Balancing BF4: Upcoming Grenade Tweaks

In our continued balancing blog series, we’ll talk about some of the core gameplay tweaks that we are planning for Battlefield 4!


In this post, we’ll talk about the upcoming Battlefield 4 tweaks that we have planned, based on your feedback. These changes are all slotted to go live in a future game update. Stay tuned for more, and let us know what you think in the comments below.


1) Increased the number of M84 FLASHBANG and HAND FLARES the player can carry from 2 to 3. A player may now have 3 active HAND FLARES, up from 1 before. The HAND FLARE remains mostly a gadget of comic relief, though its ability to blind IRNV sights should not be forgotten. The increase in the number the player can carry should allow for a larger tactical use of both the HAND FLARE and the M84 FLASHBANG.

2) Increased the effect of M84 FLASHBANG grenades on friendly and enemy players. When Friendly Fire is OFF, friendlies receive approximately half the effect duration. Previous duration was 4 seconds, now 5 seconds for enemy players. Additionally increased the range at which a player feels the full effect of the flash, and increased the effect on players not looking directly at the flash bang. This should sufficiently improve the reliability of the M84 FLASHBANG, and make it a viable choice in the grenade category.

3) Increased the maximum damage for the RGO from 67 to 80, however reduced the range of explosion. The RGO was essentially an instant kill in Hardcore, it now has a reduced 1 hit kill range, however accurate throws will yield higher damage values in Core. This clarifies the role of the RGO as an accurate impact hand grenade, while still not allowing 1 hit kills in Core.

4) Reduced the visual and audio effect for the detonation of the V40 Mini to highlight its smaller blast when compared to other grenades. Decreased the maximum damage from 80 to 60, and decreased the range at which maximum damage is applied. The player continues to carry 3 V40 grenades, and is still able to use 2 of them to get a kill in Core. Previously the V40 was entirely superior to the M67 in Hardcore, this change aims to balance them in Hardcore, while also keeping their effectiveness intact in Core.

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Stay tuned for more confirmed tweaks that we have planned for Battlefield 4. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  • ChimeraTA 03.04.14 at 14:47

    Please reduce grenade count for each exploding type to 1 (mini=+distance, impact=no delay, standard=+damage). 2 inciendiary, 3 smoke, 3 flashbangs, 3 flares. there’s way too much grenade spam.

    • brisk540 03.13.14 at 05:13

      Or just make it so grenades and grenade launchers can not be resupplied by ammo boxes but make them only able to be resupplied by the commander

      • brisk540 03.13.14 at 05:14

        Or delay the reload time for grenades to 30 seconds

        • brisk540 03.13.14 at 05:14

          Battlefield is no longer an FPS with the current grenade spam rather an FPG First Person Grenade fest

  • Arinord 02.19.14 at 15:25

    Grenades are a problem, at least when it comes to infantry only maps.
    -ONLY weak concusion to flash bangs allowed (which do not obscure your vision completely (blinds) people completely no matter how many tactical grenades than being subjected to simultaneous
    -The ability to use explosive grenades ONLY every other round (64 player lobby, only 32 total allowed to use grenades, applies to all matches) ie every 2-3 round you have the opportunity to use explosive grenades throughout the match, when it is your turn to get grenades ENTIRE round could have been Lakt to a gentle “pop” like saying: – your explosive grenades can now be used –


  • ROLANDMS1 02.17.14 at 17:36

    Please… consider increasing the size, thickness, and length of time smoke grenades are dispersed. Presently, the smoke grenades are like ant farts!

  • Player_vneuvmh3 02.16.14 at 02:33

    Please…just reduce the # of grenades all around. 1 Frag and Impact, 2 Minis and Incendiary, 3 flash, smoke, and flares. There is so much dang grenade spam! Also, maybe increase the fuse of the V40′s without increasing range so that they aren’t like RGO’s at long range.

  • cig107 02.15.14 at 10:11

    Would love to be able to cook grenades that can actually cook off, like the M67. It happens quite often on the modern battlefield.

  • Maun0_Mato 02.14.14 at 08:16

    There’s something wrong with the V40 still, the blast radius is way too big, it seems that you have absolutely no chance of avoiding it if you ever see the grenade icon even if there’s seconds to run away from it to the opposite direction.

    Also it seems to go through walls on Locker and the blast kills through the broken chimney parts after it’s fallen down on Zavod, basically you can’t avoid it even if you know where it’s going to land and see it miles away.

  • EmMa240592 02.08.14 at 06:38

    wait i buy a battlefield game or a new call of duty? because all this things are properly from call of duty

    • max08152233 02.09.14 at 00:46

      battlefield better grafics better gameplay and all my friends that got ghost now love battlefield

  • pharmapramit226 02.08.14 at 05:32

    i think it is a good idea of increasing the effect of M84 flash bang as its effect of duration is more on player

  • omgSTREAK43 02.07.14 at 18:53

    I think you should remove 2 of the explosive grenades from every player (didn’t play the game but saw some videos) so they could carry only one like in BFBC2. THE GRENADE SPAM IS TOO DAMN HIGH !!!

