Inside Battlefield 4: Controlling the Battle

With returning veterans as well as newcomers flooding in to the series, we wanted to do a detailed run-down on the console controller options in Battlefield 4. Here are all your available settings — and how you can tweak the controls to fit your play style.

Want your Controls to Resemble Battlefield 3?


Want to play like it’s 2011? Just change your control settings to VETERAN to get a close resemblance to the Battlefield 3 controls.

We’ve heard the feedback from returning Battlefield fans that you miss the control scheme from Battlefield 3. Fear not! If you’re just looking for the quickest way to set the controls to closely resemble those in Battlefield 3, here’s all you need to do (we’re assuming a right-handed player in this example): Hit OPTIONS from the main menu and set all fields (where applicable) to either VETERAN. That’s it! With theses settings made, there will still be a few changes compared to the Battlefield 3 controls. The design thoughts behind these are all explained in greater detail below.

Tweaked BF4 Controls for Maximum Team Play

BF4 X360 default controls

The new default control scheme on console adheres to common shooter standards while at the same time maximizing the potential for efficient team play unique to Battlefield 4. Image taken from the BF4 PDF manual.

The default Battlefield 4 controls on console are designed from the ground up to facilitate team play. In concrete terms, this means we wanted to make sure that both Spotting and the Commorose are used heavily in multiplayer, while the Engage order and Tactical Visor should be equally easy to reach and use in Single Player. All the while, the core gameplay mechanics of shooting, aiming, moving, and executing melee attacks need to be as strong and reliable as ever.

We also had to take into consideration that a lot of Battlefield fans eventually will want to move from their current console to the next generation. This means we needed to stay consistent across PS3 to PS4, and X360 to Xbox One. When we designed the default controls for Battlefield 4, we took the next generation of controllers into the equation as well.

To achieve the above design goals, we moved team play functions like Spot and Commorose to Right Bumper/R1. This in turn meant we needed to redesign other parts of the controls as well. We believe the result is a control layout that allows players to utilize the unique team play mechanics of Battleifeld 4 — while still staying true to tried and tested shooter controls and making the transition to next-gen controllers as seamless as possible.

In Battlefield 3, Spotting and Commorose was mapped to SELECT/BACK. However, we wanted to make these functions more easily reachable and more widely used. The equivalent buttons on next-gen controllers are also functioning in a different manner and can’t be used to map game functions like in Battlefield 3.

Other changes in our default control scheme are:
-Knife attack was on RB/R1, has now moved to R3 (click right stick)
-Crouch/prone was on R3, has now moved to B/Circle
-B/Circle was ENTER/EXIT VEHICLE, has moved to HOLD X/Square (as opposed to TAP, which is still RELOAD)
-HOLD X/Square was PICKUP KIT, so that was moved to HOLD Y/Triangle
-On PS3, we use that console’s standard for shooter layouts, where the shoulder buttons are used instead of the pull-triggers. So on PS3, all the trigger functionality is flipped, and Spot/Commorose is R2 (pull trigger) instead of R1

New Intuitive Vehicle Controls

Snapshot from BF4 Multiplayer Launch Trailer

The default vehicle stick controls in Battlefield 4 are tweaked for maximum intuitiveness Image grabbed from the Official BF4 Multiplayer Launch Trailer.

We wanted a more intuitive vehicle control scheme as the default for Battlefield 4. Since you are moving your character with the analog stick it made sense to have similar controls for vehicles. This means that the current default for vehicle controls is that the left stick now controls both throttle and steering. This allowed us to have movement controls on the stick, and FIRE, ZOOM, Countermeasures and Spot/Commorose up on the shoulder buttons, making all vehicle layouts closely match the soldier layout.

This should make it easier for players to pick up and play in vehicles compared to the unconventional placement of these buttons in previous Battlefield games. Also, we noticed that in Battlefield 3 players sometimes mistakenly entered a vehicle when they actually just wanted to reload their gun, and vice versa. We solved this issue by changing the ENTER VEHICLE command to require you to press and hold, rather than just quickly press. We also moved the button for picking up weapons and kits to ease the overload on the Interact button in Battlefield 4.

VETERAN TIP! If you prefer to use the analogue triggers for acceleration and braking you can change to that layout in the options menu by setting the VEHICLE BUTTONS option to VETERAN.

New Aim-relative Control for Turreted Vehicles

BF4 Turret Control

It’s never been easier to drive turreted vehicles like tanks and air-to-air vehicles. Image grabbed from the Official Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Launch Trailer.

There’s a new control system for driving vehicles with turrets meant to reduce complexity for players, as aiming in one direction and moving in another can be tricky. The new default control setup in Battlefield 4 helps move the vehicle in the direction you push the control stick, regardless of in what direction you are aiming the turret. This control method is only active in tanks (MBTs, IFVs, and Mobile AA vehicles) and Attack Boats, as they are the only vehicles where you operate a turret while driving.

VETERAN TIP! Players who prefer a more traditional Battlefield control method for tanks can head to the CONTROLS option menu and change the VEHICLE AIM RELATIVE CONTROL setting to OFF.

Configure the Sticks to Do What You Want

For the thumbstick layout options for both soldiers and vehicles, we offer the same options as we have in Battlefield 3. SOUTHPAW completely swaps the functions of the left stick and right sticks (for example, if a player is left-handed and prefers that) and LEGACY swaps only the X-axes on the thumbsticks, resulting in a soldier control scheme similar to N64-era shooters where moving forward and turning were on the same thumbstick. LEGACY SOUTHPAW swaps the functions of the LEGACY layout between the two thumbsticks. Between the default layout and these three alternatives, any possible combination of thumbstick controls is available for soldiers, land vehicles, helicopters, and jets, separately.

Miscellaneous Control Tips

Inverting the Y axis
Some players prefer to invert the Y axis on the sticks on foot or when in vehicles. You can select this in the controls options as well. For some players, inverting the Y axis in vehicles specifically makes sense, since that means flight controls will more closely resemble real life (where pulling the stick towards you will make the nose of the plane to go up.)

Visit Battlelog on the Fly
One change in Battlefield 4 is how seamlessly we have integrated the core social fetaures of Battlelog into the game, not only on PC, but on consoles as well. Hitting BACK/SELECT will let you quickly open up the Battlelog dashboard to see which friends are online, what they are playing, and also the status of any ongoing MISSIONS that you have accepted or created for your friends.

So if Battlelog is on BACK/SELECT, where has the scoreboard gone that was previously mapped there? The score board is still available quickly, this time by holding the START button.

Set the Sensitivity Just Right
Don’t forget to set the aim sensitivity on your controls. Try it out and see what you prefer – higher means more sensitive for quicker turning speeds, but usually at the sacrifice of finer control when you just want minor course corrections or aim adjustments (usually at longer ranges.)

Why No Full Customization?

We have heard your feedback on the controls for Battlefield 4 and your questions on why they are not fully customizable. While the matter of configurable button mappings on consoles is quite complex, we are investigating whether this is something we could support in the future.

Take the Vehicles For a Spin on the Test Range

BF4 Test Range

Take the vehicles for a spin and evaluate all of the available controller settings in peace and quiet on the non-hostile Test Range.

We know getting to grips with all of the available vehicles in Battlefield 4 can take some practice. That’s why we’ve included a Test Range in the game where you can practice weapons and vehicles in a non-hostile environment. If you want to brush up on your flying skills or try out all of the available controller options to see which ones fit your play style, the Test Range is the place to go.

We hope this blog post answers your questions on the Battlefield 4 controls. Let us know in the comments below if you have any more questions you would like us to answer. Stay tuned for more in-depth blog posts on all aspects of the game. Thanks for reading!

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  • tstock_007 03.23.14 at 18:00

    And on a side note, it irritates me when somebody wants a concept adopted and uses subtle insults to obtain their goal (“Want to play like it’s 2011?”). Really? You typed this blog on a keyboard layout from 1878!!

    Are their theoretically better keyboard layouts? Probably. But it wouldn’t be more efficient for me to use them as I’ve already LEARNED and become proficient with the QWERTY keyboard arrangement. Perhaps DICE needs to do a little research on muscle memory and its amazing power.

  • tstock_007 03.23.14 at 16:58

    Just picked up BF4 last night. Practiced in the training mode for about 3 hours. First thing I did this morning was search online to discover the story behind the control layout change. I suppose I can understand wanting to refine a game (it is a new game, after all.) I guess I’m just confused as to why the EXACT same control scheme can’t be used from BF3. I’ve never been a great “shooter” and have accepted I never will be, but that’s what is so cool about BF’s rock/paper/scissors concept. You don’t have to out shoot the other team to win, only out “think” them.

    I could “program” the new control layout into muscle memory (and I could also learn to efficiently use a 10-key for calculations) but I don’t want to! You guys do understand muscle memory, correct? A good example would be a standard keyboard layout for a PC (or similar layout for a Mac.) While the standard keyboard is not the most efficient, have you ever stopped to think why Microsoft/Apple doesn’t change their keyboard layout every time they release a new Operating system? BF is a challenging game and that’s where the real satisfaction comes in; winning a hard fought battle with your teammates because your tactics where better. Learning a new control scheme is also a challenge, but with NO reward. When you use the controls correctly, you still need to actually win! But when you are in the heat of battle, and you use the controls incorrectly, there is nothing more frustrating!!!

    Maybe this is your controller layout for the foreseeable future, and I should just invest the 50 or so hours to “reprogram” the controls into muscle memory using the default BF4 layout. It just sucks that the veterans are especially penalized for being loyal BF players, and some Halo/COD/whatever player shows up and is catered to. You need to expand you customer base – okay. Just don’t forget how you got here. While others were off playing COD/Halo games, we have been on the Battlefield since the beginning.

  • P3GASUS_EXE 03.07.14 at 16:16

    My transition from Battlefield 3 to Battlefield 4 has been pretty rough. I enjoy playing BF3 in my PS3 but when I switch to BF4 in my PS4 the controls feel completely wrong. I’m not asking DICE to remove the current control scheme in BF4, I’m only asking for the option to play with the SAME EXACT (not similar) controller scheme from BF3. We spent a lot of hours getting used to BF3′s way of moving, why should the veteran BF3 players be penalized in BF4 with different controls?
    I feel like one of the factors that differentiated BF3 from COD or any other FPS was the control scheme, why would you try to take that away?

    • sniperghost3602 03.18.14 at 03:08

      I know right but I play on xbox it got me really confused they need to fix that because I don’t want to play call of duty to get used to the controls

  • lukeybashbosh 02.25.14 at 01:59

    Come on dice, change the controls already, don’t let EA ruin yet another game!

  • jarhead3270 01.29.14 at 10:36

    Well stated, -6thAD-Buzzard

  • churr-wera 01.28.14 at 10:01

    Could you change the button for picking up weapons off the ground back to the square button ps4

  • churr-wera 01.28.14 at 09:56

    Please change the aim and shooting controls back to L1 and R1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jungheinluc 01.25.14 at 09:08

    Hello all
    I do not understand why the configuration of the game(set,play)
    Battlefield 4 on the PS4 does not allow as on Battlefield 3
    an easy use for the veterans and the people handicaped whose
    mobility of hands is reduced. It is a shame
    not to have thought of it. I hope that you alez to drive an
    improvement quickly.
    Thought has we, the former(old), bye

    • churr-wera 01.28.14 at 09:52

      Yes totally agree with that, please change this dice

  • ONE FAT FLY 01.24.14 at 06:44

    :( I fell like i’m the only one who likes the bf4 controls over bf3′s, they do actually feels smoother and with the sheer amount of time spent playtesting and designing a NEW FUCKING GAME, I would expect people to think of this as refreshing rather than painstaking

  • SnotDemon 01.20.14 at 02:03


  • chaos8877 01.15.14 at 18:06

    R1/L1 Aim to shoot NEEDS to be added. Coming from BF3 on PS3 to BF4 on PS4 has been a terrible transition. I have been killed on numerous ocassions due to using the incorrect buttons to aim and shoot. I have even killed myself with grenades. Very frustrating, contemplating returning the game.

  • Sergeant_SLY 01.05.14 at 00:31

    “Please add l1 aim r1 shoot to ps4″

    I too would like this option for PS4!

    I can’t stand sighting in to shoot someone and throwing a damn grenade!!!

    Worse is when it hits something and bounces back, injuring/killing me instead! I have been playing this game on PS3 since launch, so to not have the control options on PS4 is driving me crazy…

  • Dmpboi128 01.03.14 at 12:42

    I personally dont think there should be any discussion on this topic what so ever, DICE your a multi billion dollar company who only cares about one thing, making money, that money depends on what gaming experiences you can provide for us, millions have spoken out who are unimpressed with this half baked game bf4. If the creators of COD had any brains at all, they would add vehicle use as much as battlefield has, steal your ACTUAL Bf3 control layout, stop with all the futuristic crap they are doing, and demolish DICE’s customer base of war gaming. The fact that your are still releasing profitable DLC whilst your original game is an unfinished product makes me never want to purchase from you again. You are standing on shaky ground DICE and your slowly running out of time….and when your out of time…your out of money :)

  • Killaclown65 01.01.14 at 05:04

    how do you counter the knife attack

  • CURLIAN 12.29.13 at 08:50

    BF3 controls my ass!!!! we didnt ask for something similar we asked for the REAL thing. Give us the BF3 controls plz.

  • Cachito84 12.24.13 at 21:10

    Please add l1 aim r1 shoot to ps4

    • Sergeant_SLY 01.05.14 at 00:30

      I too would like this option for PS4!

      I can’t stand sighting in to shoot someone and throwing a damn grenade!!!

      Worse is when it hits something and bounces back, injuring/killing me instead! I have been playing this game on PS3 since launch, so to not have the control options on PS4 is driving me crazy…

  • QwertyRob 12.21.13 at 17:37

    Hi everyone! I’d like to start off by saying that, among other things, I was the first in the world to have 2, 3, 4, and finally all ground vehicle gold dog tags for BF3 and I’m going to let you in on part of my secret. I can say with certainty that I would not have been as successful had I not been using the Xbox 360 Alternate Vehicle Button Layout with Left Trigger for acceleration and Left Bumper for Brake/Reverse which has been removed in BF4.

