Battlefield 4 Second Assault arrives February 18

Revisit Fan-Favorite Battlefield 3 Maps or Infiltrate Naval Bases in the South China Sea with Upcoming Battlefield 4 Expansion Packs.

In a week, you’ll take a step back in time with Battlefield 4 Second Assault, featuring four fan-favorite maps from Battlefield 3 – Operation Metro, Caspian Border, Gulf of Oman, and Operation Firestorm. Reimagined with Frostbite 3 graphics and Battlefield 4 gameplay, Battlefield 4 Second Assault will be released on February 18 for Battlefield 4 Premium members on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, and for all Battlefield 4 players two weeks later on March 4.


Following Battlefield 4 Second Assault will be the third expansion pack, Battlefield 4 Naval Strike, launching in late March for Battlefield 4 Premium members. Stay tuned for the exact date and find all expansion pack information on In this expansion, you’ll experience intense water-based combat as the Chinese armada takes the fight to the sea. You’ll have access to new weapons, gadgets, and amphibious vehicles, and four all-new maps – Lost Island, Nansha Strike, Wave Breaker, and Operation Mortar.

Learn more about Battlefield 4 Second Assault

And don’t forget, every day you log into the game in February, you’ll get a free Battlepack as part of Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation Month.

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  • WolfPack VII 02.23.14 at 04:11

    I downloaded the new maps on the 360 and during Firestorm the game froze!!! Come on DICE i paid 50 bucks to play new maps that freeze. Since the game is so messed up i think Premium should have been free. You want people to pay 50 bucks to play a broken game with maps that freeze on the 360. I will soon have the Xbox One and hope this wont occur again. Please take this into consideration:/ Your losing a lot of fans.

  • jurriaan 02.20.14 at 19:33

    Bring back Wake Island !!!

  • the-crow-man 02.19.14 at 15:37

    There great maps expect metro it’s still bs Even more the US teams crap every game it’s the same your never able to push past B Dice fix this please it’s Damn right bs, and there’s WAY to much grenade spam =[ other maps ant bad

  • xI2esistanc3x_0 02.19.14 at 12:34


  • Synaesthetica 02.19.14 at 09:53

    Alright metro, here I come.

  • xXAshlaeXx 02.18.14 at 23:57

    Hey guys I found it, if you go to the ps4 start screen and go to the “related items” tab under the battlefield 4 cover picture everything is there including Second Assault, Handgun Shortcut and DMR shortcut bundle. I can’t seem to find it anywhere else but it does work from the related items tab. Hope that helps!

    • Synaesthetica 02.19.14 at 09:52

      Thanks so much!

      It would’ve made it too easy if they had just told us how to do it..

  • DINObelgium 02.18.14 at 23:17

    Its 11:16 pm on The 18th of februari and still no download availible of The sa mappack……

    • thereSolute1 02.18.14 at 23:23

      Thanks so much! I couldn’t find it anywhere today! Until I tried what you did thank you so much!

  • karlitos101 02.18.14 at 22:21

    i live in AZ and typed SECOND on ps store and it came out..hope this helps

  • DJDIDO88 02.18.14 at 22:05

    where is the hardcore!

  • Cityonourknees11 02.18.14 at 21:23

    Second assault is officially out in the United States, along with the DMR shortcut and the Pistol shortcut

  • misiodaniel111 02.18.14 at 20:37


  • Halsey1952 02.18.14 at 20:04

    Thanks for the info…4pm central StealthDivision

  • chavez0_0 02.18.14 at 19:22 This is what everyone is looking for. If you’re in the east coast, it’ll be released between 5pm and 9pm

    • StealthDivision1 02.18.14 at 19:54

      im in texas on central time and its still not here

      • thereSolute1 02.18.14 at 23:24

        Type second into ps store I’m in Texas and it worked for me

    • marquelMrTwin100 02.18.14 at 21:49

      actually i’m on the east and i downloaded it already

  • VanillaGorilla5 02.18.14 at 18:58

    It’s pathetic how whiny the Battlefield community has gotten. The release date is a DATE not a specific time on that date. For those of you who forget that glitches existed before 2013, go play a game on an old system. As games get bigger and more complex, there will be more glitches. QA testing can’t reproduce everything the millions of gamers playing millions of hours can cause. Some glitches are very hard to fix because they are linked to many other systems and changing it could cause another problem. If you hate BF4 so badly, stop playing. If you want a glitch free game, go play PONG and stop clogging the boards with your whiny bitching.

  • dj_inok1 02.18.14 at 18:58

    Second assault is broken on ps3

    • StealthDivision1 02.18.14 at 19:51


    • Wolfiez240 02.18.14 at 20:03

      Ya I have a ps4 and I’m premium in battlefield 4 but I can’t get second assault. For example whenever I go to a second assault map it says I need to buy the DLC but when I go to get the DLC it doesn’t show up. I’ve tried going through the ps store and the in game store and nothing worked. I updated my ps4 to the newest update could that be the problem?

  • SHottYMcFooku 02.18.14 at 18:26

    Please give me my 59.99 back for this piece of trash game as well as my 49.99 premium money that appearantly isn’t good for anything right now…..I have been a loyal BF fan for a very long time now and the fact that I can’t play a game that is finished and works correctly after 4 months of live time is pathetic. I can’t even get the dlc I prepaid for….I hope you lose your class action and I will no longer support dice or BF titles again….

  • BaldCrusader 02.18.14 at 18:23

    Im in at last! Hoorah!!!

  • SwagMe0ut Bro 02.18.14 at 18:12

    I really enjoy being able to see that UK players are having fun playing on the servers with the new maps and me, in the US, cant join them because apparently the DLC hasn’t reached American soil yet. Isnt in the PS store or anything so im sitting here doing absolutely nothing while all the Eurpoeans play the hell out of it hours and hours before me and the rest of the country. Would help if there was any way to tell when the hell we are gonna get it or did I waste my money buying premium? Thanks for the aggravation DICE.

  • spynedestr0yer 02.18.14 at 18:08

    what time dose second assault come out

  • Curley42 02.18.14 at 18:04

    Yeah, dude, that’s kinda what I’m screaming LOL…

  • Hypa45 02.18.14 at 18:04

    Who told u that?

