Balancing BF4: Items We Are Monitoring

In our continued balancing blog series, we’ll talk about some of the core gameplay tweaks that we are looking into for Battlefield 4.

In this post, we’ll talk about various items that you have brought to our attention regarding balancing in Battlefield 4. Right now, we are currently thinking of the items below as working as designed, but we are open to suggestions and comments. Stay tuned for more balancing updates going forward, and let us know what you think in the comments below.



1) Players have suggested that the TV missiles be allowed to 1 hit kill enemy aircraft. While we initially considered increasing their damage to 90% from 80%, we decided against this change. The TV missile is not intended to be an anti-aircraft weapon system, and while skilled players may currently be able to use it that way, we do not find its current damage level to be imbalanced.

2) Players have also suggested that Sniper Rifle and 12G SLUG rounds be allowed to penetrate body armor at close range. The purpose of body armor is to specifically counter these kinds of threats, and players with these weapons have received significant buffs to accuracy to allow them to achieve close range headshots with higher frequency. Finally, the goal of 12G SLUGS is a long range alternative for shotguns, players wishing to defeat body armor at close range with shotguns should utilize the 12G FLECHETTE rounds instead.

3) As a capable all around weapon, players have suggested the GALIL ACE 23 is over powered. Players of specific types, especially competitive players, will gravitate towards a weapon that can work in any situation. The ACE 23 is out performed at close range, long range, and has competitors at medium range. We see no need for a change at this time.

4) Below Radar has been a hot topic, asking why it was “removed” from BF4. Below Radar was never a part of the original design for BF4’s locking mechanics, and while we have discussed allowing a low altitude state to cause lock on to take longer, the added frustration of being unable to lock on to targets does not offset the added danger to helicopters at low altitude. Furthermore, having a low altitude state only affect PASSIVE or ACTIVE radar missiles would add additional confusion, as it did in BF3 when stingers still worked on Below Radar vehicles.

5) Long Range scopes for DMRs were tested extensively internally before release. We specifically removed these scopes from those weapons as we found any class being able to effectively snipe was detrimental to the overall pace and gameplay of BF4. We have no intentions of adding those scopes to DMRs for BF4.

6) As a guaranteed get out of jail free card, aircraft counter measures are only designed to allow a vehicle to escape distant danger, not to enable the aircraft to be immune to lock on weaponry. While this is a tricky balance, we’re currently happy with the reload times and amounts of counter measures carried by aircraft.

7) MAA is too powerful against the AC130 and other ground vehicles. The reduction to the range of the MAA cannons should address the issue of the AC130, and at this time we feel that the balance between MAA and other ground vehicles is appropriate.

8) Ground destruction makes vehicle driving difficult after significant combat. We’re happy that the dynamic aspect of BF4 has a direct impact on the gameplay, and at the moment do not think this is in need of any tweaks.

9) Some players have been disappointed in the rate of fire of the G36C carbine, citing it being different from BF3. We understand the feelings of fans when their favorite gun doesn’t work in the same way it was before, however BF4 is its own game, with its own balance, and all weapons received various changes and balance factors. We do not intend to change the rate of fire of the G36C.

10) Attack helicopter maneuverability is also a hot topic. We’re open to the idea that the Attack Helicopters could benefit from an increase in speed and maneuverability. At the moment, we’ve made tweaks to the primary threats for Attack Helicopters, and we want to see how that change affects the battlefield before we make additional changes blindly.

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Stay tuned for more confirmed tweaks that we have planned for Battlefield 4. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  • JonatasA 09.10.14 at 07:07

    Great Finally DICE figured out that not always when ppl complain it means that something is broken or overpowered.

  • TNPAssassin 09.03.14 at 00:25

    This isn’t as much as a tweak but an add in…If I take down a building, I should get credit for killing the enemy that gets crushed in the building (like in BFBC2 with destruction 2.0).

  • KERVER0S 08.22.14 at 17:10

    I am a new comer in the game (but not young) and i want to put my 5 cent on it

    1. Is not possible for the jet fighters to escape by parashute together with mines, LMG, rockets, sniping rifles etc, depends their class. Let them land with a handgun and if they have skill….. let them kill someone with the handgun to take his rifle.

    2. Infantry and parashutes as standard is a joke. No comments. Give the parashute as gadget to reverse one slot

    3. Radio beacons must sprawn on land and not as paradrop. If paradrop you must think twice before you decide to sprawn without a parashute

    3. Aircrafts, land venchiles and sea crafts as gadget to all classes but to reserve one or two slots.

    3. Infrantry without designated gadget will be not able to drive them but will be able to come as passengers and……….. to think twice before join without a parashute


  • Massonla 08.14.14 at 23:30

    This post really does come across as arrogant, and dismissive. The game has issues, and to simply dismiss these concerns seems short sighted. DICE, I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt and blame the load of this this game is on EA pushing you to release to soon, but now Im starting to wonder if that is the case at all.

    • Matthew1294 08.24.14 at 08:17

      DICE you should zip it, the G36C carbine is without a doubt the 2nd worst gun in the game only beaten out in how much of a piece of crap it is by the SR338! You are arrogant, the rate of fire of the G36C makes it a death sentence to use, and it is rediculous that after a certain range with the SR338 I have to shoot someone in the head twice to kill them! I agree Massonla, DICE is being very arrogant and dismissive about the problems with this game.

  • u17r41337h4x0rs 08.08.14 at 03:31

    This page pisses me off. “We see no need for change at this time.” What I see is “Fuck you, our game is a fucking masterpiece. We’re not changing shit for you and you better live with it. ridiculous

  • player_H8ters 08.06.14 at 17:08

    What about xm25 airburst?I cant believe its rate of misuse.Aplayer can just spam away blindly firing.I turned my tv set off and did extrermely well only checking on occasion to make sure its still working.I didnt need any level of skill or the benefit of my tv set turned on yet I can find nothing about a fix for this.Whats the deal?Are you gonna fix it or not?

  • OneXHeadstone 07.29.14 at 22:04

    So from what i am reading, no matter what your customers have said need a tweak, you are taking the TUDE that “our game is perfect the way it is at this time, so we wont be changing anything that is of concern to the community. WOW, hope this is not the stance you take on the Bulldog being WAY OP according to its stats, its MUCH more powerful than your Stats say. Try shooting one IRL, its not the end all beat all by far. People are Oneshotting people in DEFENSIVE in the chest, according to the Defensive kits description, none of the guns can do 100% damage in the chest, so yah Nerf the Bulldog to realistic damage.

  • Fixitphil007 07.27.14 at 20:28

    Several of my friends and I are still experiencing the so called “NetCode” issue as they would scream in my ear, upon a undesired death. I personally have experienced this when other players from other countries are in-game with us on the opposing team. Is this still being addressed?! This issue is on the PS4 platform and we usually play 4 hours a day together and experience these issues quite often.

  • u17r41337h4x0rs 07.24.14 at 09:53

    Also, I am very disappointed that jets and tanks will not make an appearance in Hardline :(((((( I know it doesn’t fit the whole cops and robbers theme but still

  • u17r41337h4x0rs 07.24.14 at 09:44

    Too often I will find myself getting cross mapped in a jet by some noobsicle camping his spawn with the AA and active radar. I have no idea what the devs were thinking when they implemented active radar into the game. Its not fair that i have to stink to one corner of the map in a jet. Its a joke that AA is even in the game at all. I should not have to put up with being shot down by a spawn camper because it takes absolutely no skill. If I’m bested by a experienced pilot, that’s fair.

    Furthermore, scout choppers are imbalanced. They are close to invincible when two engineers are sitting on the sides constantly repairing the thing. and its near impossible to shoot them down with jets because the heatseekers have far more range than they should. I suggest lowering the amount of damage they can take and nerfing heatseekers’ range.

    I’ve seen comments suggesting that the stealth jets’ main cannon is too powerful. I fully disagree. If anything, it should be buffed considered that stealth jets are next to useless against ground armor.

    -Boats do not need more anti air capabilities
    -Ace 23 is not overpowered
    -TV missiles should not one one shot but put aircraft in critical state
    -Long range optics on DMRs!!!!!!

  • BulletDropped 07.21.14 at 10:54

    The transport chopper is really weak, for one it can hardly take a hit from an rpg, secondly the devs at dice have reduced the overheating time so you can only fire it for a second before it overheats. in bf3 they made it fair because it wasn’t very accurate, it sprayed but it was able to take out any vehicle, now it just plain out sucks. also the katsaka is a joke.

  • racerzach5 07.20.14 at 05:17

    I hate that i cannot use a scope with my DMR. In BF3 i could use the M39 EMR with a scope and loved it. When i first got battlefield 4 i was very disapointed that i couldnt use any scope on a DMR. I Suggest that maybe only let the recon class use DMRs with scopes

  • Millermacs 07.16.14 at 05:52

    Wow… This was really shocking. DICE seems to not give a fuck about balancing anything at the moment. For every single one of these they just say “Well we don’t really feel like changing anything so deal with it faggots”

    For example. The G36C is extremely under powered at the moment and they just say “Well we don’t think anything is wrong with it and it’s perfectly fine as it is” EVEN THOUGH the real life version has a 750 RPM rate of fire and they still want to keep it at 650! And then they even say that the Ace 23 ISN’T OVERPOWERED! Like what the fuck dice why are you so ignorant about everything in the game?

  • SKYPREDA7OR 07.05.14 at 13:57

    Dice you should make the TV Missles 1 shot kill

  • sgt.longbow 06.28.14 at 05:39

    you guys at dice are funny everyone asked for fixes and balance and what do you do to address them? , oh tell them we look at it now f&&& off and deal with it! yeah im sure that will win people over. hey may be you should look at the topic on the forums labeled one thing you would like to remove from bf4, that should give you a nice place to start. but hey what do i know im just a pee on player like everyone else who isnt dice.

  • oscarthepooch 06.20.14 at 02:13

    My advise on the DMR’s would be to give them a 6x and a 5x scope that way skilled players could use them at longer ranges. As far as the ACE goes add a gun to compete with it. The bulldog in cte looks like a great competitor to the ACE.

  • SpikeySpike 06.03.14 at 02:23

    Is it me, or Do they just keep saying they don’t feel like changing it, even though alot of the time, players have requested it to make the game even, not just for themselves but everyone.

    Just seems like they cant be assed or something, thats only what i get from it though, Each person has his own opinion on it i guess.

  • SWIFT_ghost1337 05.17.14 at 08:02

    realistically the attack helo is always going to suffer because #1 even at far range countermeasures still don’t always work, with both scout and AH… #2 the time that a helo is without engine rpm is exactly equal to the time an ecm last for.. (rough guess) this makes it impossible to escape almost any threat if your countermeasure fails.. #3 I don’t care how many times they say they fixed it.. I still flip AH with 1 heatseeker from time to time lol… and it is DEFINATELY too slow and heavy… it should be 2/3rds as maneuverable as the scout.. and the gunner should have a flare again JUST as bf3 had… andddd maybe boost the health of the scout.. where as 3 missiles is a critical.. make it 4… just my thoughts.. Id really like to spend some time in this thing… except right now flying it is like a fucking freight train!!!!!!.. at the very least… make it more maneuverable than the transport helo… DERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRP

    • SWIFT_ghost1337 05.17.14 at 08:04

      sorry “the time that chopper loses engine rpm is equal to duration of countermeasure… failed countermeasure means your a sitting duck” and also
      “boost the attack helo health not the scout****”

  • Veritas_et_armis 05.16.14 at 20:22

    “The TV missile is not intended to be an anti-aircraft weapon system, and while skilled players may currently be able to use it that way, we do not find its current damage level to be imbalanced.”

    So… The RPG, SMAW, SRAW (All OHK Air Vehicles )were all of those intended to be anti-aircraft weapon systems? I don’t think so, and while skilled players may be able to use them as such… See the logic? I don’t.

  • riafomh 05.15.14 at 20:14

    Okay, I mis-read above – thought you said you were tweaking AH weaponry, but instead you’re tweaking the ‘threats’ to the AH? What does that even mean?

    I don’t think changing the ‘threats’ to the AH is the answer (because won’t that also affect how those ‘threats’ work on other equipment?), since I think it could throw balance even more out of whack elsewhere.

    It’ll be even more frustrating and maddening when that useless, stuck in the sky, low maneuverability AH which can’t really move or get out of the way, is then bombarded by all kinds of ‘threats’ that are way less effective.

    Really? Is that your solution?

    Why not just make them more powered and maneuverable? It’s what everybody wants.

  • riafomh 05.15.14 at 20:06

    I think it’s a moot point giving buffs to the Attack Chopper’s weaponry rather than fix the god awful ‘flying brick’ maneuverability of the thing first. Never mind the weaponry, I think that’s fine as it is. The AH physics is completely off, imo, and way out of balance from the other helicopters.

    Sure, you want to avoid the endless-circle-strafing-map-raping experiences of past incarnations of Battlefield, and I understand that, but you’ve already got plenty of tools that already help to do that. And even with BF3, the maneuverability of the Attack Choppers was such that the whole circle-strafing-base-raping was already nicely balanced by the fact that they were already that much harder to control. Unlike earlier incarnations of Battlefield, where it was too hard to take the damn thing out, it’s much much much MUCH too easy to do it now.

    I think I can get more kills in a round doing roadkills with the more nimble Transport Choppers, without any weapons, than I can in the cumbersome, get-shot-down-before-it-can-move-an-inch Attack Choppers.

    And that’s just wrong. Don’t you think?

  • vomster 05.06.14 at 15:43

    The Heli physics are definitely messed up, bring back gunner flares so the heli’s have a chance, when the choppers get knocked on their sides they can’t recover, and make tv’s one shot one kill 90% of the time depending on where they hit. Don’t forget about jets, those are still messed up too.

  • Cherokeeblade 04.26.14 at 02:05

    Problem is out of boundary play. One could set inside boundary or shoot into a boundary all day long. Poor helo pilot can’t even get off the ground and on some maps even bottle neck a base. Because the map it self is out of balance. I know they get big kick when we do try a span rush and try to break there line. Can I say fish in a barrow.
    Plus some maps are balance to what I call looser maps. Like yes There are bottle neck in war. But we all way found a way around these bottle necks. But some map have no alternative hidden routes. specially some the squad level maps. More of frag fest then a tactical game.
    Next what up with the incomplete radio towers and objects? Most have Micro wave Radio towers have ladders that end at height no one can reach. Why have them on the map if cant be use. I guess helicopter clutter?????? I even try parachuting on to some slid right off. Figure that was how to use the towers. NOT.
    Now I like the destruction mode. Like real war changes the map play. No Problem. It the trees I have a problem with. After 5 minutes I loose my cover or road block. they just do a Houdini act and disappear off the map.
    I do agree about Equipment problems. One is controllers with auto fire. turns any hand gun into a mini machine gun or single shot rifles and shot guns Into machine guns.. This I know. I really don’t think software can fix this problem.
    And yes console do have big advantage with the auto targeting that Pc gamers don’t have. Let face it if they did not have auto targeting they never kill anything. Look i’ve try other fps games with just the generic controller that are made for console. They sux. Compare to old fashion mouse and keyboard or track ball and keyboard. Only thing one can do is out smart there play. But yes I do agree about the one shot one kill they have because of that glitch.
    Owe by the way if use a expensive controller on the Pc for flying for get it they don’t work like in The early version of BF. Bf4 they might work for few minutes and thought was just me. But go back into setting after while. Some the controls changes back to showing Xbox and PS4 settings. another glitch for pc user. Reason I don’t fly as much as use too. And do agree on the handling of some the choppers. Yes I can see older choppers glitching out on banks. But some newer one can barrow roll. A big reason we upgraded to have little balance with fighter jets in real life and more stability in urban war fair. flying between buildings and such.
    Next tagging triangles. got be a better way to tag. Even with out range weapon I can head shot most time. Not even see the soldier I’m shooting at. The bright blue or red is all I need. I just use the nice triangle as my target. Enough said on that. Most player know what Im talking about. Poor noob really don’t know that triangle is bull eyes over his head. It be Ok or different tag most games use glowing instead. Hey squad one he behind the rock I see his TAG. LOL. Plus big give away for knife attack. I just watch my mini map and wait and U got it. When point away from me I’ll be there .LOL. Man wish this was true in the real world. NOT.
    Server I like playing on and not all server do this. Is the kill shot show the opposing players where the shooter at I guess to get those foe or avenger points. To me it work both ways. depending on the player. they come back or tell the other players where your at or you know sooner or later the dude coming back for you and you set ambushes up. or ready for a knife fight. Then it the game turns into a free for all between 2 players. I rather just have it turn off. Put more of a track me down element in the game I don’t mind announcing the name. It all find and good. But showing which way a player running etc. Kind take fun out of it for me.
    As far as tanks and vehicles. A good driver and shooter can set and kill all day long and never run out of ammo. Dang wish I had these vehicles in combat. Need to be a way to limit ammunition on them per player who uses them. People get mad at me with AA vehicles. With unlimited ammo. and finding the sweet spot on a map. Yes I’m going to make 22 kills or more per round. People can just get mad at me. But it glitch in all the BF games I learn from day one. Go in capture and run before one get blown up. Because I got unlimited ammo and fuel. LOL. Make for one heck big sniper rifle with unlimited ammo.
    All in all still fun game. But to me it felt more like a Pay beta game way to many glitches and Easter eggs. Even with the update and patches with each new installment. The game feel more like I been beta testing. Us players are being uses as the Ginny pigs. Paving the way for BF5. So I can shell out another 79.00 and hope it works next time around.

  • Mushobisho 04.16.14 at 01:43

    Fix the balance breaking field upgrades bug that’s has existed since day 0

  • LagginSr 04.03.14 at 21:17

    Attack helicopter maneuverability – Who’s the idiot that phucked with the physics on the heli’s? Since when can’t an Apache, Cobra, or ANY heli with a turbine pull out of a 90 degree bank? The maneuverability of the Attack choppers in BF4 is completely wrong. Do a little research DICE, Turbine choppers can do barrel rolls and loopty upside fucking down loops IN REAL LIFE. In BF4, if you bank past around 75 degrees, the attack choppers can’t recover for some dumb ass reason and you end up just crashing into the ground as if you lost all power. Guess what numbnutz’ – you assigned Hangglider physics to the attack choppers. Stupid ass developers.

  • 6Fiddich9 04.03.14 at 03:04

    What I read here is…no no no no no no no no no..oh…and… In others, the game is fine how we made it so stop harassing us to give you what you paid for.

  • DonnieZX10R 04.01.14 at 00:02

    OH, right… Forgot… How about fixing the glitch in Hainan Resort where I fire a god-awful amount of rounds at an A-10 Thunderbolt from the opposing jet (whatever the other one is) and it registers NO DAMAGE… How about you guys fix that one, too, ok?

    • XXJesterAlphaXX 04.08.14 at 02:13

      This one, amongst others is terrible. Dont know if this is a glitch or update, but this is unnacceptable.. After a certain height aircraft are immune to direct hits. By this logic I request that my tank be immune to enemy fire and that , while we`re at it, i cant be killed by any other forms of fire due to my lack of skill. Also, AA campers are annoying to an extreme level. I suggest hampering their range so they need to come out of spawn. Or better, not spawning AA at home base. Being a good pilot isnt something we should be nurfed for. Frankly it seems that this game is on a crusade against air vehichles. Why not just take them out completely if thats the case?

      • Hoob6325 04.29.14 at 04:47

        I support that!! I feel the same way as though they are on an anti pilot crusade. Every time I have ever played a game of BF4 with one of the dice employees or members of their clan xEAx they are always shady playing foot soldiers or tank and lav drivers at best. It would seem as though they have designed a game to stomp on the people they fooled into paying for, they way they as the developers want to stomp on us. Not to mention that any dice employee I have ever actually tried to speak to and play cooperatively with would simply run off and join a party of other developers and employees and then talk trash on me if I requested an invite to the party so as to continue cooperative play. I guess they are to good for us “The common rabble”, “The paying customer”, to even speak to us and play the game along side of us. When are you guys going to make it fun to play a chopper pilot again? Today I tried to play, but every round, someone camping in the very back of their spawn with they way over powered over armored AA Tank. Firing active radar across the map at me as I take off from my spawn, to far back for me to even fight back with the chopper, get shot down by their main gun, active radar, and base guard Auto AA when I try to do something about them being cheap. Not to mention ridiculous range on all shoulder fired locking, stinger, igla, javelin, you name it!! If you do not do something to balance this issue soon, I WILL NOT BE BUYING PREMIUM!! Also I WILL NOT BE BUYING ANY FUTURE BF RELEASES!!

      • SturmKriegerV13 06.09.14 at 14:38

        AA-Campers? Look, kid, I have been playing games since I was five years old, and I can tell you from personal experience that you are not supposed to swoop down to attack ground units with an Attack helicopter. Half of you people are whining, because you are not that good at all. Here is real life combat footage: … Second, the reason the DMR’s no longer have long range scopes is because every idiot that bitched instead of just using the DMR, because the DMR has a lower range then the Bolt-action Rifles. People bitched so much that now DMR’s are still being used at ranges less the 400m. Like really? Go learn to shoot, and maybe I won’t get shot by a dumbass running around with a 40x scope at less then 50m. Honestly, stop moaning about things you don’t understand it irritates certain people.

  • DonnieZX10R 04.01.14 at 00:00

    DICE, how about… And there’s NO WAY you can say “NO” to this one… How about you fix the “DAWNBREAKER” map so it doesn’t FREEZE every single time I play on it??? That’d be great… Just really disappointed and I feel like I’m really wasting my time writing this… NINE MULTIPLAYER PATCHES LATER and STILL NOT ADDRESSED!!! C’mon…

  • Shawn11986 03.30.14 at 13:49

    sounds like a whole LOT of “no” “no” “no” – “no some more” and a 1 or 2 cases where a “maybe” is on the books… well done. Well done indeed.

  • game tester 927 03.26.14 at 09:56

    Dice, need to make jets faster, the jets in BF4 go around 385-425 kph. When in reality the A-10 THUNDERBOLT (aka the A-10 WARTHOG) can go over 700 kph and that’s the oldest and the slowest of the 6 jets on BF4, the fastest (F-35B) can go almost 2000 kph. So Dice, why do all the jets in BF4 fly slower than a 1939 Fiat CR.42 Falco?

    • Merlinsisle 04.03.14 at 16:22

      If they made them faster they wouldn’t be usable on the maps because of the out of bounds.

    • Icebox-real 04.30.14 at 17:16

      So you want jets to be faster because in reality they are faster….well OK BUT you also need to increase the minimum speed. Jets in BF 4 can fly 5km/h and not fall from the sky like rocks and at the same time can go almost faster then a missile…. they can cut down trees with no damage what so ever………every one who plays BF4 with a jet – YOU ARE A CAMPER …go play some jet sim and there you will need REAL skill to fly! JETS are annoying in this game and should be banned.

  • Crayze Steve 03.25.14 at 17:55

    Who employ’s these idiots? It’s no wonder I keep assuming that they outsourced half of BF4′s development to China.

    Look at how they defend their choices “however BF4 is its own game, with its own balance, and all weapons received various changes and balance factors. We do not intend to change the rate of fire of the G36C” Baring in mind that you’re changing what makes a specific gun good to its purpose, why didn’t you make single fire LMG’s or automatic sniper rifles?

    They won’t even remove aim-assist from Hardcore mode on consoles, allowing people to use “sniper” rifles at all ranges. How the fuck is that balanced? I fire a 30 round mag and only 2 rounds hit, they kill me with 1 shot at all ranges and never miss.

    Fuck frostbite 3. Seriously DICE sell the rights to Battlefront 3 to UBISOFT or something. You’ll probably make light sabers do 10 damage and sniper blasters kill in 1 hit…

    • Merlinsisle 04.03.14 at 16:24

      Where the fuck is the like button I need to hit it 10 times.

  • KaozWulf 03.25.14 at 14:48

    While I was interested to see what you were “monitoring”. It sounds more like you are monitoring anything instead just said no to everything. Whats the point of this article?

  • xwseiferwx 03.25.14 at 13:24

    So, in other words, you’re not changing anything? Why even post this?

  • buddie11 03.24.14 at 14:29

    A little reality when someone uses a bike to run you down. The bike should go out of control and through the rider off and he should suffer some type of injury based on terrain. There should always be a action reaction to all decisions in the game. Why exclude the guy on the bike?

  • Bull3t5t0rm83 03.23.14 at 03:15

    I think that whole “DMR’s without sniper scopes so every class can’t snipe” is kind of ridiculous. In BF3, you could attach a sniper scope to anything short of an PDW. Fuck, you could put a sniper scope on a shotgun. You don’t even have to give the DMR’s the option to have variable zoom- just let them at least have a high-powered scope.

    • Hoob6325 04.29.14 at 04:57

      DMR’s aren’t even powerful enough to snipe, you have to shoot someone at point blank range in the head twice and in the chest three times!! Not to mention that the further away the target you are shooting is the less damage each bullet does, via range penalty. What fuckin’ difference does it make if the DMR’s have even a x40 ballistic scope? You won’t be able to kill anything with it anyway. So fuck it, give the DMR’s high power scopes. Why not?

  • icycler1-US- 03.16.14 at 13:25

    I think many would agree with me that the smoke emitting gadgets of all kinds need a serious buff to be a viable option in any mode. Reasons:

    M18: Blocks naked eye sight for short period of time approx 3 m radius; however, ANY long range scope can see right through it, (Meaning all recons) Smokes concealment should block magnification scopes with the exception of thermal and night optics, given that’s part of their intended function.

    M320 smoke blocks naked eye (sort of) but seemingly for a shorter time. (understandably given its an explosion rather than a slow burn.) however once again its nothing for a sniper to pick off targets behind.

    Airbust Smoke/Joke: If nothing else this smoke is the single most purposeless addition to this game, offering no more concealment than a light morning mist, and requires a major buff to be even considered over its alternatives. It can be seen through easily by the naked eye, the optics capability need not even be mentioned.

    Personally id also like to see the concealment radius almost doubled and the duration of concealment for smoke across the board increased, but i can see potential problems that this might create, such as Lag, increased processor-load, etc. But Please at bare minimum take away 6x scopes and highers ability to see through smoke to motivate snipers to carry a pld, and to make placing tactical concealment a viable option.

    • riafomh 05.15.14 at 19:54

      Well, I do use the X25 (support) smoke quite a lot, and I think the reason it’s a little weaker than the other (such as the M320) smoke is because you can rapid-spam fire the X25 for several rounds of smoke, then reload, rinse and repeat. Plus you’re a support guy, so you have your own ammo box for resupply. When camped on one of those and also equipped with a smoke grenade (as in, hand grenade type) you can quite literally spam the crap out of the map.

      So with this capability, as opposed to the limited 3 shot version of the M320, I think there’s balance there if the X25 smoke is a little ‘weaker’.

      If you want thicker smoke from the X25, then just ‘double up’ in the same area – it’s what I do, and it’s quite effective. Np.

  • Magikphish 03.16.14 at 09:36

    EA, DICE and Origin; I love BF4 despite all of the complaints and server issues that I encounter and constantly hear people whining about. The first thing to truly ‘chap my hide’ however, has come up with respect to the Customer Appreciation shortcut packs — which I also loved. I am devoted enough to BF4, that I upgraded to the XBOX One and purchased a 2nd copy (at full price???). What needs to be fixed is that the shortcut packs need to transfer along with my other stats. When playing on the One, I lost all of the DMR’s and Handguns (which I really liked getting in Feb). It is ridiculous that in order to use them; I have to go back to playing on the 360.

    You should reopen the the shortcut packs; or offer a ‘recovery option,’ like maybe a link that you can email? I’m a little bent that I lost all of these great weapons that I had really just become used to — and that I am again looking at weeks of work to level them up now.

    Nice surprise? — Ooops, just kidding……………

    • Merlinsisle 04.03.14 at 16:29


  • LightningSaixxx 03.16.14 at 06:14

    DICE think it’s time to add M4A1. military units in the United States using the M4, replace it with the M4A1, which is a must for every combat (elite or not) that is, we have weapons that are not used by the Marines U.S. or Chinese or Russians. A modern game like this needs the M4A1 for more realism and better gameplay and no one who bears ak 12 or a HK416 thanks for reading. by a more realistic Battlefield.

  • ciaran1x 03.09.14 at 09:49

    why do they feel that the AA tank is “ok” at the moment ?!? it is the most overpowered thing in the game, being able to take down the entire teams air force in 30seconds is obviously bad. choppers were my favorite part of BF for so many years, they fucked them up so much in this game. there just isn’t any fun in fly in, hear lock, flares, wait 10sec, hear lock, fly away. it just gets in the way of the objectives. i honestly think there should be no stingers/AA tank and less powerful helis that way no one could complain.

    its just disastrous at the moment.

    • CodeNameBlake 03.09.14 at 19:37

      How about the stinger only does 15 damage and you only have 2 shots… Come on Dice that is the perfect Stinger, also nerf AA tanks even more… Just put something to guard it from infantry on the front like an incendiary grenade. Also AA bursts need to have 20 shots… Max? I mean if the AA landed every 30 MM shot on the helicopter precisely, it would be down in only 5 seconds. Either that or helicopter 5 second flare restart. < That is reasonable at this time right now.

    • HappyStingray 03.26.14 at 17:18

      Thank You and praise the lord

    • Merlinsisle 04.03.14 at 16:33

      I legitimately think they should remove it. Now hear me out, It is extremely overpowered to all people not just aircraft, It removes any point to use the stinger or the igla because that thing owns the sky, and there is no fun in taking out aircraft anymore because the AA tank always disables or destroys it before you can. Guys we need to start a petition to get rid of the MAA.

  • ShepherdOfLove 03.08.14 at 21:18

    360 players do this now! So we can play, only a killcam glitch remains basically
    Hello everyone here’s the solution to solve the problem with this most recent update problems of causing freezing and profile corruption

    Step 1 On Xbox Dashboard slide along to settings then click system once in system settings select Storage

    Step 2 once in storage select your hard drive and then select Games and Apps when you are in the Games and apps file locate your Battlefield 4 file folder

    Step 3 once in your Battlefield 4 folder Delete all updates except title update Do Not Delete Anything else like expansion packs or profile saves (unless they are marked as corrupted then you should delete and redownload)

    Step 4 once you have deleted all the updates press B a few times to return to the Storage devices screen once there highlight your hard drive and then press the Y button to bring up device options

    Step 5 once you have entered device options select Clear System Cache this will then run maintenance on your console which shouldn’t take more then 20 seconds

    Step 6 Once Clear System Cache is completed you are now clear to play Battlefield 4 once you are in battlefield 4 you will be asked to download the March 4th update named update 8 completed the download of update 8 download time depends on your internet speed

    Step 7 once downloaded has finished you can now play Battlefield 4 without any server loading screen crashes and also take note your profile will not corrupt every time you launch battlefield 4 as well hope this solution helped

  • StormChaser GK 03.08.14 at 14:03

    Can we just fix the game guys… basically screwed up my x box with so many crashes and re sets….that map freezes during loading,it freezes during game play…kill cam is totally random,the hit boxes are still way out,hence ppl getting shot around corners and threw wallas?wtf?…tick rate could be better,,,i mean do any of your guys play this game?Or would you not touch it with a barge pole?….maybe your trying to sabotage the game or ppl`s x boxes so the get the new consoles? who knows? but I cant belive none of you guys don’t see the bugs and crashes in the game,especially LAG,kill camm and freezing all over the god dang place?…PLZ PLZ guys were sticking with you for a little bit longer….but if this isn’t sorted soon,kiss this gd bye…fans all over are getting P!£%!£ED…fix this…we paid GOOD MONEY…

  • mrapan 03.06.14 at 16:51

    Lots of whining here, ofc it hurts when your favourite weapon/vehicle gets nerfed or you don’t get the buff you believe it deserves. And for all the people complaining about reality, sure it should be close to reality, but too close and you loose the fun. Revive someone that got a bullet in the head? That’s a bigger reality flaw than any of the other comments here.
    1) I’m a TV-missile fan and I agree with DICE’s choice, one shots are booring and luck is a big part, and the fact that you get two missiles now, makes skill more important, hit two in a row. Just as long as it doesn’t go down the bf3 way where a jet doesn’t take any damage at all from a tv. If the jet comes head to head to an AH, he is stupid and should be punished.
    2) +1 DICE.
    3) Not enough experience to comment about the ACE23.
    4) Flying low is an extreme risk, so below radar would not be very OP. In tank I love low-altitude flying pilots and I want to see more of them >:]
    5) DMR’s are good as they are, when you see so many players chose to play with it, it can’t be bad, or they would have chosen something else. In close combat they’re even a bit OP. Put a laser on it and it’s like a shotgun. Maybe nerf the hip fire accuracy a bit. Before haters arrive, I use the DMR in close range myself and love it, but realize it’s stupid.
    6) Flares need a slight buff, ECM is far superior. ECM lets 1/2 missiles hit you most times, but you can take it and recover behind a mountain or anywhere far away. The ECM stops people from locking you during a few seconds and you can easily make it out of their range. But Flares on the other hand also lets missiles hit you sometimes, and a second later they can lock and fire at you again and you will have no chance to get out of there in time. Maybe keep the flares firing for a second longer, or to fall slower so their effect lasts longer. Otherwise I agree, they’re there so you can run, not to stay and fight.
    7) MAA is super OP, now with todays patch AR got nerfed a little, we’ll see how that plays out. But the MAA is by far the best killing machine in the game. The range of AR being a big problem, together with flipping over helis at ease (also patched today). To make it less of a IFV on steroids, it shouldn’t have IRNV/Thermal sights, and maybe be a little bit slower to give tanks and IFV’s a chance to hunt it down.
    8) Traction of vechiles with treads needs a bit of improvment (parly patched today). But sometimes grass feels like ice and a jeep has far superior traction/control off road, it doesn’t make sense.
    9) +1 DICE
    10) AH turns around like a lorry, nuff said.

    Hope this comment was more of constructive ciriticism than many of these “I love my gun/vehicle and you should make it better”- or “This thing kills me, nerf it”- comments

  • comegetusum101 03.03.14 at 17:41

    i want to start with the stingers and iglas are to over powered, if you are in a chopper you can forget about being able to do anything if their is at least 2 people with them together even a experienced pilot like myself dont stand a chance, if your not going to make the lock on range shorter or make them less powerful so people have to use a rpg or the sraw like me to get a chopper kill, it takes skill to shoot down a chopper with a rpg or a sraw and no skill to lock on and shoot with a stinger or iglas, or could y’all give passengers flairs so the chopper friends like me and my friends can stand a chance in the air other than take off get locked on to and shot down before you have a chance to get out your base, and whats with the rockets that get semi dodged and blow up beside you while your in a chopper and the chopper goes sideways and you get killed in action, and second is the times me and my friends have been killed by someone with 0% health last time we checked when you have 0 health your supposed to be dead lol

  • ACESMONEY 03.03.14 at 15:49

    HAHAHA! I read all 10 points and it seems to me that dice is being lazy. They listened to us but they are not going to do anything for us. Why did you have the pole in the first place if you knew you didn’t want to do anything dice? You pretend to listen to us but then you do what you want right? You’re a fucking joke dice.

  • BLACKLungs81 03.02.14 at 21:42

    I think you guys should look in to the commander controls for the Ac130. When deploying the AC130 from the commander position it only follows a circuit generated around the base it’s controlled from. Shouldn’t it be deployed where the commander positions it?

  • Th0rRaX 03.02.14 at 12:31

    SPAWNS are broken… there’s not one game from your guys where the spawns were good. Do some research get that stuff right it’s so annoying when you spawn and instantly die because I spawn on an enemy’s lap.

  • Karmolo 03.01.14 at 14:42

    Jets are broken from 3rd view when doing dog-fight because I can see my bullets hits enemy jet but no dmg but in co-pit its do dmg. So fix the jets otherwise you can trash 3rd view

  • Don Pooch 02.28.14 at 23:20

    In fact this would solve the whole DMR debate. You wanna put a ridiculous scope on a DMR? No worries….i won’t do any DMG past it’s effective range anyway. And while you where busy looking through that scope my friend just came up behind you to knife you

  • Don Pooch 02.28.14 at 23:14

    I think you guys are going about balancing in the wrong way. Increasing or decreasing an individual weapons DMG is in my opinion a mistake. One of the things I love about Battlefield is it’s real. Unfortunately when you start changing the damage that a particular weapon does it becomes unrealistic. The fact is that the only difference in real life as to the damage done by weapon is in the projectile not the weapon itself.

    Regardless of what weapon is used a 9 mm round should do the same amount of DMG. Instead of trying to make people use different weapons based on the damage adjust the effective range of the weapon. There is no reason in real life that a person would take a sniper rifle and choose to fight close range but that is what you have happening in BF4 especially in hardcore.

    Taking a sniper rifle into close combat should not be encouraged or rewarded as it is now. I’ve also seen the opposite where I or someone else is able to use a low caliber weapon to engage a sniper at extreme range and won. Yes the sniper may be bad for not hitting us but there is no reason I should be able to kill a sniper at over a hundred yards with a PDW. It makes no sense. The round should lose most of its energy at that range.

  • Bladeda1 02.28.14 at 08:49

    I really wish we could get knives unlocked more often and i really wish we could get a Guilly leaf suit!!! thanks Dice

  • jimmynumbnutz 02.27.14 at 13:10

    What are you talking about mobile aa is not that efective at all.You just must be a crap pilot.Or you want to hammer the base with your bombs like in bf3 please leave anti air alone there is nothing wrong with it.Fix the freezing and stuttering and crashing on ps4 please instead.

  • Bourne-Status721 02.27.14 at 03:27

    Very upsetting to here about the DMR’s DICE. I was hoping you guys would listen to the community rather then taking the route THAT YOU THINK is right. Looks as though you pretty much just do what you guys think is right rather than listening to your paying customers. Just very upsetting to say the least. Now DICE, if you guys recall…..having the 8x scope on the DMR’s in BF3 werent over-powered. It wouldnt change the pace of the game at all. The actual sniper rifles are more accurate and do more damage all around. People wouldnt be competing over the recon class having this scope on DMRs. They worked out just fine for BF3 and it didnt change the tempo. Please DICE im asking you to reconsider and add these 8x scopes to DMRs. nerf down the DMRs if you have too and range so they dont out perform the sniper rifles. The actual use for a DMR in real life does require a medium range optic. Listen to your fans please.

  • Buhbyez 02.25.14 at 11:51

    Ok, so here’s my take… MAA, seems good to go, maybe decrease the range it has on its cannons to force them to leave their spawn and actually be mobile. But as far as it’s effectiveness goes, AA is the bane of aircraft, period, so people need to stop complaining about how quick it can take out an aircraft. Now on aircraft….flares beating laser guided and radar guided threats? I know it is probably there for the new guy so he doesn’t get wiped all over the map every time he gets in an aircraft, but it is extremely unrealistic for flares to beat laser and radar threats. I do agree that stinger ammo or reload speed for engineers needs to be nerfed a bit. A below the radar effect would be nice for helicopters but beyond that I think you’re on the right track.

    • RSpurr 02.26.14 at 18:23

      I agree with this dude about MAA. You’ve mentioned range decrease, this is a good thing like Buhbyez says, they need to be forced to leave spawn area at least.

      And at the end of the day, people forget Battlefield is a team game, if your aircraft are getting nailed by AA, your ground troops need to take out the AA.

      Regarding flares beating laser/radar targeting systems. Despite being a keen chopper advocate I again agree with him that these weapon systems should not be beaten by flares, but should be beaten by ECM. I know these choppers aren’t in the calibre of FCR’s on AH-64′s but it would be nice as a pilot to see on the HUD what type of weapon you are being locked by, in order to take appropriate reaction to enemy fire.

      Separate to what Buhbyez has mentioned, I think spawn times on all vehicles should be reduced to modify the pace of the game; which basically remains the same when it should vary according to tactics employed.
      Too often I’ve fought hard to eliminate a threat (such as AA) only for it to reappear ~30 second later, before I could capitalise on having eliminated it.

  • NoTouchGoon 02.24.14 at 14:18

    hurry up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KL0WNSTYLE 02.23.14 at 13:59

    I understand not having long range scopes for DMR’s because it would change the flow of the game, But what if the recon class had the option for long range scopes?

    And what happened to the full-auto shotguns and extended mags? I miss being able to run the USAS-12 as a heavy auto rifle.

  • peproteck99 02.22.14 at 20:12

    please, in the stealth jets: up the attack on infantry PLEASEE

  • Th0rRaX 02.22.14 at 12:00

    Also this isn’t the right place for these kinda comments.. I am aware that this place is for balancing stuff. However I don’t want to bother to look up some Bf4 forum where we can complain about the game not working or whatever. How about that? How on earth can you guys bring out patches if you do not have a central place for people to point out issues that we see in the game. I can’t see any issues in the game because all of a sudden I’m pretty much unable to play unless I keep reinstalling Origin, common now that should not be the case!

  • Th0rRaX 02.22.14 at 11:54

    I’m not really getting this. Why would anyone still comment on here if DICE will never ever give any reaction back on here… how would we know if they listen or read this stuff at all!!!
    I feel like this has been set up just so people can come in here and complain about stuff. DICE say that they look into this.. well sorry but I’m starting to believe the opposite. I also don’t understand why I even tried to explain an issue related to joining servers. They keep talking about “The Community”. If they would’ve really listenened to the community, I’m sure they would’ve remade different maps instead of Operation Metro and Firestorm. There are so many people who don’t understand these choices. I’m losing those guys, I really am. I give up

    • RSpurr 02.26.14 at 18:27

      There’s a full blog post here written by DICE that practically quotes what comments DICE have listened to and replied to.

      “4) Below Radar has been a hot topic, asking why it was “removed” from BF4.”
      …followed by their explanation of why they haven’t changed what some of the community has been asking for.

