Balancing BF4: Items We Are Monitoring

In our continued balancing blog series, we’ll talk about some of the core gameplay tweaks that we are looking into for Battlefield 4.

In this post, we’ll talk about various items that you have brought to our attention regarding balancing in Battlefield 4. Right now, we are currently thinking of the items below as working as designed, but we are open to suggestions and comments. Stay tuned for more balancing updates going forward, and let us know what you think in the comments below.



1) Players have suggested that the TV missiles be allowed to 1 hit kill enemy aircraft. While we initially considered increasing their damage to 90% from 80%, we decided against this change. The TV missile is not intended to be an anti-aircraft weapon system, and while skilled players may currently be able to use it that way, we do not find its current damage level to be imbalanced.

2) Players have also suggested that Sniper Rifle and 12G SLUG rounds be allowed to penetrate body armor at close range. The purpose of body armor is to specifically counter these kinds of threats, and players with these weapons have received significant buffs to accuracy to allow them to achieve close range headshots with higher frequency. Finally, the goal of 12G SLUGS is a long range alternative for shotguns, players wishing to defeat body armor at close range with shotguns should utilize the 12G FLECHETTE rounds instead.

3) As a capable all around weapon, players have suggested the GALIL ACE 23 is over powered. Players of specific types, especially competitive players, will gravitate towards a weapon that can work in any situation. The ACE 23 is out performed at close range, long range, and has competitors at medium range. We see no need for a change at this time.

4) Below Radar has been a hot topic, asking why it was “removed” from BF4. Below Radar was never a part of the original design for BF4’s locking mechanics, and while we have discussed allowing a low altitude state to cause lock on to take longer, the added frustration of being unable to lock on to targets does not offset the added danger to helicopters at low altitude. Furthermore, having a low altitude state only affect PASSIVE or ACTIVE radar missiles would add additional confusion, as it did in BF3 when stingers still worked on Below Radar vehicles.

5) Long Range scopes for DMRs were tested extensively internally before release. We specifically removed these scopes from those weapons as we found any class being able to effectively snipe was detrimental to the overall pace and gameplay of BF4. We have no intentions of adding those scopes to DMRs for BF4.

6) As a guaranteed get out of jail free card, aircraft counter measures are only designed to allow a vehicle to escape distant danger, not to enable the aircraft to be immune to lock on weaponry. While this is a tricky balance, we’re currently happy with the reload times and amounts of counter measures carried by aircraft.

7) MAA is too powerful against the AC130 and other ground vehicles. The reduction to the range of the MAA cannons should address the issue of the AC130, and at this time we feel that the balance between MAA and other ground vehicles is appropriate.

8) Ground destruction makes vehicle driving difficult after significant combat. We’re happy that the dynamic aspect of BF4 has a direct impact on the gameplay, and at the moment do not think this is in need of any tweaks.

9) Some players have been disappointed in the rate of fire of the G36C carbine, citing it being different from BF3. We understand the feelings of fans when their favorite gun doesn’t work in the same way it was before, however BF4 is its own game, with its own balance, and all weapons received various changes and balance factors. We do not intend to change the rate of fire of the G36C.

10) Attack helicopter maneuverability is also a hot topic. We’re open to the idea that the Attack Helicopters could benefit from an increase in speed and maneuverability. At the moment, we’ve made tweaks to the primary threats for Attack Helicopters, and we want to see how that change affects the battlefield before we make additional changes blindly.

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Stay tuned for more confirmed tweaks that we have planned for Battlefield 4. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  • Mushobisho 04.16.14 at 01:43

    Fix the balance breaking field upgrades bug that’s has existed since day 0

  • LagginSr 04.03.14 at 21:17

    Attack helicopter maneuverability – Who’s the idiot that phucked with the physics on the heli’s? Since when can’t an Apache, Cobra, or ANY heli with a turbine pull out of a 90 degree bank? The maneuverability of the Attack choppers in BF4 is completely wrong. Do a little research DICE, Turbine choppers can do barrel rolls and loopty upside fucking down loops IN REAL LIFE. In BF4, if you bank past around 75 degrees, the attack choppers can’t recover for some dumb ass reason and you end up just crashing into the ground as if you lost all power. Guess what numbnutz’ – you assigned Hangglider physics to the attack choppers. Stupid ass developers.

