Balancing BF4: Upcoming Pistol Tweaks

In our continued balancing blog series, we’ll talk about some of the core gameplay tweaks that we are planning for Battlefield 4.

In this post, we’ll talk about the upcoming Battlefield 4 tweaks that we have planned, based on your feedback. These changes are all slotted to go live in a future game update. Stay tuned for more, and let us know what you think in the comments below.


1) Increased the aimed accuracy of the M1911 to make it a viable choice once the COMPACT 45 has been unlocked. This gives the M1911 a clear accuracy advantage for range, while the COMPACT 45 has a clear ammunition per magazine advantage.

2) Increased the close range damage of the M1911, QSZ-92, FN57, CZ-75 and COMPACT 45. This will allow all pistols to bypass Body Armor at close range. Additionally, the FN57 and the QSZ-92 have had their long range damage increased to allow them to properly bypass Body Armor at all distances. Finally, the CZ-75 has also had its long range damage raised to give it a diverse role among the handguns.

3) Reduced the delay between pressing the trigger and the bullet firing for the M412 REX and .44 MAGNUM. This delay represents the way these weapons work in real life, while also improving their responsiveness in game.

4) Increased the magazine capacity of the QSZ-92 to 20 rounds, the proper amount for this weapon in real life. Additionally reduced the recoil of the QSZ-92 to give it a clear difference from the FN57.

5) Corrected a small error with the COMPACT 45 accuracy when crouched or prone. The weapon was accidently less accurate than intended.

Stay tuned for more confirmed tweaks that we have planned for Battlefield 4. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  • SATO777NOGI 08.03.14 at 08:16

    R- 15

  • Hades_SWE 02.25.14 at 23:52

    I agree with others regarding Compact 45 magazine size. Correct it!

    I would love to have possibility to have dual pistols, maybe instead of one gadget..?

    I would love to carry golden painted gun

    • ITS FREECANDY 03.08.14 at 01:43

      Ummm? i think you lost your way this isnt the COD blog buddy

  • SkylineR34_GT-R 02.18.14 at 08:30

    Is the Compact 45 magazine intended to carry 15 or 11 rounds…?
    It displays 15 (I guess it should be 15+1) in the menu, but I actually have only 11 (10+1) in-game. Which of these is the correct one?

  • TreborPop1280 02.17.14 at 05:36

    How about reducing the power of the P226 I call it the miracle pistol it shoots through anything at any range against any automatic weapon in the game.

  • Aaronknight 02.12.14 at 08:03

    add a few more bullets to the compact 45 isn´t it supossed to be similar to the HK USP in magazine size also add more revolvers

    also make the draw time a little bit faster for a suppposed back up weapon it take too long to pull out my pistol when i need it (example running out of bullets in the middle of a firefight)

  • emjay57 02.09.14 at 23:06

    What about this advantage a sniper has with the pistol. The damage and accuracy they seem to have with pistols? To be killed 200m away by a sniper and his pistol against my Assault or Carbine isn’t right.

    • 44MagTooStronk 02.10.14 at 08:25

      If he’s using a .44 magnum you should be dead. The .44 is a precision weapon that has a 3HK up to 690m.

      • emjay57 02.10.14 at 22:07

        I said pistol, not Magnum. when M9s and P226s take you down toe to toe with one shot against Assault and carbines, something is wrong there.

  • Hum4n After All 02.07.14 at 06:29

    Whoa whoa whoa! Hold on. So sniper rifles and shotguns with slugs can’t and will not penetrate body armor at close range but you increased the close range damage on all those pistols to bypass the body armor?! WTF?! Am I missing something here? Am I reading this right?

  • 44MagTooStronk 02.07.14 at 01:32

    As THE king of the .44 magnum (#1 across all platforms, just got SS #63 today) I disagree with the choice to remove the delay. Hear me out because my word is god now. I retired as the #1 BF3 PS3 .44 mag player and was in the top 5 from release (330+ SS).

    After whoring that gun for 2 years it got depressingly easy and boring. It was downright OP in my hands. When I started BF4 I HATED the .44 mag. It was so stupidly slow! But over time I grew to love it and the challenge (dare I say breath of fresh air from BF3) it provided. The problem with the revolvers as it stands is the ROF is too low WITH the delay.

    The delay forces you to lead your targets and is a MAJOR draw back from the revolvers (which there weren’t enough of in BF3). The problem with the delay ( I think it’s something like 500m/s or something stupid) is that combined with the ROF the revolvers fire WAY too slowly. Fun fact: the .44 in BF4 fires only 10 RPM slower. Didn’t seem like it did it? That’s because with the delay and the ROF decrease the gun is pathetic. The revolvers are less accurate (and weaker damage wise) requiring more shots to be made than in BF3. The huge spread when moving, massive suppression effects, and the lead required by the delay make follow up shots VERY hard to do.

    The margin for error in BF4 is zero when using the revolvers. In BF3, I could squeeze off 3-4 rounds before I died and it only took me 2 to drop someone. In BF4, I have time for 2 (sometimes) and even more rarely 3. The combined effects of all these make the overall rate (ROF plus delay) of fire of the revolvers pathetic.

    The solution to this is to increase the ROF while keeping the delay as is. It increases the skill required to use the revolvers (leading targets) while preventing you from being crippled by the new demands for accuracy.

