Tell DICE: What Should We Balance Next?

We have a wide range of tweaks planned to further balance the core gameplay of Battlefield 4 in upcoming patches. But we need your help in identifying next steps. Let us know what we should focus on next by voting in our balancing poll.

We have a lot of balancing items in the pipeline for our upcoming Battlefield 4 patches, and we will be able to share them and the rationale behind them soon. In the meantime, we would love to hear your opinions on some of the additional balancing ideas that we could add to the mix. Let us know what you think in the poll below, and on the behalf of the entire team here at DICE: Thanks for your dedication!


Players have suggested that the Attack Boats could have superior anti-aircraft abilities. Possible suggestions include improving the Anti-Aircraft ability of the BURST CANNON, adding a MAA style 20MM CANNON, or additional types secondary missiles with Anti-Aircraft intentions. Is the air defense ability of the ATTACK BOAT considered a problem?

Should we tweak the air defense ability of the ATTACK BOAT?

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The FGM-148 seems to be considered the weakest of the Anti-Tank missiles for Engineer. We have considered increasing the damage it does from 25% to 34% against tanks.

Do you think the FGM-148 needs a damage increase against tanks?

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After the most recent update players are reporting the STEALTH JET 20mm cannons are now slightly over powered. Is this a universal feeling? There has also been concern about the 25mm and 30mm not receiving any changes. Are changes here desirable?

Are changes in stealth jet cannons desirable?

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We are considering some minor changes to Fast Attack Craft cannons: Reducing the splash damage area against infantry, requiring the player to hit closer to targets to get quick kills. And increasing the speed and the direct damage of the Burst cannon to aid hitting aircraft. No changes are being considered for the 30mm cannon.

What do you think about the tweaks to attack craft cannons described above?

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Canister Shells on MBT and IFV seem less popular than BF3, and could possibly use a buff. For the MBT Canister round, an increase in accuracy and damage, while for the IFV a slight increase in damage are both being considered. Finally, an increase in the projectile speed to enable them to more easily hit moving targets.

Do you think we should buff the Canister Shells on MBT and IFV?

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That’s it for now. We have many more tweaks in store for you that we will share shortly. In the meantime, please vote to make your voice heard on which of these you would like us to focus on. Let us know in the comments below if you have further suggestions. Thanks!

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  • ChezHam 02.02.15 at 17:47

    I just came to the forums for the first time because I finally need to say something about jets. This might be a dead horse that I’m unaware of beating but there is no basis or reason a jet should slow down to the speed of an effing hang-glider for a strafing run; on an air or ground target. If they do decide to slow down that much, they need to stall or something. There is almost nothing realistic about Jets in this game.

  • Fluttertroll 01.26.15 at 05:55

    Less nerfs, more buffs. I want to actually be able to kill things, since most of my hits miss due to shitcode.

  • cobraX07 11.12.14 at 22:36

    It would be great, if Dice adds the M27 LMG and change the semi fire of the M4 in full auto… like in BF3!

  • Jozmabf4 11.12.14 at 03:17

    Please return back the shooting while jumping function, make realistic zooming scopes with real life fov differences and bring AKM and Tokarev TT33 in game.

  • WoodCSAM 09.11.14 at 16:57

    Oh yeah and one more thing, The jet control system is the worst I’ve seen in a game. No throttle control? I know BF4 isn’t a flight sim, but still, games 20 years ago had throttle control. It is supremely frustrating to fly a jet that only has 2 speeds. Helicopters to a lesser extent are like that too. A chopper doesn’t have enough range of throttle control. You’re either climbing or falling.

  • Markie_NSFW 08.31.14 at 07:56

    Please nerf commander mode by removing the gun ship and tomahawks. There are too many games where the commander completely ruins the balance of the server, especially when one team has one and the other doesn’t.

    • WoodCSAM 09.11.14 at 16:45

      I disagree. The commander is hardly influential enough. If a round is becoming too unbalanced, it is likely another cause. Good teamwork is always the main cause of a round being balanced or not. If you don’t believe that, try switching to commander mode in a round and see how big a difference it makes.

      A couple tweaks I’d like to see are:

      1.The biggest change that needs to be made is C4 DAMAGE TO VEHICLES DECREASED! Unlike an AT mine, C4 in real life has no armour piercing capabilities. A pack of C4 sitting on the surface of armour won’t have much effect. The idea that one satchel charge does twice as much damage to armoured vehicles as an AT mine is retarded.

      2. Relating to point 1, increase AT mine damage. The damage values for AT mines and C4 need to be switched

      3. Soldier launchers do more damage in general to vehicles. It should not take 5 armour piercing warheads to disable a tank.

      4. THE ENGINEER CLASS NEEDS C4! As a military engineer, I find this is also absurd. C4 is a huge part of what we do. Furthermore, the sniper of all classes does not need it. To keep the game balanced, remove AA launchers from the engineers and give him C4 instead.

  • Joao_De_Andrade 08.25.14 at 02:33

    These are my thoughts:

    1. Attack boats can easily take down aircraft, and so can aircraft easily take down boats (especially with laser designated projectiles). I think boats AND aircraft should be more resistant to each other, or no changes be made at all. Don’t improve one’s armor and not the other.

    2. I think laser designated projectiles should deal less damage than wire guided, and wire guided should deal less damage than unguided projectiles, or at least at a distance. If so, then up close, they should do the same damage. This is to balance a launcher’s facility with damage.

    3. I think that stealth jets require quite a bit of skill to use, and the pilots should be rewarded with some good cannons for their skill. Although I’m not a jet person, I think they deserve an unique cannon.

    4. I think attack craft cannons are fine the way they are. If anything, explosive rounds should just deal less damage to infantry than to vehicles.

    5. I think canister shells do deserve to be balanced with the other shells, because as it stands, they really have no advantage over the others.

  • drew2319 08.06.14 at 04:05

    DICE, I would like to think you are good, understanding people.

    That said, your community says otherwise.

    Now, after playing for a while, I have noticed a few things that could be changed.
    1: Remove the trigger delay on all revolvers. They don’t delay in real life or in ANY OTHER GAME.
    2: Increase the survivability of the AC130. I play Commander A LOT, and when I call in the Gunship…nobody hops in it. Why? It’s dead within seconds.
    3: Nerf the MAA. Just…nerf it.
    4: Jets need some kind of upgrade.
    5: Remove Gyro Stabilizers as the stock upgrade for aircraft / make crash-deaths to AA count as kills, not KIAs.
    6: Change the IRNVs on guns to be unlocks, not BP drops.
    7: Rebalance the DLC revolvers to have a greater range of stats.

  • Bruniiz 08.02.14 at 18:36

    1) I think you should considerate to completely remove the mobile anti aircraft vehicle. Golmud railway is a perfect example. It is overpowerd and unnecessary. All it takes is a few people to spawn with stingers to ruin a good helipilot:s day.

    2) Please, please, please increase the damage caused by a mobile tanks GUNNER (Not the main driver). Now it feels like you need to shoot a guy for 5 min with that machine-gun to get a kill.

    Regards and thank you for a great game! :)

  • Antishred 07.24.14 at 04:16

    The SR338 needs a buff. When i first heard that there was going to be a semi auto sniper rife in Naval Strike i was super exited but when it came out i hated it. I think if DICE made it a 1 shot it close quarters it would be balanced because i would still how lower accuracy if your spamming it which would force you to watch you rate of fire a little bit.

    • Antishred 07.24.14 at 04:17

      *One shot headshot

    • symbiotic w0lf 07.28.14 at 01:40

      i dont have the gun but i agree all snipers should be a ohk at close range but at medium to long range its damage should be the same seeing as it i a dmr.

    • RavenousLD3341 08.01.14 at 03:10

      Making it a one hitter quitter at close range is asking too much. You would see more of that than shottys in locker. I would however recommend more damage than the DMRs, currently most DMRs are a more favorable choice than the sr338. The one shot headshot would be out to, the gun has a faster fire rate than all the other sniper rifles, so a follow up should not be a problem, if your going for 500m or longer you may even be able both bullets out before the first hits.

  • Better 2B Hated 07.20.14 at 11:34

    1) Vs infantry upgrade for Vehicle Gatling guns (transport heli, RIB boats, Fast Attack Craft, etc.) and emplacement guns on “normal” seems to unrealistic, than their real life counter parts and should pose more of a viable threat on the battlefield.
    2) Please remove time limit on Obliteration it was a great game mode until it received a time limit. Now I don’t even play it. Same for CTF. Not everyone like Conquest.
    3) Please allow custom maps on official servers (if only using normal presets): having been a long time BF3 server owner I have recently been able to purchase a xbox one server. My intent was to emulate my old server. All-out Rush on all map pack w/ normal settings or to create the beta style: no time limit Obliteration, but on all map packs.
    4) Ranked servers have a lack of pros vs too many cons when using one. What’s the point of owning one if it can’t sustain itself unless it’s a ranked metro or locker only rotation, or an official server. It seems the only thing I bought was the power to be able to remove players, which I don’t want to use anyways because it ruins a the integrity of the server.

  • SKYPREDA7OR 07.05.14 at 14:10

    Yes and caring a 6+1 stinger missles it is rediculius ,please reduced that to 2+1/1+2,because it is enough,otherwise it is a Spam for helicopters and jets to mutch ,all time Tit itti titi titi ,if my flaers are regenerate on 5 sec ,it’s not problem but my flaers or my ECM renews on 20 sec and a players with 6 stingers missles from down just shoots ,one after another spam shooting and i just hit damaga hit damdage and i am down,that stupid,totaly unesesery…Please Consider this to reduced down do 1+2 Stinger missles…

  • SKYPREDA7OR 07.05.14 at 14:04

    AA Tanks Should Be Slightly Reduced damage On canons,They are over powered,and Active radar not to be in AA tanks will be berfect

  • Demers_A 05.14.14 at 23:41

    The balacing pools should change. pool subject suggestion: banning revollver shooting delay

  • MAAD DAWG 05.14.14 at 21:24

    All vehicles should be hard targets, especially land vehicles.

    All soldiers should be soft targets, just like real life.

    EA, please stop nerfing just about everything in the game.

  • ParagonX94 05.14.14 at 15:32

    DICE please delete the aa tank is over powered, ruins the game to the other players who wants to have a clear flight fight‏… we can’t play like this

  • steel1733 05.13.14 at 18:25

    Ticket bleed – seems way to fast and really hurts competitiveness imo. Most rounds end in lopsided counts, and are way too quick. Even w/ 400 tix vs 200 in BF3.
    This game has a lot of potential and upside, but I have a handful of nagging complaints.
    One that I can’t exactly put my finger on is I miss the ability to work strategically w/ my squad as in BF3. Most rounds are way too chaotic, like chronic deathmatch. Too many things blowing up, slams, missile launchers, sawed off shotguns (really? what soldier carries one of those?), etc. Seems like they were trying to bring a COD feel into the game.
    I want to love BF4 but not there yet.

  • purius 05.05.14 at 03:51

    All shot guns sight opens up too much making it use less even at CQB.
    High RPM noob tube gets all the advantage and low RPM combined with this sight opening up too much make and the bullets fly so slow, shot guns use less. See how few people are using it?
    You should check all the stats shot guns and how few kill’s are made against assault rifles and even against sniper rifle.
    Shot guns are not a choice to play.
    Take a look at XM25 DARTS stat. No nobody is using it. Cause it is use less.M320 DART was not even seen until it was needed for unlock because it was use less.
    See, DICE you guys nerfed ALL the shot guns too much that nobody is using it.
    Shot guns have short range and with all these penalty there is no room in the game.

  • UF Spartan 05.01.14 at 05:52

    DICE! SCOUT CHOPPERS are too weak! I understand that balancing is important, but now they are too weak. The infantry AA rockets, such as Stingers and Igla’s, can be reloaded way too quickly and deal too much damage. After countermeasures, by the time the engine is recovers to full power after a hit, the chopper is just hit over and over again and is stuck because it can’t get away. The solution to this WAS to have an engineer repair while you try to crawl away, but even repairs take a RIDICULOUS amount of time. Engineers are a rare luxury… This is not the way to go. CHANGE SCOUT CHOPPERS PLEASE!

  • Faugh_A_Ballagh 04.27.14 at 22:52

    Am I the only person that thinks the .50 HMG’s on tanks etc take to many rounds to kill infantry.
    Also I believe the fixed position TOW’s and Kornets should have improved damage and some of the positions could be moved about… as most of the positions are very rarely used because of the field of view etc.

    • Sparhawk_EN 05.01.14 at 22:03

      Absolutely, it seems to take a very long time to kill with the .50 if you’re a gunner in the tank, and a lot of the time enemies seem to be able to run long distances to cover with you constantly hitting them, and somehow survive…

  • spare_pro 04.26.14 at 18:03

    Remove sniper bullet’s delay. If I shoot first and hit, opponent stays alive long enough to fire 3-4 shots at me. WTF!!!

  • Mark91731 04.25.14 at 23:26

    Make the EOD bot easier to kill–same vulnerability level as a person character. In some TDM games, numbers of EOD bots are sent out and used getting extraordinary numbers of kills because they are tough to destroy if they’re coming right at you. No problem leaving the lethality of the EOD bot as it is, just make it as easy (or difficult) to kill as a “person” in the game. That would make the matchup of EOD bot versus “person” player more even and avoid the ridiculous 40+ kill streaks that are coming from the EOD bots.

  • diablo4711 04.24.14 at 05:57

    You should also think about the damage from DMR-Weapons. Since they do more damage many players use them now for quick kills in close and mid-range and they’re overpowered in comparison with other weapons who are designed for this range … at least one bullet more needed to kill (body) would be -imho- a great thing in balancing …

  • gta anto 04.20.14 at 20:56

    STINGERS !!! in real life a soldier can carry like 2 missiles tops, you CANNOT fly a chopper AT ALL when some level 1 newbie halfwit is just sat in a hedge firing a missile after you every 3 seconds, yes you have flares or whatever but by the time you’ve reloaded your flares you can have 6 more missile onto you and guess what you’ve already been shot down and are a smoldering heap of burning wreckage before the time he’s reloaded his 3rd missile

    • symbiotic w0lf 07.28.14 at 01:44

      i cant even run to my base when im not far form it cause they killed me so fast in a chopper. plus i have people camping my base with stingers or a tank camping it weaiting to shoot me before i take off or another chopper killing me like in siege of shanheigh you can hide behind buildings and the base aa cant shoot you. and please dice give us the ability to control the base aa and get the kill and destroy that would be awesome but limit it so you cant shoot things beyond a certian point so you cant base camp with it thanks.

  • Nordwhal 04.05.14 at 22:32

    I think the base AA gun on maps like Paracel Storm should be nerfed. I don’t think there’s anything more annoying than engaging in a dogfight, almost killing the enemy pilot, and then they lure you toward their carrier and the unmanned AA gun tears you to pieces.

  • ibaLList1K 04.03.14 at 19:12

    And all the anti-air weapons are ridiculous. When one guy on the ground can take out a whole teams air force, theres something wrong. Countermeasures on aircraft take what, 20 seconds to reload? It takes a guy on the ground to shoot off 5 stingers in that time. Play in the vehicles once in a while, DICE… I know you all like your recon and support class, but at least give the vehicles a shot.

    • ibaLList1K 04.03.14 at 19:19

      And just a side note: Battlefield has always been about vehicle game play. You guys are copying Call of Duty too much and are getting away from what made this game great. Let the vehicles dominate like they have for every other Battlefield game you’ve made. And seriously… stop putting so many lock on weapons in the game. Its not that hard to aim an RPG or SMAW… either that or make the damage on the RPG and SMAW 50% or more, because the way you have it set up now, it does the same damage (or barely more) than the MBT LAW, which I’m sure you’re aware has an auto-lockon feature.

  • ibaLList1K 04.03.14 at 19:08

    Wow… you guys really think the FGM 148 Javelin needs a buff? You have got to be freaking kidding me. IT FUCKING LOCKS ON AND TAKES NO SKILLS WHATSOEVER… ISN’T THAT ENOUGH FOR YOU NEWBS ????

  • coocoo216 03.30.14 at 16:16

    complaining about the ifv’s? they are not able to take multiple hits from atm/r in the real world in the game they are to strong, do you think a lav could take a dirert hit from any of the atm used in bf4 and continue on? everyone wants vehicles that are virtually unbeatable so they can ride, fly, and float around the maps rackinking up kills on the poor infantry saps, who can’t get into one of your beast. here’s an idea, lets buff up the ribs, jet ski’s, jeeps, hell all the vehicles. i fell in love with bf because it was actually decently realistic modern combat, in a first person shooter. now with the nerfing and buffing from fools who know nothing about the weapons they put in the game, and trying to make a bunch of children and cry babies happy. i think that’s because they can’t fix the game so they over compensate to keep everyone happy. trouble with that is the ones crying about the ifv’s, tank’s, boat’s, helo’s,….etc nerf this rifle, that weapon, make the shotgun stonger, all of them will go right back to call of duty and the rest of us poor smuks will be stuck with a broke game, not worth playing, cause it no where near realistic and just no fun.

  • SaltySteele 03.25.14 at 14:36

    Ifv’s suck in bf4. Not in terms of power, but defense! A vehicle capable of carrying that many people should be able to withstand more damage. Military agencies don’t send soldiers out in cargo vans, the send them out in armored vehicles that can withstand some damage!

    It is also getting ridiculous, that the accuracy to true-to-life function and damage is suffering, due to some people’s lack of skills.

    Stingers are op? No, maybe your skills are up’d. I know a few pilots that have no issues avoiding damage. A players lack of skill shouldn’t be what is dictating a piece of equipment’s attributes!

    I’ve gotten used to bf’s controls, but still think the jets suck. So, I don’t use them. I think the ifv’s Arthur sucks, so I don’t use it. The mobile aa is just stupid. How something that can rip a chopper to shreds, can’t lock onto a jet ling enough to send missiles, because the jet is out of range to soon, but then hit an infantry soldier 100 times with the same bullets it just ripped the chopper apart with, is beyond my comprehension.

    This game is starting to suck, because ea& dice are willing to nerf or buff everything anyone who sucks says is op’d! Foot soldier People aren’t going to be happy until they are able to wrestle an mbt and kill it with their bare hands and knife. Chopper people aren’t going to be happy until stingers won’t lock onto them, everything they point the noise of their chopper at immediately incinerates, and their vehicles are undetectable.

    Stingers are op, the guy says…. bs! I’m good with singers. I’m good with air defense missiles. I was playing a round of Oman last night, and barely got a lick on a chopper hovering over the bunker at the objective on the far right side of the map, from 30 meters off shore! Most choppers are out of range, before you can get a second stinger missile coming at them, which also feel like have been nerfed

    Quit making the game worse, because some players suck, and are vocal about their poor abilities, but claim they’re the best bf offer

    • Echo9k 03.27.14 at 16:49

      I agree with you, but the IFV’s are ok; notice that you need to shot’em trice before neutralizing them, while tanks need only 2-3-4 if you take’em from behind-side-front.

      If IFV get more armor they’d basicly become tanks, but tanks with covering all the the sides. You if something use to place them in a hill to give support (get cheese kills), since infantery it’s very weak against them and IFV will always be able of carring some enginers-mechanics to repair while the driver still atacking.

      Indeed I’d like to see light ATMG VHS to snipe when a tank rush is coming to your base, because some times the game is too unbalanced and the enemy just got 3 Main Battle Tanks (MBT) and some IFVs spawn camping or taking other objetives. And the Anti tank weapons in the base are too weak to be useful to defend.

  • SkateX 03.25.14 at 03:45

    Please reduce the range of of stingers and the AA. Being in a helicopter, most maps don’t have sufficient cover and one little infantry guy shouldn’t be able to target onto you and take you out from halfway across the map.. These are way overpowered and makes flying even for good pilots very frustrating at times.

  • pancake9x19 03.20.14 at 15:00

    I think a mortar that loads itself isn’t logical. I guess you can move it around with a remote controller, but loading shells should be done by a human. I haven’t got the chance to play with the mortar yet, but it does not seem logical to me.

  • JungleTechno 03.19.14 at 10:16

    The other day I hit a guy with 2 tank shells (both getting hit markers) whilst he was trying to escape up a rock and he did not die!

    I was so pissed that I jumped out of the tank shot and killed him with the ump no problem and got back in the tank!

    How is this even possible in the game !

    Come on guys fix the tanks shells.

  • coocoo216 03.17.14 at 11:48

    Back again to complain some more. I doult anyone but us saps who spent over $100 ever reads this, I have issues with all of the vehicles being to stong, atm/r to weak, rifles, carbines , and pdw’s not balanced property. Could on, but none of that matters when the crap keeps freezing up. You still haven’t fix the freezing issues with the 1st installment of the game. I can play for hours on the other two, and the worsed will happen, I lose connection, get on the first installment of bf4, if I play for an hour I am amazed. I tried everything deleting then reinstalling it, cleaning the cache, etc. It’s not me it’s the game. Most everyone I played with when this first came out, aren’t on much, they are doing other things, most were bf3 regulars. They are disgusted with the game, I can understand how the freezing issues haven’t been fixed, and people are more worried about the freaking gunboat needing tweaking so it can shoot down a helo better, cause the crap will probably freeze right about the time you do, or soon after. So, fix the broke game, or at least have the balls to tell us you can’t, you’ll still have plenty of kids playing, just won’t get anymore of my money. Course, if if you never admit and don’t fix same applyies. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice…. I thing you’re going to lose quite a few if it doesn’t get fixed. Of course, you know this too, hence the fan appreciation crap done. If you devert attention away, trouble is can’t do that when you can’t play the damn game. Good Luck, I hope you fix it, I lose over $100, and there isn’t a decent first person shooter out there.

  • GallantIce 03.17.14 at 02:51

    LMG’s should be buffed. Apparently they do less damage at range than an assault rifle which is just silly.

  • coocoo216 03.14.14 at 00:02

    Like to know why shotgun has been made so strong? Couple hits from them close up or at range your dead. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but bf4 is a modern battlefield, modern soldiers, mordern gear. Well, the body armour I wore in the 90′s in law enforcement, stopped buckshot, the modern military body armour can stop handgun and some rifle rounds, buckshot wouldn’t have a chance, but in the game shotguns are beast, ridiculous so. Lets be honest you are going to combat, do u pick up a shotgun or an assault rifle? Whoever came up with the weapons and the amount of damage they yeild has no clue, and there isn’t alot of realism in the game. Seems to me that the designers are moving the game closer to call of duty, to attract more kids.

  • coocoo216 03.13.14 at 23:28

    All the vehicles in the game are way overpowered, in real life a helo of any kind would be toast if hit by a stinger, in the game it’s 3 or 4 and if someone has a repair tool, it’s not coming down without several players firing stingers at once. Flying tanks. Tanks, 3 missiles/rockets to take out a tank, they have senors to see me. While in real life a tank is the king of the battlefield, missiles/rockets like bf4 uses would destroy a tank with 1 to 2 hits. Tanks are way over powered. Fast Attack Craft (tanks on water), could u mke them alittle stonger? they are almost impossible to kill, only another FAC or helo can kill them. it’s ridiculous. In the real world, FAC are made of fiber or thin aluminium hulls. Again hit by ATM/R they wouldn’t stand a chance. There’s the LAV’s, real life you don’t want to be in one with anyone aimed with a modern atm/rocket around. In the takes at least 3 hits to kill it. Like said all vehicles are ridiculous over powered. What I find comical is tweeking the sr slowing rate of fire for it (like it was so terrible to start with, probably cause someone cried about it) but you keep wanting to tweek up the vehicles. They aren’t close to realistic now, how far do u go with

  • FLEA_83 03.13.14 at 18:27

    Transport helis mini guns are way underpowerd. I would like to see them able to defend agienst infanry better

  • Skeletoraoa 03.11.14 at 01:59

    One more thing put the option for subsonic ammunition. Just because we have silencers doesn’t mean your range drops.
    It should only drop if you have subsonic ammunition. Of course everyone would use silencers. It’s smart to use.

  • Skeletoraoa 03.11.14 at 01:56

    I would like to see an insane mode.
    One where (in real life) most ammunition kills you.
    I hate seeing hit animation in the neck or head area and they are still alive.
    Ether kill him or don’t show the animation. Frustrating as hell.
    Also PLEASE change the fact that you get stuck on everything. You should be able to automatically step on a step that’s 5 inches tall.
    Or when you are swimming you can crawl on top of the carrier when it’s in the water. The fact that I have to swim all the way the very end of the sunken part to hoist myself up onto it is stupid.
    I think you should bleed over time of you are at or below 20%.
    If you get healed fine. But if you don’t i think you should die from battle wounds.
    I think blind fire shouldn’t be so stupidly inaccurate.
    The rpg should be faster in real life you can’t even see it it’s moving so fast.
    There is also a sudden lurch backwards when an enemy is running and realizes you are there. Obviously most players move backwards. But it’s almost is if they warp backwards.

    Also ammo packs should only let you reload a certain amount of times so you can’t just sit there throwing an endless supply of grenades. Those ammo boxes aren’t THAT big.
    The accuracy of being able to run and suddenly scope on someone who is 200 meters and able to kill them taking two shots it’s highly unlikely. When you are under stress your accuracy drops horribly. You shake. You have adrenaline.

  • Anaconda_666TH 03.10.14 at 18:09

    Oh sorry, had another thought, I feel that you should go back to just the sniper being able to spot bad guys and such, people shouldn’t be able to run around hitting their spot button all over the map. It would be nice to be able to actually utilize the 10,000 camo patterns that are pushed on us that don’t mean a bit of difference as long as EVERYONE has the ability to 3D spot. But if you limited it to the sniper with his bino’s that would be a bit more realistic. Thanx

  • Anaconda_666TH 03.10.14 at 18:05

    I feel for the sake of realism that the JDAM is really weak, unless you hit a foot soldier with a direct hit they only get wounded. Serving in Iraq I have seen what JDAM’s can really do, now I don’t expect them to be THAT deadly but come on, I should be able to hit a jeep or a dirtbike with one and have it come apart at the seams and kill the operator. Other than that I feel that the JDAM was an excellent addition to the game! Kinda wish you would let me arm my stealth jet with’m… HAHA

  • PanzerIV 03.09.14 at 19:05

    I’m so sick of overpowered vehicules since BF3. It was much better back in Bad Company 2 where it wouldn’t require at least 4 players “engineers” to take down just 1 vehicule. Remove completely auto-repair which is plain unrealistic and overpowered, make the repair tool 2-3x slower or rockets 2x more powerful considering we have very limited rocket supplies while vehicule have infinite ammo.

  • haloslade 03.09.14 at 08:19

    First off I would like to add I love this game and it has a lot of potential to become even better. But I would like to put in my personal feelings on what I feel this game is lacking and I would hope that would consider some of my ideas on things that could be added into the game.

    1) Sniping, I love it but why is it that the only sniper rifle in the game that mostly anyone uses is the SR. why not tweak the guns to do more or have better range or be a little more useful. The range is what you have as designed on what effects the damage done over a distance as well as the drop and speed of the bullet if I am assuming correct. I feel that majority of no one cares to use many other of the guns because that their stats or range of damage doesn’t amount to much so they tend to hate the guns and stray away from them. why not do something to make the rifles a little more appealing to use. but you cant exactly argue with the SR having literally 100 on stats all across the board. makes the others look meek and inferior and practically gives the feeling they aren’t worth the hassle of using.

    2) Why is it that you made a million and a half suppressors for one gun? I like attachments, but you could’ve maybe came up with a more creative way to add things in. Id love more attachments to toy with. I feel that the stats that they add to the guns are too similar to each other. why do I need to types of grips that do the same exact thing that you cant even see really the style difference in? its pointless. that doesn’t really give you much to really look forward too. you’ve put in attachments that don’t really have a purpose. I don’t need 5 types of suppressors that all have the same stats. Suggestion maybe add in types of barrels for the snipers to add range. like a short, medium, and long barrels that add range to the guns to give people that top 100 edge they would like to have for the rifle to match the sr. or to give it better effective damage depending on the distance that you are placed. Possibly even do a similar aspect to other guns in terms of barrels. maybe add in a way to were the caliber of the rounds you use can be upped to a more powerful round to add more damage and impact to the gun. but adding maybe more recoil to those guns as a balanced way to even out the power you add. Maybe add some nice attachments like different types of triggers that allow certain guns that don’t have burst fire options to have burst fire. maybe even try bringing something instead of more lasers and lights maybe pull in something that helps reduce reload time. maybe a quick mag. Or extended mags as options. I feel that there are tons of options in terms of attachments and you in a way approached it in a odd fashion and gave us repeat similar statistic items that serve hardly any purpose.

    3) This game has so much potential and I have so much high hopes that maybe just maybe you guys will focus on putting some effect ideas into the game to make it more unique to add more things into the game to make the game feel more in your control and give you that natural realist feel to it. I play on PS3 and honestly the game freezes over and over again when I play it after a small period of time yet I still get on not caring and keep on playing hoping that itll one day stop freezing that there will be no more bugs and that there will be new attachments new quality fun up to par guns. new fun aspects to play and get into. You guys really focus hard on making new game mods and maps and bringing in new things to keep us interested. but can you please just stop focusing on those things. and focus a bit more on whats already on your plate. Like fixing and adding some of these ideas that are being brought to you. Im not saying my ideas are the best cause im sure there at least a thousand people willing to agree that they suck. but point being ive read a lot of these and there are plenty of valid and good ideas that may or may not be being considered here and I feel that for the sake of all players have a open mind to whats being said. regardless of it makes sense or feels like its a way youd want to approach the game or not. people are saying well the caliber rounds using in the game aren’t being applied properly. well I agree. people say we need to have squads being formed before joining lobbies. I agree. I love this game because it gives me a real feel for battle, a real feel for actual life combat. and I love that. but there are aspects to it that lack realism and lack capability. I hope and pray that maybe you will be open minded add some attachments some new things to toy with for the guns to give us more objective to want to use them and allow those under powered meek and pointless guns to be able to be up to par with others and give those guns a purpose. to allow us to feel that we don’t have to stick to the same guns because they have the most power already or most accuracy or best or most of whatever it is. people like options but they like having good options. you went for realism yet took away some play ability. you can have over a thousand guns to use but if only 5 or 10 of them out of that thousand feel the most effective and give you that damn I love this gun feel. than truly there aren’t many options nor is there much play ability. so please maybe give these guns some edge. fix the server freezing and laggy serves. give us squading before joining servers. make BF4 take a shit on COD and any other shooter that tries to out do a REAL shooting game like Battlefield.

  • bubbahubba11 03.08.14 at 10:12

    atack heli maneuverability should be faster than littlebird, but worse handling.( an ah-1z viper can go 250 mph im real life,jus sayin).

    stealth jet 30mm cannon should do more damage on armor targets like 30-40 damage, but give u a disadvantage when fighiting air targets because of slow speed and fire rate.

    decrease count of rockets, stingers a soldier can carry 2-3 max. one soldier has the firepower to take out 2-3 vehicles. Anti vehicle soldiers should help friendly vehicles take out enemy vehicles. they shouldnt be able to take one out all by themselves. they should use teamwork or set traps and mines to take out a vehicle.

    active protection blocks too many projectiles. I fly the attack heli A LOT and if i sneak up on an AA do 30 damage before he reacts an uses active protection he stops all my rocket pods, tow missles,my gunners guided missle, and 30mm cannon. then i have to use ecm and pray he doesnt tear me apart with his main gun. active protection should not block the 30mm cannon or rocket pods, or if you keep it the way it is, it needs to fail after like 3-4 sec of use if it is constantly stopping rockets. it should be activated for 10 sec, but when it starts blocking missles it should only stop them for 3-4 sec and then cooldown for the 23 sec.

    also ive noticed when i shoot my set of hydra/zuni rockets at a LAV or ABRM tank they do way more damage against the abrms around 80 and sometimes a kill with one set of rockets. when shooting a LAV i do aroud 50. I think an abrams has more armor than a LAV

    Hydra should do 70 damage to tank head on 80 on sides and 90 from the back
    80 to lav head on, 90 sides, kill from back
    Zuni i would increase all hydra damage #s by 10

    • ciaran1x 03.09.14 at 09:57

      yeah, stingers are a big problem. its just, lock,fire,(heli deploys flares), wait 5sec, lock, fire, forget.

      they could also do with a longer lock time too. too many times do i hear the lock deploy flares but already get hit.

  • Kamikazi79 03.08.14 at 01:16

    Oh and another thing the assignments, “in 1 round” kinda ridiculous to expect people to complete assignments in 1 round. This is battlefield not call of duty, to play the objective you have to switch between classes and locations. not to mention the towers are usually the 1st thing to be blown in every match, so how do u expect people to 1 land a helicopter on the tower which isn’t that easy with planes and other heli’s attacking u as well as stinger kiddies on the ground. then also get a 10 kill streak in one short round. Seriously come on now. I have already landed the copter but the 10 kill streak is not that easy to do for the majority of players, highest i have gotten to is 5 before someone flies a plane into the tower or something stupid.

  • Kamikazi79 03.08.14 at 01:10

    Personally I would like to see the in game graphical and disconnection issues fixed before any tweaks. As for tweaks I feel that there should be some changes to heli’s. As of right now they can be taken down easily because heli pilots are use to flying low for “Below the Radar” now if you get hit you go out of control and crash so it don’t even matter if you hit them as long as your missile hits their flares they are 90% of the time going to go down. I found this true with aircraft as well. when u deploy flares you still end up going out of control and crashing.

  • john-RAMBO-82- 03.07.14 at 17:16

    80130412 Connection error, every 2-3 games or when you connect to a friend!! this fixed!!!PS3

  • RAMBO 6042 03.05.14 at 02:10

    forgot to ask if there will be any type of RENT-A-SERVER any time in the future.. it was amazing to have 1,000 ticket conquest in BF3 and gives more time to counterattack flag campers… PS both of my comments are coming from XBOX 360 =)

  • RAMBO 6042 03.05.14 at 02:03

    1. if you get hit in the head by any sniper rifle under 600m it should be an instant death because in real life sniper rifles are always one hit kills any where from chest up-if not possible for all snipers then try on the SRR-61, L96A1, and any high caliber weapon
    2. can you please bring back either the M16A3 or M4A1or BOTH and if possible make it available to all classes… it is an American Icon just like the AK’s

    • FallenWarrior60 03.18.14 at 17:01

      A Round from a High powered rifle is not always a kill. People have taken a 7.62 round to the chest and still lived to tell of it. I think they should bleed out though if the do not get medical attention right away though.

  • ChimeraTA 03.04.14 at 14:48

    1) Reduce grenade count for minis, rgo, m67 to 1
    2) Reduce screen shake when explosion nearby or reduce distance where shake still happens. It a nice immersion feature, but too much.
    3) Increase respawn timer for commander UAV and/or add field upgrade path where one cannot be spotted by commander UAV. The perma spot by the commander renders all stealth tactics useless.

  • tea_manuel 03.01.14 at 04:07

    Also the canister shell scope is too close to main scope for tank shell. Please go back to BF3 scope view. That was perfect

  • tea_manuel 03.01.14 at 04:05

    Once I discovered BF# there was no turning back. There are things I love about this game and things that need tweaking.

    1. Being shot while behind cover is annoying. Once behind a building or any cover should guarantee shelter, unless a tank or LAV etc is chasing you.

    2. Tank Drivers should have the option of choosing Prox Scan. If you are on a map, and 40+ people are snipers, it just becomes ridiculous trying to get any ascendency on the map.

    3. The overhaul of Metro is good in Conquest but another flag would have helped stop the constant grenade-a-thon once the B flag has been captured. Once B flag is controlled, it is pretty much game over.

    4. The velocity of bullets on sniper rifles is way too slow. The animation of sniper bullets on BF3 was perfect and to add in a trail animation takes away from where the actual bullet is.

    5. Have found that the alarm warning in the helicopter when weapons are locked on is minimal. When a MAA is locked on, the missiles are on you so quick, deploying ECM or flares don’t counteract quick enough. Also the reloading of the gunner’s ammo takes way too long now.

    6. The constant lag issues on certain maps is a problem. Lining up the enemy and your sights are sporadically moving is a massive issue.

    7. It has been mentioned constantly that the ability of squading up from the menu that is lacking in this game needs to be fixed. I’m sure it will be.

    8. Do you think a tank shell is powerful enough to take down a attack helicopter or little bird in one shot. Yep. Maybe not a transport helicopter but those other two with the light material that they possess, a tank shell should rip it apart.

    Otherwise there’s a lot of love about this game and it can only get better

  • DobbleO 02.27.14 at 03:06

    I would like to mention the Magnum 44 after i read you buffed DMR , The pistol really need something more , like less recoil that allow you to fire a little faster , And the reload time is awful on a already bad gun, its a to cool gun to Make that hard to use .. This 2 things makes it almost unusable .. if you miss 1 shot your dead .. I mean the gun is used by 1 of 50 , and its a good reason for it .

  • Palidion 02.26.14 at 22:38

    So, nothing in regards to helicopters? Really?

  • DobbleO 02.26.14 at 20:33

    Also the Ecm jammer are useless against active radar, even stingers when fired.. all this talk about nerfs and stuff to the anti air , should at least be a safe counter for it .. Consider the reload time … I belive most people will agree to this , it migth only work if you push it within the second you get the warning , force you to blow it even before enemy fires , its just useless ..

  • DobbleO 02.26.14 at 20:11

    FGM-148 Increase of 11% and people actually agree , this is insanity . You can barely get that with a RPG from behind tank WTF . What i think is that FGM maybe should be increased vs Ribs and low armor targets . its really weird that a rib can take same amount of hits as a tank , and can just be killed with 5 hits (Full clip of ammo) Thats something that migth be considered. Like the tank live to long already, its the most unsafe place to be in the field LOL.

