Balancing BF4: Upcoming Soldier Weapon Tweaks

In our continued balancing blog series, we’ll talk about some of the core gameplay tweaks that we are planning for Battlefield 4.

In this post, we’ll talk about the upcoming Battlefield 4 tweaks that we have planned, based on your feedback. These changes are all slotted to go live in a future game update. Stay tuned for more, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

BF4 Weapon Balancing

We’re balancing a number of weapons to highlight their intended roles on the Battlefield. Stay tuned for more upcoming tweaks in this blog series.


1) Increased the damage of all DMRs across all ranges. Specifically, damage has been increased at long ranges to allow three-hit kills against unarmored opponents. Additionally, reduced the penalty to accuracy for sustained DMR fire, allowing more rapid follow up shots in combat. The amount of the damage increase varies from weapon to weapon, according to its intended range, rate of fire, and damage. We will continue to monitor the effectiveness of DMRs in combat, and determine if additional action is needed to make DMRs a viable mid to long range weapon.

Pump Action Shotguns
1) Increased the accuracy of pump action shotguns (870 MCS, HAWK 12g, SPAS-12, and UTS 15) while on the move and aiming. The accuracy has been approximately doubled. These weapons did not have any available barrels or grips that would allow a player to enhance their aimed accuracy. This change should make the use of pump action weapons with slugs much more viable at medium and close range by allowing more accurate fire.

1) Reduced the long range damage of the MTAR to bring it in line with the rest of the Carbines.

1) Adjusted the way inaccuracy is handled when transitioning from Hip fire to Aimed fire. Previously, if a player began firing before aiming, he would keep his hip inaccuracy while aimed, until he stopped firing. This was especially obvious with LMGs on the move. Players will now only be subject to the maximum aimed inaccuracy after the transition. While still terribly inaccurate, this allows for substantially more accurate fire than the old method and should allow players with LMGs to panic fire in close quarters, provided they are aiming.

2) The Heavy Barrel’s Accuracy bonus now also applies on the move, at a reduced bonus. This should give the Heavy Barrel a wider role for players who desire accuracy while aimed in all situations.

3) Synchronized the timing of the aim down the sights animation of sniper rifles with their ability to fire with full accuracy. Players no longer need to wait for additional time after the aiming animation plays to get accurate shots. There is still a delay to achieve full accuracy, so Quick Scoping is still not possible.

Stay tuned for more confirmed tweaks that we have planned for Battlefield 4. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  • X-Knok 08.15.14 at 06:40

    DICE , PLEASE make these nerds stop crying about every thing in the game … these people are terrible … the only thing that needs fixed is net code tweaking and game crashing

  • scarab956 08.13.14 at 22:24

    give the support class better weapons. the lmg is not the main weapon of a support class he has diffrent weapons you guys need to do this for support players like my self the carbines are’nt gonna cut it in bf3 you guys had it perfect but now its all garbage i cant even play this game im basicly done with this game its like playing call of duty you cater to the whinie kids about it to op and then you nerf it to make them fill good so yeah doce this game is garbage now thanks to all you’ve done to it what a joke you guys are

  • scarab956 08.07.14 at 17:56

    all i can say is that dice killed the aws support lmg with the nerf they did. if you guys wanna balance weapons balance the ar’s most of the ar’s are op bring back the aws dont know whats worse call of duty or these game you messed it up. with all respect please bring back the aws for the support its the closest thing to a ar riffle dont kill the game

  • GHoStlySNakE44 07.10.14 at 04:18

    DICE needs to make the m16 fully automatic again and if not that than at least make the m4 automatic.

  • oscarthepooch 06.20.14 at 02:34

    My advise to all of you would be to learn you to use cover to your advantage, learn how to spot snipers and if your being shot at don’t stand still. hope this helps you guys. I play recon a lot and these tactics make simple shots a lot harder to pull of.

  • CathyInPa1 04.15.14 at 05:21

    The quick scoping is still going on and the DMRs should not been given more power. I am tired of being quick scoped and can’t get a shot off before I am dead it is pure bullshit. I should be able to get some shots off with a light or sub machine gun before I am dead.

    • oscarthepooch 06.20.14 at 02:23

      Only skilled snipers can pull of a quick scope if your using a fully automatic weapon you shouldn’t be getting killed by any rifles other then the scout. my advise to you would be to find a better gun that works for you. Hope this helps and good luck

    • scarab956 08.08.14 at 11:40

      its because dice caters to players that cry. i cant quick scope and then dice gives them what they want but true bf players get nerd weapons exp, ak-12 vs lmg aws / ak-12 wins every class has op weapons but not the support class, they made the support class a 2nd class player

  • A_Fat_Bong_Rip 03.18.14 at 22:51

    Please, add 6x, 7x, and 8x scopes to DMRs, with 14x variable zoom accessory. Now that a semi-auto sniper rifle is being added (SR338), it seems a bit silly not to do this. Also, if that does or does NOT occur please tweak the zeroing mechanism for DMRs and sniper rifles. The ability for DMRs to zero without magnification beyond 4x is useless because you cannot even see far enough to realistically zero in a 500m shot for example.
    As for sniper rifles, the zeroing mechanism should include 600m-900m, not skip from 500m to 1000m. Also, the range finder becomes almost useless at extreme distances and will cut out entirely beyond 999m, making this kind of sniping even more difficult. Shouldn’t it just indicate the range no matter how far?
    Please, add BF3-style 6x scope (not Chinese 6x) to all assault rifles, LMGs, and shotguns.
    The assault class is lacking. 1. No ability to combat heavy armor (except maybe a lucky shot with the M320 HE to the rear). 2. Limited capabilities for M320 and M26. Please add C4 as equipment option to take on heavy armor, and add underslung rail option to underbarrels for DMRs and carbines. They are all pretty much the same kind of rifles anyway. Hopefully this will increase the incentive to use the assault class and subsequently increase the presence of medics.

  • Billydoc1 03.07.14 at 09:40

    DICE i think it’s time to add M4A1.Give it back to us.Even US military units using the M4,will replace it with the M4A1,which is a Must for every combat (elite or not) unit.I mean,we have weapons that are not used by US marines or Chinese or Russians.I stll believe that a modern BF game like this one needs the M4A1 or DDM4V1.Thank you

    • OMAR_A99 04.15.14 at 18:51

      totally agree. im getting tired of the 3-round burst m4 and m16. an m203 (not the 320) would be nice to add

    • DRAG00N4890 07.26.14 at 09:16

      I totally agree with you. He k, why not keep the m4 but also add in the m4a1, since they have a little different stats. I think it would be great considering the army (and other branches) are replacing the m4 with the m4a1 this year

  • ShArP ShOOtEr70 02.25.14 at 20:24

    They should let you start with the .50cal sniper loved it in battlefield 2

  • SkylineR34_GT-R 02.18.14 at 08:01

    Dafuq man, will you all ever been satisfied on a single DICE tweak?!
    I find that fair, the only thing that doesn’t make me happy is several players that still use quick-scopes (man, I hate that shit!) or no-scopes at mid-to-close range.
    DICE please consider it.

  • commandotimmy 02.12.14 at 14:16

    now we have snipers and DMR kidz filling the maps.killed it dice…

    • SkylineR34_GT-R 02.18.14 at 08:06

      Dafuq man, will you all ever been satisfied on a single DICE tweak?!
      I find that fair, the only thing that doesn’t make me happy is several players that still use quick-scopes (man, I hate that shit!) and no-scopes at mid-to-close range with Sniper Rifles. DICE please consider it.

      Another thing: why no 8x optics on DMRs?!?

    • Babybrewin 02.26.14 at 16:44

      ditto; many conquest maps almost unplayable because of camping snipers on the edge of maps

  • Aaronknight 02.12.14 at 08:22

    make the LMG more damaging i shoot a guy with my M249 at close range and him facing the other way and had to shoot 60 bullets for him to die unlike my assault rifle, also most of them are 7.62 and i get beaten by a PDW with a lower caliber at mid range and sometimes at long range too short range i admit it is okay

    shotgun has to many shells that don´t seem to be different also the reload animation takes to long to reload even outside of a fight also all those chokes but nothing to increase the accuracy of but there isn´t anything to make my accuracy with slugs better

    sniper rifles seem to lack power i mean i hit someone near the neck also the enemy requires too many shots in the chest in order to die

    also AT rockets from engineers don´t make enough damage versus tanks i have to spend my entire payload and sometimes they run and came back when i don´t have enough rockets or they make not enough damage it is more useful to suicide myself planting mines on the tanks than using my rockets

    • cig107 02.15.14 at 09:44

      Actually, only 3 of them are 7.62.

    • cig107 02.15.14 at 09:45

      The SAW you mentioned, for example, is the same as the M4 and many other carbines, fires a 5.56 round. The actual size of the round is the same as a .22, it just fires at a substantially increased velocity.

      • xXGlockGuyXx 02.19.14 at 00:23

        The actual size is .223 which is the same as saying 5.56mm

        • ShArP ShOOtEr70 02.25.14 at 20:20

          They should let you spawn with the .50 Sniper

      • FallenWarrior60 03.18.14 at 17:07

        A 5.56*45 Nato is bigger than a .22 long rifle round. Go and buy both rounds and take them out of the casings and look at them.

    • Babybrewin 02.26.14 at 16:51

      Ditto the whole LMG range is not worth playing with you get all the recoil with none of the kill, The whole concept of ballistics i.e. bigger bullets give more recoil but more damage that the game was built on has been lost, PKP almost useless these day. Shotguns way over powered at mid range we are all in body armour with helmets but a one or two fairly close hits with 12g is a kill come on Dice get a grip

      • FallenWarrior60 03.18.14 at 17:09

        Have you ever shot a twelve gauge in real life, even if you where wearing body armor that only helps stop penetration, the force of impact is still there. You would die from internal damage if you got lit up by one.

  • 10memo01 02.12.14 at 00:47

    everything could go smoother if snipers were able to function correctly. they just arent as useful as any other gun. the 44 kills at range better than the sniper rifles

  • johnnytrump 02.11.14 at 03:24

    I dont know about you guys, but i think the scar h is not good enough. There are 2 major flaws with tr weapon that make me hate it. 1. The magazine is only 20. And 2, the rof is too slow for that recoil. Just fix one of those problems to make it ok

  • r3dt41L 02.11.14 at 00:51

    I believe one of your earlier posts mentioned you were still monitoring the DMRs for midrange balance/effectiveness. As someone who’s had more than my fair share of experience of semi-auto guns at all ranges, and across a variety of games, I’ll state that they are still outclassed by the majority of weapons at mid and close range and despite the range and damage bump.

    What they could use that would sweeten the deal further is a very slight increase in fire rate to all DMRs because let’s face it — even the fastest firing DMR is still 150 to 200% worse than the slowest firing automatic weapon and will in most cases cause the weilder to eat lead at anything closer than extreme mid range.

    Okay, I hear you saying “let’s be reasonable here.” How about an offset? An extremely slight increase in overall recoil to counter the bump in fire rate?

    Thanks for hearing me out, if you hear me.

  • Billydoc1 02.10.14 at 18:14

    Can we have our love M4A1 back?

  • zZBLACK_LAGOONZz 02.10.14 at 10:45

    please down grade the supression affect of the DMR’s so you have a chance to hit them between close and medium ranges and plus they have basically the same round of an assualt rifle so why the extra supression

    • zZBLACK_LAGOONZz 02.10.14 at 11:03

      and yes put long range scopes on them cause thats what they are made for but make the following shot within say half a second be inaccurate cause the constant spam is just way to anoying aspecially when they are a medic who heals himself constantly and support who has unlimited ammo give people who use gun that take more skill have a fighting chance against these spaming noobs or dare i say cod gamers who only use the most op and easyiest guns in the game (0_0)

  • SgtCarrotTopp 02.09.14 at 07:37

    Buff the LMGs damage slightly, even with bipod or fore grip they are still too nerfed, an M240 beats an M4. Don’t buff the DMRs, they are already to OP, and buff the dammage for high caliber sniper rifles.A Cheytac .410 would blow a hole in your chest the size of a basketball, it shouldn’t have the same damage as a rifle that shoots a 7.62. Also get rid of the annoying as hell cracks the DMRs and snipers make, at long range they don’t crack past your head, most likely you’d hear a faint buzz.

  • MLD0205 02.08.14 at 22:13

    Can we get the M416 carbine for aggressive recon players?

    • SgtCarrotTopp 02.09.14 at 07:42

      The M416 doesnt have a carbine variant and even so recon players should do just that recon. You’re a long range reconnaissance unit, not a front line field grunt. I think giving u the ability to use carbines is OP in the first place.

  • wayst3d 02.08.14 at 06:34

    dont add the dmr scopes. They are already overpowered and these girls keep complaining that they need more of an advantage than a semi automatic high powered rifle – stop complaining you already got a boost girls.

  • RedHornedDevil 02.07.14 at 22:25

    Hey, DICE how about you fix the shotguns damage. Every single shotgun is 12G (12G), but yet they all do different damage. How about you put 10G and 20G in the game. Or make all the shotguns do the exact same damage. Pumps and semi-autos should do the exact same damage if they all have the exact same ammo.

    • zZBLACK_LAGOONZz 02.10.14 at 10:54

      yes your right but would you put up with a person running around with an m1014 or sega spaming the gun and wiping out your team in one mag

  • Awesomex7 02.07.14 at 00:01

    I truly believe DICE that you should add 7-8x scopes for DMR’s.They would be perfectly balanced and normal.I know it was BF3 but in that game even assault rifles were able to have it so at least in this game add them to DMR’s.The M14 EBR on the cover art has it too.

  • somfanheller 02.06.14 at 21:39

    Please Nerf the living hell out of the DMR or make them sniper specific. Since the update the gameplay have just fallen trough the floor. As long as the DMRs exist in their current state I will not recommend this game to anyone and are seriously considering to stop playing the game my self, its just garbage right now!

    • Toners5687 02.07.14 at 06:11

      I agree with you man, it’s ridiculous that they made them better instead of nerfing! All I here now while playing is a snap and I’m dead, so fucking annoying!

    • I_am_OAF 02.09.14 at 00:43

      Oh quit your crying, they’re exactly where they should be. They destroy at mid to long range and get wrecked and short range. You’re just mad because your precious little Assault Rifle is the go to weapon for everything.

      • somfanheller 02.22.14 at 11:01

        Its funny how you assume something when you clearly dont know me. Why do people always have to try to make fun of others in a forum?
        Do you really think i’m crying about a OP gun when Im just stating my view of the new balancing in a thread about balancing?

        I do not share your view on them being weak in short range, not in HC anyways.
        I don’t know how they are balanced in normal mode but in hard core they are just ridiculous. Its impossible to do anything about them. I wouldn’t call myself an awesome player, but i’m not worthless, and the DMRs just isn’t balanced correctly in HC. Since the update more or less everyone on the HC servers I play on is running DMRs. A good indicator for a OP gun/gun class is if everyone is using them. So i tried them out and realised that you don’t have to aim anymore, just point them in the general direction and spam the trigger, I killed a player nine out of ten times without even trying to aim properly. After that test It was easy to understand that the DMRs are not balanced in HC.

        I personally don’t have a close quarters catered playstyle and I prefer the engineer class or the support. When I first heard about the DMRs for BF4 I was delighted due to the fact that they catered to my playstyle of medium range precision shooting and not to spray and pray. But after the update is a pray and spam gun, if you just spam the trigger you will get at kill. Thats just ridiculous and it makes the game unbearable for anyone trying to game with something other than the DMRs.