    TL;DR- My opinion on the .44 magnum > anyone in BF4 across all platforms because I’m the best
    The delay needs to stay but ROF needs to be increased for balance.

  • Cold Blooded 00 02.05.14 at 20:09

    make the Rex shoot as fast as it did in Bf3….and yes increase the damage of the fn57 and all the pistols you named especially the cz-75….in reality it should be either just as strong as the 45acp…or more…however it should have more recoil…but it has more ammo. besides that all the changes you have mentioned sound right. Oh give the compact 45 15 bullets like the game says it has.

  • CosyPigeon 02.05.14 at 06:08

    “Reduced the delay between pressing the trigger and the bullet firing for the M412 REX and .44 MAGNUM. This delay represents the way these weapons work in real life, while also improving their responsiveness in game.”

    Your realism argument is meaningless (and also untrue), if it where realistic I could shoot the 44 mag and REX as fast as I could pull the trigger. Have some video evidence:

    “This will allow all pistols to bypass Body Armor at close range”
    At this point, why not just remove body armor altogether? The defensive perk tress is pretty much the only perk tree worth taking if you have a competent squad supplying ammo, heaps of people use it, and it invalidates entire play styles, removing a large amount of skill from the game.

    “Increased the magazine capacity of the QSZ-92 to 20 rounds, the proper amount for this weapon in real life. Additionally reduced the recoil of the QSZ-92 to give it a clear difference from the FN57.”
    Not sure why you made the QSZ worse than the FN57 in every possible way to begin with, but yay that you fixed that.

  • Ronnie Blastoff 02.04.14 at 19:50

    The M412 REX and .44 MAGNUM don’t have any rate of fire issues. The problem is that they suffer from the same inaccuracy on the move as sniper rifles/DMRs.

    • bradhunt971 02.06.14 at 05:51

      and when am I gonna get my 44 3x scope you said you were going to fix that im a vet I have bf1943 bc1 and two and bf3 so why don’t I have my scope?

  • sabaothchristou 02.04.14 at 02:52

    It would be interesting I think on the revolvers if the delay remained for hipfiring the revolvers (like you’re just pulling the trigger and not manually cocking the hammer first). Then if you aimed down the sights, the delay is eliminated as if you had cocked the hammer (like you probably would if you were trying to pull off a well-aimed shot at medium/long range). I always thought the reduced accuracy of the revolvers ingame was way off from how they would be used in real life. A 4″ (or especially a 6″) barrel 44 magnum is extremely accurate (much more so than most semi-automatic handguns) and has a very light trigger once the hammer is cocked. Without the hammer cocked you’re looking at a long 6-8 lb trigger pull. With the hammer cocked you’re looking at a very short 2-3 lb trigger pull (with a decent trigger job). The penalty is that you have a slow fire-rate, lots of sharp recoil, and only 6 rounds.

  • HoundDog_48 02.03.14 at 15:58

    The perceived time of switching between weapons seems too long.

    Having pistols by pass body armor at all distances but stopped by rifle bullets doesn’t seem right. 44 are over powered IMHO and should have recoil or delay of shots. You should have an advantage of multiple shots staying on target using a 9mm or .45. Full load 44 can not be fired as fast or accurately. Most people that own one never fire it more than 6 rounds.

  • MiNiBUNZ 02.03.14 at 03:30

    What about mag size for the compact 45?

  • RickRude136 02.02.14 at 20:28

    The pistol is the best gun in the game. You desperately need to lower player and vehicles health. This will also relieve some of the horrible lag in this game. If your not going to lower player health increase the damage of every single weapon accept pistols. I’m tired of putting a full mag in a dude only to have him turn around and hit with a 1 or 2 shot pistol kill. The game is so bad right now. Fix this crap.

    • UKDMike 02.05.14 at 05:17

      That is not the correct solution to the problem you describe. The “horrible lag” is due to the fact the you upload your actions to the server only 10 times per second (compared to 60 times per second in games like CS: GO). This means that you have to add 100-200ms to whatever your ping is to get the actual amount of lag, which explains why even if your ping is less than 50ms it still feels like 300+. I like the balancing decision to make pistols better than primaries at close range, but I understand why you feel that they’re too good. The problem you observe where emptying an entire mag into someone only for them to kill you instantly with a pistol has less to do with damage and more to do with lagging hitboxes. It has been observed that the hitboxes around the player models sometimes desync so that the area you have to shoot to get a hit on a player is not on their visible model, but rather is slightly behind them. This problem combined with the fact that the hitmarker remains on the screen for too long makes it look like you’re hitting a player more times than you actually are, since some of you shots are missing the hitbox and some are hitting it. It doesn’t help that the player model still bleeds when hit even though the hitbox is desynced, which baffles me because if the player model reacts to the hit why does the hit detection box have to be a different sprite? Lastly, the speed at which an opposing player seems to kill you goes back to the low tick rate I mentioned first. Since you are uploading information to the server so infrequently, more than one registered hit on an enemy player are sent in one tick, which effectively means that the other player experiences “double damage” because they get hit with two bullets at once (the higher the rate of fire of the weapon, the more noticeable this phenomenon is). I also have a nasty suspicion that sometimes the information gets lost and has to be uploaded on the next tick, effectively doubling the 100-200ms of built-in lag I mentioned earlier and causing the victim to go from 100% health to 0% in one frame.