  • wauchula_don 02.26.14 at 17:58

    There are too many people with c 4. Support has access, recon has access also. Their is one class too many. You have every missile, rocket, mine, helo, and jet, gunning for tanks and IFV and lav ad. I would like to see the recon guy get 2 or 3 claymore mines and get rid of his c 4. Right now the parking lots on home bases are full of tanks which makes them a useless weapon. Think about it. This is a 70 ton vehicle that can be destroyed with a plumbers torch in 4 seconds kinda dumb don’t you think.

  • BruceWayne001 02.26.14 at 14:42

    DICE you should let the PS4 players change the controls layout I play to relax not to swear and live stress thanks to the stupid controls so please let us change the control layout it would help a lot!

  • sskapski 02.26.14 at 12:58

    Sniper rifles are too overpowered in hardcore. They should never be a 1 shot kill except for headshots. Because it is so easy to get kills, there is an overabundance of recon who sit across the map using the SSR to one shot people out of nowhere. It really is no fun dying without having any opportunity to defend yourself or locate the enemy. IMO you should always be informed of the direction of the sniper who kills you. It’s also no fun when your entire team resorts to camping with sniper rifles and you end up losing because no one wants to go after objectives because, you guessed it, they get one shotted with snipers. The range and accuracy of these weapons is too high. Sniping should be something that takes incredible skill and practice because they have an unfair advantage of incredible range. It should be about headshots. Bullet drop, flash, and report of sniper rifles should be increased.

    • RAMBO 6042 03.05.14 at 02:22

      PLEASE READ ALL BEFORE COMMENTING-the direction thing you mention is something we could use on every platform….
      but you have to take in the account that the round form a sniper rifle of these calibers will blow an appendage off of the target plus if you get hit in the heart think would you survive your heart being blown out,… plus sniper rifles are built for accuracy and range and that there bolt action means it is more accurate and has more range than a semi-automatic rifle under any circumstance…. PS in real life a single .22 long rifle can kill at a rage of 250m to the head and heart so please don’t ruin the sniping for others because you cant use cover, try using foliage and a suppressor or a TANK!!! not trying to be a smart a**

  • Hades_SWE 02.25.14 at 23:46

    Assignments locking up guns/perks should have at least 2 different ways to get them.
    I am thinking about the ones where you need to handle the jets for example. I don’t and I am not interested either. But I still would like the to lock up all the weapons/perks.

  • Hades_SWE 02.25.14 at 23:40

    - AC-130 JDAM bombs needs to be buffed. Specially against tanks.
    - The PDW’s in generall seems to be in need of a buff. Does anyone use them instead of carbines (/assault weapons)?
    - M67 Frag granade needs to be buffed. Now the V40 Mini, with 3 granades against 1 is way to good overpowered in comparison.
    - Battlepacks (at least golden) – You should be able to appoint one weapon that gets at least 1 of the perks
    - M320 LGV needs to be NERFED. Join Metro and see for your self ;-)

  • Bucketmouth6775 02.25.14 at 17:55

    Operation Metro map 2014 is impossible to win if your team starts from objective C end. If your team has the upper ground coming from Objective A side it’s almost a certainty that the upside team wins. Not sure how to fix that, but it just seems like one side of the map is a huge advantage over the other side

  • CrimsonJohan 02.25.14 at 16:57

    What you should balance next is remove the goddam active radar that requires no skill and fix the locking issue on choppers. Also reduce the lock range of the MAA and missile count so people don’t hug the damn thing all game long and camp in their bases. Decrease the weight of the attack heli, it’s way too heavy and slow to maneuver and stop flipping helis like pancakes. People are complaining more about these issues than those useless tweaks you guys are mentioning above. I mean, you guys are seriously considering turning the attack boat into another MAA? Wooww.. just woowww.

    • Hades_SWE 02.25.14 at 23:42

      Don’t make BF4 into BF3 where attack helix ruled the world with K/D 30-0, please.

  • Wardrope_23 02.22.14 at 09:27

    You know what would help the game? I think being able to log in and actually play the game would be a big bonus to my enjoyment. It might also take away this feeling I’ve got that I wasted my money on this game, especially since I dumped CoD to play it. Guess that was a mistake, because as far as I can tell, you can actually login to that game.

    In summary:
    I’ve not been able to connect for over 48 hours.
    I have watched the cityscape loading page loop for over an hour now.
    All large maps lock up when there is vehicle movement.
    I’ve lost video on most games, but still had audio until disconnect.
    I’ve reloaded, rebooted cleaned and waited. Nothing WORKS.

    • RAMBO 6042 03.05.14 at 02:26

      you might want to check for viruses malware and your internet connection and if possible DO NOT USE WIRELESS USE WIRED it is faster and more reliable than wireless

  • DEADPOOL_625 02.22.14 at 06:08

    Please REMOVE Active Radar. Not nerf, remove. It breaks the game by giving an undetectable anti-air infinite reach. It also completely negates ECM jammer.

  • Dranktr7 02.21.14 at 00:10

    That does not sound active radar until hits sucks and everybody thinks.
    All attacks must have the method to evade but no antiaircraft since neither know how to play just one hit the rest comes increasingly this is COD.

  • tstormic7 02.20.14 at 20:50

    The things I want changed in BF4 are a number of things. I myself play on the 360 but a number of my friends play on PC and have the same issues and complaints as I do.

    1) I am a hardcore player and I would like the return of hardcore and hardcore no map modes being separate as some people prefer not to have the mini-amp but other players like myself prefer the added difficulty of hardcore but still want the mini map as a tactical aid. I prefer having the mini-map as it then makes the T-UGS etc a viable option on hardcore. It is hard enough not have third person in hardcore but having no mini map does make C4 infantry over powered versus vehicles.

    2) I understand that the DMRs don’t have large scoped optics to prevent all classes being able to snipe but could you please add large optic scopes for the DMRs only on the recon class as there are distinct tactical differences between a semi-automatic rifle and a bolt action rifle in fire fights and attack/defend situations due to being able to do fast follow up shots.

    3) I hardly ever see anyone using the UCAV. The damage output is good and well balanced but I think you need to increase the time before it blows up as it severely limits its effectiveness/potential on large maps.

    4) Assignments. They are very badly bugged. I have problems where for example on second assault on one assignment you have to “land on top of the tower” in either Caspian Border or Operation Firestorm. I have already done this but as soon as the game ends and it loads up another map it forgets/erases the fact that I have done this already. Yes having some aspects of assignments be required to do it all in one game (eg 5 kills from the tower on either Caspian or Firestorm) but not the whole assignment. Please fix this.

    5) Please bring back extended mags! Obviously for the MG4 and the M249 which already have 200 rounds per mag this is unnecessary (unless you reduce their standard mag capacity to 100 first) but without all round extended mags it can make the MG4 and the M249 a more favorable choice due to this added firepower, an all round buff by adding extended mags would make all the weapons much more balanced.

    6) I don’t know what you could add but there is a lack of accessories for weapons. It would be great to have a more widespread choice of accessories rather than a choice of two sights and a load of lasers and lights. Maybe bring back the automatic spotting scope as an accessory from Battlefield Bad Company 2, maybe some kind of mini short range T-UGS attachment but only in a 90 degree “cone” in front of you and a gun mounted Camara for looking round corners (NOT shooting round corners) or something. Just think of some stuff to add please as I find myself not taking any accessories or always taking the x2 magnifier.

    7) Please Please Please re-add the squad feature so we can squad up BEFORE matchmaking. It is getting very tiresome having to find a server then having everyone join you. Also can we have player owned servers back now? We want them as having custom map rotations would be great. Not everyone likes every map, this way we can just play the ones we enjoy. Right now you have people leaving servers when maps they dont like come up (also then everyone can take the very buggy Dawnbreaker out of the rotation).

    8) This one I am unsure about but add it in just to see what other people in the community think. But I find that the scout Helicopters still are a little under-powered versus armor. What I was thinking was adding a third option apart from The Heatseakers and the Laser Guided Missiles. In real life Scout Helicopters can also be armed with rocket pods. In real life both Scout and attack helicopter carry the same Hydra 70 unguided rockets but the Scout Helicopters carry two pods of 7 rockets (14 total) whereas the Attack Helicopters carry 38 in two pods or 76 in 4 pods. If I remember rightly the Attack helicopters in game have 14 rockets per “mag” so maybe the Scout helicopters have 8 per “mag”. Anyways like I said this one was the one that im unsure whether it would be good or not.

    I know this is a lot of stuff but thanks for reading and hope it all makes sense. If you want to chat about this just reply here or add my page on Facebook to chat about this or anything else (its the easiest way to contact me)

  • tstormic7 02.20.14 at 20:04

    The Javelin is a fire-and-forget missile system with a lock-on before launch and an automatic self-guidance missile system. The system takes a top-attack flight profile against armored vehicles but can also take a direct-attack mode for use against buildings. This missile also has the ability to engage helicopters (but not Jets due to their higher service/flight altitude) in the direct-attack mode. It can reach a peak altitude of 150 m (500 ft) in top-attack mode and 60 m in direct-fire mode. It is equipped with an imaging infrared seeker self-guidance missile system with a thermal imaging display on the launcher.

    The things that are wrong with it in BF4 are:
    1) Requiring a lock on until the rocket hits the target.
    2) Does not have a direct attack/free fire mode
    3) Cannot lock onto vehicles

    In BF4 the Javelin is usually a bad choice as the FGM-174 SRAW has free fire, can lock on and can be used by skilled players to take down aircraft. The SRAW itself I believe is well balanced as it does take a number of rockets to destroy targets (even helicopters can take multiple hits) but the low damage and limited fire modes of the Javelin make the SRAW a much better choice. If the Javelin were buffed in both damage and fire modes the choice between the two would be much more balanced.

  • RaininLead666 02.19.14 at 19:18

    The FGM-148 Javelin need to be overhauled. Realistically speak the Javelin is a Fire and Forget anti-missile/air/structure weapon system. The reason for the Top-Attack is to allow the Javelin one or two shot to destroy an armored vehicle not 4 or 5. As of right now the Javelin does not have any anti-air capability nor can it be launched at structures which is the other two functions of the weapon platform. The Javelin has a peak altitude of 500 ft (150m) which is capable of shooting down most helicopters not jets since they fly has and usually higher.
    It would be greatly appreciated if DICE would fix this especially since all of the shoulder fired missile systems including the RPG-7 are underpowered.


  • Arinord 02.19.14 at 15:41


    Grenades are a problem, at least when it comes to infantry only maps.
    -ONLY weak concusion to flash bangs allowed (which do not obscure your vision completely (blinds) people completely no matter how many tactical grenades than being subjected to simultaneous
    -The ability to use explosive grenades ONLY every other round (64 player lobby, only 32 total allowed to use grenades, applies to all matches) ie every 2-3 round you have the opportunity to use explosive grenades throughout the match, when it is your turn to get grenades ENTIRE round could have been Lakt to a gentle “pop” like saying: – your explosive grenades can now be used –


  • SirShizuka 02.19.14 at 11:02

    Seems all my comments get deleted: i can’t find them. Nice to be censored and not even get a message to say so. So to not get comments deleted you have to write the feedback in a brown nose manner and only only positive phrasing? Great!

  • JOEYGUNZ187 02.19.14 at 05:25

    I play* and i tried to call you guys for months now.. And no feed back im about to give upFIX DAWNBREAKER ITS BROKE … Still

  • JOEYGUNZ187 02.19.14 at 05:24

    I ay on 360 and till this day it still freezes on dawn breaker !!! Wtf is going on fix this already .. We cant even play an original map and your making new ones???

  • VoodooHunter01 02.19.14 at 04:34

    @Dice The game is being over ran with LVG noob tubers knowing they can bounce LVG’s off walls and get a kill far far away from them. The LVG is to BF4 what the USAS-12+Frags were to BF3.

    IMHO this is just as bad as the MAV road killers in BF3 before they got nerfed. LVG’s should be back in line with BF3 version not so bouncy at least when I stopped playing BF3 they weren’t.

  • BIGCLEAVE1970 02.18.14 at 08:20

    blue screen from scout chopper copilot to pilot everytime Please Fix!!

  • A_Fat_Bong_Rip 02.18.14 at 05:25

    C4 for assault class.
    HUD compass for hardcore.
    Mini map appears when in a restricted area in hardcore to aid in returning to the battlefield.
    No repair tool tank kills.
    Increased .50 caliber sniper rifle presence, and perhaps increased damage against light armor vehicles and/or greater chance for vehicle mobility kill. Also, the ability to customize the two .50 cals in the same way you can customize a vehicle (not for recon class).
    More incentive for use of IRNV & FLIR scopes, flashlights and flares.
    Extended clips, maybe drum options.
    Please, please 6x and maybe 8x scopes for DMRs, LMGs, assault rifles and shotguns.

    • RAMBO 6042 03.05.14 at 02:42

      extended clips Yes….drummag YESSS…TOMMY GUN YESSS!!!!!!!

  • Nuf_Nivah 02.16.14 at 18:27

    Do something about the other team being able to come into or destroy vehicles in the spawns

  • Cobrahold 02.16.14 at 17:53

    I would first like to say that I have been playing fps games my entire life. I have played them all from the original Duck Hunt to Duke Nukem, Tom Clancy Rainbow Six, to of course Call of Duty. This game on this platform is by far the best game I have ever played. I have never had adrenaline rushes in games before…until now.

    However, I will add my two cents in this forum because of my love for the game. Take it or leave it, but here they are.

    Tanks-I think you nailed it here. Honestly, I don’t like getting killed constantly but reality is this happens. I don’t think you can do much to fix it Tanks tend to draw attention. I think buffing ground force rpg would be a mistake.

    Helicopters-Another perfect situation. I love that it actually takes skill to drive them. However, I often get off the ground and seconds later am shot out of the sky. Do helicopters in real life have no ability to evade AA? I think the second seat gunner is not powerful enough. Other than that…well done.

    Snipers-My only complaint here is thermal. There are times outside that I cannot see anything, at all. Just a white screen.

    Health-I have been clearly at an advantage on someone get them down to zero percent and they kill me. I am then left with a kill cam watching them run around at zero percent…

    Friends- I only get to spend time with my brothers when we are playing this game. IT is a constant battle to get on the same team and plan any kind of strategy. Then we are not even promised to be on the same team the next round. This is a mistake, and put this game at a real disadvantage. You should be able to tweak your loadout while you are waiting. That is what the 30 seconds should be for…getting ready for the next round. Don’t you agree?

    Field Operated Equipment- I love these. I think this was a great touch. I would like to see more laptops that blow up roads.

    Repair Tool- Cmon, really? A repair tool to destroy an Abrams tank? I dunno. Very frustrating. Infantry , if you think about it if they are on the sides of tanks or anywhere beyond the vision of a big tank have the advantage. To be able to just walk up and start ” repair damaging ” the tank is crazy. I vote for its removal.

    Rubberbanding- I think there is way too much of this. It can be very irritating. I honestly thought this would have been fixed by now, but it is still there. I think this will be detrimental to fan base if it isnt fixed.

    Keep thinking outside the box Dice. Thanks for such a great game.

  • x_Argetlam_x 02.16.14 at 01:40

    when will these configurations eventually take place?

  • robinhakan790 02.15.14 at 21:16

    sometimes i when i trow a grenade at a guy and he kills me before the grenade explodes he does not take damage from the grenade just because im dead why is this happening
    PS:its only when im using the rgo ompact

    • robinhakan790 02.15.14 at 21:20

      ohh and i know it does explode i once saw it explode in the face o a guy that had 50 health nothing happened because i was dead

  • FRANTIC_96 02.15.14 at 16:30

    I do not understand why you have reduced the speed of the bullets of the sniper rifles, increase it please. And implemented where possible the forfeiture of all weapons bullets in order not to disadvantage the snipers

  • FRANTIC_96 02.15.14 at 16:24

    Please reduce life of infantry and vehicles in normal mode too. Sniper rifles should always kill with one shot

  • Warhawk1986 02.15.14 at 06:09

    Please increase the splash damage of the M320 HE Grenades. They are useless unless you get a direct hit. And even then you’re not guaranteed a kill. As it stands I launch a grenade at an enemy soldier. It hits at his feet or behind him, then I have to pull my rifle and put a half clip down range to make a kill.

  • ticomarc 02.15.14 at 03:55

    Some of the problems I have is when I’m in a gunfight then I die then the guy who kill me has 0 health

  • Shuudoushi 02.14.14 at 11:57

    The M16A4 needs a recoil reduction, in real life it has FAR less recoil than in the game. I should know, I have used one for the past 3 years.

  • THExUNFORGIVEN23 02.14.14 at 01:46

    nerf stingers/iglas they make aircraft useless they need to be a pickup super weapon not a loadout weapon

  • LyonKyng31 02.14.14 at 01:11

    Also Playing on my PS4 i’ll play a couple chapters of the campaign. I’ll turn it off ot just comeback later to find that all of my campaign progress is gone. This happened to me several times, this the only game it happens to, will it ever be fixed?

  • LyonKyng31 02.14.14 at 01:07

    When i trade bullets with someone sometimes i am the only one that dies when there health is showing “0″

  • Kinky_Gnome 02.13.14 at 23:06

    How about fixing the main issues rather then small things like l gun performance etc. and get around to real issues like being able to create squad before entering a game! Or people exploiting tank double shotting fixing that would be nice. Thanks DICE! Seriously I should be working for DICE I know what the people want!

  • Whitemarty 02.13.14 at 22:04

    One more thing to balance – nade spaming. You guys (devs) created another “operation spam nades” this time its called locker. It would be nice to see at least longer resuply cooldown on nades so ppl are not sitting at each entrance trowing nades one after another and not doing anything else. It’s especially bad in rush mod with a lot of players.

  • A99APRENTICE 02.13.14 at 21:28

    Oh and another thing… If my grenade is already airborne the second i get shot and fall then it should still detonate when it hits the ground. I find that it only detonates sometimes and that might be one once out of ten times. It’s logical that if i shoot you and kill and you have already thrown a grenade at me then it should detonate. Many times I find that I throw a grenade at someone, he kills me, I see it land at his feet and it doesn’t detonate. I’m talking about the RIO Impact grenades mind you… other grenades obviously detonate on a timer… These small tweaks would make the game more enjoyable. ..

  • A99APRENTICE 02.13.14 at 20:50

    Please fix the fact that in hard core sometimes you are the first to shoot and hit a target at point blank range most the time and for some reason you end up dying and it says that your target has 0 health and still walks away. That happens very very frequently. Specially when using the assault class. My 7.62mm LMG should be more powerful than an engineers Carbine or PDW. This shouldn’t happen. It never happened in BF3 or in Battlefield BC2.

  • NoTouchGoon 02.13.14 at 20:22

    ACTIVE PROTECTION should be nurfed.

  • suicity 02.12.14 at 20:50

    I love the fact that we have bullet drop and lag time for the bullet to reach the target but does anyone else think that the bullet should travel faster. even some of the rockets used fly too slowly (mostly the SRAW). It shouldn’t take so long for a 50 cal. bullet to reach a 1,000 meters. Makes sniping moving targets near impossible past a certain range.

  • suicity 02.12.14 at 20:34

    DMR Suppression. Many of the games I have been in i’ve discussed the suppression effect of the DMRs being too great and have had most everyone agree wih me. an assault or sniper is very hard pressed to get an accurate shot when taking fire from a DMR. Either the suppression of Dmrs needs to be degraded or the suppressive abilities of assualt rifles needs to be increased to match that of the dmr so assualt will have the upper hand it deserves in a hallway at mid-range

  • Whitemarty 02.12.14 at 20:31

    Make counter knife NOT deadly for attacker. What am i supposed to do when i run out of ammo and can’t use knife because it’s so easy to counter it? There’s no time to run away. What do i have that knife for now?
    Also it sometimes happens that counter knife option triggers at random from any angle and It’s really weird to get stabbed by camping guy who was facing other direction watching only trough scope and was supposed to be easy target.

    My suggestions:
    a) “blocking” knife attack (no one gets hurt – attacker needs to switch back to his weapon manually),
    b) harm attacker back for like 20% HP or so.
    c) give attacker option to hit button to avoid damage from counter attack-both needs to manually switch to their weapons)
    d) no animation (at least from front)- three knife hits from front (two knife hits from behind)

    • suicity 02.12.14 at 20:41

      i like option c. I like it alot actually they would just need to make it more difficult to counter the first knife counter so your not stuck in knifing animations for the whole game lol. getting the timing right would be essential. also gives teammates a chance to perform a savior kill while countering.

      • Whitemarty 02.13.14 at 21:58

        Prob anything is better than being unable to melee front front at all (like it is right now).

    • Kinky_Gnome 02.13.14 at 22:49

      Sorry dude but those are all terrible suggestions, much better suggestion would be a quick time event when a counter knife is initiated giving both attacker and defender equal opportunity to score each other’s tags by rapid tap button push.

      • Whitemarty 02.15.14 at 15:12

        I’m also sorry to tell you that unfortunately net-code in BF4 wont allow you to do that effectively enough.

  • BIGbadPruitt 02.11.14 at 18:32

    There are very few ppl commenting that need to be taking serious, and the rest are just babies. This is a great game and only a few minor tweaks should have it running perfect.

  • NEXvid 02.11.14 at 17:16

    bring back my damn AN-94 or G3A3 i need some mid-range assault riffles.

  • Ewer USA 02.11.14 at 13:10

    I think the problem od BF4 is not the individual items balancing, but the balance of the team.
    I am a casual player and is frustrating to lose most of the matches, you can only win when the team is more or less balanced.
    The game needs to be fun and fair for all levels of players, and I believe the only way to achieve this is with the balance of the team.
    Please, think about it.

  • RatsoReily 02.11.14 at 05:37

    I think the shotgun class is over powered. Also, their range seems too great. When players use them to snipe something is wrong.

  • Kevin Condemned 02.11.14 at 03:05

    Here is what I detailed in a phone call along with some additional info:

    -CSZ-92 handgun should have 20 round mags in-game, yet it shows 15. Only the 9mm version is limited to 15.

    -AS VAL should have far greater range than the UMP-45 since it fires a 9mm bottle-necked subsonic round at greater velocity even as suppressed. Its effective range is 300m, whereas the .45 ACP is around 70m.

    -SRR-61 is fine as it is, yet some of the other sniper rifles have identical damage and range. .408 Cheyenne Tactical is bigger and faster than 7.62×51 and 7.62x54R, so the rifles of those calibers should have their damage and range reduced accordingly. It doesn’t make sense to give identical damage and range to a 2,700 ft/s 147 grain 7.62×51 NATO when the .408 CT is anywhere from 305 grains to 419 grains at 3,000 to 3,500 ft/s.

    If realism is one of your goals, I suggest doing proper research and handling weapons in reality.

    • Kevin Condemned 02.11.14 at 04:38

      I need to correct myself. The only thing that needs adjustments is the damage for the rifles. Their ranges are fairly accurate compared to the SRR-61.

    • tstormic7 02.20.14 at 21:09


  • Digitalbullet 02.11.14 at 02:50

    Already helicopters get raped pretty badly in Bf4 so to even think of buffing another vehicle vs boats seems crazy.

    The FGM-148 is the easiest weapon to use vs tanks and should do the least amount of damage, I don’t think the damage should be buffed as you will just make another rocket launcher obsolescence, it seems much better to have engineers using rockets that need some skill.

  • r3dt41L 02.11.14 at 00:55

    Here’s what I believe you should ADD to the game:

    The DDMK18 as a carbine. It’s probably the best carbine in MOH:W and would wreck house if included in BF4.

    A proper, not situational lean. Again, Warfighter is king here. No need to include the slide, as great as that was too, but I loved being able to lean at any time and anywhere.

    A slight increase in avatar speed. The player characters feel sluggish. Warfighter was done right.

  • TheM3RL1N 02.10.14 at 22:49

    I paid $120 – Can I have a TEAM CHAT OPTION now ?

    I envision this:


    Team Chat / Squad Only
    Enemy Team Audio bw Rounds: Yes / No
    Party Chat: On / Off

    -Save as Default-

    It’s so much less fun than MW for this reason.
    Do you know how many GREAT RIVALRIES were started in the friendly trash-talking sessions bw rounds? You don’t add anything else to the game – and the game gets a BOOST of excitement. And people can CHOOSE to turn it off by default if they CHOOSE.

    Why would you remove choice — it’s not necessary — that’s what I don’t get.
    Please email me with a response, or I have to write a letter or something.

  • SmokeMyBowls 02.10.14 at 22:19

    Make the commander leadership ribbon take less followed orders. I am lucky to get 3 or 4 orders followed, but to get 10 in one match is near impossible, and to get 10 ribbons for the assignment is asking to spend countless days in commander mode. At least make it so people can accept orders faster or teach people how to be squad leaders and how to use the in-game communication.

  • BlackRedBl_fhi7 02.10.14 at 18:30

    tapes hunting are very difficult to get .. not ‘possible to make it more’ simple?

    • BlackRedBl_fhi7 02.10.14 at 18:33

      tapes hunting are very difficult to get .. not ‘possible to make it more’ simple?tapes hunting are very difficult to get .. not ‘possible to make it more’ simple?

  • SmittyBGKY 02.10.14 at 00:40

    This is crazy. The first things I want you to work on is the “hitbox” lagging behind a moving player. Next fix the random deviation of bullets and projectiles. I know this was changed from BF3 but not perfected from the videos you can find where a rpg goes no where near where the player was aiming. The player was stationary for plenty of time before firing so it’s not lag or anything except random deviation. Fix the core game before making tweaks please! I love you DICE but I’ve played all eight games from you frost server and would expect not to see flaws I experienced in 2008. Thank you.

  • Smokes_n_Whiskey 02.09.14 at 21:55

    Make the Canister Shells be viable anti vehicle rounds instead of being anti infantry – even if it’s for just light armor such as jeeps, quads, etc.

  • Resistantkeiba1 02.09.14 at 14:10

    Increase damage of LMG. Machine guns against personnel and choppers

  • LHR Dark Knight 02.09.14 at 12:57

    Increase the Obliteration game mode timer to 1 hour and remove the giant arrow on the bomb carrier in Defuse. Fixing Dawnbreaker would also be nice.

  • NJD277 02.08.14 at 21:20

    Why isn’t there a vote on Mobile Anti-Aircraft. Plus the boats should not have the ability to take out choppers. And the FGM-148 is fine a buff would be awful seeing how tanks get ganged up by 4 engineers in conquest,

  • Detizo 02.08.14 at 18:48

    I agree with the 0% health issue.

  • LTCommander83 02.08.14 at 17:33


  • LTCommander83 02.08.14 at 17:30


  • LTCommander83 02.08.14 at 17:26


  • dogman15 02.08.14 at 06:18

    They need to move back toward the direction of bf2. There are so many problems with this game

  • rodrigo4172 02.07.14 at 19:28

    Decrease the M1911 bullet drop it’s too high.

  • NoJ44 02.07.14 at 15:43

    I myself have adjusted to the game and the way it works! My only real gripe is that when flying a person in an aa can hide behind their own line rendering it inaccessible to destroy! And also that when flying a aircraft I am hit by missiles before I’ve even been locked onto! IMHO!

  • Zahbochna 02.07.14 at 02:18

    Maybe this is WAD, but the counter-knife activation time is way too long, IMO. It is really easy for any player with semi trained reflexes to do a counter-knife. I think the response time window should be at least halved, and also when the player presses the counter key (F by default) eiter repeatedly or too early, this should deny him the counter.
    This should make it a bit more difficult. Right now it goes a bit like “OMG I am going to be knifed… damn damn damn damn! … Hey, I can counter, yay! *presses F*)
    As I said, maybe this is WAD, but it is so easy to counter that I refrain from trying any risky knifing, do not go berserk at all, and prefer to shoot people instead.

    • gblume 02.09.14 at 03:46

      I agree 100% . I never knife from in front because players just smash their knife button and get a free kill. Please listen to this guys comment dice, iff you added this poll, I assure you most players would agree to nerf it. Otherwise, my only problems are being killed by people with zero health, and that I’ve beaten the campaign four or five times now. But keep up the great work dice, CoD is wrong for even trying to best battlefield.

  • Mewohkie 02.06.14 at 23:48

    There’s this crazy bug I have where I shoot someone with all of my bullets and they stand there and shoot me with 1 bullet and I die with it showing me they have 0%HP. I don’t know what to make of it, I don’t know if anyone else has experienced this or if it just effects me.

  • DJ_Cas 02.06.14 at 20:38

    -AS VAL needs to be buffed with stability option

  • the-crow-man 02.06.14 at 19:25

    Improve the mortar too it takes forever to get new shells

  • the-crow-man 02.06.14 at 18:17

    Balance the guns like ak 5c, sar-12, ak-12 ace models to little recoil to power guns with more recoil don’t damage fast enough to kill and why the hell are there three types of ace there’s no point! Make people use different guns everyone just uses the same old c..p it’s annoying can’t even use guns like the g36 because you’ve yet again derf’d it so much it’s out gunned.uv done this to the usas and the Shotgun shells like slug, pdw’s, the attack helicopter do I need to go on. If your going to derf then still make them work well if not Remove them from the game! =|

  • KG_Jedi 02.06.14 at 16:16

    Please DICE, read this.
    I am a pilot of stealth jets in BF4. And i have few suggestions considering jet’s AA missiles.
    1) Active radar/Passive radar/Heatseekers missile damage is same – 20hp.
    2) Nobody uses Passive radar and Heatseekers. Why? Cause people don’t need it, while there is Active radar, which requires no aim, no time to lock on, and almost impossible to evade. And there is no difference in damage.

    So, suggestion:
    Increase Heatseekers damage:
    vs Jets – 30 hp
    vs Attack Heli – 30 hp
    vs Scout heli – 45 hp (cause it is small and has very light armor)
    vs Transport heli – 30 hp

    Passive radar suggestions:
    1) Increase range of lock on to – 500m
    2) Increase damage:
    vs Jets – 45hp
    vs Attack helis – 45hp
    vs Scout heli – 50hp
    vs Transport heli – 45hp
    3) Increase lock on time.
    4) Decrease speed

    Active radar: No suggestions.

    Thanks for reading.

  • Firefly26 02.06.14 at 12:52

    I think this game could really use the RPO Shmel-M. It is a very effective weapon against troops firing from within structures. The round is essentially a small Fuel-Air Explosive that creates a tremendous over-pressure to incapacitate and kill troops withing enclosed spaces. This would alleviate the annoying whack-a-mole gameplay with players camping in upper story windows immune to nearly everything but a head shot. This weapon would be available to either support or engineers. More info on the Shmel-M here:

  • BobbyTenMen 02.06.14 at 11:02

    I don’t know if it’s just me but in the helicopters and jets I find I have to keep clicking to the outside view in order to reset the reticule and view from inside the cockpit.
    I’ll be flying then the view starts tilting and the I lose the reticule for aiming my guns…so annoying :(

  • DJ_KONVICT 02.06.14 at 06:50

    When will we be able to play the base maps AND the China Rising maps on the same server?

  • ReaperSva 02.06.14 at 04:54

    Please make the hatch on zavod311 harder to open. I feel that over the last week everyone has been able to open the hatch and sneak up on me without any warning. I feel it should be more challenging like it used to be when the game released. Thanks

  • xFiNaL SNiPe 02.06.14 at 02:57

    Can you please fix CTF boundaries. Too many times i see players camping enemy vehicle spawns.

  • Firefly26 02.05.14 at 22:53

    The AC-130 25mm is under-powered and too slow. It takes forever to needle a sniper in the prone to death with the 25mm. It would be better and add another dimension to the game if the 25mm rounds were just as fast as the MAA to enable hits on aircraft.

  • Ejcheli 02.05.14 at 22:15

    I think the mobility kill system is awesome in BF4, but when flying helicopters, notably the scout helis, its a tad ridicules when you get hit by an AA missile and lose control for x amount of seconds and before you can regain control you get hit again… and AGAIN… and then your dead. If the mobility hit was tweaked to where the pilot was at least given the chance to TRY and limp out of the danger area, instead of spinning round and round letting all those engineer douchbags launch missile after missile until your a flaming wreck headed toward the ground it would be less frustrating when you die because at least you could say you tried… as it is now, you just can’t do a damn thing.

    • Ejcheli 02.05.14 at 22:20

      Although I do realize there are lots of balancing factors to consider, and I don’t have a solution, something to help this issue would be nice, such as reducing how fast engineers can launch stingers, or maybe lessening the crippling factor on the controls, or better countermeasures….

  • BattleActs 02.05.14 at 21:16

    err . . . BF3

  • BattleActs 02.05.14 at 21:13

    Please change the vehicle steering/forward/backward control to the way it was in BF4. The current vehicle controls are horrible.

  • III Duttin III 02.05.14 at 20:50

    Make dawnbreaker work again. Get rid of having 2 health at minimal so we don’t die by someone with 0 health…. Fix grenade being thrown/ rockets being shot and disappearing after dying…. Fix tracks in golmid so they don’t kill infanttry vehicles randomly…. Pistols should out shoot an assault rifle… Fox the god forsaken lmgs that can’t kill jack shit….. Make ent spam accuracy lower. Make the scope for a magnum available….. Bf developers really????????:: I have been faithful enough to buy this game please do something other then fixing vehicles…. And need stingers range and damage!!!!!!! What the hell is the point of flying an attack chopper that gets destroyed with one stinger/igla…. Or give the gunner a ducking flare to use if they are gonna be that strong….. And co pilot scout chopper should be able to lock onto shit. Do something please!

  • LONEzNiPeR 02.05.14 at 20:19

    I have noticed lately that every now and then, when I start up a match (I usually play Conquest) on my Xbox 360, when I spawn there is no sound. It either comes back after a few minutes or never comes at all. Also, when I exit a vehicle, the sound FX of that vehicle repeat while I’m on foot. It can be very annoying. I don’t know if anything can be done about system problems, but Battlefield freezes a LOT. Thank you for all the recent and previous updates and for making an amazing game (and framchise) over all! I love Battlefield and will continue to purchase for as long as I can. Best of luck!

  • DaReaperZ 02.05.14 at 20:06

    I would love to see Dice move the camera down a bit, to the throat or shoulder level, to avoid head glitching, as the only thing visible at times is the head of your opponent. This creates a very unfair advantage for players who find cover like this. After all, you can’t shoot by holding your gun in your hair. You need to show more of the body, even though you have cover! Please Dice, do this!

  • Pitxakas 02.05.14 at 15:11

    Before modifying aspects of the game, should first put a patch in order to play the map “Sunrise” without the console locks.

    It is more important than reduce or add damage to helicopter or something like that.

    Please patch de game crashes before

  • martinnaraina116 02.05.14 at 14:05

    Please Dice Fix the ps4 campaign save data. Is not loading it always makes you start all over again. the ps4 controller needs more vibration when you shoot, jump,or get shot. Also all the flickering, now when I start a deadthmatch the sound is gone. I beleave in you guys please fix these issues.

  • xXISTARKILLRIXx 02.05.14 at 09:35

    Definitely make the DMR’s less powered with more recoil. All te noobs use them and it can get really annoying. My friends and I often call them “bitch guns”… I’m sure you know why.

    I appreciate you doing game updates but I don’t when it actually lessens the game play experience for me. The spawn zones were changed for Flood Zone as well as Dawnbreaker for Obliteration(not sure if it’s for all game types) and it made my playing experiences in those maps much less enjoyable

  • THEMANZ 00 02.05.14 at 09:15

    The repair time/speed of vehicles is way to slow since your last patch both repairing from the inside and out side of the vehicles but in particular the repair time/speed of the the little bird from inside I Carnot see a reason for slowing the speed of repair Down as the all aa weapons and vehicles reload extremely quick and even with someone repairing at the previous repair rate they could be brought down without difficulty so it would be only fair to at least keep the original speed/time of the repairing the vehicles if not increasing it especially from out side the vehicle

    Many thanks hope you all agree

  • MaskedSpade 02.05.14 at 08:59

    add a spot to the back of an attack boat for someone using engineer kit to repair the boat easily. the only place I can reach from that position is the railing, which keeps bobbing around. alternatively, increase the range of the repair tool. also, when sabotaging an enemy boat/tank/whatever, make it so that the only indicator is the health meter going down. sabotage is supposed to be sneaky, not blatantly obvious to the people being sabotaged.

  • MaskedSpade 02.05.14 at 08:54

    make it impossible to capture objectives while in a vehicle. i constantly see a pair of enemy tanks capturing a point and working together to make themselves invincible to anything but a group of fighter planes and helos…

  • MaskedSpade 02.05.14 at 08:45

    increase m320 damage against VEHICLES ONLY!!!!!!!!! VEHICLES ONLY!VEHICLES ONLY!VEHICLES ONLY!VEHICLES ONLY!VEHICLES ONLY!VEHICLES ONLY!VEHICLES ONLY!VEHICLES ONLY!VEHICLES ONLY!VEHICLES ONLY!VEHICLES ONLY!VEHICLES ONLY! just to be clear, only increase the damage they do against vehicles; the damage against infantry is perfectly fine. it makes the assault class virtually useless in anything but team deathmatch (the only mode with no vehicles).

  • MaskedSpade 02.05.14 at 08:39

    please, for the love of god, add some sort of anti-materiel capability to the srr-61 and the m98b. the srr-61 uses a round that is much larger than a .50-caliber barrett round (used in the sniper rifle found on most maps, which is a 1-hit-kill weapon, btw!) what I mean by anti-mateirel is that it should go through cover that is destructible, like crates, or thin metal cover, like those shipping crates. also, make vehicle drivers able to be sniped out of their vehicles.

