Balancing BF4: Upcoming Vehicle Tweaks

In our new blog series “Balancing BF4”, we’ll talk about some of the core gameplay tweaks that we are planning for Battlefield 4.

As millions of players dive into the game, new gameplay styles emerge, and with them the need to keep fine-tuning the core gameplay elements. In this post, we’ll talk about the upcoming Battlefield 4 tweaks that we have planned, based on your feedback. These changes are all slotted to go live in a future game update. Stay tuned for more, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

BF4 Second Assault: Firestorm Heli

The Battlefield 4 helis are being carefully tweaked to further improve game balance.


Aircraft and Anti-Aircraft
1) Reduced the total amount of missiles carried by the Mobile Anti-Aircraft vehicles from 6 to 4. The total carried missiles were making it impossible for helicopters to use counter measures to avoid the MAA’s attacks.

2) Reduced the velocity of the MAA’s default 20MM CANNON from 1200m/s to 800m/s to match the 30MM CANNON. This reduction reduces the distance projectiles will travel and should prevent situations where the MAA could engage enemy vehicles without leaving its protected home base. The damage of the cannons remains unchanged, and aircraft, especially helicopters, should remain wary of getting too close to a MAA.

3) Reduced the physical impact of all Anti-Aircraft missiles to prevent helicopters from flipping uncontrollably when hit. The damage values have not been changed.

4) Reduced the cone in which ACTIVE RADAR missiles search for targets, making them require a higher level of skill in predicting where a target will be when the missile is fired. The missiles were previously too easy to aim at long range, making them a guaranteed hit and a clear advantage over the other missile types.

5) Increased the direct damage done by the Attack Helicopter’s gunner cannon. The gunner will be better able to assist the pilot in taking down vehicle targets with this change.

6) Increased the direct hit damage of the Zuni Rockets for Attack Helicopters. The rate of fire of these rockets combined with their smaller magazine pool made them a poor choice over the other two rocket types.

7) Reduced the splash damage and maximum splash damage range of the Scout Helicopter 25MM CANNONS. These weapons were too effective against infantry with a higher splash, making them a clear choice over the 7.62 MINIGUNS in all combat situations. The 25MM CANNONS are intended to give the Scout Helicopter some measure of effectiveness against vehicles, at a clear trade off in effectiveness vs. infantry.

Tanks and Anti-Tank
1) Reduced the “intelligence” of the MBT LAW missiles, requiring the player to aim the missile closer to their target before the smart projectile will activate. Additionally, the MBT LAW now reloads slightly slower. This keeps the MBT LAW in its role of an easy to use, fire and forget weapon available to all Engineers, while also balancing it with the other rocket launchers in favor of skilled AT shots. Finally, a bug where the MBT LAW would pass through an ACTIVE PROTECTION shield has been fixed.

2) Fixed an issue where ACTIVE PROTECTION and the MP-APS did not properly stop 12G FRAG rounds.

3) Reduced the range where the M2 SLAM will do maximum damage to vehicles from 6M to 3M. Players will now need to be craftier when placing the M2 SLAM in order to get the full damage potential of this ambush anti vehicle weapon. This change is to primarily counter a tactic of placing 3 mines in the same spot to guarantee a kill on any vehicle passing within 6m. The range was deemed to be too large, making the M2 SLAM far superior to the M15 AT MINE.

4) Reduced the damage the STAFF shell does to all targets by 25%. This should balance the ease of use of the STAFF shell with its damage potential.

Remember to check back in the Battlefield Blog during the week for more confirmed tweaks that we have planned for Battlefield 4. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

  • shyuechou 05.28.14 at 04:58

    Can you please increase the damage for the Igla and Stinger missiles? It seems rather pointless to equip with these missiles. The returns for equipping with them and using them is negligible.

  • monkeyactio 05.20.14 at 02:33

    I use air vehicles a fair bit but not to often but i feel as an infantry guy that they are under powered. I shot down many a choppers and it dont feel any more safe if we hav 4 choppers in the air then if the enemy had 4 choppers in the air. They crash if they get hit once and take 90 seconds to respawn. If you turned the spawn to 70 seconds and added atleast one scout chopper to the maps that dont hav them it would probly help. It just needs fixing, to easy to kill a chopper. Plz fix

  • INVRippin 05.10.14 at 17:54

    As an avid Helicopter pilot in BF3, as well in the earlier stages of BF4, i am extremely disapointed to say that as time went on the Helicopter became more and more useless. There are RIDICULOUS amounts of dangers to take down a helicopter on the BF that they are rendered useless. For one the TV missile glitch brings me from 100 to 9 simple because of a bug in the system, also, ECM and IR Flares are useless at no matter what range the missile is coming from, Tanks have shotten me out the sky from across the map on more occassions than i can count. The helicopter’s power is perfect, missles do a decent amount of damage and the chopper gunners cannon does a good amount of damage as well, survivablity in this game is the problem, fix SOMETHING, either make the lock on longer (especially with stealth coating), or make the countermeasures useful/lower reload time, or increase the armor and health for choppers, and for god sake if i get shot down by a SRAW or a SMAW one more time without receiving a lock on warning im going to go crazy.

  • BaneMyExistence 04.30.14 at 07:09

    Jeeps, Quads and Jet Skis can take more damage than other more heavily armored vehicles. If it takes 3-4 shots to blow up a tank with specific tank munitions, then 1 shot to a light or no armored vehicle is more than sufficient. The trade off is speed over armor, so the penalty for driving up on a slower heavily armored vehicle should be understood.

    Also, Anti-missile defense should have a shorter cool down. That way people spamming javalins have less of a chance of blowing up a vehicle in 10 seconds.

  • Rentell 04.24.14 at 07:28

    My main problem is he active protection it should not be able to stop solid rounds like main tank shells.

  • EVL_Empire 03.29.14 at 02:15

    The US attack boat is way inferior to the Chinese version. The miniguns have much less range of motion, and there is no reliable surface to perform repairs on. Please do something about this. It feels like 1943 all over again with the zeroes vs corsairs, you never want to be on the US side. Please do something about this.

  • FLEA_83 03.13.14 at 18:25

    The mini guns on transport helis are way underpowerd agienst infantry.

    • BaneMyExistence 04.30.14 at 07:02

      Agree. I should be able to kill a soldier without firing on him for 3 seconds. These guns fire rounds that penetrate light armor. A soldier should be no problem to kill.

    • monkeyactio 05.20.14 at 02:38

      They really are and i wish jeeps had 50 cals as an upgrade so they would be used for more then transport from one objective to another. 50 cal with slightly faster fire rate then the tanks 50 cal upgrade.

  • ciaran1x 03.09.14 at 09:52

    is this patch out yet ? i haven’t noticed it if they have.

  • diehard12345 03.06.14 at 22:33

    You guys do a great job of looking like you’re improving the game when in reality… Heh…

  • Cute as heck 03.05.14 at 03:29

    You should probably also do something about the unstoppable Active Protection+Reactive Armor+Active Radar combo for the MAA which makes it impossible to take out. Get 2 maverick missiles in and the AA gets off 2 unavoidable AR Missiles. While your missiles do nothing because of the AP/RA, you’re hit with 50% damage. Try to finish off the MAA with your 30MM? There’s residual protection left on the AA, even if you mag dump into it you still won’t even be able to disable the thing, meanwhile it’s firing off another 2 AR Missiles, plus its canons at you.

    All the while, the thing is still all the way back in its home base, where you’ve got stationary AA’s with their AI controlled perfect aim taking shots, enemy aircraft, ground troops with AA rockets. This is literally the silliest game mechanic and how this got out the gate with all the beta testing this game went through is beyond me. Then again the game is still wiping people campaign saves, so it really shouldn’t be a surprise.

  • xBigDrock 03.04.14 at 21:00

    Put this into the game before I eat your children.

  • bubbahubba11 03.03.14 at 09:44


  • bubbahubba11 03.03.14 at 09:42

    hurry up and release this patch its been over a month since you have announced it. im tired of my helis flipping by sum scrub camping his base with the aa. FUCK YOU ASS WIPE

  • StigmaticSmile0 03.03.14 at 08:17

    You should change the speed and maneuverability of the attack helicopter… it’s TOO slow and it gives the impresion that you’re driving a MAV instead… i really liked attack choppers on BF3

  • Qc_SoulFly 02.28.14 at 23:31

    Clearly, none of these change have been made so far……? why does it take so long?
    But great change, if they ever happen…..

  • 4ctionRadar 02.25.14 at 23:19

    Was this patch ever released? I don’t see much difference.

    • 666NAGATO666 03.06.14 at 14:00

      same here

  • SH0TGUNxMessiah1 02.23.14 at 08:46

    Well it’s been almost a full month since we read about all these changes and yet my helicopter still tips over sideways from active radar missiles and stingers, my tank gets hit by MBT Law missiles while my APS is active, and……(you get the point, right?)

    So when are we going to see these tweaks?

  • andymcnab123 02.22.14 at 21:51

    My 1st post ever post on the blog or forum and i just need to my share disappointment in the attack helicopters they are useless, i only ever bought played bf because of the choppers they were great fun but in bf4 im crying like a baby, something needs balancing i hate them now, reload times are useless, flies like a aerodynamic brick,flares i can make tea quicker than they reload,everyman and his dog can lock on and make me flip sideways [love that], chopper vs chopper what a joke just sitting looking at each other waiting for another reload to start another cycle of stalemate cmon!!!

    • CrimsonJohan 02.25.14 at 16:43

      They are going after the run and gun crap of duty fanbase, it’s obvious they needed to dwarf the ability of skilled player to cater to the dodo heads. I mean just look at active radar missiles, I mean seriously, holy god!!! I unlocked it for both MAA and jet but never really bothered using it until last night because I suspected this was how I was being constantly flipped without no bleeping locking sound whatsoever, and OMFG this thing should be illegal. I mean it takes absolutely ZERO skills to feel like a god using this “out of this world” weapon.

      1. Sit far back int your base where enemy tanks and infantry cannot venture
      2. Just randomly point in a direction where you see a bird flying,
      3. Shoot two missiles,
      4. Wait 2 seconds to reload while the poor chopper waits 30s or more to reload his ecm or flare
      5. Repeat.
      Battlefield was all about skills and team work, now it’s about nincompoop infantry running around carrying enough arsenal in their back pocket to destroy a whole fleet of enemy ground and air vehicles. And by the way, the whole crap of duty fan you guys were after are moving to titanfail, so DICE, thanks for nothing for making this game useless for your old veteran players who made it such a successful franchise, bravo!!!

    • Jubyan 02.25.14 at 23:48

      This is my first ever post the blog or forum. Agree. To address all these issues at once,
      A Simple fix: add an extra equip slot to attack helicopters. Allows for offensive or defensive configurations instead of only anti-air/vehicle/infantry.

    • diehard12345 03.06.14 at 22:45

      I lolled at your ‘aerodynamic brick’ statement (what’s even better is that IT’S BLOODY TRUE, DICE, FIX THE POOPHOLE YOU’VE CREATED!!

  • bubbahubba11 02.22.14 at 11:11

    give stealth jets more anti ground firepower, if theres noting in the air they are almost non existent on the battlefield.

    give them rocket pods OR jdam bomb OR reevaluate the 20 25 30 mm cannons, because the guided missile doesnt cut it if a stealth jet wants to focus on anti ground combat

    20mm best for anti air
    25 suitable for anti air and anti armor
    30 best for anti armor and infantry maybe make fire rate even slower than it is now and buff damage.

    attack jet has too many advantages over the stealth its better at ground and infantry combat, and i would say the air to air combat offsets eachother because although the stealth is more agile and can out manuver the attack( and it also takes a highly skilled piolet to kill me :)), the 30mm gau cannon can kill air targets in like 3 sec vs the stealth jet taking much better accuracy with its cannon

  • bubbahubba11 02.22.14 at 10:56

    nerf active protection it blocks EVERYTHING why would anyone use any other cm. each one should have something its best at

  • bubbahubba11 02.22.14 at 10:54

    buff attack chopper

    reduce cm recharge rate
    increaase speed( its should be faster than little bird, but worse manuverability)

    attack choppers have to retreat too often and can easily be shut down by 1 or 2 guys with iglas
    give soldiers 1 anti air missle and the perk will give them 2 if equiped.

    re evaluate damage on active/heatseeker/passive
    active are obviously the easiest while passive are the hardest to hit
    active 30 damage
    heat 40
    passive 50

    give attack chopper passive radar missles

    buff gunner cannon and increase speed of reload recharge

    llitte bird with 1 repairman can easily take down attack chopper this is why gunner in attack chopper needs buff along with passive radar while the little bird only gets heat seekers. attack chopper should destroy a littebird in a head on battle.

    make stealth a more useful perk by having it also make lock on missles not always do their max damage


  • CrimsonJohan 02.20.14 at 19:56

    It’s almost impossible to kill AA vehicles with a chopper, I snuck behind one so many times with laser guided, hit them with the missiles before they even have a chance to see me, then unloaded my 25mm gun, yet they still turn around, lock on, I flare up, then try to get away as fast a possible, but the lock covers such a ridiculous distance, it’s pointless. This game wasn’t tested for balance, period. Don’t even get me started with the fat arse elephant butt overweight slow ass attack heli. A scout heli shouldn’t be deadlier than the beasty viper, but now on maps, most people refuse to even spawn in them, it is mostly used by snipers these days to get on top of building and abandon them. This is ridiculous guys, and about the 1 second reload time of stingers, that thing should have 1 missile and very hard to lock onto stuff. Infantry and ground vehicles should work hard to take down choppers and stealth jets, at least in real life (in fact an infantry has a one in a billion chance to take down a f35 in real life), a single person cannot have the fire power to blow up a tank, a chopper and a stealth jet with the arsenal he is carrying in this left pocket. And for the love of all that is holy what the F is up with no warning sound most of the time… You just get hit by a locked on rocket out of the blue without any warning, I heard myself screaming more than one: “Thanks for warning me you peace of S**T game”, sight

  • ST34LTH W4RR1OR 02.18.14 at 13:37

    will you please for the love of god take out the AA its absolutely out of this world and so overpowered im getting killed at spawn for goodness sake i cant even take off in a jet and or any choppers you got some camping little cod kid sitting init thinking he is good when in reality when these patches actually make the game better he will get his ass handed to him. and another thing patching the little bird why ? there is nothing wrong with the little bird patch the attack heli to make it more powerfull and stop it rowling over after it gets hit. get the special weapons and the AA off the game then all will be good in my eyes have skill to take down the chopper. no wonder why people are switching to titanfall its the last hope of a decent FPS unless halo pulls its sox up and iff they do goodbye battlefield population.

  • rhansen20 02.16.14 at 10:41

    not sure if this is a netcode issue or just bs. lock ons in this game are shit. when im in jet or heli I don’t have time to deploy ecm before a lock most of the time ive already been shot at by the time I deploy ecm and ill get hit. in bf3 I used ecm in 2 diff ways if I was high in the sky I would deploy before a lock and drop close to ground to make another lock more difficiult. if I was already close to the ground, I would wait for the missle to be fired and then deploy hoping the missle would hit the ground when in was circling my heli. now you cannot do this it just seems like every time a lock is on ur viechle you are going to get hit by at least one missle

    and people that say well ecm should only be useful before a lock and after missle has been fired that’s where flares should be superior are wrong. flares will always be better in air to air combat. with flares you will make your opponent waste his heatseekers without being hit. ecm will only delay the missles from being fired, so when ecm runs out you will be hit by both missles.

    basicly dice if you are going to force people to use ecm before a lock then give us time to deploy it before a missle has been fired make the alarm tone louder, make locks take longer or fix ur coding

  • rhansen20 02.16.14 at 10:28

    attack heli needs buffs against lock on missles. give it the speed it had in bf3 so it can get away. Ive noticed the havoc is the fastest and has best maneuverability. make the z10w and viper like this. countermeasures should recharge faster. attack helis are biggest target for stinger troops they should have best cms. standardizing a 23 sec recharge for every viechle is being lazy each viechle needs a diff recharge rate or duration in which cms last.

  • x_Argetlam_x 02.16.14 at 01:42

    when will this configurations take place?

    • bubbahubba11 02.22.14 at 11:15

      probably never

  • Runin-N-Gunnin 02.15.14 at 08:37

    The Helicopters are so underpowered. The rockets do no damage, and there are so many threats to the helicopter that It cannot do anything, like stingers, the mobile AA, jets, and other helicopters and all it gets is one countermeasure. Then when it gets hit there is no warning and it just flips and slams into the ground so you cannot do anything about it.

  • vV Gunsmoke Vv 02.14.14 at 03:49

    Dice you need to nerf the accuracy of the aa gun in the spawn cause when you are in a jet and the enemy keeps flying around in their base its impossible to kill them and those active radar dont get me started they are still very OP they need another nerf or just get rid of them

    • vV Gunsmoke Vv 02.14.14 at 03:50

      it takes no skill to fly in your base and let the aa gun take them out

  • NoTouchGoon 02.13.14 at 20:18

    ACTIVE PROTECTION shuold be nurfed.

    • rhansen20 02.16.14 at 11:09

      make it so it can only block 2 or 3 missles and then it fails. Its rediciouls that it can stop every thing a jet, or heli can shoot at it, or make the recharge longer than the other cms

  • xX Rowbotham Xx 02.12.14 at 11:01

    Problem is when i’m not getting cluster fucked by the AA i’m getting cluster fucked by some absolute slice who’s just spamming the stinger. That thing should only come with 1 round or you guys should just completely get rid of it. So much more skill in taking out a air vehicle with a SMAW or rpg

    • Runin-N-Gunnin 02.15.14 at 08:38


  • SlipperySlimer 02.11.14 at 00:32

    if youre going to nerf the effectiveness of 25mm cannon on the scout helo against infantry fine. then you need to buff the 7.62 cannon. its does way too little damage against infantry. thats why people run 25mm cannon instead of mini gun. the mini gun at the transport could use some loving too

    • rhansen20 02.16.14 at 11:11

      increase the spread and damage of 7.62

  • CrimsonJohan 02.10.14 at 21:29

    This game is catering more and more to the call of duty run and gan fanbase, give all power to infantry and headless run and gun type people, assault rifle are overpowered against everything, dmr have short range scopes, helicopter are piratically useless in any map having MAA and engineer with stinger. I mean seriously why call it mobile anti air craft if most guys using it are absolutely immobile and camping at their base? The reload time of stringer is so incredible quick as well that it makes escaping from an initial lock close to impossibility, in fact it is impossible to escape from a mobile AA once it gets the first lock on unless there is building close by which I think only one map offers MAA and building (the center tiny building in zavod I think). And now you guys want to make scout helis even more useless against infantry… sight! Really, this game is deviating more from it’s roots of simulated battlefield and getting closer and closer to that arcady type mindless FPS that is losing popularity recently, this is a very dangerous thing for DICE to do imo. Games doing this have lost their root and fanbase in the long run (dead space, resident evil, etc.) This game has incredible potential and amazing technical design that no game come close to, think careful where you are going with this franchise, think about what it is trying to achieve in the first place, ie, experience a battlefield where if a mindlessly running dude does not have enough fire power to take out a tank and an attack heli in less than the span of 30 seconds. In any case, thanks for deleting my previous objective critical post.

    • ov3rthr0w 02.11.14 at 20:35

      Totally agree and how about the 2 or 3 game modes from CoD that are in bf4 domination,defuse(search and destroy),obliteration which is one bomb but I like this game type. essentially all of those are the same layout of cod types. I know what you mean with the MAA camping and the shitty stingers or igla. there is no fun factor anymore in air vehicles I love the attack chopper but now its useless especially when you pop flares or ecm and still get hit and tilt 90degrees then smash into the ground.

    • Megatr0n_HR 02.13.14 at 09:03

      Agreed. Yyou said what all true bf players would say. This game is only for “noobs”, cmn, some no skilled infantry dude can kill a heli, jet or something that require skill, it is to easy because they destroyed vehicle balance from bf3, where it was perfect. I deinstalled the game long time ago, I am still playing bf3, it is os much better.

    • potatogoat1873 02.14.14 at 15:47

      well $$ has a way of making people sell out. I think DICE is in the same state that Metallica was after the black album. Trying to stay “cool”, “relevant”, and “profitable” while forgetting the fan base that made them what they are. Bottom line:

      Money comes in, integrity goes out.

      this game is kind of a “LOAD” (hope Lars doesnt sue me)

  • zZBLACK_LAGOONZz 02.10.14 at 10:49

    can you guys change it so if you get a mobility hit on an aircreft or any vehicle infact and it crashes and blows up with ocupants still inside that the person who got the mobillity hit gets the kill not the other team get KIA

  • EMS NATE 02.10.14 at 07:40

    I think the mini guns on transport choppers damage against troops should be greatly increased. Almost impossible to kill people while flying around. Don’t let it damage vehicles anymore. Also stationary .50cal damage should be increased. The ucav damage should be increased as well. Against armored vehicles.

  • Mount-Airy 02.09.14 at 23:52

    Fix tanks like bf3 so that soldiers hopping around to c4 tanks will become harder to do. Increase blast radius so that you do not need to hit them directly.

  • pharmapramit226 02.08.14 at 04:43

    as i am new to this i think the way in way in which helicopter is landing should be balancing

  • =CGI=popo990 02.07.14 at 22:39

    Is those change already take effect or it will be in a future update??? Because I already find the gunner in heli to powerfull since 30 jan patch. One come down on a tank and the tank blow up…

  • CrimsonJohan 02.07.14 at 19:29

    1) Reduced the total amount of missiles carried by the Mobile Anti-Aircraft vehicles from 6 to 4. The total carried missiles were making it impossible for helicopters to use counter measures to avoid the MAA’s attacks.

    Reduce the locking range, these guys need to move, it doesn’t matter if you reduce the amount of missiles to 4, they will still camp in their base and wait for reload (which reload speed is ridiculous to begin with), please make them move and search for targets.

    2) Reduced the velocity of the MAA’s default 20MM CANNON from 1200m/s to 800m/s to match the 30MM CANNON. This reduction reduces the distance projectiles will travel and should prevent situations where the MAA could engage enemy vehicles without leaving its protected home base. The damage of the cannons remains unchanged, and aircraft, especially helicopters, should remain wary of getting too close to a MAA.

    Again, reduce the range, they need to stop camping.

    3) Reduced the physical impact of all Anti-Aircraft missiles to prevent helicopters from flipping uncontrollably when hit. The damage values have not been changed.

    No $hit shirlock, this is absolutely ridiculous, helis flip now like pancankes when it by rockets

    5) Increased the direct damage done by the Attack Helicopter’s gunner cannon. The gunner will be better able to assist the pilot in taking down vehicle targets with this change.

    What if you don’t have a gunner in the heli to help you out? I think the damage should increase against infantry/ thanks, period. Especially the attack heli, you guys made them slow, fat, bulky, slow reload speed and compensated with what? Where was the balancing in that?

    6) Increased the direct hit damage of the Zuni Rockets for Attack Helicopters. The rate of fire of these rockets combined with their smaller magazine pool made them a poor choice over the other two rocket types.


    7) Reduced the splash damage and maximum splash damage range of the Scout Helicopter 25MM CANNONS. These weapons were too effective against infantry with a higher splash, making them a clear choice over the 7.62 MINIGUNS in all combat situations. The 25MM CANNONS are intended to give the Scout Helicopter some measure of effectiveness against vehicles, at a clear trade off in effectiveness vs. infantry.

    No, 7.62mm miniguns are absolutely almost impossible to get a kill with, specially when you are being locked on constantly, do not nerf the helis any further.

  • D1G1TAL-S0LD1ER- 02.07.14 at 15:04

    You should REAAAAALY shorten the range of the AA tank because as A LOT of people are saying it is no more fun to get up in to the air.

    I love the Siege of Shanghai map because there is no AA tank.

  • Toners5687 02.07.14 at 06:16

    “Remain wary of flying close to the MAA” SERIOUSLY?! When I play Lacang Dam I can fly a helicopter from my spawn to our closet capture target “E” and that fucking thing can hit me from their spawn…complete horse shit.

  • Toners5687 02.07.14 at 06:06

    It would be nice if you guys could somehow make it so people can’t hide in the AA’s in their spawn and not only take out everything in the air which is it’s job but no one can go up and destroy it because they’re in their spawn.

  • pharmapramit226 02.07.14 at 04:28

    There should be a missile lock signal so that it will help to be aware before enemies go to launch their missile as if the missile has already been shot.

  • rhansen20 02.06.14 at 23:04

    stealth jets need more anti ground firepower. the stealth jets have become soo boring. they have almost zero effectiveness against armor or infantry the only item they have is guided missile and the damage on those are too low. I think stealth jests 30mm cannon should be a pick for attacking infantry and armor while the 20mm are for air combat, because now the 20mm are a clear choice for all situation. also I think the stealth jets should be able to equip rocket pods in the secondary weapon slot. As of now the attack jet is superior in every category except maneuverability, but it only takes about 3 sec to destroy another jet with the 30mm cannons it has, where as the stealth jet takes much more skill. also, maybe taking away air radar from attack jets can make them a more air to ground jet rather than an all around jet

  • rhansen20 02.06.14 at 23:03

    counter measure recharge rate needs to be specified for each vehicle, rather than standardizing it for every vehicle. I agree with the 23 sec recharge rate for the littlebird, and jets. the little bird can be repaired constantly so a piolet should rely on repairs and countermeasures, also I think it would be a good idea to make the little bird only be repairable to 75% while it is airborn, so it has to be repaired from outside on the ground to be at 100%, being constantly repaired is a joke. When facing a attack heli head on, a fully stacked little bird has a clear advantage over an attack heli up to 4 heatseakers and repairs ridiculous. A jet can easily deploy countermeasures and fly away, but if they are too aggressive they may get hit. the biggest problem with CM is with the attack heli, the attack heli is the biggest target on the map for stingers and it moves the slowest, so it should have the best counter measures. a 15 sec recharge or maybe copiolet flares with a recharge of 30-35 sec along with the piolets CMs. I think piolet and gunner both with cms would be a good idea to encourage teamwork and communication. The attack heli spends most time hiding, and even when it retreats at the first sign of a missle lock it cannot always escape because of the slower speed and manuverability, espically against an AA, but don’t get me started with that. I have the same opinion with the transport heli as I do the attack, its slow, big target, and probably the most usless vehicle in bf. I don’t have much expirence in armor vehicles so I wont comment on them.

  • NemesisFF 02.06.14 at 22:58

    Are you crazy? Its very hard to hil Helis with PRG or SMAW with tank its easy as hell.

  • Sussepus 02.06.14 at 16:36

    You should consider an alert when a sraw is inbound. I know its not realistic that wire guided missile is detected like that but considering that its a one shot kill and very easy to do an alert for the pilots would give them a small chance to dodge this.
    Or make sraw not one shot kill on air since its not hard at all to guide the sraw into a heli.
    Especially since tank shells is not a direct kill which is just as hard to perform as rpg hit…

  • MastaGunz 666 02.06.14 at 03:14

    All I’d like to really see fixed is the missile lock alert tones. Could you guys please turn up the volume a bit? I like my alerts to be a little louder than a dog whistle.

    • rhansen20 02.06.14 at 23:09

      I agree, sometimes it also seems like enemies have already launch a missle and you don’t even hear the lock, you just hear when the missle is already being shot(im not talking about active radar either, it happens with heatseekers and stingers) Also I think the hud text in the jets and helis with the speed and height etc. should be a bit bigger espically when trying to manage speed or altitude in a jet

  • NemesisFF 02.06.14 at 02:50

    Please please please Dice, don’t nerf the 25 mm canon against infantry. It would be a very big mistake. The 7.62mm is to weak its sooo hard to kill infantry with it. Infantry is already superior to the scout helis with ther Stingers and Iglas. If there is only one guy on a open map like Golmud Railway, Hainan Resort or Dawnbreaker with Stiger or Igla, you have no chance to really fly anymore. So please dont take the scout heli’s only effective way to defence themselves against infantry away.

  • kzarz 02.06.14 at 02:26

    DICE, the 25 mm vs vehicles thinking, evidenced by you’re statement about the 25 mm being a clear trade off on effectiveness vs infantry, would make sense if the 7.62 mm miniguns did good damage vs infantry, but it doesn’t. Put simply, you have to hit a soldier a lot longer in BF4 with the minigun than in BF3. If the damage against infantry was brought up to BF3 level, it would mark a significant advantage over the 25 mm cannon, which, In My Opinion, is still a better anti infantry choice than 7.62mm.

  • Bansh32 02.06.14 at 02:06

    Even with a repair its hard to stay alive in the scout heli. Anti air reloaads are to fast to keep up with. 7.6 mini cannons are still not affective against infratry. Skilled pilots have a hard time getting hits with them. Maybe increase the spread of the rounds the 7.6 cannon shoots.

  • Firefly26 02.05.14 at 22:55

    APS seems broken now. slow moving SRAWs and laser-guided ASMs are now always scoring hits while it is on.

  • XxMudman97xX 02.05.14 at 19:19

    I feel that helicopters are taken down to quickly and easily. There should be more of a balance between ground forces and helicopters having the advantage of being high in the air. Especially with Anti-Aircraft armored vehicles…..Just a thought, other than that, Battlefield 4 rocks, and beats COD Ghosts any day of the week!!

  • N3droX3 02.05.14 at 17:57

    Hey Dice,
    I think it’s absolutely wrong to take away the 25mm cannons. You guys
    say that we players should instead use the 7.6 mm cannons to fight
    against the infrantry? Have you ever tried to do that ? It’s nearly
    impossible because you got no splash damage with that and you have to
    direct hit 2 or 3 times to kill someone. With a flying moving vehicle
    to get a direct hit on a moving soldier from the air is quite
    difficult and so the 7.6 mm cannons are not a really option (and i’m
    only talking about one single infrantry soldier). And if the soldier
    on the ground have a stinger, than it’s absolutely impossible to fight
    against that with 7.6mm. So please think again about your decision to
    weaken the scoutheli.

  • THEMANZ 00 02.05.14 at 09:40

    The repair time/speed of vehicles is way to slow since your last patch both repairing from the inside and out side of the vehicles but in particular the repair time/speed of the the little bird from inside I Carnot see a reason for slowing the speed of repair Down as the all aa weapons and vehicles reload extremely quick and even with someone repairing at the previous repair rate they could be brought down without difficulty so it would be only fair to at least keep the original speed/time of the repairing the vehicles if not increasing it especially from out side the vehicle

    Many thanks hope you all agree

  • UKDMike 02.05.14 at 04:49

    You are not using ECM correctly. ECM is supposed to be better at breaking locks but worse at spoofing the missile once it is launched. The moment you hear someone trying to lock you have to hit ECM and take cover so that they can’t get a missile away. If they get a missile away before you have a chance to hit ECM then you must fly really close to the ground to get the missile to hit the ground as it flies around you or there is a good chance it will hit you once your ECM runs out. Basically flares = get rid of one missile, ECM = stop all incoming locks/missiles for a few seconds so you can hide. ECM is definitely better than flares on most maps but you need to use it the right way or it will not work for you.

  • Gekkekarim 02.05.14 at 02:33

    below radar its better

  • Clone_RSA 02.05.14 at 00:15

    Maybe start off IR flares for example at a 5 sec reload time, increasing after every use by 5 seconds, so it could go like: activate – 5sec reload time; activate – 10sec reload time; activate – 15sec reload time. And then it could start from the beginning after every 3 uses. *Note – The 5 seconds is just an example, don’t go biting my head off AA infantry

  • sp1r1tX3 02.04.14 at 23:38

    The attack choppers are way to slow and can’t get away from lock ons unless there is a lot of cover

  • 0R3X 02.04.14 at 20:52

    The attack choppers often roll too far to the side to recover from one hit and crash…imo it should take more than one hit to take down the chopper.

  • thetobi47 02.04.14 at 20:22

    o and not to bring back old glitches but the 0% health glitch is back could u maby fix that soon plz

  • thetobi47 02.04.14 at 20:14

    come on stop lowering the power of the helicopter i mean it all ready week as all hell i stinger took me down from 100% to 25% in one hit the helicopter and now ur lowering the splash damage of the 25mm they are made to take out both troops and tanks why would u take that out jest because some people dont want to lose to a helicopter jest because they are on foot i have gone up in a helicopter only to be shoot down buy one with two engineers and the people on foot where all engineers to mostly with stingers so what your doing is taking a paper helicopter setting it on fire and seeing how long it will last let me tell u it wont last long

  • Viper31 02.04.14 at 17:19

    The MAA’s damage should be nerfed. I constantly find my self kept miles away from my targets when in any vehicle. Maybe take away it’s ability to damage tanks and other armor, jeeps are OK. Stingers also need a nerf. They 2 shot any air vehicle and a player can fire off 4 in a matter of seconds. Either decease the damage or the range at which they lock Also increase the damage of the .50 cal on tanks and other vehicles. When I am gunning I constantly have my kills stolen by people using weapons that actually kill

  • Brentonator 02.04.14 at 06:43

    Why do tanks slide while on any uneven surface. Tanks do not slide sideways, and I hate the fact that I can’t sit on nearly any inclined surface without sliding sideways. Please fix this, it’s been around since Frostbite started.

  • SHANKSY77 02.03.14 at 13:50

    I think that there needs to be more counter measures for planes&choppers as it is way to easy to get shot down. I also think the damage on all RPGs (Including guided) must be reduced in fairness to make this more enjoyable gaming experience.

