Inside Battlefield 4: This is China Rising

The battle continues on the Chinese mainland with the release of Battlefield 4 China Rising. In this new installment of “Inside Battlefield 4”, the DICE team details the all-new maps, vehicles, gadgets, and new game mode coming in this thrilling expansion.

China Rising is based on the premise that China is returning as a superpower in Battlefield 4; a concept found in all Battlefield 4 multiplayer expansions in one way or another. To give you all the details of China Rising, we hand over to Designer Gustav Halling and Lead Designer Niklas Fegraeus.

Jungles, Rivers and Snowy Mountain Tops

In China Rising, you’ll be fighting on the Chinese mainland with the help of both new military hardware and your team mates. Looking at the environments, we’ve created four all-new maps, each with its own unique design and gameplay possibilities. As with all Battlefield 4 maps, the level design in China Rising is based on extensive research on the regions we’re portraying. The regions are filled with unique sights, such as special kinds of rock formations inspired by natural phenomena that only exist in these particular regions.

Battlefield 4 China Rising - Dragon Pass_WM - 640

Dragon Pass is one of the four all-new maps in Battlefield 4 China Rising, naturally with support for all BF4 game modes.

Starting with Silk Road, named of course after the ancient trade route between China and Europe, you will find yourself at a military outpost surrounded by desert. This means you’ll be fighting both among man-made structures and on the sand dunes, using mesas for cover. Guilin Peaks focuses on infantry-based combat; the heaviest vehicles here are transport helicopters. This is a lush level, where you’ll be surrounded by both jungle foliage, mountains, and cave walls.


The hilly landscapes of Altai Range give you a lot of natural cover, but you still can get sniped by Recons on higher ground.

Dragon Pass is a more vehicle-based map where iconically steep mountains make for a spectacular view. Fans of naval warfare will be able to dominate the shorelines thanks to the tight rivers on this one. Finally we have the sniper-friendly Altai Range with its vast, open spaces and snowy peaks of the Altai Mountains. At the center of this map you’ll find a satellite dish serving as a control point. If any team captures this point, you can access the new bombers (more on this below).

Air Superiority and the New Bombers

China Rising also adds a new game mode to Battlefield 4 called Air Superiority. Here, you fight for control points on the map, using air units only. This mode is ideal for players who really love and want to focus on their dog fights, without the need to worry about units on the ground. An extra twist of Air Superiority can be found on Guilin Peaks, where you can share a helicopter with a team mate, capturing one control point instead of three.

Battlefield 4 China Rising - Air Superiority_WM - 640

Make sure your helicopter skills are up to snuff (if not, practice at Battlefield 4’s Test Range!) when trying to capture the blimp acting as control point on Guilin Peaks.

Speaking of dominating the skies, China Rising features the aforementioned bomber, capable of delivering immense damage to ground units. Capturing a specific control point makes the bomber spawn in a nearby building, ready for you to enter (you can access the Bomber even though your team isn’t holding the control point). The bomber is equipped with powerful bombs that can be dropped on a map location of your choice, and you can use four of these before having to reload. It can also be equipped with cruise missiles, that can be unlocked through a new Assignment. These missiles work like a TOW missile and can be guided by moving your pointer.

Two New Toys

There are two new gadgets in China Rising, the SUAV and UCAV. The SUAV (Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is a Recon exclusive and is basically a remote-controlled plane that you can pilot around the map, in order to spot enemies and laser-designate enemy vehicles. It can also be used to kill enemies.

Battlefield 4 China Rising - Altai Range UAV_WM - 640

Try deploying the Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for a better view of your surroundings, or to get an extra kill.

The UCAV (Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle) is a new toy for the Support class and can be described as a pocket TOW missile. After deployment, this can be guided like a missile and is very effective against vehicles. If you complete one of the new Assignments in China Rising, there is an unlock for the UCAV that makes it explode in mid-air, making it more effective against infantry.

A Fan-Favorite Returns

To round off, we also need to mention the triumphant return of the dirt bike. Fans loved this speedy vehicle in Battlefield 3 End Game, so that’s why we chose to bring it back for China Rising. We’ve seen players really having fun with the dirt bikes doing crazy jumps and C4-related stunts, and with this perfected BF4 version of the vehicle we hope to see many cool YouTube videos created by the fans.

Screenshot_logo(China_Rising) 640

Recognise this ride? Yes, it’s the dirt bike from Battlefield 3 expansion End Game making a return. Try sharing it with a friend and make your way through the maps with speed and grace.

Starting December 3, China Rising will be available for Battlefield 4 Premium members for a two-week time-exclusive period. Get Premium to get a head start for all Battlefield 4 expansions, 12 Battlepacks, exclusive new content on a weekly basis, and much more.

Get Premium now to play China Rising immediately

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  • ProD3gY_Guthless 02.03.14 at 23:11

    please make another way to unlock ucav. u cant even get a server on ps3 for air superiority

  • kinqpin28 01.30.14 at 15:29

    hi, i’m a premium member and play bf4 on the white 360. when i start to play china rising not talking about air superiority the game always crashes or something. After being killed and respawn i c’ant see myself . the only thing that happens is that i see bullets hitting when i shoot: also after respawn and all seems normal is that when shooting nothing happens i meen player right infront of me but nothing and the whole game crashes. never have i got to a 3 round in china rising. anybody knows maybe why this happens and what to do about it? yes i cool my 360 with a fan while playing because if not after 2 or 3 hour my 360 crashes.

  • Mr_Kofferbak 01.30.14 at 14:48

    Fix the bomber guys. It;s just a plane what throws stones down. And the cruise missle can’t kill infantry OMG.

  • Kyd462 01.28.14 at 11:33

    Extremely disappointing that there is no levolution in these maps (since that’s the main selling point of this new engine!). However, I do really enjoy playing on them. Have to say, Silk Road and Guilin Peaks have become 2 of my favorites for this game.

    Still… Not including levolution events in these maps is a huge let down, and it makes me a lot less excited about future DLC. At least for me, I still love playing the game, but without “levolution” I may as well still be playing BF3. The new maps really don’t sell the whole BF4 feel that I was so excited about before. Also, lets be honest, the bomber is pretty meh.

