Balancing BF4: Upcoming Grenade Tweaks

In our continued balancing blog series, we’ll talk about some of the core gameplay tweaks that we are planning for Battlefield 4!


In this post, we’ll talk about the upcoming Battlefield 4 tweaks that we have planned, based on your feedback. These changes are all slotted to go live in a future game update. Stay tuned for more, and let us know what you think in the comments below.


1) Increased the number of M84 FLASHBANG and HAND FLARES the player can carry from 2 to 3. A player may now have 3 active HAND FLARES, up from 1 before. The HAND FLARE remains mostly a gadget of comic relief, though its ability to blind IRNV sights should not be forgotten. The increase in the number the player can carry should allow for a larger tactical use of both the HAND FLARE and the M84 FLASHBANG.

2) Increased the effect of M84 FLASHBANG grenades on friendly and enemy players. When Friendly Fire is OFF, friendlies receive approximately half the effect duration. Previous duration was 4 seconds, now 5 seconds for enemy players. Additionally increased the range at which a player feels the full effect of the flash, and increased the effect on players not looking directly at the flash bang. This should sufficiently improve the reliability of the M84 FLASHBANG, and make it a viable choice in the grenade category.

3) Increased the maximum damage for the RGO from 67 to 80, however reduced the range of explosion. The RGO was essentially an instant kill in Hardcore, it now has a reduced 1 hit kill range, however accurate throws will yield higher damage values in Core. This clarifies the role of the RGO as an accurate impact hand grenade, while still not allowing 1 hit kills in Core.

4) Reduced the visual and audio effect for the detonation of the V40 Mini to highlight its smaller blast when compared to other grenades. Decreased the maximum damage from 80 to 60, and decreased the range at which maximum damage is applied. The player continues to carry 3 V40 grenades, and is still able to use 2 of them to get a kill in Core. Previously the V40 was entirely superior to the M67 in Hardcore, this change aims to balance them in Hardcore, while also keeping their effectiveness intact in Core.

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Stay tuned for more confirmed tweaks that we have planned for Battlefield 4. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  • Madhatter848094 07.06.14 at 07:27

    Does anyone have a problem where they throw their grenades and nothing happens?

  • BaneMyExistence 04.30.14 at 07:13

    Incendiary should do more damage. It is basically intended to be white phosphorus and as it stands now it’s a road flare. People just run through it with 5-10 damage.

  • ChimeraTA 03.04.14 at 14:47

    Please reduce grenade count for each exploding type to 1 (mini=+distance, impact=no delay, standard=+damage). 2 inciendiary, 3 smoke, 3 flashbangs, 3 flares. there’s way too much grenade spam.

    • brisk540 03.13.14 at 05:13

      Or just make it so grenades and grenade launchers can not be resupplied by ammo boxes but make them only able to be resupplied by the commander

      • brisk540 03.13.14 at 05:14

        Or delay the reload time for grenades to 30 seconds

        • brisk540 03.13.14 at 05:14

          Battlefield is no longer an FPS with the current grenade spam rather an FPG First Person Grenade fest

  • Arinord 02.19.14 at 15:25

    Grenades are a problem, at least when it comes to infantry only maps.
    -ONLY weak concusion to flash bangs allowed (which do not obscure your vision completely (blinds) people completely no matter how many tactical grenades than being subjected to simultaneous
    -The ability to use explosive grenades ONLY every other round (64 player lobby, only 32 total allowed to use grenades, applies to all matches) ie every 2-3 round you have the opportunity to use explosive grenades throughout the match, when it is your turn to get grenades ENTIRE round could have been Lakt to a gentle “pop” like saying: – your explosive grenades can now be used –


  • ROLANDMS1 02.17.14 at 17:36

    Please… consider increasing the size, thickness, and length of time smoke grenades are dispersed. Presently, the smoke grenades are like ant farts!

  • Player_vneuvmh3 02.16.14 at 02:33

    Please…just reduce the # of grenades all around. 1 Frag and Impact, 2 Minis and Incendiary, 3 flash, smoke, and flares. There is so much dang grenade spam! Also, maybe increase the fuse of the V40’s without increasing range so that they aren’t like RGO’s at long range.

  • cig107 02.15.14 at 10:11

    Would love to be able to cook grenades that can actually cook off, like the M67. It happens quite often on the modern battlefield.

  • Maun0_Mato 02.14.14 at 08:16

    There’s something wrong with the V40 still, the blast radius is way too big, it seems that you have absolutely no chance of avoiding it if you ever see the grenade icon even if there’s seconds to run away from it to the opposite direction.

    Also it seems to go through walls on Locker and the blast kills through the broken chimney parts after it’s fallen down on Zavod, basically you can’t avoid it even if you know where it’s going to land and see it miles away.