    • Brentonator 02.04.14 at 06:44

      It would be nice to see more countermeasures but a much longer reload time, or better having to go back to base for ammo like older Battlefield games.

    • ST34LTH W4RR1OR 02.18.14 at 13:55

      are you on crack the RPG takes skill complain about the guided rocket and the MAA for goodness sake

  • Macraframalama 02.03.14 at 10:57

    Please dice, you have got to bring proximity scan back to the tank drivers. We cant always have a gunner in our tanks who have it and the c4 on two classes is ruining that aspect of the game. Ive played battlefield for years and know im not alone on this. Either get rid of the c4 with snipers who just lay around camping or bring back the proximity scan. Ive lost the urge to drive a tank anymore which used to be my favorite part of the game. Something must be done. I still love the game but please fix this issue. Thanks for your time and consideration.

    • Brentonator 02.04.14 at 06:45

      You must be oblivious or a bad tank driver. I have no problem countering C4 and SLAM in my tank without a driver. Don’t get into sticky situations.

  • SnuFFer_6 02.03.14 at 03:04


  • RickRude136 02.02.14 at 19:34

    Who makes these decisions because they must be completely clueless. Vehicles are way to overpowered to begin with. It takes 5 of anything to kill a tank. You don’t even carry enough rockets. Just stupid

    • SnuFFer_6 02.03.14 at 03:05


    • Macraframalama 02.03.14 at 10:58

      well rick its obvious you need to go back to cod. Compared to every other battlefield the vehicles are easy targets. Almost all of them…

    • Viper31 02.04.14 at 17:22

      You have to play smart and get around the back it the tank. If you have an RPG or SMAW directly hitting a tank in the rear armor will 2 shot it. With a n MBT LAW the damage it does is all you will ever get and for a SRAW it can 2 or 3 shot the tank in the rear like an RPG

  • Mrkillerhomer_xD 02.02.14 at 16:44

    plz fix the what i call “score or point” bug
    what it dose is when im flying with a friend and we are in same sq
    every so often like at least 5 times per round if not way more i ONLY get driver points
    no SQ points when he kills only driver points
    so he kills an inf and i should get 75 for sq points + 25 for driver points = 100 points
    but what i get with the bug is 25 for driver points and NOTHING MORE IT SUCKS

  • a0311justice 02.02.14 at 16:25

    really nicefix on the pwc and the ribh handles awesom

  • Bugzey-Boy 02.02.14 at 15:50

    Could the Amphibious vehicles be fixed up so when your driving from land into water you don’t hit the water and lose all momentum and keep sum speed up so you can get through the water better thanks :)

  • tramp77 02.02.14 at 10:11

    nerf the active radar range for maa, you cant even fly the helis on at least 2 maps because they are shot down as soon as the game starts at their own base. why wont you listen to your players. everyone has told you this but yet you make some stupid changes to its main guns. smh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Viper31 02.04.14 at 17:24

      Yeah I took off in an attack heli on Golmud and the second I was off the gorund 2 active radars hit me from the MAA on the mountain near their deployment

  • Ru5h666_Kill 02.01.14 at 14:42

    Default projectile speed of Tunguska is 960m/s. So if you guys are trying to make a realistic game, why are you reducing it?

    • Lazerlike 02.01.14 at 18:49

      Because it’s op at the moment. Drivers don’t need to drive out of their base to kill every air vehicle on a flat map.

  • Smithbarn 02.01.14 at 12:11

    I think its good that they are altering the game regardless of how good the tweaks are its nice to see some actual changes in the games performance

  • UgLyStYk13 02.01.14 at 12:10

    All vehicle machine guns/mini guns are way under-powered. Take off splash damage, but incorporate one/two direct hit kills. This would also bring back the scout/transport heli’s teeth because it would not take forever just to get kills with the mini guns. That is now that you have nerfed the 25mm cannons. If you think about it, scaling weapon damage is easy. Smaller the bullet/smaller the damage……bigger the bullet/bigger the damage. same goes with bombs. Why are JDAMs worthless? there 2000 lbs bombs that you have made out to be no more damaging than a pack of C4. These are weapons that were meant for killing so make them so. If somebody complains about getting owned by one shot from a 25mm cannon…..they should have taken cover. If somebody complains about getting cut down by a mini gub…….should have taken cover. SIMPLE!!!!!!! Helicopters are weak…..but there weapons and counter measures should not be. Tanks are tough but anti tank munitions are powerful. SIMPLE!!!!!!!

    • Brentonator 02.04.14 at 06:48

      JDAMs can level buildings. In the name of “balance” they ruined them. I hate “balance”. Battlefield is asymmetric warfare at it’s finest. Please don’t keep balancing the game.

  • Sellis7 02.01.14 at 11:14

    Fixing the ECM should be in your top 5 priority. When I active ECM sometimes the missile just keeps dancing around my scout heli and then hits me. That is so annoying and unrealistic.

  • xNFZxDiabolosx 02.01.14 at 08:26

    Sorry but I think what you want to do with the 25mm guns in the scoutHeli its not a good idea, yeah the cannons are a bit OP against infantry but you have to consider infantry has hunderes of ways to make a heli desappear from the air, specially since you are not going to add below radar to this game. Maybe if you buffed the minigus a bit? just to make them competitive against infantry: lets face it the miniguns in the game are trash, and BTW you have to fix the miniguns in the transport heli as well

  • ragingmango246 02.01.14 at 07:54

    Please Dice just Please fix the Bomber for china rising and the ac130. They are way too underpowered.. I never actually want to get in em that’s how bad it is please increase damage, reload rate and splash radius and test it cause right now those vehicles have awesome Potential but that’s being wasted

  • mrgreeen420 02.01.14 at 06:21

    What about laser paint? Air radar doesn’t do anything stealth nothing and stabilizer nothing! Put laser back on

  • JustABill 02.01.14 at 06:16

    Need a fix to make mines remain stationary. To hit a mine, you should have to move near it, not have someone on a bike ride by you with SLAMs on the bike.

  • chedd1138 02.01.14 at 05:59

    I miss the proximity sensor on my mbt i keep getting c4’d and had no idea the enemy was near me!!

    • JAYJ50 02.01.14 at 09:42

      I couldn’t agree more, with support and recon running around with c4 they took proximity sensor from the tank driver and gave it to the gunner who the driver may not have communication with, this does not make sense, the MBT driver needs proximity sensor or you get c4ed All the time. The majority of my tank deaths are from c4 while im engaging a target. Not very balanced imo

  • SirPunge 02.01.14 at 04:54

    we need tweak back to bf3 with mines and clay’s i have been kick out of many server for playing defense using mines and clay’s getting team kills and i feel as if im in a sever for 30 mins and then get kick for playing a defense of roll its not cool at all i love the game and i know u guys are doing ur best but this is one thing that is a major problem in the game and thats getting kick for team kills using mines and clay so i wish we can go back to the bf3 way with them.

  • Neprox317 02.01.14 at 03:52

    Please reduce the repair-ability of two airbourne mechanics , who turn the scout-chopper in a “flying fortress”

    • DiExMachina 02.01.14 at 04:36

      I can’t +1 this comment enough. 3 Anti-Air Missiles should be more than enough to take down a scout chopper. I am fine with 3 or more to take out an attack chopper, but that is because it should have armor.

      Ideas: these can be AND/OR, not looking for all of them to be implemented.

      1. only one position on the scout chopper should be able to repair, and at half its normal repair speed.
      2. direct hits to the side of the chopper should be an instant kill, always, to the people hanging on the side.
      3. diminishing returns on repair to a point where it can’t be repaired without setting it down on the ground to repair fully or with a timer. Say, the chopper has to be on the ground for 20-30 seconds for the diminishing returns timer to reset.
      4. lower hit point of the scout chopper.

      Just some ideas, I am ready to be flamed by others now.

      • ragingmango246 02.01.14 at 07:58

        SCREW YOU THAT WILL RUIN THE SCOUT HELO ALTOGETHER!! It’s guns are weak enough as it is since the 25mm are being worsened. Now all this? No I won’t stand for that

      • JAYJ50 02.01.14 at 09:50

        I agree too, scout choppers can be totally invincible and op with one or even worse two engines, i think number 3 on your list is a great idea

      • BerserkSwede 02.03.14 at 17:22

        agree heli is not a flying t-90 a good pilot can use ground features, buildings etc for cover . a bad pilot with two guys repairing can hover, take 5 hits from stingers and just keep going, this does not encourage skillful play

    • ragingmango246 02.01.14 at 07:56

      That’s already balanced cause if your hit with 1 missile your helo goes full retard and I crash so screw that I never had that issue

  • Neprox317 02.01.14 at 03:48

    DICE – please avoid to make the choppers/jet to “kill-farming-devices” like in the previous versions of Battlefield (BF2, BF3)

  • VintageVolunt33r 02.01.14 at 03:17

    Ive noticed a lot more of my deaths in tanks to come from c-4. Could you look at updating prox. scan for the vehicles.

  • SilentKaliSmoker 02.01.14 at 03:00

    can you fix the smart rockets please? they don’t seem to work for me. They just go straight, they don’t track towards enemy vehicles at all on PS3. These all do sound like good tweaks. Hopefully I’ll be able to get away in helicopters now.

  • SlamJamma 02.01.14 at 02:57

    Ok, I guess these changes make sense, but honestly I would rather see the net code issues resolved before we even get into all of these other balancing issues.. Just my 2 cents.

  • johnnytrump 02.01.14 at 02:43

    Give the transport heli minigun a bigger explosive radius and make them fire faster. Its so hard to hit anything with them and there are only two. I rarely even use them because they are so useless.

  • StealthSandwich 02.01.14 at 02:35

    please don’t nerf staff shell, they are just fine as they are, it will become useless if you nerf them like that. and please don’t nerf the 25 mm cannon of scout heli, buff its mini gun instead.

  • Elfusan 02.01.14 at 02:12

    Concerning vehicles, I got just one suggestion:

    Transport helos… Please, oh PLEASE give them module upgrades. Need ideas?
    1. Improved plating: Gives increased protection at a disadvantage of lower maneuverability, speed and lowered max altitude.
    2. Gyro stabilizer: You know that one.
    3. Lightweight materials: Higher speed and maneuverability at the cost of lower protection.
    4. 25mm guns: Replaces standard miniguns with 25mm.
    5. Reactive armor: The same, but with lower effect or higher reload time.
    6. Air radar: Ability to see incoming aircrafts at much higher range than standard radar.
    7. Thermal camo: You know this one as well.

    With gunners it’s fairly easy to get points in that vehicle. It’s a tactical helicopter – give him tactical upgrades.

  • G3A3NME187 02.01.14 at 00:27

    ****ADD G3A3 FROM BF3!****

    • Macka_05 02.01.14 at 02:33

      please, please, pleeeeeeeze.

  • Des E Rock 01.31.14 at 23:53

    I have read your response regarding Attack Helicopters, with regard to below radar and countermeasures. The problem is that it seems that countermeasures just don’t work. Countermeasures should prevent a direct hit, therefore should prevent a critical hit. I understand that there may be some splash damage, but it should not be a critical hit. I have been hit critically, countless times after using countermeasures.

  • Erelyes 01.31.14 at 23:30

    The M2 SLAM nerf is waaaaay too much. Halving range from 6m to 3m is ridiculous, that means the area of effect is QUARTERED, i.e. goes from 28m to 7m! Please change this, should be 4.5-5m.

  • The_Euro_Spectre 01.31.14 at 22:57

    Would it really be so hard to make the staff shell a primary shell instead of a secondary? Oh and fix the double-fire glitch while if you’re not gonna make it a primary. For fuck’s sake…

  • gousias1979 01.31.14 at 20:59

    in bf3 the american attack heli was fun to fly,(yes it was over powered in killing) but in bf4 heli is just a flying bathtub NO FAN TOY FLY yes you could reduce the cannon power but you should not change the fun of flying a choper.
    -give at all hellis speed speeeeeeeeeeeeeeedddd and BELOW RADAR
    -TAKE from them as many power from cannons you want,or make necessary a pass from base to reload after two empty “Magazines”

    DONT DESTROY THE FUN OF FLYING give the below radar back and speed.

  • OLlVlA WILDE 01.31.14 at 20:56

    How do active radar missiles even track fifth-generation stealth aircraft?

  • d7thsin 01.31.14 at 19:08

    should they be try to fix the game befor adding more thing to make the game more of a pain in the ass if your not play on a ps4 or xbox . there time load in and can’t turn guns not load in it bad when you get to wait a few min to load in to the round after it start or you get the jumpy lag bs that been crashing the game out just me but what i know all the ppl i use to play bf3 with does play bf4 due to these points

  • EZTiger94 01.31.14 at 19:03

    now this is shaping up to be the battlefield we paid for!

  • InuyashasBrother 01.31.14 at 17:33

    Where is the FGM-148 Javelin buff??? It’s very hard to land four shots on a tank or attack boat, while maintaing lock, and not be killed. BF3 was better.

    • Convergencez 02.01.14 at 00:30

      Wondering that question too. The Javelin is rather trashy in BF4, it makes you a sitting duck and it doesnnn’t do much damage for the risk it gives. Sure, at long range, it would be useful as it does most of the work for you. The white marker the targeted just makes them spray you.

  • DHG RaptorJesus 01.31.14 at 17:09

    Is it only me but who else misses the scoped rpg and the designator pistol from bad company series.

    • EZTiger94 01.31.14 at 19:04

      i miss them

  • Rock NYer 01.31.14 at 13:38

    Sounds good on all sides for vehicle updates. Evening out of weapons and vehicles means people will have more choice rather than having to use an over powered weapon all the time just to keep up with everyone else using an over powered weapon

  • exUSSR_BuzZ 01.31.14 at 08:16

    You need to get rid of “active radar” missiles… completely. Trust me, it will only make things better !

    • Fastz737 01.31.14 at 18:42

      Without question. They were only put in bf4 to cater to the cod noobs. Same with the mbt law. Bf3 was far more superior. Pilots could be pilots tanks drivers could wreak havoc if you were good at it. Now just look into the sky push RT and it’s over….where’s the diversity in gameplay….whats next no bullet drop on guns. Dice is catering to the cod crowd to win them over at the expense of battlefields core gamers. Quite possibly could be seeing the downfall of dice in years to come especially with new fps games otw.

  • Damoveeight 01.31.14 at 03:03

    The STAFF shell I thought had already been tweaked as you do have to aim more or less directly at the target or just slightly above if behind cover, rather than when first released seem to just point in the direction of the enemy it would hit. Tank vs Tank their is no advantage as everybody is using them. Also using them means you have no LMG so infantry can be a problem but to say that the STAFF shell has 44% damage I hadn’t noticed it to be that effective but reducing it by 25% would make it worthless. Why does it take all this time after a game is released to realize that we got it all wrong and need to change everything after people complain and moan rather than they change the way they play. And with the AA you usually get a player camping on a hill near base so the enemy knows where it is so they can just avoid it, and choose not to attack it as it has little effect on stopping the enemy capping bases in the other side of the map and not protecting his team from aircraft attack. As soon as I bring it out into the battle as I do not camp it the comments all start usually and usually abusive as I down their heli’s but good jet pilot is still very hard tp down even from the centre of the map. Now from here I have to watch out for four heli’s two jets, four tanks c4 loaded jeeps and engineer or even c4, so my point is the AA is very easy to destroy as it should be so it boils down to teamwork to create safe airspace. Teamwork which seems to be lacking from the fly only type players in the past. For the people who say they no longer fly I never see many idle aircraft as the sky is full of them. Either way whatever you do change not everybody will ever be happy and the moaning will continue regardless. I do think this game is far above all else and a congrats to DICE and well done for the feedback and keeping us all up to date.

  • A5C3ND3R 01.31.14 at 02:04

    As a hardcore choppi pilot in bf3, I never fly choppers anymore because they are taken out so easily. With all countermeasures having a 20 second reload time, ANYONE with any sort of anti air capabilities can take any chopper out unless the chopper is very close to hard cover to hide behind. Countermeasures need to go back down to at least 10 seconds (missiles could be buffed at this point) or add back in below radar so good pilots can make use of their skill of flying low and off radar. Choppers were one of the main reasons I played BF3 as long as I did and now I and many other pilots rarely touch them.

    • ST34LTH W4RR1OR 02.18.14 at 14:15

      i totally agre jets are usless to except the attack jet but what i dont get is why doesnt the anti tank missile kill the tanks on the grounfd it has 2 anti tank missiles but yet does hardly any damage those to missiles would level any vehicle

  • Coops9119 01.31.14 at 00:34

    Safe man, nice to know I’m not the only one that feels this way. I can understand they want to appeal to different groups of players, that’s why I love the game, but making the skill based vehicles be easily taken out by fire and forget weapons takes away all the point of teamwork, strategy, playing the objective and even being good at the game in the first place. I’ve always loved battlefield games. Played them all online since bf1942 and enjoyed all of them. They’ve always been a franchise that in my opinion stands head and shoulders above other shooters, the sense of epic was you get from them, such as running between some buildings whilst a jet bursts into flames and plummets into a building near you completely leveling it just makes the game so much more than a reaction, twitch based game like so many other fps games

  • NoTouchGoon 01.30.14 at 23:52

    hurry up. ACTIVE RADAR missiles are thugs now

  • Shooter259 01.30.14 at 22:11

    This man has said exactly the truth. Nobody give a FUCK about our new COD PLAYERS, THATS WHY WE PLAY BATTLEFIELD. I have been with battlefield since the Xbox iv never complained about what Dice chooses to do but What this guy said is the truth. I don’t care what you guys do at Dice but remember what is important. The people that have been with you since the start, all the people that laugh at the advertisements for COD because Dice has done right since the Start and that’s why we buy and Respect the decisions that Dice makes. I personally am in the top in bracket in the world on the Xbox one for the scout heli, for that matter anything that flys that takes skill. I’m good at I even use the SAME controls that I learned on the battlefield for the Xbox back when the little bird had only 2 seats, and it had rockets and the gunner had a Gatling gun. I don’t mind that you guys make it even. Just because I can dominate with the little bird I don’t. I stay on the ground and help all of the dum ace’s that are still in the COD mindset. I play for the people like THIS guy. And I PLAY FOR THE PEOPLE WHO THINK THIS WAY. shoutout to Coops9119 who said it better then I could have. I’ll see you online man. ✌️

  • bsilikepie 01.30.14 at 21:24

    If I am correct, then the tweaked Staff Shell for the MBT vehicle should do approximately 19 damage to other MBT vehicles, giving the enemy tank a fair opportunity to flee or engage. Well played, DICE. Well played.

  • Devellis96 01.30.14 at 20:39

    Buff all 7.62 minigun damage (except for scout heli, that cannon is balanced enough). If you’re trying to balance the 25mm shells, increase their direct damage vs armor, because they are useless vs. tanks now.

    All anti-air weaponry should be for POINT DEFENSE ONLY. As such, reduce range and reload speed of stinger/iglaa. Make it so that a stinger operator can get two shots off before the second round of flares are fired. (Shot + Flare + Shot + Flare) but such that the second flares will recharge and defend from the second rocket ONLY if the helicopter has put more than a certain distance between himself and the original shot.

    Ex: Heli @ 200m, shot + flare, heli does not leave, shot –> heli disabled.
    Ex. Heli @ 200m, shot + flare, heli travels 200 m away, shot, flare —> heli escapes with 55 HP.

    This would take some pressure off ground units. It would also maintain the stinger/iglaa’s effectiveness at relieving such pressure but it would encourage players to use skill-based dumb-fire weapons to take down air targets instead, since they would never be rewarded with a stinger kill.

  • CroVepar 01.30.14 at 20:24

    AA still too powerful.

  • IhadFunwiturMUM 01.30.14 at 19:34

    Ok i know everyone loves piloting, as do I, but lets be honest, three anti-air missiles should take down a chopper, end of story. (it only takes a bit of 7.62 and one missile even in reality) So why am I running out of ammo with my stinger trying to take out a chopper, and failing? That’s five rounds, by the way. Damage should maybe be increased with the impact ratio going down, would be fair. Also, I tend to be supportive to my team when in the Mobile AA truck. Passive radar missiles were pretty much the ONLY way to counter a helo. Pretty soon helo’s are going to be invincible pretty much. That and getting repaired by two engineers. In conclusion, please do NOT Nerf the MAA missiles, and do something about the engineer’s, for the love of supporting my team.

    • zI-Colonel-Iz 01.31.14 at 06:52

      You r a camper! Main AA will protect base, we dont need another camper AA shooting missile hide in the base taking jet and heli from all corner of the map with active bullshit missile base to base

    • Rock NYer 01.31.14 at 13:41

      I only agree that they need to slow repair time on scout and transport choppers.

    • L1neCutter 01.31.14 at 22:41

      I think one person with an AA shouldn’t be able to take down a chopper by themselves.

  • Rogue Warrior 01.30.14 at 18:47

    How about fixing the issue when you drive an amphibious vehicle into the water that it makes a SLOW transition to speed, Not and Immediate stop like you have hit a wall!

    • Rock NYer 01.31.14 at 13:31


  • Patrix87 01.30.14 at 18:46

    You want realism ? Go play Arma 3.

    BUT, I still agree with two things.

    1st, Life is not fair, so why the game should be… What is the whole point of upgrading weapon or vehicle if everything as the exact same power… You might as well all give us the same Nerf gun and a tricycle.

    2nd, Helos are way to weak. They should be stronger in attack power or in defense. To my opinion the should do more damage because 25mm explosive round are made to shred infantry! On the defensive side scout helo are actually weak when we talk about pure bullet proof resistance but you should be able to a least avoid rockets by doing defensive maneuvers. Right now you often see rocket turning in circles in a really small 20m wide circle which doesn’t make any sense.

  • captecoli 01.30.14 at 18:44

    Please fix the attack helicopters. The transport heli’s fly better, the attack heli’s. Brutal. I’d be happy if they moved like they did in bf3. They were a lot more fun. Now they are just a slow easy target. Easy points from the ground and air

  • VladDrakulyaIII 01.30.14 at 18:33

    OK, I see how you’re fixing the Tanks so they’re slightly more durable BUT if you really want to make tanks competitive (Right now equipped with sabot rounds, they’re as good as a privileged sniper rifle but still not good enough to go head on into the battlefield as they should) again remove the “Ammo”, make it recharge faster or increase the number of rounds it can have AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: DO NOT! Allow engineers to repair a vehicle WHILE it’s taking damage. This goes for Helos as well, seriously? I shoot a helo 3 times in a row and I can’t destroy it since it has 2 engineers repairing it, tanks, same thing.

  • z71man14 01.30.14 at 18:32

    Give the scout back its origin armor and take away air repairs. Leave the splash damage alone. Scout choppers are becoming worthless and no fun.

  • Dublicious 01.30.14 at 18:28

    Sorry, I disagree with everyone complaining about the AA rockets and suggesting they be nerfed. The fact that it takes two or three massive explosions to destroy a helicopter is probably as good of a compromise as you’ll get between realism and “balance” (even though it already heavily favors the helicopter). At some point this becomes CoD and makes no sense. To me, helicopter weapons should easily wipe infantry and rockets should easily wipe helicopters, provided they make contact.

  • 51N157RU5 01.30.14 at 18:09

    below radar is active in BF4?

  • Hassinite 01.30.14 at 18:06

    Don”t mess with the scout helo weapons. The are supposed to shred infantry. A 25mm explosive tipped round? yeah sounds about right.

  • zI-Colonel-Iz 01.30.14 at 17:00

    Simple Dice EA, air flares should be cut time to load 22 is too much! Where my below radar? I list for jets, air vs air…. We need below radar air to air, i hope you that you guys i list read this post

  • zI-Colonel-Iz 01.30.14 at 16:58

    Simple Dice EA, air flares should be cut time to load 22 is too much! Where my below radar? I list for yets, air vs air…. We need below radar air to air, i hope you that you guys i list read this post

  • PsyInMyMind 01.30.14 at 13:25

    The attack hellicopter AND scout helicopter go down to easy with stinger rockets and other rockets. They should be able to take at least one or two more hits before they go down. It is no fun to fly the attack hellicopter anymore because they go down realy realy easy with just 2 stinger strikes. You don’t have enough time to fly away when locked on

  • Juanking 01.30.14 at 13:06

    Are you taking the piss! Firstly a helicopter should take damage from small arms fire especially a 7.62 round. That’s a fact, secondly they can cary 2 engineers (scout) and be almost impossible to destroy. 2 heat sealing a a rockets won’t do it, an app with mounted hmg cannon would tear it to be ices, the reason the helos in bf3 were useful was because (speaking from console) nobody worked as a team lasing them for tank drivers and javelin users. And now there’s no 3rd seat for tanks there’s even less to lock on to them, in almost every vehicular game I’ve played the helos have been the most damaging and that frankly is b*£€@&£t they should be the easiest vehicles to destroy baking the least armour. To make them have more basin the game is a joke. And taking away some of what takes them out is ridiculous. I speak for my experience both on hardcore and core on a console but it appears the game is pending to the moaners with no versatility to their game and want a bomb proof helo.,

    • Coops9119 01.30.14 at 15:39

      Taking the piss? Are you an idiot to say small arms fire should damage helicopters. If you started down that root then why don’t the rockets from helicopters one got kill everything as they would do in real life. Why doesn’t any weapon in any game instant kill people? Because it’s a game and everything should be balanced. I take it from your hate of helicopters and vehicles that you clearly have no idea of what versatility means , and simply run around as the assault class moaning about anything you can’t shoot with small arms. This is battlefield and the vehicles are a key part of the game., to suggest that the helos are always the top on all the maps is pure madness although scout helos should definitely have the passenger repair capability taken away as it’s massively overpowered, it’s meant to be a ‘scout’ not an invincible death machine. Why should helicopters be easy to take down? In reality a helicopter will own almost anything land based through guided missiles, superior positioning of higher ground and the anti infantry and armour gunner. Even still a jet would easily take out a helicopter without even batting an eye lid. I’m not saying I want helicopters to rule, I’m saying that the way it is now, it takes no skill at all to take one down. RPGs, and other skill based weapons are so much more satisfying to take a helicopter down with. If you find your being killed by helicopters try being strategic rather than running around in the open firing with a massive ‘hi helicopters I’m a lovely target’ written all over you. I’ve own plenty of games as an assault,engineer, support or recon even with helicopters dominating. Try using cover and thinking out your route to your next destination. I bet if there was an assault class guy running around with a score of 50-0 you wouldn’t complain and say ‘oh assault rifles are massively overpowered they kill people all the time’, you think ‘oh there’s a descent player’, so why is it any different for vehicles. Get a grip and get used to there being vehicles in the game. That’s te whole reason this game is battlefield and not call of duty or any other close quarters combat game

      • Juanking 01.31.14 at 00:35

        Actually my point Wat in response to the increase in difficulty taking put choppers by making the point that saf would damage them. This is a fact and I understand the real sim of fest by pair play but choppers dominate most games I’ve played, that has been my experience, if it’s not been yours or your a helo fanboy who’d de fucking do.

    • ST34LTH W4RR1OR 02.18.14 at 14:26

      i agree that 2 stinger shots should take down the chopper but iff you are going to have that reduce the fucking range of that stupid MAA it sitts in its base all game doesnt move you cant even move from ur spawn most of the time the MAA should just be removed from the game simple as that

  • MrFroggins 01.30.14 at 12:57

    I believe that the jets and attack heli’s in BF4 have been deliberately set up they way they are to stop, what happened in BFBC2 & BF3 – the heli DOMINATED the game, 1 good pilot could wipe out the entire team, they were way way over powered in the right hands, now we’re seeing those who could dominate the air in them moaning like hell because they can’t continue this – ADAPT & MOVE ON! I am a self confessed TANK whore, in BF3 I love the proximity scan and used it and the mini map to great effect, Bf4 I have adapted moved on and find it now requires me to be more cunning and skilful to survive in the tank, speaking of which STAFF shells over powered??? erm NO! hit a building with one and it desimates it, hit an infantry guy and he runs away!
    what I think needs fixing for vehicles
    1) Helicopter flare/ecm reload time to be quicker, no weapon changes
    2) ground clearance of LAV/IFV needs sorting, sick of getting stuck on a low wall
    3) Rhib gun damage against scout helis compared to other vehicles is ridiculous
    4) tank shells should destroy helis in 1 hit
    5) reload time for guided missle in jets needs to be quicker
    6) Jeeps/quads/motorbikes need to stop bursting in flames n killing the driver just for hitting a small rock

    just one more thing, in BfBC2 and BF3 if you brought a building down with someone inside it you got a kill, I know in bf4 builds take a ridiculous time to collapse but still if I collapsed it with someone in it I want the kill!

  • Klauveren 01.30.14 at 12:39

    Stingers and IGLA should be nerfed. They are way overpowered and to easy to use. Flying a Heli is a joke at the moment. Personally I do not understand why players are using these lock-on weapons. They are so boring to use. It is so much more satisfying and rewarding to shoot down a heli with af sabot shell in a tank or with af RPG and javelin which demands a bit of skill by the player.

  • TotalDamage6996 01.30.14 at 12:09

    i dont agree with the 25mm cannon tweak. its still not very effective against vehicles. Infantry have enough advantage with the fast reload time of the Igla. Plus the have numbers against Scout helis.

    • TotalDamage6996 01.30.14 at 12:10

      the infantry have numbers against scout helis.

  • XP_Fuzionz 01.30.14 at 11:31

    Ok, so tweak the 25mm cannon so that it isnt as good at taking out infantry, even though the miniguns on the scout heli suck balls

  • Nianfo 01.30.14 at 11:09

    Most of the time, APCs active protection still takes damage from another APCs Zuni rockets.

  • xX8manticore8Xx 01.30.14 at 11:00

    the duration for reloading counter-measures a severe disadvantage against stingers and other anti-air based launchers, I know it is due to the fact that launchers take 2 hits now but in the stealth jets there are noobs camping on rocks on golmud railway who piss the crap out of me -_-

  • smp2531 01.30.14 at 08:59

    how about how the .50 cal gunner position on the tank is like throwing a teddy bear at the enemy. one .50 cal bullet will cut someone in half. you would think the developers would know this…

    • Rammer88 01.30.14 at 15:06

      lmfao, so true!

    • L1neCutter 01.31.14 at 22:45

      Agree the gunners on tanks/apc should either have damage boosted, or lengthen the time you can shoot before cool down is needed.

  • Fred Garvin 80 01.30.14 at 07:59

    Oh and can we maybe get another flag on Operation Metro, like maybe on the opposite end outside of the tunnel. I’ve only been in about 10 games where “B” had ever changed hands. The match goes by way too fast. Another flag would make it competitive on next gen consoles and PC, where the servers have 64 players. The way it is now it’s a campers paradise and a virtual slaughterhouse

    • smp2531 01.30.14 at 08:56

      operation metro?????? hahahaha

  • Fred Garvin 80 01.30.14 at 07:50

    The Sabot round needs a huge buff if you’re gonna make the staff shell weak. It needs at least a one hit mobility kill, and PLEASE, there isn’t a chopper in the world that can take more than one hit from a tank or an RPG. Being back one hit kills on choppers when hit by tanks, RPGs, and ESPECIALLY TV missiles. They’re hard enough to control as it is, why should I have to take another shot?

    • Juanking 01.30.14 at 13:11

      Couldn’t agree more, small arms can take down a chopper, hit a hydraulic pipe, major fuel line, engine blade, gearbox etc and the chopper is going down, a tank she’ll or anti aircraft rocket would ruin it.

  • Fred Garvin 80 01.30.14 at 07:30

    Could you also fix the Express Train assignment. It’s next to impossible to get when everything resets

    • Plethora of Pew 01.30.14 at 12:24

      If the “Express Train” assignment is the one I think is (for the F2000), then this is an assignment that is supposed to be accomplished during one match. I hope this is helpful.

  • Ba8yD1981 01.30.14 at 07:20

    Oh and will you PLEASE!!!!!!! fix the IFV’s so they won’t keep getting hung up on everything they run over. They get stuck on everything

    • L1neCutter 01.31.14 at 22:47

      a way to slowly get yourself out vs just sitting there would be be nice

  • Ba8yD1981 01.30.14 at 07:07

    The stingers/ shoulder mounted bullshit needs to be taking off the game or tweak because they are way over powered and their is internally to much lock on equipment on this game to have someone running around on a map with a stinger on their shoulder and can be anywhere and you have no idea wtf is locking on to you. Make it like bf2 for pc have fixed AA or mobile AA that way you at least have so idea wtf is locking on to you and have a little bit of a chance. Right now you have everything on the game that can lock on to you that isn’t fun please fix the bullshit.

    • Klauveren 01.30.14 at 12:31

      Agreed. Stingers and IGLA should be nerfed. They are way overpowered and to easy to use. Flying a Heli is a joke at the moment. Personally I do not understand why players are using these lock-on weapons. They are so boring to use. It is so much more satisfying and rewarding to shoot down a heli with af sabot shell in a tank or with af RPG and javelin which demands a bit of skill by the player.

  • Wyked_Kitty 01.30.14 at 07:03

    You’re worried about all this non-sense… I want to be able to play a game that I paid for when I am ready to without having an error message coming up. How about fixing that.

  • Someguy12121 01.30.14 at 06:51

    Add below radar and also make where Jets can out maneuver AA missiles like stingers and heat seekers. Not being able to makes them next to worthless.

  • Someguy12121 01.30.14 at 06:50

    Remove AP from this game. Its completely over powered. It needs to have a much longer cool down/

  • BarryBraverman 01.30.14 at 05:30

    Heat seeking weapons locking onto jetskis, quads and dirtbikes: Stop it. Their signature would be negligible and they’re meant to be agile, but it’s impossible to dodge.