  • UpwindShadow117 02.06.14 at 09:25

    Funnily enuf i can quick scope on here the aim assist places my cursor to in front of my target while using a field sniper like the barret

  • Kyle999999 02.06.14 at 03:05

    When it comes to the weapons in the game . The LMG is the most useless the biggest gun , largest clips . You can’t hit a dam thing with it . LMG really needs to be looked at .

    • scarab956 08.08.14 at 11:57

      well the aws was to be the answer for the support class but people cryed its to op nerf it and dice killed it

  • KoLd X GUNGRAVE 02.06.14 at 00:31

    well i was in the army 15 yrs the 50 cal is great, but the one on the tank and jeep and the 30mm on choppers are to weak. 30 mm are the size of three fingers and go thru just about any thing. The way you have it is bad but i know you need game time and have it set to play so I’ll deal with it.And claymores need to have two back one is no good

  • CosyPigeon 02.05.14 at 05:55

    “Players no longer need to wait for additional time after the aiming animation plays to get accurate shots. There is still a delay to achieve full accuracy, so Quick Scoping is still not possible.”

    These two statements directly contradict each other. Which is correct?

    “These weapons did not have any available barrels or grips that would allow a player to enhance their aimed accuracy. ”

    In that case, what does the full choke for shotguns do? As it’s description implies that it increases aimed accuracy.

  • HyperJAZ_06 02.05.14 at 05:06

    All DMR’s should have higher bullet velocity I think because they are hard to use on a moving target.

  • CoCom99 02.05.14 at 04:48

    We need aim assist to offset those who play with illegal controllers that have aim assist.

  • GoinCommando87 02.05.14 at 02:36

    You should add the 8x power scopes for the DMRs!

    • XxHappyChefxX 02.05.14 at 07:06

      I couldn’t agree more!!!! But only available for the recon class BC I don’t want everyone to have long range capabilities. And don’t increase the damage anymore to DMR’s BC they are fine as they are now. And to all who argue that the DMR’s shouldn’t get a more powerful scope then why have them in the game BC otherwise they are a assault rifle that shoots semi auto with more range… Range that is useless BC you can’t see your target to use the range lol

    • SSI Mitchell115 02.05.14 at 07:27

      Agree and x6 for assault rifles

    • PvtWright 02.06.14 at 05:12

      could not agree more. when was the last time you saw a M39, M110 ect… with less tan a variable Leopold scope usually up to 10x. in the six years as an armorer for the army never did i see a true DMR with just an ACOG, M145, or a dang red dot.

  • thetobi47 02.04.14 at 20:04

    plz don’t make the DMRs more over powered, it takes 3 shots in core, and 2 in hard core to kill anyone and most of the time its from people spraying the hell out of it most of the time when i spawn i hear nothing but people spraying trying to get a frantic kill on u a lot of people may have ask to up the power but dont most of them are kids that should not be playing the game in the first place or people that want a gun that will jest kill you with out any effort

  • Ronnie Blastoff 02.04.14 at 19:48

    “While still terribly inaccurate, this allows for substantially more accurate fire than the old method and should allow players with LMGs to panic fire in close quarters, provided they are aiming.”

    Being terribly inaccurate is the main problem with LMGs atm. It doesn’t matter how much accuracy I have if my bullets are hitting a 90 degree turn soon as they exit the barrel.

    (Stand DIRECTLY behind an enemy and put your barrel to their backs, and fire in both hip/ADS with any LMG, you will miss more than half your shots everytime)

    LMGs function in the game atm is more terrible than the accuracy. I understand the domination of LMGs in the past, but they are literally a joke in BF4. Can’t even use them for suppression, enemies don’t get “suppressed” if they don’t have any fear of getting hit.

    Imo, make the suppression effect of LMGs rediculously dominant compared to other suppression effects.

    • SSI Mitchell115 02.05.14 at 07:25

      Controlled brust and a bi pod

    • UpwindShadow117 02.06.14 at 09:30

      I think the LMGs are fine use a bi pod or fore grip lmgs are meant to spray bullets at a rate nt give u a large magazine gun use short suppressive bursts n ill find killing ppl a breeze on a different note the first lmg is awesome use that

  • Dio_Banano 02.04.14 at 18:22

    I think that smoke grenades/ammo should have a longer effect, like it was on Bf3. Now these devices are pretty useless, the smoke disappears way to fast. Anyway, thanx DICE for improving the game experience!

  • Argos444 02.04.14 at 04:04

    I feel like the LMGs are easily outgunned at most ranges, they should have a slight buff, primarily focusing on range.

  • JohnnyHangman 02.03.14 at 22:30

    Fix the PDW’s. They are not that good at close range when you have weapons like the FAMAS, ACW-R, MTAR, AEK-971. Think about the CBJ-MSHIT, it has less than 25 damage and shoots at 700rpm. I know it has a lot of ammo, but if it could perform like any other good weapon at close range, the big magazine would then be a true highlight. The PP2000 needs a higher ROF too because it is just too slow for a PDW, and it doesn’t do enough damage to justify its slow fire rate, nor it is good at ranges. Bot CBJ-MSHIT and PEEPEE2000 are total crap and it feels like yu are not unlocking anything worthy for the engineer when you unlock those weapons. The UMP45 could also have 15.4 minimun damage because its rounds are pretty heavy and it is already challenging to engage long rage targets with such a slow bullet velocity.

  • GameTruckAma 02.03.14 at 19:20

    shotgun for EOD BOT would be awesome!

  • quin_hunter 02.03.14 at 19:14

    please fix iron sights on all guns. prob 30% of the time when i spawn using iron sights, the part you look through is filled in. pritty hard to aim and kill someone when u cant see through ur sight.

    • SSI Mitchell115 02.05.14 at 07:43


    • GETERBOI89 02.07.14 at 15:05

      yes I have died so many times due to lack of proper sight picture and not having a gun for like the first 30 -45 seconds of the game

      • Jasper5431_5diq 03.29.14 at 01:14

        I have had the same problem spawn and no weapon to fire with so I just run in a circle and pray my gun shows up and hope to god they spray and miss like hell.

        snipers to me right now feel like you have to fire first or run like hell in anything close to medium range once your position is given away and better be only you head exposed because at a 100 meter distance don’t take long for most guns to take you out.. and I hate getting pushed back beyond 200 meters but when shots fly my way a bullet aimed dead on will sway off to the distance even though I have brought my swaying crosshairs dead on target. or is the time the bullet takes to get there really that slow after all I get only 1 try before I am ground meat. but if it is suppression that is the cause then instead of an imaginary bullet path why not have increased scope sway that follows the suppressions path. snipes are close but I still feel they need some tweaking. their awesome but far less effective when they all want to sit at 500 some odd meters and only hit stationairy targets when they could bring it in a bit at that point their just spotters when a mav or motion sensor can do the same thing. the one thing I would really look into though fore snipes is that dam aim assist throws everything off when u have to lead targets and your almost there ready to pull the trigger then woops it snaps off and you are nine miles in front of the target lol wtf I know I didn’t move my control stick that much dam wana lead targets u have to turn off aim assist completely then close in engagements are brutal.

        hell I have an easier time killing snipers with my support class bipod out to 400 meters since they cant shoot back once there suppressed those things on a bipod are awesome and a sniper anywhere within 150-200 meters that dose not know you are aiming at them will barely have a chance to move b4 their sawed down not to mention the 4-5 guys u bipod in front of within 100 meters sorry to them add in the xml either dart or airburst and have a well rounded soldier just missing an rpg to be top class in the game :) though ill live with c4s.

        so far I have yet to find a better carbine than the mtar-21 just slap muzzle brake on it and its beast in close quarters I have switched to others to try getting them leveled and find myself right back to it. the others I have tried so far don’t have the accuracy to make up for the time to kill the mtar has. so anything past 50 meters is Rpg time. but ide like the option of one that stretched out a bit with more accuracy on some of the more exposed maps grant it more of an assults role or bipod Lmg to reach 100m retaining damage but something more effective then 50m maybe out to 75m fairly accurate. other few that I have tried in the early unlocks seem to have to much recoil low rate of fire.

        Dmrs I have yet to really touch though I hear a lot of negative opinions on that subject. only one I have touched is the very first one. rfb with acog and lol good luck hitting moveing targets you don’t even get markings like the sniper scopes just guess and pull the trigger 15 times to maybe get a lucky hit. at least when I decide to role recon I can see where my bullets going round about and adjust. dmrs are like shooting invisible bullets.

  • TacticTitan 02.03.14 at 18:38

    I am a hardcore player. I believe that the DMR damage on Hardcore is way to powerful. You will see around 70% of players on hardcore now because of the update. I think the damage on hardcore for DMR should be examined.

  • Skater8erPS 02.03.14 at 09:07

    Quick scooping is impossible they say!!! lol thats what i do!!! if they did make it impossible i’d prob loose all faith in the recon

  • zzzx RAMBO xzzz 02.03.14 at 08:04

    The MTAR needs camo. Because no mater what camo you put on it its allways tan.

  • Cpl_Bruiser 02.03.14 at 07:59

    Changes for elaborate ammunition, would never happen.The game currently does not give weapons firing 7.62mm ammo any advantage, when it should.

  • Aaron626perez 02.03.14 at 01:56

    The DMR Needs To Shoot Slower All I Hear Is DMR Fire And Then Get Rushed With Them.

  • COOPROCK$ 02.02.14 at 22:49

    this whole game revolves around the sniper class if you don’t like snipping and you probably won’t enjoy this game because every time you step out in the open ur shot. please make some close quarters combat maps.

  • King Tolapsium 02.02.14 at 21:32

    Thank you for tweaking the wanna be sniper class, now whenever there is a little bit of open space everyone is playing long range, that might work with 64 combatants, but it is a snipefest currently on 360 and playing as any other class is less fun because eight guys are going to try and shoot you in the head every time you move.

  • d3sdinova 02.02.14 at 20:35

    So you say this is an upcoming update, but later on you say these have been done and I also hear from players as if these updates are already in place.

    So are these planned updates for future or have you already updated the game?

  • xx2xSLicKxz 02.02.14 at 20:32

    Please put the as val back to how it was it is completely horrible now and it wasn’t even overpowered to begin with expecially with a 21 shot clip. Or even put it’s stats back and put it in carbines or assault because it really is a assault rifle what ever u do just put the stats to how they were please… Also please increase the stability of the qbz951 it’s recoil up is fine but to the left and right is to much

  • zzzx RAMBO xzzz 02.02.14 at 20:14

    The PDW weapons should be usable with any class. It dont make any sense that the Engineer is the only one that can use them. The Engineer has no use in close quarter engagements or most engagements. If the Engineer is Demolition for Vehicles which means that he would be used in a open map which needs longer rang weapons. Engineers are no use if there is no vehicles. It just dont make any sense EA.

    • F34RTH1S 02.02.14 at 23:54

      I agree with this, assault class is the close range, more suited for pdws than the engineer

  • DSR_Darkside 02.02.14 at 20:13

    May i suggest that the bullet spread on the f2000 be tweaked a bit. It was not to bad in bf3 but in bf4 those bullets fan out every where. As it sits it is closer to a smg as with the bullet spread is so bad that there is barely any long range capibility (at least in comparison to the outher rifles in its class) it would be nice to see the spread adjusted a bit. Im not asking for a laser beam. But it would be nice to hit what im aiming at beyound short and mid ranges. Also to note the laser accessories for this weapon are set to high (not zeroed/centered). A side from those gripes ive enjoyed the game and think your doing a good job tackling all the isses sence launch.

  • zzzx RAMBO xzzz 02.02.14 at 19:58

    A Knife that EA should put in the game.

    Our Most Famous Knife

    The USMC KA-BAR is an icon and a legend in the world of knives. It was one of the general issue knives to the United States Marine Corps in World War II and quickly gained popularity. This knife remains the first choice for many men and women of service who carry it as their personal option knife still today.
    How KA-BAR Got Its Name

    Our name dates back to the early 1900′s from a fur trapper testimonial. He wrote that while trapping, his gun jammed leaving him with only his knife to kill a wounded bear that was attacking him. He thanked us for making the quality knife that helped him to kill a bear, but all that was legible was “K a bar”. Honored by the testimonial, the company adopted the phrase KA-BAR as their trademark.
    Detailed Stats of the KA-BAR Knife link below, shows langth, what its made of and more.

  • GayForBraeburn 02.02.14 at 18:06

    My only input is that the AS-VAL should be classified as a carbine, not a PDW.

  • brisco94 02.02.14 at 14:54

    i really like the way this works with shotguns, so dont really understand why its not been implemented with all classes, it would add much more variety to the gameplay, and if things like tracers were used with machine guns would make the game even more amazing visally. love the idea of AP rounds doing less damage but ignoring armour, or incendiary rounds doing less damage each hit but having a slow buring effect etc

  • jeesquat 02.01.14 at 20:59

    what about having no sound on your game when you receive a blast from a tank.

  • XenophobicFrost 02.01.14 at 20:34

    How about we slow down with all these weapon changes and focus on the health problem. People with 0% health are still walking around. That’s practically cheating

  • zzzx RAMBO xzzz 02.01.14 at 18:46

    i think you need to stop with the gun paint camo and start working on soldier camo. The soldier camo, you rarely have the right soldier camo for a map even the ones you have not unlocked. such as desert golf of amon map one side there is only blue camo available even the ones that you have not unlocked and its the same with other maps and that soldier camo’s dont work. some times there is soldier camo for the right environment, the soldier camo needs to be brighter in color, I would give up all of the gun paint camo for just some descent soldier camo. Look at BF3 soldier camo that was great. Just bring over all the soldier camo from BF3 to BF4 just the way they are. I dont want to be seen. but haha you cant see my gun. You should have soldier camo to back up each gun paint camo.

    • DRAG00N4890 07.26.14 at 09:26

      Maybe, for a future update you could add an adaptive soldier camo that changes based on the map but uses actual soldier camos

  • Zakos- 02.01.14 at 17:11

    The balance should be about getting the right class/weapon for the right job, atm. snipers can do it all, they got c4 for tanks, rifles to kill anything that moves in long/short range, claymores for defence.. why use any other class when this OP class can do it all… balance broken and hardcore mode unplay able cuz of this OP class everyone uses

  • Danny_47 02.01.14 at 16:52

    A way to improve shotgun accuracy is to rifle the barrel. The shotgun will no longer be able to fire buckshot or darts properly, but this increaces accuracy off slugs and frag rouds a lot. But is also decreases the rounds muzzle velocity. For Battlefield this could balance out the shotgun with slugs for close to medium range. While with the smooth barrel the round is faster but less accurate.

    Oh wich reminds me, i think you have the effects of a compensator and a muzzle break backwards.

    Also, I would like to introduce an idea: shortend catriges for tube-fed shotguns. Increasing capacity, but lowering range and/or damage. I seem to run out fast on TDM/SDM.

    It’s a lot of fun now the rilfes can be zeroed, but there is one issue there. In Battlefield it’s possible to zero a rifle at 0m, in realiry it is not or it wouldn’t be practical. A scope is sometimes mounted up to 10 cm higher than the rifle’s barrel, so i get the idea. So let’s say if BF would have standard zero at 100m or so. This would make the bulletpath parabolic and make it harder to shoot at close range or at high/low angle shooting. City maps would also get a break from roof camping snipers this way. This could add a level of realism and balance some issues in the game.

    PDW class should be for everyone, otherwise it will stay majorly underused.

  • itran1 02.01.14 at 13:57

    Give back the M4A1 as the burst fire M4 varient is not good in any situation unless you get lucky or the opponents are total scrubs.

