.

  • bapkaysoul 02.08.14 at 23:10

    A todos do Battlelog comentem aqui os mapas que gostavam de ter no BATTLEFIEL4

  • bapkaysoul 02.08.14 at 23:08

    Boa as todos da DICE mas penso o deviam de pensar era mesmo melhorar alguns aspetos do jogo BF4 como algumas armas, e as pistolas que são mais fortes que uma arma automática…
    E pensarem em por mapas tipo o METRO, GRAND BAZAR, etc……

  • StickyFngerz360 02.08.14 at 22:22

    All I have to say is – I have been participating, if I dont recieve anything Im going to be one piss’t off motha.. I haven’t even recieved the new dog tag for the appreciation month and I’ve been logged on just about everday and opened every briefcase I recieve.
    Almost sounds to me as if they want to destract out minds off the main issues. (?)

  • NinjaNick911 02.08.14 at 20:28

    I believe the event is auto for anyone who plays and knifes someone during the event period. Since its a community event and open to all, I think that’s all you have to do! Hope this helps!

  • UnbeKabal 02.08.14 at 18:50

    you guys posted on FaceBook a “progression” bar that I thought was kool to see. Could you add the Progression bar to the story/article or maybe even on battle log so we can see how it’s progressing? Thanks

  • domino57 02.08.14 at 05:58

    depending on what knife melee you get done to you, you have to click counter at a different time for each attack (from the front).

  • DROOF23 02.08.14 at 04:34

    at the current rate we are collecting tags, we will have 12,128,256 dog tags

  • ULTIMATEPATSFAN 02.08.14 at 02:58

    how do you even join this, i catn find how to do it, or is it automatic

  • Great1 02.08.14 at 02:55

    well guys I have 10 so we’re almost done

  • T_R_A_U_M_A_26 02.07.14 at 20:33

    The mission is active until the 11th. So any knife kills until then will be counted as participation in the mission.no special servers need to be joined or certain game types so just play and a few people might get stabbed in the process.

    • Sausage_Hider 02.09.14 at 00:50

      I have kill 4 by knife, ok I know it is very very low, but it says 0/18 still on the mission. So, what am I doing wrong, how do I take part or am I just wasting my time trying?

      • zarathustra 02.09.14 at 02:40

        That’s unrelated. Look to the 10 million bar filling up instead. Currently over 6 million. ;)

  • MIDNIGHT562 02.07.14 at 19:09

    I’m not taking a bullet so some random guy I don’t know can get a gold battle pack with a bunch of worthless unlocks he’ll never use.

  • sac attacked 02.07.14 at 18:12

    do we have a current dog tag taken counter somewhere?

  • OneToothTEXAN 02.07.14 at 17:46

    Yes, as a matter of fact I do complain while winning. These developers are by far the worst I’ve ever seen. They’re more worried about pampering the whiners, about guns and vehicles, than they are about fixing stability issues. I couldn’t care less about gold battle packs and community missions… They’ve had 6 multi-player updates, and have done nothing but go backwards. When I spend $120 for a game plus premium, I expect it to work, not still be in beta stage.

    • Phillby 02.10.14 at 17:56

      Damn, your game doesn’t work at all? I feel like you should have checked to see if your game would work before you bought premium, man. My game runs just fine, and I’ve logged about 230 hrs so far. I hope your game gets fixed soon so you can enjoy it!

  • DANfour20 02.07.14 at 17:25

    Same here,

    How the hell do i take part in this mission? they talk about it like its going to show up when you push “select”, “back” on the main menu, the only missions i see there are the ones me and my friends have taken part in. no 10 mill knife orgasmathon or nothing.

    if we really need to do nothing other then knife people to take part then it would be nice if the guys mentioned something like “to take part in this knife kill spree mission you need just go knife every mo fo you can find, that is all”

    PSN : DANfour20

    • Btje04 02.07.14 at 17:43

      The Battlefield community missions are the same as they were in Battlefield 3, you don’t have to do anything to participate. You are automatically participating in all the community missions that are available at a certain time.

  • why_so_serious_1 02.07.14 at 17:02

    i hope to get a battlepack I’m knifing people left to right and counter knifing as well but there are some who knife me and i try to counter them but in the end i die and they don’t like the button don’t work

  • bshaffer47 02.07.14 at 16:46

    Ok it says participants will receive a gold battle pack. How the f do I participate? Do I just start knifing mofos? Please inform me.

  • Uncensored Mind 02.07.14 at 15:58

    Well i guess it wouldn’t be a forum without out people complaining right?. I think everyone needs to calm down. Yes there are glitches and lag and stupid little bugs. ITS A VIDEO GAME. Do you people complain when you are doing good in match too? Its still new, and things are improving, but like with everything, it takes time. Do you people complain about CoD at all? bc that game has a lot of issues too.

