Announcing the Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation Month

DICE General Manager Karl Magnus Troedsson thanks all Battlefield 4 players with a month of giveaways.


To thank you for your dedication and support, I’d like to announce the Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation Month. Starting on Saturday, February 1, DICE is saying THANK YOU to all players by hosting a month filled with fun community missions and daily giveaways that you get just for jumping into a match.

We appreciate all of the great feedback you continue to provide about all aspects of Battlefield 4. We take this very seriously, and hearing directly from you has helped to make the experience better. The latest information on our game updates can always be found in the BF4 Control Room, including a few new additions that I’m pleased to say are coming soon. First, we are further improving a number of items commonly referred to as “netcode”. This will tighten the overall multiplayer experience, and we will be able to share these items with you in detail soon. In February, we’re also re-introducing the fan favorite feature Platoons in its first iteration. In this added social layer, you can team up with your friends to create your own social space and accumulate stats together. We’re also working on other feature additions that you’ve been asking for – stay tuned for more.

Now, let me walk you through some of the initiatives that we will be launching during Player Appreciation Month. We will have more announcements to make in the upcoming weeks, but below are some of the highlights.

BF4 Battlepacks
A Battlepack a Day
Every day that you log into the game in February, you’ll receive a Bronze or Silver Battlepack. For those of you who haven’t started opening your earned packs yet, these Battlepacks contain bonuses like XP Boosts and soldier camos. Normally, it would take approximately 30 hours gameplay to earn that many packs. Every day that you log a multiplayer game during the month of February, you will receive a new Battlepack. During weekdays, these will be Bronze, and during Saturdays and Sundays we will give away Silver Battlepacks. Remember to activate your earned XP boosts in the in-game menu to accelerate your progress.

ShortcutsShortcut Bundles
We are preparing two shortcut bundles for Battlefield 4 that we will make available for download at no cost during the Player Appreciation Month. These voluntary shortcut bundles will unlock all grenades and handguns for Battlefield 4 (the base game) so you can make up for lost time. Or if you’re new to the game, they will help you catch up with players who have been on the Battlefield since launch. We will get back to you with more details once we have set release dates for these items.

For all of our Battlefield 4 Premium users, we’re adding two additional weapon shortcuts, unlocking DMR’s and shotguns. That way, if you like, you can quickly get your hands on a large portion of the weapons available in Battlefield 4.

Double XP Weekend
During the Player Appreciation Month, we’ll be running a double XP weekend for all players. If you’re one of our many Battlefield 4 Premium members, you’ll also get an additional double XP weekend during the Player Appreciation Month as an added bonus.

Community Missions
You will be able to participate in global DICE Community Missions where you will work together to unlock Gold Battlepacks. During the first of these Community-wide challenges, we will ask you to grab a set number of dog tags during a specified time. More details on this first Community Mission in Battlefield 4 to follow.

DICE Developer Talks
Increased developer interaction and transparency on how we work is frequently requested from our fans. During Player Appreciation Month, we will host a number of interviews with some of the core developers of Battlefield 4. In these interviews, you can ask them about their line of work, the effort they’ve put into Battlefield 4, or in the case of our core gameplay designer, what the balancing process of Battlefield 4 looks like. We will announce the dates and channels for these developer interviews as the Player Appreciation Month kicks off.

We’re going to have more information available on each of the Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation Month activities throughout February. Check back here for those details.

If you are currently playing Battlefield 4, we hope you enjoy this month-long community appreciation. If you haven’t played in a little while, it’s a great time to get back in the game. Whoever you are, we appreciate the time you spend with Battlefield 4, we thank you for your support and we hope to keep hearing from you on the Battlefield 4 forums on Battlelog. Here’s to a great 2014!

Karl Magnus Troedsson, DICE VP & GM



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  • CaffineBandit 03.23.14 at 05:15

    Eh, I bought it preorder, and quit playing when I got prompted to BUY China rising.

    They have my Name, Address, phone, email, game key and they can’t credit my account for what they promised me.

    Why should I have to research on how to get something I’ve paid for? Totally Burned Out on how to get a PREMIUM GAME to run decent with NO SUPPORT from the Creators. Not even a SERVER. Not 1. RIP.

  • Psych0ticChaos 02.26.14 at 13:52

    You got what you paid for, maybe next time don’t buy a game that just came out and wait for others to review it, then think about buying it.
    EA got their money from you, they will do the same thing every time unless everyone stops buying the game when it just comes out, maybe next time think before buying…

    Think about it from their standpoint, they will release the game as soon as possible to get more money and to compete with COD, they did this because of past experience with people who bought BF3 early (for example). They did this because they knew people are stupid enough to not do their research ahead of time.

    Maybe you should have all done your research and quite complaining, yes it’s sad you wasted money on a near broken game, but you didn’t do your research before hand, so stop complaining and take the loss and wait for the fixes.
    You know what they say “Good Things come to those who are Patient”, for you people that bought the game too fast without research and those who are whining about getting their fixes.
    Whine to me if you want, but at least process what i said first.

    • Sk8er4LifeMD 02.26.14 at 20:35

      Did you buy the product? If so, your point collapses on itself as you are pretty much calling yourself an idiot…

      If you didn’t buy this game, GTFO! Go be a troll on some other website!

  • Semper_ebrius 02.23.14 at 14:07

    If you appreciate us. Fix the fucking game. On PC if if there is a queue, you will not be able to play as you always get an error message asking you to close the game in task manager. Seriously. Don’t ask us about balancing or sound or graphics as you should be concentrating of fixing bugs like this. I really hope that your share holder fire the dumb fuck in charge of BF4 development. I am so disappointed with BF4 it is beyond belief. I sure as fuck will not be wasting money on your next joke of a project.

    • FlightsHD 02.26.14 at 17:14

      honestly are you one of those people who just bitch? Its such an easy fix but you are just clearly that stupid.
      1. all you have to do when it says please close BF4 down in Task Manager is wait. Simply wait and it will just start to connect and so and so forth.
      But since you’re sitting here giving Dice and EA all this shit, complaining about how much the games broken when you just have to find a way around it.

  • lovetobeme 02.19.14 at 21:38

    I don’t get the DMR´s i just got the pistols and i have premium. Iám playing on pc and i have bf4 to ps3 with premium. I got the dmr´s on ps3 but not on pc fix it pls

  • Boonzie 02.19.14 at 11:37

    I’m not getting the battlepacks daily… It seems broken :(

  • cowsandchickens 02.18.14 at 18:13

    “For all of our Battlefield 4 Premium users, we’re adding two additional weapon shortcuts, unlocking DMR’s and shotguns. That way, if you like, you can quickly get your hands on a large portion of the weapons available in Battlefield 4.”

    8 days of the month already gone by and this still isn’t out.

  • LEER0Y_x_JENKINZ 02.17.14 at 20:59

    is this happening to anyone else. I start shooting a guy, he turns kills me he runs away with zero health LOL wtf while I admit im not the greatest at the I can’t help but wonder WTF because it happens so much I dont care that I kinda suck lol but the zero health whats up with that anyone know?

    • xMadblunts707x 02.25.14 at 06:19

      Fuck yea bro. Happens every single game I play. I’m spraying a dude with bullets he turns around and kills me and runs off. Dudes kill can screen shows 0 health. Fucking ridiculous. Every match that shit happens. How hard is it to get that shit right? They need to fix this game still

  • Doc-manhatan10 02.17.14 at 20:46

    “First, we are further improving a number of items commonly referred to as “netcode”. This will tighten the overall multiplayer experience, and we will be able to share these items with you in detail soon.”

    We are still waiting…

  • Metmask 02.17.14 at 14:33

    when can we download the shortcuts feb is nearly over

  • Meyer4321 02.16.14 at 21:48

    man kann die Shortcut Bundles garnicht runterladen auf der Ps4!
    oder kann mir einer sagen wie ?

  • T-Smuggs 02.16.14 at 16:12

    I have logged on every day except 1 this month and only a couple times did I get a battlepack for playing a multiplayer game. Also only one weekend gave me 100% bonus xp, last weekend. This one is giving no extra. =/

  • SilverJackal143 02.16.14 at 07:32

    I haven’t seen the Grenade short cuts or the pistol ones. Also I have only seen the 100% for premium members. I thought it was for everyone?

  • Hitlength 02.15.14 at 17:16

    Booooooo to shortcuts. Lame. Also, the daily Battlepacks should also be counted for playing a round of Commander on the tablets. It really sucks that I’m going to lose out on a bunch of days Battlepacks because I’m leaving town for 2 weeks. I guess that means those of us who really love the game enough to have put up with all the problems on consoles, put up with all the problems with the Commander app, and still play it on a tablet while away from home cause we can’t get enough… well we just don’t deserve to be included. That’s sure is some awesome appreciation fellas, thanks. I guess that’s par for the course, though, when your “appreciation” (re: Vet Battlepack) for Veteran players still isn’t available. Treat the noobs with awesome shortcuts, but short change the loyal fans. Great business plan guys! Keep up the mediocre work.

  • TyrannicDegree4 02.13.14 at 21:00

    Seems a little bit unfair that only premium members get the shorcut bundle ” For all of our Battlefield 4 Premium users, we’re adding two additional weapon shortcuts, unlocking DMR’s and shotguns” and the non premium members only handguns and grenades. We all suffered with the game. So why the benefit for premium and not for the non premium? There is no difference between premium and non premium and the trouble we all had with the game. So do us a favour and give us all the same. Thanks in advance

    • DeV1LdOg 02.14.14 at 21:41

      Because we payed a lot of money to get premium, over and above what regular players paid. If you paid more, wouldn’t you expect better treatment.?

    • baker42a 02.15.14 at 03:08

      The difference is that premium users dropped an additional fifty dollars for premium. If you had premium, and it was pitched that you get all this bonus stuff, and then they offered everyone the same shortcuts you;d probably be p o. Its not unfair that premium users get more because they paid more.

      • XxJAYDOGxX2013 02.17.14 at 11:31

        Unfortunately us Australians had to pay 70 dollars for premium :( and 90 dollars for the game, ripped off 50 bucks to Americans

    • C_O_BF4 02.15.14 at 05:02

      Silliest bagger ever

    • Fantium 02.15.14 at 06:06

      Why do you consider it unfair?? We have paid the additional 50USD for this service we should get extra perks for our money. We have had to suffer through the same issues as non-premium members and we’ve paid TWICE as much as you have. I think you might want to ease up on the premium users as we have paid for the extra bonuses. Regardless you can enjoy the game just as well i’ve already unlocked all the classes no need for a shortcut!! See you on the battlefield!

    • GGST_BRONIE 02.16.14 at 02:05

      Well Premium members paid an extra $ 40 – $ 60 so I guess I could be a little fair

  • lead-red 02.11.14 at 23:37

    how do I grab the dmr and shotgun shortcuts?

  • Weggersen82 02.10.14 at 14:21

    So when are the bundles comming? Im online everyday and i have not seen them.. And when is second assault coming to playstation 3?

  • a3B104ccFo 02.10.14 at 05:56

    Ive experienced some glitches in the game im on jet I land safely the I hit a little hill and the jet explodes. Once I was playing Golmud Railway I got a car I hit a red brick on the floor and I exploded. On Golmud Railway I was gonna plant the bomb I hit the wall with my car and we lost because of me. Once I was on Campaign then I go throught some fences I see three chineese people looking at me then I run and I got behind a building and I could get through the bulding. In bridge map I was on the jet I got on the bridge and it says warning why don’t you guys expand the map. You have to make the jet weapons better when I throw a missile to a tank I hit it but I doesn’t do nothing to it. On the map flood Ive experienced some glitches I was on a helicopter I threw my self got so deep in the water that I went under a floor and didn’t drown. Thats all

  • jst81 02.09.14 at 14:40

    so what these weapons shortcuts will be released on last day of promotion?

    When will Naval Assault come out, current maps are used up and lost interest from all connection issues etc, Xbone 1 users now have to wait for PC/PS users to get their fill of DLC before new DLCs maps come out, load of BS, release Naval Assault

  • f1end2k1lL 02.06.14 at 19:17

    I findit mad funny that lvl 110′s always get owned by me you guys know who u are n I know you hate how i constantly kill u over n over my new handle should be lvl110RapiST lol see u ingame punks lol oh yeah thanks to dice for unlocking the RPK in that batpack go dice heh

    • Kriegstein 02.07.14 at 22:30

      You know what I find funny? The amount of shit you are full of. You’ve been playing for 171 Hours and 44 Minutes and you’re only rank 37. You have a SPM of 154, a kill/death ratio of 0.6, a high kill streak of 10, and a total score of 1,589,821. The the only thing getting owned is you. You think you should change your name to lvl110RapiST? The only thing you should change your name to is RapedOnADailyBasis. If anybody needs weapons and Battlepacks handed to them on a silver platter, it’s you. You need help like Rosie O’Donnell needs liposuction.

    • Kriegstein 02.07.14 at 22:32

      You know what I find funny? The amount of shit you are full of. You’ve been playing for 171 Hours and 44 Minutes and you’re only rank 37. You have a SPM of 154, a kill/death ratio of 0.6, a high kill streak of 10, and a total score of 1,589,821. The the only thing getting owned is you. You think you should change your name to lvl110RapiST? The only thing you should change your name to is RapedOnADailyBasis. If anybody needs weapons and Battlepacks handed to them on a silver platter, it’s you. You need help like Rosie O’Donnell needs liposuction.

      • XxJAYDOGxX2013 02.17.14 at 11:33

        Haha nice you burn’t this little kid up.

  • f1end2k1lL 02.06.14 at 19:11

    I think i missed all the good stuff i thought u were unlocking hand guns n knives grenades?

  • dettoilpezza 02.05.14 at 13:02

    Dice sono italiano quindi non capisco bene il contenuto che c e sopra ,ma ti volevo chiedere se invece di fare second assault gratis per scusarsi dei bu fare un altra espansione non compresa in premium per non far arrabbiare i membri.
    Inoltre io ho preso CR e ora vorrei prendere premium ma non a 50 perche ne ho gia spesi 15, quindi ti volevo chiedere se i soldi spesi per espansioni e cose varie fossero sottratti dal costo del premium per il futuro

  • Solidmotivated 02.05.14 at 06:16

    Really? I think everyone has unlocked all the nades by now, and if you put 2-3 hours into a handgun server you can get all the handguns pretty fast. The BP is the only thing worth making me get on to specifically get on BF4. If you wanted to make up for the shitty time everyone has had AND still having, you should have done a vehicle shortcut…

  • pyrogre23 02.05.14 at 04:05

    Can’t wait to get me them handgun and nade shortcuts!

  • RelevantEagle22 02.05.14 at 01:55

    Cant wait for those shortcuts

  • life-or-death-87 02.04.14 at 23:23

    I think a great new feature to set you apart from all other online games even more would be…

    When you create your profile. choose what U.S. BRANCH you want your ranking structure to be.
    Im USAF and would be awesome to see different ranks
    just keep the rank # so everyone knows what rank you are..just change the emblem
    ..of course you would have to keep the CWO even though there is no CWO in the USAF. then on the birthday of each branch you could do a xdp ..depending on which branch of service you choose ..would depend on which week you would get dxp.

  • danzasexycuduro 02.04.14 at 18:21

    I love the game and have no problems what so ever, I don’t see what any of this fuss is about or why there needs to be an appreciation month

    • ICEBERG1er 02.04.14 at 21:06

      well you prolly bought the game last week then

  • 2Sick4You_mate 02.04.14 at 15:05

    Where do I found the “Shortcut Bundles” at for the unlock all grenades and handguns?

    • 2Sick4You_mate 02.04.14 at 15:08

      And I am a Premium user as well. So do you know when we’ll be getting our free unlocks?

  • DonIon0 02.04.14 at 10:22

    All the fix the game comments an net code comments. I bought an xbox one an no longer have any issues. Hahaha

  • AMR-ARAFAT 02.04.14 at 08:33

    I cant get my appreciation can any body help mee !!!!??!?

  • BLocKwOrK550 02.04.14 at 03:31


    • DonIon0 02.04.14 at 10:27

      I’m premium an rank 110 an I could careless about weapons camo, it does nothing for the game.

  • X5NIKOLAIxLIVES 02.04.14 at 03:21

    Where do we go to see the challenges?

  • BLocKwOrK550 02.04.14 at 03:02


  • BunkeredPoppy98 02.04.14 at 00:16

    I really hate the idea of having shortcuts to the game. It defeats the purpose of trying to get the weapons yourself and it’s not fair for players who already “worked hard”to get those wepons.

  • Luki12321 02.03.14 at 22:27

    Bin Battlefield 4 Premium-Mitglied und müsste “Player Appreciation Month” schon seit 1.2.14 haben bzw. müsste es mir schon seit 1.2 zum download stehen.
    PS: spiele Battlefield 4 auf der PS3!

    • Luki12321 02.03.14 at 22:34

      bitte um antwort ab wann ich “Player Appreciation Month ” downloaden kann

  • skybanks19 02.03.14 at 21:02

    How am I supposed to unlock L85A2 when I can’t kill anyone with a defibrillator???

    • NGC EAGLE 02.03.14 at 23:13

      To kill someone with the defibrillator, you have to charge it as you walk up t them, and use it while your LITERALLY touching them.

    • BLocKwOrK550 02.04.14 at 03:42

      nice to feel I’m not the only one having this problem… dumb f****** game

  • okmetoo 02.03.14 at 20:22

    I agree but people that bought this game for it to work right as they bought it. But I do agree with you about all the whinning and complaining…

  • STONEFLYDRAGON 02.03.14 at 19:48

    is second assault coming for xbox 360? I have noticed the in the servers menu there are the second assault maps and the weapons to unlock!

  • DaveChappelle04 02.03.14 at 18:41

    I currently have premium and on this appreciation month, and it stated that there was a 100% xp boost (double XP) and I didn’t get anything, my friend I was playing with is also premium and his showed same thing, and he received the double XP. WTF? is there something I am missing on the XP perk or did it just not work for me? any one else experience this? PS4 and Premium Member since PS4 came out.

  • The Sini5ter 02.03.14 at 17:33

    Great and thanx dice team keep it up

  • KENJAxSENSOU 02.03.14 at 17:01

    gblume 02.03.14 at 15:45
    To all of you ignorant players threatening to quit because of all the glitches, chill. The game came out in November. All things technology have glitches when they first come out, especially games. Player appreciation month is not to bribe or seduce, but perhaps rather dice’s way of saying sorry for all the glitches we’ve had so far. Have you not seen the multiple articles about balancing battlefield 4? If you’re just going to be an ignorant twelve year old and scream at dice about the new game,I think Call of duty ghosts came out a little bit ago, go buy it, instead of yelling at all the people at dice just for attention

    I agree but people that bought this game for it to work right as they bought it. But I do agree with you about all the whinning and complaining… EA’s just gonna make another game in the future and everyone that complained about BF:4 will just go buy it but I don’t think I’ll buy another EA title again because of this.

    • JuiceSogge 02.03.14 at 18:08

      Yes, the game came out. Do you remember games back in the old time? When a game was bugged like hell and the companys simply hadn’t have the chance to fix them via internet, people returned their games, or simply didn’t buy it. Today every released game is full of bugs and it is starting to piss off people

  • gblume 02.03.14 at 15:45

    To all of you ignorant players threatening to quit because of all the glitches, chill. The game came out in November. All things technology have glitches when they first come out, especially games. Player appreciation month is not to bribe or seduce, but perhaps rather dice’s way of saying sorry for all the glitches we’ve had so far. Have you not seen the multiple articles about balancing battlefield 4? If you’re just going to be an ignorant twelve year old and scream at dice about the new game,I think Call of duty ghosts came out a little bit ago, go buy it, instead of yelling at all the people at dice just for attention

    • danzasexycuduro 02.04.14 at 18:17

      okay buddy u can start by shuttin f**king mouth right now no likes a kiss ass and dice defanitly isn’t going to give u any “kudos” for sticking up for them

    • LinuxMast 02.05.14 at 14:09

      It is because of people like you that they’ll continue to release unfinished (read very buggy) products and they’ll get away with it…without suffering any loss. Of course it is expected for a new product to have bugs … but not like that – even after 3 month there are still serious issues – do you even understand or comprehend how serious are the issues in the game (completely flawed “netcode” and hit registration, extremely small “tick rate” etc etc etc etc…I could go on forever…) ? I think the only “ignorant” here is you. Were you paid (or infiltrated here) by DICE/EA ??? If that’s not the case then clearly “you’re not the sharpest knife in the house”… BTW people –did anybody think why this comment is “accidentally chosen” to be the first one on the page if you’re not logged in and if you log in you won’t see it on the first page to reply to it ???

  • SHANKSY77 02.03.14 at 14:21

    Dice I am a premium member and I am not getting any on going XP at all during the appreciation month is there any way you can fix this please.

  • skph13 02.03.14 at 11:30

    Make ranking, weapon unlocks and point’ like in BF 2!
    Best game i’ve played in this series. Especially flying, reloading etc was way cooler. And bombing, non practice not hit. Fly over base to repair and reload, no self repair, healing or ennything. Go back to that.

  • turbo124124 02.03.14 at 10:39

    So did they change the staff shell trajectory In main battle tank. Now no bullet drop at all……

  • rotary-intl 02.03.14 at 10:25

    Uninstalling BF4, never buying another DICE/EA game again. Good job taking my money you snake oil peddling, money grubbing morality lacking scam artists. Released an unfinished game-you will never fix netcode/hitreg as I’m assuming its built in(rewarding people with shitty connections, making people with decent connections suffer/high ROF weaponry 2-3 bullets in 1 hit). Made the game godawful console noob oriented(cartooney characters, animations, vehicle gameplay, skill-lacking weaponry(mbt law/active radar-seriously, what skill?) Nerf on all important vehicles, unrealistic “loss of control” on aircraft before “magically” recovering. Yes Patrick Bach, it really is “MAGIC”. Dying behind cover is “magic”, firing entire magazines dead on into people not getting a single hit marker is “magic”, dying 5 seconds AFTER a firefight is “magic”, countermeasures not working 50% of the time is “MAGIC”. Go magically stick your head between your legs, and magically BLOW YOURSELF. And despite all these problems, I still have a 2.15 kdr-because I am a GOOD Battlefield player who has ENJOYED the BATTLEFIELD FRANCHISE for MANY YEARS. Good job ruining the Battlefield series. Good job taking peoples’ money. GOOD DAY GENTLEMEN.
    -Rotary signing out.