    • DRAG00N4890 07.26.14 at 09:28

      I disagree with you I have used the m4 a lot and have found its high rate of burst fire and such short time in between bursts to balance out the only burst fire capabilities. But I do agree the m4a1 should be added

  • Jesse_El 02.01.14 at 10:25

    pls … DMR SCOPE MAX SCOPE -> Rifle Scope 8X or CL6X 6X!!!!

    • mark2612 02.01.14 at 10:41

      of course, so that everyone is able to go as a sniper with having the benefit of beeing able to heal himself, restore his ammunition or attack tanks with rpg/mines. why dont we unlock all weapons for everyone and insta gib them all so everyone dies at first hit *facepalm*

    • brisco94 02.02.14 at 14:45

      for recon class only though, im a big supporter of getting dmrs with decent scopes, i just dont think it would be good for all classes to have access to them

  • sidtai 02.01.14 at 10:00

    please dont change the heavy barrel, its fine as it is. ADS accuracy while strafing can be improved by the ergo grip. i dont want to see the OP hbar in bf3 again.

  • EL Hairy Nachos 02.01.14 at 09:34

    Put magnum ammo back on there so the shotguns can have a fighting chance

  • KandySquid7 02.01.14 at 09:09

    Switch the PDW’S and CARBINES it does not make sense to have pdws exclusive to the engineer class the carbines should be exclusive anybody agree???

    • lockie321 02.01.14 at 09:12

      no just no, pdws are meant for engineer, they are close quarter weapons to use to stop people c4ing or repair tooling ur tank not for long range combat

      • KandySquid7 02.01.14 at 09:43

        Have you even played BF3? I like carbines dnt get me rong but they have always been exclusive to the engineer

      • COOJO253 02.01.14 at 15:30

        You’re an idiot. How is it good that a weapon that specializes in one area, (cqb) is good for a class that isn’t good on cqb maps? I would choose a ACW-R over any pdw if im in a tank or not. Not to mention, what if you’re fighting against tanks?

        • KandySquid7 02.01.14 at 18:50

          What? Your retarded dude, assault rifles exclusive to medic , LMGs exclusive to Support, Snipers exclusive to Recon why shouldn’t carbines be exclusive to engineer if not the PDWs will remain extremely underused

    • zbsp_ 02.01.14 at 09:13

      I disagree, having carbines as an all-class weapon has allowed me to make use of the classes which I rarely use, namely the Support and Recon classes. While I don’t like PDWs being limited to the Engineer, I think it was a good trade off.

      • KandySquid7 02.01.14 at 18:53

        Sure it was a good trade off however carbines have always been exclusive to engineer and PDWs for every class, if this isn’t changed then there is no legit reason for PDWs to even be in the game

    • mark2612 02.01.14 at 10:44

      i agree. carbines should be engineer only and pdw is fine for everyone. pdw for sniper is fine because he can defend himself on close range, but with carbines almost as powerfull as assault weapons and the snipers ability to spot people with his sensor balls its really unfair

  • XxFEDINDAH34DxX 02.01.14 at 07:35

    Introduce ammunition customization for our primary weapon. So we are able to choose a type of ammunition we want to use. Im sure I’m not the only one who wants this.

    • WhiteTimberwolf 02.01.14 at 07:56

      I fully agree with this. There should be rounds that have certain anesthetic properties, such as multiple colors of tracers or ones that affect weapon performance with varying degrees, such as hollow points or copper coated tungsten cores.

    • DRAG00N4890 07.26.14 at 09:32

      The only problem I see with this is if DICE wants to keep this realistic, there are special rounds for most if the guns such as the m4 and m16a4 there are different rounds then each other in some cases

  • KandySquid7 02.01.14 at 06:54

    ***It makes much more sense to have Carbines exclusive to the engineer than PDW’S there is no legitimate reason for them to be in the game if carbines are for every class***

  • KandySquid7 02.01.14 at 06:52


  • Flame1Snake 02.01.14 at 06:18

    The FAMAS seems to be a novelty compared to the ace23 and aek. Is there any buff planned for the FAMAS?

  • OldAssMan 02.01.14 at 04:57

    One thing that would be really cool is to add the 6 round 9mm spotting tracer to the Mk 153 SMAW, as it has in real life. Also, you could make it an unlock to get different types of rockets that this weapon can use, such as the HEDP (dual purpose) and HEAA (anti-armor), or the always fun FTG (Follow-Through Grenade with dual warhead – first that penetrates barrier,and second that follows through the hole and explodes inside) :)

  • SirPunge 02.01.14 at 04:55

    we need tweak back to bf3 with mines and clay’s i have been kick out of many server for playing defense using mines and clay’s getting team kills and i feel as if im in a sever for 30 mins and then get kick for playing a defense of roll its not cool at all i love the game and i know u guys are doing ur best but this is one thing that is a major problem in the game and thats getting kick for team kills using mines and clay so i wish we can go back to the bf3 way with them.

  • GreasyPotatoes 02.01.14 at 04:19

    I would highly suggest adding back tracers (ideally without the vapor trail… The vapor trail has a tendency to cover up where your bullet is, during bullet drop) to the DMRs like in BF3, it would help facilitate its role as mid-long range weapon. Right now it is very hard to see where your bullets are landing. No point in shooting long range if you can’t correct your follow up shots.

  • niinja009 02.01.14 at 03:29

    Yea but in certain situations the gun you have selected May affect how you do(ex:DMr vs. PDw at close range PDw has a significant advantage)although yes if the shooter is really I mean really bad it won’t matter what gun they are using and at what range.or vice versa if one is significantly better.

  • niinja009 02.01.14 at 03:21

    Have fun we won’t miss you

  • Infamouz xW0lfx 02.01.14 at 02:41

    Long range Scopes for DMRs but only in Recon Class it would make sense do to your opinion it would make the game unbalanced if they use the scopes on every class but what if they were only avaible to Recon Class it would bring back the memories of BF3 when you could actually use a semi-auto rifle with long range capabilities. Reply what you think and let DICE know if this is a good idea

  • Macka_05 02.01.14 at 02:40

    G3a3 please, where the hell is it! is there a reason you left this weapon out:/?

  • johnnytrump 02.01.14 at 02:39

    Give the snipers scope glint only when they are aiming in the direction of the sun and the g36c should have 700 rpm and faster reload. I think that is fair, and will not make it op. And give the m40a5 a velocity buff. 480 is stupidly low. At least 500

  • KingPin124 02.01.14 at 02:09

    DMR’s need to be NERFED, NOT BUFFED!!! Players with no sniping skill can camp hundreds of yards away and spam shots at a rate of fire that is WAY TOO HIGH, and they kill in one shot many times. Try playing hardcore and you’ll see what I mean. They are essentially a sniper rifle with a stupidly high rate of fire and accuracy. They are ruining gameplay.

    • Infamouz xW0lfx 02.01.14 at 02:16

      Im not a fan of DMRs but in my many hours of gameplay havent been 1shot by one not even in Hardcore i think they need a buff in core gameplay since they suppose to use a high caliber round and for that the damage they do is mediocre but for Hardcore they can leave it as it is.

    • niinja009 02.01.14 at 03:18

      It’s hardcore everything destroys that’s the point

    • Rommel711 02.01.14 at 03:53

      Agreed. Hardcore is almost unplayable with all the dmr’s running around. Can’t the balancing be done to the game type and not generically across the board ?

  • vormex 02.01.14 at 01:59

    By 100%..? Really? I hope you just put that out there as an off the top of your head number without really thinking. In BF3, once you got shot at, you could not shoot at anything with a sniper rifle: period, end of discussion. Now, it takes around 3-5 shots to suppress you very badly which is close to right. At 100%, it would be back to BF3 again. It’s hardcore for a reason, you can’t just run around and soak up bullets from everything and expect to live through it. You have 60% health as opposed to 100% in normal. In normal it takes 2 body shots to kill unless you are within 10 meters of the person.

    Work with your team, stop trying to do things on your own, plan encounters accordingly like in real life which is what you are comparing it to roughly. but with a bias against snipers like so many people who plays FPS. You want realism? Go play Arma as it is far more up your alley than an arcade shooter like this. Sniping is far harder, less forgiving, and you are NOT going to find a sniper shooting in the hills at 200 meters in that game unless you have thermal. My advice is to migrate to that game, stick to normal, or just deal with it. You can’t kill everything at any range with an assault rifle sadly.

    • napalmphantom 02.01.14 at 02:04

      when they bring ARMA to PS4 I will gladly stop playing Battlefield and let it turn into a CoD clone because that’s what EA and DICE are shooting for

  • SPINErep540 02.01.14 at 00:54

    M4s are capable of single, burst, and automatic fire in real life, it should be the same in BF4. The H&K 416 is one of the most accurate assault rifles in the world, it should more than keep up with the AKU-12, ACE21, ACE23, and ACE 52. I’d also like to see an MK18 added to the game in a future DLC, as they are highly popular among the SOF communities around the world. Perhaps as a PDW…? Finally, suppressors should only affect velocity–i.e: damage, accuracy, and range over long distances, –as suppressors do not affect bullets but subsonic ammo does.

    • Solidmotivated 02.01.14 at 01:37

      While all of this is very true, if you remember in BF3, the competitive gun EVERYONE used was the M16A4 for its epic ROF and great stats for a Assault rifle.So, its only appropriate to keep it at burst, which is still very effective for recoil control. And the MK18 is basically a variant of the M4 platform in my opinion. (BTW the MK18 is classified as a Carbine IRL) And considering how quiet suppressors are in the game, I would easily assume they use subsonic ammo already. Not using subsonic would make them not as quiet with a suppressor (although still suppressed)

      • I_AM_FOREST 02.01.14 at 05:40

        the thump of the weapon firing would be reduced but most of the sound (the crack) comes from the sonic boom of the projectile breaking the sound barrier

    • napalmphantom 02.01.14 at 02:02

      if you read the description of suppressors in-game it says that they use subsonic ammunition, which has been proven to drastically reduce the effectiveness of conventional troops in open battle and the MK 18 is a SOF modified version of the M4. The differences between the two are mostly cosmetic (i.e. rail system, modified charging handle) nothing that actually affects its performance in the hands of a properly trained marksman. Remember its the SHOOTER not the WEAPON that makes the difference. This game as it has been doing since Battlefield 3 determines how engagements are won solely on the weapon rather than the shooter/player and it sickens me that most people either are okay with this or oblivious

    • DRAG00N4890 07.26.14 at 09:37

      Actually no the m4 specifically has a S/1/3 setup while the m4a1 has a S/1/F setup in real life, which is why the army is converting their m4′s to m4a1′s this year and through 2017

  • Manix 02.01.14 at 00:33

    Great… As if the DRM’s aren’t already overpowered…

  • G3A3NME187 02.01.14 at 00:21

    ****ADD G3A3 FROM BF3!****

  • Lunty22 01.31.14 at 23:53

    Please in the name of sanity, reduce the amount of C4 people get. You can’t drive a tank 10 meters these days without getting nuked by C4. Its insane having motorbikes zipping around C4′ing tanks like there is no tomorrow. I realise the game is not ultra high on reality (just watch a soldier dancing through a hail of AA fire and happily out the other side) but is it really even remotely realistic that the biggest threat to tanks in the game is soldiers running around with C4? Alternatively you could make the proximity scan actually work????

    • Convergencez 02.01.14 at 00:21

      Be more situationally aware, man. C4 ninjas wouldn’t get you so much if you use the 3rd person cam angle when in a vehicle. And avoid tall buildings where C4 monkeys like to throw down their plastic. That’s how you counter them, its’ very simple.

  • Zuberfizz 52 01.31.14 at 23:30

    YES THAT IS THE SPIRIT THANK YOU FOR SOMEONE WHO ACTUALLY CARES ABOUT what I also agree with 100 percent. Yes and please do this one simple thing like putting an assignemnt out there that which we can unlock these weapons. Make the assignment hard if you have to.

  • napalmphantom 01.31.14 at 23:30

    here is genius idea on how to balance out the weapons. Damage should be relative to the caliber of the weapon only (i.e. the M16, M4 and the Scout Elite should technically have the same damage per round) Secondly take off the close range optics and the strait pull bolt from sniper rifles, recon is supposed to be played at long range not room clearing with the m98b and a tac lite just because you can have a one shot kill. Oh and just to balance out long range shootouts, DICE you boasted that you put in weather (i.e. Paracel Storm) how about you put in windage since you put in the ability to zero rifles out past 1000 meters. Lastly; shotguns and suppressors: why are they in this game at all? We are playing as US Marines, the Russian army and the PLA. We are grunts, not special forces. niche weapons and attachments are unnecessary or rather a hindrance for conventional troops.

    • ArmyFreak42 02.01.14 at 07:39

      While I agree with you bullet damage model, the rest of your proposal is horrible. They give people access to the fun things like suppressors because playing as rank and file marines would be incredivly boring. Everyone would hace the exact same load out. There would only be 6 weapons in the game. Militaries arent big on letting people take whatever they want to war, weird. So they let people play as elite units while calling them marines pla and russians.

  • ajnollinger 01.31.14 at 23:30

    may i suggest long range DMR scopes for reacon class only?

  • Zuberfizz 52 01.31.14 at 23:28

    Now I read the changes coming and am very fine with it. Yet to know that burst fire weapons are recieving no change. I kind of am a little dissapointed because everyone is using at least a good long range weapon and a good close quarters weapon due to the type of situation. I have to say this again but the M16A4 and the other burst fire weapons do not meet the standards of regular weapons. This is because it is a BURST FIRE and not a FULLY AUTOMATIC FIRE WEAPON. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that these burst fire weapons be upgraded to at least be given a chance. I also look foward and hope that one of these days, in like an assignment or expansion pack, the M16A3 can come back. At this point in the game I really infact do miss the M16 family and have to say this family is not as good as I hoped it to be. I don’t really care what the stats are to the M16A3 if it comes back but I just want it back. Thank you for at least taking this into consideration.

    • LETHAL PANDAx69 02.01.14 at 01:47

      The burst-firing weapons are actually decently-powered. I use the M4 constantly, and it kills within 6-12 rounds when the enemy is at full health, but you have to pull the trigger faster. Problem solved.

  • Chinese comrade 01.31.14 at 22:50


  • Chinese comrade 01.31.14 at 22:49


  • I_SaS_Force_I 01.31.14 at 22:37

    i think the game needs M4A1 and M16a3 pls bring back this guns

  • vermund2k 01.31.14 at 22:20

    Please reconsider your opinion on the G36C.
    The way it handles now, dosen’t make it an option against the other carbines.
    I understand that you want it to be different from the other games, but it should give the typical G36 feel when using it.

  • Wicksy 01.31.14 at 21:24

    The LMG’s are so similar to Assault rifles now, same ADS time (ridiculous) and massive clip sizes. Why not make them COMPLETELY different. How about Hip Fire only on these LMG beasts on the move, but much longer Bipod up & down times, with the benefit of improved aimed ADS accuracy. Bring back the Heavies!!

  • kronicle420 01.31.14 at 21:07

    Please please please fix the issues with the maps crashing (Dawnbreaker) (xbox360) The game is great as it is but for the fact you cant play this map in full since the previous update. Im not here to cry and moan, but your programmers need a kick in the backside so please sort it or hire someone who can!