      Given all of this, reducing player health would actually make the problems that are frustrating you worse. I played on a server that increased player health to 125%, and it made the horrible netcode much less noticeable because even though it took longer to kill opponents it rewarded headshots more and increased the TTK. When you’re dealing with that much built-in lag, anything you can do to increase the amount of time it takes for things to happen will mitigate the issues with the netcode because the game has an easier time keeping up with the action. In the end, though, there is nothing that can fix a 10hz tick rate except for increasing the tick rate. 10hz is outrageous and DICE should be ashamed of themselves for turning a great experience into a frustration because they bloated their game too much for the server to handle a decent tick rate.

  • DanJu83 02.02.14 at 18:54

    So, when will this patch come in effect ?

  • GayForBraeburn 02.02.14 at 17:59

    Dear everyone: The trigger delay in BF4 is not realistic. With a DA revolver, the trigger pull is heavier, but there is NO delay. I know it’s not really possible to implement a heavier trigger pull in a game, but a delay should not be the default fix! How about slightly lowering the fire rate and adding the animation for the hammer cocking and wheel spinning during this time in order to simulate a soldier putting pressure on the trigger to overcome the full trigger pull when it is needed to fire?

  • CivilSoldier 02.02.14 at 15:58

    How bout we turn off the golden gun factor for pistols!!! Its sad when one pistol shot does significantly more damage than an entire clip of full auto fire from a high powered rifle!!!!!!! All anyone uses anymore is pistols because everyone knows it to be true in BF4!

  • zzzx RAMBO xzzz 02.01.14 at 19:55

    the Colt .45 M1911 hand gun has more rang than it currently has. Y does the 93R hand gun have more rang than it. The Colt .45 M1911 was a medium rang hand gun and still is but just not in this game. Bring the rang of the Colt .45 M1911 stats from BF3 to BF4 and that should do it and the power or damage of should be increased by small bit. It was perfict in BF3.

    • GayForBraeburn 02.02.14 at 18:01

      The .1911 is not a medium range handgun. It may be more accurate than it is in BF4, but the .45 round essentially loses all of its stopping power past ten meters in real life. Not only that, but it can’t penetrate even the weakest of body armor, period.

      • godsslaeyer 02.02.14 at 21:32

        you’re right. being that the .45 is one of the slowest moving pistol rounds with i nice surface area to boot, it wont defeat body armor. Though in a real engagement the knock down power of a .45 is enough to lift a grown man off his feet and throw him back a bit. it would have to be something like a FN5.7 to consistently defeat Kevlar.

  • GriffinR34 02.01.14 at 17:06

    I thought the idea WAS to add a hammer cocking animation and effect in for the magnums? As it would be able to give a distinct advantage, but not much.
    It would be more for the cool factor and would be very easy to have the player when he isn’t firing the weapon for more then a couple seconds, cock the hammer (this was the only notable coolness that showed up in Perfect Dark Zero when you used that magnum) and give it the ability to have an ‘instant’ shot without the delay of the cylinder moving.

    There would still be the small delay when trying to rapid fire (which I think should be lowered by ONLY a hair as this IS realistic despite people who don’t understand how a revolver works) but it would at least make for precise careful shots when used from range.

    Also I STILL don’t have my veteran scope unlocked for the .44 magnum, wtf? I am on Xbox 360 and I know I fit the criteria to get it, why haven’t I STILL gotten it?

  • XXXX__RICH__XXXX 02.01.14 at 17:04

    Love the M1911 in BF3, can’t wait to get my PS4 and start playing with it. :)

  • Danny_47 02.01.14 at 16:58

    Revolvers should have a “select fire option”. Pressing it would cock the hammer for a faster shot and increaced accuracy. After each shot the hammer can be cocked again. This would give the revolvers clear accuracy advantage over other handguns, like it is in real life.

  • itran1 02.01.14 at 13:50

    The rex and .44 magnum are still the worst pistols in the game. Just take them out of the game as they’re just mocking us of how good those weapons were in BF3. Now they’re just absolute garbage.

  • UgLyStYk13 02.01.14 at 12:25

    Its a double action trigger… do not need to pull the hammer back….there is no delay.

    • TORGZIEjr 02.01.14 at 12:40

      Who said that you need to pull the trigger back? Thats single action. Double action lets you fire the weapon in both ways, hence double action. There is a delay in revolvers because you need to pull the tigger back as it cock the gun. If you cock the gun then fire it there is no delay

      • TORGZIEjr 02.01.14 at 12:41

        Pull the hammer back sorry

      • CIK APOSTLE 02.01.14 at 19:02

        \Well, if you’re gonna correct people, you should be correct yourself… DOUBLE ACTION is not referring to a singular mode of fire (as you’re insinuating). The magnum is BOTH double action, AND single action… DOUBLE action is REFERRING to the fact that 2 ACTIONS are being performed… 1. Cocking the weapon 2. Firing the weapon!… Now, when you’ve cocked the hammer back manually with your thumb… NOW that becomes a single action shot… BECAUSE, you’re ONLY firing the gun. Cocking is already completed….