    • PunchStuff 02.03.14 at 16:21

      This is the most retarded comment i ever read in my entire life,congratulations

  • SEcC ZAK 02.03.14 at 09:35

    I just played a match and got no double xp, im a premium member, kinda confused dice.

  • keee0000 02.03.14 at 08:31

    Comments, the usual issues, it was killed by (ZERO) strencth player. Secondly in TEAM DM (a map i was played everyday the name is ROGUE TRANSMISSION ) if joined the game after starting(that’s mean the game was lunched few seconds) it was no bullet sound no shooting sound,only background music unless i was joined the game before it starting.So pls you guys fix it,by the way,the LIGHT MACHINE GUNS too much powerful >_<.

  • LT Wulfe 02.03.14 at 04:49

    Yea bundles are not out yet should be out during February. Don’t worry if it only says Xbox one PC ps3 and ps4 because xbox360 and Xbox one are both from Microsoft and share the same store.

  • Spider9080 02.03.14 at 00:18

    I was just wondering when the shortcuts will be released? and will we receive them at once? (I have premium)

  • Nadoomi 02.02.14 at 23:57

    I cannot find the shortcut bundle, any tips?

    • Spider9080 02.03.14 at 00:19

      I believe they have not released them yet. It says sometime during the appreciation period.

  • ALBERTApremium 02.02.14 at 23:42

    My game states its a 100% xp boost event (dbl xp) i am not receiving anything on top of my game xp. anyone else getting this?

    • Defyreality 02.03.14 at 03:39

      same here. says 100% boost, but nada is being calculated

    • parker31jd 02.03.14 at 04:11

      yes, same here. does not seem to be adding the bonus xp. also i received my first silver battlepack, opened and logged in today to play and add the dogtag is no where to be found. i believe the battlepack never saved or something

  • Padamonkey 02.02.14 at 23:34

    I would appreciate it you fixed the game. The update last week made it worse.

  • COOPROCK$ 02.02.14 at 23:06

    This game has so many flaws in it It’s ridiculous. Now everytime I sign in on my game after turning off my console it says I have corrupted memory or something and resets everything I have. I’m constantly killed by someone with zero percent health after having a shoot out with them. And it’s virtually impossible to fly a helicopter now with the way you tweaked the mechanic capabilities of ride along team mates considering it takes no skill at all to lock onto a air vehicle with one of the stupid rockets and only having a flare to shoot every 5 freaking minutes. I also think its a joke that you give people that haven’t even had the game that long all these different rewards for buying it later and pretty much give a big screw you to the people that bought it when it came out and also purchased this premium package great job DICE. if I even consider buying another dice product maybe I’ll wait 6 months after it comes out so I can get everything without any work whatsoever.

  • Alwaysbecool 02.02.14 at 22:42

    First off the only part of this I appreciate is the promise of trasparancy. Secondly I’d like as a customer to be reffered to as such and not a fan, innanimate object or otherwise.

  • l NIGHT RAVEN l 02.02.14 at 22:31

    still having issues with sound..also im having alot of issues where i gun it out with an opponent and i die and his health shows 0 percent..really annoying

  • l8nghtgamer 02.02.14 at 21:15

    Dice /EA how about fixing the current issues for one I have played through the campain mode 7 times and your stupid game would either one crash 2 not load visually and just hear the audio 3 restart me from the beginning of the current mission that I just completed instead of moving on to the next mission oh and don’t let me get started on the online constant crash especially on big games like rush and conquest air superiority forget about it won’t even play 60 seconds now it won’t even load oh did I try customer service why I’m glad you asked yes I did twice after they gave me the steps to go through and it didn’t work I called back online support they gave me some code fore a battle pack that I can’t even use on ps3 and said we’ll escalate it up to our tech support via email so of coarse I’ll never hear Fromm them again $100.00 freakin bucks $50.00 for the game and $50.00 for premium waste of money and dice you should be ashamed of your freakin giveaways when half the time we can’t even get through a whole game just fix it already wtf

  • Lampan99 02.02.14 at 17:40

    when will the shortcutts become available?

  • s7eiN 02.02.14 at 15:39

    What about the players that have reached lvl 110 and maxed out all vehicles? All of this double exp is a big waste to us. Do we not get some sort of compensation for sticking by you all the way to lvl 110? To put into perspective we have played alot of games BUT this meand we also had to put up with alot of problems. Can we not at least see the level cap increase so we can enjoy all of this double exp goodness?

    • M1573R3X3 02.02.14 at 15:52

      This event is NOT for fanboys like you. This event is a bribe. The game is so bad that they have to offer free stuff for players to return. They don’t need YOU. You are already in the bag. They need those players that were smart enough to quit. DICE thinks that those players won’t mind a lousy game as long as they can win some prizes. Why is a game that won so many awards and prizes giving away awards and prizes just to get people to play?

  • CrossSlammer1 02.02.14 at 15:31

    When will PS3 players be able to get hands on to the short cuts? :)

  • VENOM742 02.02.14 at 15:14
  • T0MPY 02.02.14 at 15:05


  • NiNeK_CRO 02.02.14 at 14:31

    I’m not getting any XP boost is it only me?

    • T0MPY 02.02.14 at 15:06


    • THRIZZLE 02.02.14 at 21:29

      Nope, I’m not getting the boost either.

    • FishFearMe76 02.08.14 at 16:39

      Was it on the Double XP WEEKEND? I didn’t receive any either all my friends who were premium like me did? I called EA those SORRY F’ers who can’t fix crap, not to mention the issues I had with Premium assignments on BF3 which no one cared to fix. EA told me the Studios would work on issues that most people were having even if mine came in 1st. when I called EA about not getting Double XP they old me to try deleting my Game Data Utility which meant a game update download and China Rising again just to have my MTAR back. I should have backed it up on a Flash Drive 1st. Still no fix when I called back they said sorry they can’t do anything about it! I’m getting SICK OF EA AND DICE but until something else comes out I’m stuck screw COD!

  • GRAY-FOX95R 02.02.14 at 13:08

    Oh it says “A” Double XP weekend so that means only one? That’s kinda cheap considering all the problems that have plagued this game since it was launched. I think all month long all weekends should be Double XP. Throwing daily battle packs and “one” double XP weekend does not make up for the horror show this game has been since it launched. Took me 5 tries to get through the single player and finish it due to game crashing and erasing my data and this is just the tip of the ice berg for all the crap Ive had happen with this game. Ive sunk $70 into this game from the game to the $10 upgrade to the PS4 and I expected a better released product. It is much better then it was but DICE / EA can offer a lot more then what they have listed here to try and smooth the waters.

  • GRAY-FOX95R 02.02.14 at 13:03

    If it is suppose to be double XP for the weekends of Feb why was I not getting Double XP yesterday and last night while playing on the PS4?

    • ncnee44_ugg6w9i 02.02.14 at 15:04

      dice is still preparing the shotcuts and the XP weekend and they wernt able to finish it
      but next weekend there be double XP

  • KING TRAY SLAY 02.02.14 at 10:44

    Niceee a battle pack per day gives me a reason to at least hop on once a day

  • IIXenomorphII 02.02.14 at 10:34

    They said we are PREPARING the shortcut bundles, it can take while, and you probably know EA they are not the best company in the world, and not the fastest company to put things out in their store, so CHILL DA FAK OUT!

  • PalesteinWorrior 02.02.14 at 09:37

    I cant see any shortcuts how can I get it ??plz help

  • sgt14tjyd 02.01.14 at 19:58

    And im kinda peeved after reading all these people begging to know when it comes out :/

  • sgt14tjyd 02.01.14 at 19:53

    I’m pretty unhappy about these “shortcuts.” People like me had to grind to earn all these things, yet a brand new level 1 player can unlock them within seconds. And yet i’ve spent hours, days, working to unlock it all. Good idea in theory, EA, but you could at least release some stuff that would benefit everyone.

    • treva1911 02.02.14 at 12:41

      I completely agree 100 percent

    • FishFearMe76 02.08.14 at 16:43

      Yes it SUCKS But like every other recent Battlefield game since BFBC2 they always sold spec ops kits later once most the true BF players earned them. Thats CRAP if you start late you need to have sorry weapons like the ones we had to use. You SNOOZE YOU LOSE! EA SUCKS I’M GETTING SICK OF THIS CRAP!!!

  • zzzx RAMBO xzzz 02.01.14 at 19:46

    i think you need to stop with the gun paint camo and start working on soldier camo. The soldier camo, you rarely have the right soldier camo for a map even the ones you have not unlocked. such as desert golf of amon map one side there is only blue camo available even the ones that you have not unlocked and its the same with other maps and that soldier camo’s dont work. some times there is soldier camo for the right environment, the soldier camo needs to be brighter in color, I would give up all of the gun paint camo for just some descent soldier camo. Look at BF3 soldier camo that was great. Just bring over all the soldier camo from BF3 to BF4 just the way they are. I dont want to be seen. but haha you cant see my gun. You should have soldier camo to back up each gun paint camo.

  • DevMorgan 02.01.14 at 19:31

    Please read where it says they haven’t released a release date on the Shortcut bundles.. Keep looking though, you’ll find them eventually.. -_-#

  • brownboygamer 02.01.14 at 19:20

    I’m on PS4. Where and how do i get the shortcut bundles *btw, I’m premium so is anyone else seeing the second assault maps on server browser?*

    • sgt14tjyd 02.01.14 at 19:54

      Yep, I myself am still playin on the 360, and i noticed it yesterday after i downloaded multiplayer update 6.

    • treva1911 02.02.14 at 12:44

      yeah i see them on there but no dlc to download second assault

  • Maltent 02.01.14 at 19:06

    Lol everyone knew the shortcuts were coming! Just because they are free doesnt make it right. I put hard work into unlocking those dmr’s and now someone can just download them and have all of them readily available. If DICE ever looks at the comments on their blogs I’d like to know the reasoning behind doing these shortcuts. Whats the purpose of them?

  • TheBlazinAzn 02.01.14 at 19:01

    “These voluntary shortcut bundles will unlock all grenades and handguns for Battlefield 4″

    After I already unlocked them….

  • Lockheed21 02.01.14 at 18:54

    Double XP doesnt work, DICE!!! FIX THE GAME!!!, again….

  • DOVER___ 02.01.14 at 18:41

    How we get the shotguns and dmrs opened up

    • sgt14tjyd 02.01.14 at 19:57

      Sadly people like you can just unlock them. Instantly. (well you need premium for some of them) And even though DICE calls em “voluntary”, no duh people will chose to get them.

  • MidNit3Ang3l 02.01.14 at 18:20

    when will the shortcuts be out? I havent read and fixed date on that detail anywhere???

  • DrPepper675 02.01.14 at 18:19

    when twill daa shortcuts comeoutttt

  • True Zinc 02.01.14 at 18:12

    When will the shortcuts be out and if they are how do you get them plz help

  • stoutgut05 02.01.14 at 17:28

    when will the free unlocks be ready for us?

  • Twisted FN 02.01.14 at 17:03

    Xp boost does not seem to be activated on xbox one when it says it is just letting you know and thank you for the all the cool stuff your doing this month for the community

  • Bobby The Kush 02.01.14 at 17:02

    double xp doesn’t seem to work. Anybody got it on?

  • Bandida Strife 02.01.14 at 16:53

    when will the shortcut packs come out for Xbox 360?

  • Wolf 0f Steel 02.01.14 at 16:47

    How do you unlock the shortcuts? I don’t see them anywhere in any stores (X360)

    • Bandida Strife 02.01.14 at 18:03

      same here i cant find them.

    • Maltent 02.01.14 at 19:08

      If you didnt read, they said they are PREPARING to launch them :/

  • korruptedknight 02.01.14 at 16:37

    i do want the free crap but i can wait also

  • SriRamakrishna 02.01.14 at 16:24

    Fix the Netcode and give the Second Assault Expansion for free for the incovenience.

    • TheMaster942 02.01.14 at 17:26

      They are fixing the net code and go buy premium u tightass

      • DOVER___ 02.01.14 at 18:40

        Don’t buy it they just give it all away any then us premium members get poop

    • FishFearMe76 02.08.14 at 16:51


  • RAZORGAMING900 02.01.14 at 15:27

    Yess thank you :) I lOVE BATTLEIFELD 4

  • RGVkilla956 02.01.14 at 14:54

    Ima check it out XD

  • True Zinc 02.01.14 at 14:51

    When will the shortcuts be out ??!!

  • CIK APOSTLE 02.01.14 at 14:13

    Got everything, dont care about the shortcuts, but the 100% xp boost, shows up on main menu as well as battlelog, but not calculating to my score! Is this a known issue… Figure it is, must just have to wait a few more hours for it to hit across the board

    • The_Hooded_Rogue 02.01.14 at 14:43

      Having the same problem

    • PinkLollipop1 02.01.14 at 15:23

      Did you remember to activate it from your BOOST list?

      • The_Hooded_Rogue 02.01.14 at 16:06

        that’s how you activate it it should be automatic like usual

  • True Zinc 02.01.14 at 13:56

    No still not out I don’t think

  • Whickhead 02.01.14 at 13:54

    some news on the shortcut front?

  • robinhakan790 02.01.14 at 13:33

    haha i got a dog tag with 2 dinosaurs and a megalodon on nice

    • PinkLollipop1 02.01.14 at 14:37

      Yeah me too, cool one BUT it never showed up in the dogtag list, so I can’t use it! Weird..

      • THRIZZLE 02.02.14 at 21:32

        It does not show up under my dog tag list either, even though I got it in my battlepack.

  • True Zinc 02.01.14 at 13:30

    Will the shortcuts be out on xbox 360 ????

  • robinhakan790 02.01.14 at 13:29

    already tried but i can do it again

  • ORZE_Ninja 02.01.14 at 13:27

    I alredy got mine Log out and log in and got to soldier my battlepacks

    • robinhakan790 02.01.14 at 13:31

      wow now it worked and I got 2 no idea why

  • Whickhead 02.01.14 at 13:27

    they will be available on origin, but they arent at the moment, so have patience

  • True Zinc 02.01.14 at 13:23

    How do you get the bundles then

  • Whickhead 02.01.14 at 13:21

    you dont have to close a whole store for adding items, my shop is working

    • robinhakan790 02.01.14 at 13:24

      what store my store only got premium and china rising and i have them both so where do i get the battlepacks

      • True Zinc 02.01.14 at 13:25

        My store is all right now so how do I get the battlepack

  • PinkLollipop1 02.01.14 at 13:21

    (Im premium on Ps4)

  • True Zinc 02.01.14 at 13:20

    Maybe to add the shortcuts

  • robinhakan790 02.01.14 at 13:20

    ok so if they would have came for me then how do i get them do i have to do something

  • True Zinc 02.01.14 at 13:20

    They’ve closed the store or is it just me

  • Whickhead 02.01.14 at 13:17

    nope they arent there yet, i see nothing too

  • robinhakan790 02.01.14 at 13:16

    have they already come then somethings wrong for me cuz i got nuthing

  • Whickhead 02.01.14 at 13:15

    Shortcut bundles are offered for a week-long period and require download from either (for PC)

  • tartufico 02.01.14 at 13:14

    how do i get the shortcuts??

  • Cry_Of_Mankind 02.01.14 at 13:14

    I just got my first silver Battlepack.
    Full of crap I’ll never use, but this’ the first of 28.
    Should be 8 silver and 20 bronze Battlepacks I think.

  • True Zinc 02.01.14 at 13:12

    Where do I get the shortcuts ????

  • Whickhead 02.01.14 at 13:09

    when and how do i get the shortcuts?

  • robinhakan790 02.01.14 at 13:08

    can any one tell me when it will come and not say AM or Pm i dont know how that works

  • True Zinc 02.01.14 at 13:06

    Shop its out

  • IIThe-BlackHawk 02.01.14 at 13:03

    I got the battlepacks!!

  • T_Spartakus 02.01.14 at 13:03

    Its out!!!

  • Kyd462 02.01.14 at 13:00

    Chill out you crazy people. This community is rabid…
    They said 4:00am PST – 3:59am-PST.. That means it’s about to start everywhere in less than a minute. Let Google help you:
    2am HST, 3am AKST, 5am MST, 6AM CST, 7am EST, 12am London, etc…

  • T_Spartakus 02.01.14 at 12:59

    1 min left!!!

  • True Zinc 02.01.14 at 12:55

    11:55am in the UK ad still not out help

  • IIXenomorphII 02.01.14 at 12:37


  • lv2xler8 02.01.14 at 12:36

    should be out in about 1/2 an hour.

  • NLxDartz 02.01.14 at 12:35

    got damn it!!!!! what’s wrong!!!

  • I_Kill_U_Ya_____ 02.01.14 at 12:30

    seeming as it now only 11.30pm i still have to wait until 12.00pm before i can get my battlepack and weapon upgrade.

  • FLazH x CraZzy 02.01.14 at 12:30

    why cant i download it on Xbox market ?

  • megamaniac32 02.01.14 at 12:30

    I didnt get anything WHY DICE!!!!

  • owesomeguynlpro9 02.01.14 at 12:24

    12:23 no battlepack no download content and dice fix the game first

  • robinhakan790 02.01.14 at 12:18

    no battlepacks and the clock is 12.18

  • S1lo 02.01.14 at 12:12

    nothing happend
    no battlepacks
    no unlocks
    no events

    • luebeck71 02.01.14 at 19:52

      just go on battlelog and you profile and battlepacks and you see silver and bronxe just happen to me

  • Planting_TheSeed 02.01.14 at 12:11

    “This question may qualify me as a “lame ass retard”.Do you receive the battle pack while multiplayer game? Also does anyone know when the 2xXP weekend for non premium members is?

  • TennTank 02.01.14 at 12:02

    Any idea when the ” week-long period ” for Premiums for shortcuts downloads is ?

  • Planting_TheSeed 02.01.14 at 11:50

    No worries is correct ignore 2nd comment comment thought you were busting on me.

  • Planting_TheSeed 02.01.14 at 11:46

    Yes your right I should have read the small print before asking a simple question and expecting a non douche bag answer. Too bad you’re on a last gen console so I can’t own you “lame ass retard”. Cry_of_makind thanks for the clock calculator so I could see if I would miss the window for the first silver battlepack.

  • Ch1cK3N Jo3 xD 02.01.14 at 11:11

    Wow peopl need to learn to read before they make an ass out of them selfs it says right there from 4am pst till 359am pst.lame ass retards. One last thing stop the bitching about fix the game. It’s worked just fine from lAuch day for me on 360 just get better then u won’t have nothing to bitch about

    • Cry_Of_Mankind 02.01.14 at 11:22

      Some people need to learn there around around 200 counties world wide and USA is only one of them.
      4am PST means nothing to people in other countries as most people are likely only know their own time zone.
      For the Australians out there 4:00 PST is 23:00 AEST the same day.
      Here’s a time zone calculator to find 4am PST for people outside the USA

    • ncnee44_ugg6w9i 02.01.14 at 11:43

      im sorry but most people like me cant just get better. i joined battlefield cuz i heard everything was balanced so noobs and pros could be on the same level basically. also cuz you can actually interact with the developers.
      besides its a whole lot better then COD

  • Planting_TheSeed 02.01.14 at 11:08

    Sorry to sound stupid but if I love on the east coast, what time do I need to play to get the free battlepacks? I usually play 1-5 am on weekdays EST my psn name is the same as my battlelog if you want to “holla” at me

    • Ch1cK3N Jo3 xD 02.01.14 at 11:13

      7am est in order to get ur stuff no worries

  • DiMTRX 02.01.14 at 10:54

    This isn’t working yet again. Already 11 hours into february on my ps4 and still haven’t received anything. Played the first hour and a couple of rounds just now and still nothing. If you announce stuff with such bravoure you shouldn’t f*ck it up

    • Mobacko 02.01.14 at 11:19

      are you trolling or did you just forget to read the info?

  • Maximator57 02.01.14 at 10:50

    Not getting anything… nice try Dice

    • iota-14 02.01.14 at 10:53

      Bronze or silver battlepacks are offered daily during the promotion period from 12PM GMT/4AM PST to 11:59AM GMT/3:59 AM PST the …

      i’ll call this the “contracts quick-reader syndrome”.

  • NLxDartz 02.01.14 at 10:50

    how didm’t get my battlepack yep….. :(

  • gaming_nation 02.01.14 at 10:46

    I ain’t got SHIT! lol

    • captbud 02.01.14 at 11:29

      Biggest pile of cr&p ever 2ampst no battlepack just downloaded 1.07 i think sound still screwed up this game is farbbage

      • captbud 02.01.14 at 11:34

        Mine just daid 2 days thats not 1 st feb dice/ea you suk this game big flop

  • SILLYHATDAY 02.01.14 at 10:44

    When I select my game type and map I see the second assault maps but they wont show up when I choose them. (PS3) when is second assault coming out for PS3?

  • Djay_Innes 02.01.14 at 10:40

    It’s 8:30PM in Sydney, Australia.. Still got nothing. BLOODY EA

  • TheExtremelyBad 02.01.14 at 10:13

    1 february, 1009 am gmt. played a match, missing appreciation…….

  • classifiedlogic 02.01.14 at 10:10

    I would love to see the ability to customize field upgrades!!!

  • NelsonSiu 02.01.14 at 09:27

    Excuse me developers. How about bringing back levolution on China rising map?

  • thunderboost650 02.01.14 at 09:16

    it will be much appreciated if EA eliminates all the bugs and all the hackers and all the cheaters. More bf4 players will enjoy the game…thank u

  • KersMahonen 02.01.14 at 08:51

    Bronze or silver battlepacks are offered daily during the promotion period from 12PM GMT/4AM PST to 11:59AM GMT/3:59 AM PST the next day and are automatically entitled when you log into product during the daily time period. Shortcut bundles are offered for a week-long period and require download from either (for PC)

    • DovahKiinAnthony 02.01.14 at 09:44

      When we download the shortcut packs, do we keep them for a week, or are they only offered for a week?

  • Sephiroth87xz 02.01.14 at 08:43

    So many people confusing an fps multiplayer game like battlefield with a mmorpg…..

  • DovahKiinAnthony 02.01.14 at 08:40

    I’m not getting the shortcut packs showing up, and the battlepacks aren’t there. Can anyone help me? Also, where are the Veteran Packs? I have Bc2, and Bf3 premium. Wth?