  • Curley42 02.18.14 at 18:04

    AHHHHH I have to seriously wait till 5 P.M. tonight? are you fucking joking?? AHHHHH

  • Hypa45 02.18.14 at 18:00

    Wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf wtf lol wtf

  • Curley42 02.18.14 at 17:58

    Yeah, it’s not on the PS Store even when you search and still isn’t on the game… Let’s pick it the fuck up already, NOW!!!

  • Hypa45 02.18.14 at 17:57

    I’m in newyork and I envy u lol

  • Hypa45 02.18.14 at 17:54

    I spelled it in DA search and nothing came up

    • BaldCrusader 02.18.14 at 17:56

      Am in uk so may be different elsewhere sorry

  • MeViuFudeu95 02.18.14 at 17:51

    nothing here yet

  • BaldCrusader 02.18.14 at 17:49

    You need to search for it in the ps store, you know, spell it out for the stupid damn machine!! S e c o n d a s s a u l t then you can download it!

  • Hypa45 02.18.14 at 17:46

    Release the dlc already I’m freaking itching to play these maps

  • StealthDivision1 02.18.14 at 17:01

    Yeah I can not get it either its not there I just spent 50 dollars you dicks fix this.

  • Eman9417 02.18.14 at 16:57

    I’m seriously getting kinda pissed, I ee people playing but cant join…I mean is this the reason why I payed $50 for Premium to NOT get anything. What a shame!!!!!!

    • Curley42 02.18.14 at 18:01

      Yeah, all these dumb fucks are gonna have to start releasing refunds to everyone…

  • Trailbreaker83 02.18.14 at 16:51

    If you actually perform a search for second assault on the PS4 store you’ll find it too.

  • OG Budder 02.18.14 at 16:49

    By the way, go to the store and download it. The update wasn’t for the maps, you have to go to the store and download second assault… Downloaded it on Xbox 360, but can’t find any hard core servers lol… Shame

  • OG Budder 02.18.14 at 16:47

    cant find any hardcore servers for the second assault maps lol…. Really???

  • Trailbreaker83 02.18.14 at 16:46

    Tried to find it on the PS4 store and it wasn’t there.

    Go to the SEN store on your computer and you’ll find it on there and you can add it to your download queue.

  • AC_x_AzRAeL 02.18.14 at 16:45

    I cant get it either. This is what we pay for?? EA CAN SUCK À FART OUT OF MY ASSHOLE

  • Cavalier1212 02.18.14 at 16:44

    Their is a time when they come out here they are in the link.

  • chavez0_0 02.18.14 at 16:16

    So…. apparently no one knows the deal with second assault

  • BaldCrusader 02.18.14 at 15:51

    Why cantt I play these damn new maps? I am premium and other people are playin according to my server browser. All I get is the “buy dlc” option and then no option to download it

  • Xx-Frosty_me-xX 02.18.14 at 15:44

    do the premium players get this?

    • Skullsplitter420 02.18.14 at 15:46

      Yes, it seems they have delays ..As usual with psn..x box and pc have it already.We have to wait ..player appreciation??? is that what they call this??

  • krushnasty7 02.18.14 at 15:38

    I see the maps in my browser but it keeps telling me I need to buy premium, then it says I already have premium. I defend this game daily!! Tell me how to play the expansion pack before I give up and join the DICE BASHING PARTY!! IVE BEEN WAITING TO PLAY THESE MAPS AND I CANT!!! I AM A PREMIUM MEMBER!! COME ON!!!!!

  • lieutenantpain23 02.18.14 at 15:35

    Still nothing in the USA. I checked in the psn store and there was nothing also.

  • rackabackaroon 02.18.14 at 15:33

    Ok EA, you have worked our expectations up to a fever pitch…

  • Daxiix 02.18.14 at 15:31

    Nothing in Sweden

  • Skullsplitter420 02.18.14 at 15:22

    Still nothing on the east coast

  • dj_inok1 02.18.14 at 15:08

    Got it in the uk go to psn store on ps3

  • dj_inok1 02.18.14 at 15:04

    Still waiting in the UK

  • Hypa45 02.18.14 at 14:59

    Please fix the problem I’ve been waiting to play these maps love u guys but get it together this my favorite game so I won’t bash y’all if this was cod I would curse y’all out lol

  • treetop_35 02.18.14 at 14:25

    you know it comes out at different times right people yes it hasnt show’d up but sometimes its not in the in game store its in the psn store

  • GHOST2713 02.18.14 at 14:13

    Im wondering if the Second Assault DLC premium release is time zone specific? Im on the East Coast I still haven’t seen it pop up on the in-game store. I’m thinking it may be released to all of us on pacific standard time?

  • aidan4211 02.18.14 at 13:56

    Seriously, why isn’t Second Assault on the battlefield store when it says that the new pack has came out and all? I am premium so shouldn’t it be in the store?

  • dj_inok1 02.18.14 at 12:20

    In browser menu people are playing it now but I can’t join plus I am premium member.

    • LuxuriousNinja 02.18.14 at 13:46

      Im having the same exact problem. Whats going on ? Why cant i play the new map packs
      Plus i still cant play Capture the Flag keepa saying i dont have one or more dlc to play. Well im disappointed
      whatsthe solution ? .?

      • GHOST2713 02.18.14 at 14:05

        I know the same thing is happening to me! The only prompts I get are to make sure my console and game are fully updated, and the dlc should be available after in the store! Is there are time zone release for it today?

    • World_WideLatino 02.18.14 at 14:35

      yea I’m premium member aswell and nothing, like does it come at a later time?????

  • Lasse30_1 02.18.14 at 11:39


  • R__U__S__T__Y 02.18.14 at 11:33

    Was looking forward to getting spawn killed on metro tonight. Oh well.

  • YUNGMONTE22 02.18.14 at 11:26

    Its 4:26 now where I am.

  • YUNGMONTE22 02.18.14 at 11:25

    When y’all get it , have fun and send a invite

  • naweedsetara 02.18.14 at 11:25

    Its 2:25am still waiting
    Im expected too haha…

  • YUNGMONTE22 02.18.14 at 11:23

    Ps3/ps4 get it between 2pm-6pm north America time.

  • YUNGMONTE22 02.18.14 at 11:18

    Mrgadetgu7 thanks for that link it says a lot.