        • Phaetul 02.02.14 at 18:57

          So because of this ^^^ above information provided by Apostle you can see that your comment is not accurate (TORGZIEjr “There is a delay in revolvers because you need to pull the tigger back as it cock the gun. If you cock the gun then fire it there is no delay”) since the trigger is being pulled back at the same time as the hammer is being cocked and the round leave the barrel when your trigger pull is complete not a second or half second later.
          Yes the trigger pull is heavier but when you are used to it (trained) you won’t care about it.

  • UgLyStYk13 02.01.14 at 12:24

    I do!

  • XgreyfoxrevoX 02.01.14 at 12:04

    3) keep it the way it is please! That would make the game start to feel like cod if you changed this! Your bf fans do not proly want this lol

    • Johzuu 02.01.14 at 12:24

      Oh god no. This is liek the only thing I wanted to be changed about revolvers :D Or at least a hammer cocking for them. I do want a change for revolvers.

    • RickRude136 02.02.14 at 20:29

      I completely agree but to me it already feels like COD with Vehicles. This game is so bad compared to BF3. I don’t understand how they made this trash after such a good game.

  • rePeteKey 02.01.14 at 11:04

    3) Reduced the delay between pressing the trigger and the bullet firing for the M412 REX and .44 MAGNUM. This delay represents the way these weapons work in real life, while also improving their responsiveness in game.

    Can we please not use “how it works in real life” in a action shooter as a poor excuse for a shitty balancing mechanism? I mean shooting delay is the worst idea you could possibly have for an fast paced action shooter. If this would be arma, it would be a different story.

  • Powermongo 02.01.14 at 10:09

    Add a P8/USP or MK23

  • K0M4ND0_K3N4N 02.01.14 at 09:29

    Nice to see the 44 getting a buff. Is it just me or is it slower to switch between primary and secondary weapons in BF4 compared to BF3?

  • johnnytrump 02.01.14 at 02:37

    Give all the pistols a slight rof buff. When i need my sidearm in cqb, sometimes it fires just too slow. And make the 44 magnum do more damage than the Rex. In real life its more powerful

  • Solidmotivated 02.01.14 at 01:38

    Good stuff! Hopefully I can start using my .44 again like in BF3!

  • Tactical68 02.01.14 at 00:41

    A compensator or muzzle break on a PISTOL or Rifle doesn’t NOT make it less accurate at distance , that needs to be changed. It helps both fallow up shots and distance shots.

  • G3A3NME187 02.01.14 at 00:23

    ****ADD G3A3 FROM BF3!****

  • Convergencez 02.01.14 at 00:17

    Awesome to see the revolvers get that weird delay thing fixed. It made the revolvers simply bad up closer were they should be more competitive.

  • Yuruyakana_Shi 01.31.14 at 20:20

    Body armor was designed to counteract pistol rounds.. and yet you are going to buff pistols against body armor, why??

  • NightHawk6666 01.31.14 at 16:24

    To who ever asked about the perk system. They are not supposed to carry over from round to round (at least as far as I know) the only instance where I can see this happening intentionally is if your squad or most of your team stays intact going into next round…possibly commander too

  • fishingtime 01.30.14 at 22:36

    Yeah…….nerf the P226 a little so it isn’t on par with assault rifles and carbines.

    • Blood_Lust_Wolf 02.01.14 at 08:00

      Finally! Some one else noticed that!! It’s a 9mm after all .

  • Yanakkis 01.30.14 at 21:31

    We donr need real life weorking weapons, we need FUN and GOOD weapons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bring back the REX and Magnum from BF3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AnyOLName 01.30.14 at 21:02

    Since we are finally getting some fixes and such, what do we think about the perks? Are they working right?

    Are they supposed to carry over from round to round or not? Because sometimes they do, and sometimes they don’t. I will have level 3 on the green bar, but none of the perks will work. It will go up a perk to the last one, but it works as if I got the level 2 upgrade. Sometimes it works like it shows. On top of that, you have to die to get the perk to work. Witch is risky, if your squad wipes while you are reloading. It doesn’t seem like a reward if you have to die to get your reward for doing well.

    Then there are things that don’t make sense that I’m not sure are broken.

    Issues I have;

    Engineer, anti-tank loadout:
    LEVEL 1: MINES: Increases maximum inventory of AT Mines or M2 SLAM to 6
    LEVEL 2: ROCKETS: Increases maximum inventory of AT and AA ammo to 7
    LEVEL 3: MORE DEPLOYED EXPLOSIVES Increases maximum deployed Explosives to 6
    LEVEL 4: FLAK: Decreases damage from explosions by 15

    You start off with 6 explosives, but can only put out 3 until you get to level 3. But when I hit level 3, I can put out 6 total explosives, but now I’m only carrying 3. Is it supposed to be like that? I though it would be a running total, not just that perk at the time.

    • xBlackout_DsBx 01.31.14 at 22:56

      no, when you get the more deployed mines perk, you’re supposed to get 6 at mines and slams, but you still can only put down 3 of each at a time, which is useless to have as a perk, because you have to wait for your mines to get hit before you put more down, as your first 3 will disappear when you put the next 3 down. It should be like how it was on BF3, where you can put down all 6 at mines at the same time, and allow the same for slams.

  • APhiLLiaTe o2 01.30.14 at 20:40

    Realism?? M1911 needs +1 bullet. 9 total, please.

  • Godlike2442 01.30.14 at 20:06


  • CAMBARARE420 01.30.14 at 19:34

    If you want to change something, why don’t you change the controller layout for Xbox 360? The knifing me mechanic is trash now, is it because the developers cry like babies when people hunt for their tags? Is that why they decided to make knifing much harder or was it only to force ppl to use the spot function (which still goes unused)?