  • 6Fiddich9 04.03.14 at 03:04

    What I read here is…no no no no no no no no no..oh…and… In others, the game is fine how we made it so stop harassing us to give you what you paid for.

  • DonnieZX10R 04.01.14 at 00:02

    OH, right… Forgot… How about fixing the glitch in Hainan Resort where I fire a god-awful amount of rounds at an A-10 Thunderbolt from the opposing jet (whatever the other one is) and it registers NO DAMAGE… How about you guys fix that one, too, ok?

    • XXJesterAlphaXX 04.08.14 at 02:13

      This one, amongst others is terrible. Dont know if this is a glitch or update, but this is unnacceptable.. After a certain height aircraft are immune to direct hits. By this logic I request that my tank be immune to enemy fire and that , while we`re at it, i cant be killed by any other forms of fire due to my lack of skill. Also, AA campers are annoying to an extreme level. I suggest hampering their range so they need to come out of spawn. Or better, not spawning AA at home base. Being a good pilot isnt something we should be nurfed for. Frankly it seems that this game is on a crusade against air vehichles. Why not just take them out completely if thats the case?

  • DonnieZX10R 04.01.14 at 00:00

    DICE, how about… And there’s NO WAY you can say “NO” to this one… How about you fix the “DAWNBREAKER” map so it doesn’t FREEZE every single time I play on it??? That’d be great… Just really disappointed and I feel like I’m really wasting my time writing this… NINE MULTIPLAYER PATCHES LATER and STILL NOT ADDRESSED!!! C’mon…

  • Shawn11986 03.30.14 at 13:49

    sounds like a whole LOT of “no” “no” “no” – “no some more” and a 1 or 2 cases where a “maybe” is on the books… well done. Well done indeed.

  • game tester 927 03.26.14 at 09:56

    Dice, need to make jets faster, the jets in BF4 go around 385-425 kph. When in reality the A-10 THUNDERBOLT (aka the A-10 WARTHOG) can go over 700 kph and that’s the oldest and the slowest of the 6 jets on BF4, the fastest (F-35B) can go almost 2000 kph. So Dice, why do all the jets in BF4 fly slower than a 1939 Fiat CR.42 Falco?

    • Merlinsisle 04.03.14 at 16:22

      If they made them faster they wouldn’t be usable on the maps because of the out of bounds.

  • Crayze Steve 03.25.14 at 17:55

    Who employ’s these idiots? It’s no wonder I keep assuming that they outsourced half of BF4′s development to China.

    Look at how they defend their choices “however BF4 is its own game, with its own balance, and all weapons received various changes and balance factors. We do not intend to change the rate of fire of the G36C” Baring in mind that you’re changing what makes a specific gun good to its purpose, why didn’t you make single fire LMG’s or automatic sniper rifles?

    They won’t even remove aim-assist from Hardcore mode on consoles, allowing people to use “sniper” rifles at all ranges. How the fuck is that balanced? I fire a 30 round mag and only 2 rounds hit, they kill me with 1 shot at all ranges and never miss.

    Fuck frostbite 3. Seriously DICE sell the rights to Battlefront 3 to UBISOFT or something. You’ll probably make light sabers do 10 damage and sniper blasters kill in 1 hit…

    • Merlinsisle 04.03.14 at 16:24

      Where the fuck is the like button I need to hit it 10 times.

  • KaozWulf 03.25.14 at 14:48

    While I was interested to see what you were “monitoring”. It sounds more like you are monitoring anything instead just said no to everything. Whats the point of this article?

  • xwseiferwx 03.25.14 at 13:24

    So, in other words, you’re not changing anything? Why even post this?

  • buddie11 03.24.14 at 14:29

    A little reality when someone uses a bike to run you down. The bike should go out of control and through the rider off and he should suffer some type of injury based on terrain. There should always be a action reaction to all decisions in the game. Why exclude the guy on the bike?

  • Bull3t5t0rm83 03.23.14 at 03:15

    I think that whole “DMR’s without sniper scopes so every class can’t snipe” is kind of ridiculous. In BF3, you could attach a sniper scope to anything short of an PDW. Fuck, you could put a sniper scope on a shotgun. You don’t even have to give the DMR’s the option to have variable zoom- just let them at least have a high-powered scope.