  • EmMa240592 02.08.14 at 06:38

    wait i buy a battlefield game or a new call of duty? because all this things are properly from call of duty

    • max08152233 02.09.14 at 00:46

      battlefield better grafics better gameplay and all my friends that got ghost now love battlefield

  • pharmapramit226 02.08.14 at 05:32

    i think it is a good idea of increasing the effect of M84 flash bang as its effect of duration is more on player

  • omgSTREAK43 02.07.14 at 18:53

    I think you should remove 2 of the explosive grenades from every player (didn’t play the game but saw some videos) so they could carry only one like in BFBC2. THE GRENADE SPAM IS TOO DAMN HIGH !!!

  • 44MagTooStronk 02.07.14 at 01:39

    I think for the handflare to be semiuseful you should be allowed to deploy more than one at a time. I wish you could spam them like the smoke nades lol

  • TrolReva 02.06.14 at 22:08

    i really like the idea of giving the v40 mini less damage because on operation locker i was getting owned by those things left and right. lol

  • Cold Blooded 00 02.05.14 at 20:03

    perfect! make sure flash bang grenade is blinding still whether your looking directly at it or not….. and yes increase the range. I should feel like batman with it lol.

  • CosyPigeon 02.05.14 at 06:15

    “The HAND FLARE remains mostly a gadget of comic relief, though its ability to blind IRNV sights should not be forgotten.”
    Please make us a true night time map, I know you guys said you didn’t think it would fit the balance of your game, and you might be right, but it would be a lot of fun, and I think your players would greatly appreciate it.

    If you let the player cook the m67, it will become competitive with RGO and minis.

  • life-or-death-87 02.04.14 at 22:25

    I think a great new feature to set you apart from all other online games even more would be…

    When you create your profile. choose what U.S. BRANCH you want your ranking structure to be.
    Im USAF and would be awesome to see different ranks
    just keep the rank # so everyone knows what rank you are..just change the emblem
    ..of course you would have to keep the CWO even though there is no CWO in the USAF. then on the birthday of each branch you could do a xdp ..depending on which branch of service you choose ..would depend on which week you would get dxp.

    • Officer Swaggot 02.05.14 at 21:46


    • cig107 02.15.14 at 10:07

      Bro, no one likes the Air Force. Lol, former Army 11b here, glad to see more and more active duty and vets in the game of all services and nationalities.

      • BaneMyExistence 04.30.14 at 07:22

        I bet you Army guys enjoyed parachuting out Air Force planes (C-130. C-17) or when you got air support in Desert Storm/ Desert Shield. A-10’s are Air Force and so are Raptors and Stealth bombers. Everyone enjoys a tank killer and kicking ass in the air. While the Air Force isn’t the only branch that has planes (Navy and Marines have them, too) they do have some nice toys and help out Army guys. It would take longer to get to battle in the Army Chinook or Black Hawk. Just saying.

  • Aerros 02.04.14 at 19:52

    Incendiary Grenade should kill, instead of leaving instances where the enemy with 1 health.

    Hand flare should serve the same purpose as aircraft flares

    • Aerros 02.04.14 at 19:53

      *instead of instances where the enemy is left with 1 health.

  • AXE Coolossus 02.04.14 at 15:35

    No. This is not the way to go. You won’t listen but the thing to improve the game is to keep V40 damage the same but decrease to 2 instead of 3. It should be distinguished from the M67 by its ability to be thrown longer distances. The M67 should get a slightly quicker reload. The V40 needs a significantly longer reload. All grenades need a maximum of 4 per life (one full reload). Flares should be removed. They are annoying to friendlies in addition to having limited usefulness. Hardly anyone uses IRNV since it was nerfed so much in BF3. Flashbangs definitely need help. They are fairly worthless right now. The 40mm variety of grenades/launchers need a max of 5 per life (one loaded, 2 in reserve, can reload two only once). The reload time should be longer for these. RGO impact should be increased to two. Smoke needs more smoke effect. The incendiary grenade should be increased to two and its effect shortened but its damage should be buffed.

  • Argos444 02.04.14 at 04:00

    If the incendiary grenade was like the grenade used in gunner incendiary, then it would be more reliable.

  • SHOKING_KNIGHT 02.03.14 at 21:34

    What about the Incendiary grenade? It seems to be a little lacking to me, something about the damage or radius.

  • SMSgtZinn 02.03.14 at 14:19

    It would be nice to be able to “cook” grenades (pull the pin before you throw it). The timer should not be stopped, regardless of where the grenade is, even if that means killing the player who has held on too long.

    All too often, a player throws a grenade and everybody runs away before it detonates. There is no mechanism to cook the grenade other than throwing from a very long distance, which is impossible in tight quarters.

    • AXE Coolossus 02.04.14 at 15:37

      I agree. Such a simple and reasonable request yet it is always ignored. DICE tries to add “realism”. That is realism.

