Battlefield 4 Second Assault is Rolling Out

With Battlefield 4 Second Assault arriving on all platforms, you’ll be taking the battle to four classic Battlefield 3 maps, redesigned with the power of Frostbite 3. Operation Firestorm, Caspian Border, Gulf of Oman, and Operation Metro await you, more stunning and entertaining than ever.

Battlefield 4 Second Assault is rolling out today for Battlefield 4 Premium Members (arriving March 4 for everyone else) and the expansion features four fan-favorite maps from Battlefield 3, updated with breath-taking Frostbite 3 graphics and thrilling Battlefield 4 gameplay.

Whether you are triggering the epic collapse of Caspian Border’s radio tower or adapting to battle when a sand storm hits Gulf of Oman, Battlefield 4 Second Assault will give both veterans and newcomers a new taste of timeless all-out war. You can also expect new weapons, and the return of a classic Battlefield vehicle.

BF4 Second Assault - Caspian Border_WM - 640

Thanks to the power of Frostbite 3 and a seasonal change, Caspian Border features a new look in several ways.

Battlefield 4 Second Assault features:
- 4 fan-favorite BF3 maps reimagined through Frostbite 3
- Redesigned levels with player-triggered Levolution moments
- 5 weapons re-mastered for Battlefield 4
- Dune Buggy (DPV) vehicle makes its return to the Battlefield
- Capture the Flag game mode
- 10 new assignments with their own unlocks
- Available to Battlefield 4 Premium members 2 weeks early

BF4 Second Assault Screen

Battlefield 3 fans may recognize the DPV (Desert Patrol Vehicle), making its return in Battlefield 4 Second Assault.

With all these features and the updated visuals, Battlefield 4 Second Assault pushes the fan-favorites to their limits, and it is our hope you truly will enjoy the expansion. See you on the Battlefield, and make sure to share your experiences from Battlefield 4 Second Assault in the comments below.

Become a Battlefield 4 Premium member to get a head start with Battlefield 4 Second Assault. 

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  • TCPVTEC 03.06.14 at 15:15

    The DLC needs to be an odd number of maps. Reason: On an even map rotation, if you stay in the same server, you will not rotate deployments/teams on maps. IF you are Russian on Metro….next time around you will be Russian again.

  • chaosbuster_15 03.05.14 at 19:07

    can’t play second ass. and it’s already 5th march ?

  • Tomassis73 03.04.14 at 12:34

    I cant see second assault dlc in origin, but today march 4

    • X_Bacchus13_X 03.04.14 at 16:50

      ditto,,when is it available? i cant even find any news on it anywhere here, as in if there is a problem or something,or what time. im ready to play SA. wheres it at ?

  • NHEP N00bHunter 02.26.14 at 10:15

    As a veteran battlefield player, I have seen many great player, but how are these great players meant to show off with new guns and unlocks when the weapons are as easy as:

    Sniper Rifle Ribbon x1
    In a round, kill 5 players from the Caspian or Firestorm towers

    Spend 10 minutes in helicopters
    Do 10 Squad Repairs

    Shotgun Ribbon x1
    Raise or lower the Caspian Border Gate

    What are everyone else views?

  • ufc4me07 02.23.14 at 16:51

    When I log in it says my data profile has been damaged and most of my load outs don’t work and neither do my custom buttons everything goes to default and I have to reload my tank the way I want it every single time. I’m sure you are on it but just a heads up because I haven’t seen any comments with my exact scenario. The game is amazing I’m loving the new map pack

  • assassin-AD12 02.23.14 at 02:01

    Hey Dice Devs can you release hints on the major easter egg that people cant find out

  • LlL-0L-LADY 02.22.14 at 03:20

    That’s all great and well, but when are they going to fix the major problems with the game? I play medic a lot and am increasingly frustrated by the short revive windows, non reviable deaths, and the disappearing soldiers who are unreviavable if they’ve fallen more than a couple of feet from where they died! In Bf3 someone could get blown off a building and still revived, now if someone slips down a small hill they are no where to be seen! Don’t make defibs harder to use if half the time they can’t be used at all! Fix this! Saving lives is what made battlefield stand apart from COD for me, take away the co-operation aspect and you may as well play something else!

  • AcE_57 02.21.14 at 15:17

    These are favorites? Where’s Noshar canals? By far the best team DM map for BF3.

  • Lieutenant00 02.21.14 at 05:36

    I can’t wait to play Oman again…

  • lnvader_zee 02.20.14 at 15:04

    Good job with the remade maps, looks different yet the same. So far, as a premium ps3 owner, the only issue I have experienced is the game locking up. it is getting less and less though, hopefully better by the time I upgrade to PS4!

  • TMLang 02.20.14 at 12:49

    Had this game since day 1 on PS4, and it has changed loads since then, I feel that it is now the best its ever been. Still have the odd boot out of game issues but one in twenty, ibut this second assault update is amazing what you have done to these maps is stunning. So well done on this update and finally getting the game to a vastly more playable state.

