Ask DICE: Alan Kertz on Gameplay Balancing

Earlier this week, we let you submit questions about gameplay balancing to our lead core gameplay designer, Alan Kertz. The response was amazing. We received a huge amount of questions and have now let Alan answer some of the most interesting ones. Read on for details on weapon balancing, smoke trails, and the rock-paper-scissors philosophy behind Battlefield 4.


Q: Balancing Battlefield 4 must be challenging, what is your ideal vision for the game’s multiplayer?
A: The ideal balance for Battlefield 4 is a battlefield where each item has a valuable role, and no one item, weapon, or vehicle is the clear winner in all situations. Each item has a counter tactic, a fundamental weakness and a fundamental strength. Essentially, it comes down to one really big game of rock-paper-scissor: tank, infantry, airplane, boat, helicopter, sniper, and so on.

Q: What’s the main process behind rebalancing a weapon or vehicle? Do you just change the appropriate values based on opinions voiced on the forums/Reddit/Twitter etc., or is it a much more complicated process?
A: When balancing a vehicle or weapon we always start with the original intention for the item, and compare it to how the community sees the role. Sometimes we have a different idea of how a weapon is intended to work than the community does. Then there’s a period of analysis about how that differs and if changing the design of the weapon would change the game for better or worse. Generally a high level principal is that no weapon, vehicle, gadget, etc., should be the best at any given combat situation. We try to avoid all powerful weapons and instead rely on a rock-paper-scissors setup.

A good example of where the designer and community opinions differ are shotgun slugs. Vocal members of the community see them as ineffective in close range. Given that the intent of the slugs from a design perspective is to be effective at long range, we looked at the feedback and decided that making them effective in close range as well would essentially remove the role of the other shotgun ammo. So we decline to make a tweak. The opposite is true of the mobile Anti-Aircraft, where the community and the designers both agree that it’s role is to shoot down aircraft, it’s just too good at it. The final step in that situation is to find the cause of the power imbalance (in this case, gun range seems to be the biggest issue) and make an adjustment.

Q: Why do sniper rifles and hand grenades leave smoke trails?
A: One of our high level design goals is that a player should be able to understand what killed him and from where.  In the best of worlds, a player accepts his death as being earned by the other player. Battlefield moves very quickly and death can come quickly. Highlighting big quick kill threats like grenades and sniper rifles help players understand and react to incoming fire. It makes the player feel in control and when you watch a well thrown (or even lucky) grenade arc in the air and blow you up, you appreciate it more than if you never noticed it.

Q: Why wasn’t the ghillie suit an option for the Recon class in Battlefield 4?
A: Much of Battlefield 4 takes place in urban areas. A bush wookie outfit simply didn’t fit into those areas, and not every recon soldier is a sniper. We worked with our character concept artists to design a kit image that portrays the recon’s role as a sneaky intelligence gatherer with a spec ops focus, an image we think the recon soldiers today fit quite well. Sneaky, Urban, Annoying.

Q: Why was the MAA (Mobile Anti-Aircraft) added to the game as there seems to be enough threats to aircraft?
A: The inclusion of MAA in BF3 and BF4, gives us a “rock” to the “scissors” of aircrafts and the “paper” of tanks. Basically, it gives something tanks can hunt, which isn’t really a threat to the tank, and it gives aircraft something to fear. Given the number of pilot complaints about mobile AA, it’s plenty scary. However, given the ability to stay far back from the front where the tanks can’t get at it, it’s clear it has too much range. We will address the range difference in an upcoming update, and force the MAA back into the battlefield in order to be effective.

Q: Why were smart weapons added to Battlefield 4?
A: Battlefield 4 is a game set in the modern warscape, and in order to properly convey that we included smart weapons. Obviously in real life smart weapons are amazingly powerful, and no one in the business of combat is looking to make it balanced; Battlefield is intended to be balanced, and thus we try to counter the ease of use of the smart weapons with their damage output, and other effectiveness values.  The level of our success in that delicate balance is lower than we’d like, and we’ve taken steps towards balancing these smart weapons for a future update.

Q: How did you determine the unlock order of the main weapons and side arms?
A: Actually, we generally try to pick the easiest weapons to pick up and use at the start of an unlock tree (hence the NLAW being a default unlock) and then the more difficult to master items deeper into the tree. We also have to balance that with the player having interesting options early on, so we may offer a new flavor quickly.

Thank you all for participating in the first part of the “Ask DICE” series! We hope you have found these answers informative. Next week, we will let you submit new questions to another DICE developer.

Learn more about Battlefield 4 gameplay balancing


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  • Doob187 04.22.15 at 07:13

    For the love of God please put a limit to how much fuel the repair torch can hold. If you’re going to limit how many rockets I can carry, then balance the torch. Guys just fly around in helicopters and never go down cause the passenger has unlimited repair torch. How realistic is that? Step it up fellas!

  • HeadshotZealot 08.30.14 at 00:38

    “Generally a high level principal is that no weapon, vehicle, gadget, etc., should be the best at any given combat situation. We try to avoid all powerful weapons and instead rely on a rock-paper-scissors setup.”

    The Deagle and the AK 5C completely destroy this statement. Maybe you could say that the G18 is better than the Deagle at point blank range but other than that the Deagle outperforms every other sidearm. Same for the AK 5C, point blank it can be beat by a shotgun but even then you come out on top more than half the time and its range is unbelievable. This dovetails into the obligatory “why suppression” statement, if your character in game is such a super soldier as to be able to accurately hit someone with an automatic weapon who is 400m away and running around then why does a few bullets flying within 6 feet of you cause your guy to have parkinsons and lose his glasses. He can either be a hardcore super soldier with robot aim and nerves of steel or a normal person, both makes no sense at all.

    Also, why does it always happen that the newest DLC weapons are the best weapons in the game? A rhetorical question whose answer is the same as why can you buy battle packs now.

    I for sure will not buy any more Call of Battlefield games, especially if I have to pay $90 extra dollars to beta test it like BF4, which is a sad turn of events for me as Battlefield was my favorite franchise from 1942-BFBC2. I may buy Battlefield Bad Company 3 if it resembles BFBC2 but that is unlikely to happen as it will likely be a homogenization of all the bland flagship shooters today rather than the innovative gem BFBC2 was in its day.

    In conclusion, DICE you sold out and that is more disappointing than enraging. Please don’t ban me for voicing my opinion, your game is still marginally fun just horribly balanced and a sad shell of what I expect from such a great company, or should I say formerly great.

  • diabloxa 07.01.14 at 03:39

    Please! Make sure the campaign mode save when we quit ! It’s just some shit and I hate that so much I don’t have all my missions :(((((( fix that bug please x(

  • oscarthepooch 06.20.14 at 02:00

    The ghillie suit should take an gadget slot so players have to choice whether to use one or not. That way it wouldn’t be overpowered because the recon would have to sacrifice the usage of a gadget in order to use a ghillie suit.