    • BaneMyExistence 04.30.14 at 07:23

      Totally agree.

  • AllHardLuck 02.03.14 at 09:42

    Totally agree with adding purpose to Flares. Fix them so that their heat signature will be locked on by Heatseeking missiles. Not a bad idea to add the “adhesive” part also. Personally believe it would make things more interesting if players could attach a couple of them to vehicles.

    “Increased the maximum damage for the RGO from 67 to 80, however reduced the range of explosion.” What sense does this make?? If you increase damage, of course the range is going to increase. Did any of you guys take physics?? If you want to nerf it for Hardcore players, then keep the effects in Hardcore and leave the rest of the game out of it.
    Fix the part where the RGO “IMPACT” goes off on “IMPACT”. Also, just because I die doesn’t mean that grenade I just threw shouldn’t go off.

    • HOLYBUTT 02.04.14 at 01:58

      The reason the grenades were changed like that is probably because it is a game and yeah damage goes up but you have to be more accurate with em… I like the adhesive flare idea … Heat seeking would be cool but I think we would be seeing them too much if they did that… Also I bet there are a few people in the developers team who took physics… But I bet their main class was some computer designing/game designing class :/

      • AllHardLuck 02.05.14 at 16:20

        Good point. But if it required 3 or 4 flares to be strong enough to create that heat signature, then that would instill the need for team play I’m thinking.

  • F34RTH1S 02.02.14 at 23:46

    I’ve noticed the v40 has had a larger blast radius than normal lately and have seen others say the same. Moving the same distance from a v40 as you would a m67, v40 still kills you where the m67 just grazes.

  • RickRude136 02.02.14 at 20:25

    Your lucky there is only 5 games for Xbox One right now. As soon as a decent game comes out no one will play this trash unless you fix the problems instead of tweaking shit that doesn’t need it. Tweak after you have fixed it.

  • RickRude136 02.02.14 at 20:24

    Congrats DICE. You have now become Infinity Ward and COD

  • RickRude136 02.02.14 at 20:23

    BF4 developers you are over thinking the issues with this game. Just lower health on players and vehicles, fix the spawns in TD and SQD, do not spot the player with the bomb in defuse, give the famas 30 rds because it doesn’t carry 25 in real life, and fix the SQ perks to how they were in BF3 because now they are just retarded and good for people playing together. Most people do not even use there mics. 1 last thing, fix the horrible lag. After you get this right then talk about tweaking weapons and other useless crap. It does seem like all weapons suck in this game. Most of them seem the same and the rest are just unusable.

  • RickRude136 02.02.14 at 20:17

    The RGO was fine the way it was. All you morons needed to do was decrease a players health. Players have to much health that is the biggest problem with your game. Leave it the way it is in Hardcore but it needs to be lowered in Core by 10%

  • GayForBraeburn 02.02.14 at 18:11

    It really hurts to say this, but I think CoD does very well with the flashbang animation. I’d like to see BF4 go with the blurred vision and distorted sound effects, but whatever. It’s still the only thing CoD does better than BF.

  • StormRider2525 02.01.14 at 20:23

    this game is supposed to be one of if not the most realistic shooter out there so if hit a guy in the face with any of the grenades and they bounces off 4-8ft away from his feet and don’t kill him is not realism its sillyness.

  • zzzx RAMBO xzzz 02.01.14 at 19:54

    here should not be any Gernade Vaper trails. If you see one around you you should know that he is close by because its not like there throughing them 50meters. there going to be with in 20 meters or less near you. 10 meters is = to 10 yards. Y the vapor trail for them

  • GhostfaceKnuts 02.01.14 at 17:15

    Before any specific weapon is tweaked is like to see the glitch fixed where, when I trigger to fire my primary weapon the game switches my active weapon to one of the equipped gadgets. It’s making it impossible to get kills. I basically have to (for example) throw out all of my slam mines and use all my rockets before I can safely engage in a gun fight.

  • NelsonSiu 02.01.14 at 09:25

    – Grenade slamming is crazy. V40 Mini should be reduced to 2.
    – Smoke are useless. There are still orange indicator inside the smoke and I can easily kill the enemy. And the M320 smoke and XM25 smoke are almost transparent! They really need a buff so that smoke can perform more on rush mode.
    – Flashbag need buff too. Perhaps add more sound effect on it.

  • firebite 02.01.14 at 09:19

    Are you forgetting that they are grenades they should be one hit kill i hate throwing a grenade at peoples feet and they do nothing stop downgrading everything make it more realistic

    • DeztMusic 02.01.14 at 15:27

      Fully agreed.

    • Cujucuyo 02.02.14 at 16:22

      V40 minis have a kill radius of 5 meters IRL, the one in game has much more than that, so it needs to be nerfed.