  • RamdomPlayer97 02.01.14 at 08:17

    I’m not getting anything when i sign in

    • Pablo8448 02.01.14 at 08:21

      me neather

    • oohaohh 02.01.14 at 08:52

      Check the small print it says not available until 12pm, it confused me this morning too.

  • niinja009 02.01.14 at 07:58

    Does anyone know what going on I have second assault assignments but no sc kinda confused?

    • niinja009 02.01.14 at 08:01

      I know it’s not out yet just wondering why I have the assignments and maps in server browser showing up?

  • l-CryBabies-l 02.01.14 at 07:56

    I appreciate the effort and support DiCE, however I wtanted to know when I’d be entitled to my veteran battle packs? I have the items you are giving away in Appreciation month, but not my veteran packs…..

  • tylerchkarmy 02.01.14 at 06:46

    I wonder y u can’t invite friends to the range

    • sn1p3r_max_USAF 02.01.14 at 07:58

      The “Range is intended to test out new unlocks, not to hang out with friends. I hope this answers your question.

  • Steel_Fender 02.01.14 at 05:56

    For everyone who can’t read very will, “We are preparing two shortcut bundles for Battlefield 4 that we will make available for download at no cost during the Player Appreciation Month.”.
    As u can see, it will be AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD, as in download it if u want.

    • Hurtlock3r 02.01.14 at 06:36

      Thank you for clearing that up. Some people…..

  • RancidSeoul 02.01.14 at 05:45

    Been playing since 1942. Spent a lot of time in BF 2. With all of these, I’d rather earn my rewards, then be handed them.

    • Hurtlock3r 02.01.14 at 05:53

      Lol you sound so dumb, its a video game. Stop crying.

    • damagejackyl 02.01.14 at 07:10

      i agree! i would rather see them earned, like i did, than just give them out because of people whining! been a long time, dedicated bf player and never once got a shortcut! i plunged my k/d from 1.29 to 1.03 2 weeks after getn bf4 because i decided to go pistols only to unlock them all then i see this!/… not very happy to be perfectly honest…

    • DemZeepic 02.01.14 at 08:41

      They said you can download it if you don’t want it don’t download it

  • Hurtlock3r 02.01.14 at 05:13

    What time in EST does this start at?

  • Jojo_Cats 02.01.14 at 04:58

    If you’d actually been playing this long, you probably should’ve realized that you get weapon /parts/ from battlepacks, not weapons.

  • GhostXMarine 02.01.14 at 04:50

    Yah I’ve been playing too nothing yet???

  • scotte ventura 02.01.14 at 04:14

    when do the giveaways start in australia, because I’ve been playing all day and I’ve got nothing yet

  • SuperN8yNova 02.01.14 at 04:04

    Yeah so its the 1st of febuary i’ve not only logged into a game i’v also finished one, so wheres my silver pack its a Saturday so where is the pack?? is this one of those get it at the end of the day deals? so whats the deal, where is it? or when do we get it? please dont say its glitched after all this build up and promise!

    • ApOc127 02.01.14 at 04:10

      DICE and EA have a tendency to start/release content/promotions at specific time, generally Eastern Standard Time or Pacific Standard Time. Be patient, you’ll get your packs.

    • niinja009 02.01.14 at 08:03

      Probs dosnt start till around 3-4am

  • RestoredGamer 02.01.14 at 03:11

    Quick tip for those people who are taking forever to unlock the dmr’s. If you have a 200% boost use it. I had about 2-3 of them and I got all the dmr’s. Also make sure you aim for the head :)

  • battlefieldbeefs 02.01.14 at 02:51

    I dont know why ppl are mad about dis. I hav everything unlocked and I think its good that ur giving out shortcuts for the newer players. I remember when I first played bf3 online. Wow I sucked. And some ppl r sucking on bf4 too. Now they have a chance to accually kill somthing instead of getting 50 deaths and 0 kills. I love the game. My top 3 games are battlefield 4 then battlefield 3 then far cry 3. Thats amazing. I play bf4 on the ps4 and the graphics and textures are amazing. Love da game

    • xMrRABIESx 02.01.14 at 03:50

      I’m new to battlefield since about 2 months ago and I’m going pretty good actually, on ps4 too. I enjoy the game heaps except for the unbelievably irritating bugs… Like my whole game has crashed completely mid-game multiple times :/

    • masterslay 02.01.14 at 05:42

      Because there are too many ignorants who support that EA keep exaggerating the cod rpg XP pyramid scheme. Its strange really, why nobody is complaining about why everything wasnt included from the start in the first place like in bf1942, so people can just freely choose whatever weapon/tank/plane they like to use, and not waste time unlocking it again, i mean come on everybody wasted so much energy and time to unlock them in bf3, by now most people know how to use a scope, its like basic equipment, why is it needed to earn the right to use it again, it really makes no sense at all. How would the army fare if the same system was applied to the military real-life, so privates are stuck with slingshots, until they gain higher rank, then they get a gun???. Its quite frankly, ridicoulus, there is a reason why EA sold those shortcut packs in bf3, and its because they calculated they could earn even more profit, from alot of people who found it freaking annoying. Also when everybody start equally, it just comes to who has the best teamwork and skills, instead of someone unlocked 20x zoom for sniper and the newcomer start of with no scope at all, I mean is that really fair? The only person who find it fun is the egoshooter who unlocked, so he can find some easy victims, i mean is that really challenging or competitive? I mean the early adopters of this game, their skills are most likely already above those who play later since they played the game more and got more experience, and isnt thats reward enough in itself, so why the outrage that everybody get access to the same weapons? Its more outrageous that EA trick everyone to play along and accept this bullshit, so people feel they need to play, otherwise they would “fall behind”, just because BF franchise are positioned as the current leader for fps games, It really boggles my mind :S. Its just an easy way for EA to use It like an artificial incentive to play this bugged game, , thus prolonging the game, that far exceed its lifespan. What people really wants to wish for, is for Dice to focus on improving their bf1942 and bf2 formula (minus xp system), with better netcode and hitbox system, so that it can compete with shooters like CS, instead of wasting their time coming up with achievment and rpg unlock schemes, the game would be completly fine without it, but unfortunately its what get some people hooked to this game.

  • RetroGlide08 02.01.14 at 02:18

    What time on the 1st does this kick off in the United Kingdom

  • KILLA0029 02.01.14 at 01:55

    Really…? DICE. I have played over 200 hours (only on weekends) and played for the longest time and tried my hardest to unlock EVERY gun you are giving our for FREE! Seriously. I would be running around with an AK 5C at lvl 93 while a lvl 1 could be running around having the time of his life with points and kills while I would still be grinding to unlock all my DMR’s and other weapons. Even if I bought this game the day it came out and tried to unlock all the weapons (still have to unlock 2 DMR’s and all 6 LMG’s) thanks for giving them to people who bought the game yesterday and have them all. Love it.

    • BobOuellette 02.01.14 at 02:11

      I agree with this post. I spent a lot of hours unlocking all of the weapons. Playing through many crashes, to find out you appreciate your dedicated players and will give us all the items I already worked to unlock. Why not give something truly unquie to the players that reached level 110 and unlocked all weapons on their own. That would make us feel more appreciated.

    • battlefieldbeefs 02.01.14 at 02:53

      Stop ur crying, tge game isent made to unlock stuff. It was made for fun. If you play only to unlock stuff then you are the only one playing for no reason.

    • masterslay 02.01.14 at 06:11

      I think this poor fella along with more people, would be better off if everything was just avaible from the start, then he had no reason to complain, and he could move on with his life with peace on his mind, that he is not above or behind others in terms of unlocks :). Seriously this game gets closer and closer to the addictive mmorpg formula with all that amount of kills you need to perform in order to unlock stuff, it is no better than grinding in mmo games. I dont think there is many playing this game without even remotely focusing on unlocks. I find this situation more frequent, like if there is a tank coming, and the situation call for an anti-tank, you will likely see some teammates using irrelevant gear in order to focus on doing achievment or sniper to get kills to unlock the next sniper ^^ lol.

  • COUNTRYxWARRIOR 02.01.14 at 01:42

    How do I claim my Daily Battlepacks???

    • battlefieldbeefs 02.01.14 at 02:54

      In the menu you go to my soilder then click on battlepacks. Then clicke on the unlocked ones to claim them

      • Daniel_Evans_NZ 02.01.14 at 03:13

        Didn’t work mate I have played a few rounds of multiplayer too and still nothing. Is this glitched or what? Anyone else having trouble getting the battlepacks?

  • DJSully73 02.01.14 at 00:49

    Dice picks the shortest month of the year, is that symbolic of how much they really appreciate the people from whom they have already taken money?
    Coincidence that Mantle and the 14.1 beta drivers are being released (with bugs if BF4 is an indicator) at the same time?
    Still no veteran battlepack?
    I already unlocked all the nades and pistols, and could care less about shotguns or DMR (What’s the point of having a designated “MARKSMAN” rifle with no decent optics) I use neither one.
    If you want to do something:
    fix the sound issues
    fix the connection issues
    fix soldier getting stuck on scenery that is only ankle high
    fix vehicle HUDs so that they can actually be read
    fix joystick support (particularly for hat switch binds that allow you to look AND maneuver at the same time)
    How about getting things working well before nerfing and boosting and doing empty gestures?

    • Solidmotivated 02.01.14 at 01:31

      “The latest information on our game updates can always be found in the BF4 Control Room, including a few new additions that I’m pleased to say are coming soon. First, we are further improving a number of items commonly referred to as “netcode”. This will tighten the overall multiplayer experience, and we will be able to share these items with you in detail soon.” Most of the stuff you listed is in the Netcode. Either you don’t know what netcode is, or you’re just a immature child who just loves ranting on DICE without reading the work they’ve done. Seriously, learn to read.

  • T-Smuggs 02.01.14 at 00:27

    I can’t tell you how disappointed I am to see these “shortcut bundles”. I have over 200 hours logged and there are still weapons I dont have unlocked. But everyone should get them to “catch up” to the people who have been playing? What the hell was the point in working to unlock these items for everyone else then? You are already giving away battlepacks which will undoubtedly have xp boots in them. Giving people whole weapon shortcuts is incredibly cheesy and lame. The only good thing I can say about it is AT LEAST you aren’t charging for them….yet.

    • colers25 02.01.14 at 00:47

      it isnt that bad. pistols are extremely long to grind, with little tradeoff in the end, and the shortcut bundle helps that. and grenades? i had full grenades at lvl 16

      DMR should not get shortcut bundles, it should just be easier to level

      shotguns? why? these were the first i ever unlocked. just race around in locker with the first shotgun and you will be full shotgun before you know it

  • redbull2100 01.31.14 at 23:19

    Do we have to join a game to get the battlepacks?

    • InsaneEnergy 01.31.14 at 23:39

      Nope. You get them just by signing in to Battlelog

  • SWBC HAVOC 01.31.14 at 23:14

    Thx dice

  • Liru-san 01.31.14 at 22:52

    Thank you Dice, this is great, and even better because i am premium :D, i cant wait to get those dmr’s. i cant get through the rfb so this will help alot, same with the shotguns, im only on the m1014, but that thing is a beast. I only really use Submachine guns anyway (PDW) so this will be a nice change, plus mabye i can get some nice camos and xp boosts, all for the camos! :D

  • Wicksy 01.31.14 at 21:43

    Thanks very much for the Appreciation Month but the only fair apology for the disastrous launch, is to give everyone with the game an EXTRA dlc. Not a Premium dlc early, or Premium dlc open to everyone, an EXTRA dlc. Maybe some of the great maps from BFBC2, along with Bazaar or Aftermath…er please :p

    • colers25 02.01.14 at 00:48

      Wicksy, to be honest, this is just wishful and to be honest, stupid thinking. they are a company, they HAVE to make money. they cannot work months on a dlc and then hand it out for free. i find they are really making up for their launch.

      you remind me of those idiot LoL players who say we should get RP whenever the server has problems

  • HotRope125 01.31.14 at 20:18

    can we get menu squads back and be able to rent a server like in bf3 please if you decide to do this thank you so much

  • BurningWarSword 01.31.14 at 20:05

    Can we have our veteran Battlepack please? It has been three months.

  • XB0XHER0 01.31.14 at 16:29

    I my gosh this is amazing!!!!! It takes so long to unlock those pistols. I can’t wait to play with all of these new battles acid also!!!!!! DICE IS AWESOME!!!!!

  • LazyPoet91 01.31.14 at 15:44

    LOL :D

  • LazyPoet91 01.31.14 at 15:44

    I want 1ST PERSON MODELS for every class for every fraction. That would be a simple thing, right DICE??

  • hellrazor721 01.31.14 at 10:42

    How about making the attack chopper move faster like bf3. It takes way to long to get anywhere.

  • xBlackout_DsBx 01.31.14 at 09:08

    Thanks for that BS update today DICE. you somehow managed to make hit detection so horrible that it’s impossible to kill people. they STILL can kill you INSTANTLY with ONE HIT, AND IT’S NOT A HEADSHOT. You guys better get your act together, like NOW. I’m about to just say screw ea and NEVER buy another ea OR dice title. You guys are a joke. You claim you fixed issues around overall game stability, but the lag is JUST as bad as it was before this “update”. I still can hardly move on lancang dam or hainan resort, and it’s just as bad on most other maps. You can’t get behind cover because you get pulled back out into the open, yet the guy who is shooting at you doesn’t have to shoot at you again, their bullets still get to hit you. I threw a grenade tonight, watched it blow up in the guy’s face, but then, it I had to throw the grenade again, and still had 1 more impact grenade left, so it lagged my grenade into non-existence, even though I WATCHED IT BLOW UP. You guys are a joke. get it together, or you’re not going to have any customers left. Sincerely, one pissed off, about to boycott ea, fan.

  • StrikingWater 01.31.14 at 05:21

    Of course its during the shortest month of the year

  • 200000couches 01.31.14 at 04:12

    EA you need to fix your game. I am not getting your PREEMMMMMMIUMMMMM player BULL until you deal with the crashes that as now of Jan 30′s patch happen every other game.

  • VladDrakulyaIII 01.31.14 at 00:41

    I myself am happy about the shortcut bundles. I have most weapons, DMR’s I only have 2 more to unlock so I don’t see why not, but when it comes to pistols and shotguns I’m so far back, shotguns feel unmanly to use (so I’ll probably skip this one) and pistols are a pain, I’d love to get my hands on the M1911 or the 45 compact BUT I play almost exclusively the M9 (haven’t even unlocked the 12G shorty) because I just can’t bring a gun into a fight vs pretty much anything.
    So, this one is a definite must. Glad they have these shortcuts.

  • Zuberfizz 52 01.30.14 at 23:35

    What does it mean by “Every day that you log a multiplayer game during the month of February”? Does it mean that each time you log into battlefield you get a battlepack or what do you have to do????

  • Juantastik 01.30.14 at 23:29

    What are you planning on giving those many players who have unlocked all those weapons already fair and square?

  • RancidSeoul 01.30.14 at 22:57

    Been playing since bf 1942. Haven’t been in bf 4 long but rather earn my guns then have them handed to me. I’d like to keep it that way please.

  • MisterMagoo33 01.30.14 at 22:38

    Perks do not work!! I repeat: Perks do not work! Blurred scopes all time. Is it so difficult to make the perks work??

  • 2-H-D 01.30.14 at 22:28

    Shortcuts are G*y I played 114 hours to get my stuff, now every noob is going to run around with the best guns………guns should be earned by playing the game…… :/

  • APhiLLiaTe o2 01.30.14 at 21:58

    Appreciate this big black dick in your mouth.

  • AnyOLName 01.30.14 at 21:00

    Since we are finally getting some fixes and such, what do we think about the perks? Are they working right?

    Are they supposed to carry over from round to round or not? Because sometimes they do, and sometimes they don’t. I will have level 3 on the green bar, but none of the perks will work. It will go up a perk to the last one, but it works as if I got the level 2 upgrade. Sometimes it works like it shows. On top of that, you have to die to get the perk to work. Witch is risky, if your squad wipes while you are reloading. It doesn’t seem like a reward if you have to die to get your reward for doing well.

    Then there are things that don’t make sense that I’m not sure are broken.

    Issues I have;

    Engineer, anti-tank loadout:
    LEVEL 1: MINES: Increases maximum inventory of AT Mines or M2 SLAM to 6
    LEVEL 2: ROCKETS: Increases maximum inventory of AT and AA ammo to 7
    LEVEL 3: MORE DEPLOYED EXPLOSIVES Increases maximum deployed Explosives to 6
    LEVEL 4: FLAK: Decreases damage from explosions by 15

    You start off with 6 explosives, but can only put out 3 until you get to level 3. But when I hit level 3, I can put out 6 total explosives, but now I’m only carrying 3. Is it supposed to be like that? I though it would be a running total, not just that perk at the time.

  • XMP5xSNIPERX 01.30.14 at 19:30

    I’m happy how they are doing the appresiation month, the only thing I personally think they should fix is that how people aren’t getting there veteran battlepack but I still love the game :)

  • 007OneX 01.30.14 at 19:11

    soon dice will make so premium players can make more damage then they will probaly make so that premium players can kick non premium players if they want to JUST BECAUSE OF MONEY….YEA MONEY, SO PPL WILL WILL BE FORCED TO BUY PREMIUM AT THE END!

    Good work dice ahhm”Ea”ahmm

    • Bulletproofhobo 02.01.14 at 00:11

      Yep, that’s pretty much the way the world works. You pay more, you get more. Besides, we get nothing that can’t be unlocked by non-premium players.

  • TSL BestOfMe 01.30.14 at 18:49

    I think that a true “Player Appreciation Month” should include a map pack. Considering the fact that a vast majority of players are crashing, freezing, or simply unable to play parts of their game. We understand that Battlefield 4 was rushed and needs a lot of TLC to finish, but we also should be compensated for being loyal and giving you money for a product with a bunch of flaws.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am a loyal DICE and Battlefield fan, but it is very frustrating that this game does not run as advertised.

    Give away something that would have cost the consumer money rather than something that would have been free in the first place. That is how you show you really are trying to remedy a situation, else it makes you look unsympathetic to what your community is asking for.

    I am enjoying this game, not as much as BF3 or BFBC2, but still like it a lot. If you could fix the crash issues or the reasons why single player data always gets corrupted, THAT alone would be appreciation enough for me.

  • MinnesnowtaLegit 01.30.14 at 18:41

    player appreciation month would be a lot cooler if it included extra new maps. there are so many other awesome maps from BF3 that players would love to see. please? pretty please?

    • ShakingDruid909 01.30.14 at 18:43

      well that would be a bit overkill just for “THANK YOU” evenement. . .

  • DK_Nelson 01.30.14 at 18:19

    Ridiculous… Again the dedicated players are overlooked. Nothing listed here is a thank you to players who have continued to play from day one despite all the problems. I am level capped out (2x xp is meaningless when it is so easy to level up), have done ridiculous amounts of assignments (most just take time), unlocked almost all weapons (haven’t really used ARs), I have almost all the camos… and I could keep going. Give to the players that have stuck by the game. Heck, raise the level cap at least. Dice needs to take care of those that continue to play despite all the problems.

    • Evil Stumpy 01.30.14 at 18:33

      I see a lot of complaints but 1 suggestion, what exactly do you expect them to give you when you say you have everything? There are plenty of people who haven’t maxed out everything. For me.. well I have most the weapons that I want or that are being given out for the appreciation month. yea I still have levels to go.. but levels don’t really mean a whole lot, just how much time you’ve put into the game.

  • rockcrawler7373 01.30.14 at 17:26

    I’ve been playing since BF3 and love the game. However, I agree, don’t unlock weapons and don’t do the shortcut bundles, I think it would take away from the game. The attachments I think would be pretty cool though. Fix the freezes and other small glitches… Just my 2 cents

  • huckleberr-e 01.30.14 at 16:21

    I luv me sum BF4

  • kinqpin28 01.30.14 at 16:03

    for all of you who earned all the weapons c’ant you just be proud of what you’ve achieved!? Players that get guns by downloading them still need to unlock attachments and so on. You don’t need to worry because iff they don’t already got them by now there no threat to yo you in the game i think. Ps yes i have also earend all the weapens except sniper some of dmr and pdwr. and yes i like the feeling that comes with earning weapens so no i w’ont download them. ( i think )…

    • RubberTypeX 01.30.14 at 18:25

      It’s the principle. I wouldn’t have piped up tbh if they were not given FREE to other players, but what about for people who have remained loyal, paid for premium? From another point of view, we get given nothing? This is not a rant on you, but on Dice/EA :)

  • RubberTypeX 01.30.14 at 15:08

    Free Shortcut Bundles!!!! What about those of us that have earned all the weapons already by playing normally??!?! Is there an alternative? How about all the attachments for the weapons we have already got (not that I would be using every weapon anyway, but an alternative would be nice)?

  • GPB-SCOTLAND 01.30.14 at 14:35

    give dice a chance !

  • GPB-SCOTLAND 01.30.14 at 14:31

    Thanks Mr Troedsson :)

  • SynisterDemiGod 01.30.14 at 14:30

    Just like in Bad Company 2, if you pre-ordered the game, you were given a VIP status where you would get bonus content and exclusive dibs to certain weapons and unlocks…months down the road they made shortcut bundles for all those who never pre-ordered the game and most likely only paid 25 bucks for their copy, same went for the Premium features in BF3. Ppl are in their right to think this isn’t fair, and I agree with them but hey I dunno…it’s gonna happen everytime cuz there will always be bugs that ruin the game and Dice/EA need some way to make the masses happy I suppose. Free DMR’s sounds nice to me only cuz I have no intentions of ever touching the Recon class to bother unlocking them. And for all the people complaining about missing out on battlepacks, I wonder when was the last time they ever got anything epic out of a bronze or silver battlepack? If they are that important, I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt to log on for 2 minutes to open them, either way its not the end of the world. However, if they don’t release Second Assault pretty soon I fear the world will in fact come to an end j/k. I don’t know much but I do know my UMP-45 is beast and there should be an Appreciation Month for that gun itself. :)

  • svance76 01.30.14 at 14:29

    I am a fan of BF4, but I would appreciate a fix for the freezing of my ps3 when playing BF4. When I have to eject the game and allow my system to reset 5 or 6 times then go through the new prompts that PlayStation has added (the report of what happen to cause the freeze I guess, and then the corrupted file fix) I start to lose interest in playing. I have also had problems ending the game, the game ends but does something to require the ps3 to reset and then go through the prompts stated above.