  • w-VANQUISH-w 01.31.14 at 21:05

    and change m4 carbine weapon to m4a1 full auto fire

  • w-VANQUISH-w 01.31.14 at 21:04

    please we need veteran battle pack
    most people did not have this pack fix this please

  • CHANGO-Dftw 01.31.14 at 21:00

    fully auto M4A1

  • ipanzer64 01.31.14 at 20:56

    snipers are rampant, too powerful make them less powerful or lower the points the get…most never PTFO anyways, hurt them more

  • XScream4imFireX 01.31.14 at 20:14

    DMR sniper are for nubs and cod players right along side shot guns and no they should no have long rang scopes you want use sniper use bolt action DMR are for pussy

  • KYJellyDonut 01.31.14 at 20:08

    Can anyone elaborate on what normal long range damage for carbines is? Is it just that the the damage drop off isn’t being applied properly to the MTAR? How much of a nerf is it. I happen to use the MTAR alot and I actually didn’t know I had an advantage over other carbines, I just happen to like the way the gun “feels.”

  • ElektrototMascha 01.31.14 at 18:53

    i’m missing the original 750 rpm of the g36, the other stats of the g36 are ok

  • Yickman OP 01.31.14 at 18:42

    NERF ak12, mx4 and sar 21, they are so overused because they are so overpowered.

  • NightHawk6666 01.31.14 at 16:17

    just to point out javelins are not high damage rockets on their own, they are designed to hit max damage in conjunction with laser designation. The standard rpg rockets are one of the top damaging rockets in the game along with most that don’t function with laser designation or smart guide. get a buddy with a designator and you will have no issues downing boats or just get better skilled with unassisted rockets

  • Aclingman340010 01.31.14 at 16:07

    DICE just fuc*ed up.. No better way to say it. They tried to make it this insanely ‘intense’ and ‘epic’ game, when in reality it’s worse than BF3. If you think you have it bad on the 360 or PS3, try xbox one… It’s absolutely horrid. I almost wish I wouldn’t have traded in my 360 towards an xbox one because I would just go back to playing battlefield 3 until they iron out all of this crap.
    Known issues I experience every day/match on Battlefield 4.
    1: (even on hardcore) Guys with zero health killing me after I’ve shot them over a handful of times. What do you know, most of them are using a DMR, it’s close range, and I’m using an mp7.. that sounds like that’s how it should be!!
    2: Hardcore has turned into a game I like to call, ‘Who’s going to snipe me immediately when I spawn’.
    3: (For the ‘realism’ of the game) Boats… don’t even get me f’ing started… They are RIDICULOUSLY protected… especially from rockets. If you hit a boat with a Javelin, it would be vaporized… in this game, it doesn’t even cause a mobility hit…. At the VERY LEAST a javelin shot (or other strong rocket) should at least disable the boat… I’m tired of firing 3 damn rockets into a boat and them just mowing me down with their cannon…
    4. This one really takes the cake and I just LOVE when it happens. example: I am tailing this guy, he doesn’t know I’m behind him, so I decide to increase XP on my pistol. PSYCH. That won’t happen because I’ll shoot him in the back and he’ll turn around and kill me in 3 shots or less. GOOD FUC*ING TALK DICE.

    Battlefield 3 was absolutely incredible. Battlefield 4 has turned/is turning into a larger mapped Call of Duty game. Don’t worry about team work and tactics in BF4, just grab a sniper, a DMR, or a shotty, and you’ll never have a problem. This sucks, because COD freaking blows….
    I’ve been a HUGE fan of battlefield for so long and even the more modern Medal of Honor games… I’ve had battlefield 1943 or whatever that old one was, battlefield bad company, battlefield bad company 2, battlefield 3 premium, and now BF4…. and I’ve never been more disappointed in a game in my life…

  • NightHawk6666 01.31.14 at 16:06

    @Kyuss9 You/re crazy man carbines are an excellent choice. I have yet to use the mtar since I just unlocked it, but carbines IMO are one of the better classes of guns in the game and they are not meant to be accurate at long ranges they are a mid/close range weapon very few in real life have long range accuracy.
    For the most part I still think gun choice is preference there are many carbines I pick over others and DMRs/LMGs I can’t use Im terrible with them. Now Im not %100 certain but there are other factors to the gun stats like bullet type and rate of fire (which is shown), but there is also bullet velocity (not shown) that can affect the choice of one gun to another.

  • Kyuss9 01.31.14 at 15:56

    “Reduced the long range damage of the MTAR to bring it in line with the rest of the Carbines.” What’s the point of all the guns firing the same way? If you look at the various carbines, they have almost identical stats and most accessories are useless in surpassing the gun’s limitations. Carbines need to have something to make then worth using over DMRs and LMGs, otherwise there’s just no reason to use them.
    Giving all weapons their real life stats would be ideal, imho.

  • NightHawk6666 01.31.14 at 15:55

    The DMR changes seem quite unnecessary the damage increase at longer ranges is ok but the reduced accuracy penalty for sustained fire is too much. 90% of the time Im killed by another player is from DMRs so players clearly don’t have any issues in using them. Especially in close/mid range situations. And to previous posts I don’t see how better synchronizing the scope aim of snipers is a nerf. If anything it is a tiny buff.

  • Rock NYer 01.31.14 at 13:10

    Why are we catering to DMR using losers? All sniper rifles and DMRs should not be allowed any short range scopes, including iron sites. Also pulling a trigger rapidly should make each shot after the first super inaccurate just like in real life. Battlefield is a teamwork based game so why do we reward those who sit around not helping the team and not playing the objective but instead just working on their Kill Death Ratio? Other games don’t allow short scopes on snipers or semi snipers period because it makes them too easy to use & that’s the one thing other games get right. DMRs were way over powered before the update already now they are ridiculous! Do you guys even play the game before updating? What about fixing the classes to be unique again. I mean every class has DMRs & Snipers now have C4???? How about hardcore having a minimap like in bf3 or at least a compass. Also… Does the passenger proximity scan even work yet? Here’s an idea, there should be a warning siren when a chopper pilot decides to randomly bail out leaving all passengers to fall to their doom.

  • deolone 01.31.14 at 09:51

    Please, DICE mind about real issues!!! Please!!!
    You can’t change every day the way to use weapons, especially infantry weapons!
    Can’ t you plan alla stats before day one then stop!!!
    After yesterday patch, playing was as terrible as the day before: who cares about new recoils or longa range damage if you see freezing and bugs all the way!!!
    Repair HITBOX!!! That’s the problem!!!
    You’ve changed just one thing at the moment: now pum shotguns kill you from 20 meters in one shot without noise!!
    Noobs have to ask anythying more? Is it possible to use nuke bomb to kill all enemies in ione second? Why not?

  • wayst3d 01.31.14 at 04:56

    m16a3 and m4a1 plz

  • BiscuitLord12 01.31.14 at 02:47

    Well i don’t know about you guys but i would like to see the guns on your soldiers back. ( in third person )

  • PimpDaddyMRDR 01.31.14 at 01:34

    What the fucking fuck DICE, please stop catering to skilless players who bitch because they cannot get their spoonfed dmr and shotty kills like in bf3 and other shooters. try to veer away from rewarding players for being bad and not taking the time to get good with weapons. how you “balance” weapons/vehicles favors the worst of players because you want everyone to feel as if they are “good” at the game when in reality, they suck and cant get kills any other ways unless they use the easy easy weapons. you are not solving any problems by buffing weapons that were finally somewhat balanced that were once OP. this will only create further problems. how about focusing more on leaving balanced weapons as they are and nerfing the spoonfeeding ones so that players actually have to accumulate skill and practice with weapons to become good and overcome their downfalls. the point of the game is to not have everyone able to go on absurd killstreaks and being able to immediately kill people who have been shooting them with skill-based weapons just so that they feel as if they are good at the game. but rather, the point is to give people an iota of a chance and incentive to use a weapon that they have spent the time to get good with and overcome the downsides and to in turn have that reward the player. by giving buffs the way you are to things that were balanced is making these weapons again, skilless OP guns and in turn giving no further incentive but instead, actually removing any incentive for players to bother touching guns that take a while to learn how to use or are just harder and more skill-based to use. continuing on this feel-good-poorly-skilled-players buff path will be the end of the quality of battlefield’s multiplayer skill-based gameplay. i mean seriously, most of the maps are already linear enough requiring little to no tactics while on them, you do not have to ruin all engagements too. just cannot wait to see how you fuck up battlefield 5 with what you call balancing when the time comes.

  • PimpDaddyMRDR 01.31.14 at 01:17

    What the fucking fuck DICE, please stop catering to skilless players who bitch because they cannot get their spoonfed dmr and shotty kills like in bf3 and other shooters. try to veer away from rewarding players for being bad and not taking the time to get good with weapons. how you “balance” weapons/vehicles favors the worst of players because you want everyone to feel as if they are “good” at the game when in reality, they suck and cant get kills any other ways unless they use the easy easy weapons. you are not solving any problems by buffing weapons that were finally somewhat balanced that were once OP. this will only create further problems. how about focusing more on leaving balanced weapons as they are and nerfing the spoonfeeding ones so that players actually have to accumulate skill and practice with weapons to become good and overcome their downfalls. the point of the game is to not have everyone able to go on absurd killstreaks and being able to immediately kill people who have been shooting them with skill-based weapons just so that they feel as if they are good at the game. but rather, the point is to give people an iota of a chance and incentive to use a weapon that they have spent the time to get good with and overcome the downsides and to in turn have that reward the player. by giving buffs the way you are to things that were balanced is making these weapons again, skilless OP guns and in turn giving no further incentive but instead, actually removing any incentive for players to bother touching guns that take a while to learn how to use or are just harder and more skill-based to use. continuing on this feel-good-poorly-skilled-players buff path will be the end of the quality of battlefield’s multiplayer skill-based gameplay. i mean seriously, most of the maps are already linear enough requiring little to no tactics while on them, you do not have to ruin all engagements too. just cannot wait to see how you fuck up battlefield 5 with what you call balancing when the time comes.

  • Striking Viking 01.31.14 at 00:52

    I’m not sure if I’m alone in this, but when I’m playing support I really like to provide light artillery support with the Mortar, but i’m finding it to be comically underpowered. I’ve gotten kills with it, but generally only on TDM maps where snipers were bunching up in small areas, and even then it only seems to work when dropped directly onto someone’s head, even with the indirect fire class specialty on Hardcore.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems like mortars should be used to suppress, and do some decent light artillery damage to both infantry and vehicles, but i’ve never managed to destroy a vehicle with the mortar, and only occasionally kill infantry with it (again, only in TDM when the maps are small enough that snipers bunch together…on conquest maps everyone’s too spread out for the mortar to be even slightly effective). Even when teammates are spotting for me, I often see a mortar land right next to an enemy and fail to kill them, or even do damage to them at all. What is the current splash damage radius on the mortar? I feel like at the very least that radius should be increased to make it an effective weapon against holed up snipers, tightly grouped enemy squads, or vehicles on a rampage..

    • beloit911 01.31.14 at 02:59

      I Absolutely Agree. Seems like you’re using a potato cannon even a direct hit will seemingly just disorient the enemy. Like why did I just get hit with a flying potato?

  • RogueCrippler 01.31.14 at 00:47

    REALLY? Why up the dmr. It’s fine how it is. All you hear in some rooms is a bunch of twits not ptfo with there turbo dmr firing. This is a horrible idea!!

  • PimpDaddyMRDR 01.31.14 at 00:37

    What the fuck DICE, please stop catering to bad players who can’t get their spoonfed dmr and shotty kills like in bf3 and other shooters. How about actually rewarding people for having skill with weapons instead of making everything easy to use just so that everybody feels good. Its not about having everyone feel like they are good at the game by giving poorly skilled players such easy ways to get kill streaks. Its about practice and taking the time to accumulate skill to be good with certain weapons and being able to in turn, overcome their downsides. Can’t wait to see how you decide to fuck up battlefield 5′s balancing when the time comes. Fucking ridiculous…

  • vile9450 01.30.14 at 22:36

    great people can spam DMRS even harder now

    damage buff is good but the rate of fire for all DMR’s should be reduced by 50% so people still have to aim instead of *PSH PSH PSH PSH PSH&

  • CLARKINATORS 01.30.14 at 21:40

    can we get more than 5 attachments for second assault weapons

  • bsilikepie 01.30.14 at 21:38

    “so ‘Quick Scoping’ is still not possible” DICE somewhat cares about COD players and actually mentions their tactics as well as the original Battlefield community. This somehow teaches a lesson to accept others for their opinion if you think about it hard enough.

  • Yanakkis 01.30.14 at 21:33

    Heaby barell NEEDS a lower recoil increase, shooting on the move is useless with that much recoil. It was just perfect in BF3, why did have to ruin it???????????? MORONS!!!!!!!!!!

  • Devellis96 01.30.14 at 21:16

    Oh yeah, in general, decrease the rates of fire for all DMRs. Heavily emphasize that they are mid-long range weapons. Even a SAR-21 with 600 RPM should win vs. DMRs at least 60% of the time in close quarters.

  • AnyOLName 01.30.14 at 21:02

    Since we are finally getting some fixes and such, what do we think about the perks? Are they working right?

    Are they supposed to carry over from round to round or not? Because sometimes they do, and sometimes they don’t. I will have level 3 on the green bar, but none of the perks will work. It will go up a perk to the last one, but it works as if I got the level 2 upgrade. Sometimes it works like it shows. On top of that, you have to die to get the perk to work. Witch is risky, if your squad wipes while you are reloading. It doesn’t seem like a reward if you have to die to get your reward for doing well.

    Then there are things that don’t make sense that I’m not sure are broken.

    Issues I have;

    Engineer, anti-tank loadout:
    LEVEL 1: MINES: Increases maximum inventory of AT Mines or M2 SLAM to 6
    LEVEL 2: ROCKETS: Increases maximum inventory of AT and AA ammo to 7
    LEVEL 3: MORE DEPLOYED EXPLOSIVES Increases maximum deployed Explosives to 6
    LEVEL 4: FLAK: Decreases damage from explosions by 15

    You start off with 6 explosives, but can only put out 3 until you get to level 3. But when I hit level 3, I can put out 6 total explosives, but now I’m only carrying 3. Is it supposed to be like that? I though it would be a running total, not just that perk at the time.

  • Echo5Wolf 01.30.14 at 20:55

    rifle – not- riffle
    Fed – not – feed
    Kick – not click

  • Echo5Wolf 01.30.14 at 20:47

    Why do the DMRs not kick as much as their Recon riffle counterparts of the same caliber. The only real difference is they are magazine feed and not bolt action. So if they are the same caliber round then why would they recoil less? Unless you changed the stocks to do this but then why not do the same to the Recon Rifles for better follow up shots. IMO either increase the recoil for the DMRs when fired quickly (as if treating it like a carbine or Assault rifle on semi auto) or Reduce the recoil for the Recon Rifles. They click and reload like the .50.

  • Zakos- 01.30.14 at 20:46

    Nerf sniper rifles in hardcore mode, 1shot to kill is way to OP against normal weapons and hardcore is turning into a snipermode.

  • LoKi1225 01.30.14 at 20:43

    It’s meant as an extreme range rifle and anti material. People use it on people yes but beings that it’s intended for anti material it’s fine. Frustrating but fine. RPG and others kill in one shot and they’re meant for for armor.