    • THEMANZ 00 02.05.14 at 09:18

      Agree completely m8

    • xXISTARKILLRIXx 02.05.14 at 09:38

      Agreed in the SRR-61 going through light material. You are able to snipe drivers or pilots out of their vehicles… It’s just suoer hard. Get the headshot… Respect ;)

  • Jamesd1322 02.05.14 at 04:41

    Increase the JDAM’s blast radius and damage to all types of targets along with its visual effects (big explosion). I also want to see the return of air burst missiles on the mobile artillery. Also, I love the incorporation of IED’s into the game. Please put them in the upcoming DLC packs.

    • Jamesd1322 02.05.14 at 04:52

      Increase the variety of weaponry available on planes and choppers (small number of rockets as a secondary for scout choppers). More types of missiles and bombs for jets in particular.

  • Boone Hill 02.05.14 at 03:16

    Each spawn area NEEDS to be out of bounds for the enemy team. I can’t tell you how many times the enemy hos gotten a tank, drove behind where I spawn, and proceeded to kill me all game. Not just me, but all of my teammates and our vehicles so we can do nothing against him, or the 4 guys he brought with him. I hate it.

  • Gekkekarim 02.05.14 at 02:44

    Please below radar back

  • lx AP0LLY0N xl 02.05.14 at 02:12

    Its time to stop worrying about the little mini tweaks to game play and start making major changes to the entire game’s balance in order to bring some people back and / or others into the fold. Currently the infantry to vehicle battle ratio is completely out of whack, and the introduction of “Operations Locker” AND the re-release of “Metro 2014″ in Second Assault shows that DICE is aware of the IMbalance in styles of combat, otherwise they would not introduce two maps that have exactly ZERO vehicles, I mean there has to be more people than me that like to play mainly as infantry but still have the ability to get in a vehicle if the need or desire arises…. so what should be done to fix it?

    Here are MY simple solutions to offer balance to incorporate ALL combat styles on all maps negating the necessity of having infantry only style maps

    1) Vehicles with no armament should receive no change, this is simple…. personnel carriers should be available immediately and consistently.

    2) Vehicles WITH armament need to be EARNED vice just constantly spawning in thin air for absolutely no reason… this can be done one of two ways:

    a) “Individually earned”- (light armament IE LAV’s and Scout choppers, AA) once an individual reaches a score of 500 AND has at least one capture point assist he will be able to spawn into light armament attack/assault vehicles, of course DICE will have to limit the amount of vehicles that can be on the battlefield concurrently probably 3 or 4 a side

    b) “Team earned” heavy armament vehicles (attack choppers MBT’s) this occurs when a team has control of a majority of the map’s capture points; attack/assault vehicles will now spawn in their “base”.Once entered ONLY HIS SQUAD can directly spawn in and join him others can be picked up on the ground, this way you don’t get the random player that shoots trees… air…. the ground…. everything and anything except the opposing team. For further balance issues once a team loses majority control of the map… heavy armament vehicle spawning ceases and once the heavy armament vehicles are destroyed they are gone until majority map control is gained again (think AC-130 capture point and the commander mode except now instead of needing to control just one point you need to control the majority of the map)……

    These two simple steps drastically change the approach that players will have to take in order to utilize the vehicles; they REQUIRE that players actually play objectively both as infantry members and in armament (no capture points.. no vehicles), they introduce the necessity to actually play the infantry role in order to earn the right to utilize certain vehicles instead of base camping until the next vehicle re-spawns, they also make it a dire necessity to concentrate on getting those vehicles off the battlefield because you know no air or ground armament support is coming……

    You really don’t want to know what I think should happen to the Recon/Sniper Class……

  • Maj Ogden 02.05.14 at 01:18

    Long time bf fan here. I think you guys should put the magnification of the holo sights back to 1.5 mag. As I know this is not realistic, I believe it would help them be more useful and popular. As it stands now they are just too bulky around the sight and are too cluttered in the sight. Right now the clear advantage is to just use the Kobra or Coyote sights. Maybe restrict them from using the 2x magnifier. I used the american holo in bf3 alot and was my favorite, it would also give purpose to the distance markers on the sights with out the use of the magnifier which is sometimes cumbersome to switch on and off when fighting soldiers up close and snipers off in the distance, also the magnifier does not line up with most of these sights which is just kinda awkward to the eye. I would appreciate any consideration you and your great team would give to the tweak I proposed. Thank you for making a great game and continuing to monitor and balance the game.

  • iI_THANATOS_Ii 02.04.14 at 22:30

    When you drive the amphibious ifv into water at a higher speed the vehicle immediately Drops almost immediatey Unlike bf3 where the vehicle sort of glides. The same problem occours with ifvs and mbts when hitting small rocks that the vehicles could easily driven over.

  • COLTONX313 02.04.14 at 21:57

    what needs bet be tweaked is the m240b in real live is has way way better accuracy than in the game i can barley hit anyone with it and in bf3 all i played with was the m240b and its a beast….. second you need to put back the 6 and 12 times scopes for the assault rifles
    and last any m16 or ar15 platform rifle should have way better accuracy and almost no recoil and whats up with there being no blurriness when being shot at like in bf3

  • ICEBERG1er 02.04.14 at 20:37

    better hud visibility

  • ICEBERG1er 02.04.14 at 20:29

    This is for spotting function on xbox 360. When I have a guy or even multiple guys within twenty feet of me, i should not have to put my aim directly on them. I have had instances where i go to spot first because I usually anticipate where they will be coming from better and run into their whole team, so i quick try and tell my team,” Hey they are over here!” then i plug a couple of them full of lead. The problem is I only if i am lucky in that quick spot even get the first guy that I am about to shoot down. So it doesn’t help my team very much. In real life why would i not tell my team i have 5 armed bad guys twenty feet in front of me clear as day? That should be very easy. Instead you have to be a ghost to be ab warn your team about more than one guy. I am talking when they are just totally obvious in front of you, their fault for not being more covert. And usually my team is not as quick at realizing we are being flanked, but I am. I am a bonus in that effect to my team, and the game-play mechanics should not hinder that in an effort to make things balance better. Maybe easier close range spotting when they are not in cover (if possible) but a shorter time frame they are revealed from a close range spot? Is that balanced?

  • Xx_Psycho_1 02.04.14 at 19:20

    Tweak the amount of damage an IFV takes. They take way too much damage. almost as much as a tank.

  • Ronnie Blastoff 02.04.14 at 19:20

    Attack Boats- There are 2 gunners in the rear for anti-air purposes. The fact to many players fail to make use of them doesn’t justify buffing Attack boats.

    FGM-148- In need of a “reason to use,” rather than a buff. Most skilled players are using SRAWs anyway due to better “control,” and rediculous damage vs any target. RPGs take slight more aim, but can take out any vehicle as well, without the need to block out my vision/walk in place for an enemy to headshot me. A damage buff will make Javs more nub/user friendly. Although, I don’t really see a reason to use them over the other 2.

    Stealth Jets- The cannons are fine as is, cannon buff made them more practical for a fast flying vehicle.

    FAC- Very simular to the 1st question. Sounds good.

    MBT/IFV canister- Another case of “reason to use” over needing a buff. The MBT cannon 1 shots infantry as is, and has enough splash damage to drop infantry targets with 2ndary LMG/HMG if needed. Same for IFVs. Using cannister shells atm actually weakens your overall performance due to same reload as main cannon (MBT) and inability to drop other armored vehicles. Only reason I used canisters (BF3) was for AA.

  • GattsZero1 02.04.14 at 19:19

    How about some Anti-Light Tank Sniper AMMO , But Single Bullet only?

  • TomCarnage 02.04.14 at 18:50

    Dice, first, make the print that I’m typing show up as something other than “hide my chats from my girlfriend light grey”… then change your research methodology. You are asking multiple questions with only one answer option.

    It’s known as a “double barreled” question in market research. In layman’s terms, it’s like when the police officer pulls you over and asks you “You don’t mind if I search your car, you don’t hae anything to hide do you?”. Basically are you answering “Yes” you can search my car or “yes” I don’t have anything to hide.

    I realize that market research isn’t the forte of programmers. But surely EA has research professionals who could look over this before you guys post it.

    If you make changes to the game based on a flawed data collection methodology, then you run the risk of diverting resources and making poor game changes.

    Flush the results and try again. You didn’t do the research correctly.

    Kind Regards,

    University Marketing Professor (from a Tier I – Graduate Business School)

  • Samuri1Takeshi 02.04.14 at 14:23

    Seriously people want to pick up missile damage and lower the anti-infantry weapons on MBT. But we don’t mind having a co-axial 50 cal. There are enough ways to get rid of tanks you don’t need to make anything higher damage. I feel like armor got made a lot weaker in BF3 and I’m starting to think it’s going to happen here. MBT are relatively weak against infantry and unless you get a direct hit they can run away before you can kill them. FIX the sound and the shitty netcode that lets people kill me from cover.

  • marinesolja141 02.04.14 at 14:03

    The health system should be fixed. If you are being shot at and go down to 0%health, you should be dead and not still be able to kill someone.

  • shanemullins96 02.04.14 at 08:30

    they should fix when you are trying to make a long range sniper shot and the map glitches and moves

  • SkullReaperzz 02.04.14 at 08:23

    This little bird attack helo invincability while being repaired by 2 ppl is making me hate this game. Choppers don’t get repaired while in the air. Dice why are u that stupid. Fix this bs or this will be my last game that I will buy that says Dice on it. Bad idea making inflight repairs . Do u fix ur car while on the highway going 60 mph duh duh duh duh. Maybe with stupid ideas like u have maybe u should..

  • stealth 5823 02.04.14 at 02:37

    Can we please take a look at the formula for calculating skill?

    The way it is calculated is awful. I understand skill is focused on getting players to play around the objective, but it does not take into account time spent in game.

    For example, I joined a game of domination the other day. I had enough time to run from my spawn to “B” and get blown up by an RPG from across the map before the game ended. This resulted in a game where my skill level dropped 22 points. It is incredulous that considering a very good game for most players may increase their skill by as much as only a few points.

    For players like me who can only play a few games most days, we are never going to have an accurate measure of skill if we start off every day with 20 negative skill.

    I know its not directly in-game related, but it’s the little things that count.

    • stealth 5823 02.04.14 at 02:44

      Also, just thinking out loud… but if we’re going to deal with long server qeues… Battlelog available while in qeue?

    • Samuri1Takeshi 02.04.14 at 14:16

      I love how you can go positive and still lose skill but go up even off a negative game. Noticed that the last couple of times I played

  • jason31047 02.04.14 at 00:38

    Get rid off the hackers please.

  • lashvitz 02.03.14 at 17:04

    i also get killed a lot by a person who should be dead or has 0 health. and dmr’s should not be nerfed they take skill to use but having scopes on them would be nice

    • Naruto34 02.03.14 at 22:34

      I agree. I have been seeing that a lot. People surviving with zero health. That men’s no health. You should be dead. That’s stupid.needs to be fixed.

  • Bozemaniac 02.03.14 at 17:04

    For me, a person who knows more than a thing or two about guns, the weapon damage profiles are way off on almost every weapon. Pistols should not be able to one-shot-kill at more than 30m.. Carbines and Assault Rifles mostly use the same ammo so they should have the same damage profile (5.56=5.56) only differing in accuracy. The carbine (shorter barrel) is less accurate at range. Shot guns are not lethal beyond 70m. period. There have been countless times where myself or friends were sniped at 100m plus with a shotgun. LMGs mostly use the 5.56 round and should match ARs and carbines in damage. The 7.62 round is stronger but only at shorter ranges and usually at the cost of rate of fire. Tanks are too damn tough to kill. An M1 shouldn’t be able to absorb multiple rpgs to the engine house and still drive away. All helicopters should be one hit kills with any sam, thin skin, light armor, instant death. Oh, forgot to mention the most important item in need of fixing. GET RID OF THE HACKERS. You can hardly find a match now without at least a few players with obvious cheats running. Or banish them to an all hacker/modder server. It gets real frustrating, real quick when you empty a clip into another player and all they do is spin in circles, yell MLG, then run up and knife kill you. Or you shoot them down and while you are still watching them they stand up (no medic revive) and run off. The next time you see them is on the leader board at 62-2.

  • x The Tobes x 02.03.14 at 15:35

    I know this may be a difficult concept for you but instead of worrying about balancing aspects of the game how about fixing the game. This “netcode” they speak of has not been addressed since day one. I could not care less about the “doritos” above an enemies head. I care more about getting killed by a dude with 0 health and continuing to take shots but doesn’t die. I am more concerned about getting a half a clip’s worth of hit markers on Hardcore and still getting killed by a dude when he doesn’t even face me to shoot. I am more concerned with constant LAG in the game. I am very close to leaving Battlefield next month altogether. TitanFall Comes out and if it is decent I will NEVER purchase another slack A$% product from you guys again.

    You are living the corporate dream. Get someone hooked on a product then scale back the quality, save millions in the process and double your revenue. Congratulations, DICE. You have stopped producing great products, you are now just in it for the money. Good luck with that in the future.

  • O1EVILDUDE 02.03.14 at 12:26


  • O1EVILDUDE 02.03.14 at 12:25

    BACK 2 BF3

  • O1EVILDUDE 02.03.14 at 12:24


    • x The Tobes x 02.03.14 at 15:36

      Oh, I forgot to mention that one. I love it when I die and I see the enemy on the OTHER SIDE OF TWO TANKS in Zavod. That is up with that? Can I get that perk please? It would help my KD a lot and I would not have to ever move.

  • O1EVILDUDE 02.03.14 at 12:21

    YEAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • O1EVILDUDE 02.03.14 at 12:20


  • coop304 02.03.14 at 10:57

    Please consider weakening the M320 LVG splash damage or the distance it bounces. It is way over used and way to effective on maps like metro and locker.

  • skph13 02.03.14 at 10:55

    And reloading is awfull slow as well.

  • skph13 02.03.14 at 10:53

    Oh ya and like you did in BF2 when you loos connection leave game etc and return, please keep the in game score until game has finished, its a pain to loose it all just because the game crashes. It was possible in BF2 then it should be no problem som many years later!??
    And for dogtags it was ment to be assignment. Sorry bout that.
    And UCAV dosen’t reload, is that a mistake, or ment to be!???
    And last flying was the best in BF2 but still bf3 beats this game flying :(

  • skph13 02.03.14 at 10:41

    You have to get rid of automatic counter knifing. Its no good for the game. Fair if you make it possible manualy to hit a button to counter knif. But automatic!??? How did you ever com up with such lousy ideer!?? You seriously have to take it away. And it looks like premium members have superiority over non premium!???
    And if possible the dogtags would be nice if you get back the kill count of the weapons on them again, and if the bronze campaign dogtags would be in bronze, silver in silver and gold in gold :0)

  • ragingmango246 02.03.14 at 06:13

    Ok BF4 devs listen up. Shit is going down in battlefield 4 (I’m on Playstation 4) and I would appreciate it greatly if you fixed those problems.
    Number 1: 0 health ppl kill me.. HOW 0 MEANS 0
    Number 2: Team Deathmatch and Squad Deathmatch Sound issue where there is no sound for whole game when you join but next game there is sound so I was @ a HUGE disadvantage with loss of hearing
    Number 3: the Bomber and AC130 need to be buffed up so people actually WANT to use them! I resent both vehicles due to the bombers weak bombs and it takes tooooo long for the bomb to hit target and the ac130′s pellet shooters which I would rather us my pistol than an ac130 GUNSHIP which is supposed to be a ballin GUNSHIP >:(.
    Number 4: Fix the issue where my campaign resets and I lose my place so I gotta redo the campaign again just to get to where I was! PLEASE ITS KILLIN ME :’(
    Number 5: Sometimes game just crashes and stays on the black loading screen with the dash loading symbol on the top right and game when joining or finishing and starting the next match in a multiplayer server/match.
    Number 6: I complete the mtar assignment and I still use it but it says assignment incomplete and that’s irritating
    Number 7: please create a party system where me and my friends can join up BEFORE heading into a match (Preferably 6 people to a party)
    Number 8: please listen to the community, you openly said in blogs that you found no reason to change the OP weapons but wish to weaken the perfect balanced ones!? Ace 23 and your weakening scout helis for no reason. AA ARE OVERPOWERED TO THE MAXIMUM, GAURANTEED TO INSTANT KILL ANY AIRBOUND VEHICLE PLEASE FIX

    There is much more but I can only type so much, please listen to the people who paid for your product and don’t underpowered everything just to please the noobs, 90% of us are extremely good at battlefield 4 so we don’t need you to underpower things just cause 1 noob says so, 1000 or more should say it before you even Consider underpowereing Anything! Thanks but I doubt anyone will read this let alone a dev :(

  • FL nar Rayya 02.03.14 at 05:26

    As a xbox360 player who still plays a lot even 110lvl reached, here are my suggestions for improvement in both balancing and fixing the weapons:
    (my rank was mentionned for those denying my arguments, I’ve been mostly playing TDM so I know my stuff about the first person shooter experience)

    1- DMRs, I give you two options: A., bring back the one to two headshots kill and the 2 to 3 bodyshot kill but increase dramaticly the mobility and trigger happy penalities, nerfing it a bit from BF3, resulting to a more accuracy oriented rifle than always spamming the trigger. Else, B., keep the damage but at least remove the heavy sound it does when receiving a bullet from it and bring back long range scopes (add a battlepack for a 8x, 7x and 6x or two for also the 14x var, the range finder and I dunno… maybe the 20x). I miss my long range QBU-88 12x scoped!

    2- Minis (the grenades), reduce the blast radius please. It just needs that. I got blown at over 4 meters from the nade. I don’t mind the damage but the radius is just awefull.

    3- The G18 doesn’t have enough spare ammo. Compare it to the shorty: with a clip of the shorty, you can kill 3 players and with the spare counted, it makes 15 kills if perfected. Now for the G18, you got an overall of 1.5 kill for the clip, then a little two more clips for spare, making 4.5 kills in overall… I won’t see anyone doing more than 5 kill with a G18 before running off of ammo while the shorty has a long way to go with 15…

    4- Block the bipod if you switch to a 45° sight, it’s just silly. The two are a great combination but I say if you enable the 45° sight with bipod deployed, make the player bump and therefore making it impossible to use the bipod and the 45° sight simultaniously.

    5- Thinking about accessories, I would like more gameplay diversity than esthetics. 4 silencers but nothing different with each others? I would love a stability modifier for a suppresor (and add a stronger hip fire penality or something like that) (Let’s say the russian one). Maybe another one for a greater accuracy but with reduced damage (I dunno maybe the chinese one) then maybe another one for something else, maybe no hip fire penality but with something else downed like the bullet drop (R2 suppressor). Something like that for the grips too would be nice.

    6- I think Stubby/Potato grips are a little bit underpowered. Angled grips helps with the essential of burst firing weapons (a good 33% off first shots) and ergo grips hare so good, not only does it reduce the hip fire penality while moving but also the aim down sight accuracy penality while moving at 50%. If I’m thinking carbines the choice is hard over Ergo and Stubby, but LMGs and even Rifles have such improvements with the ergo, just thinking betwen reducing the ADS while moving penality by 50% or 15% more accurate over long burst makes me choose the ergo. The heavy barrel has a whooping 50% accuracy improvement, so maybe a good 25% or even a 30% for stubbies would be nice.

    7- The RPK-74m has some issues with the bipod deployed. It aims lower than what it should be, check that out please.

    8- Flashbangs seams useless. Increase the flash and suppressive effect, since Impacts does much more than flashbangs right now- hurting badly or killing a lot of people which is the primary option for everyone.

    9- Speaking of impacts, I say reduce the impact’s amount to 1 and increase the damage to 90%. This should be fine enough to give you the option to either kill or weaken the ennemy and follow up with an easy 10% kill.

    That’s pretty much it. The rest comes with the netcode, there’s still some issues to look for such as the damage received ping which is too slow and delay pretty much everything in the game. Then it’ll get to that nice game I wanted to buy so much and I’ll be happy with everything.

  • droid00 02.03.14 at 05:11

    I’d say only increase the fast atk jets speed when firing burst cannons.

  • droid00 02.03.14 at 05:07

    I use the atk jet all the time don’t change anything, its hard enough to hit infantry and tanks or any other type of vehicle. I dont even like the last patch for the atk jets it made them move slower especially for the Q-5 Fantan.

  • AlonzoGooning 02.03.14 at 01:47

    Fix spawns on maps such as dawn breaker for the smaller version. I noticed random spawning on that map results in a quick death, due to lack of cover and what not

  • xxxTHExDUDExxx 02.02.14 at 23:14

    Stop listening to these people please and just leave the game alone. Most of the people on here probably play the game once a week for 2 hrs and they are ruining it for the guys who actually play the game nightly. If you really want to know what needs to be done log on and play with the level 110′s and the guys who have 100′s of hours and whatever you do never never never never listen to the youtubers. lol

    • ragingmango246 02.03.14 at 06:19

      If only the devs played the game themseleves WE WOULDNT NEED TO WRITE PARAGRAPGHS TO THEM ON HOW TO DO THEIR JOBs eh, I listed a bunch of issues just now and they are OBVIOUS IF U PLAY FOR 10 minutes! Facepalm over 9000!

  • KrYpTiC_x_ChAoS 02.02.14 at 22:28

    The only tweak I would want to see made is a slight change to the effectiveness of ECM Jammers. There are some instances that I deploy them in helicopters prior to lock on and still get locked and hit my a AA Missile.

  • DSR_Darkside 02.02.14 at 20:31

    F2000 spread to high the spread is all over the place if the rife is shot beyound medium range ( past 50 yrds roughly) as it sits it more inline with the smgs then assult rifles. May i sugesst that the f2000 bullet spread be adjusted slightly to provde a little more long range capibility ( not asking for a laser beam but can we get it more inline with wht it was like in bf3) at would be nice to hit targets more consistently at longer ranges. One more note, thanks for finally adding the rest of the attachments to the second assault weapons. The lasers are not completly centered though ( on f2k for example lasers are set above center point on most sights reticule). You guys are doing a good job fixing the issues keep up the work.

  • xx2xSLicKxz 02.02.14 at 20:22

    Please put the as val back to how it was it is horrible now and it wasn’t over powerd to start with expecially with a 21 shot clip.

    Please make the qbz951 have better stability it’s recoil up is fine but to the left and right is way to much

  • zzzx RAMBO xzzz 02.02.14 at 20:16

    The PDW weapons should be usable with any class. It dont make any sense that the Engineer is the only one that can use them. The Engineer has no use in close quarter engagements or most engagements. If the Engineer is Demolition for Vehicles which means that he would be used in a open map which needs longer rang weapons. Engineers are no use if there is no vehicles. It just dont make any sense EA.

  • robinhakan790 02.02.14 at 20:00

    the smoke screen on tanks dont hold of enemy missiles they still hi me

  • xNAPALMxDEATHx73 02.02.14 at 19:38

    I have lost sound on my first battle in TDM. it comes back on the second and so on but gone on the first this is really annoying also I’m not registering 2xXP at all so far this DXP weekend. been having these problems since the new download.

  • TWlSTED HERO 02.02.14 at 18:15

    I would really enjoy seeing them bring back squad up, where you used to be able to get with a friend(s) before getting into a match. It was a lot easier and smoother in my opinion. It also kept from having to worry about joining a match and it be full before you had time to invite your friend or friends to play with you. Squad up in the menu before searching for a match made the game feel more sociable. It was easy to bring your pals into a gun fight with you. It’s one thing I really miss from Battlefield 3. PLEASE BRING THIS BACK.

  • Skinny Malinky 02.02.14 at 16:23

    Why did the DMR’s get improved? I disagree with this. Now at close quarters I feel like I dont have much of an edge with a pdw, assault rifle or carbine. Thats not right. And fix that noise they make too. So annoying

  • Bugzey-Boy 02.02.14 at 15:55

    Could the Amphibious vehicles be fixed up so when your driving from land into water you don’t hit the water and lose all momentum and keep sum speed up so you can get through the water better thanks :) just it’s really annoying driving along in your btr and you have built up all this speed and need to keep going forward and through water to get to your next destination and then you just stop soon as you hit the water and have to build up speed again like your vehicle has been sitting there

  • bulldawg100 02.02.14 at 11:12

    Is there any way to reduce the time to resupply the ucav? To make this item more effective against armored vehicles.

  • Cheance 02.02.14 at 10:08

    Same thing with Xbox One and PS4

  • REAPER_079 02.02.14 at 09:37

    Take off the live grenade indicator on hard core mode

  • Lazerlike 02.01.14 at 18:49

    I think there should be an increase in the damage of the RPG and SMAW.
    19% damge ist very small for the SWAm and you could need 6 SMAW for one single take.
    I thought about increasing the minimum damge of the SMAW to 20 (Guaranteed 5 hit kill)
    and the Min. damage of the RPG to 25 (Guaranteed 4hit kill).

    The other thing is a damage increase of the ap ammo from the mbt’s against air vehicles.
    I think hitting an scout helicopter or attack helicopter mid air should be a guarenteed one hit kill, because It’s very defficult to hit them.

  • zzzx RAMBO xzzz 02.01.14 at 18:47

    i think you need to stop with the gun paint camo and start working on soldier camo. The soldier camo, you rarely have the right soldier camo for a map even the ones you have not unlocked. such as desert golf of amon map one side there is only blue camo available even the ones that you have not unlocked and its the same with other maps and that soldier camo’s dont work. some times there is soldier camo for the right environment, the soldier camo needs to be brighter in color, I would give up all of the gun paint camo for just some descent soldier camo. Look at BF3 soldier camo that was great. Just bring over all the soldier camo from BF3 to BF4 just the way they are. I dont want to be seen. but haha you cant see my gun. You should have soldier camo to back up each gun paint camo.

  • CLOUDN9NETY 02.01.14 at 17:38

    How about balancing how much the game crashes on 360? Hard to say its my connection when everyone I know has the same problems. Is this how you subtly push people into getting the next gen versions? Or can the 360 just NOT handle this game? If so, why release it for the console? All questions that deserve answers. Feedback please?!

  • Religion__ 02.01.14 at 17:35

    In hardcore mode we have no mini-map. The audio system however often tells us us that an enemy was spotted North of our position. Unfortunately, without a mini-map, there is no way of telling which way North is. Any ideas on how to at least communicate basic cardinal directions would be great.

  • Religion__ 02.01.14 at 17:32

    Smoke grenades were a valuable tool in BF3. While you sacrificed other grenades, well placed smoke grenades could allow for m-com arm/disarm, sniper relocation, or just moving through choke points. In BF4 the visual impact of smoke grenades is so ineffectual that they are not even an option. Hand flares help but have a limited range.

  • Blazinhot 02.01.14 at 17:02

    Please turn aim assist off in hard-core.

  • why39guido 02.01.14 at 16:00

    Work big to small…minor tweaks really don’t change the problem with the game crashing quite often and that should be your main focus. Fix the issue and make the game stable then begin the process of “fine tuning”.

    Allow a designated party leader to pull the entire party into a match/lobby. Currently we all have to manually follow someone and often get left out of the game and have to wait through multiple games to get into that lobby, or if it is a really good lobby we never get in because it is constantly full. Pretty much all other FPS out have this feature to allow “parties” to play together as the game seems to be designed…it is an online multiplayer game after all yes…?

  • Celsi_GER 02.01.14 at 11:43

    I did not even understand why the DMRs got improvement. They are annoying at any range.
    The fast firing rate and the low recoil together with suppression effect makes them overpowered in my taste. I frequently see people using DMRs like a shotgun
    You get hit one by a DMR, you have no time to look for cover, because the next hit will follow instantly.
    My suggestion: Lower the fire rate and increade recoil.

    Not balanciong issue, but needs fixing in my eyes:

    1) Little Bird Handling with Joystick
    Impossible to hit anything. Reactions of the LittleBird are hyper-sensitive, shaky. Cannot aim at anything. Did not get ANY kill with LB since the game started. I see people handling LB quite well, so I assume the fly it with keyboard.
    Please add vehicle sensitivity slider for joystick to game settings or make the Little Bird less sensitive with joystick.

    2) Ground target spotting with Jets of attack planes.
    It is very gard to spot any targent (tank, vehicle) on the ground. You have to be on such low altitude that it is almost too late to attack if you visually spot a vehicle. Especially the overpowerd MAA.
    Please consider a change.

    Thanks for listening.

  • happycamper_303 02.01.14 at 10:38

    please add scopes to the dmr’s

    • UgLyStYk13 02.01.14 at 12:33

      Add 6-8 power scopes for all DMRs. Get rid of the annoying sound they make when hit close to somebody because no other weapon makes that sound.

  • UppercaseGalaxy 02.01.14 at 10:30

    When an attack helicopter has two people repairing it, it’s almost invincible. I’ve seen two or three stinger missiles hit one and it just gets repaired in 3 seconds. The repair tool needs to have a fuel limit or the vehicle should only be allowed to repaired a certain amount.

    • NeilDiamondPhD 02.01.14 at 11:33

      Huh? Since when can Attack Helicopters have “two people repairing it”

    • GeneralLeeInsane 02.01.14 at 18:47

      Attack helicopters only have 2 seats, and you can only repair them from the outside.
      SCOUT helicopters, on the other hand… Well, you should see what happens when ANY helicopter comes in contact with a RPG-7, SMAW, or SRAW…. You die. And it doesn’t make a bit of difference how much health your chopper has, or how many engineers are repairing it. No warning either, just flying around, BOOM, dead.

  • WillproTect 02.01.14 at 10:26

    M240b NEED 200 Bullets

  • Elite HAMSTAR 02.01.14 at 10:15

    I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing the problem of getting killed by a person with zero health. I have been killed on numerous occasions by an enemy who i just filled full of bullets only to die as well when he showed at zero health. Other than that I think you guys are working hard to make this game even better! Thank you!

    • UppercaseGalaxy 02.01.14 at 10:32

      It’s not really zero, it’s inaccurate. My friend was on the enemy team and sitting next me. He shot me and my health showed 22 and on his screen, it showed zero.

      • Niwai 02.01.14 at 11:06

        Sure it’s inaccurate, but there is no reason for it to be inaccurate, seeing him with 0hp and still living is really frustrating…. It is quite devastating on the overall feeling you get from playing the game.

    • Niwai 02.01.14 at 11:03

      Hapends to me all the time :/ Really frustrating. I know i’m the only one that has damaged that player, I die, sees that he’s got 0hp on the kill cam, a couple of seconds later he gets killed and i still only get kill assist and 60-75points even tho he’s not been able to heal.

    • xNAPALMxDEATHx73 02.02.14 at 19:32

      I too have this problem. I have killed plenty of people who have taken me out at the same time and we both die, but these people who have zero health after we exchanged fire and they should have died just keep on going.

  • K0M4ND0_K3N4N 02.01.14 at 09:38

    Remove optic sway, simply put its utter BS.

  • firebite 02.01.14 at 09:23

    Can you make the grenades a little more like grenades if one lands at your feet you should die

  • Phinix250 02.01.14 at 09:01

    burst fire weapons do need a SMALL buff but they are rewarding (M16A4 is good if you are disciplined in your use of it). the way i see it; it is an experienced players weapon but from what i see in all the games i play almost no one uses it because the reward for not having full auto is too small to pull people away from the OP ACE or the the M16s cousin the M416 (aside – i still like the gun but i rarely get killed from it) – the buff that it needs is to speed up the accuracy regain between bursts as when you are in medium range engagements it feels like your 2nd and 3rd bursts are wildly inaccurate (almost as if you had maintained full auto the entire time – and i do not use rapid bursts unless i am in close quarters) – i tend to get all three hit on the first burst but i can barely get 1 hit on each subsequent bursts.

  • TJ_Lee85 02.01.14 at 08:55

    I DONT agree with damage against vehicles with rocket launchers. Many, many times vehicles have to be hit with several rockets before killing the vehicle or occupants. Example, everytime I hit a “fast jeep” with a rocket and the enemies just abandon the vehicle. But if you crash into a rock the jeep immediately is destroyed, killing all occupants. We dont need 7 rockets if they perform as designed. Likewise with hits on transport heli’s, never kills any occupants. Futhermore, the MBT-LAW is still too noob friendly. Thanks for taking interest in the concerns of the community! -[RHIB] TJ_Lee85 of the MotorBoaters

  • TJ_Lee85 02.01.14 at 08:52

    I do agree with damage against vehicles with rocket launchers. Many, many times vehicles have to be hit with several rockets before killing the vehicle or occupants. Example, everytime I hit a “fast jeep” with a rocket and the enemies just abandon the vehicle. But if you crash into a rock the jeep immediately is destroyed, killing all occupants. We dont need 7 rockets if they perform as designed. Likewise with hits on transport heli’s, never kills any occupants. Futhermore, the MBT-LAW is still too noob friendly. Thanks for taking interest in the concerns of the community! -[RHIB] TJ_Lee85 of the MotorBoaters

    • TJ_Lee85 02.01.14 at 08:54

      **”I DONT AGREE”!!! Sorry for the typo lol, my bad!

  • prestonf792 02.01.14 at 08:51

    Please fix whatever it is you did to DEFUSE game mode. Now the bomb carrier has an enormous orange triangle above them that you can see from the spawns. How are you supposed to play tactical when the the enemy just rushes your spawn and wipes out the bomb carrier and camps the bomb because they can see wherever he is as soon as the bomb is picked up? Its just resulting in massive spawn rushing and the team that has the bomb ALWAYS loses. Put DEFUSE back the way it was!

  • xNFZxDiabolosx 02.01.14 at 08:37

    OK maybe this isnt the most important thing right now for the people in charge of tweeking and fixing stuff but I play BF4 on my xbox 360 and I dont know if its a problem only in this system but I cant see my emblem!, I think thats a cool feature and maybe you could look into it

  • IriSh-ViKing27 02.01.14 at 06:20

    Is it possible to retweak the last bullet fired kills upon death mechanisms? Nothing is more frustrating than scoring a kill then dying by that enemy. The kill screen shows them at zero health and they fall dead or even sometimes still live at zero health. I thought this may be server lag or connection on my end but it appears to be that zero health isnt full death. Thanks, Irish-Viking27 (Premium member BF3 & BF4)

  • Flame1Snake 02.01.14 at 06:16

    FAMAS needs a buff.

    • Zuberfizz 52 02.01.14 at 07:36

      No burst fire weapons need a buff, they are c**p right now. You know what, all DICE has to do is make the M16A4 fully automatic and rename it the M16A3 and have two separate guns.Ha this will satisfy MANY PLAYERS. It seems like DICE is avoiding this issue.

    • xNFZxDiabolosx 02.01.14 at 08:36

      You are kidding… right? 1000rounds per minute what else do you what? slugs?

  • Nurr Blackett 02.01.14 at 06:01

    Please don’t tweak the canister shell in the IFV please i have been annihilated over and over and can also annihilate the enemy team with the canister shell have had many a game with 20+ kills alone with that weapon so i really don’t believe it needs to be buffed to be more powerful and people should be able to compensate for a moving target that’s the point of running away is to not get hit you see.

  • tazjustino 02.01.14 at 05:24

    we need a adjust in snipers, shot in the chest must be a kill, because it does not kill the enemy and this is very annoying, I am forced to play hardcore for a more realistic gameplay, Dice should be paying attention in snipers

  • SirPunge 02.01.14 at 04:55

    we need tweak back to bf3 with mines and clay’s i have been kick out of many server for playing defense using mines and clay’s getting team kills and i feel as if im in a sever for 30 mins and then get kick for playing a defense of roll its not cool at all i love the game and i know u guys are doing ur best but this is one thing that is a major problem in the game and thats getting kick for team kills using mines and clay so i wish we can go back to the bf3 way with them.

  • WinterSpade0253 02.01.14 at 04:53

    There are plenty of times both myself and other players in the Battlefield 4 universe have been killed over faulty “curb” mechanics. A character can get stuck on just about everything. On Hainan Resort (Xbox 360) I was in a building by flag point C on Conquest. After about twenty attempts, I was finally able to get up on a couch. A couch. Once on the couch, I found it impossible to get over the arm rests of the couch. Now, with dimensioning the player with the environment, the arm rests of the couch came up to a little lower than his ankles. This is not the only time this situation had occurred. Many other maps, I noticed other players and myself to be unable to get over simple ankle high or lower objects, like the iconic curb. It has even been possible to not be able to walk up stairs or ramp ways (the flood). Also, the character is not able to swim at water level in The Flood if there were railings (i.e. the highway) before the levolution occurred. The player would have to swim all the way around the railing as if the water was not there. In BFBC2, I had never had this problem. In BF3, I still had never heard of this problem.

  • OldAssMan 02.01.14 at 04:41

    One thing that would be really cool is to add the 6 round 9mm spotting tracer to the Mk 153 SMAW, as it has in real life. Also, you could make it an unlock to get different types of rockets that this weapon can use, such as the HEDP (dual purpose) and HEAA (anti-armor).

    • OldAssMan 02.01.14 at 04:43

      Or the super cool: FTG (Follow-Through Grenade with dual warhead – first that penetrates barrier,and second that follows through the hole and explodes inside) :)

  • OldAssMan 02.01.14 at 04:35

    Glad to see the FGM-148 being considered. In reality, this weapon will reliably destroy any enemy armored vehicle, and many fortifications as well.

  • H-Drag 02.01.14 at 03:28

    Tweak the C4 for the love of god. Unrealistic when running cycles into tanks for the wipe, No way this would in real life EVER happen. Equip them with less C4 please.

  • dirtydan234 02.01.14 at 02:47

    I would really love to see the tricolor camouflage for my soldier working, instead of not being able to equip it

  • battlefieldbeefs 02.01.14 at 02:41

    I think their should be better levolution on operation locker and golmud railway

  • MajinFajita 02.01.14 at 02:37

    How about the ACE guns need a little nerf? High fire rate and 30 damage? At least add more recoil?