  • McMillan29 06.05.14 at 20:08


  • McMillan29 06.05.14 at 20:06

    sick of people going on about the POORE excuses to not add the ghillie suit such as, Glint would give you away, the orange triangle over your head etc, well why do we have camos at all then if that’s the case????? lets all wear white shall we or run around naked if camo and ghillie suits are useless? 2 answers to your dumb ass arguments, 1 the orange Dorito over your head indicates you have been spotted, it aint there if you don’t get spotted, which is where the ghillie suit would come in handy and make it harder to spot or make it longer to spot you, the scope glint is when you scope in, people sit there scoped in all the time, so all you have to do is not scope in till you spot a moving target which is what I do, or scope out if someone is after you yano, simple, oh and as for the urban map argument what crap, how many urban maps are there? 4 maybe 5??? you can use a ghillie suit on Golmud railway, Hainan resort, Lancang Dam, Paracel storm, Rogue transmission, Zavoid, Altai Range, Dragon Pass, Guilin Peaks, Silk Road (desert ghillie FTW), Caspian Boarder, Firestorm 2014, Gulf Of Oman 2014, Operation Metro 2014, AND All the Naval Strike maps (4 of) and the next 8 maps coming in this summer who says there wont be a few maps we can also use a Ghillie suit on them? DICE and everyone else stop giving us your lame LAZY exscuses not to add a ghillie suit and get it done FOR FUCKS SAKE

  • Scorch Gamer 05.23.14 at 00:27

    Can you guys please fix the issue with enemies stealing vehicles from spawns? I’ve played several games where players are sitting behind spawn with C4 or tanks waiting for us to spawn, and if they are not looking to kill us then they take all of our vehicles out of our spawn leaving us with nothing and the enemy team with 4 of everything.

    Secondly, i was thinking it would be nice if the gun stability would be effected by the rate of fire, high rate of fire weapons would show poor stability while slow weapons show a much more improved stability. this would really help when picking out a gun. especially assault and carbines since usually guns show a high stability and have a high rate of fire, making it very confusing when i shoot and a second later i’m looking in the sky.

    Lastly, when being attacked by a knife i am usually able to counter it, however if they are slightly to the side of my screen i am unable to counter and they collect my dog tags. I think this is very unfair due to the fact that someone can easily run right past you and instantly knife you without any effort. this has happened to me many times in close quarters battles where people would just run around with their knifes out mowing down players without them even having a chance at fighting back. the rock paper scissors idea is a pretty good strategy but in this case the paper is more like cardboard. i think the knifes should be arranged so that they can only collect dog tags from behind a player and not from the side, seeing as how this is the only way to instantly kill a player it should be the most difficult to pull off.

    I’m sorry if this is the wrong place to post my opinion i was not sure which one it was and this one seemed the best choice

    • Scorch Gamer 05.23.14 at 00:31

      also id like to add one last thing, when something new is unlocked i have to look at it several times until the notification goes away, whenever a new game starts or i log in i have 6-8 unlock notifications of things i unlocked 2 days before.

  • Heroic Soulja 04.09.14 at 00:32

    Everybody is forgetting one important must have. To change your loadouts in the main home screen. Seriously, why take it out? What you should take out is Jets in ‘Dawn Breaker’. As dogfights are the only thing you can do.

  • Sunnyhari 03.02.14 at 17:15

    Dice forget everything else nd for godsake fix this fuckin game. Fix the netcode issue it is making the game unplayable. I mean comeon devs r so incompetent that even after 4 months no clue on how to fix netcode. This is making me nd my friends lose faith in ea nd dice. One thing is for sure i will never ever pre order a dice or ea game. Not atleast for first few months. Do something before the most of community decides to go back to other games. This is the only game i play. If this game is not fixed soon i swear to God i will never play a dice game in my life again.

    • Scorch Gamer 05.23.14 at 00:02

      you know.. if you don’t like the game maybe you should stop acting like a child swearing on a simple blog and go make a better game yourself, coding is not a simple job it is very difficult and time consuming. loads of people play this game so if they mess something up then the game could loose money so they have to take extra care.

  • dinky_101 02.24.14 at 23:14

    the active radar stull takes (a little) skill to kill jets and helli s across the map. would u think it would be a good idea to lower the speed of them down so they r ment to be used for mid range or helli s that r flying in 1 place

  • AURush 02.24.14 at 18:30

    Is there any way that I can run and not have the screen tilting up and down when running. I am getting motion sickness. It is a waste of my money to not be able to play this game. I already turned the movement down to zero, but this has no effect to the screen tilting up and down when running. In real life I don’t have this motion sickness when running. my head doesn’t tilt up and down or left and right. Don’t try to hard to make it look realistic. I will not buy this game if I had known that this will give me headaches. Please fix the problem. I don’t need my screen bubbling. leave that to the bobble heads.

  • VehicularWarfare 02.22.14 at 20:12

    Give us below radar in helicopters to protect ourselves against the ridiculous range of MAA ARM’s or remove these poorly implemented retarded horribly game breaking missiles from BF4

  • PND NAPALM 02.22.14 at 00:04

    Balance the attack heli, stingers still knock us over even though you said you fixed this you didn’t. Lower stinger reload time and range and amount ofammo they have. Have you ever flown the attack heli probably not and give us two sets of flares I spend half the match hiding and running cause one stinger will disable like WTF? Helis are a sitting duck a guaranteed kill. Do your freaking job!!!

  • SUNDOWN78 02.21.14 at 19:57

    I’m gonna humiliate you all that I possibly for making such a broken, unfinished, laggy ass, glitched infested ass game!!! If you all ban me or report me I don’t give a FUCK!

  • Muthinator 02.19.14 at 20:02

    Why put a section in the forms titled “ask Allen Kertz on game-play balancing” when no one is going to actually attempt to answer any questions. DICE + EA = Group of money grubbing ass wipes. You fucks ruined a great title. GOOD JOB!

  • PoW x InFaMouS 02.19.14 at 00:36

    The ghillie suit really bothers me. You spot snipers way to easily. Don’t think your convincing anyone that the Chinese sniper is designed to blend in. I’d weather be a bush woodie then whatever they look like. Also when you put camouflauge on a soldier they still appear to be wearing black. This should change as well. Thanks for your time

  • Bullsbumrush 02.18.14 at 20:32

    How about max level a la carte? If you max out your levels and have unlocked all weapons and gadgets you should be able to choose freely from any class / any weapon / any gadget to mix and match a custom loadout that you want.

  • Muthinator 02.16.14 at 02:06

    Why does BF4 suck? I will say congratulations on creating an amazing looking game; however, this game possesses the worst game play I have ever experienced. This ridiculous game promotes and supports those who exploit all aspects of the game. No teamwork required, no tactics needed, and no fun experienced. This game has turned into a bunch of bunny hopping, bouncing, side-to-side exploiting clowns sprinting solo across the map and spraying and praying with sniper like precision. Yeah DICE, keep up the “great” work.

    I get that this is a game and not a simulator, but come the fuck on… So far my take on this game is that it is a waist of both time and money! I literally can not stand playing this game anymore, which is disheartening since I have played within the Battlefield series since BF2.

    Perhaps you should consider the obvious, which is that no human can sprint non-stop forever, stop, and shoot at targets with sniper like precision. Moreover, no human can jump, dive, walk side-to-side, or bounce all over the place with no stable platform whats so ever and shoot accurately. With that being said, it is also comical to go full auto on a target at point blank range and miss almost every round. BF4 game play is shit, try actually fixing whats wrong. I will be shocked and amazed to actually get a honest and logical reply.

  • CazmanCrazyONE 02.15.14 at 06:01

    I think Alan doesn’t know what he’s doing…lol…Im tired of waiting for fixes that will never come…FUCK Battlefield!

  • CazmanCrazyONE 02.15.14 at 05:55


  • CazmanCrazyONE 02.15.14 at 05:54

    And don’t you dare say its my connection…im running 50 mbs with an upload of 5.6mbs with a 80ms ping! it isn’t my equipment! Its your stupid idea of trying to place the entire globe in a real time lobby!!! CANT WORK…THE TECHnology ISNT FAST ENOUGH MORONS!

