Battlefield 4 Second Assault Live Stream

We’re excited to announce the Battlefield 4 Second Assault Live Stream, presented by AMD. Get a first look at the Battlefield 4 Second Assault expansion, featuring four fan-favorite maps from Battlefield 3, pushed to their limits with the power of Frostbite 3 and redesigned to enhance gameplay.

Join us on Wednesday, November 20th at 12PM PST on the Battlefield channel as we live stream three matches on Battlefield 4 Second Assault maps, available first on Xbox One starting November 22nd.

Check out a new screenshot from one of the maps.

BF4 Second Assault Screen

DICE LA, the creators of Battlefield 4 Second Assault, will show off a new game mode, Capture the Flag, and three of the four new maps. Throughout the stream we’ll answer your questions about the expansion pack and Battlefield 4 Premium. At the end you’ll catch the worldwide premiere of the Battlefield 4 Second Assault launch trailer.

Stay tuned for more information!

Second Assault is one of five expansion packs coming to Battlefield 4 Premium members. Learn more about Battlefield 4 Premium.

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  • MFQ-BERLIN_GER 01.24.14 at 22:05

    to tiered to tell you what for issues lags bugs and glitches you got in your game. you should stand up and try it out by urself . theres a simple method for that take a ps3 at ur home and play bf4 online and you see whats up. but you guys are sittin on your ass and waitin for us to report you the problems wasnt my 120 euro not enough when you betrayed me for my cash?
    you are to famous DICE TEAM in takin our money right? to say somethin here to post a comment hhhhhh

  • VerbatimCape359 01.08.14 at 22:35
  • zMr A5SBURGERz 01.05.14 at 20:34

    Does anybody know when second assault dlc comes out for xbox 360 ?

  • CalebChronicles 12.30.13 at 22:48

    can someone help me out i cant find the second assult dlc anywhere in the PS4 market place

  • Seba_28chile 12.26.13 at 17:52

    Pleaseee, when this Maps in PS4 ???

  • grEEnMeaNy 11.29.13 at 01:51

    So the maps are all done for 2nd Assault and we’re just sitting with our PCs and waiting….For a vehicle based map worth playing. I bought BF4 and can’t stand the maps (except the ocean map). Armor is too vulnerable. Haven’t played it for weeks now.. went back to BF3. Give us the frigging maps already!

  • REVELATION408 11.21.13 at 06:14

    Wow I spent 500$ for a ps4 just to play bf4 and got screwed! And what do you tell me? Be patient!? Wait for patch!!!?? Not only have I been waiting for this game but I bought it on ps3 which was a waste of time to try playing with all the glitchiness and so on. Couldn’t even tell enemy from friend in that game.! But I told myself ps3 can’t handle it. I told all my friends that ps4 version was going to be EPIC. How wrong I was…. No need going into whats wrong with ps4 version as apparently you know. Or maybe you don’t … Honestly since the day you’ve allowed people to rent servers on bf3 you’ve totally ruined the game. How are you going to repay me?? You won’t….. Waste of 500$ and staying in line till midnight. What a let down. Honestly you need to hire me so I can fire all of you for being so stupid.

    • SaltySteele 11.21.13 at 14:39

      Look, bro- if you’re going to be an early adopter, be prepared to deal with glitches, snags and problems. You want a finished product, wait a year.

      Nobody told you to wait in line till midnight or to spend $500 on a PS4 so you could be the first on your block with the new machine. There is no way to make sure it is going to operate as smooth as pie, without millions of people playing on them at the same time. Millions of units going out, the relative # having serious problems are minute. You can always take it back, it’s within 30 days. But, then you’d having nothing to bitch about.