  • ChangeYaPants 01.30.14 at 20:35

    This isnt cod ilke the way u knife an i am glad quick scopeing is not an option cod is for kids battle field 4 is 4 adults . U should b able to stab some one shooting a toe missels but if battel field 4 would have waited 6 months to release the game it would have bn one hundred time better

  • CroVepar 01.30.14 at 20:32

    tweak the m83a2 special weapon so it doesnt 1-shot kill in the legs or arms. blowing off 6 people in 5 sec is op even for special

  • ChangeYaPants 01.30.14 at 20:21

    I wish battle field 4 would fix the problem were u c a 2 inch rockan can acually walk over it in stead of haveing to jump over it. I wish they would fix the scope gliching on the snipers when on a rock for instance like when on the rocks athanon resort . If ea sports dont stop an fix the server problem were every bodys ps3 frezzes i will quit playing battle field 4 an i have over 300 plus hours on the game an they should lower recoil on the famos. They need to fix the zero healh problem were when they kill me when i shot them up an i should have killd them

  • LoKi1225 01.30.14 at 19:57

    They are referencing the shot spread of shot and deviation of slug rounds. Right now, there really isn’t a reason to use pump actions because of a slower fire rate, sometimes less damage, and equal or greater spread. It’s smarter to just use semi auto all day long as it fires faster and you get spam. Making the pumps a more skill based is better. Remember, the better the accuracy, the more accurate you have to be to use it effectively. Should be less hip fire heroes this way.

  • LoKi1225 01.30.14 at 19:52

    On the 360, you can go back mostly to the way you were in BF3. Change your control style to Veteran. This will be right stick to crouch and b to knife. It is still different due to using the right bumper to spot and request commands. It is functionally better and closer to BF3. This applies to vehicles as well.

  • TacticalxxPanda 01.30.14 at 19:39

    quick scoping definitely is possible lol its just not a good idea, more of like a last ditch effort but still more effective than hip fire. dont nerf snipers because you’re worried about quick scoping thats dumb

  • CAMBARARE420 01.30.14 at 19:38

    The controller layout on the Xbox 360 is what you need to change. The melee attack button choices are horrible! Nobody wants to depress the joystick to knife, that causes all sorts of problems! This game is trash compared to Battlefield 3! You should’ve kept EVERYTHING about BF3 and just made new maps!!!!!!!!!!!

    • AmpleNickel4262 01.30.14 at 20:22

      Uhhh all you have to do is change your controller options to veteran. Hahaha so funny.

    • just__ryan 01.31.14 at 21:21

      Who else agrees that this guy is retarded and should return his console? ITS CALLED THE OPTIONS MENU! Go there turn your settings to veteran settings and… OH MY!!!! Click in the stick to crouch instead of knife now. IDIOT!.

  • CHANGO-Dftw 01.30.14 at 19:35

    where is the fully auto m4a1???

  • Nicconille 01.30.14 at 19:25

    I would like to have x6 and x8 scopes on the DMR’s so they are more of a choice on longer distances, now players are mashing triggers of the DMR’s in close quarters

    • PimpDaddyMRDR 01.31.14 at 01:23

      im sorry, but your idea is horrable. im assuming you did not run into the players in bf3 who had 8x scopes on their DMRs, set up a bipod and in turn, were able to spam across all ranges on the map. sadly i have run into those breed of people and let me tell you, its not fun. i liked where DICE was going with DMRs in bf4, making them somewhat skill-based weapons to be used at medium to long range engagements, but seeing how people just abuse these and spam no matter what range, in the end, scopes above 4x would only make them worse.

      • Gamegod01 01.31.14 at 22:50

        On BF3 Many guns were used in that fashion. It is a sniper after all and a bipod is used to heavily reduce recoil. LMGs also would be set up with a bipod and destroy many people coming through narrow pathways. Remember the G3A3? yeah people did it with that too. I personally feel DMRs should have higher optics to hit more accurate and not be used as spam cannons. If you think about it Sniper rifles are the same way just slower. That being said being hit from long distance by any weapon is possible with the right set up.

  • Godlike2442 01.30.14 at 19:23

    I like the last one I find it funny how they said it.

  • IhadFunwiturMUM 01.30.14 at 19:20

    I agree with everything on this upcoming weapons balance, except the MTAR part. This weapon is SO inaccurate that having a little long range damage above the other carbines is almost needed. I squeeze the trigger on an M4 three times at up to 300 yards, the enemy should die, but doesn’t. So when i switched to the MTAR that situation was fixed. Please do not take away my carbine load-out strategy! p.s. I have already unlocked the MTAR but after every game it still gives me a “status update” on how close I’m coming to unlocking it. What is that about? PM me please, thanks.

    • cj2allen 01.30.14 at 20:20

      They need to do something about it though. I used it since BF3 and it’s vicious with little trade offs.

  • zoas1 01.30.14 at 18:56

    Can you fix the gol magnum and other second assault weapons so we actually have more than 5 attachments for the gun.

    • LoKi1225 01.30.14 at 19:53

      I agree 100%. Having a sniper rifle with only one long scope and all the close range options. What? Need to fix that ASAP.

  • B0o0MST1CK 01.30.14 at 18:52

    Thank you for keeping Quick Scoping out of this game.

  • lonestranger 01.30.14 at 18:52

    In regards to

    1) Adjusted the way inaccuracy is handled when transitioning from Hip fire to Aimed fire.

    While I’m happy for this change, I’d rather have this mechanic removed completely.

    Until now, I was aware of the inaccuracy, but I thought it was a bug. I imagine that many players aren’t even aware of it. This may account for many of the complaints regarding hit detection. If a player is aimed down sights, they naturally expect their accuracy to reflect that.

    Is it also possible that the inaccuracy would be applied in a situation where a player began aiming down sights and began firing milliseconds before the ADS animation had completed?

  • olds86_supreme 01.30.14 at 18:51

    This is NOT COD

  • olds86_supreme 01.30.14 at 18:51

    Why in the hell would you make shotguns more accurate?! This is freaking call of Duty. I don’t want a bunch of newbies running around shooting me and killing me with one shot in the ass from a shotgun. Ridiculous

    • IhadFunwiturMUM 01.30.14 at 19:22

      They are referencing shot spread and pin point shot placement of slugs, not range. If they increased the range for buckshot, THEN it would COD and i would agree with you. I can’t stand that stuff either bro.

  • T1TAN 01.30.14 at 18:45

    Change the off-set sights on the bolt action rifles. There is no right handed shooter that would have off-sets coming off the left hand side of the rifle.

  • Soldier0fwar12 01.30.14 at 18:37

    This post is in reference to DMRs, in battlefield3 dmrs played a major role in sniping. You ruined sniping by removing them from that category. As a veteran of battlefield i would like to express my disappointment in battlefield as a company who tries to keep game play realistic. The true purpose for the DMRs are to be able take quick accurate shots at med to long range and be able to engage hostiles. These rifles are designed to use and hold scopes from x1 holographic to x40 long range scopes. I would like to see at least a x8 for DMR’s so we can use them effectively at long ranges currently their only good for short to med range. Please fix this

  • GONZ357 01.30.14 at 18:35

    Why you mess with M-Tar???

  • CptKee 01.30.14 at 18:27

    I get killed by more DMR’s and shotguns than any other weapon in the game. On some maps I can’t take 5 steps without being killed by a DMR. How does this weapon need to be more powerful?

  • Magik_Nuggets 01.30.14 at 18:24

    “Quick scoping is still not possible…” Lol Dice, do you even play this game?

  • DeathSteal010 01.30.14 at 18:21

    PLEASE DICE DON”T NERF THE MTAR-21, it would make the carbines less interasting

  • Aclingman340010 01.30.14 at 18:19

    You should also add different camo for the soldier and weapons. Where is the Urban Digital, ATACS, etc…? Also what about the snake skin style camo for weapons? I don’t know about you guys, but I would love different versions of snake skin for my BF4 weapons. It is by far the coolest looking paint scheme.

  • Aclingman340010 01.30.14 at 18:08

    Now all you need to fix is getting killed by a guy that has ZERO health. I can’t tell you the number of times I shoot someone, they kill me, and they have ZERO health. I mean at least 5 times a game or more. I think this would be a more important bug to fix versus making the DMR stronger…..

  • IIWIDOW_MAKERII 01.30.14 at 17:19

    Please change the sound that DMRs make when you are getting shot at by them, it is the most annoying sound!

    • Irate976 01.30.14 at 18:35

      That’s what it sounds like in real life when you are being shot at by a .308 caliber or higher rifle.

  • carbine1994 01.30.14 at 17:00

    Agreed with Tygam0rph. A 6x scope would be reasonable for a DMR.

  • Tygam0rph 01.30.14 at 16:58

    I’d like to see the 6x, 7x and the 8x scope to be added to the DMR’s. It would make them a little bit better at longer ranges and it would also be really cool. It worked in BF3 so why wouldn’t it work in BF4? Keep up the good work, really liking the tweaks so far!

  • carbine1994 01.30.14 at 16:58

    Keep up the great work guys! One thing I’d like to see though is the improvement of all scopes and dot sights. Its not realistic when the reticle of the optic moves away from the actual point of impact when strafing or moving to the side. On a real rifle the reticle is on target no matter how the soldier is moving. This is especially annoying with 4x scopes. Also, possibly in a future update I’d like to see zoom scopes (2x and up) have a realistic lens effect. Such as that in Call of Duty: Ghosts. To me its not very realistic when the whole screen zooms in, when in actuality the scope’s view should be tbe only part zoomed in with the rest of the screen blurred because your eyes are focusing on the scope’s view. I’d love to see these changes soon, thanks!

  • BETAOPTICS 01.30.14 at 16:55

    You guys need to buff DMR’s and PDW’s. It is so absurd that AR gun class is soo good that it has a better DMR known as Scar-H as DMR’s are and there are better PDW’s known as Famas and AEK than PDW’s are. I mean does hipfire for example, mean so much in this game that in order to make them ” balanced ” compared to AR’s, they have poorer RoF, single shot damage and accuracy in all distances. I do’t think you can all it fair and balanced.

  • thepower5 01.30.14 at 13:44

    I’d also like to see the BF3 party/squadsystem where you can invite friends into a squad/party and then search for a game/server. Instead of having to join your friends already in a (full) server.

  • D4nSK21 01.30.14 at 13:22

    Excellent tweaks, all the points addressed were really bothering me. Thanks.

  • NoTouchGoon 01.30.14 at 12:46

    1) Adjusted the way inaccuracy is handled when transitioning from Hip fire to Aimed fire. Previously, if a player began firing before aiming, he would keep his hip inaccuracy while aimed, until he stopped firing. This was especially obvious with LMGs on the move. Players will now only be subject to the maximum aimed inaccuracy after the transition. While still terribly inaccurate, this allows for substantially more accurate fire than the old method and should allow players with LMGs to panic fire in close quarters, provided they are aiming.

    -> this kills PDW perfectly deleting few its advantage.

  • daza-83_ 01.30.14 at 12:27

    Can you please put slug rounds on the shorty 12g for some increased range thanks

  • SoftPinkBunny 01.30.14 at 12:16

    The voting system is excellent, every tweak should have a vote but personally i do not believe in changing weapons at all, you make the game, people learn it, they learn the counter, yes they whinge but usually cope, but then you change the weapons, this pissess every one off.

  • Lagunagreen 01.30.14 at 11:07

    I’m not opposed to the countering, and making the timing different is a good idea. Countering is great because people used to eat bullets and run up to you and knife you, so now they think twice before doing it, 1+ on COD. The timing could be different based on the different knifing animations. The range of the grab for the knifing and the aiming of it is what still bothers me for it. I will be at an appropriate range to grab someone and then get a swing and a miss(1,2,3 strikes you’re out). The whole saving someone else from getting knifed is well played but still not complete because the original person getting knifed gets invincibility during the whole thing.

  • xX8manticore8Xx 01.30.14 at 10:54

    the counter-knifing is a percentage of what makes players look like idiots -_- shorten the time available to press the button and make it random each time, players should earn the their way out of it, not have a message spoon feed them how to with an eternity to press the one button

  • Lagunagreen 01.30.14 at 10:51

    What about knifing? The “fix” that came out made it worse.

  • veciocat 01.30.14 at 10:45

    Instead of increase the accuracy of shotguns and dmr’s, which is unnecessary , please fix the damn LAG ! I played on PS4, and its incredible, at nearly 2 months after the launch, that the game is still unplayable on some maps: i have 6.5 mbps in downlaod, 650 kbps in upload with 8 ping, network fluidity factor at 0 % , and it still lag!
    Maybe for DICE is more relevant to gave first some noobs weapon to noobs players, and make the game even more noob friendly then launch.

  • Spectre-61 01.30.14 at 10:45

    Fantastic DMR Buff. The damage output and the spread increase were the two biggest flaws about the DMRs.
    Thank you, DICE :D

  • NoTouchGoon 01.30.14 at 10:27

    Heavy Barrel buff is worst. it make bf4 like bf3.

  • smp2531 01.30.14 at 09:04

    can I have my MTAR replaced with something a little more unrealistic… I would like the MTAR to be replaced with a light saber or maybe something the Power Rangers would use. or you could provide me with a fist full of bullets to throw at the enemy instead of giving me some completely unrealistic weapon such as the MTAR. whoever decided the MTAR was a good idea should be sacrificed via webcast for all BF4 players to see.

  • CLU5TER 01.30.14 at 08:39

    Use Teamspeak, Mumble, Skype or Razer-Comms for fucks sake. And peasant-box / peasant-station have build in VOIP options. No problem here.

  • xSlingerx 01.30.14 at 07:26


    • smp2531 01.30.14 at 09:06

      or they should match those of us with MICS into the same matches and teams. tired of the lone wolf squad mates.

  • SigilumSanctum 01.30.14 at 07:02

    You people already spouting that DMRs will be overpowered are absolute idiots. DMRs are the most underperforming weapons in the game compared to Asssault Rifles and Carbines. How about some of you invest more than 10 hours into the game than start crying like you know how the game is played.

    • Someguy12121 01.30.14 at 07:18


    • smp2531 01.30.14 at 09:08

      DMR’s are useless. they gain a little traction in hardcore mode but then lose it when you cant hit an enemy beyond 100 yds.

    • LoKi1225 01.30.14 at 20:47

      The problem is they took all of the long range precision out of them. You’ll always get the assholes who put on the dots and so on and spam them. But right now, it’s the only viable approach. Put long range scopes on them or ACOG etc and increase damage as well as increase recoil slightly to make spamming impossible. I say three shot long and two shot short range with sniper rifle like recoil or slightly less to make spamming not possible. As well make hipfire sniper level inaccurate as well so still no spamming with them.

  • Someguy12121 01.30.14 at 06:57

    ADD TEAM VOIP!!!!!!!

  • Ba8yD1981 01.30.14 at 06:47

    I think all sniper rifles are way over powered and this is why everyone uses them in the game because they can get so many kills with automatic bullshit of a gun. I think all DMR’s need to be removed from the game. If you wont to be a sniper then get a bolt action and range finder and go be a sniper not running around with this over powered bullshit they put on the game.