    • GPB-SCOTLAND 01.30.14 at 14:33


    • GPB-SCOTLAND 01.30.14 at 14:33

      whats your ps3 name

    • Admiral_Solo 01.30.14 at 15:15

      This is a constant for me as well. Average of every two games this will happen. It only started happening arounnd the end of December.

  • resn_x 01.30.14 at 12:49

    You’re giving everyone all pistols??? I worked my butt off to unlock all of them and now you’re just gonna hand them out

  • Invalid-Menphues 01.30.14 at 12:42

    It is a good start because the road has gone so slow to recovering customer support.

    I will get the free DRM, SHOTGUN and PISTOL packs just to unlock them because I do not use any of them and hate working for the pistols. Does anyone know when these packs become available and where we lick them up seeing as they are free.

    I am normally against these but seeing as I do not use DRM’s or shotguns will claim these free items :)

  • smellyballbag 01.30.14 at 12:20

    I see all this crap every time I play the game , next time I’ll wait until the release/4 month & still counting beta has finished, and all the bugs are worked out before I even think about purchasing another DICE/EA product again, rant over. Battlefield Veteran.

  • Lagunagreen 01.30.14 at 10:32

    I just want to say that I am glad that I have the platinum trophy for this game because I stopped playing Battlefield 3 when people could pay and unlock everything. I feel that it is unfair just the same as everyone who had to work hard to unlock everything that I have. These patches that are coming soon remind me of the “fix” patches on Bf3 as well for the guns. I felt that so many patches only ended up breaking the game. I, however, do understand the importance of a weapon boost for newer players. I waited for PS4 to start Bf4 and felt a slight bit of frustration towards people with a head start on me due to playing on PS3, but that is also why it was rewarding to have all weapons unlocked and be above rank 100 now.If people weren’t willing to put up with everything and they quit playing, I don’t think they deserve incentive to come back or start now.

  • D4nSK21 01.30.14 at 10:29

    Cool! I’ve got almost all of the weapons unlocked on PS3 but just switched to PC and really looking forward to having some of my fav guns available sooner! Thanks.

  • Mitchy375 01.30.14 at 10:24

    This is a great idea and I’m sure everyone will enjoy the incentive. There is one huge let down in here again for me and I’m sure many others…. I work weekends. There are many others who cant play weekends. Separated parents that have their kids stay at the weekends. Those people are now not only missing out on the premium events that are placed on weekend but also the increased battle pack loot.
    Im not usualy one to whine and i hope this doesnt sound too whiney but it just seems like the silver battlepacks on weekends only and broze in the week is a needless punishment for those that give up their weekends for things that are important to them.

    • Derkatwork 01.30.14 at 12:41

      Are you kidding me??? You people can find ANYTHING to complain about. The free things don’t line up PERFECTLY with my life so it’s a slap in the face. I’m sorry if your situation is like that, but they are trying to be nice here. It’s not their fault that they failed to predict every single persons exact schedule and didn’t bend over backwards twice to perfectly suit you. Get over yourself.

  • N_w_A_t_C_h 01.30.14 at 09:25

    You are right about the weapon shortcuts but hey SELFISH FUCKTARD. What does “Give the vehicle unlocks” mean?! I worked hard for unlocking vehicles. You are saying dont give my things to people but give people’s things to me. Selfish fuck. Shut your crap mounth!

  • arezkurd18369 01.30.14 at 08:55

    This is bullshit! I worked hard to unlock all my pistols and I worked hard on unlocking my dmrs and shotguns! It isn’t fair for people to just freaking get. Thats like a big f**k you to everyone who stuck by this game even with all the big bugs. I think the battle packs and everything else is great. Give the vehicle unlocks and stuff but the guns people should work for like everyone else! Like wth I was proud of having all my pistols unlocked. I got this game during the ps4 launch and I didnt cry that others had a head start. DONT FREAKING GIVE GUNS TO EVERYONE WHEN MOST OF US WORKED HARD FOR THEM! Every other give away sounds great.

    • SuperEesti 01.30.14 at 13:01

      Life isn’t fair dude. I am happy for this!

  • smp2531 01.30.14 at 08:52

    yada yada yada I guess I will forget about how i was robbed of $50 for signing up for a premium membership. or how i have been killed at least 100 times by someone with a health percentage of zero since the last patch was released. kind of hard to get the enemies health below zero percent. i think my 3 year old nephew and his friends are the developers of BF4

  • Sir_diealot_Zulu 01.30.14 at 08:38

    Thank you for the opportunity. Good luck to everybody.

  • ony669 01.30.14 at 07:50

    If they just gave me the ucav i would be happy it’s impossible to get.

    • MRGOLD FINGERS 01.30.14 at 10:09

      Ony I feel your pain lol he ucav was a b£&@& to get but try using the correct type of jet you have to obtain the air superiority ribbon from air superiority but the jet ribbons can be obtained in any map with the correct jet. Defo 100% it’s how I gt mine

    • DK_Nelson 01.30.14 at 18:25

      That means that you are terrible…

  • Digidixi 01.30.14 at 07:48

    Dudes, when I go back to my desktop, it’s okay, but when I go back to the game, it crashes and calls this bug, sometimes a directx issue, and sometimes about memory leaks, I’m using Windows 8.1 updated and my computer is a warrior machine with every driver installed scrupulously.

    Here is my post where nobody answer:

  • Someguy12121 01.30.14 at 07:28

    At least DICE actually shows that they care unlike CoD. Also it seems I have been unfairly suspended from the forums for a year.

    • smp2531 01.30.14 at 08:53

      they only care that you paid them $60 for the game and then most likely $50 for premium. them pretending to care is really just them trying to prevent litigation

  • ironcross55 01.30.14 at 07:10

    Please skip the Shortcut Bundles… Not cool for us who has grinded for hours to get the weapons unlocked the right way…

    • Someguy12121 01.30.14 at 07:30

      With how much crap this game is going through I don’t really care if others get that stuff. Its not like there giving people the assignment guns.

    • arezkurd18369 01.30.14 at 08:58

      I so agree with this. I worked really hard on guns and classes I didn’t want to. Getting the last 2 dmrs was freaking time consuming. My pistols and shot guns. I was proud I finished everything this week and now that joy is short lived because people are getting handouts. Everything else is great but not the dam weapon shotcuts!

    • revolt_12 01.30.14 at 11:32

      I agree. Why do committed players get overlooked so that you can appeal to the casual user.

  • PanaPlayer 01.30.14 at 06:56

    No shortcuts please. Really sucks that people who barely play would get what others that did play for long hours.

  • UR MAMA SHOULDA 01.30.14 at 06:40

    NO SHORTCUTS THEY SUCKED IN BF3 WORST MISTAKE EVER LEVEL 1 With a weapon that I haven’t unlocked yet and is working towards you are about to ruining the game for everyone please reconsider that decision on behalf of everyone that plays BF4

  • SAS-Desert-Rats 01.30.14 at 06:26

    I am so glad your putting platoons back in, it’s been a stressful and frustrating time without it. I’m looking forward to seeing what great bonus items your releasing, maybe now people will chill out for a bit and just have fun!

  • Admiral_Solo 01.30.14 at 06:20

    Thanks Dice. I’ve played COD for years and put up with issues like everyone else and they have never given up anything equal to this appreciation month you are doing. As a end user, it is nice to know you are trying.

  • Zorua666 01.30.14 at 06:14

    Hi dice, Long time player new time commenter, it seems like your getting back on track with all the issues you’ve been experiencing due to a rush launch. However my first complaint would be the short cuts, as someone who’s grinded all weapon unlocks I see it as a slap in the face that you will now give them out for free. Next and almost everyone I play with has this problem as well, the bolt action 3rd shot miss, what’s that about and can we get a fix some time soon please. Sgt Enigma has addressed it and I know you listen to him. My final complaint would have to be the DMS’s themselves. Please no buff, they are fine just the way they are. Thanks for your time.

  • PoliceWolf 01.30.14 at 05:42

    Please, please no weapon shortcuts! I worked my butt off to earn those weapons… please don’t do that. Everything is fine and thank you for that but PLEASE no weapon shortcuts.

  • tilak898 01.30.14 at 05:21

    nice job dice! keep fixing the netcode and balances and this game will be awesome

  • NOFIRER 01.30.14 at 05:12

    SHORTCUT BUNDLES?!? Are you fucking kidding me?

    I fucking worked my ass off to unlock all the DMR rifles and it fucking sucked. It took FOREVER. Now noobs get to choose to unlock them for free.

    Fuck you DICE. Fuck this stupid fucking game.

  • PiMaC 01.30.14 at 05:00

    Good job! Can’t wait!! :)

  • SlicedCHEWY005 01.30.14 at 04:48

    Don’t forget, the shortcuts could only be available during this month or could cost money afterword.

  • SKYNET_4802505 01.30.14 at 04:24

    DICE you are all awesome and I appreciate your appreciation =) ive been a fan since bad company 2 and I know you guys dont quit when things get tough. So thank you DICE for just being an awesome group of awesome game makers!!! Cheers! =)

  • Blood_Lust_Wolf 01.30.14 at 03:43

    I don’t agree with the weapon shortcuts, I personally think they should be earned, but that’s only me. However, I like the idea of player appreciation. Dice is trying to fix the errors, yes this game is much buggier and has a number of net code errors. You knows what though, I bet most of you don’t even know how hard it actually is to program and code games. And Dice is trying to fix those mentioned errors. So all you nay-sayers need to relax. There trying to fix their mistakes, so calm down.

    • StokedKilak 01.30.14 at 04:19

      i agree with you about the weapons shortcuts its now fair for the new comers they should earn them like we did

  • SlimChaney 01.30.14 at 03:41

    Thank you Dice! You’ve acknowledged the mistakes that you have made, and you DUMPED all your man power into fixing the issues, and you’ve let the customers know that you’ve heard them, AND that you are continuing to listen. Thank you for the free items as well as the developer-only 1911 scope.

    Seriously, what other company do ANY of you whiny wienies know of that has done that? Microsoft with Windows 8 anyone? (And don’t pretend 8.1 was any better, they clearly didn’t listen).

    Seriously guys I think Dice got the message, now go whine about shipping time on ebay or something.

  • krisfelheart 01.30.14 at 03:39

    Thanks for all your efforts DICE, I can’t wait for this up coming month. I agree with Kainesius “Nothing is perfect in life, but I acknowledge the commitment by DICE to make things better.”

  • DEVGRU_LtJG 01.30.14 at 03:37

    Just like “balancing”… not giving us what we asked for, just making some shit up on your own DICE. Typical…

  • Kainesius 01.30.14 at 03:31

    I just want to say thanks… I’m level 60 with most items unlocked and I’m just grateful that they are showing appreciation to the fans while they fix the problems. Some fans want quick fixes, because they have no patience or attention spans. This is the only game I have on my ps4 and am loving it. Nothing is perfect in life, but I acknowledge the commitment by DICE to make things better.

  • DEVGRU_LtJG 01.30.14 at 03:30

    How about something that actually takes you EFFORT like the Second Assault maps that we should have had a month ago, or make some new weapons exclusively for premium players (you know the ones who paid $120 for this game and haven’t gotten half of what they paid for)??? This is just another publicity stunt for appeasement and we can see right through it. Make your garbage game not kill me behind cover and stop the instant kills and kill trading and then maybe people will enjoy this game. With this stunt, all you did is hopefully buy yourself another few weeks of people playing the game before it goes in the tank again.

  • sugarmomo 01.30.14 at 03:29

    I really enjoyed the single-player and it was much more better than the Battlefield 3 single player, but the only thing is that at the end of the single-player mode, I was trying to sacrifice myself instead of Irish or Hannah and then the chrono time out and Pac died and he was my favorite character. One of the thing that I loved the most about multi-player is the water-based combat and it’s reason why I cannot wait for the Naval Strike DLC

  • SnowGhost686 01.30.14 at 03:20

    Honestly DICE, people are so upset because we KNOW that you ARE BETTER THAN THIS GAME SHOWS! So,….. What happened?

  • alexmoney237 01.30.14 at 03:15

    Most of the people commenting haven’t read the whole thing. They said they are going to be fixing a lot of things during this month so please relax.

  • Oaktown_6 01.30.14 at 03:03

    I applaud the idea of player appreciation. However, battlepacks and double XP mean nothing when I have unlocked all the weapons and have reached rank of 110. These “gifts” amount to nothing of substantial value. I do not care what the developers think nor community challenges. I would rather DICE correct the remaining problems with the game and release Second Assault. I realize this takes time to correct, but I find using distractions like “player appreciation month” insulting.

    • SnowGhost686 01.30.14 at 03:23

      Hooah to that Oaktown! Anyone over 18 who isn’t distracted by shiny objects knows… This IS an insult. This is the FINAL attempt to milk a few more sales … For shame DICE!

  • smacktooth 01.30.14 at 03:01

    i dont care 1 bit about player appreciation… i think we all would rather have the lag/stuttering that makes this unplayable… even SINGLEPLAYER LAGGGED A LOT! plz fix the game before adding on to it.

  • walking1dead9 01.30.14 at 03:00

    Can you guys allow us to change the sprint button? Pushing in the analog stick all the time hurts and I literally think it’s giving me arthritis. I don’t even run anymore and choose to fly so I don’t have to press the god damn analog stick. Can’t you guys just make it possible to use the stick sensitivity to control running and boost? I need options other then not playing anymore.

  • VVulfman 01.30.14 at 02:50

    um I would not be wasting time with stunts, I would be focused on fixing the elements in the game that are in desperate need of attention. Atrocious connection issues with gun play, conquest 64 of ps4 really unplayable as a soldier unless playing sniper or engineer, or whoring vehicles.. Besides the beauty of the game no pun intended I enjoyed bf3 and bf2 at this point of your new game.. I appreciate the offer but I wish you were offering me answers or fixes to the features in your multiplayer that are broken I guess the 8 year olds are excited thou with the free guns!!!
    Me not so much.. I am disappointed and do not misunderstand that with just ranting on your blog.. I know how talented dice is…

    I would appreciate the to play more like battlefield 3.. I think I speak for many fans as well… Why you tried to change it… I dunno, neither do many of us…

  • MOCmunkeh 01.30.14 at 02:47

    Wow this is the most pathetic excuse for an apology for all the shit the loyal players of this game have gone through! There are so many issues that need to be addressed in this game it is astounding! Do you guys actually think things like this through? Did you honestly think that giving the guns us loyal players have spent our time and effort to get, just to give to new players for free wasn’t going to piss us off? Whoever in your company decided that this was a great way of showing your appreciation to your most loyal players needs to be fucking fired, some of the suggestions in the below comments are better than your “player appreciation month” and some of those comments were written by teenagers! some of whom are still in school! listen to the customers, the people that play the game!

  • SenseiEggFooYung 01.30.14 at 02:39

    Will the game ever be playable? I’m absolutely sick of getting shot around corners, getting killed with one shot from a pistol at over 100 yds away (both of which happened TODAY, as well as last month). Forget Player Appreciation giveaways–the way you can show your appreciation is by fixing the game!

  • patzivota 01.30.14 at 02:31

    Honestly, DICE the perks for BF4 Player Appreciation Month are not at all impressive. Summed down, it’s basically just battlepacks and temporary shortcut bundles. Firstly, Battlepacks are horrible b/c they always involve unlocks for weapons you don’t use, secondly free shortcut bundles are a cheap move, too, especially since they only last a week!!!!!

    Doubly XP is nothing since we get it all the time. Developer interviews are not that impressive, either. Community missions is just more battlepacks!

    For the respect of the players, how about a new weapon or two for Player Appreciation Month? Or even a discount on Premium! Or maybe First Assault availability for PC and PS players! Now that would be great. Otherwise Player App. Month just seems like a low-blow.

  • BottledBurth 01.30.14 at 02:24

    Wow people…if you read the small print you’d realize these weapon unlocks for dmr and pistols an such only last for a week! Big woop if people get to try them out for a week and then afterwards have to go back to grinding to actually unlock them.. I welcome noobs with dmr’s cause I still got the skills allready down to take them out.

    • yerffej09 01.30.14 at 02:42

      I dont support shortcuts, if you read the whole thing you would know that its only available for download for a week. But once you download it, its yours to keep

  • Razznickk 01.30.14 at 02:20

    I agree with Shady .. I luv playing the game n I enjoy fighting n grinding for weapon unlocks but giving away free shortcuts …. That’s lame … I work hard to get what I want should be the same for everyone else

  • Shady Identity 01.30.14 at 02:12

    Thanks for all the great work you guys at Dice do. Player Appreciation Month?? Brilliant Idea. But Free Shortcut bundles?? Fucked idea. I haven’t unlocked many pistols and no shotguns or DMR’s. I love grinding it out to unlock stuff, and you guys at Dice are just going to give it away? That’s fucked up. Fix the issues with the game first, then entice the fans with free shit. I for one will not download the shortcuts and anyone who does is a piece of shit noob.

  • SiPerino 01.30.14 at 01:58

    Don’t give out free progress to undedicated players! Give out patches to fix netcode issues! Give out updates that benefit all players!

  • FTG Orchideous 01.30.14 at 01:40

    I just posted my comment
    I’m adding again
    I will literally stop playing this game.
    This is a pathetic way to earn fans back. Ur just earning back stupid blueberries
    I’ve dealt with the bugs cuz the game is still amazing
    But this will ruin it all.
    I beg of you.
    Cuz I’m not threatening to stop playing
    I just know I’m going to stop if you do this
    And every dum noobs gets me with a cz75 and compact 45 or scar hv
    And they’ll be under level 30
    That’s just wrong

  • FTG Orchideous 01.30.14 at 01:35

    I don’t like the pistol and dmr shortcut bundles.
    That’s insanely unfair to people who grinded it out to get them.
    If you don’t have the skill to earn ur way to a compact 45 or 93r with lesser pistols
    Then you don’t deserve to use them.
    Grinding it out has made me a better more disciplined player.
    It’s unfair.
    I see level 80′s still use p226 cuz they don’t care about pistols and have no appreciation why give them it now.
    And this isn’t bribing anyone to keep playing.
    It’s well as he’ll gonna deter me to play if I’m getting killed by level 15′s with a 45 or cz
    Seriously plz don’t do this.
    Just make more xp events.
    Your just bribing unreal fans

    • AxelHUN 01.30.14 at 01:50

      Agreed, DMRs are probably one of the hardest guns to unlock. Used the last double XP weekend to finally unlock them all, still have two pistols left to unlock and I won’t use the shortcuts. If you want people to have and use DMRs, tweak them so they are worth to unlock, nit just throw them all…

  • Reeslin 01.30.14 at 01:23

    Awesome news folks. I have been playing since the game came out and have continued to enjoy the game – small frustrations here and there but I have GREATLY appreciated the hard and ongoing work that you are giving to this amazing game. Thank you! Thank you! Thanks You!

  • Brutis777 01.30.14 at 01:15

    Oh ya, fuck you..

  • Brutis777 01.30.14 at 01:11

    Fuck you dice! You’re going to just give away all the guns that took the longest to unlock. I’ve kept playing since release and grinded out these classes. You are rewarding everyone who quit and fucking the loyal players. This might be the last straw for me if a bunch of noobs are going to be killing me with the compact 45 or the scar h SV. Track my time future time played…. Fuck you.

  • decoy_x43 01.30.14 at 00:57

    Thanks for appreciating all the hours I put in earning pistols, DMR’s, and shotguns. Glad it was all a huge waste of time. And don’t worry about that veteran battlepack I still don’t have. How could such a great game end up so screwed up. Why don’t you just refund everyone for BF4 and start fresh on BF5.

  • smartgent 01.30.14 at 00:57

    DICE: It is obvious this is a Damage control move. Unfortunately, your game is still has too many issues be able to bribe people to keep playing. Your window of opportunity has pretty much closed. This is what I see. 80% empty servers why would that be? especially when people have to pay for them? It seems as though too many people bought into the hype, and purchased servers. If you don’t get the bugs squashed first and then quickly Balance the game and items in the game, with realism in mind. You are gonna find that people are just gonna dump this game and move to the competition.

    Don’t give me wrong your game offers some pretty cool stuff, but overall this game was poorly executed and definitely not tested good. What I really think is BS, and this is EA’s BS, is the cost of the premium membership! It is NOT worth $59.00 Maybe half but I am not really seeing the benefit overall. I will never buy into that again. Fortunately my game was free, so it works out for me in the end.

    Guns should level up with hits on target, not kills, especially with this game. I am pretty tired of getting creamed with all the cheaters too. PB doesn’t work worth a shit.

    BTW, Your character camo choices are complete STUPID, for the maps that they are used on.
    If you want to give something away, give those away, because they are worthless. Why did you not allow players to use the custom camo’s on the most important piece of gear, out uniforms!!

    I personally am tired of posting on this stuff, because it isn’t getting better from my perspective. You can keep telling yourselves that you are “doing a great job” for the community, but you aren’t. You should have run an open beta, and fixed the issues. I am sure that is EA’s fault too because they needed their Christmas Bonuses and pushed it out the door.

    I am dismayed and utterly disappointed by the delivery and execution of this game. I know you are trying to bribe us and bail out the water of your sinking Titanic, but this is the last EA game I buy for a very long time. I will never pay full price for any EA game again. It is no wonder EA has the horrible rating that it does. I know the guys at DiCE are prolly trying to do a good thing, but I do not agree with giving away the unlocks to everything. I think the problem is with the system of having to unlock every fricken thing for every fricken weapon, stupid tedium.

    BTW: In my opinion the XP for levels should have been MUCH higher! it is far too easy to advance levels. I am already level 88 and I shouldn’t even be half that. But I don’t hold much faith in that anyway.

    on a positive note, I do like some of your map designs, too bad my character can’t smoothly navigate everything. …..enough I am going to play ARMA 3

  • nicknatts 01.30.14 at 00:51

    Nice to know I spent all that time unlocking the dmr’s to then have them given away for no work at all. Great job Dice!

  • Sci-fi_fanatic22 01.30.14 at 00:22

    This is all great, but when will you give us custom button mapping for console players. The current controls are really uncomfortable for veteran players, you have no idea how many times I have died because I hit R1 expecting my weapon to fire.

    • SnowGhost686 01.30.14 at 03:17

      YES, changing the controls on every battlefield iteration is driving me insane! And, you A-holes changed the buttons going from PS3 to PS4 just to be dicks!! Seriously, what was the reason for that you Swedish bastards! Trying to pivot with a tank is freaking annoying (not to mention getting vehicles stuck on invisible objects).