    I know it wont happen, but it would make a lot of people very happy to see these maps revised and re-released with levolution events somewhere down the line. There’s so much potential in each one: a heavy snow storm in Altai Range, typhoon in Dragon’s Pass, Collapse the caves in Guilin Peaks, sand storm or shift from day to night in Silk Road… Just some thoughts.

  • XxWilliams38xX 01.28.14 at 02:50

    Are you going to put the levolution in these maps or is it on the next gens only

  • Eritrean_Snake 01.27.14 at 12:53

    Dear Gentlemen,
    I have this DLC yet I cannot play Capture the Flag. Nor any of the Chinese maps? What do you think is the problem?
    PS: I do have Premium…

  • Eleezec 01.25.14 at 17:42

    Lo que podrian arreglar es que cuando esta dentro de un tanque y los ingenieros que usan el MTB-LAW cuando te estan apuntando el tanque tiene poco tiempo de reaccion para tirar las bengalas y por mas que las accione el misil le pega igualmente. Otra cosas que tambien me gustaria que mejoren es el hecho de cuando se tira un misl sea cual sea o se tira una granada a un enemigo o un vehiculo y justo en ese momento te matan y el misil desaparece, por mas que este impacte en el no causa daño porque me mataron. si es un simulador de guerra eso tendria que cambiar

  • .efx. 01.24.14 at 23:24

    the maps Guilin Peaks and Dragon Pass are broken get stuck in mountans and ground all the time.

  • CplChuckie 01.24.14 at 16:33

    Please make some type of adjustment to the dog tags, BF3 were great, BF4 is lame, can’t see the rear tag. What’s the point of making or choosing a favorite set of tags and you can’t see 1/2 of them. How about some adjustments to snipers scope sway in the prone? scope sway in the prone is just as bad as while off-hand, that’s ridiculous. Lastly but not least I notice quite often than when in vehicles the physics can be wanky, sitting in any vehicle while on a very small slope you’ll start rolling, sideways, backwards, it’s annoying when ur trying to place accurate long range shots and the 70 ton tank is slipping down a small bump in the terrain. Other than that I love the game, just as much as I’ve loved all the BF series since 1942. Can’t wait to see what the future holds.

    • CplChuckie 01.24.14 at 16:35

      Oh yeah, any chance of bringing in some type of bombing aircraft? That’s a classic that should not have been left out, pilot controlled, not some flying in circles autopilot jet.

  • neroMANIAC 01.24.14 at 15:50

    I want my china rising dlc back. I had ps3 preorder which have me CR dlc.
    Go with the digital upgrade ps4 copy. And it didn’t give me back the dlc. I’m livid. This is theft
    of a product I paid for. My account shows hours played on CR as well. It’s an easy fix.
    EA had robbed thousands of people this way.

  • OMGs_KODIAK 01.24.14 at 05:02


  • DARK KNIGHT0199 01.23.14 at 22:09

    DICE…..Operation metro please stop players getting into the roof very annoying. Bring back nosha canals. Bring back tank driver proxy not everyone has a team mate to gun using proxy

  • bayareapinoy415 01.23.14 at 20:55


  • Steelers2k6 01.08.14 at 15:22

    Munch, did you go in to the psn store and download the expansion? It’s been over a month since I did it, but I think I had to go into the store and “buy” the expansion (when you select the “buy” option it will change to “Download” for Premium members on the expansion details page, iirc).

  • bulletmuncHEr76 01.07.14 at 21:30

    Who should I complain with if I can’t play the china rising maps even though I’m a premium member?

  • bulletmuncHEr76 01.07.14 at 21:16

    I got the game with china rising expansion pack, couldn’t play the maps on it so far. Then, I just joined the Premium Membership and still no sign of those maps. What’s going on??? Can anyone help me? How can I get these maps if not even Premium sorted it??

  • WarFinder1300 01.06.14 at 18:36


  • Steelers2k6 01.06.14 at 02:11

    Can you PLEASE increase the number of tickets for the Air Superiority maps? It’s absolutely ridiculous that most matches take less than 5 minutes – you end up waiting for the maps to load longer than the actual game itself takes. Also, why not give an option to play Air Superiority in EITHER Helicopter or Jet mode? The jets bore me to death but I love the helis, unfortunately that means I only get to enjoy one out of every 4 matches; coupled with the previous issue of the match lasting less than 5 minutes, it’s really a broken game mode for me. If normal Conquest matches take 20-30 minutes to complete, why not increase the ticket count for AS so a typical match lasts the same?

  • XMOB 187 12.31.13 at 11:53

    download the new maps at 1:00am can not play them on xbox360

  • HonestTangent33 12.31.13 at 01:08

    I am having this problem also but on the xbox 360 I cant download china rising

  • Soulsifter301 12.30.13 at 17:37

    just an FYI for dealing with the absolute lack of server filter capabilities on the PS4, you can use the battlelog app on your tablet or smartphone to filter servers and join using the app, it will then put you in the server in the game.

  • DevilEither 12.27.13 at 23:57

    I was able to solve the problem with downloading china rising, if you had already entered the promo code when you first got the game this is what you do! So go ahead and go to the PSN store, then search for battlefield 4 then lets go to add ons and select China Rising. Where it says 14.99, click on it and a drop screen should open and there you should be able to choose a free version.

  • M_o_B427 12.27.13 at 23:07

    I jus want a fucking answer to where my shit is!! I pre ordered the game supposedly including china rising then when it’s released I have nothin but a eager screen from psn saying I must pay $15 for something I “should” have free… comment plz!

    • DevilEither 12.27.13 at 23:35

      i am having the same problems!!

    • DevilEither 12.27.13 at 23:57

      check out my comment

    • CDT_Adams 12.29.13 at 01:53

      I don’t know what your talking about saying that something costs $15, but in the PSN store when your going to purchase your CR DLC Pack there should be more than one option when your “buying” it. Try scrolling down or up, that’s what I did, if it doesn’t work for your then something else is happening.

    • Typezero_Greyfox 12.29.13 at 02:24

      I just did it (it’d be nice if EA or DICE would’ve told us but whatever) if you’ve already used your in-the-box code go into the Playstation Store under “battlefield 4” under the “add ons” select “china rising” it should ask you to choose a version 14.99 or free.