  • xVx_SPECTER_xVx 02.22.14 at 05:35

    Hey DICE, how about the STAFF SHELL and Sabot/AP/HE round combo? Any fix on those? Its completely unfair for one tank to fire both weapons(SABOT AND STAFF SHELL) almost instantaneously. Nerfing the STAFF SHELL is a start, but at least put a gap when switching from STAFF SHELL to SABOT rounds or vice versa. The same fix you guys did on BF3 with the CANISTER SHELLS

  • deeznutz016 02.22.14 at 01:34

    Dice doesn’t care what us paying customers have to say, the proof is in this article. Every paragraph ends with “too bad, WE (Dice), feel it’s fine the way it is.” Bf3 was near perfection in its last hours, this new age of playing style isn’t so great after. I’m constantly frustrated with the game and now it’s just getting worse. 64 players on Metro? Who’s stupid idea was that?! Worst map to date. ADD below radar for god sakes, choppers are worthless! MAA, nerf the hell out of that thing! I don’t even know why we waste out time, just falling on deaf ears!

  • Th0rRaX 02.21.14 at 09:39

    I’d like to point out a big issue concerning the ability to join servers. For an unknown reason players are getting stuck on “Joining Server” in battlelog. The game does not start and nothing pops up saying that you lost connection or anything. These players are litteraly stuck. I’m also having this problem. I was able to play the game just fine a few days ago, never had a problem like this before. I’m not sure if it is because of some patch that roled out lately. However, it seems the problem might be with Origin. Because I found out that re-installing Origin every single time I turn on my pc fixes the problem, but only temporary. I haven’t seen many forums related to this issue so I guess there aren’t that many players having this problem. PLEASE NOTE: We all know you’re all busy fixing the game still. The stuck in “Joining Server” issue is also really bad because people can’t even play the game. This has nothing to do with crashing, they are totally unable to start the game up. I’m sure that everyone will appreciate it if you guys will look into this. I’ve tried some fixes myself and so I found out that re-installing Origin fixes the issue for a short period of time. I should not even call this a “Fix” because it’s not. I’d like to point out that the issue could be related to Origin or something with firewall or anti-virus settings. I’m running Windows 8 atm. Next week I’m going to install Windows 8.1. If this fixes the problem I will report back here. For now thanks for reading. DICE keep it up, you guys made a beautiful game!

  • Marshal_Cooper 02.21.14 at 05:12

    1. The zero health for the guy (that dont die) you just put a full clip in from 5ft away is annoying.
    2.Little or no warning from surface to air missles while piloting a chopper is frustrating, most times u hear the middle away sound as u get hit.
    3.All choppers & especially the attack choppers are way too sluggish, especially when you take into account all the AA’s and soldiers carrying IGLA’s etc. If that can’t be done, then please make them harder to lock onto.
    Last but not least, this “net code” issue, we’ve all seen a player stab u from 10 feet away or in your death screen see our killer 80 ft around a corner just milliseconds after he kills you, this problem makes it seem that half the players of this game are hacking, this gap in what your killer sees and what you see needs to be closed, I have noticed that this phenomenon seems to benefit certain players consistently. For example: a guy 64 – 10 not camping, running full bore on a 64 man operation locker, 9 of 10 encounters with this player I lost & the death screen showed too many things between him and I……maybe I just don’t have curved bullets unlocked yet!

  • SOA_happy 02.20.14 at 20:58

    and fix the exsplosives im tired of shooting a rocket at soemoen and not killing em or a underbarrelt grenade launcher there is no armor a person can waer to stop the g force from killing you

  • SOA_happy 02.20.14 at 20:56

    having no long range scope for a semi auto rifle depletes the purpose of it being a DMR cant take out a sniper if they are to far out :/ that disappoints me

    • xXPhantomsRageXx 02.21.14 at 13:17

      I sometimes feel unstoppable with a 4x scope. They do the job. I get what you’re saying but anything more than 4x would make DMRs way too overpowered. People will begin to stray away from the recon class if killing snipers becomes easy.

  • CrimsonJohan 02.20.14 at 19:57

    It’s almost impossible to take down AA vehicles with a chopper, I snuck behind one so many times with laser guided, hit them with the missiles before they even have a chance to see me, then unloaded my 25mm gun, yet they still turn around, lock on, I flare up, then try to get away as fast a possible, but the lock covers such a ridiculous distance, it’s pointless. This game wasn’t tested for balance, period. Don’t even get me started with the fat arse elephant butt overweight slow ass attack heli. A scout heli shouldn’t be deadlier than the beasty viper, but now on maps, most people refuse to even spawn in them, it is mostly used by snipers these days to get on top of building and abandon them. This is ridiculous guys, and about the 1 second reload time of stingers, that thing should have 1 missile and very hard to lock onto stuff. Infantry and ground vehicles should work hard to take down choppers and stealth jets, at least in real life (in fact an infantry has a one in a billion chance to take down a f35 in real life), a single person cannot have the fire power to blow up a tank, a chopper and a stealth jet with the arsenal he is carrying in this left pocket. And for the love of all that is holy what the F is up with no warning sound most of the time… You just get hit by a locked on rocket out of the blue without any warning, I heard myself screaming more than one: “Thanks for warning me you peace of S**T game”, sight

  • Thunder_40mm 02.20.14 at 00:51

    Active Radar is unbalance no mater how you look at it and there no amount of nerfing that will fix it. It just was another bad call to put in the game and needs to be removed. ….But that is just me.

  • Mon3ySHoOT3r_98 02.19.14 at 22:30

    On Lancang Dam the AC 130 is way too powerful. It´s very hard to take it down with a stinger due to the range of that weapon. And that the AC 130 automatically pops flares is just stupid. Either expand the map and add stelth jets or completley remove the AC 130 from that map

  • SirShizuka 02.18.14 at 21:14

    Anyone like the new knife system? Not me. Please bring back the quick knife slash that deals 50+% damage and remove the stupid frontal suicide systeme! As at the moment using the knife from the front or randomly from the rear or side with lag ALWAYS results in SUICIDE and giving the kill to the person you used melee on. It was a fun part of the game to fire a few pistol shots and charge in with a quick finish or to jump onto a weakened target like a ninja slashing mid air etc, now it just feels frustrating, lame and broken.

  • SgtCarrotTopp 02.18.14 at 21:12

    Fix the zero life issue! When someone kills you, you’re dead… derp, not running around with zero life. And the snipers… I’ve said this before, I’ll say it again. The CheyTac M200 (or SRR61 for this game… don’t know why) shoots a .410CT, which should do 50x more damage than a 7.62 NATO round. A high powered sniper (SRR61, M98B, etc.) will one hit demolish you, not have to take 3 hits for a kill. Fix this, and the sound they make from a far. A sniper round won’t crack past your face when shot, you’d here a buzz or a whirring sound, not a loud annoying crack.

    • SOA_happy 02.20.14 at 21:00

      I know man its bogus the only way to get a kill shot with a sniper rifle is to shoot the head they should have a one shot kill for a lot of snipper rifles

  • SirShizuka 02.18.14 at 21:11

    I totally agree about giving the canister a huge buff as i used it all the time in bf3 for sniping infantry or chipping away at choppers but in bf4 it has so far proved totally useless at anything as it was near impossible to kill infantry at any range and does no damage at all to vehicules.

  • Fighting98tiger 02.18.14 at 20:40

    Dice this is my 1 and only problem with the game. I love this game by the way you want to get rid of alot of issues.? Raise the server Tick from 10hz to 60hz like most modern mltiplayer games come on guys Bad company 1 and 2, and BF3 had 10hz servers. Its frostbite 3 now you guys busted your asses upgrading the engine now please upgrade the servers. Hit detection ect will strongly inprove with this issue being fixed. Also its not my internet just incase you try to say it is. I play mainly on ps4 and sometimes on pc and both have these issues. Please dice do you fans right ive put a 110 bucks in this game outta love for the franshise. Come on dont let me down

  • TheWayOfTheAK 02.18.14 at 18:31

    Two major things need to change:

    1. The reload time for flares. FAR too many people carry stingers in BF4, and with the new “mobility kill” feature on Helis in BF4, it is WAY too easy to be taken down with only ONE set of flares, which takes 30 seconds to reload…

    2. Squad system… I know DICE has mentioned they will not bring back pre-game squad lobbies, but this new system is not working. Most people don’t even know that there is a “squad spawn” option in the Options menu. It needs to be more accessible; possibly even show the names of friends next to the maps that they are in, not just simply listing the maps when you try to join a multiplayer game. EVERYONE complains about this feature, obviously it is a problem.

  • August1985 02.18.14 at 15:05

    Should at least make it to where when someone kills you and they are still running around with zero life. Very annoying.

    • Fighting98tiger 02.18.14 at 20:27

      Agreed 0 life equals dead! either that player should be dead or the server isnt reading it right and they have like 1 or 2 health

  • KnoCtuRnaL321 02.18.14 at 11:21

    i do not see the logic in point #2 where you say that a high powered rifle or a massive 12g slug of lead cannot penetrate kevlar body armor designed to stop low to mid caliber pistol rounds while you made it so that 9mm,40sw and other caliber pistols are able to break through the same kevlar?? a weapons capability of reaching through armor should be based on the round of the firearm as in the FN 57 where the 5.7mm riflelike round is designed to reach through body armor… this is against all logic on my part so please explain why you feel this is viable.. EA/DICE logic is that a 12g slug cannot go through kevlar body armor close range? im gonna go watch what a 12g slug can do with a car on youtube now…

  • SkylineR34_GT-R 02.18.14 at 10:27

    I’ll make a short consideration about the 5) point:
    okay, maybe you’re right saying that long range optics on DMRs would enable sniping to all classes, but this problem would come only because you decided to make DMRs ‘global’ weapons. I think that the way of restricting the usage of certain weapons to certain classes is not the right way to go, inasmuch, in reality, I could use every weapon I want even though I’m not proficient with it.

    • SOA_happy 02.20.14 at 21:06

      i agree with you but a DMR is a Semi Auto Sniper Rifle lol it needs atleast a X6 or X8 for long range so u don’t only see a dot on long range snipers

  • Dbeck301 02.18.14 at 02:59

    So basicaly, DICE are saying “We hear you, but we don’t actually want to change anything that you do. ” Thanks guys… If the players complain, then something needs to be done. It doesn’t matter if you see no need when the millions of players who bought the game want it. So much for “Player Apreciation”

  • dragonslayor3xp 02.17.14 at 19:00


  • dragonslayor3xp 02.17.14 at 18:59

    I have been a battlefield fan back to when the very first one came out . i may be biased but my favorite for multiplayer and campaign over was Battlefield 3 . I loved the Battlefield 3 campaign and the multiplayer was outstanding and still is but Battlefield 4 on the other hand is a whole nother story . The whole multiplayer needs to be fixed . On ps4 and xbox one , the default maps are just too small for 64 players . I really feel like the maps need to expanded . Only slightly so it doesnt feel cramed . Zavod 311 , siege of shanghei , operation locker . And ive also been having an issue with wall lag .And tanks spawn in way too often on some maps and its extremely annoying if your a player who doesnt like to use tanks , or BTRS , or AAs . Sometimes in some games it feels almost impossible to run on foot because of the over use of tanks . Please the game needs major bug fixes , please help us . i feel like i speak for all Battlefield players on next gen when i say fix this game .

  • Bansh32 02.17.14 at 04:51

    Whats the point of stealth coating? Seems how im always being hit by active radar.

  • Bansh32 02.17.14 at 04:44

    Why so much Anti Air?The stinger is everywhere! Whats the point of a heli if you have to stay 1000m away from battle to survive longer than a minute. Mobile AA tank screams cod. Has no threat because its in deployment the whole game.Active radar should be taken off or do very light damage. Theres already enough threats the heli has to deal with. Miniguns, jets, enemy choppers, unguided rockets, these are all threats. Killing a chopper with a mounted gun Or a unguided rocket is awesome and people should rely on it more. Its very possible to do it too, people should use team work, like using a soflam to target lock something. Taking two people to bring the air craft down. As of right now everyone running aimlessly around the map with a stinger can easily bring a heli down. Promote team work and skill not noobs who just want an easy kill. Sad thing is alot of the time its a rank 110 that kills me effortlessly in the mobile AA tank with active radar.Very disapointing seems nothing can kill them in their deployment.

  • Wojtek42 02.17.14 at 00:54

    1) I’d like to see their damage increased to 90% but have the aircraft immediately knocked from the sky and regen from Engineers is slower and takes at least two to go at a decent pace. If someone is talented enough to be able to use a TV missile to hit an aircraft in flight shouldn’t be penalized by it. I also think the aircraft should have equitable bombs that don’t regen in hardcore mode and their should be different types.

    2) I think different types of ammunition should be selectable for the Sniper Rifle similar to the shotgun; this should allow the player more flexibility in their own personal style of gameplay.

    3) It would be liked if Ace 23 preformed similarly to how it behaved in reality according to caliber and weight of bullet involved.

    4) I think rewarding players flying Below Radar is good for the overall gameplay by making it more theatrical for those on the ground and challenging pilots to increase their skills.

    5) I think all Long Range scopes available for the rifle should be available for the rifle in hardcore mode, players will adapt and change their tactics as new and better ways are found.

    6) I like how it’s now, though I feel that there should be more areas on the maps where pilots can take cover and shake missiles.

    7) I’m going to refer back to 3) on this one and say it should be a reflection of its reality.

    8) More physical pieces and sharper edges for craters.

    9) I think it should be how it is in real life.

    10) I’d like to see the addition of unlockable field upgrades that directly pertain to Attack helicopter maneuverability as well as other vehicle classes. Field upgrades that directly affect vehicles would help further refine the players gameplay and style.

  • The_Nekoguy 02.16.14 at 23:09

    The biggest dissapointment for me would be the As Val. Seeing that it is my favorite weapon since BF3 and that I’ve tried to get used to it in BF4, the lack of stability and damage makes it a big dissapointment. I’d rather see this as a DMR instead of a PDW,.

  • KILL-JOY-31 02.16.14 at 19:39

    This is to all the cry so sick and tired of all u high rank people crying about the people in the AA sitting in the spawn and u complain that they are not helping you when well news to you one person doing nothing isn’t goin to make u lose the game it’s you that lose the game cause u are fing with high rank people and yes I’m at 110 to you cry way to much.i bet you dont complain about people in the jets cause I know they can cap flags do u cry about them? I bet you don’t u only cry about the AA cause it kicks ur ass over and over again. You guys need to not worrie about how people play a game when you didn’t buy it for them and stop changing the game and crying to dice this game is supposed to be based on real life shit and the more u complain the game just turns into another cod game. Thats what I feel like I’m playing now nerf this nerf that geez why do you have to ruin the game just because your getting your ass kicked its a video know how would you feel if you bought a car and people start to complain oh the car is to fast the tail lights are stupid and so on . would u like a dealership to just come out and rip your engine out just because someone is a pussy and can’t handle the speed.i bet you wouldn’t like that one bit.when I bought this game I bought it for what it was not for what it is now.and you guys only complain to dice so the game works in your favor that is bullshit if you ask guys say that a AA in the spawn is a exploit bs I’ve been killed lots of times its not a glitch or are they cheating there is a lot of cheep shit in the game like the commander spot well shit no one can kill him that’s more of a exploit to to all u cry babies stop your crying and get off your moms tit.

    • Bansh32 02.17.14 at 04:15

      Your kidding? AA is the easiest way to get kills making it the most like cod (not having to work for a kill) you wanna talk real life? One bomb should blow up your gay ass AA tank that camps at spawn the whole game but it doesnt. AA riuns all fun for helis. You make me sick trying to justify the AA. If it were real a Main Battle Tank should be able to blow yous ass up with one shot from 1000m away but it cant. AA is the biggest dissapointment in the game i really hope they balance it because helis are useless

      • Buhbyez 02.25.14 at 12:12

        Honestly I’ve had no issues popping up on an AA and wiping him off the map in a helicopter…..just have to have a good gunner and be a good pilot…..AA is supposed to wipe the floor with aircraft, that’s kind of why it’s called the AA. If you don’t like him getting so many kills off you, stop flying because you’re doing it wrong. Want to talk real life? OK, in a real life scenario, a helicopter would kiss his behind goodbye going up agains ANY AA target. It’s you’re best bet to just stay the heck away from them. Thats what you need to have you’re attack jets supporting you for. Quit complaining about getting waxed by AA when you’re in a helicopter.

    • TRONCALRISSIAN 02.18.14 at 03:03

      Kill-joy-31….You have 76 service stars for the AA tank, and like 5 for the scout heli. that explains why you don’t want the mobile AA nerfed. No other vehicle in the game can wipe out multiple vehicles without running out of ammo and do it in less than a minute. The scout can’t do that kind of damage, and neither can the attack boat, why?……simple…because they take SKILL, timing, and even some luck to do very well with, unlike the MAA. Seriously, if you timed it right you could waste up to 3 air vehicles with the MAA in just over a minute. 6 active radar missles AND the guns. That completely contradicts the “Rock, Paper, Scissors” approach of balancing BF4. Being able to kill from your spawn point with the MAA is so incredibly inappropriate that it WILL get a nerf, so enjoy your free kills while you can.

  • rhansen20 02.16.14 at 10:56

    my biggest vehicle complaints

    make stealth a more useful perk in vehicles. make is so heatseekers do not ALWAYS do max damage once fired at vehicles so it is actually a viable option for pilots.

    also maybe since active radars are piss easy to use give a perk in the stealth/air radar/ prox scan slot, that make an air vehicle invisible to active radar so people will use passive or heatseaker

    active radar should do little damage
    heatseakers should do a little more
    passive should do most damage, as of now they are all the same why would a jet piolet or maa use anything other that active?

    stealth jets need more anti ground firepower, give them jdam, OR rocketpods,OR a main chain gun that does similar damage to the current littlebirds 25mm cannons as of now the attack jet is superior in every category except maneuverability

  • TreeHug 02.15.14 at 16:31

    The MAA is too powerful against helicopters not just the silly AC-130. Maps like lancam dam, gomuld railway, caspian border, and other wide open maps the MAA can sit in it’s spawn and take out the other team’s helicopters with te stupid ass active radar missiles and the helicopters never have a chance. Mix that with the mobility hits of doom that literally flip the attack helicopter forcing it to crash makes it very frustrating. Something needs to be done about active radar vs slow movin helicopters who are easy prey for moderately skilled MAA gunners. It’s very frustrating on lancam dam to be starting the game, spawn in the attack chopper and 10 seconds later you’re dead because the MAA launched two active radar missiles that hit you without enough warning to flare and flipped your helicopter focus you to suddenly crash and die.

    I have many other things I would add to this discussion but that’s a primary for me.

  • Runin-N-Gunnin 02.15.14 at 08:35

    The Helicopters are so underpowered. The rockets do no damage, and there are so many threats to the helicopter that It cannot do anything, like stingers, the mobile AA, jets, and other helicopters and all it gets is one countermeasure. Then when it gets hit there is no warning and it just flips and slams into the ground so you cannot do anything about it.

  • teef_you_kill 02.14.14 at 21:58

    Ok if anyone from DICE sees this, extremely nerf or remove the UCAV. It is completely broken and players can infinitely spam it. If this was put in intentionally then i have completely lost faith in you and am selling the game. If it was an accident PLEASE fix it or remove it alltogether. If you do nerf it, please remove all kills and exp gained from the UCAV and i am confident that i can speak for the entire community on this issue. Thank you very much and please do something about this.

  • CazmanCrazyONE 02.14.14 at 18:04

    TOO MANY OF YOU PEOPLE SNIPING…PERIOD! Try a different class for crying out loud!!! You people are annoying!!! WEAK…SNIPERS ARE WEAK!!!

  • CazmanCrazyONE 02.14.14 at 17:56

    The amount of snipers in this game has finally brought me to the point where I dont even enjoy playing anymore. Getting spawned killed by snipers like Im playing some COD crap…really?! I played BF3 for two years and never got burned out…been playing this crap for 3 months and cant stand it…thanx again guys! Cant wait until Titan Fall is released…played the Alpha Test…and it played better than BF4 being complete…just goes to show that the game was not even close to being finished when it was released back in November of 2013! I hope you learn something from all of the lawsuits!

  • CazmanCrazyONE 02.14.14 at 17:46

    There are WAY TOO MANY SNIPERS ALLOWED in this game…its gotten to the point where you should have called the game GHOST RECON…lol…How about limiting the amount of snipers in a match. Its so bad that 90 percent of my deaths are from this weak class. People hiding behind scopes because they cant get a kill otherwise. Im a former Marine and you would NEVER see more than 30% (at the minimum) of the ENTIRE team of 32 people sniping…VERY unreal and honestly QUITE ANNOYING!!! If you people want too snipe that bad…go and purchase a game based on sniping please and leave this game alone.

    • DWreck1995 02.14.14 at 21:37

      Well that’s what happens when you make sniping easier and easier with each release. You get more and more snipers. I liked sniping in Bad Company 2. Yes they didn’t add scope sway but that’s okay because even if they did I just would have used the Bipod built into all of them. It was only fun on Hard Core, the way BF4 should have done it, but that’s what made it challenging. No HUD, No health regeneration, no rangefinder, just plane old skill. None of these stupid ‘perks’ or overpowered equipment. All you got was a motion sensor, that didn’t work on Hard Core, and the Mortar. The Mortar took about as much skill to kill a tank as sniping a running target at 1000 meters. But you could do it if you were good enough. Not none of that matters, any old failure can snipe now. Or just use a Carbine with a T-UGS and C4 to be a cheating bastard.

  • Hunter_Scars 02.14.14 at 13:38

    here is what i dont get,

    you design a sniper rifle to be used in close quarters and then take away its only slight advantage by making it not 1 hit kill at close range by having the defense perk WTF?

    take for instance the FY-JS and the Scout Elite at long range they are just plain fucking useless but at close range you cant even kill an enemy with one shot center mass

    so here are 2 points why you should make the sniper rifles bypass the defense perk at close to medium range ( point blank – 150m ) wich to me seems completely fair

    1) at 700m a 7.62.51mm nato round fired out of a sniper rifle has more stopping power than a .44 magnum at point blank and a .338 lapua round would just about cut you in half if hit center mass inside 800m

    2) getting a head shot at the range that the scout elite and FY-JS are designed for is very difficult and requires lots of skill to even attempt let a lone be successful. the main reason it is difficult is because by the time you have seen an opponent and scope in they have already seen you and have an advantage of an automatic fire weapon so if you dont land a head shot and say hit the chest they survive by usually 2-6% health and kill you before you can whip out your side arm. THIS IS VERY FUCKING ANNOYING

    im not asking for much just for a little more balance for the aggressive recon

  • Colourful_Cube 02.14.14 at 08:06

    I honestly don’t know why they don’t just add 8x scopes for the DMR’s but FOR RECON CLASS ONLY. This will allow players who want the 8x scopes for DMR’s to use them, but at the disadvantage of having to play the recon class. This makes it impossible for an assault/support player to sit at the back of the map and snipe people all game long. Having the scopes exclusively for the recon class fits the role of the recon more, it wouldn’t be much different to a recon using a bolt action.

    • DWreck1995 02.14.14 at 21:25

      There is no “disadvantage” to the Recon Class. You have a device called a T-UGS that acts like a SR-71 from Back Ops, and a Claymore to kill people sneaking up on you. Or maybe you want to be an AT Engineer as a Recon Class, just use C4 and you’ll take out tanks no problem. Oh, did I mention you can have a ‘perk’ that gives you 6 C4. There is no disadvantages to the Recon Class.

  • DWreck1995 02.14.14 at 06:46

    I think my biggest issue if the vote not to change the G36C. I BF3 it was the way it was meant to be. One of the very few guns that actually performed realistically. Now you give it a 650 RPM which makes no sense. The best part about it was that it was a good Engineer equivalent M416 or now called the PO416 (HK416) that was for the Assault. So M416 for Assault, G36C for Engineer. They both were very similar which they should be, HK made them very similar. Now there isn’t even a Carbine that has a 750 RPM to be similar with! The closest thing is the ACE 21 with a 770 RPM, which it’s not even supposed to have either, it is a 700 RPM weapon! No offense to IMI, but no one wants to use it if they care about guns and there quality instead of just K/D. What ever happened to “If it” doesn’t “bleed we” cant “kill it”? Well the G36C doesn’t bleed, and you just killed it!

  • l-Colin-l 02.14.14 at 04:42

    So basically they’re saying “fuck you” to every topic being brought up.

    • DWreck1995 02.14.14 at 05:54

      Yes, of course, why would they not? They make a thread, get people to view it, there view counter goes up, and it’s a mission success for them. Anything after that is just a bonus. Same thing applies to the 10,000,000 Dog Tag Challenge. They took numbers from the dog tags collected the week before, so they knew we wouldn’t fail, and made a challenge to get more people playing. It’s geniuses! Except only from a business perspective, otherwise its crap…

  • CJackson017 02.13.14 at 23:20

    So basically this is you saying you’re not going to fix a damn thing?

    • CazmanCrazyONE 02.14.14 at 17:49

      Yep…they already have our money. They don’t give a SHIT! Never buying another Battlefield game…if you want to call this trash a game. Bring on TitanFall!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LotusAura 02.13.14 at 20:21

    “Players have also suggested that Sniper Rifle and 12G SLUG rounds be allowed to penetrate body armor at close range. The purpose of body armor is to specifically counter these kinds of threats,” While this may be true, no body armor currently exists which can stop, or truly even lessen at any range, the effects of rounds of the caliber that many, or most, or the sniper rifles in battlefield 4 use

    • DWreck1995 02.14.14 at 06:05

      Over the years of Battlefield we’ve all learned that they don’t care about real ballistics of anything. That’s why everything is messed up. Take for example the 2 things you mentioned. A sniper, and a shotgun with a slug, everyone by now must have noticed they are the only weapons that have noticeable drop. True that most people don’t go for someone at sniper range with anything but a sniper, but I have, with pretty much everything that shoots. The only weapons that shot curved down? The Sniper, and the Shotgun with a Slug. Lets not even get started about why the slugs in semi-auto shotguns don’t have the ability to do 100 damage. Plus even if we had the ability to penetrate the armor ‘perk’, the snipers cant do 100 damage anymore after what, like 15 feet.

  • KingKillerUK 02.13.14 at 15:42

    When are you going to fix the Auto reloader glitch in the Tanks. This is a major issue when your trying to play conquest rounds to be shot at by a tank that can fire 3 rounds when you have only shot one!!!

  • Muueeg 02.13.14 at 14:19

    I think the ECM jammer on helicopters should be checked cause 80% of the time i’m still getting hit in spite of it regardless if i remain on the same bearing or if i try the manouever in another direction. In the attack helicopter you immediately loose rotor power and by the time the time you regain control the next Stinger finishes you off. In BF3 the ECm jammer was very effective if you used it and made a roll dive to the left or right so you picked up speed and you could fly to safety and the ECM jammer was recharged, but now it is more advised to keep on use the flares cause they are a more effective defence.

  • vShadowGHOSTv 02.13.14 at 12:32

    Add the AA-12 with drum mag in the next update or DLC pleeeaaase that would be the best thing EVER!!!

    • DWreck1995 02.14.14 at 06:26

      No! are you nuts? What we need is a pickup-able GAU-8 Avenger Cannon. I’m not joking, its a good idea, because it sucks. The 1.181″ projectiles form that will only do 31.5 damage, less then the supposedly overpowered SCAR-H and ACE-52.

  • JaYxFresh 02.12.14 at 10:00

    balance the scar-h

    • DWreck1995 02.14.14 at 06:16

      They already did. It’s called an “Assault Rife” now so you cant use it on every class, it only does 9 more damage with no extra lengths like it did have, It no longer has better spread because of its .308, and it has the same bullet drop as the .224′s. I don’t see what more they could do to the gun without just removing it completely.

  • Aaronknight 02.12.14 at 07:59

    c´mon add scopes for DMR´s maybe 6x or 8x scopes to them make DMR´s have to much recoil even if you don´t try fire fast and do enough damage

    the M16 and M4 must have full auto cause burst fire either has too much recoil even with a grip and no they were not overpowered like the ACE52

    slow down the reload for stingers also the AA in boats and mobile AA i still cant outrun them either in the jet or any of the choppers even if if tried to (c´mon a chopper not able to outrun a foot soldier something must be missing there)(in case you don´t think so at least make their lock on range shorter then)

    make the rockets from the mlrs faster and more damaging or either replace it in zavod all you have to do is hide in the train wagons and you cannot kill them unlike real life where it would blow them to smithereens

  • upgradescott 02.11.14 at 22:48

    The only irritating weapon I can think of are the M2 Slams, they are supposed to be dual use as anti-personnel mines and as reduced damage anti-vehicle mines. As anti-personnel mines they are useless. I have watched enemies walk over a row of them and keep on going. Whats the deal?. It seems the only way to use them effectively are for booby trapping vehicles, good but then I have C4 for that..

    • DWreck1995 02.14.14 at 06:29

      To be honest, I didn’t know you were supposed to use them on infantry. I though they were there just in case you didn’t want to kill the tank, but disable it. Mostly because the driver will just jump out and you can kill him then take T-90 as an RTB present. But it never worked for me, they just blow up the tank anyway.

  • Darksparky 02.11.14 at 22:27

    I play DMRs and rank #7 (ps4) in canada for kills with them, and I love that you increased the damage by what equates to one shot. The increase in accuracy is what was needed the most because they were very underpowered despite what people think…Hear me out here – the DMRs definitely need the accuracy, reverting to anything less would make the guns underpowered and basically useless, I myself had grown tired and switched to a standard SCAR H AR before the patch, because I was not able to play efficiently at any range. The damage increase realistically shouldn’t be THAT much more than any other gun with the same caliber, however I agree with those that suggested a headshot damage modifier would be a good idea in order to give the gun the power it needs. But what the DMR’s really need is to loose the suppression (or severely nerf it ) and increase the bullet velocity instead. I believe the lack of high zoom scoops necessary but it is extremely hard to use a DMR at long range (where it is intended to be, I am not talking extreme ranges) when there is a delay of a couple seconds at least, let alone get the 2 head-shots that were needed.

  • CrimsonJohan 02.10.14 at 21:28

    This game is catering more and more to the call of duty run and gan fanbase, give all power to infantry and headless run and gun type people, assault rifle are overpowered against everything, dmr have short range scopes, helicopter are piratically useless in any map having MAA and engineer with stinger. I mean seriously why call it mobile anti air craft if most guys using it are absolutely immobile and camping at their base? The reload time of stringer is so incredible quick as well that it makes escaping from an initial lock close to impossibility, in fact it is impossible to escape from a mobile AA once it gets the first lock on unless there is building close by which I think only one map offers MAA and building (the center tiny building in zavod I think). And now you guys want to make scout helis even more useless against infantry… sight! Really, this game is deviating more from it’s roots of simulated battlefield and getting closer and closer to that arcady type mindless FPS that is losing popularity recently, this is a very dangerous thing for DICE to do imo. Games doing this have lost their root and fanbase in the long run (dead space, resident evil, etc.) This game has incredible potential and amazing technical design that no game come close to, think careful where you are going with this franchise, think about what it is trying to achieve in the first place, ie, experience a battlefield where if a mindlessly running dude does not have enough fire power to take out a tank and an attack heli in less than the span of 30 seconds. In any case, thanks for deleting my previous objective critical post.

  • Blubbernuts2000 02.09.14 at 17:35

    This literally seems like they completely ignored what almost everyone wanted to get fixed. like wtf DICE no long range scopes on DMR’s, that is what they are designed for. And having better mobility for the attack choppers, it’s so easy to get punished and harder to get a quicker pass in with them now.

    • Reblade 02.13.14 at 15:28

      The DMR’s were never intended to be long range weapons. That’s what sniper rifles are for. A designated marksman rifle (at least within BF4) is supposed to utilized at medium range, and skilled player can provide very effective support at longer range. Everyone seems to be wanting DICE to modify the DMR’s in order for them to function like semi-auto snipers (which i admit in the real world is how they work). Why not just use sniper rifles? that’s what they are there for.

  • MegatronicX 02.09.14 at 17:29

    We need levolution in ChinaRising plz patch it

  • mcnordy26 02.09.14 at 14:06

    Hi, There is a problem when on the mounted guns of Helis and boats. When you turn to the max point the whole screen jitters and you cannot use the gun efficiently.. disappointing and annoying :(

  • Bansh32 02.09.14 at 11:45

    How bout stngers and MAAs. Might as well be no choppers. Talk about dbags spamming heli’s Theres alreay enough trouble with jets.

  • LTCommander83 02.08.14 at 17:23

    How about adding a common rose for the COMMANDER? And why don’t COMMANDERS get skill points when they COMMAND their soldiers tactically and effectively?

  • Arinord 02.08.14 at 13:24

    I WOILD LOV>E TO BE ABLE TO USE ORIGINAL DMR SCOPES! Why is that a problem adding if i might ask??

  • SeilHaken9416 02.08.14 at 13:21

    I love the post patch DMRs. But I´m still not sure whether it was a conscious decision to give the assault rifles and carbines such a big advantage over the other weapons. As for now some 90% walk around with a body armor which can absorb one bolt action body shot or one shotgun shot (unless you push the barrel against you opponents chest before shooting. Terrible decision btw. to make slugs do exactly 100 dmg max in that regard, because they can never outdamage a body armor). Also the DMRs need 3 shots at ANY range or 2 shots with a headshot in there so they don´t get any advantage when you are closer to your opponent as opposed to any other weapon.
    With assault rifles or carbines you just pump people full of bullets and you won´t even know if they had body armor or not. Also there seems to be less recoil than in bf3. That seems a little unfair. (Especially when you consider that Lvlcap said that he didn´t think it was a problem to outgun any mentioned gun with an assault rifle back in bf3).

  • SniperChris54321 02.08.14 at 03:02

    “Long Range scopes for DMRs were tested extensively internally before release.” Why not let players test them?

    “We specifically removed these scopes from those weapons as we found any class being able to effectively snipe was detrimental to the overall pace and gameplay of BF4.” Putting 3 bullets into someone isn’t sniping, most Sniper Rifles kill in 1 hit, if not, 2.

    DMRs aren’t as accurate as Sniper Rifles, and have more recoil, which would make it difficult to place 3-4 shots (keep damage multipliers such as the legs in mind) on target quickly enough to kill an enemy at range. I highly doubt allowing them to have Long Range Sights would make them overpowered at all. All it would do is give players another option for how to use them, letting players use them like long range rifles, and take a slower approach with them. It’s not like people are going to start wiping out squads with a 40x scope on a DMR. And besides, if I’m going to use a Long Range scope on a DMR, I’m going to use it on the Recon Kit, where it would feel best.

    “We have no intentions of adding those scopes to DMRs for BF4.” I highly wish you felt otherwise. If you add them, you can always remove them. I suggest you start a poll to ask players what they would think about them being temporarily added to the game. A Long Range scope would make it more difficult for the user to spam for kills, so people wouldn’t have to worry about an increase of that, but instead could be hopeful for a decrease, as players could use DMRs from longer ranges, requiring them to take their time with their shots. Even if you start a poll and people vote against it, I still highly suggest you add them, because I don’t see a reason to vote against it. Where are those “Only In Battlefield” moments where i manage to get really lucky with a long range DMR kill? Adding Long Range sights would let me see far enough to find those moments, and make me love this game even more than I already do.

  • Archvile 02.07.14 at 21:35

    The countermeasures aren’t working very often. The reload time is fine, but I still get drilled when I’m using ECM and/or flares. No matter when I activate it – early after the weapon is fired, later, whenever. Or there’s a missile circling through the air at light speed around me that may or may not hit me. That’s working as intended?

    Attack helo’s are barely a threat anymore compared to BF3 (yes, I know BF4 is its own game), and Scout helos are a far bigger threat. When there’s 10-15 people in MAA OR shooting some time of AA rocket OR in a vehicle that can lock on air…it takes air units out of the game entirely. That’s working as intended?

    Also, the spawn camping is an issue on both sides of the table. MAA sitting in their base wrecking everything (even with the range reduction it will be an issue on narrow maps like Dawnbreaker etc), or people sitting outside of the opposing base destroying vehicles as they spawn. Personally I think people should do no damage when shooting into the spawn, or out from the spawn. This would eliminate a lot of camping issues.

    While I think that there should be a 2-3 second invulnerability on spawn regardless of location, that’s another argument entirely.

    • ZZSKINS10 02.08.14 at 04:15

      That and those god damn rocket launcher trucks (don’t know the actual name) I hate when people just sit in their spawn like on Zavod and just constantly shoot those things. Even on my own side. They just randomly fire and it shakes my screen when I’m trying to snipe. Gets rather annoying after awhile.

  • SnakePliskin73 02.07.14 at 21:22

    When are you going to address campaign? I have a game that I can only play half of that I paid full price for.

  • XBRADSTERX 02.07.14 at 20:04

    Can we please alter how your guy reacts when placing c4, I just completely flanked a tank and placed it on him to hear my character shout out “I’M PLACING THE C4″ the guy heard this and jumped out his tank leading me to blow myself up with an empty vehicle! I’m sure in real life a soldier wouldn’t shout this out and if he did what are the chances of enemy hearing it inside a sealed tank? Please alter \fix

  • Sweet_ZOIC 02.07.14 at 19:18

    when are you going to roll out the new balancing update. AA is way too powerful. especially on Lansing Dam map, the AA can just sit at their base and take out all the choppers from the opposing base. you can just sit at your base and get shot down. i tried playing AA, and sure enough, racking up kills left and right, there’s nothing stopping me. it’s really cheap and sucks when you’re flying.

  • CrimsonJohan 02.07.14 at 18:42

    The attack heli is a complete joke. The slow speed compounded with the crazy maneuverability and the fact that it takes a gazillion rockets to destroy ground vehicles makes it almost impossible to have a fair fight with anything having a lockable rocket (be it AA or engineers with stingers), the only thing this thing is good at now is rooting out a pack of snipers on top of a building (hoping there isn’t an engineer with a stinger near by). Most games I play now, there are two anti aircraft vehicles camping at their base for the ENTIRE GAME, and you can’t get close to them no matter what.

  • Stu1986 02.07.14 at 10:31

    How about making so vehicles can’t camp in their base all the time gets annoying when they sit their and nothing can be done but they can hammer you with AA fire or tank shells

  • BRIGHTSCALLES 02.07.14 at 05:46

    Personally i hate the balancing that they are doing, they claim to be a simulator but yet they balance. It makes no sense to me to claim that its as close to real life as you can possibly get it, and then sit there and dumb it down considerably from that point to appease people who are whining about either being killed too much or something being too powerful. In real life there is absolutely No Balancing whoever has the better weapons, better armor, and the better technology and skill to use said things wins no holds bard no questions asked. Its in my opinion hypocritical to say that its as close to real life as you could possibly make it when it first came out and then dumb it down because people didn’t like it. Personally i think you should remove the balances for people who play on Hardcore mode and make it as realistic as possible that the game engine can allow. If people want balanced dumbed down gameplay then they can play the normal mode, and leave Hardcore to those of us who enjoy the realism and immersion.

  • rhesusMonkeyBoy 02.07.14 at 04:05

    MINIMAP. The game isn’t balance for Hardcore, so no minimap ruins: Air Radar, Proximity Scan, Spotting, TUGS, MAV, SAUV, UCAV, Motion Sensors, Stealth Spec, Motion Sensors Specialization, Quick Unspot Specialization, and Advanced Spot Specialization.

  • Awesomex7 02.07.14 at 00:02

    I truly believe DICE that you should add 7-8x scopes for DMR’s.They would be perfectly balanced and normal.I know it was BF3 but in that game even assault rifles were able to have it so at least in this game add them to DMR’s.The M14 EBR on the cover art has it too.

  • TheDesireAble 02.06.14 at 23:20

    So, why are my XP boosts disappearing? I had a 200% I was saving. This is pretty upsetting.

  • Novacaine87 02.06.14 at 22:18

    Maybe they should take a serious look at the ability to repair helicopters (especially little birds) while they are being flown! They are damn near impossible to shoot down with an IGLA or STINGER. I’m tired of the kids that ride around in the helicopters the whole match repairing each other and you CNT do crap about it!

  • Sussepus 02.06.14 at 16:28

    3) As a capable all around weapon, players have suggested the GALIL ACE 23 is over powered. Players of specific types, especially competitive players, will gravitate towards a weapon that can work in any situation. The ACE 23 is out performed at close range, long range, and has competitors at medium range. We see no need for a change at this time.

    First of all Im not saying Ace 23 is way over powered but I dont think you understand why so many players feels it is.
    When a gun is second best in every category it is borderline over powered by default.
    Just think of it this way:
    Yes it loses to guns like famas in close ranger, but it beats the same weapon on medium and long. Its better than said weapon in 2 of 3 categories and no map or gamemode is close range only. And the same is true for medium and long range. The ace will beat the other weapon in 2 of 3 categories. Thats also why most inf choose this weapon because using the gun makes the odds turn in their favour. Why pick a gun thats only best in one situastion when you can use a gun thats always better in two situations? And add in that its hardly worse than the best weapon in any situation you truly got a gun that is a inf favorite and borderline over powered. I think reducing the RPM to 700 would be enough of a tweak to still be a good alrounder but have slight weakness in close.

  • rhansen20 02.06.14 at 10:48

    counter measure recharge rate needs to be specified for each vehicle, rather than standardizing it for every vehicle. I agree with the 23 sec recharge rate for the littlebird, and jets. the little bird can be repaired constantly so a piolet should rely on repairs and countermeasures, also I think it would be a good idea to make the little bird only be repairable to 75% while it is airborn, so it has to be repaired from outside on the ground to be at 100%, being constantly repaired is a joke. When facing a attack heli head on, a fully stacked little bird has a clear advantage over an attack heli up to 4 heatseakers and repairs ridiculous. A jet can easily deploy countermeasures and fly away, but if they are too aggressive they may get hit. the biggest problem with CM is with the attack heli, the attack heli is the biggest target on the map for stingers and it moves the slowest, so it should have the best counter measures. a 15 sec recharge or maybe copiolet flares with a recharge of 30-35 sec along with the piolets CMs. I think piolet and gunner both with cms would be a good idea to encourage teamwork and communication. The attack heli spends most time hiding, and even when it retreats at the first sign of a missle lock it cannot always escape because of the slower speed and manuverability, espically against an AA, but don’t get me started with that. I have the same opinion with the transport heli as I do the attack, its slow, big target, and probably the most usless vehicle in bf. I don’t have much expirence in armor vehicles so I wont comment on them.