  • G0LDEN HORNET 02.01.14 at 05:39

    It would be nice if flares spotted enemy players… Kind of like an anti-smoke grenade, also make them more visible to pilots

  • REAPER_079 02.01.14 at 04:38

    I think if you play hard core they should take the live grenade indacator off hard core has reduced HUD so it would make sense to get rid of it getting m67 kills is hard when you see the g indacator you have time to run

  • rafaelzrt 02.01.14 at 04:27

    I wish you could make the smoke items more efficient. One smoke grenade never is enough to confuse the vision so it can cover you and the area of effect is too low. Usually you have to use 2 or 3 of them to pass by a small area.

  • JANDAMAN_809 02.01.14 at 04:02

    I do not knows if you guys ( Dice) are aware of the current situation when knifing after the last update but when you try to knifes someones even if you are really close to the target it take a couple of try to succeeds. Im having a major issue on ps3 after the update its crash every other round, sounds was almost perfect expect when starting a round before the update, now is just horrible, getting the ” end of the round” music when you actually starting, when flying scout helicopter the sound of a nonstop machine gun, like the one from the mini gun. Right know all I ask is to focus on the crashing of the game after that is covered then focus on the other things, keep up the good work!

  • battlefieldbeefs 02.01.14 at 02:35

    I think you shoul add smoke gernades. I know their is the one you csn shoot but most ppl dont want to use that slot for a smoke gernade. If you do add them I think you should be able to carry 3 at a time. And maby add tear gas?

  • Elfusan 02.01.14 at 01:50

    While playing BF4 I noticed various, and serious, problems with all nades.
    1. Explosive grenades: Thank You for tweaking them – haven’t had a chance to see changes live yet, but I assume they’re good.
    2. Fire grenades: That’s the worst grenade I’ve ever seen in history of FPS. And I mean it. They’re just simply useless. Even if I throw it at a group of enemies – they still have enough time to flee. I’ve been in such situation. I’ve seen people in such situations. There’s just not enough damage to go around for them to be useful in any situation. Here’s my idea to fix them: When fire nade detonates – it spreads a volatile, ignited liquid to all targets within its range. The affected targets continue to receive damage until they are in close vicinity of a medikit OR the liquid burns out. Let’s say – 50 damage. NO! Make that 40. That way the grenade’s effect is INSTANT, rather than AoE DoT. It’s just too easy to escape.
    3. Smoke grenades: Another highly undervalued tool of trade. A smoke grenade should disallow spotting when behind it. It’s a tactical weapon, and should have major tactical properties. And by MAJOR I mean almost debalancing. Example? While being behind a smoke You cannot be spotted. On the other hand You cannot spot as well. Any spotted target within Your vision range becomes unspoted instantly. Want more? While inside a smoke Your minimap becomes inactive.
    4:Flashbangs: My favourite. Now those nades are seriously underworked. The enemy affected by a flashbang is still a dangerous enemy. He can see my spot indicator. He can see minimap, he can hear everything around. That defies the purpose of flashbangs. In here I would like to bring in Medal of Honor: Warfighter. Now flashbangs there are a serious threat. When You get hit by those You’re completely blind. And that means Completely. You hear nothing but ringing in Your ears, you see nothing but white screen, you can’t even see your HUD. That’s the way I want to see flashbangs working. I BLIND my enemy. I make them DEAF for a short amount of time, so that my squadmates can rush in and hit hard safely. I believe that’s why military and police uses them, right? To confuse enemy?
    5. Cooking nades: Yes, please. So VERY PLEASE!

    • StormRider2525 02.01.14 at 20:33

      I completely agree with all that you said. But not sure if my idea of fixing the utterly useless fire grenade is the same. I propose the any one who was tagged in the fire grenades vicinity should take enough continual damage to kill them even if they run (much like napalm). The closer they are to fire explosion determines how quickly they die. My argument of this not being op is people can put down a med kit and wont be killed by the continual burning damage. and the best for last PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ALLOW US TO COOK GRENADES!!! :D

  • BTL-A4_Ace 02.01.14 at 01:15

    Oh, man… give us the ability to cook grenades, DICE! It’s 2014. Let us cook ‘nades, and have the ability to throw live ones if they’re in grabbing distance.

    • yorch815 02.01.14 at 11:19

      Guys, what the hell? We can already cook grenades. Don’t know the PC controls but on console you hold RT at the same time as you throw the nade.

      • Phaetul 02.02.14 at 19:09

        You, sir, are confused. In BF you can hold the throw grenade button to hold the grenade back in preparation to throw but in real life, as in COD, cooking a grenade is when we pull the pin and count to two and then throw…. in COD you can cook a grenade until it explodes thereby killing you. IRL I wouldn’t advise doing that.

    • tiger10101 02.01.14 at 13:00

      This isn’t cod mate there not guna do it

  • Gooseknob 02.01.14 at 00:27

    I’m actually kind of excited about the deployed hand flare bump, as I find them quite fun to use when squadding up with friends.