    Why did I prefer this layout to the others? In short, it was because it provided the most control with the least amount of unnecessary and unnatural multitasking which I will touch on later. With this configuration, the controller felt like a natural extension of the body which allowed for seamless gameplay in which I and the vehicle were one.

    Here are some reasons why I considered The Xbox 360 BF3 Alternate Vehicle Button Layout to be superior to the other layouts and truly “intuitive”:

    1) Since accelerating moves you forward and reversing moves you back, it makes sense that the button for accelerating should feel like it is in front of the button that moves you back. Hence, the accelerating left trigger is below the left bumper used for reverse on the controller.
    2) The vehicle movement controls are close to one another so that the same finger can be used for both. When learning to drive a car they always teach you to use the same foot for gas as for brake as opposed to using both your feet.
    3) Separating vehicle movement from vehicle combat so that, in your mind, the left hand is assigned for movement and the right hand is assigned for combat allows for more organized gameplay.
    4) The “Fire” button for infantry, the right trigger, is also the “Fire” button for vehicles so that it takes a player less time to adjust and transition from infantry gameplay to vehicle gameplay.
    5) Analog sticks are reserved for steering and aiming. After all, this isn’t Halo.

    Dice has recently allowed players to revert back to the old Default BF3 vehicle controls newly named “Veteran”, but these controls still fall short of the Alternate BF3 ones. Apart from number 5, the Veteran layout does not provide the advantages that the Alternate layout provides, however, I would like to draw your attention to the worst characteristic of this layout as follows:

    Since reverse(the left trigger) is on the same side as fire(the left bumper), you cannot reverse and fire at the same time unless you use both your index and middle fingers in unison which is cumbersome and adds significantly to the multi-tasking required to mentally juggle this unnatural layout.

    For the controller to feel like a natural extension of the human body, the controller layout needs to model real life, be simple, and make sense. Complicated controller schemes are like juggling in real-life and require too much multi-tasking. The more we multi-task, the more prone we are to making mistakes and the less we are able to concentrate on other more important things.

    So please support the return of BF3′s Xbox 360 Alternate Vehicle Button Layout or controller customization in general. More successful and satisfying gameplay awaits!

  • xX-WaLtY_615 12.12.13 at 21:42

    oooo ya bf3 controls are coming back

  • Ca1ucifer01 12.09.13 at 10:59

    Dice, bring back the alternate vehicle buttons from battlefield 3 please, I use to used them and I love them!!!!! Why you give me something just to take it away from me don’t be so epic games with gears of war -.-

  • abra1mkb523 12.04.13 at 04:09


  • FFF-NIGHTMARE 12.02.13 at 18:22

    So BF3 is the best EVER played, in tactical way and arms an so on. If you play it – you live in it.The configuration of the Controller is burned into your Brain. But there is no Brain in DICE Leadership because they changed the assignment of the buttons, in BF 4 on PS4. – R1 shoot s no more.!!! So are you crazy???? thats not playable. How can you do this for a Billion Dollar Community??I want my PS3 configuration back or i must leave..reasonably disappointed!!! By the way : the look and style of BF4 is ever closer to MW3 and fuc* the upgrades to quickrunner, or 2 seconds more invisible and these nonsense for NOObs. So please tell us, that you dont want to continue in this way!!!!! Make a patch for Ps4 Controllers as we are accustomed in a duel as on vehicles. Do you think we throw away the Bf3 Game, because of BF4? so we are mistaken every entry. CLEAR YOUR MIND . FFF

    • gushin120 12.03.13 at 05:10

      Agree. Please provide a patch for PS3 AND PS4 (and I imagine the XBOX crowd) that has the button configuration “BF3 BUTTONS”. I’ve jigged the new settings a lot and it’s totally crap. Why would you go to such lengths to piss off your biggest fans?
      Go and research “NEW COKE” and see how well THAT worked.

  • RyanRoga 11.29.13 at 19:47

    The change in the xbox 360 controls I was most unhappy with at the start was the back button’s new functionality. You took something I learned to hit by habit and made it into something completely different. How extremely frustrating to be playing, trying to kick some ass, then all of a sudden, when you’re supposed to be shooting at someone, battlelog pops up. Perhaps you could have made an option to disable the button altogether while in gameplay. That would have made me extremely happy with the initial launch. Ideas for a future launch…

    Nevertheless, I’m loving the game, keep up the good work.

    • djlscott 11.30.13 at 04:33

      dude its either survival of the finish. if u cant adapt don’t attemped

  • SaltySteele 11.21.13 at 15:00

    First off, let me state that I was with you all in the beginning. I HATE, HATE, HATED the new control scheme. I was the hatiest of all haters of the new control scheme.

    After playing with them a month now, I cannot control BF3 vehicles, and while the controls for BF3 may not feel asinine, they certainly do not feel as intuitive as the BF4 controls- mainly speaking of helo’s and tanks. the turreted vehicles all operate well with the new “push-the-stick-the-direction-you-want-to-go” scheme, but there is a sticky point in the middle of forward and reverse turns where they do not know which way they want to go. you get through that, though, and learn to do a roll-around maneuver with the stick, as opposed to a maneuver where you stop moving forward and push to the left or right.

    The com rose is stupid, i still hate that. I spam the hell outta the spot button, as I did in BF3, and that is more comfortable now. However, in spamming the spot function, i end up giving com rose verbiage. they can take that out all together; if you don’t have a mic, learn to mime with your character, because I’m certainly not listening to any of that garbage. i’m only listening of enemy/vehicle positions.

    In summary, if you give the controls a chance, you’ll like them. I guarantee you won’t hate them as much as I did. with the amount of time we spend in this game, it is very hard to change. on the PS3 version, the spot function is very important, because the enemy is more difficult to see than in BF3, so if you want to win, get your friends to all use the spot function.

    • SaltySteele 11.21.13 at 15:05

      The only change i made to the layout, was changing the melee button to the circle button. i hate controls using the “push in the stick,” just don’t seem as comfortable. I haven’t seen the PS4 controllers, but I do like the idea of buttons underneath (seen on the xcrap #one)

      • MadDogSkiBum 12.01.13 at 02:11

        I can’t agree more. I ABSOLULTELY HATE the melee on the joy stick. I keep pushing it when in a gun fight (kind of funny watching myself swing a knife at someone to far away to hit … not funny that it’s gotten me killed more than a few times).

        Wish when BF said Legacy on the controller … it actually went back to the BF3 layout.

    • UnKnwnSoldrX 12.12.13 at 16:11

      You must be a dice employee. Its retarded how the controller has been redesigned around that stupid commrose/spot BS. Also to use your countermeasure (ECM/flares) you have to let go of the left stick (CONTROLS FOR YOUR VEHICLE!) for like half a second to hit the D-pad, in combat half a sec is to long to be out of control of your vehicle.

  • Anstrenozous 11.19.13 at 10:06

    Bf4 is great, but seriously, you guys need to stop trying to be call of duty 2.0. People play battlefield because its a tactical realistic shooter. It shouldn’t be an option to have aim relative controls. Real tanks wont and its not that hard to figure out. Also, the bf3 layout was PERFECT on consoles so please bring it back (but on ps4 please keep the trigger buttons as aim/fire and just a suggestion but have spotting be a tap on the touchpad and a double tap be a command. There seems to be lag when pushing r1 and having your commands come through but spotting is instantaneous.).

    Ps custom button mapping on console is not hard. If bethesda can do it DICE most certainly can.

  • Rebel_President 11.18.13 at 14:29

    Bhaskerdrockstar, You are a very good customer support person! I just hope that they get this fixed ASAP as in a week or 2 at max. It can not be that hard for someone who knows what they are doing to get this ready. I am sure 100′s if not 1,000′s of people are mad about this. I know I am and so are a lot of other people who posted below me.. Guess I will be playing on PS3 till this gets fixed on PS4.. What a sad day and a dumb move by the person who made it this way!!!

  • Bhaskerdrockstar 11.18.13 at 14:24

    DICE is “looking into” allowing console players to customize Battlefield 4 controls

  • Rebel_President 11.18.13 at 14:18

    You guys must fix this, on PS3 you can use R1 to fire, L1 to aim. YOU CAN NOT DO THIS ON PS4? This is lame, I feel ripped off. You guys can fix this very easy, please get to it ASAP because I can not play with these settings on PS4!!!!!!

  • SnotDemon 11.17.13 at 12:15

    f*ck you you just made my life more harder i have a small hands now im strugling to play the new set of controls on my ps4 now i regret buying the game because of your stupid plan why the fcck you have to change the control settings it was perfectly fine on bf3 u should atleast give us another option where we can set it the way we play !!! i am r3aly raging the moment inplayed the and realize you guys fcck with the control settings hopefully you fixed this in the future cause were not gonna play the way you wan it bittch we want to play it the way we want!! were the consumer bitcch fix this problemm!!!

  • Neobahmot 11.17.13 at 07:46

    I’m playing AC:Blackflag till you figure out your dumb ass button layouts.

    • ZuluRanger 11.18.13 at 01:03

      I lol’d. But I’m easy. Almost used to the new button layouts with stick settings on veteran. Still don’t like where my knife is though.

  • H8eRzZ-bLuRR 11.17.13 at 07:27

    Please go back to having an option for R1 and L1 aiming and shooting. I was really upset to play the game that I love and do terrible because I feel like I’m playing backwards.

  • NathanRody88 11.16.13 at 22:53

    Dice if you actually appreciate and take advice from your community please make it an option to switch back to the R1/L1 weapon control. The new ones are like playing backwards for people who have used the old controls since BF3.

  • MrAllStar2 11.16.13 at 04:31

    Theres really no reason why the spot/command button isn’t the touch pad (or select button in ps3′s case), just put the battlelog stuff in the pause menu, seriously

  • SFC_Ren 11.16.13 at 03:40

    Honestly taking away the functionality of the R1 and L1 shoulder buttons makes me want to get rid of this game if I had know beforehand that they were screwing me over. I wouldn’t have pre-ordered or bought the game. I guess I can just turn it in to game stop for a couple bucks and go back to playing BF3. Idiots! why fix something that isn’t broke?

  • PokerNick 11.15.13 at 02:17

    Why change it from the beginning?! You can´t fix it if it isn´t broken. I´m just sayin´.
    And let us players customize our controls as we want…

  • CAPTAIN--HAGGIS 11.14.13 at 00:55

    While Veteran controls come close to BF3 they still do not match what I had, so it is taking quite a bit to get use to the sticks…I can fly the heli, but can’t aim right…………muscle memory is getting in the way for this old dog! I suppose by Christmas I’ll be back to where I was in BF3.

  • CAPTAIN--HAGGIS 11.14.13 at 00:54


  • Taiin 11.12.13 at 21:39

    Playing on PS3 currently. The new control schemes just don’t match the options we had with 1943, BC2, and BF3. The vehicle accel/braking is aweful, and the veteran options aren’t the same at all. Please give full customization, thanks!

  • WolfsBlood003 11.12.13 at 16:47

    They fucked all of the controls for the vehicles that’s the only reason I play Battlefield 3 and 4 .

  • notakir 11.12.13 at 15:34

    Me and my friend have changed every setting to Veteran, but still there is fundamental flaw with Vehicle controls since you need to shoot with middle finger (L2) while using up and down with index fingers (L1/R1). I can only dream of fully customizable controls on console, but add a True Veteran control settings (PS3) L1: fire, R1: spot/commo, and R2: throttle up, L2: throttle down. True Veteran shoots with index finger and middle finger is for something else ;)

  • kill64joy 11.12.13 at 15:32

    it’s badass!

  • jmelchio85 11.12.13 at 14:16

    the thing that I think is the most stupid is that you guys at dice haven’t figured out that us players on console want it so that you can configure you controls like you can on PC, it just makes more sense then ruining the controls that people have been using for years. So if you want to change stuff up with the default settings, go ahead I don’t care but if you you that and and don’t let us configure the controls, you guys at DICE are just doing doing your stuff wrong.

  • sj_ami 11.12.13 at 13:39

    The controls are honestly terrible and this post is an insult to the sensibilities of your gaming community.

    On the console I would say that the BF3 controls nearly completely perfected the controls for the Battlefield series.

    In BF4 on the PS3 you have destroyed acceleration, targeting and the deadzone, made knifing happen accidently by putting it on R3 instead of allowing stance on that button in Veteran to be configured, ruined the helicopters by forcing ascend and descend on the right stick and made the default controls for vehicles an abomination. Spotting also becomes an issue if you align some of your controls to lefty and then the spotting changes back and forth between R1 and L1 depending on vehicle use. There is no consistency at all. It seems the XBox360 and PS3 use of the triggers is back to front and each system got the other systems control based on the variable style throttle triggers. It is wrong, wrong wrong…

    SELECT is now wasted thanks to Battlelog which doesn’t have enough features yet on the page to warrant a top level button. Battlelog should be migrated to the Pause menu and SELECT allowed to be used for the primarily important function of spotting. Don’t worry about the transistion to next-gen; WE will deal with the change when we move to the new system (Which we will treat as a new system and understand that there might be a learning curve).

    Spotting should have the option of Simplified style like BF3 being context sensitive or the full Comma Rose. The BF3 style was preferable at least on console for the default.

    Separate levels of sensitivity should also be implemented for soldiers and vehicles as it is impossible to obtain a comfortable setting that works for both vehicles. I’ve had to impair the ability of my soldier by lowering the sensitivity to 12% to make the helicopters controllable.

    You really need a layout just like BF3 that is emulated perfectly and allows for muscle memory to take place and make the game familiar again.

  • BattleBooski 11.12.13 at 03:46

    The new controls are absolute crap… someone should be fired for this

  • Rally Cap 5000 11.12.13 at 01:07

    Why mot have a ‘classic’ set up that mimics BF3. Change for change sake is not a good thing…don’t mess with my controller!!!! And quit nurfing the tanks!!!!