  • Infamouz xW0lfx 02.01.14 at 02:28

    Amen to that the soldiers can just run and jump like nothing and its suppose to be a machine gun

  • Infamouz xW0lfx 02.01.14 at 02:25

    I think that the Stinger Rocket can be nerfed not in the damage but slowing the reload time of it, it would not only give the aircraft vs engineer some balancing but it wold give the heli a couple of seconds to get away from locking range it would make the helicopter a viable vehicle to choose because now with the slow repairing update its making it very dificult to attack and run in open areas given the range of the stinger and imagine 4 engineers with them with the reload speed like now its just imposible to do anything but abandon the aircraft. Reply what you think

  • purius 02.01.14 at 02:22

    -All buck shot gets blocked by fence and hand rail of stair which other guns bullet have no problem penetrating. Some other objects such as stair way under the C flag of Zovad have same characteristic
    -reticle of all shot guns using buck shot and darts widen too much on moving making it use less even at close range
    -reticle of M26 will some time stay wide open even on prone after jumping
    -pump shot gun and M26 can not make a one shot kill using buck shot and darts all the time. Considering its short range and rate of fire it make the gun use less against other machine gun.

  • Rameses-lll 02.01.14 at 02:16

    Counter measures on tanks are a joke. We have more players on consoles than bf3, which means more lock on weapons and yet the counter measures take more time to respawn and don’t work properly. The smoke countermeasure may as well be called a puff of smoke, active protection sometimes work but not always, talk about balancing, you didn’t come close with these.

    • xNFZxDiabolosx 02.01.14 at 08:45

      I think someone at DICE doesnt like Helis of Jets, flares are even worst than how they were in BF3 and the ECM is garbage, for some reason i thhink ill stop driving helis for a while, too many douches with rocket launchers, MAAs, Tanks, Attacks Boats, etc etc etc

  • SCB SILENT ACE 02.01.14 at 01:52

    also fix the machine gun on top of vehicles they are garbage

  • SCB SILENT ACE 02.01.14 at 01:50

    you didn’t have to do anything to the staff shell you should of left it alone because tanks are so under powered also take away c-4 for recon if you wanted to make recon used more you should of put in carbines with the class like you did. you guys quite literally made it to were everything can kill a tank and tanks are suppose to be tanks not just a moving target the ap and he shells should do more splash damage you guys keep thinking that your making the game better when your not your just catering to the kids transitioning from call of duty and leaving your hardcore battlefield veterans behind make it like it was in bf3 for tanks not this crap.

    • WinterSpade0253 02.01.14 at 04:58

      I agree, tanks are not your run-of-the-mill vehicles of the assembly line. The damage they deal in real life is outstanding. If you shoot at an enemy and miss by 5′, he lives and runs on. The tanks splash radius should definitely be modified to achieve a greater AOE.

    • Nurr Blackett 02.01.14 at 06:09

      I really have to agree tanks are not what they use to be way more splash damage for the HE round atleast its called HE for a reason not because it hits the ground and makes a crater less that 1 ft from an enemy and he gets up and runs off

  • cowboy081472 02.01.14 at 01:33

    I want to know how slams are deployed out in the water and blows up boat because they are not floating mine?

    • marty1181 02.01.14 at 02:05

      Well they’re motion sensitive aren’t they. If the boat gets close to them in shallow water they will detonate, just the same as they do on land. If you don’t like it then don’t go into shallow water

  • Mazaratii22 02.01.14 at 01:04

    I personally thought the stealth jet cannons could use a buff. I have shoot at infantry dead on with 20, 25, 30mm cannons and it would not kill them.

  • Hanover_Fiste 02.01.14 at 01:04

    Sniper rifles still need work. The aggressive recon is extremely vulnerable in anything other than a long range fight, as between the amount of time it takes for the rifle to “settle” (bullet to go where aimed) and the low fire rate, aggressive recons are at an extreme disadvantage in short-mid fights. You get one shot due to the cycle time, and if it’s not a headshot, even switching weapons will fail due to the long weapon switch time. So either the rifles need to do full damage a bit further out, or they need to cycle faster (more rounds per minute) and settle faster. But I can’t begin to count the number of times I’ve put the crosshair between someone’s eyes during a surprise encounter, only to watch the bullet fly off at a severe angle to where I aimed if I fire in the first 1-2 seconds or so after taking aim.

  • T-Smuggs 02.01.14 at 00:42

    Please fix the ‘Killed in Action’ thing. I jumped out a window today and fell to the ground dead, killed in action. Or when mines blow up but dont set off the other ones on top of them, leaving them hovering in the air above a crater. Or getting killed when Im already behind cover. There are of course others but I have a bad memory. These things take a lot more fun out of the game than anything else. :(

  • TheDiaperButtKid 02.01.14 at 00:14

    Not a balance problem, just a request.

    TUGS, Spawn Beacon, SOFLAM destruction should be made such that the device’s explosion will detonate nearby C4/SLAM/Landmine.

    (Clever players will understand why this would be useful and exceptionally funny)

  • Gooseknob 01.31.14 at 23:53

    The Javelin certainly needs a buff. What is the point of using a hold-on-target launcher that does the least amount of damage, especially when the SRAW and MBT Law are laser-guidable as well. The Javelins damage would almost be acceptable if it was fire and forget, as it should be and as it has been in the past games.

    On the other hand I don’t want IFVs and MBTs to become the new attack choppers, and be extremely vulnerable to all engineer equipment without sufficient countermeasures…

  • A1EVLSS 01.31.14 at 23:49

    *****Please please please fix the 50 cal. Machine gun on tanks and IFV it is to WEAK!! Tons of hit markers before getting a kill. 3 or 4 hits and the enemy should DIE. To make it some what realistic. Thank you

    • Pvt_Reno 02.01.14 at 01:02

      Exactly! 50 Cal should tear infantry to pieces and would also provide a more credible AA defense making tanks more survivable than they currently are and encourage less solo tank drivers.

  • xx___AZBO___xx 01.31.14 at 23:35

    Stingers. Ground troops love ‘em. Pilots hate them. Especially chopper pilots. As I’m sure you know by now, there are many people out there who think that stingers are nerfing a great aspect of this game – chopper flying. Seriously, one Engi with 4 stingers will usually feck up a chopper, at least in the more open levels. Maybe I’m not a great pilot, and maybe better pilots can negate this, but I know I’m not the only one who;s suffering out there.

    How about this as a suggestion.

    The further away the air target is from the player who fired the missile, the greater the chance a pilot can evade the missile, due to the fact that it will become either slower or suffer difficulty maintaining a lock the longer it’s in the air for. If a pilot carries out evasive manoeuvres, they will be a chance the stingers will lose track. If a pilot remains roughly on course, or stationary, the missile will hit at longest range.

    This means that, if a pilot want to bug out, and move away from the threat, the further they get away from the threat, the better chance they have of evading a hit. Equally, if a pilot wants to climb, bank and dive to try to avoid a hit, it may work.

    Currently, a hit is guaranteed regardless of distance. This is, in my opinion, what makes Stingers to over powered. Not the number of missiles a player can hold.

    Please consider this suggestion.

    • Gooseknob 01.31.14 at 23:48

      Love this post! Sounds like I’m in the same boat as you. I love the idea of being to evade missiles through maneuvers, instead of just hoping those flares come back. And I don’t mean duck behind buildings, but being able to dodge a missile at long range, perhaps through some missile tracking gadget they could add in. There either needs to be faster countermeasures, or an evasive alternative.

  • IIIAZURAIII 01.31.14 at 23:27

    How about you just let us vote on “Bring back below radar?” Yay or Nay! Instead of just saying we think flying low is so easy, tanks? RPGs? what’s that?

  • Zuberfizz 52 01.31.14 at 23:25

    Now I read the changes coming and am very fine with it. Yet to know that burst fire weapons are recieving no change. I kind of am a little dissapointed because everyone is using at least a good long range weapon and a good close quarters weapon due to the type of situation. I have to say this again but the M16A4 and the other burst fire weapons do not meet the standards of regular weapons. This is because it is a BURST FIRE and not a FULLY AUTOMATIC FIRE WEAPON. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that these burst fire weapons be upgraded to at least be given a chance. I also look foward and hope that one of these days, in like an assignment or expansion pack, the M16A3 can come back. At this point in the game I really infact do miss the M16 family and have to say this family is not as good as I hoped it to be. I don’t really care what the stats are to the M16A3 if it comes back but I just want it back. Thank you for at least taking this into consideration.

  • NathanSoul1 01.31.14 at 23:22

    Since theres no topic for command mode and ui ill just stick this here. sorry
    Problem: Whenever I join a server only one or two squads actively give orders and work together. Commander mode is a joke as 95% of squad leaders ignore orders. I think the game would be more enjoyable if the Squad forming was automatic and over-simple.

    Solution. Team Management needs more then just “Join” and “leave”. Squad members need the option to “take over leadership” which would start a squad vote (using the same concept as the Accept/Denied commander order). This way a player who is interested in giving orders could take over a squad that otherwise would be inactive. Also squad leaders should have the ability to kick members who don’t work with the team, to make room for those who would.

    I would also give commanders the ability to “demote” squad leaders who don’t use orders, forcing a random member to become the leader (this can only work for squads not voting for commander mutiny)

    one random point: it would be nice if command mode allowed shift-clicking to select multiple squads to issue the same order to

  • Natoooooo 01.31.14 at 23:19

    I would love to take the time to go through a comprehensive, and fair rundown of the things I find utterly ridiculous. TV Missiles. The one and only bane of my existence, I am able to outmatch most at range with burst cannon, and zuni missiles due to their inability to properly utilize just about anything. There is no fuel timer as there was, the damage is -absurd- leaving you not only immobilized, but under half health. I would love to see a difference in the attack chopper’s gunner TV missile, and the boat’s TV missile. That, and the fact I feel Dawnbreaker is one of two of the maps that hold up the standard of Battlefield yet I am, and have been unable to play it since I threw my money at you, DICE.

    You buff DMRs where a buff isn’t needed. 90% of the population is engineers with stingers that can lock ~500 meters away which makes for clear skies for them! Flying a chopper with even one, unidentified stinger on the ground will be fatal because one hit flops you entirely sideways into an impossible dive, resulting in your inevitable demise. I don’t understand where you boys get your list of things to do, but fixing Dawnbreaker, the freezing on loading/destroying a vehicle/on any map should have been top priority. I can understand the hefty amount of dealings at your plate, but the no squad-up, the no rent-a-server, no Dawnbreaker, the absence of the AH-1Z Viper is borderline disheartening. Also, another thing to take into consideration that would be incredible – the area of Operation Locker near the RU deployment, the infirmary to be exact! You can take the lights out there, but there still seems to be a static haze of light, it doesn’t truly reach darkness – in fact, DICE, you toted the fact we would be able to alter all the environments of all the levels has fallen rather short, Lancang’s dam is entirely useless, what dam holds back no water? If the level flooded up to the canals atleast, between Bravo and Charlie bases… it would allow the attack craft to actually do something rather than pretty much being able to camp the enemy boat spawn while not even trying.

    To summarize, TV missiles are all I’ve had troubles with. It is perpetually annoying to sit on the US side of Charlie base on Paracel Storm, and take enemy TV missiles from BEYOND the CN deployment. The no fuel timer literally allows them to curve their missile over a hill a mile away and practice at becoming a marksman with something that is nearly capable of two-shotting. If this would have some sort of decrease in damage against armored targets, or something that would…. change just about everything. Zuni missiles are the anti-armor option, or so I thought. JDAM bombs are another disappointment I dealt with, playing games like Operation Flashpoint really highlights the devastation these bombs offer, and my first-ever test run involved me, and a friend on the enemy team in a tank. He said it resembled a grenade splash, and did only twenty or so damage to his vehicle. I know not if this has changed, I surrendered my love for JDAMs immediately after finding out their useless nature. Wouldn’t it be neat if a co-pilot could accurately drop those bombs/whatever else while you fly over, lighting tangos up with your GAU? I’m just a dreamer, and this is what I’ve had to say. Do you listen, DICE?

  • ianm9 01.31.14 at 23:06

    Please change the stinger missile for the engineer, it has too much ammo and reloads way to fast. If your in the little bird there is no way to survive because once you do your countermeasures he still has 4 rockets left! I get killed way to fast. Even if your on a jet they can get you.

  • cs2017 01.31.14 at 23:01

    Fix the lag in the servers and fix the crashing on the ps3 please

  • Neil XIII 01.31.14 at 22:45

    The infantry combat was the saving grace of bf4, the one dependably good part. By buffing DMR’s the balance is now ruined. Half of every team is using a DMR with whatever class they see fit. It was always considered the novice sniper, something to learn with. I’d agree with the buff if the suppression for DMR’s was also reduced. How is it fair to miss, despite aiming directly at someone, because they are spam firing a DMR at you? It makes you miss, because they are missing… rewarding skill-less players. The only remedy is recon only or the same suppression as assault rifles (which mostly use the same calibre rounds anyway!) It’s supposed to be a marksman rifle, not a spam fire and hope weapon. Giving everyone the DMR was the worst idea.

  • Specterl3112 01.31.14 at 22:27

    The PDR’s weapons are to strong at long range. These weapons are designed for short range and up close. The next thing, when I’m shooting at an enemy they always seem to kill me, even though I shoot them enough time to put them down.

  • MBENSON1 01.31.14 at 22:24

    I have an idea instead of tweaking weapons and vehicles. Why don’t you tweak game play in multi player too allow squads too form before entering a match. It is a ridiculous process too find a match that you can get into the same squad. More than one person you can cancel that. I still don’t know why this was changed from bf4 too bf4. Thanks

    • ianm9 01.31.14 at 23:09

      I agree, you should be able to make squads before joining the match. Right now I’m using battlelog on my phone to find matches that have less players to invite my friends but i would appreciate if they implemented it.

  • SoR OGhitman 01.31.14 at 22:05

    weapons reloading in jets, helo`s and other vehicles take entirely to long to reload nothin take that long. more airspace to fly in, the jets, and how about 2 jets on each side, battlefield 3 was great for jets and helo`s reloading.

  • BemusedYew 01.31.14 at 21:46

    What Not gonna nerf the boat? that thing is too strong for its own good taking 5 rpgs to kill it shouldn’t it be down to 2-3 to make the boat keep moving i hate that stupid thing way OP

  • Combat^Medic 01.31.14 at 21:45

    Please balance mortars!
    I use mortars, and I can see the need for balance. They are 1 hit kills in hardcore. you can squadwipe with wild abandon.

    I suggest 1) make them MUCH less accurate, or 2) make ammo packs and boxes unable to resupply the mortar rounds.

    Because when you go 57/2 mortarding it up, something’s broken.

  • supabeaner916 01.31.14 at 20:34

    need to nerf vehicles all together… 4 rockets to take one out? ok i understand that, shorten the tiem it takes to reload them, or heres a thought dice, MAKE THE SPAWN TIMES LONGER ON VEHICLES SO F***ING SICK OF P***y ASS NOOBS CAMPING VEHICLES ALL GOD DAMN DAY

    • OLlVlA WILDE 01.31.14 at 20:38

      Then people will just sit and wait for them to spawn. At least vehicle campers are killing enemies and holding key positions.

      Four rockets times two engineers is 8. Three is 12. Vehicles have plenty of competition against infantry. They’re supposed to be powerful to the point that they can take on multiple enemies working together, not be killed by one that is lone-wolfing.

    • JCD35 01.31.14 at 21:39

      thank you for the laugh

    • Natoooooo 01.31.14 at 23:31

      Roll with friends, have a sniper laser and use a SRAW/Javelin to take it out. Tanks are tanks, they are intended to be tough. Choppers are excessively fragile now, if you flew at all you’d know the sadness which was fun once before!

  • Intratec-9 01.31.14 at 20:19

    i hope that dmrs could have long ranges like 6x, 7x, 8x, and exclusive 12x. Also hope that SCOUT HELICOPTERS 4th sit can have laser like BF3. if you can add crossbow back, that is wonderful.

    • ReamExpert 01.31.14 at 20:27

      Here’s their answer:
      “Long Range scopes for DMRs were tested extensively internally before release. We specifically removed these scopes from those weapons as we found any class being able to effectively snipe was detrimental to the overall pace and gameplay of BF4. We have no intentions of adding those scopes to DMRs for BF4.”

  • NinjaVZ 01.31.14 at 20:18

    There should be a minimap in Hardcore, BUT only show the enemies or friendlies when they are targeted (Q) or within the range of a sensor. What is the use of sensors in Hard Core if there is no minimap? I agrre though, that the information shown should be very limited.

  • Johzuu 01.31.14 at 19:05

    They should make icons on a minimap smaller when it’s scrolled out so we could see clearer exact soldiers more than a pile of red icons crossing all over. Too much to see on such small map :P

    • NinjaVZ 01.31.14 at 20:19

      You can use the Battlescreen (WEB) on a second monitor

  • muffinsmannen 01.31.14 at 18:53

    fix the DMRs the suck so bad right now

  • mindfck_andretti 01.31.14 at 18:50

    Fix the stationary automatic AAs!

  • Nitrixflare 01.31.14 at 18:48

    For the AC130, could you increase the splash of the 120mm? It doesn’t make sense when I hit 2 metres away from a person and he doesnt even get a hit marker.

  • Orly420 01.31.14 at 17:30

    fix dawnbreaker on the 360, cant finish 1 game without it freezing…. that should be top priority over anything

    • Tegis1755 01.31.14 at 18:49

      On 360 ?! Are u out of ur mind ?! PC is the beast, and even if you have to play this game on consol (god spear the poverty) then use at least next gen.

  • InuyashasBrother 01.31.14 at 17:25

    Please…. The most important thing to fix is TEAM BALANCE – reshuffle the players between matches, otherwise, matches are always lopsided.

  • Johzuu 01.31.14 at 16:33

    Also decrease counter knife time to 1 second and make it random button such as Q,W,E,A,S,D,F,R. There is no possible way to knife from front because of too easy counter knife.

  • Johzuu 01.31.14 at 16:30

    PLEASE do something about tagged as HVT. Almost on every conquest server I play, I can’t get more kills than 4 in a row because I am tagged all the time as HVT. It’s not nice when better players are punished so bad. And when I am playing sneaky way, always tagged as HVT and no can do. Change how this works so not everyone can see me because I am risk to my whole team when tagged as HVT.

    • ElBlancoMexicano 01.31.14 at 18:49

      that is the point of being a high value target or else there would be no point in even having the option of pointing out somebody as a HVT if you dont show up on mini map then what good is placing the HVT on someone?

  • DeltaBravoLima 01.31.14 at 10:05

    Can you reduce the reload time/increase the effectiveness of helicopter ECM and flares? It is currently useless against anyone with the up to 7 stinger missiles that a soldier can carry. This combined with the decision to reduce the splash damage of the 25mm cannon on the scout heli will make it a bitch for anyone with a bunch of stingers.

  • PDiddyShrimpBoat 01.31.14 at 08:02

    I think it’s obvious that what the players desire most is for stability in the game. After that, the ability to make squads with your friends from the lobby. Lastly, I would REALLY like to see the return of rent a server; it is a great way to get the maps, map times, and weapon restrictions that people desire to make it their Battlefield, not this Call of Duty version we’ve got right now.

  • TakahashiRyos-ke 01.31.14 at 07:15
  • VIPER1OSCARMIKE 01.31.14 at 03:45

    squad up with friends prior to game time. and remove the flashing grenaide from hardcore

  • SxEsoldier31 01.31.14 at 02:20

    the guided missile on the attack jet is too weak against heavy armor make it stronger

  • SxEsoldier31 01.31.14 at 02:16

    whenever the round just starts the whole map is fucked up and wont generate some things are invisible and are graphically horrible, you have to wait for the things to generate, its annoying.

  • SxEsoldier31 01.31.14 at 02:10

    please fix the crashing i hate it when i am having a great game you know getting kills and XP… ALL OF A SUDDEN BOOM!! MY GAME FREEZES AND CRASHES!

  • SxEsoldier31 01.31.14 at 02:08


  • SxEsoldier31 01.31.14 at 02:07


  • Last Mudkipz 01.30.14 at 23:51

    Carbine (specifically G36C) Buff

  • King Hunter 666 01.30.14 at 22:09

    Also keep the squad menus so we can join the same match and squad as well as sees more empty spots in the browsing

  • King Hunter 666 01.30.14 at 22:07

    Please change the jets to how they control in battlefield 3 now they are way to slow to travel and maneuver please l
    Keep it like

  • BOBBYSOUTH 01.30.14 at 21:45

    The cannons overall need to be much more powerful against ground vehicles.

  • BOBBYSOUTH 01.30.14 at 21:45

    I feel sometimes like there is no distinction between the cannon types of the stealth jet. 20mm should be fast and good agit aircraft, but poor against ground. 25mm should be 5050 ish and 30mm should be anti vehicle oriented.

  • BOBBYSOUTH 01.30.14 at 21:41

    As far as the attack boats aa defense the only real threat is a pestering heli which can be taken out pretty easily

  • AnyOLName 01.30.14 at 21:00

    Since we are finally getting some fixes and such, what do we think about the perks? Are they working right?

    Are they supposed to carry over from round to round or not? Because sometimes they do, and sometimes they don’t. I will have level 3 on the green bar, but none of the perks will work. It will go up a perk to the last one, but it works as if I got the level 2 upgrade. Sometimes it works like it shows. On top of that, you have to die to get the perk to work. Witch is risky, if your squad wipes while you are reloading. It doesn’t seem like a reward if you have to die to get your reward for doing well.

    Then there are things that don’t make sense that I’m not sure are broken.

    Issues I have;

    Engineer, anti-tank loadout:
    LEVEL 1: MINES: Increases maximum inventory of AT Mines or M2 SLAM to 6
    LEVEL 2: ROCKETS: Increases maximum inventory of AT and AA ammo to 7
    LEVEL 3: MORE DEPLOYED EXPLOSIVES Increases maximum deployed Explosives to 6
    LEVEL 4: FLAK: Decreases damage from explosions by 15

    You start off with 6 explosives, but can only put out 3 until you get to level 3. But when I hit level 3, I can put out 6 total explosives, but now I’m only carrying 3. Is it supposed to be like that? I though it would be a running total, not just that perk at the time.

  • APhiLLiaTe o2 01.30.14 at 20:39

    G36C also needs 2-round burst, not the current 3-round

  • APhiLLiaTe o2 01.30.14 at 20:38

    Carbines needs balancing next! G36C buff, MTAR nerf.

  • CroVepar 01.30.14 at 20:38

    BUFF AA, everything else is fine.

  • Zakos- 01.30.14 at 20:37

    nerf sniper rifles in hardcore mode, 1 shot to kill is way to up against normal veapons

  • Devellis96 01.30.14 at 20:28

    Air vs lock-on anti-air is a skewed battle. Stinger/Iglaa are not skill-based weapons. The reason anyone would use them is because a good helicopter pilot is dominating their team. The goal would be, presumably, to stop this domination. Don’t reward stinger/iglaa players with kills to encourage them to use dumb-fire rockets (skill-based weapoons) Either increase the reload speed of those lock-on weapons or decrease the reload time of the flares by two. You should be able to fire two rockets between flare-dumps such that the second rocket will only hit if the pilot was too stupid to leave in the first place. This + a damage increase (two-hit disable, NOT TWO-HIT KILL) I think would make for good balance.

    Either do that, or enable below radar again for helicopters, including surface-to-air missiles.

  • Pwned Inator 01.30.14 at 20:20

    How’s this for an idea? Try making the Gunship spawn at a random point on it’s loop rather than in the same spot every time.
    I say this only because I got in to a match where the enemy AA was sitting behind a wall right next to their deployment and had his guns aimed at the sky waiting for the gunship to spawn. My team had the checkpoint for the gunship and the commander was dropping it as soon as his timer was available. The guy in the AA, he just kept shooting it down as soon as it spawned. I jumped in to the gunship out of curiosity to see if I could drop a 108mm round on him but the gunship’s path didn’t allow the gun to swing around far enough to take him out let alone get a shot off. He was also sitting just outside my team’s play area so going out there to C4 him was impossible as well.
    By having the gunship spawn on a random point, this will minimize this potential spawn exploitation. While the AA driver himself didn’t actually score a ton of points compared to the rest of his team who were actually trying to capture flags, he was still exploiting an angle of approach that couldn’t be countered.

  • HerbalNinja 01.30.14 at 19:59

    After each patch on the PS4 I have to restart and complete all challenges and collect all weapons/items on campaign, I was get the error where no trophies would pop I’ve completed all trophies assignments and nothing to show. Please and thank you for your help.

    Keep up the good work.

  • herbertshero 01.30.14 at 19:54

    it would also be nice to switch loadouts from the main menu instead of wasting gameplay to go in and tweek them. alos would not mind being able to customize loadouts for every class for the different maps so its set up when the round starts

    • exUSSR_BuzZ 01.31.14 at 08:10

      Load out menu should be available in game after the end of the round. Nobody cares about stats. Period

  • IhadFunwiturMUM 01.30.14 at 19:46

    For the love of all things battlefield, please please please put the old squads menu and load-out screen back in the main menu! it takes FOREVER to get all my friends in the same game, let alone same squad! I know for a fact everyone misses this simple yet perfect and useful tool!

  • herbertshero 01.30.14 at 19:41

    they need to stop allowing the artillery truck in zavod to launch from the deployment areas where nobody can get to them

  • CHANGO-Dftw 01.30.14 at 19:37

    fully auto m4a1

  • Guitarman43 01.30.14 at 19:35

    Would love to be able to cook or at least hold a grenade to aim where I want to throw it instead if my guy just tossing it after I hit the button. And please fix the issue when first starting a new game and you spawn without a gun. I spawned once without one and i ran till I died before It showed up

    • herbertshero 01.30.14 at 19:40

      you cant cook grenades, though I wish you could, but you can hold them. when you press the throw grenade button and also hold the right trigger at the same time you will hold and not throw it

  • Ninja2813 01.30.14 at 19:34

    I meant Rpg’s not pro’s

  • Cinurwe 01.30.14 at 19:34

    My issue is with the mobile AA range. You can’t get 50m past your own spawn before the enemy’s mobile AA is shooting your down. This is mainly a problem for jets since evasive action and hiding behind buildings is much harder than with a helo. Without being a professional game developer, my first two wishes during frustration were:

    - Limit the mobile AA’s area of travel to in and around the main spawn and closest flag. This will allow clear airspace for nearly half the map, not the entirety of it.

    - Limit the range of AA so getaways are at least somewhat possible. This is probably most important since AA already sticks close to it’s main base like I noted above, but can still stretch out and slap you out of the air from great distances.

    I don’t know, I just know flying isn’t as fun and free as it used to be in earlier BF games. I miss it.

    • Cinurwe 01.30.14 at 19:50

      Just read about the AA tweaks, so that’s good the range is being reduced. So I guess all that’s left is bring back the temporary invulnerability when spawning to prevent instant deaths before you know what’s happening.

  • ThexBrutalxOne 01.30.14 at 19:34


  • Ninja2813 01.30.14 at 19:33

    Pro’s should be increased in power because on core modes I’m hitting tanks with 5-6 shots before killing them off. What happened to being able to kill them faster when hitting them from up top? It’s the same situation all around except for behind. I’m glad something is being done for the mp 412 rex, the delay is ridiculous! It’s my favorite pistol to use with all classes!

  • dave__waz__ere 01.30.14 at 19:31

    Oh, and ADD THE APACHE IN, please?

  • CooterBooterx 01.30.14 at 19:28

    give the G36C a 750 fire-rate like in real life so it is a more competitive gun.

  • dave__waz__ere 01.30.14 at 19:21

    -Try to fix 0 health glitch
    -keep counter melee timer the same but make it a random button
    -rpgs and mbt law should do more damage against tanks, I play hard core and I have to shoot a tank at least 5-6 times before it’s disabled…
    -add more knife animations too
    -keep all guns the same, they are fine….
    -tweak attack boat damage just a bit, it’s a little over powered
    -make dog tags more visible in “killcam”
    -add more dog tags/dog tag creator!
    -added more than 3-4 vehicles/weapons per DLC :D

    • Rock NYer 01.31.14 at 13:50

      I agree with all but the weapons do need to be adjusted.

  • Chase1752 01.30.14 at 19:15

    Dice you need to fix the bug were you shoot and enemy and they kill you but they have zero % help

  • Guitarman43 01.30.14 at 19:15

    Please adjust the time it takes to reload Flares for the aircraft. They can shoot 4 to 5 missiles before you have time to reload. Also I think you should increase the damage slightly with sniper rifles in core. Seems if I hit you directly in the chest with a sniper rifle you should be dead. I can understand havering to shoot them twice if you shoot them waist down. The game plays well other than that for me. Except for it freezing up in between starting new games. Thanks for listening dice!!!!

    • Chase1752 01.30.14 at 19:17

      yes i think that that will be much more realistic because i can shoot someone in the neck and they will still be running around with like 15-20% health just enough to kill you quickly

  • Flyingweenerdog 01.30.14 at 19:12

    Please for the love of God fix the bug with sniper rifles. The bullet goes 20-30 feet off target if you shoot too quickly after the round is chambered. Please please please fix this.

  • cN1ck 01.30.14 at 19:09

    I think that the attack jets should be the only have air-to-ground weapons (aside from the main cannons)
    and that the stealth jets should be the only jets with air-to-air weapons (aside from main cannon)

    this would alow the jets to fulfill their intended purposes and force jet pilots to concordant if they want to domonate

  • SmokenGun44 01.30.14 at 18:47

    Can you change the damage of snipers in hard core. It should not be a two shot kill to the heart over 200 meters. It’s hard enough to hit someone sprinting and jumping with a paint ball like bullet speed I should not have to hit him twice. And add like an attachment to get rid of that scope glint.

  • HillBilly Tango 01.30.14 at 18:45

    Bring back gunner flares for attack choppers.

  • HillBilly Tango 01.30.14 at 18:41

    Don’t forget about us tankers all the snipers cry about how over powered tanks are, well its a tank! Thats its job if you tweak it anymore we want stand a chance.

  • Spongemata 01.30.14 at 18:38

    I would like to thank you guys for a great game and listening to the community for ideas for patching and tweaking. Please keep up the good work.

    I have a few suggestions.

    1. Remove active radar missiles completely. They are instant lock missiles that provide an unfair advantage to any vehicle that uses them. The idea of locking on the enemy gives them a chance to evade or leave the area and usually works. Flying over AA with active radar the pilot is pretty much destroyed in seconds.

    2. Reduce the time flares reload. Just slightly please. The time it takes for the flares to reload about 5 missiles could be fired and reloaded from infantry.

    3. Please fix the “rubberbanding” issues. It makes the game play unbearable and people leave servers due to the issue and never go back.

    4. “0″ health….no explanation needed.

    5. DO NOT add any more AA abilites. There idea of having AA on the RIVB is absurd. The mini gun actually does a pretty substantial amount of damage over a short time.

    Thank you for all your effort and listening to the players.

    • Chase1752 01.30.14 at 19:19

      i agree with the 0% health i have a comment posted look for it below.

  • GOW DELTA SGT 01.30.14 at 18:36

    Why hasn’t anyone who has played all the previous bf games received their veteran status camos and so on?

  • GOW DELTA SGT 01.30.14 at 18:30

    Need to add a higher power scope to the dmr. I miss having a regular scope on my m39

  • coocoo216 01.30.14 at 18:26

    another patch and no attempt at fixing the freezing problem ! You people are worried if this or that weapon/vehicle needs tweaking, that crap doesn’t matter worth a damn if you can’t play the freaking game cause it’s freezing up. Here an idea, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out, fix the game then worry if weapons/vehicles might need to be tweaked. Or is the game unfixable and you don’t want to tell us it’s a bust?

  • CoinOP1 01.30.14 at 18:17

    About the M2 Slam. As “new gameplay emerges”, the M2 Slam as well as the C4 are thrown at vehicles. I would like to see a larger throw range.

  • diemonkey-45_ 01.30.14 at 18:16

    so any idea y the missiles r useless? take the javelin for example, a missile SPECIFICALLY designed to destroy a tank with 1 hit in a combat situation, and i need 5 consecutive hits on a tank driven by a catfish engineer whose just goin to get out and repair it from behind and make it invincible, no idea wat kinda math dice r doing over in sweden but i dont believe a smart guided missile designed for one purpose should be worse at that purpose than a man in boxers with a stick

  • GaseousDonkey 01.30.14 at 18:12

    Need to fix this 0 health bs I’ve never had 0 health and kill 3 guys. If I have 0 health I’m dead.

  • jayrobinsonshow 01.30.14 at 17:11

    I was primarily a helo guy in bf3 and when I tried to fly around in this POS

    • jayrobinsonshow 01.30.14 at 17:16

      hit enter by accident** To continue, I would just like it if the helo would stop tipping over after missles hit it. Its frustrating to see that I have 65 health left but who gives a shit because I’m upside down. Might as well make the stinger a one shot kill which locks across the map and has a reload time of 4 seconds while my chopper is disabled for 7 and cant move. Drives me nuts…..when your disabled you should be disabled. Cut out this critical hit bullshit because you literally cant move before the next stinger is already enroute and you have no flares for the next 30 seconds. (that is if the flares work). Damage is good, although it sucks that when I tv missle jets it just disables them. Its bloody hard to do and its frustrating when you dont even get a kill for it. And dont even get me started on AA’S locking me from their base when I take off in a helo in mine.

  • zI-Colonel-Iz 01.30.14 at 17:08

    Simple Dice EA, air flares should be cut time to load 22 is too much! Where my below radar? I list for jets, air vs air…. We need below radar air to air, i hope you that you guys i list read this post

  • RedBudda 01.30.14 at 15:49

    I would like to see the servers categorized according to ping – i.e. 5 bar, 4 bar, 3 bar, 2 bar, and 1 bar servers….if you do not have the proper number of bars you should not be able to join that server – i.e. 5 bar servers would be for players with 5 bars of ping regardless of global location. I believe this would effectively fix the latency and 3 step screen shimy/freeze i.e. rubber banding that occurs when the server attempts to slow down a player who’s connection speed is fast. This way, people who pay for faster internet download/upload speeds can play the game with people who have faster speeds and it would reduce the risk that a 1 bar of ping player joins a server and effectively ruins the game for the other 63 players involved due to his/her crappy internet.

  • UR_BABY--MY_STEW 01.30.14 at 15:37

    Yeaaahhh, if you guys could fix this whole decimal health system, that’d be grrrreat. Kinda getting tired of people miraculously killing me with “0″ health. I mean I’m no expert. I’ve never been down to 0 health in real life myself…..but come on.

  • pegagus 01.30.14 at 14:26

    the ps3 freezes almost every game. Make the game more stable please.
    Don’t need so many xp boosts in my battlepacks, because i rank fast enough. I’d prefer camo’s, assignments etc. but not xp boosts.
    Bring back the below radar to counter the many launchers.
    Bring the pregame lobby back so that i can join with my friends.

    ps: A lot of the same bugs in bf3 are back in bf4.

  • CountTofu 01.30.14 at 14:22

    I miss the feature that while in a game you can view a list of your team vs the opponents team (in BF3 you pressed select on PS3). So many times I think the balance is off during a match, but there is no way I know to see it. Except for waiting till the end of the round at which point players also quit – so still no clarity.

    • teh_0r4c13 01.30.14 at 16:08

      In BF4 you can see the score by holding the Start button

  • daneman21 01.30.14 at 14:16

    I am also having an issue where at the startup a game match textures and sound will not load fast enough correctly.

    • daneman21 01.30.14 at 14:28

      Both these problems are on xbox 360 gameplay

  • CountTofu 01.30.14 at 14:12

    This is probably not considered a tweak but I would really appreciate it if the overall game would be more stable. My PS3 freezes so many times I stopped counting. It really takes a lot of the fun out of the game.
    And yes, I did test this with other games and they work for hours and hours without freezing so I am sure it’s not my hardware.

  • daneman21 01.30.14 at 14:12

    Dear Dice please consider fixing the dlc assignment issuse where the assignment award icons still pop up when you have already completed an assignment

  • PhonicCub47 01.30.14 at 12:12

    everyone wants tweaks to their favourite weapon,vehicle,heli,jet whatever.we all have our favoured tool.i couldn,t fly attack helis,jets.crap at weapon skills,but pretty good with ifv,s.but if too many tweaks make everything impossible to destroy whats the point?look at bf3 helis flew below radar give a good pilot impssible to shoot it down some of their kills were in the 70,s.bf4 recon now killing from unbelievable distances and can,t even be seen
    to help give them c4 some great recons out there almost untouchable in their safe zones.still love the game though

  • Mr_Kofferbak 01.30.14 at 11:47

    Give TVmissle splash damage just like a TOWmissle

  • Lagunagreen 01.30.14 at 11:28

    Still not too happy with some of the random spawn points and how on TDM you can get spawn camped.

    • CountTofu 01.30.14 at 14:14

      Agreed! This was better (but not perfect) in BF3.

  • FOXBERT 01.30.14 at 11:28

    There should be a setting in the upcoming update to disable v-sync on PS3 and Xbox 360, to allow for better responsiveness in certain situations where you might miss a target because the response time from me aiming has slowed. An option to at least disable v-sync would be great for people who DO want the slightly higher frames and response from there game. Also after every second match I play on Siege of Shanghai my console keeps crashing. 0_0

  • Digby37 01.30.14 at 10:52

    Hey, what about a floating mine to help destroy attack boats, near impossible as a solder.
    Just a thought !
    Thanks Diggs

  • ohadoni 01.30.14 at 10:27

    the jets in bf3 are better hope u can do something about it .

  • HerbalNinja 01.30.14 at 08:51

    I’m having issues on the PS4 trophy are not poping. Missing all the collictables, all three endings and all assignments trophy. Any word on works for this error? Keep up the good work.