  • aburabura 01.30.14 at 04:13

    Good pilots want to dominate over the game! … Don’t listen DICE ….

    • L1neCutter 01.31.14 at 22:49

      Good pilots already do.

  • Coops9119 01.30.14 at 01:08

    Sick and tired of hearing people bitch and moan about realism in this game! It’s a fucking game, yes MAA should be able to rape air vehicles within a certain range, but the fact that an MAA or an engineer with a stinger can take out even the most experienced helicopter pilots using weapons/vehicles that require no skill at all. Try using a weapon or vehicle that requires some bloody skill to use and judge, ie a smaw/rpg, sraw, tank, tv missile etc. the fact that the attack helicopter handles like a house brick is just ridiculous. You spend your entire time in the helicopter running away from numerous lock on tones or to wait for your ammo to replenish. AA missiles have a ridiculous range and this couple with mobility hits, increased flare/ECM reload time and just random ecm and flares not working makes the attack helicopter pointless. Yes I love flying helicopters but I never bother in bf4 now. MAA just sits in their own base and rapes you if you even try getting near enough to kill it. People moan about realism, that an aa’s job is to take out air vehicles but equally it’s a fucking attack helicopter! If it was real life the AH would sit a mile or so away behind cover and out of site locking on to you with say a ‘longbow’ radar and one hellfire later the MAA would be toast not just simply disabled. It seems on one side you have people that love infantry work and on the other you have the people that enjoy vehicles. If you don’t like the fact that vehicles piloted by a ln experienced pilot who has put hours and hours into mastering the art of flying or driving then go play COD. I love playing as every role in this game but the fact that it requires no skill at all to use a fire and forget weapon just ruins flying. Yes it’s annoying when a pilot and gunner own a map but it’s using teamwork, the main point of battlefield in case you’d all forgotten that. Using a laser designator and javelin is fine, even stingers are ok but the reload times on flares/ECM along with the no below radar and lovely open maps with little cover and reduced speed and maneuverability is just too much. There are plenty of ways to take out air vehicles, as I listed earlier, just because you can’t look at the sky with a stinger or AA and instantly kill what is supposed to be ‘a tank of the sky’ people complain.
    Fix net code
    Fix 0 health bug
    Stop listening to noobs that want a game where you can be an expert within an hour of playing it. This is battlefield no COD. I can understand appealing to different people and getting COD players to buy into this franchise, but don’t ruin the best part of this franchise that has been like this since the beginning of time, vehicular combat mixed with strategy, teamwork and objective based gameplay
    So to simplify
    1. Grow up and stop complaining about every bit of this game
    2. Play the game, get some skill and learn to take out helicopters with some weapons that take skill
    3. AA noobs, quit complaining that sitting in your base and killing air vehicles ,that actually require teamwork and experience to use, are being nerfed, get the fuck out of your base and try playing the objective and support your team.
    5.0 health bug
    6. Don’t listen to noobs, listen to your lifelong fans

    Rant over

    • lnFamouS_SniP 01.30.14 at 02:23

      You are absolutely right.

      Dice has so simplified BF4 for “noobs” that one is a point where you can use such weapons Fire and forget, and that any beginner can easily drop a player Experienced. This is a game attended.

      Same problems for tanks with the appearance of beautiful shells Staff that requires any level. It’s over the good old duels or skill was required to win.

      But there is so much to say about BF4, it is far from over, injury to a game with so much potential.

    • ICEBERG1er 01.30.14 at 02:45

      BALOGNA!!! BALONEY!! man choppers are sooooo easy this e around its sweet you go in SHWOOP SHWOOP rockets fly less than full clip annihilation of any enemy vehiicle sweetness come in low an stealthy pop up done

    • Someguy12121 01.30.14 at 06:52

      Id like to enjoy the game but I keep crashing every 5 fking second (PS3)

    • Ba8yD1981 01.30.14 at 07:14

      I love everything you posted that is my main concern always you hit the nail on the head. The 0 health bullshit is getting old real fast that makes my blood pressure rise lol.

      • L1neCutter 01.31.14 at 22:57

        Normally after i see this when killed, if I get an assist the guy will still have 20-30 health left, not 0 so its not like the dude is running around with no health

  • Xx_Psycho_1 01.30.14 at 00:38

    So lets nerf the only decent weapon on the tank but not nerf the weapons on the LAV’s. Thats ridiculous. The LAV’s do way to much damage to a tank and take more damage than they are supposed to. Instead of messing with whats not broken how about you fix what is. How about the tanks hitting a bumb and spinning 180 degrees, a vehicle that weights that much shouldnt spin out like that. The bikes that bump into a tank and move the tank but when the bike hits a rock it blows up, Tanks at times unable to climb small hills at a decent speed. You want a vehicle fix start with those.

  • SANSLI_1987 01.30.14 at 00:36

    bf4 mini map bad. bf3 mini map good

  • DoctoR ShoX 01.29.14 at 23:01

    why would you make the MAA OP. How will it be impossible to use counter measures if your flying air vehicles when in a real combat situation having been in the British army I know that isn’t realistic as helicopters or jets can counter any type of lock-on weapon systems other wise it would be pointless having flairs or ecm in the first place please reconsider this nerf as it will defiantly make the helis/jets near impossible to learn how to fly for new players. much love been a bf player since 1942

    • taff55 01.29.14 at 23:58

      You’ve been playing since 1942??? Dude, you’re OLD

  • Villain_MJK 01.29.14 at 22:57

    Instead of nerfing the slam, why dont you make the mine a more viable option?

  • Hyrule Reaper 01.29.14 at 22:35

    This should have been done too. It seems almost useless to jump in an ac130 when my average life time Is 12 seconds since it’s taken down so fast

  • Purestone63 01.29.14 at 21:55

    Can please the gunship back to the way it was in Bf3. Put the mini-guns back so the gunship can defend against jets and choppers

    • Someguy12121 01.30.14 at 06:53

      THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The first cannon is the ONLY thing that is usable.

  • RandomLetters27 01.29.14 at 20:12

    Why would you nerf the AA??? It is a completely single-purpose vehicle…ground-to-air are the only targets reasonably available to it, and even now it can rarely get a kill before pilots bail out. Meanwhile, aircraft can effectively take out any target in the game, ground or air, infantry or vehicle. Is it really so bad to have ONE vehicle per team on the map (some maps!) that can at least mobility hit some of the aircraft in range?

    You’re not going to swing the outcome of a game by playing the AA….I don’t see any reason to nerf it. If you nerf it, it will be completely useless and aircraft will dominate the entire game again, with no effective opposition other than other aircraft.

    • KOz1ca 01.29.14 at 23:11

      This the truth now Pilots will kill enmass with nothing to stop them, just ridiculous.

  • xBigDrock 01.29.14 at 19:53

    This game is not meant to be played lonewolf and all the changes you want are to be a lonewolf pilot with random gunners. Sorry to tell you, but you will never get the changes you want, nor should you. This game is made to be played using communication with people you play with regularly. When you do this, you have things like teamspeak and vent to say cease fire. There is a get out option in the emotes and that works just fine to change out your gunners usually. Having the ability to forcefully eject a gunner out of your heli, especially when you are playing public servers, is just ridiculous.

    Honestly, who do you think you are? People spend 60+ dollars on this game and you think you should have the ability to control the functionality of their weapons and what vehicles they can get into? Wish I could punch people through the internet.

    • L1neCutter 01.31.14 at 22:53

      hey now we are talking!

  • Skopos 01.29.14 at 18:07

    DICE have a lot of work to do to make this game playable and while there are far more important things for them to fix this list of changes sounds absolutely fine. The mini-guns on the transport chopper could use a slight improvement vs infantry, and there’s still the problem of being able to use the missile truck in your spawn on Zavod, but this is probably the fairest balancing patch DICE have come up with. Credit where it’s due but now please go fix the game

  • ShaddowBlade 01.29.14 at 17:46

    Come on DICE, The reason everyone uses the M2 Slam instead of the normal anti tank mines is because the anti tank mines are horrendous, and the M2 Slams are versatile. You need 3 anti tank mines to take out any vehicle, and they can only be placed on the ground, and every DECENT Battlefield player constantly spots on a main road to look for them. Leave the M2 Slams alone and Buff the anti tank mines, make it so you only need 2 mines to take out any vehicle or something along those lines.

    • koutlosh 01.29.14 at 17:50

      100% Agree if you need 3AT mines or 3 M2 mines to destroy all possible vehicles and theres more ways to use M2s, why should i take AT mines?? It does no sense.. :D And nerf for M2 is really no solution for this issue..

  • Koshime 01.29.14 at 17:11

    Dear BF4,

    With regards to gunners on Vehicles,
    is it possible to issue a command for ” ceasefire” or a option to ensure, there is no gunner weapons fire, unless enabled. This becomes a problem due to the element of surprise being broken.

    Alternatively, a more draconian option is the ability to warn/boot a gunner that is not wanted.


  • EGC x Wolf 01.29.14 at 17:02

    Dear Battlefield: Is it possible that you could tweak the torque on the vehicles in BF4? There is no reason a tank or LAV should struggle going up a mild grade, especially not on paved or hardpack roads. Also, please make it so that a small rock in the road will not bottom out a vehicle. Again, it looks silly when a lav or tank is stuck on a fist-sized rock. Thanks and appreciated.

    • Indefragable 01.29.14 at 21:32


  • AH-1Z-Zulu-Cobra 01.29.14 at 13:19

    you guys dont have a clue what you are doing.

    just stop.

    zunis are already op,

    reducing splash damages?

    are you stupid?


    are you guys mentally deficient?

    • SlachtHuis 01.29.14 at 17:04

      They are not stupid at all. They listend to the community. And then again this is the best upcoming patch since the launch. Be happy!

  • GameFrame 01.29.14 at 13:18

    If those upcoming fixes will work as intended, those are the fixes we all have been waiting for. I am especially looking forward to ACTIVE RADAR missiles fix because currently you’re getting a hit 1-2 seconds after starting with a jet. That missile was fired from the other side of map and it will hit you without ability to deploy flares or ECM.

    That’s been so annoying, I almost broke my stick after I got pissed.

    • Indefragable 01.29.14 at 21:34

      I agree. The Mobile AA vehicle should be something that all pilots rightly fear, but the Active Radar missiles (both Surface-to-Air and Air-to-Air versions) are very OP: there is no countermeasure or other means of countering. Your best defense is to hope the enemy player is a moron…great strategy.

  • billboa172 01.29.14 at 13:18

    Please make the DMR sound beefier or something less annoying . All i hear in game is pshh pshhh pshh – they sound like a hissing snake its bloody annoying. and also make the non pump action shotguns less powerfull , ive been 1 shot killed with them so many times theres no point in using a pump action which i prefer.

  • JosephAanDeMaas 01.29.14 at 11:37

    i agree .. but still i wil whoop those noobs asses±P

  • TinOmen2010 01.29.14 at 11:17

    I seriously wish they would not cater to the people that whine for nerfing. They want the game made easy rather than taking the time to learn, adapt and overcome. This is a game based on warfare. Weapons are lethal. Last time I checked games are meant to be a challenge. I think most players would agree that several of these adjustments are poor choices. I just wish that they would leave things well enough alone. There is always the option of the Call of Duty franchise for those who can’t take the world of battlefield. The one thing I’ve always loved about battlefield is the requirement to think and develop skills to counter others. The one thing I’ve hated about battlefield is strong drive to make the people who don’t like a challenge happy.

    • Zandaz 01.29.14 at 17:29

      You sir, have hit the nail on the head. I think that some changes are needed, but rather than make the good things worse, make the bad things better.

    • old_buddy_ol_pal 01.29.14 at 18:42

      Tim, I agree that gmes areeant to be a challenge and one ought to adapt and overcome. Unfortunately, you are the on the wrong side of adapting. Helicoptors and jets are supoosed to be challenging to learn and master, and once you do, they are dangerous. The maa currently dominates both of these as a vehicle that requires little effort to use and next to no “adapting” or “overcoming”. It takes fairness out of the game by reducing challenge. Hence “op”. A well put together and “balanced” game has as close to equal challenge all around as possible. I do not find using easy strategies and brokenly powerful weapons to be fun at all. It keeps people from aying how they want when they cannot perform in any way other than the use of the O.P.

  • TinOmen2010 01.29.14 at 11:11


  • Sadistic_Jaguar 01.29.14 at 08:57

    Please increase effectiveness from 7.62 mm on transport and mini helicopters. ESPECIALLY If the 25mm is to be taken down a notch. I have maybe killed 2-3 people max using the 7.62 on the transport chopper (including bf3) with good pilots. this has always bothered me.

    I have barley noticed the AC-30 in this game. Make it rain devastation. Transport chopper gunners and ac-30s are the military’s bread a butter when it come to supporting infantry, the game needs this dynamic.

  • SurrrrG 01.29.14 at 08:41

    Oh and the tv takes to hits to disable a chopper now thats just silly the TV should be one hit against a enemy chopper.

  • SurrrrG 01.29.14 at 08:38

    I think he little bird 25 mm cannon should be left as is. Most of the people complaining about it are probably snipers who camp roof tops and clueless inf players who just run out in the open. The staff shell should be timed so you cant double fire. EG the following staff shell reloads at the same rate as the next HE shell would. Also after reading through your forums ive noticed heaps of people asking for the attack chopper to be made more agile and yet i have not heard any news if it will be fixed? The TV missle is a joke i mean no splash damage, c,mon its a hellfire FFS.

  • Fred Garvin 80 01.29.14 at 07:26

    Leave the staff shell alone. I hate when you guys nerf the weapons that are hardest to unlock. There’s a reason they’re the last things to unlock. And yes, 25mm rounds should DEVASTATE infantry. I command a Bradley Fighting Vehicle. The HE rounds from my 25mm gun are used primarily for infantry and light skinned vehicles. AA should be left alone except for the missiles of course. The main gun should stay as is. I thought that was the whole reason the 30mm overheats so quickly

    • TinOmen2010 01.29.14 at 11:17


  • Gorilla_Clown 01.29.14 at 07:14

    I also worked hard on unlocking all my weapons but I still like this idea. A battlepack a day? Dbl XP weekends? Sounds good to me. Appreciate the effort Dice.

  • EXILE157 01.29.14 at 06:58

    What about when you have 2 Engineers repairing the Little Bird making it impossible to knocked down?…been there and done that, it is going to end up like BF3 with Little Bird and 2 Engineers fixing Little Bird dominating the game!

    And here we are Little Bird has no defense shield it’s practically a thin frame no doors, yet can take more hits from an AA on top of that an AA supposed to shred Attack Heli and Jets @ close and mid range, and what’s up with Jets flying @ very low altitude killing ground troops and bouncing off trees then go goes away as if nothing!?

    1-Leave the STAFF shells alone its Tank vs Tanks.
    2-Expand the Red Zone for Jets and Helicopters let them go at it with each other.
    3-Fix the AC-130 Gunship! it’s a Flying Brick! it’s the most useless thing in BF4 vs Jet’s and Helicopters, Enemy on ground walk around 25mm Cannon & 105mm Cannon as if nothing.

    • NAVSPECWARCOM 01.29.14 at 07:11

      Here we go again. Another BF game F**ked by OP Air. It was fun while it lasted.

  • SerVal_NC 01.29.14 at 06:55

    i think AA and atack helli are perfect i was sick of 2 guys raping all people with atack helli
    jet to powered
    more map like pic de gullin infantry based are great
    except netcod and hit detection and snipers everythink allright :)

  • Tman64general 01.29.14 at 06:54

    Well, if you are going to nerf the 25 millimeter cannons on the scout choppers, you should beef up the Gatling guns. Those right now are useless unless you are gunning down another chopper. I tried to kill infantry with them and it is just too much to ask. I think a 7.62 mm round from a chopper should do just as much as it does from an assault rifle. 3-5 shots. Not what it is right now at 8-12. You can’t hold the cross hairs on them for long enough to get that many hits. And the gatlings from the trasport choppers need beefed up as well. I’m on PS4 so this may not be the case on all platforms, I don’t know. All of these other changes I fully agree with this is all great stuff!

  • c0mm0n 10gic 01.29.14 at 06:46

    The MAA was definitely a huge thorn in the side of aircraft. I was on both sides of the issue and I think it’s a great idea in making it more difficult to use. The one thing I want changed is the rapid firing of the MBT’s primary and secondary weapons when the staff shell is equipped. I’ve slugged it out with other tanks before and they do double damage due to their quick follow up shots. Please take this under consideration.

  • DeltaBravoLima 01.29.14 at 06:08

    Why would you reduce the splash damage of the 25mm cannon on the scout helicopter? I wouldn’t call it excessive? It’s a 25mm cannon!!! Also why no changes to the useless recharge times on countermeasures on jets and helicopters and still no buff to canister shells despite all the votes to the contrary?

  • TRex_dinasour 01.29.14 at 05:22

    DICE are you joking with us. Balancing things come when game is smooth and have no bugs. But you know if you don’t know then listen, your game is BUGS SEA. Fix your game first and then do balancing. I can’t join large conquest on first try. Fix your queuing bug.

  • Viperhog 01.29.14 at 05:06

    Wow! This seems to me a conciliation to the air players.

    The MAA already has a HUGE disadvantage, it is so weak you can kill it by sneezing on it. The air is too OP, always has been. The guys on the ground should have a counter to that, now you are going to take it away.

    The first 6 posted changes make the attack chopper stronger, it is going to end up like BF3, one good chopper pilot and the game is dominated. The tanks are going to be useless again.

    Jets same thing. Already the jets can fly in, counter, and leave the engagement zone before you can get a second lock. Could you either decrease the reload/lock on time or increase the cycle time for the jets counter measures? And the active radar is no good unless the jet is flying right at you or directly away.

    Here is an idea, instead of reducing the number of active radar missiles or their lock on cone, give them a reduced range. I agree you should not be able to fire across the entire map and hit something.

    My biggest complaint is the air could always engage outside the range of any counter weapon, except another air vehicle, which to me should not be, I hate this word, “fair”. If you are shooting at me I should be able to shoot at you.

    I’m afraid your going to ruin the game except for guys who fly, the rest of us will just die more often. But, I guess the squeaky wheel …

    • Americacti 01.29.14 at 05:42

      A Smaw can do wonders!

  • El_Twin 01.29.14 at 00:13

    The balancing updates are very welcome. Please don’t forget the issue on ps4: while using assault during a firefight if a friendly dies next to you, by trying to reload your weapon will somehow bring the defibrillator and revive the player automatically. This has happened to me many times, I have to get away and try to reload my weapon. In a similar case trying to throw a health pack, stays in your hands (soldier hands) also is an issue.

  • ApoKalypZ08 01.28.14 at 23:40

    Every one of these fixes addresses all of the issues i have been complaining about. THANK YOU DICE FOR GETTING IT RIGHT! Stay true to your market, the hardcore gamers. Noobs need to remain noobs, don’t cater to the weak.

  • koutlosh 01.28.14 at 23:11

    Yeah, scores like a 70/5 … this is really hell on earth

  • SOPE8_da_LION 01.28.14 at 23:03

    My Personal Fixes

    1. add a 5x or 6x scope to the DMR.
    2. add at least a 4x-6x flir scope to all weopons. or an attachment that would turn any 4x scope into the flir.

  • gucampoy 01.28.14 at 22:32

    -Fix the game! Netcode!
    -AA is over power
    -Stinger reload
    play with helicopter is a hell in BF4!

  • SpartanIVyl 01.28.14 at 21:59

    We need to have 4 laser guided missiles for jets especially stealth jets, having 2 just makes it impossible to kill anything plus have 4 missiles can give jets a chance to fight back against aa tanks since aa tanks have more than 2 anti missiles.

    See for more info

  • ROTTENCORPSE 01.28.14 at 21:29

    OK so helicopters have unlimited defense measures still but we are making them even harder to bring down then they already are…smh. how about making a helicopter control scheme that actually works. The helicopter controls are terrible, they are almost unusable for most. Most rounds I have to pilot one because nobody else can get them more than 20 meters before they get out of control. You shouldn’t have to be an aviation experts to use the helicopters in the game, it kind of defeats the purpose if 90% of the players can’t try them….test range is nice but not the same as flying during MY. Saints Row had the best helicopter controls so…. DICE play that and fix your game.

  • Firedome 01.28.14 at 21:26

    What if you don’t nerf the MAA, but instead, Increase the interval between spawn? The the plane/helo jockeys could have their time in the sun before they go down in a blaze of glory.

  • CLARKINATORS 01.28.14 at 20:39

    fix the transport heli mini guns they suck

  • USBigOil 01.28.14 at 20:36

    yes stop nerfing the weapons and vehicles!!! Such bullshit. At least give the AA stronger armor and a defense against tanks! better yet stop nerfing the weapons!!! Do not make it BF3 – 2.

  • Luka_Mijic 01.28.14 at 20:28

    What about jets?? When will you fix them? :(

  • jumpinthetub 01.28.14 at 19:32

    People need to stop complaining im talking to you high rank cry babies its a game leave it alone

    • USBigOil 01.28.14 at 20:38

      Agreed , if DICE keeps going down this BF3 path, then claymores will disappear as soon as you die. Attack heli’s can and will kill the AA with missiles and a tv gunner. Not to mention tanks attack it all the time. Fix the netcode, fix game crashes, but dont make it no fun to play. STOP nerfing.

    • SpartanIVyl 01.28.14 at 22:01

      If u don’t complain, the game will never get fixed.

  • P_Kamushkin 01.28.14 at 19:21


  • KingKiel13 01.28.14 at 19:10

    Two things DICE needs to fix
    1. Where jets hit the ground and you don’t get the kill
    2. The whole UCAV assignment it’s bullshit

    • Vash7h3Stampede 01.28.14 at 19:12


  • joel18132 01.28.14 at 18:57

    yeah just go ahead and nerf the game some more, soon the vehicles will be as useless as the UCAV

  • jardhead1 01.28.14 at 18:55

    Reduced the splash damage and maximum splash damage range of the Scout Helicopter 25MM CANNONS. These weapons were too effective against infantry with a higher splash, making them a clear choice over the 7.62 MINIGUNS in all combat situations. The 25MM CANNONS are intended to give the Scout Helicopter some measure of effectiveness against vehicles, at a clear trade off in effectiveness vs. infantry. no shit if you won’t your game to be realistic a 25 mm cannon would be very effective against infantry.weapons were invented to kill the i don’t know how everybody else mics are working but during the first 30 mins of playing bf4 all i can hear is my fellow gamers mics cutting in and out so please fix the mics and for god sakes don’t go and start nerfing everything this games reminding me alot of bf3

    • TwitchyNerves 01.28.14 at 21:34

      I agree with you

  • Crystal Dragon 01.28.14 at 18:52

    Zuni and cannon direct dmg buff, nothing less needed. DICE WTF ARE YOU DOING? Decent TV missile, shorter countermeasures cooldown, below radar, cannon splash, bugfixes, those are the most urgent aspects that need addressing.

  • Rammer88 01.28.14 at 18:49

    Whiney heli-biatches won’t be happy till nothing on the ground can touch them. Piss off and go play a flight sim.

  • Lil_Menace68 01.28.14 at 18:40

    Good Job on nerfing the MAA DICE. As a Pilot myself this makes it easier to deal with those spawn camping MAAs

  • TwitchyNerves 01.28.14 at 18:35

    Honestly I do not think nerfing anything is necessary this is suppose to be combat simulation if the people want real nerfing stuff doesn’t help people think this game can be played like Cod games lol but the fact of the matter is if you think splash splash damage or anything should be needed you shouldn’t be playing battlefield 4 you don’t see weapons being nerfed in real life so what makes the game more enjoyable for people by doing so I’m really not trying to be negative I’m a huge battlefield fan I think there could be other things focused on earlier instead of nerfing such as driving a l a v into water causes it to hit an invisible wall and stall or the crashes on specific maps, or splash from an RPG not killing someone it goes off right next too I think flaws should be handled first within the game and not so much of the nerfing vehicles, -twitchy

    • graham_cracka15 01.28.14 at 18:45

      People like you make me laugh so hard! BF is not combat simulation! Hahahahahaha no just no. it’s a VIDEO GAME. Not real life or anything even close to real life.

  • Bloody_H3ll 01.28.14 at 18:30

    And so begins the drama. All the Jet jockies and heli freaks whine and cry till their flying machines are all but indestructible. Then everyone else will flock to “Lockers” just like they did to “Metro” in BF3. The range of the Mobile A.A. needed to be reduced, the mobility of the Attack Chopper needed improvement. All other changes were stupid. Really had to cut the range of the M2 slam by 50%? How about cut it by a third from 6m to 4m and see if that curbs some crying. Better yet, tell people to watch where they’re going so they don’t run over slams! lol.

  • MarcusDiezel 01.28.14 at 18:18

    you should really patch AA

  • zluzluzluzlu 01.28.14 at 18:17

    Really ? The 25mm was intended as a counter vehicles weapon?
    Well, you should really nerf it then, so it can finnaly be useless against infantry AND vehicles.

  • Donvonsmooth 01.28.14 at 18:14

    Not gonna do anything about planes flying around killing tanks, boats, helicopter before you even have chance to jump out? seems you just making it easier for airplanes :S there are som top players that never steps out of a plane, wonder why…

  • TomasFiel 01.28.14 at 18:07

    V40 mini, very strong

  • Maun0_Mato 01.28.14 at 18:07

    Can you remove the double shot on tanks too while you’re tweaking the STAFF? ( swapping quickly after shots lets you STAFF and primary weapong immediately after eachother )
    While it’s fun to take out tanks within seconds, it’s totally overpowered.

  • SOUL PATROL 510 01.28.14 at 18:05

    The zero heath i will admit is very frustrating…..

  • XxxFapFapFapxxX 01.28.14 at 18:02

    below radar for aircrafts plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • drprokiller 01.28.14 at 18:02

    Xbox 360: Increase attack jet tv-missile damage
    decrease the time to reload the smoke in land vehicles
    Able to see the where the JDAM bombs land
    I think it’s in conquest where the jet doesn’t have air radar so we unable to have a dog fight
    Stop giving me portraits
    Sometimes the jet and attack boats tv missile go through the ground
    USA jets; it fires where you are aiming however the other jets fires up and you are unable to move the missile unless you are close to the ground
    It doesn’t say killed by ucav and sometime it doesn’t function properly
    NEED more ucav ammo (1 isn’t enough and if miss the gadget is useless)
    Infantry: remove claymores from sniper
    And when I shoot a rocket at my feet I clearly must be blown to pieces but no 40 damage….

    Fix the campaigh but great multiplayer.
    My game does freezes a lot though ;( ps fix the zero health and no weaponry glitch when I spawn ALSO spawn trapping in golmud railways at the USA base

    • IIxGH0STxII 01.29.14 at 01:59

      Remove claymore from sniper? LMAO. You know what claymores do right? And you know what`s a recons job right? Now think again about your post.

    • IIxGH0STxII 01.29.14 at 02:02

      Remove claymore from sniper? LMAO. You know what claymores do right? And you know what`s a recons job right? Now think again about your post.

    • IIxGH0STxII 01.29.14 at 02:03

      Remove claymore from sniper? LMAO. You know what claymores do right? And you know what`s a recons job right? Now think again about your post.

  • Ahodori 01.28.14 at 17:54

    “They ruined battlefield” :(

  • BOOM SeMpEr Fi 01.28.14 at 17:52

    I’ve noticed that tank shells are some times not damaging air vehicles even though you can clearly see the shell travel and make contact with the helicopter/jet. I’ve had it happen alot with every tank and and type of shell. It looks as though they have active protection on when I know that’s impossible…. whats up with that??

  • Swiftlyy 01.28.14 at 17:48

    Stop whining people…seriously… This patch is fucking great…be thankful for once.

  • Leberwurstbanane 01.28.14 at 17:46

    FIX the Paketloss Problem!
    3 different Internet Connections!
    3 different Gaming PC´s (fresh win7 and win8 system)
    30-70% Paketloss on every Server withi more than 6 Players!
    Me and my Firends from Germany (NRW) Have ALL Paketloss from 30-70%!
    Al other Games, Programs, Ping tests work fine!


  • iceveiled 01.28.14 at 17:45

    Jet and helo pilots are the biggest bitches in the BF community. Always whining and getting their way. Go play flight simulator if you love flying so much.

  • Swiftlyy 01.28.14 at 17:44

    Perfect! Thank you so much Dice :)

  • your_a_pato 01.28.14 at 17:44

    Please make it so the AA cant base camp. have them come into range before they can use the AA. At least give us a chance to get them as well!

  • schultenmau 01.28.14 at 17:43

    Wtf is wrong with u dice u havent even fixt the crashing on flood and dawnbreaker wehy tweak vihicles if even walking is a huge problem in those maps omfg get ur prioreties straight damnit fix crash first x360

  • MrSilverLining 01.28.14 at 17:41

    Good fixes the only thing I would add is a tweak to the bombing run bombs. On the HUD these bombs are labeled as JDAM yet they have the explosion of little more than an RPG. Either make these bombs as devastating as the JDAM or change their name on the HUD

  • kayaker_tye 01.28.14 at 17:31

    Here are my recommendations for PS4…this is the only system I play on.
    1. Make the attack choppers more maneuverable.
    2. Keep them from flipping over so easily if you *gently touch a tree or similar object
    3. Keep them from flipping on their side from a stinger hit where you can’t recover
    4. Make the attack choppers faster
    5. Give the attack chopper gunner a set of flares. This promotes teamwork and will keep the chopper up a little longer.
    6. Keep the MAA from being able to shoot anti aircraft missiles from across the map. Shorten their range a bit. Also, the guns need to be toned down a bit.
    7. Strengthen the jet fighters. They are very week against infantry and armor. I would like to be able to make a gun run and get a disable on a tank after eliminating the enemy air vehicles.
    8. Strengthen the splash damage of the SMAW and RPG. I’m shooting tanks as the enemy gets out before it explodes, and then the enemy is not dying from the tank exploding or the SMAW hitting the tank. This is ridiculous when they turn around and kill you as you are switching guns.
    Thanks for a great game. -Tye

  • thisGUY473 01.28.14 at 17:30

    I liked mostly how it felt more balanced with the physical impact of missile to helicopters because it added an easier advantage for those of us who have a hard time shooting down copters and I like the countermeasures as for the missiles to heli because it gives the not a no-life battlefield heli pilots more of another advantage. Plus when something lucky like the missile countermeasures or the heli flipping, its rare-ish. Its not every time so Im glad when Im on the good end of those mishaps and when I am on the bad end of those mishaps I just deal with it. Otherwise we get battlefield 3 where some people own in the helicopter on a day-to-day basis. I like how those afor mentioned physics are. But I do agree with nerfing the MBT Law and upgrading of Zuni Rockets because I never use the Zuni rockets because there are so nerfed. Hey, could you please give Claymores to snipers?

    • koutlosh 01.28.14 at 17:39

      There was no need to nerf MBT LAW… its so underpowered even with old stats..

  • xMacacosX 01.28.14 at 17:23

    Arruma logo essa porra de netcode, não aguento mais jogar com whoudini.

  • dangbi2 01.28.14 at 17:21

    netcode. . .

  • DeathSteal010 01.28.14 at 17:18

    nice update but please make the attack heli faster and remove when you shoot 1 of the 2 heatseaker rockets that you can’t shoot until jyou have 2 heatseaker rockets

    • kayaker_tye 01.28.14 at 17:32

      I forgot about this one. This needs to be fixed as well so you can fire off the second heat seeker. Nice.

  • longbow-2 01.28.14 at 17:17

    I agree, tanks are vulnerable under their bellies and not in the back (except to immobilize but can still fight). C4 can immobilize a tank but not destroy unless its mtiple people planting it. Also the use of the A10’s main gun in a dogfight is insulting. This air craft must strafe the ground in a downward motion to maintain lift. The Vulcan cannon used in any other way pushes the plane back and can cause a crash. The JDAM is a devastating bomb and should reflect it. I watched a JDAM make contact and it was devastating. Honor our weapons as they were ment and quit 12 yr losing them up or down.

  • njarlingur 01.28.14 at 17:15

    leave the land vwchiles as they are, good pilots always dominate anyway

  • Denethor II 01.28.14 at 17:13

    The Scout Helicopter canon patch is definitely useful. It would be nice though if IR Flares on all vehicles could have a shorter recharge time, as when flying in close quarters it’s nearly impossible to escape a lock on missle.

    • kayaker_tye 01.28.14 at 17:34

      A quicker reload on the flares would be awesome, but I know a good pilot with a repairman would be pretty much unstoppable.

  • KYACE185 01.28.14 at 17:10

    I think this is total crap.mbt is so under powered now its almost useless. You have 4 or 5 rockets c4 helos planes other tanks no defense against aircraft and now you are lowering it even should be the most powerful thing in the game and c4 cannot blow up a main battle tank anyway. Rpgs take it to 50 percent with one rocket I seen in.rel life a m1a1 take 25 rpgs and still go every time people whine about jets or helos stuff starts getting nurffed its not right. Probably 10 percent people use air power.