    • sm0o0v 11.21.13 at 17:38

      Return the PS4 and quit whining. Battlefield 4 is absolutely awesome on the PS4. Yes there are issues with it but if you pay attention to any news feeds you’ll see that DICE are a solid group of developers that listen and address everything. I’d love to see you take on a role as a game developer and deliver a game to the general public, let alone over 1 million people. You have no clue the amount of work involved and the decisions that have to be made prior to releasing any AAA titles to the marketplace. great profile pic DOOOOD. drink up!

  • MADY_777 11.20.13 at 06:48
  • Vinnie12340 11.20.13 at 06:05

    Dice why are you advertising Second Assault when China rising is right around the corner? we don’t even know about any guns, vehicles, or maps yet.

  • luckyboy4 11.20.13 at 04:56

    Link for follow the streaming?

    • BlackVenomice 11.20.13 at 06:01

      the link is already posted above. The part that says channel

  • meny82 11.19.13 at 16:50

    Link for follow the streaming?

  • Alkanida 11.19.13 at 15:02

    This is what I’m gonna do right on Metro:

  • uktye38 11.18.13 at 22:05

    I just hope dice have there shit together when they release on next gen because this first release is nothing but a joke!!

  • monkeypushbutton 11.18.13 at 17:31

    Are you serious! Operation Metro! Don’t we have a map just like Operation Metro called Operation Locker? Great two stalemate maps.

  • Major Mishape 11.18.13 at 16:56

    I like to see you idle bastard actually make some new maps and not keep rehashing old stuff..
    Either that or drop your friggin price drastically.

  • Phuddup 11.18.13 at 16:12

    I would like to see the Dam map from BF 2. Also, please bring back the airfields and re-loading all aircraft by flying over your airstrip!!! In fact, all vehicles should have an ammo limit and should require a return to base for reload. Just a thought.

  • Devvvo 11.18.13 at 13:48

    I was hoping for Armoured Shield or Nebdan Flats tbh….

  • Agokillya 11.18.13 at 13:12

    Surprised that “Wake Island” is not in that roster. :/ oh well

  • max0x7ba 11.18.13 at 12:20

    Where is the survey/statistics that these maps are “four fan-favorite”? Or should I read this as “some players liked this four maps”?

  • spitfireHD_1788 11.18.13 at 09:55

    You need to bring back British army so much miss it from bf1942

    You need to make a BF 1914 – 1918 for the 100 anniversary of ww1 that be so cool

  • DpXFlOw 11.18.13 at 07:58

    you guys are f****** idiots the game doesn’t work on all platforms and you guys still planning to releasing new maps fix first sell later! it seems to me you don’t give a f*** about your game. you only care about money. after 18 days single player still doesn’t work it’s ridiculous and if i would talk about multiplayer damn it would be a waste of time! even if you guys fixed 1 thing about the game i would be glad but you didn’t do any shit about the problems i and many other people have. and i don’t give a f*** about your new maps lets hope you can fix the old ones first!

    • StrongOfOdin 11.18.13 at 11:24

      You must be new here. Ever heard of a little known company called EA?

    • wartornskull 11.18.13 at 11:33

      You do realise that a different studio do the DLC right? so while the main studio is working on fixing the issues the other studio will be working on DLC.

      Everyone is having issues with the game in one way or another but shouting at DICE won’t get it fixed any faster, they have already said they know about the issues and are actively working on fixing them.

      Unless you have something constructive to say don’t say anything at all, simply saying single player doesn’t work won’t help, why not provide a detail description of the issues that might actually help in getting it fixed.

      Also just because the game doesn’t work for you (I feel for ya, wasn’t able to play it until recently due to all the crashes) doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for other people, I’m looking forward to the DLC even if all the crashes etc are not fixed by the time its released I will still be (attempting) playing it.