  • Rraine1975 01.30.14 at 08:18

    cheers dice

  • NO__WARNING 01.30.14 at 05:29

    Thanks for having the F35 in BF4 :D it’s amazingly epic!

  • NO__WARNING 01.30.14 at 05:29

    SO HOW ABOUT THAT F22 Raptor???

  • NO__WARNING 01.30.14 at 05:28


  • NOFIRER 01.30.14 at 05:15

    The Fast Attack Craft are the MOST overpowered vehicle of the game. I can easily go 30/1 & 10,000+ points on Paracel Storm.

    I say don’t do a thing, but I’m a beast in the FAC.

    it probably should be fixed…

  • NiCATiNE 01.30.14 at 04:53

    Hello dice…As an attack chopper pilot I would like to say thanks for finally attending to the issues with the attack helicopters. I have read the upcoming modification and agree.. Please make no other alterations. Sincerely your ranked #2 in the good old USA, o CALL x 911

  • DubSackDean 01.30.14 at 04:46

    How about you try fixing where the killcam shows the player having zero health, yet they are still alive and running around. I know the last fix was to have the issue fixed where it said they opponent had 1 health but was dead. I much rather have them be dead and it say they have 1 health as to them being alive when it shows zero health.

    • DubSackDean 01.30.14 at 04:47

      Issue on xbox 360

    • CountTofu 01.30.14 at 14:15

      Agreed! This happens all of the time, and even more since the last update.

  • Seventy9iner 01.30.14 at 04:38

    pleaaaaaaaaase!!!you would make this weapon USEABLE again as it was in bf3!!!!!!

  • TrueViP 01.30.14 at 04:22

    Oh and maybe add some anti armor to assault classes as they are the only ones completely screwed against any armor, even though assault by definition is the swiss army one-size-fits-all class of soldier.

  • TrueViP 01.30.14 at 04:19

    There needs to be some better scopes for assault rifles and DMRs. Sniper rifles have up to 40x magnification, and everything else is 4x… The DMRs should at least have some middle ground considering the zeroing function, which means it is meant for distance shooting. Assault rifles should have maybe a 6x or 8x to take advantage of their range capabilities.

  • BRIGERDOOM 01.30.14 at 04:01

    Fix the awards on soldier progression. I killed 42 people in one round yesterday in the metro but nothing showed up on the DLC achievement for the F2000. Fix the spawn locations. I literally spawned behind two guys yesterday and killed them both and it has happen to me plenty of times, that and spawning dead already. The game crashes a lot, I lost all my campaign progress, pick conquest and get put into a team deathmach or domination match. Sniper rifles, as much as I hate to say it, in the higher end of the progression should be a one shot kill from the waist up. You shouldn’t have to hit someone more than twice with a gun on a vehicle either. If you get shot with a 50cal. it doesn’t matter if it hits you in the waist or thigh..your dead.

  • Hunter1Victor 01.30.14 at 03:56

    To whom it may concern,
    Fix the TV missile for the Attack Jet on the Xbox One, rarely works when fired, and guidance is far too stiff, trade the vulnerability of not actively controlling your jet for a more user friendly weapon. GOL Magnum needs a full compliment of scopes just like any other sniper rifle, 30mm gun on Stealth Jets needs higher fire rate or higher damage output against light armored targets so as to have more Air to Ground attack potential especially on maps that lack an attack jet. Encourage Recon and armor users to lase targets by increasing the damage on targets hit by guided ordinance. Reward players for using the MP-APS, it is an effective gadget that is rarely used. FLIR on vehicles needs to be clearer with less color bleed, it also almost completely washes out when viewing round impacts from the attack chopper, obscuring your target, and longer range on all platforms. Increase the damage radius of the Attack Jet’s JDAM as well as allowing quicker release so both bombs can be launched almost simultaneously. Thank you for reading.

  • Cheiron44 01.30.14 at 03:13

    Stingers are a huge issue… the ability to aquire out of range locks for immediate firing, the very short reload tim and unrestrictive ammo capacity makes any infantryman a mobileAA in his own right. The transport chopper should have more potential uses than just taxiing players around… maybe giving it active protection to allow it the potential of capping objectives? A very slight increase the the scout chopper’s maneuverability, and maybe a slightly better defense system on the attack choppers would be nice… but most of all… WHY IS THERE NOT A BUTTON FOR LANDING MODE TO ENGAGE ON A JET? The B button on xbox does nothing in jets…. so I really dont get why flying near any sort of surface with the throttle down has to be the trigger…

    • CountTofu 01.30.14 at 14:19

      The IGLA’s are indeed very powerful, maybe too much so. But in BF3 I always hated that the IGLA was so weak that you could never take out a chopper unless it was already down to 15% or so. The maintenance feature plus the many times an engineer doing repairs made the IGLA in BF3 useless. So in BF4 they might take it down a notch, but not too much!

  • DBGrip 01.30.14 at 02:39

    One of my biggest complaints since bad company 2 has been not being able to take down trees with the M2 mounted on the the tanks. There is no reason for it to take more hits from an M2 tokill an infantry wan than from an assault rifle. Maybe the solution is to nerf trees as saplings have also stopped an Abrams at full speed when it should be knocked over. decreasing the rate of fire for the top guns could be a bit of balance to increased power.

  • PsychoDouche 01.30.14 at 02:01

    I would like to see a buff for the attack choppers speed. The attack chopper seemed a lot faster in bf3.

  • Pr0DI JAY1 01.30.14 at 01:53

    Attack choppers are very under powered. I do not understand how the Scout Chopper is better than the Attack Chopper. Please give the Attack Chopper a complete buff. The transport chopper should have an extra line of defense and be able to hover a bit better.

  • Pr0DI JAY1 01.30.14 at 01:50

    Please keep in mind how much players whine when they do not do well and blame it on other things. That is a lot of the issues.

  • Chunky_Nutz 01.30.14 at 01:30

    During game play I am seeing issues when running and firing. When running its looks like I am skipping/lagging/skipping frames. I always pick servers that are full bar for the pinging indicator. When clearly firing and hitting someone why does it take a full magazine to kill that person. Please tweak the damage up for more damage with less bullets. This is one of the reasons that make this game so great and to make it as real as you can get it. This is what makes the game so realistic and great! One other thing during game play is when two people are firing on each other and then when I die I have seen numerous times the other person with a Health of Zero and still moving. Is that a hack or should his health be 1%? One other thing that seems to be a hacker at large is one time all my loadouts went away and I had to restart the game to get all my loadouts back to normal … FYI. I love Battlefield 4 and take my hat off to the designers and teams for job well done. Just need some tweaks to make it more stable.

  • Zuberfizz 52 01.30.14 at 00:52

    I read this, and there is STILL NO upgrade to the burst fire weapons and yet, the ACE and the AEK are not even tweaked. Please do something about it!!!!! In my opinion, there are two options to bring back burst fire weapons- 1: Reduce the recoil and increase damage or range or 2: Make all the guns balanced to these guns in a way that does make all the guns equal, and please add an M16A3 to compete even more if balancing the guns is too much. Thank you.

    • Zuberfizz 52 01.30.14 at 00:53

      WHich I mean the upcoming confirmed weapon tweaks

  • G-vi 01.30.14 at 00:41

    AA is far to op and the scout chopper is to week faster defence or longer lasting will fix this issue

  • EL MUECA 4G64 01.29.14 at 23:49

    pleasee fix the assigments that dont work like PERFECT LANDING,AIR MAIL etc..pleasee

  • LoH Anubis 01.29.14 at 23:31

    NO! no no no no
    TV Missile is a skill weapon if you cant hit with it dont use it

  • Pr3datoR_Ey3z 01.29.14 at 23:17

    *does accept*

  • Pr3datoR_Ey3z 01.29.14 at 23:15

    Fix the In-Game Kick/Ban Voting System.

    Implement a new User-Friendly-Interface.
    -plus one that does not accept an 11 and 2 vote,
    and says need 5 more to kick so and so….
    11 to 2 votes should be Suffice.

  • caged67 01.29.14 at 22:41

    Please exten the obliteration time it’s to short for one game.

  • Mr_Kofferbak 01.29.14 at 22:21

    Give the TVmissle splash damage

  • Mr_Kofferbak 01.29.14 at 22:19


    • Villain_MJK 01.29.14 at 23:20

      They are nerfing the AA (im ok with that) but now you want them to nerf the Stinger too?

  • Mr_Kofferbak 01.29.14 at 22:18


  • Mr_Kofferbak 01.29.14 at 22:18


  • Mr_Kofferbak 01.29.14 at 22:17


  • NIK2DOPE29 01.29.14 at 22:12

    Would love to know when ur gonna add the gun emblems on PS4..been waiting since release. .

  • HAWKINS61 01.29.14 at 21:56

    opter pour un gameplay se rapprochant de bf3

  • GOR1LLAF1ST 01.29.14 at 20:54

    where the hell is below radar…. and why is it so hard to team up in this game

  • GOR1LLAF1ST 01.29.14 at 20:53

    the attack boat is dominating as it is if used properly.

  • GabrielGonnes 01.29.14 at 19:16

    Bom né

  • AURush 01.29.14 at 19:02

    I would like to see a 10 time scope on the Dmr. It is a Marksman rifle, but not up to participate with the sniper. how is it that marksman have the same power of scope as the LMG

  • AURush 01.29.14 at 18:23

    What the cap happened to my campaign assignment. I haven’t even finished my campaign. I don’t want to be wasting my time restarting all over again. Freaking unfinished product.

  • AURush 01.29.14 at 18:18

    Why does my campaign assignment gone. I have to restart every time. what the crap. what a freak in unfinished product. Did they even tested this out before it goes public?

    • CountTofu 01.30.14 at 14:29

      Agreed! I have started the campaign about 4 times before it finally saved my progress. Then it did and I forgot about it. But it is very annoying.

  • Spitfire_CH83 01.29.14 at 18:03

    Those votes are ridiculous… All CoD players hate vehicles. They will allways vote against vehicles.
    Why don’t you ask about a bolt action sniper rifle to one hit kill every vehicle? I’m sure it would be accepted….

    If you would buff the Jav, vehicles would become totally useless. Trust me, the whining after this change would be unbelievable. But it’s your game Dice, if you hate vehicles and your loyal customers (BF1942 day one), then buff away…

  • Kingshams9999 01.29.14 at 17:57

    Hi there battlefield fans..
    I just wanted to make a suggestion on the 0% health I think it should be returned to its normal state as many people have been complaining about the issue.. At te beginning of battlefield 4 it will accurately tell you the damage inflicted on your enemies when they have been killed.. It’s a problem now as I shoot from range and they manage to kill me when I have done most of the damage already.. There is a major problem to that and I wanted to address the issue.. Bf3 dosent have this problem and I would like the issue to be sorted on the new edition.. Please sort this out for us fellow fans
    Many Thanks

  • stillery22 01.29.14 at 17:57

    I play BF4 on PS3 and would like to access my loud out from the main screen. Unless there is a way I don’t know of. I have Battlelog but it keeps wanting me to purchase BF4. Someone help please???

  • stillery22 01.29.14 at 17:50

    There should be more peripheral vision without moving your head. At least 10% more. For example, if driving a jeep, you shouldn’t lose sight of the roadway or area directly ahead, just from slightly looking to the left or right

  • AURush 01.29.14 at 17:48

    I would like to see a change of color in the reticles. It’s hard to see black against black background when you’re trying to aim at the enemy. DOES should be more accurate and deadly. It should be a two or one shot kill, they are not subs or lmgs.

  • Koshime 01.29.14 at 17:16

    Dear BF4

    1/ Active Protection should work more effectively during its activation
    2/ Currently, vehicles are underpowered or poorly defended vs ground troops, making the usage of Vehicles at close range impossible

  • the-crow-man 01.29.14 at 15:20

    Make the guns balanced all you see are the ACE guns, m416, ak 5c, ak12, scar, m249, srr61, etc make it so there more variety Damn pointless have so manny guns if everyone’s going to play it like cod and only ever run with one gun

  • VideoDead 01.29.14 at 15:17

    I know no one will take any notice of this, but i’m going to write a list of things that i would like to see sorted as i am bored of BF4 and rarely play it any more and as a premium member i don’t feel i’ve got my money’s worth AT ALL!

    1: Aircraft countermeasures need to pop when i hit the button NOT 2 seconds afterwards, and they also need to actually work.
    2: Change the HUD in the stealth jets to the same as BF3 jets, or at least better tracers so we can actually see where we’re shooting.
    3: Please get rid of the stupid spongy wobble in attack helis, i know it’s supposed to simulate head movement or something but it doesn’t, when i’m driving my car around corners my head doesn’t wobble around like that, my brain and reflexes counteract it. It just makes heli feel even more like a tugboat.
    4: SOUNDBUG!!
    5: Please bring back below radar.
    6: STOP asking players what they would like to see changed!! YOU are the game developers so develop a game as you see fit, balance is about play style and people have different play styles. The reason this game is such a pig’s ear for pilots and vehicle players is that most of the people who make a fuss about these things are infantry players who don’t like getting killed by planes and choppers.
    7: More weapon attachments should be available from the start. On the odd occasion i do decide to play as infantry it’s a case of use the one gun you get at the start or use something with iron sights and no attachments. It doesn’t encourage me to play inf, i just die instantly at the hands of someone with a good scope, laser sight and a grip of some sort – yes i know i’m a noob and it’s going to stay that way because it’s just not fun running around with a bolt action sniper rifle with no scope.
    8: Boring map designs that don’t complement vehicle play and crap vehicle layouts, this seems to be a game centred around infantry combat with vehicles just chucked in to help infantry get around the map (meaning; too many jeeps and quads and not enough tanks and proper combat vehicles).
    9: Could there be an option to NOT have a gunner in the tank, i’m sick of noobs jumping in a ratatatatatating away at some chopper 3 miles across the map blissfully unaware that they’re revealing our position on the minimap.

    There are many other small issues that have made this game a boring chore to play but i’ll leave it at that, in the meantime i’m going to stick to BF3 it’s alot more actual FUN to play.

  • xtattic 01.29.14 at 15:01

    jets and attack helicopters feel like theyre floating rather than flying and i notice players not clocking up kills especially on air superiority.we like to throw them about as in bf3..

  • Qkoxx 01.29.14 at 14:43

    Some time ago I downloaded Battlefield 4 beta.
    Everything was working good, high fps.
    Some days later first patch for bf4 was relased.
    AFTER that patch optymalization of bf4 beta wasn’t good as first version of bf4 beta. So game wasn’t working good, (low fps)
    So i tried to find a reason why is working slow.
    I opend task menager and i saw that process bf4.exe using only 66% of processor power.
    So 66% = 2/3 So i have 3 cors procesor. So 2/3 power of 3 cores procesor is like 2 cores good and 3rd not not good. SO bf4 can’t use 3rd core becouse it’s bf4 optymalization fault.
    I bought bf4+dlc. I was thinking that this problem will be fixed.
    And then supprise. This problem is still acctual.
    I tried run bf4 using (64 bit) and (32bit).
    I tried run bf4 in Windows 7 and Vista compatibility mode.
    I tried run bf4 without ant programs in background.
    I tried to reinstal DirecX
    I tried to reinstall bf4, origin, punkbuster…
    and… nothing!.
    I have all the newstes drivers

    Battlefield 3 is working very good and bf3.exe can use 100% of processor but bf4 not…..

    My PC grant the requirements of bf4
    My specs (most importand info.):

    CPU: AMD Phenom II x3 720BE @ 3,2 GHz
    GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB (latest driver)
    RAM: 8GB
    Windows 8 Pro 64 bit (latest)

    So please tell bf4 programmers that they forgot about optymalization for triple cores processores like “AMD Phenom II x3 720BE”

    I want to play bf4 but low fps is the problem and game is unplayable…..

    Sorry for my bad english…

  • dodgymaca 01.29.14 at 14:36

    1) Some of the online assignments keep re appearing when you have completed them.
    2)Single player assignments keep disappearing when completed so medal and weapons go but strangely dog tags stay.
    3) Veteran battle pack still not arrived
    These are the issues im having at the moment with the game but there is one more question i have got which is i own the game on ps3 im thinking of getting a ps4 but would my data for online be transferred and also me premium pack too?

    • dodgymaca 01.29.14 at 14:38

      also will promo dog tags be a download like in bf3?

  • TyroneM86 01.29.14 at 14:32

    when will single player campaign be fixed cause I paid $60 for the campaign not multiplayer

  • coocoo216 01.29.14 at 13:23

    Fix the damn game before you worry if the 20mm is to powerful, the boat needs more AA weapons (by the way, it is way over powered already for the maps you have it on.), or any other weapons tweaking. The game freezes up so bad now you have to reset the ps3. I’ve got over $100 invested in a game I play for 30 to 45 min. if lucky then freeze up, wait 5 minutes to reset, to hunt for a new game. Fix the game then worry if this or that weapons-vehicle needs tweaking, if not risk losing customers.

  • equ1NoXx 01.29.14 at 12:48


    • Darcyl 01.29.14 at 13:28

      I TOTALY agree with that! Sorry for my bad english. Anyway… it’s very sad that developer removed the gunner-flares because of the child that cry when raped by the heli just because they are not enough smarter to do not run in the middle of the map when an enemy helicopter is around. To be careful about the movement of the enemy helicopter and run step by step to reach your target when heli is doing other stuff is not so hard.

      Anyway… it’s definetly IMPOSSIBILE to use an attack helicopter in any map excepted for Siege of Shangai… in wich you can MAYBE save among the flats if you are a good one… and it’s still hard to survive aganist the stinger even out there.

      People… remember that dobile contromesures DO NOT provide a full cover for the Heli… but just something about 30 second… i mean… 30 SECOND!!!! Are 30 second too much for an Heli to stay shooting without run away from missles? Attack helicopter is ONLY 1 in each map in wich it is usable… ONLY 1!!!! So come on! There is not even 1 single reason why he shoulden’t have at least 30 second of survivability. And btw to do that you must be coordinated with your gunner so it also prise a good teamwork.

      The attack helicopter should be something that is useful to the team to do their work so cap flags… cover and help allied armored team and other stuff… for now attack helicopter CAN’T help his faction because he can’t stay anywwhere… he can just come quite a bit near the battlefield… shoot for 5 or 10 second then run away… is that normal for you? Do you think that this is something right?

      So… give that gunner flares back please! Realy… do it.

  • equ1NoXx 01.29.14 at 12:47


  • MC_Schniffi 01.29.14 at 12:35

    Die JDMA Bombe beim Kampfjet sollte der Schaden gegen Infantrie erhöht werden.

    • MC_Schniffi 01.29.14 at 12:37

      The bomb JDMA with the fight jet the damage should be raised against Infantrie.

  • Vice 01.29.14 at 11:26

    kinda sad, adding more air defenses… gee like the air gameplay isnt already completely shit already

    and on top of that, your making the infantry, have more ability to take out vehicles.

    and we wonder where the balance is.

    what ever happened to making vehicles actual threats?

    Hey, you want fewer people to start using tanks and choppers as they were originally intended, instead of just faster transport vehicles used to bail to get to the objective? THEN MAKE THEM POWERFUL AND REAL THREATS TO THE GROUND FORCES

    • Rusty 01.29.14 at 12:20

      I agree, but on the other hand I’d kind of like to see a “budget” where once a certain type of vehicle/explosive/etc has been used up it’ll no longer be available.

      Especially on maps like Lockers/Metro. Does anyone actually enjoy standing on an ammo box for the whole game doing nothing but throwing nades or blind-firing m320s/XM-25s/LVGs/RPGs etc etc. Or is it just an easy way to rank without putting much effort in?

  • NorxMAL 01.29.14 at 11:22

    Everything considered AA needs to be adjusted, especially against choppers. One single Engineer should not be able to kill a Attack Chopper with ease for example on most maps.
    -Reload time of Engineering AA weapons needs to be increased, try with 0.5 sec first.
    -Less ammo for Engineering AA, Both have 5 (7 with anti tank field upgrade). Perhaps 4(6) Iglas, and 3(5) Stingers.
    -If you going to have crippling effect on choppers from AA missiles from infantry, either two hits should be needed, or change how the crippling effect works. How the crippling effect might be changed to perhaps, is that it doesn’t cripple the chance to escape so much as it does now, but it cripples the ability to attack and do maneuvers. Also right now you still loose the same rate of lift getting closer to ground than higher up, even when you have most of the downward force being created by the rotor blades gets to hit a surface, like ground or water (Also loosing the chopper into the sea is pretty annoying after 1 missile, giving no points to the one who shot your chopper down either). Perhaps crippling effect affects speed getting away as long as you still have a high rate of altitude loss, but when you are closer to the ground, ability to create lift should be easier to create, making it able to speed away again then, also making it vulnerable to armored land vehicles in the same process.
    -MAA tank is actually way OP. I can even take out main tanks with it and still kill air… (might even be at the same time if I use Active Radar missiles)
    -Active Radar missiles is OP, they hit you no matter what usually, even when you predict them coming and hit the counter measures before or the split second the alarm goes off. I think I have even been hit around 1-2 second later after I heard the counter measures go off (I mean heard them go off, not pressing the counter measure button, counter measures usually are delayed a lot it seems).

    This is what I can think of now regarding Air vehicle combat.

  • Fady123123 01.29.14 at 10:43

    Add the feature to support multiple soldiers instead of having just one. Just like the old days !

  • TDAREALDEAL 01.29.14 at 09:41

    Pleas fix the ceiling glitch in operation metro. It ruin the game on that level.

  • satorimovement 01.29.14 at 09:39


    Please increase the damage output and damage dropoff range on the DMR weapons. I believe the damage drop off begins around 15-20 meters with the DMR, and you typically have to get about 5 hits total to drop someone if he is not already damaged or closer that 15-20 meters away. I feel that because of the caliber and role this weapons plays at least the damage drop off range should be increased to occur much farther than 15-20 meters. These weapons are GREATLY outclassed at the moment and could use a serious buff.

  • giofrida 01.29.14 at 09:19

    You should definitely raise the points earned for a revive from 20 to 100 much like in bf3, as medics don’t really put all that effort in their job.

  • Sadistic_Jaguar 01.29.14 at 09:14

    Increase the effectiveness of 7.62 mm transport chopper gunner against infantry. More effective and explosive ac-30 gameplay. 6x scopes on dmr sounds good too.

  • AshenHero 01.29.14 at 09:08

    Fix Dawnbreaker It freezes Xbox 360s and ive played BFBC2 BF3 and BF4 no veteran pack and this is a VERY common problem please fix we BF Vets feel fobbed….

  • EndoCranium 01.29.14 at 08:53

    I think the SUAV should not have a battery life being the EOD bot or MAV do not have one. the freezing after getting revived would be nice. Maybe fixing the broken assignments such as the F2000 assignments and quite a few more also adding the attachments to GOL magnum and other second assault weapons instead of the 40x and acogs and barely any red dots etc. The DMRs in my opinion should perform a whole lot better than what they do now. And having scope for them would also be great being they are considered marksman rifles.

  • MisterWiggles09 01.29.14 at 08:10

    Fix the Loadouts. Ever since the second to last patch on the xbox one came out Loadouts will not save. A few other players have experienced this as well.

  • supercoma88 01.29.14 at 08:06


  • Mingovillain 01.29.14 at 07:46

    There have been two patches claiming to fix the slow to show friendly player icons. Neither has done it, squad leader icon is still slow to show causing friendly fire deaths and really hampering servers with FF on. Please fix this already!

    The proposed tweaks fix minor issues, sniper overpower is way larger. Make hip fire and close range shots from sniper weapons MUCH less likely to connect. Heck give us a knife (like the counter knife one) option when a sniper weapon is fired within 4′ or so.

  • Tman64general 01.29.14 at 07:17

    I have one suggestion for a fix, well rather a report of a bug. In the campaign, if you previously played a match of any game mode on the Hardcore preset online prior to playing any mission from any point in the campaign, or picking up where you left off last in the campaign, your health will not regenerate. So it seems that the health regen in campaign is dependent on the server settings that you last played on online. Strange. Also, this is on PS4.

    Thank you DICE for your hard work. This is a great game and I really enjoy it. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store! Keep up the great work!

  • SerVal_NC 01.29.14 at 07:00

    ty for asking the communauty

  • double55nickles 01.29.14 at 06:00

    Here is a brilliant suggestion…..try fixing the broken game before worrying about weapon balancing!!! What about the constant lag, bugs, crashing, freezing????? PS4 conquest is UNPLAYABLE most of the time. I don’t give a crap about what weapon is over or under powered when i don’t even want to turn the game on it IS SO BROKEN!!!!!!

  • AzZtRiPz 01.29.14 at 04:48


  • Mikko Suave56 01.29.14 at 04:16

    Please fix china rising for xbox360 non premium members i really whant to have this map pack. The new update has really helped crashes but please fix cr i bought it in December and thought it would be fixed in the new update.

  • fugu3_st4te 01.29.14 at 01:13

    A general weapon suggestion , less ammo in the clip = slightly lower recoil , more ammo should come with greater recoil for weapon handling forcing you to aim & not spray?

  • fugu3_st4te 01.29.14 at 01:04

    Enable voip communication between players in the same vehicle?

  • tkmaui 01.28.14 at 23:19

    The sniper rifles need to be like bf3… in bf4 the tracer gives you away so there really is no snipers, just follow there tracer. Need to speed up the bullets, in bf3 you could kill heli pilots, in bf4 no chance. If SRR61is suppose to be better sniper rifle than the MB98, than how can the enemy dodge the srr61 bullets and not the mb98… I know players don’t like the snipers but they do even the game out by supporting their team… just give me back bf3 mb98 speed and no tracer bullets…. THank you

  • klscott5 01.28.14 at 21:32

    I don’t have time to list what should be fixed, but one thing I’m sure of, is there’s no need for ” Platoons” unless we can rent servers…

  • Dm0037 01.28.14 at 20:58

    Please put a 30 second timer on players in the red zones and once the time is up if players don’t leave the area there should be giant asteroids that come from the sky and fall on their heads to kill them in action to prevent camping !

  • Sh im Invisible 01.28.14 at 20:48

    Getting REALLY annoyed with having to restart my xbox because the game freezes either in-game or joining a server, it happens MULTIPLE times a day. The last time i restarted my xbox, it said my data was CORRUPT and it reset EVERYTHING to do with the campaign and ALL of my settings, this is ridiculous, this NEEDS to be fixed

  • Drew_P_Bowls 01.28.14 at 19:22

    So let me ask this to figure it out…premium get the DMR and shotgun shortcut bundle FREE? or are we gonna have to pay for it -_- 115 bucks says i get it free, but with EA i am a little unsure lately since they appear to be OUT for money…understandable if the non premiums HAVE to pay for their shortcut pistol and grenade shortcuts, but wouldnt make sense to give premiums access to buy one :/. Also DO NOT have shortcut bundles to unlock every gun type there is, make them work on it. BF3 failed on this part, had rank 2′s with full mods 100 stars in a weapon and we used this to identify people cheating back then PRIOR to the update. Id like to see the melee kill bug fixed…seen a guy knife one of my guys and i unloaded a full clip into him with my mtar, and NO hit markers…he was invulnerable until done knifing…on the other hand SOMETIMES you can stop a guy from knifing your buddy and get savior as opposed to squat. XM25 smoke needs a buff to actually LAST and obstruct enemies views, 2 second smoke doesnt do squat, thus its underused. Indirect fire and other locked squad specs need to be fixed AFTER TESTING and unlocked. Jet cockpit text and or font and reticule need to have more clarity, especially in the ATTACK jets (FROGFOOT ETC). DMR’s do not need a buff, they are where the NEED to be, if they do get a buff do Not buff the damage, we have enough sniper’s as it is. Marksmen NEED to be MARKSMEN in order to actually kill, this SPAM fire button is retarded.

    Claymores need to be able to place 2 by default

    Stop the Missile truck to base spam…enough of this hiding behind redzone kill whoring everything where its near impossible for you to die in this truck.

    Smoke grenades need to ACTUALLY STOP spotting as intended, not just a VISUAL obstruction when you WALK through it. ADD A USE FOR FLARES FFS.

    Fix commander mode to make it more rewarding, as of now footsoldiers get way more points than a commander, hence why not as many prefer to play unless on a tablet. REWARD us for the effort. While on the subject make EMP uav prevent ANY guided missiles or equipment placement/usage such as MAV/SUAV/spawn beacon/Cruise Missile along with other guided missiles (stingers etc) REAL LIFE EMP screws ALL electronics up…if you want to go the extra mile, make it SCREW with choppers(not destroy them but make it harder to control during the EMP uptime) and IF the chopper crashes, give the commander a kill credit.


    CAMPAIGN GRAPHICS 10x better than in multiplayer, i want my money’s worth regardless of system i own.

  • FarCry627 01.28.14 at 19:22

    What should you fix?
    Oh where to begin.
    After the most recent update, Iglas are a 1 shot kill on a critical hit. Non critical hits range from 50-70 damage.
    That’s bull****
    Stingers do 40-50 damage now with criticals doing 60 damage?
    Even more bull****.
    I’m a hardcore heli pilot. This is extremely unfair and disappointing.
    Barely touching the ground in the little bird blows it up?
    Trees reach out and grab you?
    The havoc is way to slow and a baby.
    It takes 2+ sabot shells shots to take down a venom.

    The ap/he/sabot///staff shell glitch is ridiculous. 100% unfair.
    Everyone who sucks at life does it.
    Lav glitch, where you fire all 8 of your Zuni rockets then switch to your apf shells to machigun them out at ridiculous speeds.

    The attack boat being able to fire 10 tv missiles consecutively in a row within a minute.
    Lower the amount of passive radar missiles on the attack boat.

    There more. I just have to think of them.
    I’ve gotten over 600 hours of gameplay and I see these things glitches being done everyday.
    Please fix these issues, as its ruining a beloved franchise.

  • VASSANI 01.28.14 at 18:58

    I would like to see a 6x scope for the dmrs.

  • VASSANI 01.28.14 at 18:48

    L96A1 bug variable zoom 14x makes scope small.

  • VASSANI 01.28.14 at 18:43

    Couple of gun buff ideas 1.Famas to have more rounds in mag. 2. M16a4 to have less kick, what’s the advantage of using burst fire. 3.Type 95 assault & carbine to have less horizontal recoil they are useless. 4.G36c buff in rof or less horizontal recoil. 5. Jng-90 buff in its category slow rof with m40 damage model, needs to go with srr m98 & 338. What y’all think?

  • 1_Deadly_Menace 01.28.14 at 18:27

    Enough with the Tweaks. Just get the REVIVE correct first, so when someone revives you, you can actually play again. Enough is Enough. The game has been out for 3 months and you can’t get this simple problem fixed.

  • westie-dog 01.28.14 at 17:40

    M1911 needs some kind of buff. Its damage drops off way to fast over range. It’s nearly impossible to take out a guy with 3-4 shots unless you hit a headshot. The ammo capacity also hurts this weapon(only 8 rounds) but if you fix the damage model I’m sure ammo capacity will hardly matter. Please get this fixed.

    • VASSANI 01.28.14 at 18:55

      The compact 45 & the 1911 are made to be a good close range sidearm there bullets travel 250 fps. just use the good p226 m9 cz-75 they have more ammo better rof and have faster bullet velocity

  • longbow-2 01.28.14 at 17:30

    There needs to be a lower pistol damage question. These things are ridiculous, I understand its to help snipers defend but if you wann be a sniper then be crafty and not be seen. If you choose the class then it shouldn’t be a advantage. I spent 3 years as a Army sniper and served in Iraq. A snipers best friend is a suppressor. Dwarf all the pistols for god sakes. A M9 should never beat any assault rifle, carbine ect.

    • Gunner_1st 01.28.14 at 17:34

      Amen, pistols way over powered compared to primary firearms ! ! !

  • Nyxzy 01.28.14 at 17:21

    Suppression really does not need to be increased as snipers have no advantage whatsoever. All someone has to do is fire a single shot at me and I’m wobbling around like my rifle is deployed on a water bed in an earthquake. That is more than enough suppression in my eyes. If you are stupid enough to run around in the open in front of a sniper rifle (It’s not like there is enough long sight lines to make it sniper alley..) then that is a personal thing you need to overcome, not another reason for Dice to stick more stabilizers on your bike and make the game even easier for you.

  • kingloko21 01.28.14 at 16:47

    eu gostaria as tags douradas de volta, e por que nao tem tags 100 para veiculos no bf4???
    eu vou chegar no level 100 no meu veiculo preferido e nao vou ganhar dog tag ….. quero tags de veiculos 100 e douradas………….

  • INSANITYinBLOOD 01.28.14 at 16:40

    Take away the sudden death factor when u r hovering 10 feet above ground and u get with a heatseeker and we try to do hard landing , the chopper land but we get K.I.A . Which do not help both the side the person won’t get the kill and we just die and the chopper wont explode on impact.

  • JIGZAT 01.28.14 at 16:34

    Please increase suppression effect sightly and improve smoke dispersion and duration in smoke grenades, this would reduce the advantage snipers have.

    • Nyxzy 01.28.14 at 17:22

      Or you could learn to stop running out in front of high powered rifles and use cover like the rest of us?

  • CybergWar 01.28.14 at 16:33

    Where’s the “Should we increase the tick count so you don’t get killed around corners all the time?” question?

    • JIGZAT 01.28.14 at 16:34

      Yes it happens a lot. Although my ping my be responsable for it.

  • ZechsMerquise82 01.28.14 at 16:31

    Please please please fix the Z11 issue with landing. If I come in at 5mph I should not go down in a fire ball of flame. The little bird doesn’t have this issue and if you watch streams, people purposely choose the side with the little bird just to get past the issue.

  • DroD_ONE 01.28.14 at 16:18

    Where is the ‘” Lets make the attack helicopter not be the least maneuverable chopper in the game” balance vote?

    Where is the’” Lets not have the helicopters insta explode when you try to land and repair when mobility hit” balance vote?

    C’mon Dice give the attack helis the agility they had in bf3. I can outfly an attack heli in a damned transport!

    Active radar…GET RID OF IT!

  • alexeus1979 01.28.14 at 16:17

    Can you please fix the fieldupgrades on the ps3? This is a problem which makes the console crashes everytime and some dont even work.. And take a look at the camo’s also because they often dont show in battlelog. Thx Dice!

  • kshabby 01.28.14 at 15:51

    Its very annoying when you are gaming with a group of friends on origin and you are in a squad in game but then the server will balance the teams such that squads are split up because the game doesn’t know which squads are just independent gamers who have joined the squad for the xp benefits or are a group of friends who are using VoIP and tactical game play to increase the fun of the game. The fun is cut when you are suddenly on the other side of the battle to your friends. DICE, you should implement a squad system that allows players to create squads PRE GAME and makes sure that unless the circumstances are extreme that they do not get split up. The squad mechanics of Battlefield 4 are so good! Its a shame when this happens and negatively impacts the game.

    Also Attack boats and AA vehicles are way too overpowered! It would get to a point when my squad would spawn in a transport helicopter due to my command when just as we leave the safety of our base we get absolutely annihilated. Not very useful as again using a transport Chopper to get from A to B to C etc is very effective and good fun. The game is bloody good and I haven’t experienced any bugs that have stopped my enjoyment. Great job DICE youve converted a Hard Core COD and 3rd PS fan!

  • A_KinglyNacho 01.28.14 at 15:40

    I think when you’re in an aircraft and get a mobility hit on another aircraft and they crash you should get the kill along with the vehicle destroy bonus

  • bradley328 01.28.14 at 15:03

    I agree with you, the game would benefit if you could create a squad before joining a match that way friends wouldn’t have to wait in queue or get put on the other team and the 0 health annoys me so much I get it quite often while playing and also get lag when a multiple player from other countries join.

  • DeadEye0127 01.28.14 at 14:50

    These tweaks are good and all but there are a few things I know me and my close friends who I literally play with on bf4 everyday that we would like to see changed. First off, the shotguns are overpowered big time, that glitch with the one shot one kill headshot is why they work so well and are messed up. Second we need a tab in battle log or somewhere where we can join our friends in a squad BEFORE we go into a server. Next the trade kill thing has been dropped down alot since the last update so good job but the new problem is the stupid 0 health thing poping up when you get killed by someone you have shot multiple bullets into and he lives and you die and he walks around with 0 health apparently. Another thing, most servers queue players when the server has 8 open spots and I know it’s a problem because I’ll be in a game that has say 4 open spots two on either team and my friend tries to join but is put in the queue instead of being able to join. I hope you take a few of these into consideration on this next update because it would be greatly appreciated by multiple people :)

  • chook759 01.28.14 at 14:36

    Also: I am using a ps4. The thing that I hate: Is when you fire TV guided rocket Its just sooo fast and you can’t even control it if you want for example try to hit the helicopter from the attack boat. Make it not so fast and not so slow. And also when I controlling my TV guided rocket I don’t know why, but it seems that when I want to turn it the reaction of a signal is just soooo slow. I don’t know why. My internet is ok. If its fixable please try. Thanks!

  • chook759 01.28.14 at 14:28

    Dice please read this! You need to fix one thing in the commander. For example if you changed your position from soldier to commander, after if you already don’t want to be a commander the only thing you can do is to leave a server. Can you make an option to leave commander and after it you get straight into the game. But to balance it: After you quit and become soldier you can’t play as a commander until new game. Thank you

  • b1tchwood 01.28.14 at 13:42

    I would like to see a balance in sniper rifles, 3 hits for a kill with some rifles even for upper body shots just seems silly, it makes more sense to play around with the reload, rechamber, velocity, drop, hip fire, available attachments/scopes.

