Inside Battlefield 4: This is China Rising

The battle continues on the Chinese mainland with the release of Battlefield 4 China Rising. In this new installment of “Inside Battlefield 4”, the DICE team details the all-new maps, vehicles, gadgets, and new game mode coming in this thrilling expansion.

China Rising is based on the premise that China is returning as a superpower in Battlefield 4; a concept found in all Battlefield 4 multiplayer expansions in one way or another. To give you all the details of China Rising, we hand over to Designer Gustav Halling and Lead Designer Niklas Fegraeus.

Jungles, Rivers and Snowy Mountain Tops

In China Rising, you’ll be fighting on the Chinese mainland with the help of both new military hardware and your team mates. Looking at the environments, we’ve created four all-new maps, each with its own unique design and gameplay possibilities. As with all Battlefield 4 maps, the level design in China Rising is based on extensive research on the regions we’re portraying. The regions are filled with unique sights, such as special kinds of rock formations inspired by natural phenomena that only exist in these particular regions.

Battlefield 4 China Rising - Dragon Pass_WM - 640

Dragon Pass is one of the four all-new maps in Battlefield 4 China Rising, naturally with support for all BF4 game modes.

Starting with Silk Road, named of course after the ancient trade route between China and Europe, you will find yourself at a military outpost surrounded by desert. This means you’ll be fighting both among man-made structures and on the sand dunes, using mesas for cover. Guilin Peaks focuses on infantry-based combat; the heaviest vehicles here are transport helicopters. This is a lush level, where you’ll be surrounded by both jungle foliage, mountains, and cave walls.


The hilly landscapes of Altai Range give you a lot of natural cover, but you still can get sniped by Recons on higher ground.

Dragon Pass is a more vehicle-based map where iconically steep mountains make for a spectacular view. Fans of naval warfare will be able to dominate the shorelines thanks to the tight rivers on this one. Finally we have the sniper-friendly Altai Range with its vast, open spaces and snowy peaks of the Altai Mountains. At the center of this map you’ll find a satellite dish serving as a control point. If any team captures this point, you can access the new bombers (more on this below).

Air Superiority and the New Bombers

China Rising also adds a new game mode to Battlefield 4 called Air Superiority. Here, you fight for control points on the map, using air units only. This mode is ideal for players who really love and want to focus on their dog fights, without the need to worry about units on the ground. An extra twist of Air Superiority can be found on Guilin Peaks, where you can share a helicopter with a team mate, capturing one control point instead of three.

Battlefield 4 China Rising - Air Superiority_WM - 640

Make sure your helicopter skills are up to snuff (if not, practice at Battlefield 4′s Test Range!) when trying to capture the blimp acting as control point on Guilin Peaks.

Speaking of dominating the skies, China Rising features the aforementioned bomber, capable of delivering immense damage to ground units. Capturing a specific control point makes the bomber spawn in a nearby building, ready for you to enter (you can access the Bomber even though your team isn’t holding the control point). The bomber is equipped with powerful bombs that can be dropped on a map location of your choice, and you can use four of these before having to reload. It can also be equipped with cruise missiles, that can be unlocked through a new Assignment. These missiles work like a TOW missile and can be guided by moving your pointer.

Two New Toys

There are two new gadgets in China Rising, the SUAV and UCAV. The SUAV (Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is a Recon exclusive and is basically a remote-controlled plane that you can pilot around the map, in order to spot enemies and laser-designate enemy vehicles. It can also be used to kill enemies.

Battlefield 4 China Rising - Altai Range UAV_WM - 640

Try deploying the Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for a better view of your surroundings, or to get an extra kill.

The UCAV (Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle) is a new toy for the Support class and can be described as a pocket TOW missile. After deployment, this can be guided like a missile and is very effective against vehicles. If you complete one of the new Assignments in China Rising, there is an unlock for the UCAV that makes it explode in mid-air, making it more effective against infantry.

A Fan-Favorite Returns

To round off, we also need to mention the triumphant return of the dirt bike. Fans loved this speedy vehicle in Battlefield 3 End Game, so that’s why we chose to bring it back for China Rising. We’ve seen players really having fun with the dirt bikes doing crazy jumps and C4-related stunts, and with this perfected BF4 version of the vehicle we hope to see many cool YouTube videos created by the fans.