      • DpXFlOw 11.18.13 at 19:37

        you may be right but if my system got broken because of those freezing screens who will pay that? this is the 5 console i bought so far because of games freezing and shutting down my system the wrong way because of that. i don’t gonna buy a new one and i’m sure they not gonna buy me a new one too. i’m frustrated and if you would have the same you would be too and telling me to say something constructive easy for you if its your birth language i can tell details about problems but they and you would not understand. all i see is them bragging about there game instead of telling what happening. i don’t need all these bullshit about the best game its the best game i know. they showed in bf3 it’s way better than every other shooter. but i’ve reached my limit on waiting for something to happen.

  • kennyuk77 11.18.13 at 03:35

    dafuq operation firestorm, so boring

  • Basic Paul 11.18.13 at 00:26

    We need wake island in BF4. Its been in all of the games and is to date the best BF map.

    Add in drivable subs, destroyers and carriers again!

    Also, screw operation metro and caspian border.

    More bf 1942, 2 and 2142 maps please.

  • WeZzY83 11.18.13 at 00:19

    Just purchased the game and love it, BF fan since day one (1942), Now you want another £39 for premium? . Can you ask an EA rep to hand deliver it to me if i don’t beat the shit out him/her at the door ill be sure to bend over and let said rep shaft me up the arse and tak my wallet before leaving, Go fuck yourselfs

  • MTPCHEE 11.18.13 at 00:12

    no Karkand/Sharki??? shame!

  • jTs Xbox 360 11.17.13 at 23:36

    Ditch op. metro it’s a boring map.

  • Taegukgi77 11.17.13 at 23:26

    Don’t know why Metro is so popular, it’s an awful map!

  • EvilDog77 11.17.13 at 23:00

    I’d have been happy with the three Karkand maps (not Wake Island). They were the best maps in BF3 in my opinion. These stock BF4 maps aren’t up to much.

  • JLisinski69 11.17.13 at 19:35

    I want to know when it comes out for ps3 and 360

    • oldskoolflavr79 11.17.13 at 20:35

      Fuck green bay

    • Big_Mender 11.17.13 at 21:37

      Where have u been hiding we knew about the 2nd assault dlc months ago. It will be one of 5 map packs coming out so u will still be getting plenty of new maps. Honestly some people just liketo moanabout everything. So very sad

    • bloodLinK Ninja 11.17.13 at 22:45

      As far as i can tell, if this comes out on X-one 2 weeks before everyone else and premium members also get 2 weeks early access my guess is 22nd NOV is X-one premium access, 2 week later will be X-one access for non premium and then Premium for PS3/PC/360 will get it 2 weeks after that and then non premium 2 weeks after that.

      So dates should be: X-one PREMIUM: 22nd; X-one NON-PREMIUM: 6th DEC; all other PREMIUM: 20th and everyone else 3rd January.

      Unless 22nd is for X-one AND premium players and 6th DEC is everyone else.

  • Moenmann 11.17.13 at 16:59

    Wee, capsian comeback! then I can delete BF3 :D

  • HAWTPOCKET 57 11.17.13 at 16:33

    so the 2nd assault map pak will consist on ONE new map and 3 revamped maps from BF3?

    • HAWTPOCKET 57 11.17.13 at 16:37

      my bad i ment all 4, I hope this isnt true!!!! just like COD…they offered 4 dlc paks with 3 new maps and 1 “new” revamped(remade) in each, I will be so dissappointed and quite frankly PISSED if i paid money for new content thats old

      • IceFireNate 11.17.13 at 18:42

        Well, the point of the 2nd assault expansion pack is that they bring back 4 fan-favorite maps. By the look of Caspian Border 2014, they’ve changed quite a lot of things. Its old content if you played Battlefield 3, but the point of it is so that Battlefield 3 fans can play some of their favorite maps that have been remade.

    • IceFireNate 11.17.13 at 18:36

      All of the maps in 2nd assault are remade maps from battlefield 3 (except for Gulf of Oman, which came from Battlefield 2)

  • xing4time_TR 11.17.13 at 15:47

    Seine Crossing is the best map ever in BF history, i like to play in Bf4.