  • G3A3NME187 02.01.14 at 00:26

    ****ADD G3A3 FROM BF3!****

  • NoTouchGoon 02.01.14 at 00:17

    m320 smoke, FB, HE need buff.

    rocket launcher can even deal with infantry and vehicle both.
    m320 HE have no special advantage despite it can deal with infantry only.

    m320 smoke is especially trash. transparent smoke.

    • NoTouchGoon 02.01.14 at 00:18

      and m320 smoke effect tend to weaker to vehicle.

  • m4tsby 01.31.14 at 22:36

    Smoke when shot m320 needs buff! This is very useful when playing Rush and currently is useless.

  • w-VANQUISH-w 01.31.14 at 21:15

    stand grenade has little damage so dice can u increased damage in this grenade
    so good luck with future updates :)

  • Baisangur 01.31.14 at 20:49

    I vote for an Atni-tank grenade(for example RKG-3 anti-tank grenade). The idea here is not about the model of the item or whether it is in use, but to add some antitank capabilities for the assault for example. The damage could be low to tanks and negligible towards infantry, but it will be a good finisher.

    There is actually no point of using other than combat grenades in this game. By combat I mean: RGO impact, M-67Frag, VM-40Mini and at some point the M-34 grenade. The exception is on servers that don’t allow explosives to be used. I believe that the other grenades: M18 Smoke, M84 Flashbang and the hand flare should be equipped on a different slot- together with the combat grenades, or accessed via switch fire key.

    • Elfusan 02.01.14 at 01:29

      That’s a very good idea – a second slot for utility grenade. All soldiers should have the ability to carry combat grenades. And having 1 flare or flashbang along is just am atter of extra pocket on soldier’s belt.

  • BulbaTsar 01.31.14 at 18:44

    Grenade spam is the biggest problem and reducing minis to 2 would give them potential to kill one target while being able to throw further, also reducing RGO to 1 would give them potential to kill a wounded target or wound a target with really high hit percentage because one would not be able to run away from them. Those tweaks would give nades better balance and players would choose M67 frag to get a one hit kill, while reducing the grenade spam.

    • Convergencez 02.01.14 at 00:24

      DICE handle Mini spam pretty well, the minis was just too good for what it gave.

  • strYker555 01.31.14 at 15:39

    We still cant cook nades?

    • G0LDEN HORNET 02.01.14 at 05:43

      You know how most hand grenades work right?

  • xlordkarnagex 01.31.14 at 14:44

    WHAT!!!???? no fire grenade chages? i mean i know it can potentially take ou the entire grass area, but its pretty bad against infantry iundoors, at least make it able to light small boxes and such on fire.

  • -Yrr- 01.31.14 at 12:29

    I cant believe v40 didnt do a hundred damage, I killed so many with them…

  • Shogun Ruler 01.31.14 at 12:03

    Hmmm. Should have definitely DOUBLED the fuse on the V40 at the very least. As it stands, long range throws with the V40 mini result in little to NO reaction time for players since the fuse is basically at it’s end by the time it lands at a players feet after either flying fairly far or bouncing quite a bit.

  • Wakaru 01.31.14 at 10:50

    Will you make it so that RGOs will destroy the environment like the M67 and Minis? Kind of sucks not being able to get access to shortcuts or additional paths when using RGOs. Like the ramps in Dawn Breaker.

  • Master-Athmos 01.31.14 at 10:42

    I like the proposed idea uf utilizing hand flares as source of a laser-lockon by making them stick to vehicles. It would make them quite useful and as one would have to be in throwing range to the vehicle it wouldn’t be an overpowered feature as putting a flare on a vehicle would be about as dangerous as trying to deploy C4 on it which often fails due to the gunner taking note of you…

    This also would promote the use of rocket launchers that can lock-on. While SRAWs already are being used to fight helicopters I have the feeling most engineers stick to RPGs because of the high damage and for dealing critical damage / mobility hits. As currently Recons rarely use PLDs or SOFLAMs the use of handfllares for marking a vehicle really would encourage the use of a launcher that can lock on…

    It would be nice to see possible lock-on targets more often as currently this is a very rare occurence (at least on public servers) which sort of is understandable too as using a PLD gives away your position and thus the enemy can take you down rather easily. With hand flares used to mark a vehicle there would be a sort of safe way of marking an enemy (one of course has to manage to get close to the vehicle in the first place)…

  • Sparkee100 01.31.14 at 10:17

    Pros: Love the RGO impact and Flash bang upgrades.

    Neutral: Flares (comical? very realistic…DICE), Also no changes to Incendiary? I was expecting at-least some change since it can glitch through walls but seems like I can still use it to guard MCOMS while playing Rush.