  • CazmanCrazyONE 02.15.14 at 05:50

    I have a great idea…how about American servers only for Americans…I am soooooooo sick of being killed by these people from countries Ive never even heard of…you know, like they live around 13,000 miles away from here! I would like to know how you all even expect to be able to place people from around the F—ing globe in a real time environment…your morons! I try to play in US servers so I don’t have to deal with the lagging BULLshit but I rarely and I mean RARELY do I ever get killed by an American…and its US servers! If we want to play with the rest of the world…let it be OUR choice! If I want to game with people from strictly our OWN CONTINENT then I think it should be allowed!!!

    • MrVangassen 02.19.14 at 18:22

      You whine like a little bitch. I guess it’s the Real American way. Hehe

  • DWreck1995 02.14.14 at 23:20

    Dam, I should have asked about the M4A1 not being put in the game. I mean, it should be a popular question. I bet it would have been picked to answer. Who doesn’t care that the standard issue weapon is missing?

    • cig107 02.15.14 at 10:51

      Standard issue weapon? To US forces? You’re wrong about that currently. Right now, the M4 is issued to US Army combat units in a much larger quantity than the A1. They M4A1 is currently being issued more as more to Army units, but still isn’t really close the majority. All other services will continue with the M16A2/4 and M4 unless a special need for the A1. I see you’re point and would like to see the A1 as well, but right now it’s still the minority.

      • DWreck1995 02.16.14 at 21:02

        Let me clarify. I didn’t mean it’s the only weapon missing. I was saying is it’s a standard issue weapon, and it’s not in the game. Obviously it’s not “The” standard issue weapon.

    • ROKSTAR391 02.20.14 at 03:27

      its possible it could be dropped in DLC, considering its popularity

  • NoTouchGoon 02.14.14 at 08:26

    lead core gameplay designer, Alan Kertz said:
    Generally a high level principal is that no weapon, vehicle, gadget, etc., should be the best at any given combat situation. We try to avoid all powerful weapons and instead rely on a rock-paper-scissors setup. -> what about active protection nurf?

  • Cpt_Slippiefist 02.14.14 at 07:28

    Hey listen to this. I think you guys just got the game playable. Still it’s bumps but doing well. I have a hope for this or future Battlefield’s… Fix the cover system to be a cover system. Take this how ever but god damn GTA V has an amazing cover system that should work great in first person. Currently PS 3. Will be joining the big leagues when I fix my rig!

  • Ch0plol 02.14.14 at 04:44

    Terrible, PR script answers. Not surprising, doubt anybody would think differently at this point.

    Just saying it’s “Player appreciation month” doesn’t mean you actually appreciate your players. Take your player appreciation month and fuck yourself with it.

  • Ch0plol 02.14.14 at 04:41

    Thanks for choosing to answer the WORST, most softball questions ever. Your company just treats the community like garbage. We wan’t to know about why the server tickrates are 10Hz and what you’re planning to do about fixing hit registration, not what your vision is for Battlefield. We DON’T CARE what your vision for Battlefield is, because the community’s vision for Battlefield is having it WORK CORRECTLY!

  • HYENA LAS DEHO 02.13.14 at 13:21

    I will improve my skills :D

  • R1chard K1mble 02.13.14 at 12:25

    Lastly co op split screen how does this not exist in multiplayer. Should be more of a movie like feel to it slow mo’s better presentation of the gun’s and shoot out’s.

    • Cpt_Slippiefist 02.14.14 at 07:30

      No they should never do this. It then looks like dog ass like Call of Dooky!

  • R1chard K1mble 02.13.14 at 12:16

    The camera, angles should be abundant and w the options to use 2 at the same time the boards should constantly change landscape w more camera angles and intels laying out strategic paths highlighted on the mini map the boards altering landscape wont be frustrating but refreshing. Replays should be a little more subtle maybe a 3rd party view of the victor as he got you. Weapons shojld also be hiddenthroughout the board and on enemy bases.

  • R1chard K1mble 02.13.14 at 12:00

    The game is great but multiplayer lacks a point. Secret documents cutting down communication towers destroying military airports rescuing pow hidden in maps. Teams should loose the privilege to parts of the map as they get defeated and get pushed into a territory as they get more kills more parts of the enemies sections open up until killed again then tbey start a little further back.

    • Cpt_Slippiefist 02.14.14 at 07:32

      Dude you are on to something! Dice take a look! Game mode!

  • R1chard K1mble 02.13.14 at 11:49

    Great game, but why no advancement no real antaganist in multjplayer. Why not a virtual sim city you protect from invasion as you conquer new territory your city upgrades as does your military. Why not give us something more valueable to fight for. Why not each kill your soldier becomes greater reaching predator status.

  • fragment101 02.13.14 at 02:22

    His photograph has fu** off written all over his face lol

  • XxHappyChefxX 02.12.14 at 21:55

    Ok I call bullshit to the Rock Paper Scissors method simply because my favorite style of weapon and game play is DMR’s BC i love mid-long range assault. Any gun out does the dmr… An assault rifle out does it in medium range, a sniper out does it in long. There’s no in between BC the assault rifle uses the same scope as dmr and vice versa… Dmrs advantage is higher range which equals higher muzzel velocity which short and simply is decent damage at longer ranges than assault/carbine…which is fine and dandy if you could see your target at those ranges…

    give is a more powerful scope for DMR’s on recon class. LISTEN TO YOUR FANS!

  • Kasama84 02.12.14 at 19:24

    There are two answers that didn’t make any sense to me.

    You write “One of our high level design goals is that a player should be able to understand what killed him and from where. ” But when a recon kills you with a sniper rifle, you can not see it coming. You only see the smoke when he misses, meaning it acts more as a warning to run away, then a clue as to what killed you. So the smoke seems kinda pointless on the rifles. Especially considering that the game also has scope glint, and that sniper rifles have a very distinct sound. Aren’t these clues enough?

    You also write “The inclusion of MAA in BF3 and BF4, gives us a “rock” to the “scissors” of aircrafts and the “paper” of tanks. Basically, it gives something tanks can hunt, which isn’t really a threat to the tank, and it gives aircraft something to fear.” But helicopters already have everything to fear, from engineers to literally all the vehicles in the game. It’s very easy to severely damage a helicopter from long range, with the mini-gun on boats. Or just ram a helicopter with a jet, without the jet suffering much damage itself. If the helicopter is a “scissor”, then it seems like almost everything ells in the game is a “rock”. You could also argue that jets don’t really have much impact on objectives, so there’s not much need in having an AA to play against them. I mean, most games I don’t even notice that the jets are there..

  • bennettk90 02.12.14 at 17:37

    anybody else think the smoke grenades need to be more effective

    • DOC_HOLLLIDAY_ 02.12.14 at 19:13

      yes need to have about 5 more meters spread

      • HYENA LAS DEHO 02.13.14 at 13:28

        Its enough whit those meters, increase the perspective about how to use it, to me are very eficient.

  • QualDude 02.12.14 at 16:26

    I would like to see some higher ticket count rush servers on Xbox One. 75 tickets on Operation Locker or Operation Metro just isn’t enough sometimes.