  • DogTagsUk 11.17.13 at 15:13

    available first on Xbox One starting November 22nd when does this come out on PC seeing as CHINA RISING comes out 2013-12-03 ??? and all dlcs are two weeks after XBOX so that would make Second Assault 2023-12-06

  • DickSavagew00d 11.17.13 at 13:07

    Who the fuck votes for fucking metro? Probably same idiots who think operation locker is a good map too. People sure do have fucking awful taste.

  • Jessy142 11.17.13 at 11:24

    Give Noshahr Canals!

  • MajorApplePie 11.17.13 at 11:14

    Fuck Firestorm, I want Strike at Karkand back, my all time favorite BF Map.

    • xACExSTxJIMMYx 11.17.13 at 15:00

      Best map ever in my opinion, great for all game modes and never had a dull moment

  • Raptor620 11.17.13 at 05:34

    When is Second Assault coming out for PC?

  • EvilPanda1988 11.17.13 at 03:31

    Operation Metro is the worst… and why focus so much on maps from BF3? Give us older ones like Road to Jalalabad.

  • DavisRoberts70 11.17.13 at 02:57

    No Noshar Canals????? :(

  • Redecle 11.17.13 at 02:48

    But as we’ve witnessed by the poll, not really that much one man can do.. Game is for masses, as it’s said in the description, online first person shooter, not simulator, shooter.

    Gladly the hardcore mode or more the custom mode caters to the more exact needs of the now minority of the players that once started on the very first Battlefields with more of a strategic and team play in mind as an alternative to the run forward and press fire Quake/FPS games.
    But as said the games been out just a little time and out of the hundreds of servers there’s already 1-2 servers that keep me coming back day after day because of server settings and the daily regular players that seem be doing the same as me.
    As long as that keeps on going Battlefield keeps me on the field of battle.

  • Redecle 11.17.13 at 02:29

    For me the weather effects have been really enjoyable, more diversity to gameplay and they actually effect your vision which is nice touch of realism. Some night time maps would be very nice addon, like BF2: Special Forces had.
    Oh man so many nice maps listed here to add to those i already posted. Totally forgot Kubra Dam, Warlord, Road to Jalalabad, Damavand Peak, Mashtuur City, Grand Bazaar and so many others. So many nice maps that you basicly could fill any forthcoming expansions.
    Or more just looking into your direction DICE, how about some good old modding tools for player maps. Don’t have the man power or man hours to remake all the classic Battlefield maps? Well that’s why there’s a community and long traditions behind the game series.

    Gulf of Oman and Caspian Border are the maps i’m still excited about, both are nice geographic locations . And i really wouldn’t compare Operation Metro to Operation Locker, yes both are indoors CQB maps, and that’s where the similarities end. Metro was 3-way bottle necked, guaranteed victory for the team who gained B first, couple rpg users, endless grenades and 2 snipers and it was nearly impossible to break the bottleneck. Locker has multiple routes, and i really mean multiple routes to get behind the enemy, haven’t yet seen a match that was a total massacre, matches evolve back and forth on high pace, yet a really excellently coordinated team can setup a trench warfare defense and succeed but it really requires a lot more team play than Metros supply ammo and keep on grenading ever did.

    In my opinion the recon problem isn’t really a map issue, it’s more of a player base issue. Pick any map and the snipers will be there in large numbers. No way to avoid that except play on server that limits the recon class number. It’s not perfect cause it’s forced and artificial solution, since players play what they want to play, not what the team needs them to play.

  • oz1kad 11.17.13 at 02:02

    I loved “Battle of Midway” and all the naval warfare. “El Alamein” too :-)

  • TESTMONKEY31 11.17.13 at 01:15

    Hopefully they change OMAN from a very dark map back to bright day time map. I really hate all the darkness and shadows present in so many of the BF4 maps. This screenshot looks terrible.