    Cons: Disappointed that the volley of grenades will continue to wrench all the operation grenade spam maps. DICE need to understand that it was not just the over power of the Mini’s that was frustrating but also the ability to spam it non-stop when next to an ammo crate.

  • exUSSR_BuzZ 01.31.14 at 08:00

    You don’t have to make flash 5 seconds long, 3 is just enough. The thing is it has to be useful, so it actually blinds players, just like in Counter Strike. Flashes are good addition but right now they are worthless, I can still aim and shoot. Hope you will get this right.

  • TakahashiRyos-ke 01.31.14 at 07:22

    OH EM GEE, You didn’t change anything about smoke ordnance in an update to grenades?? You obviously do not use smoke when you yourselves play the game, Dice Devs! See full analysis and suggestions in my full BF4 review:

  • NoTouchGoon 01.31.14 at 05:40

    40mm smoke and FB is worst thing ever.

  • Aerros 01.31.14 at 05:05

    Incendiary damages through floors/walls/etc…

  • NoTouchGoon 01.31.14 at 03:51


  • BiscuitLord12 01.31.14 at 02:57

    Well i don’t know about you guys but i would like to see the guns on your soldiers back. ( in third person ). What do you guys think?

  • BiscuitLord12 01.31.14 at 02:54

    Well i don’t know about you guys but i would like to see the guns on your soldiers back. ( in third person )

  • MATCHAR2780 01.30.14 at 23:44

    I notice Thatcher rgo grenades some ppl has more than me like 5 or 6 instead of 2 why?

    • BLUEM0NG00SE 01.31.14 at 00:17

      Because they have field upgrades that allow them to do different things. For example some give players sprint boost, ammo upgrade, and some have increased grenade ammo capacity.

  • 1zer01 01.30.14 at 23:04


    Many assault rifles (like the L85a2) need a buff to compete with mid to long ranged snipers in hardcore. Maybe by improving it’s accuracy, reducing recoil, or damage increase as assault rifles are least affective on targets over 50m. That’s a relatively short distance for an assault rifle to be least effective.

  • SANHELLO8 01.30.14 at 21:33

    Would make a “signal” general secondary ammunition and more brighter , then that would throw at her to cover that area , where the enemy armored vehicles that would later Allied aircraft could attack the enemy in the highlighted area .

    In the realism useful thing , and will be a tactical interest to the process of the game.

    A incendiary grenades ammunition necessary to make universal , because this type of weapon operates on the principle – thermite grenade …

  • Captain_Dope 01.30.14 at 21:17

    Also, you should reduce the amount of M40 you can carry from 3 to 2 in order to reduce grenade spamming which is a bit of a issue. What makes the M40 the most popular grenade is the fact you can throw them faster and further than other grenades, plus you get to carry 3 of them. If 10 players attack 10 enemy players, 60 grenades can be thrown in less than 10 seconds. When you only get to have 1 M67 frag grenade, you must think about using it more carefully and put some more skill into your throw. But when you have 3 M40 you can just spam away.

  • Echo5Wolf 01.30.14 at 21:15

    Kind of saying the same thing with the Hand flares but it gives you both perspectives.

  • Echo5Wolf 01.30.14 at 21:13

    Giving the commanders and Squad leaders the ability to lock on to the Hand Flares like a flag will (1) allow the Commanders to drop supplies on locations squads need them allow commanders to “easily” place commands on those locations. (2) allow squad leaders to place squad orders on entry points and points of interest and give their commander a place to drop supplies and new orders for that location.

    For the Smoke grenade the linger affect would not only look cool but allow you to throw the smoke grenade up wind or cross wind to let the wind cover your assault path or lane of movement instead of just throwing out a really large pile of smoke.

  • Captain_Dope 01.30.14 at 21:08

    I like all those grenade changes. However, I believe you are not done yet. I recommend you look over the incendiary grenade too. Its damage, range, duration and blast radius are quite poor. Very few players choose the incendiary over another grenade. Increasing the amount of incendiary grenades you can carry from 1 to 2 would help a little, but you still need to tweak it further to make it a more useful and viable grenade.


  • Captain_Dope 01.30.14 at 21:05

    I like all those grenade changes. However, I believe you are not done yet. I recommend you look over the incendiary grenade too. Its damage, range, duration and blast radius are quite poor. Very few players choose the incendiary over another grenade. Increasing the amount of incendiary grenades you can carry from 1 to 2 would help a little, but you still need to tweak it further to make it a more useful and viable grenade.


  • AnyOLName 01.30.14 at 21:01

    Since we are finally getting some fixes and such, what do we think about the perks? Are they working right?

    Are they supposed to carry over from round to round or not? Because sometimes they do, and sometimes they don’t. I will have level 3 on the green bar, but none of the perks will work. It will go up a perk to the last one, but it works as if I got the level 2 upgrade. Sometimes it works like it shows. On top of that, you have to die to get the perk to work. Witch is risky, if your squad wipes while you are reloading. It doesn’t seem like a reward if you have to die to get your reward for doing well.