    • Guerrilla762 01.30.14 at 07:46

      Are you relatively new to the BF franchise? Nothing wrong with using DMRs. They are out gunned at extreme long range by Snipers and out gunned at close and medium by almost every Assault rifle. They are useless in CQ. A buff to the DMR is greatly needed. Even with the buff it’ll remain a weapon of patience and skill. If your getting owed by a DMR right now and can’t figure a way to counter it, step your game up

    • LoKi1225 01.30.14 at 20:56

      If they increase recoil to the point of making the dmr class impossible to spam, then there isn’t a problem. Learn your weapons and statistics before you bitch. Funny how the only people who whine probably can’t manage to use them to begin with. They are skill based. At long range they are more skill based than snipers due to the fact that they require two or three headshots and 5 body shots to kill

    • Gamegod01 01.31.14 at 22:57

      I see where are coming from but then people will complain about someone sitting in one spot. Then again people do tend to find ways to kill that person who sits in one spot. I think their mistake was making DMRs universal

  • DJGSupernova 01.30.14 at 06:37

    my opinion is that the dmrs is ok right now, no need to increase the damage of that class of weapons, you only change a little bit the way you play and some skill, the pdws need a little balance, make all the pdws competitive between each other and comply his purpose, destroy people at close range, some of the guns in the support class need a little tweak, specialy those that has slow rate of fire, maybe increase the damage or make them more accurate, because some times i feel like i was firing rocks and not bullets, the enemy turn around and kill me, and i am not sure if this is something you can change on the server if you are the owner, but the autobalance in the teams need some tweak, i played a lot of times with half of the enemy team with level 110, and the other team most of them are level below 50, then some players start to quit the match, and you see 30 players on the enemy team vs 20 or 15, and thats not fair or fun for both sides.

    • Guerrilla762 01.30.14 at 07:50

      The balance issue is server side and admins can correct this with procon tools or manually. DMRs take a lot of practice to truly be good, but they are way to weak right now. landing 4 shots for a kill on a moving target who’s shooting back full auto, is laughable. The LMGs are okay. Remember to “stop and pop” and always do 3-4 round burst, they are very deadly when standing, crouch or prone.

  • Someguy12121 01.30.14 at 06:26

    Can you PLEASE FIX the game crashing every 5 minutes. I wouldn’t even be able to utilize these tweaks because I freeze so freaking much. Its an average of 3 a day. Tonight alone im up to 6. Fix this game first before you start tweaking it.

    • xSlingerx 01.30.14 at 07:27

      Works Fine on Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC for me?

  • purius 01.30.14 at 05:33

    Why did you leave out M26 MASS?
    forgotten about it?

  • 72VirginExpress 01.30.14 at 05:14

    Hey ummmm… how about tweaking the hitbox to be accurate? What about the fact that one can run rockets etc. through vehicles w/o doing damage… far more important than simple weapons tweaks…. IMHO

  • D7ko 01.30.14 at 04:42

    REMOVE ACE 23 and ACE 52 one hit kill bug

  • Dr0p1ngL0aDs 01.30.14 at 04:39

    Make the airspace bigger on the original release maps!!! I feel like a hamster inside a wheel when flying in some of these maps. China Rising maps have more room for maneuvering.

  • IIWIDOW_MAKERII 01.30.14 at 04:24

    DMRs will take the skill out of sniping and will make the Bolt Action Snipers obsolete!!!

    • TurtleMines 01.30.14 at 04:30

      3 hits dude… thats worse than the FY-JS at long range

  • IIWIDOW_MAKERII 01.30.14 at 04:19

    DMR are the most stupid thing in the game! You either snipe properly or you don’t. assault Rifles and Carbines can perform as good as the DMRs can at any range, only difference is the don’t come with an annoying hissing sound when your getting shot at by them. If people are starting to snipe with DMRs then this just puts the Bolt Actions at a disadvantage and players will think that they are only good for extreme long range sniping (Across the map). Personally I think the DMRs serve no purpose in plenty of other weapons that can do the same job and it could make the Bolt Actions obsolete.

    • Katana67888 01.30.14 at 04:55

      So, DMR’s are meant to bridge the gap between ARs and bolt-actions. In my opinion, bolt-actions SHOULD be used for long-range engagements only. Having sub-6x optics for bolt-actions is a redundant mistake. No other weapon class has access to ALL of the optics.

      People don’t expect PDWs to be good at range (hence why they’re limited to 4x optics and have relatively limited range). So why do people expect bolt-actions to be good in CQC?

      If a Recon wants to engage in CQC or mid-range, he/she has carbines and DMRs respectively. Bolt-actions are for sniping, not running about. Sniping is a ranged activity and a supported one, which one of the many reasons why “straight-pull” is ludicrous. Even then, 8x scopes are more than adequate for mid-range engagements with bolt-actions. That’s not going to change if DMRs are buffed slightly.

      Likewise, your sentiment of “You either snipe properly or you don’t” doesn’t really mean anything. For one, so long as you kill your target, you’re doing your job. How efficient you are in it is up to your skill with the weapon selected, not the weapon only. Second, DMRs do not snipe. They are limited to 4x optics (which is a mistake, I’d like to see them with 6-8x optics) and thus are really more just battle-rifles akin to the SCAR and ACE 52 CQB albeit limited to semi-automatic.

      The problem is that bolt-actions can do too much, and DMRs can do too little. Bolt-actions need to be stripped of their sub-4x optics and a significant penalty in accuracy/sway/suppression needs to be put into place for those who do not use bipods. DMRs need to be given a modest optics upgrade (6x and/or 8x, as was in BF3).

    • xSlingerx 01.30.14 at 07:31

      You can’t snipe with a DMR? you can SHARPSHOOT because they only support 4x scope most sniping accouters are FARRR out of range of a 4x scope SNIPERS AND DMRS are doing what they are meant for in real life. Most armies don’t even use semiauto snipers because they are harder to shoot at long range compared to a bold action with a bipod

    • Gamegod01 01.31.14 at 23:04

      Well DMRs naturally won’t make it far as bolt actions. The thing is Bolt action rifles tend to hold their power more and getting a headshot really rewards the player. DMRs are for quick follow up shots to drop targets at long range also. You can sorta feel the difference when you play with them like in BF3. With Bolt actions you feel patient and ready, with DMRs you felt quick but efficient. You get what I’m saying

  • LordRockinghamm 01.30.14 at 03:02

    STOP TWEAKING GUNS. Tweaking guns ruined battlefield 3. Period. People who cry relentlessly ruin these games. If you dont like a gun deal with it. Find a gun that can outmatch that gun. Get better. Get faster. Stop crying. If the netcode was fixed tweaking wouldnt be necessary. Any gun on bf3 could drop someone with 3-5 rounds until the game was ‘balanced’ with massive ill concieved updates.

  • Lucario202 01.30.14 at 02:08

    don’t think the mtar should be the same as other carbines since you had to pay $15 to do the assignment

    • tripleMM 01.30.14 at 02:33

      $15 for an assignment?!?! More like a buck because it includes the 4 maps and like 4 other assignments. And the maps make up for most of your payment.

  • GlassPirate 01.30.14 at 01:48

    There was nothing wrong with pump action accuracy, and you’re completely misunderstanding why slugs weren’t viable – everyone runs Body Armor, and that percentage of damage knocked off of the slug gets you killed the majority of the time.

    Either allow slugs to penetrate BA, or remove it all together.

  • Castmaster08 01.30.14 at 01:35

    Don’t increase the DMR’s down grade them. Makes me hated this game.

    • phinnv8 01.30.14 at 02:26

      Are you joking? The DMRs are absolutely terrible in almost all situations right now, they need a serious buff. I doubt what DICE has done is even enough.

      • IIWIDOW_MAKERII 01.30.14 at 04:22

        no one cares about the DMRs so why buff them?? the sound it makes when your getting shot at by them is awful and it takes the skill out of sniping!

        • gravity013 01.30.14 at 04:39

          Wow. People are crazy ignorant in this thread.

          • Crashpilot_GER 01.30.14 at 22:00

            Totally agree. There is some crazy bullshit around here

    • xSlingerx 01.30.14 at 07:34

      @Castmaster08: DMR’s are being used WAAYYY less then BF3 why are you hating on them now? because any class can use them ppfffft get better at the game learn to counter your opponents not die and scream “HACKS! DICE you RUINED Battlefield I hate this game!” (then plays the game for another 2 years)

  • APhiLLiaTe o2 01.30.14 at 01:34

    G36C rate of fire needs to be balanced! It needs its authentic 750 RPM to even be a reliable carbine again…it currently shoots far to slowly to be a good gun. Very underpowered, outgunned, and outclassed by every other carbine currently. At least 725 RPM, DICE….

  • smartgent 01.30.14 at 01:32

    I would also like to propose this idea. PDW’s are useless in the game as an engineer specific weapon. I propose you move them into the pistol class after pistols. PDW’s are designed for pilots, drivers, and snipers something to get them out of a difficult situation. I know it is a game balance issue, but honestly, they are USELESS I very rarely ever see them used or use them.

    • xSlingerx 01.30.14 at 07:38

      @smartgent NO effence but kids are complaining about DMR’s and Carbines being all Kits weapons as it is IMAGINE if DICE added another ALL KITS Weapon class by Battlefield 6 we wont even have a class structure we will have BUILD A SOLDIER and just put a fucking RPG with a M98B and a ammo box with some Defibs

  • Cry5t0 01.30.14 at 01:24


  • smartgent 01.30.14 at 01:20

    !) What are you going to do about all the misaligned LASER attachments!
    2) Bring in 8x scopes for DMR’s Too nothing more though, but I think you guys need to do some work on your bullet ballistics. You really need to make sure the ranges are right, because it seems to me that Many weapons need this fixed.
    3) What about the Silencer bug, on the many guns? Giving away your position.
    4) I want the option to turn off the Tactical light! I don’t want it giving away my position.
    5) The Ace 51 CQB needs to come out of the carbines, it is way overpowered. period,
    6) I know that you guys wanted us to have lots of items for our guns, but honestly having useless items like aiming red dots for sniper rifles and DMR’s is stupid. You might as well have included sniper scopes with shotguns!
    7) What about hand grips for pistols? or Tridicon sights.
    8) Where are the fricken NIGHT MIssions, why have FLIR
    (9) BTW your “interpretation” of how FLIRS work is incorrect. FLIR Foward Looking InFared.
    It cannot see though glass, it can see heat sources, such as engines and people. It cannot be Blinded by a flashlight like Night vision goggles can. I know it is a game, but if you are going to attempt to simulate a technology, at least look it up on how it works. I know this because I worked on FLIRS on the Apache Helicopter.

    Peace OUT!

  • Zuberfizz 52 01.30.14 at 00:50

    I read this, and there is STILL NO upgrade to the burst fire weapons and yet, the ACE and the AEK are not even tweaked. Please do something about it!!!!! In my opinion, there are two options to bring back burst fire weapons- 1: Reduce the recoil and increase damage or range or 2: Make all the guns balanced to these guns in a way that does make all the guns equal, and please add an M16A3 to compete even more if balancing the guns is too much. Thank you.

  • Voidward 01.30.14 at 00:13

    Please move the body armor off the first perk spot in the defensive tree. It needs to be 3rd or 4th since it’s actually the best perk by far in the game.

    It currently make slugs completely useless since everyone except the worst players are basically immune to dying to them by default.

    The fact that it turns 4 shot kills to the body into 5 shots from ARs still leaves it as the best perk overall and worth it to wait for in the defensive tree.

    Put Flak Armor as #1 as it would mitigate grenade spam. I know you’re going to be dealing with grenade spam anyways, but I really feel the defensive tree would benefit more from mitigating random spam damage rather than making well aimed slug or bolt action shots ineffective.

    Rewarding well aimed twitch reactions and punishing random spam would seem to make a lot more sense than what you’re doing now. People tend to find skill based games a lot more fun to play and spectate.

  • McMahon48 01.30.14 at 00:10

    The dmr should have up to 15X variable zoom scopes 4x scopes are close quarters scopes

  • defiantsoul 01.29.14 at 23:49

    I applaud these changes. DMR’s should be powerful, but limited by their available scopes to clearly differentiate their role from bolt action. Well done.

  • USMC-Jaskarn 01.29.14 at 23:40

    Make the PDW’s stronger!!!

  • DJ_Cas 01.29.14 at 23:22

    -decrease the delay between shots for COMPACT 45 (just a little bit cause it feel so big amount of time between shots)

  • Shankovich 01.29.14 at 23:13

    I really think the shotguns need range reduction when using any kind of spread ammunition. Tired for getting killed from so far away.

    • DJ_Cas 01.29.14 at 23:19

      Probably little bit but not much. People with buckshot and dart ammunition should have a good superiority on close-medium range. Shotties needs a bug @close range especially SLUGs which 99% remains only 9hp in many cases though it’s very hard to hit the enemy vs BF3 model

  • DJ_Cas 01.29.14 at 23:12

    -increase the delay between shots for semi-auto shotguns. These are just spammy and unbalanced
    -make available AS VAL in carabine section for each class
    -Decrease delay between shots for M4 carabine, M16A4 assault rifle
    -Increase damage for PP-2000 > very weak gun even in close range
    -Increase damage of slug rounds for pump action shotguns. Shotguns feels very weak in this game comparing to BF3 > Right now SLUGS are not precise @all
    -Increase damage of Slug rounds in close range > Shooting an enemy with it always remains 7-9hp in 2-3 meters (e.g Spas-12 or 870MS) = that’s very very sad especially if enemy starts to shoot ya then hands down

  • RKive612 01.29.14 at 23:03

    I would like to see the snipers fixed. the first two shots go straight. but the third does not. i hope you guys consider this

  • PanAceA CracKer 01.29.14 at 22:58

    honostly id like to see the lmgs get tweaked. to me they seem weak unlike bf3.

    • DJ_Cas 01.29.14 at 23:20

      You should not spray with it. Balancing tweaks and weapon mechanics is better in BF4 vs BF3 weapon handling and bullet spread

  • Master-Athmos 01.29.14 at 22:52

    While I’m not sure if the Heavy Barrel really needed an additional positive effect these are really good changes. I highly recommend taking a look at the G36C and A-91 carbines though which really need some changes. I’ll sum up what I think should be changed and why…

    Let’s start with the A-91. The rifle is fine except for one major flaw: The horizontal recoil. This 800rpm bullpup weapon has a worse recoil than the 900rpm MTAR which also is a bullpup. As in general a higher firerate will result in higher recoil this doesn’t make sense. The horizontal recoil thus should be cut in half which gives it an appropiate value for its rpm being slightly higher than those of the 770rpm ACE 21 carbine…

    Now for the G36C. This was integrated as a 650rpm weapon but just like for the A-91 the horizontal recoil doesn’t fit. I’d suggest two changes here: Change the firerate to 750rpm and slightly decrease the horizontal recoil from currently 0.3 in both directions to 0.25 in both directions. One reason for this is that we don’t need another slow firing carbine – we have the Type-95 with 650rpm, the AKU-12 with 680rpm and the AK5C with 700rpm and thus have quite some variety at the lower end of firerates (all with way superior recoil to the current G36C). Wen only have the ACE 21 and A-91 in the 700-800 rpm firerate range and the A-91 currently is not a good choice as described above. When doing the proposed changes this will end up with a situation where we have three valuable guns in the 700-800 rpm range each with distinct advantages and disadvantages. It would sum up lile this:

    750rpm, average horizontal recoil, very nice vertical recoil

    ACE 21:
    770rpm, big magazine size, good horizontal recoil which is slightly balanced to the right an experienced player can sort of compensate, average vertical recoil

    800rpm, average horizontal recoil, avergae vertical recoil, bullpup design with all its pros and cons like better accuracy on the move but long reload times and worse accuracy while standing

    So as it can see the proposed changes give you three interesting weapons in the 700-800rpm sector whereas one currently only has the ACE 21. The G36C excels in the field of vertical recoil. It might be favored by concole players who have a harder time compensating this than PC players. The A-91 in comparison is the only gun in bullpup design in that region and gives the highest firereate of the three weapons while also having the highest recoil. Finally the ACE 21 probably might be favored by experienced PC players who can try to compensate both the vertical recoil and the horizontal kick which slightly is directed more to the right…

    This would make the A-91 and G36C carbines interesting and fill up gaps in the 700-800 rpm regions. Currently the A-91 is not attractive with its out of bond recoil and the G36C is a 650rpm gun with recoil you’d expect to find in the 800-900rpm sector. I’d be glad if you’d consider these changes…

    • APhiLLiaTe o2 01.30.14 at 20:53

      Well put! The G36C’s recoil is too high for such a slow shooting gun. It should be more realistic at 725-750 RPM to bring it back to that middle-ground carbine. This way it can perform how it was designed to perform, ‘COMMANDO’ close-mid range combat with a very moderate/quick rate of fire. Currently it is a slow 650 RPM range carbine? With such a short barrel, this gun is the exact opposite of a range engagement weapon. We already have 650, 680 and 710 RPM as Master-Athmos stated above. 750 Would still be in a league of its own, and if not 750 then please consider 725 RPM for the G36C.

