Balancing BF4: Upcoming Soldier Weapon Tweaks

In our continued balancing blog series, we’ll talk about some of the core gameplay tweaks that we are planning for Battlefield 4.

In this post, we’ll talk about the upcoming Battlefield 4 tweaks that we have planned, based on your feedback. These changes are all slotted to go live in a future game update. Stay tuned for more, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

BF4 Weapon Balancing

We’re balancing a number of weapons to highlight their intended roles on the Battlefield. Stay tuned for more upcoming tweaks in this blog series.


1) Increased the damage of all DMRs across all ranges. Specifically, damage has been increased at long ranges to allow three-hit kills against unarmored opponents. Additionally, reduced the penalty to accuracy for sustained DMR fire, allowing more rapid follow up shots in combat. The amount of the damage increase varies from weapon to weapon, according to its intended range, rate of fire, and damage. We will continue to monitor the effectiveness of DMRs in combat, and determine if additional action is needed to make DMRs a viable mid to long range weapon.

Pump Action Shotguns
1) Increased the accuracy of pump action shotguns (870 MCS, HAWK 12g, SPAS-12, and UTS 15) while on the move and aiming. The accuracy has been approximately doubled. These weapons did not have any available barrels or grips that would allow a player to enhance their aimed accuracy. This change should make the use of pump action weapons with slugs much more viable at medium and close range by allowing more accurate fire.

1) Reduced the long range damage of the MTAR to bring it in line with the rest of the Carbines.

1) Adjusted the way inaccuracy is handled when transitioning from Hip fire to Aimed fire. Previously, if a player began firing before aiming, he would keep his hip inaccuracy while aimed, until he stopped firing. This was especially obvious with LMGs on the move. Players will now only be subject to the maximum aimed inaccuracy after the transition. While still terribly inaccurate, this allows for substantially more accurate fire than the old method and should allow players with LMGs to panic fire in close quarters, provided they are aiming.

2) The Heavy Barrel’s Accuracy bonus now also applies on the move, at a reduced bonus. This should give the Heavy Barrel a wider role for players who desire accuracy while aimed in all situations.

3) Synchronized the timing of the aim down the sights animation of sniper rifles with their ability to fire with full accuracy. Players no longer need to wait for additional time after the aiming animation plays to get accurate shots. There is still a delay to achieve full accuracy, so Quick Scoping is still not possible.

Stay tuned for more confirmed tweaks that we have planned for Battlefield 4. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  • CathyInPa1 04.15.14 at 05:21

    The quick scoping is still going on and the DMRs should not been given more power. I am tired of being quick scoped and can’t get a shot off before I am dead it is pure bullshit. I should be able to get some shots off with a light or sub machine gun before I am dead.

  • A_Fat_Bong_Rip 03.18.14 at 22:51

    Please, add 6x, 7x, and 8x scopes to DMRs, with 14x variable zoom accessory. Now that a semi-auto sniper rifle is being added (SR338), it seems a bit silly not to do this. Also, if that does or does NOT occur please tweak the zeroing mechanism for DMRs and sniper rifles. The ability for DMRs to zero without magnification beyond 4x is useless because you cannot even see far enough to realistically zero in a 500m shot for example.
    As for sniper rifles, the zeroing mechanism should include 600m-900m, not skip from 500m to 1000m. Also, the range finder becomes almost useless at extreme distances and will cut out entirely beyond 999m, making this kind of sniping even more difficult. Shouldn’t it just indicate the range no matter how far?
    Please, add BF3-style 6x scope (not Chinese 6x) to all assault rifles, LMGs, and shotguns.
    The assault class is lacking. 1. No ability to combat heavy armor (except maybe a lucky shot with the M320 HE to the rear). 2. Limited capabilities for M320 and M26. Please add C4 as equipment option to take on heavy armor, and add underslung rail option to underbarrels for DMRs and carbines. They are all pretty much the same kind of rifles anyway. Hopefully this will increase the incentive to use the assault class and subsequently increase the presence of medics.