  • RuseBros 02.18.14 at 10:35

    Servers are updating between 4am and 8am EST, so any time between or after that as we won’t be able to play them when they doing updates.

  • 666GrimReaper666 02.18.14 at 08:04

    ORIGIN says its available at 4am EST

  • Theo-oehT 02.18.14 at 08:00

    Soooooo… seems like it won’t be released anytime on the 18th for Aussies.. good job DICE.

  • g_hartley_ 02.18.14 at 07:45

    Guysss…. If you are on the PS4 it will be out once the PSN store has been updated.. Chill out .Gezzzz.. I am excited too,, Dammit Sony update your store already!!!!

    • R__U__S__T__Y 02.18.14 at 08:03

      It will be released in the in game store. Nothing to do with the psn store as I’m sure you would have noticed in previous games.

      Plus the 19th isn’t the 18th is it?

  • tripx666 02.18.14 at 07:34


  • R__U__S__T__Y 02.18.14 at 07:26

    So it’s released on the 19th?

    Just another bf4 let down to add to the never ending list.

  • MrGadetgu7 02.18.14 at 05:45

    Xbox 360: 1:00AM PST — 5:00AM PST
    9:00AM GMT — 13:00 GMT
    PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 (North America): 2:00PM PST — 6:00PM PST
    PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 (Europe): 2:00PM GMT — 6:00PM GMT

  • kabus35 02.18.14 at 05:44

    Where is download am in melbourne time is 3:30 and sitll waiting

  • tommydakoda 02.18.14 at 05:31

    I’m in sandusky, OH time here is 1130 pm…Still no download

  • gorilla-Bankx 02.18.14 at 05:15

    Japanese web site says this date 「Second Assault」は2月19日からプレミアムメンバー向けに配信開始!

  • gorilla-Bankx 02.18.14 at 05:00

    Ok it says it was out 4 hours ago so where do I download it? It’s not in the store?????????

  • HakonMjelde 02.18.14 at 04:29

    Everything else gets released at this time, dogtags, battlepacks, camos, but not Second Assault. Why DICE? Give us a time next time, hate waiting for it to drop..

  • GUCKSSS 02.18.14 at 03:52

    Waiting here, its 2:50 (GMT) and it ain’t in the PSN store. What’s going on DICE?

  • HakonMjelde 02.18.14 at 01:59

    Out today… When is “today”, DICE?

  • quickfire3 02.18.14 at 00:26

    Missig plugin what does it mean

  • iDanomyte 02.17.14 at 22:45

    Xbox 360*

  • iDanomyte 02.17.14 at 22:44

    Does Second Assault become available for download at Midnight tonight?

  • KingKoan 02.17.14 at 17:52

    What exact time is it planned to be launched for PC ? anyone knows? im fucking pumped for this!

  • NULL_187 02.17.14 at 08:49

    Are they increasing the maximum XP levels higher then 110? I hear rumors that they are yet some people aren’t sure.

  • Anarchy099 02.17.14 at 02:17

    Maps look awesomep

  • BOSSC351 02.17.14 at 00:10

    Keep it. Your liars. Crooks. Thieves. You have not fixed the base game already purchased. You have this appreciation crap to hurry us through the game because you don’t and never have intended on fixing anything.

  • TECHNOKILLA 888 02.16.14 at 20:57

    Thank god I’m Premuim

  • PaDDyBoCrF-_- 02.16.14 at 20:26

    Sucks not to be Premium.

  • DSX1999 02.16.14 at 12:17

    So if you can’t let me change my kit loadout on the My Solider than at least let our fucking settings save when we decide to leave a server before the match finishes. It’s pretty annoying having to change your kit to exactly what you need when everyone else is waiting on you to get in the fight and then you lose server connection and you have to do it all over again! I’ve had the game for two weeks now and these glitches and inability to save kit loadouts is making me want to rip out my hair. What the hell happened to Levolution for China Rising? I know I’m late to the game but it’s pretty fucking stupid when you decide to drop one of your key gameplay selling points. And don’t give me that crap that the “Bomber” is the levolution.

  • tallguy22 02.15.14 at 23:00

    You guys complaining about maps are wasting your breath. I HOPE Oman and wake island are map packs every time this game comes out. Classics are classics. And then you get a “New map” like Rogue Transmission that makes me want to punt a kitten.

  • Muselio 02.15.14 at 19:12

    I have played BF3 for some month extensively…and I am happy that these maps will come now on Frostbite 3.. I like BF4, but some changes made from 3 to 4 are not good. The menue was much better in BF3..why I have to change my Soldier during the match…? Why I am not able to choose the map like in BF3? I would also apreciate a map editor… but all in all…a great game! Tack så mycket DICE.

  • jokermon10 02.15.14 at 15:44

    How much wil th new dlc cost for non premium member

  • nahkhiirmees88 02.15.14 at 11:06

    Sooo you keep adding s*it to something that does not work, hoping it will improve it or what? Dice’s logic escapes me, completely. And this week you let some EA grade A *sshole dodge some questions and say that “they are satisfied with the sales of Bf4″, and he did not have the b*llsack to admit the game is STILL not finished? Now I’m supposed to pay more to play something i, among thousands of others, have played intensively for a couple of years now.. I have been a BIG fan ever since Bad Company and enjoyed your earlier works too. But now i think i’ve had it. This bulls*it will go on only as long as the players will tolerate being robbed, and the tide is gonna change for EA. I am not used to losing my s*it over any game, but BF4 sure tests me whenever i TRY to play.

    • R3DPH4NT0MN1NJ4 02.15.14 at 19:42

      I’m a NON-PREMIUM MEMBER and they said you have to pay extra for their ‘UP AN COMING’ maps people would enjoy. I got the game. I don’t want to pay again just for these maps! Just put the extra content up for free, then they wouldn’t have as much (or ANY) haters!

    • tallguy22 02.15.14 at 22:58

      Dude, I feel exactly the same way. Been on since BF2 pc. This game feels arcady and it’s pointless to fly with 50 different people with IGLA and anti air tanks with unlimited range. It’s laughable that I put over $100 that I could have helped a poor person buy a whole wardrobe.