      • Typezero_Greyfox 12.29.13 at 02:28

        For some reason it lists China Rising twice one listed “China Rising” with the stock box art cover and another labeled “Battlefield 4 China Rising” with an image of the running soldier being chased by artillery, the second option brings an error.

    • XMOB 187 12.31.13 at 11:55

      me to bro

  • BerriesJuice 12.27.13 at 16:32

    I have a pre order code to download china rising, i followed the intructions, and i’m still waiting to release the map and play it. What else can i do?

  • Reg1Cyde 12.27.13 at 14:32

    I find it funny how on the bf4 control room that people who bought the dlc and it doesnt register on the game isnt listed. I mean its not like its a serious issue or anything. Good thing im getting a refund from microsoft because EA told me to deal with it until you guys release a patch which will most likely be several weeks from now if not more than a month.

  • ScoutDogMike 12.26.13 at 13:50

    Don’t you just love how DICE was happy to take your money but now with all these complaints and all these crashes and all the BS about how wonderful this game is, you can’t get even a peep from Dice or anyone else about what the heck we’re supposed to do to get our money’s worth. guess we just got screwed.

  • l L3GiTxB3AR l 12.25.13 at 21:44

    Purchased mine of the live market and it won’t work

    • Godofslayerz420 12.25.13 at 21:53

      seems like everyone is having the same problem

  • Godofslayerz420 12.25.13 at 21:41

    ok I baught the dlc 2 days ago china rising and it still wont let me join the china rising servers no matter what I do it still says that I still need to install csomething

  • BLUEBORE 2 12.25.13 at 03:45

    Ok, I’m not filled in quite fully yet. Maybe you guys can help? I pre ordered bf4, pre ordering bf4 you also get china rising, and i have bf4 for the 360, i redeemed the code for china rising and downloaded it. Also I have been using quick play since i got the game because every time i go into server browser, the servers have no one in them. Anyway, i haven’t been able to play on china rising since the game came out. So short term, whats wrong with the servers and why haven’t i been able to play on china rising pack.

  • BlueFlamingIce 12.24.13 at 19:14

    So I upgraded my copy of Battlefield 4, and guess what, my China Rising pack DID NOT come with it! How in the world am I supposed to play on my PS4 and it says I haven’t bought it yet. It say that EVERYTHING will be transferred over. Isn’t that a part of EVERYTHING? Just wondering! I was really starting to like the game until this happened. And when I called them, all they could say was, ” Sorry, that DOESN’T come with the digital upgrade.” What? It doesn’t? Well then what’s the point in upgrading? Just keep it on the one console! seriously! This is just a little ridiculous!

  • KiNGvCHARGED 12.24.13 at 07:41

    On xbox360 I’ve downloaded the dlc multiple times and evertime I try to play on a map the game makes me re install it and says that I don’t have it downloaded, please help me resolve this issue

  • garanggi 12.24.13 at 06:44

    i’ve succesfully downladed the China Rising…but in the menu, still no new maps. what wrong with it DICE?

    • Tdog5013 12.25.13 at 02:13

      I have also just downloaded the expansion pack successfuly but no new maps and when I try and filter to just those maps it kicks me to the store download page so I re-download but is says its on there… Also my memory shows it also….

  • okhman 12.22.13 at 08:26

    Hi. I would loooooove to redeem my China Rising extension pack but I can’t even click store in the game.. I can’t hover on it or anything. I have a PS3 and I got the code when I bought the game. And when I tried to redeem it from the Playstation Network Store it said that the code may be incorrect or no longer valid.. Help me please!

  • a_m744224 12.22.13 at 05:25

    It would be nice if you get to play it this game was a big let down anyways WY look for anything different isn’t gone to happen we all got taken since last update my ps3 crashes every 3 rounds think im going to need a new hard drive when I get done playing

  • NeoGunGrave 12.22.13 at 04:45

    I bought the map pack “China Rishing” and when going to join a game it tells me to buy and download again. So I redownload, still nothing. So i delete the DLC and redownload again. Still nothing. I swear, after Battlefield 3 I should have known better. Go back to making Bad Company games please. This series is turning into a huge disappointment.

  • CVBJ2013 12.21.13 at 22:40

    I am a bf4 player to the heart,but theres alot of things yall need to fix about this game.i mean fix ASAP. You already know what the problem is.hell ppl pay to much money on these games not to get there money worth. And you wanna change us for every lil thing,hell give us a few maps free.we damn show deserve it.

  • nanotech420 12.21.13 at 10:54

    TEAM WORK! TEAM WORK! TEAM wOrk??? ph wait,,. pre squad? pre game? EP1C FAIL:::

  • nanotech420 12.21.13 at 10:50

    Step inside the map, like literally(and under) this is china rising?

  • blue_AGENT 12.21.13 at 07:10

    Pathetic EA just Pathetic.still trying to sell expansion packs.makes me sick. Fix the dang game first. Bet I don’t get a reply either. No fan deserves this smear of a sales pitch. Reply cowards

  • blue_AGENT 12.21.13 at 07:02

    I can’t believe you guys are releasing expansions when the game is unplayable on ps3. Every update makes it locks my ps3 up and corrupts files. What you need to do is give premium for free to long time veterans like myself.i will not purchase premium neither will my friends that didn’t get it on day one.i preordered this believing it was a working tested thoroughly game. This is unacceptable.i can’t and won’t buy another battlefield game if this is not made right.theres a lot of new shooters willing to take your spot this new generation

  • OKCableGuy 12.21.13 at 01:10

    Where is Metro 2014?? It was suppose to be with the CR launch….

    • bluedevilplaya 12.21.13 at 02:18

      That comes with Second Assault, which as far as I know is only available with Premium on Xbox One right now.

  • medicmaniac 12.20.13 at 17:17

    What can’t players who preordered their copy of china rising like they were promised? Sad. Forget buying bf premium. How can you expect peeps to pay more for a game that doesn’t work? I love the game, but it’s been a pathetic launch.

  • OKCableGuy 12.20.13 at 15:05

    No help on metro?