  • Capitaine-ET 11.17.13 at 00:37

    Well , really disappointed that it would be 4 maps from Bf3, I anderstand putting maps from Bf2 on the Bf3 since there were a 10 YEARS GAP between the 2 games , enhance graphic and physics , but between Bf3 and 4 only 2 years , yeah sure graphics will be better… a little more shading , destruction and particles… but not a significant gap to reproduce these mapI rather see 2 maps from BF2 (others than the ones in BF3 Karkand expansion ) than playing Oman or Firestone again. Plus a lot of people will still play BF3 since its price will be lower with the same maps ?!! Dice, I got a lot of respect for you but bringing these maps again make NO SENSE!!! and show a big lack of creativity coming from you ! Just create new maps or bring super old ones from bf2 or even BFbc2 , or even maps that fans design like a contest you did last years on BF3… 4 fans maps !!! ….. that what people want from a new game not revisited map that peoples were still playing a month ago … and for the past 2 years ….
    hope you”ll consider that…

  • xcolonyx 11.17.13 at 00:26

    You guys chose the 4 worst maps WTF?!?

  • RAND0MHER0 UK 11.16.13 at 23:25

    Who’s choose was firestorm such a terrible call I’ve spent hours and hours of my battlefield 3 life avoiding firestorm

    • TESTMONKEY31 11.17.13 at 01:16

      Totally agree. Firestorm was one of the worst BF3 maps. Gotta say, I’m really happy they’re brining back Gulf of Oman. I would also liked to have seen Mashtur City comeback in place of Firestorm.

  • Red_Sox4__Life 11.16.13 at 23:15

    Why not Damavand Peak? It was one of my favorite bf3 maps and everyone I talked to said they loved that map

  • MrFrownyFace 11.16.13 at 23:07

    WHY Oman, DICE? Most of the stock maps are already snipers havens. This one was bad in BF3 due to snipers and will be even worse… call it Gulf of Recons.

  • x0xRavenx0x 11.16.13 at 22:49

    several BF2 would be cool. wish the jets had more room to fly. i feel constrained while flying. hopefully DLC will be better like BF3. i love huge roaming maps which have made this game famous, not this close quarters on every map.

  • Onion671 11.16.13 at 22:48

    The gotta redo Damavand Peak. That was the BF3 map that had only in BF moments!

  • Collision_TN 11.16.13 at 22:44

    I just made this : :p

  • Saalvia 11.16.13 at 22:42

    Nice to see these maps remade for bf4, espacially metro (to see gameplay’s gonna be better on it)

    But one thing remains, WILL WAKE ISLAND BE RELEASED IN BF4?! (As the tradition for mosts Bf games.)

  • DravinClaw 11.16.13 at 22:37

    Why not bring back some of special forces maps, Warlord would be sick with frostbite or even Road to Jalalabad. Metro was the worst in the beta and retail I stayed away from servers with that in rotation

  • Redecle 11.16.13 at 22:22

    Yeah have to wonder also the number of voters on Metro, worst bf experience (read as clusterfuck as it is also known in the community) in a long time, did someone seriously like the rpg and nade spam camp? Where’s Seine Crossing? Hill 137? Operation Clean Sweep? Daqing Oilfields? Anything else than Metro.

  • WutaDalek 11.16.13 at 22:13

    When are companies going to realize that doing a timed exclusive is the most retarded thing ever?
    1) it lowers hype. I might get excited for it, but after watching videos I might decide not to buy it.
    2) it tears the community apart. Thanks for prolonging the console wars EA.
    3) It only benefits a minority. i.e. xbone players, AND the developers. EA gets more of a cut of profits from Microsoft when they do shit like this.

  • Horrorview 11.16.13 at 22:12

    Looks good. Now please get rid of that ridiculous commander EMP blurring crap. It’s a terrible design decision that is not only vomit-inducing, but makes absolutely no sense. Just…make…it…stop. And fire the dude who thought it was a good idea.