  • DeathByShane420 11.12.13 at 00:14

    I really wish I could turn off the battlelog/select button. Also, having the mark target button on R1 makes me take my finger off the trigger to mark a target (not good). Changing the enter/exit button from B to X was dumb. Either way the biggest problem I see also is that you can’t knife while in the air. No more jumping through a window while breaking it in the air*** Come on… One more thing, You can’t jump sideways over even a door threshold or small rock. This causes you to get hung up and is really annoying. Pressing right while against a small object and hitting jump should jump you over that object, but nope you have to be facing it… Also is this game even HD? It looks bad next to BF3. I guess I will go back to playing BF3 until you fix these major issues… I would hope it would have been smooth out of the box, but its not. Also, If I set the game save to cloud, it freezes up my system every time. Being as I have done every update and am using a brand new Xbox from Best Buy, I wouldn’t have thought this would have happened…

  • GORILA730 11.11.13 at 15:52

    What do I have to do to get the character customization that allows me to have the black best with the white sleeves

  • OldschoolGT 11.11.13 at 08:31

    you guys are a total fuck up. youve completely messed up what was one of the best things in the game. the vehicle controls were already fine in bf3 and then you had to screw it up. also not having full customisation makes it completely retarded for a righty to use his left as a trigger finger. you fucking pricks.

    • chaaaly57 11.11.13 at 11:37

      Totally agree on this one… Although the infantry controls might be better on ps3, the vehicle controls are totally wrong, i end up crashing the whole map with a tank but not in the way i want to… The vehicle controls in bf3 were way better, and i wonder why there is no option to set them in bf4. There is no precision in these new controls, and i believe they were set so that a 6 year old could have some fun, which i believe would not fit with the game’s age rating… managing the turret and the vehicle at the same time wasnt rocket science, so why such stupid changes?

  • Akaitis 11.11.13 at 06:15

    give us a soldier sensitivity and a vehicle sensitivity. i want my soldier more sensitive and my vehicles less but you guys cant have that happy medium spot with the current setups.

    it was fine in BF3, why did it get changed for BF4. the sensitivity had a perfect “dead zone” and you could make small movements at a higher sensitivity setting but still spin on a dime when you noticed an enemy behind you on your radar.

    it worked and yet you guys had to fix it.

    what ever happened to the “if it isnt broke, dont fix it” saying. that applies here.

  • fUll951 11.11.13 at 05:59

    I just have to add that these controls are crap. The comrose is a failure. I see little benefit over the previous system. The gun play /handling is a step back from the superb Cod squashing gunplay of bf3.because of bf3 I will never buy another cod game again. But I have to say. Had this version came out first, I would of bought both black Ops 2 and ghost. I do understand that there is more happening in game than before but the graphics are just not on par with bf3.i couldn’t believe what other forum fielder’s were saying when they said it was hard to tell who’s who. It’s 2013 and we all have hd tv’s. Please do something to bring back the beauty that was in bf3 (talking consoles here)

    • jmelchio85 11.12.13 at 14:19

      the graphics on the console version of bf3 wasn’t good at all (I played on console the whole time) and bf4 isn’t ment to be played on the ps3/xbox360, it’s ment to be played on the next gen consoles

  • DpXFlOw 11.11.13 at 05:22

    i don’t understand how you guys came from bf3 to bf4 its like a downgrade bf3 multiplayer looks more finished but for bf4 o.O i have no words for it. bf4 is a nice game i like the multiplayer like always and a great singleplayer but everything is fuckt up for some reason freezing screens, stupid vihecles controller layouts and even every other controller layout, no saving single player and i can’t invite friends WTF! please fix your game we need bf3 controller layouts for bf fans who supported you all this time and a update for those freezing screens and every other crap fast! always believed bf was the greatest shooter but this time it seems to be a fail and waste of money. never sell a game that don’t work you look like cod in the past its just a shame

    • Akaitis 11.11.13 at 06:18

      yea i also agree and have heard from many players in-game that BF4 feels like a Beta still. not a fully polished game.

      i also have to agree that i liked BF3 more until they started messing with everything. BF3 was awesome until DICE patched parts of it into oblivion.

      you guys (DICE) really need to keep the parts of your games that players dont complain about and just fix what they dont like. you would be fine if you did that. dont overhaul and change everything that makes BF feel like BF.

  • Akaitis 11.11.13 at 04:25

    i want custom button mapping because the i agree that every layout is counter intuitive at best and makes for a seasoned BF3 vet to crash helicopters and drive tanks like i dont even know what BF series is.

    make your customers happy or be prepared for some shitty sales this quarter.

  • Gun_Deck 11.11.13 at 00:24

    EVERY SINGLE controller layout for PS3 SUCKS!!

    The Command Rose is a STUPID Feature. No One ever uses it. There is no need to ever use it. Yet there it is, DICE wasted a button on a feature NO ONE WANTS!

    Have an option for the BF3 layout and everything is fine.
    Why the hell did DICE ever change the controller layout, or at least why didn’t they make a BF3 layout?

    I have not played dice since release because, well.. you guys LIED and said there was something that was close to the BF3 layout, after the BETA was over. And that is exactly what it was a LIE!

    Please bring back the BF3 controller layout, also get rid of the STUPID Command Rose B.S.

    • Gun_Deck 11.11.13 at 00:26

      Sorry.. I have not played BF4 since release… got emotional during typing about how Pissed Off I am and how I am going through Buyer’s Remorse for purchasing BF4!

      • ScrapinFoetus 11.11.13 at 00:54

        I bought it, but still havent opened it. I’ll probably end up taking it back unless theres a yes or no response on this idiotic control issue. I’d also really like to know who sat in on the meeting when they decided to push this crap on us without giving us a choice whether we wanted to use it or not.

  • ScrapinFoetus 11.10.13 at 20:54

    Seeing as you guys are determined not to cater to some customers desire for an exact BF3 control scheme, is there any hope when you say, “While the matter of configurable button mappings on consoles is quite complex, we are investigating whether this is something we could support in the future” mean youre looking into it for the current release of BF4 on CURRENT consoles, i.e. PS3 and X360? I’m not looking to buy a next gen system for a while, so for me this is a point of sale. I’d really like to hear a straight answer to that, instead of the general vague worded response.

  • xXLive_RoundsXx 11.09.13 at 23:08

    im on ps3 have a question…on bf3 i played with sensitivity turned up to max…i tryed max on bf4 but its too fast what would be the perfect setting compared to bf3

  • BillyHoWCR 11.09.13 at 16:38

    “The new default control scheme on console adheres to common shooter standards..” this is so wrong. these guys have no clue what common shooter standards are if they (yes I am harping on this YET again!) if they force us to remove our finger from trigger to spot/use comma rose. They simply could have resolved the issue by putting the spot/comma rose on the LB instead of RB. That simple! You lost a sale… ALL BECAUSE YOU DON’T KNOW JACK ABOUT FPS CONTROL SETUPS!!!

  • Shadykidd323 11.08.13 at 19:46

    The decision to totally change the controller layout was not necessarily a bad one, but you guys need to take into consideration the customer’s choice in the matter. I completely love the bf3 layout and found nothing wrong with it. Like M200_xTerminator said, “moving the melee action to Circle was a huge mistake because it cause you to remove your thumb.” That is very true. So if making an option to make a full customizable remap layout option for player then simple just add the regular standard BF3 option wouldn’t that be easier?
    Battlelog should also be move to the start screen instead of easing the transition by adding more menus you guys are making it harder. Weapon and class customization should be available as well on the start screen as well. Like baddada77 stated, “if it aint broke dont fix it.”

    Also, the blood splatter on the screen is not a good improvement either; it takes away from the experience. My wife, friends and family all hated this “new and improved system you guys have.

    I love you guys, I really do, but you’re making it real hard to love the new game.

    • NUTTYRthnSQRLsht 11.10.13 at 07:14

      I could’nt have said it better please dice if it’s too complicated to choose your own specific button layout then give a bf2, bf3, bf4 option. You already have access to all of the codes and info it would be a huge blessing for many cuz it almost forces me to totally pick if I want to keep on with bf4 or go back to bf3. You get use to bf4 and try to go back and play bf3 with some of your friends and now u use to a wacked up system layout and so turned off u don’t want to play either. If I wanted a joke COD set up if play COD not battlefield. Just come out straight up and say the truth u blended MoH BF3 and COD and tweaked it to get more people comfortable with this layout so u can get more of a gaming cross spectrum of players. Honor you dedicated players and don’t ruin a good thing you had going. At this point to me besides a beautiful game BF3 ate COD & MOH and pooped out BF4 when it comes to the control layout. If you don’t address this soon u will loose die hard fans.

  • baddada77 11.08.13 at 13:24

    “We have heard your feedback on the controls for Battlefield 4 and your questions on why they are not fully customizable. While the matter of configurable button mappings on consoles is quite complex, we are investigating whether this is something we could support in the future.”

    Glad to hear it because the new controls are terrible even on Veteran. Battlelog needs moving to the start menu and everything else back the way it was. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

    • Akaitis 11.11.13 at 06:08

      i, and many others i have spoken with ingame, couldnt agree more.

  • xSOP4WSxWRAtHx 11.08.13 at 07:34

    @Terminator. You must not know how to read bro, it says tge knife button will be clicking the joystick. And thats obviously why they did it so you Dont have to take your finger off the aim button. And knife was on RB/R1 and npw its on R3. You have it backwards man.

  • M200_xTerminator 11.08.13 at 03:02

    Using a knife with the circle button is definitely a bad decision–it requires you to take your thumb off of the right joystick, impeding your ability to quickly aim your gun if necessary. Dice should have kept it at R3. The biggest issue is the different vehicle controls. Back in Battlefield 3, I flew helicopters with alternate vehicle buttons and alternate heli sticks, allowing my throttle, pitch, and yaw, making the entire chopper’s physical being be controllable with my two thumbs. This made flying in tactical patterns, like circle strafing, easy to do because you can fly with your thumbs and shoot with your pointer finger. It’s a shame the controls are different and non-adjustable to this particular setting–it will definitely take some getting used to. Nonetheless, it’s a small fault in an overall incredible masterpiece of a game.

    • Akaitis 11.11.13 at 06:11

      the sensitivity is very weird. i put my sensitivity at my BF2 and BF3 setting (50%) and it feels so bad. i cant turn fast enough with the stick (ps3) all the way to the right or left but yet the small movements feel way way way too sensitive and i over shoot guy all the time yet i cant spin fast enough when i see some one to my left or right.

  • The_Highroller 11.08.13 at 02:16

    I logged over 10,000 knife kills in bf3 I hate the knife location spotting enemies is not more important to a veteran player right after they sneak up or run into the enemy around the corner in bf4′s many close quarters maps. The circle button takes your thumb off the aiming r3 button (great if enemy is asleep) and 99% the enemy moves and missing is the result. So the ONLY logical option is r3 button. Unfortunately this throws off your aim a little and ps controllers are apparently weak, because after 400 knife kills with r3 my new controller’s r3 is now broken. Please move knife to trigger or allow a equip knife option…

  • Noirdeszi 11.08.13 at 00:31

    It really would have been nice to at least make it the controls like BF3. The controls suck. you developers are saying that y’all are listening. Make a patch to customize the controls. BF4 is just a ok game because of the controls, BF3 was awesome the controls where simple and easy to use.

  • ForceProduction1 11.08.13 at 00:14

    This is so true. I am constantly falling out of helicopters on the test range because I can not reload without exiting. Box just isn’t working. L3? Maybe a button combo? With no auto load I’m tired of entering/exiting when I want to reload and vice versa.

  • Tacad 11.07.13 at 19:02

    I love how one of their points of rationale for the new control scheme was that players accidentally reloaded when trying to enter a vehicle. DICE for the love of God, entering vehicles was ALWAYS the circle button, NEVER the square button. So that was not even an issue in the first place. It is funny though, because now that they are mapped to the same button, I accidentally reload when entering vehicles, using elevatos, ect. Oh the irony is so strong.

  • SEAL TEAM 7rain 11.07.13 at 18:41

    The attack boats need to be tweaked. Turning your turret to either side while doing a turn in the opposite direction is impossible. Also sometimes while backing up the boat jumps forward for no reason.

  • ButchersBlades 11.07.13 at 18:14

    As a player with over 800hours logged and almost 4, 000 knife kills in Battlefield 3… I am pretty upset by the spot and knife buttons having been switched.So dissapointed by the disregard for vetran players. “Close” is a farce.

    • blazen67 11.07.13 at 18:16

      oh come on man…be like a true marine..overcome and adapt :)

  • sremoh 11.07.13 at 17:24

    i got a couple of things to say: it appears that bf4 has cod elements. why? the game appears to be more arcade like; where as bf3 had a sense of realism. second, i want to play bf4. the new control scheme makes game playing no fun at all. i’m seriously thinking about not playing it anymore. forcing players to a new control scheme because you want to promote certain features of the game is completely unnecessary. how about choice? why didn’t you include bf3 controls AND your presets? whoever was in charge must of not realized there were thousands of bf3 players. this game is no longer fun.

  • FYRFYTR21 11.07.13 at 15:46

    For the record, i’d like “identical” BF3 controls back. Not something semi-close or closely related….IDENTICAL. Mostly for tanks and IFV’s. It was one of the things I was better at, not now though.

    I understand the theory of making the R2 trigger the spot button to encourage team play because its more accessible, but newsflash, people still dont f-in spot! Most didnt in BF3 and it’s still happening. I dont understand it, and will stop trying to understand it. Random guess: people won’t spot because they think other teammates will steal a kill if they highlight what they’re gonna shoot at?

  • SuaSponte175 11.07.13 at 13:41

    Why fix something that isn’t broken? Adding new control layout’s is fine but eliminating previous layouts or tweaking them so much that they don’t even resemble what they used to be makes them worthless. I have logged over 1000 hours in BF3 ( It is pretty much the only game Ive played for almost two years…PS3 BTW) and spent a lot of time in vehicles, what you “thought” would be better is worse. It is damn near impossible to get wheeled vehicles to turn when starting from a stopped position. THats just the start of my complaints for vehicle controls. You can’t accelerate and turn with the same stick. My love for BF3 keeps me coming back to BF4, but I am getting frustrated and running out of patience. The infantry controls suck but I can begrudgingly deal with them, vehicle controls are so different from what they were they make that aspect of the game frustrating.