    • Devellis96 01.30.14 at 20:50

      You must be an awful team-player if you think the spotting mechanic is not used.

    • Rock NYer 01.31.14 at 13:16

      Agreed. allow veteran to knife on right bumper or hell… let us program the darn buttons our selves

    • WOrrioR_KiLLeR 01.31.14 at 20:53

      The new knifing system rewards stealth, I think it’s balanced. And what do you mean ‘unused’? Spotting is an important component, especially for snipers, you would be a fool not to use it

    • Thetrollingoki 02.02.14 at 14:22

      1: I use the spot function to the point i spam it. 2: I hate knifing someone can knife you from the front and it wont be able to count as counter knife.

  • Johzuu 01.30.14 at 19:23

    YES! Changing revolver’s mechanics really is what I wanted! Thanks, DICE :D

  • gamengun 01.30.14 at 19:01

    Any correction to the magazine size, for the other pistols? In the info for many pistols, it states they have a certain magazine amount but when you use them, they do not have that amount.

    • ClanElder45 01.31.14 at 00:39

      i agree… the compact 45. says it has 16 rounds but in game it only has 11 wtf?

  • T1TAN 01.30.14 at 18:36

    .45 ACP isn’t bypassing any body armor at close range. Also there is no base service 1911 that is more accurate than an HK45c.

  • EURYNOME STOLAS 01.30.14 at 18:35

    How about making the magnum a hell of a lot more powerful. It’s a magnum you should be dead

    • Crashpilot_GER 01.30.14 at 22:11

      Think of it. Would it be fun to get destroyed by everyone using magnums, basicly one hit kill you all the time? It would be way to ovwrpowered, and its still a game that is supposed to be fun

    • Rock NYer 01.31.14 at 13:18

      Its a game. then the magnum would be all people would use

  • brickmaster39 01.30.14 at 18:28

    My thoughts on this on a scale of 1-thank you…. THANK GOD Finally

  • sampson3531 01.30.14 at 18:16

    Why would the .45 compact hold more ammunition than the 1911? Compacts ore normally designed with a shorter grip and use single stack magazines therefore causing them to normally carry around 7 rounds. A full size 1911 would most definitely carry more ammunition than its more compact counterpart.

    • MrSquishyNoodle 01.30.14 at 18:28

      Because the Compact .45 is double stacked in the mag, where as the 1911 is a single stack style mag. Look it up.

      • MrSquishyNoodle 01.30.14 at 18:31

        Scratch that, I’m sorry. The USP compact .45 IS a single stack but it should hold about 10-11 rounds depending on the maker of the mag. where as the 1911 is an older style mag, mine in real life only holds 8+1 and my other mag carries 7+1

        • T1TAN 01.30.14 at 18:39

          The HK USP compact .45 IS a double stack, it and the HK45c share the same magazines and capacity limits.

    • T1TAN 01.30.14 at 18:38

      The Compact .45 is the HK45c, which has the option of a standard 8-round magazine, or the larger 10-round magazine, making for 10+1. The 10+1 comes standard with all “Compact Tactical” versions of the pistol, which is present in this game.

    • Echo5Wolf 01.30.14 at 20:40

      The 1911 has a round cap of 7+1 utilizing a single stack magazine system. While the HK .45 ACP compact has an 8 or 10+1 Round Cap. It utilizes the Staggered or Double stack magazine system.

  • Space Scumbag 01.30.14 at 16:43

    I’m glad that the pistols are having their problems ironed thanks DICE. There was one instance in normal mode where it took 6 to 7 shots to kill a guy form about 3 meters away. I hope this gets sorted.

  • BenjaTheGamer 01.30.14 at 15:47

    Fantastic DICE, thanks for the M1911 buff. Keep up the good work, and battlefield 4 will soon be damn nice again :)

  • GANG5T3RASSA5IN 01.30.14 at 15:12

    Now I can finally use my pistol DMR aka m1911 3x scope :D

  • xdigital17 01.30.14 at 13:31

    I feel like the P226 should take one more shot to kill up close considering it’s the first pistol you get. I wish the pistols were more “I got into a gun battle with somebody, I don’t want to reload, I’ll save time & FINISH OFF MY OPPONENT WITH THE PISTOL.” That’s how pistols should be in games. In BF4 it seems like you can just use your pistol & straight up beat assault rifles & LMG’s especially. The REX should be one more shot to kill as well. Heck, it does 55 damage. I don’t know how many times I’ve ran up on somebody with a LMG, gained my ground/stood still like you’re supposed to, fired 20-25 rounds, & a REX two shots me through that, it’s not realistic. I know it’s a game & not everything is supposed to be real, but making the REX shoot even better now doesn’t solve any problems, especially with the other broken netcode features of this game that was pushed out by you know who…

    • robijn112 01.30.14 at 14:14

      you’re just bad.

    • Devellis96 01.30.14 at 20:54

      Don’t list to this guy. Mate, the REX shoots a massive round. It would be more realistic to make it a one-shot kill, but tit isn’t because of balancing.