    Then there are things that don’t make sense that I’m not sure are broken.

    Issues I have;

    Engineer, anti-tank loadout:
    LEVEL 1: MINES: Increases maximum inventory of AT Mines or M2 SLAM to 6
    LEVEL 2: ROCKETS: Increases maximum inventory of AT and AA ammo to 7
    LEVEL 3: MORE DEPLOYED EXPLOSIVES Increases maximum deployed Explosives to 6
    LEVEL 4: FLAK: Decreases damage from explosions by 15

    You start off with 6 explosives, but can only put out 3 until you get to level 3. But when I hit level 3, I can put out 6 total explosives, but now I’m only carrying 3. Is it supposed to be like that? I though it would be a running total, not just that perk at the time.

  • TheHighlightGuy 01.30.14 at 20:59

    I love the ideas mentioned here of increasing the hand flares usability! Marking things for the commander and being able to lock on with launchers would make it amazing and an actual viable option, like the flashbang is now.

  • Devellis96 01.30.14 at 20:48

    Sounds good, but you’re still getting 3 V40s and you can throw them farther. Allow us to carry two M67s. IMO, this is most balanced.

  • APhiLLiaTe o2 01.30.14 at 20:36

    +1 M67 & Incendiary grenade, so 2 for each….no point in choosing the M67 if you get 3 of every kind now.

  • Echo5Wolf 01.30.14 at 20:22

    A suggestion:

    Hand Flares – Allow the Hand Flares the ability to be used to target locations for Commanders and Squad Leaders for orders and supplies.

    Smoke Grenades – Increase the amount of smoke or the time the smoke “lingers” or stays in an area and interact more with the environment like wind effect.

  • MMMoose 01.30.14 at 19:54

    No smoke grenade fix???? Wtf! Just add a second or two on their deployment

  • SANHELLO8 01.30.14 at 19:54

    Would make a “signal” general secondary ammunition and more brighter , then that would throw at her to cover that area , where the enemy armored vehicles that would later Allied aircraft could attack the enemy in the highlighted area .

    In the realism useful thing , and will be a tactical interest to the process of the game.

    A incendiary grenades ammunition necessary to make universal , because this type of weapon operates on the principle – thermite grenade …

    I’m from Russia , this writing through Google – translator .
    I hope my wishes heard. Thank you.

  • CAMBARARE420 01.30.14 at 19:41

    You have not given us anything in BF4 that warrants a change in the controller scheme from BF3. People STILL DO NOT SPOT! Give us an intuitive melee button like we had in BF3! You have made many changes to this game from BF3 that are totally unnecessary and they actually reduce the quality of the game greatly, the menu, the partying system and the controller scheme are but a few examples! IF IT AINT BROKE, DON’T TRY TO FIX IT!

  • hsram 01.30.14 at 19:29

    Finally flashbang buffs.

  • KELLOGG5 01.30.14 at 19:29

    Never liked hardcore. For a couple reasons:
    First, players can’t jump between modes because of the differencing damage models. (Now weapons are adjusted because of it.) I would love to play with friends on the different mode but it’d screw with me (like playing a different fps.)
    Secondly, never like COD influence on BF games, hardcore for the most part has no increase to skill with relation to the damage model (it just takes less time.) I thought Dice would have made their own hardcore model that increase the skill to play, their sub version of COD does require better listening skills and awareness, but that damage model!!! Ridiculous!! (COD: how can we make a game mode harder? One guy: make it require more skill to kill (like everyone does since video games started!) Another guy: let’s make it easier to kill. COD to second guy: sounds good to me! No skill increase, but the illusion the player is a bad@$$.)
    I was hopping Dice would have made their hardcore mode similar to normal gameplay in BFBC. Friendly fire, mini map, spotting, no kill cam, and same damage model between modes. That’s what sold me to the Dices’ games. I know this complaint is dated and should be for a forum, but whatever.

  • DoNotReviveMe14 01.30.14 at 19:23

    Flash bang buff!?cool

  • Dalovitch 01.30.14 at 19:15

    Please fix the RGO Impact that does not blow on impact

    • cj2allen 01.30.14 at 20:12

      I use them and I still try bank shot with them because I know they usually don’t explode immediately at impact. That with the fact that you get two of them kind of makes them unfair. Changing this would add some trade-offs.

  • Indefragable 01.30.14 at 19:12

    As a Hardcore-only player I applaud and welcome these grenade changes. Thank you for properly balancing and keep it up

  • MrFroggins 01.30.14 at 18:51

    why o why are you pandering to the COD fans playing this game complaining about every feckin decent weapon and then nerfing it, ffs if you gave us all a feckin turd on a stick to kill each other with we’d still get complaints that some turds smell funnier than others or his sticks thicker than mine n you’d feckin nerf that too – THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ANY GRENADE!!!!