  • 44MagTooStronk 02.07.14 at 01:39

    I think for the handflare to be semiuseful you should be allowed to deploy more than one at a time. I wish you could spam them like the smoke nades lol

  • TrolReva 02.06.14 at 22:08

    i really like the idea of giving the v40 mini less damage because on operation locker i was getting owned by those things left and right. lol

  • Cold Blooded 00 02.05.14 at 20:03

    perfect! make sure flash bang grenade is blinding still whether your looking directly at it or not….. and yes increase the range. I should feel like batman with it lol.

  • CosyPigeon 02.05.14 at 06:15

    “The HAND FLARE remains mostly a gadget of comic relief, though its ability to blind IRNV sights should not be forgotten.”
    Please make us a true night time map, I know you guys said you didn’t think it would fit the balance of your game, and you might be right, but it would be a lot of fun, and I think your players would greatly appreciate it.

    If you let the player cook the m67, it will become competitive with RGO and minis.

  • life-or-death-87 02.04.14 at 22:25

    I think a great new feature to set you apart from all other online games even more would be…

    When you create your profile. choose what U.S. BRANCH you want your ranking structure to be.
    Im USAF and would be awesome to see different ranks
    just keep the rank # so everyone knows what rank you are..just change the emblem
    ..of course you would have to keep the CWO even though there is no CWO in the USAF. then on the birthday of each branch you could do a xdp ..depending on which branch of service you choose ..would depend on which week you would get dxp.

    • Officer Swaggot 02.05.14 at 21:46


    • cig107 02.15.14 at 10:07

      Bro, no one likes the Air Force. Lol, former Army 11b here, glad to see more and more active duty and vets in the game of all services and nationalities.

  • Aerros 02.04.14 at 19:52

    Incendiary Grenade should kill, instead of leaving instances where the enemy with 1 health.

    Hand flare should serve the same purpose as aircraft flares

    • Aerros 02.04.14 at 19:53

      *instead of instances where the enemy is left with 1 health.

  • AXE Coolossus 02.04.14 at 15:35

    No. This is not the way to go. You won’t listen but the thing to improve the game is to keep V40 damage the same but decrease to 2 instead of 3. It should be distinguished from the M67 by its ability to be thrown longer distances. The M67 should get a slightly quicker reload. The V40 needs a significantly longer reload. All grenades need a maximum of 4 per life (one full reload). Flares should be removed. They are annoying to friendlies in addition to having limited usefulness. Hardly anyone uses IRNV since it was nerfed so much in BF3. Flashbangs definitely need help. They are fairly worthless right now. The 40mm variety of grenades/launchers need a max of 5 per life (one loaded, 2 in reserve, can reload two only once). The reload time should be longer for these. RGO impact should be increased to two. Smoke needs more smoke effect. The incendiary grenade should be increased to two and its effect shortened but its damage should be buffed.

  • Argos444 02.04.14 at 04:00

    If the incendiary grenade was like the grenade used in gunner incendiary, then it would be more reliable.

  • SHOKING_KNIGHT 02.03.14 at 21:34

    What about the Incendiary grenade? It seems to be a little lacking to me, something about the damage or radius.

  • SMSgtZinn 02.03.14 at 14:19

    It would be nice to be able to “cook” grenades (pull the pin before you throw it). The timer should not be stopped, regardless of where the grenade is, even if that means killing the player who has held on too long.

    All too often, a player throws a grenade and everybody runs away before it detonates. There is no mechanism to cook the grenade other than throwing from a very long distance, which is impossible in tight quarters.

    • AXE Coolossus 02.04.14 at 15:37

      I agree. Such a simple and reasonable request yet it is always ignored. DICE tries to add “realism”. That is realism.

  • AllHardLuck 02.03.14 at 09:42

    Totally agree with adding purpose to Flares. Fix them so that their heat signature will be locked on by Heatseeking missiles. Not a bad idea to add the “adhesive” part also. Personally believe it would make things more interesting if players could attach a couple of them to vehicles.

    “Increased the maximum damage for the RGO from 67 to 80, however reduced the range of explosion.” What sense does this make?? If you increase damage, of course the range is going to increase. Did any of you guys take physics?? If you want to nerf it for Hardcore players, then keep the effects in Hardcore and leave the rest of the game out of it.
    Fix the part where the RGO “IMPACT” goes off on “IMPACT”. Also, just because I die doesn’t mean that grenade I just threw shouldn’t go off.

    • HOLYBUTT 02.04.14 at 01:58

      The reason the grenades were changed like that is probably because it is a game and yeah damage goes up but you have to be more accurate with em… I like the adhesive flare idea … Heat seeking would be cool but I think we would be seeing them too much if they did that… Also I bet there are a few people in the developers team who took physics… But I bet their main class was some computer designing/game designing class :/

      • AllHardLuck 02.05.14 at 16:20

        Good point. But if it required 3 or 4 flares to be strong enough to create that heat signature, then that would instill the need for team play I’m thinking.

  • F34RTH1S 02.02.14 at 23:46

    I’ve noticed the v40 has had a larger blast radius than normal lately and have seen others say the same. Moving the same distance from a v40 as you would a m67, v40 still kills you where the m67 just grazes.

  • RickRude136 02.02.14 at 20:25

    Your lucky there is only 5 games for Xbox One right now. As soon as a decent game comes out no one will play this trash unless you fix the problems instead of tweaking shit that doesn’t need it. Tweak after you have fixed it.

  • RickRude136 02.02.14 at 20:24

    Congrats DICE. You have now become Infinity Ward and COD

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