    • njarlingur 01.28.14 at 17:16

      couldnt agree more

  • longbow-2 01.28.14 at 17:05

    These fixes are ok but there are some that still make no sense when it comes to ballistics. The pistols minus the 44 should be dwarfed. There is no way a M9 is going to beat any assault rifle heads up. Nor can they beat any of the other guns in a heads up battle. This is a insult to anyone who has ever fired a weapon and a severe insult to anyone in the armed forces. I have personally seen a man take 4 rounds of 9mm and still be able to fire his weapon. The distance of the weapons aka pistols is also incorrect. The DMR’s need attention as well, the ska should not be as strong as the M39 EMR. It’s modeled after the M14 which is still being used by the army as sniper rifles. The EMR needs to be made stronger but in the same it needs a heavy recoil. These simple fixes would make the game more enjoyable and bring more players to battlefield.

  • AboutAsp 01.28.14 at 17:05

    How about giving me more than two heat seekers on Jets and choppers

  • HereGlyn 01.28.14 at 17:03

    i think you should fix the game before thinking of making changes to vehicle this the lest thing that need doing to this broke game
    1 fix login to server error
    2 fix lmg lack of power
    3 fix directx function getdeviceremovedreason failed dxgi error device hung badly formatted commands
    4 low the rate of fire with dmrs
    5 fix the god dam 0% kill no can be still alive with 0% health

  • Tagliatti 01.28.14 at 17:03

    fix the game, fix the netcode plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MrWildBunnycat 01.28.14 at 17:02

    Everything ok, APART from the little bird nerf. The little bird is close to being useless against vehicles, it can only finish off badly damaged vehicles. It is already nerfed with the slower repair rate and being easy to shoot down when aiming. Nerfing it against infantry makes NO SENSE as it is supposed to be an INFANTRY FIGHTING chopper. If you want to give air vehicles an edge against ground – buff the attack chopper, which you did (and that is good).

    PLEASE DO NOT change the little bird 25mm cannon damage. NOBODY complained about it, don’t try to fix what’s not broken.

    The MAA will still be OP against infantry – increase it’s cannon spread at range.

    Confused about the staff shell – did you fix the quick reload bug?

  • RojarRalf 01.28.14 at 16:55

    Attack bird is useless and you make it more useless now…. littlebird is good as it is/was.
    You have already increaset the repair making.

    Tanks secondary waepon may need some boost against birdies, bot not now when you nerfed both….

    Please take away AA frome some maps, to OP and peps just standing i base and wait.
    Got enough stingers to take down birdie by my self.

  • kingloko21 01.28.14 at 16:52

    quero as tags douradas de volta…………….. cheguei no level 100 no meu veiculo favorito e nao ganhei tag 100………… coloquem de volta as tags douradas e nivel 100 para veiculos……….

  • INSANITYinBLOOD 01.28.14 at 16:51

    Reduce the range on M142 they just sit in the spawn firing down rockets and if try to destroy them we just simply die bcs its sitting outside AO and u have only 10 sec to reach them.
    Cant take a chopper bcs the automatic AA will shoot u down.

  • bLiNd_SniPeR1413 01.28.14 at 16:49

    Why would they nerf the scout choppers 25MM cannons against infantry, the fact that you have to reload after 30 rounds is bad enou9gh as it is now lower the damage against infantry? its not even like they work against ground vehicles to begin with.

  • BrokenCans 01.28.14 at 16:49

    Fantastic. So now the guy that goes 85-1 in a Little Bird can go 170-0, while the sorry footmobiles are incapable of shooting him down. Why not cut the range of the FIM-92 down to 250 meters? As it stands now, you can throw a Stinger further than you can shoot it, And of course, if you DO hit the damn helo, it just bounces off the ground, bursts into flames, and flies away.

    Here’s a hint and a half, the mobile AA is lethal to helicopters BECAUSE IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE!!

  • Nichiatu 01.28.14 at 16:48

    But you’re missing one very important fact! Battlefield 4 is a game.

    Also, since maps aren’t as huge as the whole of Afghanistan or the United States, balances like this is very crucial. In a real world scenario, you wouldn’t want to combat flags, or be able to jump out of a jet plane as it loops, and sit yourself back in.

  • INSANITYinBLOOD 01.28.14 at 16:47

    Make heli not explode on impact if u were just 10 feet above the ground

  • wareitar 01.28.14 at 16:43

    People are complaining helicopters will get some fighting power back?
    Really? Have you tried flying on ANY of the more open maps with a MAA with ARM now?
    The change to the MAA ARM setup is MORE than welcome, as it’s complete BULLSHIT that anyone can sit from across the map, fire missiles away, just wait for a hit…

    While the pilot only gets a fraction of a second to fire off any countermeassures simply because you get no lock on warning until the missile is basically on top of you…
    If you want to talk “realism”… Fine.. leave the MAA as is, but turn the turn radius of the missiles to real life values and let’s see what happens…

    You’ve hd your MAA OP for a while… Now let the helis have a shot at anything… If helis becomes too powerfull again, I’m sure we’ll get a nerf again.

    • bloomfield6 01.28.14 at 16:51

      yes i agree the maa is op but next yall as@ hole are gonna want the stinger reduce by 15% come on

  • Xsample 01.28.14 at 16:40

    thumbs up on curbing the MAA’s anti-vehicle power, but it could be more powerful against infantry?

  • KNOWLEDGE_4U 01.28.14 at 16:36

    This is a stupid fix. MAA was fine the way it was. Now your going to make it harder to shoot down helicopters??? In a real world situation it only takes one missle to shoot down aircraft.
    You should go ahead and take away stingers and iglas too…stupid change…..

  • Verralaci 01.28.14 at 16:27

    i like to fight as a jet pilot but i cannot kill infantry with jdam bomb or tv-guided rocket. I think it should be more powerful against soldiers

  • StrikingWater 01.28.14 at 16:26

    Reduced Staff shell damage by 25%. Great Idea.

  • bloomfield6 01.28.14 at 16:24

    take away the stinger next that way i can stay in the helicopter for the hole game like bf3. untouched

  • sumo999 01.28.14 at 16:19

    your making it easier for pilots, they have it easier than ground forces to begin with….
    so pilots cry and you spoil it for everyone else… well done

    • O-laugh 01.28.14 at 16:35

      Nah dude don’t be ignorant. You would know how horrible the attack helicopters are in this game are if you ever sat in one. Since I’ve played bf4 I don’t think I’ve seen a single attack helicopter in the air for longer than 2 minutes. At the moment the attack helicopter is prey to every weapon in the game and its a bit rediculous. The last few times I’ve played I left base with a attack helicopter and had 6 lock ons no matter where I went or tried to duck for cover. What dice needs to do is bring back BELOW RADAR *hint hint* so when were dodging the million stingers and iglas that the campers are using against us we don’t have to worry about aerial threats as much!

      • bLiNd_SniPeR1413 01.28.14 at 16:47

        I couldn’t agree more I don’t understand why they got rid of it in the first place.

  • Nightmare237 01.28.14 at 16:18

    fix The game

  • joaovitorbr125 01.28.14 at 16:04

    Buff M16A4 is not Overpowered! huheuehueheuheeuebrbrbrbrbrbr

    • Nightmare237 01.28.14 at 16:20

      … plz don’t fu.. the game (na boa n faz cagada)

  • DroD_ONE 01.28.14 at 15:57

    Oh and another thing where is the “chopper will not explode if you fly to close to grass while mobility hit” tweak?

    • FriedPickles_ 01.28.14 at 16:08

      Haha! Right?!

  • DroD_ONE 01.28.14 at 15:55

    Where is the ‘” Lets make the attack helicopter not be the least maneuverable chopper in the game” tweak!

    C’mon Dice give the attack helis the agility they had in bf3. I can outfly an attack heli in a damned transport!

    Number 5 for attack helis is not needed. A good chopper pilot and gunner can take out a tank from full health in 1 to 2 runs tops. making this easier for no apparent reason will just ruin the tanking experience.

    Stop putting the game into easy mode for all the cod kids. Take criticism from people other then the 10-12 year olds on the forum. Take feedback from those that have actually spent 100+ dollars on the game plus premium just to have needless balancing introduced suggested by tweens!

    Active radar…GET RID OF IT! Just another instance of the game being put into “easy mode” for no apparent reason.

    The jets, choppers, tanks are supposed to be hard to use so that when you finally master it or progress to a point you are comfortable with there is a sense of accomplishment. Taking it back to 1943.

    Honestly this might be the last Battlefield I buy since it looks like its headed in a direction I rather not be a part of. (stopped playing cod years ago)

  • Commander_Atlas 01.28.14 at 15:52

    im so glad the M2 SLAM is getting fixed, damn campers made it nearly impossible for us to take MBTs out of our spawn

  • TheN01Dentist 01.28.14 at 15:52

    give us private servers on consoles, that way we can keep local people in the same servers and will reduce some of the lag, you guys make loads more money so its a win win for everyone.

  • RigbyPA 01.28.14 at 15:46

    Well now the need to bring back the attack helicopter’s flying maneuverability (how it was in BF3) and reduce the ridiculous cool down time of the counter measures.

  • SynisterDemiGod 01.28.14 at 15:42

    reduce the cooldown period between countermeasure use of all types

  • FriedPickles_ 01.28.14 at 15:38

    I’m glad the M2 slam is getting reduced, it made the mines kinda worthless in my opinion…

  • H4kk3R1 01.28.14 at 15:01

    give hydra rockets for stealth jets

  • J0Dirt 01.28.14 at 14:58

    Just fix dawnbreaker nicknamed “gamebreaker” from locking up during game play. That would be a start.

  • Tinho_Brasil 01.28.14 at 14:52

    its terrible base sniper shooting heli pilot before he start fly…this must be correct…

  • Qualini 01.28.14 at 14:48

    As in bf3: Below Radar= “When flying at low altitudes your heat signature is decreased, hiding you form enemy radar and preventing enemy air-to-air missile systems from locking on to you.”

    The attack helicopter have been my favorite vehicle since i started playing bf3. And below radar was to good. hence they took it away. So the perfect way to deal with the stingers and such that are fired right after you’ve been hit would be to make below radar more like this:

    Below Radar=

    “When flying at low altitudes your heat signature is decreased, hiding you form enemy radar and increases the locking time by enemy GROUND-to-air missiles by 3 seconds”

    This would make it a bit more balanced and still wouldnt make the helicopter overpowered. just gives the heli a chance to get away atleast.

    • koutlosh 01.28.14 at 15:33

      This is exactly what would make helicopter OP.. you cant be serious, dude.

  • greg_pence 01.28.14 at 14:40

    Shouldn’t have changed the staff shell if your gonna drive a tank and have two main cannons instead of a machine gun then your an anti vehicle tank but if someone chooses to use the coaxial machine gun they should be at a disadvantage to someone use two main cannons like he and staff #common sense

  • greg_pence 01.28.14 at 14:28

    A serious problem is the noobs don’t have proper vehicle etiquette for example I’ll be on a ten kill streak with a tank jump out start repairing my tank and a blueberry will run up and steal my tank there goes the kill streak dice please make it to where once the vehicle has left the base only your squad mates can enter the vehicle

    • koutlosh 01.28.14 at 14:32

      On the other hand this will allow some campers to work on their killstreaks from distance without any PTFO impact…

  • Simon J X 01.28.14 at 14:22

    I agree with SetailEventz the attack chopper has taken a real hit in BF4 and this does need to be addressed. Below radar or dare I say it flares for the gunner would really help the heli’s plight as it has been reduced to a flying coffin that is easily dominated by the scout heli

  • SetaiEventz 01.28.14 at 13:58

    It would be great if you can ADD something like “below radar” perk of BF3. In addition, flares/smoke/ECM jammer take 25 seconds and that’s absolute insanity considering rockets reload in less than 2 seconds. 15 seconds is more than enough…

    • WhimpstR 01.28.14 at 13:59

      It’s 25 seconds now..? feels like a minute in the air..

    • koutlosh 01.28.14 at 14:29

      It is not only about reload speed (which is on both port. AAs 3,6s) but also about rocket “travel time”.. good pilot is able to evade first rockets and then get far enough to not be focusable again…

  • aView-M4kt3n 01.28.14 at 13:54

    Fix the danm netcode first……

  • WhimpstR 01.28.14 at 13:54

    Really like how they changed the zuni back in action. So thank you DICE but as a pilot.. I’d prefer what Sami said, something that makes it at least tougher to lock onto a plane that decides to fly at such low altitude. It’s a dangerous gamble because now you’re a target for launchers and tanks but the AA missles just ravage you no matter because of the flare ECM/flare CD.

  • ALPHA1839 01.28.14 at 13:51

    I really hope that this patch will make it that people will stop using staff shell. I feel like to survive in a tank I have to put it on instead of a coaxil lmg/hmg

  • ALPHA1839 01.28.14 at 13:49

    same. if u are able to get that low u shouldn’t be able to get locked

  • SamiBar_80s 01.28.14 at 13:49

    For me the problem of the active radar missiles (AA) is the range, just reduce the range. And the time to reload flares on all air vehicules is too high or put back below radar at least. But like everybody says the bigest problem is this crappy netcode lol.

  • WhimpstR 01.28.14 at 13:49

    Thank you Dice! Finally upgrading that god forsaken AA that keeps “basecamping” and getting people kicked for “Baseraping”. What I’d like for you guys to look into is Operation Locker and why grenades suddenly fall through the floor. Specially at point B, that long line which links to the outside. Check it out.

  • D1G1TAL-S0LD1ER- 01.28.14 at 13:48

    I like these updates DICE keep it up ! One thing though, I would like to see below radar :)

  • Dany_Shady 01.28.14 at 13:41

    BUFF the bomber and BUFF the AC-130 like in BF3 now is useless :(

    • ALPHA1839 01.28.14 at 13:48

      why would u buff the gunship it used to kill everything it seen and now it has an extra cannon why?

      • WhimpstR 01.28.14 at 13:50

        He’s just one of those players who does nothing but sit in that :P HOWEVER.. a gun against aircraft / Helicopters would be nice, to at least force them to butt out for a while. Not to kill but just to butt them out. The AC-130 really has no defense whatsoever against aircraft, not even to just annoy them or force them to not get so close and steady.

  • mtdartman44 01.28.14 at 13:22

    Forget about all the tweaks for weapons and vehicles and fix the lost connection/freezing issues first.

  • buttwheat23 01.28.14 at 13:20

    Hey ea I think thier is something wrong with the servers….I have a really hard time conning to ea online and my ps3 is fine my internet is top of the line and pan is perfectly fine…..I would like to keep playing and I don’t have the money to buy a ps4 so I don’t have these problems….I knew when the 4 poo uls come out that ps3 servers would become shitty but thier are a lot of people that cant afford a new 4 and the 3 is still fine to play and have fun playing… so if you guys could fix your 3 servers a lot of players would appreciate it thanks!! Buttwheat

  • ItzCroix 01.28.14 at 13:09

    Why do you have to balance vehicles? They’re meant to be OP. Work as a team to take them down or get wrecked.

  • BrooklynMilitary 01.28.14 at 13:07

    I am totally aggree with the ppl before me. This is not a solution, this is just some fake-ass-shit-aid. First of all, the ECM is randomly working…no fuckin sense…flare the same. Smart rockets in the attack heli doesnt worth shit. Doesnt track the enemy vehicles. Active prot is same as ECM…doesnt works properly…I got a lot of hits trough active prot, and take as well…bullshit. And i didnt said anything about the netcode and the game mechanisms…Please think about it dice and dont make an even worse game with nerfing everything…

    (sorry for my english faults)

  • Cerealusly 01.28.14 at 13:04

    Dice, I like the new patches! Good Job! One thing I would like to say though is that I still die from 0 health. It is very annoying when I’m firing at multiple enemies and conserving my ammo knowing I can take my enemy’s out when all of a sudden they kill me and it says that have 0 health. Please fix this bug.

  • TRpanama 01.28.14 at 12:56

    Oyunu duzeltin artik lag tan oynayamiyoruz server ping leri cok dusuk

  • Wake_up_Freeman 01.28.14 at 12:46

    Decrease the insane power of the Stinger and all those Anti-Air bazookas… For real, I can’t fly anything without getting shot down instantly with one lock. I try to use the ECM but it takes way way too long to reload. It’s SO frustrating.

    • Firedome 01.28.14 at 12:55

      The russians experienced the same thing in Afghanistan. That’s why the fly boys get paid the BIG bucks.

    • VioletGiraffe 01.28.14 at 12:58

      Are you serious? I’ve played on Rogue Transmission today. Spent about 5 minutes trying to shoot down an enemy jet. Didn’t succeed. Only got 2 hits in these 4 to 5 minutes. Igla range is too low and at those distances it’s rarely possible to keep lock long enough as the jet passes behind terrain or buildings. Stinger range ridiculously low, it’s unusable.

  • s0upn4z1 01.28.14 at 12:41

    Great to see the AA’s have been more balanced. It was ridiculous before, to fly out of base and instantly be locked on and taken down in roughly two hits.
    Another counter measure that would be great to see brought on is Below Radar. Would help against the onslaught of stingers/IGLA

  • Neo2450 01.28.14 at 12:35

    This is something I said in another post:

    “Return BF3 conquest multirole fighters or buff stealth jets to their level and remove attack jets from the mix or do something about stealth jets being completely useless against ground. For God’s sake all the gun damage from the stealth jets is laughable against infantry and ground units. Also fix the HUD for jets being completely invisible and transparent against bright skies and terrain. Buff the JDAM, make a proper bomb with proper damage and radius and give it a properly longer cooldown. 1 bomb per 1m30s replenishment. Lower the cooldown for countermeasures to 12 seconds for ALL vehicles; not just jets. Even tanks and IFVs are too vulnerable to lock on spam. Also make Active Protection not block the 30mm of the attack jet. This device only blocks rockets and missiles in real life and in no way can it block bullets.”

    Other than that. The APFSDS-T shells on the LAV need to do much more damage to vehicles and be a one shot kill on infantry if it is a direct hit. Infantry should not be able to survive a direct hit from that shell. I’m not talking about splash damage because the APFSDS-T shell does not have any to begin with. This shell needs to do more damage against vehicles because I already traded off the anti-infantry 25mm with splash damage for an anti-vehicle purpose shell and it needs to one shot infantry on a direct hit because I sacrificed the splash damage of the 25mm.

  • stivraptor 01.28.14 at 12:04

    ???What about the JDAMS? don’t forget to give some love to the currently useless JDAMS bombs =((

  • Captin J Hook 01.28.14 at 12:04

    Scout Helicopters are being repaired too quickly making it very difficult to deal with by infantry.

    • s0upn4z1 01.28.14 at 12:37

      That is silly considering the amount of stingers that are locked on and launched, if you couldn’t repair, you wouldn’t be able to fly!

      • YsP_Fidwin 01.28.14 at 12:44

        could not agree more!

      • insizu 01.28.14 at 12:52

        Totally agree. Scout choppers are almost too easy. The close quarters maps make fending off stingers and iglas a chore.. chores which are lame.

  • loopy 01.28.14 at 11:51

    How about addjusting the colors of active protection in color blind mode so that color blind can tell if a veihcle is using it?

  • GloryToTheBrave 01.28.14 at 11:45

    These are well thought changes, but as long as I can’t log in without 10 crashes, they don’t help my fun alot…

  • CroVepar 01.28.14 at 11:43

    I remember there is a bug on Paracel storm where in the game start on the Chinese side the RCB spawned instead of the DV-15.

  • imhelthem 01.28.14 at 11:39

    Correct better error “can not connect to server”

  • [RS]Majinvash 01.28.14 at 11:35

    Who ever complained that the Scout Gun was OP’d?

    The 7.62 chain gun is a complete waste of time, the 25mm cannons are pretty good on infantry but you get so few of them and you still have to aim. Its hardly over powered?

    So now the flying coffins are going to have the only bite they had taken away from them.

    Yay Dice…. Tards!

  • Firedome 01.28.14 at 11:34

    A little cheese with that whine? Buff this, nerf that… 1-800-WAAH, all lines open; no waiting. I think netcode fixes are in order, not weapons.

  • CroVepar 01.28.14 at 11:29

    Please further decrease the anti-aircrafts ability to shoot their misiles all the way to the enemy base (especially on Lancang dam) while camping in their own base.

  • LT-Kelwino 01.28.14 at 11:28

    I could disable choppers acrosss the map. Im happy they nerfed the 20MM too.

  • SWIFT_ghost1337 01.28.14 at 11:26

    chopper ecm useless 50% of the time
    scout helo guns jam or basically wont fire after repeated reloading..

    people being able to shoot me when all that’s exposed from concrete being their forehead

    OH a big one – the BIPOD GLITCH, after being revived the bipod wont work until a long wait, also the gun shakes around in my hand after being revived as support btw-

    getting killed while throwing a grenade or firing rpg only to have it NOT go off even though I am killed by other peoples shit going off after I kill them >_<

    not being able to save and store kit loadouts, im just saying it would be sweet ;D

    id reallllllllly like to see more realism, like how we can use a pistol in the water! awesome!!! why not on a ladder???

    the jdam is super weak.. I would like to see the explosion the size of the little ied boxes on gomud rail ^_- you guys know what I mean!!!

    I WANT to be able to prone on a tank while it drives… COME ON NOW MAKE IT HAPPEN

    perhaps ability to quick request comms with other squad leaders for a short period, kind of like opening up a line and closing when you return to the game?? maybe think that one over;)

    would love to see maybe a slowdown of sprinting speed based on injury.. just my opinion

    also just for the sake of realism, more dust being kicked up by weapons being fired also my opnion :P

    endless additions for vehicles just as an example.. we should be able to zoom atleaste 2x with FLIR in MBT … maybe narrow the view or something ??

    also would love to see maybe as a mbt countermeasure the line charge to destroy mines?? research it ;)

    im done for now :)

  • HellBird117 01.28.14 at 11:24

    They messed up the M2 SLAM. It wasn’t overpowered. Now its going to impossible to use.

  • Klauveren 01.28.14 at 11:24

    DICE why nerf The 20mm of the AA. The 20mm Canons is not the problem. The problem is the range of active Radar missiles. They can kill targets on the whole map with no effort whatsoever of the player. Just reduce the locking Range.

  • isaiah99b 01.28.14 at 11:20

    they need to decrease the ammount of time it takes to reload counter measures on all vehicles and decrease heatseaker time to reload cause stinger missles own helicopters

  • Demon_Kuja 01.28.14 at 11:18

    Damn. When I found out how they tweaked the L96A1 from a .338 Lapua to a 7.62x51mm, or how they switched out the Grendel rounds for the for the 5.56 x 45mm in the ACW-R…
    I lost respect for the game.

    Not to mention, a long list of other nerfed guns that were known for their “signature” rounds. What next, the Scar-H dons the 5.56x45mm? smh.

    What happened to finding 3 nearly similar guns rather than tweaking 3 totally different guns to match each other. Where’s the logic.

    • LT-Kelwino 01.28.14 at 11:29

      They only chanced calibers, not the damage…why cry about thhat?

  • Queen-Aphrodite 01.28.14 at 11:17

    Disable the ability for AA campers being able to stay behind base, which ruins the fun of flying.

    • burj4r 01.28.14 at 11:21

      did you skip points 1 thru to 3?

  • Kyd462 01.28.14 at 11:01

    I have one HUGE request for vehicles in general… Can we please have separate sensitivity settings for ground vehicles and air vehicles? Please please please!? I like my ground vehicles slow and smooth for easier aiming. I like my air vehicles as high as I can go for better turning and loopy loops and shit. yeah!

    Also… looking around while on a dirt bike or a quad seems really fast compared to my normal sensitivity as a soldier on the ground. Not sure what’s going on there, but it aint right.

    Last but not least… free-cam. I hear it exists in some form or another, but I cannot find a way, no matter what buttons I assign in “key bindings”. I don’t recall what it was like in recent titles, but I remember in 2142 you could just hold a button and freely look around with the mouse while you were in a vehicle. We really need something like that. You haven’t designed a racing game, so the vehicle views aren’t very fine-tuned for driving around. The dirt-bikes and quads are especially hard to navigate with a fixed camera. I want to be able to scout around while I drive, and look in the direction I’m turning so I don’t hit a tree or drive into a tank I couldn’t see because of the fixed view.

    An ideal scheme would be similar to the way the tanks control. You can look around with the turret, and still drive in another direction. That control scheme should be accessible to (at least) the dirt bikes, quads, jet-skis, and other light vehicles where you should be able to easily look around.

  • AcE_0Z 01.28.14 at 10:51

    Leave the staff shell alone please its fine the way it is

    • Erxx25 01.28.14 at 11:05

      another NOOB

  • PraatjesMaker 01.28.14 at 10:50

    It’s always instead death for me when a chopper fly’s over. And now you are going to buff them? Great there already overpowered.

    • ManBearPiglets 01.28.14 at 11:08

      I must have read a different article. In this one, they nerfed the scout guns because they were killing infantry too easily due to large amounts of splash damage. Those are always the choppers that just spin overhead and kill everyone so easily. The only buffs were specifically for fighting other vehicles.

  • HitSoySauce 01.28.14 at 10:46

    Dont reduced the velocity of the MAA’s 20MM CANNON pls,just reduced range is enough.

    • A1rR0 01.28.14 at 10:50

      Who uses 20MM on MAA? And why?

  • Big_Badf 01.28.14 at 10:44

    Glad u hav buffed d choppers, n nulled d AA. Choppers do need2 b faster, i love flying choppers, but its only fun on siege of shanghai.

  • Chaos_Nation 01.28.14 at 10:41

    The effectiveness of countermeasures needs to be sorted out. As it stands at the moment, if you deploy ECM as soon as you hear someone is starting to lock on you, you still get hit. Stingers appear to be missile for which there is absolutely no defense at all. This seriously needs to be addressed especially when you can have two engineers fireing 12 of them at you (more if they are by an ammo crate) and your counter measures are so ineffective.

    • iskharioute 01.28.14 at 10:44

      i agree with the effectiveness of countermeasures…but it is weird that u r able to hear the start lock on…most of us dont hear it on ps4

    • A1rR0 01.28.14 at 10:49

      So what you are saying, if you fly into an enemy squad next to a ammo crate, all of them having anti air weapons, you should still get to kill them all just because? You must understand helis can`t always be “untouchable”, next you are going to say 2 stingers and 1 MAA and you still want to get away. You make me laugh. Learn to play strategically and don`t get to close to “red zones”.

      • AMRuttan 01.28.14 at 10:56

        2 AA missiles should just about finish a heli under any scenario. The thing is it’s far easier to fire an AA missile than to fly a heli, so yeah, advantage should be with the heli due to the higher skill required to fly it. You’re making your own argument and then burning it down – classic straw man fallacy.

    • xdigital17 01.28.14 at 11:00

      A lot of this is EA’s servers & the latency in the netcode. Good luck getting them to EVER fix that.

    • ThibVc 01.28.14 at 11:10

      ECM is just broken IMO, happens way too much.

  • Kyd462 01.28.14 at 10:40

    “Reduced the “intelligence” of the MBT LAW missiles, requiring the player to aim the missile closer to their target before the smart projectile will activate. Additionally, the MBT LAW now reloads slightly slower.”

    As an avid fan of the MBT LAW, I agree with making it less “intelligent”, although… (sniffle) I will miss those sweet sweet kills from poorly aimed shots across the map.

    However, increasing the reload!? No way! It already takes a whole set of rockets to kill a tank with the LAW, that’s a lot of reloading as it is, and plenty of time to get killed, or for an engineer to repair enough to make a 4th rocket pointless. increasing reload time almost guarantees nerfing that weapon out.

    • koutlosh 01.28.14 at 10:55

      100% agree, MBT LAW is really week tube if it should be used against vehicles. With their poor damage, making reload slower is a big nerf… theres no reason why to choose this tube instead of others..

    • Erxx25 01.28.14 at 11:03

      try RPG,SRAW – noskill

      • Kyd462 01.28.14 at 11:09

        sure, there are better launchers, but there’s no reason to have a pointless weapon in the game. When your team is getting pounded by 6 tanks, and loosing every point. The LAW + a support buddy are there to save the day! lol.

    • KenBuzzins 01.28.14 at 11:29

      It will be absolutely useless now. It didn’t dominate at all.

  • xBlackout_DsBx 01.28.14 at 10:29

    The stinger needs a shorter lock range, like around 250-300 meters and the igla should only be able to lock on a target that is 150 meters away and up to 500 meters away, since they require you to maintain the lock. Also, infantry shouldn’t carry more than 4 aa rockets at a time to reduce the spam. And give us back some speed and agility in the attack choppers. they all feel like flying a couch. The viper was WAY faster than that on BF3, and I could actually pull off some of the moves they do in real life, like at the end of an attack run where they go vertical and pivot around the nose, much like a skater on a half pipe going out and back into the ramp. you can’t even come close to doing that on here….. needs to be fixed.

  • SilverrBolt 01.28.14 at 10:26

    Why make choppers controllable again when hit by a missle? I thought it was a good thing to have in this game…
    Also, flash bangs & smoke grenades could definitely use a buff… The range & effect of these ‘tactical’ grenades are so low that there’s no point in even using them … They are only useful in TDM / Domination game modes but they’re too weak to even consider using them in conquest or rush modes. Maybe just buff’em for conquest & rush game modes?

    • AMRuttan 01.28.14 at 10:58

      Because they were totally pointless before. Why make them controllable? Uh, so people can use them? Derp?

  • vintage1944 01.28.14 at 10:25

    I know this may seem repeated but we need the microphones to be fixed please with out that piece of equipment the game is rendered useless. the Mics still are cutting out and making talking seem like a robotic eh eh uh uh. not good, I am disappointed and so are other gamers too! we know you can do it, thanks dice!

    • vintage1944 01.28.14 at 10:26

      on PS3

  • PR0 SP0NGER 01.28.14 at 10:15

    Fix the rate of fire on the Dmr to stop spamming of the trigger. fix the metro glitch. weapons with suppresses have too much of a penalty to damage, The LMG damage is too low, If possible give players a 3 sec spwan barrier where can you recive no dammage so you do not get instant killed.

  • Dernaus 01.28.14 at 10:08

    Nothing about Stingers though? rest seems logic to me at least.

    • Romulus16 01.28.14 at 10:19

      Stingers are fine the way they are

      • Kyd462 01.28.14 at 10:45

        agree. Stingers are fine. People complain they take down choppers too fast, but that’s just the way it is with multiple engineers on a map, it has little to do with the weapon itself. A skilled pilot can still dodge incoming missiles from the stinger, et all.

        If you use your chopper to fly low and gun down troops on the ground, you’re gonna get hit with rockets. Strafe and run. lol. Fly higher and we can’t shoot you down as easily. ;)

  • lennard1 01.28.14 at 10:08

    I have to say that there are a few other issues that need to be fixed. I have to start off with bringing back the team chat on bf4 cause for me to switch teams and tell people what to do is annoying especially those that never played the battlefield series. I also feel that Dice should improve the mbt tanks with more regular shell ammo and it is also annoying to shoot infantry and they are able to walk away at times, its almost like its ineffective to them and becomes frustrating and give the tanks something to fight off the air support of DICE have played every Battlefield series than would understand what’s needed in BF4. I almost forgot the most important and crucial issues is the server issues where playing on a server for too long makes the player starts to lag and makes it difficult to enjoy the game. I know its new but this should have been fixed by now, we in January about to be February. soon players will require premium to download the new maps but we need these issues fixed before we can enjoy the game.

  • BiH_BKILL1997 01.28.14 at 09:55

    please reduce the ECM/Flare reload time! we need it! In Battlefield 3, flying a chopper was one of the most beautifull things, now in Battlefield 4 I don’t even think of getting to the attack chopper.

  • iskharioute 01.28.14 at 09:53

    those updates are great…u just need to add (for this topic) the STIGLAs reload time….we literally cannot survive more than 15sec in the air

  • blackops_nl 01.28.14 at 09:45

    fix the joystick settings,joystick shout be better then key/mouse!
    or is that to hard for you noobs!

  • churr-wera 01.28.14 at 09:45

    Can you please change the controls for shooting, back to how it was on bf3……with R1 being the shoot button and the L1 being the aim… Please please please!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Deatheffekt 01.28.14 at 10:27

      what system..? I haven’t played it on PS3 but on 4, i love using the new set up.

    • iskharioute 01.28.14 at 10:39

      u havent got used to it yet? u should do…it is more effective! u can easily spot enemies with R1…think about it

  • I-am-Le9endry 01.28.14 at 09:42

    ECM needs to be fixed also, AA fire (personal and mobile) gets through it all the time

  • jonowee 01.28.14 at 09:40

    Active Radar (Stealth jet and MAA)-
    Even if you reduced the cone of intercept of the Active Radar missiles, the lack of any counterable warning tone, it was always a guaranteed hit. And for Active Radar of the MAA that means a mobility hit and the next set of ARMs is already on its way for kill for all except stealth jets.

    Don’t any body complain that the MAA has been DICE’d. I ground all unlocks for the MAA in one round with cannons and Zuni’s only and still actively denied the airspace in the tank’s field of view without cowering in uncap. I only got undone because the AAA cannons could not pivot down low enough to stop from getting C4’ed.

    Scout Helicopter 25mm gunpods-
    Remove splash damage altogether, learn to aim.

    MBT LAW-
    Still needs a proper warning tone when it is being aimed, the top attack gives no direction indication of the launcher in first person.

    Staff Shell-
    Like the MBT LAW, with no indication of hit or launch it’s unbalanced. It needs to share the same reload as the main gun and weapon switch lag like the IFVs if you’re going to give it a guaranteed hit.