  • EyEh8U 01.30.14 at 00:19

    For the love of all that’s holy, please please give more control to button layouts. I’m sick and tired of unintentionally switching firing modes only to find out I’m shooting at someone while in semi-auto mode instead full auto.

  • TheDiaperButtKid 01.29.14 at 23:59

    Thanks Karl!
    I will personally see to it that when I unlock my free DMRs, (because I am Premium and you appreciate me) I will snipe each and every one of these little bitches that are not feeling appreciated!

    Karl, have you considered allowing players to set their own KDR in Battlelog to whatever they want? I think that would get these little bitches to stop blaming you (the game) for being so bad at it.

    How about a KDR boost in Battlepacks! 2x, 3x and 4x!
    Little bitches would go crazy for battlepacks then.

    Just a thought.


  • Loredo2014 01.29.14 at 23:57

    Do not just give away weapons like that! I have worked hard to unlock all my pistols and I want to actually earn my DMR and shotgun unlocks. Now, people who have not payed their time to the game will get some weapons with no effort. That’s ridiculous! I did not spend hours of my time for something that I could have waited for and get with no effort put in to it at all. Instead you should do something else that is not over the top like maybe letting every member just pick only one weapon to unlock instead of having all grenades, pistols, dmrs, and shotguns unlocked. And that weapon that the person chose will have every attachment unlocked and premium members will be able to pick 2 weapons.

  • Pr3datoR_Ey3z 01.29.14 at 23:33

    How about fixing (with any weapon) Once fired, then(for instance) one soldier dies after firing any weapon….No shots never land they just act like they disappear.
    Our shots FIRED before we die should count. As of now They Do Not.

  • BattleCraft 4 01.29.14 at 23:31

    DMR shortcuts and shotgun shortcut is just going to ruin the online experience. Snipers are already over used now we got semi auto snipers to worry about.

  • Pr3datoR_Ey3z 01.29.14 at 23:07

    Hooah to: Karl Magnus Troedsson, DICE VP & GM
    -keep the Game-Spice coming…

  • PaRAtro0per 01.29.14 at 23:06

    I’m not the one to complain a lot and the whole idea make sense, but I fear that unlocking all dmr for every prenium players will be overwhelming as there’s already to many snipers. Now it seems there’s only 2 ways of playing battlefield in conquest. As an engineer with a vehicle or as a sniper. It should be so hard sniping from great distance that most people wouldn’t want to waste their time with it

  • Xhro 01.29.14 at 23:05

    I’d rather not have the DMR and Shotgun Shortcuts on this list :\

  • FROGMAN VI 01.29.14 at 22:52

    Sweet! Looking forward to it, I only hope that rent a server will return so that us hardcore BF4 players have somewhere to practice as a team. Check us out were proud to be part of the Battlefield community.

  • Ins3rtEpicName 01.29.14 at 22:47

    Could you give us the .44 magnum 3x scope as well please?

  • leebrandon 01.29.14 at 22:44

    what i only use certain weapons and i don’t mind unlocking them but the air vehicles should be bundles cause i hate flying now!(not in bf3)

  • Lari-Fari_Nr1 01.29.14 at 22:37

    Love the game! But please: No Short Cut bundles! I won’t even download them myself, I like unlocking guns aso little by little. Thats part of the fun!

  • klong13579b 01.29.14 at 22:36

    I think that for the player appreciation month dice should let us premium players have the dice camo

  • DJFrodo 01.29.14 at 22:16

    I always considered the paid bundle unlocks in BF3 as CHEATING. There’s already issues with people at max rank and offering bundles shortens the game life, very BAD move.

  • Dany_Juanillo 01.29.14 at 22:12

    Yeah that’s great but I’m still waiting to be able to create a squad and change my loadouts FROM THE MENU. That along with fixing the annoying freezes and crashes is enough to show your appreciation. I wish EA sold this franchise to another company so that they would stop thinking only about how to get more money from the users.

    • LordRockinghamm 01.30.14 at 02:42

      I agree completely. EA is only doing the unlock bundles to make money. Just like they did with bf3, dead space 3 and various others. Squad setup and loadout editing are essential main menu components that MUST be restored to the bf franchise. And fix the netcode. Tired of the one hit kills/no hit markers on my targets.

  • SirupyGorilla 01.29.14 at 21:54

    You know DICE this is a pretty screwed up move once again your fucking over the people who payed 120 for the game and premium if you want to show anybody appreciation show the premium member appreciation not noobs who haven’t dealt with the problems of the game since day one. I like the idea of us getting 2 xp weekends but still short cuts for noobs is complete bullshit I may just say screw EA DICE and get rid of BF4 and go to call of duty even though it’s way worse at least they don’t give out free weapons to noobs . And for the love of god fix Operation Metro 2014 is as simple as removing a fucking vending machine get your shit together. Nuff said ban me if you want but I’m jumping on the lawsuit bandwagon

    • Trollolol420 01.29.14 at 22:01

      You my friend are an idiot. I do not believe giving away weapons for free is smart, since I spent a lot of time unlocking all the weapons. However, your points are lost in your incoherent rambling and worst of all, horrible spelling. You’re probably terrible at the game any how, if your biggest concern is free weapons to “noobs” then you’re an abomination. You see what I did there? That last sentence was to show you how to use you’re and your correctly. Please stay!!! and PLEASE play on PS4 so I can get easy kills and level up my weapons easy. You(being a noob) make it easy to level up weapons. I need some more kills for my DMR bitch.

  • CreamFresch 01.29.14 at 21:04

    you can download the shortcut bundles if you want to. If you dont want them, you dont have to.

  • StingrayX 01.29.14 at 20:47

    I like the idea for the month. But not the shortcut packs. Everyone should EARN their weapons and unlocks and not have them handed to them.

    • LordRockinghamm 01.30.14 at 02:45

      Agreed. Appreciation is appreciated. New DLC would be great. Stop tweaking things and just fix the net code.

  • XEPicZzVIPERX 01.29.14 at 20:44

    Thanks for all the hard work that’s been put into the patches. I am definitely someone who appreciates the game.

  • NefRtheEfer 01.29.14 at 20:40

    Keep the patches and updates coming! I’ve noticed an enormous difference since release day. Thanks for the free perks. You guys are doing great.

  • Rotter_Ritter 01.29.14 at 20:32

    I don’t see any point in bringing out Second Assault until the ridiculous rubber-banding problems are fixed. The last fix just changed the amplitude of the harmonic by raising its frequency. The quality of the game play remains very inferior to BF3. You’d think by now this problem would be fixed, permanently!

  • JACKE 709 01.29.14 at 20:32

    Do you still get the battlepack’s if you login on commander via phone/tablet?
    I won’t be able to start the game every day on my xbone cuz I won’t be at home for a entire week.

  • OffMaNutt 01.29.14 at 20:13

    This sucks a big fat one! How come this content can be added while us PREMIUM players are still waiting for second assault?
    Offering this content is a bribe to sweeten players that have been sold a below par product in the first place, but what about those of us that have paid £80, and still have nothing but a basic game!

    • XEPicZzVIPERX 01.29.14 at 20:39


      • XEPicZzVIPERX 01.29.14 at 20:41

        I have second assualt as a premium member. I think it’s certain platforms that have problems. I haven’t had any problems on the xbox one.

  • DrVegetaPh_ja4d 01.29.14 at 20:12

    If you don’t log in each day, will the daily unlocks carry over to the next day or will it be gone forever?

  • TheLast_Llama 01.29.14 at 20:00

    NO! VERY BAD MOVE DICE, as a battlefield fan I play the game frequently and enjoy a challenge so I took it upon myself to unlock every weapon in the game which was relatively simple except from the pistols and DMRs the last few of these weapon classes such as the ACE 52 SV and COMPACT 45. Are brilliant weapons and should have to be earned as they are easy to use now noobs will be able to abuse these weapons as they are just gifted I them and people who put time and effort into getting them are just left as really I haven’t gained anything :/ GG DICE

    • CreamFresch 01.29.14 at 21:03

      you can download the shortcut bundles if you want to. If you dont want them, you dont have to.

    • jut22 01.29.14 at 22:49

      All the comments complaining about the shortcut bundles did you play BF3, because they were in that game as well._ for every weapon and vehicle type.

      I think this is great. Thanks DICE! I dont use sniper rifles so i cant wait to unlock all the handguns.

  • Sadomasochisms 01.29.14 at 20:00

    It took me multiple hours trying to unlock all of the weapons in the shortcuts and now they’re given out for free.. It’s a nice gesture, just hate that i took that time and killed my K/D for them to be free.. dice you guys are doing a good job at the game despite the problems we’ve had (it’s a new game, it’s not perfect).

  • CanadianHamEH 01.29.14 at 19:56

    Thanks for all the free stuff and boosts for the newer players/players that hate dmrs and shotguns. Just question about the DMR short cut and shotgun one will we unlock all of them or just a portion?

    • CreamFresch 01.29.14 at 21:06

      you get all of them like the shortcuts in bf3

  • VVilIY 01.29.14 at 19:53

    It’s nice to see the apology/appreciation. I hope on February 1st you have the game fixed. Wish I had my .44 scope. Giving away all the pistols/grenades sucks tho. That doesn’t show appreciation to the players who have been here 3 months. We have what we want. It’s hurting us. A nice gesture none the less I guess. Noobs get what took others hours. anyways. I just hope you fix it. it’s a great game. stop nerfing all the guns please.

  • uberhowling 01.29.14 at 19:51

    Yeah…..thanks Dice….some of us do appreciate your efforts…..good work :-)

  • SGT RP Command 01.29.14 at 19:50

    DMR and shotgun shortcut? WOOHOOOOO!!!!! :)

  • GabrielGonnes 01.29.14 at 19:44

    Opa beleza

  • BarraQuda 01.29.14 at 19:21

    Does the daily login also include login as commander or is it just through platforms?

  • SeKontXIII 01.29.14 at 18:33

    “no comment”

  • cracovia1906 01.29.14 at 18:32

    But the guy is right the game does not work I can”t play one map since the begin until now.I have to skip the map to avoid a crush

  • Cpt-Nononerdo 01.29.14 at 18:31

    Looks Good! and Cheers to the premium Extras!

  • Army_medic75 01.29.14 at 18:24

    @Karl why don’t you show your appreciation in more substantive ways. Battlepacks? Shortcuts? How about we just get a working game

  • DonIon0 01.29.14 at 18:19

    @ Karl Magnus Troedsson, we don’t need shortcut kits. I am currently working on unlocking my 1911 an I enjoy working for my unlocks. Giving them away to help newer players takes the fun out of the game. Thanks.

  • Macross7Island 01.29.14 at 17:59

    @eliteh1 quit bitching. If the game is so shitty for you stop playing it. Go play frogger you bitch!

  • TOORBO 01.29.14 at 17:58

    If you guys are working hard, then work 5-10x harder, because it doesn’t show. I thing SHORTCUT BUNDLES are okay only when there is only about 2 months for the new game to be released… But just 3 months of the game in the streets and already SHORTCUT bundles???? That is not fair to the loyal fans that play hard every day trying to unlock everything to get some advantage against the enemies. Why dont you just nerf everything down to the same amount of damage no matter if u get shot by an HE shell or a mp443, ah? Yea, just nerf everything down like u did in BF3 so the game can suck even more.

    When is SECOND ASSAULT coming out? Cant find nothing about it.

    I just want to rent my servers. I know people would said why I continue to throw money to DICE, but renting my server, I can put to play the best maps from DLC and regular. I can setup the health, tickets, etc. I can manage to play what I really like and not what DICE give me at the moment, with 2 servers. One for China Rising and another for the original maps.
    I can choose a 200% tickets, people that are Team Killing just for fun, I can kicked them out, etc. And that way me and my friends can record good matches and all the glitches, problems, etc that is in the game.

  • SlappyDingle 01.29.14 at 17:57

    All the effort we put in to unlocking these guns and you guys give them away?! Seriously. Take a poll before doing stuff like this!!! WTF?!!

  • yoshonesk 01.29.14 at 17:55

    I’m actually quite okay with the 2xXP weekends.
    It can even be 3xXP weekend, but just don’t give out free stuff that people had to work hard to get.
    Doesn’t make any sense and just rubs more salt into the wound…

  • EliteH1 01.29.14 at 17:53

    I don’t want more battlepacks
    I don’t want free shortcut kits
    I don’t want more double XP weekends
    I don’t want “live chats with devs who should be working on fixing the shitty game instead”
    I don’t want Community Missions

    I want:
    A game that works
    A game that doesn’t randomly kick me from servers for no reason
    A game to stop getting “BF4 has stopped working” errors on a perfectly stable, clean, & up to date computer.


  • Customrider004 01.29.14 at 17:49

    Um I have been into battlefield on the xbox since BC and have BC2, MoH Tier1, MoH Warfight, BF3, Play4Free(pc) now BF4 and they all offer slightly different game play but are basically the same thing just slightly different mechanics which can be expected. But the general rule is you play to upgrade weapons and abilities. Yes its nice to be rewarded for being with the franchise for such a long time and with my poor K/D ratio it would be nice to have a helping hand but not at the expense of feeling I hadn’t achieved it even by just plodding through. So to then give the reward to those who have just picked up the game I feel cheated for all the time and hard play I have endured to get where I have. I know there has been a lot of complaining going on because of the starting glitches and crashing in the system, I do feel that generally it is the best shooter on the market. So please don’t upset those that have stood by you through these teething problems.

  • Cromagnon47 01.29.14 at 17:48

    I am a older player that is not very good, I can’t move as fast as most players. I appreciate the idea of being able to get a better pistol. I only wish there is a way that you can take that bulls eye off of me.

    • Customrider004 01.29.14 at 17:52

      You’re not alone. Been gaming since the C64 and now the youngsters just murder me every time. Mind I suppose it keeps their K/D ratio up :-)

  • Army_medic75 01.29.14 at 17:25

    So you are attempting to curry favor for the state of the game by BS tokens again(3x scope 1911)DICE you are so full of it, it’s pathetic

  • SoupedUp_Chevy 01.29.14 at 17:09

    I’m so excited to get Second Assault but even more excited to get Naval Strike. I almost have 30 stars for the Fast Attack Boats and am a big fan of naval combat. I’m looking forward to seeing what Dice has in store for us hopefully some different naval vehicles besides the RCB DV15. maybe some bigger stronger vehicles and maybe some smaller but strong vehicles.

  • Rumstoner 01.29.14 at 17:07

    What a shock, people are still moaning. We all know there are some serious issues with the game and this Player Appreciation Month (PAM) is a thank you to those who are patiently awaiting fixes. This takes time; repeatedly shouting “FIX THE GAME” will not speed up the process, nor eliminate the 100s of hrs needed just to research and identify the issues, or the subsequent time to create the solutions. Stop being dumb and believing there are magical patching fairies out there who will fix the game if/when you whine loud enough.
    I’m not overly-fussed about this PAM but I certainly don’t see the shortcut bundles being a bad thing, either. Premium users have always had access to these kind of offers so there’s nothing unfair there, and Dice are only offering handguns and grenades to “regular” players which will make little to no impact on any competent player’s game. Face it, if you’re down to your pistol then things are either going really really badly and you can’t hit a barn door with a tractor or really really well and you’re the only man standing amidst a mountain of corpses.

    • Army_medic75 01.29.14 at 17:26

      This might actually be the case if most of these problems were discovered in BETA hint this game is still in a beta state and you wanting to excuse DICE for the state of the game is the exact reason why they get away with releasing a game in this state

    • DEVGRU_LtJG 01.30.14 at 03:43

      It shouldn’t have taken time in the first place. It shouldn’t have been released it the state it was in. If they were in over their heads then the game should have been scaled back. Don’t make excuses for them. They dumped a crap game on us.

  • DaktariT 01.29.14 at 16:47

    Fantastic gun shortcut, I one of those not so great player that takes a while to unlock weapon so let me get there by myself and let others do the same. Maybe a DICE Developer firing squad once a month to make room for proper game developers who know how to make a project work without bribery.

  • FullFireRedBomb 01.29.14 at 16:44

    The weapon unlocks are BAD idea. You talk about wanting to balance the game, then you go and let everyone who’s coughed up a couple of bucks have access to everything? Weapons in this game should be EARNED, not given. It’s especially a kick in the teeth to the people who’ve put in tens or hundreds of hours to unlock the weapons they want. Just …. no.

  • SargentJimbo 01.29.14 at 16:42

    I would appreciate just being able to play the game. After reading the forms I know I am not the only one with connection problems. When you spend a $100 on a game you expect it to work. You want to show your appreciation for the players fix the bugs so everyone can play. Mean while I have gone back to playing BF3. Just and FYI my connection problems seem to increase after the December update.

  • Yickman OP 01.29.14 at 16:35

    DONT create shortcut weapon kits, especiallly not for the handguns, I spent so much time to unlock them. I really dont want to see lv 1s holding a compact 45 or magnum because he did not earn it.

  • M0grain 01.29.14 at 16:35

    Game start was very bad but now all works fine – keep it up.

  • D3vi0usWarl0rd 01.29.14 at 16:31

    I personally am extremely grateful for Player Appreciation Month, the game is great even in it’s “broken” state. I mean every game I’ve went and got a game around it’s first few months after realease it had issues. It’s not broken, it just needs work done, which I have seen the multitude of posts on Battlelog and sometimes the Main Menu when I go to play Battlefield 4. I’m glad you guys are doing your best to tweak the game to it’s best potential outcome. Thank you for caring about your fans DICE.

    • TOORBO 01.29.14 at 17:33

      People saying that the games is fine, that all games have the first few months of issues, etc have to be noobs to the Battlefield franchise. Not going way back to BF19432, but BF3 I didnt had major issues like this one. Just the begginning problems of joining battlelog with PS3 and stuff like that. MOHWF was ok, not perfect but compared to this BF4, it was immaculate. So no, the game is not fine, specially the LAG, RUBBERBANDING, SOLDIER having PARKINSON while playing, etc.

  • MrCarver360 01.29.14 at 16:16

    I know a lot of people here are complaining and while I understand a bit of the grief for the weapon unlocks I can’t imagine the DMR, Shotguns, and Pistols all being unlocked is going to unbalance everyone’s game and or ruin yours. I personally prefer to earn it but some people don’t have the time or patience and if it helps DICE try to show that they’re doing what they can then go for it. I’m totally for the battle pack thing and even the double XP. Thanks DICE! :)

  • Coffeebot 01.29.14 at 16:09

    I stopped playing on the 7th of the 12th 2013 because of the BS present in the game, I hit rank 105 in that time and you’re trying to tell me you appreciate me by giving me useless battle-packs and a whopping 2 shotguns? No… just no. This isn’t player appreciation month, this is “I got the game at Christmas and suck” appreciation month.

  • neroMANIAC 01.29.14 at 15:57

    What a joke. All the crap players you have no skill don’t deserve to just have the weapons/equipment that the real skilled players get. I worked hard to achieve certain unlocks and these retards just get it.
    Weapons bundles are a joke and your worthless stats will show that.
    Hey Dice. @&$!&? You!

  • cowsandchickens 01.29.14 at 15:25

    Yes unlocking content for us in your broken to the core game because we can’t get it ourselves because your game is broken. Way to epicly fail DICE.

  • Luukku12FIN 01.29.14 at 15:20

    I would like to obtain my Veteran battlepack : P

  • EgotisticPigeon 01.29.14 at 15:16

    I’m not such a good payer and I appreciate what your doing to make a better experience for us but… I think that the guns should be earned no matter what and we should get a battle pack no matter if were logged in or not. I also rather have more of the bugs fixed like when battle field freezes our xbox’s and we loose all our battle scores.

  • Hei-_-SiUxD 01.29.14 at 15:14

    i spent all my time to unlocking all the weapons & accessories , and you just give out free Shortcut Bundles ?!?! just wasting all my time playing BF4 … its not fair !!!

  • AttackSapper 01.29.14 at 15:07

    hey dice
    give me some veteran battlepack
    Already 3 months passed…

  • BOBAFETTwg 01.29.14 at 15:04

    Well im glad i spent all that time unlocking all the pistols to get the comp .45 when now every one gets it for free. No reason to even try unlocking stuff because well just get it all eventually. if anything just give out the UCAV

  • skerpent 01.29.14 at 14:36


    Game disconnected: could not join server.

  • Littleturn 01.29.14 at 14:29

    A battlepack a day? Wow.
    Any chance that one out of 29 is the Veteran pack we’ve been waiting for?

  • billboa172 01.29.14 at 13:34

    Please take the front knife/counter knife out of the game. it doesn’t work i can go from the side and end up getting countered for getting the jump on an unexpecting player. On a positive note , im glad you have taken the bunny hopping out of the game that was in the previous bf3 – that was so annoying. hopefully this coming update resolves a lot of the bugs that are plagueing this game and we can all chillout and focus on the positives.

  • tyrolek 01.29.14 at 13:28

    Now this is simply stupid – unlocking everything for everyone after people took the time and made an effort to unlock weapons. Maybe throw in all the attachments as well? Bad idea.

    Just deliver battlepacks and extra maps. Do not diminish the effort of the last few months for the people who took their time.

  • billboa172 01.29.14 at 13:24

    Where is the fun in getting given all the weapons most of us have been trying to unlock for ages. that is part of the enjoyment, put the hours in you unlock a new weapon, i dont want a free pass to all weapons i haven’t unlocked , iwanna unlock them myself. the longevity of the game will deteriorate if you keep giving crap/lazy players free equipment that most of us have put the time in to earn. if you wanna give us something , give us the dice paint/camo thats in game but we cant unlock.

  • KOMJONG 01.29.14 at 13:12

    Oh yes I appreciate all of the crashing and freezing on EVERY match I play. And yes I am just ecstatic about the COD uncanny familiarity.

  • DieBy50Caliber 01.29.14 at 13:11

    Wow are we supposed to be excited that noobs get all the weapons we who have been on since the start and worked countless hours to get. I think not. Come on EA show some nads and give the vets of this game something we would be proud to have and maybe it would be a player appreciation month. heres something… like some sort of weapon that you cant get until the last part of this game or something like that. To give someone all these weapons to a person who just started isnt fair at all.

  • Einherjar3 01.29.14 at 13:04

    Where’s second assault

  • Einherjar3 01.29.14 at 13:03


  • AgraelDemonLord 01.29.14 at 12:55

    When we get VETERAN PACK ? or just scope for 44. magnum ?! I dont want any of your stupid battle packs full of +EXP bonuses.

