Happy holidays to all Battlefield fans!

Watching the snow gently fall on the Kunlun Mountains of Operation Locker, we at DICE are filled with pure holiday serenity (mixed of course with feelings of glorious all-out war chaos). And we hope you feel the same! We would like to take this opportunity to wish all Battlefield fans happy holidays.

We also would love to hear about how you’re planning to celebrate the upcoming festivites, Battlefield 4 style. Will you be dashing through the snow in the aforementioned Operation Locker? Playing Commander on your tablet by the fireplace? Or maybe just creating Christmas-themed emblems? Let us know!

Whatever you do, we wish you all the best and hope we will see you on the Battlefield!


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  • drprokiller 01.28.14 at 18:08

    Xbox 360 players!!! Who are unable to get the dlc
    Load Bf4
    Go to store
    Select china rising
    You should be able to download the dlc for free (if you put the code before the release)

  • johnny145d 01.14.14 at 17:28

    unreal thats what this is i dont reall care what all you babies are crying about this game rocks i am going too turn my sound bar up get a load of cigs and coffee and play this until i turn green new games have bugs and x box can have all the new bugs by the time ps4 gets it there wont be any or as much

  • bsilikepie 01.12.14 at 02:35

    How about you release Second Assault for Playstation and PC and in return Xbox One has China Rising released so we get something acceptable with your bugs and issues. we dont want a fricking 3x scope for real who would need that? GIVE US DLC

  • Nodnarboyo 01.10.14 at 05:02

    3 weeks now and still can’t play china rising on my xbox 360 nor can I play the campaign….. best game ever..

  • khoffff 01.09.14 at 18:26

    About damn time I can unlock China Rising, only a month later after I paid. Glad amauter hour is over at EA and DICE for the time being.

  • VerbatimCape359 01.05.14 at 19:37

    speaking of operation locker i can use the force on it :)


  • flambotori13 01.05.14 at 01:29

    Why did I get to lvl 0 when I just got to 29 I was going on to unlock some attachments but I saw and I thought it was a glitch but went on another match it still didn’t work I hope Dice or Ea does something about this PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • paramedic_chuck 01.04.14 at 23:47

    Asked for my money back. I was told by EA that if I had bought a digital copy they would refund but since I had a disc version I was out of luck. I’ve had nothing but problems from this game. I am very disappointed. I am still attempting to get my money’s worth out of it but this morning I awoke to find that I had been reset to level 0. Granted I was just at level 30 but it still sucks. I am very disappointed, very let down and will not purchase another EA or DICE game for myself or my kids. Worst gaming experiencing ever…and I started with an Intellivision…

  • wWaAVve 01.03.14 at 18:11

    I can only speak for myself. Works much better on PS4 after patch minus a few waiting to load/not loading on occasion in between matches, but it’s rare.
    Battlefield 4 is a GREAT game, bottom line. No game right now is as epic and fun. I will still support DICE in their creative efforts. They are one of the best game makers around and push the boundaries of what us possible so in time I hope we can all forgive any technical issues from pushing those boundaries to the breaking point to give us an amazing,above average experience.
    Keep pushing the limits DICE and I will pre-order Star Wars even if the launch is rough because I know you’ll support your fans along the way.
    If anyone has any doubts about getting Battlefield 4, don’t even hesitate. Get it and you will be happy. Be patient along the way. You have years of fun ahead.

  • Pro Gamer1230 01.03.14 at 17:34

    Ok seriously Dice and EA get your shit together this is rediculous it’s been 2 weeks since I bought China Rising for 360 and it STILL DOESNT WORK! What the hell is this Scam?!

  • villieee 01.02.14 at 14:52

    seriously, don’t waste your money on this if you’re thinking about purchasing. multiplayer is a complete mess; can’t connect to a single match. poor showing by EA.

    • QbanGmer 01.02.14 at 19:39

      I wish I would’ve seen this before I got the game. This used to be one of my favorite games but seriously EA.. where are you? Not even a message acknowledging the issues?

    • L_Smurfz-_- 01.03.14 at 21:53

      Send a report to them, what platform do you use? Ps3 works fine. Idk about other platforms though.

  • SPITFIRE6671 01.02.14 at 14:11

    This game needs to back to drawing board instead of patching up, so disappointed all the hype. Never gonna buy a game on release again.

  • lore2009 01.02.14 at 07:48

    This game is a SHAME!!

  • OwenA8903 01.02.14 at 04:37

    I got my xbox 3 days ago specifically for battlefield. I can’t even get into a game unless it try for about 20 minutes. still haven’t played one game of conquest… I bought premium because i know this wont last. But hurry up, i didn’t expect this from an established company..

  • sejat1bj969 12.31.13 at 05:04

    Well, seeing how I lost my unlocked items, can’t download the DLC after buying Premium and I have to select quick mach 15 times before I can be placed into a server. I don’t think I will be playing much of battlefield these hollidays.