  • trigg3rr_happy 11.06.13 at 20:52

    Fix the controlling issues. I use a joystick to fly and I’m worthless now. Because of permanent key bindings (I.e. “trigger 2″) when I throttle down I cannot use the y-axis and the x-axis is slow to respond because trigger 2 is bound permanent to another function. This is terrible.

  • wWaAVve 11.06.13 at 17:31

    It’s not DICE my friends it’s EA.
    Unfortunately DICE is caught in the middle.
    EA has such a chip on their shoulders about beating COD that they rushed out B4 without finishing QA stuff.
    If it was up to DICE they would have waited just like they said with Mirror’s Edge 2 with release date of “when ready”.
    The same EA pressure was most likely used with pushing the Battlelog feature into the controller layout for their “social media” agenda. Can’t prove that but when you have a “big boss” it’s tough to fight them sometimes.
    I’ve been there.
    DICE won’t admit this and rightfully so and thats why I think we should lay off of them a little.
    There’s no one more disappointed than passionate game-makers who just spent 2 hard working years or more trying to deliver the best creation of a 15 year project.
    Everyone temporarily loses in the short term, fans, DICE, and even EA who is having this launch backfire to beat a rival.
    I do have faith I will get to play an amazing game on next gen at some point with ironed out issues, and DICE will continue to listen to it’s fans. It seems that since so many want their exact B3 controls that I’m sure DICE will accommodate this at some point.

    • doegee2 11.06.13 at 17:35

      Most “anger” is aimed for the one that is responsible for this garbage on the controllers…..

  • doegee2 11.06.13 at 17:31

    Just to bad, like how can u go into a vehicle fast while u have to HOLD a button? And why is there a quickbutton for battlelog? Like thats relevant in a game, check it later or while ur dead.
    Just like they say MAKING TEAMPLAY BETTER, wtf? Hardley anyone on bf3 was a team player, like for instance spotting enemy’s, if u asked anyone to spot someone/something they just didn’t.

    Plz make an update so the controls are not resemblance to bf3 but exactly like bf3.

    The game seemed nice and fine, but on the first try i realised the controls were screwed.
    I only finished campaign and i tried MP for few minutes, but i cant get used to those odd controls.

  • TEPPICHFRESSER 11.06.13 at 15:08

    Seeing BF4 from the E3 videos it look awesome. But after trying the beta i rendered the game unplayable because of the controls.

  • TEPPICHFRESSER 11.06.13 at 15:02

    The new controls for BF4 was the biggest disappointment for me. I had been using the same controls for BF ever since battlefield Modern Combat for the PS2 released back in 2005. Honestly, this is the first battlefield game i didn’t rush to buy on release day, based on the crap controls. Dice had to take all the fun out of controlling vehicles just so a hand full of incompetent players might hit the spot/issue command button. Lame guys……

  • upyourass26 11.06.13 at 14:05

    Ooooh come on, Why Why Why!!!?? change is not always better you idiots, thanks for F***ing up my Game-style… back to playing BF3… I hope that there will be and update soon! Twats

  • newrycity 11.06.13 at 12:04

    “We wanted a more intuitive vehicle control scheme as the default for Battlefield 4″ LOL LOL LOL…Honestly whichever dimwit decided this was more intuitive needs to find other employment. I had BF4 pre-ordered but thankfully I played the beta before I actually parted with any cash. Huge fan of BF3 which had its niggles but it was a great game so I just cant believe that you just decide to totally change controls and very obviously without a thought for loyal fans of the franchise. It cant be a coincidence that every single person I know didn’t buy BF4 because of the controller changes. Just so you understand what “resembles” BF3 controls is not BF3 controls. People I know wont being buying it if the controls are not exactly the same and your sales figures seem to reflect that.

  • k10greene 11.06.13 at 09:41

    I have told multiple friends not to purchase till the controls are fixed we want spot back at select the commo button causes accidental delays that ruin the game give it back as an option full bf3 conrol layout hundreds or more of your fans have spoken plz update and well be happy.

  • Pixzuuhl 11.06.13 at 05:06

    Hey I would LOVE it and I think MANY people would too, if you put back in all the different controller combinations from “BF3″ into battlefield 4! The jet controls are so hard to use and I much rather the “BF3′ controller set up I had. PLEASEEEEE ADD THEM IN !!!!

    And no, the Veteran controls in battlefield 4 are not the ones i want.

  • Tha_Hoff_ 11.06.13 at 02:57

    NUMEROUS issues in this huge disappointment of a game… Lagging out, freezing, audio issues, CONTROLS ISSUES… and what GENIUS said “oh yea, lets make it so no one can group up before joing a match so they can’t get in together”… genius… not to mention ther server browser not working…

    It is going to take a hell of a lot more then a double XP weekend to make up for this DICE… I hope your all sweattin bullets…

  • acidshell 11.06.13 at 02:30

    Whats the point asking us to put comments below when you dont even read them, because if you did then this would be your Sev1

    Ticket should read like this:
    Subject:Game unplayable due to controller mapping

    Main Body:
    Controller layout design causing game to be completely unplayable in both multiplayer and singleplayer mode
    Issue first noticed in Beta and fagged repeatedly and nothing done about it.}Management turn blind eye to this, and release this into the finished product.
    Next steps
    Give users full control to map their buttons axis and sticks as you can with FIFA (Duh…)
    Release an oficial poll to verify customers are happy with the result
    Apologise to customers and say lessons learned
    All is forgiven.
    DICE dont listen to their customers anymore!. The post above clearly shows this and the fact they havent posted a reply to anyone who has replied here or responded with any form of an apology. They think they were right to do this

    They were told this in the beta and still haevent put the correct controller layout in the game
    And from the post above they arent going to change it just to be pricks.

    So far I have phoned sony for a refund who say they dont give refunds for any games bought online and advised to contact EA. Phoned EA who advised that they have not got the ability to change the controls and who advise to post in forums on Dice website. Posted in forums on Dice website and get no reply but realise the extent of the problem and he sheer amount of people also in the same boat Phoned DICE today, who tole me that its not their problem, and to log a case with EA, as they are supposed to contact DICE on our behalf

    Do we all really need to phone DICE and EA at the same time to voice this problem and get it resolved? then post our ticket numbers in a public forum so they canbe counted? then chase up every day until resolution? It that really what we have to do to get this looked at or even a note to say “we are looking into this still pease wait x day, and we will give yo a resolution times”

    Lets see… whats the standard turnaround for a Sev 1 in a corporate environment? 8 working hours? Sev 2 2 working days(16hours. Sev 3 3 days. And Sev 4 – Sngle user issue(5 working days)

    Remind me where we are at the moment with this………

    Whos angry that they are completely ignoring their customers?

    • kunpowchicken 11.06.13 at 03:01

      Dude… You sound like a little baby bit<h. Just don't play the game if it bugs you so much about the controls. If I was DICE, I would laugh at your whiny a$$ and let you keep calling and give you the run around. And since you brought up the whole "sev 1, 2, 3" thing you apparently work in corporate IT..if I was your boss I would fire you cause I'm sure all you do is complain all day.

      Your a waste of time..

      • TEPPICHFRESSER 11.06.13 at 15:16

        A wise man once told me “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

  • mkonger 11.06.13 at 02:01

    I still like the battlefield 3 controller set up the best. The BF 4 set up sucks. Why do we need to access the battle log with one click of a button off the controller? I keep pausing my game because I am so use to the select button being the spot button.

  • IMA BEAST191 11.06.13 at 00:25

    Has anybody states been reset am I the only one!!!!!!!!!!! HELP ME PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • IMA BEAST191 11.06.13 at 00:24

    WTF!!!!!!! Dice I got to level 21-22 yesterday unlocked a bunch of guns attachments for the and today I get on I don’t have nothing what the hell is going on I’m Hurt that was a full game of playing my only day off!!!!!!!!:(

  • EL_CangryDmanati 11.06.13 at 00:00

    Please dice make bf3 controle back im a veteran in the jet and this new yet suck ..I wan my jet back like bf3 and my jet cam like bf3 and the map you need to do somthing I like my jet just like bf3 please you all redy put alot stuff down in the bf3 for the yet ..and I thing you did a bad jop wit this jet I just wan my jet back like bf3

    • mkonger 11.06.13 at 02:05

      Yeah no s**t. I hate the new controller set up. It licks big time. Makes no sense why we need to access the battle log so easily. so frustrating pressing the select button now.

  • me3_0888177CA 11.05.13 at 23:22

    I find it comical that Call of Duty Ghost and GTA5 do a better job utilizing THE OFFICIAL BATTLEFIELD 4 PDP CONTROLLER.

    DICE… Fail

  • Rammy 360 11.05.13 at 23:19

    Please DICE listen to the players – make BF3 controls an option. Veteran is just not the same. :/

  • thEExtrEmE420 11.05.13 at 23:03

    What’s with the lag in multiplayer, happens 1 out of 5 matches were the player glitches around making it impossible to hit,not sure if it’s a graphics or server problem because my internet connection is fine. Kinda annoying!

  • Nemeisis 2 11.05.13 at 21:06

    Instead of fiddling around with different control schemes, why can’t we just get fully rebind-able buttons?

    • Rammy 360 11.06.13 at 00:07

      So much this. Please DICE, make the controller layout fully customizable.

  • sebstar79 11.05.13 at 21:02

    I have never read any bullshit like this. “The default Battlefield 4 controls on console are designed from the ground up to facilitate team play. In concrete terms, this means we wanted to make sure that both Spotting and the Commorose are used heavily in multiplayer….” what was wrong with pressing the select button? I find there is much less spotting and orders going on now. And why not using the R2 button for something you really need an analog button. like throttle for example as it was in BF3. And what a shit thing is the MBT LAW? every idiot can shoot vehicles easily and there is no challenge at all. I was really looking forward for this game and now I just consider it a waste of money….

  • Blightor 11.05.13 at 15:31

    You didn’t mention the name of the artist that your main (first) image was taken from. I’ve seen it before and it’s not an official DICE made image.

    • SkyStalker 11.05.13 at 18:33

      What are you talking about thats a screenshot from the BF3 Campaign

    • StreetSoldier79 11.05.13 at 21:25

      Just go home play some call of duty.. you are in the wrong place..

      PS. thats bf3 screenshot made my DICE.. making it a official DICE made image

  • Octag0nzz 11.05.13 at 13:31

    The vehicle controls are horrible, and don’t come with bullshit of the “Next Generation” ready controls, THE PAD ON THE XBOX ONE IS EQUAL TO THE XBOX 360!!! STOP THE BULLSHIT!!

    If you need to move quickly when engaging with someone on a Tank, or you catch a player near the Tank and want to move and rotate at the same time, FORGET IT. Just not possible

    The select button for the battle log is completely USELESS!!! Where is the Scoreboard. Why do we need to see our friend that are not playing while WE are playing the game????

    The veteran mode is not the same as BF3, because we can only change a few controls,

    Please just make more configurations for the controls so e people can choose their own way. WE play the game not You! Or just make it so anyone can choose their own configuration

    Plus the game crashes the Xbox 360 while loading another Multiplayer map, I need to turn the Xbox off and on!! Plus loosing some unique unlock form battlepack that I have gain when I spent £60 for the deluxe edition. £60 FOR WHAT????

    FIX THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TempestNite 11.05.13 at 12:27

    “Bending to the will of the COD community.” That’s all this article really needs to say. I’ve been satisfied with all the controller schemes except for this iteration of Battlefield. Kit Switching on Hold Triangle? Very “intuitive” because it places me further away from the Right Analog Stick and the Jump Button as well. The campaign is supposed to be the tutorial on how to play under the Battlefield control scheme, not some copy of the COD control scheme. Additionally, the knife has been mapped to R2 since Bad Company 2. There are still fans who love BC2. Knife was consistent in Bf3. Dogtags are tradition in BF4 and that core of Battlefield has been squared away or rather, circled away or COD R3′d..There is not even an option to restore the original mappings in BF4. No point in buying the console version. This was the only franchise I was really into. Very disappoint @ EA/DICE.

  • LoCo_SeRG 11.05.13 at 08:53

    How about giving PS3 players the option of mapping the “Fire” button the actual trigger. That would make more sense. That is all. Love the game!

  • realmooky 11.05.13 at 08:28

    Well said sir.

  • yonkmeister 11.05.13 at 06:27

    Hi H Brun,

    Thanks for the informative post! One thing about this seems a little vague to me, though. Since many folks on the forums seem to be upset with the new controls, it seems that the info here is meant to be a response to all that bruhaha. But, it doesn’t exactly address the primary complaint very well. Most people are upset with the default, AND the veteran controls for vehicles, and this post seems to be suggesting that that is all that will be provided in battlefield. A previous post mentioned that additional options will be added, but it seem here that that is not the case. Is that true? (I do very much appreciate the fact that you all are “looking into” fully customizable controls in the (hopefully near) future though).

    If you aren’t adding these additional options, though, here’s my constructive criticism:

    What’s the issue with tank controls now? — Lack of precision & lack of uniformity
    Lack of precision with default controls: The default controls, using the joystick, lack the precision needed for good tanking. Though easier to learn with for beginners (fine by me to make the game more accessible), veterans prefer to have a throttle and brake/reverse that do not also affect their turning, as the joysticks do. For example, if I want to reverse and fire, I often want to go straight back, but have to point my joystick a perfect 180 degrees downward to achieve this. Though I did it successfully at times, there were often inconsistencies in that if I pointed, say a little to the right or left while trying to reverse, I would turn also, which caused me to get caught on objects and walls accidentally. So, there is a need for more precise controls which the veteran controls were supposed to address. But those veteran controls lacked uniformity.

    Lack of uniformity with veteran controls: Though the veteran controls have greater precision, they lack uniformity with other standard controls and end up becoming clunky. I’m speaking specifically about the fact that shooting is moved to the L2 button (on PS3 at least…Though I am unsure of whether this will be L1 or L2 on PS4). I guess I could adapt and learn, but at least for me, the number one muscle memory that I would least like to retrain, is my trigger finger. Everyone loves shooting with their dominant index finger, and to ask otherwise is a tall order. In other words, shooting with my left middle finger (assuming that I like to drive and fire at the same time) is awkward, clunky, and counter-intuitive if my entire first person shooter experience has revolved around shooting with my right index finger.