  • hukknguy 02.15.14 at 09:07


  • timwaa 02.15.14 at 08:53

    Seriously you’re gonna release old maps? Battlefield and DICE you guys are doing the best job of butchering this game. I get that you may be too busy to design new maps because you’re “trying” to fix the game, in my opinion you should
    A: not release anything until the game works.
    B: fix the fucking game already.
    C: have the respect for yourselves to put in the effort of making new maps. The money you guys make is ridiculous so you should stop being lazy and give the fans something new. Call of Duty is a piece of shit and you are dangerously close to their level.

    Thanks for disrespecting your community with this so called “appreciation month” by giving us battlepacks full of emblems and profile pics… give us something worthwhile

    • cig107 02.15.14 at 09:27

      Disrespecting the community?! We want these maps, just because you don’t want them doesn’t mean others don’t. They game is improving steadily and is light years ahead of what it was just weeks ago. I’m sure you would find something else to whine about even if the game was perfect.

    • Captain0Crunch1 02.17.14 at 04:13

      i would like to see you make a better game this game is amazing and i loved gulf of oman from bf2 and bf3 and im happy to see the new maps that there coming out with

  • Hockey_567 02.15.14 at 07:39


  • Hockey_567 02.15.14 at 07:36

    Bring bake the fully automatic M4A1 it is a classic modern military rifle. In bf4 the m4 stucks as only a three round burst. Also change the way the Chinese support guy looks like

  • OneToothTEXAN 02.14.14 at 23:02

    Wow, so awesome!!! Oh, but here’s an idea, FIX WHAT IS BROKEN! You half a$$ game makers. Are you kidding me? Horrible gun tweaks, vehicle tweaks, assault packs, but you won’t fix stability issues. All I can say is wow, I will never buy a Dice game again.

    • will-matt502 02.14.14 at 23:41

      you will, you are clearly just shit at the game because it plays just fine for me why not learn to play properly before blaming the game, a bad workman after all blames his tools

  • RaGeAllULiKe 02.14.14 at 21:55

    who gives a shit about maps or crash’s i played many old games that froze lost game data and they was fun………….this game needs balance worste game ive played in years and ive played them all since atari.

  • FRACASSO305 02.14.14 at 19:03

    Is there a way to balance the multiplayer games that would load the game by player rankings so that we can have some equally balanced games. There is nothing like playing a balanced multiplayer game that goes to the last kill to win in conquest! On the other side, it’s really frustrating to play in a game that is so unbalanced that it’s not even fun. Have the server equal the players by ranking please!

  • ghlory 02.14.14 at 17:11

    i hope that will be 5 weapon for all DLC not for just first 2

  • Drew_P_Bowls 02.14.14 at 17:07

    Hey DICE- here’s an idea, -_ before putting more expansions or DURING those expansions give the players veteran battlepacks, pisses me off that i paid for the premium but miss what a few other premium already have. Save the platitude, and deliver

  • SniperSteve 02.14.14 at 15:54

    How about new maps instead of rehashing old maps? Or better yet release a map kit so we can make our own maps like in the early days of battlefield?

  • CazmanCrazyONE 02.14.14 at 15:47

    I have had this map pack for over a month already. I don’t get it…Feb. the 18th…I’ve been playing Second Assault for over a month. So…have changes been made?

    • Xxpyromancer8xX 02.14.14 at 19:01

      If u play on xbox one then u got it earlier than everyone els

    • MrAir4orce 02.15.14 at 03:14

      I would guess you are playing on Xbox One? Xbox One users got Second Assault early which was supposed to be a short period before everyone else was able to download it. DICE gave everyone else a slap in the face and let the One users have it exclusively for over a month. This announcement is only meaning that it is getting released for everyone else on 360, PS3, etc. Nothing new has been added, they are just finally giving everyone else the map pack.

  • Kadim447 02.14.14 at 13:47

    On the picture on my ps4 it shows the su flanker wtf su 50 was the best why?

  • BioHazardSperm 02.14.14 at 13:25
  • D4nSK21 02.14.14 at 13:23

    Great! I look forward to playing on those new maps!

  • Fodao_42 02.14.14 at 10:45

    Nice. Now we have 4 new maps on which to play your buggy, unbalanced game. How about you release the big game-changing patch you promised us in late January or early February that you promoted for the past month on your blog? Oh wait, I already know: ‘cos you can’t sell it and profit, can you?

    • Syntaxxor 02.14.14 at 12:28

      The game is fine, I hardly see how it’s unbalanced in the slightest. I played it for less than an hour on Xbox One before realizing that I needed premium, since then I’ve put in over 50 hours, as all the classes, using almost all the guns. (I have LMGs). The game is fantastic, with bugs happening so rarely that I really don’t even care about them. What exactly is unbalanced? Play hardcore mode, it’s a whole new ballgame than normal, which does feel like it takes too many rounds to put someone down.

      What I do think is weird is that I’ve been playing on Second Assault for weeks…am I missing something? How is it going to release to premium in 4 days if I’ve already been playing it for awhile……meh.

      • D4nSK21 02.14.14 at 13:27

        It’s been released earlier exclusively for Xbox One.

        • CazmanCrazyONE 02.14.14 at 17:38

          oh ok..thanx…thought I might have missed something…lol

      • Kadim447 02.14.14 at 13:49

        It came out for Xbox one first ps4 and PC get it on the 18th not u because It came out for u

      • CazmanCrazyONE 02.14.14 at 17:37

        You should consider yourself very LUCKY because the game is really screwed up…I’m glad atleast its working for you. Any tips for the majority out here who is having major problems with this so called game…lol

      • tonyfeder 02.14.14 at 23:50

        This is the release for ps4, 3 and xbox 360

    • ReSpEcT_225 02.14.14 at 23:30

      Sounds like a COD player if u ask me. Guys clearly upset he’s not use to playing a real game like BF4.

  • Matttombstone 02.14.14 at 10:30

    I’ve been waiting for this news for so long! Finally! I’m off all next week too so fantastic time to release it. Metro was always my favourite map from BF3, I used to love the 500% ticket servers and go all out for 2 hours in tightly fought matches. Can’t wait to experience it on PS4 for 64 players, the jump on Operation Locker from PS3 to PS4 was insane so I expect Metro to be too. Loved Caspian Boarder too, and Firestorm was always great to be a bitch and sit at the top of the mountains for long range sniping. Buzzing news.