Screenshot_logo(China_Rising) 640

Recognise this ride? Yes, it’s the dirt bike from Battlefield 3 expansion End Game making a return. Try sharing it with a friend and make your way through the maps with speed and grace.

Starting December 3, China Rising will be available for Battlefield 4 Premium members for a two-week time-exclusive period. Get Premium to get a head start for all Battlefield 4 expansions, 12 Battlepacks, exclusive new content on a weekly basis, and much more.

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  • ProD3gY_Guthless 02.03.14 at 23:11

    please make another way to unlock ucav. u cant even get a server on ps3 for air superiority

  • kinqpin28 01.30.14 at 15:29

    hi, i’m a premium member and play bf4 on the white 360. when i start to play china rising not talking about air superiority the game always crashes or something. After being killed and respawn i c’ant see myself . the only thing that happens is that i see bullets hitting when i shoot: also after respawn and all seems normal is that when shooting nothing happens i meen player right infront of me but nothing and the whole game crashes. never have i got to a 3 round in china rising. anybody knows maybe why this happens and what to do about it? yes i cool my 360 with a fan while playing because if not after 2 or 3 hour my 360 crashes.

  • Mr_Kofferbak 01.30.14 at 14:48

    Fix the bomber guys. It;s just a plane what throws stones down. And the cruise missle can’t kill infantry OMG.

  • Kyd462 01.28.14 at 11:33

    Extremely disappointing that there is no levolution in these maps (since that’s the main selling point of this new engine!). However, I do really enjoy playing on them. Have to say, Silk Road and Guilin Peaks have become 2 of my favorites for this game.

    Still… Not including levolution events in these maps is a huge let down, and it makes me a lot less excited about future DLC. At least for me, I still love playing the game, but without “levolution” I may as well still be playing BF3. The new maps really don’t sell the whole BF4 feel that I was so excited about before. Also, lets be honest, the bomber is pretty meh.

    I know it wont happen, but it would make a lot of people very happy to see these maps revised and re-released with levolution events somewhere down the line. There’s so much potential in each one: a heavy snow storm in Altai Range, typhoon in Dragon’s Pass, Collapse the caves in Guilin Peaks, sand storm or shift from day to night in Silk Road… Just some thoughts.

  • XxWilliams38xX 01.28.14 at 02:50

    Are you going to put the levolution in these maps or is it on the next gens only

  • Eritrean_Snake 01.27.14 at 12:53

    Dear Gentlemen,
    I have this DLC yet I cannot play Capture the Flag. Nor any of the Chinese maps? What do you think is the problem?
    PS: I do have Premium…

  • Eleezec 01.25.14 at 17:42

    Lo que podrian arreglar es que cuando esta dentro de un tanque y los ingenieros que usan el MTB-LAW cuando te estan apuntando el tanque tiene poco tiempo de reaccion para tirar las bengalas y por mas que las accione el misil le pega igualmente. Otra cosas que tambien me gustaria que mejoren es el hecho de cuando se tira un misl sea cual sea o se tira una granada a un enemigo o un vehiculo y justo en ese momento te matan y el misil desaparece, por mas que este impacte en el no causa daño porque me mataron. si es un simulador de guerra eso tendria que cambiar

  • .efx. 01.24.14 at 23:24

    the maps Guilin Peaks and Dragon Pass are broken get stuck in mountans and ground all the time.

  • CplChuckie 01.24.14 at 16:33

    Please make some type of adjustment to the dog tags, BF3 were great, BF4 is lame, can’t see the rear tag. What’s the point of making or choosing a favorite set of tags and you can’t see 1/2 of them. How about some adjustments to snipers scope sway in the prone? scope sway in the prone is just as bad as while off-hand, that’s ridiculous. Lastly but not least I notice quite often than when in vehicles the physics can be wanky, sitting in any vehicle while on a very small slope you’ll start rolling, sideways, backwards, it’s annoying when ur trying to place accurate long range shots and the 70 ton tank is slipping down a small bump in the terrain. Other than that I love the game, just as much as I’ve loved all the BF series since 1942. Can’t wait to see what the future holds.

    • CplChuckie 01.24.14 at 16:35

      Oh yeah, any chance of bringing in some type of bombing aircraft? That’s a classic that should not have been left out, pilot controlled, not some flying in circles autopilot jet.

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