  • I-am-Le9endry 01.28.14 at 09:38

    Javelin damage needs buffed, that’s the only reason I don’t use it, mtar 21 needs a major damage debuff, I’ve recorded average kill time using that gun goes from .2-1.5 seconds, and finally the flash effect on flash bangs could blind/disorient a second or 2 longer other wise it’s an instant (and ineffective) smoke grenade.

  • VaniLLaBeaR22 01.28.14 at 09:29

    Please change the incendiary so that you can not get damaged by it when you are underneath the floor that it is on and there is no door in site.

    • Zashra 01.28.14 at 09:32


  • Zashra 01.28.14 at 09:27

    The STAFF shell damage is fine. It’s the stupid reload exploit that’s making it OP. Literally nothing else about it is OP.

  • YRCTSr 01.28.14 at 09:23

    Victory of whiners… Okay.

  • Miloshraven 01.28.14 at 09:15

    no, Javelins are fire&forget type of weapon ever since BF3. the downside is you carry less ammo.

  • exever 01.28.14 at 09:15

    whycant we have 8x scopes on DMRs? these are darn useless with 4x scope

    • Zashra 01.28.14 at 09:19

      Surrently they take 4 shots to kill at long range. an 8x scope would zoom past your effective range. While I do agree with having 8x scopes i know that it wouldn’t be effective.

      • Leo Tactical 01.28.14 at 10:03

        I have clips of taking down targets over 200meters with DMRS what you are telling people sounds more like operator error. Although I disagree with giving the DMR higher zoom scopes just because people spam them enough as is and I would rather have it take more skill to use the dmr’s than make it easier for quick scoper’s to fire 6 shots back to back at greater ranges. DMR’s are supposed to bridge the gap between SR’s and AR’s. You Sacrafice range and gain the advantage of follow up shots as oppose to cycling the weapon after each shot. Range Finder is all that is needed hard to zero rifle quickly in a firefight when you have to use PLD’s for range and then swap to DMR.

  • Anonymous_ACEs 01.28.14 at 09:14

    Number 2 “aircraft, especially helicopters, should remain wary of getting too close to a MAA.” How the fuck can you remain wary when the MAA gets with 1000 metres and you can use active radar. Active radar should have the same about of shots as heatseekers (2).

    Also the 25mm cannons did not need a nerf. The 7.62mm need a buff on killing infantry. Most people use 25mm because they can not kill infantry with 7.62mm by making the 25mm weaker will not balance the two cannons.

    • Smokingheadshot 01.28.14 at 13:12

      Sounds great… then I guess they should make it where a plane only takes 3 and the same for a helo…. I put 9 active rad missles in to a plane and it still lived. The damage is junk on those missles. But then again I don’t jump in a helo the whole match and exspect to own to skies like you do. All of you people need to understand that the damage is not very good at all especially when your going against someone who knows what they are doing…. the guns on the aa are pretty much useless untill they get closer to you and not they are going to be useless no matter how close they are to you. You guys are going to nerf the aa down to what is was in bf3 again…. why do you think no one would really use them in bf3? Just keep nerfing them and watch that vehicle go unused again….

  • APhiLLiaTe o2 01.28.14 at 09:08

    Fix the G36C rate of fire for FAIR carbine balance please.

    • Zashra 01.28.14 at 09:20


  • Leo Tactical 01.28.14 at 09:07

    Uh boost the FN Five seveN damage a bit. Increase the accuracy penalty for sniping on the move. Allow DMRs to use range finders and increase the amount of counter measures aircraft can deploy before recharging. Taking off only to pop chaff 1sec later to avoid AA then having nothing left for the 10 troops with x6 stinger igla rounds and other aircraft AA missiles make the Jet not worth flying do away with repairing in flight or in motion for vehicles. Should not have to focus bulk of fire on little bird or attack boats.

    • Leo Tactical 01.28.14 at 09:23

      Also allow squad to join in test range. Helps in multiple ways from team tactics and could also serve as lobby for squad while waiting to join a match.

    • Zashra 01.28.14 at 09:26

      1. The Five-Seven is balanced as is.
      2. the accuracy penalty for sniping on the move is already pretty steep.
      3. DMR’s can’t really make use of a range finder since they’re highly ineffective past 100m which is the minimum range that you should use the range finder.
      4. The AA is being rebalanced.
      a. I personally have never even been shot at by a stinger and i use jets frequently. so I’m not sure what you’re talking about here.

      • Leo Tactical 01.28.14 at 09:41

        I play hard core and the FN Fiveseven takes the most shots to kill an enemy out of all the pistols even the M9 has better damage. The Pro’s of the 5.7 are large magazine,smaller more but highly penetrative ammo with low recoil. but it take 5-6 shots to kill an enemy at decent range on hardcore???
        2. There is no penalty for sniping on the move nor any additional scope movement while firing on the move.
        3. Try zeroing your dmr you might have better luck at range the scout elite is a 5.56 sniper rifle and is still effective at ranges further than 100m dosent matter that it is a SR 5.56×45 is 5.56×45 dmr have larger rounds and longer barrels they can hit targets at range ACOG sight is more effective with range finder. Better alternative than giving them higher zoom optics to reduce the spamming.

  • PayBack-NZL 01.28.14 at 09:01

    Great, now jets are again totally immune to any threat from the ground. One flare and they’re out of range of Heat Seekers, and no one can predict where a jet will be in 5 seconds time except if they fly straight, and only the noobest pilot would do that for 5 seconds. So Active missiles are made useless. I agree the AA was rough on Helicopters but when jets can overhead rocket attack the AA without damage, something is wrong.

  • Dolaski 01.28.14 at 08:54

    I agreed with almost every tweak except for the STAFF and MBT LAW ones. 2 out of 11, great job, EA. :)

  • Mrkillerhomer_xD 01.28.14 at 08:52

    bring back Below radar plz =)

  • EmbeddedSpider8 01.28.14 at 08:52

    I wish they would FIX THE FN BUGS the BS factor is getting ridiculous!!! 4 damn updates and it is still freezing!! I mean come on people remove your head from were it is deposited and fix the game before you tweak anything else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • M16SEAL 01.28.14 at 08:45

    FGM-148 Javelin consider the best AT missile in the world & incorporate unique features like easy to use , fire & forget , light weight , long effect range & ability to kill heaviest tank & DICE make it the weakest AT missile in the game & worst missile in engineer inventory Why should I need to keep lock on target after fire ( It’s fire & forget system) , Why It inflict only 25% damage must be 35 ( equipped with tandem warhead ) , DICE make dump RPG-7 more effective than javelin ….DICE must fix this in next

    • Miloshraven 01.28.14 at 09:11

      OMG! I love you dude (no homo).FGM-148 should be fire & forget. it doesn’t make sense that you need to maintain lock-on while it’s fire and forget in BF3.

  • FINAL BOSS 13 01.28.14 at 08:44

    sorry about that but no matter what dice does to the heli’s I will still have 50-0 games : ) it’s not easy to do I promise. well against a team of noobs it is. but against one or two good players it is nearly impossible to do well. we can just go hide. I hate that 90 percent of my time flying heli’s i’m hiding for 30 seconds to get my ecu back. as players all look down the stinger sights in my general direction. either way an amazing chopper pilot can win a game. not because it’s op. but because he is great : )

  • F63corsair 01.28.14 at 08:44

    Could we have some of the maps from BF3 such as: crossing the seine! Grand bazaar Just an idea. Do miss those maps

  • MedSam 01.28.14 at 08:40

    Excellent tweaks! But still.. Two engies on ground kick ass vs the couple in the attack chopper. The ones on the ground, they both alone have enough missiles to shoot the airborne down. With a good timing of stingers and choise of location on ground, the chopper in the air doesn’t have a change.. The counter measures won’t last long enough for evacuation, are not capable of blocking all the inbound missiles while evacuating and take too long to recharge! At least reduce the amount of missiles that a single engi can have and bring back the below radar. That way even a little amount of cooperation is needed for a shoot down and also getting to safety is made possible for the skilled pilots..

  • CRY0N1CS 01.28.14 at 08:29

    How about you don’t nurf anything and leave it as is. Otherwise this game will become like BF3, a watered down combat game with little more tactics than COD.

    • N_w_A_t_C_h 01.28.14 at 08:30

      Idiot… stop speaking you are incredobly dumb!

  • shakbet 01.28.14 at 08:25


    • Kinky_Gnome 01.28.14 at 08:30

      12G frag rounds are more of a suppress then kill if DICE buffs it then it’ll turn into bf3 all over again

  • Kinky_Gnome 01.28.14 at 08:22

    I love the game DICE! despite the slight lag on 64 player matches and the stupid double shotting in the tanks which would be awesome if you got around to fixing, bf4 is still a game of the year in my book. Thank you DICE for you’re consistently great games!

  • IMSORRY413 01.28.14 at 08:21

    I hope that the tweak is also consider for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 platform other than just a PC and Xbox one we also are considered a hardcore gaming when it comes to battlefield 4 we are also dedicated gamers that we also want the same dedication that we do give to you and to your game .

  • angry_cricket 01.28.14 at 08:17

    I think you guys are going in the right direction by asking US, the players about what needs attention.
    1. Choppers counter meassures, bring back below radar or give gunner a set of flares. Engineers can fire 3 stingers at me for my 1 set of flares/ECM not fair
    2. DMR become useless once under fire
    3. The 0 health BS is annoying
    4. Attack chopper feels heavy as hell, need to be more agile
    5. Increase damage on Javelin and make it a fire and forget weapon rather than having to hold a lock on target
    6. This COD quick scoping BS is out of control
    7. make FUCKING rooftops out of bounds or elevators on all of them please
    8. reduce cool down time for flares and ECM

    • Xenttii 01.28.14 at 08:25

      Statement 5. are you for real… If you are going to use so called no skill weapons i think there has to be consequence, there for you have to expose your self. Damage… lets just leave it to that.

  • Target_AU 01.28.14 at 08:14

    Choppers are already difficult to kill with soldier launched missiles and too many servers have vehicles set to instantly respawn… One good chopper pilot easily hands their team a win every time. Choppers with 3 or more players are nearly impossible to kill when there someone is constantly repairing. It takes multiple players to take down a chopper already, making it more difficult is a mistake. Instant vehicle spawns are not balanced without soldiers having an unlimited inventory of missiles. A fix that is needed is to prevent servers allow quick or instant vehicle spawns or destroying them is pointless! Too few points for the effort involved in killing them…

    • FINAL BOSS 13 01.28.14 at 08:19

      choppers are super easy to kill. one rpg does it everytime. as a pilot, you have to fly relatively steady to make your shots count. as infantry if more people used rps instead of stingers you would make short work of choppers. but no you want to have your little cheap shot so easy a monkey could use it stinger and think it’s unfair? you can lock on clear across most maps. that is unfair.

      • Target_AU 01.28.14 at 08:35

        Only an absolute noob pilot is killed by one hit or can’t get countermeasure off in time… I will off switch to antitank to try to take out a chopper that has been raping my team. I’ve seen chopper survive several missiles due to in flight repairs. The flares recharge too quickly and it is very easy to move the chopper to cover behind buildings or hills until is recharges. Jet are very difficult to kill because they are in range for a very short time, unless the pilot is entirely clueless. I rarely see a chopper holding stead at all when shooting, they are instead flying around at a very high speed while shooting. Staying in one spot in a chopper would be insane, much line a soldier standing in the open and firing without moving…

        Tanks generally hang back and fire from long range. No skill, just spamming a large area and getting kills. Very easy for them to see where rockets are fired from and the are difficult to kill at that range. They easily move behind cover for repairs. Reduce the range of tank shells and the area over which they cause damage. More than one tank attacking a flag from long range, just gives them spawn kills and means they win without ever having to take the flag.

        The antitank kit is ridiculously weak.

  • FINAL BOSS 13 01.28.14 at 08:13

    as a very skilled heli (little bird especially) I can’t stay up in the air long on levels with jets. not too familiar on what weapons they have but whichever missile they have that can lock on to me and shoot me twice with the millisecond warning I get and kill me almost instantly is slightly unfair. also a stinger should not be able to kill me from across the map. I’ve been killed from flag alpha flying over echo. so maybe tweak the distance. and at least show me the general direction i’m getting shot from so I can take cover and come back and kill you. : ) regardless it’s very difficult to stay up as it is. dislike that you all are weakening the heli cannon

    • FINAL BOSS 13 01.28.14 at 08:14

      the flare time/ ecu time is way way to long. when two guys with stingers can reload almost instantly and be shooting before a heli can get to cover.

    • N_w_A_t_C_h 01.28.14 at 08:15

      You want your vehicle to be OP. Typical case. It was a week ago and dont post this shit it shouldn’t be again. Jets are supposed to fuck your chopper up thats what they are for. Youur argument is invalid.

      • FINAL BOSS 13 01.28.14 at 08:23

        I don’t mind a better player taking me down. I actually love it. but a noob taking me out is frustrating. its not about making one vehicle op it’s about balance. like a huge game of paper/scissors/rock/ chess all at the same time. jets ramming and being able to shoot without even aiming at you or whatever is frustrating. I’ve gone back and looked at videos of some crazy kills on me and I can’t figure out how some players have gotten locks on me and killed me before I heard an incoming missle and had a chance to defend myself

  • VMX_Groove 01.28.14 at 08:11

    Why don’t you try fixing the countless bugs? How about dumping the stupid browser interface for something that actually works? Do something about the cheaters maybe? Fix the game itself first, then make balance adjustments. You released a product that is half baked. Wait… You have always done that.

  • MAGGOOCHEF 01.28.14 at 08:04

    fix the god danm net code and lag and fps for fuck sake

  • MAGGOOCHEF 01.28.14 at 08:03

    fix the dosdffflksfjlksafjkjskf

  • Raven7_Be 01.28.14 at 07:59

    lol encourage people more to take a heli or tank….i think it was perfect that MAA’s could keep the sky’s clear, after 5 mins people got the message and more ground combat was happening, was perfect!

    • N_w_A_t_C_h 01.28.14 at 08:13

      Please kill yourself now. You know nothing about Battlefield you shouldn’t comment. Shut up and DIE!

  • Furbs82 01.28.14 at 07:58

    Biggest issues I have are the low damage with the DMRs and the exaggerated damage on the shotguns. Pisses me off how players are shotgun sniping from the top of buildings.

  • Sporgasmo 01.28.14 at 07:39


  • SirPunge 01.28.14 at 07:33

    once again just now i got kick for to many tks which was 3 for laying a clay down its the stupidest thing they should have never changed it makes no sence it makes me not wanna play i spent 120.00 for game they ruined i dont understand you were to make it better not tweak what wasnt broken im a big fan of the game and now its like i cant be the player i once was in bf3 u took the fun away in a lot of ways and many people feel the same way i spend hours to play n then get kick for tks when im playing defence its not cool clays n mines should go back the way it was in bf3.

  • Redtango 01.28.14 at 07:24

    How about fixing the reload animation so it’s actually correct? How about fixing the bug where you’re still shot when well around a corner? How about fixing the synch-hit box bug where you can’t hit a perfectly still target after jumping over a wall, small barrier, steps, or obstacle? These were suppose to be fixed already in previous patches. EA and Dice? Any thoughts on that?

  • Lockheed21 01.28.14 at 07:16

    Active radar was pretty much an exploit to rank up stealth
    jets. I’m going to be quite honest, I used active radar
    to rank up too. At least it’s going to be fixed!

  • ScArLbEaSt15 01.28.14 at 07:06

    Finally !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • trentk_3888 01.28.14 at 07:03

    NERF every single jet already paracel storm if the other team has a stupidly skilled pilot in the bomber he destroys every attack boat you have then they run around controlling the sea and air = a shit unbalanced round.

    also i see a lot of people complaining about being shot by stingers YEAH seeing a little bird or jet pilot getting 20-30 kills to 1-3 deaths YEAH nerf there ability to get shot out of the sky that makes sense! give stingers a longer lock on range boosted damage then give them the increased reload time if they think it will make it fair. being invincible and scoring massive KD’s by sitting in an aircraft is stupid

    • wnsemlrl 01.28.14 at 07:31

      yeah and you can’t. The dev.s said that there should be a reward for a ‘skill’. A amount of skills are needed to use jets properly and the players with it should be rewarded. Btw a skilled player in a tank or IFV would score the KD or else you described.(or even an infantry can). It is nothing compared to real life where air superiority is everything. check out this JDAM montage.(

    • wnsemlrl 01.28.14 at 07:39

      and the ‘unbalanced round’ comes because of the ability of players you have, not the jet itself. MAA and mobile AA launcher is so powerful that you can destroy a jet. A skilled MAA player or stealth jet player(not even skilled after that mobility patch) can remove attack jet.
      Uneven skill of players between the teams=unbalanced round.

  • AK47willkillyou 01.28.14 at 07:00

    How about fixing the reload times for gunners and missles for all vehicles. Reload time takes way to long especially when u are a gunner in helo. It really frustrating waiting for it. Please fix that..

  • Requiem Dogma 01.28.14 at 06:58

    “7) Reduced the splash damage and maximum splash damage range of the Scout Helicopter 25MM CANNONS. These weapons were too effective against infantry with a higher splash, making them a clear choice over the 7.62 MINIGUNS in all combat situations. The 25MM CANNONS are intended to give the Scout Helicopter some measure of effectiveness against vehicles, at a clear trade off in effectiveness vs. infantry.”

    I feel you are not aware that, even when playing in hardcore, the 7.62 Minigun is so terrifyingly ineffective against infantry, I’m better off landing, and attempting to make kills with a pistol. It’s a pistol, it’s like a chainsaw with range, buff it’s effectiveness if you’re going to make it a “trade off” to the 25MM.

    That said, the 25MM cannons are STILL surprisingly ineffective against Infantry. Even, again, on hardcore, infantry can usually soak enough 25MM to either start moving out of splash range, get into cover, or, shoot the pilot out of the chopper. They’re stupidly pathetic, even as an upgrade. I mean, no duh 25mm beats 7.62mm against soft targets, that’s the point of carrying a larger caliber. Stop making stupid decisions.

    • iM-7ripN 01.28.14 at 07:48

      this guys on to it :)

  • IBSchmitty 01.28.14 at 06:55

    The reload time on stingers and other guided AA rockets should be lengthened to allow aircraft to not get spammed by ground forces.

    • Mrkillerhomer_xD 01.28.14 at 07:32

      100% ture!!

      im more or less 100% Attack Heli pilot and atm i only really like to play siege of shanghai
      because there you at least got lots of buildings to fly around to dodge the stingers and iglas

  • Evanlock98 01.28.14 at 06:43

    Plz change the characteristics of MBT’s HE shell so that it is effective against infantry and light armored vehicles with a larger splash range hence the name high explosive and make the sabot round highly effective Against armor so that the MBT can have a range of shells to choose from since I feel the AP round and the HE round act the same against infantry

    • xBlackout_DsBx 01.28.14 at 07:22

      I agree. The sabot round is made out of depleted uranium, which is super dense, and it maintains a high temperature during it’s flight, allowing it to fly faster and also allowing it to basically cut right through any tank’s armor. I don’t think it should one hit kill a tank on here, but it should be WAY more effective. the HE round should be devastating to all non-armor vehicles, (jeeps, mraps, dunebuggies, rhib boats), and the ap round should me more powerful against tanks than all the others at close range, but lose power and velocity quickly to make the sabot round the better choice for larger maps with many mbt’s on it.

  • ReaperxOFxDeath 01.28.14 at 06:40

    They should increase the damage and effectiveness of the m15 mine because I’ve been disappointed on multiple occasion where a any would not be destroyed with not one but two m15, so as a result it gives the gunner and or tanker enough time to escape. I think one m15 can take it a t90 with a doubt even though DICE protects those tank who’s who enslaves engineer.

    P.SAnti tank engineers rule on conquest just wish those support classes would share some ammo.

  • totenkopf109 01.28.14 at 06:39

    Please increase the damage on the stealth jets 30mm cannons you cannot shut down an enemy jet whit just your guns that’s just not right.

  • Killer69_Hitman 01.28.14 at 06:26

    Please don’t reduce the velocity of the 20mm MAA cannon. Just reduce the time to live to limit the range. The 20mm would be completely redundant compared to the 30mm if the velocity was reduced. I feel the tracking lead is appropriate with the 20mm and 30mm with respect to their power.

  • EminenceFront-44 01.28.14 at 06:22

    Increase the damage done by the machine gun of the gunner’s seat in the tanks.

    Also increase the damage done to infantry with the main tank shell. I don’t care who you are, a direct hit from a freakin tank shell is going to kill someone no matter what. I can’t even count the number of times I have hit infantry with a tank shell only to watch them run away behind a building. Couple that with the almost useless machine gun the gunner has and it becomes ridiculous.

    Increase the effectiveness of the smart rockets in the attack chopper. They were perfect in BF3 and they were also effective against air vehicles. Not only are they no longer very “smart” against land vehicles, but they aren’t “smart” at all against air vehicles. Despite the way they curved towards air and ground targets in BF3, they still took skill to use, particularly at long range.

    As a side note, the reduction of staff shell damage was totally unnecessary and I’m not sure why it was included in the patch. There is nothing OP about the staff shell…it still has to be properly aimed to be effective.

    Add the painter’s seat back in the tank while you’re at it and make the guided shell effective against choppers again!

    • MBSO_EchoKilo11 01.28.14 at 06:28

      Don’t increase the damage of a machine in the gunners seat. get good.

      the smart rockets were useless in bf3 shut up

      staff shell is OP one again shut up

      there is gunner soflam.
      get good

      • EminenceFront-44 01.28.14 at 06:39

        Feel free to compare stats if you are intelligent enough to figure out how without having a clickable link (unlikely). I’m a better player than you will EVER be. I would tell you to try to form a complete sentence, but I can see that is FAR beyond what someone of your mental capacity is capable of.

        • bryanfury93 01.28.14 at 06:59

          I agree with kilo (even if he is being an asshole about it). The gunner seat on the tank is just fine. I’ve never had a problem taking out infantry or even littlebirds for that matter. The staff shell I wouldn’t say is op, but it needed a tweak. “Properly aimed to be effective” is that a joke? All you have to do is aim slightly above or just around and it’s an hit guarantee no matter what. Also, it has no deviation or drop. The staff shell is incredibly easy to use and needed a tweak to compete with the other shells.

      • Mrkillerhomer_xD 01.28.14 at 10:55

        why the “shut up” lol you sound really mad

  • grannytrany 01.28.14 at 06:19


  • grannytrany 01.28.14 at 06:19

    And.. wtf is up with battlelog? Hasn’t updated any states in weeks..

  • RaminDixin 01.28.14 at 06:00

    Please tweak the Commander mode with smaller squad labels on screen so that the players are not covered up when mulitple squad labels are bunched. Match the missle delay launches so that they are timed identical in all maps. Not too long please. One more tweak and that is the cross hairs on rifles. Can you allow color changes to be made to the cross hairs of rifles so that people that are colorblind can make adjustments to better see the crosshair. It is almost impossible to see the crosshairs when backgrounds match. This is important for people with dissabilities. If the World Wide Web W3c standards can make the change I’m sure the game can make the adjustment for the people with site issues.

  • kimcheez 01.28.14 at 05:59

    iglas and stingers are fire n drop weapons, who holds 6 stingers on there back…

  • 123pablo789 01.28.14 at 05:55

    how about making attack choppers faster and more maneuverable. now all of them are flying hotthubs

  • Josp1337 01.28.14 at 05:54

    Yeah the stinger is very too fast to reload ! But i aprove that M2 slam are badass it have to be reduced ! For the rest its looking cool ! also im a little disapointed about that 25mm … its a 25mm cannon guys … its designed to do damage !! keep it like that !

  • d1sorderr 01.28.14 at 05:50

    Increase the damage of the mini guns for christs sake. There a joke, and that’s why if you at DICE had not noticed is why everyone using the little birds use the 25mm instead of the mini gun so you guys are gonna decrease the 25mm cannons dmg but not do a thing to the mini guns.. The stinger reload time seriously needs to be balanced too, it is way to quick to reload. Leave m2 slams or fix m15 mines.

    • xBlackout_DsBx 01.28.14 at 07:35

      Totally. The miniguns were PERFECT in BC2, they actually killed infantry, and you didn’t need literally 150 rounds to do it, since you typically have to hit someone with the minigun for about 3 seconds now…. There would be nothing left of you in reality. They should make the 25mm fire at a lower rate to make them more difficult against infantry, but maybe up the damage done, like only a LITTLE bit, and make ALL miniguns just destroy troops, like they did in BC2.

  • butcherdmn 01.28.14 at 05:36

    don’t do anything to the m2 slam , better fix the m15 , seems that dice likes to protect vehicle whores.

  • grannytrany 01.28.14 at 05:36

    It would be nice if cammo was more effective.
    Bring back ghillie suit (like they had in bad company) as an optional cammo?
    Nerf the glare on scopes.. looks like a flashlight..
    Nerf the non-headshot one shot kills from sniper rifles..
    Increase damage from mini-guns. It’s pretty much just a high speed bb gun now..

    Why nerf the 25mm? In real life (i know this is a video game) there are 25mm HE rounds designed for anti-personnel and 25mm AP rounds designed for armored targets.. It would be cool if that was a unlock in the game, making the 7.62 the start off gun.. and the comment “making them a clear choice over the 7.62 MINIGUNS”.. duh.. it’s a 25mm cannon vs. a 7.62…

    And I think the staff shell is awesome how it is lol…

  • pr_gunpowder 01.28.14 at 05:35

    What about you dont fix the 25 mm for scout heli its better like that and what about you fix the netcode. And the stinger because they are overpowered reload are danm fast and has too much ammo plus sniper make it like only one person in each squad can use sniper because they everybody in hardcore are getting annoying with using way too much snipers i dont mind people using sniper but not getting overpowered all day why not getting in the battle and kill than everyone using sniper from their base plus the lag hanian resort am having way too much lag same with lancam dam amd dragon pass too much danm lag

    • MBSO_EchoKilo11 01.28.14 at 06:30

      You don’t know what a net code is shut up fggt.

  • PDiddyShrimpBoat 01.28.14 at 05:34

    Can you reduce the damage for the igla/stinger and change the amount of rounds carried to zero, to better reflect that you are indeed not a man if you use one and to encourage those players to go back to CoD?

  • GoProne10 01.28.14 at 05:33

    V40 Mini nerf??? WHERE? WHEN?

  • Sureshotstrike 01.28.14 at 05:27

    Well you’ve done it dice…you’ve figured out a way to make the scout helo useless against infantry and armor, effectively turning it into a transport. You should really tweak the reload time for heatseeker missles if you want anyone to actually use them, cuz at this point they’re, well…pointless.

    • MBSO_EchoKilo11 01.28.14 at 06:30

      Heatseakers are bad anyway scrub

  • phinnv8 01.28.14 at 05:25

    Who cares about any of this when you STILL CAN’t JOIN A MULTIPLAYER GAME WITH FRIENDS in a squad like EVERY OTHER MULTIPLAYER GAME INCLUDING BF3?!????

    • psyd effex 01.28.14 at 05:28

      What platform are you playing on, man? I can do that fine on 360 and it’s probably the worst platform to play this on and has the most problems. there’s an option in the options menu that says something about friends joining your squad, have you made sure that’s set to “yes?”

      • Sureshotstrike 01.28.14 at 05:29

        Agreed…confusing on x1 but doable…dice can’t fix stupid

      • B1golf 01.31.14 at 07:00

        That is not what he is talking about. He is talking about pre game squad up. Not who you are joining in a match.

  • psyd effex 01.28.14 at 05:21

    how about you FIX THE FUCKING CRASHES that are still there 5 PATCHES LATER? Nerfs don’t mean shit when the game I paid $60 for is unplayable!

  • Busted_Old_Man 01.28.14 at 05:16

    With everything being done to protect the heli pilots from attacks on the ground.
    How about they don’t get protected from themselves, eg.. I’ll just use my heli now to run over this player walking across the ground or lets say I’ll just crash land my heli in this small stretch of water here get out shoot him with my pistol AND THEN GET BACK IN AND FLY AWAY.
    I don’t know, maybe its just me but if you pilot your vehicle into mother earth you should die. But I guess the dealers of this game are just supplying to the needs of the ARMOR BABIES

    • xBlackout_DsBx 01.28.14 at 07:40

      I’m sorry, do you need a kleenex? I’m sure you’ve got one in your purse right over there….. see it in there? it’s right next to your tampon.

  • Season of Fire 01.28.14 at 05:10

    Not sure if this has been already addressed but I would like to see splash damage increased for tanks against infantry

    • Cloketre 01.28.14 at 05:17

      Increase?! Those tanks do more then enough splash damage against infantry.

      • xBlackout_DsBx 01.28.14 at 07:42

        no they don’t. in hardcore you can score a direct hit and not get a kill. the velocity of the round whipping by your head even 4 ft away is going to rupture all kinds of blood vessels in your brain, and you will die. they need to be buffed.

  • BigSwig_Hoss 01.28.14 at 05:03

    Reducing the staff shell?? Why would you do that when everyone can equip this shell? So your going to make the staff shell the same as the other shells. Bad move.

    • PS 007 01.28.14 at 05:33

      I am slightly on board with your concern as well and don’t prompt any damage changes. If they fulfill their proposed statements via a reduction from ie tanks 25 to 18.75. Even across all types like quads or jet skis which would then only deal 75 damage. If it IS reduced I rather see an 20 per shot(5 to kill) damage model then what is presented.

    • MBSO_EchoKilo11 01.28.14 at 06:31

      no you’re stupid.

  • Likes-A-Lizard 01.28.14 at 05:02

    Hey DICE – Glad to see you are balancing the game.

    – Add Below Radar and possibly Gunner Flares, this way the engineers can still spam alot of stingers which will keep them entertained.

    I really like alot of the changes you have made, but still think we have some time to go – We all know how slow you guys are :) <3

  • theGman911 01.28.14 at 05:01

    That’s all well and good BUT my custom logo still has yet the show once. How about getting that going?

  • LPA6669 01.28.14 at 04:59

    I believe the fire rate of a 30mm gatling type cannon z very high. The 1 in Thunderbolt has a rate of fire up 2 4200 rpm as I just read so if u reduce the fire rate of that type of cannon on that MAA tank in BF 4 2 800, it’ll just b a BIG joke. Fools -_-

  • Windscar 01.28.14 at 04:59

    most of these changes i understand. i can even understand reducing the effectiveness of the 25MM against infantry if it actually did shit against vehicles. if you nerf the 25mm against infantry wihtout buffing against armor it will be WORTHLESS. it barely damages armor as it is and is only effective against infantry. make it do MODERATE damage to armor and nerf it against infantry and that will make sense.

    • PS 007 01.28.14 at 05:13

      The 20MM nerf influences the time to live for a bullet ie how far it will travel. The damage output per shot against infantry and vehicles is low due to the volume of fire its able to produce. It has nearly double the mag dump time and over 3x the rate of fire over the 30MM. This is a good solution as the mechanics for the 20MM and 30MM are sound.

  • Adumbdummy 01.28.14 at 04:58

    In maps such as paracel storm and rogue transmission where MAA spawns when certain objective has been taken, MAA usually goes to their base and starts firing. The reduced cone of active radar missile will possibly make those MAAs get out of their base but those whose skill is good enough to take down enemy aircraft with it, there is still no way to take that MAA down. I think MAA should not be able to enter one’s base.

  • Distrude 01.28.14 at 04:57

    When balancing EMC radar, give it a buff, I didn’t know the point of counter measures was to have the missiles circle around you and have a 50-50 chance of luckily hitting and spinning you out of control, immobilizing you, or flipping you.

  • eKuZz 01.28.14 at 04:54

    add below radar

  • tsw85_XI-ADM 01.28.14 at 04:54

    and did you fix the tanks when you shot a person in the feet it kills them ..not just run off…just try to stand in front of a real tank ..if the shell hit’s 20 feet from your dead ..but in the game you can hit right at the person’s feet and it wont even kill them ..get with it …you fix all the crap that has to do with the dog tags and shit that dont make the game any better about fixing the shit we bitch about for 3 years ..

    • LPA6669 01.28.14 at 05:00

      Yeah man. Fuck these fools.

  • bullittqc 01.28.14 at 04:47

    Remove Radar anti-aircraft missile on the AA tank, some map the AA tank dont need to be there is dont give any chance to the chopper, less reload time between flare on plane and chopper, upgrade the damage on the javelin, remove 40x scope on sniper gun, limit the sniper on map like 10 sniper on 32 players, to much sniper is ridiculous, remove trail on sniper bullet, upgrade the damage on .50 caliber gun seriously one bullet on this gun remove you arm, reput de below the radar for chopper,Seriously all the thing on BF3 as to be back….

    • LPA6669 01.28.14 at 04:51

      Dude 40x scope z summin’ that’s even in real life so y would they remove it !? If u can’t get the scope just shut up -_-

  • [CHN]HARVSTO 01.28.14 at 04:45

    Yet there’s still no tweak for Attack Heli’s super low torqe….

  • Rugaard 01.28.14 at 04:43

    Rarely do I post on these changes as I do not have much care as its going to happen regardless but jesus already……making a gun do less damage vs infantry is stupid as hell….if a human is hit by something the size of a .50. 20mm, 30mm the person dies….the shock caused by the round penetrating the body makes your day go to shit….The whole point of being in a vehicle is being able to lay waste to the infantry while being protected by whatever you are in. Be it armor in a tank or flight in a bird….this is getting just plain retarded now…..