  • Aaronknight 02.12.14 at 06:57

    please return the squad mechanic from BF-BC 2 i hate to be split from my friends

    make the choppers faster so we can outrun the stingers or at least make the reload slower it is imposible to outrun two ground troops while on a chopper unlike real life

    make the tanks with two kinds of shell fire like the regular cause sometimes they shoot twice as fast and without speed reload

    bring back the automatic versions of the M16 and the M4 they weren´t overpowered in BF3

  • FISHER_FCB_CFC 02.12.14 at 01:17

    Can you bring back the old ways of flying the jets from Battle Field 3 because the jets are to hard and the DAMAGE of the bullets in the jet are to weak

  • C0mbo Slayer 02.11.14 at 18:58

    Is there some way you can buff the stealth jets? its currently very hard to unlock the ucav. is their some way to add rocket pods to them?

    • Boolean_1981 02.12.14 at 09:12

      a couple of hours in air superiority got me the ribbons i needed to get the ucav. the ucav is a little under powered tho…

  • StuntZA 02.11.14 at 18:23

    Great game, thanks for not abiding to every requested tweak…

  • exotickillerrr 02.11.14 at 14:54

    can you link me about 10 Million Dog Tags results

  • bluehell28 02.11.14 at 12:02

    “The ideal balance for Battlefield 4 is a battlefield where each item has a valuable role, and no one item, weapon, or vehicle is the clear winner in all situations.”

    You guys have failed. Virtually everyone uses the exact same loadout for every vehicle because anything else just renders you completely ineffective.

  • KoolAcid 02.11.14 at 05:59

    Recon class operating the MAV, it appears to your own team that you are just standing still and likely frozen, they shoot you harmlessly (they think) team kills are off. But the shots break the player MAV connection, (one connection per life) and really upset us. We need a sign overhead ‘MAV operating’ or such or make us immune to friendly fire. Just saying. Great game.

  • SplatGoesUrBrain 02.11.14 at 00:16

    please allow shooting and jumping at the same time. Maybe just allow hipfiring, but it was so rewarding to vault over a wall and light up 3 people by surprise in BF3, or to jump to the side and get the knife kill. it would allow for a more complete feeling game.

  • StressedPython 02.10.14 at 23:28

    your ask dice was a waste of time what about giving us some useful info like the release date of the dlc pack second assault that would be nice of you

  • MTLMortis 02.10.14 at 22:05

    If you were going to pick the lamest and least meaningful questions to answer, why do you bother asking the community?

    You addressed nothing critical concerning BF4. Way to pat yourself on the back.

    Thanks for nothing but a waste of my time reading this.

    • luckyboy4 02.10.14 at 22:36

      Amen Bro!!
      WTF!! In 206 pages we have in exchange 7 answers!!Predefined answers is the most likely!!

      “Thank you all for participating in the first part of the “Ask DICE” series!” and the last!!

  • FriedPickles_ 02.10.14 at 21:55

    If you want to balance the game take notes from bad company 2!!

  • Captain_Tasevski 02.10.14 at 21:47

    So you reduced the AA range – great. That just means the AA will be in the center of the map owning everything again. I was in a match last night and couldn’t even leave spawn because nobody could take it out!

  • High-Alpha_Wolf 02.10.14 at 19:14

    Even Though the DMRs are now more “powerful” they lack a one-shot head shot at closer ranges. Wouldn’t it be simpler to return the damage to original levels (keep accuracy and etc fixes) and upgrading the Head Shot bonus to fit to their earliest damage drop off? People are complaining abundantly about the damage surplus given to them and it seems to be the easiest solution. Will you consider this modification?
    -Thanks for all your hard work so far!

  • AURush 02.10.14 at 17:21

    Please change the death icon color to red or a different color so that we know that our teammate is dead. When our enemy is standing in front or behind we don’t see their icon. we don’t want any friendly fire.

  • Bub3812 02.10.14 at 13:14

    i have found some bugs , that are needed to be patched.
    1.-if the campaign is finished well , you are not able to play the levels at once
    there is no savepoint-and you must play the whole campaign again to
    get the Assignments , that you wanna have from this mode !
    2.-the ServerBrowser of the XboxOne needs a ticketviewer for each Server, like the
    Blue US and Red RU Icon in Game that shows you the Liveticketcounter.
    So we never more join a Server , that is close to end or bad Teambalanced.
    3.-Why did the Dice People dont include the Option to change the Loadouts for each Soldier
    in the Main Menu of Battlefield 4 ??????

  • martinnaraina116 02.10.14 at 07:51

    Are you all able to fix campaign

    on the ps4 is not loading progress aglow. Can you add more my vibration in the controller on ps4.

  • mojo1137 02.10.14 at 06:53

    What’s your excuse for being killed by an opponent when their health is 0?

  • quickfire3 02.10.14 at 02:01

    Rubberbanding still big problem hav 25 mb not on all maps any fixes

  • dude082100 02.10.14 at 00:09

    I find it very annoying whenever I am playing on Zavod 311 and someone takes the M142 Mobile Artillery and moves it back to their spawn. It is nearly impossible to kill and they can get dozens of kills without breaking a sweat. That vehicle has no non-cheaty role in Zavod 311 and I think it should be removed.

  • danrdg16 02.09.14 at 22:52

    so why did my sniper’s grave dog tag disappear??????

  • jamiefoxxhound 02.09.14 at 22:11

    Hey guys, 3 points.
    I had found out that for the past days The trade kill is no longer there but the Foe kills me with 0 life, it’s kinda annoying but I don’t have any gamely recorded on Xbox one.
    Second point, can you make a Ghillie suit available for choosing? Fair call that not every recon is a sniper but with China rising definitely a Ghillie suit would be more than welcomed. Can you look into it? There are many players out there that will appreciate that.
    The last point is if the emblems will be available for Xbox one or Ps4?
    The game is awesome and I don’t really regret the purchase in two different consoles. If you could look into it would be just amazing. Thanks guys

    • IAFknight 02.10.14 at 19:54

      The option for choosing ghillie suit is good idea you got my support on that

  • lFreeMd 02.09.14 at 16:30

    Why is there no party feature, Trying to play with friends is a task! Although the 64 Player servers on PS4 are insane! Sometimes and only sometimes the hitbox’s feel as if there not even there xD

  • Vortex_LXIX 02.09.14 at 15:34

    What the hell kind of ridiculous questions are these? OMG I left CoD for this, Mickey Mouse nonsense? This is your problem!

  • Vortex_LXIX 02.09.14 at 15:16

    Why don’t you guys FIX the core issues of the game? Watch this video, fix this! Really, until the core is fixed NOTHING else matters! So sad because this is an awesome game, but could be so much better if the IMPORTANT issues were addressed. I will NOT purchase another DICE product in this pathetic state.

  • OneWolf-BF 02.09.14 at 12:50

    M82A3 (Sniper Rifle)
    AMR-2 (Sniper Rifle)
    M32 MGL (Rocket Launcher)

    Weapons that should be in our inventory (list of weapons) forever! We want these weapons to play in Multiplayer mode. And we want to use them, when we choose the time and place. Not only on some maps! No more weapons in the icons! We want them (all) forever!

    P.S. I hope they make these changes. Because we have endured much stress. And we have paid 50-60€ for an open beta. Remember this! The customers (us) we have the reason. And if we do not receive what we ordered, never again we will buy any game of the Batllefield saga.

  • DSX1999 02.09.14 at 08:45

    Any chance BF4 players on console can get those player caps for game modes removed? Or at least leave it to Server Admin/Hosts discretion? I’m really annoyed that as a console player I finally get to experience a full 64 player matches on console, but are still stuck with low player cap for all the other game modes.