  • rhansen20 02.06.14 at 10:30

    stealth jets need more anti ground firepower. the stealth jets have become soo boring. they have almost zero effectiveness against armor or infantry the only item they have is guided missile and the damage on those are too low. I think stealth jests 30mm cannon should be a pick for attacking infantry and armor while the 20mm are for air combat, because now the 20mm are a clear choice for all situation. also I think the stealth jets should be able to equip rocket pods in the secondary weapon slot. As of now the attack jet is superior in every category except maneuverability, but it only takes about 3 sec to destroy another jet with the 30mm cannons it has, where as the stealth jet takes much more skill. also, maybe taking away air radar from attack jets can make them a more air to ground jet rather than an all around jet

  • Deliriums Realm 02.06.14 at 08:38

    Rules of engagement!! It’s up & down & makes no sense!!
    I can headshot a guy & hell fall but next game I’ll hit a headshot 4x & nothing.
    Sraw just passes thru enemy vehicles. Just rec a vid where I sniped a guy from 40m
    Then turned around & saw a guy running towards me. Aiming down sight I shot’m 3x in the face
    & he killed me with 0% health & as I watched’m gun down another teammate I quit the damn game.
    Idk if it’s hacking or just this game but this is really sorry.

  • Deliriums Realm 02.06.14 at 08:17

    Dmr’s are not scoped right @ all

  • DDU ReapersRage 02.06.14 at 06:52

    You guys have been and are doing a great job with all the tweaks so far. I do understand that it may take awhile, and the majority of the BF4 community is needy and always seem to find something wrong that needs a fix. For the most part, BF4 (on a major scale) had really frustrating server issues. About 78% fixed. Well done. I can speak for the whole when i say that was the biggest issue. As far as weapon tweaks and all that, people should learn to use a different weapon. I like the fact that some rifles are fit with less power, or the launchers that don’t have as much damage. You see, BF4 is a strategic simulator. Combining squads in different classes with different weapon load outs, fair to be more damaging that a lone wolf complaining about the weakness of that weapon of choice.

    If you want to tweak something, tweak the TRICOLOR Camouflage for the soldier. Or suppress the over powered explosive, SLAMS.

    - Keep up the good work guys. – ReapersRage-

  • BlondeRacketeer 02.06.14 at 05:59

    Dear Battlefield,
    PLEASE RESPOND TO MY message so I at least know it was looked at PLEASE!!!!
    One thing that I cannot stand is that shotgun slugs at any range but point blank tend to have less than 15 damage per shot. I feel that the break in the m1911 and the nearly nonexistent damage(especially when they’re wearing the defensive perk) are abnoxious, but i feel that the RFB should have a break ITS TOO FAST and deadly. Hainan Resort on rush should not have a boat(unless the defenders get their LAV back). I think that Golmud Railway needs to go back to two tanks on 3 and a heli because once one side kills the only tank its nearly impossible to defend the railway where the bombs are. I have seen more C4 Jeeps since the last update on this map than I had in all of my Battlefield4 experience. Its not like I dont play this game a ton or tank either lookat my page. I also think that the SRR should be changed because I know people who actually aim for the foot because it nearly always 1-shots the enemy. I would like to see Battlefield be inginuitive and creat a system where the vitals and headshots are dependent upon where you shoot the enemy(cool you shot my hat off, my supply backpack, or my foot I’m not dead yet). IMPORTANT MESSAGE: you need to fix the hatches the way they were before the patch It was almost THE ONLY WAY TO KILL THE SNIPERS shooting you in the back as you advanced on Zavod 311. The Aces are terribly OP.

    • DDU ReapersRage 02.06.14 at 06:56

      Mr. Racketeer, sad to inform you of your lack of knowledge out there on the battlefield. Though you may out rank me, i may have a bit of advice. As far as the shotgun is concerned… it tends to give me a bit of a head ache as well. But the main situation here is, you just meet a lot of players who use those weapons and are very good at.

      Use more strategy. Sir.

  • PvtWright 02.06.14 at 05:02

    give the option for long range scopes for the DMR rifles. The real versions of these weapons have them. The M39 EBR for example generally sports a 10x Leopold scope. I have liked your games in the past because they were more realistic but the issue with the DMR’s your game freezing my system and many other issues are about to make me abandon the game and all EA games.

  • wardriver69 02.06.14 at 04:14

    I think the sniper recon should be able to be a sniper. A good sniper hides and you have to find where he is. NOT have a trail of smoke or contrail showing where he is. Showing the sniper after a kill is stupid. I can see it on other classes because they move around fast. That’s what the commander has a scan for. Make them use it. So let the sniper be a sniper. Another sniper can counter snip. That’s what the 20x and 40x scopes are good for. Hope to hear back on this mater.

  • kzarz 02.06.14 at 02:09

    DICE, you’re misunderstanding what people complain about when they bash ACE guns. Every one is basically complaining how the ACE 52 CQB, an all kit weapon, is basically a 3-shot per kill G36c with a tad more vertical recoil. It kills faster at close range than any other carbine in its class, and manages to out damage every other carbine in the time to kill category across all ranges, except for the MTAR. All other ACE variants are balanced, so something needs to be done to make other carbines competitive against the ACE. Perhaps bring its maximum damage down to 30, or reduce its rate of fire to 600 and significantly increase its horizontal recoil.

  • ATro75 02.06.14 at 02:00

    I am a premium member and I have played over 220 hours and all I can say is that this game is getting close to perfect, but I have recently started playing obliteration and it freezes more than any other game mode (I play on Xbox 360). It freezes at least once every other game for a friend in my party (which is a real hassle when playing online with a group of friends). I have only been able to play maybe 2 games in a row without freezing. Just figured I would let you know. Other than that and being killed by people with zero health, the game has been very enjoyable. Keep up the good work.

    • Bf3Bobbee 02.07.14 at 08:21

      Stop playing on 360. The game will never run smoothly on last gen.

  • BOBBYSOUTH 02.06.14 at 01:27

    Helicopters are still tipping you said you would fix it and you did not

  • TheSneakySnail5 02.05.14 at 23:11

    dice you need to allow us to change emblem and aircraft loadouts in game! please!

  • beatrich30 02.05.14 at 22:53

    i have read lots of posts the game is fine we need map packs and lots of them and guns thanks

  • dagnabitdamnit 02.05.14 at 22:20

    Bring back below radar Thank you

  • TEMUJIN-KHAN777 02.05.14 at 21:23

    As a fan of the scout helicopter / attack helicopter , I think something needs to be changed about the Stinger! It’s to powerfull or has to much ammo. If a team has a couple guys with stingers it make the helicopters almost obsolete , even with 2 guys reapairing me. There needs to be a better balance between aircraft and antiaircraft weapons . It’s to easy to shoot down a chopper, but maby that’s realistic?

  • NahkaJaska 02.05.14 at 20:40

    “aircraft counter measures are only designed to allow a vehicle to escape distant danger” who that is even possible when MAA or stinger can lock on to you no matter how far you go, Lancang Dam suffer this issue, and also Stinger´s Lock too fast, 1- 2 sec more locking time and pilot´s have even a chance to get away, otherwise game is just great, thank you DICE.

  • B3nd3rOv3r 02.05.14 at 20:04

    Either get rid of the AA gun at the bases or have it able to be used by players. Ive been shot down so many times and all im doing is flying over to get the enemy jet!

  • brizuk 02.05.14 at 19:53

    Fix the game….why are you not listening to your customers……

  • BangOfBrutality 02.05.14 at 15:25

    Talking about the console-version of the game (PS4 and Xbox One):
    The game needs squad -creation in the main menu. And in quick game, I think you should be able to
    decide which map you want to play. Class-creation, weapon and vehicle stats should also be avaliable in the main menu of the game. It’s quite annoying that it requires a computer or a mobile app for iOS or Android to check out your detailed stats.

  • No2stunna357 02.05.14 at 11:00

    I think as long as they keep snipers two shot kills when not a headshot it’s fair. I like sniping and it does frustrate me when I hit someone and they don’t die. But it would be completely unfair if the 50 cals were one hit kills. It isn’t the easiest thing putting two rounds right behind eachother with a sniper even when using a straight bolt. I do agree with dice not putting long range scopes on DMR’s. I feel like they would be over used and people would use them when they can’t proficiently use a real sniper rifle. There would be people spraying from across the map.

  • mustangguy85 02.05.14 at 07:52

    I got a good one how about instead of a loop of maps ya more random . Ext after operation lockers it’s always siege of Shanghai or after Silk Road it’s always Altai range . Let’s get more random

    • xkillamanjarr0x 02.05.14 at 10:19

      I just hope for all of the premium maps to be looped together randomly soon. I mean if we could have servers just for the premium members with all premium maps looped randomly, the game would be much better. I love the game a lot. But I am tired of my game dvr not recording right, it only happens in battlefield 4 on the xbox one where it either doesn’t record at all or records for 1second. I have missed out on some amazing clips that we’re suppose to record. I have some videos that I have put together but they are only the clips that actually saved right. There is so much more issues that I want to talk about with some weapons, and connection issues. But I have a baby to take care of. Please, help us out on the one. If you require more info contact me please.

      Thank you,

  • CosyPigeon 02.05.14 at 06:27

    “The purpose of body armor is to specifically counter these kinds of threats”
    But the end result is that everyone uses it to eliminate specific play styles, no other perk tree can offer a benefit anywhere near as good as being guaranteed that you will die less often over time. for this reason, body armor should be removed entirely.

    “MAA is too powerful against the AC130″
    If you’re going to increase the surviveability of the AC130 you should make it less spamable, every time I kill an AC130 with MAA, a new one instantly takes it’s place anyway.

    “Some players have been disappointed in the rate of fire of the G36C carbine, citing it being different from BF3″
    Incorrect, we cite that it is utterly worthless in comparison to all other carbines. If you want it to be different to bf3 fine, but that doesn’t change the fact that right now it is the worst carbine in the game, and nobody wants to use it (except for those who personally like the appearance of the gun).

    “We’re open to the idea that the Attack Helicopters could benefit from an increase in speed and maneuverability.” When two people in a transport heli an out maneuver, and outgun an attack heli on a consistent basis, you have a problem with the attack heli.

  • HyperJAZ_06 02.05.14 at 05:03

    I think you should be able to choose if you want to put on an fmg, rapid fire, or extended mag to guns to change it up a bit. And as setbacks so the guns don’t become to op add disadvantes to putting them on such as an fmg less bullets per mag, rapid fire less accuracy or stability. Stuff like that would add a whole new dimension to the game.

    • Bansh32 02.05.14 at 07:35

      Thats call of duty not BattleField. The last thing this game needs is to be more like cod.

  • GirthStevensMD 02.05.14 at 03:48

    Attack chopper is truly weak. It’s not effective at it’s role (killing armor/inf) because it’s too slow to escape danger. CM takes 25 sec to reload, stinger only takes 4 seconds. Followup stingers always come immediately and due to mobility paralysis the AH can’t do anything or seek cover. The attack chopper makes no impact on the battle in most rounds. It’s easier for me to kill a tank on foot than it is killing anything in an attack chopper. That’s not how it should be. The attack chopper should not be a world killing god weapon, however with a few adjustments to increase it’s survivability it should be a viable threat that makes tanks and infantry pay attention.

  • Gekkekarim 02.05.14 at 03:45

    Below radar should really come trug get them now too quick to air

  • lightsp0ts 02.05.14 at 03:36

    Thank you DICE for your hard work to fix and balance the game!
    Here is my point.
    -below radar is definitely useful with jets and helis.When planes are high up in the air,they face the danger of AA cannon and all kinds of missiles.And when they are flying very low,they have already faced the danger of crashing and the attack of tanks,rpg,etc,and in this case the missile shouldn’t be able to lock on to add more pressure to the low flying planes.So please bring back below radar.

  • Bansh32 02.05.14 at 02:38

    I feel like Helicopters dont have a chance. Especially attack heli’s. Stingers have to fast of a reload and mobile AAs just camp at deployment and shoot you down from ACROSS the map with active radar. The ECM Jammer and Flares should redploy faster. Mobile AAs should have to leave their deployment so groung forces can take them out. Maybe make the mobile AA something you aquire, like taking an objective to obtain it. Making it a crucial flag to control. Either that or reduce its capabilties (ACTIVE RADAR)

  • AM3ricanKAF1R 02.05.14 at 01:07

    How about limit snipers! to many Call of duty players are playing snipers, i play against 20 of them in a round and its pretty stupid thank you

  • idrinksoup0 02.05.14 at 00:23

    Well nice overall changes, i love this.
    But i wonder why Transport vehicles are unpersonalizable (away from changing camo) : i like to use them as it gives true teamplay feelings but i’d like to see some mod options as we can see on other’s vehicles :
    -smokes on transport heli to defend a landing
    -ropes to allow ppl to get-in without having to land (and be an easy target to tanks, LAV and engineers)
    -additionnal armor plates at max speed cost, better engine at max capacity cost
    -being able to modify miniguns (less for more room or possibility to put a med/ammo box, changing it for a slow rate of fire grenade launcher…)
    -possibility to change the ground transport vehicle’s weapon like adding an armor plate to defend the gunner from front bullets at speed cost

    I still have many ideas and this starts to be a long post but the idea is here : even if those ideas aren’t possible for game balance issues there’s a lot to do for those vehicles and it will boost their intrest for players, making them TRUE vehicles with real potential rather than being only used to travel from spawn to this spot and throwing them away once done.

    PS : Sorry for my english, it’s not my native language but i’d like to have your opinion on this

  • Xx_Psycho_1 02.04.14 at 23:35

    How about you fix the damn targeting lock on. Since this latest “update” locking on with a stinger is ridiculous. I couldn’t lock on to a chopper that was right above my head. The next time i locked on once, tried to lock on again and nothing. And no there were no flares of ECM jammer used. FIX IT NOW. It seems the more you try to fix or add things you screw up things that use to work

  • jakedakiller484 02.04.14 at 23:13

    How are the people supposed to win that don’t use glitches I don’t think that glitches should be allowed

  • jakedakiller484 02.04.14 at 23:11

    What about the glitches they are not fair

  • Morgatron 02.04.14 at 23:10

    “The frustration of not being able to lock onto targets” WHAT? How about the frustration of BEING CONSTANTLY LOCKED ONTO WHEN THERE’S NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT! Seriously, one guy on the ground can invariably destroy an attack helicopter with no risk. The dedicated helicopter pilot and his gunner have to wait 90 seconds for the helicopter to respawn and there’s no guarantee they’ll get it either, so why can two players prepared with something of very limited use be dominated by one player using something that’s always readily available? This game needs either below radar or gunner flares for attack helicopters, DICE is alienating the dedicated battlefield players who’ve spent the time to master these vehicles, and lowering the skill gap significantly…

    • Xx_Psycho_1 02.05.14 at 01:36

      Your kidding right? It takes 5 rockets from 1 person to take down a chopper if it is 100% and you being locked on is no different than a tank being constantly being locked on by a chopper. It has been tougher to lock onto a chopper lately. As far as your complaint about dedicated pilots waiting for a respawn, that is no different than a person waiting on a tank. Respawns are the same for everything. Your worried about too many other vehicles and not enough choppers then play air superiority, or play the maps with less vehicles.

      • AntiXebra 02.05.14 at 19:48

        5? Like three, max. One to get them to pop flares (assuming the pilot isn’t a noob and waits for the rapid indicator), and then two to put them down. A two-man engi team can dominate helos – or tanks, for that matter. It’s beyond easy to make a tank driver panic when he gets hit with two or three RPGs back to back.

    • Bansh32 02.05.14 at 02:46

      I agree. Its crazy how one guy with a stinger can stop all aircraft. All dedicated Heli pilots go through hell just trying to avoid lock on which is about impossible.

  • Cole_P_Train 02.04.14 at 22:57

    OK people. Not every gun in the game is going to be as good as the next one. That is the reality. Weapons are made differently for different reasons. If you know you are going to be in a close combat situation, switch to a weapon that best suits the environment you are in! The AK5C is probably the most balanced gun in the game from my experience. So if you’re looking for something accurate and powerful. That would be your best bet in my opinion.The AK 12 is also good.

  • ICEBERG1er 02.04.14 at 20:26

    When I have a guy or even multiple guys within twenty feet of me, i should not have to put my aim directly on them. I have had instances where i go to spot first because I usually anticipate where they will be coming from better and run into their whole team, so i quick try and tell my team,” Hey they are over here!” then i plug a couple of them full of lead. The problem is I only if i am lucky in that quick spot even get the first guy that I am about to shoot down. So it doesn’t help my team very much. In real life why would i not tell my team i have 5 armed bad guys twenty feet in front of me clear as day? That should be very easy. Instead you have to be a ghost to be ab warn your team about more than one guy. I am talking when they are just totally obvious in front of you, their fault for not being more covert. And usually my team is not as quick at realizing we are being flanked, but I am. I am a bonus in that effect to my team, and the game-play mechanics should not hinder that in an effort to make things balance better. Maybe easier close range spotting when they are not in cover (if possible) but a shorter time frame they are revealed from a close range spot? Is that balanced?

    • ICEBERG1er 02.04.14 at 20:27

      whoops i meant to say at the beginning that this was concerning spotting only

  • masterslay 02.04.14 at 20:19

    I think that it would be a good idea to have static ammo boxes placed around different places on the maps like in bf2 and bf1942, to give people like me a, who really wish for teamwork and cooperation, but just have no influence on peoples mindset, a chance against huge odds, when i defend points against shitstorm after shitstorm of enemies coming, fighting fiercly with claw and teeth, but no assistance, since the biggest problem for me seem to be running out of ammo, especially as engineer, and run out of rockets fast, and not having supporters giving ammo boxes, even if you scream it into their faces. Majority of people are selfish bitches who dont give a shit about helping others out, even when I try my best to do it, they dont seem to understand it or pay back. I give medpack, defib, resupply people, but even when i do so, most people even when heavily injured or out of ammo, rather run away like a headless chicken, rather than chill out a moment, look behind their should, and see i drop a medpack and ammo box for them. They simply dont give a shit, they head into battle and drop dead like the retards they are.

  • L0RDMEK 02.04.14 at 17:32

    For some reason or another i have re installed my game numerous times to fix a glitch ive noticed is a continued problem. every time i play TDM or SQDM i have no sound effects at all. no gun shots no running sounds nothing. but on every other gameplay type like CQ or Rush, ect it runs perfectly fine… please look into it!

    • L0RDMEK 02.04.14 at 17:33

      and the second time and ANY time ive tried a re-install, never fixS the problem.

  • DEADr thn evr 02.04.14 at 15:04

    I started playing this series because of “realism” not for “balance” the G36C is a nice firearm in real lif3 considering it has a rate of fire 100 rounds less in game than real life is disheartening every carbine can out perform it pretty much. The only use for it know is just for cosmetic looks not performance. I think it would be awesome if it was buffed back to originality. Thanks! Have an awesome day everyone!

  • Gene Hakman 02.04.14 at 10:42

    With statements like: “Reduced the physical impact of all Anti-Aircraft missiles to prevent helicopters from flipping uncontrollably when hit. ” and “Reduced the cone in which ACTIVE RADAR missiles search for targets, making them require a higher level of skill in predicting where a target will be when the missile is fired. The missiles were previously too easy to aim at long range, making them a guaranteed hit and a clear advantage over the other missile types.”
    These are such obvious problems that I’m pretty sure you guys didn’t test this game. That being said, here goes:
    #1-Stupid (obviously should be a 1 hit kill:)
    #4 – You’re wrong and your reasoning is ludicrous.
    #6 – So they’re not going to work when you do use them and they’re going to take 20sec to reload? Got it!!!
    #7 As it is now, the AH handles like a wet sponge – just sayin’.

  • A_dbOY 02.04.14 at 07:48

    There is a problem when the opponent has 0 health but doesn’t die

  • Laughingman554 02.04.14 at 07:32

    its awesome to see new update but ever since patch 1.07 i cant play the game more the 5 minutes without it freezing. It doesn’t matter what map, game mode, weapon load out. The game just freezes up and i have to hard reset my ps3. I have done the safe mode option with the ps3, i uninstalled all game data and reinstalled several times to no effect. I have talked with several of my friends and they all have the same problems accept for a few, which i think is weird. I noticed the ones who don’t have the problems have the newish slim ps3s. I myself have the old 60gig now a 160gig phat ps3 i’m wondering if there something about the old ones that cant handle the game. But it can’t be my ps3 or my internet, because every game i still play works just fine. Examples Killzone 3, GTA 5, Splinter Cell Black List and RockSmith. Its very frustrating to not be able to play a game I paid money for and when it did work was the best FPS in my opinion on the market. So EA/DICE please FIX the game.

  • ScoobyDDoo 02.04.14 at 05:22

    can appreciate you say BF4 is a game on it’s own and that we compare parts of it to BF3. But the Attack Helicopter is just no fun in BF4.

    “6) As a guaranteed get out of jail free card, aircraft counter measures are only designed to allow a vehicle to escape distant danger, not to enable the aircraft to be immune to lock on weaponry. While this is a tricky balance, we’re currently happy with the reload times and amounts of counter measures carried by aircraft.”

    compared to BF3, the helicopter is just not worth getting into. I’m looking forward to Operation Firestorm and Caspian Border for BF4 and if it’s good I’ll keep playing it otherwise it’s just more fun playing BF3 bouncing off trees in the heli.

    The Attack Helicopter to me seems like it relies much more on team support in BF4, get in fire everything and ditch it to save being blown away unless your team can stop whatever is locking it. But for me, BF3 = more fun flying.

  • johnson55recon 02.04.14 at 04:59

    Please fix the handheld soflam the the recon class carrys. Make it to were its not a thermal veiw . Everything else about it can be the same. Its just way to easy to be spotted the way it is

  • GirthStevensMD 02.04.14 at 04:58

    DICE: Here’s why so much Attack Heli frustration for everyone:

    BF3 Attack Heli speed and maneuverability -decreased- in BF4. Then, you -increased- velocity of stingers & AA missiles by 3.5x. Stinger lockon & reload time decreased. AH ammo limited with pool system (good), mobility hits have been introduced, you removed Below Radar, countermeasure recharge increased 2.5x (and high failure rate due to server lag), infinite range ARMs introduced, one-hit-kill SRAW introduced, one-hit-kill pickup launcher introduced, open maps with no cover for AH introduced. Are you beginning to see?

    Jets can fly away from AA, Scouts/Transports have repairs. AH gets worst of both worlds. Buffing Zuni/30mm does NOT resolve the AA spam problem. Tweaking MAA 20mm and ARM count from six to four does NOT resolve the AA spam problem. One Engi with low difficulty stinger should be area-denial vs 2-man Heli only, not a hard counter. Countermeasure is not “guaranteed get out of jail free”- success rate is about 50/50. Nobody wants hovercamping, and by making lockon AA so powerful, you’re going to force hovercamping behavior again because because AH can’t go anywhere to be useful to team without lockon from six directions.

  • Argos444 02.04.14 at 04:27

    LMGs could maybe get a slight range buff

  • Devellis96 02.04.14 at 03:53

    The second-last patch of BF3 introduced near-perfect air-ground balance. So why then, from BF4, did you increase the volume of anti-air weaponry, increase its effectiveness but DECREASE THE EFFECTIVENESS OF AIRCRAFT? Doesn’t make sense.

    As a side-note: why does active protection protect against the 4200 rpm GAU-8 cannon on the A-10 Thunderbolt (the US attack jet). In general, why does active protection defend against the attack jet cannon.

    I’m guessing this is a glitch, but if not, please consider this. An active protection system capable of defending against 4200 30 mm explosive rounds per minute needs to make 70 complex trajectory calculations per second.
    This means that the system needs to detect an incoming projectile from as close as 100 m (sometimes closer). It needs to calculate the velocity of each of these projectiles, adjusted for gravity, wind, AND THE Coriolis force. It must detect the aerodynamic properties of each projectile to adjust for air resistance. Then it must use this information to calculate the final velocity of each projectile at the moment before impact. It must then determine the appropriate firing position for the active protection system and then fire at where the incoming projectile will be when they collide. It must do all of this seventy times every second. It takes a substantially powerful computer just to simulate the effects of air resistance alone. Here’s an easy example: it takes the Xbox One running Forza Motorsport 5 about a second to simulate the air resistance on a single car.

    No, this is not plausible. This is not even believable. Please fix this.

  • Devellis96 02.04.14 at 03:30

    For the purposes of expressing my opinion, I will forget that humility exists:

    I am an exceptional helicopter pilot. I have been playing flying games since I was four, on the PS1. I have played with RC helicopters/airplanes since around the same age as well. If you’re familiar with FSX, there’s a particularly hard helicopter course (one of the default missions) and I completed it with a damn good time in a few tries. In BF3, I could go full games in a helicopter without dying and come out on top of the scoreboard.


    Now, I agree it should be more difficult for even a very good player to go an entire round without dying in a helicopter, however right now, in BF4, I have never gotten a particularly good attack heli run. Bitch about it all you want, but helicopters are severely underpowered. And let’s not forget the delicate balance between “a balanced game” and “a believable game.” It is not, for example, believable that it can take three strafes to down a single tank. It is not believable that it takes half a cannon magazine to down a single infantryman. It is not believable that some punk-ass engineer can pull off three stinger missiles before I can flare for the second time.


    Aircraft are only effective against ground targets at relatively close range (I’d say ~150 m) with the current flying mechanics. So why are anti-air weapons effective at such longer ranges?


    Seriously, attack helicopters need a major buff. Cannon damage overall should be increased, rocket damage should be increased (and I think it would be best to reduce the re-arm time for rockets to 3/4 what it is now). Get rid of the re-arm time for Attack Heli heatseakers. All the rearm time does for Air to Air weapons is make aircraft dogfights incredulously long.

    I can’t believe this wasn’t caught in Alpha/Beta (and a lot of things weren’t) but helicopter dogfights are SOO SLOW PACED. I really don’t like the limited ammo thing for vehicles in general, but at least for air-to-ground combat, it limits the amount of superiority a skilled helicopter pilot can have. It simply doesn’t make sense for armor (why does a tank only have 5 shells?)


    Please increase surface-to-air-missile reload time. It is absolutely ridiculous (especially for slower moving, lower-flying scout-helicopters) that an engineer can get more than THREE rockets off before I have time to both flare again and gtfo. A decent player will have no trouble taking down a hostile helicopter without surface-to-air lock-on weapons. surface-to-air lock-on weapons should be for noobs and as last resort only. As stated in a previous BF3 change-log: for point defense. I think the range should be decreased as well to 300 m if you don’t increase reload time, and 400 m if you do. 500m is just too much coverage.


    Come to think of it, it isn’t just the Attack Heli, vehicles in general need a buff. Remove the rearm time on armor and increase anti-tank weapon effectiveness. For example, unlimited primary weapon ammo for all armor. RPG/SMAW/SRAW should be three-hit disables, except from front. Javelin should be a two-hit disable and MBT LAW should remain a four-hit disable.

    Vehicles really feel tacked-on and ineffective in BF4 compared to BF3. I shat myself in BF3 when I saw a tank and I was an assault player. Now I feel “meh I’ll just go that way, he won’t dish out enough damage by the time I run that 100 m to cover.”


    And the argument for the G36C is terrible. The G36 is an obsolete weapon. It isn’t good at anything. I don’t see how that contributes to positive balance in the game.


    I hate DMRs, but even I can agree that a three-hit kill in close-quarters just isn’t competitive. If you want to encourage mid/long-range use, increase the max. damage to 50 and decrease the ROF significantly. I’d say at least a 15% reduction across the board.


    I think the easiest way to balance these would be to give them infinite lock-on range or limited travel distance. The former would give pilots/tank operators a fair(er) warning and give them time to take action. AAs couldn’t spam active radar missiles from spawn, because the pilots flying from base would know almost instantly that a pesky, camping AA has fired rockets at them and should be able to take action quickly. It would limit active radar missiles to what it looks like they were designed for: point defense.

    The latter suggestion would also solve the aforementioned problem. You could still fire them, the pilot would have a sudden, brief warning, but if they could only travel, say 500 m (linearly, regardless of path taken from source) then it would still prevent active radar missile spamming.


    In theory, it makes sense that an engineer would carry a PDW, but with the BF4 weapon mechanics, it doesn’t make sense. Engineers spend their time far away, either in vehicles or trying to destroy them. There literally is no reason to use an engineer in close quarters other than the fact that you have given them PDWs exclusively (which are not very competitive weapons to begin with). Carbines are all around better, except, generally, in hip-fire. There is no reason you’d play as an engineer and not use a carbine. I do admit, being able to use carbines with any class is nice, and makes for interesting, diverse load-outs, but it does not make sense to give PDWs exclusively to engineers. I think it would be far more balanced to switch carbines and PDWs.

  • Youngwings 02.04.14 at 02:58

    These are things you are monitoring? Looks like a huge list of legitimate complaints players have made, and your reasons to ignore them. Only 1 of the 10 on there says anything about testing possible changes, and that’s the Attack Helos. The Rest of it is “We are happy with this” “we like it this way”, When really, its not about the devs… is it? Its about what the players want to see. Pretty sure its the Devs job to please the players, not to please themselves.

  • WinterSpade0253 02.04.14 at 01:39

    The AK-74u carbine does not have a dog tag for 500 kills like nearly everything else in the game does, including the vehicles like the Buggy. The AK-74u carbine was the second weapon I had ever gotten all of the battlepacks (which if I counted correctly, was 510 total kills) for. I would use the dog tag if it was available for use. I have yet to find any reasonable answer for this weapon not have the 500 kills dog tag.

  • Neo2450 02.04.14 at 01:06

    6) As a guaranteed get out of jail free card, aircraft counter measures are only designed to allow a vehicle to escape distant danger, not to enable the aircraft to be immune to lock on weaponry. While this is a tricky balance, we’re currently happy with the reload times and amounts of counter measures carried by aircraft.

    How ignorant are you people? Do you know that ECM doesn’t work 90% of the time on jets? And you still have the nerve to call it a “guaranteed” countermeasure? Wow, you must be very dumb. Very. Out of the 5 missiles launched at my attack jet, I get hit by 5. Guaranteed huh? Maybe you mean a “guaranteed” animation. I would believe you then. But no, it is not “guaranteed” to actually do anything.

  • 00_MARX 02.04.14 at 00:47

    4) Below Radar has been a hot topic, asking why it was “removed” from BF4. Below Radar was never a part of the original design for BF4’s locking mechanics, and while we have discussed allowing a low altitude state to cause lock on to take longer, the added frustration of being unable to lock on to targets does not offset the added danger to helicopters at low altitude. Furthermore, having a low altitude state only affect PASSIVE or ACTIVE radar missiles would add additional confusion, as it did in BF3 when stingers still worked on Below Radar vehicles.

    No one is asking for Stingers/IGLA’s not to be able to lock. BF3 finally got it right with the system they had. Essentially, flying low only meant you could not be locked on by other aircraft, you could still be locked on by infantry and AA.
    So what you had was skilled dogfights with other aircraft, trying to gain the advantage on one another without exposing a heat seeker lock which usually meant death.

    I think Active Radar should be on the same rules. If the Aircraft is low to the ground Active Radar should not work, but the standard lock on missile should work as normal, allowing the pilot to countermeasure the attack. Currently the MAA can fire Active Radar Missiles so fast, that the pilot has no means to counter the attack. Simply play on a server where your ping is higher and you will see how OP ARM’s can be. Even Stingers/IGLA’s on laggy servers can be impossible to counter. I literally press ECM as soon as I hear a lock on tone, yet the missile still locks and then it’s a roll of the dice weather it hits or not. Then if it hits through ECM, I’m a sitting duck with no chance to escape and a 20 sec CD on my next countermeasure.

    What everyone has been proposing on multiple threads and blogs is the following. This will not make Aircraft OP and still gives everyone a fighting chance to kill the aircraft.

    1. Bring back Below Radar for Heat Seekers (Air to Air Combat) and for MAA’s ARM’s.
    2. Increase the lock on time for Stingers/IGLA’s and MAA’s Heat Seekers by maybe half a second. Mainly to compensate the Lag issue and allow slightly extra time to counter the lock.
    3. Reduce the repair speed on the Scout even more. They can still be considered OP even after the recent nerf.
    4. Reduce the reload time on aircraft Heat Seekers slightly.
    5. Increase the maneuverability of the Attack Chopper and make it slightly more tankier. The damage output was fine as it was from launch.

    These are only a few small changes that I think a fair and a good balance considering the skill required to fly aircraft and help reduce some of the frustration that has been happening in BF4 while flying.

  • NeilDiamondPhD 02.04.14 at 00:41

    Please reconsider a modified Below Radar that counters locks from other air vehicles and MAA — if they don’t want to “slow down” stinger lockon speed because it will “confuse” beginners, that’s fine. But don’t throw out the whole idea and do nothing because of it.

    The AH will continue to be relatively defenseless to the sheer volume of lockon AA in this game, even after the Feb patch. To say that some mild tweaks to the MAA 20mm and Active Radar Missiles are going to cause them to pause before considering further action just seems grossly out of touch with the situation.

    A “guaranteed get out of jail free card” is only so meaningful when Go To Jail is every two or three spaces.

  • LTCStonedViper 02.04.14 at 00:18

    Attack chopper is useless with it being so clunky in the air.. throw in the AA, smart missiles, and jets and they’re even more useless. I was a pretty good pilot in BF3 and the mechanics are no where near what they were in BF3.. on a good note though, the Scout Helicopter is perfect! And I agree with everyone else that has an inkling of skill — remove the “smart” missiles like the Sabot shell.. so pathetic people can’t aim — I mean really it’s like people who use those have absolutely no skill and then they think they have skill because the computer hit the tank FOR them. Go play MW or CA or some other crap game that people who suck at games play.

  • LTCStonedViper 02.04.14 at 00:11

    I can deal with the holes and stuff.. what I can’t deal with is getting stuck in a freaking tank or IFV between two tiny rocks on the ground… or the giant holes from c4 and slams… really? do tanks and IFV’s really get stuck that easily? No.. so address the issues with vehicles getting stuck.

  • LTCStonedViper 02.04.14 at 00:09 think the ground being covered in 10 foot holes for 2 miles is fun? Seriously? I mean a few holes here and there at about 5 feet deep is ok, but when you have to drive over the whole map with holes and then get stuck every 3rd time it gets extremely annoying and it needs to be fixed. I have gotten stuck in every vehicle at least twice in these stupid levolution crap for the ground. Also, M2 Slams are way overpowered.

  • JohnnyHangman 02.03.14 at 22:24

    And by the way, I don’t want DMR’sto have long range scopes, but it’ll be really nice if the recon class ONLY could equip long range scopes on the DMR’s.

  • JohnnyHangman 02.03.14 at 22:19

    What the heck kind of reasoning is that behind not willing to buff the G36C? How stubborn and close minded. Are these guys stupid or what? no one cares if this is not BF3, the goddamn carbine is just atrocious now, it is outclassed by ANY carbine. The only buff it needs is an extra 100 RPMand it will be a viable choice, it’ll make you think if you want to use that carbine or another one. Right now the G36C is a no-no for ANY cirsumstances. Sucks at close range, mediocre at medium range, performs poorly at long range. Reading that crap was really infuriating, no reason is given not to buff it. BUFF THE GODDAMN G36C and PDW’s because they are USELESS when you have the ACW-R or the MTAR.

  • YourFutureCEO 02.03.14 at 21:25

    Haha, this is hilarious DICE. 10 “considerations” for balancing – 10 “We’re not changing anything – so suck it” responses for your community. So much for “listening” to what we, your customers, have to say. I have a question for you to really consider… If pleas and requests for improvement and actual changes are asked by the players but they fall on deaf/stubborn ears of DICE’s executives and game designers do they still get asked?

    Also, thanks for the bread and circuses of an appreciation month. Being no different than Roman Emperors I’ll admit it is still a great distraction from the problems that plague our, the players, BF experience daily.

    I know that you’re getting a lot of suggestions that will go straight into the abyss that is internet blog posts and never see the light of day but Just please, please, please fix the lag, random crashes, and ten minute load times to play with the only thing the player has to look at during that is the blinking cursor and pitch black screen.


  • Gladiador-xz 02.03.14 at 20:42

    Hello Dice, thank you for those gifts but I just want to play without lag. I don’t want raise my level fast I just want play BF4. I made everything to try to play without lag. But everything is just a money and time wasting. I duplicate my Internet speed contract, buy a dedicate router, portforwarding, everithing without luck. I hope you can fix your server problem. For the moment I’ll be playing Call of Duty.

    • LTCStonedViper 02.04.14 at 00:21

      Well if it’s not your internet that only leaves one thing — your computer. I have absolutely no issues with lag and I don’t even have the highest speeds I can get — I only have the 20mb plan from TWC.. and I play on high settings.. so 90% sure it is something to do with your computer — whether your computer doesn’t have the hardware or there are a few settings that could be tweaked.

      Of course it could also just be the server you’re connecting to as well.

  • MaiqTheLiar6793 02.03.14 at 18:26

    snipers should be limited to 1 per squad and unusable as a lone wolf. snipers scope glare should only work when it is facing a light source, as this also reflects real life, and finally the L85A2 assault rifle DOES NOT have burst fire in real life. please remove it. you listened to all the peeved british squaddies about the matter in bf3

  • killjoy5541 02.03.14 at 16:41

    Can you fix the glitch on Xbox One where the you are dead, but the game wont let you die, you cannot move, respawn, redeploy or be killed by others, forcing you to quit?

  • x The Tobes x 02.03.14 at 15:28

    Your reasoning for not changing the aspects of the G36C are ridiculous. If I were to fight a battle in Afghanistan with the G36C then go to Iran with the same gun I would expect it to fire the same way. LOCATION does not dictate the rate of fire of a weapon. The Weapon determines that.

    Your comment about that is most asinine thing I have heard. Go talk to someone other than a software engineer about these weapons. The programmer probably doesn’t know crap about shooting a weapon. Least of all the G36C.

    Get it right or shut your doors.

  • NutsMammoth 02.03.14 at 15:23

    Please add an option in order to hide messages sent by the other team in the chat box.

    I’m getting tired of all insulting messages (and other hackusations) sent by lot of players.
    Not forgetting insulting messages sent by my team to the other team.

    Currently, a solution is to hide the chat box but this hides all messages.
    The other solution is to ignore these insulting messages, but this is often hard to ignore them.
    Especially when a player insults you directly and regularly.
    Often I leave the game and other players do the same thing.

    Anyway, I don’t understand why both teams can communicate amongst themselves.
    99% of the time these are insulting messages, both sides.

    We should have a filtering option in the chat box.
    For example, a command key ALL/TEAM ONLY.
    And of course, messages that cannot be hidden are those from the server and the admin.

    In the console version, there is now a chat box with messages sent only via the commo rose and the commander since the last update, which is great and players seems very happy with this new feature.
    We should have this feature as an option in the PC version.

    Thank you very much.

    • MaiqTheLiar6793 02.03.14 at 18:43

      I would like to see the addition of chat between your team noly, no whole server chat, on console. granted players would need keyboards they are not hard to come by.

  • MegatronicX 02.03.14 at 13:37

    Before painting is better than new painting
    plz fix that..

  • NoTouchGoon 02.03.14 at 13:20

    need UCAV balance. 90 -> 30~35

  • NoTouchGoon 02.03.14 at 12:42

    hey fast! hurry up man

  • xTheGrudge85 02.03.14 at 11:56

    Can we get a compass on hardcore. Soldiers are constantly calling out enemies by direction. Since Ive never seen the North Star on BF4, I cant properly locate and kill the enemy. Its an easy add and everyone, I think, will be happy with it.

    • CaptainSnag 02.03.14 at 15:13

      I keep forgetting to ask for that! Maybe if they don’t put it in the HUD at least put one on the big map so that squad leaders like me can pull up the big map and relay orders from there

  • NeilDiamondPhD 02.03.14 at 11:31

    If DICE won’t even *consider* a modified BR that only affects passive and active radar and NOT stingers, it should be painfully obvious that the Attack Heli needs the boosts in speed and maneuverability. It gets the worst of both worlds. Jets can afterburn out of hotzone, Scouts & Transport can repair.

    For DICE to say that some mild tweaks to the MAA 20mm and Active Radar Missiles from 6 to 4 are going to cause you to pause before considering further action just seems grossly out of touch with the situation.

  • beavis_ostw 02.03.14 at 10:19

    Hey there!
    At first sorry for my english =\
    I have one suggestion after playing alot on MAA and jets. Whats about to add one more type of rockets for attack jet – antiradar (AR) rockets.
    Lets assume when MAA and jet switch on AA rockets they switch on radar for 10-15 second (trimmmable parameter), and doesn’t metter what type of rockets they use: passive, active or heatseeker. So you can lock and attack they by that AR rockets. That type of attack must be stealth (no warning signal for victim) and only one way to avoid that – beware of using rockets.

  • Shafto3 02.03.14 at 09:55

    Spot on for 9.5/10 of these points. Attack Helis are SOOOO ‘heavy’ … they’re like trying to maneuver pregnant cows. I don’t even care about speed as much, just sick of diving to avoid an attack and not being able to catch the helo before smashing into the ground at altitudes that made sense in BF3.

  • IE_ONEARMEDGAMR 02.03.14 at 09:47

    Put the tv missiles back to one hit many players will tell u that like on bf3 and also have it one hit infantry and the reload of all chopper stuff be like bf3

    • IE_ONEARMEDGAMR 02.03.14 at 09:52

      also let us control the aa again at base

  • JDanger86 02.03.14 at 09:18

    Slow the jets down a bit maybe or increase their boundrys to maps, increase reload time for jet heat seekers, I feel like im flying jets in a COD map they are probly just too fast is my guess.