  • RaysALittleHell 01.28.14 at 04:40

    If attack helicopters were to be completely balanced but not over powered the following would have to occur:
    1. Below radar would have to make a return. Below radar protects against mobile AA heat seekers, helicopter heat seekers and jet heat seekers. Iglas, stingers, etc… would not be affected by below radar. This also includes active radar missiles…
    2. The height ceiling mechanic changed to the out of bounds mechanic so tv missiles and the helicopter itself would not get stuck in “jelly”. As the ceiling stand right now jets doing top down attacks are near impossible to attack back from a helicopter.
    3. Either counter measure reload time needs to be cut in half (or more than half) or ground lock on weapons need a 25 second reload animation so they realize how vulnerable the helicopter is all of the time.
    4.TV missiles. There has been a huge debate between the bf3 and bf4 TV’s and which one is better. Personally I like the control of the bf4 but the timing and power of the bf3 TV. Obviously this would be over powered so all I feel is necessary to tweak bf4 TV missiles is to make them a one shot on jets. Since jets are so quick after landing a TV on one they can retreat and go out of range until 100% vehicle health once again. This TV tweak would also be nice for scouts since they should have low armor. So if both scouts and jets were a one shot TV it would restore balance to the “most powerful explosive” in the game. (that at the moment cannot kill anything not even infantry.) P.S. It should have amazing splash on infantry but I left that out so not as many people complain.
    5. Flipping. I know this is not intentional and Alan Kertz has addressed this issue all i’m saying is it needs the fix ASAP.

    This form that dice released kinda beats around the bush of the real issues so for clarity I outlined what needs to be done to the Attack Helicopter. To everyone who is trying to say “well missiles would flip the helicopter” I say it is a game which needs balance not realism. If you want realism the attack helicopter would be miles/kilometers away and its 30mm cannon would be taking out tanks with single bursts. Also super cobras (vipers) can do barrel rolls so when i’m upside down i shouldn’t just plummet to the ground I would just flip back around. If you wanna hate for realism try Arma might be a little more your speed.

  • BOSSC351 01.28.14 at 04:37

    What idiots tweak something that is broken? Do you twak an engine when it cuts out from a droppedcylinder? Do you tweak a computer when the motherboard is malfunctioning? Do you tweak an antenna that is laying on the ground? So stupid its almost funny.

  • Rikalonius 01.28.14 at 04:34

    The only real weapon infantry has against tanks and you are basically placating the already overpowered tanks. Now in addition to doing 25 damage to tank, unless a lucky crit, you are basically making it impossible to trap them with mines. It takes 3 Slam to take out a tank with full health. I’d be fine with it if hitting tanks with an ANTI TANK missile wasn’t such a joke. Even with a lock-on you still sometimes miss or only do 25 damage because vehicles can outrun MISSILES. These aren’t fire and forget missiles like the MBT Law, these are the ones you have to completely expose yourself for the time it takes the missile to chuga-chuga along to the target, easily enough time for the gunner or tank commander to blast you. I think you should rename the game to VF4 for Vehicle Farming, because that’s basically what the developers seem to want, a bunch of paying players to play infantry fodder for vehicle players. I’m out, no more money to this franchise.

    • RaysALittleHell 01.28.14 at 04:41

      Sir if you think tanks are overpowered try cod it would probably suit your infantry fantasies.

  • BA Tango 01.28.14 at 04:33

    Thanks for actually trying hard to balance the issue, but you are missing an few key features. ECM/Flares reload time needs to be shorten, the AA missiles needs to explode or drop out of the sky after 600 meters, and finally reload times on all rocket launchers need to be increased. Also Helicopters need to be less fragile when it comes to bumping into random objects.

    • Distrude 01.28.14 at 04:54

      I support your idea about bumping into random objects, for example, even the slowest turns of 1 MPH at turning the helicopter, when the tail slightly touches a building or bumps into a pole, the BOOMERS franchise is supported. Also when going fast as an attack helicopter at 100%, I didn’t know that the armor was SO LIGHT, My gosh a brick puts better protection. If you ram into a light post in its stationary position, you instantly blow up, never knew it took a full tank shell or two, or even a tank running it over to take down those sons of death. Even a MRAP can withstand the force at full speed ram, sure it barely budge the pole and slowly knock it down, but it won’t fully explode, it’ll just take about 60% damage and be immobile. To be honest, buildings should stick to table flipping, not HELICOPTER FLIPPING; the slightest touch from the side or any part but the front of the vehicle will either blow up a helicopter (attack helicopters and transport helicopters) or flip it over immobile and severe damage.

  • moist_nana 01.28.14 at 04:26

    Still no incentive to play this crappy game, tweak it all you want but air vehicles are still BORING to fly

  • Mastercheif9473 01.28.14 at 04:25

    Improve the flare time for the helicopters and increase the reload time for stingers

    • P3NGUIN 01.28.14 at 04:31

      I think the Heli’s should have to fly to a reload point… make it more realistic. Give them 3 sets of flares to use whenever they want to use them, but make them have to fly back to spawn to reload.

  • jumpinthetub 01.28.14 at 04:23

    This stuff is a bunch crap im so sick and tired of the f ing cry babies ooooo the AA its so powerful the sit in their spawn we can kill them bs yes u can .my name is KILL-JOY-31 im so sick of people who bitch about games give me a break and the only ones who cry about is the high rank people oh killjoy hes in the AA why does he keep killing me .you wana know why because u keep coming my way thats what the AA is for if u dont like then stay on the ground and have your mom walk u to the know if someone is killing u like crazy in the AA like me ha ha ha ha well stay out the choppers. U high rank noobs like to have ur friends in the chopper fixing you up the whole time how is that fair for the guy with the rocket trying to shoot u down? Its a video game it’s not real life oh and another thing stop worrying what people do in that game worrie about yourself who cares if there is a sniper back in his spawn doin his own thing u didn’t buy the game for him if u would stop messing with them and worrie about your own game play it wouldn’t bother you.i like to sit back and chill and do my own thing its fun stop taking these games serious its just a game if u wana tweek something in video games tweek the cry babies play the game and shut up KILL-JOY-31

    • P3NGUIN 01.28.14 at 04:32

      Funny…you got your rant on but nobody else is entitled… you’re mental.

  • Distrude 01.28.14 at 04:18

    To add-on to my Previous comment: Sure going behind buildings and terrain is a small but rather almost ineffective remedy to the stinger spam on helicopters, but some maps don’t provide good measures of this. Also if you do manage to get behind cover, there is sure to be a lock-on to your position.

    • Distrude 01.28.14 at 04:28

      Also, there are boats, Iglas, other attack helicopters and scout helicopters, and sometimes transport helicopter, acting against you during flight, sometimes all at the same time. Saying: “Why doesn’t your team use these tactics then” isn’t a contradictory statement because the team who is, usually maintains the victory, and sometimes your team may not be into spending their efforts to the tactics of taking down enemy forces that take down the helicopters. On and on, that statement will contradict every other balance between weapons and vehicles.

  • P3NGUIN 01.28.14 at 04:18

    I don’t think taking stingers/iglas out is a good idea at all. I like to fly too but infantry to air is hardly the problem. The MBT law should be able to disable a tank with one shot.

  • Distrude 01.28.14 at 04:15

    It would totally make helicopters of all sorts more manageable if stingers were nerfed or degraded. At least make them have slower movement, or slower lock on times, or lower damage, or even lower reload speeds. Even by a little bit, you can decrease its range by at least 50-100 Meters. You can take these suggestions into ways of nerfing, but I’d enjoy it better if you combined them all, to nearly match the Igla rocket launcher effectiveness or stat wise, even if you decrease its statistics by a little, it would help out attack helicopters, Scout helicopters and transport helicopters in time of no countermeasures. Once used, they are vulnerable the next second as they are usually in open air space, especially when trying to get to Charlie sky scraper in Siege of Shanghai. Helicopters can easily be stung from 350 meters, which is half way from the helicopter spawn point to D and the other team’s helicopter spawn point to B, on Siege of Shanghai while on C roof. Also take into consideration that there are a majority of engineers playing battlefield, so obviously more than one engineer will be using stingers at once all spread throughout the map. All these forces act against the mobility of the helicopters. One engineer is more than capable of taking out any type helicopter in Battlefield 4 when they have no countermeasures left, even so, a good way to solve this is probably to increase countermeasure effectiveness times and make them have a faster reaction, as there is delay in a lot of moments when using last few seconds of missile impact. Thanks for reading (if you did) and consider my opinions when further balancing weapons or vehicles.

  • SickThreat 01.28.14 at 04:14

    My main issues are jet ramming( make it so only the jet is destroyed), not being able to party up, and game lag ( me and friends always lag, even when we use US servers only). I love the game but sometimes it can be more of a pain then pleasure.

  • WIZz_AU 01.28.14 at 04:13

    I wish you would fix the network coding already and instead shove your balances where the sun don’t shine!

    I want a stable smooth gameplay with no 1 hit kills and huge latency issues, WAY BEFORE I GIVE A RATS ARSE ABOUT YOU WASTING TIME ON BALANCING FFS!

    DICE get your priority’s straight and stop giving the community what they least want atm!

  • DarkTimes1 01.28.14 at 04:12

    I miss the hovering tanks from from2142

  • DarkTimes1 01.28.14 at 04:11

    It would be nice to bring back Titan game mode back like from bf2142

  • crasht01 01.28.14 at 04:08

    25% LESS DAMAGE for staff shells, Are you trying to make the tanks even less effective than what they already are which in most cases its easier to get out of the tank to kill something. It is already almost useless as a tank and more like an armoured taxi It takes 2-3 rounds to kill infantry and now you want to weaken 1 of those rounds and the staff barely scratched a heli. You really need to listen to more than just the people who fly and walk/run :(

    • P3NGUIN 01.28.14 at 04:10

      This is bs… to many tank whores out there to prove this rant wrong. No one should be cranking out 50-0 KDR…

    • LPA6669 01.28.14 at 04:52


  • DAT_BOY_GOT_SWAG 01.28.14 at 04:01

    Fix the game don’t tweak things within it. Damn it dice think and if anything we want Below Radar and Partying up before a game none of this BS you’re giving us now it’s ridiculous

  • bigjayskij 01.28.14 at 03:56


  • JOEw1280 01.28.14 at 03:52

    Now you just need to take out stingers/iglas and air vehicles will become viable once again. Have you ever tried to fly in a game where you’re trying to use a helicopter against 32 AA engineers? Its impossible. I love flying in battlefield, but you’ve made it near impossible.

  • PCGAMR1 01.28.14 at 03:50


    • DAT_BOY_GOT_SWAG 01.28.14 at 03:57

      You’re off your damn rocker if you think LMGs are OP’d

  • RZseraph 01.28.14 at 03:47

    Wherever you do, bf4 is still poopy. Fix the netcode /hit boxes, referesh rate (10 hz,really?), random bullet deviation, in put lag, spawm black screen of death, etc./. When I shoot at enemy, enemy dies – it is the basic thing in any FPS -_-

  • Jah_Rastaa 01.28.14 at 03:44

    I only wish of 1 thing dice and 99% of every other heli pilot does BRING BACK BELOW RADAR!! it makes sense in every way

  • TOM_BOMBADILLOO 01.28.14 at 03:41

    I would love to see the m320 smoke back to effective use values. Right now it is very weak and useless as a underslung weapon. Please make the smoke thicker last longer and deploy faster so it can be used as an effective cover tool once again. You guys at dice have access to the metrics showing nobody uses the the m320 smoke anymore. There is a reason for that. thanks

  • A CUTE SQU1RL 01.28.14 at 03:39


    • B1golf 01.31.14 at 07:15

      Says the noob who camps in the sky:) Sure you went 50 and 0 but never on a server where my friends and I were playing on. You don’t even have a chance.

  • stabbinu 01.28.14 at 03:38

    Congrats noobs, you’ve again succeeded in making engineers useless, along with most of the vehicles.

  • Clorenx 01.28.14 at 03:37

    The Attack choppers still fly way to slow. Like Damn pigs in the air. Thermal looks better in single player vs multiplay as the lines are blurred and you cant make out what you are hitting plus the fact that it is too bright!

  • Tur8oSquid 01.28.14 at 03:34

    We need below radar, it would actually make attack helis worth flying.

  • DARKSIDE_2000 01.28.14 at 03:34

    fix the Thermal Optics is too bright!

  • H0W42D 01.28.14 at 03:33

    The javelin dam ONE jav will annihilate a tank I know it’s about vehicles in this thread but shows how the games moving away from what it should be

  • PurplePinkCow 01.28.14 at 03:31

    I say fix the game before you start to tweak things…

  • H0W42D 01.28.14 at 03:30

    Why not make them simular to there real world counterparts from guns to vehicles and equipment !! After all this is battlefield right or is it now turning slowly to arcade call of duty .. This rate is ARMA will become more appealing !!

  • P3NGUIN 01.28.14 at 03:27

    Having worked on attack helicopters I have to say they are a bit to slow in-game. Helicopters are equipped with jet engines for a reason… capable of speeds to 175 knots or so. They should have a little afterburner speed…

    • P3NGUIN 01.28.14 at 03:37

      Another thing that might be useful is an “autopilot” feature… I believe most of the air vehicles are equipped with them these days… a switch that locks current flying settings would make guiding the tow rocket out of the chopper more conceivable, would also make sense on the tv guided rocket from the jet.

    • Mrkillerhomer_xD 01.28.14 at 10:30

      hell yes!
      give AHs afterburner! would make flying so much more fun cause the best thing i know is to fly at around 2-3 meters above the streets of siege of shanghai with as much speed as i can

  • TomaHawkEye 01.28.14 at 03:22

    If you’re talking about the MBT LAW taking 5 shots to kill a tank, thats how it should be. A weapon that takes next to no skill should not be able to kill tanks in 2 or 3 hits. A RPG can take out a tank in 3 hits from behind.
    Engineer is my fav class and I feel its fine the way it is. A lone engineer should have trouble taking out a tank, where as 2 or 3 enginners make easy work of a tank.

    • BordorFox 01.28.14 at 03:28

      Perhaps, if the tank has no reflective armor, or passenger, or auto repair to name a few.

      And you have 1-2 other engineers following you around the map all game.

  • vampir999 01.28.14 at 03:16

    Whats with the Sniper Bugs?
    Without Aiming and only with laser killing people easy? Where is that logic?
    And the Sniper Noob with the overpowered Semiautomatic Rifles (killing without aiming easyier then a MG ?
    Please. Fix this Game.
    Never Payd before 4 a Product that not Working Properly.

    • Makin_Cookies 01.28.14 at 03:22

      what are you talking about, everyone probably agrees, DMRs suck in BF4.

  • SquadEater 01.28.14 at 03:16

    Awesome, it seems like these changes will make helicopters a little more viable in a match w/ skilled players. I will miss my super-OP Scout-Heli 25mms though. ;)

    Also, I hope you guys are considering Normal and Hardcore equally when making the tweaks. Some things have seemed more broken in Hardcore, as though Normal mode has been the biggest priority.

  • BrutalL3G4CY 01.28.14 at 03:14

    They are nerfing slams to what they originally wanted them to be.

    Depending on the rocket used an rpg can destroy a tank in 2 hits when shot in the ass, and its incredibly ez to kill an infantry with one, stop shooting at the front of tanks where they are strongest. I think the problem here is that you are bad

    • BordorFox 01.28.14 at 03:24

      That’s completely untrue, and while the “ass” of a tank may be weaker, it is just one side of a tank and makes the engineer class and rockets 90% ineffective and useless, hell it only takes two stinger rockets to kill a heli 300m away, why should it take 3-5 rpg rockets to kill a tank 5m away? Why should it take a single sachet of C4 to take a tank down regardless of side, as others have mentioned even M2 slams were been used to make rpg rockets have more power, they’re the stronger of most the rockets, they should not have to be fired so many times to take out a tank, with the reload time also, it’s almost half a minute to kill a tank with rpg’s, and this is while the tank can just hit you once or even kill you through concrete or a building with one shell, not to mention a passenger with access to a .50 caliber mounted machine gun on most..

      • BrotherGabriel31 01.28.14 at 03:33

        Because IRL Tanks (even back in WWII) were made to be able to take hits in the front and some in the sides and have them ricochet away most tanks could actually survive quite a few hits from other tank shells and a shit ton of rockets, so no that’s not “completely untrue” you jerriatric fuck

  • TomaHawkEye 01.28.14 at 03:11

    I’m happy with all these tweaks

  • Canis Major 01.28.14 at 03:10

    Stop mucking with the vehicles and weapons and pull your head out of your arse… If I sound a little pissed is because I am. So take your sensitive egos and get to work fixing the game. You have a lot of work to do seeing you have 5 distros to fix. I don’t remember Bad Co and Bad Co2 having these issues but in BF3 you kept screwing with shit that didn’t need to get screwed with and your doing it again in BF4

    • Col_Nasty1 01.28.14 at 03:28

      I expect MANY people are going to rant like you are here. ONLY the people who are going to have to become better players after their ADVANTAGE has be repaired.

  • MeednightMatt 01.28.14 at 03:08

    Lame, you’re treating M2 SLAMs as though they were overpowered when they were just overpowered in comparison to AT mines. Would make more sense to give the player 4 AT mines instead of nerfing a non-overpowered item.

    Furthermore the anti tank upgrade path bugs out quite a lot maybe look into it.


  • BordorFox 01.28.14 at 03:03

    These tweaks, while some are commonsense, others are not needed, and making choppers more powerful will just bring spawn killing back from bf3. The engineer class has become obselete bar the “chopper spawn killers” using engineer passengers to repair while they circle the bases, their rockets are completely useless against tanks given it almost takes 5-7 rpg rockets to blow one up and the only way to kill infantry with a rocket is you have to literally stick the rocket down their gob because a rocket will do nothing to even infantry unless you do, I could understand 1-3 rockets to take out a tank but more than that is just crazy and makes engineer a very poor class and forcing almost everyone to have to use C4 on tanks. It’s sad to see the classes become so bad since bf3, but it’s just no fun when a sniper can kill you from 1500m and you cant kill someone 10m with a rpg.

    • H0W42D 01.28.14 at 03:05

      I think making the repair tool NOT work till the chopper is on the ground would change things massively

      • ajstins 01.28.14 at 03:15


    • ajstins 01.28.14 at 03:10

      totally agree with too many RPG rockets to kill a tank…I know adding m2 slams on the tank and hitting the tank with an RPG where you placed it makes it more effective

      • B1golf 01.31.14 at 07:21

        The RPG really is ineffective against tanks. You really can’t take out most modern day tanks with just a couple of them. An Abrams will just laugh and ignore rpg attacks that is what The M1 heavy is all about in the first place.

  • MaximumRico 01.28.14 at 02:58

    Probably because there are so many jihadists who will try to kill themselves to kill you, or people who bail on aircraft intentionally to get close to you to C4 or mine you or whatever. If you can’t aim down, at that point you are dead.

  • MaximumRico 01.28.14 at 02:56

    I don’t remember ever dying to a jet outside of a vehicle, but to each their own.

  • H0W42D 01.28.14 at 02:55

    Give the choppers 4 sets of flares only they can use them as fast or slow as they want or need to BUT once they are used up they need to return to the helo pad and land to be reloaded with a fresh set. . This way a chopper is usable also once used it’s flares and even ammo are used up its forced you rtb

    • H0W42D 01.28.14 at 02:57

      Do the same for all air you wanna repair or rearm you should have to rtb and land

    • ajstins 01.28.14 at 02:58

      I remember back in BF2 the air vehicles needed to RTB to re-arm and repair, maybe that should have carried forward to the other games.

      • H0W42D 01.28.14 at 03:00

        Yep me too I think auto repair shouldn’t happen for air vehicles force them to retreat to base to rearm and repair .. so means as a chopper you have to think and make ya shots count then bug out also as a target on the end of that choppers arsenal you either attack on or evade till it bugs out

        • H0W42D 01.28.14 at 03:02

          Dice should look back to how bf2 was

          • ajstins 01.28.14 at 03:07

            I am not a game developer or anything but building on past experiences is what makes better games..I guess common sense isn’t so common.

          • H0W42D 01.28.14 at 03:11

            Dice and EA have lost there loyalty the community they built up in order to win the CoD fanboys .. such a shame

  • ajstins 01.28.14 at 02:48

    If so many people wanna cry about anti air engineers like me taking your helo out then start populating the troop servers, cause I don’t know what game you guys are playing but it takes at least 3 stinger rockets to take one out..or 1 well placed RPG for someone stupid enough to hover over a flag when they are too lazy to take the flag on foot. And to the guy complaining about the lock on range of the anti air rockets again don’t know what game your playing but I am constantly having to get closer because the stinger’s lock on range isn’t that good. Maybe you guys don’t realize but some people will use the PLD to scare you into using your flares so someone with a stinger can get close enough and get you. Its called squad tactics. Dice needs to work on more important things like the damn random freeze ups and not listen to vehicle whores who can do anything unless they sit in a vehicle.

  • vomster 01.28.14 at 02:46

    Just add gunner flares like BF3- Come on already…

  • krosbonez 01.28.14 at 02:46

    While you are tweaking the vehicles…how about you fix the MAA’s pitch so that it can not be used so much on infantry. Most games I play, the MAA is primarily used as an Anti-Infantry weapon and NOT an Anti-Air…In BF2 the pitch was set so that you could not aim “down” at the ground and obliterate ground troops.

  • xxsteelgearxx 01.28.14 at 02:44

    If you are talking about getting one shotted by snipers aiming for your head or being nailed point blank by shotguns then F*&K that noise….learn to play.

    If you are talking about the 1 hit bug then I think that was fixed in which case learn to play

  • Chief Big Bull 01.28.14 at 02:43

    WHY ARE JETS EVEN AN OPTION ON DAWNBREAKER? There’s nowhere to go. Increase the airspace on all maps for jets.

  • I-t-bag? 01.28.14 at 02:42

    i used to love attack heli’s i don’t even waste my time anymore. whats the point?
    the damn aa’s are so strong and can shoot across the map

  • F3AR_Combat 01.28.14 at 02:41

    The solution to fixing the vehicle balance is to release 2nd assault so we can all play metro with no vehicles (esp air rape)

    • ajstins 01.28.14 at 02:51

      If people would go into their filters for multiplayer along with normal, hardcore, and TROOP the troop mode removes vehicles except transport…bam no worries then, but these servers are always empty.

  • Elfman9-GW- 01.28.14 at 02:41

    So instead of buffing the choppers, you reduce the viability of the Mobile AA. How about making the jets less effective against ground troops? I’m constantly dying to Ace jet pilots. Stingers and Iglas are so ineffective, unless you have a squad carrying them at the same time. Get a chopper with a Engie repairing and you can’t take it down by yourself even with 6 AA missiles.

  • XxWilliams38xX 01.28.14 at 02:41

    You should fix some of the guns because some of them feel underpowered compared to others

  • I-t-bag? 01.28.14 at 02:39

    i wont be buying the next installment of the battlefield franchise, and i hope others follow me so we can put a stop to this bullshit, and maybe they will make a game that isn’t constantly broken to the point i don’t even want to play anymore.

    • Sh im Invisible 01.28.14 at 02:45

      At least dice are trying to fix the problem, unlike infinity ward who just leave it and then make the same mistake in the next game

  • Sh im Invisible 01.28.14 at 02:37

    Gyro stabiliser should be a default for aircraft leaving more choice for missile protection, also if you immobilise an aircraft and it crashes you should still get the kill because in a game of air superiority, the other team had plenty deaths yet my team only had 1 kill, its frustrating

  • DREAMR91 01.28.14 at 02:34

    Geez guys, why don’t we just do what we were doing in BF3 and make it BETTER!!! I still get 1 shot killed ever so often. I am sad to say i cannot play BF4 for hours like i did in BF3, AND for gods sake would you increase the number of shots it takes to kill someone!!!! I hate how fast you die in this game. I rather go play call of duty in that case.

  • NKDSNOMAN 01.28.14 at 02:33

    How about you fix the lack of sound at Mao start up, the constant ps3 lock ups while in hand, iglas and stingers vs helo are ridiculous (counter measures are useless), animation on map loads is horrid (tanks, jeeps, etc morph in game from square form), hit markers show, yet no damage done to enemy, stock weapons over power ranked weapons earned (what’s the point them).

  • Eric_KCS 01.28.14 at 02:32

    Are you effing kidding me? 6-> 4 rockets is supposed to make attack helis viable again?

    I keep saying this. The MAA/ MANPADS/ JET/ HELI relationship was just right in nearly every patch/ prepatch iteration of BF3. Just reinstate those characteristics again and you’ll have a fixed game. The new 20 second counter reload time, while okay for Jets which have the option of leaving the area, is simply absurd for the slow flying helicopters, especially the attack heli.

    With the proliferation of MANPADS and other AA options in 4, there is NO reason to fly attack helis anymore. All things staying the same (ie. stupid range on MANPADS, proliferation of all types of AA vehicle or foot carried), the least you could do is bring back the same flare recharge time from BF3 back to helis.

    Otherwise, for the next game, just remove air altogether and call yourself another COD has-been.

  • jnortham0341 01.28.14 at 02:31

    So you listened to the air-raping cry-babies. The strength of AAA was all that was keeping the air-rapists in check. Great. You nerfed the AAA, and gave more firepower to the helos. Yet another foolish decision from you Dice. What is next? Give the aircraft in the game predator invisible camo?

    • OMGs_KODIAK 01.28.14 at 02:39

      Dude dont forget this: For each AIR RAPING always exist an AIR RAPING ENEMY in the same game…XD

  • Rogue_Strumpet 01.28.14 at 02:30

    Air #7 … DICE, if you played with Miniguns for any amount of time and tried to kill infantry, you’d know why nobody ever uses the miniguns: they’re BB guns. Hard to hit with hovering close and bloody impossible at any range, the miniguns are just noisemakers until you graduate to the real bullets.

  • kzarz 01.28.14 at 02:29

    Next thing you know, in the next update they’ll have completed their trolling of helicopters by saying that you were originally going to be able to deploy your six flares separately, it was just glitch…. also, remember when the Havoc was god-awful in BF3? I miss that thing.

  • Chief Big Bull 01.28.14 at 02:29

    Completely agree with everyone else about how attack helicopters are at a serious disadvantage. As soon as you take off you might as well be flying a bus and if you do anything more than fly around your base someone on the other side of the map in a MAA vehicle gets an instant kill.

    The engineer class’ anti air weapons Completely dominate the sky with the loooong cool down time for flares if you’re in anything but a jet.

    Automatically being in squads with friends would be great instead of trying to switch teams.

    How bout a faster reload time for Attack Jets secondary weapons???

    • coastalfighter 01.28.14 at 02:34

      I can understand the longer cool down time for flares or ecm to force the helicopter to get out of the area, which is realistic, but only the scout helicopter has the speed to get out of the area, as I was saying in another post, the attack flies so slow it can’t get out of there fast enough.

  • rhiker 01.28.14 at 02:27

    The ability for tanks and RPG’s to hit moving jets or Helicopters is way too high. This needs to be looked into. RPG’s should have a much smaller operational range. Tanks shooting down aircraft that is not hovering should rarely ever happen but it does.

    V40’s way too powerful.

    The maps all need to be adjusted for the particular game play mode you are in. Some are nearly impossible to win, others turn into who ever has the take wins. Lets make the attackers all come up hill into a storm of sniper fire. Yawn. Lets make sure we make vehicles very important on maps with little to no real cover. Since we all can’t be in tanks, infantry needs to be given a chance too.

    • B1golf 01.31.14 at 07:31

      Well you are wrong. I spent only minutes looking at and or shooting diffrent tanks I.E the Centurion and the Leo 1 and 2. But I lived in a M1A1 Abrams gunner seat 9 years. Helicopters are real easy to hit just like anything else in front of a gunners GPS.

  • coastalfighter 01.28.14 at 02:26

    Increase the speed of the attack helicopter. Those helicopters are relatively light compared to their power plants. BF3 they were pretty fast, BF4 they are so slow, if it was somewhere in the middle I think that is a good option.

  • undermedicatedd 01.28.14 at 02:24

    This is about ‘Vehicle Tweaks’ and you morons are posting about hand grenades & 3rd person view & pretty much anything besides vehicles.

    Well.. now I understand why DICE doesn’t listen to anything players have to say. 99% of us are idiots.

    • coastalfighter 01.28.14 at 02:27

      it’s a forum for tweaks to the game. It’s negative comments like yours that are unproductive.

  • coastalfighter 01.28.14 at 02:22

    Bring back Below the Radar for the helicopters. PLEASE It was a balanced risk/reward option way to fly.

    • ClanElder45 01.28.14 at 02:27

      My thoughts exactly

  • OMGs_KODIAK 01.28.14 at 02:21

    *** About Attack Heli:
    – Why too many tanks can hit Attack Helis very easy ??…because the Attack Heli is too slow.
    – The time of a new flares is too long, so, we need BELOW RADAR
    – The low ping gamers always have advantage, his AA misille mostly hit Helis because the misille alert comes too late. Try to do something
    The scout heli with 2 guys repairing practically is undestructible. Fix this (maybe allowed only 1 guy repairing)

    *** About other things
    – Fix the kill with Healh 0
    – We have too many team kills..he says “Srry dude no tags there”. Pls try to fix frustrating
    – Try to add new Commanders resources, after low number of games becomes monotonous
    – Coordinate with the servers to put a limit to the snipers players number

  • TWISTEDxSOLD1ER 01.28.14 at 02:20

    Can you guy make a 3rd person shooter server? It would be a cool twist to the game and besides the character looks great we should be able to see him!

  • coastalfighter 01.28.14 at 02:18

    Reduce the distance the V40-mini grenades can be thrown and drop them down to two available grenades instead of three unless you earn them in a squad perk.

  • undermedicatedd 01.28.14 at 02:16

    What I’d like to know is.. where do they come up with this BS? “Players said..”.. oh really? Whom exactly? Because I’m constantly in the forums & I don’t read about any of this crap.

    Don’t waste your time ‘giving feedback’ because I can promise you that they’re not listening & they don’t care.

    It’s not the damage of a Stinger or the reload time.. it’s the fact that the Stinger & all other AA rockets have a lock on range that can hit a chopper on the far side of the moon. 400m? Objectives aren’t even that far apart.. and the maximum altitude you can go in a map is like 300m.. so if you’re in a chopper, you’re screwed.. there’s nowhere for you to run. The only thing you can count on is a ‘countermeasure’ that doesn’t work.. and even if it did, you’re dead before you have a chance to deploy it again.

    My favorite is.. they reduced the damage of the 30mm against infantry.. and by ‘infantry’ they mean the 5-10 Engineers (on 360) with Stingers who can go the center of any map & take down helis & choppers no matter where they’re flying because of the unbelievable lock on range.. and now they just made it harder to kill them.. while they sit on an ammo crate & spam Stingers at you.

    Because that increases the quality of gameplay? And decreasing the range of AA to give heli pilots a fighting chance to evade is dumb?

    These people must be geniuses.

  • viperman360 01.28.14 at 02:13

    Just get rid of active missiles, that would fix a lot of BS in the game.

  • NO__WARNING 01.28.14 at 02:10

    The stealth jet cannons are too weak against infantry needs a buff. It’s too easy to get shot down if you’re in a chopper. Lower the down time for flares. Or maybe a second set of flares?

    • sartt 01.28.14 at 02:12

      Stealth Jets cannons are weak Vs everything…. Except other Stealth Jets.

      Fly low in a helicopter and use the Terrain to break locks.

  • sartt 01.28.14 at 02:10


    Aircraft and Anti-Aircraft
    1) Reduced the total amount of missiles carried by the Mobile Anti-Aircraft vehicles from 6 to 4. The total carried missiles were making it impossible for helicopters to use counter measures to avoid the MAA’s attacks.

    2) Reduced the velocity of the MAA’s default 20MM CANNON from 1200m/s to 800m/s to match the 30MM CANNON. This reduction reduces the distance projectiles will travel and should prevent situations where the MAA could engage enemy vehicles without leaving its protected home base. The damage of the cannons remains unchanged, and aircraft, especially helicopters, should remain wary of getting too close to a MAA.


    3) Reduced the physical impact of all Anti-Aircraft missiles to prevent helicopters from flipping uncontrollably when hit. The damage values have not been changed.

    4) Reduced the cone in which ACTIVE RADAR missiles search for targets, making them require a higher level of skill in predicting where a target will be when the missile is fired. The missiles were previously too easy to aim at long range, making them a guaranteed hit and a clear advantage over the other missile types.

    5) Increased the direct damage done by the Attack Helicopter’s gunner cannon. The gunner will be better able to assist the pilot in taking down vehicle targets with this change.


    6) Increased the direct hit damage of the Zuni Rockets for Attack Helicopters. The rate of fire of these rockets combined with their smaller magazine pool made them a poor choice over the other two rocket types.

    Good now fix ECM jammers.

    7) Reduced the splash damage and maximum splash damage range of the Scout Helicopter 25MM CANNONS. These weapons were too effective against infantry with a higher splash, making them a clear choice over the 7.62 MINIGUNS in all combat situations. The 25MM CANNONS are intended to give the Scout Helicopter some measure of effectiveness against vehicles, at a clear trade off in effectiveness vs. infantry.

    Combined with the Nerf to repairing to the Scout Helicopters, what the point of using them? The 7.62MM miniguns are worthless and you all still haven’t fixed the netcode.