  • FryPo 11.16.13 at 21:43

    Woah what the fuck ? Am I the only one hearing about this bullshit Xbox exclusitivity ? Is this only for Second Assault ? I hope not because if so, screw your bullshit about pc being the major one.

    • Tieranes 11.16.13 at 21:55

      No, it a timed Exlusive, they get it for Xbox one for a week or so before they come out to PC :)

  • Johnny Neat 11.16.13 at 21:40

    How the hell is Metro number one? Did a bunch of Call of Duty players get lost on this website?

  • Persson92 11.16.13 at 21:34

    Hope to se the return of the MEC faction :D !!!

  • ScreenTalker 11.16.13 at 21:34

    FTW Full Metro map with Levolution?! What a gloriously hideous clusterfuck it will become!

  • Dimarcox 11.16.13 at 21:34

    What happened with the classic map “Wake Island” ? D:

    • airbenderrr 11.16.13 at 21:57

      It’s been in every Battlefield game so far and it’ll be sad if they let go of it now. It’s one of the best maps they’ve made so DICE we want wake island!!

  • I LEFT CAPS 0N 11.16.13 at 21:32

    Jeez. There’s already a huge problem with camping and almost everyone sniping, now there’s going to be cluster camping on the construction building again.

  • xNoble Spiritx 11.16.13 at 21:10

    Oman is returning? This is wonderful news! I remember playing one game that was 500% tickets, had over 200 people play, and took over 6 hours. Mostly because everybody wanted to snipe or jet or anything but play the objective. I did quit out of that match early as well, after playing for 2 hours and only 500 tickets going by.

  • aboujrge 11.16.13 at 12:19

    We need operations firestorm….its the most balanced and fair map for both teams! FIRESTORM…FIRESTORM…FIRESTORM!!!

  • TheOnlyKyrenS 11.16.13 at 06:55

    Don’t know why they decided to bring Metro back. It’s already in the game and it’s called Operation locker.

  • alexander_ofelt 11.15.13 at 20:54

    Nobody missing Mashtuur City??

  • JustinHogue 11.15.13 at 20:31

    I am still having problems with Hainan Resort Map freezing everytime I hit the map in roation or when I choose that map regardless of server. I hope this gets fixed as its happened well over 20+ times and it requires a complete XBOX reboot. Thank you for attention to this request.

    • Akira2020 11.16.13 at 15:47

      You aren’t the only one brother, every time Hainan Resort comes on, I put down the controller, walk over to my Xbox and get ready to reboot it. Hopefully DICE can remedy the problem, I hate hard shutting down my Xbox.

    • Bastonnade 11.16.13 at 17:40

      Install the CD straight on your HDD, it fixes the crash, i didnt had any freeze/ loading crash since i installed it. I think its because of the amount of destruction thing that need to be loaded into the flash memory in order to acces it by the CD, when installing it the information doesnt have to come by the CD tray anymore but goes right on the BUS on the XBOX and thus making the files going in and out much easier for the console…

  • Dobber 11.15.13 at 17:50

    No Canals?! Denied!

  • JohnnyBNL 11.15.13 at 16:32

    I did hope to see a few “Chinese / PLA” maps back from Battlefield 2 in Battlefield 2 like: Dragon Valley, Daqing Oilfields, Dalian Plant & FuShe Pass to bad those maps won’t ever come back to Battlefield.

    • JohnnyBNL 11.15.13 at 16:33

      I hoped to see some back in Battlefield 4

    • EL_KURTO 11.15.13 at 16:35

      I know. Those maps were awesome. I would love to see those in bf4. Please DICE Bring those maps to BF4!

    • CaliberKing 11.15.13 at 23:59

      I loved those maps. Bring them back. Except for real. No trimming it down like Karkand. Messed it up.

  • YESHAEL 11.15.13 at 16:13

    hope we get another wake

  • TheDustfinger 11.15.13 at 14:55

    Still dont understand why they had to include metro, it was the most played map because you could grind points the easiest on that map.