    What BF4 needs, are dedicated servers, or user made servers, such as Snipers only, Pistols only, Knives only, and their regular servers. If Socom did when ps2 was online then im sure XBox1 and PS4 can do it along with EA/DICE.

    yes 10,000,000 dogs tags is a bit much, for that number, the knifing should be easier, the reverse thing is cool, the whole GUTTING animation someone mentioned is a pretty sweet idea. LISTEN TO THE GAMERS DICE/EA, NOT THE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET

  • BakedWhiteKid 02.07.14 at 15:00

    I’m enjoying seeing other players running straight commando, we need to see less guns in these next few days people! Lets find ourselves in the very first silent Battlefield match, with only the sounds of Dog Tags being ripped off one another. I suppose thats still a sound but its the point that still counts. The fact that I get my Dog Tags taken straight off the bat after I take someone else’s is great, giving while giving to the community. xD LETS GET ER DONE.

  • tjohnson222 02.07.14 at 14:36

    Is anyone having trouble with something popping up when it is connecting to ea saying their profile is damaged and cannot be used. I have not hit okay so it lets me turn console off and I go back in using opposite method. Like if I am using disk a can go in on hard drive and it does not pop up. If anyone has had this happen what can I do to make it stop. A friend of mine hit ok when it come up on him and it really messed his whole profile and everything up. He finally had to cancel his acccount.

  • 5pamFritters 02.07.14 at 11:05

    4 days left, 7 million to go, going to have be a weekend knifing frenzy to get anywhere near.

    • BakedWhiteKid 02.07.14 at 15:01

      I want to have an entire server detacaited to knifes! That would be brutle xD

      • 5pamFritters 02.07.14 at 17:21

        There is, just add knife only to your server search.

  • cronin201 02.07.14 at 10:52

    I just want people to know that everything wrong with this game is solely EAs fault. They wanted to beat COD to the market, which they did and what happened ? COD still sold more copies HA GAAAY. So be patient guys they (DICE) still have atleast 4 more months in my opinion to fix this laggy, mini grenade cluster fuck piece of camel shit game or I shall be bidding it farewell

    • SrRichard83 02.07.14 at 11:18

      This started way back in bf bad company 2 ;). Laggy gaming and lots of bugs. EA paying to much attention to profit :(

  • sahafiec 02.07.14 at 08:31

    what do the gamers get who were not able to complete a single round during this mission time because of all the bugs and crashes???

  • Toners5687 02.07.14 at 05:57

    I agree with most of the others on here, I don’t know how many errors I get and problems there are and yet you just keep adding more things instead of fixing the problems that are continuing to piss is all off! My PS4 gets errors and closes the game. People constantly kill me with 0 health, and the login bullshit. Fix it before you add things.

  • iceveiled 02.07.14 at 05:36

    Hard to take tags when I can’t even log into a fucking game…

  • ShaheedKnight 02.07.14 at 05:31

    I just don’t care anymore. I’ve lost all confidence in this company. I literally cannot log on as we speak bcuz of some EA server bullshit

  • dylcapete 02.07.14 at 03:37

    Id love to help but its kind of hard when every single online match i join lags greatly at 30 ping. Maybe Dice shouldnt release a game 6 months early or at least freaking fix the network before sending out these challenges

  • whytee_23 02.07.14 at 03:18

    i made every attempt to get dog tags while i played today. um lol i got 2, cheese and rice. hopefully others are more successful than i.

  • BIG PAPI 6869 02.07.14 at 02:24

    I cant find my dog tag that I got on the first day
    of fan appreciation month…no where to be found

  • BIG PAPI 6869 02.07.14 at 02:21

    How do you get in this community mission s..

  • RNRN-B7NE-M56R 02.07.14 at 01:48

    DICE should make a tag called the gutter tag… heres how you would get it, you would have to get a 100 kills in a specific knife. Also Dice should make a knife new knife animation in for the campers in that are laying down. when they knife the dude laying down, it would cut him like its gutting him. AKA- The Gutter Dog Tag

    Now that would be a sweet tag/animation for bf4

    • SoulTrainn12 02.07.14 at 02:15

      Very cool idea, I take it you’re a hunter. But I honestly think most would disagree.

  • walkerstempe 02.07.14 at 01:04

    How about getting battlelog battlescreen to work on handhelds?

  • Firedome 02.07.14 at 00:21

    Will we get a cool N7 banner for multiplayer like Mass Effect 3?