  • Xero1024 12.20.13 at 11:06

    China rising should be free DLC, this game is great but it still has too many problems.. EA is under a class action lawsuit because they lied about the quality of this game and sold inflated company stock. People who bought China Rising should be refunded and it should be free. That’s my opinion anyway and I’m sure a lot of other people feel the same way. What’s the point in paying 15 more dollars for content that is just a buggy and broken maybe even worse so than the standalone game. If you respect your customers who put a lot of time and loyalty into your brand you should atleast see this through.. Until then I’m not paying a dollar for premium or paying for any new maps until this game is were it should be.

  • dean4carla 12.20.13 at 08:56

    Sorry xbox 360 again!!

  • dean4carla 12.20.13 at 08:55

    Not working !! Download twice and every time I try to join a server it takes me to the “purchase the DLC page ” other players are clearly having the same issue and EA appear to be to nothing about it. Has anybody got any idea when this is going to get sorted.

  • OKCableGuy 12.20.13 at 06:06

    Where is metro??? It’s available to filter on the BattleLog app but no servers are found and nothing is found on the console. This was suppose to be released with CR. I’m on ps3, anyone else???

  • XxCharles145xX 12.20.13 at 04:01

    I preordered bf4 for my ps4 so it came with China rising and put in my code and downloaded and installed it but I can find any of the new maps and it won’t let me play air superiority. It says that I’m miss in one or more dLc s played on this server. Please help

  • WCARKID 12.19.13 at 20:53

    I downloaded this on my PS4 the day I got it then I noticed it didn’t come out till december then yesterday I tried to play china rising and it says I don’t have china rising

    • ajamschon 12.20.13 at 03:45

      I have the same problem for xbox360… Did you find how to fix it? I download 3 days ago, I don´t have premium so I wait it to the realese but when I want to play it. It´s says I have to purchase agaín and download again. I have installed and unistalled several times but nothing changes

  • jwea 12.19.13 at 12:58

    China Rising Rocks! Had to search servers and maps on menu but I finally found it.

  • hymen_destroyer7 12.19.13 at 07:14

    Hey I tried drkshadowz directions and they work.. im not surr abt xbox one though but ps4 worked!! Thnkx drkshadowz

  • DrkShadowz 12.19.13 at 06:04

    Ok so I went to:
    Playstation Store
    Add Ons
    Clicked on BF4 China rising
    Choose Version
    Clicked on price as it has multiple versions
    Selected Free
    PS Store verified my submitted redemption code and started to download file. Its a big file so it will take less than 30 min to download.

    Hope once its done downloading I can pplay the new map

    • E-lite-Predator 12.19.13 at 13:31

      Where did you find the free version?? I couldn’t find it at all pls help

      • DrkShadowz 12.19.13 at 15:13

        Glad it worked out for you hymen.
        Predator, after you click on version tab click once again on the price which is what 14.99, once you click on the price you will be given two options either pay the 14.99 or get the free version. Of course the free version will only work if you pre ordered your game and u received a China Rising premium redemption code.

  • Pain B4 Glory 12.18.13 at 20:10

    I too am here to report technical difficulties accessing the China Rising DLC on Xbox 360. I didn’t purchase the Premium service so I downloaded the DLC through XboxLive marketplace. When I set my server search parameters specifically to the China Rising maps, they appear, but when I try to join I am promoted to purchase the DLC again. I have tried restarting my xbox to no avail.

    I can see I’m not in the minority here who is experiencing these woes. EA or DICE should considered issueing a statement soon (today even) what they plan to do to rectify this situation. As a consumer I feel as though I have been thoughally ripped off, being promised a product that should work properly yet all my time playing, I have encountered too many problematic issues with this game. I should point out as well that I’m now starting my Fourth campaign attempt. Not because I’ve beaten it already, but because my save file has disappeared three times. So thanks for that. What really grinds my gears is, like most, Multiplayer. Who in blue hell did your company hire to run these servers through their paces? I can not count how many times I have been lagged out of a match which results in my system freezing and having to reboot all over, time and time again. Now if that’s not frustrating enough, since the games latest multiplayer update (4) I have encountered having my controller buttons become completely unresponsive in certain situations. For example, I was playing a game of TDM on Flood Zone and lost a gun fight with the enemy. My lustrous teammate provided me with a second chance at life! Reviving me as well as having the kind heart to through down a medbag to ensure a speedy recovery. After I patched my wounds I was back on the battlefield. Only something was amiss. I spotted an enemy north of my position so I took aim. The enemy was a good distance away so let go of the trigger to adjust my shot. And then it happened. I was frozen. I stood their with my dick in my hand as the enemy winked and smiled at me before robbing me of me second chance to live and bring honor to my squad mates. All jokes aside these are serious issues plaguing the multiplayer. I understand we knee deep in holiday sales and as a business, getting as much out of this opportunity as possible is the only the suits care for, but it’s is the consumers who ultimately line your pockets with cash. We make a purchase based on the idea your company markets and advertises. Such a large part if this community has been beside and supported your company for years now. And with a game that has sooo much potential to be great, it’s insulting that this issues are still as prevalent today as they were six and a half weeks ago upon release. Please understand we will always support you and very much enjoy your game when it does function as advertised. We just need some assurances. I don’t think that’s a lot to ask.

    • Pain B4 Glory 12.18.13 at 20:16

      Sorry I don’t see an edit option: just reread my comment. Words and grammar are hard. Sorry for the mistakes, but I think my points were clear enough. And touchpad keyboards don’t help. :/

    • GMCMF 12.20.13 at 01:26

      I agree entirely and have had all these problems,..why have we been left to wonder when they will be resolved. I have premium and still have not got on to china rising maps,…and no explanation,…or apology from company. I also started campaign 3 times! …And am entirely sick of re-setting my progress on kits EVERY TIME I PLAY M-PLAYER!!!..SORT IT OUT!!!!

    • ajamschon 12.20.13 at 03:47

      I got all the same problems except the single player since I haven´t play it yet… Did you get any response o a way to fix it?

      • blue_AGENT 12.21.13 at 07:19

        I’m having all those problems on playing bf but this is too much for me to ever consider preorder a bf game again

  • abdalhleim69 12.18.13 at 19:51

    me too same problem ! is that because we entered the code before the day release ??