    So, some new options are needed.

    What do I suggest? — 3 Options

    Considering that the developers seem to be wed to the idea that spotting and commorose will always be linked to a trigger (hence just saying “give us BF3 controls” won’t work), I see a couple of helpful schemes that would work and would make us gamers rejoice:

    Option 1: L2: Reverse R2: Fire
    L1: Accelerate R1: Spot
    Dpad: Gadgets

    Benefits: Precise controls, and keeps my trigger finger happy (From what I know R2/RT will always be firing for infantry on next gen, so please preserve this for tanks/ground vehicles as well!)

    Option 2: L2: Reverse R2: Accelerate
    L1: Spot R1: Fire
    Dpad: Gadgets

    Benefits: Same as above. The developers would just have to be willing to move spot/commorose to a different trigger. I don’t feel that spot absolutely has to be permanently wed to R2/RB.

    Option 3: Fully customizable controls. BOOM!

    Benefits: Infinite, bringing about much rejoicing, unrestrained laughter, and the drinking of many frothy nectars.

    Thanks for your time, H Brun, and I do hope you guys consider giving us a few more options for enjoyment. I gotta admit, I don’t envy your job considering you have to moderate these forums and so many people here say such ridiculous things.

    Le Donk

  • 1985-86BEARS 11.05.13 at 05:50

    is anyone getting call of duty ghosts at midnight? hit me up 4 BF4 on PSN username bignickj23

  • 1985-86BEARS 11.05.13 at 05:47

    how do i use my battlelog emblems and battlelog portaits?

  • SuperKNZ 11.05.13 at 04:56

    The vehicle controls on PS3 when set to Veteran should be flipped back to normal. It doesn’t make any sense to have to either fire with my right hand or accelerate/throttle up with the other. Please just switch the bumpers around.

  • G-Funk_24 11.05.13 at 03:46

    “Since you are moving your character with the analog stick it made sense to have similar controls for vehicles.”

    But for choppers it’s the opposite. Pitch/roll should be left stick, yaw should be right. That would equate to the way you move your character on foot.

  • QwertyRob 11.05.13 at 02:23

    In summary, here are some reasons why I considered The Xbox 360 BF3 Alternate Vehicle Button Layout to be superior and truly “intuitive”:

    1) Since accelerating moves you forward and reversing moves you back, it makes sense that the button for accelerating should physically be in front of the button that moves you back. Hence, the accelerating left trigger is in front of the left bumper used for reverse on the controller.
    2) The vehicle movement controls are close to one another for quick access and require the same finger to use. When learning to drive a car they always teach you to use the same foot for gas as for brake.
    3) Separating vehicle movement from vehicle combat so that the left hand is assigned for movement and the right hand is assigned for combat allows for more organized gameplay.
    4) The “Fire” button for infantry, the right trigger, is also the “Fire” button for vehicles so that it takes a player less time to adjust and transition from infantry gameplay to vehicle gameplay.
    5) Analog sticks are reserved for steering and looking like they have been. This isn’t Halo.

    The human brain maps actions like the controller maps actions. For the controller to feel like a natural extension of the human body, the controller layout needs to model real life, be simple, and make sense. Complicated controller schemes are like juggling in real-life and require too much multi-tasking. The more we multi-task, the more prone we are to making mistakes.

    Therefore, the more intuitive the controller layout, the less of a need for unnecessary and unnatural multitasking leading to more successful and satisfying gameplay.

    So please bring back the Xbox 360 BF3 Alternate Vehicle Button Layout or just allow some degree of controller customization.

    • CHIK CHACK 11.05.13 at 13:38

      Overall I have to say that its absolutely bizarre that a Developer would map the core controls to BF4 to cater for Xbox One and PS4 when the larger profitable market for this product is current gen consoles due to the huge installed base. As a diehard XBOX360 BF3 fan and player I’m really disappointed in the migration to a new control system and even with either Legacy or Veteran mapped the control system still feels awkward and clunky, its not intuitive and for the most part just alienates me as a player. Overall BF4 is not a patch on BF3, both in terms of control system and visuals and its clear to see that even with the idea of encouraging a ‘teamwork’ game-play ethic in mind many players are still going the lone wolf route with their play style so it hasn’t fully addressed that tactical aspect.

  • drock310 11.05.13 at 02:17

    I miss being able to drive a tank 400m in one direction while firing the canon in any other direction without hassle. Now, I just spin like an idiot.

    Or Lord forbid I want to move while firing a wire-guided rocket.

    Flying is easier, but not precise. I end up hitting throttle by accident when turning.

    As for infantry fighing, I’m OK with all that. It’s the vehicle controls that just don’t jive.

  • acidshell 11.05.13 at 02:06

    I can put up with the servers being crap and the the stats being reset and the sound being glitchy and getting kicked from games, but I cant put up with handicapped button layouts.
    Fix it. I dont want to see battlelog when im playing…

    I also dont want to crouch when i am trying to get into a vehicle.

    I also want to spot when i press select

    I also want x axes inversions on each stick seperatly for each button config layout in all vehicles.

    I dont care about anything else. The above doesnt help at all.

    I am a seasoned vet and dont need to adjust to the vehicles. Its the badly layed out controller thats the problem. I wiwll beat everyone in the air in Bad company 2 in any chopper wiht pinpoint control using the “Bad company1 setting” give us those controls back and put them into BF3 too.

    Stop screwing around with controls. its not your place to do so

  • deathbylatte 11.05.13 at 01:42

    Dice, I am simply livid with fury. Give us a BF3 option. These changes are 1 step away from idiotic. Change them, and change them soon.

  • ChaosRenegade22 11.05.13 at 01:36

    I would like to start off by saying DICE thank you for making a amazing game. But there are some things I would like for you to change. Battlefield 4 compared to Battlefield 3 controls are simply a mess. I really enjoyed Battlefield 3 controls. But here are some of the changes I would like on Battlefield 4 controls setup.

    First up please remove the button for Battlelog while your in multi-player a match. Who’s idea was that? This was a stupid idea.

    Second up please move the Spot/COMM wheel button back to the select button. You can spot enemies by tapping the select button. Then bring up the COMM wheel by holding the select button.

    DICE, if the control setup for Battlefield 3 isn’t broken then don’t change it. Please listen to your loyal fans.

  • QwertyRob 11.05.13 at 01:23

    I absolutely agree with Rage-Quit-Gus,
    “Also, moving the vehicle gun button to L2 and the forward/ reverse buttons to L1/R1? That is not “intuitive.” It is the opposite because it forces you away from using your trigger finger on the gun trigger if you try and shoot while moving.”

    If for infantry combat, right trigger is “fire”, can’t you see why some people would prefer vehicle combat to be the same? Bring back the Alternate Vehicle Button Layout. It’s a no-brainer.

  • QwertyRob 11.05.13 at 00:55

    First off, I’d like to say that I was the first in the world to have 2, 3, 4, and finally all the ground vehicle gold dog tags for BF3 using the Xbox 360 Alternate Vehicle Button Layout with Left Trigger for acceleration and Left Bumper for Brake/Reverse. I preferred this layout to the others because the vehicle movement controls were close together for quick access and were separate from the attack buttons making it very intuitive to work with. With this configuration, the controller felt like a natural extension of my body which allowed for seamless gameplay in which the vehicle and I were one.

    Please bring back this button layout for console or just allow players to customize and map their own controller settings. This layout is much more than just muscle-memory built up over the 1500 hours I logged in. I consider it superior and feel there is a considerable amount of people that would agree with me.


  • AdullahKateeb 11.05.13 at 00:33

    go back to the bf3 controls

  • Rage-Quit-Gus 11.05.13 at 00:20

    The infantry controls do feel better to me, but the vehicle controls are horrible now. First off, as someone who has wasted 1300+ hours on BF3, the muscle memory is there. Second, I am mainly a ground vehicle person and Dice says that they have genre defining vehicle combat and then completely change the way vehicles control, discounting this segment of their paying fan base? The stick controls are terrible. Most of the time you just spin around when you are trying to back up. Also, moving the vehicle gun button to L2 and the forward/ reverse buttons to L1/R1? That is not “intuitive.” It is the opposite because it forces you away from using your trigger finger on the gun trigger if you try and shoot while moving. I was fine with the spot button being select, but understand this had to be moved, just not to R2. The commorose menu is a joke too. I don’t think I got one command off fiddling with that menu before someone killed me. Listen to the paying customers Dice! We don’t want “similar” or “controls that closely resemble Battlefield 3,” we want the controls we are used to that were “intuitive.” I’m getting BF4 for the PS4 and if these controls affect my enjoyment of the game, I won’t buy Premium and someone else can try my copy used.

  • timsparks40 11.04.13 at 23:48

    go back to the bf3 controls please i spent a hundred dollars now i can hardly play the game…

  • timsparks40 11.04.13 at 23:47

    please put in a patch ….go back to the control in bfow is that gon3…why would you change the controls? flying is so hard now..power up make you nose dive the aircraft…doesnt make sence…flares are on the d pad..?

  • SpideyBry 11.04.13 at 23:26

    Thank you, DICE, for the in-depth look at reasons for the new controller layout in BF4.

  • booker_64 11.04.13 at 22:32

    Thanks for your listening to the community, DICE. I’m sure everyone really appreciate it. There’s one thing really annoying still – why to replace R1/L1 (fire/aim) on ground vehicles with L2/R2? It doesn’t really make sense.

  • wWaAVve 11.04.13 at 22:22

    One thing I agree with is having the Spot button moved. It’s not good to take your thumb off of the stick while moving to hit the select button. I want to be able to move and flow and hit spot on the go. (nice jingle).
    I do agree with everyone that there should be an exact B3 layout as an option however, since there are hundreds of hours of muscle memory to change and some just want to hop on and play.
    I think many options can be good as long as they don’t give any player a distinct advantage or affect gameplay. Why not.

  • Schrute_Farms123 11.04.13 at 21:54

    so their response to better teamplay was to copy COD? i thoight exact bf3 controls were great for teamplay. and especially now with the comander, there is no real need to change the controls that drastically

  • HALFORIGINAL13 11.04.13 at 21:36

    In the GTA series it is easier to control vehicles like flying helicopters. Maybe you guys should take a page out of their book. Not being able to fly helicopters takes 50% of the fun out of the game for me.

  • BEES_IN_FL 11.04.13 at 21:06

    I think the majority agree it’s mostly controlling vehicles that’s the issue.
    The sticks are just not intuitive. I can’t think of one vehicle oriented game that forces the player to use sticks to accelerate and reverse. Not to mention, can be difficult to move in a straight line.

    My issue is particularly the accelerator, break/reverse and fire. With veteran buttons, the reverse is on the same side as the fire button. Very difficult to get your fingers to do different motions at the same time on the same hand. I have never paid attention, but is there a setup to have zoom and fire on same side for soldier buttons? I would imagine that would be very difficult to play. Same holds true for firing vehicles.

    That and the occasional throwing a grenade while trying do something else… Sigh. Anyway … I don’t have too many issues with much else. It’s the having to perform different movements with different fingers on the same hand at the same time. Shrug

  • Schepperdoens 11.04.13 at 20:19

    Nah, controls are just Fine! Finaly there is the Multiplayer experience i was Waiting for from BF1 on. Ok, i don’t use commo rose that much, but spotting was crap in BF3 as the select button is not well reachable. I think there are more ppl like me, getting Shot while searching the mini select Button for spotting. I hope some of the haters will give the controls a Chance. It is not Easy at first sight but i think it is really innovative in a Second look. Good work DICE! IMO

    • Schrute_Farms123 11.04.13 at 21:55

      do you have small hands? cuz i had no problem reaching the select button, also spotting doesnt do much in hardcore no map servers so its kinda useless. i will never touch normal mode

  • SaltySteele 11.04.13 at 20:03

    i’m tired of getting stuck in a corner, because i cannot control the effing tanks! there is no PIVOT, anymore. with the same stick controlling the turn AND the forward/backward, there is a spot where it just sits there with its thumb up its butt doing nothing. effing PIVOT!!

    put the effing throttle and brake back on R2 and L2.

    their solution was BS! really? your suggesting the shoot trigger be L2? have you have a shot a gun? how many guns do you know with that sloppy of a trigger? shooting needs to be R1, aiming L1.

    it’s that effing easy, DICE!

  • markaaronc 11.04.13 at 19:59

    the only thing I want back to the way it was is ‘spot’.. i am getting thrashed hitting the ‘start’ button instead of r2 on ps3.. i know I’ll get used to it but hey… :(

  • SaltySteele 11.04.13 at 19:50

    So….. WTF, DICE!?!?

    Put the effing controls back the way they were in BF3! I know a good amount of people who won’t even play BF4, because they will not use the new layout. Thanks! This is awesome! Tons of fans who have supported you for years, now just throwing in the towel.

    Maybe you should have effing asked for our input before turning the controls upside down! this is BS!

    There is no reason to have changed it. i’ve seen the PS4 controller and the xbox controller, and neither one is that different from current gen controllers.

    yeah, i’ll just swap my gas and brake pedals to a fucking bumper. there’s a lot of finese with STOP and GO! nothing like i need to speed up just a little- FULL FUCKING BLAST AHEAD!!!!!!

    WTF, man…. just WTF….

  • gab_ivan 11.04.13 at 19:47

    I want to be able to use the same layout than in bf3. It was so much better

  • CmdrVOODOO 11.04.13 at 18:46

    It seem pretty simple…. just add the controls exactly the way they are in BF3 to BF4 for both soldier and vehicles. It really is that simple. Those of us who are asking for this don’t want a commo rose or in-match battlelog. We want BF3 controls, not hybrid bf3/bf4 controls that don’t work well.

    We definitely don’t need to see battlelog in-game on the console. I have a PC or tablet I can use for that. We certainly don’t need battlelog in the middle of playing a match. Every single person I know has battlelog disabled in-game anyway. So now I have a select button that does nothing, and other buttons that have been randomly assigned to accommodate its worthless implementation.