  • thereaper690 02.07.14 at 00:01

    get a sever going

  • DonSklz 02.06.14 at 23:20

    10 million dog tags in a few days? I have a life Dice. I play bf4 faithfully and I probably dont have anywhere near 10 million kill collectively….please be realistic with your challenges. And even if I did magically do this wth is a gold pack? Give me atleast 5 for that shit. I already get a gold pack for every level I gain. Also give me second assault!!!!! Fuck xbox players you owe me dice. I paid you over $120 and im not getting money worth. Im done lol

    • SoupMan456 02.06.14 at 23:30

      You realize that they mean in every knife kill by a player adds up. It’s not a solo mission lol

    • Qubicx 02.07.14 at 00:32

      Dude, it’s a community mission not a solo one. Basically, every dog tag from any player gets counted.

    • PadreMariano 02.07.14 at 01:19


    • PadreMariano 02.07.14 at 01:20

      I hope you know that this is a mission for everyone that plays BF4…

    • Th3 kLutcH 02.07.14 at 02:54

      You see it’s funny how you say “I” but you can’t comprehend the fact that this is a community challenge not a solo challenge saying you have a life doesn’t mean that someone else can just do the challenge for the community. Also they seem pretty realistic about the challenge this could happen easily if people tried to knife. So stop complaining and just play the game!

    • DINGDONG864 02.07.14 at 03:19

      You’re that fucking retarded?! Holy shit, how are you still alive?!

    • ColdKillah214 02.07.14 at 05:56

      You do know that it’s across every platform and player, right? All players in bf4 across all platforms will be added and if the total is over 10 million then we get the Gold BP.

    • cavscoutrob83 02.07.14 at 05:58

      AAA waaaaa I guess your a ps4 player wow shows how much you are suckin

    • Meier Voleran 02.07.14 at 05:58

      You do understand “Community Mission”? Right. From the sound of your post you’re an idiot.

    • surfking808 02.07.14 at 06:24

      10 million dog tags from all the people who play battlefield 4 idiot
      #never go full retard

  • SiPerino 02.06.14 at 22:50

    I don’t always steal dog tags…but when I do, it’s only because somebody’s trying to steal mine. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152565736168082

  • SupremacyKing13 02.06.14 at 22:14

    Yeah i havent seen any missions under the tab and i never recieved the firsy dog tag when it said it was unlocked

  • GffMaC 02.06.14 at 21:15

    Do we have to actually click/signup to a mission or does it just count any knife/dogtag kills automatically. mine says zero on battlelog but I have done it plenty of times.

  • AURush 02.06.14 at 20:48

    Why am I not getting booster points, and all the weapons you said you would give out on ps4 for February appreciate month?

  • DJFrodo 02.06.14 at 20:24

    I got the dog tag above for my PS3 but not my PS4. And for some reason had a few dog tags disappear, like the “scorched earth” tag. ?????

  • Storman25 02.06.14 at 18:39

    is all the tags being put together through other platforms too?

  • zoinhored 02.06.14 at 18:30


  • wysportsman 02.06.14 at 18:29

    Since I switched from 360 to Xbox one I haven’t had any major hiccups. I lost some rank ( from lvl. 96 to 75 ) and a few weapons, but that was because I signed in on my buddies Xbox one when I was a level 75 and I didn’t realize it was only a one time stats transfer. Other than that I only had an issue with spawning without a weapon, getting killed by someone spawning on teammate ( even though I shoot them and not even a hit marker), and not being able to pick up special map weapons. Other than those minor issues the game is great with no freezing or being booted from servers. To all those complaining about these issues just save up for a next gen consol. You won’t regret it!

  • PROD1GY 360 02.06.14 at 17:57

    Thanks Dice.

    • PROD1GY 360 02.06.14 at 17:58

      Also this should be fun. Love gold battlepacks. Just wish I had premium.

  • Akaed1984 02.06.14 at 17:52


  • WOO0DYSGAMERTAG 02.06.14 at 17:20

    When it look under missions tabs nothing is there

  • webboy 02.06.14 at 16:55

    So if the challange isn’t over and the dog tags haven been given out how come I’ve taken 3 already…

  • FROSTY-DRAK 02.06.14 at 16:08

    No way! Forget it . Why? Can’t get more than five minutes in a match. Fix the fade to black. Let us play a match im going back to bf3 which is a far superior game because it works. Community challenges. Fix the damn game

  • Sacriss 02.06.14 at 16:01

    The game needs fixing as a priority, gimmicks should come later..

  • Yickman OP 02.06.14 at 15:27


  • Yickman OP 02.06.14 at 15:27

    Challenge people who are level 20 and above to night use the ak12 for a month lets see if people can resist using it.

