Tell DICE: What Should We Balance Next?

We have a wide range of tweaks planned to further balance the core gameplay of Battlefield 4 in upcoming patches. But we need your help in identifying next steps. Let us know what we should focus on next by voting in our balancing poll.

We have a lot of balancing items in the pipeline for our upcoming Battlefield 4 patches, and we will be able to share them and the rationale behind them soon. In the meantime, we would love to hear your opinions on some of the additional balancing ideas that we could add to the mix. Let us know what you think in the poll below, and on the behalf of the entire team here at DICE: Thanks for your dedication!


Players have suggested that the Attack Boats could have superior anti-aircraft abilities. Possible suggestions include improving the Anti-Aircraft ability of the BURST CANNON, adding a MAA style 20MM CANNON, or additional types secondary missiles with Anti-Aircraft intentions. Is the air defense ability of the ATTACK BOAT considered a problem?

Should we tweak the air defense ability of the ATTACK BOAT?

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The FGM-148 seems to be considered the weakest of the Anti-Tank missiles for Engineer. We have considered increasing the damage it does from 25% to 34% against tanks.

Do you think the FGM-148 needs a damage increase against tanks?

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After the most recent update players are reporting the STEALTH JET 20mm cannons are now slightly over powered. Is this a universal feeling? There has also been concern about the 25mm and 30mm not receiving any changes. Are changes here desirable?

Are changes in stealth jet cannons desirable?

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We are considering some minor changes to Fast Attack Craft cannons: Reducing the splash damage area against infantry, requiring the player to hit closer to targets to get quick kills. And increasing the speed and the direct damage of the Burst cannon to aid hitting aircraft. No changes are being considered for the 30mm cannon.

What do you think about the tweaks to attack craft cannons described above?

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Canister Shells on MBT and IFV seem less popular than BF3, and could possibly use a buff. For the MBT Canister round, an increase in accuracy and damage, while for the IFV a slight increase in damage are both being considered. Finally, an increase in the projectile speed to enable them to more easily hit moving targets.

Do you think we should buff the Canister Shells on MBT and IFV?

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That’s it for now. We have many more tweaks in store for you that we will share shortly. In the meantime, please vote to make your voice heard on which of these you would like us to focus on. Let us know in the comments below if you have further suggestions. Thanks!

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  • diablo4711 04.24.14 at 05:57

    You should also think about the damage from DMR-Weapons. Since they do more damage many players use them now for quick kills in close and mid-range and they’re overpowered in comparison with other weapons who are designed for this range … at least one bullet more needed to kill (body) would be -imho- a great thing in balancing …

  • gta anto 04.20.14 at 20:56

    STINGERS !!! in real life a soldier can carry like 2 missiles tops, you CANNOT fly a chopper AT ALL when some level 1 newbie halfwit is just sat in a hedge firing a missile after you every 3 seconds, yes you have flares or whatever but by the time you’ve reloaded your flares you can have 6 more missile onto you and guess what you’ve already been shot down and are a smoldering heap of burning wreckage before the time he’s reloaded his 3rd missile

  • Nordwhal 04.05.14 at 22:32

    I think the base AA gun on maps like Paracel Storm should be nerfed. I don’t think there’s anything more annoying than engaging in a dogfight, almost killing the enemy pilot, and then they lure you toward their carrier and the unmanned AA gun tears you to pieces.

  • ibaLList1K 04.03.14 at 19:12

    And all the anti-air weapons are ridiculous. When one guy on the ground can take out a whole teams air force, theres something wrong. Countermeasures on aircraft take what, 20 seconds to reload? It takes a guy on the ground to shoot off 5 stingers in that time. Play in the vehicles once in a while, DICE… I know you all like your recon and support class, but at least give the vehicles a shot.

    • ibaLList1K 04.03.14 at 19:19

      And just a side note: Battlefield has always been about vehicle game play. You guys are copying Call of Duty too much and are getting away from what made this game great. Let the vehicles dominate like they have for every other Battlefield game you’ve made. And seriously… stop putting so many lock on weapons in the game. Its not that hard to aim an RPG or SMAW… either that or make the damage on the RPG and SMAW 50% or more, because the way you have it set up now, it does the same damage (or barely more) than the MBT LAW, which I’m sure you’re aware has an auto-lockon feature.