  • icycler1-US- 03.16.14 at 13:25

    I think many would agree with me that the smoke emitting gadgets of all kinds need a serious buff to be a viable option in any mode. Reasons:

    M18: Blocks naked eye sight for short period of time approx 3 m radius; however, ANY long range scope can see right through it, (Meaning all recons) Smokes concealment should block magnification scopes with the exception of thermal and night optics, given that’s part of their intended function.

    M320 smoke blocks naked eye (sort of) but seemingly for a shorter time. (understandably given its an explosion rather than a slow burn.) however once again its nothing for a sniper to pick off targets behind.

    Airbust Smoke/Joke: If nothing else this smoke is the single most purposeless addition to this game, offering no more concealment than a light morning mist, and requires a major buff to be even considered over its alternatives. It can be seen through easily by the naked eye, the optics capability need not even be mentioned.

    Personally id also like to see the concealment radius almost doubled and the duration of concealment for smoke across the board increased, but i can see potential problems that this might create, such as Lag, increased processor-load, etc. But Please at bare minimum take away 6x scopes and highers ability to see through smoke to motivate snipers to carry a pld, and to make placing tactical concealment a viable option.

  • Magikphish 03.16.14 at 09:36

    EA, DICE and Origin; I love BF4 despite all of the complaints and server issues that I encounter and constantly hear people whining about. The first thing to truly ‘chap my hide’ however, has come up with respect to the Customer Appreciation shortcut packs — which I also loved. I am devoted enough to BF4, that I upgraded to the XBOX One and purchased a 2nd copy (at full price???). What needs to be fixed is that the shortcut packs need to transfer along with my other stats. When playing on the One, I lost all of the DMR’s and Handguns (which I really liked getting in Feb). It is ridiculous that in order to use them; I have to go back to playing on the 360.

    You should reopen the the shortcut packs; or offer a ‘recovery option,’ like maybe a link that you can email? I’m a little bent that I lost all of these great weapons that I had really just become used to — and that I am again looking at weeks of work to level them up now.

    Nice surprise? — Ooops, just kidding……………

    • Merlinsisle 04.03.14 at 16:29


  • LightningSaixxx 03.16.14 at 06:14

    DICE think it’s time to add M4A1. military units in the United States using the M4, replace it with the M4A1, which is a must for every combat (elite or not) that is, we have weapons that are not used by the Marines U.S. or Chinese or Russians. A modern game like this needs the M4A1 for more realism and better gameplay and no one who bears ak 12 or a HK416 thanks for reading. by a more realistic Battlefield.

  • ciaran1x 03.09.14 at 09:49

    why do they feel that the AA tank is “ok” at the moment ?!? it is the most overpowered thing in the game, being able to take down the entire teams air force in 30seconds is obviously bad. choppers were my favorite part of BF for so many years, they fucked them up so much in this game. there just isn’t any fun in fly in, hear lock, flares, wait 10sec, hear lock, fly away. it just gets in the way of the objectives. i honestly think there should be no stingers/AA tank and less powerful helis that way no one could complain.

    its just disastrous at the moment.

    • CodeNameBlake 03.09.14 at 19:37

      How about the stinger only does 15 damage and you only have 2 shots… Come on Dice that is the perfect Stinger, also nerf AA tanks even more… Just put something to guard it from infantry on the front like an incendiary grenade. Also AA bursts need to have 20 shots… Max? I mean if the AA landed every 30 MM shot on the helicopter precisely, it would be down in only 5 seconds. Either that or helicopter 5 second flare restart. < That is reasonable at this time right now.

    • HappyStingray 03.26.14 at 17:18

      Thank You and praise the lord

    • Merlinsisle 04.03.14 at 16:33

      I legitimately think they should remove it. Now hear me out, It is extremely overpowered to all people not just aircraft, It removes any point to use the stinger or the igla because that thing owns the sky, and there is no fun in taking out aircraft anymore because the AA tank always disables or destroys it before you can. Guys we need to start a petition to get rid of the MAA.

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