    • Crashpilot_GER 01.30.14 at 22:49

      Dude the rex has become absolutly bad due to the delay, and if you dont manage to kill a pistol user with an assault rifle or an LMG, mybe the game isnt the problem…

  • D4nSK21 01.30.14 at 13:12

    Great, glad these tweaks are coming.

  • mu5ic43 01.30.14 at 11:16

    I think the delay when switching from primary to secondardy is too slow on PS4 (certainly slower than BF3).

    • Crashpilot_GER 01.30.14 at 22:46

      Agree, finishing of your enemy with the sidearm or save yourself from an enemy while reloading has become hard

  • Guerrilla762 01.30.14 at 07:55

    If the Compact 45 is based on the FN P 45, give it the realistic 15 round extended mag. Thats actually the mag you show it with in game.

    • ScrubGetRekt 01.30.14 at 08:06

      The Conpact 45 is actually based on the HK USP .45 Conpact which does have a 10 round magazine

    • GANG5T3RASSA5IN 01.30.14 at 15:10

      There is two version of that gun in real life, the one with 15 rounds is the normal one and the one in the game is the compact version which only have 10 rounds

  • Boydey00 01.30.14 at 07:30

    I’m unsure whether it’s intentional or not, but I and a few other players I know can’t ADS with the Shorty 12G sidearm. This occurs on PS3.

    • koweratus 01.30.14 at 09:38

      you have to unlock ghost ring to be able to ads

    • Crashpilot_GER 01.30.14 at 22:13

      Yup, you need a sight for it. Might be a bug, or just to balance the gun

  • XxLINEBARRELxX 01.30.14 at 07:12

    If possible to add a bar within the server search menu that shows when a server round i starting and about to end, I like playing rounds that just started…

  • SigilumSanctum 01.30.14 at 07:05

    Sounds good. Glad to hear the CZ-75 modifictations, my preferred sidearm.

    The rest of you need to hit the forums if you want to make “suggestions” on balance and fixes instead of bitching here.

  • killer rick964 01.30.14 at 06:58

    Please make it so people arnt killing each other all the time. Theres about a one second gap between when someone dies to when people drop dead

  • killer rick964 01.30.14 at 06:55

    Buff the vehicle mini guns and cannon splash. Also could use a buff on cannon damage on vehicles.

  • Wyked_Kitty 01.30.14 at 06:53

    How about fixing the fact that people can’t get into game 90% of the time…That would be a great fix.

  • mallbrook 01.30.14 at 06:48

    .44 Magnum, I wished this gun would be made so that you would pull back the trigger every time you ADS and lower the firing rate whilst ADS. Then have a higher firing rate while hip firing this weapon and only have the trigger/hammer delay on the hip fire. NO ONE takes an aimed shot with this gun in real life without pulling the trigger back first.

  • URxNIGHTMAREx 01.30.14 at 05:44

    I love the game to death with and without problems, but PLEASE fix the P226! It’s to powerful, I’ve been killed by it while I was getting good hits with my MTAR an I lost. Please fix it’s power ASAP!

  • KELLOGG5 01.30.14 at 05:39

    So excited for the adjustments!! Hit the nail on the head for me!

  • purius 01.30.14 at 04:05

    If you got time to tweak, why won’t you release the promised DLC and fix tons ob bug in the game?
    Wanna hear official comment on when the DLC are coming and when you intend to FIX the game.
    Community is waiting.

  • Yougotdied12 01.30.14 at 03:58

    On the Xbox 360, on alot of the guns with iron sights, when you ADS, the iron sight model on the gun doesnt load properly and you cant even see where its supposed to be aiming. Theres just like a block. I have never played a FPS where this happens. It goes away eventually but its just stupid.

  • OutOnTheFull 01.30.14 at 03:11

    You shouldn’t use oxymorons to describe changes, number 3 suggests a delay makes something more responsive. That’s silly.

    • camelsmurf 01.30.14 at 07:52

      They are talking about REDUCING the delay and therefore making the weapon more responsive than it is currently.

  • OutOnTheFull 01.30.14 at 03:06

    The delay between pressing the trigger and the bullet firing on the magnums needs to be removed, not reduced. Nobody cares about it being representative of how the weapons work in real life if it makes them not fun to use in game.

  • SxEsoldier31 01.30.14 at 02:40

    increase the primary weapon on the attack heli it is horrible i find the gunner seat more powerful. (for infantry)

    • Crashpilot_GER 01.30.14 at 22:42

      You gotta open battlelog in yourr browser on pc. I think you can find the editor in “my profile” and after creating one just press apply

    • Crashpilot_GER 01.30.14 at 22:45

      Oops wrong comment sorry. Anyways the gunner is supposed to be more effective against infantry(even though compared to bf3 the cannon is too weak) and the pilot should focus on armor. Thats why the attack chopper is supposed to work effectivly with a gunner and pilot cooperating together, but right now its overall just too weak

  • phinnv8 01.30.14 at 02:29

    When can we join a multiplayer game with our friends in a Squad like Bad Company 1, Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 had not to mention every other multiplayer game???

    • SxEsoldier31 01.30.14 at 02:35

      Phinnv i totally agree with i hate joining a game and then i have to wait for a free slot so my friend can join please make like BF3 plz! oh and in bf3 you can set up your loadout in the menu, you dont have to join a game. Make it like that in BF4 if you can PLZ!!