  • Billydoc1 03.07.14 at 09:40

    DICE i think it’s time to add M4A1.Give it back to us.Even US military units using the M4,will replace it with the M4A1,which is a Must for every combat (elite or not) unit.I mean,we have weapons that are not used by US marines or Chinese or Russians.I stll believe that a modern BF game like this one needs the M4A1 or DDM4V1.Thank you

    • OMAR_A99 04.15.14 at 18:51

      totally agree. im getting tired of the 3-round burst m4 and m16. an m203 (not the 320) would be nice to add

  • ShArP ShOOtEr70 02.25.14 at 20:24

    They should let you start with the .50cal sniper loved it in battlefield 2

  • SkylineR34_GT-R 02.18.14 at 08:01

    Dafuq man, will you all ever been satisfied on a single DICE tweak?!
    I find that fair, the only thing that doesn’t make me happy is several players that still use quick-scopes (man, I hate that shit!) or no-scopes at mid-to-close range.
    DICE please consider it.

  • commandotimmy 02.12.14 at 14:16

    now we have snipers and DMR kidz filling the maps.killed it dice…

    • SkylineR34_GT-R 02.18.14 at 08:06

      Dafuq man, will you all ever been satisfied on a single DICE tweak?!
      I find that fair, the only thing that doesn’t make me happy is several players that still use quick-scopes (man, I hate that shit!) and no-scopes at mid-to-close range with Sniper Rifles. DICE please consider it.

      Another thing: why no 8x optics on DMRs?!?

    • Babybrewin 02.26.14 at 16:44

      ditto; many conquest maps almost unplayable because of camping snipers on the edge of maps

  • Aaronknight 02.12.14 at 08:22

    make the LMG more damaging i shoot a guy with my M249 at close range and him facing the other way and had to shoot 60 bullets for him to die unlike my assault rifle, also most of them are 7.62 and i get beaten by a PDW with a lower caliber at mid range and sometimes at long range too short range i admit it is okay

    shotgun has to many shells that don´t seem to be different also the reload animation takes to long to reload even outside of a fight also all those chokes but nothing to increase the accuracy of but there isn´t anything to make my accuracy with slugs better

    sniper rifles seem to lack power i mean i hit someone near the neck also the enemy requires too many shots in the chest in order to die

    also AT rockets from engineers don´t make enough damage versus tanks i have to spend my entire payload and sometimes they run and came back when i don´t have enough rockets or they make not enough damage it is more useful to suicide myself planting mines on the tanks than using my rockets

    • cig107 02.15.14 at 09:44

      Actually, only 3 of them are 7.62.

    • cig107 02.15.14 at 09:45

      The SAW you mentioned, for example, is the same as the M4 and many other carbines, fires a 5.56 round. The actual size of the round is the same as a .22, it just fires at a substantially increased velocity.

      • xXGlockGuyXx 02.19.14 at 00:23

        The actual size is .223 which is the same as saying 5.56mm

        • ShArP ShOOtEr70 02.25.14 at 20:20

          They should let you spawn with the .50 Sniper

      • FallenWarrior60 03.18.14 at 17:07

        A 5.56*45 Nato is bigger than a .22 long rifle round. Go and buy both rounds and take them out of the casings and look at them.

    • Babybrewin 02.26.14 at 16:51

      Ditto the whole LMG range is not worth playing with you get all the recoil with none of the kill, The whole concept of ballistics i.e. bigger bullets give more recoil but more damage that the game was built on has been lost, PKP almost useless these day. Shotguns way over powered at mid range we are all in body armour with helmets but a one or two fairly close hits with 12g is a kill come on Dice get a grip

      • FallenWarrior60 03.18.14 at 17:09

        Have you ever shot a twelve gauge in real life, even if you where wearing body armor that only helps stop penetration, the force of impact is still there. You would die from internal damage if you got lit up by one.

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