    Also, the random deviation has to go when using a straight pull bolt, you changed suppression for the exact same reason and yet you implement it fully for bolt action rifles….. delay the time it takes to fire but random deviation is just plain silly. You get one shot and it needs to be on target otherwise you die. Why force that shot to be off target when you are on target.

    On another note, I don’t know if it is implemented purposefully, but is the L96 8x scope meant to be so small?

    Please keep us informed on what is deliberate and what is not.

  • Illacorp 01.28.14 at 13:41

    Tweak anything you like, it hardly matters until the game stops crashing every session. You guys were aware of the technical limitations of the PS3 when you made BF3; why does my PS3 have to have a hard disk check every single time BF4 crashes? It takes a long time to restart, not to mention I worrry that I’ve lost the contents of my hard drive every time. Do you just not care about PS3 users? That’s certainly what it seems like when those “fun” Easter eggs can’t be used on the system. Fix the game, please.

    • PHprof 01.28.14 at 14:07

      I found your problem. It’s the PS3. You do realize that the PS3 barely (and in a limited fashion) played BF3? The fact they made BF4 work on the PS3 and Xbox 360 at all is a miracle. Perhaps if they had dumped those 2 platforms we would have a more stable game.

  • Sarijon. 01.28.14 at 13:33

    If you’re tweaking vehicles then perhaps you can finaly give us BF3 vehilce controls. I want to be able to use them rather than feel like i’m constantly fighting with the controls – and NO veteran are NOT them!

  • kris891 01.28.14 at 13:21

    how about teamchat,squad menu console’s,netcode,hitboxes.the ability to hear tanks again when driving one(serious sneak up right on your ass but deadsilence in my headphone’s footsteps i hear but tanks why the hell should i hear those right there sooo more quiet then footsteps) and this post can be so much more longer but pfff what does it matter right we payed already

  • greg_pence 01.28.14 at 13:06

    Wtf dice why are tweaking vehicles there are way more issues than tweaking the vehicles ie battlefield everyone that try’s to enjoy bf4 check it out the aimbots that people are using is terrible seriously dice/ea are you a big joke trying to take attention away from all the cheaters I expect this from activision/cod but dice is supposed to have higher standards take the cheaters out of the game

  • MadBadBadger 01.28.14 at 12:42

    It would be great to be able to enter a server with friends rather than the pot luck of trying to join each other as we currently have to.. Its annoying that there’s a stat for games played and games finished when you have to try multiple times to join matches with friends, couple that with dawnbroken and it doesn’t look good…

  • ALPHA_kennyBODY_ 01.28.14 at 12:38

    How about fixing the campaign on PS4. The game keeps crashing part way into the campaign and corrupts the save file forcing me to restart. Very frustrating I say the least

  • MadBadBadger 01.28.14 at 12:31

    Its immensely frustrating that the dawnbreaker map is still broken, it crashes every time on the 360, can’t anything be done to fix this? It has a nickname of dawnbroken… It is a good map and would be fun to be able to play through. My only other complaint is the amount of times I get killed and then watch my killer running around on zero health, what’s that all about?

  • PalleDK 01.28.14 at 12:13

    The only thing you guys need to concentrate on right now, is to fix the game for all these bugs there are. I haven’t played BF4 for a weil, but yesterday when i playing with my friends, and downloaded the last opdate, i really thougt that all the bugs was fixed including that bug that’s the reason when the game freeze. But it was’nt. And i can’t communicate with my friends because of the lag. I’m sick an tired of this, I always have been a fan of BF, but this time, you guys really dissapoint me. And one more thing, we all want the old menu back, where you can invite your friends and get in to the same server.

  • amarcini 01.28.14 at 12:10

    how about fixing the overall lag/hit detection/netcode to make the game playable, rather than sidestepping the issue with these minor weapon/vehicle tweaks.

  • Johnnyred25 01.28.14 at 12:04

    how bout decreasing the distance that a stinger or igla can lock on the maps are smaller than bf3 well most of them and I’m finding that a stinger is able to lock on most of the map its ridiculous also what about the dcm jammer time reload on the air vehicles i find a stinger can reload 2 to 3 times before the dcm jammer replenishes

  • ddekeno 01.28.14 at 11:57

    Tweaking the effects of weapons/vehicles is great and all, but how about core issues and bugs with gameplay????

    For example, on Hanian Resort not being able to track the TV missile from the attack jet until it is almost to ground level. Or Rouge Transmission and the TV missile firing from the SU-25 like a rocket–no tracking ability whatsoever. Speaking of Rouge Transmission, at least once every time I play the map I’ll fire the Chinese attack aircraft TV missile, say, toward the area around C and the missile will go “under” the map instead of exploding at ground level. On top of that I can’t get out of the missile tracking view and am stuck hoping the missile will go out of range before my jet crashes into something.

    I’ve also had issues with the TV missiles on the attack boat on Paracel Storm and Lancsher (spelling) Dam. Sometimes I’ll fire the missile and on impact, rather than the view switching back to the driver’s view, I get this view like I’m under water and all I have left for “sight” is the mini-map. I’ve tried jumping out of the vehicle and back in (using the mini-map for navigation/orientation) and nothing works. Eventually I have to redeploy. Although I have found I can navigate my boat back to HQ using the mini-map, redeploy, and still have my boat (if this gives you any indication as to how many times this has happened to me). However, there’s nothing more disheartening than being on a rampage one second, then going blind and having to take one of your teams tickets to redeploy in a close match.

    Just to clarify, all these issues happen during conquest.

  • fugu3_st4te 01.28.14 at 11:47

    Improvement to the active Auto Team Balancing based on current kill rating during current map play.
    Dmr’s shouldn’t be competing with sniper rifles for one shot head shot’s over distance , dmr spam would just become a game breaker & anyone using a short range weapon , pistol / pdw would never get to cover before death by Dmr spam.
    C4 vehicle kills is not easy to achieve for infantry & I’d recommend leaving that be.
    Just a question , why are shotguns the only weapon to require 170 kills for full unlocks minus weapon battlepacks?

  • sazukesss 01.28.14 at 10:32

    me parece que DICE se esta burlando de la gente
    de verdad os podeis imaginar que el equilibrado de vehiculos puede tapar todos los problemas que tiene el juego ,tipo netcode,servidores ,muertes con cero de vida
    nos estais engañando y os estais riendo de la gente,me parece increible que ha estas alturas del juego todavia no sepais en que falla el juego y nos hagais participes de la posible solucion ,cuando la unica que hay es que nos devolváis el dinero que nos habeis robado al comprar un juego en su version alpha
    creo que vais a perder muchos clientes que es lo que somos para vosotros ya que la gente esta frustrada con el juego y el trato que nos dais con parches que no arreglan nada
    escribo el post en español por que es como mejor me expreso ahora con solo un pequeño esfuerzo para una gran compañía podeis entender lo que he escrito
    atentamente un jugador estafado por DICE

  • Kyd462 01.28.14 at 10:30

    I’m interested to know if anyone else agrees. I’d like to see the HQ pushed back a bit in Rush, or the boundaries drawn further away from HQ. As it stands now, I’ve played several matches of Rush where the enemy team can literally sit at the objectives and spawn kill the entire team one by one.

    Dawnbreaker is the worst, hands down. Dragon Pass is a close 2nd, but all the maps can be exploited like this in RUSH. It really sucks the fun right out when you can’t even spawn at HQ without getting killed immediately.

    In general, Rush just feels … well… rushed this time around. I don’t think I’ve played any matches that have lasted longer than 20 minutes. In BC2 Rush matches could go on forever sometimes! I remember playing up to an hour an half in one round of Rush in BC2. That was intense and fun as hell!

    Rush was my favorite game type in Bad Company 2, and I don’t even bother with it anymore in BF4. Very disappointing.

  • EngagedGaming 01.28.14 at 10:06

    You should make all lock on launchers have a longer reload time not as strong also reduce the time taken to have your ECM and Flares ready again BF3 had it perfect BF4 is horrible with that you get in a chopper and your down by then ):

  • I-am-Le9endry 01.28.14 at 10:00

    Flash bangs need to be more effective, if someone is caught close facing the blast the blinding/disorientation should last 2-4 seconds at least. Also dlc’s would be nice to hear about, like release dates of some sort

    • Kyd462 01.28.14 at 10:07

      I totally agree. Flash bangs are nerfed. They used to be useful, but now they have to practically hit someone in the face to even have an effect. Playing as a medic, it would be nice to have a quicker option (like the flash bangs) to safely revive teammates when clearing an area by yourself isn’t possible.

  • churr-wera 01.28.14 at 09:49

    The speed of the helicopters are too slow

  • B1golf 01.28.14 at 09:45

    Dice do not fix the so called staff double shot thing it “IS REALISTIC” I know for a fact as a 1st armored div tanker you can very well shoot that fast with the right loader. We trained for a maximum of 3 secs for each reload but that was a real loser time for a reload. A good strong loader can load over a span of a couple minutes keeping the pace of around 1.5 to 2 seconds per reload. He catches his breath while the gunner engages a target. Ignore the cry babies let them learn to deal with it. And one more thing C4 placement! If you put it on the skirts or armor you can do no real damage the game play should reflect that. if you don’t put C4 in just the right place all you have is a pissed of tank crew with a messed up paint job.

  • crazyeddie73 01.28.14 at 09:33

    Main battle tanks need more splash damage seems like I need direct hit for damage. P.S. Please reduce C4 damage on vehicles

  • GlobalDutchy 01.28.14 at 09:32

    wow, reading this article really knocked my socks off.. Why would we bother tweaking and nerfing weapons and vehicles when we need to focus on the main issues of the game.
    Thinking about a canister shell is the last thing on the list of things that need to change.
    We need to balance the gameplay by fixing bugs in maps, fixing crashes and making the game more stable so we can all start to enjoy it again.
    I respect players who already like the game as it is and am happy that they don’t have the same problems are I do but unsatisfied players should always be listen to as a priority!

  • Zashra 01.28.14 at 09:06

    I think that the javelin being increased to 34 damage is a bit too much. At that damage it competes with the two dumb fire rockets. IMO this should never be the case. a weapon that requires less skill to use, like a laser guided missile, should not be able to dish out as much damage as higher skilled weapons like the SMAW or RPG. With that damage model i can definitely see the javelin becoming an instant favorite especially for teams running laser designators.

    That’s my thoughts.

    • Zashra 01.28.14 at 09:15

      I would really like to see the DMR damage model buffed a bit. I’m thinking, give them a 2.35X headshot multiplier, like the snipers, then bump up their minimum damage to at least 34. this would really balance them out by making them more effective at long range while maintaining the ineffectiveness at close range. But rewarding headshots at close range with a one hit kill and making long range headshots do ~79 damage. allowing for two hit kills at long range without double headshots.

  • Xx Poa Poa xX 01.28.14 at 09:03

    I would like to see all the .50 cal mounted turrets on all the vehicles bumped up in damage. It’s ridicules to think you would mow someone in half with the tanks gunner. Instead of the gun over heating before you get the kill.

    • Zashra 01.28.14 at 09:17

      Definitely agree with you there. but i would not suggest more damage. instead give them a boost in either fire rate or time before overheat. they already do ~40 damage so increasing that would just make them OP.

      • Kyd462 01.28.14 at 10:15

        Agree with both of you. lol. Not sure what the perfect balance would be, but even adding a “mobile unit” field upgrade that focused on improving vehicle performance, or a vehicle upgrade that increased the time before over-heating. Something. Only reason I suggest improving them through an upgrade is because they’re already pretty deadly in the right hands, and are great for providing suppression and support to troops on the ground, even though they aren’t the best at mowing down squads of enemies on their own.

  • Anomander-RakeZA 01.28.14 at 08:59

    I would like to see the attack chopper get bellow radar back, as well a increase the damage it can take. Alternatively, give it better handling and more speed.

  • ZootownZombie 01.28.14 at 08:54

    Faster Flare Reloads. (Or long button press unloads all three bursts, short 1 per tap)
    Stingers: Less Rounds, Harder to lock on, possibly higher damage.
    Miniguns: Increase damage vs infantry. (or make the end of the barrel orange…)
    25mm Cannon: Increase damage vs armor. Don’t touch damage vs infantry.
    RPG and AT4: Increase damage vs. armor.
    Attack Helicopter: Increase damage recovery rate significantly.

    Maybe do something cool like give heli copilots control of a down looking, camera operated .50 cal. or some lotion (so that I don’t get chafed pounding my pud while doing nothing in the copilots seat…)

  • Leo Tactical 01.28.14 at 08:45

    how about a FN Five seveN damage increase it takes around five to six shots to down an enemy on hard core.

    • NoTouchGoon 01.28.14 at 08:50

      qsz-92 is even worse same performance and low capacity.

    • Zashra 01.28.14 at 09:10

      The five-seven does 21 damage per shot and has a 21 round magazine. In hardcore you only have 60 health. I’d say it’s pretty balanced.

  • MeoowMix 01.28.14 at 08:14

    Attack helicopter flare delay needs to be fixed. You press X to release flares but there is a delay before it is fully released.

    Also helicopters still self destruct from TV missiles, please fix this.

    Also, you need to press “C” to switch camera views in order to use alternate view, this is bugged as you should normally be able to do this without needing to press “C” to look around.

    Also, helicopters flares/ecm reload time is way too slow. 25 seconds is absolutely ridiculous.

    Also, rotor offline should be changed from 5 seconds to 2.5 seconds or removed. When hit by a stinger your helicopter goes into offline mode and when it regains control the stinger reloads just in time to shoot again to kill you. Flares being 25 seconds to reload is absolutely impossible to escape a stinger/IGLA.

    Also, helicopters are super fragile and explode to slight hits and bumps, the scout heli and transport heli relatively take damage pretty well, why does the attack helicopter just blow up?

    TV Missiles need to ONE hit kill air vehicles. Its a must. We are absolutely helpless to jets. One TV missile to a jet just signals the jet to start doing vertical runs and knowing the TV missile has a CEILING CAP? LOL a MISSILE? has a cap???? What? I cant shoot at a jet because it has a “missile ceiling cap”?

    Also, why does SRAW do 1 hit kill on heli when tank shell or TV missile doesnt one hit kill? Why does transport heli and scout heli easily get hit by an sraw and escape, when an attack helicopter just explodes?

    Zuni’s were not needed to be buffed, or gun…. what we need is attention on TV missile and FLARE RELOAD TIME. Also the fragility of the attack helicopter. Its a flying coffin.

  • NoTouchGoon 01.28.14 at 08:10

    weapon balance (pistols, carbine, dmr) is important point.

    gadget balance (m320 series, ammo bag) is also important

  • NoTouchGoon 01.28.14 at 08:08

    m320 series are useless

    m320 HE : even worse than mbt law. mbt law can be used to get down not only infantry but also vehicle.

    m320 smoke : trash transparent smoke.

    m320 dart : trash. just use another.

    m320 FB : it rolls away like lvg so it’s difficult to use.

  • SirPunge 01.28.14 at 07:32

    once again just now i got kick for to many tks which was 3 for laying a clay down its the stupidest thing they should have never changed it makes no sence it makes me not wanna play i spent 120.00 for game they ruined i dont understand you were to make it better not tweak what wasnt broken im a big fan of the game and now its like i cant be the player i once was in bf3 u took the fun away in a lot of ways and many people feel the same way i spend hours to play n then get kick for tks when im playing defence its not cool clays n mines should go back the way it was in bf3.

  • Player_ldjloiou 01.28.14 at 07:29

    Honestly why not go back and fix the error with players having 0 health and still killing people as if they are not dead!!!!! I among many others have cut our time down playing BF4 (PS4) because of this frustrating issue it seems to constantly happen.

  • dagoba1979 01.28.14 at 07:26


  • deathbylatte 01.28.14 at 07:24

    Thanks for the hard work DICE, here’s a few suggestions:
    Buff the attack Heli’s maneuverability and ammo capacity.
    Shorten the time in which to counter knife.
    Give the DMR’s a damage model more similar to BF3, they really need a buff.
    Make smoke and incendiary grenades more effective.
    Also, playing the game on PS3, there is only one map that lets me use the super cool stealth jets, and its designed to be very hard to fly in. While I love the idea of including a map with jets that fly through skyscrapers, providing a learning challenge for pilots to get to know the map, it is still frustrating trying to level up those jets when they are only on that map in last gen consoles. I would have loved to see them included on another one, even alongside the attack jet.

  • usmcjackson 01.28.14 at 07:18

    How about you fix the fucking lag first then worry about the rest of this silly shit later. This is probably the best shooter ever but its nearly impossible to enjoy it because we are rubber banding 90% of the time.

  • ScArLbEaSt15 01.28.14 at 07:10

    fix all please

  • GLOW Instinct 01.28.14 at 07:09

    I wish there can be some buffs for the pdws

  • osco30 01.28.14 at 06:25

    Please fix the shoot and aim controls, have the option to switch switch them, PLEASE. I also think reducing the recoil on most guns will be best by the way. SCAR-H is an example.

  • Killer69_Hitman 01.28.14 at 06:24

    I’m neutral on the Attack craft 25mm cannon. I like it as is but the burst cannon could do with a buff against aircraft.

    Stealth Jet’s are finally good, I love the 25mm cannon, please don’t change it. It’s still quite hard to kill helicopters with them alone. It’s balanced against jets.

  • BigSwig_Hoss 01.28.14 at 06:17

    Quick Fix– speed up the damn zw-11 attack Heli so it can fly out of reach of the stinger. Like Bf3. This makes the pilot fly away temporarily until flares reload. I remember clearly this how it was in bf3. Now it’s like one stinger knocks the life out of it so u dont have enough time to fly out of range. Z-11 is just way to slow and sluggish.
    1-If you want it to be real then make it where you can hoover at a distance and shoot rockets instead if having to pitch the nose the aim. This makes it where you have to go forward. That’s not how attack choppers operate. They capable of hovering in one spot and engage the enemy.
    2.fix smoke grenades!! They do absolutely nothing. In BF3 I enjoyed poppin smoke and cuttin throat.

    • BigSwig_Hoss 01.28.14 at 06:26

      I meant the attack Heli when I say is to slow and sluggish. Typo my bad.

    • KELEVRA_R022 01.28.14 at 08:33

      I’m an apache mechanic and no, in real life the 1.75 rockets are ballistic and only recently can the pods actuate at all. They can move 30° up and down but are incredibly inaccurate past 500m. On the other hand the hellfire rockets have a much longer reach in real life.

  • GhostRE3conModZ 01.28.14 at 06:10

    I don’t give a shit about vehicles…. Can u guys please focus on infantry players like improving the broken netcode and balance different guns…. Not these stupid vehicles dice. Please fix the netcode!!!

  • StrikeDitka 01.28.14 at 06:08

    Hey Dice/PSN, PC versions all include accurate PING for server selection and display PING while in game. Kinda sick of guessing using the 5 bar “system” and also not having PING in game. We all know that PING makes a significant impact on experience and I would like to be equipped with more adequate information to make my server selection. What do you think battlefield community? Should we be kept in the dark or should we know that that n00b hosed us cause our ping is 567?

  • FORTYFAM 01.28.14 at 06:06

    I don’t really care about all the tweaks and balancing that’s going to take place within the game the only thing that I want is for my emblem to show up on my weapons and vehicles. That’s really my only gripe at the moment.

  • FoundrySeason 01.28.14 at 06:03

    Have you considered making the J-DAM; feel, look, and act as a “bomb”? For now the Guided ‘Missle’ seems like more of a “bomb” than the JDAM.

  • DutchSundae 01.28.14 at 05:51

    This dosent have to do with vehicles and I know this probobly wont get read by DICE but they need to revise the way skill gets gained/lost because In a round I went 11 kills to 1 death and lost 20 skill points and then the next round went 24 kills to 4 deaths and got 4 skill and its is getting verry annoying because I keep loosing more and more..

  • GoProne10 01.28.14 at 05:38


  • phinnv8 01.28.14 at 05:26

    Who cares about any of this when you STILL CAN’t JOIN A MULTIPLAYER GAME WITH FRIENDS in a squad like EVERY OTHER MULTIPLAYER GAME INCLUDING BF3?!????

  • Krobolus 01.28.14 at 05:22

    how can you make Polls with Multiple Questions on one Poll ? what if i agree with some of it but disagree with the rest ? do I vote yes or no ? If i vote yes than the One thing i agree with might get fixed BUT the other 3 or 4 things I do not agree with will also be changed because i voted yes to ALL of it /Baffled .

    if your going to Make Polls with Multiple choice questions then let us respond with multiple Yes and No answers to each question in the Poll.

    Example :

    do you feel Attack Heli needs A ) maneuverability increased , B ) faster reloading ECM/Flares . C ) Zuni damage Increased ?

    my Poll response

    A) maneuverability increased = Yes
    B) faster reload ECM/Flares = Yes
    C) Zuni DMG increase = No

  • FragginFool 01.28.14 at 05:02

    Give the aircraft a 2 shot counter measure with increased regeneration time. With the limited visability in jets and the constant anti aircraft bombardment it would give pilots a more fair advantage. Give the jet pilots increased peripheral visability. OR a rear view capability. Everyone has different set ups and some guys are able to dominate the skys so it would give newer pilots and the more seasoned pilots a more intense fighting ability.

  • FragginFool 01.28.14 at 04:48

    Hanus That is an excellent topic. I cannot count how many times I have not fired at an enemy because I thought he was a friendly because you see a friendly tag in the distance over a bad guy that is right in front of you.

    • BigSwig_Hoss 01.28.14 at 06:03

      I agree 100%- now this is a real problem.

  • EXILE157 01.28.14 at 04:45

    Snipers Rifles, DMR and Pistol weapon are ridiculous over powered against Assault Rifles and Carbines! unless it’s that other major issue “Netcode” causing this stupid situations even @ close range you cant escape Snipers Rifles, DMR and Pistol -vs- Assault Rifles and Carbines!

    This BF4 Series has become more of a Camping Ground for Snipers Rifles and DMR, funny how supposedly BF4 was made to keep the intense fight going through out the game, Yet it’s a camping fest! EA / DICE please chane the game name to “BATTLECAMPERFIELD 4″

  • Hanus 01.28.14 at 04:43

    One of the most annoying aspects of this game is having an enemy in front of my cursor, but a Friendly Icon over his head because there’s a friendly half a map away behind him. Please make some effort to hide Friendly Icons for players directly behind your enemy (at any distance). Whether the icon would become slightly “grey” or translucent, either of these options should correct the issues it’s causing.

  • PeroxideBullet 01.28.14 at 04:31

    With all the issues with horrible hit detection, sever lag and crashes, rubberbanding, your worried about how to “balance” the game by messing with weapons. Are your that freaking dumb. And you wonder why EA is so hated.

    • FragginFool 01.28.14 at 04:34

      Buddy just post your reply and be constructive with your comments. Insults will not get the game fixed moron. Have you been sniffing to much peroxide…

      • PeroxideBullet 01.28.14 at 05:31

        LOL. “Your weapons are so imbalanced its a joke.” Thats straight from your post there smart guy. Do you know what an insult is,because that is one right there. So is this, “your a fucking idiot”. That one is from me to you. You got a lot of balls calling someone a moron. I really hate stupid people. You might want to spend less time trolling and more time in school. Read a book or at least pick up a dictionary. Look up what a hypocrite is too while your at it. Also, they already know whats wrong with their game ass clown so being constructive does not get anything done. Neither does sucking there ass in posts trying to come to there defense when someone tells it like it is. You may like it in the ass BOY but I do not. Have a wonderful evening LOL…… dumbass

      • PeroxideBullet 01.28.14 at 05:38

        Oh and one more thing. I will say whatever the fuck I want. LOL

    • EXILE157 01.28.14 at 04:36

      I agree 100%

    • FragginFool 01.28.14 at 04:50

      BTW the topic here is” weapons balancing” not server lag, rubber banding, etc

      • PeroxideBullet 01.28.14 at 05:43

        Hence why I posted on here because its a stupid topic to have when we have all of those issues. You can not “balance” a game that does not work right smart guy. But I realize you are a little slow so it may take you a while for it to sink in.

  • FragginFool 01.28.14 at 04:30

    Why are you tweaking anything?…This game should have been researched and ready for delivery from the beginning. I would like to see you leave the scout heli armament alone. Detuning the 25mm against troops is absurd. Ground troops all carrying stingers and all the anti aircraft armor on the battlefield makes staying airborne impossible for more than a few seconds. Why not give the aircraft a couple ecm shots instead of one. Aircraft weapons are the least effective out of all the BF4 kits.
    Your weapons are so imbalanced its a joke. I have never seen a pistol that can shoot accurate at a 1000 yards with one shot kills, but you see it all the time during game play. Your DMR weapons are a total joke. I have to hit an enemy with 10 rounds before a kill. Your assignments are ridiculous, how does one ever expect to upgrade to better weapons for an even playing field against more experienced players when having to make defibrillator kills in a round…. BF4 is a nice looking game overall but the game play is awful. I think it is an overall improvement over BF3 because that was a total let down. I had to wait a year to play BF3 because of hardware incompatibilities. I have to be honest and say Im about ready to hang up all EA games due to the endless problems you encounter when playing. I play BF4 for a stress relieve after work but after a couple hours I am ready to delete the game from my HD due to the imbalanced weaponry and the none stop problems with the game. Please just skip all the tweaks and build a great game out of the box. COD doesnt have to be tweaked all the time.

  • double55nickles 01.28.14 at 04:25

    Why are piddling around with cosmetics?? Stabilize the game!! Conquest is UNPLAYABLE on PS4 with infuriating lag and bugs. I’m looking for a new game i am so frustrated. Don’t u watch streamers and you-tubers?? They are all frustrated and play less and less BF4. FIX THIS POS GAME!!!!!

  • SEKSEE JIM 01.28.14 at 04:08

    The gunner in the tanks needs more! I often feel like my infantry gun has more power than the mounted one on the tank. For a 50 Cal its useless!! There needs to be more reward for helping out the driver to. If he gets a kill while your repairing, you should get a kill also??

  • cosmo199 01.28.14 at 03:49

    They should focus on fixing the lag on the 360 first. It is ridiculous I don’t even want to play that’s how bad it is!

  • RZseraph 01.28.14 at 03:44

    Wherever you do, bf4 is still poopy. Fix the netcode /hit boxes, referesh rate (10 hz,really?), random bullet deviation, in put lag, spawm black screen of death, etc./. When I shoot at enemy, enemy dies – it is the basic thing in any FPS -_-

  • will77x 01.28.14 at 03:19

    I agree with Jmerns. The proximity doesn’t seem to be working properly as I have never been able to have anyone appear on my minimal even while it’s activated. It’s very frustrating to get killed by someone you would never know was there. Unless the equipment worked properly. Also I I likes the BC2 mortar system much better as well. It was a great was get get a camping tank to move out or bring attention to a sniper who is camped off in the hills. I also think that the armour on some maps is a bit excessive. Why on Lancang Dam do we need all the Air vehicles. Why not 1 scout and 1 transport per side and eliminate the jets on that map. Same goes with the ground vehicles. I feel like if I am not in a vehicle then there is no point of playing most of the maps. By the time you get anywhere on foot some vehicle takes you out. The 0% health bug also has to be the most infuriating thing about this game though. No health should equal no life. I would also like to see you guys bring back the spawn invulnerability. At least for a second or 2. So many times I spawn in and it goes directly to a death screen. I didn’t even have a chance to move and the player I spawned on didn’t have a warning message on their screen. Character customization would be a nice touch, but I’d like to see the bigger things get fixed before that. Why polish a gem when it’s s buried in the dirty right? But all that being said I do think this game has the potential to be great. Just shouldn’t have been released to soon. I hope you guys take these comments to heart and don’t just brush them off as grumpy gamer who suck at the game.

    • JMerner97 01.28.14 at 04:08

      Good point about fixing things before adding cosmetic touches. Excessive armour is a nuisance too…

  • KILLA BORACHO 01.28.14 at 03:13

    Just play the game and you’ll see the problems you need to fix!
    Make the game as realistic as possible . Stop trying to “balance ” Everything!!!!!
    Your killing this game trying to make it HALO!

  • DefectivByDesign 01.28.14 at 03:00

    What they need to buff is Armor HMG and AA cannon direct damage against infantry. Its frustrating as hell to have an enemy running for dear life while putting shot after shot in his back and he just wont die, just hit markers. How many heavy caliber shots does it take to kill someone?

  • JMerner97 01.28.14 at 02:57

    1. M134 mini guns on scout choppers are near useless. If accuracy is to remain as is, why not buff the damage a little and keep the splash small. The m134 is an area suppression weapon, but, it’s a laser beam and should be able to wipe out soft targets after a few seconds of direct fire..
    2. I’m not sure if the prox detect is working yet but I haven’t seen it work like it did in bf3. It seems useless and was a great early warning system for less than epic tankers.
    3. Speed of helicopters is very low IMO, they travel faster than 140kts ias I’m sure, and yet they feel horribly sluggish in game. Speed increase and a minimum detection deck would give choppers a better chance against op AA.
    4. Remove the “how the heck could he have killed me? He’s at 0 health” scenario, zero should be dead.
    5. Remember the mortar attack in BC2? Yeah I want that. Recon calls in an mortar strike on a locked down sniper, levelling the playing field. Sick. It wasn’t accurate but the suppression and attention it brought down on a wookie was great. ( bring back wookie suits!)
    6. Some character customization options? Change appearances somewhat? Hang a strip of cloth from a gun…choose some of the armour options that would in turn effect mobility?
    7. Don’t be afraid to be creative with bf4, most players would love new things to strive for, and display. Options will keep players hungry and the fan base loyal. The more effort you put into a customizable, balanced , challenging game environment, the more ” only in battlefield” moments we will create with you!

  • Bustin_Cherryz 01.28.14 at 02:54

    I also believe that jet and helicopter time on flare deploy should be decreased because it is no longer fun to fly either because you get shot and die to quickly

  • Bustin_Cherryz 01.28.14 at 02:52

    Hey I think the attack boat is to powerful against anti-air because I go on there launch two missiles at the target they deploy flares I launch 2 more target disabled jet or helicopter destroyed either the jet crashes or I barely shoot it and it blows up I feel as though the attack boat Is to powerful and with the combination of troops on the ground it makes it nearly impossible for jet/helicopter to escape

  • MIGHTY MONROE 01.28.14 at 02:50

    Countermeasure reload time in jets should be reduced a little. Helicopters also or bring back below radar.

  • kreamykyle 01.28.14 at 02:47

    I wish you bring back squad join at the main menu before you enter a match like bf3 so that way you and your friends can join a match in a squad together

  • BullzEye4489 01.28.14 at 02:45

    The time it takes for countermeasures to reload is way too long and needs to be adjusted.

    • Bustin_Cherryz 01.28.14 at 02:55

      I agree they should make it 18 seconds and then you would have a better chance of survival

  • BullzEye4489 01.28.14 at 02:44

    The AA tank should not be able to sit in it’s deployment and take everything in the air out. This is a huge flaw in my eyes because it is near impossible to combat this in any way. If you get too close without them noticing the automatic c-ram takes you out in 2 seconds….. I used to love flying in bf3, now I can’t stand it it’s so annoying.

  • DREAMR91 01.28.14 at 02:40

    I would appreciate if you guys could make it like in BF3 where you didn’t die as fast. I could take squads on end in BF3 and in BF4 it’s impossible. It really takes from it specially when you are the one flanking and putting in most of the work for your team. PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN GUYS!!!

  • mistert0509 01.28.14 at 02:20

    Please tweak the Stinger and IGLA. They are nearly worthless in BF4. They may have been to amped in BF3, but they are a worthless tool in BF4.

  • mistert0509 01.28.14 at 02:18

    There are times in the Parcel Storm map when the gun boat appears to be firing and will not stop. This is annoying to soldiers manning the guns on the back of the boat. I have had to jump off the boat or redeploy due to this bug. Please fix it.

  • mistert0509 01.28.14 at 02:14

    On the paracel storm map with all of the high waves the gunship guns are worthless during the storm on many occasions. The effects of the waves are way too overwhelming to fight during a storm.

  • coastalfighter 01.28.14 at 02:12

    Although I voted on number three after thinking how the information was presented, I don’t pilot jets. There should be four options on that vote. Very few people get into the jets relevant to the size of the community and would have little experience to give an informed opinion, there should be more of a line in there where you can state that you don’t pilot a jet but I feel positive/negative about the buff. Then DICE can weigh the stats that come out of the vote.

  • RaZZLzTHEclown 01.28.14 at 02:07


  • RaZZLzTHEclown 01.28.14 at 02:06

    Maybe it’s just me, but I think that the strength of the pillars on Seige of Shanghai should be boosted. I think that it should maybe take longer to bring it down. Just because not even 10 minutes into the game the tower comes down. Don’t get me wrong, its cool to see it come down, but it comes down to early.
    Thank ypu

  • ChiuyVallejo79 01.28.14 at 01:58

    Also have the Air Superiority include in the menus and all that since is also a Pain to look for games manually and almost never find any! PLEASE PLEASE FIX THE GAME FOR THOSE OF US WHO LOVE IT.


  • ChiuyVallejo79 01.28.14 at 01:56

    something i notice is that with the support class indirect fire and perimeter defense is not available also i see the issue that if i quit the game it reboot the PS3 system… Is really bad also that in the middle of a fight the system freeze and i have to manually turn it off the version on the PS3 system is 4.53 the latest so i need you DICE to please stop focus in the new gen of console or PC is time to look into the issues for all the platforms you said you support… i get the premium membership and so far is been a pain… PLEASE DICE!!! for the love of GOD

  • R0K3R 01.28.14 at 01:21

    Please please please remove the Troll requirement for the assignment to get the L85A2, Defib kill ? cmon its trolling, I refuse to do it out of principle and i really want that gun.

  • THE-DOK 01.28.14 at 01:07

    Right now if I try to send an invite on ps4 my controller freezes and bugs out (I’m not the only one [] ) . We could’ve at least been given more options like maybe the current bf3 party system. This is supposed to be a squad based game but you cant form a squad in a conventional way. Other simple things like customizing your loadout either has to be done during a match or on another device and even that’s not always 100%. Maybe I’m missing something but right now for me there just seems to be more cons than pros concerning the new party system and this forced use of the companion app in general. Yes with the old party system your team might end on the other side for a while but at least you could meet up before the match and discuss roles and tactics and sort your loadout while doing all this at the title screen. Other mainstream shooters that shall remain nameless have had very little party issues, you don’t need to customize within match or on a companion app and they’re not even squad based games. It just feels like the fans have been given things in this game that we never asked for or expressed interest in. I personally think this game generally is the better of all the mainstream shooters. Bf3 worked hard to bring in more players and even scared their main competitors in this particuliar gamimg genre. Please don’t drive them away.

  • Dutts_95 01.28.14 at 01:04

    Why can i still not form a squad before i join a game like bf3?

  • SpoOck Mexicano 01.28.14 at 00:59

    DICE, y AE. piensen que es mas poderoso la comunidad vieja de battlfield . o los nuevos jugadores de tal juego. poes ya les digo que los veteranos del juego esperan solo un BF3 con mejores graficos ya que el juego segun ellos era perfecto. y siendo nuevo en el juego les digo pues claro el bf3 es mejor. no agan caso a dichos jugadores nuevos ellos deben adaptarse al juego no el juego a ellos. mas daño a los artillerosde cualquier veiculo yet’s capases se destruir blindados en una sola pasada. y lanchas sin tanta capacidad anti-aerea.

  • Swolenator 01.28.14 at 00:58

    please make stealth jet hud and bullets easier to see. Fix air radar not working on attack jets on parcel storm, rebuff the attack jet turn speed a little so I don’t feel like I am falling. Fix field upgrades not working correctly. And maybe add below radar to the stealth upgrade and maybe make proximity scan warn about active radar missiles sooner as of right now most people just use gyro.

  • WarhammerTX 01.28.14 at 00:45

    separate the pc and console tweaks bf4 should be developed separately as 2 different games

  • purerockfury 01.28.14 at 00:40

    I want to customize my load out on the my soldier menu like bf3 was. The commander thing is really cool. When you have 2 commanders. That I think is a balancing issue I would like the battlelog to work. I’d like to know my vehicle/weapon stats. The anti vehicle engineer perk doesn’t give my the extra mines/rockets.

  • afrozach69 01.28.14 at 00:26

    Agree with Braxton 1000%

  • afrozach69 01.28.14 at 00:25

    Some upon starting a match there will be a 20-30 second period during which the sound will not work and any land vehicle will drive as though you were driving through holes or over rocks. Just consistent bouncing. Please smooth this out

  • xxxBRAXTONxxx 01.28.14 at 00:22

    WHAT ABOUT being able to customize your guy at the main menu it’s awful spending an entire game customizing !

  • Minib4l 01.27.14 at 20:27

    what about getting rid of the split second delay when ADS?

  • katphish21 01.27.14 at 20:17

    The MTAR-21 challenge will not go away after you complete the challenge . I did the challenge a few times to see if you get a better. medal or a reward but nothing.

  • PaNDa_SNiP3R 01.27.14 at 20:16

    i think you should bring the Rex pistol back to the way it was in BF3

  • Purestone63 01.27.14 at 20:13

    The cannons and rockets on the attack choppers do not need to be changed please leave them as they are. If you guys start making the guns and rockets on the choppers more powerful then the tanks will become useless The attack choppers need more speed though please make them fly a little faster.

  • andrewsdad14 01.27.14 at 20:11

    Dice needs to fix the saved game stuff. Like for the assignments fior your dlc guns and stuff after a game it resets everything. Like the f2000 for instance you gotta get two kill assist ribbons and 10 kills inside the metro well i get like 1 kill assist ribbon and 10 kills inside the metro and when i go back to the main menu to check on my progess and it says i have 0 kills in the metro and 0 kill assist i mean come on dice you gotta fix that crap really soon cuz if you dnt its like i bought the premium for nothing

  • ImpactOrange 01.27.14 at 20:09

    I reference to FGM-148 power and function… The real Javelin is fire and forget with a shaped charge that effectively penetrates a tank’s top armor in one shot. For game purposes, the Javelin should be upgraded to a fire and forget function along with the damage increase.