  • SxEsoldier31 01.30.14 at 02:26

    does anyone know how to apply emblems on my weapons and vehicles on the xbox 360? please comment if you know how to. thank you :)

  • SxEsoldier31 01.30.14 at 02:25


    • phinnv8 01.30.14 at 02:29

      lol Xbox One. Get a PS4.

    • Yougotdied12 01.30.14 at 03:54

      dude shut up

    • Crashpilot_GER 01.30.14 at 22:17

      Dude the game is already terribly cut down compared to next gen or PC. With 64 players the PS3 and the 360 would propably blow up into pieces

  • SxEsoldier31 01.30.14 at 02:18

    Fix the Jet ejects every time i eject i go flying forward i like the jet eject in BF3 where i go straight up. (If the way it is in BF4 is more realistic than im fine with it)

  • SxEsoldier31 01.30.14 at 02:16

    Do not increase the damage of the M1911 to much because in BF3 it was like a 2-3 shot kill, even though i loved it. I bet i was pissing people of by murdering them with my pistol instead of my primary.

    • Crashpilot_GER 01.30.14 at 22:39

      The bullets to kill aswell as the the TTK remain unchanged, the damage increase on the m1911 and the hk45c are just a counter to body armor. And BTW the bf3 m1911 has the same damage model as the bf4 version, 34 up close resulting in a 3hit kill, unless you hit them in the head once

    • TinkBeller 01.31.14 at 12:17

      Currently with defensive field upgrade on the enemy a P226 takes same number o bullets to kill as .45 compact and M1911. Defensive is what’s ruining balance.

  • SxEsoldier31 01.30.14 at 02:13

    For a DLC map pack make wasteland maps that are really big. For example, BF3 armored kill, those maps were huge! and there will actually be a purpose of using the 40X Ballistic scope.

    • Crashpilot_GER 01.30.14 at 22:36

      Play china rising, there are some great long range engagements. But the 40X scope doesnt really serve a purpose because the engagement disatance were it would be effictive is too far for the sniper rifles, the have too much bulletdrop and not enough bullet velocity to be that accurate for ultra long range engagements

  • SxEsoldier31 01.30.14 at 02:10

    Please fix the tricolor desert body camo i really want it in the game available to equip on my soldier.

  • SxEsoldier31 01.30.14 at 02:08

    What do you mean no fire delay? in real life you have to pull down the hammer after each shot, BF4 is meant for realsim. Look back in BF3 everyone was only using the 44 and the rex.

    • Thetrollingoki 02.02.14 at 14:25

      How much cod have you been playing i have went to a shooting range and fired a revolver without pulling back the hammer.The hammer is there to pull back to make it easier to pull the trigger.

  • GlassPirate 01.30.14 at 01:54

    All of these are good tweaks, especially the ones making the QSZ a worthwhile alternative to the FN57, and the M1911 viable compared to the HK45.

    However, I still think revolver delay should be removed completely. I don’t care if that means an RPM decrease, there should be no silly fire delay. And even if you want to look at it from a “realism” perspective – a trained soldier would not have that much issue pulling a double-action trigger; I can pull one faster and I’m just a scrawny hobbyist with no combat experience whatsoever.

    • NoTouchGoon 01.30.14 at 11:54

      I still think revolver delay should be removed completely too

  • US Navy Sea Dog 01.30.14 at 01:43

    1911′s are always carried during combat cocked an loaded when I was in the service.No politics involved in actual weapons carry as we have today.So give us are 9 shots.

  • WhiteStripesWS6 01.30.14 at 01:41

    All good news here guys. Sounds like the pistols will be even more fun to toy around with now.

  • APhiLLiaTe o2 01.30.14 at 01:36

    M1911 +1 round for realism! Still needs one more round to be a fair handgun

  • smartgent 01.30.14 at 01:27

    Good choices, now you need to carry on those armor bypassing traits to the P90 and MP7.

    Realism, is fun!! because you should DIE easily. Go Play halo of something

    • Thetrollingoki 02.02.14 at 14:27

      those guns dont need buffing actually they are over powered

  • coldtavi 01.30.14 at 01:01

    Again this is not how Sixshooters work in “RL”….
    Also you just cherrypick of what to make work like in RL and even then you don´t do it properly…
    So just remove that stupid delay completely.Battlefield is and always will be an arcadeshooter so keep the weapons fun and don´t make it frustrating to use them.
    But it is nice to FINALLY !!! see some work get done to fix your utterly broken game.
    Are you gonna be swaggering with that too in the marketing ?
    “It just took us up to 2 months to sort all majorbugs and balance issues out.Ohh and btw. the game still isn´t finished yet “-_-

  • H8-mayer 01.30.14 at 00:40

    Agree with that , work up

  • xSTANK NASTYx 01.30.14 at 00:07

    Finally a tweak I don’t totally disagree with! Most of the tweaks cater to the cry babies! The choppers need more flares not less AA tank ammo!

  • Voidward 01.30.14 at 00:03

    Remove the delay on revolvers please (not just lower), I loved the REX in bf3 and it’s unusable now. I don’t care how it related to the real life hammer action IT IS NOT FUN.

    You’re not making people crouch over medpacks and enter into an animation to heal like in real life right? In fact, if this were the real life simulator as you’re applying it to revolvers, medpacks wouldn’t heal at all, gunshot wounds would cause bleeding effect that caused you to lose life slowly until you applied a medpacks, but that wouldn’t be fun it would be a fucking irritating and useless mechanics that only saps the fun out of the game. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU’VE DONE TO REVOLVERS.