  • rotary-intl 02.03.14 at 09:00

    The MBT Law breaking through active protection has NOT been fixed.

  • DoctorSkidmark 02.03.14 at 08:42

    It´s really ridicolous. DMRs are already overpowered, and now the damage was even more improved. It´s really a pain in the ***.
    It´s definitely a step backwards to award the noobs for the style that they play.
    My opinion is that the whole class of DMR could be deleted from the game.
    Either you snipe with a real sniper rifle, where you need skill, or you let it go.

    • CaptainSnag 02.03.14 at 15:18

      I agree with the first two sentences. Other than that I think you’re overlooking the DMR’s role. The DMR is a fantastic addition to BF 4, although much too overpowered at close range. Mid range is fine. I can now actually run a class with a friend who is recon and be his spotter and his back up. I also like the idea of being able to scope out an area first and if not hit, then at least get an enemy into cover so i can move up

  • Grad98CofC 02.03.14 at 08:01

    Where is my 100% xp bonus???????

  • Erelyes 02.03.14 at 07:22

    Fix the attack jets… seen two Paracel rounds of players going 50-1 or 50-3 or thereabouts! What other asset can a really good player get THAT kind of pwnage on? Drop damage 15% and make them about 10-15% slower overall too please

    • CaptainSnag 02.03.14 at 15:19

      Making them slower would mean they could attack ground with their guns a lot easier. Also, attack jets on Xbox 360 and PS3 suck cock. They’re basically useless.

  • TITANFALL_2 02.03.14 at 06:42

    I agree with one of the commenters, why don’t you only give the recon class the choice to use an 8x scope. Or how about even better idea only allow the recon class to use DMRs -_-

  • Minimum_Effect 02.03.14 at 05:06

    In China Rising, why are the MAA allowed to attack the bombers from the spawn zones? The bombers can’t attack vehicles that are inside of the spawn zones, and are destroyed in seconds. On Altai Range, multiple MAAs hide in the spawn zones and the bombers can do nothing about it. It would be very difficult to stop the MAAs from firing, but at the very least, their missiles should not be able to lock on from the spawn zones

  • dotfrag 02.03.14 at 05:04

    Basically ‘We as developers of the game, disagree with the community who actually play the game daily. We base our balances off statistics rather than real world use’

    I’ve always been a ‘battlefielder’ and proud. I played par for the course on BC1 for ENDLESS hours. Then with BC2 comes magnum ammo etc, Now I get spawn raped by anti air that can shoot at ground level or knifed with a prison shank by someone who’s avatar is a cock and balls. Oh how this series has declined.

    More isn’t always better, so many variations of everything has ruined the balance. Use vehicles until you unlock OP attachments or be destroyed! Meh will seriously have to be impressed to buy the next game.

  • HOLYBUTT 02.03.14 at 03:46

    I think you shouldn’t over power but maybe make the UCAV easier to maneuver and should fix the fact that the fighter jets when shooting down AC130′s can fly into them and not take damage

  • AlonzoGooning 02.03.14 at 01:49

    Modify the smaller version of the maps such as dawn breaker. I noticed that random spawning results in a quick death due to lack of cover and what not

  • Durka_Kairuri 02.03.14 at 00:59

    and the attack chopper needs to be back at the speed of bf3 to make it a viable option for evading MAA and stingers otherwise end up sitting in deployment with a shit chopper team and zoom optics

  • Durka_Kairuri 02.03.14 at 00:58

    below radar would stop MAA rape from the deployment which is still happening on certain maps. I don’t mind stingers so much as long as I know where the threat is coming from but that and laser guided and MAA is frustrating

    • NeilDiamondPhD 02.03.14 at 03:38

      Precisely. Reducing ARMs from 6 to 4 and making jets a little harder to hit with narrowed lockon cone does nothing for slow Attack Heli’s weak defenses. MAA camping base & spamming ARMs across map will continue. Swarms of AA lockon missiles with +350% velocity since BF3 will continue. SRAWs were not in BF3. 6 second mobility disable after every AA missile impact were not in BF3. ARMs were not in BF3. Below Radar has been removed since BF3. AH ammo has been reduced since BF3.

      DICE please do *something* for Attack Heli defenses. Try an Attack Heli on a 64p public server – not your internal test environment – and see for yourselves how weak it is.

  • FLYERZ19 02.02.14 at 23:38

    This probably not place for this post seeing that isn’t balancing but why not bring back the kill counts and service star count on your tags and weapons?? We have all these irrelevant stats and at sum point everyone will unlock same tags so why not put the counts on the tags after they are unlocked. It sets ya apart from the herd and lil bragging rights. I’d like to see my foes service stars on weapon or vehicle if they’ve downed me.

  • SPOOKY XRAY 02.02.14 at 23:21

    how about you guys significantly increase the all around splash damage to foot soldiers from tanks because i am getting tired of when i shoot a main tank shell at a soldier and it hits right the hell next to him and doesnt hurt him at all that tends to piss me off very much. i would like to see tank splash damage equal to that of the tanks from bf3

    • fragment101 02.03.14 at 00:37

      Couldn’t agree with you more they should be pink mist from a tank shell.

  • angry_cricket 02.02.14 at 22:58

    whats the point of asking the community for imputs if you are going to do WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU GUYS WANT ? after all we are the ones who paid $120 for a game that doesnt work as intended ????? YOU LOST ME AS A CUSTOMER LAST GAME I BUY FROM YOU GUYS

  • xLosSkywolfGTRx 02.02.14 at 22:32

    Add 6-8x scopes to DMRs. If DMRs are supposed to bridge the gap between ARs and Bolt-Actions, then why do DMRs only have up to 4x scopes? Might as well use an AR on single shot instead. Also, the FN57 and QSZ handgun should start with 1 extra mag, and, where is my veteran battlepack?

    • King Tolapsium 02.02.14 at 22:43

      Why not boost both DMR’s and AR’s so those who want to snipe actually can, while still drawing the casual crowd in for ground warfare, because currently getting picked off by a small commune of level 6 guys hiding up in the mountains with their DMR’s is infuriating. Please boost AR’s, if not PDW’s and LMG’s too, the snipers are obviously doing their job, and now the DMR’s also are, but what about the assault and engineer classes that want to infiltrate bases from the ground, please do something to stop every new player from grabbing a sniper and or DMR and heading for elevation, and conquest map that has some space has turned into a snipers paradise, and the china rising dlc only caters to the long range players, if ground warfare is even going to be an option, it needs to be one with positive benefits unlike now where you are simply fodder for some enemy sitting in one spot all match. Situations like this existed in BF3 on maps like Noshar Canals, but the ground forces had cover, and if you where good you could easily clear out an inexperienced sniper who was trying to peak at your spawn, just give us the option to defend our selfs and this game will be leaps and bounds better.

  • KrYpTiC_x_ChAoS 02.02.14 at 22:18

    Last one! Stingers and IGLAs hold an advantage against air vehicles in that they reload far faster than MAA rockets. I’m not sure what the initial carry limit for these gadgets is but if it is more than 3 I would suggest reducing the limit to three to make such a gadget balanced.

  • T1L1KUM 02.02.14 at 22:16

    DICE make the choppers stronger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    its pissing me of flying for 20 sec and then getting destroyed by 3 missles
    the whole game is far unbalanced…u should hear what your community is telling you!!!!!
    AND WE WANT THE APACHE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    please make the game more comfortable and playable…
    nerf the rocket launchers, the aa’s…and make flying amusing again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PLEASE DICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KrYpTiC_x_ChAoS 02.02.14 at 22:14

    Reduce the amount of V40 Minis and RGO Impact grenades by one. I feel that 3 V40 Minis is far too many because more people use them than you would think, same goes for RGOs. They are far more powerful and useful than their M67 variant and having too many in you inventory gets to the point that in some circumstances all you see is grenade indication symbols and explosion kills everywhere.

  • KrYpTiC_x_ChAoS 02.02.14 at 22:11

    The net code for IR Flares and ECM Jammers may need a bit of tweaking. There are some instances that I find myself in an attack or scout helicopter, get locked onto, deploy the ECMs prior to missile contact such as to break the lock, and still manage to be hit.

    • Minimum_Effect 02.03.14 at 05:15

      If you have ever used the Igla, or played battlefield 3, then you should know that some missiles can re-lock onto the target. I have seen this happen multiple times to jets deploying flares.

  • KrYpTiC_x_ChAoS 02.02.14 at 22:09

    Another balance that I’d like to see is a reduction in the amount of XP needed after unlocking the M39 EMR to the ACE 53 SV. I understand that the ACE 53 is one of the better DMRs to use and unlock, but I feel that 28,000 XP is far too big a jump.

    • King Tolapsium 02.02.14 at 22:25

      Lets worry about problems before we even try to get into the nitty gritty of leveling, if my bullets aren’t doing the correct damage, I couldn’t care less what gun I’m using.

  • KrYpTiC_x_ChAoS 02.02.14 at 22:06

    One glitch I really cannot stand is the 0% health glitch. I understand that in most cases the person that just killed me has far more than a fraction of a percent of health left, but my mind tells me that when I see that that I just got robbed. Having the killcam properly display the enemy health stats will just give me mental reassurance that the enemy is not getting away with less than one percent of health. I understand that you realize this glitch and are working to fix it already but it is something that I am eager about being fixed and want a lot of effort put towards for the next patch.

    • King Tolapsium 02.02.14 at 22:23

      What I don’t understand is how the kill bar can show 0% not once has my health ever displayed 0%, why not just round up to one. In real life, I know this is a video game, but if you had 0.4% of your health, you would bleed out and die within seconds, why can’t their be a health bleed on characters with less that 5 health, like how the vehicle on fire continue to take damage. I don’t think its ridiculous and might actually help people think before they run into a room guns a blazing, and it could make medics useful, we need something, and letting a guy run off with 0.2% health cannot be it.

  • King Tolapsium 02.02.14 at 21:47

    The issue where not all bullets fired are counted needs to be addressed first and foremost, how exactly will a fully automatic shot only get two hit markers when all the bullets are whizzing through his chest, are the two hit markers cumulative thusly doing the damage for multiple hits only twice instead of four or five shots getting four or five hit markers. I suggest that you eliminate the environmental wind effects and more efficiently package the damage, because at the moment it seems like vehicle persistence has more of the code dedicated to it than bullet damage, I just want my bullets to do the damage I see on my screen, and the times where I do end up with seven or eight hit markers I’m at a loss, because the damage should have killed the enemy at four hits doesn’t seem to catch up with them until I’ve spent half my clip. The bullet damage is really the only thing in the package transfer of this game that needs to be immediate, I can deal with an odd hurdle or a glitchy wall that maybe shouldn’t still be there, but when I play a first person shooter, and it feels like I set up every magazine to play Russian roulette with my opponents its hard for me to enjoy anything because i’m constantly wondering why my guns don’t work like guns.

  • zzzx RAMBO xzzz 02.02.14 at 20:23

    camo not right for the map for your dude.
    Lot of Aim-Bots.
    Scope Glare for 20x needs to be reduced and the 40x.
    Switching/flipping from scope to iron sights, you should not see the scope glare.
    Operation Metro-people getting in the selling.
    Caspen Boarder and other maps- where i can shoot/ see above a rock and that, you shoot a rock wall.
    If your not aiming the scope, there you should not glare.
    Being killed by your team mate’s should not add deaths to your KD, it should effect the team mate that shot me.
    There should ”not” be a vapor trail for Gernads- Dont need, if there is one through n at you, that means they are close by.
    There should be camo for the map your at. Because you could be in the desert and it will only give you blue camo even the camo that you have not unlocked.
    Vapor Trail for Gernads- do not need, if there is one through at you, that means that man is close by.
    Caspen Border- Spawning on Flag B, some times you spawn in side a big rock next to the Crick.
    Player dude camo should be brighter in color.
    The visibility of the vapor trails on most guns needs to be reduced some, because the visibility or the vapor trail is to strong.
    The blue marks that show up over your team mates heads when you aim at them does not show up 50% of the time, and you end up shooting your own team allot.
    The sound goes out in the start of some matches.
    Emblems dont shou up.
    There should be a “KA-BAR” knife in this game.
    Lag and latency- even with full ping bars and good internet connection.
    Flash bang Gernads- need to be more stunning and have a better effective radius. Same with the 320 Flash Grenades. Being killed by some one I have been fighting with 0% health.

    the Colt .45 M1911 hand gun has more rang than it currently has. Y does the 93R hand gun have more rang than it. The Colt .45 M1911 was a medium rang hand gun and still is but just not in this game. Bring the rang of the Colt .45 M1911 stats from BF3 to BF4 and that should do it and the power or damage of should be increased by small bit. It was perfict in BF3.
    there should not be any Gernade Vaper trails. If you see one around you you should know that he is close by because its not like there throughing them 50meters. there going to be with in 20 meters or less near you. 10 meters is = to 10 yards. Y the vapor trail for them.
    zzzx RAMBO xzzz 02.01.14 at 18:46
    i think you need to stop with the gun paint camo and start working on soldier camo. The soldier camo, you rarely have the right soldier camo for a map even the ones you have not unlocked. such as desert golf of amon map one side there is only blue camo available even the ones that you have not unlocked and its the same with other maps and that soldier camo’s dont work. some times there is soldier camo for the right environment, the soldier camo needs to be brighter in color, I would give up all of the gun paint camo for just some descent soldier camo. Look at BF3 soldier camo that was great. Just bring over all the soldier camo from BF3 to BF4 just the way they are. I dont want to be seen. but haha you cant see my gun. You should have soldier camo to back up each gun paint camo.
    zzzx RAMBO xzzz 02.02.14 at 19:58
    A Knife that EA should put in the game.
    Our Most Famous Knife
    The USMC KA-BAR is an icon and a legend in the world of knives. It was one of the general issue knives to the United States Marine Corps in World War II and quickly gained popularity. This knife remains the first choice for many men and women of service who carry it as their personal option knife still today.
    How KA-BAR Got Its Name
    Our name dates back to the early 1900′s from a fur trapper testimonial. He wrote that while trapping, his gun jammed leaving him with only his knife to kill a wounded bear that was attacking him. He thanked us for making the quality knife that helped him to kill a bear, but all that was legible was “K a bar”. Honored by the testimonial, the company adopted the phrase KA-BAR as their trademark.
    Detailed Stats of the KA-BAR Knife link below, shows langth, what its made of and more.
    The PDW weapons should be usable with any class. It dont make any sense that the Engineer is the only one that can use them. The Engineer has no use in close quarter engagements or most engagements. If the Engineer is Demolition for Vehicles which means that he would be used in a open map which needs longer rang weapons. Engineers are no use if there is no vehicles. It just dont make any sense EA.

    • King Tolapsium 02.02.14 at 22:29

      For the record, more people care about laggy code than they do about Ka-bars or camouflage, and the engineer class is meant to be played at a shorter range this time, more of a base protector from how they set things up, running and gunning with a repair tool and a pdw won’t get you very far, but protecting objectives and setting up choke points happens way more, and should not be balanced against at all.

  • RickRude136 02.02.14 at 20:15

    Why is this game so bad compared to BF3. I feel like this is a COD game with vehicles. increase the damage done by all weapons in regular mode. Its ridiculous how many bullets it takes to drop someone. it would actually be better if you just dropped the players health by 10 to 15%. When you walk up behind 2 people you need to reload to kill them both. Just stupid.

  • RickRude136 02.02.14 at 20:12

    How about fixing squad death match spawns. You made the maps too small for this mode now people just sit there and stare at the spawn points. This mode is useless. Also whos dumb idea was it to keep the guy with the bomb spotted in defuse mode. They should be fired. Whats the sense of having 2 bomb sites now genius.

  • ExpiredCrayon 02.02.14 at 20:02

    DICE please put the M16A3 in the game it was first in the game but you realy had to delete it? so please put the m16A3 in the game maybe for the 3rd DLC

  • RickRude136 02.02.14 at 19:37

    How about fixing the unplayable lag that exists instead of tweaking all this crap that doesn’t need it

  • RickRude136 02.02.14 at 19:36

    How about increasing the damage of all weapons or decreasing player health. Normal mode takes way to much damage to kill. Drop just a little

    • King Tolapsium 02.02.14 at 22:33

      What about increasing bullet speed for everything, the lmgs feel like staple guns, bullets travel quick, and there shouldn’t be enough time to see a bullet coming and step out of the way ever. I have dodged multiple sniper shots just from seeing their vapor trail combine that with lag, and killing at a distance becomes more of a crap shoot of you hoping the guy your shooting also has decent internet so he doesn’t dodge every shot with some rubber banding lag. Bullets need to feel fast, smooth, and immediate, currently these are not how I would define what you have done.

  • thereisnocake 02.02.14 at 18:44

    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…\………. _.·´

  • thereisnocake 02.02.14 at 18:43

    How about instead of looking at all of this crap, you look at the server lag, the 0 health no-kills, the crashing, or any of the other things that make this game terrible? I mean fuck, you guys know that you have us next-gen console folks over a barrel because there is basically nothing else to play, but give me a break.

    Fuck you DICE. Fuck you forever. I’m not buying Premium – I feel ripped off enough that I paid $60 for this piece of shit.

  • DanJu83 02.02.14 at 18:27

    And on PS3, my game crashes very often. Dice, fix your fucking game

  • DanJu83 02.02.14 at 18:27

    Okay, so this article tell’s us what is not going to be patched… How is that useful to us ? Plus, they NEED to change something in the G36C, they say that “we’re frustrated cuz it doesn’t work like it worked in BF3, but BF4 is a different game…” but in it’s actual state, the G36C has no use : it’s got hard to control equal side to side recoil so it doesn’t fit the mid-range carbine, low ROF and normal damage so it’s not a close range killer, so it’s pretty much a useless weapon.

    • King Tolapsium 02.02.14 at 22:35

      Almost so useless you feel like going back to the ak12, the unlocked guns need to feel at least slightly better, instead of less accurate and more cumbersome.

  • robinhakan790 02.02.14 at 18:24

    sometimes when i play the game just freezes and everything stops working so i have to shut down my ps3 and then start it again and that makes me mad on the game

  • GayForBraeburn 02.02.14 at 18:17

    I think you should add a slightly longer reload time for aircraft countermeasures, but allow people to carry two. Too many times have I strafed with a jet, flared off a AA missile, only to have the guy reload and fire again before I can complete my strafe or get to a safe place. Also, ECM seems to be completely ouclassed by flares. I can flare and people will lose their lock until it fully deploys. Isn’t this the intended use of ECMs? Not only that, but it seems even if I ECM, the enemy is still able to obtain a lock, fire, and hit, all before the ECM effect times out. I think it needs fixing.

  • Reidlos 02.02.14 at 18:11

    When are you going to fix the UCAV bug so we can get it back to a usable state? your temp fix seem to be a long term fix everyday.

  • mustangguy85 02.02.14 at 18:05

    How about being able to cook grenades at least the m67

    • robinhakan790 02.02.14 at 18:13

      i think thats a good idea and thats the only reason i dont use the m67 and use the rgo impact

  • rafaelzrt 02.02.14 at 16:57

    Please, you should change how squads work and how players are automaticly placed on them. Most of the players doesn’t know how to place orders and why they are important, and some of them get angry when you ask/place orders. It is really common to see a lot of full squads and no orders from the leaders. I think squads with orders should have priority to receive the players that just joined the server as they are automaticly placed on some squad. And maybe, squadleaders that pass some minutes without giving orders, could be replaced by other member of the squad, so that gives a chance for the squad to have someone as leader that knows the importance of orders.

  • Mrkillerhomer_xD 02.02.14 at 16:44

    plz fix the what i call “score or point” bug
    what it dose is when im flying with a friend and we are in same sq
    every so often like at least 5 times per round if not way more i ONLY get driver points
    no SQ points when he kills only driver points
    so he kills an inf and i should get 75 for sq points + 25 for driver points = 100 points
    but what i get with the bug is 25 for driver points and NOTHING MORE IT SUCKS

  • Tawmoose 02.02.14 at 16:31

    #s 1-4 you are explicitly saying that you disagree with the players, event though there are aggregated requests for a change. #s 5-9 are less clear regarding interest levels from the community, but still demonstrates a generic lack of desire to make substantive changes. #10 is the only point you are demonstrating that you are listening.

    I’m not sure I understand why you are posting about community requests for changes if you, in more ways than one, are essentially stating that you disagree with all of us.

    • Coldethell 02.02.14 at 17:08

      Hello? So you are saying that if Dice doesn’t agree with you, they are not listening? That’s a bit self-serving.
      I have a good idea: lets allow Dice to be the experts with their own game, and decide how they want it to work. What YOU do, is play the game and enjoy it as presented, OR go do something else.
      Pretty simple.

  • Cujucuyo 02.02.14 at 16:10

    Remove active radar already, nobody likes it, it ruins gameplay and all in all it was the worst addition to Battlefield.

  • Tim_Hellegers 02.02.14 at 14:43

    i am a bf player on the ps4. The start manu says “ongoin 100% xp boost” but I dont get double xp. Like many players on the ps4. I am premium member too and the previous time I also hadn’t double xp. I paid for Premium and I want what I bought for the money. So please fix this problem and give the players (expering this issue) I bonus. Because we lost 2 total double xp events.

  • NeilDiamondPhD 02.02.14 at 13:43

    Reducing ARMs from 6 to 4 & fixing flipover bug = Attack Heli still defenseless due to high volume of lockon weapons in BF4. Stingers will simply earn kills now instead of crashing it.

    Why not _try_ Below Radar for a month or two and “monitor” that, see how it goes and adjust as needed? It works fine in BF3 and doesn’t confuse players. In BF3, Heli’s are more maneuverable, stingers are 3.5x slower, there’s no SRAW, there are no ARMs, and yet most people consider current AA/Air balance pretty good in BF3 – and that’s WITH below radar.

    Adding BR to BF4 is not going to suddenly make AH unstoppable. Impossible.

    • 00_MARX 02.04.14 at 01:00

      If I was to guess, they didn’t implement Below Radar because it is coding they don’t want to do. There are more important problems out there and BR just didn’t make the cut.

  • Bkchipwild702 02.02.14 at 10:37

    everytime i play team deathmatch I never get any game audio its starting to piss me off. I like the game but it’s starting to wear on me with this problem I can’t hear my guns I can’t hear my footsteps it makes it hard to play the game the way it’s supposed to be

  • NAPALMDEX 02.02.14 at 10:13

    I wanna know why we don’t get kills from collapsing building on enemy’s anymore?????

  • tramp77 02.02.14 at 10:05

    6) it doesn’t make sense from a players perspective that you refuse to give heli’s sufficient defense against 30 players on the op4. Keep the scout alone that’s fine because it has the teamwork ability of repairers to keep it up thus balancing the game by taking a couple guns away. The attack heli should at least have to sets of counter measures to be able to retreat to another flag. that way they can get shot down by the tenth person locking on with a stinger, maa, attack boat. Everyone guns for the heli. Plus the attack heli turns and fly’s like a damn barge. These should make a major difference in the play of the game just like they would in a real situation. That is why they are the 1st thing targeted in game.

  • Balen Wolf22 02.02.14 at 10:04

    Also if Dice can figure out what is causing Dawn Breaker to crash and freeze the game.. every one i know who plays says that map always causes the game to lock up..

  • Balen Wolf22 02.02.14 at 10:01

    Honestly i wish dice could slow the planes down a bit.. i swear your across the map before you even realize it.. making it nearly impossible to target anything.. just how i feel is all..

  • NoTouchGoon 02.02.14 at 09:41

    first aid pack bug: it disappears on the revived but not yet accept by defibrillator

  • Im Stiglitz 02.01.14 at 20:45

    On Xbox One the first thing I have to do is fix my screen adjustments and then I have to customize my vehicles(all of them) and sometimes I will just get kicked off the game and then once I get back on it joins the game I was just in. Please fix this…I hear people complaining on it all the time

  • XenophobicFrost 02.01.14 at 20:25

    Am I the only one pissed off by constantly being cheated out of my kills because the other person has 0% health? Way to progressively start to ruin your own game

  • XenophobicFrost 02.01.14 at 20:22


  • StormRider2525 02.01.14 at 20:14

    agreed its a stupid idea. in bf3 the same dmrs had the long range scopes on them for recon class and worked just fine.

  • Coinagegold 02.01.14 at 20:06

    You guys need to concentrate on fixing whatever is wrong with the net code that causes instant deaths instead of all this other stuff that concerns a limited amount of people. I’m trying to take advantage of player appreciation month but it seems like almost every gun fight I get into, I die in one shot from a Sub, while it take me a half a clip from an AR to drop someone. It’s frustrating to be constantly punished for rushing, and being forced to take up long range positions where the other guy basically has no chance. If I wanted to play like that I would be playing Ghost.

  • AMRuttan 02.01.14 at 19:52

    The primary threat to helicopters are the MAA and infantry with AA. The balance of power is still in the hands of both the MAA and infantry, as the skill required to lock a heli with a MANPAD or with the MAA is low, whilst the skill required to evade these threats is non-existent, because the heli’s flares recharge take 20 seconds. The recharge time in itself isn’t a problem, however the fact that the heli handles like a hot air balloon makes it a problem, because there is simply no time to fly away before multiple missiles are incoming.

    The attack heli is only useful on one map (Shanghai) and moderately useful on another (Dawnbreaker). Every other map it’s a flying coffin, and Dice, you know it.

    • StormRider2525 02.01.14 at 20:11

      I certainly know it. its sometimes just dreadful!! i join a game of conquest thinking lets get our chopper xp up. but instead my deaths is the only thing that has gone up as every time sometime the second i get in the heli its getting locked on then blown to bits by either the MAA or GROUND INFANTRY with igla or stinger.

  • Mogwai_Gremlin 02.01.14 at 19:51

    5) Well then make Long Range scopes available only for recon class. Removing scopes that are intended to be on this weapons entirely is very stupid idea.

  • manos_the_greek 02.01.14 at 19:35

    how can i put a photo someone answer…….

  • zzzx RAMBO xzzz 02.01.14 at 18:50

    i think you need to stop with the gun paint camo and start working on soldier camo. The soldier camo, you rarely have the right soldier camo for a map even the ones you have not unlocked. such as desert golf of amon map one side there is only blue camo available even the ones that you have not unlocked and its the same with other maps and that soldier camo’s dont work. some times there is soldier camo for the right environment, the soldier camo needs to be brighter in color, I would give up all of the gun paint camo for just some descent soldier camo. Look at BF3 soldier camo that was great. Just bring over all the soldier camo from BF3 to BF4 just the way they are. I dont want to be seen. but haha you cant see my gun. You should have soldier camo to back up each gun paint camo.

  • Paunchy_Fool 02.01.14 at 18:41

    I would really like it if the bugs around sniping and even laying prone would be fixed because as a sniper (one that contributes to the team by capturing objectives, taking out vehicles w/ C4, and killing off other snipers and infantry a.k.a. aggressive sniping) I find it annoying when I have to hit a person twice in the chest with an SRR-61 round when I’ve killed a guy, when I first unlocked it, by shooting his foot. The other glitch is when an enemy is laying prone maybe on a hilltop and when you look at them they’re floating so being a sniper I shot at a guy doing that, yet all my bullets were doing were flying straight through him. Also, as everyone else is noticing is the 0% health of your enemy that is still running around after you shot and he’s miraculously killed you.

  • Sotavento 02.01.14 at 18:38

    It’s fun how you fixed the netcode, now everyone kills with a headshot…you think we are stupids and we keep giving you maybe yes, we are stupids! but we will learn!!!!

  • MisterGhostman 02.01.14 at 18:10

    I appreciate the player appreciation….I guess. It’s a nice gesture. But when you’re giving us all an easy and quick road to the end-state….then you’re also taking away our motivation to play in order to continue unlocking items and progressing.

    I would much rather you focus on fixing the bugs in the game. I’ve been following this blog for a little while now and I was looking forward to the “kill trade” bug fix, among others. And here I thought I would be able to log in to find a smooth gaming experience with some interesting (and less-needed) balance tweaks.

    Instead I find myself getting into a firefight and dying to someone who ends up walking away with ZERO health. CONSISTENTLY.

    It feels like there are more bugs now with these balance roll-outs than there were BEFORE this process started.

    I know this is a moderated forum….so I won’t mind if you never post this as long as at the very least you pass this along to your development and bug-fixing team.

    I think this is a great game. But you need to focus on ensuring that you have a stable product that we can feel confident recommending to our friends.

  • yFocus 02.01.14 at 18:03


    This thread right here is the primary reason I love Dice with an unending passion.
    Thank you Dice for not listening to the screaming herd of noobs! Some things don’t need buffs nor nerfs, people just need to L2FP. That said, STINGERS make helicopters unplayable, that’s fact and not a question of skill – yes, I too can hover around cover and not be useful, don’t mistake survivability with usefulness.

    Once again, thank you for not doing whatever the majority barks for. If the casual community could have it their way the game would play itself (autorun, duck, jump, aim and fire).

    ACE 23 being OP is the largest pile of poop I have ever seen!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • MiddleFngrSalute 02.01.14 at 17:54

    You say you’ve launched the player appreciation… but I still have yet to receive it, and I’ve played at least 10 matches…..

  • BETAOPTICS 02.01.14 at 17:37

    PDW’s need attention. Excluding the most recent addition of As-Val, PDW’s are generally lackbuster in all areas. Comparing to AR’s, PDW’s only have better hip-fire but this is negated by some AR’s higher RoF, Damage per bullet and accuracy. This is too much power away from the PDW’s to make them an appealing weapons class to choose from. There are few I found fun to use personally. UMP-45 and CZ-3A1. First one was decent and the latter was somewhat viable, though a bit lackbuster even then and it is the best out of them all.

  • jogre900 02.01.14 at 17:34

    when i can create a squad in pre game lobby? cuztom layoud in pre game lobby? the bullets that take corners like profesional drivers and kills behind cover???

  • Demon_Kuja 02.01.14 at 17:29

    Change the rpm of the G36C back to what it is in real life, 750rpm rather than 650rpm.
    Give DMR’s back their 6x-8x zoom scopes. A Designated Marksman Rifle without its scope is like a jet without its missiles. Preposterous.

    • Mogwai_Gremlin 02.01.14 at 19:55

      Fully agree. Same as removing standard issue scopes from RPG and SMAW “so that its not OP”, and many other things, such as removing HUD cross hair in artillery, mortar and attack jets with JDAM on hardcore. Idiotic, unrealistic. Lets remove splash damage of grenades, only direct hit, so its no that easy to use…. pfff

    • ShotsofJack 02.01.14 at 20:13

      its a marksman rifle…you put a log range scope on it then becomes a semi-auto sniper rifle…oh unless thats not your point and you meant to say “i can not snipe with a bolt action because i dont understand bullet drop or how to lead a target”…then i understand you….

  • Hexman 02.01.14 at 17:24

    So the short version of this is “we’re monitoring so we can find excuses not to listen to the people who are actually playing every day”

    Yeah we get it, thanks.

  • IIWIDOW_MAKERII 02.01.14 at 17:03

    I completely disagree about your argument about Below Radar DICE. Annoying not being able to lock on?! Do you have any idea how annoying it is being locked on repeatedly by a weapon that requires no skill. It’s just far too easy for one guy to take down choppers, especially attack choppers which cannot be repaired mid-flight. When you do get hit you are remobilized and praying the chopper does not flip over, this makes it impossible to run away in time with the stingers quick reload.
    I have noticed you have used the argument that “X makes Y less desirable, so X is always used” in many circumstances. Well what about the stinger making the iGLA worthless? Why would you choose the iGLA (which needs to maintain a lock and cannot be spammed) over the stinger which can be spammed (fire-forget-reload) and deals the same damage? The extra range for the iGLA isn’t worth much considering the missile can’t go outside the original 450m range. The stinger can be fired at 350m and even if the chopper flees and gets 500m away the stinger will still hit.
    Yes in BF3 Stingers can still lock on to Bellow Radar Vehicles; But the Flares/ECM did not take as long to load as it is in BF4. Also the success rate of the Flares/ECM is 50/50 at best, especially when you are getting shot by Active Radar or the game’s sound cuts out.
    The Stingers have too greater range for Attack Choppers to out run even if they are successful with their countermeasures. On open maps such as Golmud Railway, Altai Range or Silk Road etc, Attack Choppers really struggle to hold their own when there is no Below Radar and the stingers can lock on half way across the map.
    In Bf3 the chopper wasn’t even overpowered. It required a good teamwork between Pilot and Gunner to do well and stay alive; even then you still kept getting shot down by Stingers, Jet or Enemy Attack Chopper. You said Battlefield 4 is its own game; well this game is pretty broken and overly frustrating to play at this state. Dice you only listen to the Inexperienced/Bad players (Noobs)on what to balance, Therefore us experienced and dedicated players that has put the time and effort to learn and perfect our skills and taking away what we love about Battlefield!
    Overall, I think Stingers should have their range reduce and their reload time increases so they can only deal with direct threats (e.g. Enemy Chopper is right above them) and cannot be spammed. Plus the Flare/ECM reload time should be reduce as close to BF3 time as possible, as they are ineffective against lock-on missile half the time. Finally the mobility and speed of the Attack Chopper should be increased to give a faster more exciting game play.
    I hope this finds its way to Dice and taken into consideration. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  • PurpIePanda76 02.01.14 at 16:01

    Can we put the SKS in a wood stock? Lets just admit the tapco stock is unrealistic.
    I would like to see a real AK47. Like an AKM in wood.
    Battlefield needs more Wood and Steel guns. You could release it on a map pack as an unlockable gun. Thanks! Great game!

  • doofbrot 02.01.14 at 15:44

    i loved the attack chopper in bf3, even with all the challenges it had!
    on wake island there were 2 jets, 1 chopper, 1 maa, several stingers, probably a soflam and tanks with guided shells against you.
    being a skilled pilot you could rush in and out of action, use small buildings or bridges to evade rockets, stay low to the ground, rush up, attack, evade again.
    imagine playing this map with the bf4 chopper as it is -> plain impossible. we desperately NEED below radar + more speed (+ shorter reload time for counter measures)!!
    its already hard enough to keep it low to the ground since any hit will knock you over so why not put it back in the game?
    why would you buff out the weaponry when you dont even get to use it in the first place?
    air to air combat on shanghai is just ridiculous:
    heli 1 shoots heli 2, heli 2 flares, heli 2 shoots heli 1, heli 1 flares… . .. . . . .. . . . . . .reload time . . .. . . . . . . . . . (space for any other circumstances like stingers etc) heli 1 shoots heli 2.. heli 2 crashes. NO KILL after all.
    ecm is basically useless if u deploy it after having an incoming missile it will still hit, flares at least have an estimated 50:50 chance of actually destracting the missile.
    i have bought a ps4 solely for bf4 (still my only game) because i was so excited about an “improved” version of bf4. this + ps plus + premium adds up to 560€ but the game is worth a **** in terms of flying helicopters. i am deeply disappointed!

  • Ghost_JAC 02.01.14 at 14:57

    Ghost_JAC “At the moment, we’ve made tweaks to the primary threats for Attack Helicopters”. What changes DICE? You mean 1 actual threat change only – the AAA? Or, DICE, are you also calling the broken helo flipping mechanism a “threat” which is not even a vehicle or player opponent, but actually is your poring game coding and mechanics. No change to flare cooldown, which is an absurd 25 seconds, versus 10 seconds in BF3. No change to magazine capacity. No change to igla or stinger range, missile speed or reload times. A 170lb foot soldier can carry more air missiles right now than a 3 ton helicopter. No change to TV missile. No below radar. Why differentiate what missiles are affected by below radar? All lock on missiles should be you idiots. Given the introduction of sabot shell for tanks below radar is even more risky and should be a reward option for skilled pilots. Essentially it comes down to this: Helicopters received a handicap in every department – weapons, speed, below radar, agility and countermeasures. Meanwhile, real, tangible AA threats have at least increased 2 fold……..faster AA missiles for foot soldiers, longer lock on ranges, faster AA reloads, sabot shells and lethal littlebird helo killing crews armed which iglas. DICE, do you even play your own game? Right now – go jump in an attack chopper right now for 10 minutes and try to make an actual difference to your team. I know you won’t. Enjoy being blasted out of the sky every spawn. The community is not asking for God choppers – we are asking for BALANCE.

  • Rocket-Man66666 02.01.14 at 14:47

    There is one thing that really annoys me: when taking down a jet or helicopter, whenever you get a mobility hit and the pilot can no longer control his movement and crashes, why doesn’t that count as a kill? He’s still dead and the critical hit was the reason for it… I also feel that the bomber in CR can take a little to much of a beating. It’s nearly impossible to take it down before it reaches the end of the map and explodes on it’s own (which I also find a little weird).
    And I’m glad the DMRs got a buff!
    Furthermore I gotta say I am enjoying the game way more than I did Bf3!

  • IIWIDOW_MAKERII 02.01.14 at 14:25

    I completely disagree about your argument about Below Radar DICE. Annoying not being able to lock on?! Do you have any idea how annoying it is being locked on repeatedly by a weapon that requires no skill. It’s just far too easy for one guy to take down choppers, especially attack choppers which cannot be repaired mid-flight. When you do get hit you are remobilized and praying the chopper does not flip over, this makes it impossible to run away in time with the stingers quick reload
    I have noticed you have used the argument that “X makes Y less desirable, so X is always used” in many circumstances. Well what about the stinger making the iGLA worthless? Why would you choose the iGLA (which needs to maintain a lock and cannot be spammed) over the stinger which can be spammed (fire-forget-reload) and deals the same damage? The extra range for the iGLA isn’t worth much considering the missile can’t go outside the original 450m range. The stinger can be fired at 350m and even if the chopper flees and gets 500m away the stinger will still hit.
    Yes in BF3 Stingers can still lock on to Bellow Radar Vehicles; But the Flares/ECM did not take as long to load as it is in BF4. Also the success rate of the Flares/ECM is 50/50 at best, especially when you are getting shot by Active Radar or the game’s sound cuts out.
    The Stingers have too greater range for Attack Choppers to out run even if they are successful with their countermeasures. On open maps such as Golmud Railway, Altai Range or Silk Road etc, Attack Choppers really struggle to hold their own when there is no Below Radar and the stingers can lock on half way across the map.
    In Bf3 the chopper wasn’t even overpowered. It required a good teamwork between Pilot and Gunner to do well and stay alive; even then you still kept getting shot down by Stingers, Jet or Enemy Attack Chopper. You said Battlefield 4 is its own game; well this game is pretty broken and overly frustrating to play at this state. Dice you only listen to the Inexperienced/Bad players (Noobs)on what to balance, Therefore us experienced and dedicated players that has put the time and effort to learn and perfect our skills and taking away what we love about Battlefield!
    Overall, I think Stingers should have their range reduce and their reload time increases so they can only deal with direct threats (e.g. Enemy Chopper is right above them) and cannot be spammed. Plus the Flare/ECM reload time should be reduce as close to BF3 time as possible, as they are ineffective against lock-on missile half the time. Finally the mobility and speed of the Attack Chopper should be increased to give a faster more exciting game play.
    I hope this finds its way to Dice and taken into consideration. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  • Alexmak90 02.01.14 at 14:25

    I understand..
    I truly do Dice, It must be hard trying to balance a game with so many players with “playstyles” so “different” and “diverse”.
    So I find some if not most of your tweaks and balances quite good, I particularly like the grenade balacing you’ve done. However I can’t help but facepalm in frustration at how you continue to treat DMR’s. I get it, we probably have different ideas of what a DMR is? But I thought this game was supposed to give freedom to the player? Now i understand not ging a mk11 or a RFB a 40X scope but why do you have to MAKE them CQB spam machine by not even giving them a 6x or 8x? Why is this? you say that it ruins the pace of the game, HOW? A DMR should give the user the range to take out targets that a standard AR can’t and to so you need a hight scope and range. But to keep them balanced they should have lower rate of fire and higher recoil. Since when had Battlefeild become a game where every single gun can be used for everything eliminating the skill and learning curve associated with said gun? Plus I hope you intend to fix that bug in metro on the Xbox one where you can get into the walls and shoot people from the holes in the roof. The map is enough of a clusterfuck without idiots in walls thanks.

  • Sotavento 02.01.14 at 14:01

    1) Players have suggested that the TV missiles be allowed to 1 hit kill enemy aircraft. While we initially considered increasing their damage to 90% from 80%, we decided against this change. The TV missile is not intended to be an anti-aircraft weapon system, and while skilled players may currently be able to use it that way, we do not find its current damage level to be imbalanced.

    So, what kind of vehicles is designed the tv to kill?? it does not kill aa vehcles, it does not kill gruond vehicles, and it does not kill infantry. then what’s the point of making it so hard to manouver?? you thing it’s just an assist weapon? DO YOU PLAY BATTLEFIELD? REALLY? i don’t think so.

  • Mr_Kofferbak 02.01.14 at 13:35

    1)Fix the bomber please, it’s looks not a bomber because you’ve 4 JDAM bombs and an cruise missle. You can’t kill enemies with a cruise missle why? Because DICE lures COD players to BF4 and infantry have to be OP.
    2) The TVmissle must get SPLASH DAMAGE to infantry!!
    3) Stinger and Igla lock too fast. Please give it a longer locking time and fewer ammonution to wear.
    4) Give the gunner of the Attach Helicopter flares and maybe the gunner can choose the bullets of the gun. I mean 25mm burst cannon (such an Attack boat) and 40mm. That will be a great idea!
    5) Give the Stealth Jet JDAM bombs or Hydrarockets because the Stealth Jet is only good in the air. They can only kill infantry with a lucky Laser Guided.
    6) Laser Guided must kill any time a dirtbike and quad. Mostly doesn’t it works to a quad or dirtbike when he is driving at full speed, WHY? Therefor do you have Laser Guided. For destroying vehicles any time? Or am I wrong?
    7) Get the tank destoyers from Bf3 back in the next DLC. Tank destroyers are awesome.