    As for those still going on about the problems, I wasn’t experiencing many until the most recent patch, suddenly I’m experiencing connection problems and lagging which I wasn’t doing before hand, and crashing seems to have become an issue too. I’m not slating the game, I love this game and I certainly don’t blame DICE, they provide a great product. Just suddenly the lag has crept in and the occasional connection loss too which was far more rare pre-patch.

    Also seen people bitching about Premium and the expansions, “Oh give us a complete game and don’t charge us extra for the rest of the game”. Get a grip, it’s an expansion pack, it’s nothing new, the original Sims had expansions, remember The Sims Livin’ it up, Pets and the likes? We’re talking over a decade ago. The game is complete, you have the option to add new content to it. What BF4 adds compared to COD is worth far more than the extra £5 you pay for premium compared to COD. 4 DLC packs for COD compared to 5 for BF4, plus the new weapons, vehicles, assignments and the fact that all the maps in the DLC for COD can be fit into just one map in the BF4 DLC, far better value for money. Let’s not forget the weekly content, battlepacks, etc too.

    Just fix the problems that are still persistent and the game will be more incredible than it already is. Can’t wait for the 18th, this is like a proper Valentines Day gift, ha.

  • K4HENKIL0NSIIKA 02.14.14 at 10:15

    dear battlefield…. remake old bf2 maps like. Kubra Dam, Dalian plant, Dragon walley and FuShe Pass. Plz……. it would be a greatest expansion pack ever. But im glad to hear i can play second assault after 4 days ;)

    • DirtbagOi 02.14.14 at 10:39

      These were some of the greatest maps ever, in never understood why they were never remade..

  • Jaximillion 02.14.14 at 09:51

    This is absolutely awesome! It’s about time!! Also, are we (console players) going to ever see our Veteran Battlepacks? I mean, PC got them Day 1, and we’ve been patiently waiting. It think it’s about time your tech support stop giving the “We’re working on the issue” excuse and you hand us what we deserve, the Veteran Battlepack. After all, it IS Fan Appreciation Month isn’t it?? We’d APPRECIATE our Veteran Battlepacks. Okay? Okay… Now gimme!

  • The_Annoying_Fin 02.14.14 at 06:11

    Im just here, still wondering how Strike At Karkand didn’t make it. Easily the best map in the whole Battlefield series!

    • byonykz 02.14.14 at 09:28

      I strongly agree!!! Strike at Karkand is far way better then Firestorm!!!

  • SpawningGamer 02.14.14 at 04:31

    I absolutely love this game, but I really wish you guys would fix the graphics/sound problems we are having online. My gun takes too long to render and half the time I get a game with no sound. I’m somewhat disappointing I bought a console just to play this and it has these major problems. Thank you for creating yet another great game though :D Other than the problems I still love it.

  • Justin D T 02.14.14 at 03:57

    Finally I’ve been waiting for so long thank you! Can’t wait! Anyone else on 360 want to squad up hit me up Justin D T

    • DimmyxDodger 02.14.14 at 04:09

      I’m on 360! Dimmyxdodger- have a squad of 3 we play with! Woo we are excited!

  • Pirin0s 02.14.14 at 03:55

    FIX the game’s core please and stop wasting our time. What you did was immoral in the first place. You took our money and you gave us a broken and unfinished product. You may fool the new gamers that this is the way a game should fell but the true veterans of the game feel cheated. We want a decent game. Nothing more nothing less. Please DICE do your job and provide us the product as it meant to be provided in the first place. Saw us some respect and treat us with dignity because what you are doing right now underestimates us as human beings.

    • gamerman831 02.14.14 at 05:13

      Get over it. The only thing missing now is just the fine tuning.

    • LordForrest 02.14.14 at 07:57

      You do realize that Dice was forced to release the game several months before they were ready by EA so they could compete with COD. So quit bitching at Dice and look at the publisher who screwed us over while Dice is scrambling to fix what they can with EA’s permission.

      • byonykz 02.14.14 at 09:30

        LOOOOOOL… Who buys CoD these days? You cant be that dumb to pay for the same thing over and over again…

    • AUSSIE HUN7ER 02.14.14 at 08:45

      stop being such a fag, i want to see you build a whole fps game and release it without ONE single flaw. true it wasn’t fully ready, but i’m sure i’m not the only one that enjoys it. there are literally still millions playing even with all the “problems” your bitching about.

    • ThorsMoleHammer 02.14.14 at 09:29

      If you are a veteran as I am in the BF series then you know it’s not DICE’s fault. EA sets the timetables and makes special requests because they see BF as their competing product for COD. DICE does everything right and to the best of their abilities but do to EA’s short sighted viewpoint of profit over everything all EA games end up releasing flawed out of their mind. Yes we veteran gamers are not happy about it. We were brought up on working releases. That’s why I play more Indy and Crowd-funded games now. There are only three mainstream game series I still play that have ongoing releases. Assassin’s Creed, GTA, and BF. EA and other big publishers are pushing money over quality. Not that I like it but I expect any big name game to be released with flaws these days. It’s just the way the publishers work. Put out a broken game so the can get the money and hope they get the edge over their rivals and then release patches like crazy forever. So double thumbs up to DICE and double birds to EA.

  • YakinikuParty 02.14.14 at 02:08

    So first it’s claimed that DLC will be put off until the game is fixed. Yet patches still introduce more (or older, previously fixed) bugs than they repair, and you still haven’t addressed or even “been transparent” on what’s being done regarding the tick rate, hit detection, etc.

    But at least we get those battlepacks. REALLY feel appreciated.

    • CAL5000 02.14.14 at 02:38

      They never said the game would be perfect–they fixed the biggest issues and DICE always tweaks certain things or another with patches. If theres new patches–let DICE know, dont whine like a snarky child. Theres tons of other games for you to play if you refuse to accept what they are offering.

      • Pirin0s 02.14.14 at 03:45

        What are you talking about ? They sold us a broken product and we must accept it? This is immoral imho. When you buy a NEW car , they sell it to you in pieces? Get back to your senses dude. They trained you to accept unfinished products and that’s fine but don’t tell to the community , to all the average players out there not to raise their voice against a broken game. We paid money and we want some dignity in exchange and not that useless appreciation month. What is wrong with today’s common sense?