  • IIchuckwagonII 02.09.14 at 05:34

    Any chance of the Ace 52 CQB getting a buff on it’s muzzle velocity? The in game setting is 400, but from what I’ve been able to research, it’s real life counterpart has a velocity of 860

  • dalek_7 02.09.14 at 04:30

    Thanks for only answering the most obvious and boring questions ever and a week to answer a handful only? Who asked these useless ones? Only good one was regarding the MAA. Where’s the answers to all the balancing glitches, levolution in china rising (obviously no answer as your useless) and game fixes etc….come on dice

  • UnconsciousSol 02.09.14 at 04:20

    1. Nerf AK 5C and ACE 52 CQB
    2. Fix the coding on the staircases so I can actually shoot through the openings
    3. I can still be one shot by automatic weapons
    4. Give the 25MM on LAV more splash damage like in BF3
    5. Give SRAW a longer reload time
    6. You may have nerfed the SLAMs but they still can’t be spotted you idiots
    7. Don’t buff Helicopters for noobs
    8. Fix the coding on the levolution of Zavod
    9. Fix the coding in the mountains of Dragon’s Pass above C flag
    10. Nerf the QBS shotgun
    11. Increase the movement speed to the way it was in BF3
    12. Give us a perk class that includes sprint, ammo and cover
    -If people are wondering why I haven’t included other stuff that’s because they’re in the process of being fixed.

    • UnconsciousSol 02.09.14 at 04:21

      13. Get rid of the flinching or bring back the BF3 version

  • tws101255 02.09.14 at 02:07

    Make attack chopper faster and give more ammo nerf stingers 4 shots or lower all counter measures by 7 seconds nerf staff shells remove active rader from aa and make server options such as where you can remove certain weapon’s or vehicles when yell sell servers mbt laws need to be unlocked at a higer rank instead of start off’s give the tanks proximity scan not on the fucking gunner Idk who did it like that but that was dumb lower the thermal brightness i have lowerd my brightness so low my tv screen is black just about because its hard to see and spot mine’s m2slams are BS. Stealth jets give them jdams and make the cannons kill infantry like on bf3 the m1 abram is way slower then t90 and t99 it cant climb hills or move fast enough when someone trys c4ing u. i have seen those things go 60 mph forward and backwords and climb anything. Lancing damn paracal hania resort rouge transmissiare broke when i get it tank jet im lagging its really just all the really big maps for ps4 and ps3 idk about xbox1 or 360 or pc but these maps plus 1 map on china rising. Tdm make it 300 tickets the match last about 5mins. For those who agree with these changes agree with me we need this done

  • blue_AGENT 02.08.14 at 23:19

    Me and my friends used to love scoring dog tags in bfbc2 then bf3 came out and its just not the same!(in a bad way) now people really don’t care about losing their tags like they did in bfbc2!i could care less about the two dog tag system.i just want a dog tag I’m afraid to lose cause it has my gamer tag on it and people can see how many times they’ve squired I said it’s not the same anymore can you please bring back the dog tag collection madness of bfbc2 please!

  • FUSIONKILLER 02.08.14 at 22:42

    why are the silver battlepacks for this weekend not availble. they are bronze.

  • Armagedatron 02.08.14 at 22:00

    My only question is, when am i going to get my veteran battlepack? The 44 magnum is my second most used weapon and the only thing that keeps me playing is the hope that maybe i’ll get that 3x scope some day.

  • NJD277 02.08.14 at 21:53

    Also for the next expansion pack I feel like they should bring back Bad Company 2 maps, Valparaiso, Arica Harbor, Port Valdez, ect… also they should bring back the UAV that thing was so much fun

  • NJD277 02.08.14 at 21:16

    Mobile Anti-Aircraft is so over-powering. Their trying to simulate modern warfare but they can’t if Jets and choppers are unusable seeing how air warfare is the most important thing in real life. In my opinion, they need a serious patch

  • Mr_Kofferbak 02.08.14 at 21:13

    Make this game real en give the TVmissle splash damage on Infantry so COD noobs. And give the stealth jet JDAM bombs,

  • Mr_Kofferbak 02.08.14 at 21:13

    Make this game real en give the TVmissle splash damage on Infantry so COD noobs. And give the stealth jet JDAM bombs.

  • Mr_Kofferbak 02.08.14 at 21:12

    Make this game real en give the TVmissle splash damage on Infantry so COD noobs. And give the stealth jet JDAM bombs

  • PaDDyBoCrF-_- 02.08.14 at 18:14

    Please does anyone know what your account has been banned or tempirily suspended means? I bought premium and I got banned! Its the first time it’s happened to me will I get it back soon? Please answer anyone

  • Shyssiryuxius 02.08.14 at 18:04

    > It makes the player feel in control and when you watch a well thrown (or even lucky) grenade arc in the air and blow you up, you appreciate it more than if you never noticed it.

    It also annoys the person who’s shooting by obscuring the view. To solve both problems – obscuring the view and letting the victim appreciate the kill mastery, good games use killcam. Now, in Battlefield, there is no killcam. There is “let’s see where my killer goes after I’m dead cam”. Why isn’t Battlefield adopting the proper killcam like in Crysis 3 is a mystery. Other games had it for years and the “cutting-edge” Battlefield doesn’t.

  • Uncensored Mind 02.08.14 at 17:30

    when will emblems come back.. i made a few good ones and there is no option on whee to select it to have during game.

  • PaDDyBoCrF-_- 02.08.14 at 15:58

    EA my account got banned and I don’t know why please help me I bought preimum yesterday for bf4 then I had 2 games of fifa then the preimum downloaded I put on Battleflied to play the caina rising map pack , then it said I have to be connected to EA I turned my ps4 off the when I tried to login it said my account has been banned or tempilrily suspended please help I paid £40 for nothing I soon as I paid I got banned and it toke me so long to save up the money;( please help me my account is PaDDyBoCrF-_- please answer to this question will I ever get it back I spent a lot money that account and I wouldn’t what to stop over because it’s just to much work please Help!;((

  • Venni 02.08.14 at 13:52

    honestly, bolt sniper riffle is on a disadvantage to any other gun on close range and sometimes on far distance as well. It should not be possible for enemy to stay alive with 7hp after getting an upper body shot in close range. you are dead before you are able to switch to pistol. also, it feels as if any assault riffle bullet is traveling faster and more accurate than a sniper bullet on range up to 600m. big fail in my opinion. I love sniper class in bf4 but the only way to play it with fun and without camping is playing hardcore only. on all other mode, you can not survive with a bolt sniper riffle. if a slug12 flechete amo is able to conter the body armor, a bolt sniper bullet should do as well

  • ravistaja 02.08.14 at 13:05

    Why mortar is so uneffective? I mean, it should have more powerfull impact/bigger impact radius and maybe less ammo. Or It should stay as it is and have more ammo. Now its just not good for anything but killing campers.. impossible to take out rushing infantry through woods or anything.. also does mortar make damage to buildings same way like rpg’s and tanks etc.?

  • Arinord 02.08.14 at 12:48

    DMR is all I’m here to say!