    Thanks DICE for fixing out my points.

  • budeni 02.01.14 at 13:26

    ATAC HELLYS AT FIRST,Now its just 1min fly,fixing aa only is not a solution for all air batle

  • divinghawk2342 02.01.14 at 13:25

    what if only the recon class could put long range scopes on DMRs so they have an option to be able to snipe with a semi auto weapon

  • HawkS73 02.01.14 at 13:24

    “2) Players have also suggested that Sniper Rifle (…) be allowed to penetrate body armor at close range. (…) players with these weapons have received significant buffs to accuracy to allow them to achieve close range headshots with higher frequency.”

    Are you serious? Snipers are the pest of this game and you actually BUFF them? Do you even play maps like Shanghai, Dawnbreaker, Rogue Transmission and so on? You can’t walk 5m without hearing Zip- Zip- Zip from all directions. Increase weapon sway when scoping and/or decrees the range so Snipers can’t sit on e.g. the rouge transmission towers / receiver or Shanghai skyscrapers with no lift access and snipe the entire map all day long! Also DECREAS accuracy of Sniper rifles when hip shooting at close range so they can’t effectively one shot you! NOT the other way around.

    On the same topic, IMHO there should be a sniper limit for all maps and game modes! Lots of rounds get lost because whole squadrons crawl in the dirt on hills to snipe instead of capping flags. Not fun! And since player will abuse what gives them power and ePenis K/D DICE has to step in and limit Snipers.

    “7) MAA is too powerful against the AC130 and other ground vehicles. The reduction to the range of the MAA cannons should address the issue of the AC130, and at this time we feel that the balance between MAA and other ground vehicles is appropriate.”

    Decreasing the MAA range is a first step to tame them. Right now they will sit in/ near the spawn area and dominate the whole map. I would also suggest to have MAAs barrels point slightly upwards in default position, say 20 degrees up, unable to shoot any lower than that. It’s a “Mobile Anti AIR” not Mobile Ground Gatling gun against everything like Tanks, LAV Infantry and so on!

    My 2c and I know I get flamed for what I said … so boil ahead.

    • ShotsofJack 02.01.14 at 20:21

      so basically you are saying there should be a “class” limit on maps????…someone get this guy a glass of water…sir you need to sit down cuz you are obviously dehydrated and speaking out your rear….this isnt CoD, use what we like to call skill to move up to or around them then attack. Hawks73, thats the funniest thing ive read all day…lets just hope you werent serious.

  • NeilDiamondPhD 02.01.14 at 13:08

    If they don’t give assault helis some reasonable survivability, I expect to see them go unused or see orbiting make a comeback. I love that they are being transparent, and that they don’t want to adjust things blindly, but it seems like the don’t play in the assault helis in the wild. Only in test environments. The thing can’t get anywhere near an area where it could be useful without locks coming from six directions. And if the heli can’t be a useful asset, what’s the point? All I see is an asset with a higher learning curve being out classed at every corner by fire and forget weaponry. It’s a damn shame.

  • VP_Cherry 02.01.14 at 13:07

    The argument used for the G36C makes no sense to me actually. It gets outclassed by any other carbine. “BF4 is its own game, with its own balance”. Does that balance imply that the G36C, and several other guns, have to be useless?

  • cpt_Damiaan 02.01.14 at 12:57

    One thing I’d like to add, the SAR-21 it is extremely accurate and has a very high stability if modified correctly but, because of it’s slow fire rate i very often get killed simply because other guns fire faster, even at medium and sometimes long range, can’t the Sar-21 get more damage maybe? 35/40 dmg ?

  • AzZtRiPz 02.01.14 at 12:56


  • 09-MichaelWesten 02.01.14 at 12:54

    So corresponding to the G36C HK itself announce it with a RoF of ca. 750/min and you just lower it to 650? That makes no sense seriously…

  • tiger10101 02.01.14 at 12:54

    Awesome job dice! I agree with all of the above however I do think you should maybe consider decreasing the distance of anti air lock on missiles to help make the attack heli actually useful on the open maps. Also please fix the smoke grenades and m230 smokes! The smoke cloud is to small and glitched and needs to last longer!

  • Mr_Kofferbak 02.01.14 at 12:38

    Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.Thanks DICE. You are doing good work now. Please fix the TV-MISSLE that they have splash damage.

  • Bucskin I Frank 02.01.14 at 12:36

    how about a decrease in reload time for the counter measure for the Attack-helicopters? the AH from my experience (and i am a pretty damn good pilot) I find myself the AH is very much useless on most maps except Dawnbreaker. I don’t have a problem with the maneuverability at all, but even after the update it simply cannot escape ground troop or AA’s lock-on weapon because of the range of the lock-on and because of the time it takes to reload counter measure. It is ridiculous that the survival rate of the AH is much lower than the scout helicopter.

  • 22SAS-TheRage0 02.01.14 at 12:31

    Crystal Dragon 02.01.14 at 11:01
    This should be the chopper vs chopper gameplay DICE, this is what players want.

    Dude that is exactly want we want lol. Dam I miss my BF2 heli’s. It took skill to master the TV & skill to fly. If you could not TV a Jet and spin upside down under a bridge on Wake Island you where a noob. 100 hours to get Expert what I did yet I cannot survive 1 minute now.

    What’s funny is even if you took the BF2 Heli & whacked it as is into BF4 now you would still struggle to survive.

    I really do not understand Dice on this. BF2 Heli’s died via other heli’s, car mounted turrets, jets, hell, even M25 sniper fire. Now to make the Heli so weaker, slower, yet make ground attacks so stronger does not make sense at all.

    If you look at BF2, IMHO, one of the best Battlefields to date, and compare Helis & ground attacks to that of BF4 the difference is well……. give me a Scout and stuff the Attack or should I say death trap.

  • killergrah_4smd 02.01.14 at 12:28

    I hate the glare of the sniper scopes. I think if your out in sunlight it should light up. But if your in cover then it should be off or not as obvious. And i also think the sniper tracer rounds should alternate. One round visible to allow fellow team players to see where your shooting. And the following round should not be visible for a nice stealthy take down. Thats for this game. Its got me back into fps games. Best by far.

    • killergrah_4smd 02.01.14 at 12:31

      Thanks* for this game

    • MadMike2U 02.01.14 at 12:40

      Personally I love the glare on the sniper scopes, that way I can see where you bastards are hiding ,picking everybody off , Snipers almost ruin this game. Way too many should be put at a set number like 2 per game

    • xARCHANGEL DLx 02.01.14 at 20:31

      It’s called a 1 to 3 spread 1 tracer for every 3 rounds there’s also a 1-5 spread which is used for saws and HMGs

  • xARCHANGEL DLx 02.01.14 at 12:13

    Another thing counter knife takes way to much time and and I stopped knifing because how easy you get countered from the front. I think it should be a random button combo that both players beat the crap outta each other and who ever messes up first gets killed. Combatives and CQC are still things.

    • xARCHANGEL DLx 02.01.14 at 12:15

      I stabbed a player who was AFC and it took a good 20 sec without them being there for me to stab them because of the counter time.

    • dominicv97 02.01.14 at 12:33

      Yeah I agree. The window time for counter napkin few is way to long a lot longer then expected. Really should down it a little. I never once failed a counter knife because it’s so easy. I wish that would change because who ever is attack in a counter knife loses no matter what. And dice is working hard guys stop giving them shit. For reals good job dice! I can imagine this being a challenge!

  • G3A3_762 02.01.14 at 12:05


  • Itz Fiasco 02.01.14 at 12:04

    Improvised knife isn’t counting towards melee ribbons.

  • Turkeylegs156 02.01.14 at 12:03

    Oh my God, just because BF4 is “it’s own game” does not mean you had to so senselessly nerf the G36C. The weapon needs a goddamn buff.

  • Shimuio 02.01.14 at 12:03

    Please raise the damage of explosive weapons in infantary, like “Granade effect, rockets effects and TANKS EFFECTS” One Bullet of Tank not kill infantary most times O.O Whats is this?

  • XgreyfoxrevoX 02.01.14 at 11:45

    Please no sniper glare !! If bf4 is its own Separate game from battlefield 3, then take out the sniper glare !! No one will argue i Guarantee! Lol and killcams all together ! It wasn’t in bfbc i feel like that is still the best overall bf game after playing all of them

    • xARCHANGEL DLx 02.01.14 at 12:09

      I actually agree you don’t get glare unless your in direct sunlight on top of that most snipers and SDMs such as myself use nylon and rubber band over the scope this is the closest game to a realistic combat sim out there it would be nice if there wasn’t glare in doors though I only use the JGM when I snipe it its still a snipers job to use there eyes.

  • NeilDiamondPhD 02.01.14 at 11:31

    Why Attack Heli’s would not suddenly be ‘unstoppable’ if DICE would simply try just ONE of the proposed changes the community has requested:

    1) 25sec flare/ECM recharge delay
    2) Poor maneuverability and speed
    3) More AA missile threats (SRAW, ARMs) compared to BF3
    4) 350% velocity increase to Stingers/IGLAs/AA missiles since BF3
    5) Below Radar removed vs. vehicle based lockon missiles
    6) Countermeasures often appear to fail and missile hits anyway, due to client/server latency.

    Simply fixing the flipover effect of missile impact and calling it a day does very little for the Attack Heli. Surely trying ONE of the proposed changes and monitoring it for a month or two would not suddenly turn AH’s into godzilla — that notion is absurd when there is so much AA in the game now.

  • xv-soldier 02.01.14 at 11:28

    First of all getting an Aircraft with TV its really a hard thing to do
    After fighting to get a Jet or a Chopper and not killing him will really be frustrating,
    You have to increase the AH speed cuz its unplayable Vehicle now,
    the RIHB boat is more useful than the AH
    Second the Mobility hit is really annoying especially in maps Like Shanghai and Dawn where you have 75% health but you cant Control the Vehicle .

  • NoTouchGoon 02.01.14 at 11:23

    how about UCAV buff? who use this now?

  • Tukker_jr-NL 02.01.14 at 11:20

    I dont get a batllepack anyone knows what to do ?

  • NeilDiamondPhD 02.01.14 at 11:03

    DICE: Nobody reasonable expected ALL of those frequently requested changes to Attack Heli survivability, or even some of them. But to be totally unwilling to consider even a single one and running with it for a month or two and “monitoring” and adjusting further if necessary – unwillingness to do that just feels like you don’t care.

  • xARCHANGEL DLx 02.01.14 at 11:03

    People whose only experience shooting or taking fire from enemy combatants need to stfu about shit like nerfing gun damage we as a race came up with these weapons to be effective mass casualty producing weapons not to be fair and balanced along with this other crap about holes in the ground goto a shit country full of shit ditches and mud huts and real holes from doubled up IEDs, and also just like in real life you can dodge missiles in this game without using flares using real techniques. One more thing if your playing core and bitching about I can’t one shot shit nut up and quit dragging your Vaj on the ground and play hardcore don’t fix what ain’t broke dice the stingers can be annoying but at least when they lock on they give away there position and get 25mm to the face. Keep it up.

  • Crystal Dragon 02.01.14 at 11:01
    This should be the chopper vs chopper gameplay DICE, this is what players want.

  • rePeteKey 02.01.14 at 10:59

    @3.: nvm.

  • MaZYer 02.01.14 at 10:58

    The H.U.D of attack jet is too small.If players use laptop playing it is too hard to see the speed and sometimes it’s hard to aim at the target.make it bigger and clearer.

  • rePeteKey 02.01.14 at 10:57

    1. Your balance logic seems to very very very very theory based. Practically many of those points don’t make sense at all.

    2. So what you are saying is that the only way to really play Attack helos is hovering over a base or extreme distance and shooting TV missiles/rockets? Very disappointing considering what is possible with the Attack helicopters manouver wise. Shame you can’t put anything of it to use because you get shot down instantly as soon as you go into the action. Boring as fuck to play also.

    3. Still no fix for magnum/rex delay? Guess it stays useless then…Right now they are just for style, the delay is too much of a nerf for them to be nearly as viable as semi automatic pistols.

  • IShadowEliteI 02.01.14 at 10:54

    So what you are actually giving us is a big FU!

  • ShTuPm 02.01.14 at 10:52

    So the only thing i got from this entire article is that basically “We’re a-okay with nigh-on instant reload Stingers being jammed up your ass every 2 seconds” and “we’re totally okay with the fact that 3-4 no-skill engineers with stingers can completely dominate the air on certain maps (Zavod 311) and we ain’t gonna do jack shit about it, so suck it up and get yourself some engineers, you scout heli fags”. Alrighty, DICE, gotcha. Thanks for the heads-up. At least know that i know where you’re standing on issue, i can stop hoping for a rebalance of scouts, counter-measures and AA weaponry.

  • Erdelit 02.01.14 at 10:43

    So basically what you are saying is ;”we’ve listened what you think ,we just don’t give a rat’s ass,and we’ll just keep it as it is”. Am I right?

    • zarathustra 02.01.14 at 10:55

      How about they stay silent & never respond to the community at all? Have you read any of the other ‘Balancing BF4′ blog pieces? You’re completely misrepresenting them…

  • L3377MA573R 02.01.14 at 10:35

    The problem with gun balance is that any weapon with a rate of fire lower than 700 is largely considered shit. The reason you see the ACE 23 get used so much is the same reason you guys had to nerf the M16 in BF3; sure, it’s outclassed by at least one different gun in every way, but it also outclasses every other weapon in a majority of situations. And that’s why everybody dislikes the G36C, since you significantly cut down its damage output, and it’s outperformed by other carbines at longer range (where carbines already suck because of their low damage) that simply tap-fire. Or the AK5C, which is already a laser beam with a workable rate of fire. There was no need to nerf the gun.

    As for slugs/sniper rounds at close range; I can see wanting to make slugs more of a long ranged option, but Defensive Spec is the most common spec in the game, since it’s the best (any damage alteration is going to be king) and everyone starts with it. You might as well have removed one hit kills from the weapons at close range, since the chances of you running into someone with a different spec are about the same as them already being wounded when you shoot at you. And telling them to aim for the head isn’t going to fix everything; landing a shot with a weapon as clunky as a sniper rifle on an AEK user before he can blast you is hard enough, the last thing snipers need is a massively reduced area where hitting them actually results in a kill.

  • Crystal Dragon 02.01.14 at 10:33

    1) Players have suggested that the TV missiles be allowed to 1 hit kill enemy aircraft. While we initially considered increasing their damage to 90% from 80%, we decided against this change. The TV missile is not intended to be an anti-aircraft weapon system, and while skilled players may currently be able to use it that way, we do not find its current damage level to be imbalanced.

    Good way to decontextualize my suggestions. I didn’t asked for 1hk only, that would have surely been imbalanced with the current TV implementation. You totally ignored the fact that we were asking for range nerf and ammo organization tweaks too (from “2 missiles ready for fire” to “1 missile ready for fire and one ready to reload, with 12s reload between them”). About the purpose, it seems only a poor excuse, because there are plenty of 1hk weapons on jets that aren’t intended as anti air, just like:
    - TOW (stationary, chopper, ifv)
    - SRAW
    - RPG
    - SMAW
    - AP Shell
    - HE Shell
    - Sabot Shell
    You could have said “we don’t want 1hk on aircrafts because then noobs can’t survive against skilled players” to be more honest. Every decent (not skilled, decent) pilot would kick out a gunner that can’t hit an aircraft with TV, it’s the basic knowing needed to stay in air for more than two minutes. The TV is the backbone of chopper fights since BF2, and the only useful weapon against a good jet (more in bf3 than in bf2 because of range and maneuverability). You can’t just say “f you, if noobs can’t do it it’s not intended” when 2v2 was so popular and entertaining that people made competitions, montages, tactics, etc. I can understand that most of your playtesters can’t even hit a parked tank with it, but you should balance the game around people that actually know how to play this game.
    Oh, and you’re talking about the most overbugged and totally unreliable weapon of the game, with a disarmingly high fail rate on fast targets.

    4) Below Radar has been a hot topic, asking why it was “removed” from BF4. Below Radar was never a part of the original design for BF4’s locking mechanics, and while we have discussed allowing a low altitude state to cause lock on to take longer, the added frustration of being unable to lock on to targets does not offset the added danger to helicopters at low altitude. Furthermore, having a low altitude state only affect PASSIVE or ACTIVE radar missiles would add additional confusion, as it did in BF3 when stingers still worked on Below Radar vehicles.

    Since BF4 is just an evolution (or an involution in some aspects) of early BF3 and the “locking mechanics” is basically the same with even more noskill lockons, the return of a sort of below radar would be totally rational. I don’t remember any confusion in BF3, once being stingered at low altitude every player with brain asked and understood how it worked. On the contrary, a below radar working against radar guided only would be way easier to understand for everyone (rather than working against heatseekers), considering that the random noob with stinger won’t be affected.

    6) As a guaranteed get out of jail free card, aircraft counter measures are only designed to allow a vehicle to escape distant danger, not to enable the aircraft to be immune to lock on weaponry. While this is a tricky balance, we’re currently happy with the reload times and amounts of counter measures carried by aircraft.

    How could you be happy with the current reload time, when it’s the same for maps with tons of buildings and totally flat ones? I know that you can’t differentiate countermeasures reloads for every map, but you should make them useful in EVERY kind of map, considering that good crews can use covers in shangai and dawnbreaker. As usual you go from an excess (10s reload in bf3) to another (25s reload), you’re inability in balancing is shocking. You totally deserve this *hitstorm, because the latest blog post is an insult for every airvehicle player with a minimum of brain.

    • impacT-Marine 02.01.14 at 12:14

      Good points Crystal. I agree with all of them.

      /Greetz MarineStrike

  • 22SAS-TheRage0 02.01.14 at 10:08

    I have to agree with Omme95 in relation to attack helicopters. As he said 2 engineers with stingers or a single MAA are the death of you. The fact that I prefer the Scout heli’s over the attack helicopters highlights this and I frequently take out attack heli’s with the Scouts. Again agreeing with Omme95 the Scouts are faster allowing you to get behind cover and also allow 2 engineers to repair you making the Scout a far more deadly weapon. I remember in BF2 the team killing that occurred trying to get into the attack heli yet in BF4 they remain mostly idol. This does not surprise me as whenever I get into one within the first 10 seconds I have a camped MAA on the other side of the map firing active radar missiles at me, a Scout firing heat seekers and a bunch of engineers. I have to wait 30 seconds for countermeasures to reload whilst the MAA spews missiles within seconds and again the same with the stingers.

    • Romulus16 02.01.14 at 10:33

      Soloution, don’t Heli spam then players wont have to stinger spam :3

  • [LAW]CJohnson 02.01.14 at 10:08

    Overall it’s a good game and am happy with most of the changes. I have to agree with the main attack helo needing more speed and agility. Right now it’s like flying a Winnebago. Scout helos with one or 2 guys repairing are hard if not impossible to bring down so that shows the use of teamwork, even against the so-called overpowered MAA.
    Jets, it would be nice to see you bring back a reload/repair at base or carrier like BF2 instead of unlimited ammo. That would bring back a nice balance and time to get away without nerfing or buffing anything.
    And last, please fix the Support Class not showing C4 kills. Currently only the Recon Class gets credit for C4 kills. Keep it up, it’s a fun game.

  • coastalfighter 02.01.14 at 09:47

    I suppose this is a different sort of balancing. I’m color blind, not fully but enough where I need to use the color blind settings in the game to assist with identifying friend or foe. My issue is the type of colors you have chosen for BF4. In BF3 the colors were perfect, basic red, blue, yellow colors, but in BF4 you have chosen these colors that are, I don’t know…fluorescent type colors, it’s hard for me to explain. I have a very hard time distinguishing these types of colors. I am able to choose color settings where I can distinguish ally from enemy, but then I’m not able to distinguish squad from team because the colors are so similar. Other options I’m not able to distinguish my squad from the enemy team. Please please reintroduce the color blind option from BF3. It would mean a great deal to me. I pre-ordered the game, paid the full digital deluxe premium membership since I love this game so much. Thanks DICE, keep up the work, I appreciate it.

  • BarryBraverman 02.01.14 at 09:46

    5) Long Range scopes for DMRs were tested extensively
    Yeah, must’ve been the only thing you tested extensively.

  • iota-14 02.01.14 at 09:21

    9) Some players have been disappointed in the rate of fire of the G36C carbine, citing it being different from BF3. We understand the feelings of fans when their favorite gun doesn’t work in the same way it was before, however BF4 is its own game, with its own balance, and all weapons received various changes and balance factors. We do not intend to change the rate of fire of the G36C.
    that’s not the fucking problem with the g36c!

    ythe rate of fire must 650? ok,let it be that then,but for god’s sake,0.6 of total horizontal recoil on a gun with such low rpm? that is madness! just tell me why someone should use the g36c over ANY gun in the assault,pdw,lmg or carbine class,just why?

  • strathz 02.01.14 at 09:17

    please fix(remove) the obnoxious visual recoil, and not improving the g36c’s rate of fire is pointless, unless you really just don’t want anyone to ever use it.

  • omme95 02.01.14 at 09:11

    dear dice.

    I really hope you read this comment and i wish that you’ll try to understand my problems and my suggestions.

    First off, lets start with the attack chopper. I understand that this game can’t be balanced like IRL, however, an attack chopper team should be more powerful than a single engineer on a rooftop. I used to play attack choppers ever since bf2 and I can easily call myself a skilled pilot. In bf4, this is not the case. As much as i try, this ONE engineer or MAA on the map will always win, and make me useless because everytime i fly into the battlefield, i get bombarded with stingers, missiles, active radar missles etc you name it. What do i got? a 30 sec reload time to my FLARES which in almost all cases only disorientate ONE incoming missile, leaving me vulnerable to 31 other players. Only thing i can do is hide behind buildings or mountains and stay away from the battlefield for almost the entire game. I am dead serious if 2 engineers alone have stingers i am pretty much useless in combat situations.

    It is enough that the helis have SUCH A SLOW MANUEVERABILITY but ontop on that we have so poor mechanics to survive.

    IF the maneuverability of the choppers would get buffed so that they fly as fast as in bf2/bf3 then that alone would make me able to dive behind covers and use the terrain to my advantage. And if you gave the gunner protective measurments then that would make the choppers game more serious and more effective as it should be. Please consider this because the choppers is a BIG part of battlefield and they should be feared and harder to shoot down. I will tell you something right away, the helis WON*T BE OVERPOWERED, just balanced, and stronger than 2 engineers or equal to a MAA.

    let me point out that this will just encoruage teamplay as the gunner and pilot needs o have good communication to not waste their counter’s at the same time etc.

    excuse my bad english writing skills english is my 3rd language

  • Blood_Lust_Wolf 02.01.14 at 08:41

    WARLORD reminded me of something! The H.U.D. On aircraft is completely useless when targets fly into the sun. So after you fire your missiles with, let’s say, the scout helicopter and I switch to my 30mil main gun I can’t even hit them. Consider darkening them or making them more vibrant please?

  • SINxWARLORD 02.01.14 at 08:35

    I really wish you would make the red dots on the sights more red because i have an extremely hard time seeing it in most situations and it effects my accuracy a lot. I’ve had to resort to iron sights on a lot of weapons because i just can’t see the red dots well enough to allow me to target my enemy fast enough. Especially when you’re in bright areas of the map. It washes out and can barely be seen. I don’t wear glasses and i have no eye sight issues so it isn’t my eyes. I saw several forum posts on this topic going as far back as Battlefield 3. I can only imagine how hard it would be to see for players that actually do have eye sight problems. Especially as small as the dot itself is. Which isn’t a problem, the red just needs to be made more red. As it stands it almost looks pink in well let areas of the map.

    • LorisBoi 02.01.14 at 11:18

      It might just be a quick fix but have you tried changing your contrast and brightness settings?

  • Blood_Lust_Wolf 02.01.14 at 08:33

    Oh and personally I agree with DMRs not having long range scopes, I was pissed when I learned carbines and DMRs were available to everyone. Especially the DMRs they are extremely over-used to the point of spamming.

  • Blood_Lust_Wolf 02.01.14 at 08:19

    God I hate saying this, because I really love what I’m about to get taken away from me, but I unlocked the M1911 today, and I absolutely love it. So I’ve been using it just got ghost ring a while ago… And when is went to go equips things to it, there must have been a glitch because I got the 3x magni. scope that you developers get exclusively. And I admit I used it, a lot. But, I thought I might as well tell you now so you guys don’t think I’m a hacker or anything. Sorry, Wolf out.

    • COME_GET_SUM-520 02.01.14 at 08:25

      Don’t worry bro dice gave us the scope for m1911 because of all of the launch problems

      • Blood_Lust_Wolf 02.01.14 at 08:27

        Oooooh, we’ll they should change the description, I saw “exclusive Dice developers scope” and I was all ‘well shit…’ …. Did I just quote myself?

        • COME_GET_SUM-520 02.01.14 at 08:30

          Lol ya you did. It was supposed to be for the dice team only

    • SINxWARLORD 02.01.14 at 08:28

      They actually gave it to all players who played on a certain day in march as a player appreciation gift so you’re good

  • PirateKingZhao 02.01.14 at 08:15

    Well, DICE has proved once and for all that they really don’t care about making tangible changes for older fans.

    Sure as hell not buying BF5 if it’s even half as much of a clusterfuck as this game is.
    Just gonna wait for a Steam sale on Bad Company 2 and go play a properly-balanced Battlefield game.

  • poisonations 02.01.14 at 08:12


  • poisonations 02.01.14 at 08:12

    @Misslehead: I play console as well, you might want yo check out the control options and change some of the “veteran” Settings. It takes a little trial and error but I got it to work pretty similarly yo bf3

  • Assassin9824 02.01.14 at 08:11

    As a former user of the G36C in bf3, i was very dissapointed learning that the G36C is out performed in almost every way because of fire rate, making it almost usless on the battlefield. One of the only things stopping a weapon buff of any kind is the fear the weapon would become over powered. In the G36C’s case, a fire rate buff would not be over powered, it would simply make it a more viable weapon that would not be out performed by a long list of weapons that it is out performed by now. The G36C could be worth leveling up through many carbines if it had a simple, non-over powering buff to fire rate. This would make it an overall balenced gun, intsead of the under balenced joke it is now.

  • Misslehead 02.01.14 at 07:56

    Can you please bring back the control setup from BF3 that allowed us console players to use the triggers to accelerate and decelerate vehicles? It is awkward to drive with the sticks/top shoulder buttons. I’m not the only one who wants this, almost any console player i have asked has wanted this back.

    • abot1998 02.01.14 at 08:15

      Get ps4, you can drive vehicles with r2 an l2 (trigger buttons)

  • CplMartinez 02.01.14 at 07:55

    Also, maybe think about giving the transport helo some better defense, weapons, or at least something so that it’s not just a taxi with absolutely no chance to defend against the enemy. The miniguns definitely need to deal more damage to infantry.

  • CplMartinez 02.01.14 at 07:50

    If you’re not going to change the reload time for flares, etc., on the helicopters, please make the attack helicopters faster and more maneuverable. They are too slow, not agile enough, and too vulnerable to attack from missiles coming from every angle. It’s basically just a big target in the sky and it maneuvers like a freaking boat.

  • AUS-Roland 02.01.14 at 07:47

    Snipers are OP atleast limit how many a side can have

  • ragingmango246 02.01.14 at 07:40

    All you do is decrease and decrease and decrease I mean why are you ruining the game dice?? I loved it at launch, except all the bugs. And why can’t I invite ppl to a party and we all go in a lobby together like I mean wtf

  • buggati95 02.01.14 at 07:36

    Dice stop being arrogant listen to what your players want.

  • ragingmango246 02.01.14 at 07:36

    Wow so this blog shows you hear us yet reject us? We who PAYED you for a game WE want? And why is the graphics unloaded and no sound for the first 15-20 seconds of every start of every game eh? Why is the bomber in china rising useless? Why is the ac130 useless? I’d rather have a BB gun than those weak “special vehicles”. How disappointing I expected more from $60

  • buggati95 02.01.14 at 07:29

    Dice you need to just take the MAA out of some of the maps especially Zavod 311, I mean have not been listening to the amount of people complaining about them. They’re extremely over powered for taking out aircrafts especially helicopters and it does help that some many people use stingers/iglas

  • str0ntium_90 02.01.14 at 07:24

    The G36C doesn’t really have anything its good at, though. I don’t necessarily think that its rate of fire is the only or the best way to address this, but at the moment there’s a better carbine for virtually every single situation or play style. I guess its meant to be well-suited to long range with its lower vertical recoil and slightly better spread increase, but I don’t think anyone’s going to take it over the AKU-12 or AK5C for that role.

  • MDrHouse 02.01.14 at 07:22

    Plz, DICE, make dog tags showing SIDE by SIDE, not like now(right one half hidden by the left one).

  • Thigas 02.01.14 at 07:22

    I suggest increasing the speed at witch the defibrilator charges. While I think its a good idea to make the amount of health after reviving relate to the amount of charge the defib has, it makes it so that no one takes the time to revive anymore, because it’s a big hazard.

  • Alvord12 02.01.14 at 07:15

    So this post’s a straight up ‘F**k you sheeps, we won’t change anything in our game’. Why am I not surprised? Then again, I uninstalled your piece of s**t game weeks ago. The only regret I have is that I spent $20 on your game. I would have had more fun flushing that money down the toilet rather than playing the bug infested c**p you call ‘Battlefield 4′.

  • damagejackyl 02.01.14 at 07:07

    thanks soooo!! much!! for not putting high power scopes on dmrs… i have already seena massive change in the way people play from bf3, bad co ll and this one. great game, but NO ONE revives anymore!!

  • homersimpsnn 02.01.14 at 06:55

    For the love of God, please balance Metro. The team that spawns in the subway has a distinct disadvantage on the One with 64 players that was not there on the BF3 360 version. Every time I have started a Metro map, your team is unable to capture B at the start and can’t ever get out of the subway.

  • Mandizzy 02.01.14 at 06:26

    Well since you have completely ruled out making air game play fun again, this game is the last BF game for me. The whole “we’re listening” propaganda doesn’t work with me anymore. Like your BF4 control room concept that you started at the height of bad press, you guys never updated it afterwards and it’s been 2 months now. Keep being arrogant and/or hiding your heads in sand and you’ll find plenty more long time fans leave this altogether and never to look back.

    • Captcarbide 02.01.14 at 06:41

      Couldn’t agree more. Air vehicles, specifically all helicopters, are useless with the reload times of all AA, mobile and shoulder fired. It’s a real shame

    • Zeigfre1d 02.01.14 at 07:03

      Do DICE a favour and shut up. If DICE had to listen to every idiot like you the game would just be a mess of suggestions from fans that make no sense in its grand design. While you’re here whining in the comment section the rest of us are enjoying the changes and are busy playing the game so we can’t drown out your minority view.

      • Zuberfizz 52 02.01.14 at 07:28

        Totally agree, but there is one issue. Basically besides the update that just got realeased which fixed part of the issues which I’m fine, DICE above had practically listed everything or other major issues and just said we think….. So we are not changing that. I have to make a point that what is the point if a million people like the one you mentioned Zeigfre1d have an issue and you turn them down. You mine as well just stop asking us for help on balancing the game if you believe you got everything under control and “think” what’s the best. This blog is player and customer reviews so why doesn’t DICE just take this into consideration and look farther into the issues listed above and in the Tell Dice Blog to SATISFY THE PLAYERS, not themselves. DICE has already done a suppoedly fine job and people should appreciate that. When I read half of the comments in the Tell Dice.. Blog, all I read is stuff that now DICE has never brought up, SINCE DICE ALREADY addressed and think they got everything (mostly). DICE should again look for what people ask for like a burst fire weapon upgrade or an M16A3 and address the issue like what they have already done in other blogs. This issue has been up for a while and all I ask for is DICE to give us more answers of later issues instead of choosing the “majority”.

    • ragingmango246 02.01.14 at 07:38


  • ASLayerAODsk 02.01.14 at 06:19

    The biggest issue in BF3 was the fact that aircraft NEVER had to reload or their reload time was far too fast, never requiring the aircraft to leave the theatre area for very long. I can appreciate a support role they take but when they can reload so fast that they can lead, support and hold a position all on their own, that gets to be a problem when you cant fire a stinger anywhere NEAR fast enough even if you have multiple stingers/igla in the area. This scenario has carried over to BF4, time and time again, the aircraft will almost ALWAYS win. Also on choppers, the gunners have far too fast a reload as well. if you time it right, you can actually have a chopper firing almost continuously, its just a matter of timing between the gunner and the pilot. On almost every major ‘air’ map, whoever has the best airforce, wins. Pretty much consistently. It has very little to do with tanks or even infantry placement or spawns. Watch the scores, watch the lopsidedness, and its usually the biggest ‘hackusation’ games around. Hopefully, in BF4, this scenario, that has been quite rampant for the 2 games, can be toned down significantly to allow other mediums to aquire victory.

  • AlceonDays 02.01.14 at 06:19

    Make the stingers only work when a recon is marking the target. Iglas on the other hand, increase lock-on and reload time, but also increase the life-span once it is in the air.This would not only balance what is criticized about infantry vs. air vehicles, but also encourage team play and reduce mindless sniper camping.
    But….. EA wants to attract “easy mode” players. EA dictates what DICE does. As long as they make more money with broken games like this, they give a shit what their long year loyal core players think.
    Buy up studios which make games that are great and build up sane player base, then turn the franchises into shitty mass products. That is all EA is good for, sadly.

  • Flame1Snake 02.01.14 at 06:14

    Is it possible to buff the FAMAS? Perhaps some more bullets in the clip or more bullets in general. It would be great to have it as a feasible option.

    • PirateKingZhao 02.01.14 at 08:19

      A. Magazine, not clip.
      B. The FAMAS already has the second highest damage-per-second out of any infantry weapon in the game. It does not need a buff. Learn to fire in short, controlled bursts to conserve the rounds in your magazine. It’s not a weapon intended to be easy to use.

  • jaSoN iiZ PRO 02.01.14 at 06:14

    You should make it to where you have 3-5 flares in aircraft that can be deployed at any time and when you run out your out or a long regeneration maybe less on ecm like 2-3

  • xXVenusInFursXx 02.01.14 at 06:13

    Is this for real? You guys act like you’re listening to us about balancing then say “nope, we like everything the way it is”? What’s the fucking point of this post then?

  • KjFwop 02.01.14 at 06:13

    Can you guys also look into fixing this? It’s not just the M145 scope that it happens to, but all of the medium ranged scopes.

  • falcc0N 02.01.14 at 05:53

    Lol – all I read is dice made it – and it was good?
    No it’s not good … I played hardcore on Bf3 – i never play hc now cause of claymore teamkill shit etc. I loved to be an attack helicopter pilot once… now it just suxx – below radar was awesome – and gave a chance for slow choppers to escape… I dont care about weapon balance but you should fix this hardcore shit and give us back some fun in attackchoppers. just my 2 cent

  • DelightfulScrub 02.01.14 at 05:44

    You guys are funny , not only the game is mediocre but when you ask players opinion , you think you have superior minds and completely disregard our suggestions.
    Don’t ask our opinion to balance the game if don’t plan on changing the issues we point out.

  • ROTTENCORPSE 02.01.14 at 05:44

    RUSH MODE needs several fixes.
    1. Defenders are allowed to move way too far past the mcoms into the attackers spawn. Defenders should NOT be allowed to move so far past the objectives as that just encourages spawn camping instead of actually protecting the mcoms.
    2. Defenders should not be allowed to camp the spawn after the mcom has been taken. Once the “fallback” order has been given, the area where the last mcoms were destroyed should become out of bounds for the defenders. Again, after the mcoms are taken, the defenders just rush and camp the spawn points with cheap kills. the yeam that can spawn camp better usually wins.

  • AMMMMMMMMMMMM009 02.01.14 at 05:42

    攻击直升机飞的太慢了。 Attack helicopters fly too slow. 战斗机的转弯速度太慢了。jet’s turning speed is too slow 。 最后,外挂太多了!!! Final,Too many hackers!!!!

  • DrP3p3r77 02.01.14 at 05:41


  • moist_nana 02.01.14 at 05:38

    WTF so pretty much there happy with everything and nothings gonna change? Aircraft counter measures are fine?!?!?!?! WTF either below radar OR reduced flare reload time would be fair, but F U your not getting either?!?! WTF if this is for real im quitting my occasional bf4 game (just to see if the games fixed yet)

  • AK907BURNABLEEZ 02.01.14 at 05:31

    HOW ABOUT INSTEAD OF WASTING ALL THIS TIME ON WEAPON AND ITEMS TWEAKS… you solve the SERVER CRASH PROBLEM. I play with several of my friends and each one of us hasthis problem where the game freezes. Everysingle time we play and its not just me the game freezes. It happens too often and it ruins EVERYTHING ABOUT THE BF4 experience. Please adress this matter.

  • Tyriss01 02.01.14 at 05:19

    Point 4) and 6) are rather backwards to how it plays out in-game. currently there is no reward for skilled pilots in this game due to the easy no-skill stinger lock-on and spam fire. The recent balances to the LAW and Passive Radar missiles made the point of reducing the no skill easy to use options in preference of rewarding the skill of harder to use options.

    In addition to the ECM bug that can allow missiles to hit the heli while they loop around it – and in conjunction with the recent repair rate balance – when you add the nerf to the 25mil cannons on the littlebird and then leave stingers the way they are. No one will want to fly anymore because they will be ruined.

  • pearldrummer2001 02.01.14 at 05:18

    Since this new update my shit crashes faster than before! $100 down the fucking drain!

  • HikarisSavior 02.01.14 at 05:15

    If you won’t increase the fire rate of the G36C, then better accuracy or more range would be better, as it stands it is outperformed by pretty much any other carbine.

  • TWSAO 02.01.14 at 05:12

    M16A3 and M4A1 return

  • Hero2TheGods 02.01.14 at 05:02

    So what I am getting out of this is that Dice has done everything perfect and it does not matter what the players are asking for. Why even ask for input if you are not even going to pretend what the players think?? Maybe they are spending too much time trying to get the game working properly before they attempt to tweak the game in any way.

  • Bkchipwild702 02.01.14 at 05:01

    Fix the game audio on 2nd assault and China rising all I here is BF4 music please…

  • AHappyFaceSpider 02.01.14 at 04:57

    where is nvidias performance boost, or laptop video cards, i would like to see that, i would be very happy and willing to forget the crap that started as betafailed r4 for an nvidia/laptop video card performance boost, seeing as i payed $1800 for my laptop (becasue i travel) and cant hardly reach medium… come on dice, optimization is key hear now, i dont understand performance boosts for higher end cards… makes no sense, it ran better for me in the open beta…

  • SirPunge 02.01.14 at 04:56

    we need tweak back to bf3 with mines and clay’s i have been kick out of many server for playing defense using mines and clay’s getting team kills and i feel as if im in a sever for 30 mins and then get kick for playing a defense of roll its not cool at all i love the game and i know u guys are doing ur best but this is one thing that is a major problem in the game and thats getting kick for team kills using mines and clay so i wish we can go back to the bf3 way with them.

  • PrinnyKnight 02.01.14 at 04:48

    I disagree with the scope limit on the dmrs. I would like to see at least a 6x wigh a proper crosshair. An acog and its reticule are not meant for the engagements that a dmr is designed for. Going from 4x to 6x is useful, and not some balance ruining god-like increase thats going to ruin the game.

  • AHappyFaceSpider 02.01.14 at 04:48

    Ohh, just heard from them… they wil fix the game properly for only $49…. I am kidding :)… $59.99… ( they didn’t actually reply, you know what they are good at, NOT LISTENING TO PAYING CUSTOMERS)

  • OldAssMan 02.01.14 at 04:45

    One thing that would be really cool is to add the 6 round 9mm spotting tracer to the Mk 153 SMAW, as it has in real life. Also, you could make it an unlock to get different types of rockets that this weapon can use, such as the HEDP (dual purpose) and HEAA (anti-armor), or the always fun FTG (Follow-Through Grenade with dual warhead – first that penetrates barrier,and second that follows through the hole and explodes inside)

  • AHappyFaceSpider 02.01.14 at 04:45

    What i dont understand is the “partial realism” they want the game to be as realistic as possible… with alot of tweaks, but the issue here is that some weapons of the same caliber are completely unmatched to each other, you know what i mean, in real life a .308 round would get a one shot kill in the chest or head, but if you are using, say, the MK11 which is of the same caliber then you have no luck of getting a one shot kill in the freaking BRAIN… yes the fire rate is high, tone it down like you do with everything else, hence the name marksman rifles you might as well add the 6x scope just so people dont play tdm or domination and spam the living crap out of them… that is all, fix battlefailed 4 to where it should be… please

  • DUKE_NUK3M-007 02.01.14 at 04:45

    01-31-14 1030PM est, bf-4 shuts off and will not let play in game, pb up to date..crashes everytime..

  • Thendisnye 02.01.14 at 04:44

    How about making the MP-APS actually effective. It’s absolutely useless against the M320 LVG. How about earning points for every missile, warhead or launched grenade the MP-APS prevents from damaging or killing friendlies. Otherwise what’s the point of having the MP-APS in the inventory. I’ve tested it out on numerous maps, in most situations it’s dead weight useless.

  • NiCATiNE 02.01.14 at 04:43

    Dice can we please get white reverse lights on the quad bikes.. it’s so hard to tell which way they are moving and the blue and red lights on the helicopters, you know like real life.

  • Kdl88 02.01.14 at 04:37

    Are you kidding? What were the polls on “what should be balance next?” for? This is basically a big TFB… Choppers, especially attack choppers are damn near useless as it stands right now…

    • Thendisnye 02.01.14 at 04:45

      I agree, every peasant with a rifle seems to be able to take out choppers.

    • Nurr Blackett 02.01.14 at 05:51

      No sorry i have to disagree attack choppers are extremely effective if used as a team of a gunner and a pilot working together at the same targets just as you should be.