  • chiefbigleg 12.31.13 at 04:08

    I lost all my campaign progress and I can’t even play multiplayer. Can’t find a match and or can’t find a server. Frustrating. Please fix

  • CalebChronicles 12.30.13 at 22:53

    and could you tell me how to buy it

  • CalebChronicles 12.30.13 at 22:52

    can anyone tell me why my PS4 marketplace doesn’t have second assault i really want to download it after all i did buy premium for this

  • love n kindness 12.29.13 at 01:07


    • sejat1bj969 12.31.13 at 05:08

      How about you take a breath and let them fix the issues. Ya, it should work, but it is what it is. When they fix it you will be saying how awsome the game is.

  • BroodRegent5080 12.28.13 at 01:20

    I bought the doc and I try to join and it still says buy the dlc after I had bought it and I dope load it again and says same thing please help

  • KingKappie 12.27.13 at 20:20

    HELP!!! I just got the dlc and i did the download but when i try to join one of the new dlc maps it stats you must buy the dlc!!!!!

  • M_o_B427 12.27.13 at 16:01

    pre ordered… supposedly china rising, thrn i put in my code and NOW they say I have to pay $15? but at the same time says its free? come on dice and ea you all ate just really making this shit get old I dnt even wanna play anymore because of more problems and hassles I might encounter. I’m not bitching It’s jus DUMB…

  • Reg1Cyde 12.27.13 at 14:28

    Here is to the people saying those having problems are ungrateful. We must be so ungrateful expecting that something we paid $60 for to actually work and if we bought a $15 dlc and expect that to actually work. I mean if someone spends $75 on something that is good and it does not work it must be our fault because we are ungrateful. Well to the people saying that i sincerely say go fuck yourself

  • Poisonserpent82 12.27.13 at 02:40

    Happy Holidays well i would be having one if you assholes would have made it so the fucking hd update could download onto my god damn fucking flash drive and going out and buying a new hard drive just to play a single game is ridiculous considering i can just go trade it to game-stop for a cod or halo game hell maybe even just burning the money to make fun of you assholes sounds better than buying a fucking hard drive you in considerate jack fucks now when you fix this fucking problem email me you sick bitches

  • Progamer1230 12.26.13 at 22:31

    What is DICE doing? We haven’t heard a peep about what their ACTUALLY doing to fix the game but of course you can find new information on celebrating the holidays and how there is bombers, new weapons, gadgets etc. The new maps aren’t “awsome” if you are releasing content without fixing the already un-finished content. While you’re getting paid to sit there and watch people buy NOTHING from you. It might only be 15$ but the least you could do is make it work before you release it! EVEN ANSWER US ADMIT YOU HAVE A PROBLEM! Happy Holiday’s? I’m sure the unknowing people who spent the 15$ to wait for an hour and received…. nothing are VERY HAPPY these Holidays.
    Why don’t you compensate us instead of making us pay for more. It sucks because it really is a good game, if you actually WORKED on it, maybe it really would be better than COD. Which I do not buy any more because I don’t need to run in circles all day. Merry go Christmas yourself.

  • PapasDefiance 12.26.13 at 06:19

    You guys are all ungrateful. You should be happy another battlefield even came out. Thanks Dice For BF4! Even if there is any problems we know you’ll fix out! Keep up the good work! <3

  • Sweet Gambit 12.26.13 at 02:06

    Thank you for making a wonderful game. Take a day or two off from listening to these ungrateful people. We know how hard you’ve been working.
    Happy holidays, DICE, <3

  • chompy9 12.25.13 at 16:24

    No acknowledgement for the people like me that can’t play the game two months on, but at this point I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. How is it 500+ people put out one patch a week, patches that for the most part are just simple value changes. What is it you guys do exactly? Divide into teams of 10 (based on drugs & movie preferences), do some drugs, have some naps, get drunk and then on the final day of the week actually do something?

    You could at least be honest and more transparent rather than the rubbish your PR is coming up with.

  • Reg1Cyde 12.25.13 at 12:28

    I might have those feeling if the china rising dlc I bought a week ago would actually register on my game. I have tried reinstalling everything for bf4 multiple times and it still won’t let me join china risin games or even register that I have it.

  • BootsCook66 12.25.13 at 07:33

    My system locked up three times tonight and trying to chat with my squad is a nightmare. Great job Dice, EA, Sony. Merry Christmas! I wasted $110.00, (including the awesome Premium package) for a broken game and STILL haven’t received my free Double XP weekend I was promised. Greedy Corporate bullcrap! FIX IT already and please make my bullets register. 5 hit markers enemy has 100% health and one bullet from a hand gun immediately kills me!? WTF?

  • A9jack9999 12.25.13 at 04:16

    Merry Christmas DICE and EA, but next time could you please make sure the net code and glitches are planned out and fixed before the game is released.

  • Cachito84 12.24.13 at 21:11

    Please add l1 aim r1shoot for ps4

  • JunkyBIT 12.24.13 at 14:59


  • Crashpilot_GER 12.24.13 at 11:21

    Merry Christmas DICE!

  • bsilikepie 12.24.13 at 04:44

    Merry Christmas, EA and DICE! We gave you a very large present this year! A lawsuit.