    • wysportsman 02.06.14 at 18:31

      Sounds like a fun idea? Or not be able to use the axe weapons!

  • YOSHI_METSU 02.06.14 at 15:07

    hey how about all the working people , Not the regular week day workers Monday to Friday but the week end workers . the ones that have primo but mess out on the dbbl ex week end bonus do to WORK AND SLEEP wile others get to spend at least one hole day ranking up ex: A friend from work had to take the day off form work on the right weekend so he could ENJOY his PIAD for PRIVALEGE and he goes and ranks 8 levels in one day that’s really sweet but look what it cost him for that one day Primo + a day of pay . depending on what u make thats about an average of $100 a day so that was a $150 all day setting inside doing all he could do . that sounds like REAL fun Now u know how I see it .

    I would Appreciate it if you send me my dbble ex in a battle back. So I can get a chance to get for this perc that I payed for.

    If u don’t get it and before u reply some oh I feel sorry for u or get an other job BuSh try not playing your game on one of these dbble ex weekends by choice not mandatory

    • SomeGnarlyDude 02.06.14 at 15:59

      How about putting the video games away, going back to school and learning something like, oh, I don’t know, how to spell, oh, and while you are in school try learning how to write a decent sentence!

      For the record it didn’t cost your buddy anything, he most likely took a vacation day, paid, and it was his choice to take the day off. Quit your bitchin’.

  • MONEY_MAN123_123 02.06.14 at 15:06

    so when this is over is the new dlc coming out?

  • AgRocYBe 02.06.14 at 15:01


  • iI_THANATOS_Ii 02.06.14 at 12:26


  • harrokitty 02.06.14 at 11:46


  • chip9E5 02.06.14 at 11:15

    I have reached level 110 and i only recieved only five to seven dog tags. I rather have more dogtags than XP because it is useless when you reach the capacity of your level. Please put more dogtags on the battlepacks.

  • JANDAMAN_809 02.06.14 at 10:54

    Im up for it we get the 10,000,000 in six days if you guys fix the game in six days. I have been patient but this it too much after the last update it just worse for me. Even worse that when it came out. Come on guys do something about it, are ps3 player being penalized or pushed to buy ps4. Dont forget most of us are battlefield fans. Please focus all your engineer in game crashing instead of weapon stability, etc.

  • xU6x B3AR 02.06.14 at 10:35

    Fix the Jump shot glitch for the friggin snipers! Oh forgot…. Please! Other then that, great game!

  • SkuLLz V2 02.06.14 at 10:19

    Ive had 3 or 4 200% XP Boosts and at least 10, 100% xps from gold battlepacks as well as DogTags, they aint that bad, the game needs more Stability to its online play with xbox one, like when changing weapons in a tank, its like you doubletap the Y button when you clearly don’t…such a pain in the Rear

  • youndeke 02.06.14 at 09:55

    Dice said “we need to get 10 Millions Dogs Tags in 6 days”? Wow that going to happen, Dice just fix your problems on the game.

  • Specterl3112 02.06.14 at 09:52

    When I’m given a challenge, I’m always up for it. But I want to know if we do the challenge will EA/Dice will be keeping track of the dog tags we collect.

  • SFC_Azza 02.06.14 at 08:37


  • xkillamanjarr0x 02.06.14 at 07:23

    I want to be able to actually knife someone on the first swing, instead of multiple swings. Some times I try to get someone’s tags while I am behind them, or they are prone, but somehow instead of me knifing them, they magically knife me. What is the deal with that? Also I had another issue to where I get one shotted by someone over 100 yards away when that persons back is towards me. I’m a bit confused on that as well. I hope that I can help out with this community challenge, but from the way things have been going I will be lucky to even grab anyone’s tags. One more thing, every time I try and use a boost from a battle pack it will confirm that it is active for a few minutes, but at the end of the match I won’t have any Xperia boosts at all. When I check to see if the boos is active or if I have any more to use. None are there. I have lost well over 3 200%’s, 5 100%’s, and countless smaller boosts. I mean what is the point of Xperia boosts if I can’t use them?

    • jwea 02.06.14 at 12:59

      I too have had many turn around and stab me while attempting to take their tags. Sometimes after a second or two of us both trying to stab each other I take theirs and sometimes they take mine. What is the best strategy for a situation like this one??? Is it the X button I hold or continue to tap? Very confused.