    • Coreyweb 11.15.13 at 16:23

      Simply not true. You can say you hate it all you want. But it was a really fun, awesome map for A LOT of people. Just because you hate it doesn’t mean that no-one enjoyed it.

      They should remake Seine instead of Firestorm. And maybe some Aftermath maps with legit earthquakes as levolution. That’d be sweet.

  • TEHBRAIN 11.15.13 at 14:16

    TDM on Noshahr Canals!!!!! Domination on Ziba Tower!!!!!!! zomg
    I guess in the end they chose the maps that let you play more modes, tho I miss Ziba… :D

  • s7rid3R_ZA 11.15.13 at 13:06

    For the love of God why would you remake Firestorm?!

    As opposed to Seine, Bazaar, any Aftermath map, ugh.

    • Graslama 11.15.13 at 13:40

      I do not understand this 2. Why you EA/DiCE ppl not thinking about Talah Market 3 times Bigger with vehicles. Or what about the best map EVER MADE -> Karkand or what about Dragon Valley Fushe Pass, Kubra Damm.
      Firestorm is not a good map and Caspian Border sucks 2. Metro should become a better 64Players Gameplay. 2nd Assault is mostly a failed MapPack. BF3 Maps are not old enogugh to ´replay´ them. Take a look at ALL the BF2 maps incl. the BF2DLCs or maybe the 2142 maps…. Pse open your mind a bit more, there are great maps out there. Reviving BF3-maps for BF4 isn´t a good idea.

  • Etorphine-SDM 11.15.13 at 11:00

    1920*1080 version please =]

  • SneakyNoobDK 11.15.13 at 10:44

    They Should Fix the base game first. Many Bugs and Crashes……

  • VirusXO43 11.15.13 at 10:13

    F planet of imbecils! Metro?! Metro is CoD map for CoD noobs! And where is Wake Island?

  • lNanoWaRRioRl 11.15.13 at 10:00

    wow… so many players are excited for operation metro?! really?! i didnt think that this game had so many noobs but obviously i thought wrong

  • BoRaXiN 11.15.13 at 09:42

    Gulf of Oman

  • One Rifle 11.15.13 at 08:57

    A direct Battlefield Sequel without Wake Island???? WUT????

  • Rodzsham 11.15.13 at 08:17

    Grand bazaar was epic too

  • Rodzsham 11.15.13 at 08:15

    Should have been Siene crossing instead of firestorm but still happy to see some bf3 greats

  • SadekMerchant 11.15.13 at 07:49

    I loved Siene Crossing. Actually I enjoyed every bf3 map a lot, including DLC.

  • StaalZA 11.15.13 at 05:58

    wishing Karg (littlebird) Island was listed

  • -Z3A- 11.15.13 at 05:49

    Where is bazaar?? We have to map a bit look like metro on bf4 ”operation locker’ so why ea try to make still metro 2014? We just need to like grand bazaar!! Infantry players dont have one map to play nice conquest matches! Please put BAZAAR OR SEINE CROSSING and canals too!Bf4 alot of big maps, so why sttil casbian gul of oman operation firestorm coming bf4 ?Really i cant understand ea never!!

  • HTSDXB 11.15.13 at 05:43

    Would love to see Noshahr Canals, Grand Bazar and Seine Crossing…

  • vile9450 11.15.13 at 04:38

    seriously no karkand?
    no wakeisland?

  • dtszodiac 11.15.13 at 04:25

    bf4 must be this maps.
    1:all the karkand stages
    2:Arica Harbor (bdbc2)
    3:Laguna Presa (bdbc2)
    4:Gran Bazzar
    5:Noshair Canals
    6:Azadi Palace

  • dtszodiac 11.15.13 at 04:16


  • Premchand 11.15.13 at 03:56

    Operation Metro is top voted wtf is wrong with people ?