    • hymen_destroyer7 12.18.13 at 19:57

      Thats what I was thinking. I redeemed the code the same day it came out for the ps4

      • DrkShadowz 12.19.13 at 05:35

        Same here I redeem the china rising code the day I purchased the game. I wonder what are the steps for us to follow and download the pack. My transaction history shows that I redeem the code but I have no download option. Any help ea

  • JACK THE BOSS11 12.18.13 at 18:17

    seriously DICE get your FUCKING SHIT together soon!!!!ur company is in the balance!!!!!!

  • manav_bhalla 12.18.13 at 18:09

    I can’t download China Rising even though I own the Deluxe Edition and pre ordered it. It says I have to purchase it and when I redeem the code again it says the code has been redeemed.

  • hymen_destroyer7 12.18.13 at 17:57

    I cant play china rising either. I redeemed the code that came with the preorder for ps4. I downloaded and installed the add on and when I try to play it says purchase 14.99

  • spdacio 12.18.13 at 17:18

    So I paid for the deluxe edition with the expansion pack and redeemed the code.
    Now what ?
    The PS3 store is still asking me for £12.
    As I’ve waited for the day of release, can I get a response today please ?

    • BNadal 12.18.13 at 17:34

      me too same problem ! is that because we entered the code before the day release ??

      • spdacio 12.18.13 at 17:40

        Don’t think so. The slip says “Expansion pack will be automatically entitled to your Origin account upon release”

      • abdalhleim69 12.18.13 at 19:52

        me too same problem !

  • OMG its Cabel 12.18.13 at 08:00

    DICE, I am not very satisfied with you as I had pre-ordered the Digital Deluxe version in GAME and introduced China Rising’s code. BOOM! Now, in my Xbox 360, it will ask me to pay (in the in-game store). Could anyone help?

    • tyrenberg 12.18.13 at 08:10

      I’m having the same issue on PC with Origin, and in the browser, so you’re not alone, maybe something didn’t quite go as it should’ve with the digital deluxe, for I infact haven’t gotten any other of the things neither, ie. the bonus battlepacks.

      Give it some time, contact support, and it’ll probly straighten out soon enough.

  • tyrenberg 12.18.13 at 07:32

    Seems like lots of people are confused with the release-times, here’s what I found (at;

    “PC: Available now in the Battlelog Store
    Xbox 360 and Xbox One (World-wide): 1:00AM PST – 5:00AM PST
    9:00AM GMT – 1:00PM GMT, December 17.
    PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 (North America): 2:00PM PST – 6:00PM PST
    PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 (Europe): 2PM-6PM GMT, December 18.”

    – Hope it can still some minds.

    (And guys, it’s pitch-black and freezing and the clock’s barely after 7AM here in Stockholm, Sweden, don’t scream at the DICE peeps, they’ve haven’t even got their coffee yet.)

  • DerrickColton 12.18.13 at 05:18


  • rodi-F 12.18.13 at 04:11

    Since the last update i can play for more longer than 2 minutes because the screen frezzes** and i have to turn out the ps3

  • JYOUNG1821 12.18.13 at 02:30

    I would love to play china rising. Downloaded it twice and the only thing I can play is air superiority through searching the servers. Is premium broken as well? I don’t got the m1911 pistol. Come on dice we support the game and we all want to play.

  • iFlufflez 12.18.13 at 02:00

    i bought it payed 15$ and i cant even play it…is there something im doing wrong or what? ive restarted the game wtf is ur number dice like come on how u gonna take my 15$ like that!!

  • PHILTHEDEAL1 12.17.13 at 23:46

    For those who the pre-order china rising code don’t work on the ps3, i was one and i found the answer
    We have to: First: redeem the code
    After: Search battlefield 4 on the ps store
    3:Select China rising
    4: Select choose version
    5: press «free»
    6: download and enjoy
    I hope it will work for you. If not, i can’t help

    pour ceux qui ont pré-commandé le jeu et que leur code de china rising (PS3) ne fonctionne pas, je crois que j’ai trouvé la manière pour avoir china rising
    1: Entrez votre code sur le ps store
    2:Recherchez Battlefield 4
    3:Choisisssez China rising
    4: au lieu du prix, il y aura d’écrit Choisir version
    5:choisissez gratuit
    6:Téléchargez et amusez vous!
    C’est ce qui était écrit sur ma ps3, j’espère que ça fonctionnera pour vous

  • thepainkane 12.17.13 at 22:47

    Well I wish I could play it but the china rising dlc I got with the game doesn’t work even thought I downloaded it and it doesn’t even show up on my play station store but it says i still have the maps that I can’t play on…

  • Soldier_D420 12.17.13 at 21:44

    ya invite lobby would be awesome

  • Emetaphobia 12.17.13 at 18:53

    Keep Up the Great work On getting those Updates out. Even though this is a tough time I still Love BattleField 4 More than any game out right now. Also can you Guys Make a Invite Lobby Like there was in BF3? kinda bummed there still isnt one. Thanks

  • JACK THE BOSS11 12.17.13 at 18:44

    Oh and one more thing.If you guys are looking for a fun battelfield gamer to play with message or friend request me on the xbox 360 consoles on either one of these profiles!

  • JACK THE BOSS11 12.17.13 at 18:38

    Dice i know im one of the millions and sadly now going into the thousands of players that are complaining about the stuff in this game and as one of the hugest company and in my opinion the best one…for now….but hopefully im wrong and your fixing it currently and making better like the company i used to know but seriously you guys have been known for the company that cares more about the gamers and make sure they have the most fun out of all games!!!!Where did that company go!?!?The old gen consoles are not working and are glitching out on average three times a day and now the new gen consoles are too!!!!You guys need to focus more on fixing not making come on guys where the company that i used to love!!!i will still keep hope and play on in your awsome game but please guys your company is in the balance…..oh and u haters that are raging about this and whining all over the site…shut the @$#% up either give a legitimate reason or question or complaint thats not like any other typical comment then dont right it!!!Dice has made the best games and always fixed them to the best of there abilitys!!!!Give them a break just…… ok heres a good thing to think about.Whenever u lag out of your game or it doesnt work u always gotta think to yourself….”Its better then COD GHOSTS!” PS:the problem with premuim and stuff with it being bought and not working thats just DICE ripping people off you people really think in the 20th century companys are accidentally having bought items not work and rip you off?Ya that is full on DICEs fault.DICE that was a bad move thanks to that u lost millions of players dont do it again.