    FIX the netcode, one shot kill and give me 3x scope for 44. magnum !

  • thomas_and_tiggy 01.29.14 at 12:54

    Great news for new players… and only for them! :(
    Where’s second assault for PS4 premium users? Like someone said “It does little if anything to those people who spent hours modifying their computers and countless frustrating hours dropping offline, tolerating odd if not just plain poor execution of the development and entrusting EA (and DICE to a degree) with our gaming enjoyment.”

  • Swiftlyy 01.29.14 at 12:46

    Thanks for your hard work Dice, but seriously…Shortcut bundles? I’ve been through hell to unlock every weapon in-game (especially the DMR’s) and now you’re just going to give them away… People have to earn those weapons just like we did… I’m seriously done with this game right now, I feel like I’ve been playing and going to play for nothing. I had fun these few months though, so thanks for that. Also, besides this update, great updates coming up! Thanks for listening

    • Grim_streaker999 01.29.14 at 13:16

      This^ being a bf veteran I have used many hour unlocking weapons and gear, and now your just gonna unlock them? Who does that really benefit? Just the newcomers that you hope will join given this deal.

      Btw unlocking new shiny stuff is one of the things I love the most playing with this game, I usually move along when all is unlocked. Too many great games out there to use my time on just one

  • pjizzle666 01.29.14 at 12:28

    Battle packs will be nice for the boosts but I don’t think weapons should be unlocked. I’ve put 100 plus hrs in the game since November and new players getting it without the work is bs. I died a lot with the first few shifty shotguns to get the DBV-12.

  • R6 Krycek 01.29.14 at 12:26

    Maybe the various fix for the game will be in this appreciation battlepacks??

  • Chris__247 01.29.14 at 12:02

    As player appreciation can we have some more embarrasing knives for killing people with?

    Maybe use a tazer instead, or a PEZ dispenser, or maybe a rusty spoon? Anything that with make people smile and rage at the same time. What suggestions do you have for stupid knives?

    • thestickler 01.29.14 at 13:00

      Nice! haha
      I would like to see different animations for different knife kills too!

    • Littleturn 01.29.14 at 14:30

      A spade… Preferably the russian throwing one ;)

  • R6 Krycek 01.29.14 at 12:00

    Fix the game!

  • TinOmen2010 01.29.14 at 11:45

    First off, I am thankful for the battlepacks being offered. Otherwise, DICE should have thrown in some gold battlepacks as well. Perhaps on days where usage is low.

    I do have an issue with double xp weekends though. When you do double XP weekends, can you at least make up for the late starts by extending the end times? It’s not the players faults if something went wrong on EA’s end and they started the bonus weekend late. Otherwise, a full week of double xp would have really rocked and it would have meant a lot to the dedicated players.

    I know one thing that would really show fan appreciation would be to give us a cool weapon. I am thinking that The M1 Garand would have really rocked as a gesture to those who stuck with you through all of the errors, glitches and crashes and lost progress. So many others just gave up and traded off their games at Gamestop.

    Fan’s of the franchise love having additional firearms. I think the vintage M1 would have really been a nice touch.

  • S34WOLF 01.29.14 at 11:44

    I can see the reasons for doing it and to be fair its easier for them to give these small things out at the moment so they can concentrate on trying to fix the game. I never bought premium for BF3 but knew I would get it for BF4. So far i’ve managed to play on a china rising map twice and I’ve never played air superiority because it just doesnt exist on 360 at the moment. Its disheartening to think that money has been spent by the players but not the developers. Its a two way street but someone keeps on raising those bollards.

    • RvdSnl 01.29.14 at 12:15

      Hey s34wolf it is possible but not through the quick games. I was having the same issue untill I used the search option. When you use the filter there is a possibility to select air superiority and select China rising Maps. Hope this helps.

  • Chris__247 01.29.14 at 11:44

    I have unlocked all the guns and have xp boosters coming out of my ears.

    Is it even possible to make it so you do not get shot behind cover?
    Or maybe easier can you make it so that you here enemy bullets better like in BF3.
    Or have it so if you cant see somebodies gun because its behind cover it cant shoot you?

    I like battlefield games, but feel that there is a growing demand for less flashy things that make a game easy to sell from videos and more solid gunplay.

  • Captin J Hook 01.29.14 at 11:37

    I would be much happier if you fixed it so I can finish the Campaign. I played over 300 games and this is the first one I can’t finish because Campaign is glitched and I lose progress for no apparent reason.

    • TinOmen2010 01.29.14 at 11:48

      Captin, I was having the same issues for the longest time. I started playing again after the last update and I was able to have save points and complete the single player game. You might want to test it out, see if you have save points and try again. It only crashed once on me after the last update but I was able to go back to the start of the mission, well into the game where it had crashed.

  • Boozad 01.29.14 at 11:35

    Unlocking all DMRs and shotguns while buffing them is fucking ludicrous. What on earth was the thinking behind all of this, let’s completely fuck infantry play up altogether?

  • Drake627 01.29.14 at 11:24

    I don’t like the idea of all these battlepacks being giving out and shortcut weapons unlock, it isn’t fair for those who put time and effort unlocking weapons and ranking up, what are we supposed to do with all those extra xp points when we already reach max rank, the ones who been playing from the beginning are being slapped in the face. I totally disagree with these actions bf4 had taking

  • L3377MA573R 01.29.14 at 11:21

    I mean…this is nice and all, but we’re still completely in the dark as to why the hell so many people are having issues with this damn game. I’m about ready to accept the fact that I’m always going to have stuttering and crashing issues, and I hate to do that, because with that leaves some of the last bit of respect I had for you guys as a company.

    If there’s something legitimately holding you guys back from getting the game to run properly, then let us know, instead of constantly leaving us in the dark and trying to pretend that the game works perfectly for everyone.

  • Canine_Ace 01.29.14 at 11:12

    Why are they giving shortcuts away thats the most retarded thing ever… that just ruins a bit of the gameplay experience

  • Gekkehenk32 01.29.14 at 11:06

    This is so awesome, DICE. This totaly makes me feel so much better about this broken game.

    Error could not join server

    Oh wait, no it dosn’t.

  • niztrip 01.29.14 at 11:04

    Battlepacks and double XP weekends is a good thing with this. But I agree with others that think weapons should be earned by spending time and skill on the battlefield!

  • FIREBOXHERO 01.29.14 at 11:00

    Short cuts really !?!? Make them earn that shit like the rest of us. I grinded out a lot of time to earn all my pistols and everything else. Dont be handing out all the goodies my shit wasnt handed out to me or the rest of us that have had this since the release..

  • mayhem-Chief 01.29.14 at 10:28

    But is impossible to me play this game because i live in brazil and the connection its horrible her,fix the netcode please.thanks

  • lGhost-Ninjal 01.29.14 at 10:21

    here is a thought why dont you give us the FUCKIN second assualt dlc us premium ps4 users FUCKIN PAID FOR and was suppose to have already

  • iskharioute 01.29.14 at 10:11

    LOVE from LEBANON…Keep it up DICE!! Thank you!

  • Tokamak 01.29.14 at 10:09

    OK so you may have tempted me to try and play BF4 every day in Feb but that might not be a good thing. If I get the same connection issues, missiles flying through vehicles and exploding on the terrain behind, getting hit behind cover, and keep seeing myself being killed by 0 HP players then that is only going to make more angry than I would have been only failing to enjoy my the usual once or twice a week.

    Well I guess by the end of Feb I’ll be playing Titan Fall beta, maybe the guys at Respawn are better at telling EA no its not ready yet!

  • Artec 01.29.14 at 09:58

    I think it’s a joke. But on the other hand, quickly unlock all the equipment, we will achieve the maximum level faster, and we will no longer have to bother with this product. Good thinking DICE.

  • zxbob 01.29.14 at 09:56

    UCAV Please I have earned the rest but have no chance of the UCAV pretty please :)
    X UK sp forces, 65 next birthday, Love the game. now give me the UCAV

    • Tokamak 01.29.14 at 10:19

      Bob I wouldn’t ask for the UCAV as a present, its almost useless :/ Took me ages to get the Jet kills to unlock it and was sorely disappointed in its utility. The SUAV is far more useful and much easier to get.

  • Rhino9128 01.29.14 at 09:47

    Dice is awesome keep it up dice your doing well to fix the game a give everyone an appreciation

  • BloodReaper224 01.29.14 at 09:40

    so what you saying is your still not going to actually fix the game but dangle shiny things in front of us and pretend nothings wrong

  • yoshonesk 01.29.14 at 09:35


    I do not like the idea of something being given away for free, after you’ve spent countless hours trying to obtain it for yourself the proper way.
    Feel to me like cheating, once you cheat, the game becomes worthless.

    And also all of this:
    -6thAD-Buzzard 01.29.14 at 07:13
    With due respect, Karl, all your offering does is entice folks who have just purchased the product. It does little if anything to those people who spent hours modifying their computers and countless frustrating hours dropping offline, tolerating odd if not just plain poor execution of the development and entrusting EA (and DICE to a degree) with our gaming enjoyment.

    Want to make a proper and honorable gesture? Tell your greedy EA handlers to refund 5 dollars/pounds/Euros back to premium purchasers. This modest amount will not bankrupt EA, but it will be seen as the proper response to rushing your game to market in the name of greed.

    Those of us that have been around since 1942 fully appreciate not only the creativity and enjoyment the franchise has brought us, but are realistic in understanding the challenges that come with developing a PC game, much less porting to multiple consoles.

    We know that EA did not provide you sufficient time to QC/QA bug fixes and the 12 year olds screaming “fix the game” or “fix the netcode” have no earthly clue what they’re talking about. Where they HAVE validity is in their frustration over the fact that greed trumped quality in releasing this product.

    Do the honorable thing, EA. Return a portion of premium fees back to buyers that have suffered through your poor release, weak excuses and silence when you should have stood tall on behalf of the DICE team you set up to fail. Admit your errors and let’s just move on. You’ve used DICE as a human shield for your incompetence and greed; stand up for them for once and finally do the right thing.

    • Bee-Eagle 01.29.14 at 10:01

      Succinctly and eloquently put, I couldn’t agree with you more! DICE has essentially dragged their own name through the mud by refusing to acknowledge the gravity of the problems within the game. I for one would feel that much of the respect I have for lost for DICE would be restored if they put there hands up, apologised and admitted they really screwed up.

      If they don’t restore player confidence in the franchise then they really risk loosing a significant portion of the player base to upcoming games like games like Destiny, The Diviision & Titanfall.

      DICE, please do the right thing!

  • Sean-P4P 01.29.14 at 09:28

    Thanks Karl for giving away what has taken me 500 hours to accumulate…. I still cant play on china rising without it crashing, my support soldier ha two sections opened but can’t be used. I love spending my money and time on things in life that other people get for free.

    • AlgrimFIN 01.30.14 at 08:28

      This is EXACTLY how I feel. Spending over 400 hours to unlock all kits and weapons seems like wasted time now that DICE gives all these weapons now free for everybody. What is the point in boosting DMR damage, when they now give them all for everybody instead of earning them?

  • longbow-2 01.29.14 at 09:04

    Premium members pay for our monthly double xp. I have $110.00 invested in this game and had since release hr. Everyone should earn their way or refund premium members for the money spent to get all the extras your giving away.

  • VioletGiraffe 01.29.14 at 08:30

    Will all the daily battlepacks be available to non-premium players?

    • TOORBO 01.29.14 at 08:58

      Im pretty sure is for every gamer.

      Now, what about SECOND ASSAULT??? Are they doing this because isn’t coming out in February? Month of “Love”?

  • jarhead3270 01.29.14 at 08:29

    Well stated -6thAD-Buzzard !

  • Cazza8360 01.29.14 at 07:52

    A Battlepack on my Birthday, 2 double so events, I Think Yes.

  • AlgrimFIN 01.29.14 at 07:39

    Shortcuts? That is like peeing on the players who went through the grind for those weapons. Just give everybody Battlepacks, and concentrate on fixing the core game.

  • HittyTR 01.29.14 at 07:28

    We don’t need to f.. battlepack or xp….

  • Gorilla_Clown 01.29.14 at 07:21

    I also worked hard on unlocking all my weapons but I still like this idea. A battlepack a day? Dbl XP weekends? Sounds good to me. Appreciate the effort Dice.

    • sandman_aus 01.29.14 at 07:39

      WHERE exactly do you perceive some EFFORT went into this? Its nothing but ASS COVERING to benefit of those who’ve barely spent any time BEARING with this games lack-luster implementation.

  • Fred Garvin 80 01.29.14 at 07:18

    Shortcut bundles are stupid. Earn your weapons. And I’m so glad I’ll only get prolly 5 of the battlepacks thanks to the shitty army. Just Give everyone the damn battlepacks regardless of they log in or not

  • -6thAD-Buzzard 01.29.14 at 07:13

    With due respect, Karl, all your offering does is entice folks who have just purchased the product. It does little if anything to those people who spent hours modifying their computers and countless frustrating hours dropping offline, tolerating odd if not just plain poor execution of the development and entrusting EA (and DICE to a degree) with our gaming enjoyment.

    Want to make a proper and honorable gesture? Tell your greedy EA handlers to refund 5 dollars/pounds/Euros back to premium purchasers. This modest amount will not bankrupt EA, but it will be seen as the proper response to rushing your game to market in the name of greed.

    Those of us that have been around since 1942 fully appreciate not only the creativity and enjoyment the franchise has brought us, but are realistic in understanding the challenges that come with developing a PC game, much less porting to multiple consoles.

    We know that EA did not provide you sufficient time to QC/QA bug fixes and the 12 year olds screaming “fix the game” or “fix the netcode” have no earthly clue what they’re talking about. Where they HAVE validity is in their frustration over the fact that greed trumped quality in releasing this product.

    Do the honorable thing, EA. Return a portion of premium fees back to buyers that have suffered through your poor release, weak excuses and silence when you should have stood tall on behalf of the DICE team you set up to fail. Admit your errors and let’s just move on. You’ve used DICE as a human shield for your incompetence and greed; stand up for them for once and finally do the right thing.

    • QdenZoR 01.29.14 at 07:47

      Why only refund premium? Cause there’s a lot of people who only bought the game.

    • jarhead3270 01.29.14 at 08:26


    • YosimeteSam 01.29.14 at 08:46

      Well said! As for the refund, they should refund the full amount of the premium! I payed $150 for this nightmare! I too have been around since BF1942, to say I’m pissed is an understatement.

    • TOORBO 01.29.14 at 09:02

      I completely agree with you… All that sounds great and awesome if the game worked!!!
      Is 2nd Assault coming out in February? That’s an easy yes or no, w/o excuses….

    • Sean-P4P 01.29.14 at 09:33


  • wattu77 01.29.14 at 07:10

    In my calendar it’s Saturday. Dunno what calendar you’re looking at.

  • Gaara_84 01.29.14 at 07:09

    Nice I liked the Premium DMR’s shortcut and the Premium double XP yaaaaaaaaay. XD

  • RubenVidal92 01.29.14 at 06:50

    Even though we do appreciate the things you’ve guys have brought to the table with this game I don’t agree with just handing over free weapons. I’m just about done unlocking all of them so I’d see no use in it plus my objective used to be going for these weapons now being 102 of the 106 it’s slowing the fun down for me so don’t take away one of the only true objectives of this game. I wouldn’t mind seeing a party system put in place so I can join my friends before I join a match.

    • messedinthehead 01.29.14 at 07:09

      Well then it is a good thing you read the part where i can choose to use the shortcuts or not.

  • Aproxi 01.29.14 at 06:44

    Lucky me, I just bought the game.

    • RubenVidal92 01.29.14 at 06:53

      Having everything given to you takes the fun away from the game. I’ve unlocked 103 of the 106 weapons and not that I’m about done I’m kinda bored.

  • SomaliGapteeni 01.29.14 at 06:40

    And maybe you could finally reveal us how to do the easter egg known as “megalodon easter egg”. We have spent hours and hours trying to find it but all we found was some clues but nothing that would really help us…so please reveal it :D

  • ExactExtract 01.29.14 at 06:32

    Umm Feb 1st is a Friday…

    • wattu77 01.29.14 at 07:10

      In my calendar it’s Saturday. Dunno what calendar you’re looking at.

  • Alt133 01.29.14 at 06:02

    So what do you get if you have already have all the grenades, pistols, shotguns and DMRs unlocked?

  • gamengun 01.29.14 at 05:58

    Thanks for the stuff. I would like my veteran items back but they are not as important as fixing other issues

  • ikevstheworld 01.29.14 at 05:40

    So this is basically a thank you for still playing since they released an unfinished product. If you really appreciate the fans (still doesn’t seem like you do) then you should probably focus on fixing your ps4 servers. I have been a loyal fan of the franchise since the beginning and I’m losing faith in the company. Basically bought the new console only because of bf4 and I’ve never felt so screwed.

  • Boomer(CAN) 01.29.14 at 05:21

    Shortcut bundles?? Really?? For the people who cant be bothered to earn the weapons??!!?? I have COUNTLESS hours in game devoting my time to unlocking all the weapons through use and assignments. It took me a VERY LONG time but I have unlocked every single weapon (minus 1 batlepack knife….its luck of the draw) I spent time with the DMRs… with pistols and shotguns…. and attempted MANY nade throws to do this. My K/D suffered greatly but was rewarded with all the unlocks in the game…. now some noob can just have them. I dont feel appreciated here.. I feel like I spent A LOT of time for nothing……………..

    • SociableG 01.29.14 at 05:47

      So has everyone else thats had it since day one, dude quit your crying,so what a noob gets to get them, who cares? Boo Hoo i spent time playing a videogame

      • Boomer(CAN) 01.31.14 at 00:20

        Hey Jackass.. not crying just stating a fact.. I played the game and earned them. They can play the same damn game and earn them as well. And not everyone else who has had it from day 1 has everything unlocked… hell I’m the only member in my clan to do it out of a lot of members. So yes, it pisses me off. If you don’t care then just keep your mouth shut… I do care and its my two cents to post my displeasure.. add this to all the other crap we have had to put up with since release….

  • Dean54321 01.29.14 at 05:20

    relise second assualt and bring damavand pick

  • BattleCraft 4 01.29.14 at 05:17

    The shortcuts are dumb. Let everyone actually work for their stuff instead of just handing it to them! This is too much! I never agreed with shortcuts. It ruins the game.

    • Cry_Of_Mankind 01.29.14 at 06:22

      Completely agree, these shortcuts suck hairy scrotum.
      Part of the fun in games is unlocking the stuff you wanna use and having the advantage over others for putting the time in.
      I won’t be using this free unlock bollocks.

  • RaysALittleHell 01.29.14 at 05:15

    If you really want show player appreciation bring back Kharg Island for everyone cause it was the best map ever designed for any Battlefield game.

  • TRex_dinasour 01.29.14 at 05:14

    You bitches you will remove my comment. I understand why are there only f**********ng positive comments. Fix your SHI**************ty game. i don’t need your double xp. Either give me free dlc or i want my money back. I have my worst decision of my life when i bought this shit game

    • Andtay14 01.29.14 at 05:24

      If you hate the game so much then return it, we don’t want to see whiny bastards like you on the battlefield anyway, and DICE has fixed a lot since release and are trying to make it up to us, so can you just be appreciative for what they’ve done and are doing.

    • xXD3TH_D33LRXx 01.29.14 at 05:34

      Lmfao. Worst decision of your life? Lol tell us more about how you don’t have a life.

  • iamTheBat777 01.29.14 at 05:13

    Free hattlepacks are pointless if I am continually kicked from servers.

  • usaftacp35 01.29.14 at 05:11

    Yeah, well after you fix this game and get done handing it over to the noobs on a silver platter, how about some new maps and start requiring first time gamers to pass a series of aircraft and ground vehicle simulations on the Test Range before they can use them in actual gameplay. I’m tired of dying from dumb ass noob pilots and drivers.

  • Abanic 01.29.14 at 05:10

    Well, I certainly feel appreciated. It’s nice to see DICE expressing a little gratitude to all of us who have participated in this extended beta test they’ve been running. I say it that way because I can’t bring myself to think of Battlefield 4 as a full game until they fix the game-crippling glitches.

    Here’s hoping they continue to show appreciation to all of us, because I was just about done with this game.

  • AmandaBeard 01.29.14 at 05:07

    Yeah, great idea. Way to give all the noobs who bought premium the best weapons. Its bad enough that the shotguns Can used as sniper rifles, but shotties and DMRs are the hardest to level up and you’re just gonna give em away in spite of everyone who has spent the many hrs busting their butts unlocking them. Give them something that isn’t such a game changer like the carbines. I like the game but you guys keep making one bad mistake after another.

  • markgrafzachery 01.29.14 at 05:00

    How come the update that we got on January 14 didn’t fix anything on the rogue transmission it still glitches

  • ExCLusiVE-215 01.29.14 at 04:54

    What I’m really care is if second assault coming out first week of February. .

  • Ace-of-Spades9 01.29.14 at 04:53

    This sounds…pretty awesome, actually.

  • UnconsciousSol 01.29.14 at 04:49

    Appreciation? Really? If you cared about us DICE you would’ve told EA to “WAIT UNTIL THE GAME WAS FINISHED!” But you didn’t do that. But, if you still appreciate us this is what we want.
    1. DICE camo on everything
    2. Silencers on shotguns
    3. Fix the Net Code

  • finc.loki 01.29.14 at 04:46

    too bad this means nothing to someone that is already max rank. Double XP, battle packs are useless to us. DICE really need to up the ranks to at least 200. It is annoying playing and every single point you earn during a game goes nowhere. So easy to get to 110, tons of double XP, hell even a full week of double XP in November.

    • izak1399 01.29.14 at 04:47

      No doubt they’l be bumping up the level cap with the next expansion. Until then, let us noobs try and catch up. XD

      • usaftacp35 01.29.14 at 04:53

        Well everyone is a noob at some point; its no excuse for them to have to work for their progress and rank up like everyone else. Enjoy the process, its not worth playing if there’s no competition.

  • AzZtRiPz 01.29.14 at 04:45


    • usaftacp35 01.29.14 at 04:51

      Hey man, I know this sounds dumb, but before you play the campaign, switch off your internet connection. You will then be able to play uninterrupted and can save and power down without losing your place. Just be sure to disconnect when you get back on. Once you’ve finished, reconnect and let it be for a while, then check your Battlelog for unlocks to transfer to multiplayer…Its complicated, I know, but it worked for me. Learned it from a French gamer.