  • PEMPAS 02.08.14 at 11:49


  • RenegadeSnootch 02.08.14 at 07:35

    Stop balancing! Fix the game please! Squad up before game. Dawnbreaker (boxbreaker) freeze. 0 health kill glitch. Once the game is playable then focus on balancing gameplay. Your priorities are so misappropriated it is ridiculous. I have been a fan since BF2 and I can honestly say that if you dont pull your heads out you will loose a lot of die hard fans like me because of it. I know you already have why make it worse. FIX THE GLITCHES MAKE THE GAME PLAYABLE THEN BALANCE…ANY OTHER WAY AND YOU HAVE DESTROYED WHAT THOSE BEFORE YOU WORKED SO HARD TO OBTAIN…a good solid fluid game that takes skill to play. It is the main reason I came to the BF series. Dont end up on the used rack at GameStop like all my COD games please. Let BF live on in epic solidarity not fail like the rest.

  • wschua1122 02.08.14 at 05:24

    I want to ask after the latest update,my CPU usage and RAM usage had increase…I hope you can fix it….

  • Skullrider82 02.08.14 at 04:37

    Why BF nerver use any mexican gun?

  • bentley1978 02.08.14 at 03:53

    The cclimbing and isa a problem i kill trying to plz fix

  • bentley1978 02.08.14 at 03:51


  • yasser_1_ak 02.08.14 at 03:31

    DMR’s Weapons are too powered .. please do something

  • Rock4mbole 02.08.14 at 03:18

    The game feels a lot more playable now. But some old problems like freeze ups during firefights. most of the bugs added in the last update are gone for me. Spawning needs work

  • Devellis96 02.08.14 at 02:27

    I don’t think you guys understand: aircraft are useless in BF4. The game feels broken. I don’t mean to sound like a butthurt, change-hating fanboy, but BF3 had admirable vehicle/aircraft/infantry balance. IFVs and Tanks are far too ineffective. The splash damage on both should be increased two fold. The splash damage on the helicopter cannon should be increased. The stinger/igla vs aircraft thing needs TOTAL OVERHAUL. That is the worst balanced aspect of the game. Everytime I get spammed by a few stingers I feel like breaking my disc in half and demanding a refund. I can’t believe this wasn’t caught in alpha!

    • MandarinPine9 02.08.14 at 04:29

      The Stinger is the main sinner in that, because it is fire and forget, while the IGLA has to maintain lock on the whole time. And on the tanks and IFVs I feel the IFVs deserve less armor, while both the IFVs and MBTs deserve a splash damage increase of maybe as much splash damage as say the M67, so the explosion could kill nearby enemies, but not enemies deep inside a building.

  • commandermelons 02.08.14 at 02:08

    Please increase the magnum’s and rex’s firing rate.

  • Weewayneewinkie 02.08.14 at 01:43

    Can you please make tanks more powerful? drivers are either A. Firing at someone with their turrett and the impact of the shell explosion hardly scratches oncoming players. B. Tank gunner rounds should be tearing human beings to shreds,too often people are using c4 on tanks after the gunner has peppered them. Tanks should be feared on the battlefeld not an easy c4 kill. Thanks guys.

  • cruzazul39 02.08.14 at 01:02

    Can you please make the attack boat more vounerable?

  • odysseus2 02.08.14 at 00:02

    Q: What idiot decided to put 3 mini grenades, impact, bouncing noob tubes & all the rest of the garbage that takes any bit of enjoyment out of close quarters maps?

    A: The rent a server guy, you can pay to remove all that by renting a server,that was the plan from the start, whos the idiot now.

    Thanks Dice, i’ll be sure to purchase any upcoming titles from yourselves promptly.

  • iDF-Akaorcram 02.07.14 at 23:55

    So again will there be a rear view camera, for jets maybe helis? All the best

  • Master-Athmos 02.07.14 at 23:05

    Well thanks for the Q&A…
    It really feels unsatisfying for me though. All that fuzz about just seven questions of which some like the first one about the vision of the game are really vague and answering such a question in literally three sentences doesn’t help this either…

    I would have liked to see more explicit questions about details of the game. It seems you wanted something that the “general public” can read and understand even if they know very little about the game yet. This might have been foreseeable but stil I would have liked a “conversation” where the inquirer is on par with Mr. Kertz just like two guys with some more in-depth understanding of the game mechanics discussing certain aspects. What we have is more of a teacher-pupil situation with Mr. Ketz “enlightening” us (which might be exaggerating a bit too much but still describe how I perceive this Q&A)…

    But oh well in order to loosen things up a small remark considering the photo used in this blog: Try to take one where the person shown doesn’t look like he suspects the photographer to be stalking him… ^^

    • BuG-Fonta 02.07.14 at 23:19

      I totally agree on this… almost 300 pages of questions and this is what dice comes up with.
      Common guys…

  • I_Iron_Nomad_I 02.07.14 at 22:12

    Another vehicle that seems to be over powered imo is the M142. There have been numerous times where I have been killed by it from halfway across the map and the player using it is sitting behind their spawn boundary. Normally a little bird should be able to take it out but those don’t last more than two seconds in the air. (Also I think that the cool down time for flairs should be slightly reduced)

  • Sgt_Miihach 02.07.14 at 22:02

    I just wonder why g36c is so bad? cant u give more RPM or reduce recoil? no sense too use it:( plz do something

  • Kourosh.nasaji 02.07.14 at 22:01

    MAA is Very Op specially in Open area Maps
    i usualy Play With chapper in Bf4 i Cant Survive more Than 30 sec in Open Area Maps
    im tierd of Playing on Sige of shanghai Only

    And TV Missiles Are very Weak in bf4 Please Add More Power To Tv Missile

  • DEADLYxMAMBA 02.07.14 at 21:59

    Fix the 0 health surviving and when is Second Assault releasing

  • Katana67888 02.07.14 at 21:55

    What an utter puff-piece. Ridiculous. The MAA question was perfectly dodged though!

    I really appreciate neutered jets. I really appreciate Active Radar missiles, because they’re wholly un-counterable (regardless of their lock-on cone). I really appreciate DMRs that aren’t capable of functioning as such. I really appreciate bolt-actions that are wholly overpowered in CQC on Hardcore.

  • Conspiracy28 02.07.14 at 21:48

    1.Why do all The rocket launchers deal the “same” amount of damage? Shouldn’t the javelin destroy vehicles.
    2. The transport vehicles machine gun suck against infantries
    3. It takes 1 SRAW rocket to blow up an attack heli or little bird but not a CAR or RHIB!! WHAT!?
    4. The 2nd sit in tanks ( gunners) are to weak.
    5 why doesn’t it take 1 Shot kill with sniper in close range ?
    6. RHIB boat gunner shreds a little bird but not heavy machine guns from tanks. Logic?
    7. MAA is too OP seriously active radar missiles and 30 mm. And let’s not talk about the range up to 900 meters the MAA can shot rockets in to spawn on LANCANG DAMN.
    8. 2 jet plane missiles deals 40 hit damage on other jets, not sure if it’s a glitch but The 2nd rocket doesn’t deal damage.
    9. All hits with gunner on attack heli doesn’t register.
    10. Grenades blow through armored cars when in gunner seat.
    11. Flash bangs are useless
    12. Active radar missiles are sick…
    13. When infantries stand next to a wall and you shot a tank shell 1 cm from him, shouldn’t they die?
    14. Tank shells on hellis gives you mobility hit. And cars.
    15. APS sometimes doesn’t work when being attacked.
    16. Jetskies are impossible to drive.
    17. ATTACK boats are sick, especially if someone good is driving.

    BF4 Hards core mode should be like BF3s.