  • Terrordactyl 02.20.14 at 10:28

    Please fix this Second Assault bug which is wrecking the game

  • RUGGEDCAPTAIN 02.20.14 at 00:42

    Premium member and I cant access the new second assault DLC to download.. it keeps telling me its in progress but its not

  • Sleepyweazel 02.20.14 at 00:18

    FYI anyone having issues downloading second assault on PC try this, its not an obvious thing you have to do, which is sad:

    PC Players simply need to jump into their Origin client, click on Battlefield 4, then the gray “i” information icon, select the Second Assault tile and click download.

    Note, Premium players with early access will see Second Assault (Early Access).

  • Digby37 02.20.14 at 00:11

    Downloaded Second Assault PC yesterday, played and this morning being told to download and install this expansion ? What the ! Just can’t get it right always something :(

  • bobby_h1423 02.19.14 at 23:53


    Dice second assault spawns are broken, every time I spawn in a vehical the enemy team is right beside it with c4, why are they allowed in our spawn! This is getting really frustrating and I have joined ten different servers trying to get away from it but it’s happening everywhere!!! Please make the spawns out of bounds for the other team

  • Terrordactyl 02.19.14 at 19:46

    Please fix the bug with the defibrillator. FOUR TIMES this afternoon I have had to quit out of a game because I can’t respawn after someone raises me from the dead with a defib.

    This seems to only have happened since Second Assault

  • Talventuoja 02.19.14 at 14:52

    Where is 360 HC servers?
    It’s anoying to play normal when you have to use whole mag to kill some one!

  • max0x7ba 02.19.14 at 13:16

    Where is much advertised Levolution on Operation Firestorm?

    • SurFinPh03niX 02.19.14 at 19:39

      everywhere. theres IEDs, a crane you can knock down, plenty of tankers to catch fire, etc.

  • Crashpilot_GER 02.19.14 at 11:57

    Absolutly love 2nd assault, way better then CR. But please let us rent our own servers for consoles, just like it was in bf3. I love metro and locker but thy are unplayable with the 64 man nadespam in CQ

    • wildman0281 02.22.14 at 22:06

      Metro is onesided ru can get bravo way before us and i bet if they look at the numbers ru wins 80 percent of the time

  • walkerstempe 02.19.14 at 06:39

    Premium member.
    Still waiting.
    Pistol shortcuts came through.

  • ScottCochran 02.19.14 at 04:56

    Am I missing something? I have been playing Second Assult for BF4 on Xbox One for months now. I had to check the date of the article a couple times because I thought I was reading old news.

    • OriginalMrMean 02.20.14 at 02:42

      Second Assault was released early on Xbox One as an exclusive.

  • fluffysniperr 02.19.14 at 02:53

    Search play station store for second assault, I did that on ps3 and it worked! Hope you all have luck! I couldn’t wait either!

  • imdvus 02.19.14 at 02:50

    I d/l the handgun pack today .. then turned on bf4 and no handguns . None of my weapons. All base beginner wepons??? Plz fix..

  • imdvus 02.19.14 at 02:49

    What happen to our weapons?

  • malikshujaat 02.19.14 at 02:39

    If someone can’t seem to find it on ps3 ps4 or anything else…. simoly search it in playstore.. u should be fine.. happy playing

  • BoTo_PL 02.19.14 at 00:27

    Where is the conquest small on ps4 nad x1 ??? I want that now !!!!!

  • jdmboricua 02.19.14 at 00:12

    So…I already have this for the Xbox One….!!! Is this a new version!

  • BLIGHTWOLF96580 02.19.14 at 00:08

    I Can’t download the Second Assault DLC Can anyone help me with this…

    • AfricanCichlid16 02.19.14 at 01:31

      Me too

    • TerranOcaLyps 02.19.14 at 02:01

      I was having a similar problem. If you are on the ps4, close battlefield 4 and move out to the home screen. Then move over to the library tab and open it. Once there select Battlefield 4 and toggle down to related items. There you should find add-ons and second assault should be available to download there.

  • Sil3nt Ninja 74 02.19.14 at 00:04

    So I bought premium but It’s saying that I don’t have it, I’ve also downloaded Second Assault to play it but its not letting me play it even though all my friends are playing it, Can I please get some help as to why?

    • martin47 02.19.14 at 01:57

      Got the same problem, i’ve pre Paid second assault and can’t play the dlc, it’s also saying that i don’t have it, i’ve tryed 2 delete the the game, updates, and dlc + software Update for ps4 more than 5 times, and still stück with the same lame ass problem.second assault does not work no matter what?? Im a huge fan of bf4 and has been sens bf1 but for crying out loud FIX THE DAMN PROBLEM PRONO!!! Or giv me back my god damn money back asap!!!

  • ArSj68 02.18.14 at 23:58

    The game is amazing, DLCs are looking great! I will support BATTLEFIELD… All im asking as a fan is to be more precise in your technical aspect of the game (Do more testing before any releases of updates, and please improve the network side as well).