  • ApoKalypZ08 02.01.14 at 04:36

    Thanks for patching the game with a patch that actually makes it worse to play. Hainan resort is now unplayable, and spawning into tanks on seige causes the game to completely crash. LOL it is as if you dont even have a quality control department. WTF!!!!

  • D0gfighter117 02.01.14 at 04:28

    Saw someone post on here that the FGM-148 Javelin requiring a constant lock is REALISTIC. Let me teach you something, moron. The FGM-148 was introduced in 1983 for testing to replace the M47 Dragon anti-tank missle. It was a unique weapon due to its FIRE AND FORGET CAPABILITIES. That means that you can lock on, fire, and forget the rest. The Javelin has its own guidance system that tracks its target, without a human operator maintaining the lock. It was deployed for use by the U.S. military in 1996. So no, DICE making the Javelin have a required constant lock is not realistic. I have used this weapon multiple times, so I know what I am talking about. Shut up, sit down, and learn how to research something before you try telling “facts”. Stupid ignorant kids.

    • D0gfighter117 02.01.14 at 04:35

      I know this is for talking about the game, and I do apologize for posting something unrelated to the topic on a forum, but it bothers me when idiots think they know what they are talking about but still spread false information based on what they were told by other idiots. Troglodytes, all of them.

  • DINOFALL 02.01.14 at 04:24

    They basically ignored everything the players wanted.

  • Fleece_Johnsonn 02.01.14 at 04:23

    psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh psh then I finally die.. Good job on DMRS and giving COD fags what they want. Its impossible to even use recon class with their intended rifles, because you fucks keep watering it down.

  • NickDigital 02.01.14 at 04:23

    How about removing helicopters from Siege of Shanghai, on Rush. Can’t even get out of spawn with all of the people camping on the roofs.

  • johnnytrump 02.01.14 at 04:12

    I think the map dawnbreaker has too small flying space for jets

  • MAVCR 02.01.14 at 04:09

    8. a little rock makes your tank spin out of control hahahahahahahahahah DICE, didi you ever play the game?

  • Lagaava 02.01.14 at 04:06

    Holy Sh*t you are lazy.. Stop telling us it’s all right and sit back. F*cking do something useful for once!

  • Zakos- 02.01.14 at 04:06

    you should realy balance hardcore and normal mode dif. atm. sniper rifles and shotguns dominate the hardcore game and the latest tweak to DMRs will surely add to this. its imposible to win a duel against these weapons as they are way to OP in hardcore mode.

  • Penitent 02.01.14 at 03:55

    The real issues with this game will never truly be addressed, much less “fixed,” until DICE has the epiphany that “working as intended” and “a good idea” can at times be two completely different things, and that making alterations to the game based upon feedback derived from the most dimwitted of their patrons, simply because they’re the most vociferous, is not a solution to the former issue.

    If you cannot discern, and accept, that some of your ideas for this game are simply ill conceived (“working as intended” or not), and that popular opinion typically induces degradation as opposed to amelioration, then these “canvassing” efforts are naught but exercises in futility (or deliberately disingenuous spectacles; i.e., designed to give the “appearance” of effort or concern).

    No amount of this “balancing” will remedy core mechanics being either broken, or mechanics which, though appealing in “theory,” are ultimately odious in practice; it will not reform a bad business model which places emphasis on mass appeal over competitive play.

    • robeson1070 02.01.14 at 04:01

      So, what do you suggest they do, if their own ideas are “ill conceived” and their efforts to appeal to the dimwitted among us are also the wrong approach? At this point, BF4 is live and in the books. Simply, “look to the future” and work on BF5 instead? :-)

    • EROKK88 02.01.14 at 04:15

      yeah, this whole post is a big “yeah we heard what you said and we th-fuck you.

  • Provvidencia 02.01.14 at 03:54

    4) I think below radar should return just as it was in BF3. It gave an advantage for air to air but you were still vulnerable to ground to air. Very fair imho.

    Also, the helicopters and jets could do better against the AA if the free-look camera bug was fixed as well. Sometimes when spawning on a vehicle the right click view doesn’t work. Hopping out or switching seats fixes the problem, but it becomes a real nuisance when you’re trying to quickly continue your onslaught (especially if you spawn in a jet). No one wants to fly with a neck cast – please fix!

  • robeson1070 02.01.14 at 03:51

    1) TV missiles — they are so much easier to use in BF4 than they were in BF3, I agree that they shouldn’t be a 1 hit kill v. aircraft for that reason. I really wish the TV was more like the BF3 version and that the game wouldn’t give you 2 to use at a time. BF3′s TV missile was great. It was also far more effective against infantry, which I miss.
    4) Below Radar — it wasn’t “confusing” near the end of BF3. Rather, it gave pilots who understood its mechanics a clear indication as to what they were being targeted by if they were attempting use below radar and it they were still locked. I thought DICE had struck a good balance with the attack chopper after getting rid of BF3′s gunner flares… perhaps not so much with their “Bandar Balanced” stingers, but I got used to them over time and there was enough cover available on many maps to break locks.
    10) I appreciate the prudence to not do too much at once, so long as DICE has the flexibility to make further updates to the game when they want to, rather than when it is cost-effective to make an update to the game as was true in BF3. Thanks, DICE!

  • old_buddy_ol_pal 02.01.14 at 03:42

    Please reconsider your views o helicoptor countermeasures. You said they are for long distance threats.. Generally, A helicoptor cannot get anywhere near a target before getting locked. You mudt take forvranted how many people use lock on rockets. Also, some maps with helicoptors have them being locked while still over the spawn. Its not right. No matter what the power of the attack chopper, it will always be weak (and not in enough original maps).

  • RabbitusMaximus 02.01.14 at 03:40

    Many of these points i agree with, it’s point 4 I take umbridge with, please continue to monitor this as even if active/passive was nullified this would help the talented pilots.. evade easy threats. I think the fact players may be confused is not a valid point inform the players how these things works.

  • IICurseII 02.01.14 at 03:38

    I don’t understand why you won’t give the G36C it’s real rof. It have an inferior fire rate, and recoil pattern to the starting carbine and an inferior damage model to almost all of them. It is just an UP weapon.

    • IICurseII 02.01.14 at 03:53

      I didn’t mean damage model I meant ttk also in the second sentence it should say has

  • Neprox317 02.01.14 at 03:33

    If you fly very high it´s also impossible to lock-on.

    • flingofletch 02.01.14 at 03:45

      thats the point … >.< .. in real life situations helicopters fly higher to be out of rang ..

  • SheerPrecisionII 02.01.14 at 03:29

    also think all aircraft need below radar to loose lock ons

  • Orangy22222 02.01.14 at 03:21

    I’m glad that you guys (DICE) are looking into these items we are metioning in our posts. But please look into reducing the recoil of some, if not most of the dmrs please. Not by much, just a little. Because most of the dmrs in bf4 right have a ridiculous amount of recoil, and it makes it difficult to shoot it with high manifications (like the a cog or the m145). Please look into please, thank you :)

  • Someguy12121 02.01.14 at 03:21

    ” we’re currently happy with the reload times and amounts of counter measures carried by aircraft.”

    Really?!?! The counter-measures take way TOO LONG to reload. Considering that AA missiles reload faster flying is pointless. If the reload time is not going to be shortened then shorten the lock on range of AA missiles.

    • Neprox317 02.01.14 at 03:31

      The lock-on is allready under 400m. You the come close to the aircraft, to lock-on. Many times it´s only a question of luck to hit a jet/chopper. And then are 2-3 hit are needed to destroy the jet/chopper.
      It´s only possible if a other teamate forced countermeasures by lock-on.

    • Neprox317 02.01.14 at 03:33

      If you fly very high it´s also impossible to lock-on.

  • SheerPrecisionII 02.01.14 at 03:20

    My opinion is all riffles should have a 6x scope its makes things very strategic, 6x scope was all I used bf3. Also want to thank you for tweaking the pistols dmrs grenades and shotguns. Also the maa and attack boats are way over powered. Stingers need a change to easy to kill aircraft, more skill should be involved then point click reload fire as soon as that other one is just barley hitting firing your second one. The moment you have a two man stinger team aircraft is useless. Tanks are just fine, I think recon should get more c4 maybe 4 instead of 3. And if you’re going to make it where slug and snipers can’t kill up close with body armor then everybody is going to start wearing it making every other one useless

  • Loosifur 02.01.14 at 03:17

    I think people forget that deer hunters don’t sneak up on bucks in a dark alley and shoot them in the back with a Mossberg. Shotguns are used to hunt game at range.

  • reefermaaanz 02.01.14 at 03:14

    Good for you Dice, we do not need a big nerf and buff fest like in BF3

  • Mr_D1sc0 02.01.14 at 03:14

    It’s nice to see you’re looking into all those weapon / vehicular balancing, but what I feel is a bigger issue is proper matchmaking. As you play and increase level, a casual gamer gets eventually pitted against ultra-competitive players whose zeal makes it hard for people with jobs and kids to enjoy those couple games we get to squeeze in on Sunday night. With all those stats you accumulate on us (k/d ratio, skill…), I’m confident something could easily be done.

  • TXF001 02.01.14 at 03:04

    Still waiting to see a nerf to Shotguns. They do way too much damage at long range. A shotgun is a CLOSE range weapon. Why exactly can someone 1-2 shot kill me from 20 feet away with an 870? The high damage would be fine, if the range was severely reduced. Although the fact that they’re 1 shot kills usually from close range is kind of annoying too to be honest. Especially considering, looking at your play models, it looks like everyone’s wearing tons of layers and armor and stuff. I don’t think even realistically, with that much on, a shotgun would be a 1-hit kill.

    Grenades also still need some work. The fact that they do 60+ damage at the farthest possible distance away from you, is a bit ridiculous. I dunno how many times I’ve died from a grenade that I was clearly out of range from.

    • Loosifur 02.01.14 at 03:13

      12 gauge buck is effective up to 100 yards. If you shot somebody with buckshot at 20′ you’d have trouble finding all of the parts. Although I do agree a bit if you’re taking body armor into account. The force of impact would still probably knock you down but it might not kill you as long as it didn’t hit any gaps in the armor. Slug’s another story, though.

    • Slaughtershy 02.01.14 at 03:13

      I’ll have you know that shotguns being “close range” is only a movie and video game cliche. In reality, a shotgun 12ga. 00 Buck can reach an effective distance between 50-100 yards, depending on the barrel choke. Sure, the spread should be accounted for that in close range a shotgun is extremely lethal, but they are still effective at short to barely moderate distances. Past that and the pellets either slow down or spread too far to do more than flesh wounds.

  • Gen Jack Oneil 02.01.14 at 03:00

    wow. you could have just instead of writing all that down, you could have just said, No we are not willing to change some things of the game.
    cmon dice, fine its your right to make your community loose even more faith in you.
    i dont care if YOU think some things dont need to be changed. some things need to be changed whether you think so or not.
    fine, since your not going to change the tvs damage, make it so that its atleast controlable. ( on console its almost impossible to hit anthing with the tv missle, unless its sitting still and even then its still hard.) cant you change it when you actually hit something with the tv, it does damage every time, not just a hit marker and no damage done. ( in my case 1/2 – 3/4 of the tvs i fire dont do damage on a direct hit. [on console])
    Getting locked by AA while one the GROUND is not fair and is stupid. how can you run away if there is no where to run ( like on lancam dam )to since the ecm/fairs only work half the time and all the fanciest flying in the world is not going to save you. Well it should.
    Not buffing the g36c is a load of crap. i love the gun but there is no reason to use it. Dice you really want another list of under-non used weapons in BF4, like there was in Bf3? seriously? dont you want ALL the weapons in the game to get used equally? ive love BF4, but i’m running out of patience with this game. the player appreciation month is a nice touch but, its not enough dice.

    • Neprox317 02.01.14 at 03:22

      Can you explain how it is possible to lock-on the choppers on ground, if it´s only possible under the range of 400m ??! So AA has to come very close to the enemy mainbase.

      Escaping by Jet/Chopper is much easy then by a tank. On the other hand no counter-countermeasures helps against the laserguided missle of a Warthog or F35 (for example).
      You need to be very lucky to hit a jet by stinger.

      In the BF3 many chopper pilots/gunners did camp on the edge the map (espacially “Operation Firestrom” and killed the AA-Tank by TV-Rocket, because the TV-Rocket had a wider range the the AA-gatling/stinger.

      Maybe you want the same – or the real bullshit-AA like in BF2 (if you know the game).

    • Neprox317 02.01.14 at 03:34

      If you fly very high it´s also impossible to lock-on.

  • Loosifur 02.01.14 at 02:59

    So, tl;dr version is: We’ve scanned the forums and listened to player suggestions, and we think you should all take a long walk off a short pier because we’re not changing squat. GFY.

    I am pleased to see that they’re reducing the firing delay on the Rex, though. And I largely agree with much of what they say. Still, it’s funny to see that the big story is Dice telling complainers to go pound sand.

  • keets01 02.01.14 at 02:55

    How about getting rid of the counterknife.You go to the trouble of getting close to the enemy and they just turn around ,push f and win everytime,Its not worth goin the stab anymore.

    • reaper2380 02.01.14 at 02:58

      counterknife only happens if the other person sees you coming.if you sneak from behind they cant counterknife.only if they turn around and see you or you try to knife from the front.

      • Loosifur 02.01.14 at 03:01

        Yeah, but the timing window to counter is so forgiving that it almost punishes a speedy attacker. Unless you can guarantee that the person won’t turn around you’re almost better off trying to pump-fake them into “countering” too soon so you can counter them. It’s also a little ridiculous that counter is an instant kill 100% of the time.

        • IIIAZURAIII 02.01.14 at 04:12

          Well, it’s to prevent panic knifers from doing that. I shouldn’t be killed 100% if I turn around the corner, instead of aiming you just hit knife and get 100% kill. So if the other person can also hit f from that panic, he wins.

    • TXF001 02.01.14 at 02:59

      That’s why you go through the trouble of sneaking up behind him instead.

    • Raider-ID 02.01.14 at 03:00

      Keep the counter knife, it adds that extra aspect of melee when you catch someone trying to sneak up on you.

    • xLoCk 0nx 02.01.14 at 03:11

      They should at least make the button/key a random button/key out of a selection of buttons/keys.

  • m00niac 02.01.14 at 02:54

    The Shotgun thing makes no sense a slug would have better body armour penetration that buckshot or flachette. Body armour also means nothing to a sniper round… makes no sense what so ever.

  • Cbenjy7 02.01.14 at 02:51

    Forget weapons and focus on the gameplay.. Bf4 needs a better spawn protection and a way to send game invites without havin to enter a match first

  • ReaperX24 02.01.14 at 02:49

    If you aren’t going to increase the G36C’s rate of fire you need to buff it in some other way. It’s currently a very outclassed weapon.

  • xLoCk 0nx 02.01.14 at 02:48

    I completely disagree about your argument about Below Radar DICE. Annoying not being able to lock on?! Do you have any idea how annoying it is being locked on repeatedly by some stinger noob hiding behind a tree? Infantry are way harder to spot – at least make the smoke trail of the stinger super obvious to give their location away. I’ve also been locked onto THROUGH buildings and sometimes the missile even goes through the building too. It’s just far too easy for one guy to take down choppers, especially attack choppers which cannot be repaired mid-flight. I have noticed you have used the argument that “X makes Y less desirable, so X is always used” in many circumstances. Well what about the stinger making the iGLA worthless? Why would you choose the iGLA (which needs to maintain a lock and cannot be spammed) over the stinger which can be spammed (fire-forget-reload) and deals the same damage? The extra range for the iGLA isn’t worth much considering the missile can’t go outside the original 450m range. The stinger can be fired at 350m and even if the chopper flees and gets 500m away the stinger will still hit.

    I think you should reconsider the balance of the stinger missile, as right now it makes flying attack helicopters a rather joyless experience compared to what it used to feel in the history of battlefield games (a killing machine in the right pair of hands). And as I’ve just mentioned, it makes the iGLA rather redundant.

    • IIWIDOW_MAKERII 02.01.14 at 03:02

      Completely agreed with everything you said there mate! In Bf3 the chopper wasn’t even overpowered. It required a good teamwork between Pilot and Gunner to do well and stay alive, even then you still kept getting shot down by Stingers, Jet or Enemy Attack Chopper. Dice only listen to the noobs who don’t know how to fly a chopper and who don’t know how to deal with it when his getting shot by one.

  • FarKim 02.01.14 at 02:41

    OK, generally, I like what you’re doing with the balancing etc.
    But all of it means fuck all if you don’t fix the crashes people are still experiencing.

    I can’t speak for other peoples setups but for me, the problem seems to lie with my graphics card. I have an AMD HD 6950 and get quite frequent memory leak related crashes (not crashes so to speak but makes it so unplayable I have to restart my PC anyway).

    I realise it may be just as much an AMD problem as it is the game itself but at least address/acknowledge you are aware of and looking into the issue.

    This is just plain frustrating and makes me want to give up on BF all together.

    • IIIAZURAIII 02.01.14 at 02:42

      that’s a bit of a slower card, might want to see what happens when mantle comes out to see

  • Fred Garvin 80 02.01.14 at 02:41

    OH, and on a less serious note, can you fix all my player camos resetting after each game. They only stay 50% of the time. And can you add the option of deactivating the “SPOT” button an consoles, or at least let me remap it. I dont ever pull up Battlelog on XBOX One, so it would be nice to map it to that button. I can’t slow down with left trigger ( with jets) and fire with the right bumper like I could in BF3. Slowing down and firing with the repective buttons and the same side is very awkward for me. I mean, I lose out on spotting ribbons, but I play hardcore, so spotting doesn’t even play into the game due to the lack of a minimap( which I totally agree with, its unnecessary in hardcore)

    Oh, and please add another flag to Operation Metro. Preferably on the outside of the tunnel on the US spawn side. The game goes by way too fast. Whoever captures B is gonna win 90% of the time. I’ve only been in a handful of games where B has ever changed hands . It just turns into a grenade spammers paradise. That little hallway on the other side of the escalators is pretty useless, just another choke point that no one can ever get through

  • IIIAZURAIII 02.01.14 at 02:40

    Dice’s way of saying, skilled veteran players are here to stay no matter what we do, so screw them. oh new players what do you want? Nerf this? sure kid! Oh while we work on that you buy our expansion ok?

  • Col_Platinum 02.01.14 at 02:39

    Also, a lot of the chinese weapons like the QBB AR, Carbine and LMG are unusable. When strafing, their sights do not actually point to where the bullet hits, making it impossible to hit targets while strafing.

    I’m not sure if you meant to do that, but even if you did, it’s a horrible mistake and has to be tweaked.

  • SlamJamma 02.01.14 at 02:39

    Do Not make the mistake of nerfing everything that people complain to be OP. Man the hell up and learn how to counter. Already the ballistics in this game are out of wack before you started nerfing. Example, LAVs should not be able to take more than two Sabot rounds at close range from a tank without blowing up. That’s just wrong. Next, Shoulder fire weapons are already at a disadvantage when ataking tanks, armored vehicles and aircraft. PLEASE DO NOT NERF THEM ANY FURTHER OR IT WILL BE USELESS TO BE AN ENGINEER. Grenades do not have a strong enough blast radius, they don’t deserve to be nerfed any further. Next to artillery rockets the tank should be the most powerful weapon on the map. Please don not nerf any thing more to do with tanks. It was good enough the way it was, even though you could blast right next to a soldier on the ground at close range and not kill that soldier, which is ridiculous. Please. do not make the mistake other developers do and start nerfing a whole bunch of stuff because a few say it is OP. I say they should learn to deal with what you have and find a way to counter that threat. Thanks.

  • sLaugR 02.01.14 at 02:36

    so basically your changing nothing then…all i see is that you think its all fine and doesnt need changed?? awesome

  • Col_Platinum 02.01.14 at 02:36

    What I really want is an ammo increase for all weapons. All weapons and pistols should start with 4 Magazines of extra ammo even higher capacity weapons like P90 and PP2000 to give them an added benefit of using them. LMG should keep its current 1 extra box ammo as well as well RPG ammo.

    With the Ammo perk, all weapons and pistols should have 8 extra magazines. It’s just so silly how I can only carry 2 magazines of ammo in my Combat Vest for guns like ACE 53 SV and PP2000, where as my pants’ pockets can carry more.

    Now you may counter argue that The Support players address this issue already, but almost all supports are deaf and not a lot of people play them anyway.

    Simply increase the ammo, we’ll all be happy :)

    BTW, MP443 pistol has no reload sound, and Straight Pull Bolt for L96A1 messes around with Scope Fov.

    • Wookie Out 02.01.14 at 02:39

      I always throw out the ammo crate when around allies.

      • Col_Platinum 02.01.14 at 02:43

        Good, you’re a rare breed, start reproducing now!

  • johnnytrump 02.01.14 at 02:34

    They need to nerf the attack boats. They should give their explosive rounds do less damage to infantry and give the tow missiles a longer reload time.

    • Fred Garvin 80 02.01.14 at 02:44

      They only reload fast if you have belt feeder on. The main gun shouldn’t be nerfed because its almost impossible to aim effectively at longer ranges because of the bost bobbing up and down due to the waves in the water. Attack boats are fine as it is, lets not nerf them too, or else all vehicles are gonna be useless

    • Fred Garvin 80 02.01.14 at 02:47

      NOOOO, vehicles are gonna be useless soon

  • Fred Garvin 80 02.01.14 at 02:34

    OK, here’s my take on the whole flare, ecm jammer argument. Flares are for heat seeking missiles, I.E. Stingers, Iglas, whatever the fuckin Chinese have. They SHOULD be able to lock on to low flying aircraft because the heat signature is still present, HOWEVER, it should take longer to lock since it would get “confused” by heat signatures coming from ground vehicles, fires, etc. ECM Jammer should NEVER be able to shake heat seekers because it is meant to jam radar guided missiles. This was one of my pet peeves from BF3.

    TV guided missile needs to be 1-hit kill, ON ANYTHING,no questions asked. Its too friggin hard to control. In reality, it’s an AGM-6 Maverick missile. It kills real tanks in 1- hit. I was so pissed when it got nerfed in BF3.

    Tank hits on choppers. 1-hit kills in BF3, why not in BF4. And if you’re not gonna buff tank hits on choppers, at least give me the kills when the thing crashes and kills the crew. I’m just aggravated because in BF3, you buffed tank and RPG damage on all aircraft, making them 1-hit kills,when they weren’t when the game was released, so why the re-nerf for BF4. Did too many shitty pilots cry about skilled tankers and rocketeers shooting them down, when it’s really hard to do? That’s what pisses me off,right there! The kids come playing from COD and cry cuz they can’t rape and camp with immunity like they did in Call of Doodoo. I get it, it’s a game.If its not gonna be totally realistic, at least make it believable

    • Girtablulu 02.01.14 at 02:59

      you’re funny, first you complain about that the TV missle doesn’t do a 1-shoot kill like in real world and than you are saying that pilots are crying because skilled tank players shoot them down, hey btw tank get the fuck away when choppers show up in the sky because the will be down in a split of a sec, have you ever seen a tank shoots down a chopper with his main canon?

    • Jmontez823 02.01.14 at 03:15

      I completely agree with you there. Please fix this Dice.

  • battlefieldbeefs 02.01.14 at 02:30

    I think all the vehicles are perfect but the rhib boat. It is too vunurable. I missle destroys it. I think you should lower tge damage they take aganst missles.

    • IIIAZURAIII 02.01.14 at 02:30

      But it’s a plastic boat.. unless you are just trolling

  • LoGAReTM 02.01.14 at 02:28

    I agree on most of the points if not all, however there is an issue that needs your attention, like the crash occurred when you enter the MBT gunner seat, I don’t crash but I can’t shoot a single bullet during various games earlier today.

    also after a few TDM rounds on zavod, under C and D the rails Seems to block few of my shots even though I’m shooting in the “supposed” to be blank-area.

    also if a team is like totally overwhelmed give them a chance to comeback, using commander or whatever, like the “nuke” ability which was implemented in BF3 servers, kills you yes, but it didn’t count as a death, I’m sure you guys can come up with something more solid if you felt the need to do it.


  • DEVGRU_LtJG 02.01.14 at 02:27

    I love when people say about the attack helicopter…”If there are stingers over there, just don;t go there…” You do realize that with stingers, this an 800 meter radius and with IGLA, it’s 1000 meters correct? Do you also realize that this is approximately smaller than the radius of most maps in BF4 correct. OK good, so now you understand that it’s not simply possible to “not go there”…

  • IIIAZURAIII 02.01.14 at 02:27

    Ideal scenario: MAA & Jets & attack choppers kill attack choppers
    Current: MAA & Jets & attack choppers & littlebird & LAV & tank & SRAW & stingers & boats & jeeps kill attack choppers

    Get it DICE?

  • Dusk118 02.01.14 at 02:26

    In all honesty, the G36C is SUPPOSED to have a fire rate of 750 rpm, so a reduction down to 650 rpm is unrealistic. I understand that BF4 is a new game, but that doesn’t mean you unrealistically nerf weapons that were already as realistic as possible in BF3. And that’s my rant for today.

  • JD-WA 02.01.14 at 02:25

    More concerned about overall game balancing, too many large one sided wins. Currently the dominating team gets all the benefits of new vehicle spawns on their flags and the Commander gets more perks/assistance, these things mean increased domination by the dominating team. Need to look at how to give more perks/assets to the losing team to try and get more balanced matches. Maybe increase the Conquest Control points that tick over for the team with the majority of flags, but then give the extra new vehicle spawns to the losing team to try and fight back rather than ending up getting base camped and losing by 500+ tickets which seems to happen too much. This would also then see a focus on PTFO.

  • NiCATiNE 02.01.14 at 02:18

    Lol you want to make the attack helicopters faster… but I guessing you have not seen me fly.. p’s fix the gunners TV glitch, I don’t like dying because my gunner shoots a tv!!!

    • IIIAZURAIII 02.01.14 at 02:20

      Compare it to the BF3 chopper then you know what the difference is. I am not sure why people say the chopper was overpowered in BF3. Any decent jet pilot can kill a chopper easily.

  • FiStCaKe 02.01.14 at 02:16

    The TV round is so stinking hard to control the bonus to being able to master it should be a 1 hit kill. Not changing the flares timing or the speed of the attack helsi, for what you posted is about the stupidest comment I have ever read from a dev. That is the equivalent of when I asked my ad to borrow the car and he said NO. When i asked why he would look at me and say “I said so”. Again an Idiocy answer. The lumbering whale that is the heli is not even close to what real world heli flying is. They are weighty but still nimble when you been to bust a tight move to get your fanny out of the fire. If you don’t change the flare timing to half then you need to change the nimbleness and dexterity of the attack heli to a no useful tool. The weapons system as it stand is not aggressive, and is just a 1 flight over the current battlefield to die and then respawn.

  • Redtango 02.01.14 at 02:15

    Ah, but you guys left the tanks’ firing patterns completely jack-holed like they’re French WWII tanks. Having to re-arm was the best idea you ever implemented. But this new mess, isn’t “it’s own game” or “unique” to BF4. The farther away from reason you get, the worse the game will get, and the more anti-PC EA game fans you’ll create. If you want to sell an unrealistic war game, focus on 2142 or something similar. Then it looks intentional, instead of inept.

  • purius 02.01.14 at 02:13

    -All buck shot gets blocked by fence and hand rail of stair which other guns bullet have no problem penetrating. Some other objects such as stair way under the C flag of Zovad have same characteristic
    -reticle of all shot guns using buck shot and darts widen too much on moving making it use less even at close range
    -reticle of M26 will some time stay wide open even on prone after jumping
    -pump shot gun and M26 can not make a one shot kill using buck shot and darts all the time. Considering its short range and rate of fire it make the gun use less against other machine gun.

  • NeilDiamondPhD 02.01.14 at 02:12

    “We heard four very good suggestions to improve the slow Attack Heli’s poor survivability, we understand reasonable pilots don’t expect all of them. But instead of choosing to implement a single one of these suggestions and seeing how it goes for a month or two and adjusting further as needed, we’ve gone ahead and done nothing.”

    • Crystal Dragon 02.01.14 at 02:13


    • Redtango 02.01.14 at 02:19

      Yeah, this made NO sense either. I think EA just pretends their choices are perfect. (Stocks and poor customer ratings suggest otherwise.) Attack Helicopters can take a beating unless it’s a thin framed Cobra horizontally facing an AA.

  • KingPin124 02.01.14 at 02:07

    DMR’s need to be NERFED, NOT BUFFED!!! Players with no sniping skill can camp hundreds of yards away and spam shots at a rate of fire that is WAY TOO HIGH, and they kill in one shot many times. Try playing hardcore and you’ll see what I mean. They are essentially a sniper rifle with a stupidly high rate of fire and accuracy. They are ruining gameplay.

  • Crystal Dragon 02.01.14 at 02:07

    TV isn’t intended as anti-air weapon, just like RPGs, SMAWs, SRAWs, TOWs, AP shells and HE shells, and those are all 1hk against jets. Dat logic DICE…

    • Firefox3658 02.01.14 at 02:09

      Sure but, you cant guided a SMAW like you can a TV guided..

      • Crystal Dragon 02.01.14 at 02:10

        So? They’re talking about the purpose, not about the guidance. To hit an aircraft with SMAW you need luck, to hit an aircraft with TV you need skill.

  • Firefox3658 02.01.14 at 02:06

    The only thing that I think at needs to be balanced is the AA Vehicles.. Staying in the air is no easy task especially when air to air combat can get tricky. Such vehicles as the Scout Helicopters are no match to Mobile AA and even the attack helicopter and jets can struggle. Getting in the range to do any damage to the vehicle is a death sentence. While the scout heli understandably should not be able to match the ground vehicles in combat it should be able to evade it much easier. The AA has a huge range, if it sits in the middle of some maps it potentially has full coverage of all airspace. If the AA is sitting in spawn the have half the map covered which gives scouts more freedom but really does not allow them to help their team push forward. AAs now carrying 4 missile after the nerf from 6 still have the advantage, the first 2 rockets in force the player to deploy flares and the 2nd 2 to disable them and send them into a state of barley any control, the player must then recover and retreat, only to be stuck trying to stay out of range, and this is provided the AA does not have Active radar missiles. The way that I would suggest balancing this is to cut the AAs range by giving it at least 3/4ths of the previous range, preferably 1/2. This would force the Players using AAs to actually leave the safety of their spawn, and move to other areas to gain better coverage.

  • tjdn 02.01.14 at 02:06

    What about the speed of the dirt bike? I Find it totally gutless. The quad seems to be a lot faster. I find myself getting wayyyy more air off of things in the quad and or jeep for that matter. Please buff the speed !!!

  • zI-Colonel-Iz 02.01.14 at 02:03

    We need below radar, is not fear that noob pilot take you down after dogfight , or get away from any situation, we need below radar air to air , pls dice, if you guys dont put below radar (air to air)think about to cut load time for air flares is too much!, if want really balance aircraft thing that the best thing can happends. Below radar (air to air) or cut load time for air flares, also ecm jammer is useless due lag

  • XxHappyChefxX 02.01.14 at 02:01

    Then can you make only the recon class have higher power scopes for dmr’s? I don’t understand the point of a semi auto scar or ace or any of the dmrs having assault rifle scopes. What’s the use in a semi auto pea shooter that if your trying to use the purpose of a dmr(medium-long range) and can’t see your target?!?!

  • RainyMoodDude 02.01.14 at 02:00

    I was starting to wonder if dice made this game for the players or for them selves and after i read this it is clearly stated that they made this game for them selves they asked the community what they want fixed because they fucked up huge time in the release so this was a good start but then after they get the responses they either decided well i kinda like the fact that takeing out helicopters is ez mode and not getting one shit by snipers at 15 feet just makes my life that much better OR WHAT HAPPEND IS THEY LOOKED AT THE HOURS OF CODEING THIS WOULD ADD AND SAID FUCK THE COMMUNITY THEY DEAL WITH ARE BULL SHIT NOW SO IF WE KEEP LEADING THEM ON SAYING WE ARE GONNA FIX THINGS THAT WE HAVE NO INTENTION ON FIXING THEY WILL KEEP DEALING WITH OUR BULL SHIT AND HELL IF ITS THAT EASY WHY NOT JUST DO THE SAME THING WITH A NEW GAME WE CAN CALL IT BATTLE FEILD 5 PROMISE BETTER LEVOLUTION HAVE THE GAME CRASH EVERY TIME SOME ONE BLOWS UP A WALL AND BULL SHIT THEM SOME MORE

  • SvenskVarg 02.01.14 at 01:59

    Attack helis need a proper boost. As it is now nobody use them, doesn’t matter how skilled you are it still takes only one engi with stingers to take you down and the stinger requires no skill at all and can be used by anyone. I agree with many others that the land/air vehicle balance was perfect in bf3. As it requires alot of skill to be a good heli pilot it should also require skill to take down a good heli pilot. And thats far from the reality now.. Below radar would be good because it would give pilots at least one chance to escape on the open mapdesign in bf4. When doin that they can of course be taken down by tanks and rpgs but that also requires a bit of skill and skill should be encouraged instead of making everybody doin infantry with ‘dumb weapons’ like mtb law and stingers. . It also needs much faster manouvering. These two buffs on the attack heli would not make it op at all since there are so many ways to take down aircrafts in the game.

  • HaloNoob2864 02.01.14 at 01:59

    “While this is a tricky balance, we’re currently happy with the reload times and amounts of counter measures carried by aircraft.” WE KNOW YOU’RE HAPPY, BUT WE’RE NOT!

  • Tr1cky Rich 02.01.14 at 01:58

    I’m glad you guys have thought out the tweaks so thoroughly, instead of making the attack chopper more agile, how about slowing down the little bird a little bit? I love playing conquest, and i can appreciate the vehicular combat aspect of the game, but most players online get mad when they cannot get in a vehicle the ENTIRE map and kill everyone untouched. I love being the guy to ruin their day by constantly bombarding vehicles with explosives. They shouldn’t dummy the explosives at all, the fact that people repair helicopters while in them, and need 3 engineers to bring them down is crazy, I would like to see conquest more balanced, seems like you are either on Team Vehicles or Team Snipers, the middle ground players that like to assualt objectives end up doing all the work while the Snipers and Drivers collect all the points. The fact that people play Conquest and go for kills over objectives makes the game annoying, but there isn’t really a way to fix that besides loading a team with friends. Overall, I’m happy with the way the game is and the updates as long as the vehicles do not get a makeover to boos their speed or damage. though some splash damage for the tank rounds against personnel would be nice

  • TheDustfinger 02.01.14 at 01:45

    All those points seem reasonable although i disagree with the g36c part.

  • Solidmotivated 02.01.14 at 01:40

    I’m reading alot of biased opinions on the comments. Guys, these guys are game developers and have paid for there education in what they do best. There reasoning behind alot of stuff is just. While you may think someone is wrong or unfair, you may be wrong.

    • SHINE9680 02.01.14 at 02:12

      How can u say that. Stop trying to sound smart. I paid for a product. That product is broken. So how is that not wrong. U should speak the truth or remain silent

    • IIIAZURAIII 02.01.14 at 02:14

      Their opinion is also a biased opinion, so we give ours.

  • TRONCALRISSIAN 02.01.14 at 01:39

    Below Radar is desperately needed. This would only benefit really good pilots as the current state of the game makes it an almost certain death sentence if you fly low enough to take advantage of it. Merely bumping into the ground with the scout heli’s landing skids causes a catastrophic death. So the pilots who CAN fly 10 feet off the ground should be rewarded for their skills with a lock-on break. The AA rockets should not be able to lock-on if you are landed on the ground….even without the addition of Below Radar. I ALSO think the in-air fixability of the scout heli should be removed….AFTER Below Radar is included….see there is a reasonable compromise. Then the good pilots can rely only on their skills to avoid death….not two engineers fixing for them.I fly solo 98% of the time and have no fix-it guys in my scout and most other pilots of the Scout Heli don’t have anyone dedicated as a fixer either, so below radar would bebefit ALL pilots. On a side note, the job of the Helicopters in this game are to #1. Kill the other heli’s #2. Kill any other vehicles they can #3. Cap flags. But the current Leaderboards does not reward the pilot who does these things, it instead rewards pilots for ignoring these responsibilities and instead trolling around “shoegazing” with the 25mm and shooting infantry. There should be more recognition for the other aspects of BF4 combat than the kill number. Killing EVERY air vehicle in the game won’t get you nearly as many kills as the “shoegazers” shooting infantry only. In my state I am ranked #7 for scout Helis and I have 20 more service stars than the #1 ranked. WTF! It seems there is no incentive to PTFO. Also what about the players who help out the team by spotting and fixing? There is no incentive to do these things cause the points or Leaderboard recognition are almost nonexistant. Just my opinion DICE.

  • LBurroDelDiablo 02.01.14 at 01:38

    Sorry for OT. but couldn’t find anywhere to post this. Commander app for IOS needs some serious tweaking. Every time a new server patch is delivered something else breaks on it. Worked fine for the first couple of weeks after game launch, then different things break whenever the servers are patched. I play a LOT of commander mode on IOS, so this is somewhat annoying. Current issues: no scan UAV; some objectives not showing on map for conquest; enemy soldiers appear to be HVT after one kill; end of round ribbon winner XP not being awarded; commo rose dialogue from soldiers spamming the display. Sorry again for being off-topic.

  • SnowTiger61 02.01.14 at 01:37

    I would also like BF4 to Eliminate the ability to Repair Helicopters while they are flying. Being off the ground gives them a great advantage to begin with. And then with 1 or even 2 guys repairing it while it’s flying, makes it extremely difficult to kill.
    So you should make it that they Must Land to repair OR Otherwise, you should make it that Tanks and other ground vehicles can also be repaired from the inside (by the passenger).

    Too many things are Too Lop-sided in this game as it is.
    Virtually NOTHING is realistic .. which is disappointing to say the least.

    • Naxirian 02.01.14 at 01:49

      It’s not intended to be realistic. It’s intended to be fun. If you want realism, play Arma. Battlefield is much more fun than Arma simply because it isn’t overly realistic.

  • spindrift634 02.01.14 at 01:36

    I’d like to thank you for the time you take to continually improve the game. Please excuse some of the people who are somewhat disrespectful in posting their viewpoints. I feel there are some things which need improvement and I will be echoing some previous posts. Hardcore needs a direction indicator or compass. I do not want a mini map but I do need a reference point to call out to my squadmates when taking fire or directing squad reinforcements. The battle tank gunner .50 Cal is way under powered. It in fact fires the same round as the m82A3 but deals damage like a pistol. In truth a mounted .50 is a dominating weapon agains infantry in the real world and I don’t feel it’s effectiveness is accurately reflected. It sometimes takes four rounds to put down an infantryman when in real life one round would detach limbs. The main gun of the battle tank needs to have added splash agains infantry. It is frustrating when firing at infantry and being relatively ineffective . A 120mm canon would be devastating if it landed at your feet including secondary fragmentation from rock or building particles. Red dot weapon scopes need to have the ability to be adjusted for brightness. In a dark map they can be obstructive and in bright lighting they can be washed out. I understand the realism here but in real life I would adjust my sight.

  • Timothyw7 02.01.14 at 01:36

    I have an idea BF, I’m tired of shooting ppl around 200-300 meters and it not killing them, instead they bend over and about this idea? IF you shoot them in the arm then they loose the arm and are automatically swapped over to HAVE to use a pistol. Or if they get shot in the Leg they get dropped to the ground kinda like “second chace” in COD…and the only way for them to get back up is a “countdown” counter or a Assault to bring a med kit to SPEED up the process…but if they get dropped to the ground they can use their weapon that they have?

    • Naxirian 02.01.14 at 01:51

      Because then everyone would just play a Support with an LMG, knocking the legs out from entire squads of players and picking them off as they lay on the floor. Picture trying to play Operation Locker with that game design.

  • bigjayskij 02.01.14 at 01:32

    you asked for the communities input on tweaks to make the game more enjoyable to players. From your response it seems like our feedback don’t mean squat. I personally would love to see gunner fares brought back for attack choppers, also below radar for all air vehicles. I would also like to see the game become more competive then it is now. You are either destroying the other team or being destroyed. There is too many recon guys on roof tops doing nothing to help their squad and team. the lack of team play on 64 man servers is a joke.

    • RainyMoodDude 02.01.14 at 01:43

      I feel the same way they asked the players who are trying to enjoy the game what they would like to see fixed and then look at the hours it will take to code all of it an basically say fuck you community i dont want to spend extra hours on codeing i want to sit on my ass and play call of duty ghost a game where developers actually took their time and made a good release and dosent get law suits shoved up their ass by investers who where fucked over good job dice and ea you really screwed up on the battlefield franchise this time

    • Naxirian 02.01.14 at 01:55

      The amount of recons isn’t DICE’s fault. It’s wannabe snipers that think getting 10 headshot kills in a round makes them l33t players. Truly skilled recons do more than camp elevators with C4 and then headshot people whilst going “trolololol”. The maps are fine, it’s just player mentality. Besides, it’s relatively easy to kill the n00bs on rooftops, the commander can cruise missile them, or you can take them out with a chopper/your own snipers.

  • SnowTiger61 02.01.14 at 01:31

    So in other words … you don’t intend to do Anything !!!

    However, if there is one thing that needs to be fixed (balanced) it is the effectiveness of ANY Tank Round (projectile).
    Rather than having to hit a soldier i.e. “Bulls-eye” to kill or even hurt them (which is very difficult to do especially when they are close), they should be at least Concussed when a round hits within “X” number of feet of the round hitting the ground or nearby object. For example, if it hits within 5 or 10 feet, the shrapnel and concussion should KILL them.
    Whereas, if the tank round hits between 10 and 15 feet (radius), then they should be damaged.
    And … if someone has run up to the tank to plant C4 (at a range we can do nothing against from inside the tank), firing the tank cannon should at least Concuss that foot soldier … as it would in the real world.
    Otherwise, tanks are good only for killing other tanks, vehicles and buildings. But a foot soldier can run right up, jump 12 inches from a tank round and receive no damage from the tank firing or tank round impacting close … like that’s really realistic !! NOT.