  • nishnaabe891 02.07.14 at 21:38

    why wont my campaign save on BF4 PS4 am I the only one that has this problem and are you aware of this and is there any way to let me know how to fix this. multiplayer online stats save but not campaign data am I doing something wrong I need to know

  • White 5orrow 02.07.14 at 21:31

    Although I have supported you, Dice, throughout everything you’ve done because I know you guys are having a hard time and it isn’t easy but you guys should definitely consider the Ghillie Suit as recons. Make it another class camouflage if you need to. I don’t play much recon but when I do, I have to admit that having a ghillie would’ve helped me in some cases. Also, yes, not all recons are snipers but it goes the same way. The only reason people play recon without a sniper is to use their T-UGS or Spawn Beacon to help out but a true sniper shouldn’t have to suffer because of everyone not being a sniper.

    This might even be a good opportunity to bring “Kit-Based” camouflages into the game or something. Thanks, DICE.

  • NukeFrance 02.07.14 at 21:27

    Q: Why was the MAA (Mobile Anti-Aircraft) added to the game as there seems to be enough threats to aircraft?
    A: The inclusion of MAA in BF3 and BF4, gives us a “rock” to the “scissors” of aircrafts and the “paper” of tanks. Basically, it gives something tanks can hunt, which isn’t really a threat to the tank, and it gives aircraft something to fear. Given the number of pilot complaints about mobile AA, it’s plenty scary. However, given the ability to stay far back from the front where the tanks can’t get at it, it’s clear it has too much range. We will address the range difference in an upcoming update, and force the MAA back into the battlefield in order to be effective

    So then maybe you should look at your map design also when balancing the game. All the BF3 maps for console were well made you had the stationary aa behind hills and trees or far enough away from the battle that they weren’t super effective but pilots would stay away from them. Now you have bf4 and all the maps are basically flat thats why the AA can sit back in their repective spawn and be untouchable. Even with great jet pilots now AA’s are getting their squad mates to sit and repair them in spawn and even with a MBT with them incase a boat tries to attack. when that happens and the mobile aa is sitting there firing smart bs rockets at you across the map while youre trying to stay low and out of sight and you get a beeping noise for half a second then you find your self upside down as the missiles hit. thats no longer rock paper scissors, thats more like Landslide/wet toilet paper/tweezers. i hope this gets read by you alan kertz and you can make some changes for the better. i love the game and i rarely say anything bad about it cause i remember it took a while to work out the kinks with bf3… no chat, rubber banding, frag rounds and so on. so please take this into consideration of a true fan and a loyal one at that. Nothing beats blowing up buildings and hitting players with tank shells and sending them up in the sky like a bottle rocket.

  • Alus 02.07.14 at 21:09

    Who was picking those questions? Do you read and care what people actually are asking?
    There are hundreds of useless weapons skins, but no bush wookie outfit as a choice?
    Main questions is – when will the BF4 Beta end?

  • robinhakan790 02.07.14 at 21:03

    what made you bring in china in battlefield not saying that i dont like it i just want to know

  • RedWafflesBG 02.07.14 at 20:42

    Ghillie suit … As OPTIONAL GADGET … То be USABLE of those WHO WANT and Who Like it …and Be Ignored for those WHO DON”T Like it …

    Please Dice … Add that type of CAMOUFLAGE and make that Game FULL at least … look back to the Battlefield 2 and Battlefield Bad Company 2 … Awesome Models …
    I just want of you to think about the players who desire that … I am a pro RECON player … With may be the LONGEST KILL SHOT with Sniper rifle in Battlefield Bad Company in my COUNTRY … yeah … ADmited by my Clan friends … ANd belive me … Playing With Recon with BlACK clothes on Jungle Enviropment “Makes me the most effective sniper ever ” …

    Seems like many of you hasn’t feel the feeling of tank passing 2 meters away of you and didn’t see you … That is SNIPER … That is RECON … Invisible … Deadly … STEALTH …

    I am not Stealth till I feel that way … Ghillie SUIT as OPTIONAL GADGET … Support me … hooah … !

  • the-crow-man 02.07.14 at 20:41

    “and more difficult to master items deeper into the tree” yeah because you see lots of snipers using say a m40a5′ jng90 or my favourite l96 everyone uses the SRR-61 just like everyone used the bf3. The SRr is the Ace of snipers there’s no point using another it annoying there’s no variety! I love battlefield and since a changed over from cod I’d never go back but lots of guns are simply no used err wish I was in the gaming businesses!

  • SmokenGun44 02.07.14 at 20:17

    Yea because I totally care about gullies suits for the sniper class. How about why are the snipers pretty much useless after 200 meters. Two shot kills to the throat, make it at least 500 where the gun loses enough velocity, and yes I’m talking about hard core. And that scope glint. Dumbest thing ever, way to easy to spot a sniper. Make an attachment where you can get rid of that dumb flashlight you guys call a glint. Make some good changes to the sniper class instead of ignoring it or destroying it like you usually do. Thank you

  • BV31- 02.07.14 at 19:42

    Why did you add the little arrow on the bomb carrier in the defuse mode !?

  • Brownnf23 02.07.14 at 19:16

    Wow, really dice, no good questions or answers just bs -_- should have saw this coming

  • Sergant RamRod 02.07.14 at 19:13

    My thoughts on the ghillie suit.

    Although there are many urban settings in bf4 there are also an equal number of maps where a ghillie suit would come in handy. Sometimes I find myself crouching still in thick brush trying to regenerate health after killing a hillside full of camping snipers. Moments like that I have almost no camouflage (except for a few camos that do help a little more then others) and must rely on the enemies looking for me to be rather dull and not very thorough in their search. Most second assault maps and China rising maps would be better with a ghillie suit for the snipers. I’m not saying it is something that should be permanent all the time but should be its own separate camo. Something you could switch (like the rest of the paints and camos ) on the go depending on the situation.

    Maybe I just want to relive the nostalgia from Battlefield Bad Company 2. At any rate I play on xbox one and haven’t had many issues since the last patch. That may be biased though since I am a battlefield fan haha. Anyway good luck with the fixes on other consoles and pc. Once everyone experiences Battlefield 4 how it plays on xbox one (no errors, crashes, glitches that is) people will live the game.

    Hopefully you guys really do read some of the comments. And I’m not talking about the hurr durr FIXDAGAME comments, I’m talking about the insightful comments. Anyway keep up their good work.


    • Sergant RamRod 02.07.14 at 19:15

      This was my first comment on the forums I think so yea. Cool.

    • RedWafflesBG 02.07.14 at 20:09


  • swishersweets 02.07.14 at 19:11

    more like he asked himself questions and answered them with typical pr bs

  • xXWAR-FACEXx 02.07.14 at 19:06

    And plus every engineer have stingers and rockets and boats and keys have heat seekers ! Hope that makes my point !!

  • Gam3Master101 02.07.14 at 19:05

    Xbox 1 BF4..
    What happen to combat efficiency ribbon and the nemesis ribbon

    • Planting_TheSeed 02.08.14 at 08:57

      I forgot about those that would be nice!

  • xXWAR-FACEXx 02.07.14 at 18:57

    The lagg on ps4 is the worse problem there is.. While flying a jet a chopper or even a tank the lag messes everything.. And I think adding antiaircraft tanks is dumb at least put one in the map let both teams fight for it putting 2 of them in a map is restarted we can’t even fly away from the spawn when we are already getting shot at by the damn tank hiding all the way in its spawn me myself find it hard to kill It. So yea put one on every map but spawn it somewhere in the middle let us fight for it that way is fun again flying a chopper or a jet ! And fix the lagg!