    The veteran controls are the worst on PS3 in vehicles because what used to be the gas and brake are switched around because the gas is now the spot button. They aren’t so bad on Xbox One, PS4 and Xbox 360 because the right bumper is used for spotting and the triggers are used to gas and brake, but if you attempt to reload a gun in the LAV or the gunner in the attack helo, YOU EXIT THE VEHICLE!!! Nothing attempting a reload and find yourself out of the attack helo suddenly. It’s crazy!

    Honestly no easier to spot with R2 than it was hitting the select button. Get rid of in-game battlelog put ‘spot’ on the select (PS3)/back (Xbox 360)/touch pad (PS4)/view (Xbox One) button, put “action” button back on the circle (PS3/PS4) and B (Xbox 360/One), put the knife back where it was, and MOST of all, make all the vehicle buttons EXACTLY as they were in BF3.

    Again, just put back the BF3 controls exactly how they were. It’s that that hard to make that happen. It is so frustrating to be playing battlefield and not have the same buttons that we’ve used for the last 2 years. I have died so many times now trying to jump into a vehicle while under fire because I knife the side of the tank or RELOAD INSTEAD OF ENTERING THE VEHICLE!!

    It really isn’t rocket science, make the controls exactly the way they were in BF3. I know there is not longer a select on the PS4 and a “back” on the 360, but there is a button on the touch pad on PS4 and a View button on the Xbox One, just put ‘spot’ on the touch pad (PS4)/view (Xbox One) button, and put the rest of the controls the way they were in BF3.

    DICE, you guys seems to be holding onto the delusion that people on the consoles need to see the battlelog in the middle of playing the game, and that we NEED to spot with the R2/R Bumper, and that’s not the case at all. So again just give us BF3 controls, please.

  • startnQB 11.04.13 at 18:38

    Customized mapping of keys can and needs to be done. Have you ever tried on the PS3 to throttle up and down with your chopper using R1 & L1 while shooting at a target using L2? My God it’s so not intuitive on the PS3. Fix this Dice. Listen to your consumers. They want BF3 controls or the ability to map it out to their liking. The customer is always right.

  • ChipMuck304 11.04.13 at 18:21

    These controls have got to change. For new comers, I’m sure they are fine. For the loyal fans however, who have been playing BF3 for the past two years, this is a punishment. – I recall a multiplayer trailer that invited people to buy the game because you can ‘play how you want to play’ … well, that’s a total lie, and the above article proves it. “Battlefield 4 controls on console are designed from the ground up to facilitate team play.” — Last time I checked, I do not want to play as a team. I never used the spot function in BF3 and I will not use it in BF4. Why? Because that’s how I WANT TO PLAY. So please, DICE, fix this. I amped up this game all over my FB and Twitter attempting to get more of my friends/coworkers to play. That’s what a loyal fan does. Now this loyal fan is asking you to fix this controller layout.

  • TeeAge 11.04.13 at 17:04

    ! @DICE:
    1. Please make it possible to set COMMOROSE on TOUCHPAD on PS4! (With gestures > much easier and faster to TEAMPLAY)

    2. NextGen-Gamers with Premium should get ALL the Premium advantages from November, even if they start on Nov29th . Because if you changed your platform (Xbox to Ps4) you were Not able to upgrade and i don’t have the money to buy it twice for only one month of gaming! I will get BF4 and Premium on PS4 Release.

    Thank you, it’s really important !!!!

    • SaltySteele 11.04.13 at 19:54

      DICE: you will do what we say you will do. nothing more. we are dice. we control you. we do not value your input. you will do what we say you will do. that is all.

      DICE out.

  • jasonater1983 11.04.13 at 16:38

    The only problem I really have with Battlefield right now is. Your load out. What the hell !!! You have to be in a game to set what you want. Or go to battlelog. They defiantly need a load out were you can change your stuff and read about it at the main menu. Changing stuff while your in the game is bull and half the match is over before you decide what your going to use.

    • wWaAVve 11.04.13 at 17:26

      This one I do agree with and was one of my suggestions early on, months ago.
      It would be nice to adjust your loadouts while in pregame screen while waiting for next match with 30-40 seconds left to wait instead of just looking at the other players scores the whole time. Let’s have the important bugs and stuff fixed first, but I would like this added.

  • Tha MeatShield 11.04.13 at 16:27

    “We’ve heard the feedback from returning Battlefield fans that you miss the control scheme from Battlefield 3.”


    The Veteran controls were available in the Beta with the same layout. This means that, after the beta, you didn’t give two craps about the feedback, you had already decided “Veteran” was your answer to the problem.

    If that is your approach, fine, but don’t sit here and tell us you listened to the feedback when you didn’t.

  • AFFno1 11.04.13 at 16:17

    After few days of gaming on BF4 with PS3…sorry to say, BF3 i am coming back!!! BF4 is a joke there is no feeling in the game…
    Metro, Seine, Bazaar…

  • wWaAVve 11.04.13 at 15:45

    Wow. I understand everyone’s concern over controls and bugs, but guys has DICE ever let you down? Do they listen to their fans? Don’t you think they are working on all the issues and will be with us for years making sure the game lives up to their standards?
    Everyone take a deep breath, or smoke, or take a shot, and be patient.
    Yes, the game is out and there are issues, just like there were in B3. Did you enjoy B3?
    Then please stop trashing DICE as if they are purposefully trying to make things complicated for you. And of course they aren’t ignoring us.
    See you on the Battlefield and I have full confidence in DICE.

    • SaltySteele 11.04.13 at 19:58

      Dude! Seriously?? Yes, they HAVE let us down. They have also basically said, “thanks for your input! we have heard your concerns about our controller layout, and we hope you will continue to enjoy the way we made it. Have a nice day!!”

      me: wtf, dice! change it back. your BS line about changing it to veteran, spinning around in 5 clockwise circles, then doing 5 jumping jacks, then changing sticks to legacy is BS! change it back.

      DICE: thank you for your feedback!! we take all of your input very seriously. we hope you enjoy the new layout!! change this to veteran, and that to legacy. enjoy the new layout! this elephant is very fucking similar to this apple! enjoy!

      effing BS!

  • prettyboy2491 11.04.13 at 14:14

    The controller change is a problem originally but you can get used to it. What needs to be looked and is the connection and the freezing up with certain set-ups. The main reason I got away from the COD series is because of the vehicles. Now you have pretty much made this game a ground game not vehicle. That is very depressing. I understand that you want to make the game better to have more of the COD group players to join the BF family. But why do we need to play there game style. EA and DICE you need to remember those of us that are part of the BF group and not kick us away.

  • OPspoon 11.04.13 at 13:45

    I can deal with the change in controls, not a huge deal really but my GOD there are so many things wrong with bf4 it’s not funny. It’s like a beta the hit detection/laggyness is horrible, people are saying it’s the net code well whatever it is you guys need to fix it fast!!! Coz as of right now your selling people a beta not a finished game.

  • flutterdash- 11.04.13 at 13:42

    You know who we have to thank for the com-rose changijg EVERYTHING about controls? Blueberries that just blindly run into combat, not dropping supplies and meds, not spotting enemies they are shooting at, all while ignoring input from other players. The new com rose would be unnecessary if players weren’t so damn idiotic. Dice, please give us full veteran controls again. Tank driving is downright impossible now. In bf3, I could drive forward, while rotating my cannon in the opposite direction to engage multiple targets, land-based and air. With default controls, this is impossible. I can see the benefit of the comrose positioning during veteran controlled helicopter flight, and that is just one of many vehicles in the game. These new controls are too clumsy to be used.

  • Khakzoy 11.04.13 at 13:20

    well, sunday was the day that I finally started playing multiplayer BF4. After 2 years of BF3 this should be a walk in the park. Not so much. I love the game, I love the levels, love everything about it. Except that I am not able to choose the button I want for an action I want. You say it is complex to make but if I look at the game itself, that must be more complex than a simple way to map a button the way I want it. I woul dhave guessed that by now this would be standard.
    When it comes to vehicle operation it is not even worth mentioning. Ever tried driving a tank with the sticks? The idiot who thought that would be a good idea has to be fired. If the stats point out that everybody is using the veteran setting, you should patch it back a the default. Sticks for reverse and forward, ridiculous, were playing a shooter, not a racer.
    But the biggest annoyance of all: not able to join a server together. one has to join and then the others fast behind him otherwise the server is full and there is no waiting que. Last night my game crashed and I had to wait half an hour to get back in the game, trying and refreshing every minute. RIDICULOUS. I thought the system in BF3 was bad but they made it even worse. Yes you have to use battlelog… my pc is in a different room and battlelog crashes on ipad. Good luck with that.
    BUT, when I am finnaly in the game and playing then it is awesome, but the way to get there is horrible and I really can’t understand how you could have accepted this.

  • Assault10117 11.04.13 at 12:56

    The infantry controll scheme for XBOX 360 is messed up.
    When I play BF3 I use the alternate control scheme for infantry that’s RB to crouch and RS to use your knife.
    In the next update I’d hope to see that option avalible then my game would improve immensely.

  • Spartan337 11.04.13 at 11:36

    thanks, now i have 2 buttons where i can look who of my friends are online and playing bf4… “select” and “ps-button”. nice work guys, so intuitiv…
    tank driving is a mess. sticks for accelerating…. how drunk musst a person be, to change it into this? every racing game has acc/brake on the shoulder buttons. the option with l1/r1 for acc/brake and fire on l2… realy?
    and who needs spotting and “komarose” on r2, who plays 99% of time on hc without map and with clanmember??? right, no one. thanks for the changings from good bf3 into that mess…

  • Sarkhasm 11.04.13 at 11:21

    Are these bastards even listening to anyone? We don’t want controls to “resemble” Battlefield 3, we want them exactly the fucking same! If I’ve spent 300 hours in tanks, and I like my triggers for acceleration and reverse, and RB for fire, that is how my abused hands are cramped to shape. And I think changing almost ANY other button to commorose shite would be easier to wrap my head around than my FIRE button. And I have yet to purchase Battlefield 4 after the sucking of the beta controls. Am voting with my wallet and wait to see if they have unfucked it when the next gen consoles are released. If not, fuck it, Dead Rising 3, Ryse son of Rome, Halo 5, Forza 5, Titanfall, any number of fantastic other titles to spend my money on, and these ignorant bastards can take their bullshit “almost similar” control schemes and jam them.

  • zakrocz 11.04.13 at 11:11

    Oh and another thing. You said you listened to our beta feedback and you had us covered with NEW vehicle controls you were supposed to be adding for the full game. So where are they?
    Like I said before for tanks all you need to do is switch accelerate from right trigger to left trigger, move reverse to left shoulder button. Move fire to right trigger and you can leave your spot as right shoulder button if you must have it there. How hard would that be to do? It’s not exactly like BF3 but it would be miles better than the current setup.

  • EAGLE ONE NZ 11.04.13 at 10:44

    Xbox 360 = shit jet controls and when you turn off the battlelog (BACK) you should be able to make that your spotting as (BACK) and make the shotting RB insted LB since RB is my shotting in the jet and please make the jet fit the screen because when i turn i cant see half my jet please fix

    XBOX 360


  • zakrocz 11.04.13 at 10:36

    Why have you ruined tank controls on console?!!! The default stick setting is hopeless and pretty much broken when trying to maneuver precisely. Reversing is a nightmare especially as for some ridiculous reason if my cannon is pointing past a certain point all of a sudden reverse makes me go forward and forward makes me go in reverse?!!!
    And Veteran is a joke. You put fire on left shoulder and spot on right shoulder. So how are we supposed to fire when reversing and spot when driving forward? It means I either can’t do this anymore which is just plain dumb, or I have to use my index fingers to fire and spot and use my middle fingers to go forward and reverse. It’s totally unnatural and don’t matter how much we practice its not going to get any better. And to top it off I then jump in a jeep and the controls are not the same so I then have to start using normal vehicle controls again!!!
    For Veteran just move the fire button and the spot button to A and B, and move current A and B actions to the shoulder buttons, bingo problem solved!! Alternatively give us forward and reverse on left shoulder and left trigger like we had in BF3 and move fire to right trigger and leave spot where it is. Surely you can add these extra layouts?
    And seriously your reasons for ruining tank controls just make me angry and are no justification for ruining the game for me and many others.

  • lorudos26 11.04.13 at 10:13

    please , for the love of god give us the exact same controls found in ps3 battlefield 3 ,
    its not fair to give us a scheme of cntrols that hinder the player instead of enjoying the game im tired of playing something that im starting to hate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mikestout9 11.04.13 at 09:42

    I agree BF3 controls are far more intuitive and the L2 button on veteran layout being the only way to fire what the hell dice you guys screwed use ps3/360 players by limiting us on the ability to customized our own personal layouts you need to make it right by use the guys that will always be loyal buyers of your products………….. most people don’t take the time to use the social aspect of the new layout anyway so why force it on the guys that dont want nor need that ability have you heard of a mic hhhhmmmmmm o ya thats right a mic that most of us use for the social aspect already come on guys quit screwing us out of our stake in your product we invest because we love BF3 and thought it would be the new better bad ass game that we will invest more into to keep you guys in place to keep up the good work but this is nothing but a henderance to us all and lets be smart here your bottom line will suffer good luck and hope you come to your senses and fast please do the vet fans what we want on this little tiny issue what do you have to loss except our business

  • sam_tshernobyl 11.04.13 at 09:25

    Same opinion for me. Please give us BF3 controls! I was stupid enough to buy premium for bf4 before even playing a single game, because I trusted DICE.. but due to the controls I repent it!

    GigaRebyc 11.04.13 at 04:12
    This post is treating us like we haven’t already tried those options in the beta. Guess what? It didn’t work. I understand you want your spot button used, I think that’s a lost cause. I played as team oriented as I could back in BF3 and did just fine. A cycle to yell commands? Do you really think that’s going to work well in the heat of battle? You say you play tested for “best intuitive option” but that’s utter bullshit. BF3 was pretty damn intuitive with its controls. Hold this trigger to accelerate/ascend, hold the other one to decelerate/descend. Use this analog to control yaw, use this to pitch and roll. It all fit so perfectly. You controlled a third of a dozen functions with a third of a dozen control inputs.