    • Naxirian 02.01.14 at 01:58

      You have to bear in mind that in real life, MBT’s are intended for anti-armour and fire support. An MBT is never intended to engage infantry effectively, that’s why they always have infantry supporting them. If you want to kill infantry with armour then use an IFV. It’s in the name. Infantry Fighting Vehicle. It’s designed to be there with infantry, mowing down enemy infantry and providing cover for the squads. It’s weapons and mobility are well suited for anti-infantry roles. The MBT is not intended for that. The main flaw of most MBT drivers in my experience is that they get in too close. The cannon is long range for a reason. Use it as a siege weapon.

  • BIA_RIGGS 02.01.14 at 01:30

    You might just want to do what the majority of the players seem to care about that have bought the game. Not what YOU think is good or bad. Nobody cares what you think. We the players matter. I think like in politics, you are doing what you think is best for us, not what WE think we like and will make us happy. Thanks

  • cmanuellmonteiro 02.01.14 at 01:28

    Era bom que primeiro que tudo , antes de andarem a fazer modificações a armas ou veiculos era de louvar que arranjassem os problemas que o jogo tem, desde mortes instantaneas, mortes depois de tar protegido, entre mtos outros que existem.

  • BIA_RIGGS 02.01.14 at 01:28

    You might want to rethink this blog PR wise? You list 10 items and basically say “tough luck” to everyone of them. That does not really look like listening to your customers. Next time why not list 5 things you won’t change and 5 you will, see how that works…

  • wagdad 02.01.14 at 01:28

    Please can u give us a compass in hardcore

  • AfroWarchild 02.01.14 at 01:22

    5) Long Range scopes for DMRs were tested extensively internally before release. We specifically removed these scopes from those weapons as we found any class being able to effectively snipe was detrimental to the overall pace and gameplay of BF4. We have no intentions of adding those scopes to DMRs for BF4.

    Oh well, it was a thought. I get it though.

  • KilrPayne 02.01.14 at 01:16

    Sounds like you guys are just too lazy to put below radar in. The attack helicopter is useless in most maps that don’t have tall buildings. It’s instant lockon from multiple threats and then death shortly there after. It’s no fun to fly it anymore and there’s nowhere safe to fly it on most maps.

    • Elfusan 02.01.14 at 01:20

      Exactly. The mps that helos can feel relatively safe are Dawnbreaker and Siege of Shanghai. Other than that – it’s missiles all the way around. Plus AAVs. We need something to defend our vehicles from that.

  • Lord_Lurker 02.01.14 at 01:11

    Balance of game seems fine…
    How about you concentrate on fixing the crashing / freezing issues across all platforms before you tweak the game more.
    I can only load 2 of the 14 maps i have access too… playing the same 2 maps over and over is getting a bit repetitive

  • Elfusan 02.01.14 at 01:11

    As a full-time support class I did notice some disadvantages that, in my opinion, should be looked upon.
    1. Suppresive fire: I am amazed how accurate can an enemy be, while under suppresive fire. To my amazement, I think support’s suppresive fire is not enough. While bipoded I can strongly feel the effects of even the slightest suppresion. On the other hand – the enemy seems almost unaffected by it. My idea is to increase suppresive fire even further, and not limit it to aim-down-sights shake but also a significant drop in accuracy and maybe even more.
    2. LMGs compared to other weapons: I’m still surprised by how LMGs are inferior to some weapons (assaulters for example). A weapon as heavy as that should either have lesser recoil OR higher damage (by all means not both). I’m fine with very low hip fire – these weapons are surely not meant for close-quarter fights, but being killed in medium-ranged fights, where I should mostly excell, makes me rage.
    3. Explosives: It’s already hard to kill/hit anyone with mortars. Plus they’re rarely used (i’ve never seen anyone use it in conquest). I think they deserve more attention. How about giving a mortar an additional effect of… let’s say… a suppresion fire? Or, if You wish to play it more advanced – an effect of knockdown! UCAV already has an upgrade of airburst payload – why not make a mortar upgrade too? Now for the claymores… That’s a serious weapon when it comes to defense. I really like it BUT… these tripwires are somewhat unneeded. I’ve been in many situations, where, after my death, I’ve seen enemy simply destroy my claymore from miles away (additionally, these detonate upon any nearby explosion). While I know claymores are a heavy-duty tool, I must suggest to let go of wires. These mines never had such thing, they worked as proximity mines and should be left as such. Plus it’d allow for more versatility – placing them in ANY location, not only where it has the ability to hook up to a wall. I’d gladly welcome such a tweak for a tradeoff in form of easier spotting of such mines.
    4. (not related to support class) The damn connection smoothing: This thing takes away loads of fun. I will say I’m not the only one that’s been killed behind a corner countless times. I even been in situation where enemy killed me BEFORE emerging from behind a cover. That’s harsh. I play on servers where my ping rarely reaches 20. Most of my enemies play with pings close to 80. I’m assuming that might have something to do with it, but I urge You to look upon that closely – the smoothing factor is a huge disadvantage on many events. (try riding an EOD with smoothing on 0%). I play MoH:Warfighter as well and it seems they had it figured out just fine. Why not ask them?
    5. While YOU think ACE23 is not overpowered – we, players, think it is. It’s the player’s choice for a reason. It’s superior to any weapon whether it be close or medium range. It has to stop. Give it ANY disadvantage. recoil, damage, rpm… ANY.

    While some of these things drive me mad – I keep coming back to BF4. I think it is a great game and deserves a high appraise. I agree that it’s been released FAR TOO EARLY and am fully aware that EA wanted to compete with CoD. We, players, will be waiting and supporting You, DICE, till BF4 emerges in full glory.

  • BillySBallzitch 02.01.14 at 01:10

    Thank you for not tweaking any weapons… All work great. Players need to learn to adapt the game play to weapon choice. The game works great since the new update, well done. The ONE FIX THAT NEEDS DONE, IS THE BLUE DORITO. Please fix that

  • Danster316 02.01.14 at 01:08

    Don’t fiddle around with the AA too much just because all pilot whiners can’t run their kill circles without being disturbed… How about removing the possibility of two people fixing the scout heli in mid air at the same time? Now THAT is unbalance, it makes it impossible to even tickle it.

  • SHINE9680 02.01.14 at 01:07

    I’m pissed about update 6. So in respons I would like to share how to carry any gadget with any kit. Hmu shine9680 on 360

  • tsw85_XI-ADM 02.01.14 at 01:02

    so you did nothing …and are you ever going to fix the name tags that still don’t show up??? or the tank shells that hit at your feet and don’t kill you …or are you working on more dog tags and camos …please fix the shit that needs fixed ..

    • Elfusan 02.01.14 at 01:17

      What? You want a tank that kills ANY enemy now? Well get a gunner – that’s what second seat is for. I’m already surprised how easy a tank can kill an infantry with a shell. THAT is some serious unballance. THere are tons of ways to kill ANY infantry – it really does not need shells on the list.

  • f00xm4n 02.01.14 at 01:00

    I think the game is really well balanced, the only thing I would change is that engineers have to shoot a vehicle several times yet a sniper can put c4 on it and kill it. Seems wierd 2 classes have c4 and can kill vehicles relatively easy yet the engineer has to fire multiple shots :( anyway good work guys.

  • BLAM_YA_DEAD 02.01.14 at 00:55

    On hardcore maps a compass is needed .I am fine without a minimap and prefer it that way .when you have a commander with a compass trying to relay critical battle info to a soldier the commander is relying on his compass as a reference point the soldier should have a compass reference point as well.

  • Motionless_osot 02.01.14 at 00:53

    Off topic.. but what’s with the new update?.. making it to where the person who is carrying the bomb in defuse is automatically shown on the mini map?.. that’s pretty stupid.. where is the element of surprise now?

  • J4X0RS 02.01.14 at 00:44

    Totally get not giving every class long range scopes with the DMRs. But why not do it for recon. Make the 6x or 8x scopes available to recon class for DMRs.

  • AbjectShoe 02.01.14 at 00:41

    Attack helicopters don’t need to be buffed. Maybe I’m a simple person but if there are stingers over there your helicopter doesn’t need to be over there: it can be over here. A bunch of engineers with stingers running around with no air vehicles to shoot at aren’t equipped with an AT/AI launcher, grenade launcher, LMG, motion sensors, C4, assault rifle and are in general at a disadvantage. Helicopters as they are have more degrees of freedom in movement than any land vehicle and can fly low to break los and reengage somewhere else. Plus they respawn if destroyed anyways and are quick to re-enter any part of the battlefield unlike tanks which can be strafed down by attack helicopters. An omnipotent helicopter that holds out its hand and destroys with total abandon and if destroyed quickly re-enters after a respawn and destroys with total abandon again means what? More engineers need to be on the battlefield with more stingers spread out everywhere for one lousy helicopter? How about attack boats that can drive on land and up the sides of cliffs and buildings?

    • PHRAG 02.01.14 at 00:55

      The attack Heli’s both feel like boats. I can understand the maneuverability need, but not nearly as maneuverable as the littlebird.

  • Galaxy17jay 02.01.14 at 00:39

    My game always freezes on the map dawnbreaker and will freeze in loading screens which then resets all my customized settings. I haven’t even touched the campaign cause I hear of all the issues there. Don’t beat around the bush, come out with a blog saying your gonna fix coding issues before balancing bullshit. I want a game that dosent fu***** freeze!!!!!

  • Zukinimon 02.01.14 at 00:37

    While i agree with almost everything on here, Below Radar is, i think, essential to helicopter pilots. In the current build of the game, it is far to easy to take down a helicopter, even with MAA nerf, there are still dozens of engineers on each game usually with lock on missiles. I think Below Radar was perfectly balanced in BF3. By flying low to the ground and avoided lock on missiles, you were exposing yourself to every other sort of missile (RPG, Tank, IFV, etc.) I really think Below Radar deserves a place in BF4. Despite this i appreciate all the work youre doing to improve BF4. Thank you :]

    • PHRAG 02.01.14 at 00:53

      I tend to agree. I see a lot of MBT users quite adept at shooting helicopters out of the sky as well. Myself included.

  • SHINE9680 02.01.14 at 00:32

    Please ppl don’t ask them to fix anything more. With each so called fix the game gets worse. I know you want below radar but that copper is so slow who wants to fly it anyway. Please dice you have done enough. We the gamers have already spent our hard earn money on a deffective product.

  • EXTERM1NAD0R 02.01.14 at 00:31

    Attack choppers are a joke on bf4. They handle more slightly than a transport chopper in my opinion. I was fine with the handling of all the choppers in bf3. HOWEVER I will admit I love the new handling on the scouts and transports but I don’t think that the attack chopper should effectively lose to the scout due to it’s inability to move as face. It is almost insanity the dive required to get enough speed to effectively “dive bomb”or strafe ground and water vehicles. Also I was excited to see tow missiles until they never went anywhere near where I was aimed.

    • Elfusan 02.01.14 at 00:37

      I disagree. Attack choppers are quite heavy attack crafts and contain high firepower, especially when having a gunner, which has a 180degree aiming angle, not to mention TV missile. With all that, it’s only logical for that helo to have a disadvantage. However, in my opinion, this helo should have an increased armor – it’s as easy to destroy as any aircraft.

  • Voidward 02.01.14 at 00:28

    Body armor needs to be moved further down the defensive tree. It’s the best perk in the game and it’s available to everyone by default. It not only counters slugs but also reduces all damage to the chest, making 4 shot kills from an AR into 5 shot kills. That’s 25% harder to kill someone from full health. Why would you take any other perk as infantry?

    Slugs are completely useless because of it. No one is going to be aiming for the head with slugs in close quarters when you can get buckshot or flachette and a full choke and kill people with body shots up to medium range.

    Grenade spam, even post nerfs, is still going to be an issue and there’s no field upgrade with flak jacket as the starting perk.

    Just swap the body armor with flak jacket. Throwing grenades vaguely in the direction of your enemy is highly more effective than a twitch reaction to single shot slug or bolt action someone in the chest? What? It’s like you’re trying to promote shitty gameplay practices.

    Really, I’m fine with body armor existing, but not by default for everyone. It literally kills the effectiveness of an entire class of weapon from the start.

  • G3A3NME187 02.01.14 at 00:27

    ****ADD G3A3 FROM BF3!****

  • fox king12 02.01.14 at 00:23


    • Elfusan 02.01.14 at 00:32

      I strongly agree. There are tons of ways to destroy any aircraft while it is high up in the air – take engineers for example. Takes 3 max 4 of them to take down any aircraft. Not to mention AAV. A below-radar function of AT LEAST increased targeting time would not be a disadvantage. Plus, a low-flying aircraft would be easier to hit by non-targeting systems like LAV main cannon, tank main cannon, RPG or AAV for that matter.

      • theJF7 02.01.14 at 01:43

        I also agree completely. If nothing else, add in the below-radar with reduced time to lock (rather than non-lockable) AND make the height it’s effective a few meters lower. This will allow skilled pilots to have a slightly better chance of being able to move out of a troublesome area, while still making it risky (for the pilot) and not that much more difficult for anti-air opponents on the ground. Thank you DICE for continuing to improve this game, and I trust you will take this (and other intelligent suggestions) into consideration.

  • SamiBar_80s 02.01.14 at 00:18

    We need below radar! A lot of players asking for this, to have a chance to escape . It’s more easy to lock a chopper than to escape from missiles. Listen the players.

  • SHINE9680 02.01.14 at 00:18

    To whom it my consern; I am a long time BF customer. I have been a loyal customer since the release of BF2 MC.Basically only playing BF online and shunning any other game. Do to the recent changes to the game I will no long be playing BF. Its upsetting to me because i loved BF. I know its only a game but so is football and millions love it.I just cant understand why Dice would worry about weapon balancing whe thier are other needed fixes. Im just so disapointed. Thanks for the effort Dice but with every update that comes out the game just gets worse. I will no long be able to use,buy, or promote your products.

  • Player_vneuvmh3 02.01.14 at 00:17

    So I actually feel like all these items make sense, especially keeping the ACE the way it is (it really is nothing near op) and forgoing sniper DMR Scopes (If you want to snipe with a semi auto, use a M82 pickup), EXCEPT the G36. Why, just why? The 95-B and AKU also have below 700 rpm; why should the G36 have such a crappy rpm too. Make it 750 like it was in bf4 and irl so that it actually is usable and has a place in game. Also, why not give the PP2000 and CBJ a little love; in fact, the entire PDW class could really use an update (only the CZA3, PDWR and UMP are better than using a carbine).

  • ADHDmania 02.01.14 at 00:15

    anyone saying MAA is OP ground vehicles is serious inexperienced playing MAA aggressively~oh, DICE since you dont want to change the size of crater created by explosive, could you please make MAA and IFV less likely get stuck by crater, please?

  • Master-Athmos 02.01.14 at 00:13

    I think the part about the G36C has no good argument behind it. If you want to make it a 650rpm rifle that for itself is fine. The thing is there already is a 650rpm carbine. And a 680rpm and a 700rpm one. Plus you gave the G36C a horizontal recoil nearly identical to that of the 880rpm ACW-R. If you really want to make it a 650rpm although the Type-95 and AKU-12 perfectly fill that role as being a bullpup and standard design then at least give it appropiate values…

    I already explained my vision for the gun elsewhere but I’d really consider giving it 750rom and reduce the horizontal recoil to 0.25 in both directions. This way you have the 750rpm G36C which has nice vertical recoil, the 770rpm ACE 21 which has nice horizontal recoil and after you’ve done some changes on the A-91′s horizontal recoil (which is extremely high for no good reason as even the faster firing ACW-R and MTAR have lower values) you have a 800rpm bullpup with just average recoil in any direction…

    It really would complete the entire 700-800rpm sector as you currently only have the ACE 21 there as the A-91 is no option because it’s a no-brainer to choose the faster firing MTAR as it has LESS recoil at higher firerate and also is a bullpup. Keeping the G36C at 650rpm region just will add a superfluous gun to a sector with three guns all with its distinctive pros and cons. That really wouldn’t add to gun diversity though and leave a gap in the 700-800rpm sector. Elsewhere I also read that the 650rpm came into existence by looking at the recorded sounds. That’s no strong argument to me – apply the weapon to fit into your game’s balance to improve fun and don’t limit yourself to what sounds you recorded. that should be priority numer one and not realism…

    As an interesting sidenote: What I proposed is exactly what you did for the assault rifles where you also have the 750rpm M416, the 770rpm ACE 23 and the 800rpm bullpup L85A2. My idea for the altered balance thus seems to fit perfectly to your very own thoughts…

    The other aspects mentioned in this blog sound reasonable to me…

    • Player_vneuvmh3 02.01.14 at 00:23

      Couldn’t agree more man. The A-91 and MTAR bit too – they should really fix the A-91′s horizontal recoil. Also the MTAR has the second highest velocity too; they should give that to the A-91. I’d even argue that theres no advantage of the ACR over the MTAR (except reload) just because the MTAR has better RPM, Velocity, V Recoil, and Hipfire.

  • AdamDerbent 02.01.14 at 00:12

    Well, balancing items is one side of story. There is another problem: balancing players. Could you do something about this?

  • JuiceSogge 02.01.14 at 00:09

    9)however BF4 is its own game, with its own fails, bugs, glitches, netcode errors, imbalanced weapons and never changing mapdesign.

    Change something or I’m gone for the next BF4, and if you also screw up SWBF nobody will buy your games anymore.

  • CerberusChadd 02.01.14 at 00:07

    Wow the sun is too bright jets just own bf4 do something about them

  • Raw Dislixo 02.01.14 at 00:05

    The Attack Helicopter is too slow to scape of stinglers/iglas area after release counter measures ,the impact of an missile addition to disable the helicopter turns violently his direction .I think you guys should increase the reload time of Stinglers / iglas in more 3/4 seconds .To really balance the attack helicopters in BF4 ,we need a lot of changes…….(Sorry for my bad English)

  • Atiego 02.01.14 at 00:04

    All that I can see here is DICE saying “we are happy with the current state of x”. If lot’s of your players want Below Radar on Attack Helicopters it’s not okay to say “Yeah but we do not think this is good” when most of us do! You made this game for us, correct?

  • AHappyFaceSpider 02.01.14 at 00:02

    and also seeing as how dice cant even admit that they screwed up, is pretty sad, at least sy, ” hey bf4 players, i am glad you have put up with us for this long, here is a free something or other, we added this because we are thankful you bought the game and have chugged through our BS. at least, very least, try, i honestly think you are just getting lazier and lazier, yeah the game is gorgeous, but i would rather see other things copied form bf3 other than some textures… like, oh yeah, NETCODE!!, why would you pull a CoD, you are becoming… BETAFAILED 4

  • SHINE9680 02.01.14 at 00:02

    Thanks to dice for fixing what was not broke. And not fixing what is broke. I’m really upset with the change to the mortars. I know most ppl hate them but I love them. I was an 11c in the army. I’ve played every BF and when BF4 came out I said to myself “finally an effective mortar” now because ppl cry about it you take it away.thats not right. So since I’m pissed about this and other useless so called balance I would like to share a glitch I have can carry any gadget with any kit. Like ammo with eng or a RPG or jav with support. Hit me up to learn how. Add me or send me a game invite

  • I-Chavez-I 02.01.14 at 00:01

    This blog post should be renamed, “Balancing BF4: 2 Things We’re ‘Monitoring’ and 8 Reasons the Customers Can Suck It.”

  • AHappyFaceSpider 01.31.14 at 23:58

    Honestly, seeing the state this game was released… I don’t expect anything else good of the battlefield franchise to come from dice… the ground destruction, come on guys, we have waited at least 3 months for a working state of the game, i am done excepting mediocre BS from companies like this, I honestly have played indie games in early alpha that run better than this, don’t praise them if they ever fix the game, it is too late, in my honest opinion, if they can fix the performance that would be great, but at the moment ii feel as if they are getting lazy becasue they know they have failed lots and lots of people, i was so hyped for this game, first launch it crashed, tried a lot more, still no success, but what i don’t get, is why it is taking them so long for a few changes, i have never had the issues stated in the updates until the update releases, i am being completely honest guys, yeah there a a few lucky people, but having to build a new rig for a game that barely works… come on, and the fact that people are still purchasing this, you guys (dice/ea) are lucky

  • THATBOITEXAS 01.31.14 at 23:53

    What they should do is work on the rockets cause the javelin is both anti-air an anti-ground missile

  • ChrisJMojo 01.31.14 at 23:51

    For long range scopes for DMRs. I understand the reasoning but two things:

    1. Your game cover has a scope on the M39.
    2. How could you possibly have a game set in the future without a Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle.

    I am not talking adding the 20-40x scopes but at least a 6-8x with variable zoom. I do not know how programming works but just have DMRs available for recon again. Even after patch I still only see recon players us DMRs because of the binoculars and spawn beacons. You still can’t go H2H with an AR, SMG, or LMG which is the way it should be. I just see players treating the DMRs as snipers. So give us the tools to make them snipers. I always had so much fun in past games with semi-auto snipers v bolt action. Bolt actions are far superior but it was such a fun little battle that took skill VS Bol action.

    I just feel this is a huge oversight not to have a Semi-Auto sniper.


  • Knightfighter4 01.31.14 at 23:49

    the fact that we cannot have at least a 6 times scope for DMRs is outrageous. WE are not asking for a useless 40 times scope or 20 times scope for these marksman rifles. A simple 6 times rifle scope is all that the community wants. A designated marksman rifle is supposed to serve as a platform that can actively engage and “counter-snipe” middle to long range targets. DICE has effectively reduced the DMRs to close to medium range battle rifles. I understand that this is technically an arcade game and battlefield still has more important fixes but for the love of god, is a 6 times scope too much to ask for?

    • Knightfighter4 01.31.14 at 23:54

      And not to sound like a broken record but you guys HAVE to add in a squad up system in the main menus like in battlefield 3. It is wrong of DICE to say that this is “ineffective” and “wrong”

  • Sweetwater416 01.31.14 at 23:46

    Here are a few things I would like to see changed.

    First, I think the mobile aa gun is still over powered. I think increasing its lock on time and decreasing its range would help greatly. Not only do aircraft have to worry about the mobile aa gun, but also, other aircraft, infantry, tanks and boats.

    Second, I agree that the helicopters maneuverability needs to be increased, more akin to bf3. Also the scout helis speed needs to be increased.

    Third, I think that the JDAM is not being used to its full potential. To make it much more realistic and useful, I would greatly increase the damage and kill range, to the point it was like a cruise missile. To counter this change, I would greatly increase reload time……I would also like to see more damage from the air to ground missiles.

    Fourth, thermals in aircraft and ground vehicles don’t seem nearly as effective as in bf3, leaving more to be desired

    Fifth, engineers need to be more effective against armor, by increasing the damage of anti armor launchers.

    Thanks for all you have done so far.

  • Gooseknob 01.31.14 at 23:39

    While I am by no means an expert pilot or incredibly skilled in the air, I have put in a decent amount of time in BF4 choppers and a substantial amount of time in BF3 choppers. I do agree with most of the commenters here that the MAA is far too powerful, especially against the choppers. The 30mm cannon is suitable for destroying any aircraft, and the missiles from numerous infantry and the MAA is overwhelming. Perhaps a fix for this would be to go back to the early days of BF3 where the pilot and gunner of attack choppers had countermeasures? Maybe this is a ridiculous idea, but so is the maneuverability of some aircraft and the countermeasure reload times.

    Anyways, my main problem with the air vehicles in this game is ground threats. Maybe I’m alone in this, but I do feel useless in a chopper. I either have to sit so far back from the action that I am out of range and useless to the team, or I have to charge into enemy territory in an attempt to take out a MAA, which will most likely result in a death. This needs addressed.

    Sidenote: Again, maybe it’s just me, but I dislike the way choppers (attack heli, specifically) interact with ground terrain. It seems like if I’m hit by a missile and need to make an emergency landing it is nearly impossible to do. I explode on impact anytime I touch the ground softer than a light tap. I understand that this is not ideal landing conditions for choppers, but I don’t think these machines should completely explode and kill the crew anytime they touch anything! Not only is this frustrating, but it also deprives the enemy who shot me of a kill, as I always just explode in a heap on the ground.

  • Bekra 01.31.14 at 23:39

    I think that vehicle maneuverability should be fixed. especialy jet ski china jeep even tanks behive dump sometimes

  • DoGGen77 01.31.14 at 23:38

    WTF have u done to the game !! it sux just now.. Im a KD 2:1 player and after your update iam a 0.02 player .. wtf have u done to the game ?
    Detta suger riktigt .. varför försämra spelet?? Lyssnar ni mycket på softcore spelarna eller ?

    Just nu suger detta spelet riktigt mycket .
    U have brocken the game .

    Va fan har ni gjort ?????????
    Så jävla trött på DICE/EA…
    + LjudBuggen … Känns som ni bara slänger ut skit utan QA ….

  • californiadiver 01.31.14 at 23:37

    Seems that many (if not all) of the servers I play on suffer from team stacking. People switch to the winning team and stack it in greater numbers. I would estimate that on average, I get maybe one close game in 10 or more. The vast majority of the game are one sided. Some ideas on how to counter this: 1. Remove bonus points for being on the winning team. Remove tracking wins and losses in the stats. Personally, I like a challenge and I’m over it for my stats but I feel many of the players are not at a maturity level required to care about switching to the winning team or not.

    • californiadiver 01.31.14 at 23:43

      As a side note, I think you guys take too much heat for BF4 problems. Yeah, you probably should have worked it out in beta a little more but oh well, what’s done is done. I think the game is fantastic and really having fun playing it. Sometimes I just stop and look at the game and enjoy it. I love the waves, the falling buildings, and the ground getting craters in it. Good work guys and see what you can do about the unbalanced teams. Thanks!

  • why39guido 01.31.14 at 23:34

    In game balancing is good but I am actually quite surprised to see that MAJOR issues do not seem to be of importance.

    The game crashes an unreasonable amount, it feels as though it is about 80% complete. During a single night of play I can experience 6-8 system reboots and every single other player I play with has the same issues. If I purchased a movie ticket and the movie froze up multiple times and had to be restarted but with the time elapsed completely missed when the picture came back I, and everyone else at the movie, would receive a refund yes? If I purchased a car and that new car only started 95% of the time I would expect an immediate fix or a replacement if the problem persisted, unreasonable? We have all purchased this game, pay for internet, pay for premium content and dedicate time to playing this game and we spend that money and time with you because the product is supposed to be of a high quality and superior to others available. If stability and convenience are selling points for many and a game that crashes repeatedly is neither of those what is the draw? That is frustrating, perhaps more so than a G36C not firing in the the same manner as it did in BF3…? (That is a note of sarcasm in my tone by the way)

    Also, the point of the game, in online multiplayer mode, is to play with friends? It seems to be set up as a second though. Parties of people cannot follow one person in to a game, yet they have to fight and claw their way into those games as there is no party leader designated like on pretty much every other FPS out currently. This is frustrating and would be a fantastic addition so a group could move from the Menus to a Lobby without losing half of their players and going through 3-5 games in that lobby before they can play on the same team together. Once again, perhaps a little more frustrating than an M4 not having the same full auto fire rate…?

    In game issues that are just sad that they exist at all:
    1. Shoot a rocket, guy shoots you 0.000001 mm before the aforementioned rocket hits his vehicle or his face and that rocket no longer exists in the game…guy prances on unscathed.

    2. People can shoot players in their feet when standing behind the towers in levels such as Rogue Transmission because the tower apparently is floating above the foundation by approximately 50-60mm. A well placed sniper round can ruin someone’s day when they are behind a 15m thick concrete tower and are healing but then get their toes shot off…kinda stupid.

    3. Attack chopper is a death trap as it moves the speed of cold molasses being poured from a jar…that is pretty slow if you aren’t familiar with molasses.

    4. Remove, or calculate properly, “SKILL” from the game as it currently means nothing. Reward a player for how they affect the game outcome not how they kill some high ranked player as he strolls across a field 500m from the nearest objective. If you are familiar with a game called basketball, there is a stat that matters and it is called “points in the paint” this has bearing on the game because it is related to the team playing together as a “TEAM” to allow the scorer to either get into the paint, close to the basket, and score easily or the “TEAMS” ability to keep the opponent out of the paint, thus making it more difficult to score.

    5. I do not believe that getting clipped by an ATV or a motorcycle would instantly kill me in real life. In fact I was struck quite directly by a large road going motorcycle as a child crossing a road. It tossed me about but did not eviscerate me, actually I know multiple people that have been hit by motorcycles and ATV’s at higher speeds and they too weren’t killed. Not saying you would be unscathed but perhaps not bifurcated.

    6. I don’t feel like going on with this any more as you should be getting the point by now. The point being, do not work small to big with regard to issues. That is what a politician would do because they don’t really know how or care to fix the real issues. Unless you are afraid of the outcome or not sure how to fix the problem, please do not cover up with “player appreciation” that feels like working 30 years for a company and them giving you a cupcake to say thank you for making us millions of dollars now shut up and leave us alone.

  • CopyCat73 01.31.14 at 23:29

    You might want to rethink this blog PR wise? You list 10 items and basically say “tough luck” to everyone of them. That does not really look like listening to your customers. Next time why not list 5 things you won’t change and 5 you will, see how that works…

    • IIIAZURAIII 01.31.14 at 23:32

      precisely. things we are monitoring? You mean things we say NO to?

  • GEILOMAT_3OOO 01.31.14 at 23:27

    MAA is still overpowered. As a chopper, you barely have a chance to kill a MAA because either the gunner has no TV rockets or the pilot can’t fly.

    The vehicle balancing in BF3 was just perfect in the final version and I am wondering why they changend it so hard.

    • IIIAZURAIII 01.31.14 at 23:30

      Because there are crybabies in the game that says you damn choppers, you damn jet, why can’t I shoot you down with my M16?

  • Timothyw7 01.31.14 at 23:26

    Can we have the option to load camos like we did in 3? I know there are some in 4 but everytime I’m online I NEVER SEE anyone looking different, the only way they look different is if they are Chinese or what have you. I would like to see the option of camos like in 3 where the people that are skilled can utilize every aspect they are given to make one heck of a player!

  • NathanSoul1 01.31.14 at 23:23

    Problem: Whenever I join a server only one or two squads actively give orders and work together. Commander mode is a joke as 95% of squad leaders ignore orders. I think the game would be more enjoyable if the Squad forming was automatic and over-simple.

    Solution. Team Management needs more then just “Join” and “leave”. Squad members need the option to “take over leadership” which would start a squad vote (using the same concept as the Accept/Denied commander order). This way a player who is interested in giving orders could take over a squad that otherwise would be inactive. Also squad leaders should have the ability to kick members who don’t work with the team, to make room for those who would.

    I would also give commanders the ability to “demote” squad leaders who don’t use orders, forcing a random member to become the leader (this can only work for squads not voting for commander mutiny)

    one random point: it would be nice if command mode allowed shift-clicking to select multiple squads to issue the same order to

    • IIIAZURAIII 01.31.14 at 23:24

      Basically make it work like RTS. And you can kick people from your squad, can’t you?

  • ajnollinger 01.31.14 at 23:22

    I would like to suggest that DMR’s go back to the BF3 dmg model but only allow reacon to utilize long range scopes

  • APhiLLiaTe o2 01.31.14 at 23:21

    And fix the G36C’s 2-ROUND BURST MODE. Not 3-round burst. Y’all didn’t test a damn thing…

    Add +1 bullet to the M1911 for 9 rounds in total. (8 +1 in the chamber).

  • APhiLLiaTe o2 01.31.14 at 23:20

    Get your big ass noses outta your asses and balance the damn G36C. Stop bullshitting us with some fake ass SCAR-like gun with a G36 skin. That or just remodel this Gay36C as a SCAR-L short barreled Carbnie…that would make much more sense than dubbing this thing a ‘G36C’.

  • Timothyw7 01.31.14 at 23:19

    I’m a dedicated player and I love BF4 but with that said I think it would be neat or a lot smoother if the Vehicles had the same functions as they did in 3. The reason I say this is because I own both and when I moved over to 4 it took some time to get used to the controls! I personally feel this is holding back some players because once in a vehicle you have a lot of options to use it’s perks,…but while doing that having to remember the joystick. As far as Snipers go I don’t understand why certain rifles are not a 1 shot 1 kill from far off? Especially when the caliber of the round is high..In real life if you were to get shot by say the SRR-61 at over 200 meters! that would kill you!! but in the game they run off UNLESS its a headshot. I wish that could be worked on some. I shot a guy recently with that rifle at close range and it went right through him! and he kept going and killed me! that would not happen in real Life he would have dropped where he stood.

  • CHS-StarKiller 01.31.14 at 23:17

    while on the subject of the game and how you feel such things as the TV misslile is fine in this game. How can you even post something like this when YOUR STATS are mediocre. You have 2 Kills in attack helo’s. Fine testing on your closed loop machines but how about you jump into a real server and see what really goes on. This is why EA/DICE is so closed minded in its patches. They have no idea how it really goes in a server. Don’t preach what you obviously don’t do!

    • xBlackout_DsBx 01.31.14 at 23:19

      careful now, if you talk badly about them they will block you!LMFAO. they don’t care guys, to everyone in the battlefield community, THEY DON’T CARE WHAT WE WANT! They just told us that EXACTLY here.

      • CHS-StarKiller 01.31.14 at 23:28

        Well seriously how can you say things are ok when you don’t spend anytime at all actually in game. That’s like the president calling for gun control and what he thinks we need and don’t need when he’s never been shot at or whatever. Just doesn’t jive. You can sit in a tank on one side and your helo on the other and TEST FIRE all day but we all know its just not like that in the servers. This game is why EA/DICE is in a Class Action suit now, because this game was supposed to be the best yet they offer us crap and and put just that into their patches.

  • SeanScythe 01.31.14 at 23:16

    The ATV four wheelers are to OP, I’ve been ran over by one and had one flip over on me. Clearly it’s not a one hit kill……maybe two.

  • Ryanosity 01.31.14 at 23:15

    Yes yes great… So basically DICE says everything is fine. I don’t see anything that bad. ACE is a great weapon, and g36 I don’t even use. What annoys me is my M4 not being fully automatic lol I mean all the carbines are MUCH better now so it would balance in great in this game. I understand the m16a3 not being in anymore cus it was crazy but the M4a1 would be fine. The m4 is garbage compared to other weapons unless you go semi auto and go for long range engagements. The burst fire definitely noticeably hinders it’s close to mid range fights and is useless at long range. Who knows. Maybe it will be a surprise DLC but not holding my breath

  • blazarian 01.31.14 at 23:15

    Two things:

    a) MAA has way too long range for missile locks and in addition has some kind of instalocks that do not warn the enemy aircraft when locking. MAA can basically own the air from enemy from the base by camping in a bush the whole round without dying even once.

    b) Ground-vs-air combat is way over powered at the moment. Literally everything counters the AIR (if you fly low, you get instakilled by tanks very easily, that is not a hidden skill “anymore”), every other soldier has an AA missiles when playing air maps, MAA has supreme range with missiles and locks on 24/7, other AA is a big threat to AA every time. AS someone else stated on a comment I read sec ago, I am also a good pilot, but I am absolutely frustrated to play air because the only thing that survives in the field is a scout helicopter with 2 engineers repairing you. And boy, the amount of missiles and ammo you get hit with! I think that the AA ranges are just way too much and the locking is close to a joke with its shortness. AA should be more like “keep away from our [team] area (flag, attack group which AA is covering..)!”. Not like “keep away from this whole map dude!”

    • MindLess PoW 01.31.14 at 23:18

      You’re on point, an AA, should def be “Stay away from this area” not “I got you from the sniffed your chopper” The ground to air balance is way off… Good post, I agree 100%

  • IIIAZURAIII 01.31.14 at 23:14

    The bar is lowered to kindergarten level in this game. Everyone who knows how to turn on a computer can own. Skill? What is that? Oh, this person played 5 hours and now he learns how to flare, let flare be nerfed. Oh, you think you can dodge that missile in the chopper? Gotcha, you are slow, sorry. Oh you can kill a tank with staff shell combo faster than someone who chooses an LMG for killing infantry? BLASPHEMY! I choose LMG so that I can shoot infantry BUT you kill me way too quickly. LET THERE BE NERF! Dang I only played the game for 20 hours and these choppers pilots are doing some real damage, oh I never took the time to learn how to shoot one down. LET CHOPPER DIE, DIE YOU STUPID PILOT WHO SPENT TIME FLYING. DIE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU. DICE DICE DICE, PUNISH HIM!

  • mlpyke 01.31.14 at 23:13

    I agree with 12g slugs not being able to penetrate body armour but I would appreciate it if the sights were actually aligned on the shotguns. It is currently very difficult to take advantage of slugs because the only sights that are aligned are the iron sights.

  • ApoKalypZ08 01.31.14 at 23:12

    Counter measures in choppers NEED TO WORK EVERY TIME. Or at least ECM’s should work every time since they take longer to regenerate.

  • SeanScythe 01.31.14 at 23:10

    Can you please make the Custom Emblems on our guns work? I’m on PS4. I know this isn’t a top issue but what good are they if you can’t use them?

  • x_iDesolate 01.31.14 at 23:08

    MAA’s active radar missiles are still to powerful. i feel like the range is so incredibly long. when im gunner i cant even hit it with the tv-missile while it can shoot 4 aa rockets into me. and thatr about 100m from my spawn away. Its ridiculous how fast it can take out the attack chopper. i just finished a horrible round on golmud railway where is wasnt even able to attack one flag or one tank before the aa got hits into me. what flying feels like in bf4? take off… get locked on… get K.I.A.

  • SnakeMan-1775 01.31.14 at 23:06

    As it stands, the attack chopper is useless. It moves wayy to slow and even with the flares being a temporary savior, the chopper moves to slow to get out of harms way. It definitely needs a buff in the area of speed and agility

  • NoTouchGoon 01.31.14 at 23:06

    L82A2 underslung bug.

    it increase the switching time.

  • GlassPirate 01.31.14 at 23:05

    The ACE is not overpowered at all, but the G36C is very underpowered. If you won’t increase the rate of fire (and you seem to be very stubbornly opposed), I would like to see reductions to horizontal recoil, and increases in bullet velocity and accuracy to make it competitive with other weapons in it’s category. The sight wobble with RDS optics needs to be addressed as well – the G36C seems to be one of heaviest sufferers, and this is not befitting of a weapon intended for accuracy at range.

    As it is, there is absolutely no reason to choose the G36C over any other carbine, and that’s the main issue I think most of us have. The AKU-12 and AK5C are much better choices relative to the G36C. The only carbine it competes with within it’s intended role is the QBZ-95B.

  • Crystal Dragon 01.31.14 at 23:04

    DICE “we don’t give a flying fuck about what you can do with TV, if you’re not a noob you mustn’t be rewarded”

    • colers25 01.31.14 at 23:11

      and here you are, acting as if 80 percent is nothing. doing so will still fulfill the purpose of the missle: stopping a aircraft. unless ofc, the idiot decides to continue with 20% health.

  • Othello500 01.31.14 at 23:04

    All your points are great and I can’t find fault with them as it’s clear that you have a vision for the game and want to stay true to it, despite the passionate squeaky wheels that disagree. I would suggestion that points 6) and 10) be readdress, though. I’m not a (very good) pilot, I love ground combat too much, but I think that cooldown on the countermeasures is a bit long. A suggestion on reddit stated that instead of that went like this:

    Quote from Idee_fx of reddit:
    “Battlefield 3 ECM had a cooldown of 10 seconds with an effectiveness of 5 seconds making you vulnerable for 5 seconds. Battlefield 4 ecm makes you vulnerable for 15 seconds (20 seconds cooldown with a 5 seconds invulnerability) : 3 times as much. IR flares went up from 10 seconds to 25 seconds, making it an increase of 2.5 times.
    Overall, they increased the vulnerability of choppers to AA missiles by a factor of three compared to battlefield 3. They want to keep choppers on their toes while giving them a chance to stay in the air ? Decrease ECM and flares to 15 seconds.”

    Lastly, I do hope that at the end of your evaluation period you do decide to increase the speed of the attack choppers. They are pretty sluggish, however I’ll hold off on making that my permanent stance on the issue. Hopefully, the changes that you made will have a positive effect on the AH, negating the need to increase its speed and mobility.

    • xBlackout_DsBx 01.31.14 at 23:12

      They didn’t make any tweaks to the attack heli’s, only buffed the threats they face.

  • CHS-StarKiller 01.31.14 at 23:03

    Wow DICE, way to completely disregard everything the community has been saying. Yet again you will disappoint us and offer such crap as player appreciation stuff to silence us about your poor updates.

    1st off if you have even played the game the TV Missiles are completely useless. Its takes at best sometimes 3 to destroy a tank and that’s if you can even get those shots off with MAA hitting you from the mains or from anywhere on the map for that matter, with that being said the control need to better model the way BF3 was. Easiest way to explain the control of the TV Missile is being old or SLOW and what I think I am doing fast is actually so motion. It’s just not there. So your thinking yet again is as off balance as this game.

    2nd, Sniper Rifles, love them HOWEVER still a HUGE problem with people using straight pull bolts -vs- Bipod’s. Bipod players such as myself have little or no chance of hitting an enemy combatant when the other player with a straight pull seamlessly moves around NO BREATH TAKEN and pulls off a 500m+ Head shot. I’m sure you can fix this as you NERFED things like this in BF2 and a perfect example of that was being able to jump and shoot or dolphin dive and shoot at the same time. How many times do we have to write and complain to you about stupid stuff like this! Don’t offer us crap such as player appreciation battlepack’s full of useless camo’s or useless classes such as DMR. They are slow shooting POOR sniper rifles in my opinion. How about you just fix the game instead!