  • Aerros 02.07.14 at 18:49

    Who wasted his time with these ridiculous questions -__-
    Why weren’t the better ones picked?! ugh

  • MeatShield42 02.07.14 at 18:43

    I love the Battlefield games, and all in all BF4 is a fantastic game, but it has some very bad problems that need to be fixed. It’s great that you’re tweaking the “rock, paper, scissors” of the game, but that’s not the areas that need to be fixed. Since I first got BF4 (release day) I have not once been able to finish a Conquest game on Dawnbreaker because it ALWAYS, without exception, seems to crash after only about 2 minutes of gameplay. I really like that map, and would like to be able to play on it. Also, anytime the Levolution events take place the game gets SUPER laggy, and has a 50/50 chance of either going back to normal after the animation is done, or the game just crashes. Also, the China Rising maps never come into the normal map rotations. I am a premium member and would really like to be able to play those maps without having to go to the server lists and join from there, and then, if you join from the server lists all you can do is play the China rising maps unless you leave the server. Those are the only issues I have with this game. Other than what I listed the game is perfect to me. Also, I feel I need to mention that I play on the Xbox 360, but will be moving to the Xbox One once I have the means to do so. Thanks, Dice/EA.

    • MeatShield42 02.07.14 at 23:56

      Also, the attack helicopters are like death traps. They need to be better armored or SOMETHING. One person decides to use a stinger, and you’re dead before you have even started. In the Scout helicopter you have the ability to have passengers heal you, which is highly advantageous, but the attack helicopter has no such ability, and it seems to me like it has the same health as the scout helicopter and takes the same amount of damage to destroy, therefore the attack helicopter is pretty much useless junk.

  • Crystal Dragon 02.07.14 at 18:38

    Give us a proper TV!
    Max distance 600m
    Magazine size 1
    # of mags 2 -> 1|1 Missiles
    Reload 12s
    Auto-replenish 30s
    MBT 60
    IFV 60
    MAA 60
    FAC 60
    ART 80
    MRAP 80
    Jeep 100
    Quad 100
    RHIB 100
    SKI 100
    STL Jet 100
    ATK Jet 100
    ATK Hel 100
    SCT Hel 100
    TRN Hel 80
    Gunship 30

  • BraveMenDieHard 02.07.14 at 18:24

    Every time I log in it forgets who I am, reminds me I’m a premium member, and all my settings are not set correctly. I have to re-adjust my sensitivity, control layout, etc. every time I put in the game. Is this a problem for anyone else?

    • Planting_TheSeed 02.08.14 at 09:03

      I think almost every time I play I have to go through the fire mode tutorials etc.. Sometimes multiple times on the same server. Really annoying since it won’t go away until complete the prompts and super super annoying if I forgot to switch my AR back from single fire before I encounter an enemy :o

  • KarKidd 02.07.14 at 18:22

    One thing that I miss from Battlefield 3 is the ability to make a squad outside of an actual multiplayer match. Why was this feature taken away, and is there any hope of it coming back?

  • l NIGHT RAVEN l 02.07.14 at 18:19

    Please fix the zero health that an opponent has when we battle and I die on xbox one …its really annoying

    • Planting_TheSeed 02.08.14 at 09:08

      This is on PS4 as well and I’m afraid I will have to buy a new controller if this is not fixed soon amongst other issues I’ve said before fix these bugs as soon as you can, give everyone free premium dlc and premium members free future dlc and we can call it even. It’ seems like it would be better to take a hit on your planned profits from this game rather than do nothing and make no money on your next game.

  • Crystal Dragon 02.07.14 at 18:16


  • Crystal Dragon 02.07.14 at 18:16

    SRAW, SMAW, RPG, UCAV, HE shell and TOW are all 1hk on aicrafts and not intended as anti-tank…

  • Crystal Dragon 02.07.14 at 18:14

    Just stop with your double standards and give us a proper TV missile, with bf3 damage model, no 2 missiles spam and nerfed range.

  • jut22 02.07.14 at 18:14

    Love the article. I def realize, now even more, the monumental task of balancing this game! The ghillie suit decision is perfect. I remember people running around in them in COD, dumb. I use smoke grenades in Dom, theyre fine. Add compass to HC though.

  • PrimeCode 02.07.14 at 18:13

    Spawning system is awful. I witness and experience many times an enemy spawns behind me or my teammate. It is a kind of cheat to eliminate players and reduce active player number for engine performance. At least 4 players are always dead and waiting for respawning. I really want to know your thoughts !

  • Ikickyoas 02.07.14 at 18:11

    i want to be able to take my squad into battle not TRY to meet them in battle!!!….. also the freeze ups suck big time plz help

  • I_SaS_Force_I 02.07.14 at 18:08

    Please give us the M4A1 Back !!!

  • Kevin The Juice 02.07.14 at 18:07

    can you guys make smoke grenades more effective

  • Kevin The Juice 02.07.14 at 18:07

    WHY do smoke grenades suck so much?

  • jnortham0341 02.07.14 at 18:07

    WHEN IS 2nd ASSAULT COMING OUT? 82 days since the XBOX one premier.

  • ProKosovich 02.07.14 at 18:06

    Nerf the SRAW Damage or Buff the TOW Missile on Helicopter/Jets because the SRAW is a guided wire missile and should do same damage + the SRAW has slight lock on and the TOW does not!

    • phobos512 02.07.14 at 22:13

      The TOW is a much larger missile than the SRAW in real life. 30-40cm longer. Also, more of the SRAW is engine – it has a muzzle velocity 3x higher than the TOW. It makes sense that the TOW has a bigger bang.

  • RedWafflesBG 02.07.14 at 18:05

    Hmm … here we go … Thanks Firtst

    We’ve talking about a balance .. .You should pay more attention at the ballance of CPU usage and RAM usage of the game … I think that the CPU usage is way too big … And After the last update, the game runs realy smooth and have those “Lag Spikes” …
    Many players has that issue and unfortunatly I am 1 of them … I;ve even try to Play the game on the most LOW settings … and than the same … lag spikes … The game runs with more than 60 FPS okey … but each 5-6 seconds there is a SPIKE that draws the FPS to 0 … That isn’t normal …and This is from the LAST Update till now …

    Do you have any opinion …

    Thank you …

  • Vaportek 02.07.14 at 19:54

    also forgot to add this, real world combat isn’t meant to be balanced, so trying to make a game with modern day weapons balanced is fool-hearted. MBTLAW is way too overpowered, even more so as a starter weapon. I also don’t see real life infantry members walking around with 5 stingers, SMAWs, MBTLAWs, or SRAWs. You want this game to be balanced, but remain close to real life, start by addressing things that are currently unrealistic. Number one on that list is definitely the tick rate of packet data being sent for player location. This has to be fixed.

    To the Players: “Holy shit, I need a higher end PC to play a First person Shooter that has a lot of detail, Levelution, weather, vehicles, ect ect.” Really? If you can’t afford a decent computer then go back to playing a 4 year old(or older) video game. I didn’t spend a bunch of my money to have high speed internet and build a high end computer for nothing. Ninety-five percent (95% for those of you with a reading disorder) of the crashes and lock-ups in Battlefield Four(4) are happening because of your out-dated computer hardware, or improper software installation. I was running two(2) MSI GTX 770’s and a Soundblaster THX soundcard when this game was released and I had MAYBE five(5) crashes in the first two weeks. I haven’t had a crash or lockup for well over a month now.