  • Blade Da Razor 02.06.14 at 07:13


  • BilboTBaggins91 02.06.14 at 06:46

    And psychomantium, first off get a life and get off the battlefield blogs. The object of this is to give them feedback on what they need to change and preschoolers like you who have little to no brain whatsoever just get on shit like this to complain about everything someone else is doing. Grow up and keep your negative talk somewhere else. You will get no where in this world doing what you are doing

  • BilboTBaggins91 02.06.14 at 06:43

    Ok I love battlefield 4 but its time to confess this. First off I am tired of getting into a server and not being able to hear any sound….well maybe we should update this EA…second of all I want to see changes being made with the revive aspect of this game. I am tired of my body being revived and me dying before I even hit the button for body to be revived. All of this needs to change soon? Any one else agree with me?

  • PsycoMantium 02.06.14 at 06:04

    I swear… all you lame ass complainers are getting to be like a bunch of whining pussies! The mission is by choice for one, so if you don’t want to be apart of it DON”T!!!! And stop your bitching about getting the game fixed. The game isn’t perfect and i get frustrated to but it’s still a good time and a challenge none the less! They are working on fixing the issues and come out with regular patches to try and do so, giving us something else fun to do to bring the community together in a challenge in between is a good Idea! Dice/EA just try to do what they can and I’m sure are working hard to both better the game and add more for our amusement. The game play will evolve and get better. Don’t like it play another game already.

  • HunterTN 02.06.14 at 05:56

    There’s no tracking showing up in my missions. Can anyone else see it?

  • Anarchy099 02.06.14 at 05:34

    This sounds fun, for you people asking all you do is play BF4 and do melee attacks on ppl during the time frame they mentioned. To all those haters saying to fix the issues instead of doing player appreciation, why not have both?? The question is can we complete this mission in time? :)

  • NinjaMurderFace 02.06.14 at 05:16

    How the hell do you join this mission? It doesn’t pop up as an option in game or on here?

  • VirgilXGore 02.06.14 at 05:08

    This is just like in BF3, It’s going to be fun, Prepare to suffer death at the end of my knife people

  • VladDrakulyaIII 02.06.14 at 04:32

    Great! So, what are we supposed to do? Run around with our Knife as primary, This ain’t CoD DICE!

    Anyways, I recently opened on the main menu “Missions” and it took me straight to this assignment, and It already had some numbers in it, but they were minimal. So I think you only have to get melee kills, you don’t have to sing up or anything. But I don’t think we’ll make it. Besides, for a Gold battlepack? I rarely get anything of use from them. I won’t even bother. Good luck to you guys who actually fall for this trick.

  • Drewrok34 02.06.14 at 03:43

    Bf4… cmon man…. stop with the “appreciation” of us gamers and FIX the FUCKIN PROBLEMS WITH THE GAME!!!! Deal?!!!!

    • xXLILME805Xx 02.06.14 at 07:03

      this isn’t for the “appreciation month”. this is just for fun like in bf3 its just an event and don’t say that this is a way for them trying to repay us for all the bugs in the game because it’s not

  • ZHom888 02.06.14 at 03:12

    At the rate that we’re going, we’re going to take nine more days to complete this. COME ON, GUYS!

  • hellsDEUCE82 02.06.14 at 02:50

    How do you enter? Do I just start using mele attacks?

  • dingostar123 02.06.14 at 02:46

    Coolio. That dogtag looks sweet.

  • JORDANS2000 02.06.14 at 02:43

    we better be getting a knife in that battlepack

    • TJINHK_22200 02.06.14 at 04:18

      haha I got a boot knife from my most recent :3

  • kemandel 02.06.14 at 02:32

    Can we log in

  • DOLLA42 02.06.14 at 02:08

    how do you sing up

  • PunchingTax03 02.06.14 at 01:52

    Is there some sort of meter to show us where we are at?

    • xXLILME805Xx 02.06.14 at 07:00

      this isn’t for the “appreciation month” guys. this is just for fun like in bf3 its just an event and don’t say that this is a way for them trying to repay us for all the bugs in the game because it’s not

  • SlowestHawk64 02.06.14 at 01:38

    im tring to figure it out too. how in the hell do you get to do the mission

  • Rekless Vampyre 02.06.14 at 01:26

    How the fuck do you call this a functioning game? This game is by far the worst game in the fact that nothing works as it is supposed to. Now I guess with your great big new update you broke the game sound great job on that by the way. I was really hoping that we wouldn’t have these problems anymore after bf3 but I guess I was wrong. maybe next time before you release a new game make sure it works first instead of worrying about beating another company in the release date you fucking morons.

    • TheTiot 02.06.14 at 09:24

      What part of the game doesn’t work? Netcode? It works but isn’t perfect, 0 life glitch? it is just a display error,it doesnt crash anymore so how does it not function for you?

  • AndrewFrutos510 02.06.14 at 01:24

    Hey did they ever say when we are getting the grenades & pistols shortcuts?