    • CraZY_EYES745 12.17.13 at 21:13

      You butchered the grammar, your argument is invalid.

  • Dgameaddict01 12.17.13 at 15:11

    Being a premium member I was able to download china rising two days after the supposedly due date due to issues on their part, finally after being able to download it I have only being able to play air superiority. Does this means that now that everybody else gets to download it now I’ll finally get to see and play the China rising stages for the first time. Also the server browser still doesn’t work so I can’t join a game session that way.

  • spartan 1848 12.14.13 at 20:56

    I cant play Air Superiority on my xbox 360

  • thomasje10 12.12.13 at 18:30

    Fix your game instead of recommending it

  • fIZZyBubBLY88 12.12.13 at 05:46

    I downloaded the premium and the china rising and nothing ever happened. And I also can’t download the multiplayer update three. Any solutions?

  • Tysonpirie 12.11.13 at 22:04

    They should make bots for you to practice on and for the people with no Internet

  • CRITICAL N TTS 12.11.13 at 12:45

    Please stop the server crashs and lockups!!!!!!!

  • Tysonpirie 12.11.13 at 11:18

    I wish EA made bots on battlefield for the people who pretty much no Internet

  • Dark Mr Vader 12.11.13 at 04:49

    xbox one: i aint buying ship till u fix ur game from crashing every time!! fix everything and u might find ur self a costomer, if not u lost one BIG TIME!!

    • NICKRANK 12.12.13 at 15:48

      You’re just one guy no one cares about your problems

  • predator215 12.11.13 at 04:44

    this like the 4th post ive done about the new maps and heard nothing from you guys i paid for the premium pack and cant access the maps all the servers are empty and have played conquest and rush repeatedly and still no maps the only thing i can play is air superiority which is a the time you sort this problem or i hear from you it s a waste of money just for a few breif cases and dog tags.i would like to think that you actually care and will respond to peoples messages rather than just take our money. i think we are entitled to compensation or atleast a message explaining what you are going to do about it or what the problems are be4 the other people get the maps for free.

  • Aegaeon Rising 12.10.13 at 03:50

    Oh isn’t that nice, another expansion, oh dice I love your games, I love bf4, however your servers are shit, complete and utter shit, the worst I’ve ever seen before actually, other then getting randomly booted every other match whether it be five minutes into it or thirty, and my favorite thing is that when I go to select conquest as a game mode it takes me to everything but, hope u solve it brothers and sisters, until then spread some shit on your am toast and choke on it cause this shit is driving me insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • cbarnard05 12.11.13 at 00:05

      Agree! It takes a good 10 minutes to get connected to a game. After playing a few games, it boots me back to the Xbox One home screen. Can I get a refund!?!

  • Alkanida 12.10.13 at 02:38

    And here’s my China Rising BF Moment – Getting under a Tank and C4 It!

  • aquadogbuddy 12.09.13 at 21:30

    Maps don’t work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 103856aldjgzmc 12.09.13 at 17:08

    dear battlefield iv’e preorderd battlefield 4 and i have the code fore china rising but it dus aint seem to work do you no why please mail me back becouse i really want to get it its so good!! sorry fore the bad spelling im from holland

    thanks, Daniel Skidmore

  • JAESAR_of_Davao 12.09.13 at 07:55

    NO China Rising in my Map, I have download it in PSN store, Downloaded the Code but is already out in Premium, I have already bought premium since release. No China Rising server..

  • NUGGET USC 12.09.13 at 02:15

    Would be amazing to be able to play Air Superiority.. at least one time. After all I did pay an extra 50 bucks for Premium. Oh well.. such is the life of a Battlefield Franchise Fan right about now. I have literally owned 6 Battlefield Titles (although I am somehow not a Veteran on 4?) I love Battlefield, but seriously something must be done to fix this. I really could care less about the Double XP and the 1911 scope (Although, it would have been nice if I have had the unlocked weapon). So just to iterate the frustrations of a single BF Franchise Fan,for 50 dollars I received “basically”what I already had in the digital deluxe version, minus a shiny Premium Dogtag and a few battlepacks.smh.. This will be the last time I buy anything other than the actual game. I would say it would be my last BF game but I’m not going to kid myself. The guys at DICE design great games. Now the developing coordination with DICE and the marketing and release .. (EA.. cough… Origin… ahem) NEEDS TO BE RESOLVED. Right now I really just want to sit and play Air Superiority for a while on my XBox 360 with my Veteran Status, but every day I search.. neither is there. I honestly had more faith in you guys.. But as this is about my 5th Post without a single response to my problems. I am just thinking it is a waste of time even bothering to ask for help from EAORIGINDICE . Just as this was a waste of 10 minutes of my life it was to type this out.

  • predator215 12.08.13 at 05:00

    there alot of issues that need fixing in this game its unreal people dissapearing half into the map the cross hair hit marker when you shot a player is 20 seconds delayed.maps to small need to be like bf3 a wider cut off boundry,people parachuteing in from the middle of nowhere when there no choppers or air units possable to do so ,respawning on dead bodies.china riseing the list is endless.bought the premium hardly feels worth it wilth all these problems.come on dice sort it out please can be will be so awsome when these issues are fixed

  • Berube883 12.08.13 at 02:36

    Please fix this game ASAP… It’s not normal with the gear I have that this game lag so much… What a joke!

  • MattSnyder1986 12.08.13 at 02:32

    I only got to play, Air Superiority that’s all I have played so far, I can’t get into any other modes for CR, we next gen gamers need, FULL SCALE modes!

  • ghandikane 12.07.13 at 10:21

    Please fix the server browser in the ps4 I have the new maps and I can’t play them . Sick of flood zone

  • Brently238173 12.07.13 at 03:33

    Too bad this game is broken as hell on the PS4. Conquest servers are booting me off all the time. I got in a whole 4 full games during the Double XP week. Not happy at all by this game. FIX IT!!!!