    Then there’s the issue of just switching to veteran mode. Which we all tried. What could possibly be more COUNTER intuitive than having the L2 button as shoot for a FPS? That’s not a rhetorical question. I’m so flustered that you’d rather make the left trigger the shooting function for a right handed person. You’re so fixated on this vision for a better teamplay that you’d inconvenience your supportive “veterans.” This shows me rather than catering to your loyal fans and supporters, you’d rather expect them to just roll over. That is not an example of a friendly business. I gave EA, DICE and BF3 about $120 last year and enjoyed almost every moment of it. You will not be getting my business this time around.

  • alelasamp 11.04.13 at 09:18

    Buongiorno,la Mia opinione e’ che i nuovi comandi non siano affatto intuitivi come asserite,specialmente dopo 1000 ore di BF3.Mi sfugge la logica soprattutto nei veicoli,ove(PS3)r2 x accelerare,L2x frenare sono ideali in quanto hanno più’ corsa ed un miglior dosaggio della pressione.Per non parlare dello spotting con select che era perfetto,il nuovo fa uscire a tutto schermo una serie di ordini che offusca la videata inutilmente sia x i giocatori altruisti che x i solitari.Non capisco come mai FIFA o F1 abbiano la possibilità’ di personalizzare completamente i comandi e BF4 no,come è’ possibile?Un’altro aspetto sconcertante e’ la grafica su current gen,e’ orrenda,sembra un gioco PS1!!!Come è’ possibile che BF3 sia meraviglioso e BF4 terribile su la stessa console?Se questo gioco e’ progettato x next gen e PC,perché è venduto x current gen?Non credo che tutti gli acquirenti passino a PS4/XBox1,di fatto il gioco allo stato attuale su PS3/XBOX360 e’ un bidone pazzesco!Questo comportamento da parte vostra e’ inaccettabile,soprattutto verso appassionati ed affezionati fans della serie,sistemate tutto allo standard di BF3 o non comprerò’ mai più’,con mio sommo dispiacere,un’altro gioco di questa serie che tanto ho amato,scusate lo sfogo,ma la Mia delusione e’ massima,buon lavoro e buona fortuna.

  • TURKBOY_Jamal 11.04.13 at 09:14

    Don’t give us these options just gives us back the BF3 controls back , I mean come on you guys even had the “battlefield 3″ control option in Medal of Honor. I don’t get why you guys would change controls for bf4. I honestly hate it we are all used to the BF3 controls just gives us that back or atleast give us the option to customize our own control preset. And please while at it change the way we level takes forever to become a level 10 :S

  • phillychee21 11.04.13 at 09:03

    You won’t see any PC gamers on here because they can optimize their controls the way they wish.. give us that ability and you will gain back the full support of the battlefield vets. This is a game breaking flaw that needs to be further addressed.

  • DuBoseG1 11.04.13 at 07:17

    I was going to comment, but he hit the nail on the head. I hope you read this DICE. Give us a way to EXACTLY replicate BF3 controls. We’re obviously returning players and don’t need to be told to play as a team with your badly designed control scheme.

    GigaRebyc 11.04.13 at 04:12
    This post is treating us like we haven’t already tried those options in the beta. Guess what? It didn’t work. I understand you want your spot button used, I think that’s a lost cause. I played as team oriented as I could back in BF3 and did just fine. A cycle to yell commands? Do you really think that’s going to work well in the heat of battle? You say you play tested for “best intuitive option” but that’s utter bullshit. BF3 was pretty damn intuitive with its controls. Hold this trigger to accelerate/ascend, hold the other one to decelerate/descend. Use this analog to control yaw, use this to pitch and roll. It all fit so perfectly. You controlled a third of a dozen functions with a third of a dozen control inputs.

    Then there’s the issue of just switching to veteran mode. Which we all tried. What could possibly be more COUNTER intuitive than having the L2 button as shoot for a FPS? That’s not a rhetorical question. I’m so flustered that you’d rather make the left trigger the shooting function for a right handed person. You’re so fixated on this vision for a better teamplay that you’d inconvenience your supportive “veterans.” This shows me rather than catering to your loyal fans and supporters, you’d rather expect them to just roll over. That is not an example of a friendly business. I gave EA, DICE and BF3 about $120 last year and enjoyed almost every moment of it. You will not be getting my business this time around.

  • vPONTIXv 11.04.13 at 04:25

    I think us veterans can deal with the new infantry controls, but it would be really awesome if Dice/ea gave us the option to switch vehicle controls back to how they were in BF3. What mainly separates BF from CoD is that it actually takes time, practice and skil to dominate the battlefield. Even more so in vehicles. When you make the vehicles easier for new comers, your going to get alot of “newbies” overusing vehicles. I think the vehicles should be reserved for people that have taken the time to learn how to efficiently control them.

  • GigaRebyc 11.04.13 at 04:12

    This post is treating us like we haven’t already tried those options in the beta. Guess what? It didn’t work. I understand you want your spot button used, I think that’s a lost cause. I played as team oriented as I could back in BF3 and did just fine. A cycle to yell commands? Do you really think that’s going to work well in the heat of battle? You say you play tested for “best intuitive option” but that’s utter bullshit. BF3 was pretty damn intuitive with its controls. Hold this trigger to accelerate/ascend, hold the other one to decelerate/descend. Use this analog to control yaw, use this to pitch and roll. It all fit so perfectly. You controlled a third of a dozen functions with a third of a dozen control inputs.

    Then there’s the issue of just switching to veteran mode. Which we all tried. What could possibly be more COUNTER intuitive than having the L2 button as shoot for a FPS? That’s not a rhetorical question. I’m so flustered that you’d rather make the left trigger the shooting function for a right handed person. You’re so fixated on this vision for a better teamplay that you’d inconvenience your supportive “veterans.” This shows me rather than catering to your loyal fans and supporters, you’d rather expect them to just roll over. That is not an example of a friendly business. I gave EA, DICE and BF3 about $120 last year and enjoyed almost every moment of it. You will not be getting my business this time around.

  • Hopi_Coyote 11.04.13 at 04:00

    I like the new controls and the aspect of the social networking with battlelog. I think it would be nice to implement forming a squad and joining a game like it was in battlefield 3 from the start menu. I liked that so it guarantees you get all your members on the same squad in a session

  • set12death 11.04.13 at 03:57

    I would comment about controls too if I could play long enough without the game crashing to experience it

  • NAPALMDEX 11.04.13 at 03:45

    Get rid of the social networking B.S!!!! It is not helpful or needed. Pathetic that you have even considered putting that in. Esp on the f**kin spot button! Listen to what we are saying DICE

    • Assault10117 11.04.13 at 13:03

      I freaking know right that shit drives me crazy.

  • Skater_Ricky 11.04.13 at 01:42

    @Dice can your friends/squad join you when your in the test rage to get a group of friends/squad to learn how to communicate/work togeather as a squad? If not I hope you add that in. I hear that there’s no party room before joining in a game with your friends. Can we joking a friends party room then join in the test range with that friend/squad?

    I hope the controls on PlayStation 4 are layed out well on the DualShock 4. As a dedicated Battlefield 3 Veteran I want to make sure I have my classic controls setup for my Tanks. I like how the controls setup like it was on BF3 for tanks. I drive one way and shoot the other allot in BF3.. If I had to map my controls for spotting on the PS4 I would use the touchpad clickable button for spotting while driving a tank.

    I hope the PS4 get customizable controls for all buttons that would be sweet.

  • HONORARY_MEMBER 11.04.13 at 00:59

    I can deal with the infantry layout but vehicle controls are broken. Honestly nothing feels more “intuitive” though so that’s just untrue in my opinion and obviously several other players’ opinions. It doesn’t matter how many times you say you’re right if half of you’re players have complaints then something is not working. I don’t remember anyone complaining about the controls at all when Battlefield 3 came out and that should tell you something as well. If I had known that there would be no changes made from the beta then I would have cancelled my pre-order immediately. But ya know what? None of this is gonna cause any changes to be made because obviously you know better than your customer. You know what I want more than I do Dice… well done.

  • Hogstooth 11.04.13 at 00:45

    I think they are overplaying the reposition of the spot/commo rose the number of times i’ve asked for a ride meds ammo told someone to get out of the spot in the vehicle they took from my friend while repairing the blueberries scrubs don’t heed it or use it sure it’s easier to spot but operating vehicles is fucked. The number of times I’ve died because I’ve got to adjust the stick on a diagonal to get the vehicle to move straight because my camera isn’t always aligned with the front and back of the vehicle doesn’t make the placement of the spot/commo rose worth it. Also flaw in your logic DICE vehicles don’t move like soldiers and vice versa so the same control layout for infantry and vehicles doesn’t make sense it’s less intuitive not more. You can leave your lame layout in the game just give us back the more intuitive exact layout of BF3 not similar exact, R2 for throttle L2 for reverse left stick for steering. Oh if you want to know where Battlelog can go how about the pause menu.

    You need to fix the gamebreakers as well as this control layout issue

  • RedRum331 11.04.13 at 00:44

    I didn’t like the controls at first but noticed how much easier it was to throw up orders. I think people will always complain but hopefully the freezing gets fixed.

  • GreenFudgeFeces 11.04.13 at 00:37

    Could you please make the PC version have full controller function like the 360 version, I use a Microsoft 360 controller and would like to set the vehicle movement to bf3 functions.

    • Freac212 11.04.13 at 02:29

      YES. PLEASE DO THIS. I’m getting tired of trying to remember which button is which when im setting it up -.-

  • boxslide15 11.04.13 at 00:32

    Unlike all the haters here I actually like the controls and gameplay is really nice. Only problem I have is the game crashes sometimes at random. Other thank that keep up the good work dice and thanks for another awesome battlefid game!

  • Aman J0hn 11.04.13 at 00:23

    Wow: a lot of negativity concerning something that is arguably a huge improvement from a functional point of view. Having the “spot” button located on the bumper is a small change that will confer huge benefits to teamplay….nevermind that now you can be aiming/running and spot enemies with ease. The back button as the battlelog button makes sense, though it could be used for other controls in the future. All this said, I have yet to experience battlefield 4 beyond the Beta, so I’m limited in my perspective of how the battlelog button will pan out, but that aside, I very much enjoyed the new controls for BF4 – though I’ll be switching the melee stick to crouch/prone, and I’ll drive/pilot my vehicles BF3 style :)

  • neh4pres420 11.04.13 at 00:12

    here is other people complaining about your PC FAILURE! FIX THE GOD DAMN THING! OR TELL US YOUR WORKING ON IT! i will not buy this game until you fix this bullcrap!

  • me3_0888177CA 11.04.13 at 00:01

    Heres another complaint on the same subject.

  • me3_0888177CA 11.03.13 at 23:56

    Good to know i’m not the only one complaining about this controller! Careful Dice… False advertising could lead to lawsuits.

  • alelasamp 11.03.13 at 23:39

    After 1000 hours on BF3,600 on BBC2 I cannot practice again in such illogical way of BF4,control settings must be the same of BF3,I dont understand how FIFA or F1 allow a fully customizable of every button and BF4 no.L2 and R2 for brake and gas are more dosable and a better rush and select for spotting is perfect.Please make the graphic like BF3,BF4 looks like a PS1 game,it’s incredibile!!!If this game is designed for next gen console,why is sold for the current gen?This is non accettable,in fact If one dont want buy a next gen console actually have throw away 70 Euro!!Excuse Me for the bad English and for my deep delusion,good night.

  • jansell84 11.03.13 at 23:27

    I’m not terribly upset with the control scheme but I do miss the accelerate and reverse being R2, and L2 rather than R1 and L1. I also miss being able to pop in and out of vehicles with O rather than having to hold down the square button. Everything else I’m down with.

    • fishingtime 11.03.13 at 23:32

      You also have to use the directional pad for countermeasures and zoom, etc. It is just annoying.

  • AlanGR5 11.03.13 at 23:20

    reload and interact should not be in the same button , think about it , you are inside a vehicle, tank , helicopter you name it, the when you try to reload press a little bit longer the button you just get out or fall down. why nit reload Square/X and interact Circle/B just like in bf3, it’s not that dificult.

  • neh4pres420 11.03.13 at 22:53

    DICE: what you fail to realize is that on PC you can NOT rebind the xbox controller without running into major binding issues. correct me if i’m wrong. but on the beta, if i tried even getting close to bf3 style or consoles “veteran” controls, i would have double bindings and the game would be unplayable! i have NOT bought the game because of this oversight.

  • fishingtime 11.03.13 at 22:48

    The vehicle controls are fine for air, but horrible for ground vehicles. You say you try to do this for team play, yet controls don’t change that. Only naïve people would believe a control scheme would promote teamwork. The real reason you changed the controls was to make it easier for COD players to adapt to Battlefield. We all know it. Why have Veteran controls when you can just make them the same as they were? Why not map buttons to give orders? Hit select, then a button mapped for a command? Why do we need to access the Battlelog while playing the game? Why don’t you add that to the start menu during the game? Now people used to BF3 keep bringing up something we don’t want.

    Next time you decide to change the game so drastically, why don’t you ask for feedback beforehand so you don’t get so many negative comments? It is our game isn’t it? We pay for it. Let us help you make the right decisions before you go and screw the game up by trying to cater to the COD crowd.

    • NAPALMDEX 11.04.13 at 03:36

      Totally agree with this L1/L2 for movement R2 for main gun and R1 for gadget is by FAR the best set up… Very annoyed with the changes I’m being forced to accept for no gainful reason other than you guy are to lazy to do something about it that would take 5 mins to do.

  • Beegie_B 11.03.13 at 22:32

    Can you please explain why there is no option to have accelerate/reverse on L1/L2 followed by fire as R1 for vehicles on PS3? That’s the most intuitive control scheme of all and it has been omitted from the game. It’s far more intuitive to keep the fire button consistent across all vehicles/infantry and then have accelerate/decelerate separate from steering (like done in a car).

    • RobWithGuns 11.03.13 at 23:23

      I really love how they haven’t even addressed those of us who used this layout. On Xbox it’s been LT/LB for forward/reverse movement, RT to fire. People have been using that setup for YEARS across multiple Battlefield titles and now we don’t even have anything close to that. As someone who used to love driving tanks through every Battlefield I can remember, trying to get used to the veteran tank control mappings (or any other layout for that matter) in this game has been one of the most frustrating things I’ve ever had to deal with in this game. Driving a tank just doesn’t feel like Battlefield anymore, I feel like an idiot trying to drive a tank now. DICE, if you guys can’t bring back true alternate controls or give us custom mapping, I may as well not play anymore. I was going to get Premium later this year, but so long as this keeps up, I think I’m going pass up that purchase.