  • BTL-A4_Ace 12.23.13 at 19:47

    Merry Christmas, DICE! ^^

  • Blue Brawler302 12.23.13 at 17:24

    happy holidays to you too DICE! and to the amazing Battlefield community!!

  • parpindog 12.23.13 at 11:06

    playing commander on your tablet by the fireside ?? and not recieveing ribbons or kill credits ?/ still…after weeks of complaining ?? thank EA/Dice…..Merry chuffing christmas….

  • DISP4TCHED 12.23.13 at 01:29

    Wait? I though coming here would mean at least some sort of special holiday only gift would be available to redeem. Like maybe a special skin, or dog-tag, or whatever. Why lure players here without anything to give but a stupid picture? It is holidays after all, and an extra dog-tag wouldn’t be any hard to produce. Now I was pretty happy at first thinking you were decent as this kind of announcement usually are followed with a small gift no matter what company or industry, but now I’m just irritated. In addition, with all the problems I’ve heard going on at BF4 for PS4, some sort of pay-back at least for PS4 players would be in order. Bad job Dice!
    / Sincerely, a Battlefield veteran since 2002

    • Blue Brawler302 12.23.13 at 17:23

      dude. happy holidays and calm down

    • squeenie 12.25.13 at 02:30

      Holy crap how greedy can you get? DICE don’t owe you anything. What did you get them for Christmas? Nothing? Oh.

  • Bull_DoC_87 12.22.13 at 23:45

    See you on Battelfield ? i think it´s Time to say good bye Battelfield . We have massiv problems on Ps4 , and your last patch has destroy the last % gamefun. The BF – Titanic is sink on Console .

  • cheezyphil 12.22.13 at 19:22

    Dice sure knows me. Gonna be playing BF4 this Holiday Season instead of spending time with my family :P

  • Jester86241 12.22.13 at 15:43

    Happy holidays everyone! And yes, everyone working on the game has done an amazing job despite the bugs so stop complaining. Making a game is not as easy as complaining about one. Cheers!

  • TheFapminator 12.22.13 at 12:32

    Happy Holidays everyone and stop being so rude in here. Sure, the game still have some flaws, but sure as hell is the best game at the moment!

    marry christmas

    • ItzFraggertime 12.22.13 at 14:17

      yes, thank you very much for saying this.

  • Matsches12 12.22.13 at 12:29

    Sorry, but where is the Wallpaper ? :D

    I only see the picture with a resolution of 640×360 :D No one has this display resolution, so the wallpaper is useless ? :D

  • omikron7 12.22.13 at 11:26

    Fix your stupid game.Is unplayable beyond belief.
    And give away the China Rising DLC for those that upgraded from PS3 to pS4 like you promised for everyone that pre-ordered your stupid game.
    Greedy b*******s!

  • IIIMECHIII 12.22.13 at 07:09

    Thank you DICE and Happy Holidays to you as well! Thank you for once again an amazing game and your continued support to make it the best it can possibly be!!

    I will continue to rise through the ranks, unlocking gun attachments, and dominating in the MBT.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Years fellow Battlefielders!

  • CoffeeAddikshun 12.22.13 at 06:52

    Thanks DICE… Going to be playing some Conquest and ranking up my recon class. Merry Christmas, and thanks for a superior product!

  • WarriorofWater 12.22.13 at 03:34

    Can’t believe how rude some of these posers are. Sorry about them, DICE.

    Happy Holidays, Battlefielders!

  • stevesarabia 12.22.13 at 03:07

    Thank you DICE for this awesome game. A very merry Battlefield more years to come. Hoorah! :)

  • TripleRX 12.22.13 at 03:05

    Why post this if you are not giving us something. I mean come on EA

  • mista_spyda_2 12.22.13 at 03:01

    happy holidays indeed. i have this game on ps4 and 360. fix the freaking bugs, then tell me happy new years…

    • xXF34RED T4C0Xx 12.22.13 at 04:16

      The bugs aren’t bad. well except one. knifing is a problem if that’s all you try to do in a game. if you knife people too many times in a game, it eventually stops the animation for countering and you can kill your target from the front no matter what.

  • Downsy Wownsy 12.22.13 at 02:13

    PLaying BF4 as we speak

  • dkkev 12.22.13 at 02:12

    ‘chaos’… hah – u got that right

  • NACHT GOTT 12.22.13 at 02:11

    ill be waiting till i get xbox live again but when i do ill be playing on snow maps in honnor of the season

  • NiggyCakes 12.22.13 at 02:04

    How about sending me my working copy of battlefield that was supposed to be sent out weeks ago. Since my disc was DOA.

  • Jmuck1 12.22.13 at 02:01

    merry Christmas and a happy bug fixed new year

  • Xcause 12.22.13 at 02:01

    Merry Christmas :3 !

  • DemonChief 12.22.13 at 02:00

    Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year!

  • mugil501 12.22.13 at 02:00

    Thank you :)

  • mugil501 12.22.13 at 02:00

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, EA

  • ALASEEL 12.22.13 at 01:56

    Marry christmas dice :)