  • ARRONA-(CS) 12.06.13 at 20:29

    Guys, you have already released the first expansion for BF4. When all veterans \ BF fans will get their veterans’ sets? So much time has passed … and the problem has not been corrected. = (

  • shleski420 12.06.13 at 17:29

    battlefield is turning into one big joke! these new dlc assignments are damn near impossible. Air superiority is ridiculous you either get your kill taken or you fly around the entire round trying to get a vehicle disable before the enemy cra

  • predator215 12.06.13 at 06:18

    i have the maps for china riseing and it says on dice posts that they are available on all maps but when you search or play diffrent modes they are only available for conquest.these maps need to be on all modes.even the other maps i think arent wide enough for you to fly planes or get a decent snipeing spot they need to be bigger like bf3

  • HorridGerm68 12.06.13 at 04:12

    I have the xbox 360 and every time I play China Rising Within a few minutes it will say the disk is unreadable. I tried playing the normal maps and nothing happened. I don’t understand what is going on

  • BoganBattler 12.05.13 at 19:57

    My Xbox One is unplayable because of BF4. First it was only BF4 that crashed to home screen or straight to power off, but now it is happening to all of my games. When is the patch coming? It seems strange to be releasing map packs and DLC when the basic game is broken. Shouldn’t all your devs be working on bug fixing?

  • killjoy5541 12.05.13 at 19:13

    How to Download (or not download)
    1. Be a Premium member.
    2. Try going to store on the main menu, not Premium, it will NOT charge you extra when you get it.
    3. If all else fails, be patient, they fix most of the bugs eventually.

    Don’t bitch at Dice, they have delivered good games pretty consistently, and early access isn’t something you are entitled too, it’s something they chose to give the people who paid for premium! Stop blaming Dice when you feel impatient or entitled to something.

  • Imabigdog2 12.05.13 at 01:34

    For those of you that are on PS3 and can not find the download you have to go to PS store and download it. Its not showing in game under premium like BF3 did. Go to PS Store, search BF4, then go to add-ons. You will see china rising. DL it and let it update. After you are done reload your game. As soon as I reloaded it showed in the opening screen”China Rising unlocked”. Hope this helps.

  • wh1te_mag1k_2011 12.05.13 at 00:42

    dlc’s and premium are a waste of money if you cant pick your maps I downloaded china rising from the store and it said I have unlocked china rising but because you cant choose your maps I played for 2 and a half hrs and no china rising maps…… REALLY DROPPED THE BALL THIS TIME DICE…….

    • wh1te_mag1k_2011 12.05.13 at 00:45

      time? really they had 2 yrs to get this game right!!!!!! bf3 came out in 2011 it’s 2013 almost 2014 so almost 3 yrs… they had plenty of time… they just are money hungry vultures

  • BiGrAbIdSkUnK 12.05.13 at 00:17

    i love the fat that people are bitching about not getting to play the china rising pack when originally it was not scheduled to drop til december 17. But because Premium members have it the non premium members think they deserve to be able to play. Good job dice show respect to your Premium members by giving us the chance to play it 2 weeks before the regular users that call themselves true battlefield vets.

    repn since 2002

  • SMURFSLAKTAREN 12.04.13 at 21:48

    I think this realy sucks. I am not a premium member but i pre-orderd the game and i got the code.- on the release date i but the code in folowed the instructions. and then i press O.K. nothing happens. i look in like 2 hours still dient find anything. and every time i pressed the map. it stod ” buy the dlc” i tryed to do the cod again. now it stands that i already used that code but i have not download anything. what the hell is happening dice?? Pleese just answer us.

    • PHILTHEDEAL1 12.05.13 at 00:39

      China Rising really release on december 17 for non-premium people AND for those who have pre-ordered the game.

      • AlphaX4X 12.05.13 at 03:43

        lies, all lies. i have it preorderd and i cant get in

  • xArchAngel2541x 12.04.13 at 20:59

    Its very apparent that the China rising pack isn’t working, Dice is working on the problem. I am just as angry as you are. Just give Dice time to fix it, i’m sure it will be working soon.

  • Cornbread734 12.04.13 at 20:38

    I think I figured it out. If you’re playing ps4, press the PS button, scroll to the BF4 avatar/folder/picture. There should show up a list, scroll down to related items. Open that, China Rising should be there to download, if you’ve already purchased the Premium.

  • jmay0679 12.04.13 at 18:17

    I’m a premium player. Why isn’t China Rising working for me?

    • Cornbread734 12.04.13 at 19:25

      Yeah, wtf? I can’t download the maps either. Anyone have a clue as to what is going on?

    • xArchAngel2541x 12.04.13 at 21:03

      Its not working for anyone. It will be fixed soon.

  • wWaAVve 12.04.13 at 17:54

    Here’s what I did and it worked for PS4.
    1.I deleted B4 application on PS4
    2.I put in Disc and let B4 reinstall the update.
    3. I started B4 again abd it installed game on PS.
    4. Went out to PS Store in the Games/Add Ons/New and found China Rising.
    5. I downloaded China Rising and played B4 regular maps while CR was installing in background ( took about 30 min).
    6. When finished downloading I closed out of B4.
    7. I went to PS Notifications/downloads and selected China Rising. That automatically loaded up B4 game again.
    Once in menu I had a message box that said China Rising has been unlocked.
    Worked fine.
    Hope that helps.

  • deathtothewicked 12.04.13 at 08:29

    DICE should release a new poll
    : “When is your favorite time for the game to crash?”
    -Right before the end of a match so you lose all your XP?
    -While attempting to fly a chopper through the crazy vehicle lag?
    -Right after finally getting into the same server as your friends after spending over an hour waiting for the server to open up?
    -right after you download a patch that suppose to fix game crashing errors?

  • countryboy1325 12.04.13 at 06:48

    another easy way to find it premium members go to playstation store go to add ons and search for china rising its how i found it and downloaded it

    • IXxsachaxXI 12.04.13 at 08:55

      Thanks A LOT i was looking 4 it 4 hours

    • IXxsachaxXI 12.04.13 at 08:57

      actually i still cant find it please help

    • phatLip-pHiLLip 12.04.13 at 17:39

      Ok so under Add Ons in the PSN Store. Thanks I’m going to try that, because my China hasn’t risen yet.

      • phatLip-pHiLLip 12.04.13 at 17:42

        You know what? Never mind, I’m not a Premium member yet with BF4. See, now this is just frustrating, because I haven’t been able to find the China Rising expansion anywhere.