    • ThatOneGuy154 11.15.13 at 05:19

      Agreed. Operation Metro is a terrible map. Should only be available for Team Deathmatch. Devoted, original BF1942 players that enjoy Conquest, should not have to worry about that ‘disgusting’ map being in the queue.

  • Ferro Mortem 11.15.13 at 03:29

    Add Bad Company’s “End of The Line” and more large maps in general there is little to no reason in all practicality to have a recon kit in any maps seen thus far. If rifles where actually treated as such there effective engagement distance would be suitable out to 600+ meters… but seeing as as the ballistic drop reticules on the optics suited for the job such as the Trijicon ACOG or PSO are ornamental and not functional despite the inclusion of bullet drop in game… For your battle rifles dubbed “DMR’s” you might do well to look into what optics and range of magnification are used for such an application a 4x optic is not exactly the magnification cap that is desired… For example Look at the “Leupold Mark 8 1.1-8x24mm CQBSS M5B1″ a optic that just so happened to be awarded the contract to go on US DMR platforms…

  • djharbinger 11.15.13 at 03:28

    Not gonna lie. Quite disappointing to see that Grand Bazaar didn’t make the cut.

  • ALASEEL 11.15.13 at 03:24

    All want Noshahr canals :(

  • Chakintosh 11.15.13 at 03:15

    I’m curious about that Second Assault cover image … Why do I see an AT infantry using a SMAW in Operation Metro ?? … No vehicles inside .. Unless he was a camper in the Clusterfu**k lol …

    • SkillTroll-BF4 11.15.13 at 03:26

      LOL but I’m pretty sure he’s blowing the walls so that it isn’t as clusterfuckish.

    • Penguino-Patch- 11.15.13 at 03:34

      the SMAW wasnt solely designed to take out vehicles. It was designed to destroy bunkers with infantry in them.

    • Indignant Yeti 11.15.13 at 04:29

      Perhaps he’s using it to initiate some of the new “Levolution” elements added to the map.

  • covert_assasin 11.15.13 at 02:54

    None of these maps should even be listed. There were so MANY bf2 maps that were much better than Karkand and we have been force fed that and wake island many times over. Mushtuur City would be awesome. Road to Jalalabad. Dragon Valley? So many better maps than any listed above. Ya sure I’d like to play them in bf4, but we already have bf3 and they would be the same. Why a whole expansion of maps that are from the last game? Kubra Dam?

  • h4lfbak3d 11.15.13 at 02:40

    Im still waiting on my favorite Road To Jalalabad to be brought back from the dead,,,,,,,,

  • Evidence69 11.15.13 at 02:40

    Oh no, more metro. Hopefully the bottlenecks will be easier to break, maybe with some enhanced destruction taking out some walls…

  • Coffeeist 11.15.13 at 02:37

    The fact that people voted for Metro at all, nevermind moreso than the other maps, makes me sick.

    • djharbinger 11.15.13 at 03:27

      Makes you sick? It’s just a game drama queen… Lighten up. Metro might have been crappy but you don’t know how much they might improve it in bf4

  • LarryV64 11.15.13 at 02:24

    Strike at Karkland should have been added!

  • Misaka-Railgun 11.15.13 at 02:23

    Metro Metro Metro!!!

  • matdave 11.15.13 at 02:22

    I Loved Damavand. Haven’t we had enough Metro?

  • lilnacc24 11.15.13 at 02:19

    will this be out for ps3?

  • drumcorpsnut 11.15.13 at 02:18

    Damavand Peak was really good. I would have liked to see a reworked Seine Crossing as well.

  • lammchop1993 11.15.13 at 02:12

    Damavand Peak should’ve been remade. That was the best BF3 map hands down.

    • DeadZed0 11.15.13 at 02:20

      Damavand Peak? Are you kidding me? That one-sided, piece of shit map. Ugh…