  • usaftacp35 01.29.14 at 04:39

    So noobs can just step into the game with an equal footing and never actually have to work for their progress like the rest of us? That sucks. It would be nice to actually get a freakin knife. I’m rank 76 and still have the default bayonet, what gives!? Respawn points are ridiculous; Killed by people with 0 health; Explosives are underpowered; Repair tools work too quickly; DMRs are worthless (too much recoil; seriously, either test fire them or consult someone who actually has) you people are badly misguided if you think these weapons’ recoil and ballistics are anywhere near accurate. It doesn’t take 10-15 shots to kill someone, nor does a battle rifle behave like a shoulder cannon. Do your homework.

    • rsZ-GhettoGunja 01.29.14 at 06:09

      Are you clinically stupid? Explosives are so op in BF4, just look at LVG’s and minis for god sake and plus if it’s taking you 10-15 shots to kill someone with a DMR you either are completely shit or have a very bad Internet connection.

      • THE B00MB0X 01.29.14 at 13:07

        Seriously. Explosives are ridiculous. And I one shot people with DMRs all the time. It’s called a headshot. Put their extra accuracy to use, and pace your shots. They aren’t hard to use at all.

  • wilkin8977 01.29.14 at 04:39

    Can I please have my Veteran pack??

  • Ledman66 01.29.14 at 04:37

    This is pretty cool, a battle pack a day, free DLC for weapons, thanks DICE, DOuble XP,this maybe will make up for all the freezing and other game issues I have had, that I have been so patient with! So Thanks!

  • Anarchy099 01.29.14 at 04:36

    Yay! Thank you BF4

  • iambluewolf 01.29.14 at 04:30

    Bf3 had a workable friend “party” system. I could join with a group of friends and join in a game as a group. Now with bf4 it’s a gamble. Fix the friend joining capability first!

  • BBA322 01.29.14 at 04:29

    “These voluntary shortcut bundles will unlock all grenades and handguns for Battlefield 4 (the base game)”

    No. Do-NOT give these away free to people. I earned them and so should/can everyone else.

  • HxcRobb 01.29.14 at 04:26

    @ALLLLLLL the a** clowns saying “this is a bad idea”, and “shame on you DICE” and “what is wrong with you guys?”. I’m kindly requesting that you sit on it and spin, I’ve played a lot of different games and I got a vibe from this post above that I haven’t seen before. And that vibe was “Wow, this sounds they like legitimately appreciate us players that have been around for years”.

    If you are here bashing them, once again, then you should feel like an a**. They said they are working on the “netcode” issues, so all you pro max ranked players should AT THE VERY LEAST, get some satisfaction from that. But no, bunch of children………..

    Nice, I don’t have any shotties or DMR’s unlocked (rank 70) so it will be nice to just get those out of the way. “Netcode” fix!!! Whoop whoop!! Thanks DICE, I still love you guys, crazy Swedes.

    • messedinthehead 01.29.14 at 07:14

      I Agree…
      it will never change…. some children you just cant make happy…
      I think the only thing that makes them happy is having something to complain about.

  • probatus 01.29.14 at 04:19

    This is a terrible idea. Loyal players work for their rewards.Loyal players buy premium. Seems like a waste now.

  • halo boy djz 01.29.14 at 04:17

    If you aren’t dumb you can realize that DICE is doing this because tons of ungrateful and impatient people are complaining about the game. I feel like there are little flaws in the game but all together a well made battlefield game. I can bet you you would rather play bf4 than bf3. If you don’t like the game than go back to repackaged cod. DICE is doing their best. And now you guys are complaining about DICE giving too much out!

  • Jdurmma 01.29.14 at 04:15

    I’m excited for this upcoming month, don’t get me wrong. I just would like to know if the Veteran Battlepack is still planned to release. I kinda miss my ol boxcutter, and the camo’s look fantastic. At least a comment on whether or not it will ever happen. New players and Premium members are important, but so are us veterans who have and will continue to play battlefield.

  • Captain_Tasevski 01.29.14 at 04:13

    Oh and DICE – I STILL can’t accept revives, and spawn deaths are horrible. My hard work to improve my gameplay is not reflected in my KD. Fixing that IS APPRECIATED.

  • Captain_Tasevski 01.29.14 at 04:08

    Thanks for the effort DICE, however I do have an opinion to share. The DEDICATED players….the one’s who you are truly appreciating, are already well PAST any point for which these bonuses will be of any value. Many of us are at max rank, and have all guns unlocked, and all adaptive camos unlocked, etc…. This will only benefit the newer, lower rank players. But at that, like me, they will reach max rank in what, a month? In BF3 I NEVER GOT CLOSE to rank 100.

  • DarylMS 01.29.14 at 04:07

    What a bullshit… if you just focus on fixing game, instead of spending time into a waste of a month activities.. I’m lvl 110 already and premium… so where is the make up for me? Dubble XP… 110 already… so ??? weapon unlocks? i had all my weapons 1st month i played… almost got all atachments for guns… Achievements.. got them all.. BULLSHIT! battlepacks? dont need xp boost anymore! What a waste… FIX game, instead of spending time for this..

    • Captain_Tasevski 01.29.14 at 04:09

      They are dude, don’t worry. I feel the same as you do. Fixing the game is important. The only battlepack I look foreward to is the Veteran.

    • HxcRobb 01.29.14 at 04:27

      @ALLLLLLL the a** clowns saying “this is a bad idea”, and “shame on you DICE” and “what is wrong with you guys?”. I’m kindly requesting that you sit on it and spin, I’ve played a lot of different games and I got a vibe from this post above that I haven’t seen before. And that vibe was “Wow, this sounds they like legitimately appreciate us players that have been around for years”.

      If you are here bashing them, once again, then you should feel like an a**. They said they are working on the “netcode” issues, so all you pro max ranked players should AT THE VERY LEAST, get some satisfaction from that. But no, bunch of children………..

  • RangerDOH 01.29.14 at 03:58

    I got an idea … mine the blog for any whiney comment “f*x ….” and for the next battlepack, give the whiner’s a special dog-tag with a lump of coal on it, or better yet, hunter-orange cammo that they have to wear for a day … with antlers on their helmets. Every time they bitch, orange cammo and deer-cap for you!

    Kind of a special prize for being a whiny bitch. Just my 2-cents. Keep up the good work guys.

  • iota-14 01.29.14 at 02:20

    uhm… this made me remember,why we still didn’t get the veteran battlepack? not that it’s really that important,but a 3x scope for the magnum might actually make it useful despite the weird delay…

    and goddamnit,the ucav it’s basically impossible to get,i still don’t understand how come so many people have it!

  • robeson1070 01.29.14 at 01:30

    My hope is that the reason it is taking so long to release 2nd Assault to platforms besides Xbox One is because they are trying to actually put some map revisions in. Metro, for example is as much of a zergfest as it has always been in spite of the new bravo point side passage. Players on xbox one have been glitching themselves into the roof as they did in BF3. If there are going to be map revisions, that would justify the delay for an otherwise long-finished DLC

  • blenge squelch7 01.29.14 at 01:23

    No No No! Please, if this is about PLAYER APPRECIATION then you wouldn’t make those shortcuts available automatically for free – I grinded and put effort into unlocking my DMRs, shotguns and especially handguns- I don’t want others to unlock them simply for no reason at all or because they have the money to do so. Since I am a premium member, seeing others with all their guns unlocked without any effort to do so makes me frustrated and feel like I wasted my time with this game. I don’t want that to be the case! Please, you can add the shortcuts but don’t make them available for free! The other bonuses are great! Just those would be fine! I’m not sure how I’d feel appreciated by receiving them for free anyways. i actually enjoy having to unlock stuff…

    • Captain_Tasevski 01.29.14 at 04:10

      I so very much agree with you.

    • SignalOne 01.29.14 at 04:22

      I have to agree you on this. I still have many guns to unlock, and honestly can’t understand, but can certainly appreciate how much time must have been involved to unlock all the guns. I unlocked most of the guns for Assault, and Recon, but still have to work on the other classes. It took a long time for me to nearly max out the two, so using any gun is a rewarding experience. To give a new player all the guns will take away some of the competitiveness from both perspectives. However; If the unlocks come out despite protest, I may pick it up. Again, I would much prefer if it is left to be competitive – maybe unlocking just a few guns to allow newbies to catch up is reasonable- but all?

  • Coldsores4Life 01.29.14 at 01:21

    For real guys, what happened to earning your veteran status with skill and hard work? Now it’s just a bunch of a-holes with XP boosts and free gun unlocks – no skill in that. Dice, you guys need to rethink your strategy here.

  • Coldsores4Life 01.29.14 at 01:20

    For real guys, what happened to earning your veteran status with skill and hard work? Now it’s just a bunch of assholes woth XP boosts and free gun unlocks – no skill in that. Dice, you guys need to rethink your strategy here.

  • robeson1070 01.29.14 at 01:17

    Thank you DICE for trying to make up for the rocky gane launch. Unfortunately, I have already done the grind to unlock all pistols, dmrs, and shotguns as of last week. :-p. I understand you have no easy way of doing this, but I think it would have been awesome instead to give each player the ability to unlock 1 weapon of their choice, complete with attachments. Oh well.

    • SignalOne 01.29.14 at 04:26

      That is an even better idea then the one I had. One thing that Dice did not say is how long they would allow the unlocks. So if they can’t back away, maybe make it available for a few hours then remove it .

  • ton88ton 01.29.14 at 01:15

    Some people just need a reason to comply about something. Dice is always giving feedback to their costumers, keep up with the good job DICE. My only complain is about second assault to PS3, I can’t understand why xbox players have the privilege of play it months ahead everyone.

  • TomaHawkEye 01.29.14 at 01:08

    I’d appreciate 2nd Assault for PC.

    All these things seemed geared towards new players, which is fine as the game needs new players to grow and survive, but you also need to keep the current players. As someone whose nearly unlocked all items I just want new maps and modes.

  • Status-Black 01.29.14 at 01:04

    Wow DICE!! Thanks for making us work hard for nothing! The ppl that play the game every day since launch through the freezes and shit are screwed over!! With crashing and other bullshit I worked hard to unlock every weapon and now you just give em for free.. It’s like you are saying to theppl that didn’t support you from day 1; “here you go.. I reward you with these shortcuts for not playing my game!” Way to go DICE!! I feel appreciated..

  • HALOACOG 01.29.14 at 00:27

    All I ask DICE is when is the verteran packs going to be fixed and when is second assualt coming ?? other than that Great job cant wait

  • _V_Nightmare_D_ 01.29.14 at 00:26

    Dont like the shortcut bundles. Its kinda lame. I unlocked pretty much everything in BF3 manually and that atleast gives statisfaction.

    But Dice/EA. Could you please be more considerate about players who dont have time to play in the weekend for your double XP events. I missed already so much events, cause you only host them in the weekends.

  • Ediba 01.29.14 at 00:22

    Meanwhile, the map flooded zone crash again on the PS3.

  • SKAD839 01.29.14 at 00:22

    Good job EA/DICE… You did it again. Way to cater to those who suck at this game while those who actually spent time to learn how to play/earn everything the hard way get nothing. What a pathetic decision. How about you give something to those who know how to play, like give DICE camo, the black camo, as a token to those who have reached max level without any of these pathetic free gimmicks to those who temporarily play your game.

  • MrGoodKat24o 01.29.14 at 00:19

    I want my Veteran Battlepack too! Support said it would come in a patch!?? So many patches later and I am still waiting like others…. Sort it out!

  • w-VANQUISH-w 01.29.14 at 00:14

    i need veteran battlepack please give us this pack
    i have bf3 and premium for bf3 and i have nothing

  • M1JU 01.29.14 at 00:14

    Great way to piss off your players who have grinded and unlocked all weapons. Say to them their effort means jack shit and all the noobs can have same weapons. I also don’t want to see interviews with DICE developers who pretend they can do their job when it’s plainly obvious a 2 year old would spot most of the major flaws in this game

  • OKCableGuy 01.29.14 at 00:10

    Still waiting for metro that Y’all said would be launched with China rising…. Haven’t played for o Er a month because the rest of your big maps suck ass unless your a POS sniper like 90% of you are… I’m also yet to get an answer from your POS company…. Any day now….

  • Leo Tactical 01.29.14 at 00:08

    Glad to see Dice has a fire lit under there butts keep it pushing boyz. Player appreciation is nice but game stability would be better. Please for the love of this game take your time and dont rush Battlefield 5 it will be worth the wait if it is done properly the 1st time. Take a extra year if necessary.

  • MIDNIGHT562 01.28.14 at 23:47

    I hate when they sell or in this case give away shortcuts to unlocks. I feel it takes away from the game in so many ways.

  • Johnkok 01.28.14 at 23:42

    I haven’t had a lot of time to play, but when I do there are many problems, too many too just put up with. I appreciate you are fixing it but as for shortcuts as rewards, isn’t it shortcuts that got you into this mess in the first place? Shortcuts are not for the core of Battlefield players who play it for prestige. Shortcuts are for lazy players who will not be racking up 100′s or 1000′s of hours playing your game. They will disappear once they have it all and go back to playing COD. Only the diehard will remain and the only rewards we get are the ones we make ourselves.

    I hope your next batch of fixes sorts the game out. Please do not waste anymore time on gimmicks like Appreciation Month, keep it simple. Release great DLCs, no bugs and don’t make it easy to get stuff.

    P.S. I am not a hater, I am a fan, just a bit pissed off is all.

  • BaloneyComa 01.28.14 at 23:41

    Thank you Dice.I know you guys are working really hard to get bf4 and that means a lot from an 30+year gamer.Love the game and thank you for the appreciation.BF fan for life.

  • Zakos- 01.28.14 at 23:40

    it sure has become a game for 12 year old kids, just look at the way sniper has been opped and alle the log on weapons.. im a huge BF fan played em all, now not so much =(

  • Red_Devil_US 01.28.14 at 23:37

    most complaints can be traced back to packet loss, either on the client path or, rarely, on the server path.

    if you experience packet loss, try adjusting your network smoothing setting in options.

    most of my problems went away when i increased the cooling of my GPU and CPU – and my PC is 3 years old.

    if you get kicked from servers, it may be to allow clan members to join.

    thanks for the player appreciation, DICE; i’m slowing losing clarity in my right eye’s focal point, so i need all the help i can get.

  • jajerobi7 01.28.14 at 23:35

    so does that mean there are 3 double xp events in feb?
    2xp for player appreciation month
    2xp as an ‘added bonus for premium members’
    2xp as the monthly premium event???

  • Adamonic 01.28.14 at 23:33

    The only thing worse than this would’ve been battlepacks with only battlepacks inside.

  • Jaximillion 01.28.14 at 23:22


  • Tearzyo 01.28.14 at 23:14

    All in all. XP boost are great, but how about the most dedicated players who’ve been maxlevel for a long while now?

  • J_DiRT 01.28.14 at 23:10

    I say we have a Boycott month for all of February….

    verb: boycott; 3rd person present: boycotts; past tense: boycotted; past participle: boycotted; gerund or present participle: boycotting

    withdraw from commercial or social relations with (a country, organization, or person) as a punishment or protest.

    noun: boycott; plural noun: boycotts

    a punitive ban that forbids relations with certain groups, cooperation with a policy, or the handling of goods.


  • notman 01.28.14 at 23:10

    Oh give it up, and STFU. People understand the difference, but it is still DICE’s responsibility to fix this, and they’ve done very little to do that. They now have time to QC the patches, yet they are releasing patches that break just as much as they fix (0% death anyone?). EA didn’t make DICE keep all the original BF3 bugs in the source code.

    EA only pressured a schedule, that kept them from doing proper QC. DICE chose to try bite off more than they could chew, in this project.

  • notman 01.28.14 at 23:06

    For some reason, I continue playing this game, despite the rage it puts me into, on a nightly basis now. This game has gotten progressively worse with time (except for fixing the crashes). These trinkets you are offering, will do nothing to show ‘appreciation’ to those who have stuck in there. You’re giving away stuff that many of us have actually earned. What about us? If you want to show appreciation, do something that is actually difficult for you to part with, because in the end, why do you care what my rank is, or if I have all my unlocks?

    Oh, and here’s my prediction about the Developer Q/A: You’ll start a thread on reddit, the developer will answer a handful of fluff questions, and leave. If it’s anything beyond that, I’ll be amazed.

  • BeerzGod 01.28.14 at 22:44

    I can appreciate DICE trying to smooth the raging waters a bit, but I just stare at this article in confusion. What exactly is the point of having ranks if you’re constantly having double-XP events and giving away XP boosts like they’re candy. It’s incredibly easy to level up in this game (Ask level capped players how many xp boosts they have – it’s silly), leaving a huge chunk of players who already unlocked guns and hit their max xp cap wondering what’s in it for them. There seems to be some thought going into this, but until players see something tangible like a reduced price on Premium or an extra “map pack” for free, I doubt anyone is really going to be happy about anything.

  • kkolb77 01.28.14 at 22:41

    Please fix the game. So many things need fixed in multiplayer.

  • KUNGFUFUMAN 01.28.14 at 22:38

    To be quite frank as a premium member on pc and having not gotten some of the DLC that we should have gotten earlier and with all the problems I honestly would be much happier with something a little more epic. Like a way to get the DICE camo maybe? And not just oh here you go here’s the camo. No I would like to earn that camo

  • CaptainSnag 01.28.14 at 22:36

    To everyone complaining to DICE about everything wrong with Battlefield 4. SHUT THE HELL UP.This is no way DICE’s fault. This is EA Games fault. They pushed DICE to put the game and all it’s content out MONTHS before it should have even been a beta. Go rant at EA not DICE, but you fucks don’t seem to care about anyone else’s opinion so you’re just going to rant on here

  • GelasO 01.28.14 at 22:34

    Double XP weekend + Boosts = Lvl 110 too easy. This game needs to add 100 lvl more.

  • nthnkirsch1 01.28.14 at 22:28

    Dice needs to do more, like give each person a new graphics card or something, everyone is so pised at them and unless I get some actually valuable merchandise, I will forever hate Dice and spread the word throughout the world and beyond.

  • Pazuzu-II 01.28.14 at 22:24

    How for you BF4 is great for you because there are still many bugs and whole game feels like beta! can u explain that to me pls.?

  • dkkev 01.28.14 at 22:18

    oh my god!… Just when I thought you couldn’t possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this… and totally redeem yourself! NOOOOT!!!

    this is fkin rediculous!

    appreciate this DICE! E{0}3

  • Yanakkis 01.28.14 at 22:18

    How will you compensate for 340 hours of frustration and pain? Ho you will compensate hardcore players that have everything unlocked? By giving battlepacks containing 25% boost??? that’s just trolling from your side. You should be ashamed for taking 110 Euros for a defective product. Tell us how you will FIX the fucking the game, how you will fix the crashes, the game disconnects, zero health bug, rubber banding on some ISPs, one headshot kill, ridiculous weapon balancing (L85 reload time, G36 horiz recoil and RPM, DMRs damage model), lags, and others….

    • notman 01.28.14 at 23:12

      Don’t you love how we are only getting PART of the platoon features in Feb? I wonder how long we have to wait to get the FULL features. Amazing how they could leave out a feature that already existed in the previous iteration of the game.

    • FriedPickles_ 01.29.14 at 05:41

      That ’0 health’ shit pisses me off

  • BangGangster 01.28.14 at 22:11

    netcode, lagged hit boxes, zero health killers, i would appreciate you guys to fix that, leave the vehicles for later, fix infantry gameplay first.

  • BangGangster 01.28.14 at 22:08

    The best appreciation DICE could give is to fix the netcode, we dont care about attachments and vehicle fixes we want you to fix the NETCODE, HIT BOXES, ZERO HEALTH TRADES that is what we want!!!!! and still no word about it.

  • Johnzerker 01.28.14 at 22:06

    So still no Veteran status for BF4? well thats lame especially that I’m almost 100 colonel

  • C4HeliBomber 01.28.14 at 22:02

    Are you going to reveal first information about Dragon’s Teeth or why are you using the guy with the shotgun from DT’s cover :D

  • Lon3Wolf92 01.28.14 at 21:52

    Should work the emblem for xbox one

  • Dat_Beazt_Guy 01.28.14 at 21:47

    You should at least be honored that they are the ones working their butts off trying to fix the game. They give us rewards to take our minds off the problems, so we can actually feel good while playing the game.

  • Kargion 01.28.14 at 21:43

    So I worked hard to unlock all guns, and now people get it for free. Fine by me, I still got all the exp from it :)

  • Dat_Beazt_Guy 01.28.14 at 21:39

    I have a few things to say. First off, THANKS!! I’m level 43 and I can’t afford premium so this 2x xp for everyone really helps me out.

    Second of all, I know you fellas at DICE have been working your butts off to get this game going into the path that it needs to go, and deserves to go in.

    And I need to know, Why doesn’t DICE just make battlepacks to where it ONLY unlocks stuff for things that you ACTUALLY have unlocked? Is there any chance that you guys could change that?

  • Unholy DrDeath 01.28.14 at 21:33

    Any reason for this? If the game us still not working properly the incentive will be over shadowed by the frustration of consoles crashing, lagging players, poor hit detection (which was 100x better on release),.

    I know you want us to know you’re trying but everytime I see you asking what to tweak my blood boils! Make the game playable for all. If you want to add a feature then add a region lock for players wanting to play with players only in their region. The current state of the netcode is so poor any hint of reducing pings would help. Also the invisible player, frame loss is more apparent in the latest update on the 360 I’m finding it hard to want to start my BF4!

    I’ve bought and owned EVERY BF to date and find this the worst yet. I enjoyed it at launch but soon found Dawnbreaker froze my console. The other issues were minor except Operation lockers lag. I now find it frustrating to play. A sad day for Battlefield

  • Mumble0905 01.28.14 at 21:32

    Moan moan moan all some of you guys do is moan! If you don’t like it nob off and play COD, I don’t see the producers of COD doing this they push a Terrible game out every year and everyone puts up with it. Yeah BF4 has had some problems but it’s only getting better and there giving you FREE stuff and your still not happy. Thanks DICE keep up the great work! And Cheers.

  • IRELAND914 01.28.14 at 21:28

    If you really appreciated us and wanted you’d give us solid date for the release of the long overdue Second Assault. Yes, you supposedly put DLC work on hold but we all know Second Assault was already completed. The lack of proper communication between you and your customers is absurd.