  • BTL-A4_Ace 02.14.14 at 01:59

    EPIC. Loving Second Assault on Xbox One, and I absolutely can’t wait to play it on PC.

  • PBob296 02.14.14 at 01:33

    Geez…..some people can only complain about what they’ve bought. Not impressed? Too bad, you must not have gotten the PC version, cause I’ve had noooooooooo problems. Besides, the consoles (even the new ones) have never been particularly strong in the hardware and software capabilities when compared to PC. Battlefield 4 is a PC game ported to consoles, and it’s not impressive on them.

  • CrimsonCatalyst 02.14.14 at 01:10

    As stated, the zero health thing is a glitch, the enemy has the correct health on their end based on the hits you put in them. The game is completely playable at this point. Stats obviously show what a player is capable of and either your internet connection is not sufficient, or your just getting pissed off because your getting wrecked. Complaining and cussing on here isn’t going to do anything except make people laugh :)

  • FesteringFerret 02.14.14 at 01:03

    Can’t wait!! Just give shortcut packs and I’ll be happy, or just remove the battlepack silencer for the pecheng so sad needing a random pack to get my silencer

  • dboudiab 02.14.14 at 01:01

    Exactly what about that shit game do you miss? I can’t believe you find it better than BF4.

  • Gross1985 02.14.14 at 01:00

    Thank you, DICE. (:

    • CrimsonCatalyst 02.14.14 at 00:59

      *Apply cold water to burned area*

    • CazmanCrazyONE 02.14.14 at 01:00

      Stats don’t mean shit when your being killed by players with ZERO health and not getting ANY hit recognition from your weapons…so fuck of with your stats ploy moron…a game has to be consistent before STATS can hold any water.

      • BIGbadPruitt 02.14.14 at 01:02

        the zero health is just a glitch it still has the right amount of health and damage. its just a number that confuses the easily confused

        • CazmanCrazyONE 02.14.14 at 01:06

          Thanks for clearing that up…fucktard…so E.A. is getting sued for no reason at all by multiple entities…moron…the game is BROKEN.

          • EIO 02.14.14 at 01:07

            They’re being sued for other reasons. Not because a game is “bad”. You don’t know much do you?

      • EIO 02.14.14 at 01:03

        Knew it. It’s the game. Must be. Why would it be you? Because you’re really good. “Stats don’t mean anything”. God my sides.

        • CazmanCrazyONE 02.14.14 at 01:09

          You must work for them…lol…ass KISSER!

          • EIO 02.14.14 at 01:10

            I don’t. I work in medicine. It’s kind of different from gaming. You know what Medicine is, right? Or should I explain that to you also?

        • CazmanCrazyONE 02.14.14 at 01:14

          Oh well good…so you can treat your own wounds…lol

          • CazmanCrazyONE 02.14.14 at 01:15

            and so do I…lol

          • EIO 02.14.14 at 01:18

            If you really are in the medical field, you’re a disgrace. Getting worked up over something that you obviously don’t comprehend.

        • CazmanCrazyONE 02.14.14 at 01:21

          and you do NURSE!…lol

          • EIO 02.14.14 at 01:24

            In medical school at UCI. Currently an EMT. What was that whole nurse thing?

        • CazmanCrazyONE 02.14.14 at 01:25

          Like I am the ONLY one complaining…nope…its THOUSANDS with the same problem…go get yourself a band-aid…lol…and shut up!

          • EIO 02.14.14 at 01:26

            No you’re not the only one. You’re just the only one being an ignorant puke about it. Have some class and act your age. You sound like a 12 year old kid playing CoD.

        • CazmanCrazyONE 02.14.14 at 01:29

          Your no longer worth the energy it takes to push the keys…Im a former military doctor…your a fucking pre-med douche bag.

          • EIO 02.14.14 at 01:31

            And? You better act like a doctor rather than a fucking child. Normally, I’d have some respect, but you don’t deserve it. Acting like a child and being proud of it, you should be ashamed. Pathetic.

      • LuciAssassin 02.14.14 at 01:03

        you have over 400 plus hours in the game.
        BF3 launched with just as many bugs and glitches, and the game could crash after map switch almost half a year after.
        No one stole from you. You bought the game, knowing full well how the previous games had fared, and with the internet to research developers and company.

        And no, you wouldn’t ”bitch slap all” you would most likely yell, then hide and act as if it wasn’t you the second they looked your way.

        • CazmanCrazyONE 02.14.14 at 01:06

          You don’t know me so fuck off to you too…bitch!

        • CazmanCrazyONE 02.14.14 at 01:13

          I will save a BITCH slap for you TOO!… :]

      • EIO 02.14.14 at 01:04

        Also, if you have kids, do you beat them a lot? Along with your wife?

  • TruFFLez__xL 02.14.14 at 00:55

    They’ve done a great job with fixing the game. Although its always worked for me despite some issues. I cant wait for second assault even though the maps being brought back are all the ones I wished they didnt. Especially metro. But I want the F2000 and “the pig”. Seriously cant wait for naval strike the attack boats are my best vehicle since the tanks arent the same anymore. The tanks were better in bf3 but honestly bf4 is the best battlefield game ive played so far. Well in terms of infantry based combat.

  • t3h_eee_spree 02.14.14 at 00:54

    They used Frostbite 3.. they only used some of the engine however.

  • CazmanCrazyONE 02.14.14 at 00:43

    How can you go from a really good game like BF3 to this SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! You fucking pricks make me sick…you should pray I never meet you fucks…because I will seriously have to BITCH SLAP YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for stealing from all of us out here that USED to love this game!!!!!!!

    • xFaTaLx ZeRo 02.14.14 at 00:46

      It takes 4-5 years to make Battlefield run the way we really want it. The gaming community whines when its not a complete game after 2 years. Hence all the updates. Maybe if everyone becomes patient we may have a solid game. Its not Dice or RAs fault its the gaming community whining. I can settle for a solid Battlefield game and released many maps that get better and improved DLC for several years until the next Battlefield comes out.

      • CazmanCrazyONE 02.14.14 at 00:54

        Then take 5 years to complete it before selling an unfinished product. Patches and Updates should be a LAST resort!