    Tanks and Anti-Tank
    1) Reduced the “intelligence” of the MBT LAW missiles, requiring the player to aim the missile closer to their target before the smart projectile will activate. Additionally, the MBT LAW now reloads slightly slower. This keeps the MBT LAW in its role of an easy to use, fire and forget weapon available to all Engineers, while also balancing it with the other rocket launchers in favor of skilled AT shots. Finally, a bug where the MBT LAW would pass through an ACTIVE PROTECTION shield has been fixed.

    How did this make it past Alpha and Beta stages?

    2) Fixed an issue where ACTIVE PROTECTION and the MP-APS did not properly stop 12G FRAG rounds.

    3) Reduced the range where the M2 SLAM will do maximum damage to vehicles from 6M to 3M. Players will now need to be craftier when placing the M2 SLAM in order to get the full damage potential of this ambush anti vehicle weapon. This change is to primarily counter a tactic of placing 3 mines in the same spot to guarantee a kill on any vehicle passing within 6m. The range was deemed to be too large, making the M2 SLAM far superior to the M15 AT MINE.

    new lay out for mines will be a Triangle Pattern to fully negate this change.

    4) Reduced the damage the STAFF shell does to all targets by 25%. This should balance the ease of use of the STAFF shell with its damage potential.

    Well I guess its for the best.

  • MaximusVen 01.28.14 at 02:02

    Reduce the rate that an engineer can repair a transport and mini helicopter. Right now these things are way more powerful than the attack helicopters. If you are planning to reduce the effectiveness that the mobile AA and AA missiles can do, you might as well forget trying to go after a chopper from the ground. Those things are way OP with an engineer on board.

  • Master-Athmos 01.28.14 at 02:02

    Most changes are fine. I don’t get the idea behind certain changes though…

    1.) attack heli gunner cannon
    I would have increased the blast radius so you don’t have to be spot on when firing at infantry. As you usually fly by pretty fast and come in from longer distance in comparison to e.g. a scout helicopter circling around the enemy it’s way harder to hit infantry. An increase in blast radius would have improved this situation. The damage against vehicles was fine in my opinion and pretty much on par with that of the 25mm scout heli gun…

    2.) attack heli zuni damage buff
    I don’t get why this was needed. You’re already in a good position against vehicles and when firing into their back zunis deal a ton of damage. Together with the gunner cannon’s damage buff you’re going to annihilate any vehicle now in one swoop which is a bit too much from my point of view. Not that you couldn’t do that right now but you had to be spot on with the delivery of your rockets and some gunner’s help…

    -> Regarding the attack helicopter I would’ve increased the gunner cannon’s blast radius, made it immune to Stinger’s engine shutdown (it would stay for Iglas as reward for keeping the enemy locked-on) and slightly increased its health (or reduce damages it receives leading to the same effect). That would address most of the chopper’s main flaws which from my point of view is about survivability and the lack of possibility to escape the danger zone on the more open maps. The MAA and active radar missile nerf really helps not being shot over the entire map but especially with the engine shutdown thing caused by Stingers one has a hard time escaping after having received quite some damage…

    3) Staff shells
    I think they are just fine the way they are. You only need to fix the reloading bug which would resolve all problems around it. Currently you pretty much can instantly fire both a normal shell and the staff shell. It should be either or so that you e.g. can make use of the staff shell for longer distances and then switch to the HE shell for increased damage output after getting closer to the target. Right now it’s more of a cheap dps boost that anyone has to use as otherwise you get wasted by the enemy…

    4) SLAM mines
    I don’t get the idea behind the change. It is said that this was to nerf the case where all three mines are put next to each other. You rather are nerfing the opposite case though where you e.g. distribute them on a street. So let’s assume a vehicle closes in and the mine “on the left” explodes. It will also detonate the other two mines. As a result to the proposed nerf the vehicle now will receive way less damage as the mine in the middle and on the right aren’t as close to the vehicle as the left one which initially detonated. This doesn’t happen that way the other way round when the mines are placed all next to each other as the distance to the vehicle pretty much is the same…

    So while I’m thinking that SLAMS are fine the way they are right now as you can see them via IR view the proposed change doesn’t improve the scenario because of which the change was said to be made. You don’t “primarily counter the three mine next to each other tactic”. You nerf the SLAMs in general and especially in the case where they aren’t put next to each other…

  • AotoD 01.28.14 at 01:52

    Oh really? wanting it easy? so the automatic 180 degree roll that happens when an attack heli being shot by a passive radar missle isn’t op?

  • Garland_Greene 01.28.14 at 01:51

    So limit the AA gun which is already a weak attack option as it is?

    • dethreap 01.28.14 at 01:55

      i like the way the staff shells are now reducing them by 25% is a little steep u already have to hit them twice with he rounds y not make the game more f-ed up im cool with them stopping the chopper from rolling or flipping but limiting the rounds on the aa is not cool u already gotta hit the chopper with atleast two volleys of active radar missiles

    • sartt 01.28.14 at 02:11

      Its not a attack vehicle, its a defensive vehicle.

  • -TR--Whopper 01.28.14 at 01:50

    this part of the game is pure BS.
    if you need repair pull over and park and fix it.
    one rocket can take out ANY flying vehicle but THIS 4 or 5 rockets to take out a helo is pure crap.

  • DedGecko 01.28.14 at 01:50

    How about making the attack helis more maneuverable than the transport helis. Or giving them a buff to their defense in some way shape or form (lower cool down on counter measures – no lock when flying low to the ground, no penalty for shooting before weapons cooldown). The attack heli is the third choice when choosing amongst scout or transport.

    • spetsnazvlad007 01.28.14 at 01:51


  • spetsnazvlad007 01.28.14 at 01:49

    Hey DICE I miss my TV MISSILE from BF3. If you can make it less spammy more powerful (like a 1 shot kill to all aircraft besides transport choppers) and and more controllable like it was in BF3 it would be nice because its a weapon of skill and players should be rewarded for using it. The last thing I want is to hit a chopper and for the crew to just bail :(

  • oldskoolflavr79 01.28.14 at 01:48

    bring back below radar . let me run the risk. and get out of dodge

    • spetsnazvlad007 01.28.14 at 01:51


  • SH0TGUNxMessiah1 01.28.14 at 01:48

    Its a step in the right direction for the Heli ( I agree with the other changes as well) however you need to get rid of the one hit disable engine failure for stingers and iglas. Engine disable makes no sense for fair gameplay I don’t see you making ground soldiers unable to move when a shot registers to their leg so get rid of this please.

  • tetradotoxin 01.28.14 at 01:43

    I don’t think STAFF shell is overpowered. It give the tank driver a little bit ability to kill infantry and also kill targets in long range. I know someone complaining STAFF shells kill the tank in long range too easy. However, as long as you move the vehicles all the time and unpredictable, it is hard to be killed by staff shells

    • EXTERM1NAD0R 01.28.14 at 01:57

      I agree! I have the phantom prospect assignment and the staff shell was a tactical weapon for me not a main weapon. Dealing 25 damage meant you could kill an incompitant driver. Only being able to hit 19.75ish will make it only possible to cripple a vehicle as it’ll take all 5 readily available shells to kill! To those who said its op try to kill me with one even on a flat map with no cover. And fyi you want to “Nerf” it don’t give it a perfectly flat and straight projectile. Its a ROCKET please show me a rocket fly straight infinately far without dropping or deviating.

  • Sorge Rules 01.28.14 at 01:43

    I appreciate the changes you’re making to the weapons but I think the big issue that needs to be done immediately is the freezing up on dawn breaker. My friends and I always freeze up and have to shut down the system and restart. We actually avoid that map every time now because of it. Please work on an upgrade to that map as soon as possible

  • TomaHawkSDCS 01.28.14 at 01:43

    Will you please buff the load time for the lock on rockets for both choppers, as well as the load time for the flairs and Ir smoke so we can better defend our self’s against lock on ground rockets.,.

  • kzarz 01.28.14 at 01:41

    Well, its a step in the right direction. On the whole, I’m liking what I’m seeing so far, but from the looks of things they seem to think STAFF shell is intended to be a double shot weapon. The damage nerf helps a little, but glad to see MBT LAW getting nerfed. Even better to see some much needed love being shown to Attack helicopters.

    • TomaHawkSDCS 01.28.14 at 01:45

      The MBT LAW cant even take out a tank with all its 3 of its rounds, in my eyes it don;t need a nerf but a buff.,.

  • DJ Derock 01.28.14 at 01:40

    For the love of battlefield pilots, please reinstitute below radar as an unlockable for air vehicles. Attack choppers are hardly viable with all the anti-air options out there. Pilots with skill can use this to their advantage while forcing infantry to find other means to down air vehicles besides fire and forget rockets.

  • recondo67 01.28.14 at 01:40

    it all boils down to decrease the AA so they can get rape by the helo hoarders.
    what this game needs is to go back to its roots and deploy way more vehicles.
    1 attack helo per game every 5 minutes is crap. the miniguns are so fucking sorry here that they don’t kill anyone.
    they should go back and look at desert combat and realize that they have been fucking things up ever since.

  • CCHTweaked 01.28.14 at 01:39

    Give jets ANALOG thrust like the choppers have, jets only having binary thrust control is lame and nonsensical.

  • Virtual0Slayer 01.28.14 at 01:39

    And they need to pull the jet thing on the choppers where they make all the speeds comparable. As it is now the chinese one is the slowest by a fine number. Its the F35 of choppers…

  • 420BLAZESWAGYOLO 01.28.14 at 01:39

    Need to nerf the MAA hard. Its range needs to be reduced to 1/4th of what is currently is. It shouldn’t have 4 or 6 missles, should have 2 just like the Jet.

  • BIGJONRACE 01.28.14 at 01:37


  • Theo-oehT 01.28.14 at 01:36

    there needs to be some buffing to the attack choppers manoeuvrability. its so poor right now… the rotors feel like they’re not powerful enough for the weight of the chopper..

    • CCHTweaked 01.28.14 at 01:37

      Or buff the attack choppers armor, so that it at least has the armor to go with the flying boat feeling.

  • tetradotoxin 01.28.14 at 01:34

    That is super bad idea to reduce the damage of STAFF shell by 25%. 25% is way too much. It made 6 instead of 4 shots to kill a tank. STAFF shell will be totally useless.
    the minigun of scout heli is too hard to kill infantry. 25mm gun just right for killing infantry. Reducing splash range of 25mm gun will make scout heli useless

    • CCHTweaked 01.28.14 at 01:36

      STAFF needs a nerf, it flies perfectly straight then auto targets the enemy. shells like Sabot that require skill should always be better.

  • LeeZyDoubleZro 01.28.14 at 01:32

    “Attack Helicopter” needs below radar, its too slow on flare time and speed trying to get away from lock ons.

  • TIPI200 01.28.14 at 01:30

    Can the attack helicopter possibly get more rockets or a faster reload time because it seems the attack helicopter barely has any and doesn’t reload fast enough I.M.O.

    • Mrkillerhomer_xD 01.28.14 at 10:16

      idd just 1 more mag for pilot and gunner would mean i dont really have to w8 so much doing nothing. i use up almost all my rockets on JUST 1 tank so when there is 2 tanks or tank and lav or tank and heli. hell if there is 2 targerts im useless in a way -_-

  • FINLADN 01.28.14 at 01:30
  • Virtual0Slayer 01.28.14 at 01:29

    1. Reducing the 20mm aa cannon rpm is a direct nerf to its dps…now the 30mm will be superior in every way.
    2. No flipping on heli hit is one way to do it, the other being no rotor shutdown, but now the gyro stabiliser is useless as it was its function.
    3. I wouldn’t nerf the cone of the AR missiles but the lock distance from which they start tracking. Same overall effect but not turning then into rocketpods.
    4. Heli gunner gun finally!!! Now it will no longer be a frag shottie on a heli but an actual vehicle weapon.
    5. Sill don’t think zunis will be viable cause 10 rockets and you can never have enough rockets.
    6. Why the nerf on the scout heli cannons?? Who asked for this?? The repair thing yea totally op and nerf but this? Also how are miniguns that you have to be pinpoint more of an anti inf then a 25mm explosive round. If anything the miniguns are anti air. Dont overnerf the splash or else there will be almost no reason to use cause the ammo restriction and having to hit a guy in the forehead.
    7. Law issues are in that it reloaded to fast and went trough APS, period. The semi lock on is its thing balanced by no sector dmg only min. If you make it precise aim then no reason to use it over a rpg etc. Also the op if used in numbers is not a valid complaint since anything is in that case. Just fix the APS glitch and increase the reload.
    8. Staff’s problems are the separate reload and also APS glitch. Thus there is no pause in dps and you shoot 2 tank shells per interval. The dmg nerf will do nothing cause you will still do more dmg with the combo then with using HE shells.

    Cure! Don’t bandage things!!!

    • DJ Derock 01.28.14 at 01:44

      And now scout heli’s have little viability against infantry with stiglas. The repair speed on them should be nerfed before taking away their best option to deal with multiple ground units.

    • SepZero 01.28.14 at 01:51

      Agree. Why nerf the friggin scout helli yet again. They already require two guys at a minimum to fly effectively ie one doing the slow arse repair and one to fly and now your going to take away the gun power on infantry. Good friggin luck on parcel storm with the attack boats now esp on 360 as there is little to counter them other than another attack boat. You might as well scrap the scout all together rather than just nerfing it over and over. All because a few “non flyers” bitch about being shot by them. Ever heard of a stinger? A solo pilot in a scout is basically flying a metal coffin.
      I think the balance of power compared to how easily a scout can be taken down esp since the repair nerf is fine as it is.

  • Interceptor1910 01.28.14 at 01:29

    tweak game modes! defuse is unplayable atm, increase round limit to 10 per side/20per map, and short round time from 4min to 2:30.

  • WARDOD13 01.28.14 at 01:27

    Please disable forward movement of mouse for whatever reason;Legs sticking out of wall or what ever.

  • IAF_Vegetaa01 01.28.14 at 01:26

    Thanks Dice yall are doing great. This particular balance should bring BF back to its original awesomeness.

  • LeeZyDoubleZro 01.28.14 at 01:24

    Also while yall at it see if yall can change the controller layout for PS4 I want to reverse my top buttons R1 to shoot & L1 to Aim down sight instead of default R2 & L2.

  • LeeZyDoubleZro 01.28.14 at 01:21

    “Attack Helicopter” would love to see (Below Radar & Flare/ECM time a bit faster) like 15 or 12 secs. I usually don’t comment but here’s my input.

  • McOderous 01.28.14 at 01:16

    Please fix the bindings for Logitech extreme 3d pro joysticks.

  • RazrWolf 01.28.14 at 01:14

    God forbid you make the AT Mines not so bloody visible so slams aren’t the obvious choice

  • will9599rolltide 01.28.14 at 01:12

    Please reduce time to reload an AA rocket.

  • unclejjg 01.28.14 at 01:09

    Dice….you need to seriously nerf that damnable EOD BOT. That thing is horrible; you can’t kill it with grenades and you can’t destroy it with bullets unless you have a high rpm. Meanwhile, I have these goofy things chasing me all over hell. I hate the EOD BOT.

    • Virtual0Slayer 01.28.14 at 01:12

      Pro tip: Sidestep

      • AboundedWall54 01.28.14 at 01:15

        Haha, so true, This has got to be the first time the EOD bot is being called out as OP for actually killing. For arming mcoms and stuff its really good but killing, thats just sad if you keep dying to it, follow slayers advice and get some battlefield awareness or new play tactic.

  • Lytec11 01.28.14 at 01:08

    -75% Engineer Repair rate on SCOUT CHOPPERS

    • unclejjg 01.28.14 at 01:14

      On all vehicles!

  • Torogiman 01.28.14 at 01:06

    Thanks DICE!

    Although the transport choppers’ miniguns shoot like peashooters. A little bit of damage increase would be great. A fully-manned chopper can’t really do much to rooftop infantry even after strafing them for what seems like forever

  • W1feK1ll3r 01.28.14 at 01:05

    So you are close to an Alpha product now. Nearly time to take my money……oh you already have!

  • Stono Bongtoker 01.28.14 at 01:03

    It’s BF3 all over again….. The air vehicles would dominate BF3, now your doing the same thing to BF4. These tweaks will make this game suck unless you are in an aircraft. What is the point of even having a mobile AA if it can no longer take out aircraft?

    • AboundedWall54 01.28.14 at 01:13

      Are you kidding me? Air vehicles suck in this game and the mobile AA of this early BF4 life was one, if not the most overpowered thing i have seen battlefield have in this game. Clearly you are an infantry only kind of player who goes in solo with no vehicle support. One man in an AA should not be able to clear the skies of an attack chopper or attack jet. These two assets should be extremely lethal and right now the attack chopper does squat. You need to find a team to support you if you want to play this game because I do not see anyone who can honestly believe that the mobile AA is fine as it is unless they are a lone wolf infantry. If so, get off conquest Large till you find a team.

      • Stono Bongtoker 01.28.14 at 01:32

        When a scout chopper can circle a tank and take him out without the tank being able to defend at all, it makes me think the chopper is a bit over powered. Or when you put an engineer inside that chopper and all of a sudden it’s an invincible vehicle to any attack. Yes the choppers should be powered down or not able to be healed by an engineer while in flight. Choppers with engineers would clear the map in BF3 and it is now soon to happen again in BF4. And to your team comment…. I shouldn’t have to join a clan in order to play a game I spent over $100.00 on.

  • H-Drag 01.28.14 at 01:02

    What about nerfing the amount of C4? Limit them by one, or two and enough with the ride my white bicycle into a tank and blow it up thing. I highly doubt any one person in the real world ever accomplished this feat with such ease. Kind of over the top. Fun I’m sure for those who are good at it but it’s getting a little old now.

    • unclejjg 01.28.14 at 01:13

      I’d be fine with that (basically making it so that one guy with C4 can’t take out a tank) if:
      a.) repairing a tank wasn’t so freaking quick…….all they do is slam the thing into hyper reverse and a guy jumps out and repairs it in 5 seconds.
      b.) a rpg did more than 1/3 damage per hit.

      A tank should be 3 hit MAX with any combination of explosion (not grenades…I mean anti-vehicle).

    • AboundedWall54 01.28.14 at 01:19

      C4 is not the problem, you have to be able to be effective with it and given that it takes at least 2 to blow up a tank, 3 is the right number to have. My idea would be make ammo box’s not stay on dirtbikes so people cant go driving around with infinite C4, blowing up tanks from the back seat of a bike.

      • H-Drag 01.28.14 at 01:39

        No one can run a cycle into a tank after jumping off the bike and stopping on a dime as if you were standing still much less hang on to the detonator and deploy it. No way. That has to go and if not then a nerf on the C4 availability is a must.

  • Col_Smurf 01.28.14 at 01:02

    1) Reduced the total amount of missiles carried by the Mobile Anti-Aircraft vehicles from 6 to 4. The total carried missiles were making it impossible for helicopters to use counter measures to avoid the MAA’s attacks.

    really, when 4 do not even kill a helicopter at times. Choppers were not made to fly high, they are designed to ‘bob n weave’ around hills, forests etc. to AVOID AA for the specific reason that an AA missle can take them out. Ridiculous that it takes so many missles to take out a chopper and now you are going to cut down the load? I agree with adjusting the range by shortening it some, but do not fly high in the chopper if you do not want to be shot. You do not sit in the open with a tank and expect to live.

    Shooting down a jet with the aam is even worse.

    • Mrkillerhomer_xD 01.28.14 at 08:13

      so from what i understand you can ONLY kill an AH with pure missiles?
      you do know you have a “gun” right?
      and what “hills” are you talking about?

  • Swolenator 01.28.14 at 00:54

    not a fan of the little bird patch. I was hoping to see something about the field upgrades not working being patched or the attack jet air radar not working on parcel storm and maybe a rebuff to the attack jet turn speed.

    • Swolenator 01.28.14 at 01:02

      doh paracel

      • H-Drag 01.28.14 at 01:06


  • M3GA008 01.28.14 at 00:53

    YES! Damn AA Vehicles were too much for Heli’s at least we stand a chance now, thanks DICE :)

  • DeadlySin 01.28.14 at 00:53

    Sooo…. basically Nerf the engineers? Get ready for a lot more servers just not playing full conquest with vehicles… might as well play CoD… sigh

  • B0RN_T0_KiLLL 01.28.14 at 00:51

    Main weapon for attack heli is too few, should increase the magazine size. Heat seekers takes too long to reload making the heli vs heli combat less competitive

  • rjeffery14 01.28.14 at 00:50

    The Stinger and especially the IGLA need more range, both are nearly useless against jets and you have to be very close to helicopters to hit anything. The IGLA also misses constantly due to running out of range.

    • imcnblu 01.28.14 at 00:57

      NO THEY DO NOT!!! Those things are already WAY more effective than they need to be. If you can’t hit anything with them, get better. It is beyond STUPID easy to take things out of the air with them. Don’t make it more powerful because you suck with it.

  • z240rav 01.28.14 at 00:48

    your guys scerwed the tank up in bf3 and now you are going to do it again the coppers don’t need any adjustments except the controls other than that they are fine quit screwing the tank up but either fix the active protection or better yet get ride of it

    • imcnblu 01.28.14 at 01:02

      The chopper controls were fine. They needed adjustments. They were flying coffins. They are beyond what I’d call flimsy pieces of shit. The Attack Choppers needed a substantial buff. The rockets do shit damage, and if they are hit by even ONE heat seeker and the chopper is pretty much useless. The controls and flight physics are near perfect. Not our fault you suck with them. Those of us that actually enjoy being in them get pretty annoyed when the only chance you have of staying in the air is if you’re playing against scrubs that have no idea how to beat a chopper.

  • IAF_LittleBird 01.28.14 at 00:42

    Dude with the way things are you can only stay in the air for about 10 seconds without engineers. I say make the helicopters unrepairable in the air, and give them a more realistic ammount of flares and ECM. Im tired of not having grenades because I have to throw flares out my window to stay alive.

  • MakubeX 01.28.14 at 00:41

    Tweaks look good to me… at least on paper

  • FINLADN 01.28.14 at 00:36
    Battlefield 4 – Why its broken

  • Lytec11 01.28.14 at 00:35

    You forgot the MOST ANNOYING vehicle tweak that is exploited and ruins the game… REDUCE ENGINEER REPAIR ON SCOUT CHOPPERS BY 75%. Clearly, i think its ok that engineers riding in Scout Chopper should be able to repair, but at a much slower rate. Currently… an engineer (especially in the same squad) can repair through 2 direct missile hits that follow immediately by a spurt of gunfire. THIS IS ABSURD! Get this fixed.

  • Darth Bane71 01.28.14 at 00:34

    Maybe reduce the time it takes to reload counter-measures for attack choppers from 25-27 seconds to 20 seconds. The MAA can fire 2 full salvo’s of missiles before the counter-measures return. And with out cover to avoid the active radar missiles it is impossible to outrun them before you are hit. Especially since the attack chopper is so much slower than the scout chopper now.

    • ModernPatriot 01.28.14 at 00:49

      lololololol found you

  • Sinister606 01.28.14 at 00:30

    The distance on the AA rockets needs to be limited also.

    • Mr-Sp33dy123 01.28.14 at 00:31

      Yeah give them a flight time limit.

  • TheJuju51 01.28.14 at 00:28

    Please DICE, put flares for the gunner of the attack helicopter. I am a confirmed attack helicopter pilot, and for better cooperation, it would be best

    • TheJuju51 01.28.14 at 00:31

      Please, support me ! I think it’s the best idea of the community for resolve the problem of weakness of attack helicopter.

      • Mr-Sp33dy123 01.28.14 at 00:33

        TV missiles are too difficult to control for me. They have a weird way of being controlled, they are very clunky.

  • x_Atl_Peach_x 01.28.14 at 00:28

    Aircraft has always been too overpowered. Infantry needs more defense against the annoying choppers.

    • Mr-Sp33dy123 01.28.14 at 00:30

      Infantry can one shot a chopper.

  • SchrobEins 01.28.14 at 00:19

    Helicopters are too slow. Make them 70Km/h faster.
    Chainguns in Helicopters are too weak,
    25mm cannons are slightly too weak against vehicle,
    We want realer helicopters becouse there are too less on the battlefield.

    • SchrobEins 01.28.14 at 00:21

      Flares in Jets and Minihelicopter are too slow.

    • Mr-Sp33dy123 01.28.14 at 00:25

      I only used 25mm cannons for infantry.

  • SHOKING_KNIGHT 01.28.14 at 00:18

    Just Give the Attack Heli;s Gunner Flares to encorperate teamwork.

    • Mr-Sp33dy123 01.28.14 at 00:29

      Good idea but without that teamwork it would be a mess.

  • IAF_LittleBird 01.28.14 at 00:17

    and buff the freaking mini-guns they are supposed to be 7.62 but they hit like a .177 airgun its a joke

    • Mr-Sp33dy123 01.28.14 at 00:28

      Yeah I cant kill anyone with those. They have a 3000 rpm fire rate yet they take 3 seconds to kill someone.

      • Torogiman 01.28.14 at 00:59

        3 seconds? More like 5 to me :D

  • Sweet_ZOIC 01.28.14 at 00:16

    seroiusly, nothing about increasing the splash radius of the 120mm MBT canon? the canon shells still woozes by people without any damage. you literately have to lay the shell right on top of the person to kill.

    • Mr-Sp33dy123 01.28.14 at 00:27

      I would have thought that the HIGH EXPLOSIVE round would do more damage but no the staff shell does the most.

    • B1golf 01.31.14 at 07:57

      Well a 120 sabot round “not Shell” is just a bullet and depending on the ground it impacts on or in the splash is almost none just a bunch of dust scary but not life threating. it would really have to hit right in front of you the get injured. On the other hand No one should survive the muzzle blast right in front of the tanks say 5 to 10 meters.

  • IAF_LittleBird 01.28.14 at 00:14

    Please fix the ECM, make it more effective or maybe give it more than one shot. Its ridiculous that everybody has a stinger and igla and I get one ECM to deal with 30 rockets flying at me

    • Mr-Sp33dy123 01.28.14 at 00:23

      I have tried ECM and found that it doesn’t work. I have seen this happen to other people the misile will circle around the trail you leave but it moves towards you and quite often hitting you just delaying the missle hit. I prefer to run IR flares for that reason. In fact i sometimes run fire extuinguisher because there was no escaping those active radar missles and they were the only thing hitting me.

      • IAF_LittleBird 01.28.14 at 00:36

        when popping ECM you have to duck under it and hightail it out of there. that tactic works for me. the flares are such a joke i cant even take it. 5 flares and then i need to reload. Has a dice employee ever seen a heli popping flares, or a minigun being fired, or basically anything in this game. Stop trying to be COD and go in a more realistic direction please. If I wanted to play virtual paintball then I wouldn’t of spent my money on a paintball gun. and increase the speed of the helicopters for Christs sake.

  • TXF001 01.27.14 at 22:03

    Can we get some GUN balancing once this is out? Shotguns are ridiculous. The range on them is way too long, and the damage at that range is stupid. Grenade launchers and actual grenades could using some tweaks too. Grenade explosion range is too big, the minis do like 60+ damage when you’re the farthest away while still getting hurt. And things like the Airburst can just be spammed through a door to get free cheap kills.

    Not all of us play the giant vehicle game modes, so some changes to help us too would be nice.

    • IAF_LittleBird 01.28.14 at 00:09

      dude the shotguns are good as is, OO buckshot has a long range in real life and does a lot of damage. I appreciate a game with realistic shotguns

  • EX580 01.27.14 at 21:31

    remove active radar from AA

  • Zeraveth 01.27.14 at 21:23

    How about you just remove all the stupid tracerts all together from infantry, and remove the stupid disable like every rocket adds. You’re literally shot down in paracel storm when leaving spawn if the enemy has engineers.

    You have 1 25s counter-measure for what the enemies can continuously spam. It looks good on maps like Siege and wherever you can LoS the incoming rockets, but the mentally slow helicopters can’t outrun a god damn thing.

    Seriously the speed of helicopters, specially the transport and attack is so stupidly slow, it’s like riding a flying turtle with guns.

  • xxxOMAxxx 01.27.14 at 21:10

    how about tweaking the laser guided munitions for aircraft, active armor is stopping both rounds from hitting tanks and apcs and when they do hit they only do 25-30 damage each. I have at times put a little delay in between shots at tanks to get around this but sometimes if I wait too long I now cant fire the second missile due to a glitch etc.. Further, one laser guided bomb should do 40-50 damage depending on the use of reactive armor. pretty disconcerting when I have to fly into danger and I only do 60 damage tops with two missiles and the engineer has it repaired before I can reload and circle back, and then my wussy 30mm jet bullets don’t even do enough damage to finish it off. if you really want to balance the game then make the vehicles strong enough to win in almost every single type of engagement. I understand I am as a pilot to coordinate with infantry to help them knock out a hard target. But come on IT IS A LASER GUIDED BOMB!! If it kills in two hits don’t nerf the weapon, instead just encourage people to put their jets in the air to shoot me down. It seems like you guys under power some of the vehicles because your afraid of INDIVIDUALS saying it is op. This game is designed for teamwork, not just for lone wolfs and “those less tactically minded” who cry because they are getting owned every time they run out into the open and get shot by some 25mm equipped scout chopper etc….. Also in regards to the scout helo nerf instead of just reducing the 25mm splash damage, make the 20mm more effective. Also, if you want to make 25mm less of an option then nerf it by introducing overheating to the scout chopper, but increase the amount of direct damage it does to armor, It seems like it is always one step forward and two steps back with the balancing of this game. Next, the TV missile needs a little more freedom and it glitches a lot atm it is impossible to use unless the pilot actually takes the time to line up the gunner. When I miss I cant leave the tv screen until the missile runs out of range or explodes and when it hits it sometimes locks up for a brief moment. On A side note, Portable hand carried AA are too overpowered, slow down the reload time? I feel like attack choppers are too easy to destroy, infantry should fear them, not laugh at them. If you want to kill the chopper guy then put two guys with stingers on a chopper or spot it for your teams aa or aircraft to be more effective. Lets not forget teamwork is the actual balance in the game, many people do not play like a team, there are a lot of rambos who cry about getting owned by a vehicle. Every time you cater to the Rambo mentality by nerfing a vehicle, you put less emphasis on team play and therefore unwittingly discourage it. Apaches, Cobras, Jets, Tanks, APCs are devastating weapons either play like a team or get killed by being a loner or go find an infantry only server. That should be the reality of it all.

  • smartgent 01.27.14 at 20:46

    I have got to say, this. Obviously you guys have medical marijuana cards at DICE, because you never seem to fix the sources of the problems. You just put on band-aids. Fix the source the staff shell reload bug instead of nerfing the damage it does. Maybe you can’t seem to find that bug???

    1) Maybe make the ECMs more effective, and lower reload times for them, and allow people to fly “below the deck” to lower the success of locking on. It is pretty simple.
    2) The only good fix I see are increasing the gunners effectiveness. 20-50 MM are used all over the military, with depleted uranium rounds, to be an armor busting, can ripping alternative to missiles. I worked on Apache helicopters and I have seen the devastation first hand. So the words “some measure of effectiveness” are not cool. increasing the effectiveness of the turret gun is appreciated. Now how about that C-130 Spectre????? better get fixing it too. So quit smoking doobies and get to work and fix the game properly.
    3)Quit nerfing everthing!! In fact make ECM if doesn’t spoof a missile (radar both active and passive) (this would allow heat seekers to still be effective), it should be a 50% damage, if two missiles hit it should be a KILL!! just make sure ECM works properly !! and if I launch an Active radar missile at you, you best have ECM and not flares to spoof it, or you are dead..That is the way it should be…Period. I hardley ever even use vehicles much because I hate the way they are set up in this stupid game. Also REMOVE midflight REPAIRS if you want to fix the chopper when it is on the ground that is fair. Same with the friggen gun boats. Maybe you can just make this arcade game. FALSE advertising!! This game is Nothing like it should be, or was advertised to be.

    How about giving the Light helicopter co-pilot something to do, like be able to launch Tows, or TV guided missiles???

    BTW I do not advocate the use of marijuana, nor do I use it…hence why I can CLEARLY see!!

  • SxTrail2fsr 01.27.14 at 20:39

    Well a lot of these balancing tweaks are silly. The MAA needs no balancing, if anything the helicopters armour needs reducing. Since helis have many critical areas, they appear too strong. Bear in mind the kinetic energy of a 20/30mm is devastating and not to mention the muzzle velocity of the projectile. My .223 is 1400 ft/s so one of these must be huge, coupled to a heavy bullet head is a hell of a lot of metal travelling very quick.

  • CaptainHawkins 01.27.14 at 20:37

    My further suggestions are:
    Smart Missiles from teh attack heli should behave like AAM´s. they dotn even follow the armored vehicles at all and ahve a bad accuracy! Also the tow rocket from the attack heli has no accuracy or aim dot for aiming! Jdam bombs have not enough splash or dmg at all and you can drop only 2 and ahve to wait agesfor new to drop!

  • leinadsnave 01.27.14 at 20:32

    Noooo!!! Please dont reduce the SLAM effecive range! The M2 Slam is the greatest creative gadget since C4! They already require crafty thinking to properly employ, I think they are well balanced already.

  • MisterMagoo33 01.27.14 at 20:29

    Top Priorities in my opinion, in order of importance:

    1. Fix the friendly marker that is still not showing in hardcore mode (mainly with the squad leader);

    2. Perks dont work 100% of time. The first perk (that should be enabled by default) do not work. I notice this playing as engineer and sniper, (antitank cant deploy 6 mines and sniper cant hold bretah longer);

    3. DMR´s need adjustments. Many times I aim on the guy, fire and nothing happens, no hitmark (random deviation?). Besides, I feel One hit kill bug stil present.