  • ibaLList1K 04.03.14 at 19:08

    Wow… you guys really think the FGM 148 Javelin needs a buff? You have got to be freaking kidding me. IT FUCKING LOCKS ON AND TAKES NO SKILLS WHATSOEVER… ISN’T THAT ENOUGH FOR YOU NEWBS ????

  • coocoo216 03.30.14 at 16:16

    complaining about the ifv’s? they are not able to take multiple hits from atm/r in the real world in the game they are to strong, do you think a lav could take a dirert hit from any of the atm used in bf4 and continue on? everyone wants vehicles that are virtually unbeatable so they can ride, fly, and float around the maps rackinking up kills on the poor infantry saps, who can’t get into one of your beast. here’s an idea, lets buff up the ribs, jet ski’s, jeeps, hell all the vehicles. i fell in love with bf because it was actually decently realistic modern combat, in a first person shooter. now with the nerfing and buffing from fools who know nothing about the weapons they put in the game, and trying to make a bunch of children and cry babies happy. i think that’s because they can’t fix the game so they over compensate to keep everyone happy. trouble with that is the ones crying about the ifv’s, tank’s, boat’s, helo’s,….etc nerf this rifle, that weapon, make the shotgun stonger, all of them will go right back to call of duty and the rest of us poor smuks will be stuck with a broke game, not worth playing, cause it no where near realistic and just no fun.

  • SaltySteele 03.25.14 at 14:36

    Ifv’s suck in bf4. Not in terms of power, but defense! A vehicle capable of carrying that many people should be able to withstand more damage. Military agencies don’t send soldiers out in cargo vans, the send them out in armored vehicles that can withstand some damage!

    It is also getting ridiculous, that the accuracy to true-to-life function and damage is suffering, due to some people’s lack of skills.

    Stingers are op? No, maybe your skills are up’d. I know a few pilots that have no issues avoiding damage. A players lack of skill shouldn’t be what is dictating a piece of equipment’s attributes!

    I’ve gotten used to bf’s controls, but still think the jets suck. So, I don’t use them. I think the ifv’s Arthur sucks, so I don’t use it. The mobile aa is just stupid. How something that can rip a chopper to shreds, can’t lock onto a jet ling enough to send missiles, because the jet is out of range to soon, but then hit an infantry soldier 100 times with the same bullets it just ripped the chopper apart with, is beyond my comprehension.

    This game is starting to suck, because ea& dice are willing to nerf or buff everything anyone who sucks says is op’d! Foot soldier People aren’t going to be happy until they are able to wrestle an mbt and kill it with their bare hands and knife. Chopper people aren’t going to be happy until stingers won’t lock onto them, everything they point the noise of their chopper at immediately incinerates, and their vehicles are undetectable.

    Stingers are op, the guy says…. bs! I’m good with singers. I’m good with air defense missiles. I was playing a round of Oman last night, and barely got a lick on a chopper hovering over the bunker at the objective on the far right side of the map, from 30 meters off shore! Most choppers are out of range, before you can get a second stinger missile coming at them, which also feel like have been nerfed

    Quit making the game worse, because some players suck, and are vocal about their poor abilities, but claim they’re the best bf offer

    • Echo9k 03.27.14 at 16:49

      I agree with you, but the IFV’s are ok; notice that you need to shot’em trice before neutralizing them, while tanks need only 2-3-4 if you take’em from behind-side-front.

      If IFV get more armor they’d basicly become tanks, but tanks with covering all the the sides. You if something use to place them in a hill to give support (get cheese kills), since infantery it’s very weak against them and IFV will always be able of carring some enginers-mechanics to repair while the driver still atacking.

      Indeed I’d like to see light ATMG VHS to snipe when a tank rush is coming to your base, because some times the game is too unbalanced and the enemy just got 3 Main Battle Tanks (MBT) and some IFVs spawn camping or taking other objetives. And the Anti tank weapons in the base are too weak to be useful to defend.

  • SkateX 03.25.14 at 03:45

    Please reduce the range of of stingers and the AA. Being in a helicopter, most maps don’t have sufficient cover and one little infantry guy shouldn’t be able to target onto you and take you out from halfway across the map.. These are way overpowered and makes flying even for good pilots very frustrating at times.

  • pancake9x19 03.20.14 at 15:00

    I think a mortar that loads itself isn’t logical. I guess you can move it around with a remote controller, but loading shells should be done by a human. I haven’t got the chance to play with the mortar yet, but it does not seem logical to me.

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