        • phatLip-pHiLLip 12.04.13 at 17:45

          If anyone else, who is not a Premium member, found out how to download the new expansion pack (China Rising), that you might have received as part of your BF4 pre-order, please post how you did it here, and thank you!

  • mrboone79 12.04.13 at 06:31

    has anyone been able to play the dlc since this morning i know they were having an issue with them. I have it dloaded. however they weren’t playable around 12 noon yesterday

  • RUQWIKR 12.04.13 at 06:07

    can anyone help regarding my post?

  • miss_omega-1 12.04.13 at 05:42

    See my post

  • miss_omega-1 12.04.13 at 05:39

    Those having trouble down loadn china rising… Go to media crossbar BF4, hit down, recent activities, download map pack! And you are welcome :) Add me: miss_omega

  • tonydavis68 12.04.13 at 04:20

    how am i supposed to download this dlc. have been trying all day and nothing.

  • stefanv27 12.04.13 at 04:09

    has anyone figured out where you can download the dlc as a premium member ?

  • abra1mkb523 12.04.13 at 04:04

    PLZZZ, Ps4 buttons for shooting and aiming sucks, want back the old ones L1/R1 PLZZZZZZZ

    • abra1mkb523 12.04.13 at 04:05

      it feels like almost unplayable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tienguan 12.04.13 at 04:02

    bro same boat as u. what is going on DICE?

  • AKIRASxREVENGE 12.04.13 at 02:23

    Really we paid a lot of money for this “premium” content, so what gives?

  • omgitslalo 12.04.13 at 01:50

    Where are the maps DICE ?

  • shootinblanks95 12.04.13 at 01:48

    When will this and second assault be ready on ps4 also will it be integrated with an update for premium players or will it be found in the PSE store please do a news story about this!

  • GRYFFIN81 12.04.13 at 01:47

    Dice get it together still cant get china rising to download and i preordered and got premium

  • L_KABONG_66 12.04.13 at 01:12

    Hey Dice what is going on with the dlc , having problems downloading it , we need answers and fast . To many freeze up , crashes and now this , WOW!!!!! Dice nice way to drop the ball .

  • wadeepic 12.04.13 at 00:46

    I bought the game pre-order, and got the code for China Rising, I put it in on the release day, and now I can’t download China Rising. HELP

  • Fishmummy4 12.04.13 at 00:00

    HELP PLEASE! So i pre-ordered bf4 for ps3 and used the china rising code as soon as i got the game not knowing it wasn’t out yet. I got nothing in return. I have premium so I thought even if the code doesn’t work its ok, well now the code isn’t working for the expansion pack and I cant use premium to get it, what do I do, Im pissed, every time I try to join a china rising game it says to buy the dlc and makes me download premium again and again but does nothing, please help!

    • jmay0679 12.04.13 at 18:22

      Exact same thing is happening to me

    • phatLip-pHiLLip 12.04.13 at 20:32

      Same here, only I’m not a premium member, not yet. I mean I pre-ordered and used the code. Don’t bother downloading repeatedly, I just learned there is some problem server side with China Rising. It’s not DICE, the problem is with EA, or at least that is what I am told. I’m not even sure this is true, but I was asked to allow a few days for the necessary corrections to be made to the server, and try to download the expansion later.

  • RUQWIKR 12.03.13 at 22:42

    o.k. i have bf4 for ps3. who can help me out? i prepaid for the game and never got my double xp the first time. when will i be able to take advantage of the double xp? 2nd when opening battlepacks it seems like i lose my boost even if i don’t use them. am i only suppose to open them up when ready to use the boost? thanks

  • Mr_kNiFe_209 12.03.13 at 22:37

    I either want my money back, or give us the god damn dlc! I didn’t pay $100 to not anything come release. WTF Dice!!!!!!

    • xArchAngel2541x 12.04.13 at 01:36

      Calm down dude, it is out for premium now and it will be out for everybody else in two weeks.

    • Devil_Dog917 12.04.13 at 02:04

      Preach it!!

      • Sins 12.04.13 at 02:20

        I have premium Nd guess what no china rising… Keeps making me download premium over and over

        • xArchAngel2541x 12.04.13 at 20:58

          Its very apparent that the China rising pack isn’t working, Dice is working on the problem. I am just as angry as you are. Just give Dice time to fix it, im sure it will be working soon.

  • Nova_boy2020 12.03.13 at 22:33

    wait how do you guys have it and i cant even find it in stores

  • SHIZZ-FACED 12.03.13 at 22:29

    I have the maps downloaded and everything. I’m not a premium member and have no connection to any servers what so ever. I plan on buying premium but if you are not going to even let me connect with people that have the dlc maps also that’s just stupid. Please try fix this or something. I have had the dlc maps since last week.

  • SMURFSLAKTAREN 12.03.13 at 21:52

    I dont get it. DICE. what the hell is going on? i realy looked thorwards to this day and now it seems like i cant download the maps. i did the Code but nothing happend. i tryed again but it still dident work. i got so upset.

  • Crashpilot_GER 12.03.13 at 21:35

    Dice please, what exactly is going on? At least on console, im pretty sure no one was yet able to download the DLC, it just doesnt appear anywere in the stores! Please help!

  • ColonelOmega 12.03.13 at 20:50

    My Present Concern is, Why Europeans always get the first downloads of the maps?
    Please BF3 was all for them, What about USA this time for BF4. Nothing against them is about US.

  • ghandikane 12.03.13 at 19:40

    When is china rising out in Ireland ,i thought it was today rushed home from work and all ,,

  • DONT-PLAY-MTL 12.03.13 at 19:18

    Im a remium member and when i click on the map it tells me to to buy the dlc what is going on honestly

  • spynedestr0yer 12.03.13 at 19:14

    china rising is not working ready did download and i am premium what goin on

  • Erect Mushr00m 12.03.13 at 18:38

    Can’t join any games. And when it starts to it just freezes. Befor it was just dawnbreaker that would freeze now its a constant thing. $60. For the game $50. For premium and it doesn’t even work right. Come on dice & EA romance me first……. I’m still a fan of the game just kinda let down.

  • pack1983 12.03.13 at 18:21

    I am a premium member and it isn’t available.