  • babilone0123 01.30.14 at 18:50

    DICE released a buggy game but they are triyng to fix it, I like them :) continue so DICE! :)

  • FuturistikoPR 01.30.14 at 18:46

    Fuck all them pussies who complained bout the v40 grenades…them grenades were fine.

  • ShakingDruid909 01.30.14 at 18:39

    Yeah that would be super epic!

  • pulseMOD 01.30.14 at 18:38

    You should modify the hand flares to act as heat signatures that can be locked on to.

    • pulseMOD 01.30.14 at 18:40

      Not so much for vehicles, but if you have a lock on launcher and needed to punch through a wall with enemies behind it your buddy could toss down a flare.

    • APhiLLiaTe o2 01.30.14 at 20:36

      Awesome idea!

  • EURYNOME STOLAS 01.30.14 at 18:37

    The people that complained about the minis are then ones that died by them. I hope I can still bomb them down the end zone for a kill like normal.

  • GONZ357 01.30.14 at 18:29

    Thank you for taking into consideration the real players no map hardcore.

  • Blazur 01.30.14 at 18:22

    It’s disappointing to see that the flare still lacks a purpose in this game. Oh well.

  • INSANITYinBLOOD 01.30.14 at 18:20

    When u guys r rolling out the patch with all this tweaks ?
    Bcs more I play more I get possed off Zero health players killing me and lmg getting no hitmarkers while aiming.

  • Crystal Dragon 01.30.14 at 18:19

    How about forcing M320 HE/LVG users to select a nonlethal grenade (flash, smoke, hand flare)? Just like you block stinger while using SMAW.

  • Availment 01.30.14 at 18:05

    Is it really necessary for flash bangs to work on friendlies too?

  • RussDad 01.30.14 at 18:03


    • Ingal 01.30.14 at 18:23

      Wow this happens to me soooo many time. Hate it!!!

    • cj2allen 01.30.14 at 20:15

      The trick is to aim the gun at their body/head.

  • Brownnf23 01.30.14 at 18:02

    I like that you are giving us more had flares, but I have a suggestion to make them useful. When thrown at an enemy vehicle, they attach themselves to the vehicle allowing rockets to lock onto them.

  • TheDustfinger 01.30.14 at 17:54

    Yeah i think the handflare should allow friendly lock on weapons to lock on to it so you could throw it at a group of enemies and air vehicles could use their guided ammunition for targets that are no vehicles.

  • BlackOctoberFox 01.30.14 at 17:53

    One use I can think of for the handflare to actually make it a viable tactic is to prevent it’s blinding effect on self and team mates. It could then be used as a variation on the smoke grenade, you can still be spotted by people not blinded by it, the red smoke can provide some concealment from long range, a sort of hybrid of smoke and flashbang but less effective than each individually in terms of it’s effects. So whilst up close you have an advantage, you paint a big red target where you throw it meaning snipers and other long range attackers can still kill you relatively easy through the red haze. Commanders should also have flares appear on their hud to show where assistance is required, say to indicate exactly where a squad wants an ammo crate, vehicle drop or middle attack placed.

  • trustter 01.30.14 at 17:51

    I like the balance but I hope the range change for the mini40 is not too great.

  • Crashpilot_GER 01.30.14 at 17:20

    Great changes, unfortunatly the handflare is still kinda useless, eas really hoping for something

    • Mrwhiney 01.30.14 at 17:52

      Yeah, personally I was hoping friendly flares would show up on the minimap to help mortars, artillery, and jets equipped with JDAMS. It’s not a HUGE deal but it would have been a small purpose for them

      • runn1n_sp1d3r 01.30.14 at 18:31

        I agree. Its not a big deal but it would give friends another way to work together

      • Indefragable 01.30.14 at 19:15

        Using flares for marking purposes would be awesome. Right now their only real purpose is to light up dark corners or to kinda-sorta-maybe-annoy people’s vision when looking through doorways. If they are for comedic effect, at least make them green. And you can hold two lit ones in your hands at the same time. And cross your arms.

        (Nicholoas Cage, “The Rock”?)

  • APBT 01.30.14 at 17:14

    Great balance.

    • [DICE] H Brun 01.30.14 at 17:15


      • TTUVAPOR 01.30.14 at 17:20

        Brun, I agree, good balance on the grenades.

        Will you be doing a blog post on what you guys are doing about the netcode? I think the community would appreciate a detailed post about the inner workings of the BF4 netcode because these 1 hit kills are being perceived as 1hk but in reality they’re not because the netcode is not portraying it correctly on the screen. Also, the other issue of taking damage behind cover one to one 1/2 seconds later seems to also be a netcode issue, that and shots not registering hit markers.