  • alessandromanno 02.06.14 at 01:13

    Any match? So I just have to make a meelee kill to het rhe battlepack if the goal will be done? Or how?

  • FineOne73 02.06.14 at 01:03

    I want the melee button moved back to the RB (or an option to). I don’t know how many times I hit the right stick for no reason and get countered. I’d rather go prone on accident, at least I still have a fighting chance.

    • Nurr Blackett 02.06.14 at 05:47

      I seriously agree man i’m personally sick of in mid panic of walking into an enemy around a corner and accidentally pressing the right thumbstick in addition it took me almost 2 weeks to get used to the melee layout and i was forever spotting someone instead of killing them which of course if they are paying attention can hear your character yell out that you’ve seen an enemy soldier please give us back RB melee DICE people need the option just like veteran and lefty flipping your jet controls to play like older games Veteran control buttons should give you RB back as melee

  • twistedmace 02.06.14 at 00:40

    Knifing ….that’s my pleasure shanka shanka! But there is a lotta 0%health issues kinda expect to knife someone an they walk away with it hahaha

  • 3lDuK3 02.06.14 at 00:39

    I would just love to get my Veteran dog tag :/

  • Amielucha 02.06.14 at 00:37

    Great idea, knifing is so much fun when there is no sound in DM matches. You can call it a silent assassin challenge!

  • Adamonic 02.06.14 at 00:02

    Wouldn’t it be faster and more appropriate to have a challenge to see how many 0hp deaths you can get instead? The challenge would be over in 1 night.

  • Mougly_Punk 02.05.14 at 23:46

    It will be good if you make a count of the dog tags and to the consoles

  • NEO-Nate-ZERO 02.05.14 at 23:42

    Honestly, you people wouldn’t know community fun if it came and broke your nose. I love how people bash the CoD franchise when the community for BF is just about as friendly. You’re like the type of people that go to parties and complain there’s too many people, while they have fun and you sulk in the corner.

    What is this? Never-ending prom night?
    Good luck to those going for it, I like the idea of thousands of people working together.

  • TheSneakySnail5 02.05.14 at 23:20

    y is everyone whining about this challenge? i think its incredibly fun to sneak around and get crazy knifing chains and drop down behind people and stab them. SHUT UP PEOPLE!

  • TheSneakySnail5 02.05.14 at 23:15

    hey dice can you have a counter on your website of how many tags have been collected so far? thanks!

  • MilitiaBiohzrd 02.05.14 at 23:08

    what do you people want? A hand-held minigun that does 9999 damage in your battlepacks? FFS thepoint of em is to get some nice bonuses like camos or a lil extra xp. Its not there to give some OP weapon or 1000% xp boosts. Granted a higher chance for better boosts would be nice but nothing to cry about. I like this event and would rather get knifed than shot by the 10+ snipers in every round. Id really like to see a limit to the recon like 3 per team on last gen and maybe 10 or so on next gen. MGs being more useable would also be good.

  • Doom Weasel 02.05.14 at 22:52

    DICE must hope that everyone will stop shooting from the hip and will start StopTalkingAboutBugsINGame for the next few days

  • x0xRavenx0x 02.05.14 at 22:23

    ok, now we play a game called , stabby stabby stabby die die die

    • PsycoMantium 02.05.14 at 22:28

      Shakes head…… Don’t stabby stabby stabby just keep to your pew pew pew then easy killing for the less skilled i guess. And honestly people what’s wrong with a little challenge? No one has to do it, It’s a collective effort join if you want or don’t easy just stop complaining about it good lord.

  • DaCandyman 02.05.14 at 21:56

    Be nice to have Second Assault to go along with this mission. PC AND PS4

  • Magicmuffin008 02.05.14 at 21:53

    You are all terribly stupid. It’s 10 million dog tags collectively meaning every person playing bf4 not just one person. How about you guys read next time.

  • WampaRat88 02.05.14 at 21:44

    Can we not have a bayonet attachment, then replace the knife with a extra grenade or something along that line??

  • Koromaro 02.05.14 at 21:36

    I don’t need a mission to take dog tags

  • A7X ChAoTiC DEW 02.05.14 at 21:36

    You gotta have no life to complete this EA. This is pretty dumb

    • TheAngryBrownie 02.05.14 at 23:00

      And you are “dumb” for thinking each player had to do this on there own.

  • youndeke 02.05.14 at 21:17

    I have 182Shank kills, an 131 Bayonet kills add me youndeke the Boss of MOC clan for BF4 on PS4 an watch yo back?

  • ChaLLengE 2O12 02.05.14 at 21:15

    I’ve got a dog tags described in the method of how the competition advertised for 6 days

  • III Duttin III 02.05.14 at 20:43

    Great now everyone is gonna be trying to knife each other. Ea why….