    4. CPU spikes happening randomly and freezing the game for 1 second. Less frequent in first map, but will always happens after the first map.

    5. And dont like the idea of active radar missiles. But if you will keep them, so you must reduce aircraft countermeasures times. Flares take to long to reload.

    6. Feels like

    • iM-7ripN 01.27.14 at 20:34

      Could be wrong but this is a vehicle patch i don’t see any ideas on how to fix vehicle warfare anywhere in your post

  • mr-chuckles-gf 01.27.14 at 20:29

    People want Below-Radar for the helicopters, but I think that is a mistake for the Scout heli as it isn’t that hard to fly low in it. For the other aircraft and helicopters, that isn’t a bad idea although it might make some pilots impossible to kill.

    • CaptainHawkins 01.27.14 at 20:31

      no but you can still shoot it down with “smurf”(smaw) and other shit and its even not a fast heli and cant get away after a critical hit!

  • M0D3RN SPAR7AN 01.27.14 at 20:26

    Fix JADAM’s they need a massive damage boost that throws 10x more dirt in the air or the way they are dropped needs to be changed. The TV middle on the Attack jets needs to be fixed also so your jet doesn’t turn off when your guiding the missile. It’s sad that the guided missiles are what I still use because the first unlock is the mist practice and effective. It’s like that with a lot if the vehicles.

  • ufiufo 01.27.14 at 20:23

    mae esto es el total de lo que se arreglaran o abra mas ? porque la verdad que no es ni la mitad de errores..!

  • Purestone63 01.27.14 at 20:23

    5) Increased the direct damage done by the Attack Helicopter’s gunner cannon. The gunner will be better able to assist the pilot in taking down vehicle targets with this change.

    6) Increased the direct hit damage of the Zuni Rockets for Attack Helicopters. The rate of fire of these rockets combined with their smaller magazine pool made them a poor choice over the other two rocket types.

    I disagree with these changes.The cannons and rockets on the attack choppers are fine the way they are now. Now it will be harder for the tanks and Lav’s, please do not make this change for the attack choppers.
    The attack choppers do need some more speed though please allow them to fly a little faster.

  • mr-chuckles-gf 01.27.14 at 20:22

    #7 doesn’t quite make sense. The 7.62 miniguns are terrible at killing infantry. If you make the 25MM cannons terrible at it too, there is no tradeoff between killing infantry and vehicles. Give the miniguns the some of the 25MM power against infantry (splash damage, etc…) then you have a trade-off.

    MAA / Active Radar fixes are nice though. Attack Helicopters need more maneuverability though, especially since they can’t repair mid-air like the scout.

  • theProthean 01.27.14 at 20:20

    When will the 0% health bug be fixed.
    When will the CANNOT LOOK AROUND VEHICLE unless exiting or switching seats bug be fixed?
    When will the game start to load the next level at the end of the match instead of staring at a screen for 30 seconds THEN loading?
    When will the sound not starting for 5-10 seconds after loading be fixed?

    .. regardless, good updates looking forward to them.

    • DrGooper 01.27.14 at 20:24

      these issues u just mentioned doesn’t hurt game plays; learn to live with them.

    • Mrkillerhomer_xD 01.28.14 at 08:05

      as for the not being able to look around in vehicle, have you tried to go in 3rd person?
      it works 100% for me every time it happend to me in AH

  • Tumske_411 01.27.14 at 20:20

    finaly now below radar so there is a defens from stingers and igla

  • CodWillieJones 01.27.14 at 20:19

    I just don’t get it. It looks like DICE is going to give the aircraft an even bigger advantage. The helicopters already have a huge advantage, they swoop in shoot the shit out of every body, flair, fly away, repair and do it all over again. On what planet, should a helicopter take 4, 5, 6 rockets and not go down. There are a lot of comments about skill, it does take skill to fight other ground forces, tanks, etc. and looking up, take on incoming air threats. It’s true there are some unbalanced things – the helicopters are OVER POWERED and now I guess they will be an even bigger pain in the ass. And how about the MAV, 6 stingers won’t kill it, ridiculous!

    • Tumske_411 01.27.14 at 20:22

      haha a advantage if you can take out a chopper with a stinger or a igla you must be realy bad

    • HaloNoob2864 01.27.14 at 20:25

      On what planet does a state of the art attack helicopter Have ONE countermeasure that takes forever to reload? I would prefer a system where you get 10 countermeasures and they don’t reload. Once they’re done, they’re done. All it takes is one asshole camping with a stinger to completely the attack heli useless and this needs to be changed

    • CaptainHawkins 01.27.14 at 20:27

      actualy you only need 2 or max 3 stinger missiles(when they hit) plus if you really want to get protected agaisnt air vehicles there are various ways, for example get a gunner on your tank with soflam or stinger and even better agaisnt heli is igla. IN air can be still a jet(when its not used for paradrop liek every idiot do) then using active radar and main gun!

  • Warfarfarn 01.27.14 at 20:18

    The biggest problem I have with the Active Radar missiles is that when they start to lock on, I hit my ECM immediately and they still hit. A reduction in their speed and/or increased lock on range would make it actually possible to dodge them with the ECM.

  • WindomEarlePL 01.27.14 at 20:18

    The changes you are proposing are going to spoil the game entirely. AA vehicles have good firepower that give small protection from skillfull jet and heli pilots. I fly helis a lot and I have never thought that AA vehicles are overpowered. They are fine. It seems that you are trying to fix the game where it doesn’t need fixing. Fix the netcode please and a lot of well-known bugs that still exist. No vehicle balancing is needed.

  • M0D3RN SPAR7AN 01.27.14 at 20:17

    How about the AC130? All it’s weapons need a serious boost and the cannons need more splash damage. How can 20 rounds from the 40mm Bogors not kill a tank? And how does that 105 not make a huge explosion and take out a building of kill a tank in one direct hit? Instead of it just starting to get damaged and then blow when it’s time is up, how about the AC-130 flies away and the guys are instantly parachuted out that were using it instead of them just randomly dying like it’s getting attacked but it’s not?

  • Thepokezuma 01.27.14 at 20:16

    For infantry you should change the rex and the magnum and put them the same as BF3

  • BuffMast3r 01.27.14 at 20:16

    retard bullshit most of it…fix the game…

  • UIIOIIU 01.27.14 at 20:15

    These tweaks are good. But I hope you won’t stop on these. There’s still a lot to fix.
    Further Suggestions:
    One very urgent one would be the hit registration of tank shells against air vehicles. There have been uncountable situations in which my tank shell (sabot shell) would visibly hit a helicopter or jet, be it close or far range, and not count as a hit. The helicopter keeps flying as if nothing happened.

  • Qtip 01.27.14 at 20:15

    Funny how the screenshot has Operation Firestorm. Maybe everyone outside of Xbox can get Second Assault soon. Please.

  • Bermbom 01.27.14 at 20:14

    So now the mobile AA will get killed fast by any competent helicrew with TV missiles and smart rockets from out of it’s range….

    Nerf attack heli weapons perhaps? Let attack heli come close?

    • SCHIZOMONK3Y 01.27.14 at 20:22

      Dude, freakin MAA is insane. Nobody should be able to kill from it’s Base. Especially with Coward Weapons like Active Radar. In BF3 Hardly anyone used Fire and Forget Weapons anymore. In BF4 The Team with most Rockets wins.

    • Mrkillerhomer_xD 01.28.14 at 08:02

      smart rockets are USELESS!

  • Asrik108 01.27.14 at 20:13

    Finally!! good to hear there are same changes… tho I think changing the MAA 20mm cannon speed if good. although you should consider changing the 30mm speed as well.. reducing it by 15%…
    the rest sounds good :)

  • WTF-A-Donut 01.27.14 at 20:12

    as for #3, Ihave fliped full over after getting hit with 2 missiles. it needed to be toned down a bit.

  • cj2allen 01.27.14 at 20:11

    Complainers are going to complain regardless.

  • WTF-A-Donut 01.27.14 at 20:11

    Im dissapointed that they nerfed the scout 25 mm cannons, but over all…. did DICE just actually FIX their game???

  • Kargion 01.27.14 at 20:10

    I am so made over number 3 I am saying it again. THIS IS AWFUL.

  • Kargion 01.27.14 at 20:09

    Number 3 is awful. You don’t think when a rocket hits a Hele it might spin out? That makes it real. Awful.

  • MisterMagoo33 01.27.14 at 20:09

    Good changes. Active radar missiles I believe will still be OP. And remember: perks are not working all times. Playing anti-tank engineer and can place only 3 mines sometimes. Thats frustrating.

    • WTF-A-Donut 01.27.14 at 20:14

      same with a ammo pack for support. sometimes i can only throw out 1.

  • Bermbom 01.27.14 at 20:08

    Oh look, many bad pilots crying they want their godmode from unbalanced BF3 back!

  • Doddsie212 01.27.14 at 20:08

    Please fix the flares

  • kisuke411 01.27.14 at 20:07

    This is definitely a good start. Lots of infantry needs rebalancing though, especially DMRs. Assaults seem too overly powerful but that’s a same story different day thing. Other than a few other things, these changes are good for the game. Hopefully dice can keep it up.

  • VIP3R_ITA 01.27.14 at 20:07

    La supremazia degli elicotteri è IMBARAZZANTE. Se un geniere sale a bordo e ripara in continuo, diventa quasi impossibile abbattere un elicottero con razzi da fanteria. Spesso noto un ritardo da quando si spara ad un avversario e quando questo effettivamente muore. Mi succede che fa in tempo a girarsi ed uccidermi. FRUSTRANTE
    Spesso dopo esser stato ucciso, al rientro si viene uccisi con troppa facilita. Consiglierei una “invulnerabilità di 1 o 2 sec. oppure evitare quel momento di schermo nero al rientro.
    Rivalutare il bilanciamento delle armi da fanteria, alcune troppo devastanti altre troppo poco.

  • CyberVillain 01.27.14 at 20:07

    So we the Scout pilots get fucked in the ass again

  • Atzhot 01.27.14 at 20:06

    and when it comes to Weapon buffs pls give the G36 a slightly higher rpm and little less right or left recoil wich would make it a viable carbine again!

  • Pelloilbello 01.27.14 at 20:06


  • Atzhot 01.27.14 at 20:05

    Pls make tank and Tv and RPG hits on helicoperts a 1 shot kill again because it is really annoying to only get a kill assist or a critical hit bonus!

    • Mrkillerhomer_xD 01.28.14 at 07:54

      RPGs are 1 shot kills on AHs

  • AceHunter714 01.27.14 at 20:04

    I really think that the regular tank shells should be buffed up. ive landed hits at peoples feet with all the shells and not even the HE will kill them.

    • FINAL BOSS 13 01.28.14 at 08:47

      agreed. I hardly use tanks. I have hit people in the chest and not killed them. I literally just hopped out of the tank and haven’t touched it since.

  • chadequate 01.27.14 at 20:04

    I might be alone here, but I would definitely like to see a blog post detailing the kinds of data you guys are looking at, and how you come to decisions about balancing. I love this kind of analysis. Thanks for the continued support!

  • Dutts_95 01.27.14 at 20:04

    Since when does hitting a helicopter with a tank shell not get a 1 hit kill? Seriously? When you hit a helicopter with a tank shell, the heli undergoes a slight wobble and it flies away.

  • tontsa246 01.27.14 at 20:03

    This is a good start. But you seriously need to consider the countermeasure loading times. If you can reload a stinger like 5 times in 15 seconds you surely will kill an attack helicopter cause the counter measure is 30 SECONDS! Make it 15 seconds.

    • Bermbom 01.27.14 at 20:07

      How about flying out of the area??? You cant hover in the area and rape icons 24/7 like in BF3….

      CM reload times are fine and are finally well balanced compared to the mess that was BF3 (stingers were useless there).

  • ThexBrutalxOne 01.27.14 at 20:03

    Wow what a serious nerf to the staff shells, what’s the point of even using them anymore if they will barely even scratch a tank now?

  • BulletDropped 01.27.14 at 19:58

    In bf3 i was ranked 17th in the world for the transport gunner, only after a few months of using it. the transport guns in bf4 are the worst weapons, they do such little damage and no damage to vehicles, thats what i want to see patched.

  • CO_Sasquatch 01.27.14 at 19:13

    What about the staff shell/Sabot reload glitch? What about active protection not working against staff shells?

  • CO_Sasquatch 01.27.14 at 19:13

    What about the staff shell/Sabot reload glitch? What about active protection not working against staff shells?

  • iSuckCaboose 01.27.14 at 19:00

    I would still increase countermeasure reload times for aircraft and give stingers a huge nerf. I understand and respect the need for them despite how little if any skill they require to use. Also, when engaged in air to air combat why has the ability to stay below radar to avoid missile locks been removed? There is also no way to deal damage to other attack helicopters by firing rocket pods at it. This forces the pilot to rely totally on heatseekers which reload every decade or so and if there is no gunner present then you are basically screwed.

    • Mrkillerhomer_xD 01.28.14 at 07:58

      its easy to kill another AH with rocket pods you just need to know where to hit and have a little luck atm cause the hit box is way off and way too small

  • FirmusPiett 01.27.14 at 18:57

    These all sound like pretty fantastic and well constructed tweaks, I am glad that you are so on the case DICE and thank you.

    I would like to add, though, that I am concerned about the absence of any mention of the STAFF shell’s ability to pass through initiated APS shields and the reload bug where main shells and STAFF shells can be fired in quick succession. I don’t know if these weren’t mentioned simply because they’re bugs and as such not really related to ‘balance’ in the truest sense of the word or because you guys at DICE overlooked the issue? Either way, it is certainly an issue. The STAFF round will still be OP, especially at long ranges, in the sense that it can be fired very fast and will bypass APS.

  • MrSugarX 01.27.14 at 18:56

    1. Need to be able to que up with friends 2. Zavod AA’S can sit in their spawn behind Alpha and shoot air targets at Foxtrot…. (LAME) 3. Reload times for flares and ECM need to be drastically reduced on all aircrafts 4. Repair times need to be shortened, it takes way to long to repair a scout helicopter 5. Limit the range on stingers and Attack boats 6, On maps like Paracel Storm it is impossible for players starting near Delta to fly heli’s. You spawn and then there is 2 heli’s and 3 attack boats on you and stingers. (INSTA DEATH) Same with alot of the maps, you get stingered then AA then Z10W then Z11W then jet locked. The scout heli is basically becoming absolutely useless, and then you nerfed repair time on it like seriously (NOT COOL) 7. Where is the make up premium event for the one you missed IN DEC? Other than that the game is great.

  • RobooL 01.27.14 at 18:52

    My ideas to balance helicopters are:

    1)To speed up heli and slighty increase their armor – now they are flying paper turtles
    2a)Give more countermeasure, like flares for gunner in additional slot (not loosing zoom, IRNV etc.) but gunner reload time for flares could be like 30-35s (more than pilot) – would be good for communicating with gunner to time flares correctly and increase fun coming from game, people not cooperating in heli would die fast anyway (pressing in same time flares when hearing lock-on) / give advantage to people cooperating using VoIP implemented in game
    2b)Give pilot like 2-3 times to shot flares and then start reload) – so they can stay longer in action (now you fly, shoot 10 rockets and need to run coz of bip bip bip – flip over – killed in action / from MAA camping in base with ARM)
    3)Below radar as passive feature (not requiring slot, same like was in BF3) – stingers/iglas still can lock on and fire – that will prevent killed in action from mobility hits to low flying helis – also BF4 map desing is hard for flying in helis, vast terrain with no cover like mountains, peaks, trees, valleys etc.
    4)MAA only can fire in green zone (where both teams have access – like mortars in BF3), in base their weapon systems are offline – in base there is stationary AA to prevent from base raping
    5)Make TV missle to deal 70dmg but can shoot only 1 before reload (now is 2x 40) and 1 kill with TVM to jets/helis (except transport heli, also AMTRAC should take 50dmg from TV)
    6)Tweak mobility hit to take less time for recover (or implement extinguisher (as passive feature) to press manually when got mobility hit – reflex players will be awarded for fast reaction with faster recover, now heli even on average high still can hit ground when got hit by rocket with mobility hit- causing killed in action.
    To prevent from spamming extinguisher after shooting flares and being aware that you will receive hit it can start like 2,5-3s after pressing it.
    7)Increase height for heli flight – now jets rape helis from above having twice high ceiling

    If you have other ideas or think to tweak mine please comment

    • iM-7ripN 01.27.14 at 20:30

      you sir should be working for dice

    • Mrkillerhomer_xD 01.28.14 at 07:51

      100% agree on all of them
      if DICE were to use just half of this list it would make the game 500% more fun to play as heli! xD

  • Mr-interested 01.27.14 at 18:51

    It would be nice to get below radar back for helicopters and planes. In BF3 there was an incentive to fly close to the ground, taking the risk of crashing into obstacles in the environment, in order to break a missile targeting lock. This incentive which rewarded skillful pilots is now absent from BF4, and thus removes a skill based aspect of flying, which greatly enhanced the flying experience and offered up a much needed defensive maneuver for aircraft. TL;DR Bring back below radar (PS4).

  • FrostBalrog 01.27.14 at 18:51

    You think that you could make the repair tool actually repair the scout helicopter again. Before you could keep it alive if it was being shot down, Now it dies right away and is completely useless. I understand making it a little less powerful but making it un-usable is too much

    • NightH0und 01.27.14 at 18:55

      It is possible to repair it, you just need to aim on the heli and not the air.
      I hope i never see the day when people get 50-1 with scout helis again, that was fucking painful.

    • MrSugarX 01.27.14 at 19:00

      SO TRUE

  • dabusonfia 01.27.14 at 18:49

    A good start dice… Nothing I don’t agree with be more does need to be done… For example include the need to compensate for the turning of the earth or something of that nature to dissuade snipers from camping at long distances… And to make the shots harder to make of they choose to do so. Just for starters

  • K0rben_Da11as 01.27.14 at 18:47

    Really? Dice, do you read your bblog forum?

  • nonliqu3t 01.27.14 at 18:47

    good news, but how it looks with the cheaters, there will be innovations too?
    There are still many gaps, which can be used.
    It is madness to see that you can get for monthly amounts radar (as in spectator mode),
    aimbots etc.
    see youtube:

    Please fix this too!

    • NightH0und 01.27.14 at 18:57

      It is possible to repair it, you just need to aim on the heli and not the air.
      I hope i never see the day when people get 50-1 with scout helis again, that was fucking painful.

  • johnvellatx 01.27.14 at 18:47

    net code!
    net code!
    net code!

    please! i’m tired of unloading a full clip into someone (in hardcore mind you) and then getting killed while behind a wall.

    oh and thanks for the vehicle tweaks, too. :-)

  • x_X-LeAnDrO-X_x 01.27.14 at 18:45

    Thats it dice, staff shell is for noob, remove that thing of the game

  • Death1099 01.27.14 at 18:44

    Welcome to BF3 let the nerfs begin. To be honest everything is fine. Nerf the m2 slam?

  • Firefox3658 01.27.14 at 18:43

    I think the fact that they are nerfing the mobile AAs are good but one more thing that should be considered in nerfing them is cutting down their lock range.. on many of the maps like Zavod or hainan resort if a mobile AA is in the center of the map they have full control over the map. If your in the air you have too worry about to much.. Mobile AAs infantry with stingers or other aircraft. Thats 3 things for something that can lose control and crash.. If you play on a map and the AA is in their spawn you effectively have half the map to be safe and with the active radar sometimes thats not even true.

    Also Reload time for flares needs to be cut down and also for primary weapons but if anything just the flares or ECM.

    • Atzhot 01.27.14 at 20:04

      Totally agree with you! its nearly impossible on a map like zavod to stay above 100m for more than 30 sec if the enemy AA knows what he does!

  • eXeleRaTion 01.27.14 at 18:43

    Fix game bugs and netcode firstly, than make changes in game vehicles!

  • TheHighlightGuy 01.27.14 at 18:42

    Oh wow… you all actually paid attention to the requests? These fixes are pretty damned awesome, esp the MAA nerf. Nice job devs. I also appreciate NOT upping the fast attack craft’s anti-air capabilities.

    A few suggestions for future fixes, in order of importance (to me):

    -Being able to squad up with friends BEFORE joining a game and bringing back team chat as an option (helps when you’re in a vehicle and the passengers aren’t in your squad).
    -Maneuverability buff for attack helo and making them not so fragile when landing/hitting the ground (compared to the scout helo)
    -Staff shell spamming needs to be fixed and @Smaisteri makes a good point about staff shell vs tanks.
    -Decreased cooldowns for flares on air vehicles (by ~3 seconds?)
    -Below radar (from BF3) for air vehicles would be awesome.

  • Kach_HR 01.27.14 at 18:41

    Don’t nerf staff shel dice!!! Increase speed of the attack helicopters and reduce flare reload time to be like i bf3!! C’mon dice do it.

  • Hunt_The_Wumpus 01.27.14 at 18:41

    I’d have preferred an agility and speed buff to the attack heli over gunner damage increase.

  • NL-COMMANDER-NR1 01.27.14 at 18:39

    Omg are u serieus. What aan joke . First they totally messed up the format. Stole the money of the custumer and now they tweaking a game that is not finished yet. Spend ur time on fixing this stuppid game for the People that still believe in you crappy designers. I am nog playing anymore

  • RespectFluffers 01.27.14 at 18:38

    As a tanker, it slightly pains me to see my STAFF she’ll get nerfed. But I guess the law trade off is worth it I hope.

    • abot1998 01.27.14 at 18:41

      STFU NUB, people like you are why land vehicles are unusable, people just use the staff shell and double fire it with the normal shell and destroy other vehicles with like 2 hits.

    • TheHighlightGuy 01.27.14 at 18:43

      Agreed, I hated getting killed by the LAW when I had my APS activated.

  • Col.Korn 01.27.14 at 18:38

    Second Assault will be released to the masses on the following date:__________
    Fill in the blank DICE.

  • Jiffiz 01.27.14 at 18:38

    This is bullshit. Vehicules are wayyyy to undestructable and they keep upgrading them…I mean coe one 4 rpg to destroy a fking tank what is that

    • rtmoose 01.27.14 at 18:40

      this is an example of people who shouldnt be allowed to post… STOP TAKING ON TANKS ALONE KID.. your lone wolf “i should be able to kill anything by myself” mentality has brken this game enough

      • Rikalonius 01.28.14 at 05:07

        Except if you are in the tank or the helo of course. Then you should be able to run around murdering everything that moves, cuz, nub.

      • Sprayinlead59 01.28.14 at 06:09

        Agreed. Go play COD. Its a tank. It’s supposed to be tough.

    • thebski1 01.27.14 at 18:42

      The only vehicle upgrades in this patch are to the Attach Chopper, and as I noted below it will still be worthless because it can’t stay in the air. One engineer shouldn’t be able to destroy a tank in a timely manner. The amount of things and ways to destroy a tank in this game is truly staggering.

    • TheHighlightGuy 01.27.14 at 18:44

      4 poorly placed shots, maybe. Hitting vulnerable spots (e.g. back of the tank) yields higher damage

      • Rikalonius 01.28.14 at 05:09

        I just stood over a tank not 20 minutes ago and blasted him on the top of his turret with a SRAW for 27 damage. I don’t mean from the top of the building at Shanghai, I mean on top of a two story building at Golmud Railway.

    • jonowee 01.28.14 at 10:14

      Nope, 2 dumb fire rockets or SRAW to the rear of an MBT. FIrst one is already a mobility hit. Play smart, aim well. You even bait them into trying to roadkill you if they run extinguisher by laying down mines first.

  • thebski1 01.27.14 at 18:38

    Annnnnd the Attack Chopper will still be a worthless vehicle. You can do all you want to its damage, but until you give it the ability to move out of it’s own way it’s going to be worthless. That, coupled with the completely crippling stun effect when you get hit make it the worst vehicle in the game. Doesn’t look like this patch will change that.

  • Bradleybear5 01.27.14 at 18:37

    Stop people from climbing into the ceiling on metro and killing people through the roof looking down onto objective B by the elevators.

    • MikeE221 01.27.14 at 18:53


  • PghDave420 01.27.14 at 18:34

    now nerf the in flight repairs gets old that you cant take down the little bird

    • RespectFluffers 01.27.14 at 18:37

      Damn right

    • YsP_Fidwin 01.28.14 at 12:56

      well if they nerf repairs in the scout helicopter it will become useless, as soon as you take off you get locked by at least 3 stingers and an anti air…

  • CAMBARARE420 01.27.14 at 18:33

    On Xbox 360 Dawnbreaker freezes EVERY SINGLE TIME. Every time. I don’t know if I’m stressing the fact that we CANNOT finish a round of conquest on Dawnbreaker, EVER. The controller layout is crap, give us the melee button back on Right Bumper. Let us party up in the menus BEFORE we join a game, it takes half an hour to get into a server with just one other friend. You need to work on these things before you nerf vehicles. We payed WAY TOO MUCH money for this game. Battlefield 3 was far superior.

  • SgtJofus 01.27.14 at 18:32

    I’m all about this update. The AA was FAR too powerful and was an easy choice to just sit and camp in your spawn with 25mm and active radar. It made flying in some maps almost ubearable. THANK YOU.

    • [DICE] H Brun 01.27.14 at 18:38


  • Smaisteri 01.27.14 at 18:31

    The staff shell is supposed to give you an edge over other tanks, by making it deal 25 damage per shot that usually is higher than both sabot/AP shells damage up front. That alone is an advantage enough that you should be happy about but the reloading exploit DOUBLES a tanks damage output against others and thats completely unreasonable.

    The reloading exploit needs to be fixed and staff shell damage preserved.

  • CODO27 01.27.14 at 18:31

    Nothing about the passenger repairing the little bird exploit? That’s probably the most glaring issue in the game right now, and is an easy fix. Repairing should take much longer across the board. Also would be nice if your primary weapons were more powerful than 9mm pistols

    • MartianGeneral 01.27.14 at 18:33

      It’s already been fixed.. Now you will go down quickly even with 2 engineers repairing.

      • LumpyDiarrhea 01.27.14 at 18:34

        No, no you won’t.

  • fede01_8 01.27.14 at 18:31


  • DRockSmackMaster 01.27.14 at 18:30

    Glad to see that the MBT-LAW is finally getting what it deserves. Now these fools that use it will need to actually need skill to destroy tanks.

    • Firefox3658 01.27.14 at 18:33

      I dont see how the MBT-Law is an issue in the first place.. it takes a good 5 hits to take down a tank instead of 3 from an RPG..

      • TheHighlightGuy 01.27.14 at 18:46

        Yes, but the strategy some people (like myself) use with the APS is either when engaging an enemy vehicle or when you’re about to die (hence having low health and being able to be taken out by the LAW easily).

  • rtmoose 01.27.14 at 18:29

    Staff shell reload glitch needs to be fixed…

    countermeasures cooldown needs to be adjusted

  • DoNotReviveMe14 01.27.14 at 18:29

    Not seems attractive

  • OddJob001_XI_ADM 01.27.14 at 18:28

    So they ask us how to make attack helicopters better. We tell them to give it more maneuverability and better survivabily. They acknowledge we have said that. But then they decide to completely ignore anything related to those two, and go back to what we said not to do, adding damage buffs.
    At least they are making it better, but I wish they would have taken the wants and desires of the players and implemented it.

  • YOURDRUNKDADDY 01.27.14 at 18:28

    looks like i gotta get my scrub on on these things until they get the nerf.
    I have a suggestion about the MP-APS … it is a very handy gadget in certain maps; however, it is the only gadget that is not allocating any points for its use … I wonder why this is? more people would run it if there were points given for its use. Maybe something to consider in future patches. thanks.

  • Crazypipo 01.27.14 at 18:26

    I don’t find M2 SLAM to be OP (Yes, I know how to use them properly). I understand how you said by reducing its maximum damage range to 3M will forces players to be more crafty, but think of open maps like Golmud Railway or Caspian Border (when will 2nd Assaults be on PS4 btw?), there aren’t many spots for such a range.

    Also, I think attack helo should be a bit more agile, maybe not as much as scout helo but certainly not like a flying brick.

    Other than that, everything looks nice, especially the MAA…way overdue for balancing :)

    • Kwizzy902 01.27.14 at 18:29

      I don’t know, I’ve driven around them and still activated them.

  • Kerbal_Killer 01.27.14 at 18:25

    These changes all look pretty solid, but Attack Heli’s could have used MUCH more love than this to make them viable. I doubt you will see much difference in balance to the attack heli with these changes. A major increase in manueverability would have probably been the most useful, but below radar (or something akin to it) with have helped a LOT.

  • DoM1nus LuMen 01.27.14 at 18:24

    – we didnt want the MAA cannon nerf

    – that isnt enough to fix active radar

    – nobody wanted the heli rocket buff ZUNIS WERE THE BEST CHOICE FOR THE ATTACK HELI

    – none of this fixes missile spam, we needed below radar and all vehicles need a countermeasure cooldown decrease

    If this is all we are getting (not saying it is) im going to be very disappointed

    • Kwizzy902 01.27.14 at 18:28

      I’m going to stop you right there, because I have to respectfully disagree.
      I’ll admit, I’m fairly pissed off that I payed $70 for a game that is seemingly still in BETA, but this update was what a lot of people were waiting for. Sure some things might be missing, and sure you might not like some of the changes, but this is what the community voted for.

      Good job on this patch, DICE, keep em coming.

    • LumpyDiarrhea 01.27.14 at 18:39

      It takes more tha 4 AA missiles to bring down a chopper…., the radar cone has been changed, missile count reduced, and your chopper won’t flip over with a missile hit, which was the way most choppers were brought down. changing the cannon velocity significantly impacts the AA range. Quit being a baby.

    • paulbig 01.28.14 at 08:06

      What the f man? The AA-s range is riddiculus. Yes we wanted that. They were camping at the main base all day long, and trashing every helos. Lancing Dam is unplayable with helos because of that.

    • N_w_A_t_C_h 01.28.14 at 08:27

      You are completely right about BELOW RADAR. We need that. All your other points are complete crap, though.

  • Smaisteri 01.27.14 at 18:23

    Where is the fix for the staff shell reloading exploit???

  • LT-Kelwino 01.27.14 at 18:22

    I apreciate the MBT LAW nef and fix, the active radar nerf. Good job there.

    Im curious about the info for this week :D

  • FunkArouser 01.27.14 at 18:22

    I hope you don’t nerf the Scout Heli splash damage too much. They miniguns are barely effective against infantry. The 25mm is almost necessary to kill infantry. Try killing a speeding quad bike without the splash damage.

    • N_w_A_t_C_h 01.28.14 at 08:28

      It shouldnt be easy to kill a speeding quadbike moron…

  • CHARLESHU32 01.27.14 at 18:22

    Please make the attack chopper a little bit better

  • isaac7444 01.27.14 at 18:20

    When you’re gonna release Mantle?? Can you just tell us the date??

  • AntiXebra 01.27.14 at 18:20

    Any general time frame for when we’ll see these tweaks implemented?
    They sound like pretty solid changes. I still think flare cooldown time could be reduced by about 3 seconds, though.

    • bloomfield6 01.28.14 at 16:31

      hell no keep it the same no more c

  • II-ElecTRolux-II 01.27.14 at 18:19

    Wha is in the 2) “MAA” meaning?

    • LT-Kelwino 01.27.14 at 18:21

      Mobile anti-air. Aka ”anti-air vehicle”

    • Crazypipo 01.27.14 at 18:26

      Mobile Anti Air

  • MartianGeneral 01.27.14 at 18:19

    Good job devs. There’s one thing tho, the attack choppers could really benefit from below radar! And I guess most would agree with me

    • hezbot 01.28.14 at 16:43

      Totally. I don’t know how this has gone unchanged already.

  • CrashDown NI 01.27.14 at 18:17

    what about the helicopter tweaks the only people complain about the aa is the pilots because they want it easy

  • legacy2391 01.27.14 at 18:17

    Tweaks look good, but I would rather see the Staff Shell get less than 10 rounds. People need to be more smart about them instead of spamming them.

  • Col.Korn 01.27.14 at 18:16

    Since you are now balancing the game,
    How about releasing SECOND ASSAULT to PS4 ALREADY!

  • TrusT ll TE5 01.27.14 at 18:14

    Attack choppers are too slow. Below radar against other air vehicles would be nice.
    Reduced flare time to 15 seconds would be ncie too.

    • TrusT ll TE5 01.27.14 at 18:16


    • LT-Kelwino 01.27.14 at 19:06

      15 secs would be OP again.

      • Mrkillerhomer_xD 01.28.14 at 07:36

        15 secs would not be OP not even close

        if AH gets 15 secs + gunner flares + below radar like in early bf3 then op sure if not then not even close

    • Pipou74 01.27.14 at 20:04

      Just infinite while you’re at it …

  • Captainfl3pjack 01.27.14 at 18:14

    Great tweaks all round. Air vehicles have been very disappointing. Hopefully these tweaks give them that much needed buff. Good job DICE.

  • AnarkyKillSwitch 01.27.14 at 18:08

    The tweaks look good however I feel that there should be some balancing between the players within the game if a total domination occurs in the map. Keeping friends in squads is a must but lets also consider splitting up a team that has 5 110 lvl players vs a pack of lvl 40’s.

    By monitoring the players throughout the match and kills per team there should be a way to make every single game fun and close as opposed to total domination boredom.

    • -666-Matryx 01.28.14 at 14:46

      Its about players who do most damage, not level.