    • Raptor Boogie 01.28.14 at 00:21

      The Javelin is awful. £-4 hits to even disable a Tank. Should be a one hit kill if a direct hit from above. IF the tank isn’t using reactive Armour or PDS.

  • SU Im Unknown 01.27.14 at 19:59

    the number one thing i wish would be addressed is the lack of power the jets have. it takes 3-4 passes to take a tank out with guided missiles. it really should only take 2 at the tops. the air to air combat needs major tweaking too. its pretty sad when u can get 4000 points in a match and have no kills because anytime u hit someone with a missile it puts them in a uncontrolled crash straight in to a wall. thus not giving the kill to the person that shot. and deserved it. come on dice something needs to be done about that.

    • RizzRizz 01.27.14 at 20:12

      i agree with this guy i only thing i would like to add is the attack jets are too slow any bum in a stealth jets can take out a attack jet cuz they are too slow.

  • kirk1988100 01.27.14 at 19:10

    aim assist is really over powered multilayer gaming is about skills. people that can’t handle aiming have to keep trying and eventually they will get better, the problem is that noobs get addicted with aim assist and didn’t improve their game play. aim assist shouldn’t exist on that game or at least make it like bf3 tune it down little bit and its ruining my time with bf4 

  • UnknownTechnine 01.27.14 at 19:03

    Please overlook the hardcore mode in particular! hardcore i bf3 was awesome. But now.. Me and my friends are very dissapointed about it. Here’s a few things that come to mind:
    1. We need a compass! Like right now!
    2. RPG and SMAW against tanks, In hardcore there should be no need for more than 2 rockets in the rear of a tank!
    3. Please remove the FF on claymores and mines. It’s was a cool idea. But it doesn’t work out when people just places them randomly near mainbase and such. Or at least make them “spotted” for friendly units.
    4. The revives. You should make it so only squadmembers can revive you. This is needed in harcore, and especially in maps with CQB. With this function you no longer need to take out an entire group of enemys to slip by their defense. It’s a gamebreaker when you get 4 out of 5 guys. An the surviving medic revives all and they come to hunt you down.

    Please try to balance hardcore mode so it benefits from teamwork and skilled players. This is what it was meant for!

  • FiremanPig 01.27.14 at 18:54

    I think the ability to squad up before joining a session would be a great. I also think that more balancing to make the stealth jets and attack helicopters more agility and power. A buff to the MBT’s would make them more desirable to use. One thing that is annoying is picking up special weapons such as the Barret or the MGL, pressing the button will sometimes pick up the weapon but will sometimes cause you to drop it this can be anointing and frustrating when playing. One thing that me and many of my friends agree that makes battlefield four annoying is the time limits in matches and games. I and many others feel that the long games is what makes battlefield it’s own game and its what we miss from battlefield 3. If you do one thing please remove the time limits for games such as obliteration defuse.

  • MalkieMonster 01.27.14 at 18:54

    Not sure if this is the place to post this, but I don’t understand how players can continue living with ZERO HEALTH. There has been many times I shot player to ZERO HEALTH and they ended up killing me and moving on.

  • HRF_math026 01.27.14 at 18:48

    a ghillie suite for recon please, there to hugely players playing on sniper. Why not include this possibility?

  • FarKim 01.27.14 at 18:39

    The fucking MAA does rip everything to pieces. Needs nerfing.

  • FarKim 01.27.14 at 18:33

    How about you fix the damn memory leak some players are still experiencing as well as the netcode.
    If you don’t fix the real problems with this game soon, games like titanfall are going to be really popular. You’re losing your fan base.

  • skoobdawg 01.27.14 at 18:32

    Longtime BF player and bf3, bf4 premium member. Level 103 bf4. Had to stop playing this weekend because of the frustrating issues. I have been playing bf4 for 180 hours. The jittery lagging is out of control on some maps, making it impossible to do much and very frustrating. I am sick of unloading a full ace 52 cqb clip on somebody’s body only to have them pull out a revolver and 1 shot kill me. It seems like before china rising came out it was even less buggy, but now even on the old maps it’s bad. Sick of getting locked on by the MAA the second you get above tree line in your home base and they are in their home base. I hate how in a tank with the sabot or the staff shell you have to shoot infantry head on 2 or 3 times to get a kill. Team balancing is also out of control, it’s great to be on a team that wins 649 to 0 tickets on conquest but come on, doing it five times in a row without it balancing itself and everybody on the other team just quits is ridiculous. This is an epic game, just needs to be smoothed out.

  • SniperKat313 01.27.14 at 18:24

    This is an fps. Gun play comes first. Every gun needs an accuracy buff. The m4 and m16a4 need first shot and vertical recoil to be decreased. Also bring back m4a1 it is essential to a modern fps with us forces. And also the m9 needs a buff eveeyone only uses the ace and shorty or the 45. Pistols. Theres no variety. And no more nerfs just buff other things that are lack luster. And lastly, fix the tick rate and net code.

  • DoM1nus LuMen 01.27.14 at 18:23

    - we didnt want the MAA cannon nerf

    - that isnt enough to fix active radar

    - nobody wanted the heli rocket buff ZUNIS WERE THE BEST CHOICE FOR THE ATTACK HELI

    - none of this fixes missile spam, we needed below radar and all vehicles need a countermeasure cooldown decrease

    If this is all we are getting (not saying it is) im going to be very disappointed

  • CaptainStormy 01.27.14 at 18:22

    The biggest problem is the servers themselves. Honestly I’ve only played about 70 some odd hours since the game launched. That’s only an average of 45 minutes a day. Typically the wife and I play 2-3 hours of games each week night after dinner and a lot more on the weekends. It’s what we do instead of watching TV or whatnot. But the servers for BF4 are so bad we just haven’t even wanted to try playing it most days.

    The Freezing has gotten better, though it’s still there. (we never freeze in other games so it isn’t a hardware issue). Our biggest problem is we will often get kicked out of matches with the message “Connection to EA Lost”. This seems to happen more to us, then to our friends who only have one console in their home playing BF4 but it happens to everyone from time to time.

  • droptheG 01.27.14 at 18:22

    There is so much to fix.
    #1 Fix buggs and crashes
    #2 Balance guns and vehicles
    #3 Add levolution for China Rising. (Heard rumors there is a audio file for levolution specifically for China Rising.)
    #4 We dont need 2x XP it doesnt help the game.
    LevelCap on youtube has very good reasons and pointers in what should be fixed.

  • imagamejunky 01.27.14 at 18:16

    I play on PS4. Lately I see a consistent problem where I shoot someone and then they shoot me. It shows that their health is a 0 and I’m not getting any points. They should be dead!

  • Birdy 01.27.14 at 17:59

    Stopped playing Battlefield because the overall gameplay is frustrating due to bugs and “netcode”.
    0. A real excuse for all the bugs, crashes, connection issues not some cheap double XP event
    1. Hit detection/ “netcode”/ kill trades/ asynchronous gameworld
    2. Random bullet Deviation
    3. ADS bullet deviation stays at hipfire deviation when going from hip to ads while fireing or when fireing immeditely.
    4. When revived after being killed an suppressed accuracy is still impaired by Suppression
    5. Inf. weapons Balance (esp. DMRs, grenades)
    6. Vehicle Balance (MAA too strong, attack helicopter too weak)
    8 When scoped in with an 6x or higher scope holding shift and moving Forward causes the scope to disappear, the sensitivity to go to hip and the zoom to stay

  • Clix4Knifes 01.27.14 at 17:58

    I believe that the Heli’s ( mostly the little bird and the Z-11W ) can be destroyed way to easily. Not from people shooting it down but from hitting the ground . Lets say your on 76% and your right gun huts the ground you explode and have no option to do anything when it comes to Road killing people . Does anyone else feel the same way ?

  • Staazvaind 01.27.14 at 17:56

    well “balance” the netcode plz, thx.

  • Vajuliser 01.27.14 at 17:52

    For now, stop playing because btf4 still having problems. It is a crap what they have done with the game. DICE has scammed people.

  • Mr-BannedAlot 01.27.14 at 17:48

    If these issues are looked past then the company and brand of battlefield is doomed. The issues everyone faces daily are stupid. Not only are the hard crashes bad for your system but they discourage you to play the game(But to EA this doesn’t matter they already have your money). The netcode is horrible, especially for a FPS. If the game functioned properly then the real tweaks and fixes would show, not these little buffs and nerfs now.

  • Mr-BannedAlot 01.27.14 at 17:39

    Heres how they should be focusing their time and efforts. 1.netcode 2.Hard freezes 3.VOIP 4.Hit detection 5.ability to squad up before joining a server, the squad up aspect of this game is a joke. 6. Do all of the above before doing anything else.(should be their main priority)

  • Coreyweb 01.27.14 at 17:35

    Main problems = netcode, Rush is no longer fun (all the maps feel like Canals did in BF3), and hit detection.

    The guns don’t really seem unbalanced to me. But I haven’t played in a few weeks.

  • Mr-BannedAlot 01.27.14 at 17:35

    This seems to be a trend with them, BF3 they took ages to even begin fixing the major roles and still never even completely fixed the game. They have no problem taking our money promising the community certain things and then failing HARD to deliver. It seems they are incapable of producing a well functioning game. I mean, I know there is alot behind it in the first place but come on, where I work if you don’t do your job right on a daily basis your ass is gone.

  • Dm0037 01.27.14 at 17:32

    lower the amount of ammo for all lock on weapons and give them longer reload times because the 3 sec reload is too fast it should be like 10 seconds !
    all vehicles should have 2.5 times more hit points to account for nearly 2.5 times more players in 32 vs 32 player matches so please adjust vehicle health up to match additional player matches !
    please remove mobility criticals for all vehicles !
    make the distance a player can fall without taking damage 30 feet because I am so tired of getting killed in action from falling off a one foot curb !
    when in prone position and trying to look around I move all over the place ,please fix this its horrible !
    the main cannons on all tanks need a splash radius increase and lav main cannon needs a damage buff and splash radius increase !
    the lav’s always lose in a one vs one against mbt and they should have the same strength !
    the recharge timers on all vehicles main cannons are super slow and need to recharge a lot faster , please reduce the time for reloads by at least %25 !
    bring back proximity scan for drivers not just gunners in mbt and lav !
    please nerf the maa main cannon by %20 and remove arm’s from the game for all vehicles !
    when in choppers or jeeps barely bumping into anything causes killed in action its very frustrating !
    all tree’s and antenna’s should break away when shot by a tanks cannon a chopper’s main cannon or when driven into by either , this attention to destructible detail is important and something I expect from the battlefield series !

  • LindseyStirling 01.27.14 at 17:32

    I don’t know if its just me but i don’t really see why dmr’s need a buff.either i get spammed like crazy with them or i get 2 shot by a dmr with a silencer whille i clearly was 100% health
    this has happen a good amount of times now mabey its just the netcode but hearing it needs a buff after something like this happens all the time doesn’t really sound like something thats needed in my eyes.

    • HellzWindStaff08 01.27.14 at 17:40

      Try using one for a couple hundred kills and them see what you think…

  • martinnaraina116 01.27.14 at 17:31

    Put more vibration . In the controller, Fix the battlelog I’m getting freeze when I send a invite to a freind. Campaign still not saving, shooting enemy and no damage is done.

  • Mr-BannedAlot 01.27.14 at 17:29

    How about stop worrying about these little tweaks to the game and fix the major problems such as VOIP, HARD FREEZE, FRAME RATE DROP, HIT BEHIND WALLS, CAMPAIGN FREEZES AND STUCK AT LOAD SCREENS HAVING TO RESTART. ACTIVE PROTECTION NOT PROTECTING AGAINST MBT LAW’S, You guys seems to enjoy pissing the community off, especially the dedicated players. Not the casual gamers you see here asking for little nerfs and tweaks with little gameplay because they die often from certain things, but fix the major issues with the game that has forced many people into the arms of call of duty.

  • PaganiZonda_666 01.27.14 at 17:26

    Hey Dice/EA how about you guys fix the damn rubber banding issues before you take on any other sort of tweaks? That sounds like an Idea doesn’t it? This is the main reason I haven’t bought the expansion pack because you guys seem to be taking your sweet time fixing your broken game

  • NoZoupForYou 01.27.14 at 17:26

    A fix for the MBT Staff Shell exploit would be nice.

    Buff the attack helicopter armor, rockets and guns. Nerf the passive radar missiles.

    • Zakonia 01.27.14 at 17:33

      Ye fix the dubble shot with aid of the Staff shell!!!

    • Dm0037 01.27.14 at 18:00

      i don’t have a problem with the staff shell as its intended but i do with it double firing i think it is similar problem with all high rate of fire infantry guns that are firing extra bullets causing what feels like one hit kills or only the last bullet hitting me registering !
      i also have seen that when i am tossing out one stick of c-4 that 3 sticks leave my hand at once but only one is on the ground this game is very buggy !
      i have also had my tank shots not register a hit even though i clearly hit the tank i was fighting !
      i have even hit infantry spot on with rpg and that didn’t register a hit either and this happens often !
      i first noticed the hits not registering when i was playing golmud railway near a- b and shooting the destructible buildings with a mbt or rpg with no damage done to the buildings , the shot goes straight through with no damage applied !

  • RGulrich 01.27.14 at 17:25

    I’m not a fan of the 0 health fix.

    Knife sequence, I find it a pain the the butt that I unload a clip while a teammate is being knifed and the knifee is invincible during this time. Even after no damage was taken with said unloaded clip.

    Levolution to be implemented in China Rising, that would be nice. We all know it is there…

    Hubby and I have had problems with enemies with no tags or friendly tags above their heads and we proceed to get killed. Can you look into that?

    And please allow C4 kills to register in Battlelog under Engineer and not only for the recon class.

    • NoZoupForYou 01.27.14 at 17:27

      Or how about spawning in front of an Enemy only to get knifed in the back…

  • Wanorios 01.27.14 at 17:23

    I believe that the sniper is overpowered and does not require skill to master the class anymore. with the range range identifier and the the scope adjustment it became a simple matter of camping and shooting, the class became a bit boring, anyone feeling the same?

    • HAM_Solo_513 01.27.14 at 17:34

      Oh my god, stop whining about unimportant things. If you got shot with a sniper in real life it wouldn’t take numerous shots. Not to mention its all about that 1 shot for a sniper. Your personal issues against the rifle set up shouldn’t cause it to be changed. Less whining in an issue that needs to be fixed. You probably use the ak12 too.

  • CrewDawg36 01.27.14 at 17:21

    I love bf4 there are some annoying issues that I’m sure are going to be fixed over time.

    I think rush needs to be fixed on all maps.

    Vehicle damage against infantry needs to be increased slightly game wide.

    Engineer AT needs a damage increase as well I don’t think any tank needs 5 hits to destroy it a bit far fetched.

    Operation Locker needs to have something done to it. It is simply whomever controls C wins the game. Grenade and explosive spam heaven which turns it into slow choppy game play.

    I would much rather see the bugs worked out first like spawn in death or shot through walls or burned through a ceiling in locker and I’d like to see Second Assault go live on PS4

  • NTCC_Moss 01.27.14 at 17:20

    The ping conpenstation, I am playing in servers near my house so anywhere from 10 to 40 to 70 on bad days ping, and some people with 190, 200, 300 ping owning the server.

  • bugone 01.27.14 at 17:19

    have to second the getting hit behind the walls, and other objects.

  • Templar0ne 01.27.14 at 17:15

    After taking cover behind a concrete wall bullets continue to hit the player. Please fix this. If you need a video let me know.

  • Canis Major 01.27.14 at 17:11

    Does it really matter what we think? Really…..?? Really……………..????

  • Faderk 01.27.14 at 17:09

    Before u guys worry about the little things in the game how about u fix some of the games main functions. Like add a page down button for when searching for severs and how about u and that u and ur friends can squad up befor joining a game so u can join the game on the same team

  • bradferdthe3rd 01.27.14 at 17:08

    How about the 50 cal. for the gunners on top of armor. They are weaker than your sidearm. What a joke.

    • Templar0ne 01.27.14 at 17:17

      I second this. If someone gets hit by a .50 cal bullet once should be enough from 100 yards.

  • AM-CantBrapThis 01.27.14 at 17:08

    Where is my Veteran BattlePack?!?!?!?!?! My PSN: AM-CantBrapThis

  • bugone 01.27.14 at 17:06

    I think you should buff the pistols and shotguns. there is no way a handgun or a shotgun should win over an support weapon in cqb. and a fix for,, when you are prone, and go to stand up its like watching paint dry. apart from that dice, you are doing a good job anyway. at least with this game, you actually ask and try to fix the games problems, and mybe even if you don’t get everything just right first time.

  • Lords-Of-Olympus 01.27.14 at 17:05

    Is there any possible way I can save in the campaign? Because I can’t see my saved game profile anywhere!!

  • BulletHunter21 01.27.14 at 17:04

    If you guys could make the refresh rate of the server higher, I think that would change a lot! (I saw someone saying that the refresh rate of the servers is only 10Hz)

  • Instaheal 01.27.14 at 17:03

    the AA is seriously overpowered. You need to nerf that thing in the next patch. In a mid sized map, it can control the entire airspace from the base.

    • High-flying-noob 01.27.14 at 17:19

      I think the fact that you increased the jets canons jets by 20% is a joke, and should be reduced again(not sure where I seen it was increased but it always blows me out of the sky).

      Can anything be done about jet ramming???

  • GermanSourKrout 01.27.14 at 17:00

    don’t balance anything until the essential game mechanics are fixed. give us the game we PAID for!

  • Schnookiefoo 01.27.14 at 16:55


    I still get endless map loads and game freezes along with a crapton of other glitches daily. FIX IT.

    You people fixing this game need to be fired for your incompetence. This game has too much potential to be in the hands of such morons.

    • Medserver 01.27.14 at 16:57

      It really is pretty bad. I play conquest only. I’ve played this game for 10 years and really liked them all, but this one is really sad.

  • PG-Iceman 01.27.14 at 16:53

    Please concider the return of L1 & R1 for the PS4 control scheme!

  • a_gameboy93 01.27.14 at 16:52

    I think that the level cap should be raised. I capped out waaaaaaay too fast.

    • PG-Iceman 01.27.14 at 16:54

      +1 on that.

      Or at least another way to gain battlepacks all fictive 10 levels or so…

  • Medserver 01.27.14 at 16:50

    Orders from the commander are difficult to see. I actively participate in the team aspect of the game and it is difficult even for me to follow the orders. Rush was a great part of Battlefield in the past, it was all I ever played going back to Bad Company 2 on PC. I do not play now because it appears to not have enough tickets. DMRs are inaccurate and weak. I use them to unlock assignments only. I do appreciate you asking for feedback.

    • HellzWindStaff08 01.27.14 at 16:55

      +1 re: Rush. Waaay to easy for the defenders. More tickets needed.

  • Jimbob4441 01.27.14 at 16:48

    If there’s one thing that needs a buff, it’s the dmrs! Please can you boost most of the dmrs damage to 50 dice?

  • TOORBO 01.27.14 at 16:43

    Nah, I believe they wont fix the netcode. They would make it as close as they can and then they might try to make up for it in a newer version of BF, maybe BF5. They will fix it if there is a law that let refund games after at least 7 days if majority of the people are having same issues. For example, returned due to a faulty product. They are not going to use the profits to fix this game. If they do fix it and have to pay extra for all the fixes, they wont have the capital for the next game… Thats what I think. We are stuck with it. But we can hope, right?lol

  • tytlyf33 01.27.14 at 16:42

    Whoever wrote these questions about balancing is confusing the heck out of me with their questions.
    #1. FAC have superior anti-air abilities and you’re considering buffing them further? Is that what I read?
    #4. See above? Here you state again buffing the superior anti-air capabilites again, at the expense of nerfing infantry. Don’t touch the burst cannon, that’s what the miniguns are for.

    • TOORBO 01.27.14 at 16:46

      Exactly, the game was fine the way it was. maybe the AA guns are a little overpowered with the Active rockets. Rockets that you can shoot from one edge of the map to another one and still been able to hit the Air vehicle. That about it.

  • yankee411 01.27.14 at 16:40

    If I shoot and hit a soldier from close range with a 25 mm Canister Shell. I think one shot should be deadly.
    Once I shot a guy in the back. I hit him once but of course he kept running and the canon is so slow when it reloads that he got away real easy before you get him a second time.
    One time a shot a guy two times in the head at mid range. The head was all that was looking out. I’m sure he laughed at me while he ran off.
    Another time it took one hit from close again to kill a guy.
    So I think you should look into this as well.

  • Steriia 01.27.14 at 16:38

    There are a few thing other than this that could use some attention.

    1. The damage sounds/actual health reduction don’t seem to match up. The sound seems to play later than health being taken away, resulting in what sounds like a 1 hit kill (aggravating at the best of times), the high pitched BF3 damage sounds/system worked well, not sure why it seems different in BF4 (net code issues maybe, I’m not a coder I don’t know :P)

    2. Counter knifing is far too easy at the moment, so much so that I just don’t knife anymore. It has no skill in it and almost guarantees a kill for the other person :(.

    3. Staff shell switching is also an issue like it was with canister shell in BF3, not sure why it would still be in a later game if it was fixed in early ones.

    4. suppression, it seems completely random. sometime you just get a blurred screen but others you weapon has the accuracy of a shotgun.

    5.frame rate drops on the Xbox1 when levolution event are triggered. self explanatory

    6. Air vehicle counter measures take so long to reload it leaves any chopper team at a disadvantage, especially if the foot soldiers are spamming stingers.

    7.Being killed round corners, yeah it’s still an issue. one that may not be completely resolved but it annoying as hell.

    8. Certain achievements juts fail to unlock (xbox1), again annoying.

    That’s all I can think of off the top of my head, I expected more after buying this AND Premium, £85 overall. Been playing battlefield since bf1942 and I’ve been very disappointed because of all the bugs and issues, some of which were fixed in BF3 and are present again in bf4. Unfortunately it’s a lot of small problems that add up to make a very aggregating and off putting experience. Also if you could also make it easier to squad up that would be great, like the pre game invite system in BF3. Please continue to work on it. As a competitive player the lack of private servers on consoles is also disheartening as the competitive scene is diminishing as it is very hard to compete.

    A slightly disappointed customer :( (at the moment)

    • Creatureoftheday 01.27.14 at 17:06

      Do you have the problem where it says disk is unreadable on Xbox 360( Ive tried 4 different disks and I keep getting it.)

      • B1golf 01.28.14 at 09:53

        It is usually the set screw for where the laser finds its end position to where it starts to read a disk. You can fix it yourself see how to video on youtube or turn it in to get it adjusted. It is a common problem.

  • PatienceofKaori 01.27.14 at 16:37

    1. Sound goes out and comes back on.
    2. Rent a server should come back here soon.
    3. Joining lobbies where the team is getting slaughtered, or the match just ending.
    4. Making a squad to join before you join a lobby like i BF3. Great feature told us you can play with your friends but i get problems saying teams to unbalanced or just switched teams recently and can’t do it till 3 games later even if you didn’t even switch teams.
    4. Netcode/Lag/stuttering when you try to speak on the mic, or cuts out, in the middle of talking.
    5. LMG’s need to be buffed
    6. Rubberbanding.
    7. Second Assault should be released for all consoles here soon not just the rumor stating PC/PS4 next. premium members should get them 2 weeks or so before the non premium not months later. and it should be across all consoles for premium not just Xbox One.
    8. Add back the levolution into the china rising maps can be done with a patch.
    9. premium not showing up for battelog, when you have it and its working in game, even shows you have premium dog tags and a check mark stating playing premium one on assignment “Phantom Prospect”.
    10. Counter Knife if you try to counter even if you hit the button it doesn’t work most of the time.
    11. 0% health brings them down to 0% health and killing multiple more people even as a zombie even though they are supposed to be dead. kill trading still happens as well. Both of those aspects happens alot in games.
    12. DMR spray the sound of them are annoying and way over powered shouldn’t get killed by a few bullets when you spray half a clip into them with PDW’s or Assault rifles and better yet LMG’s
    13. people camping like they just came back from Call of duty.
    14. Graham Cracker Cover, being able to shoot through walls and cover but can’t seem to shoot threw cardboard boxes. many of us get killed right behind cover and its clearly with bullets. not grenades don’t make sense.
    15. Corrupted ps3 Profile saves. in which you would have to redo your gaming hud and changing all your settings.
    16. Qutting the game hitting the ps3 button on the controller to quit the game crashes my playstation 3 and restarts it.
    17. When playing it makes my ps3 fan goes berserk sounds very loud then goes back to normal. No other game does this.
    18. BF4 Veteran Items not here yet.

    Me and my friends aren’t blaming you dice. We are blaming EA for this problems here is because you guys at dice knew there were problems with the game but yet EA forced you guys to send out a broken game. Just be out when Call of duty ghosts is out. this game is obviously better in alot of aspects and will continue to be that. I know dice will be able to fix these problems and i know you all will do the right thing to make it right for us to enjoy the game like you guys attended us to do. Thanks for creating this i know its problem now but its still alot of fun to play this game.

  • TOORBO 01.27.14 at 16:32

    My internet speed is at 70/10 most of the time with pings in the 20-30s and cant aim at all. Well, I can aim, is just that the person is not there to get my bullets to register, Im just shooting is “ghost”. I even have my Network Smoothing Factor at 30% and still the lag is out of this world. And now after the fix for the ! health bug, is registering sooo late that after I destroyed a tank from 50 feet away, 1-2 seconds after he blow up I could see the cannon shot coming out of a turret pointing away already dead, hits a concrete fence and Im ID (instantly dead). Just bought GTAv about 2 weeks ago and when I came back to play I saw the big difference. I liked the AA turret in the spawn protecting our vehicles and it looks like they deactivated it. Gunship should be a little lower to be able to lock on it with a chopper and stingers. At least with the chopper. I wish they left the M142, I guess that is name, the truck with the rocket launcher,like in BF3. With anti-Air or Anti-tank missiles.I have BF4 in the PS3 and the PS4 and both suck, but before the Jan 15 update, the PS3 game was a little better with the lag, but I havent played it since that last update. Fix the Netcode

  • arpao 01.27.14 at 16:29

    Wrong issue. Fix the netcode. I am now playing with a shot gun because nothing else seems to work. I just pretend I am playing COD.

  • Wemius 01.27.14 at 16:27

    Hey, why isn’t anybody talking about the LOCK-ing on problem that is in bf4? when in a vehicle, and the enemy locks on you and fires the missle, I can only hear the last beeping sounds and I know that I am about to get hit, but there is no physical time to fire countermeasures. I think the lock on system should be the way it is in BF4. When locked on, the player can hear the sounds and prepare for incoming fire. This is huge for vehicle combat and I wish you will do something about this. BUFF the entire LOCK-ON system, and make it logical.

    • iskharioute 01.27.14 at 16:29

      i just mentioned it bro…this is awfully bad

  • SKULLCRU5H3R 01.27.14 at 16:26

    I just hope they fix more than balancing… like the crash on some video cards like “directx function getdeviceremovedreason failed with dxgi_error_device_hung” that’s been plaguing my brother’s computer, and no, it’s not a hardware error BF3 plays just fine like any other game… BF4 is the one failing, we can’t play together anymore, he went to BF3 in the meantime, so FIX your game first.

  • Setharoni 01.27.14 at 16:23

    I would like the counter knife system balanced. Every time I get a side takedown someone does a counter knife attack. Not only that but I feel like people get way too long of an opportunity to counter knife.

  • WaYeC 01.27.14 at 16:21

    i cant belive this…. there are soo many problems and you ask for balancing this uninteresting things? im heavy dissatisfied with bf4…

    • Mainfold 01.27.14 at 16:22

      They’re not JUST balancing, they’re deploying balances AND fixes. Stop jumping to conclusions.

  • Mainfold 01.27.14 at 16:20

    More of this! This is a VERY good way of getting feedback, appeal the issues to the community, get feedback on whether or not it should be change, or in some cases, give poll-options on HOW it should be changed.

    i.e; “Changes to the FGM-148 Javelin. 1) Make it fire and forget. 2) Give it no trails (no tracing it back to user). 3) Ground-targeting lock-on capabilities. 4) All of the above.”

    And so forth.

  • TOORBO 01.27.14 at 16:15

    Here you go my people!!!

    • iskharioute 01.27.14 at 16:20

      man, i know u r frustrated like all of us…but what i think is that it is not DICE’s fault…it is not like am defending them…but obviously the guys werent happy with the release….i think they had to talk like that in the video!! and with all the anger and frustration that i have….i believe they will fix it totally, it will take few months! hope not toooo long

      • ZenyT 01.27.14 at 16:25

        For the amount of the money I paid it should bring a great game maybe even with 1 month of server rental , not a buggy game, frustrating and annoying. I bought the ps4 to play this, not Ac4 cod or don’t starve, to play bf4 nothing more nothing less, big disappointment. It has been already 2 months, net code is shitty and they r talking in tweaking weapons, really ? R they for real????

    • ZenyT 01.27.14 at 16:21

      Try for that I hope some douche from dice sees this and has nightmares for a week or the guy from the video turns in to Pinnochio

  • TOORBO 01.27.14 at 16:10

    Yep, I prefer having a better NETCODE than the stupid LEVOLUTION. If you can do that to all the buildings and stuff, then I might care about LEVOLUTION. The rubber-banding, lag, shaking the whole game while in Lancang Dam makes the game really frustrating to play. I want to have fun, thats why is a game, but I end up that I want to punch every single guy in DICE HQ.

    • ZenyT 01.27.14 at 16:11

      Forgot that one

    • iskharioute 01.27.14 at 16:13

      gosh man im becoming an angry person and feel like throwing the pad on the screen, all bcz i love this game….but it is really frustrating !! LIKE REALLY !!!!

      • ZenyT 01.27.14 at 16:16

        I hear U brother, stop playing because I afraid I’m break the Ps4 controller or the monitor, shame on Dice, and shame on me for being such an easy duck qua qua

  • ZenyT 01.27.14 at 16:04

    At this time I don’t care about weapons or vehicles, I do care about the stuttering in gameplay ( now its in every map and game mode). My internet is 80 DL and 3 up, I think its more than enough!!!!!!Things that Dice should be worried:
    1-Lag/Netcode/stuttering (u name it, its there)
    2-Servers region lock
    3-option for maps with out commander
    4-laggy players play with each other ( put limit of ping in some servers)
    5-Rental servers for consoles (since U don’t make some of the options above we could do it for our selves, I would rent a server just not to have that annoying lag/stuttering in game play.
    6- more options for the controls, none of them resemble bf3 controls
    I don’t care for 2x Xp, Idont care (for now) about weapon tweaking because (some times my 200 bullet weapon just stops firing so my enemy can kill me ( laughs), this one is one of my favorites,)with all the lag and rubberbanding its difficult to be accurate.
    Please fix this game it has all to be one of the best, but right now I prefer bf1943 just for the gameplay, shame on U for releasing such a game in this state. Ty

  • iskharioute 01.27.14 at 16:03

    here are my feed backs on PS4 and i hope u do take them into consideration:

    1) i cannot tell if the enemy headshoted me
    2) battlelog sometimes doesnt give me whos playing from my friends, so i cant join them
    3) music sound loop on TDM end round
    4) still missing audio at start of a round when playing a CQ match (specially in vehicles)
    5) server browser is broken (cannot filter) it gives me No Server Found
    6) Spectator Mode is broken…it keeps putting me in Queue although the server is not full
    7) DMRs/AA are OP
    8) STINGER/IGLA are OP (maybe u could increase the reload time)
    9) in CQ, most of the maps are lagging, frame drops, rubberbanding (Lancan/Hainan to be specific)
    10) frame drops on Levolution

    • iskharioute 01.27.14 at 16:04

      11) No pre warning sound when enemy locks on u

  • P00tyb0i 01.27.14 at 16:03

    I personally feel that the assignments system from Battlefield 3 was better, where after the round you could see all the assignments, regardless of whether or not you you actually completed any of the requirements. I understand that this is a very small issue in the grand scheme of the game but its a tweak that i would like to see. On the game side of tweaking I have compiled a list, AA is extremely overpowered, as are active radar missles, DMR’s are horribly under powered, flares regenerate extremely slow. I hate to mention it but the Netcode is extremely bad, 100 ms lag on a server where both players have ping under 30 is just unaccptable. I do have to mention the issues with TV missles. In Battlefield 3 you were rewarded with an instant kill if you could land a hit on a helicopter or moving vehicle, now you get a mobility hit, the heli spins out of control and crashes. while you have accomplished you goal of taking the heli down you recieved no points for your work. Although there are many issues with the game I still enjoy it and have played at least 1 hour everyday since launch. All in all keep up the good work and the game can be great with a little work. Also…WE WANT SECOND ASSAULT

  • TOORBO 01.27.14 at 16:00

    Why dont you just crush the game and put it in the trash? Next time finish the damn game instead of releasing it half finished and then trying to finish it up remotely via patches and crap. The last update for PS4 in Jan 15 sucks. The rubber-banding is much bigger, Im still shaking in Lancang Dam, Sounds effects are still missing when u start the game, which I do not care, and the ECMs and Flares do not work for crap in the game, specially ECMs. Why couldnt you make the game similar to BF3? I still prefer BF3 than this crap. What the hell happen to Team Voice chat? If people didnt liked it, they could switched to squad chat, so do not see the big deal. Now Team work in this game is frakked up!!!Thank you DICE for your “hard work”. (sarcastically)

    • iskharioute 01.27.14 at 16:06

      exactly…not only Lancan Dam, Hainan Resort too….that rubberbanding man is soooooo frustrating and annoying !! i thought my connection is having issues!! do u get that automatic aim in aim out when in a machine gun for instance?

  • M4dDawg 01.27.14 at 15:59

    I have a suggestion for hardcore mode. If you are going to allow the reduction of hit points to the players you should have that same percentage apply to the vehicles. If a soldier has to play at 60% health then all the vehicles should start at 60% health

  • leckmuschel 01.27.14 at 15:58

    cant you nerf anti air ? cant you see what the hell it is doing with the game ?
    makes no fun to fly. set down flair/ecm timer (to 5 sec. or sth.) or patch out passiverockets. no lock on from distance, only if you are in range.. weapons need some recoil, not this controllerrecoil (cause of no time) ah dice dice, bf3 was perfect, needed only a few little fixes, especially hitboxes and the bluegrafix.

  • TheAlmightyPuddn 01.27.14 at 15:57

    PDW’s REBALANCE! What’s the point of guns that arent good even in CQB? Buff the damage to 25 points up close, reduce the recoil on ALL OF THEM!

  • Thoza 01.27.14 at 15:56

    Keep this going , nice step in a good direction Dice

  • HellzWindStaff08 01.27.14 at 15:52

    The damage model for DMRs makes no sense. At the very minimum, a 2.35x headshot multiplier is needed. What is the point in a headshot <15m doing 86 damage?
    I have problems with rubber banding in about 50% of the games I play.

    • Strutsil 01.27.14 at 15:54

      I also have problems with rubber banding and also completely agree on the DMR damage model.

  • Scottos Maximos 01.27.14 at 15:47

    I think what ever balancing you do should be more similar to what it was on BF3.
    One thing that annoys me is that there is less need for the engineers to repair things.
    It would be good if engineers could build fortifications as well as destroy them.
    BF4 seems to have destoryed team work.

  • stealth finger 01.27.14 at 15:46

    Sort out getting emblems back on on current gen and put the obliteration timer to 60 min.

  • LatinNasty007 01.27.14 at 15:43


  • Badmans 01.27.14 at 15:40

    Overall I think BF4 is a super fun game and in many ways a really great gaming experience, that being said there are a number of areas that could be tweaked…. code/net code needs some work… I find myself thinking people are hacking when in fact it is more likely issues with the code and or the internet its self…

    here are a few suggestions that address of my my frustrations with playability issues.

    1. I believe that there should be a limit on the number of snipers per map … some of the larger maps become a sniper camping zoo and it takes away from the immersion in the game for me…some maps have 1/4 to 1/2 the players are snipers…way too many… if everyone wants to be a sniper give them that option but let it be known so the rest of us don’t have to suffer through it.

    2. There should be some delay between when a plan, tank or heli is destroyed or shot down) and a new one spawns… there really is little incentive to try an protect the asset … this is particularly true about the spawn rate of helis ….

    perhaps there should be some limit on tank and heli and jet spawns per map …unlimited spawns for those eliminates any attempt to conserve the resource, which I believe takes away from the game in a variety of ways. For me the current state makes the game too arcade like… If you want tha,t give it an arcade mode…

    I am not advocating brutal realism, just some subtle changes to tweak the fun factor!

    • HooksaN 01.27.14 at 15:44

      I thought this about snipers at first. They really are annoying. But I slowly learned how to avoid them for the most part on each map (breaking lines, hugging walls, moving between buildings/cover etc) and – much more importantly- I learned that the more snipers a team has, the less chance they have of winning conquest. Now my friends and I laugh when we see the other team has 20 snipers. It means the objectives are only actually being contested by 12 of them, and the rest are off camping in a hill somewhere! leave them to it!.

      We now get more annoyed when OUR team has too many snipers!