      • xdigital17 02.14.14 at 00:55

        This is one of the dumbest replies I have ever read in my life. Yes, it’s the gamers fault that DICE asked for more time to make BF4 & EA said no & released a product they knew was broken to beat Call of Duty to market in street date in the name of greed. Their own shareholders were suing them. Do you know ANYTHING about the video game industry? It’s EA’s fault (voted Worst Company In America last year) for pushing something on BF fans that they knew was only 2/3′rds done, asking DICE to put these games out so fast not caring about quality – EA that is, offering Premium before the game even come out to rip off consumers even more, now EA is making two military or BF spin-offs from Visceral Games & Criterion to try to make BF a yearly series. All they care about is money. “We’ll try & fix it six months after it’s out, if we even can fix it at all…” EA’s new philosophy. Also, blame DICE for never having the balls to stand up to it’s publisher, they didn’t have a backbone. Don’t blame the gamers, that’s a joke. I’d gladly wait 3-6 more months for a finished product that was quality over greed. EA didn’t put it out early because “we whine for titles faster,” they put it out because they only care about their bottom line & not quality.

    • bndo1988 02.14.14 at 00:46

      from this post it is showing me that you started playing BF3 neer the end of its life as a game because if you had started from the beginning you would know that it had almost as many issues besides the crashing (crashing still happened just nowhere near as much) give it time if you have to put the game somewhere you cant see it come back to it in a few months and it should be much better trust me BF4 WILL get better much much better blame ea not dice

      • CazmanCrazyONE 02.14.14 at 00:52

        I played BF3 from its release date…and it didn’t have NEAR the problems this SHITTY game has or whatever you want to call it, because its not a game…its a joke. I would have GLADLY waited for however long it would have taken for them to release a WORKING GAME as I am sure everyone else out there would agree. They just wanted to try and keep up with COD which is really no competition to Battlefield…well until now it is…COD is a FAR better game in the sense that it is playable!!!!

        • EIO 02.14.14 at 00:54

          How dense are you? It’s playable, more than just playable actually. You’re just a dense motherfucker.

          • CazmanCrazyONE 02.14.14 at 00:57

            Haha…really FAGGOT…FUCK OFF! Your the FUCKING ASS KISSER obviously…you must work for these fucks!…lol THE GAME IS BROKEN…hence why ALL of the COMPLAINTS from people all over the world you fucking idiot!?

        • EIO 02.14.14 at 01:01

          No, I don’t work for them. You’re just blinded by your idiocy. You’re salty over getting fucked up in the game. Like most gamers, you won’t admit you had a bad game or that you are bad. So it must be the game and bugs. I’m the pathetic one, huh?

    • BIGbadPruitt 02.14.14 at 00:56

      its still a good game dude , just chill no need to roid rage through your keyboard. butt hurt baby

  • lancerman001 02.14.14 at 00:42

    Wow some people open there mouths without a clue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CazmanCrazyONE 02.14.14 at 00:40

    O.K…I have had this map pack for weeks already…and its FUCKED UP like the rest of this SHITTY game…oh wait, BF4 isn’t a game…you can PLAY a GAME…FUCK YOU E.A.!!!!!!!!!! You have definitely lost a customer here…you fucking thieves! FIX THE FUCKING GAME YOU ASS MAGGOT MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!

    • EIO 02.14.14 at 00:52

      Are you insane? I think you need help before you hurt someone. Wish I could perscribe you Prozac. You nut-job.

    • SurFinPh03niX 02.14.14 at 08:50

      Why are you saying this? You’ve PLAYED over 460 hours (which is fucking ridiculous btw) how can you play a “shitty” game for so long? If this game was so “shitty” then why have you spent so much time with it in the first place. You’re an idiot that’s terrible at the game.

  • bndo1988 02.14.14 at 00:33

    so what i do not understand? you say these maps are from battlefield 3 Reimagined with Frostbite 3 graphics??? so are you admitting that you lied about battlefield 3 using frostbite 3? to me this makes no seance! as these maps were originally made with frostbite 3, that is according to EA and DICE? am i seanceing scandal here????

    • Nistelroy78 02.14.14 at 00:34

      They where made with Frostbite 3

      • bndo1988 02.14.14 at 00:36

        right bet in this post it says that they are reimagined with frostbite 3 as if they were not before? this is what is confusing me

    • acerider67 02.14.14 at 00:36

      You went full retard.. bf3 was made with frostbite 2 engine..

      • bndo1988 02.14.14 at 00:38

        careful what you say there duchbag i have mental challenged family and i highly do not appreciate that comment and am in the posses of reporting it

        • acerider67 02.14.14 at 00:47

          Uh oh :P I’m scared, but go ahead, report me <3

    • Lakaen 02.14.14 at 00:36

      Battlefield 3 used Frostbite 2, Stop hatin bro

      • bndo1988 02.14.14 at 00:39

        and you are right im sorry for wasting everyones time had to go back and check idk why i thought it was made with 3 had a moment there lol

    • Goldfish1_ 02.14.14 at 00:39

      -_- battlefield 3 used frostbite 2. Do your research before you rant

    • Shermiee 02.14.14 at 00:39

      No. Just no. Battlefield 3 was running with the Frostbite 2 engine, Not 3.

    • xFaTaLx ZeRo 02.14.14 at 00:41

      Dude Remained means they took everything from Battlefield 3 (Frostbite 2) and remade everything. Many of companies have done this. Its not a scam. Man its common sense.

    • NoseKills 02.14.14 at 00:43

      Check “frostbite” in wikipedia,and read the “versions” part. Great way to avoid making an ass of yourself publicly on the forums, and to avoid high blood pressure.

    • Hammerdown64 02.14.14 at 00:43

      You should probably learn how to spell before you start saying crap you are wrong about to begin with.

    • t3h_eee_spree 02.14.14 at 00:52

      They only used a certain percent of Frostbite 3 with BF3. Now they are using more of the the engine.

    • CUL8erzz 02.14.14 at 06:38

      BattleField 3 was made with Frostbite 2 idiot. Go to this link and scroll down to the bottom.

    • Crashpilot_GER 02.14.14 at 07:06

      Dude Battlefield 3 was made with Frostbite 2, NOT 3. FB 3 was develloped fr BF4

  • Darfee 02.14.14 at 00:29

    Give us new maps, don’t make us pay for old crap. This is why you shouldn’t buy things before you know what they are, I guess. How about giving us a map editor instead? Make it Premium only so you don’t lose sales, I don’t care.