    • PsycoMantium 02.05.14 at 22:24

      Why? Because they are adding something fun to the game and trying to be creative. Anyone can shoot someone but getting dog tags is a bit more challenging and skill and adds a little more fun to the game that’s why. Duh

  • GUNNY338 02.05.14 at 20:10

    6 days?

    • XsnipesumX 639 02.05.14 at 20:20

      its possible if people wouldn’t shoot people in the back all the time

    • TheTiot 02.06.14 at 09:30

      There are some knife only servers on pc already.

  • StemRus 02.05.14 at 20:10

    Dear developers ask you to discover all the players camouflage that you made for yourself: If you refuse to do this then remove it from the list in the multiplayer

  • pldkn 02.05.14 at 20:04

    Every session ends with a freeze on PS3 :(

  • wardriver69 02.05.14 at 19:59

    Cool. Why is your game locking up of freez. Sounds like u need a better CPU. Mine runs fine. I have a Alein CPU. With 28 gb ram and a GeForce 7800. Looks and runs great.

    • PsycoMantium 02.05.14 at 20:05

      So was this an advertisement for your ALIEN not Alein being the big man on campus?? Woo 28 gigs of ram, can i get your John Henry please?? lol

    • The Don Meister 02.05.14 at 21:39

      How in the seven names of hell are you able to even breathe, without even two brain cells to knock against each other? Seriously, if you’re that stupid, better to keep your mouth shut really….

    • Cybrow2003 02.05.14 at 21:46

      28gb ram hey? That’s good. Ever opened Task Manager and seen how much BF4.exe is using? No? Course not, dumb arses like you just throw money a PC set up and then pretend to know everything. Oh yeah. Alienware? Why? Oh yeah! Its a brand name. My bad. Well done mate. You got ripped off.

    • YOSHI_METSU 02.06.14 at 14:14

      he did say PS3 to get a better CPU he would need to change his hole set up

  • LWRens 02.05.14 at 19:51

    Only this six days….

  • will_snipe 02.05.14 at 19:50

    Hard to participate when your system freezes up after EVERY. FUCKING. ROUND. If we wanted to do something as a community how about a class action lawsuit for all the system damage & grief.

    • PsycoMantium 02.05.14 at 19:59

      A class action lawsuit? System damage and grief lol are you kidding man or just simply a retard. System damage how? Cause only the game itself crashes on you? That’s far from system damage you tool. Get a real system or just don’t play the game if your going to be an asshat! Loser

  • radiocaf 02.05.14 at 19:43

    So to get the battlepack, do I need to have contributed to the mission (by getting at least one melee kill) or will I get it without contributing. It’s not easy for me to get melee kills, although I have got some.

  • tutor6909 02.05.14 at 19:33

    I’m feeling that some of the dog tags are bugged. I have completed requirements but still no dog tags for some. I also have via battle pack tags but I don’t have anymore packs to unlock. Just want my tags man.

  • Goodacre0081 02.05.14 at 19:21

    while your at it lower the requirement for melee ribbons. I have clocked 130 hour now and not a single ribbon.

    • I0wnYour___ 02.09.14 at 06:23

      LOL, how about no? Knifing is not THAT difficult. I played one game of Zavod and I knifed 15 people. It got 3 Ribbons just from one game???

  • T-90_52RUS 02.05.14 at 19:17

    Dear developers ask you to discover all the players camouflage that you made for yourself: If you refuse to do this then remove it from the list in the multiplayer

  • pppiiba 02.05.14 at 19:06

    How do i activate mission pls help

    • austindecker 02.05.14 at 19:42

      It should be automatically on. I believe they track it through battlelog.

  • Linuxy2000 02.05.14 at 19:06

    I have found a bug that I don’t know if you are aware of but if you are changing kit throught a supply drop and you die when changing kit you will still be able to switch kit when you respawn just by pressing a key. For an example you might run out of ammo in your primary and you can just simply press a button and you have a new kit without having to reload which is an unfair advantage, I am just telling this in case you didn’t know.

  • SunnyBuubas 02.05.14 at 18:45

    How do I activate or join this mission? Just join a multiplayer game?

  • zc0nflictz7 02.05.14 at 18:42

    Do we have to join the mission? Or all we allready in it cause we own battlefield?

  • ZanGoRaider 02.05.14 at 18:38

    Tell me why I should trust this battlepack on the 20th of February?

  • DarylEPerez 02.05.14 at 18:38

    See.. I would participate but… Battlepacks are clearly a bullshit. Why the hell would I want a “GOLD” battlepack when the only thing it carries are portraits, fucking 25%+ experience… Come on.. Packs should carry hidden weapons or so as well as special attachments. Very disappointed to pay for the premium version of this game.