  • Infectator 01.27.14 at 15:39

    I think tanks are overpowered againist all ground vehicles please bring back mobile artillery

  • Infectator 01.27.14 at 15:38


  • Trust_The_Ears 01.27.14 at 15:37

    I think they should nerf anyone who cry’s about anything in the game other than the problems this game has. Fix the 0 health. Getting killed after getting around corners. The rubberbanding. Those are the most important things. If you have a problem with vehicles or weapons learn how to overcome the problem instead of crying about it. It gets old when they make a game one way then completely change into another game. Make a game and stick with it. Any changes should have been made in Alpha or Beta testing. That is what they are used for.

  • MajiN-RincX 01.27.14 at 15:35

    Pls dice make a poll about the 3th person camera, i and all other dogfighters from bf3 would love to have bf4 as a game where we can dogfight. Pls make the 3th person camera behave like bf3

  • rePeteKey 01.27.14 at 15:32

    thats it? Nothing about AA? Nothing about Attack Helis beeing useless? Nothing about magnum and rex? Sad…Guess I’ll keep waiting before I start playing again.

  • Vicarious Mind 01.27.14 at 15:29

    I just want the Magnum and Rex buff’d.

  • Kimomaru 01.27.14 at 15:28

    DICE – Forget all of these balanacing questions above, you have bigger things to worry about. The biggest problem that I can see is the team balancing for quick join games. BF4, at best, can be described as an “uneven” experience – when it works it works well, but when it doesn’t it’s a mess. Team balancing should happen even during matches, often one side will severely overpower the other (which is no fun no matter which side you’re on). Also, so-so players and experts should be matched with others in their bracket, right now it feels like everyone is thrown together in one giant group. It’s very difficult to enjoy when you’re not being matched up properly.

    • W1ld Bore 01.27.14 at 15:35

      Issue with trying to team balance so specifically like that is that if players are in a party together, thus they need to be on the same team in the same squad for the entire game, so it doesn’t matter if there are 5 experts in that squad, they will remain together for however long. So it’s a little more complicated than “this game needs to be 100% even!”.

      • HooksaN 01.27.14 at 15:38

        Yup, this is true. My regular group see 5-8 of us in one party all around level 60-85. We are always on the same team, and there is almost always a similar group (see by the clan tags) on the other side. More importantly, we never seem to be on the same side as another group like ours.

        Not sure how the balancing could be made much better in the current circumstances.

  • notman 01.27.14 at 15:23

    I voted to up the power of the Javelin, but what I would really prefer is to keep the damage as it is, and make it fire and forget, like it was in BF3. It takes too long to lock on, and then to track it? That is too long exposing yourself. I think I’ve only been killed twice, by a Javelin, because no one wants to use them.

  • Hiltaldo 01.27.14 at 15:17

    Other than the usual freezes, crashes, shot through buildings, zero health I think the following need doing:

    LMG’s need some help. You can fire 50-60 rounds into a mob of people and still wind up getting shot by pistol from someone in the group. They just don’t seem very effective.

    Hit markers. It really helps when they show up as it assists aiming.

    I’m not sure why you can’t have some kind of default optic / grip for new acquired weapons from the start. Why spend time getting out shot while you grind out 10 plus kills for bits of kit. If you are playing the objective, capping flags, supporting team mates you don’t often rack up high kills with one weapon system. After all, this isn’t COD.

  • -070-SenseLess 01.27.14 at 14:55

    Downgrade on LMG they respound faster then a carabine
    Reloading those nubtubes goes way to fast
    jetski stearing must be improved and faster speed because the attack boat out runs a jetski
    a mod for basecampers would be nice sniping or using AA from spawn sux bigtime
    @lang dam AA must be removed the map is to small
    Attacke heli in moutains sux bigtime we are flying 3 km a hour with that big winddraft
    easy target when do a flyby so lower the backdraft between buildings and mountains
    spawnpoints needs to be checked and tweaked some more
    Still a lot of work on those hitboxes still dying 5 meters around a corner
    My 2 cents

  • Lazyjim 01.27.14 at 14:47

    Something needs to be done about the active radar AA missiles. Currently they don’t seem to work properly.

    Not only are they hard to anticipate, giving no warning to target. They frequently deal critical damage, that whilst doing little actual damage, will often knock aircraft out of the sky in one hit. Especially helicopters.

    The actives AA missiles also seem to react incorrectly to Flares and ECM. Often even though they are decoyed away, the active missile will reacquire their target after the flares end, and hit anyway.
    ECM seems to be even worse, as the missile will often spiral around the aircraft in tight loops until the ECM ends, and then instantly hit it’s target.

    This needs to be fixed.

    1. Remove the Active AA missile’s chance to cause critical damage, this should be the price for being easy to use. Maybe give a small damage buff to compensate.

    2. Make Active AA missiles react properly to decoys, they should veer off away from the target, and have no chance to re-aquire.
    (Yes, it would be nice if a decoyed missile could acquire another target and attack. But making sure it can’t snap back 180 degrees and re attack it’s original target is far more important.)

    3. Maybe introduce an arming distance to the Active AA missiles, whereby they will be incapable of locking onto targets for about the first 100m of flight.
    This would prevent players from taking the easiest shots, introducing a tiny bit more skill to the use of the weapon.

    4. Increase the reload time, it is quite possible to rapid fire two missiles, burst with guns for 2-3s, and then switch back to fire a third missile.

    Perhaps a radical solution could be to reduce the damage, remove critical chance, greatly increase reload time, and increase ammunition carried by 2. Allowing a rapid barrage of low alpha missiles at a distant target.
    This way even if the first one or two hit, a good player will be able to ECM or Flare the rest of the volley, and will still have a combat effective aircraft.
    It also should make the Active AA missiles more useful for finishing off targets damaged by the guns, rather than the other way around.

    • [RS]Majinvash 01.27.14 at 15:08

      The Mobile AA is massively over powered and has the range to dominate virtually every map. It needs the active and passive rockets totally removed as they are nothing but troll weapons anyway. The normal lock on rockets we had in BF2 and Bf3 are dangerous enough.
      It also needs the range of the chain guns reduced. They are strong enough which is fine but to be able to cover the entire map while helicopter lock on rockets cannot even seen the the mobile AA is hugely unbalanced.

    • Vuskk 01.27.14 at 15:11

      I Agree with all of these idea MAA is very Over Powered

  • Redux_Wyclifff 01.27.14 at 14:39

    Dice …. Please fix the Rocket Launchers ….. I don ´t think that a ATV really needs 5 Shots to be destroyed …. thats really annoying.

    And please …. please please please please please fix this Netcode….
    I have ~ 100 FPS on Low – Middle …. High too … but i get allways short lag´s
    From 100 FPS to 0 for ~1 sec . But in Battlefield 3 i play with High – Ultra on ~ 40 FPS
    and it looks really pretty. Battlefield 4 looks ugly and is no Battlefield 4 …
    Its Betafield 4

    I remember 109€ for ONLY BF4 + Premium
    The Half of the Price for Battlefield + Prämium + Some Addons !!
    I think that I will buy no other part of the Battlefield series any more.

    AMD FX ™-6100 Six Core-Processor 3,30 GHz
    GTX 550 TI
    8GB DDR3
    64-Bit Windows 7

    Sorry for my bad English. I´ve gave my best

    Redux – Wycliff

  • Rhino9128 01.27.14 at 14:39

    Please please please fix the ps3 input lag it’s really hard for me to play most of the time and its annoying i hope you fix make it like battlefield 3 smoothness also speed up player movements

  • Hooker4Life 01.27.14 at 14:38

    Active radar should be removed completely. It takes absolutely no skill and with the critical damage mechanic it makes air vehicles useless. Also, the LAW should not be an auto lock once fired, again, zero skill required. Countermeasures reload time needs to be shorten to about 15 secs especially with the critical damage mechanic that is now present.

  • Barbz44 01.27.14 at 14:37

    Mobile AA tanks are slightly overpowered because of how fast they can reload anti air rockets and the attack chopper takes much longer to reload anti air rockets so you pretty much have zero chance in an attack heli against an AA tank.

  • MrFloyd_CRO 01.27.14 at 14:32

    Why dont u reward players who uses ironsight! Give them underslung rail for free, or speed or extra ammo!

    In BC2 it was nice tweaked, red dot instead speed, something like that!

    Or Engie class, why use PDW when u have carbines?

  • Strutsil 01.27.14 at 14:32

    I think they should lower the effects of aim assist on console, i hate getting killed super fast all the time even though i was shooting first. I tried it out, and it was way to easy to kill someone. If they don’t nerd it, i think they should instead remove aim assist at a certain level, such as level 20. Then the player has kind of gotten a pretty good idea of how all the mechanics work in bf4.

  • THAER ALIMARI 01.27.14 at 14:30

    Could you please define the difference between the stability and the accurate ?

  • flying tank19 01.27.14 at 14:28

    Hello Dice for starters I was raised a COD fan but I don’t know if you have Ghost is awful and since Christmas I’ve played pretty much nothing but Battlefield 4 it is one of the best games I’ve ever played and honestly I don’t see why everyone is complaining because this game is like heaven compared to Ghost. I just ask if you could fix the health bug like the zero and one hit bugs those are my biggest problem and can you bring back squads because it is really annoying when my friends and I join a sever and we have to wait for for a spot not the other team. The whole swap over at the end does not work very often. Thank you for your time love the game your team has do a great job

  • KEBY-KepoW 01.27.14 at 14:11

    And make the guns more accurate like it was in BF3

  • KEBY-KepoW 01.27.14 at 14:10

    How about increasing the movement / acceleration speed of walking / sprinting?

  • Chris__247 01.27.14 at 14:08

    Can you please consider removing commander mode from rush, or make servers specifically without commanders?

    Commander is much more fun on conquest or obliteration, as you have hardly any tools to use on Rush. But if one team has a commander and the other does not it really unbalances the game and ruins any stealthy strategy as the UAVs spot the entire MCOM area.

    When I am playing Rush I do not want to have to be a commander just because the other team has one. I would prefer to go off and play on another server and image a lot of people feel the same if they think about it.

  • snipershady 01.27.14 at 14:07

    I do not want to be killed again once I’ve turned a cross!
    Where is my “hitbox” while I’m away from any fireline?? On the road, walking around by itself???

  • DOOOLY 01.27.14 at 14:02

    Please speed up the attack choppers, make them useful !

  • OwesomeOlly 01.27.14 at 13:46

    Please look into the “Attack Heli”. I dont want the dominance of the AH like in BF3, but in BF4 the AH definitely needs a buff. Its almost useless as it is right now.

  • Cal1br3 01.27.14 at 13:40

    Also FYJS needs to be 1xOHK in every range, same for Scout Elite! Its weird to know that i need to kill enemy with 2 shots to head if he is far than 100m.

  • stewy1989 01.27.14 at 13:34

    hi dice …would it be possible for you to look at the thermal optics on mbt’s in bf3 it was perfect and its all i used, now in bf4 i don’t use thermal optic’s or the green optic’s(i can not remember what it is called) anyway the thermals when you look through them is way to bright especially on dawn-breaker it is practically unusable on console im not sure if PC have the same issue … and it is OK on 2 maps 1 of them been golmud railway … apart from that the above tweaks sound really good to me

    • B1golf 01.28.14 at 10:12

      That is because it is not a thermal sight it is an IR sight. Dice and Ea seem to be confused about almost everything when it comes to sights, tanks and so on.

  • Cal1br3 01.27.14 at 13:30

    1.) remove vapor trails – recons should be seen by scope glint and 3d spotting.
    Vapor trails looks cartoonish
    Its hard to calculate bulletdrop in many cases
    They looks unrealistic
    Recon should be behind enemy lines. When shooting to more than 1 enemy, they can spot him by seeing vapor trails and kill him. This is doing recon class useless.

    Im pretty sure that most of players can tell that scope glint and 3d spotting is enought. Recon is recon, should be “stealth” but its most visible class in game. How we can go behind enemy lines if every shot = vapor trail, being on minimap, scope glare + flash (can be cured by flash hider).

  • jimmoral13 01.27.14 at 13:26

    Buff the attack heli.
    1)Reduce counter measures reaload time(25 secs is a joke).Make it 10-15 secs.The only playable map for attack heli is siege.In other maps attack heli is useless
    2)Tv missile hit at attack heli and scout heli should do 100hp damage,80 at transport.Make tv as it was at bf3
    3)Reduce reloading time of heatseekers
    4)Bring below radar

  • killswitch805 01.27.14 at 13:22

    DMRs need to have a rate of fire buff, as well as a damage buff of at least 48 damage at 8/15 meters.

  • jeezumkrow 01.27.14 at 13:21

    Please bring back the IFV in SQDM! It’s been in since bad co 2 and listed in the strategy guide. Otherwise it’s just an organized Team DM. Miss the excitement of the IFV in that game! B4 rocks no matter what!!!!!!

  • HooksaN 01.27.14 at 13:16

    ok, after over 187 hrs of play, here are a few of my thoughts:
    -Definitely do something about DMRs please. They are being massively abused. I would recommend either limit the rate of fire or nerf the damage a little – modded controllers are turning them into high-powered, long range assault rifles (as they avoid the stability/quick fire penalty)
    -AA definitely overpowered. There is a lot of spawn camping as a result.
    -provide more chopper support for levels that offer roof camping for snipers (esp Dawnbreaker). Maybe a second attack chopper or little bird to provide better balance
    -reduce range for defribs. I seem to be able to revive from 5-6 feet away
    -fix the ceiling glitch in Operation Metro (2nd Assault). There are players getting into the ceiling and camping there, untouchable but able to fire out. I saw someone get a score of 82-3 yesterday.
    -make spawn beacons more easily identifiable, especially in Hardcore mode. Either increase their spotting range or make them louder. the amount of spawn camping going on now (esp Zavod and Hainan Resort) is getting out of hand.

  • CAPITAINENONO50 01.27.14 at 13:08

    Reparer déja les bugs et surtout le netcode

  • Pauliczek 01.27.14 at 12:57

    Please first repair the bugs (netcode etc.) , then you should do something like balancing…, I am really disappointed that i bought this game…

  • Roy-visscher 01.27.14 at 12:54

    what dice SHOULD be fixing is shit like seeing enemies look one way but still the bullits fly at you. at a 90 degree angle of the way the barrel of the gun is showing to be on enemies

  • Reset-T-Rat 01.27.14 at 12:49

    Please look at the joystick control problems with PC. Game console users have an advantage in Air Superiority mode because of this.
    Also why is it harder to see enemies with a higher resolution screen? This makes no sense and gives the advantage to gaming consoles again.

  • Spawnie051 01.27.14 at 12:45

    Remove active radar rockets from AA or reduce the range. The AA should not be on certain maps where you can camp at the base and fire at the enemy base. Jets should not have active radar rockets. Jets in general are not required at all on any map, except for air superiority mod. Remove the commander from obliteration, and make the bomb carrier be visible in intervals not the eternal glowing enemy magnet.

  • IPLAY2MUCHinHD 01.27.14 at 12:45

    An I’m the only who think all the ACE weapons series are a bit over-power so it would be nice for a small nerf to those weapons.

  • Mokelore 01.27.14 at 12:33


  • KiplandK 01.27.14 at 12:21

    I think one of the most annoying things is the far too short reload time of the AA. While Flares etc take ages, the AA can reload and log on again in a few seconds. This makes it nearly impossible (if you are not an absolute pro) to stay in a heli more than 3 minutes without getting taken down.

  • Clarkent85 01.27.14 at 12:14

    Also, I think there should be a game mode where once a vehicle has been destroyed it doesn’t tea pawn forcing people to run around more rather than sit in a tank for the entire game. And…private servers!!!

  • La-Dusseldorf 01.27.14 at 11:53

    Hello. Dear dev.

    Carefuly ask you – L85a2 hand guard.
    I am an old fan of the Battlefiled series(2, 3, 4) and the L85a2.
    So, I am trying to ask for your apply here.

    Some people love its original hand guard as classic.
    Please add original handguard(appearance, color) in loadout(include in game).

    Plz see below.

    Tnx. Best regards.

  • S0meoneElse 01.27.14 at 11:34

    Ask the community to nerf the AA… My geuss: 90% Yes 10% no. (just decrease range so it has to…MOVE… MOBILE AA.. or, scatter the rounds way more/ let them drop faster)

  • CrashDown NI 01.27.14 at 11:33

    helicopters have to much protection. an assault rifle can take a helicopter down so I don’t know why it take 3 hits from a stinger or rpg is needed

    • Clarkent85 01.27.14 at 12:11

      Completely agree with you. You should at least be able to do damage to helicopters with Assault Rifles and definitely with LMGs

  • Jerremia 01.27.14 at 11:24

    Finally a DEV listening to the community!

  • Dany_Shady 01.27.14 at 11:19

    i’m going to analize these problems:

    -No air radar in hardcore mode:

    i understand that DICE removed the minimap in harcore for making bf4 more realistic, and i agree with that.
    BUT: it’s very unreal that a jet hasn’t got an air radar! we are not in the 1st world war!! nowadays a modern jet must have a radar! why in harcore they hasn’t one??? as i said before, its not hardacore.. its VERY unrealistic.

    -No indicator in jdma bomb:

    the same reason… a modern bomber or “attack jet” in this case should have an indicator where the bomb is going to fall.. in normal mode it appears, but in hardcore the bomb is throw to eye!! the same happens in artillery :( and its veeeeery FALSE. its very dificult to let the indicator were the bomb is going to fall??


    on harcore, Bomber in china rising it’s very useless.. because its very dificult to see the objectives from the air, even if a friend is saying to you were the objectives are…


    well… i haven’t words to explain how ridiculous the AC 130 is in this game, in harcore and normal mode it’s simply hilarious, a simple chopper do more damage than this: “AC 130″ :(

    Active radar missile:
    both jets, and AA active radar missiles are just very OP thats a fact, its imposible to play with someone using it

    • Dany_Shady 01.27.14 at 11:21

      oh! i forget to say that the bomber seems more powerfull and scary in the trailer, it needs an important buff

  • TheRomsteak74 01.27.14 at 11:16

    One option would be to stop having the endless refill of the ammo in the vehicles. For example, IRL, a tank like an Abrams has 25 shells to fire. So there should be the right number of shells, and if you need a refill you get back to the spawn or the commander send the ammo pack on the field and you refill, and that’s it. Same thing for the flairs for tyhe helicopters and missiles, but then you can get the AA missiles and the rockets to deal with both ground and air enemies.

    • B1golf 01.28.14 at 10:18

      An Abrams has 25 shells in the ready rack and another 19 behind the TC for a total of 44 but it takes a few minutes to get them out and transfer them to the ready rack.

  • TheRomsteak74 01.27.14 at 11:10

    I’d say there is too much anti aircraft on the field. When you think about it, in addition to the air crafts available (2 planes, 2/3 choppers); you get the anti-air vehicle, AND the AA infantry… when you get to fly a chopper for example, you don’t last a long time on the field, considering 32 players on the other side, you have to deal with a lot of things. I would say there should be a limit to the number of anti-air weapons you get on the field.

  • Pow3rCroCo 01.27.14 at 10:55

    I guess the balancing pf AA is alright..I remember in BF3 when Helis shot one Tank after annother.I´m happy, that changed now. What is really out of Balance is the use of C4 against Tanks. Snipers shouldnt take it. Although Soldiers nearby Tanks are not visible through the proximity scan….C4 wearers are much too overpowered ! Its just annoying !! The cannon od the LAV is much too underpowered against Infantry. 5 Shots with a cannon (!) is needed to kill a soldier ….

  • Hostile Warrior 01.27.14 at 10:05

    I think the game feels clunky and slow which is a big turn off to an infantry payer like me. I hope you get the bf3 smooth controls back because in bf4 they don’t seem right yet. and also the vehicle collisions are just mad on ps4 the game has a fit if you hit something this needs to be fixed.

  • igi2201 01.27.14 at 09:30

    I is my clan (aZz) we play for many years MoH
    BBC2, BF3, BF4.
    We were disappointed to BF4, is graphically very nice, but
    many things to fix our opinion:
    1) Mode fanatic, serves as a minimap in BF3, it has become a game only for campers and is no longer playable, 50% and reduces the potential for a good game like Battlefield
    2) proximity to scan Tank
    3) air superiority = totally unplayable go to see the match reports, maybe try doing a few matches you realize the problems.
    3) server more responsive and balanced
    4) ability to purchase server handling and do clan war.
    5) the possibility of setting loadout also from the main menu of the game.
    is served 1year e1 / 2 to fix BF3, that game used as a reference for BF4 and fix all gamers battlefield will be happy.
    If the situation remains a game unplayable risk losing many customers.

  • Bench44 01.27.14 at 09:21

    no “auto-Aim” on Multiplayer !!
    we all want to aim ourselves!!!!!

    • Ally_24670884 01.27.14 at 11:02

      So turn it off if that is what you want, not everyone thinks like you!

  • X-Zocker 01.27.14 at 08:51

    And what about too increase the Server and Client-Tickrates?
    This should be the highest priority you have at the moment.

  • Jturn 01.27.14 at 08:11

    NERF THE CRAP OUT OF THE AA VEHICLES! Reduce the range, damage, whatever it takes. You shouldn’t be able to farm the ac130 within seconds from your spawn with the AA’s.. I know this problem, mainly because I too have done it, making easily 200-400 points every few seconds when the enemy commander calls it in. This should really be towards the top lol. Another idea, add back the anti-air positions to the ac130, unless it’s meant to be jet farm. Next, make the turning speeds for jets universal, the reasoning for this being that skill should be a bigger factor than unfair maneuverability. For helicopters and jets, possibly try to balance it more towards what you guys did with Battlefield 3; Make the cool down on flairs and ECM shorter, but don’t touch the anti-air lock on considering it’s already pretty far. This way, air vehicles will (namely helicopters) will have more of a presence on the battlefield other than getting maybe 2 kills and getting immediately taken down by any one of the many enemy players all attempting to farm the air. Something else in the mind of balance, possibly don’t allow mobile artillery from targeting an area from within their deployment (Ex: the targeting screen in the second position is fuzzy, not allowing fire) I know you guys are hard at work doing what you can, but hopefully you can take some of these into consideration! Thanks everyone at dice!

  • Bansh32 01.27.14 at 08:00

    The Anti Air capabilities need to be reduced. Helicopters can’t get out of their range in time. Reduce the range for Anti Air please or buff the Helicopters abilities to stop incoming rockets. Such as Stingers, ACTIVE RADAR, and any anti-air systems. Please buff helicopters. For example have the ECM jammer deploy faster. 30 seconds is far to long.

    • Marc0AG2014 01.27.14 at 08:09

      I agree anti air vehicles should not be allowed to shoot from there base. They have to stay at the outside part of the base so at least we can destroy them.

  • Dagger2000SB 01.27.14 at 07:30

    I think Dice needs to do more to help the people who have more deaths than kills in the majority of their games. I believe a mode where I can play with other people who are online and we take on bots and I can chose the difficulty of the bots. Because I paid my 120 just like everyone else and want to get the full enjoyment out of the game too. I dont like how I always get paired against players who get 31 kills and just a couple of deaths. I would really like to see the bots option for all the modes as well as being able to earn XP during the bot matches as well when I team up with other online players.

    • Dagger2000SB 01.27.14 at 07:44

      I meant 110. 60 for game 50 for premium. Dice could also make it an option where players who have less than a 1.00 kill death ratio can go to special lobbies to play with other players under 1.00 K/D ratio.

      • Jturn 01.27.14 at 08:16

        There are a few servers that enforce a level cap, but sadly a good chunk of said servers allow their high level members access, which sort of results in what some would call “noob farming” with the team stacking ….. It’s all about just finding a server for you, man!

    • Marc0AG2014 01.27.14 at 08:04

      The last thing battlefield wants do is copy some shit game called call of duty so If you want to play with robots u go play cod. And if your k/d is down just play better or hitch a ride with a helio pilot or tank

    • Ally_24670884 01.27.14 at 11:05

      I have asked for this for years. In the end I looked in to how I could better myself. I bought different controls (tuact aimon) and I am now a 1.4 kdr. They need to sort out the servers or give you controls on private servers to make it more enjoyable for all.

  • SkullSmasher304 01.27.14 at 07:11

    buckshot buff plzzz

  • Jimmbabwe 01.27.14 at 06:59

    One thing for the tank, nerf the staff shell, when someone shoots you with a normal and shell and then combo’s you with the staff shell it becomes very unfair and overpowered.

  • STONEWALL722 01.27.14 at 06:13

    If we are talking balance the thing that needs to be addressed is the fact that a stinger can be reloaded in 2 secs when it takes flares nearly 20 secs to reload. And since when did a pilot or tank gunner run out of ammo and thenwait for new ammo to appear out of thin air? Why can’t we just have unlimited ammo like the good ole days because we all know that the vehicles don’t last very long anyway. Just suggestions.. and also giving the recon class c4 is purty dam annoying if we are talking balance. Despite my opinions still fuckin love this game and call of duty blows!

  • SteveO4246 01.27.14 at 06:11

    The DMR’s need a definate tweak due to the fact that they dont really seem to do extra damage when compared to other guns. Im not saying make them the same as the bolt actions. Just make them to where the maintain there close range damage at further ranges and maybe let some of the DMR’s have more damage if they use a heavier caliber. Im a huge gun guy and i know that there is a crazy big difference when you compare the 5.56 round vs the 7.62 round. 7.62 has more power and range but at the expense of heavier recoil

  • xLiKeAb0Sx 01.27.14 at 06:03

    give points after unlocking all carbines and so on. sucks not getting the points

  • IIxGH0STxII 01.27.14 at 05:50

    Mobile anti-air and artillery shouldn’t be usable from your homebase. Either deactivate their weapons while inside the spawn or reduce the size of the map for these two vehicles so you get the 10sec countdown when you drive them into your spawn.

  • JRich1125 01.27.14 at 05:48

    1. Fix all (or most) of the netcode/ubberbanding/crashing issues. Makes the game unplayable at times. Sick of not being able to stay in a conquest large match with over 60+ people for more than 3 minutes.
    2. Better balance between different types of weapons. There’s no excuse for getting out drawn in cqb by a LMG when I’m using PDW.
    3. NERF SHOTGUNS. Should not be getting sniped by shotguns from 30-40m out. Needs a serious decrease on its effective range.
    4. Mobile AA. Don’t need to say anything else since it’s all been said already.
    5. Limit the amount of recon players on one team. This game is getting pretty ridiculous with the amount of rooftop snipers in every single match who contribute absolutely nothing to the team. Especially on hardcore.
    6. Team balancing. Teams need to be switched up more frequently. No reason I should be going against 10+ level 110′s when the highest ranked person on my team isn’t even at level 50 yet.
    7.Region specific servers. This alone would eliminate tons of the lag and rubberbanding issues that have plagued this game.
    8. Also would love to have PDW ‘s available for every class again. Not a huge problem but is something I miss from BF3.
    9. Ability to customize loadout from homescreen. How the hell did you guys forget this? Every single FPS out there has this ability. It ruins the flow of the match when half the team spends the first minute of the match customizing their loadouts. If anything allow us to do after the end of the match while sitting in the lobby.

    • oneAnonymouSx 01.27.14 at 06:05

      fix issue of ‘red-dots’ spread over textures , those they look like tri-beam laser usually on corners or edges.

  • Darkvaider123 01.27.14 at 05:33

    I think we should change the damage and bullet drop for snipers like increase the damage and range. For consols

  • COUSTEAU87 01.27.14 at 05:19

    How about fixing the glitch that causes you to freeze into the map after you are revived and immediately killed. Also, on Operation Metro it would be nice if we could get rid of people getting in the roof above Bravo and shooting you through the holes in the ceiling all while they’re almost invincible. Thank you.

  • Atsushi2ja 01.27.14 at 04:18

    Having the options to aim and shoot with L2 and R2 for ps3 players (control mapping).

    • thereSolute1 01.27.14 at 05:22

      I would love it if that was an option because I’m not used to it the other way

  • kuperkilla 01.27.14 at 03:49

    How about fixing the ammo sound when being shot at. Sometimes you hear it sometimes you don’t. And most times you hear one or two bullets when you know someone is emptying an entire clip at you.

  • 30maxel91 01.27.14 at 03:36

    Increase the fire-rate or the damage of the g36c.
    The g36c ist one of the worst waopen in bf4

  • MasterMaverick1 01.27.14 at 03:27

    The dirt bike, jeep, and RHIB have a buzzer that beeps while the vehicle is being locked onto. This is not very realistic. Maybe leaving it on the armored jeeps like the MRAP would be okay, or making it part of the perk/spec upgrade system, but I feel the unarmored stuff shouldn’t have the beeper. A little dirt bike doesn’t have the size or sophistication for this sort of equipment.

    • B1golf 01.28.14 at 10:23

      You can get a radar detector at every radio shack in america do you really think that is some sort of high tech?

  • ChienStrap1H 01.27.14 at 03:23

    DICE, I have 3 concerns that I hope you might address in the near future. First, please give the 1911 some sort of an advantage over the Compact 45. As of right now, it is completely outclassed; there is no niche for it. Second, please do something about the Mobile AA. Reduce its range or something so people can’t just camp in their spawn and take out all aircrafts from there. Third, it’d be great if you can buff the bullet velocity of the M40a5 a bit. I understand that you made the velocity slow in an effort to balance out the fast rate of fire and reload speed, but as of right now it’s damn near impossible to hit a moving target anywhere past 50 meters. Thanks!

  • alfino_penguino7 01.27.14 at 02:56

    Dice PLEASE!!!! make the jets more powerful with the damage of the heat seekers in BF3 being fairly balanced now there practically worthless and need a buff dogfights have now gotten so boring I simply use jets to get onto buildings the attack jets laser guided missles are also to hard to use and barely do any damage

  • Realgigclin 01.27.14 at 02:22

    the pp2000 is supposed to be a long range PDW but all the carbines are better at range than it and shoot faster. would a damage over range buff be good for it?

  • deebo174 01.27.14 at 02:20

    Куда более важной проблемой на данный момент, является исправление технических проблем, о которых многие уже неоднократно говорили. Во-первых – это неткод. “Умные” пули (и даже противотанковые снаряды), которые летят за тобой за угол на 3-4 метра, это просто дикость. Эта проблема встречалась и в BF3, но если там это происходило периодически, тот тут крайне часто. Во-вторых – 0хп киллеры. Я бы еще смирился если бы это происходило 1 раз на сотню, но видеть это в 8 случаях из 10 – это уже дикость. 3я и пока не слишком очевидная проблема: квик-свич боеприпасов в главной пушке танка. Это глитч, как и в случае с картечью из БФ3 и его нужно нещадно патчить. Ну и последнее: улучшить стабильность игры. В последнее время у меня она запускается раза с 7-8-го. Честное слово, словно коллайдер пытаюсь запустить. Ну и частые вылеты с важной причиной “что-то пошло не так” тоже не нуждаются в комментариях

  • SpartanIVyl 01.27.14 at 02:08

    Here are some issues needs to be aware:

    1. The risk/reward system of the laser guided missile that is used by both type of jets is not working well.
    - you have risks of crashing you jet or getting killed by an enemy jet which sneaks behind you or an enemy AA tank which have a line of sight on you while using the laser guided missile
    Not so much reward:
    - the long reload time is too long which reduce the killing power of the missile (we need to have 4 missiles instead of 2 and the reload time needs to be reduced)
    - 2 missiles sometimes doesn’t even kill light vehicles like jeeps, RHIBs, etc (the damage model of the laser guided missile needs to be tweaked)
    - the laser guided missile has some bugs needs to be fixed
    - overall it’s just not worth the risk to use the laser guided missile plus the laser guided missile is the only weapon for the stealth jet to take out ground targets, so it needs to be somewhat effective
    see for more information on the laser guided missile.

    2. The AA tank needs some change since there are still ppl using AA tanks and camp in their deployment.
    - the gun range of the AA tank is way too long, it can literally hit jets and helicopters across the map (the gun range needs to be reduced)
    - the active radar on the AA tank makes the AA tank requires almost no skill to use, as long as you point on the general direction of the enemy aircraft, it’s not hard to hit the enemy air craft (either the AA tank should have only 2 active radar missiles or the active radar missile should be a stealth jet exclusive weapon)
    - AA tanks needs to be removed from Lancang Dam since the Air space in Lancang Dam is not very large and the AA tanks can literally take out helicopters that are taking off from their deployment

    3. Aircrafts still need some tweaks.
    - the counter measure of jets and helicopters doesn’t work correctly, sometimes, the missile can still hit you even you deploy your counter measure
    - stealth jet’s HUD need some changes, I’m ok for what it is right now but many ppl seems aren’t ok with it, basically it will be nicer if the crosshair can stay in the centre
    - below radar should be brought back from BF3 so that air combat is not just a bunch of ppl spamming missiles at each other (maybe make below radar exclusive to the stealth jet and helicopters since this can make stealth jet actually “stealth” and helicopters definitely need below radar)

  • NightWolf7007 01.27.14 at 01:51

    I think that Designated Marksman Rifles should be buffed. Specifically, the damage at range is 30. It should be increased to 34 so that it is a three shot to kill. Also, maybe drop the vertical recoil, as with a 4x scope, it is very hard to control without spamming, hence the amount of DMR spamming there is.

    • cheezr909 01.27.14 at 02:02

      I agree about the marksman rifles. They should make the like they were in bf3.

  • Nokiyoda93 01.27.14 at 01:46

    I agree about the shotgun. Way OP and the distance is crazy lol

  • -_Graffy-V 01.27.14 at 01:37

    I think Shotgun should take a look at. The shitgun power is jsut OP and the distance it can hit you is just crazy OP.

  • Interceptor1910 01.27.14 at 01:35

    what about increasing round limit in Defuse mode? 10 rounds per side 20 per map?
    3 rounds is to short.

  • gungravezero 01.27.14 at 01:26

    First and foremost DICE, please address the net code. I have FIOS Quantum, I play within my own region, and I make sure that my bandwidth is not being used on anything other than my game session. With all that being stated, I still find a litany of hit detection issues. Nevertheless, here are my suggestions.

    1) While hitting a single stationary target that is directly in front of me; I often get damage indicators from the back and the side of my player. In some cases, I actually get both, regardless of the fact that I am engaging a single enemy that is directly in front of me. It also seems that the damage received is enhanced in such instances, relative to the amount corresponding damage indicators. I may die or receive 90 plus damage, in spite of the fact, that I shot first and was on target.

    2) Well, I honestly can’t remember all the weapons that have caused this next problem but it has happened numerous times. At times, it feels like I am being shot by “explosive” rounds or by a “little bird”; without being damaged by c4, frags, m320′s, or any launcher that could possibly cause this. The weapons that I most vividly remember, causing explosive damage, are the rex, PP-2000, and the CZ-805. Please investigate.

    3) At times, when I play as the medic class, I have encountered a problem were the medic bag is not deployed properly. It usually happens when I am under fire and I attempt to “quickly” deploy the med bag. The character gets stuck in the “deploy animation” without actually deploying the med bag. The only thing that removes the med bag from the characters’ hands is by hitting the “fire button”, and by then, its usually too late.

    4) Lastly, I would like to address the ADS issue across all classes and weapons. I find that if I am in a sprint state and I “ADS” too quickly, my aim and bullet spread become very inaccurate. It also occurs when I am hip firing and then try to ADS. The worst is when I quickly try to rechamber a round while sniping and then attempt to ADS. Only to find out that I did it too quickly and resulting in a poor shot; while seemingly being on target. Now I do not now if this game mechanic is intentional (too eliminate quick scoping), but it surely was not present in BF3.

    Thank you for your time DICE, hopefully you will address the issues noted above and improve your game.

    Please note: the aforementioned occurred while playing on the PS4.

  • xX_Adz-Prime_Xx 01.27.14 at 00:54

    Please change the time taken for flares to reload. 30 seconds is far too long. It seems like the choppers have been underpowered.

  • SuchAFatGuy 01.27.14 at 00:43


  • Zuberfizz 52 01.27.14 at 00:38

    I have been a huge Battlefield 3 and 4 fan for a long time and I am really glad to see that DICE has asked us to give them feedback and advise for balancing the game. Now I posted a comment a long time ago but I still think that what I have to say is so important to me and others that I have to say it again. To start off, I am going to be taking a look at the assault class, mainly the assault weapons. When I am on the battlefield, I mainly get killed by either an ACE, AEK, or an CZ-805 and thats about it. I use the M16A4 because I love the M16 family and I wanted to have the same experience I had in Battlefield 3. I noticed and want the M16A4 to be improved. I see no burst fire guns out there when I am playing and I really think that the M16A4 and the M4 should be upgraded, like less recoil or even maybe a full auto upgrade just to get it a chance to stand against the ACE and the other high firing weapons. I also looked at many comments back then and also want the weapons to have a realistic feel and use. I also think the revive points should be moved up to 50 instead of 20, because people rarely use the defib to revive people. Moving on, there are still really annoying bugs on the the Xbox 360 as I know of that really should be looked at. First, when you aim a sniper scope out in the distance, the graphics start getting really buggy like the ground disapearing and comming back really fast, and I find that annoying. What bugs me as well as quiting a game then pressing the back button to go back from the game mode selection to the multiplayer menu, the text gets all weird and you have to press the back button again just to get to the main menu. Besides bugs, I really wanted at least 32 or 64 players on the Xbox 360 or PS3 on large conquest maps. That is the most wanted thing I have, because playing conquest is super boring because the maps are just too large for 24 players. I really don’t care if it takes up space, because I find that most people have a lot of space left on their consoles. I understand if this request is incompatable with the 360 or PS3. The last main balancing things I have is to balance the weapons first, not the vehicles because you use the weapons more often in games than hopping onto vehicles. Other than that, I hope you get this message a I thank you if you can at least update some of what a said. Or for the best, bring back the M16A3 to compete with the AEK or ACE. There are a LOT of people on YouTube like LevelCapGaming that does weapon reviews and they already explain the problems. You can look at that too. Thank you.

  • pancakesrock716 01.27.