  • Bosgas 02.14.14 at 00:28

    Fix the goddamn game before launching a expansion pack!!!!

  • XScream4imFireX 02.14.14 at 00:23

    Back on track

  • BlackChicks 02.13.14 at 23:45

    Bring back Atacama and Arica Harbor instead.

  • martin6pack 02.13.14 at 23:20

    Finally!!! I’ve been waiting soooo long

  • KlayDemon 02.13.14 at 22:54

    I want my MG36 back!!!!

  • fede01_8 02.13.14 at 22:12

    Great! new maps to crash on!

    • bChaos 02.13.14 at 23:21

      I have not crashed since the beginning of November, so shut the f up with this negativity and make sure everything is updated and ok on your computer first

    • WolfPack VII 02.23.14 at 04:13


  • NoTouchGoon 02.13.14 at 22:07

    ACTIVE PROTECTION should be nurfed!

  • Bex953 02.13.14 at 21:46

    “Carrier Assault game mode which is a re-imagining of the classic Battlefield 2142 Titan Mode” awesome!

  • Crashpilot_GER 02.13.14 at 21:11

    Is that an F18? And im assuming we will be able to control these destroyers, like in 1942? That’d be BEAST

  • borderp 02.13.14 at 21:04

    I have been playing these maps since December on Xbox One!? Is this just for other systems?

    • Inso-Thinktank 02.13.14 at 21:50

      Xbone got exclusive for the first couple of months….it’s now finally going to be release on PC and PS4

  • PaDDyBoCrF-_- 02.13.14 at 21:03

    Nice one dice nothing like the best bf3 maps coming to next gen AWESOME!!

  • JLisinski69 02.13.14 at 20:46

    Cant wait to see what Operation Mortar is

  • b4ndo 02.13.14 at 20:42

    sooooo….. even more money for maps that were on previous games wow easy cash for devs

  • NoTouchGoon 02.13.14 at 20:26

    ACTIVE PROTECTION should be nurfed.

  • Grozarom 02.13.14 at 19:45


  • Fodao_42 02.13.14 at 19:26

    Wonderful. We’ve yet to be given the game balance changes you promised in late January/early February (which you’ve been promoting like mad for the last month on the blog), but by God you’re keeping the DLC money cow well-fed.

    • AWPtical800 02.13.14 at 19:42

      it’ll probably drop at the same time that Second Assault drops for Premium users. They have a tendency to do that when it comes to balance patches and DLC.

  • MsEvenMoreLove 02.13.14 at 19:19

    Much Love Dice/EA cant wait for the sandstorm goodness

  • jeff20k 02.13.14 at 19:14


    • IRELAND914 02.13.14 at 19:16

      Oh, boo-hoo. You paid for the DLC not a guaranteed release date.

  • iPHYZLL 02.13.14 at 19:12

    In this expansion, you’ll experience intense water-based combat as the Chinese armada takes the fight to the sea. You’ll have access to new weapons, gadgets, and amphibious vehicles, and four all-new maps – Lost Island, Nansha Strike, Wave Breaker, and Operation Mortar.
    Wooow DICE, That looks interesting ! Cant wait for this DLC. Just do not add sea-mines, but Sea superiority would be nice :D Im expecting that :D Thanks DICE !

  • Samme76e 02.13.14 at 18:57

    No Point in releasing this on PS3 since the game’s not working anyway.

  • Astraa3 02.13.14 at 18:50

    10Hz server update rate of Battlefield 4 is unacceptable.

    EA failed again. keep promising to fix but BREAKING it all the time.

    This release will be a fail just like CR is still broken.

  • Fiiyasko 02.13.14 at 18:35

    The 10Hz server update rate of Battlefield 4 is unacceptable for a First Person Shooter….
    It’s the reason why you “die instantly”, it’s the reason why you have No Time to react to getting shot, It’s the reason why there is a black screen for 1 second everytime you spawn and it’s also the reason why vehicles clusterfuck/Roadjam when touching eachother…
    It needs to be increased to 60hz!, Or ATLEAST 30hz!
    The major problem is that these “next gen” consoles can’t freaking keep up with a netsend rate of >30hz
    I’d call that a failure of the console desingers/devs, because seriously, consoles are the reason why we have such a shitlow rate

    If you can’t raise the netsend rate on consoles, could you atleast do it for PC Gamers?
    We have BEASTLY systems that can run almost anything you toss at us, and we can always upgrade the slow component.
    Why are PC’s being Capped at the speed of a Console, A console is a cutdown barebone locked OS PC!!!

    A “netsend rate” of 10hz is unacceptable for modern games, Letalone “Next generation games” which is what BF4 should be.
    Did DICE not say that “we are halting all DLC progress untill we have fixed the game”?
    Why Is china rising stripped of it’s Levloution? That’s pretty broken

    • b4ndo 02.13.14 at 20:45

      in a nutshell mate, unfortunately it will fall on deaf ears

  • El_Nieto_PR 02.13.14 at 18:25

    It comes out on my birthday! Thanks DICE!

  • jlukes7 02.13.14 at 18:25

    Any chance you guys can add a “Premium” conquest playlist so that we can play in official servers that have all the maps in a rotation. Would be nice not have to manually jump in and out of servers if I want to play maps from different expansion packs.

  • Nucly 02.13.14 at 18:24

    yes <3

  • BxRumble 02.13.14 at 18:24

    Tanks and choppers should carry the same amount of armament as their real life counter parts also tanks should not be that easy to kill unless it’s a direct hit to the rear and treads should get damaged if hit by an rpg or similar. Rotary wing vehicles should have the same amount of armament and flares as their real world counter parts. By the way thanks for an awesome game I’m vet and i just wanted send a salute to you guys for a job well done.

    • Sir Whale Man 02.13.14 at 18:56

      That just wouldnt work for balancing. This is coming from a fellow vet.

  • CyberDemonVZ 02.13.14 at 18:10

    Finaly… :D

  • Zen_Shot 02.13.14 at 18:09

    Thanks for fixing the game! Also, thanks for bringing back Titan Mode with Naval Strike! ;)