    Please focus on fun and skill if you want a healthy community and competitive scene. There’s nothing fun or skillful about lining up a perfect headshot and missing because you made a gun operate operate on a 56k modem for no logical reason.

  • DoomFrog 01.29.14 at 23:48

    For number 3: That is not how double action revolvers work in real life. In real life a double action revolver can fire as fast as the trigger can be pulled. So by making the fire rate of the REX and .44 180 and 150 respectively you are basically stating that the character is pulling back the hammer between shots. Meaning the gun should fire as soon as the trigger is pulled.

    And even if that weren’t the case, a .44 fires as soon as you pull the trigger. If you haven’t pulled back the hammer than it is a longer pull, true. So you are basically saying a click of the mouse is the start of pulling the trigger?

    I think everyone would agree if you want that to be the case, we would all rather take a 50% hit to fire rate for the revolvers to fire when we click instead of a quarter second later. The delay is just ridiculous, no matter how short.

  • USMC-Jaskarn 01.29.14 at 23:40

    Make the PDW’s stronger!!!

  • Pr3datoR_Ey3z 01.29.14 at 23:31

    How about fixing (with any weapon) Once fired, then(for instance) one soldier dies after firing any weapon….No shots never land they just act like they disappear.
    Our shots FIRED before we die should count. As of now They Do Not.

  • SavageJ_X 01.29.14 at 23:30

    Wondering why this is the only area you actually factor in the way the weapons work “in real life”. I can think of a lot of instances where things are quite the opposite…

  • DJ_Cas 01.29.14 at 23:10

    -decrease the delay between shots for Rex and .44 Magnum pistol

    • DJ_Cas 01.30.14 at 00:37

      Delete please these comments. These were mentioned in the OP

  • prozente 01.29.14 at 22:53

    I would like to take advantage of the M1911 improved accuracy but I never received the 3x scope from the last player appreciation even though I played a match on the required day. I’m on 360, what do I need to do to get the scope unlocked since it didn’t unlock on its own after playing a match on the required day?

  • Spawless 01.29.14 at 21:04

    How about giving me the option to change the damn controller to shoot how I want Dice!

  • Skater_Ricky 01.29.14 at 20:36

    I thought some of the pistols where over powered? Didn’t see much decrease for this update. I’ve been one shooted by a few different pistols. Can’t remember the names of those guns at this time. Glade there tweaking. I look forward for you to increase the active time for the active protection on vehicles. It doesn’t last long enough in some cases or decrease the down time. I think infantry are over powered vs vehicles. What’s up with the weakness in the armored trucks? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve died in a Armored Truck aka Transport Vehicle. In real life armored vehicles should take at least 2 good hits will RPG’s not one single shoot. Other then that I have Bbeen enjoying the game for the most part but there’s something’s that seem a little off in the game. The AH-6J Little Bird vs Z-11W the bird normally wins because it’s moveability is easier to move around. Please incress the moveability in the Z-11W Scout helicopter.

    • flingofletch 01.29.14 at 21:54

      what your talking about the vehicles are true and they are under power but the one shot pistols are not, that how they are in real life and they are powerful as fetch to be a pistol…. there is no problem in being a little bit better than the rest … jst have a way to counter it. (no nerfing needs to be done :P )

  • C4HeliBomber 01.29.14 at 19:53

    Actually you wouldnt run with a unloaded pistol, so you could delete the delay as it is right now and add it after the shot. So it has a lower rate of fire, but no delay.

    • C4HeliBomber 01.29.14 at 19:54

      It’s about the M412 Rex and the .44 Magnum

      • Thepokezuma 01.29.14 at 22:38

        Yeah finally… I really want my old magnum

  • Skyed 01.29.14 at 19:27

    M1911 all the way. 4ever.

  • Death1099 01.29.14 at 19:23

    Sounds good.

  • old_buddy_ol_pal 01.29.14 at 19:15

    sounds great. Fire rate cap on 226 maybe?

  • Johanest 01.29.14 at 19:14

    Pistol boost? Was it really necessary?

  • Mr-interested 01.29.14 at 19:14

    Will the PS4 and other consoles ever get Pistol/Knife only servers?

  • cracovia1906 01.29.14 at 18:29

    Why do You want to change anything!? It is like it is everybody can use weapons witch are in hims eyes overpowered.Just play don”t complain.Then we hear excuses that there is no time to create something nice because they are busy fixing the game..Look until now i can”t play one map on xbo360 because its always crushing .I don”t even know the map I have to skip it all the time to avoid a crusch

    • old_buddy_ol_pal 01.29.14 at 19:14

      Shut. Up.

    • Othello500 01.29.14 at 19:19


    • Thetrollingoki 02.02.14 at 14:36

      They are making these weapons overpowered because all the cry babies come and they say PDWS ARE TOO WEAK THE G36 IS TOO WEAK AND TOO LOW ROF and they listen to this next day there are like a billion people running around with these guns that kill you in a millionth of a second.It gets me annoyed the mp7 p90 and ace CQB are already like that but people beg them so it can be even more unfair.

    • Thetrollingoki 02.02.14 at 14:38

      and to add to that they are saying guns that need to be nerfed are being buffed