    • zINewtonIz 02.05.14 at 18:44

      you havent paid that amount of money for bpacks u have baught it for the new maps there just a added bonus u get like when u rank up

    • Niagra11 02.05.14 at 18:52

      i get attachments all time and the gold usually has 50 xp or better from what i received

    • MoneyOverBullish 02.05.14 at 19:11

      Shut your hole! You still have 12 map packs coming your way included with all the strategy guides and more.

  • SneR1985 02.05.14 at 18:34

    Game disconnected: you were kicked by PunkBuster. Stated reason: PunkBuster kicked player ‘SneR1985′ (for 0 minutes) … RESTRICTION: Disallowed Program/Driver [130827] – new drivers 14.1 beta GPU- 270x sapphire toxic / CPU old Phenom x4 -2.6 GHz and 4GB ram memory. WHY THIS “big GAME” has no sound low fps… mantle is 0% not 45%…. netcode bugs and much more! I’m frustrated with your BF4.

  • zINewtonIz 02.05.14 at 18:29

    Never going to work to many bums dnt care as i proved in a game just then. To many kids have this game who will still use vechiles sorry dice its a bad idea

  • robinhakan790 02.05.14 at 18:25

    count me in this mission i have already take like 10 since it started

  • XSevSpreeX 02.05.14 at 18:08

    Is this gold battlepack going to be like my Veteran battlepack?

  • Niagra11 02.05.14 at 18:08

    why why do the next gen consoles get the 64 man battles but other consoles don’t just thru us a short end of the stick this yr so wrong in so many ways

    • XSevSpreeX 02.05.14 at 18:09

      Because 360 and PS3 are not capable of handling 64 player servers. Even back in Bad Company 2 when PC had 32 players 360 and PS3 only had 24. They absolutely cannot handle anymore.

    • The Don Meister 02.05.14 at 21:45

      It’s 8 year old hardware for fucks sake! You’re lucky to be able to run it at all!

  • Niagra11 02.05.14 at 18:02

    love battlefield been playing for years but i want to no why is it that we have not received second assault for PS3 and PC yet but Xbox One players have it i understand there’s a lot tweaking needed to be done but I’m ready to progress to the next chapter

    • XSevSpreeX 02.05.14 at 18:06

      Because Second Assault was released as an exclusive to Xbox One for it’s launch. Assuming that DICE is following the same schedule as BF3 and they’re once again working on DLC, PC, PS3, PS4, and 360 players should be seeing it soon.

      • Niagra11 02.05.14 at 18:10

        then why give us the download to all the new DLC’s i got second assault download just wanting on them to post it up in the store to download

        • Niagra11 02.05.14 at 18:11

          waiting on them

        • XSevSpreeX 02.05.14 at 18:12

          I’ve heard that Second Assault has appeared on the PSN, but don’t ask me why it’s up. DICE/EA have not released it even for premium members yet.

          • Niagra11 02.05.14 at 18:15

            i no on the first of the month i had to update and it downloaded all the new DLC’s for second assault but no second assault im thinkin they goin to release it on the 10th when they give out new dog tags for premium members

    • zc0nflictz7 02.05.14 at 18:44

      You just need to be paitent because its feburay which is aprreation month for all of the bf4 community just wait and u will see. happy hunting

  • RedWafflesBG 02.05.14 at 18:02

    I hope so ;) … Thank you DICE !

  • cruzazul39 02.05.14 at 18:01

    Count with my services

  • MC1173 02.05.14 at 17:42

    “All participating players will be rewarded.”

    Does this mean if I get my tags taken I qualified?


  • l RIGHTEOUS l 02.05.14 at 17:38

    This is sweet, ill grab 56543 of them

  • damagejackyl 02.05.14 at 17:32


  • GrizzlyFPS 02.05.14 at 17:28

    YEAH another Gold Battlepack i am curious whats in it maybe 5 25XP Boosts!?
    sorry DICE but i can’t take this serious!

  • p3lim 02.05.14 at 17:23

    Why would anyone bother with all that work just for a battlepack that is 99% certain to contain all 25% xp boosts in them?

  • genarea95 02.05.14 at 17:19

    We will do it

  • genarea95 02.05.14 at 17:18


  • IRELAND914 02.05.14 at 17:16

    I’m sure if we don’t reach the goal, they’ll tell us we did to boost community morale lol.

    Also, pleeeeease stop giving me XP boosts I have no use for!

    • Bl4ckPanther 02.05.14 at 17:43

      So 1 kill with knife is ok for the gold battleoack if we lmake it :)