      750 RPM for good carbine balance (and realism), then the carbine rate of fires would be well spread across the board. It needs this to somewhat better the AK5C, which currently dominates the G36C in all categories.

  • relaxo1979 01.29.14 at 22:41

    do they read this? ok here I go
    1 – we no longer can see how many service stars a foe have on their class and/or weapons on killcam. the way it was on bf3 was cooler. we could show off a 100 service star on a weapon/class or respect an opponent who was 100 service stars on his
    2 – we no longer can see who actually killed us from a vehicle, if it was the driver, gunner or passenger. once I got headshoted by a sniper while he was a passenger on a little bird. I took my sweet time sending him a mail congratulating him for such an awesome trick
    3 – on bf3 while spotting a vehicle we could see how many people were inside it. very useful to flank tanks with only a driver inside. this is kind of a controversial tactic, but would it return or it was cut off due to gameplay issues?

    • Crashpilot_GER 01.29.14 at 23:49

      Right now the devs are totally occupied fixing the game and balancing everything out so its actually enjoyable for a majority of people, these kind of details will take some time to come

  • MCbuster_the_dog 01.29.14 at 22:35

    PLEASE fix the directX error. its a 4,000 post long thread on reddit. not even idiots ignore that

  • EMSMADARA 01.29.14 at 22:30

    I really wish DICE and EA would give us players the option of having a voice in what we pay for in the DLC packages, We pay for it so why can’t we have a say in it??

  • Burrows 01.29.14 at 22:17

    You people need to start QA testing your fucking games. This is pathetic. I seriously hope your offices catch fire.

  • VVOBBLY JOE 01.29.14 at 22:11

    Add some MARKSMAN scopes for the MARKSMAN rifles, then I’ll be happy, with only a 4x scope, I don’t see why I should even consider using DMRs

  • Lonomis 01.29.14 at 21:46

    The way I see it is DMR’s are currently the preferred choice to Sniper rifles and the simple reason is damage output. It makes no sense to use a Sniper that requires 2 long-interval shots to kill (non-headshot) when you can just use the DMR, get a 3-4 shot kill with rapid succession shots, and not have to worry about aim at all because you can empty a clip at 200m and easily get at least those 3-4 hit markers. Don’t get me wrong, there are tweaks to be made to DMR’s in terms of improving damage slightly, however, I think at least a couple of the Sniper Rifles should have 100 damage much like the M82A3. Maybe a couple of the later unlocks that require a decent amount of playthrough with the sniper class would work for this tweak like the M98B and SRR-61 and possibly an assignment rifle like the L96A1. This would make Sniper rifles a viable option for players that have actually invested time in this gun tree (as well as motivate players to invest time in sniper rifles) and make it a tougher choice between the rapid succession DMR or the marksmanship based Sniper Rifle. Both would still retain their own niche in combat and choosing between one or the other would perhaps become more of a difficult choice than it is currently.

    • Crashpilot_GER 01.29.14 at 23:55

      Well, right now DMR’s are always a 4 shot kill at range unless you hit them in the head, and that will still need followup shots. Also, the DMRs cant make use of their high firerate over range because their accuracy becomes terrible when spamming shots, even with bipods. Finally, the highest magnification you can get for DMRs is 4X, which makes long range combat way harder than with an 8X or anything higher. And, whilst its true that snipers require two bodyshots to kill at range, going for headshots isnt that hard.

  • LeTHaL-_-Razer 01.29.14 at 20:44

    Dice, why don’t you make dmrs just like what they were in battlefield 3 in terms of attachments range and damage output? They were great back then, just leave them with more shots to kill at close and long range and lower range.

  • RespectedDoor2 01.29.14 at 20:39

    buff tank /IFV ..etc gunner

  • PaLmZeY 01.29.14 at 20:39

    Larger mag for the Famas would be nice!

    • DJ_Cas 01.30.14 at 00:24

      And unbalanced. No thnx. It has already a ridiculous shots per minute

  • LeTHaL-_-Razer 01.29.14 at 20:30

    Dear Dice, using the m39 with a 8,12x sight was awesome for me back in bf3, can we please get an 8x sight for the dmrs? Thanks, keep up the good, hard work.

  • WOLF412 01.29.14 at 19:46

    Along with DMR’s, put the M1 Garand in for players who owned BF3 or two or three BF games. Make returning players feel like they are appreciated. It’s not like with the massively long reload time it would be OP. The BF BC model is probably stored somewhere, put it in for us veterans. Then when you get killed by it you know it was by someone that has loved BF for years/decade.

  • Smokey Dro 916 01.29.14 at 19:29

    Please add at least one scope to the dmr’s like a 8x or be able to put the magnifier on any sight

  • Interceptor1910 01.29.14 at 19:25

    please fix defuse mode! increase round limit to 10per side/20per map and reduce round time to 2:30, also fix bomb timer

  • SniperKat313 01.29.14 at 19:17

    Initial vertical recoil decrease to the m4 and m16a4 please

  • harrspen 01.29.14 at 19:12

    Will SKS be 3 hit kill at any range?

  • Dakarai 4 01.29.14 at 18:51

    Also there are still a few issues with joining matches. Some servers seem to allow a number of players below the matches limit. Ex. Some tdm servers put me in a queue after there are 15 people in the match rather than 20

  • Dakarai 4 01.29.14 at 18:32

    My campaign still will not save. Hit detection still needs a ton of improvement. Sometimes I unload a clip into a guy with no hit markers sometimes I get a kill and the hit marker pops up on the screen after the guy dies. The “0 health” patch only made things worse. It says 0 more than ever before. I think before any vehicle or weapon tweaks are implemented you guys need to fix the basics.

    • Dakarai 4 01.29.14 at 18:46

      Also there are still a few issues with joining matches. Some servers seem to allow a number of players below the matches limit. Ex. Some tdm servers put me in a queue after there are 15 people in the match rather than 20

  • FRacTuR3_za 01.29.14 at 18:32

    LOL @ all these people moaning about wasting their time unlocking weapons and now dice is giving them away. Do you really play this game to unlock guns or to enjoy it? Seriously hahahaha

  • Skopos 01.29.14 at 18:18

    Please be cautious not to overdo the DMR improvements, the M417/SKS spam on BF3 was very annoying. Personally, I think they are fine for their intended role providing you adjust your playstyle accordingly but I can understand the call for an upgrade. I hope they retain the need for patience and accuracy rather than becoming the spam fest that BF3 was. The ‘General’ tweaks sound good, not sure about the shotguns. Don’t worry so much about the balancing until you fix the rest of the game though.

  • Angelus3889 01.29.14 at 18:10

    Its great that youre giving somthing back but its a pointless gesture when you put people down to 0 helath and sometimes they but a lot of the time they spin round and kill you and yes youve guessed it they have 0 health. This is a big problem for sure along with hit markers not registering also.

  • Cal1br3 01.29.14 at 18:02

    For God, remove vapor trails and increase Fy-js ans scoute elite 1 OHK range from from 100 to 200m or more.

    • vormex 02.01.14 at 01:25

      The scout elite and FY’JS are intended for close range encounters, hence the faster RoF in case you ever checked. If you are using these wepaons to try and kill people at ranges of 100+ plus they are doing what they are meant to do in terms of they were setup for: Close quarters fighting. They still do enough damage at range to kill people with 2 shots to the head which is more than cane be said for most any other gun at 100+ ranges.

      If you want to shoot at people at that range, use most any other sniper rifles. The M40A5 has a very similar RoF and can kill in one shot to the head at ranges exceeding 400 meters out. Use a weapon suited for your task, don’t ask the developers to cater to your whims just because you don’t want to switch your weapon :/.

  • Spitfire_CH83 01.29.14 at 17:57

    DMRs are allready the best choice for mid range combat in good hands…. After the patch, we can rename the game in to DMR4.

    • DJ_Cas 01.29.14 at 23:44

      Correct. DMRs were perfect already. I think they were not needed any changes. I could do 18-0 on TDM with this type of weapon

    • uaiu 01.30.14 at 04:21

      Agree, was talking about the buffs with a friend and he said “they might as well call this the Uaiu patch”. They’re my most use weapon set, people just don’t take the time to use them correctly, oh well get ready for SNAPSNAPSNAPSNAPSNAP 24/7

  • NexT_ACE 01.29.14 at 17:42

    Please bring back the M16A3!

  • zapfrog 01.29.14 at 17:35

    The amount of lag is rediculous. Getting killed behind solid objects constantly is not fun. And no it’s not my internet connection
    Constant framerate drops and slowing is maddening. I’m only playing on the US servers.
    Getting stuck inside the scenery all the time is also not fun.
    One shot kills from the opposing players pea shooter while I fill them with a stream of lead and only get 24 damage.
    And last but not least the game causing my system to hard lock…constantly…every night.
    I want my 60$ back. Yes seriously I want it back. I don’t understand how a game so broken made it to production and here we are months later and still no fixes.
    Worse than BF3 ever was.

    • DJ_Cas 01.29.14 at 23:45

      Buy a better PC and learn to set it up correctly. May be then you will stop blaming developers

      • H0llyw00d C0lt 02.17.14 at 16:48

        What if he is playing on a console, and yes I know you will say PC’s are the only way to play, but in reality, the next gen consoles are moving ever closer to being able to match the PC. Now let me hear your PC rant…one..two…three..go

  • old_buddy_ol_pal 01.29.14 at 17:18

    No. No to the dmr’s. Maybe peoe spray because they need to hit the enemy multiple times, but you cannot simply increase damage and range! – especially without increasing accuracy/ recoil penalties to counteract rapid fire. Dmr’s are all too common and overpowered. Also, check into the AS VAL being unbalanced. This tweak is a mistake

    • Vengeful--Sloth 01.29.14 at 17:31

      u obviously hav little experience with dmrs cause they are horrible at mid range which is their intent, if u pay attention to their stats and hav actual exp with them ull notice that just about any assault rifle can beat out a dmr at mid range

      • old_buddy_ol_pal 01.29.14 at 20:28

        i disagree. You must just be garbage.

        • vormex 02.01.14 at 01:40

          I’m sorry but, can you click the mouse 3 times in one second? No human physically can, and as such, you don’t even come close to hitting the ceiling on the fire rate for DMR’s. Automatic weapons are more stable, shoot faster, and suppress far more efficiently as well than these guns at closer ranges (10-100). Assault rifles can kill someone with two shots to the head at any range under 40 or so meters. Assault rifles have a larger clip size, LMG’s more-so. So, I’m sorry, where exactly was the DMR OP..? They excel at medium to long range (100 – 250) as should be the case for a designated marksman rifle. If you see people using these guns at closer ranges it’s simply becuase they like the gun. It’s no different than someone running around with the m249 in my opinion. The only difference is the lower damage per shot, but the RoF more than makes up for it allowing for more DPS by far. So, please.. give me a couple of areas that the DMR’s were OP before they upped the min damage. I would certainly love to hear your opinion since you seem to be an expert on it.

  • x Rusty Tang x 01.29.14 at 16:59

    DMR’S UNDER POWERED? I think all their “fire-rates” should be dramaticly reduced.

    • LT-Kelwino 01.29.14 at 17:10

      Their fire rate is 260-310. Stop crying

      • vormex 02.01.14 at 01:44

        Which no human can physically reach unless they have a mechanical hand. To give you an example, at 260 RoF, you can potentially click the mouse 4 times a second and get 4 shots off in a little under a second. I’m sorry but no human can do that, I don’t care how ‘special’ you think you are. Yet another case of someone who never used a DMR it seems, or at least never did the math :/.

    • Vengeful--Sloth 01.29.14 at 17:36

      most of their rate of fire is under the SIDARMS how is that overpowered they allso hav way to much recoil, i am sry but if ur losing close range encounter to a dmr besides the sks as close range and ur using a automatic weapon ur skill is WAY OFF

  • NewStarling375 01.29.14 at 16:12

    the issue is that the m416 is way to accurate you guys need to reduce the range of the m416 i own an m416 and you cannot shoot the target in the head from over 200 meters away. you also need to add thermal scopes to sniper rifles . also you guys should fix the retarted pew pew sound that comes from a dmr when you shoot it. an actual dmr does not sound like that.

    • LT-Kelwino 01.29.14 at 17:11

      M416 is versatile and fine.

    • sac attacked 02.03.14 at 23:43

      i own the H&K 556, with 4x i can hit a 6″-8″(size of head) target at 200m without really trying. It is an extremely accurate AR. Also, while we all enjoy bf’s level of “realism” this still a videogame with certain designs/sounds meant for gameplay.

  • Indefragable 01.29.14 at 16:11

    As a Hardcore-only BF4 player, I am extremely disappointed with the direction DMRs are going: they are already TOO effective. The power of them is fine, but the ability to semi-auto fire them faster than pistols, with minimal recoil, is unrealistic and unbalanced. A full-auto Assault Fire firing the same caliber projectile should easily own at CQB, but as it currently stands with the rapid-fire ability of DMRs, there is hardly any downside to using a DMR in all situations.

    LIkewise, sniper rifles are currently too easy to use. The scope sway needs to be dramatically increased, especially for standing. It is a little mind boggling how someone can fire a 53 inch long weapon, unsupported, standing up straight with any sort of accuracy let alone at distances of 250m+ w/ any resembling accuracy. A penalty for firing on the move. As it stands, it is far too easy to run around in CQB using a bolt-action sniper rifle. Increase the effect of suppression by 100% when using sniper rifles.

    • EGC x Wolf 01.29.14 at 17:08

      I couldn’t agree more in regards to the sniper rifles. The sway should be dramatically increased, and the breath-holding reduced, especially when standing. This would make sniper rifles less of the “go-to” weapon in hardcore mode, as you can basically 1-hit kill anyone no matter where you hit them, and no matter the range.

    • Vengeful--Sloth 01.29.14 at 17:38

      go play ARMA if u want total realism cause ur playing the wrong game

  • trollbike 01.29.14 at 16:06

    Weather random so its Foggy for first 10 to 15 minuites at the start of some game until the sun gets high and burn’s the fog off.
    Also sunsetting so darkness falls requiring the use of night vision or artifitial lighting.
    Heavy Rain squal’s or even moonlight battle’s with random cloud cover changing the visabilty from bright to dark.
    You could have very foggy day’s so visability outside is low and in building’s normal.
    Condition’s that effect every player good or bad.

  • Breowleh_M 01.29.14 at 15:54

    How about guns shoot where you’re aiming, but recoil and sway are hard to control? Is that really too much to ask? Because guns don’t magically become unzeroed simply because you do something quickly

  • MisterMagoo33 01.29.14 at 15:27

    Good changes! Hope DMR´s get more accurate now!