    As for jets, NO the countermeasures are not good. With MAA as it currently still is ANY aircraft has no chance of survival with the LONG refresh countermeasure times. Now factor in IGLA’s, Stingers and 2 other aircraft and you really have no chance. SO yet again your letting the community down. You canstantly NERF the unneeded and beef up the unwanted

    It’s a shame we will see yet another useless expansion out, more problems to follow before you actually fix the game as it needs to be.

    • colers25 01.31.14 at 23:21

      thank you for being captain obvious on the fact that you have not the slightest clue about how a game works. you are looking at the game wrong your typical gamer perspective, instead of a more neutral one.

      also, DMR’s are nor useless, nor slow firing snipers. how the fck is semi auto slower than bolt action. there are some serious flaws in that logic. and in maps like silk road when defending the military base, the dmr is actually rather sweet

  • ApoKalypZ08 01.31.14 at 23:02

    It is comforting to see the thought behind your process. I am in agreement with everything above. Just keep in mind, do not cater to the weak. Keep this a skills based game, not an arcade shooter.

  • Shovelizen_Man 01.31.14 at 23:01

    Would it be possible to give scopes to DMR’s JUST for recon class? Example being, a support class could use a DMR, but could only have a max of 4x scope on it like normal, but a recon could get options like 6-8x scopes so not all classes could effectively snipe with them, just the snipers.

    And will the AC 130 ever get tweaked? It doesn’t seem powerful at all given how vulnerable it is to enemy jets

  • Skull Cap 01.31.14 at 23:01

    If you guys don’t add rainbows to the background, I’m never buying another BF game again.

  • IIIAZURAIII 01.31.14 at 23:01

    1) It’s a FPS game, let skill be rewarded. I personally suck at the TV missile, but if someone can hit an aircraft with it, let them be rewarded.
    2) Fair enough
    3) I personally don’t see the ACE as overpowered, I can use other guns and do just fine.
    4) This makes totally no sense. I think below radar should apply to even stingers, any lock on weapon should NOT be able to lock on when the target is low (for balance). Anyone with decent skill with an RPG and any BEGINNER with the BF4 tank can shoot down a chopper flying low with NO difficulty. I played in BF3 for quite a lot of hours I shot like 2 choppers down, in BF4, I shot down 5 in the first hour of playing. Below radar is necessary.
    5) Fair enough, perhaps a 6x will be nice but that’s up for debate.
    6) So now aircraft has BOTH crappy reload time AND crappy flares that don’t work because somehow these advanced weaponry cannot detect things flying at you until it’s too late. I see how it works….
    7) Fair enough.
    8) Sure.
    9) I have no attachment to the G36C but I see the G36C as a troll gun to show off to people that I can still kill them with it. I am sure DICE intended it to be used this way, as a troll gun. Like how I used to use the PP-19 and PP-2000 back in BF3.
    10) So WWII has proven that a BIG TANK with HUGE firepower ultimate fails because more AGILE and smaller tanks with less firepower = win. So let’s recreate this, except in the sky. The agility of the attack heli is pathetic. While I am at it, why is it that the attack chopper the only attack vehicle in the game that only let you have enough ammo to kill 1… or half a vehicle. Beyond me.

    Yes this post is biased, biased towards giving more love to the chopper and air units. And ultimately more skilled players. What’s the point of asking both a kid and a university professor what’s the answer to 2+2 to determine their intelligence and knowledge?

    • colers25 01.31.14 at 23:15

      5) i believe we need a special DMR only accesiore variable zoom for mid range scopes, and indeed about 6-8 times zoom. lets be honest, what is the point of a 40x or 20x zoom on dmr anyways. but i do think they should give this underused and undervalued weapon better counter-snipe power

  • AssassinDillon96 01.31.14 at 22:59

    I believe that number 6 can be rethought about. Most of the stingers in the game have EXTREME RANGE. Many times i spawn in a chopper, lift off and then i’m already getting locked onto. Then not to mention, when some one uses flares/ecm jammer, this is only a 1 or 2 sec window to get away from stingers, the choppers don’t fly fast enough to allow that, and the range of the stingers makes sure of that. I believe a solution is that once a pilot uses his counter measures, the person locking on should not be able to re-lock on only for at least 1-2 sec. The range of them still allow for them to lock back on. Also in BF4, you never just have 1 anti-air player, their are at least 3 or more, and they can all lock on as well, so it’s balanced in my opinion, but i’m just a customer/player/lover of BATTLEFIELD, not a designer or anything, but what ever you decide DICE , i’ll be fine with.

    • MindLess PoW 01.31.14 at 23:01

      I am good pilot in the game, and I can’t last long at all. I use cover, as much as I can, etc.. but Ground to air combat is way unbalanced..

  • NirVas- 01.31.14 at 22:58

    SO, a TVG is not supposed to atack jets, c’mon guys, if we are able to hit a jet, its because that jet is flying to slow.
    I think that the TVG should at least disable any vehicule, like it was on BF3, in BF4 i have to shoot 2 TV’s and zuni’s to destroy a tank (or those annoying camped AA’s).
    The bellow radar should come again, but at really low altitude, something like under 10 meters, that way, if a choper isn’t a prey to stinger, it is to tanks and infantry rpg’s.
    Attack helicopters are to damn slow.
    AA’s are to overpowered and have a exagerated range, some campers, just sit camping at main base, and owning everything that goes on air…
    I think all the rest is well balanced.

  • MindLess PoW 01.31.14 at 22:57

    That, and/or guys with Stinger missiles – playing on Silk Road, saw 5 stinger missiles – hit a scout chopper 10 seconds after he took off. Flying choppers is useless – you are dead in a matter of seconds.

  • XxB3R2TiNg_FLam3 01.31.14 at 22:56

    Ohh, and there’s a bug when the rocket that you can’t hear it coming.

  • XxB3R2TiNg_FLam3 01.31.14 at 22:55

    They should decrease the velocity of the rockets,its movement and its range.

  • XxB3R2TiNg_FLam3 01.31.14 at 22:54

    I think that the AA is way too powerful i like to fly the little bird and its almost impossible thanks to the damn AA

  • The Gussy Wuzzy 01.31.14 at 22:53

    Nice job doing nothing to the game! This is pitiful. Unless there are some actual good changes done to this game, im not ever buying another Battlefield game again.

  • XxWilliams38xX 01.31.14 at 22:52

    How can you not change the counter measures on the scout Helis someone can shoot all there ammo in a stinger or igla before you can even flare again

  • MindLess PoW 01.31.14 at 22:51

    Case in point.

    Infantry should balance against infantry (if you’re being attacked by an attack air craft, there better be more than 1 guy with a stinger fighting back) or hope you have air support too.
    Vehicles should balance against vehicles (not saying ground vehicles should invulnerable against infantry – a recon player, shouldn’t be able to take out an MBT with a dirt bike and some C4..

  • Laughingman554 01.31.14 at 22:51

    Anybody else on ps3 version having a lot of freezing issues? I found it’s only bf4 i can play any other game with no problems

    • The Gussy Wuzzy 01.31.14 at 22:56

      Sorry to tell you this but BF4 is essentially a next-gen game, and I know what your going through because I played on ps3 before I bought a PS4 and sold my PS3 just to play this game. But trust me, you’re better off on PS3 or PC. There isn’t a library for the PS4 at all.

  • TheDiaperButtKid 01.31.14 at 22:49

    I’m pretty sure, “In real life” that attack choppers attack from miles away.
    They likely do this to prevent from being shot down.

    • MindLess PoW 01.31.14 at 22:53

      In Real life, they attack 5+ miles away, and in rare circumstances they provide close air support – and have more effective counter measures

  • xBlackout_DsBx 01.31.14 at 22:49

    I agree, the tv missile should at least be a one hit kill against armor if you can manage to drop it on the top of the tank.

  • MindLess PoW 01.31.14 at 22:48

    I think the bigger issue is the definition of balance.
    Are we wanting to balance the chances of 1 v 1 Attack Chopper vs. infantry?
    Infantry success rates shouldn’t be high in a 1 v 1 against an attack aircraft.
    If you want balance, either an AA, or another aircraft should balance that aspect, you can’t go 1 on 1 with a tank and expect to win, or a chopper.
    If you have air craft in the air, you better hope your side does too. A bunch of engineers running around with stingers and C-4 shouldn’t be balanced against vehicles in the air.

  • SurrrrG 01.31.14 at 22:48

    I think you guys need to reconsider your thoughts on the TV damage on aircraft. It should be a one hit kill as it takes a fair bit of skill to hit enemy air and you should be rewarded when you do. I dont understand the 80% damage you claim it to have as a enemy attack chopper takes 2 TV hits plus the guns to kill it.Im fine with the flair ecm reload time as it makes our chopper pilots run and hide and makes you think about where you go as in always have a place to run for cover, however the attack chopper should be made more agile so when you are caught out in no mans land you have a chance to quickly turn and run for cover. I would like to see a under the radar come back as the down side of flying low is you become tank bait, and lets face it there is plenty of armour on all chopper maps. I also rememer testing below radar on bf3 and a stinger could not lock the chopper under maybe 10 meters and i always thought it was a good balance because you will die flying low running for cover on all the maps we have atm.

  • tenToesUp747 01.31.14 at 22:45

    I’m with dice on this one. The only changes from this list should be more rockets for the attack choppers and a slight increase for the g36 rate of fire. If all the engineers are using stingers, it seems like a perfect opportunity to get in a tank!!!

  • xBlackout_DsBx 01.31.14 at 22:42

    ok, this is getting annoying. you ask US, the BATLLEFIELD COMMUNITY, what WE want tosee changed, and tell us, “hey, thanks for telling us what you want, now we’re going to tell you that you can’t have it”. The below radar feature is needed, no matter what you guys say. You cannot possibly out-run stinger’s or igla’s after you’ve launched your countermeasures. the flares dissipate TOO quickly after they are deployed, meaning that within about 1.5 seconds, they are locked on AGAIN and have sent another rocket after you. It doesn’t matter if the threat is distant or not, because the attack choppers move WAY too slow to get away from the threat, even if that threat is 400 meters away. And most of the time, the flares don’t seem to work ANYWAY. the rockets bypass them and STILL come right at you, even if shot from behind you.
    That is all a moot point though with the attack choppers, because they should be capable of flying MUCH faster. The AH-1Z VIPER in real life (and yes, I DO know this is a game, not real life) has a cruising speed of 180 mph. Why does it move slower than a little bird, which has a top speed of 170 mph. If anything, they should fly at about the same speed. And last time I checked, the attack choppers used in this game didn’t move as slowly as a hind helicopter. The viper is very light, and highly maneuverable, yet on here, you might as well me flying a couch. I used to be able to do flying maneuvers in bf3 in the viper that they actually do in real life, like the little 180 move they do after making a strafing run, where they look like a vert skater leaving the ramp, doing a 180, and coming back into the ramp. you can’t even try to do that now because you’ll stall.
    The rate of fire on the g-36 should at least reflect it’s REAL LIFE rpm, I don’t get why you felt the need to change it just to suit what you wanted.
    Here’s an ultimate fix to the MAA problem, simply remove it from the game, like how you removed the ifv’s from the deployment center on dawnbreaker. Maybe 1 out of 100 people will leave their base with it, and that just means that everyone just sits in their base and can easily control the skies, like on lancang dam, because the map is so small that they can make every aircraft useless on that map. Or golmud railway where the MAA can be in the deployment and control over 75% of the airspace. If you’re not going to give us below radar, and you’re not going to give us any help with additional counter measures, and you’re not going to change the AA rockets soldiers carry, then get rid of the MAA. there are MORE than enough threats to air vehicles without some little sissy sitting in their base where you can’t attack them, using out of bounds as a counter to ground forces, and the constant respawn of mbt’s right next to them as a counter to armor threats that make it to the other end of the map to attack them, and they use the spotting button to help them against air threats so the base AA gun will attack them too. You don’t need MAA in this game, at least not on next gen or pc, where there are 64 players in a room.

    • CHS-StarKiller 01.31.14 at 23:08

      I totally agree with your MAA point of view for once. I personally love using MAA or at least I did in BF3 and I totally agree with you here. GET RID OF IT!

  • Erick_Pitbull 01.31.14 at 22:41

    Attack choppers need a slight buff, G36 needs a slight buff in fire rate, the. ACE 23 I think its ok, AA its still OP, I dont like the defensive perk because a. 338 magnum sniper bullet to the chest should kill you from 50 yards easily (DICE say they want a realistic game). The game itself if great it just needs s few tweaks.

  • Laughingman554 01.31.14 at 22:39

    all the stuff above seems nice but how about fixing the game so i can play for more than a match or two and not freeze. It would just be nice to play and enjoy a game i paid for

  • CG_recon 01.31.14 at 22:39

    Wait a second, I just read this blog and it is huge: “NO it’s ALL WORKING GOOD, FUCK OFF PLAYERS WE WILL NOT MAKE CHANGES YOU – PLAYERS – WANT” ? Is that right? Do I understand it correctly?

  • s2h_67 01.31.14 at 22:38

    People are complaining about ground destruction? Seriously? I love the fact that you can affect the environment strategically that way.

  • Karms 01.31.14 at 22:37

    fast attack boats — let us shoot through the glass. the driver shouldn’t be completely invulnerable within a glass box.

  • FCesar99 01.31.14 at 22:36

    I really love the game just like it is i only wanted to you to (at least its bad in the ps3) fix the emblems and the bugs like for example holding c4 like a gun

  • NeilDiamondPhD 01.31.14 at 22:34

    10) Attack helicopter needs maneuverability, so, we’ll just buff its weapons even though nobody including good pilots are asking for more firepower. Makes total sense. /s

    • Neonghost 01.31.14 at 22:39

      “At the moment, we’ve made tweaks to the primary threats for Attack Helicopters”

      They mean they’ve changed the things that are threats to the AH not the AH weapons are getting a buff.

  • SharkSnatch 01.31.14 at 22:31

    So the ACE 23 stays the same even though you agree is overpowered, because it was designed that way,

    But you nerf the 25mm shells for the Scout that would obviously outperform the Minigun in real life combat.

    Should’ve buffed the minigun instead of dragging the only usable weapon down.

    Rest of the game is solid imo

    • The_Euro_Spectre 01.31.14 at 22:35

      Miniguns are a joke now, even vs infantry.

  • fang lyn 01.31.14 at 22:30

    i think rhe UCAV should be tweaked, i fully understand don’t want people spamming ucav with ammo box bit extreme to make a person wait 90 secs straigh to reload like sitting ducks within range of ammo box. should be 60 secs or just 45 minimum. i am not that kind of person but kinda encourages thoughts of suicide, nobody really that patient to wait 90 secs most just “redeploy” toss grenades and/or just drop c4 and boom. also the tallying for the assignment should be fixed even if i legit blew them up up it does not add on to my assignment for airburt

  • The_Euro_Spectre 01.31.14 at 22:29

    I wonder, do the devs actually play this game? The only thing I see here is Dice punishing skilled players: TV Missile doesn’t OHK air vehicles ’cause it’s not intended as an anti-aircraft weapon’. DO YOU EVEN LOGIC, DICE?

    G36C is completely garbage now – Let’s not change it.

    Countermeasures take forever to reload, as mentioned before, have they ever flown on Golmud Railway?

    Below Radar was a risk-reward system, it’s risky to fly low because you’re a much easier target for dumbfire missles and tanks, but the average mongoloid with a bleep-bleep-kill device can’t kill you.

  • Gamegod01 01.31.14 at 22:28

    DICE Are you serious? You can snipe with just about any weapon in the game. Assault rifles, shotguns, the 44 magnum, etc. DMRs really should have higher optics because 4x scopes aren’t enough. DMRs got a huge downgrade and now they can’t be used to the best of their abilities without it being costly. You really should rethink that and let the community decide

  • BigBadWolf101 01.31.14 at 22:23

    I loved the choppers on BF3… Now they are flying coffins. The countermeasures for jets are balanced. They fly fast and can usually bug out of the lock on ranges of stingers. The chopper, on the other hand, is way too slow to get out of the area. Not to mention, flares and ECM jammers only work half the time, and if the chopper does take a hit, and it doesn’t flip over, it’s slowed to a hover and will never be able to leave an area in time. Leave the countermeasures on jets alone, but for the sake of the fans, reduce the timing for them on choppers. I wouldn’t mind seeing the range of stingers reduced either. I stopped using them because it simply is too easy to get chopper kills. I do enjoy some skill level when playing, but even a highly skilled chopper pilot won’t make it 1 minute in the air with a couple of stingers on the ground. Hell, one stinger for that matter. Everything else seems good with the exception of shooting two guys, side by side, point blank with an 870, one dies first shot, the other takes two more rounds, miraculously fires one bullet and drops me, and he strolls away with 0% health. I have video evidence of this, and I’ll gladly share with you DICE.

  • BeerzGod 01.31.14 at 22:17

    1. What in the hell is the tv missile intended to be then? Right now it’s pretty worthless. You can’t even fix the crosshair bug that existed from BF3, and only 7/10 shots with a tv from a helicopter can even be controlled. The rest just fly straight. It’s intended to be a long-range weapon, yet even with 2, your target can be repaired before you ever make it to them. It’s stupid. Reduce to 1 missile, increase it to 90% damage, and decrease its range a bit. TV missiles used to be a doom bringer, but now I feel like every vehicle has one, and they’re a useless gimmick.
    2. I think this point is fine.
    3. No issues here. I don’t even use the ACE.
    4. Below radar would be nice considering all the flying maps are complete shit with zero cover. When you match that with a stupidly long flare/ecm reload, active missiles, poor handling, etc. it doesn’t make any sense why it was removed.
    5. “Long Range scopes for DMRs were tested extensively internally before release.” I could care less about this point other than the statement above. Extensive testing? If you had done extensive testing on anything before release you would have been caring a hell of a lot more about the broken game and not dmr’s. Holy hell.
    6. I don’t fly nearly as much in this game so it’s hard to comment. You’ve managed to destroy air vs. air combat in this game, and what’s more, have reduced all air vehicles to the status of “complete joke”.
    7. Who cares about the AC130. It’s a complete waste of time and almost completely useless. It feels like an afterthought that you threw into the game at last minute. Speaking of the MAA, it shouldn’t have active radar missiles. Aircrafts, sure. But mobile units with heavy armor, no. The fact that ARM’s are even in the game is a testament to your devotion to dumb this game down to retard levels of gameplay.
    8. Could care less but. You’ve yet to produce a game where armored vehicles can climb up hills. There are so many areas where you can get armor stuck that its just laughable. Why can’t a tank climb up the side of a mediocre hill from a stopping position. Why do you have to get a run at it? Makes absolutely no sense.
    9. Can’t comment because I don’t use it. Survey is out though, and nobody uses it because it’s worthless like so many other weapons in the game.
    10. Air combat in general is complete FUBAR, and I’m not sure you will be able to fix the issues with helicopters because you don’t know what balance is.

    So far the balance of this game is a joke and I’m not sure DICE really knows how to balance a game properly. They should have picked the game up from BF3 and adjusted it from there instead of starting over and using the excuse that “Hey, it’s a new game with new balance.”

    • Mescalamba 01.31.14 at 22:21

      Well, thats the thing with BF4. There is so many useless things and weapons, cause they dont know how to balance stuff. Any stuff, being it weapons or vehicles.

    • Get_Your_Gunn 01.31.14 at 22:22

      You need to chill the fuck out and stop being a little bitch

    • Xeonplz 01.31.14 at 22:24


    • thiagoviol 01.31.14 at 22:31

      I really doubt your capacity to do better, but guess what, joke’s on you on that excludent design philosophy. Every game developer aims to make a game appealing to all audiences, and simpler inputs and economic interfaces is a must if you want to create a commercial product that is “easy to learn, hard to master”. In the end, you just make the same mistake that a lot of people do: to call unbalanced a component of the game whose set of rules and premises you don’t like. The game is FAR from perfect (or even good for that means), but mature your line of thoughts to something more than the old “buff with I like, nerf what I don’t” childish mentality.

    • Gamegod01 01.31.14 at 22:32

      I agree with what you said about them picking up from BF3, it would have been more smart.

  • LPA6669 01.31.14 at 22:16


  • El_Twin 01.31.14 at 22:14

    And do something about the grenade spamming.

  • Yuruyakana_Shi 01.31.14 at 22:14

    There should be two types of countermeasures available to any air vehicle . Flares (for heat seeking)and Chaff/ECM (for laser designated or guided)). Both are equipped by default, however it’s the operator’s responsibility to choose the correct one for the currently oncoming missile. Pick the wrong type.. you get hit.

  • El_Twin 01.31.14 at 22:13

    #1 – Agree
    #2 – Agree
    #3 – Agree
    #4 – Somewhat Agree
    #5 – Agree
    #6 – Somewhat Agree
    #7 – MAA missiles are still overpowered
    #8 – Agree but some vehicles shouldn’t get stuck on the ground because of it.
    #9 – Still G36 sucks
    10 – increase attack helicopter maneuverability and give it more air to ground rockets.

  • fishingtime 01.31.14 at 22:12

    COD anyone? Might as well, they seem to think that is what this game is. Below Radar was something people wanted brought back from BF3. They couldn’t believe it wasn’t in BF4 as well. You have 10 scrubs with Stingers everywhere you go.

    The ACE, although not OP, is too easy to use. Every gun needs a reason to use something else for certain situations. We don’t need one gun that does it all.

    Attack helicopters, well, let’s just say you can get out and sprint faster. Plus with you morons never actually using them, you couldn’t possibly understand why countermeasures need to be changed.

  • Pencheff 01.31.14 at 22:08

    So all you did is discard every suggestion you got. Have you ever played the game ? Try Golmud Railway with the Attack Chopper on any side…the AA will tear you apart, if not – you’ll just get constantly locked by stingers. If you manage to somehow escape these situations, there will be a Attack Jet that blows you away before you know it….and ALL OF THAT FOR LESS THAN 60 SECONDS….

    • MindLess PoW 01.31.14 at 22:13

      agree… I do not fly the attack choppers.

  • GattsZero1 01.31.14 at 22:06

    Bolt Action Sniper rifle instantaneous SHOT! still buggy , cant kill someone with less lag than me. could u test it out ? its simple , 2 guys , one with 50 ping other one with 75 , both shot at the same time and the one with 50 ping will kill the other with no damage whatsoever. Try using ZEROPING tech like unreal tournament uses. PLEASE

    • Mescalamba 01.31.14 at 22:11

      Heh, almost thought no one else heard about Zero ping from UT. Glad Im not alone, even tho it wont change a thing.

  • DasSniper89 01.31.14 at 22:05

    has anyone that plays Xbox360 experience the bug in defuse when you re-deploy? well, it NEEDS fixing.

  • JaYxFresh 01.31.14 at 22:03

    by the way you know what an over powered gun for assault class the scar-h

  • IIWIDOW_MAKERII 01.31.14 at 22:02

    Yes in BF3 Stingers can still lock on to Bellow Radar Vehicles; But the Flares/ECM did not take as long to load as it is in BF4. Also the success rate of the Flares/ECM is 50/50 at best, especially when you are getting shot by Active Radar or the game’s sound cuts out. Furthermore, the Stingers have too greater range for Attack Choppers to out run even if they are successful with their countermeasures. On open maps such as Golmud Railway, Altai Range or Silk Road, Attack Choppers really struggle to hold their own when there is no Below Radar and the stingers can lock on half way across the map.
    Overall, I think Stingers should have their range reduce so they can only deal with direct threats (e.g Enemy Chopper is right above them). Plus the Flare/ECM reload time should be reduce as close to BF3 time as possible, as they are ineffective against lock-on missile half the time.

    I hope this finds its way to Dice and taken into consideration. Thank You and keep up the good work.

    • Megistrus 01.31.14 at 22:06

      The sound bug is what really kills any usefulness of the air vehicle countermeasures, because by the time you hear the incoming missile sound, it’s already a second away from hitting you. There has been so many times where I’ll hear the lock on noise for a split second then immediately get hit with AA missiles. For God’s sake DICE, fix the sound bugs in the game.

  • deathbylatte 01.31.14 at 22:00

    The attack heli’s are still under powered, and while I appreciate the amount of thought you are putting in to their balance, I’m certain they’re still going to need at least on of the 3 buffs you mentioned above… maneuverability is a big one, and I would start with that. It just makes the game so much more fun…. Oh, and btw, next time you guys make a BF game, don’t you dare put a battlelog button on the console controller. That is still the most outrageous change you guys have ever made.

  • llDominatorll 01.31.14 at 21:58

    Flares and ECM takes 20 seconds to reload and stingers takes 2 seconds, plus half of the time ECM doesnt even work.
    MAA is overpowered af.
    Most of the maps barely have any covers
    Added mobility hits and ammo caps.
    Decreased attack helicopters manoeuvrability and speed.
    Removed below radar.
    TV missile does a little damage.
    Whats the point of flying the attack helicopters?

  • LIZARD 01.31.14 at 21:55

    First things first as a resident helicopter whore in BF2, I totally disagree with you DICE. An I think you are idiots to think the helicopters are balanced. They are a joke. Half the time people don’t even get in it, because its such a death trap. Even with a good pilot and gunner as me and my buddy are, and on teamspeak working together we cannot overcome the AA at all. From the instant lock missiles, to the small laid out maps where the helicopter can be hit from the main by someone who is camping in the AA. The worst thing is even if we manage to surprise the AA they have Active Protection so it does no good, and the end result is death. An if someone isn’t in the AA then the entire enemy team is playing with stingers, and they get 4 of them to spam. The helicopter is no longer a force to be reckoned with, its just a easy kill much like the C130 is to the stealth jets.

    I have to give you a job well done on the ground, but your thinking for the chopper is completely off. An listening to the ground guys about how bad the chopper is, isn’t helping your cause. Mostly console tards that cannot handle skill play in the AA. its so easy I was able to jump into it and literally sit in my main base and rack up 30 kills in a round, without once dying. The jets are pretty well balanced a skilled pilot can dominate in one. It just the attack helicopter that is a joke.

    Lets not forget the god like instant kill AA missile you can pick up. You can say what you will be these tactics require no skill. Their is nothing rewarded to me, the skilled pilot who can maneuver and hide behind things, when a simple LAW rocket can one shot kill me, or any sort of hit results in loss of stability and crashing.

    You guys can go on ahead and pretend that the game is balanced but it is not. I went back and flew the BF2 SF helo the other day. Takes forever to take off, it required SKILL to fly. Much harder to kill then the BF4 copters. Hell even BF3 choppers are better.

    • thiagoviol 01.31.14 at 22:03

      LOL you cry like a baby. Welcome to the future pal! On a side note, you can’t state that the game is unbalanced just because you don’t like the way it was designed. As dice well stated in their post, bf4 is a different game with a different set of rules. You may not like it, but it doesn’t make it unbalanced.

  • Axe_atax 01.31.14 at 21:55

    “hwever BF4 is its own game, with its own balance, and all weapons received various changes and balance factors. We do not intend to change the rate of fire of the G36C.” <= This

    Your last patch was great but if you really think the G36C is balanced by any means you dont know this gun.

  • Preemo2012 01.31.14 at 21:53

    DICE, please, reduce counter-measure reload time or add gunner flares.
    in addition, please do follow through with increasing the speed and manoeuvrability of the attack chopper.

    just look at the stats compared to BF3, im sure the usage and kill count is far more than 50% less. you’re not fooling anybody DICE. wake up.

  • Sceprent Vii 01.31.14 at 21:53

    It’s beyond frustrating that you guys don’t fix the 0 health thing first too. That actual glitch isn’t the worst part… it seems to be bringing other glitches about… for example I’m shooting someone and just wiping them out with them not even looking… I get them down to 5 health still shooting… and they turn around and one shot me with a similar rifle… and it happens with noobs and good players alike. Sure sometimes they get a lucky headshot… but this glitch has increased the frequency at which this happens. It’s really irritating.

    The air vs air lack of below radar is really unfortunate. I don’t know why you’d get rid of that. It’s already bad enough trying to fly without everything else.

    I don’t see any problems with the ACE 23… it’s a really weak weapon up close. It’s just nice to have for bursting at range, like outside locker.

    • DasSniper89 01.31.14 at 21:54

      maybe you are just very bad at BF4. it is a possibility. that or your internet sucks. or both.

  • Ironside2 01.31.14 at 21:52

    Holy bejebus look at all these whiners. If you want the “most realistic experience” join the military. This is a videogame people. I know the game definitely needed to be fixed, and for the most part it has been. If you don’t like how the aircraft are more vulnerable to infantry then get better at being a pilot. I have gone entire matches without being shot down, even by AA. Seems what we have here is a bunch of people who want wins handed to them instead of earning it to me.

  • Sceprent Vii 01.31.14 at 21:52

    Wow really fucking one of the cheapest weapons in the game aside from Active missles and shottys is getting a boost… instead of fixing the 0 health glitch? COOL. Next staff shells and all that cheap stuff is going to get boosted even more.

    (On a side note I’m really sick of all the people crying “OH vehicles gay ssuck you faggot I should be able to point in the sky, pull trigger, and auto kill everything” yes they actually gave you that whoopdie doo. Just because you can only do ONE thing in the game doesn’t mean everybody else should be punished for your lack of ability, for those of us who like to do everything. All it takes is a little bit of persistence and practice and you can start using vehicles too. Why are you even playing battlefield? The vehicles have been here since the beginning. They have this thing called DOM while not as good imo as close quarters CDOM was it’s still pretty fun.)

    I don’t know about one hit TVs when you get 2… against the jets I think would be pretty fair but not so much on Helis… though I do miss it. That would be as OP as the AA was… although they just patched it… let’s see how that goes. I would rather have the TVs work in the first place… I still black smoke the chopper half the time or it just plain goes directly through the target. Very frustrating. Half the time that I hit air vehicles it just does nothing… it’s been like this since BF3 how long is it going to take to fix this?

  • CCcodesterCC 01.31.14 at 21:52

    It’s not that we want the G36C to be like it was in BF3. We want it to be balanced with the other carbines.

    • APhiLLiaTe o2 01.31.14 at 23:48

      Thank you. These guys and gals are stubborn as hell.

  • MissileChicago 01.31.14 at 21:52

    How about you start focusing on the real issues with this game, instead of tweaking and balancing weapons? You know your game is completely broken each time you “fix” and “tweak” it!

    Do you even play this game on PC? Do you care about your customer at all? Do you listen when those of us who have host gaming server for over 9 years give you honest and fair feedback? I don’t care about consoles and I have no idea if they are broken or not.

    but your game would not have been as popular as it ONCE WAS were it not for PC gamers. And that’s a fact! You throw a new coat of paint on a house that’s falling apart and you still have no clue!

    No more money from this gamer, ever again!

  • NoTouchGoon 01.31.14 at 21:48

    m320 series and ammo bag(not ammo box) need to buff

    • NoTouchGoon 01.31.14 at 21:51

      even rocket launcher can deal with infantry and vehicle both.
      m320 series have less ammo and have no special ability than rocket launcher despite they can deal with infantry only.

  • JaYxFresh 01.31.14 at 21:43

    Haha im guessing them call of booty players complaining about ace 23

  • DarthVash1945 01.31.14 at 21:42

    DICE I hate you… basically what you’re saying in this waste of time post is that you’re not applying ANYTHING of what the community has requested… is this how you show that you “Listen to the community”???

  • NoTouchGoon 01.31.14 at 21:42

    32 one team.
    12 engies.
    3~4 AA launcher.

    that’s not bad.

  • SuchAFatGuy 01.31.14 at 21:42

    Thank you for not messing around dice. I agreed with just about everything you said that didn’t need to be tweaked. I’m most concerned with netcode and bugs. Not what is op.

  • Captain Swoopty 01.31.14 at 21:37

    So your retarded logic was to take any skill out of the game and give all of the horrible players a hadicap??? And ruin it for the rest of us?? Give us below radar back, it forces us to get low to avoid lock ons yes, thats the fucking point of it, but leaves choopers vulnerable to OP tank rounds and RPG fire…… god you guys are retarded

    • Sceprent Vii 01.31.14 at 21:59

      I KNOW RIGHT? That’s exactly what BF4 logic is. Everything in the game is geared against the people who actually play the game for all the shitty players. MBT Law HAH LOOK I DON’T EVEN HAVE TO AIM YAYYY, Active radar OH COOL EVEN WORSE I CAN JUST POINT UP AND SHOOT WOOOO SO FUN, staff shell, ETC. God I hate this shit.

  • NightFurys 01.31.14 at 21:37

    Like, for real DICE? Why nerfing the G36C, just why? G36C is the most useless weapon in game, and you call that balanced? Either buff the rate of fire as it was in BF3 or balance it by reduciong recoil and and give it some LOVE!

  • NoTouchGoon 01.31.14 at 21:36

    underslung bug of L82A2.
    switching delay is increased when you equip underslung.

  • CAPTAINKUKAMUNGA 01.31.14 at 21:36

    Are you freakin kidding me you say counter measure reload time is balanced ok try flying in one during a game of 64 player conquest and see if u can last more than 3 minutes the reload times on aircraft is a joke having to deal with aa lock on weapons like stingers and other aircraft and also people suiciding into you when the cant take u seriously need to change the reload time of countermeasures down from 20 seconds to at least 15 to give us a chance for christ sake,and also for the love of god please change the jet field of view back to the way it was in bf3 it give me and a lot of other people a headache flying them when the whole camera follows u especialy if u are caught in a circle jerk re balance those two items and u will make a lot of people happy i guarentee it.

    • Sceprent Vii 01.31.14 at 22:07

      Sure the view isn’t as good… but the Air radar is the more prominent problem in dogfights for sure!

  • Megistrus 01.31.14 at 21:35

    #6 – Attack helicopters are beyond useless at this point because you can only deflect one AA missile before the second one hits you and you’re disabled/sent into a tailspin. One ground player hiding in the bushes with a stinger should not be able to completely destroy an attack helicopter by himself, especially when he doesn’t show up on radar after firing a missile at an aircraft. There’s literally nothing the helicopter pilot and gunner can do. Bring back gunner flares so that it makes it impossible to take out an attack helicopter by yourself, but still easily done if 2-3 players work together to shoot at it.

    #8 – why does using reactive armor for IFVs and MBTs cause the vehicle to randomly get stuck on certain objects? That’s what everyone is complaining about in regards to vehicle maneuverability. I’ll get an IFV caught on a rock, a fence, or the side of a building, and there’s nothing I can do to get it unstuck except have another player come and ram a jeep or other vehicle into me. Bigger vehicles get stuck on game geometry WAY TOO MUCH, and it’s been a crippling issue since BF3.

    • NoTouchGoon 01.31.14 at 21:38

      it’s not bad that one stinger can kill attack heli.

    • Sceprent Vii 01.31.14 at 21:57

      I agree with your statement, but not gunner flares. Definitely OP. I was pissed when they first did that, but came to understand. And you would think the stingers doing less damage now would mean something… but it does not. Just look at the heli on Lancang dam. It’s almost absolutely useless… the AA just hides under the spawn roof and can shoot you from anywhere on the entire map. So annoying. And if you try to fight back the auto AA destroys you. It’d be nice if a “warning you’re being a little bitch death in :10″ message would pop up for players killing from their spawn. I think the return of below radar against Air vehicles would be nice… the other stuff they’ve patched should help.

  • NaughtyNinja74 01.31.14 at 21:35

    DMR’s are designed to engage from medium to long range. While a 4x scope is nice in all reality a 6x scope would be realistic for what the actual gun type would be used for.

  • DrunkOnLead 01.31.14 at 21:33

    I haven’t read all the comments but what about 0 health kills? How is that even possible?

  • -VooDoo-=USN= 01.31.14 at 21:29

    “5) Long Range scopes for DMRs were tested extensively internally before release. We specifically removed these scopes from those weapons as we found any class being able to effectively snipe was detrimental to the overall pace and gameplay of BF4. We have no intentions of adding those scopes to DMRs for BF4.”

    This is crap, Why would you inhibit the DMR to actually do it’s intended role? 4x scopes and less are for CQC which is NOT what a DMR is intended to do. If your excuse is because it’s an all-kit item then why did you consider it to be a long range deterent in the first place? A DMR is for long range target interdiction in the support of the squad. So in that effect give it the ability to fulfill that role! A 8x scope is not going to allow a DMR to outclass a bolt action at 800 meters but however, it will allow it be be more sucessful in those sub 800 meter engagements,

    The fact that there are no scopes on DMR’s have been a thorn in my side since the release of BF4. It also annoyed me in BC2. I see no reason why you would not allow the weapon to be used as intended. And if your not going to put scopes on them then stop saying they are going to be used for long range marksmanship because sorry to say, a 4x scope is not designed for long range interdiction.

    /End rant

  • L3G3ND27 01.31.14 at 21:28

    All of these changes made so far sound great. Dont make it too easy and dont make it too hard. Balance it key, keep up the good work dice it is much appreciated!

  • xX_MiChEL0217_Xx 01.31.14 at 21:26


  • K1ll_C0nf1rm3d 01.31.14 at 21:25

    wow, i didnt expected it to be THAT long….hopefully at least someone will read this 0.o

  • BackpackSamurai 01.31.14 at 21:25

    So…. No DMR scopes? Really? That’s the only reason why I was exited for DMRs in Bf4. Thanks, for giving us zeroing on them dice. It really helps when trying to go for long range shots with a fuckin’ ACOG scope

    • MindLess PoW 01.31.14 at 21:26

      Dude, DMR is intended for Close to Med range, it’s not a long range weapon. If you want engage an enemy long range, you need a sniper rifle.. sorry bro.

      • Katana67888 01.31.14 at 21:30

        A 6x scope is not unreasonable, or long range. See BF3′s inclusion of 6x scopes for ARs, LMGs, Carbines, etc.

        DMRs need 6x scopes to be DMRs.

        DMRs are most certainly NOT for close-range. That’s preposterous. I suppose bolt-actions are for close range too! Oh wait, they are! They’ve got iron sights and RDS! Use a long-range rifle in CQC folks! Psh. DICE has NO idea what they’re doing.

  • K1ll_C0nf1rm3d 01.31.14 at 21:21

    ok, first of all i would like to point out some appreciation for the changes that were made so far. But for making this game worth its money its still a long road ahead. First point is the “0 health” issue. This bug is really annoying, and its almost ruining infantry combat. That destruction affects the effectivness of land vehicles is a good point in my oppinion, but probably only the AT mine should be able to deal that devastating damage to the ground to totally block it in longer games. As some people already suggested, awesome pilots should probably prefer to play Air Superiority. For this it would be nice to see if the ticket count is this game mode could be increased. In the actual situation, i’ve never seen anyone racking up more than about 6 kills in one game. Additional to this it would be nice if its even considered a “Kill” if you cause the plane to crash, almost like in Bf3. It’s very aggravating so bring an enemy plane down to 10% just to see him crash and get nothing.Due to the fact that air combat is also a topic in Conquest, i would like to pick up the “Below Radar” issue again. I can imagine you guys already getting tired of discussing this, and i totally understand the point of low hovering helicopters. So here’s my suggestion: Below Radar should be added to jets under all circumstances, due to tha fact that this acquires a certain skill and jets have dramatically lowered abilities to deal damage when flying low. But for Heli’s its a little more difficult….at first, i’m against a buff of counter measures. In Bf3 they were way too effective, and infantry stood nearly no chance against a slightly skilled pilot. But in Bf4 the attack chopper, to name an example, is totally worthless and has nearly no ways to fight anything in an effective way. I would suggest to add Below Radar for all helicopters, but the effect should even increase the lock on time by 250-300% or block all lock on’s totally, but limited to about 5-10 sec maximum. This should allow infantry to counter heli attacks, instead of getting mowed down like in Bf3, but should stop the chopper from being a “flying coffin”, as its called already. At last i would like to point out some small issues : the players ping is still effecting the hit tracing, so people get hit even when being in cover ; when moving while ADS me (and probably) other often glitch out of ADS, which is so far pretty annoying, putting the plyaer in a disadvantage in every single firefight. At this point i should talk about the grenades, but you are already working on them and related to your last tweaks i suppose you to do some good work with the grenades. This as far for the ingame content, now about battlelog. Apparantly people are calling it the “worst thing ever”. Basically i would disagree, but battlelog could use some changes too. First one is a wrong display of vehicle unlocks when using boosts to get them, would be nice to fix this. Next thing would be the veteran battlepacks, they are still not available to some “battle-vet’s”. talking about things that are accesable to only a few players, i would like to ask a few questions : why is the AS Val, considered as the “highest DPS weapon ingame” available to only a few players (probably americans only) and not everybody already ? Another topic that is seen very often is matchmaking. Playing with friends was way better organized back in Bf3, it would be nice to get this system back again. Sound issues are also mentioned more recently in the last days, and from experience i can tell they are very annoying. I dont know how other think about this, but the fact that a round i only participated for 5 min or joined while the end screen shouldn’t affect my stat’s. This would be my input so far, i hope i was able to give some new ideas for the Below Radar topic. All in all : the game is still some kind of beta, and i regret paying for a full game. But i need to appreciate that you are working on making it what the players paid for, so keep up the work. The vehicle tweaks have been usefull, and im positive that you will keep working on the issues that are named by the community. Battlefield used to be a great name on the market, and Bf3 was one of the most enjoyable games. It would be pleasing to see you guys keeping up the work and make Bf4 the awesome game it was annouced as.
    i hope this was somehow helpfull for someone, and (mature) replies are highly appreciated

    • MindLess PoW 01.31.14 at 21:27

      I think you’re on point, man.

    • Sceprent Vii 01.31.14 at 22:01

      I like a lot of what you said… but the lack of spaces makes it hard to read the whole thing :D. Fix your paragraphs and I would like to read and respond to what you said.

  • MrSnifferson 01.31.14 at 21:20

    Why am I still dying by guys that have 0 percent health after I shot them first. I am not playing the game anymore because of that and would like it fixed ASAP. 0 percent you should be dead . Very disappointed in this game . It’s just too broken to enjoy playing.

    • Mori4rte