  • ROTTENCORPSE 01.28.14 at 21:21

    I wish they would fix the spawn camping in Rush mode already. Why Re defenders able to push so far past the mcomms right into the attackers spawns? When mcomms are destroyed and the fall back order is given, the new spawn area should be out of bounds for attackers. Rush games are nothing more than defenders camping spawns…smh, so many complaints since battlefield 3 yet they still allow this. makes believe the developers like spawn camping, makes no sense.

  • Damaskus27 01.28.14 at 21:20

    It can easily be used as an incentive. Not for longtime players but for people unsure about the game.

    It is a way to bring in new players, not keep old ones.

  • massDNA 01.28.14 at 21:19

    People are leaving this borken game so you`re looking for ways to keep them. This is really bad. Did you even try to fix netcode? I think DICE have no idea how to fix. BF3 is broken till that day, BF4 is broken even more. That makes me think DICE have no fucking clue how to fix this broken game. i regret i bought it.

  • Grindhead_Jim 01.28.14 at 21:05

    @mutley082 Exactly. I’d rather DICE own up to what’s going on, and show legitimate appreciation for its fans, which they are, than bellyache about a gift horse.

    Cheers to all at DICE! We know it’s been a really hard road for you guys. Most of us appreciate your sacrifice. Thank you.

  • EMCQ 01.28.14 at 21:04

    I wish that they would give us mre dev exclusives I think those are the jems of the game. Black camo and paint and supressed shotguns OHOHOHOHO

  • mutley082 01.28.14 at 21:01

    Guys give the attitude a rest, just be thankfull they are doing something. You can always go and buy COD if you are so unhappy

  • St Pauli 01.28.14 at 21:01

    It’s a shame that it’s only Dice that comes out with any real contact with the paying customer, when it’s in the public domain now that EA couldn’t give a fuck about us. Nice touch. Good luck in getting this potentially great game fixed.

  • I3uKKaKe_SaKe 01.28.14 at 20:57

    let’s hope that “tightening up the netcode” means fixing hitmarkers when there is clearly a headshot. (should be a 1 shot kill regardless of caliber of bullet) maybe people won’t disappear at the top of ladders and somehow teleport behind you to take your tags. maybe you will be able to jump and shoot at the same time (as it should be!) again. maybe they will stop the serious lag issues associated with conquest especially Hainan Resort. or maybe they will just buff and nerf weapons and guns and let all of the serious issues slide who knows? at least they keep us guessing.

  • cj2allen 01.28.14 at 20:50

    I’m mixed about this. I like the transparency part (even though I believe it will be more PR than actually insightful information). But when it comes to the unlocks/shortcuts/2XP, you can’t use that trick forever. The more you use it, the less effective they will be. Once we all rank up / unlock everything, it can’t be used as an incentive anymore. As many people say, it’s hard to judge a person’s skill because you are almost constantly on some booster.

  • FriedPickles_ 01.28.14 at 20:49

    How about, scratch all this and just release second assault map pack?!

  • imhelthem 01.28.14 at 20:40

    Game disconnected: could not connect to the server- FIX THIS FIRST!

  • biokemisten 01.28.14 at 20:37

    <3 DICE

  • dubois6869 01.28.14 at 20:36

    First off thanks for trying to make it up! Second I played this game almoat everyday it has been out so the only thing that is actually relivant to me is the battle packs and the dmrs I would have all the dmr if they wernt so terrible so basically I get shit and all the people that said fuck it and didnt push through the laggy game get the most reward sounds fucked up to me sir

  • zansatsu0 01.28.14 at 20:35

    All I can say is THANK YOU! It’s nice to know that you are listening and that you are working on the issues we bring up. I’m excited about February and can’t wait. We needed acknowledgement and you stepped up. I look forward to a tighter gaming experience. I hope to be wasting less ammo to take someone down very soon (no more clip dumping).

  • Cabon Dager 01.28.14 at 20:34

    People like you get it thank you

  • StreetSoldier79 01.28.14 at 20:28

    Why is everyone butt hurt? At least there trying! bf4 is a great game! and they show us BF player that they care! some of us don’t got time to play like some of ya do with your level 110! plus we don’t want to be shit buckets (only true BF players know what that is) :D

  • GimmeThatTag 01.28.14 at 20:22

    Thanks for showing us that you care DICE! Really glad you do this kind of things, it will make the game a better expirience for everyone! Good job!

  • Pazuzu-II 01.28.14 at 19:40

    Really DICE? Let everyone earn evrything how it should be! Most players have unlock almost everything in BF4. Its ok but I just wish we could read something about new maps and DLC so please give us some details not some unlocks in the game,players who just starting playing BF4 should earn and unlock with hard work by them self as most of us.

    • doreato 01.28.14 at 23:29

      Fuck that dude, unlocking DMR’s sucks massive cock

  • Zielujw2523 01.28.14 at 19:40

    What was the point of unlocking weapons, acquiring another rank? BF has become a game for noobs! Congratulations

    • GimmeThatTag 01.28.14 at 20:24

      I didnt unlock all the shotguns and the dmr because i dont rly play with them, i would like to use the “better ones” without having to put hours and hours in to it. So its a good thing. It has nothing to do with being on noob or not.

    • StreetSoldier79 01.28.14 at 20:24

      i smell butthurt

    • LT-Kelwino 01.28.14 at 20:53

      Franchises change, get over it.

  • Crazypipo 01.28.14 at 19:39

    I would be interested to talk to the dev team. Also, you guys should make more of those “making of” videos! :)

  • TRIAD--NOMAD 01.28.14 at 19:34

    i agree with a lot of people here. we work our backsides off to get what we have with the game being broke and your going to give the weapons away for free. i downloaded your shit game from the Playstation store and it still freezes up and lag’s like shit. give us a discount on premium. hell i’m rank 76 got most of the weapon’s unlocked anyways also how about the next map pack be free. anyway fix the damn game from all the bugs and freezes that’s what all of us want.

    • WoodlandGunner 02.01.14 at 07:04

      If you are so mad about them not fixing the game, why don’t you do something about it? Complaining and saying that the games needs to be fixed isn’t going to help. We’ve heard it hundreds to thousands of times. DICE knows what is wrong and they are fixing it. You cant have everything happen at an instant and/or be great as soon as it comes out. DICE isn’t perfect and we’re not either. Calm down and stop complaining, i’m tired of seeing people complain.

  • CoLD_NeuTRoN 01.28.14 at 19:29

    To everyone getting angry about this, chill out. I’m not even surprised this is what they’re doing. They don’t care about people who already own the game. They already got your money. All this, especially the free weapon unlocks, is to entice new players to get the game.

  • JPDOG95 01.28.14 at 19:29

    Earning the weapons legit is more fun than these crappy shortcuts. Earning weapons gives you another reason to play more and rank up your kits and weapons. I don’t really see a point in playing the game from a new persons view if I was going to be strait up given everything.

  • BF4 Dan 01.28.14 at 19:27

    everyone using DMR and Shotguns…. #Dice-screw-you-over-month

  • DAP-52 01.28.14 at 19:27

    A 20MM cannon is a 20MM cannon. If it is nerfed or buffed it should apply to any vehicle using it. The same should apply for any heavy weapon. The jet guys and helicopter guys complain about the AA. They should team up like tankers and ground troops have to do to defeat it. An AA is supposed to take out aircraft, just as their rockets and cannons take out ground troops, tanks, and everything else. Compare the KDR of jet pilots to AA operators in most games and it is pretty obvious what is not balanced. The MAA has finally been given a more realistic weapon in BF4 and the crying has turned to screaming.
    The core aspects are what need improving.

  • xT0MAYx 01.28.14 at 19:27

    Actually. Second Assault for all of us would be a nice gift… agreed.

  • rgandy123 01.28.14 at 19:26

    Second Assault map pack for the rest of the platforms??????

  • xT0MAYx 01.28.14 at 19:26

    Honestly, what do you high ranked guys think you could possibly get out of it? They’re spending time on fixing issues with the core game at the moment. They’re not going to throw back and create all-new content for YOU. Take a damned break from BF4 to smell fresh air or something. Damn. You’re the very same people that would be complaining regardless.

    • Army_medic75 01.28.14 at 19:27

      Believe it when I see it they don’t give a damn about the 360 and ps3

  • GreaterIsHe03 01.28.14 at 19:25

    Drop the shortcuts and give us Premium at a discount. I haven’t even unlocked those guns and I still don’t want the cheat shortcut. I enjoy earning my weapons.

  • Deathgrip007 01.28.14 at 19:24

    Thank you

  • Grucha_95 01.28.14 at 19:24

    The shortcut bundles are a JOKE this comes out after i got everything :(

  • Army_medic75 01.28.14 at 19:23

    How about getting out of DICE’s ass? I play on console not pc

  • Zalmrocks 01.28.14 at 19:23

    I like to see a new free map for everyone..

    A remake of Road to Jalalabad or Iron gator would be nice!

    Anyways thanks for this! Keep up the good work! Battlefield 4 works great for me :)

  • Army_medic75 01.28.14 at 19:23

    DICE/EA logic we wont fix the game so lets just offer cheap trinkets and shiny beads and maybe they will forget how we lied just to get these poor suckers money

  • soupy98 01.28.14 at 19:22

    How about Second Assault DLC and maybe another free DLC. like damavand peak or something. And levolution for china Rising please.

  • JPDOG95 01.28.14 at 19:22

    I don’t like the fact at all that people are getting their guns unlocked for nothing at all when me and many others worked so hard to unlock them in the first place. So what good is it to us when we spent our time in unlocking them. It feels like a waist of time now. Thanks for that :(

  • Mburiii 01.28.14 at 19:21

    More battlepacks? Well atleast you show that you care! Keep up the work. Looking forward to next patch

  • Zielujw2523 01.28.14 at 19:20

    You’re killing this series! Who came up with such ideas? formerly the rank and acquired weapons had to be earned and is now worth shit.

  • truedubie 01.28.14 at 19:20

    Thanks for nothing, Dice. You are screwing the people that play battlefield the most.

  • About_76_Tigers 01.28.14 at 19:18

    Lower the price of Premium so people can afford it, I only have $35 dollars. Even ten dollars off would be good enough for me.

    • Jawsho 01.28.14 at 19:20

      Go get a fucking job or chores for your parents, either I dont care

  • RikanMel 01.28.14 at 19:18

    I really doubt that will ever happens on BF4

  • Aerros 01.28.14 at 19:17

    It’s the experienced, high level players who mostly offered their feedback because they have more hours in the game to know what’s wrong with the game. Offer something for those who have unlocked most items and are already 100-110

  • RedPanda2000 01.28.14 at 19:16

    that is so awsome cant wait to get my hands on all the DMRs, Shotguns, Pistols, and Grenades

  • Jawsho 01.28.14 at 19:15

    Why can’t I play Operation Metro on Xbox 360? I paid for god damn premium now everyone has it? I ship for basic training in a month for christ sake, I would like to play my favorite map before I can’t play for 5 months.

    • knightfang77 01.29.14 at 00:26

      because for some reason the 2nd assault DLCis only currently available on XboxOne, but rumors have been pointing to late February for the rest of us

  • NBKJOKER732 01.28.14 at 19:15

    Battlepacks, don’t need them. Shortcut bundles, don’t need them and it is putting stuff into the hands of people that didn’t earn them. So you are further ruining the game which is already an endless cycle of DMR and grenade spam.

    Double XP, don’t need it. Community missions, don’t care. DICE dev talk, REALLY don’t care.

  • SiskoData66 01.28.14 at 19:14

    So I sweat blood to unlock all the weapons and its not just playing with the weapons that was difficult but the continues crashing, rubber bending, not being able to join servers and the so called buggy netcode and you are giving the weapons away. For me appreciation month was enough if you had fixed the bugs and given us Second Assault which should have been launched a month ago.

    • Army_medic75 01.28.14 at 19:15

      I agree at least be willing to offer something decent DICE

  • benedictlee 01.28.14 at 19:13

    Well its better than a pistol scope.

  • Tony-Manchaza 01.28.14 at 19:13

    all this game is need is mods support, let us add contents to BF and this game will find his greatness

  • TacticalxxPanda 01.28.14 at 19:12

    i like the idea of fan appreciation month, but i dont like how i just finished grinding for my compact 45 without pistol only servers because im on console and not only did i find out it was nerfed to 11 rounds in a mag instead of 15 i thought it was, but now you’re just giving away the best pistol in the game? after players like me spent hours trying to unlock it? not cool dice.

  • MartianGeneral 01.28.14 at 19:12

    Ungrateful people everywhere! Anyway, I hope you guys hold such player appreciation events every alternate month or so. Or at least community challenges and developer interviews, you know :)
    Thank you for this and I’m really glad that you’ve mentioned the netcode. That means it defo can be fixed.
    Although there’s one suggestion I’d like to give. Instead of 2 fixed shortcuts, how about giving the player the choice to pick ANY 2 bundles he wants. So that way the players who lost their time unlocking something only to face a crash can get those unlocks.
    Again, many thanks for this. I look forward to February and the patches.

    • Army_medic75 01.28.14 at 19:13

      And its people like you that allows devs and publishers to get away with releasing games in an unfinished state

  • Army_medic75 01.28.14 at 19:11

    Congrats DICE you have successfully fooled so many sheep it seems. If you want to truly show appreciation how about fixing your game

  • Lambdoid 01.28.14 at 19:11

    Thanks DICE. I’m glad you’re deciding to be more transparent about things. I have a recurring problem where I have CPU spikes and the game freezes up. Please investigate and fix it, or release the Mantle patch(which will hopefully resolve any bottlenecks)

  • Milos97 01.28.14 at 19:11

    I agree with you. For me game works fine. They are kids with 4 years old pc and they except to fork fine.

  • jordyhuissteden 01.28.14 at 19:10

    Thats super awsome! Thanks Dice :)

  • Aerros 01.28.14 at 19:09

    Community appreciation or Beginner appreciation? What about those who have plenty unlocked already at levels 100-110? This does not help that audience…

  • Shocks 1o1 01.28.14 at 19:09

    Platoons? So all my friends can join a game as one and not have to keep looking for a game with 5+ spaces and backing out so many time?

  • ugman360 01.28.14 at 19:09

    Add more ranks!

  • MC1173 01.28.14 at 19:09

    Unfortunately this doesn’t help me. Already have all the above mentioned unlocked. I’m at maximum rank…so I don’t need any more boosts. Sadly not much for appreciation for me playing. :(

  • will_snipe 01.28.14 at 19:08

    Dude! This is badass even for us Premium members! Thanks DICE!!!

  • KeremOktay 01.28.14 at 19:08

    Oh no, free unlocks. I’d like to sweat more to get those but hey shouldnt complain I guess. Thx for the BPs and xp rewards btw.

  • xXJimi08Xx 01.28.14 at 19:08

    To fix the game and release second assault,are you freaking stupid,they said they are stoping next dlcs to fix main game,they dont have enough manpower to do all that.

  • Death_Jr1709 01.28.14 at 19:07

    thanks DICE its good to have something back ppl jst rage too much hope some big fixes come soon and a date for second assault one of the biggest things i looking forward to that next to most of the game fixes :)

  • dark666-_- 01.28.14 at 19:07

    awesome this is something im looking forward to :D keep it up DICE we’ll be with you till the end :D

  • huddie 01.28.14 at 19:07

    I like it. Not impressed with the game being released in, let’s be honest about it, beta state. But let’s not cry over spilt milk. This is a welcome move by EA/DICE. Hopefully this helps me catch up and the lvl100s don’t take advantage of it too (yes, I know I’m being optimistic). I also hope EA/DICE have lost significant revenue and learnt a hard lesson.

    • SKAD839 01.29.14 at 00:11

      How would lvl 100s take advantage of this? There’s nothing they can gain from any of this.

  • Abuddistcow 01.28.14 at 19:06

    SO after grinding for a month to unlock the handguns, the dmrs, and the shotguns. You’re just going to give them away to “make up for lost time”? This may sound silly but i worked for those unlocks, i literally went in and purposely used those items to unlock the following. The handguns wasted half my time. Not to mention using my 100% xp boosts to help me along my way. Battlepacks, cool. Double xp, cool. Giving shortcuts to players because they didn’t want to use the items, not cool. This literally made me hate this appreciation month.

    • BattleCraft 4 01.29.14 at 23:33

      I agree 100%

    • skph13 02.03.14 at 11:19

      They did the same in BF3 but just buy selling all unlocks. The don’t care bout nothing but money it seems. What thy should do is making a beta version make people play for free on full game mode in 6-8 month and get feedback on mistakes, then fix the game and sell it. And no free weapons or selling unlocks at all.

  • Army_medic75 01.28.14 at 19:05

    So in other words this is as pathetic an attempt to curry favor as the 3x scope for the 1911. Secondly what good are the silver and bronze battlepacks going to do for me? Every weapon I use I already have all unlocks for. Thirdly what good is the multiplayer shortcuts already have every single grenade and handgun unlocked?. So in other words this is just EA/DICE’s pathetic way to try to make it seem like they actually care. I will believe netcode fixes when I see it. Every patch you guys have released has only made the game worse. Why trust you now. Also by totally ignoring the ps3 and xbox 360 shows where your priorities truly lie. Hey guys guess what most of your user install base are still on those platforms.

  • iDan122 01.28.14 at 19:03

    I’m glad to hear they are working on the net code. Also extra battlepacks and xp boosts will sure come in handy for experienced players!

  • Eraz3r_ZA 01.28.14 at 19:01

    Oh, STFU! So sick of all you 1st world 12year olds shouting “fix the game” bitch crying every two seconds. Dice is working on it ffs people! If you dont like the current state of the game, uninstall it.

    Nice one Dice! Keep it up.

    • Natetendo83 01.28.14 at 19:06

      Spin that around. In a third world country, releasing a product in a fashion that DICE did with BF4 would ruin your life. If anyone is benefiting from the first world, it’s DICE. Now pack your bags because your attitude is part of why the world is beginning to accept garbage as par for the course when it comes to business.

    • mikekp321a 02.04.14 at 01:11

      i agree 0 games can be bug free. why did they so buy the game then they dont like it??

  • MSC_Stockdale 01.28.14 at 19:00

    Thanks! .. Most of the Double XP events are at the end of the month when I’m tied up with inventory issues. So it’s nice I have an opportunity to enjoy the gift.

  • sledgehammer122 01.28.14 at 19:00

    Out friggin standing!! I am looking forward to this. Thanks DICE.

  • Niou 01.28.14 at 19:00

    Nice to hear that, but with a game unplayable because of rubberbanding for THREE months now this makes absolutly no sense for me^^

  • swoopingEAGL3 01.28.14 at 19:00

    Thank you DICE!!
    And don’t listen to those hater-shitfaces. You’re doing a greate job!

  • BF4 Dan 01.28.14 at 19:00

    How about keep all the above and give me the 2 achievements that are still glitched from your second assault DLC that no one has on xbox one?

  • AssassinBorn 01.28.14 at 18:59

    DICE! u guys are best!

  • A3shiftycat 01.28.14 at 18:59

    I think it’s a good thing they’re actually trying. plus community missions are cool, i loved them in mass effect 3, too.

  • BK The Sickest 01.28.14 at 18:59

    Looking forward to this, hopefully some more competitive events in the future!

  • SOUL PATROL 510 01.28.14 at 18:58

    Also I am STILL getting crashes on 360….seem to happen at random times for me…also seem to have picked up in frequency since the last patch….

  • ifnotnull 01.28.14 at 18:58

    I think it’s a cool thing they are doing and are at least making an effort to give you something on top of working to fix everything. All the rest of you scrubs who don’t have jobs who keep bitching about the game go play CoD or minecraft. To the shit buckets, some people haven’t unlocked everything yet and it’s a cool thing they are doing to help players out. And the game works perfectly fine on PS4.

  • SOUL PATROL 510 01.28.14 at 18:57

    People at least they are making an effort !! I to was “robbed” of the cost of 2 games + 2 premiums…but come on..they are at least trying !! Thanks Dice..Ps. PLEASE FIX THE 0 HEALTH…

  • aDocHolliday 01.28.14 at 18:57

    I don’t want more battlepacks
    I don’t want free shortcut kits
    I don’t want more double XP weekends
    I don’t want “live chats with devs who should be working on fixing the shitty game instead”
    I don’t want Community Missions

    I want:
    A game that works
    A game that doesn’t randomly kick me from servers for no reason
    A game to stop getting “BF4 has stopped working” errors on a perfectly stable, clean, & up to date computer.


    • Kraggy 01.28.14 at 19:00

      Disabling XFIRE ingame made my game stabler than the chair im sitting on. As far as i know i can throw my PC out the window and it will still work.

      And Im sticking in even though i couldn’t play the game for the first two months.

    • arialkiller19 01.28.14 at 22:40

      Dude, I have 2 things to say. One, don’t blame DICE. EA is the crappy company here, and they pushed BF4 out of the door before it was ready. Two, we don’t need another “fix the game” comment. There are trillions of those already.

  • DextrorseTony 01.28.14 at 18:56

    The only problem with this is the game still doesn’t work in any way I call it. Just because you can use stuff faster in a broken game doesn’t make it any less of a broken game see blizzard ask them why they lost millions of subscribers. I am locked in with you because this game alone cost me $150 and your offer back was a sealed copy of the game which I can try to return. I am highly upset that trying to pry players back into the game for increased sales to keep this turd rolling is your fix for a broken game. Yes I know you need to find innovating ways not to post a loss on a title. I think you should so you remember what this franchise used to be. This is a horrible addition to the long list of titles I had to stop playing because EA looked at profit over performance.

  • Blazur 01.28.14 at 18:56

    That’s pretty kick-ass, DICE. Thanks!

  • joel18132 01.28.14 at 18:55

    those shortcut bundles are pointless i alredy unlocked all my shotguns and dmrs

  • Crystal Dragon 01.28.14 at 18:54

    I want a bugfree month, and a server side month too

  • SkillTroll-BF4 01.28.14 at 18:53

    Shut up, fix the game, and GIVE US SECOND ASSAULT!

  • JohnMirra 01.28.14 at 18:53

    Announcing the Damage Control Month

  • Mrgove10 01.28.14 at 18:53

    Thanks Alot !!!!

  • Rogue Warrior 01.28.14 at 18:51

    LOL, gee Thanks! What a steaming pile of runny doggy doo-doo