  • cowsandchickens 01.29.14 at 15:15

    Increase the effectiveness of the already over used and over spammed DMRs? Way to epicly fail DICE. Always knew you never knew what you were doing with game balance.

    • Fluoroform 01.29.14 at 15:18

      Are you an idiot? DMRs are so horribly underpowered it’s hilarious. The SCAR-H in single-fire mode can outshoot one. They desperately needed a buff and if anything they should remove the pew pew sound from them.

  • Bermbom 01.29.14 at 14:32

    Damage over range/range of airweapons from attack heli+jet versus ground need to be reduced otherwise huge unbalance after the MAA nerf.

  • Bermbom 01.29.14 at 14:31

    DMR buffs are not needed imo, range of airweapons need to be reduced.

    • TheKillerCrocXDS 01.29.14 at 17:58

      ARE YOU MENTALLY RETARDED?! Of course DMR’s need a buff! They have been the worst weapons in the game since it was released!

  • Stunl3y 01.29.14 at 12:27

    I find it rather daft to be balancing weapons when the whole netcode is borked, accuracy counts for nothing with what ever weapon you use at this present time.

    • Hipolipolopigus 01.29.14 at 12:45

      They have a team working on that. Changing some stats here-and-there is not something you get programmers to do, it’s usually left to gameplay designers.

  • Stunl3y 01.29.14 at 12:25


  • sgtb0338 01.29.14 at 12:07

    why not only allow helis to be repaired on the ground , this would put an end to loading up with two engineers and basically taking multiple hits never getting shot down.
    or increase the damage of the AA missiles to counter the constant repair on the fly tanks aka little birds.

    • TheKillerCrocXDS 01.29.14 at 18:00

      And then hearing you say 1 week after, it has to be nerfed because you constantly die when in an aircraft and the MAA shoots you down? No I don’t think so.

  • DARKEMPIRE 01.29.14 at 11:54

    Russian news waiting ….

  • Chris__247 01.29.14 at 11:53

    All these changes sound good.

    Will any DMRs now be 1 shot headshot kill at close range?
    I think this is fine as long as the damage drop off means they are not 1 hit kills after 5-10meters.

  • TinOmen2010 01.29.14 at 11:33

    Games are meant to be a challenge. I will never understand the need to cater to those who just want things made easy. The thing that was always good about Battlefield was the inspiration of the player, the drive have you, to focus, learn, adapt and overcome.

    I think the game should reward those who think and hone their skills rather that just make things easy for everyone. It is the very essence of the game to aspire to improve skills. There is nothing to aspire to when everything is nerfed to the levels that let everyone rank up fast and unlock attachments at rapid rates because things are made to be too simple.

    I for one know that friends and I have always loved things being harder to achieve. It brings out the best in players to embrace a challenge and to work hard to meet it and to overcome it. I by far am not the best player in the game but I will force myself to learn and to improve. I respect my fellow players, even the one’s that get the best of me. They present a challenge and I face it to get better. I feel that all this nerfing is just going to make the game disorganized at best.

    • Death1099 01.29.14 at 11:44

      Great post. I hope Dice reads this.

    • Chris__247 01.29.14 at 11:57

      Everbody has the same nerfs and buffs, so it dosnt make it easier for anyone. hopefully balancing allows lots of game play styles to be viable, so that everyone is not forced to a default best setup.

      The people who this does punish are any people who have picked one of the best weapons then played with only that and then had it nerfed.

    • old_buddy_ol_pal 01.29.14 at 19:19

      Ok. I kind of agree with you that the challenge brings put the best in the player. I like using my favorite weapons and getting skilled with them. Where I don’t agree is when an unskilled player can out-do me because they use a broken weapon or tactic.

  • Death1099 01.29.14 at 11:32

    Great more dmr spam incoming. I am going to enjoy spamming them now :)

  • Vice 01.29.14 at 11:30

    instakill weapons? what like guns like the aek or famas or scarh isnt?

    i mean really? and you want to bitch about guns that are being brought up to a comparable level as the others?

    face it, dmrs suck ass, and guess what, so few players actually used them ingame because they sucked. And because this patch will be buffing them, EVERYONE WILL BE USING THEM to rank them up and unlock the other ones.

    But players are going to hit the forums anyways and whine op because there are gonna be so many of them, without actually taking into consideration why there are now more of them being used

  • Boozad 01.29.14 at 11:26

    Buffing DMRs and shotguns? Do you have any idea how annoying these insta-kill weapons already are? You get hit by a DMR in a run and gun situation (which happens a lot) and you’re dead. No time to react.
    It doesn’t apply to the people who use them long range because they can’t fucking aim anyway.

    Ridiculous changes.

  • iskharioute 01.29.14 at 11:00

    _i dont know if it is the netcode or the DMRs that are OP! urghh that ‘psh psh psh’ sound is annoying like hell !!

    • DJ_Cas 01.29.14 at 23:23

      The problem is definetly not in DMRs

    • TacticalxxPanda 01.30.14 at 20:17

      yea i wish they would make the dmr sounds different than the snipers, either way they definitely needed a buff, any assault rifle in single fire can out gun any dmr in meduim-long range. when i switch over to a dmr i feel severely underpowered, honestly better off with a carbine which is sad because i loved dmrs in bf3. looking forward to being able to use longer range guns in my engineer class.

  • mayhem-Chief 01.29.14 at 10:36

    Scar H give me one hitkill always,fix this please

  • mayhem-Chief 01.29.14 at 10:34

    This its a fucking joke ritgh shotguns and DMR why dice u give so much support for noobs ? Make the BF4 just like BF3 its too hard ? Jesus

    • DJ_Cas 01.29.14 at 23:24

      New tweaks are acceptable to make them prior vs guys with Assault Rifles and LMGs. So please …

  • LT-Kelwino 01.29.14 at 09:58

    Nice tinhgs about the DMR’s DICE.

    But look out with gave the DMR’s low damage for a reason..dont fuck it up please :)

  • jonowee 01.29.14 at 09:49

    So does that mean a single fire SCAR-H assault rifle is not going to be the best DMR in the game? If you’ve done this right, DMR engineer FTW. But I hope you’ve added the 2.35X headshot multiplier instead of full range damage buff rewarding body shots. Now about the much faster spread recovery and rate of fire increase because the SCAR-H AR can double tap so buttery smooth and tight.

  • LoudBalls 01.29.14 at 08:28

    Also for people who have lag and freezes during the game , YOU MUST HAVE 8 GIGS OF RAM !, anything less is totally unplayable they should have made this a lot clearer for people , also a dual core isnt going to cut it if you want to hit 60 fps . besides that the hit registering sucks , there are still a ton of glitches , like sound taking a while to load , and camera in vehicle still not working for look left/right .

  • TheNoToRiOuSTony 01.29.14 at 07:49

    I love BF4. But wow, I must show my distaste for these shortcuts. That is total rip

  • Tman64general 01.29.14 at 07:09

    Most of these comments so far are for fear of change. The DMR’s have needed the change since the beginning. They were very under-powered. I don’t quite understand what DICE is saying in that section about the aiming while firing paragraph but I trust that it will be better. And the change coming to the shotguns is also welcomed. The shotguns and the DMRs as it stands at the moment are the hardest weapon classes to unlock things for and these changes will make it possible for all battlefield players to unlock things for these classes, and not just the elite players. There is no reason that a certain weapon should be limited to be used to it’s full potential only by elite players, it is a game after all, a fair ground of battle where the thing that makes you stand out is skill, not the weapon you use.

    As for my change ideas at this point, I have none. This update will (in my opinion) make weapons near perfect in their balance. As DICE says, we’ll see how this update causes the weapons to all work together and see how everything pans out.

    • XxWilliams38xX 01.29.14 at 07:12

      If you were to free fire and aim in your sights your accuracy would still be reading that you are hit firing and not aiming down your sights so your gun would be inaccurate

  • XxWilliams38xX 01.29.14 at 07:08

    You guys should bring back the M16A3 it was my favorite gun in Bf3 and worry about fixing the game before you give us players a appreciation month because it’s no fun to level 110 to get 2xp and it go no where.

  • SerVal_NC 01.29.14 at 06:58

    well dmr gona be to op and we will start to listen whinner complain about that let see
    shotgun great idea more ranfe well be great to

  • TomaHawkEye 01.29.14 at 06:52

    Great Just what this game needed, more people running DMR’s. Make the head shot multiplier higher for DMR’s, don’t make them do more damage.

    If you’re not careful DICE the game will just end up with snipers and people in vehicles. I won’t be playing any more if that’s the case.

  • loserface_143 01.29.14 at 06:44

    i think they should give us a free dlc, China rising wasn’t that good. and i think guns that we haven’t seen should be in the dlc’s, we are getting the same weapons all over again

  • DeltaBravoLima 01.29.14 at 06:20

    I think the Stinger needs to be changed. Either the damage, range, reload time or carrier missiles needs to be changed as with long reload times. There is no way a person could carry 7 stinger missiles. This makes a single soldier far too effective against helicopters considering the long reload time of flares or ECM.

  • Phoenix_Flower24 01.29.14 at 06:11

    Can you please give the famas a 31 mag size, it has been my favorite gun since BF3

  • EXILE157 01.29.14 at 06:09

    WoW!? Increase Damage on DMR’s!? what EA / DICE needs to do is make it difficult for Snipers & DMR fighters it’s way to easy then you go adding Rangefinder!? why don’t you just give’em a pillow and quilt with that warm milk. Everyone that’s not a Sniper or use DMR knows what I’m taking about. especially @ close range vs an Assault Rifles, Carbines and LMGs. EA / DICE really needs to play in other Servers to experience these ridiculous issues where you’re shooting on target an enemy @ close range with machine gun weapon vs a Sniper or a DMR player and they always get the drop on you!? it’s OP or it’s this “Netcode” crap making Snipers / DMR invincible!?

    • iskharioute 01.29.14 at 10:26

      i totally agree with u on DMRs…i dont quite understand whether it is the netcode or the DMRs are already OP!

    • vormex 02.01.14 at 01:16

      What the hell are you talking about..? Have you even used a sniper rifle before in close quarters? They have very slow RoF, meaning: You miss, it’s all over. DMR’s took 4 hits at best to kill unless you only hit people in the head, and they are still slower than any assault rifle in the RoF department and have lower stability. You wanna know something buddy? With the SAR 21, you can kill people in two shots to the head at any range under 40 meters. How the hell is that any different than a DMR according to what you are saying?

      As far as longer ranges: Have you every tried to shoot someone sprinting over 300 meters away? I don’t think you have otherwise you wouldn’t have said something so stupid. It isn’t easy, and it takes skill to kill people at that range while they are on the move. Hell, everything you’ve said only indicates that you don’t want to play a game with ANY snipers in it. CoD has them, Arma 3 has them, BF3 has them, BF2 has them, BFBC2 has them, every single FPS out there has snipers. Your coming across as a whiner in my eyes who isn’t getting their way. If you had it your way, assault rifles and LMG’s would be super accurate with no recoil and do even more damage than what they already do. I doubt you’ve even touched a sniper rifle in this game, little alone a DMR otherwise you wouldn’t have spouted all of that dribble.

  • CHAINSAW305 01.29.14 at 05:43

    Thanx DICE!…. Can we get news on Second Assault please!

  • efonfrost 01.29.14 at 05:40

    You reall need to lower he damage of the ace serried weapons dood becuz I’m getting killed with 2 bullets.. Unbelievable

  • DwtDxSKuLL 01.29.14 at 05:36

    I like Dice and all but the last update for the 360, was total trash, ever since the update the 0% health glitch happens almost every game, seems like half my shots don’t register on people when my sights are dead on their body, and the late registers for kills, specially with sniping when you get a head shot and it doesn’t register right away for a kill so it makes you think you’ve missed the shot, and it seems like I can put 20 shots into a person and them not dying but they can put 2 into me and ill die, I don’t know if its a connection issue or something else but it gets really aggravating after a while and it doesn’t seem just to be me, it happens to my friends as well.

  • FriedPickles_ 01.29.14 at 05:27

    Great, so they’re going to give out free DMR’s and other weapons next month and then increase damage and accuracy for noobs… wonderful. BUT WHERE IS SECOND ASSAULT?!

  • DR popsicle 7 01.29.14 at 04:56

    One thing dice could do for console gamers that would make me really happy, would be button binding, like all computer games where you can pick your keys, just make it so you could make your own gaming set up. If Dice did this I would freak out! Go PS4!

  • wayst3d 01.29.14 at 04:55

    m4 and m16 need to be auto fire

    • DJ_Cas 01.29.14 at 23:39

      They are too accurate and will become unbalanced. I suggested to decrease delay between shots which would be a great improvement

  • UnconsciousSol 01.29.14 at 04:54

    If this game isn’t fixed by the time Planetside 2 comes out for console…I’m selling this garbage.

  • UnconsciousSol 01.29.14 at 04:41

    —————————-DICE READ THIS——————————–
    The 870 and UTS were already good now it will be OP…GG DICE…now I will talk about what you should have fixed and they are the following:
    1. Net Code (my shots still go through people with no hit markers)
    2. I still can’t spot SLAMs!
    3. DMRs better not be OP with your little damage boost
    4. Fix the MBT Tank staff shell glitch
    5. Nerf QBS shotgun
    6. Nerf AK 5C
    7. Nerf ACE 52 CQB
    8. Nerf V40 Mini Grenades
    9. Buff the Flash Bang grenades
    10. Get better servers
    11. Aim Assist is trash
    12. I can spot people through smoke grenades
    13. Buff all pistols slightly if you’re not going to fix the netcode
    14. Eliminate the stupid flinching animation that occurs when people take damage. It causes people to miss head shot and gives noobs a chance to run away
    15. Fix the coded area (post-levelution) in the middle of Zavod. Somehow I’m still shooting rubble when I should be hitting the person
    16. Fix the coded areas in the mountains of Dragon’s Pass. I keep getting trapped within the mountains
    17. Increase the reload time on MBT LAW and the SRAW
    18. Give the LAV primary weapon more splash damage like BF3. It shouldn’t require 3 direct shots on someone to kill them and it shouldn’t require 7 in splash damage.
    19. Give Canister Shell more damage or a wider radius

    • finc.loki 01.29.14 at 04:56

      Don’t agree with hardly anything you said. Except fix “net code”. Clearly you want a game balanced to how you play. Which I take is either IFV/tanks, sniper.

      • UnconsciousSol 01.29.14 at 05:05

        You assume too much boy. Look up my stats.

      • UnconsciousSol 01.29.14 at 05:10

        You disagree with fixing staff shell glitch, inability to spot SLAMs, DMRs becoming OP, V40 mini spamming, the coded areas of Zavod and Dragon’s Pass, and you also agree with keeping the OP weapons I listed in the game? Lol!

  • wilkin8977 01.29.14 at 04:38

    Can I please have my Veteran Pack??

  • FiremanPig 01.29.14 at 04:12

    What I would love to see from dice is some DLC that would bring some memorabilia weapons from world war 2 such as a Thompson, mp-40, m1 garand, Grewer, mg42, browning, a Springfield 1903, Kar 98-k, trench gun 1897, and a Luger p08 pistol. I really think these vintage guns would bring battlefield 4 a great touch of nostalgia from a World renowned war. I think it would add some variety to the already existing modern weaponry.

    • probatus 01.29.14 at 04:39

      I would like to see some DLC like muskets and cannons. Maybe go back to spears and rocks too.

    • finc.loki 01.29.14 at 04:58

      Sure wouldn’t mind the Tommy gun from BC2, but the ability to equip an RDS this time around. The sound that gun makes is orgasmic.