  • bluspychicago 11.03.13 at 22:09

    Intuitive? is that another word for making things worse? Who had the great idea of using the same button to reload/get in and out of vehicles. Now you can bail out of air vehicles when just trying to reload or reload when you try getting into a full vehicle(and lose a clip). That intuitive feature was not well thought out.

    Also The claim says that these controls were designed to make team play more efficient. I think the controls were design to make social networking more efficient. You guys screwed the controls and changed Select to being the button that allows me to see what server my friends are on and other profile junk. Stuff that doesn’t help the current games team play.

    If it aint broke don’t fix it. This is the second time that EA thought changing controls around was a good idea when it wasn’t. They did it in Madden when they switched the hot routing system to the D-pad which made it more clumsy and in effective. And no once again on BF4.

    • CorvoTheMaster 11.03.13 at 22:35

      u tap X to reload and hold to get out. whats so hard about that? I like the new controls

  • Kadz555 11.03.13 at 21:55

    Hate the new vehicles controls, I gave up using armour completely it’s useless now. Take battle log out from in game or give us an option to turn it off and make select/back button the spotting feature, and also go back to how it was on bf3 how l2 r2 was braking and accelerating. Definitely no ps4 copy for me until this is sorted. Feel retarded trying to use vehicles now, too big of a change for me to adapt to..sure others will agree.
    Don’t fuck us anymore than you already have dice.

  • CO_Sasquatch 11.03.13 at 21:52

    Just give me BF3 controls, especially for vehicles. If you have to put out a blog post explaining why you did something because the backlash has been so great, then you must also realize that you screwed-up. You asked for questions:

    1. Technically speaking, why cant you give us BF3 controls on next-gen consoles?
    2. Why cant consoles have controller/key mapping like on PC? Don’t just say its difficult.
    3. What was wrong with using ‘select’ (not sure what it is on XBox) to ask for things and spot?

    Stop giving us vague info and answers.

    • PixelPilot 11.03.13 at 21:59

      Completely agree. I found the controls in BF4 a pain in the ass after basically playing BF3 exclusively for two years. I want the BF3 button options even if they are a preset option. If it’s Veteran then I will give it a try but I agree the spotting function and crouching etc should remain the same as BF3 it can’t be that hard to do.

  • me3_0888177CA 11.03.13 at 21:33

    This article is Dice/EA giving us the middle finger… How Sad

  • CAMBARARE420 11.03.13 at 21:27

    You are forcing us to use something that is both useless and unoriginal! Your “commorose” is just a silly conversation wheel, it is not now nor will it ever be important enough to permanently occupy what should be our Melee button! You really screwed this up. Your longtime fans are pissed. Some of us were smart enough to make requests and give commands with the back button, you don’t need to dumb the game down for little kids and noobs. Having the battlelog available during gameplay is completely IDIOTIC. You need to give us a REAL bf3 controller scheme, stop telling us to change to veteran. Veteran sucks because I don’t to have to take my thumb off the stick to hit the melee button. Did the developers get their panties all twisted because people hunted their tags in BF3 so they decided to make taking tags as difficult as possible?

  • Lumos 11.03.13 at 21:21

    Fascinating. An entire article devoted to something that a keyboard and a mouse render completely useless.

  • me3_0888177CA 11.03.13 at 21:02

    It’s also such a simple fix… Add the PS4 layout on the PS3 Or add a swap trigger function for Infantry and Vehicles!

  • me3_0888177CA 11.03.13 at 20:53

    You guys need to refund everyone who purchased the official Battlefield 4 controller on the PS3… if you have no intention of adding a swap “triggers option” for Infantry and vehicles. The controller specifically advertises it’s triggers, stating “Zinc Alloy triggers for an ultra realistic experience” . why cant we use these triggers to aim and shoot? why can’t we use them to accelerate and reverse? the product you guys are selling does not fit the function!!! Did you guys decide to sell this product without testing it on the actual game. the bumpers feel so awkward to aim and shoot… and lets not even talk about how it feels using these bumpers to drive vehicles! maybe you guys should take that shiny Battlefield 4 logo off this controller, because I can name at least 10 games that do a better job utilizing it for its function. Please reply YES or No if you guys plan on adding a “Swap trigger” option on the PS3, because if Not I have 7 days after purchase to get a full refund on the game and controller. Please let us know before NOVEMBER 5th… I’m sure Dice and EA are well aware of what happens then, I’m really considering switching after this whole debacle.

  • Staticks 11.03.13 at 20:26

    Are there AI targets in Test Range so that you can practice vehicles against something?

  • R4VID 11.03.13 at 20:05

    I see no need for the spot function and the communication wheel to be close to your trigger finger. What was wrong with look-and-click communications we had in BF3 on console? So far as I am concerned adding the battlelog in-game will only encourage people to quit servers more frequently. You also have the tension knifers like myself who (while in a firefight) click in the right stick while making quick adjustments accidentally. When this is crouch/prone it actually makes your shots more accurate and makes you a smaller target, when its a knife it throws you into an animation that gets you killed. Lets not forget countermeasures, they are now moved because of the spot function… so the reflexive nature is going to get a lot of vets killed early on. I have to ask what benefit coupling the throttle with steering? Especially in jets… now steering will directly manipulate the speed of the vehicle so maintaining optimal turn speed is potentially impossible without changing the controls… sure new players will learn to fly faster early on, but vets will have an advantage by not needing to relearn the controls in order to compete.
    DICE, you guys are ambitious and awesome, but I personally think the Battlelog button could have simply been a menu option for those players who were about to quit the server anyways.

  • BEES_IN_FL 11.03.13 at 20:04

    Oh, and if you want to encourage team play, how about squad formation outside the game?

  • BEES_IN_FL 11.03.13 at 19:54

    Having reverse and spot/comms on same side is causing me problems. Can’t reverse and fire at same time due to inability to make my middle finger and index finger so different things at the same time. If I could move them to opposite sides I would be fine. Probably going to have CO worker ‘re wire my controller.

    • BEES_IN_FL 11.03.13 at 20:25

      And I am sorry. Meant reverse and fire on the same side makes things difficult.

      That’s like having zoom and fire on same side. You don’t have our programmed that way because it would be hard to get those fingers to do different things.

      Same holds true for reverse and fire. Very very difficult to use both as my brain wants to.. the fingers on same side won’t cooperate.

      Bottom line is, shouldn’t have moving firing zoom controls on same sided bumpers.

  • deathbylatte 11.03.13 at 19:50

    Spot Change- Good. But please get rid of the animation, as it discourages it.
    Battlelog Function- Horrible. No one needs to see battlelog in-game. Use select/back for something more useful. I was totally fine with it as spot, but I can see why people wouldn’t be.
    Vehicle Enter/Exit- Also bad. I want to be able to enter-exit a vehicle in a moments notice, not after holding a button. If I’m in a disabled tank or a falling helicopter, I shouldn’t be subject to death simply because the control layout cost me that extra few miliseconds to get out of the vehicle.
    Vehicle Acceleration/Braking- Thanks for providing BF3 options for this. Its awkward to try and pilot/drive with the new controls, as I often find myself accelerating when I want to be turning, etc. I switched to veteran and now its ok.
    So I think conclusively, you would be pleasing a huge base if you gave fully customizable controls for BF4, and the option to get rid of the in-game battlelog function entirely, Thanks DICE, please read, consider, and act upon what I’ve said. Have a nice day.

    • RobWithGuns 11.03.13 at 20:07

      Yes. Giving us fully custom control mapping options would be the best solution you could offer to the community. There are so many people on this blog and on the Battlelog forums who just want their old controls back (the ones that you took away from us). If you can’t do that for us, the loyal customers who have been playing your titles for years, the least you could do is offer custom mapping for everyone. It really shouldn’t be too much to ask for at this point.

  • thesmokinggun820 11.03.13 at 19:42

    I hate these controls they are bull shit.

  • NamelessLiar 11.03.13 at 19:41

    Dice, I’m not coming here to complain, or demand that something be fixed, just to let you know why I’m not buying BF4.

    Controllers – not intuitive. Too far of a stretch from BF3. I can handle incremental changes, but even the “veteran” layout is a far leap from the previous.

    Battlelog in Game – Really? Really?! Who in the world uses Battlelog in the middle of a firefight? Those people, should PTFO, and leave battlelog alone.

    Cartoons – some of the gameplay has lost that Battlefield authenticity and instead feels too “cartoonish” The killcam for example showing that color shadow of your killer.

    Bottom line, as a devoted BF Premium player, I feel like I’ve been ignored and discarded. Therefore, I’m not buying BF4. However, I hope those that have bought it enjoy it. See ya for BF5.

  • santi_migale 11.03.13 at 19:37

    I m not saying that you should make a full customization, maybe you should add an option called BF3 vet. or something like that, and dont make it similar to bf3, make it exactly the same

  • dmceneaney 11.03.13 at 19:32

    No it doesn’t help. Are you even listening? We want the exact same controls as battlefield 3. Nobody spots as much in BF4 because you moved this action to R2. I bet everyone is brining up battlelog though and dying in the process! Let ME customize MY controls to match BF3 EXACTLY! There will be no premium or next gen until this is fixed for PS3.

  • nvr2punk33 11.03.13 at 19:32

    controls are so screwy. I dont understand the theory of getting rid of control schemes. Mainly on console ive always used the wacky control set up. Fore instance right bumper was crouch in bf3 for me, that wont be happening now. The worse part is when you use veteraian its different enough that it just confuses me sometimes clicking the wrong shit. Also flying on veteran and legacy sticks is nothing like bf3 default with legacy sticks(for jet). Great game but this was a poor choice its not like anything else even got added to the controller set up.

  • Simplex 11.03.13 at 19:31

    Why on PC gamepad is not detected when you turned it on after you launch the game?

  • SECTUAL MCGYVER 11.03.13 at 19:22

    Pissed off Jet Pilot here. The button layouts you have available for the Jet make it so that the BRAKE, and FIRE buttons are on the same side of the controller, eg: Fire Right Bumper, Brake Right Trigger. This setup effectively makes it difficult for pilots to shoot, and brake at the same time. Please provide a button layout similar to BF3, where the fire button is on the opposite side as the brake, eg: FIRE Right Bumper, BRAKE left trigger.


  • dmceneaney 11.03.13 at 19:19

    The change facilitates team play? Nobody spots as much now because the spotting function was removed from the select button! Spotting is the most important aspect of team play. You talk about making an easy transition between current gen and next gen, well there will be no next gen, premium or any sort of preorder from me until you fix the PS3 controls.

  • Debizzle 11.03.13 at 19:07

    I’m sorry but the new controls just make a lot more since to me! Spotting shouldn’t be the select button it makes so much sense for it to be R2, I’m just saying!

  • TheAnnapolisGuy 11.03.13 at 18:59


  • dastars6 11.03.13 at 18:55

    Although I wish the controls were exactly like Battlefield3 but I guess I’ll get used to it over time. There is one thing you guys could get rid of is the stupid battleblog option while in game I could care less about the bottleblog on the select button that needs to go away and make the select button the spot / communicate button.

    Why in the world can’t I change my vehicle layout within the game, why do I have to do it through my smart device or online, that’s another major issue that you guys need to fix.

    Now to a major weapon malfunction issue on your part, the javelin how in the world can you guys make a real world fire and forget weapon and turn it into a maintain lock weapon. Not only that it doesn’t do nearly as much damage as it should be, it should be a high damage weapon not a medium damage. You guys need to fix the javelin issue.

  • mamey2000 11.03.13 at 18:52

    Teamplay? Teamplay? Good players always have teamplay on their minds in bf3. This is no reason to place spotting and commrose on r1 or r2 or anything other than select. Tell me, DICE, in your staff if anyone opens battlelog more than once during a match? Im calling BS on both of these assignments. Allow us to remap the controls and solve everyones issues. Thanks.

    • dmceneaney 11.03.13 at 19:23

      The most important aspect of tea play is spotting. On PS3 nobody spots as much with BF4 since they moved the function to R2. Instead they are pulling up the stupid battlelog and dying in the process. DICE say this change was to ease the transition to next, well there will be no next gen, premium or any money spent on BF products until they fix the PS3 controls.

  • Skipperrule 11.03.13 at 18:50

    I work for Toyota and muscle memory is a KEY item in standardize work, now if your intent was to confuse the controls to give everyone a even play ground, then just say so !!!! but you guys are providing a product and your company should make it a top priority if so many of your customers have a need !!!!!!!!! LESSON TO YOUR CUSTOMERS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • vinnie142 11.03.13 at 18:40

    I don’t want a close resemblance to the Battlefield 3 controls, I would like to have the exact same setup as BF3. I put a ton of hours on BF3 and my muscle memory is with those controls and now it’s all messed up even with the veteran setup.

    • Skipperrule 11.03.13 at 18:45

      I have to agree, why is it that its such a big deal to give us a BF# opinion???? RAE WE THE CUSTOMERS OR NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • acidshell 11.03.13 at 18:25

    Eh….. In FIFA you can do full button customisation of every button so its not that difficult to implement on the consoles. Dont gimme that BS. Its nothing more than a button remap

    Simple text file Its not rocket science and dont pretend that it is:

    FFS its a 10 kB text file

    In battlefield 3 you fu<ked up the helicopter controls and made them counter intuitive compared to Bad company 2 (The Bad Company 1 settings), buy inverting the X-Axis when Flying, and not giving an option to change it back. Every other button was perfect in the layout I was using. I hoped it would get fixed eventually as it was mentioned in forums, and if you went onto any game server you could see helicopters taking off and crashing sideways into the ground constantly. A little bit of trouleshooting and you could figure out that it was because you flipped the x axis in the control layout. I learned to live with that, even though it was counter intuitive, and am still bitter this has never been addressed as I still play BF3, and I still expect it to be fixed.

    In BF4 you have made even more ridiculous counter intuitive changes, and I cant even play the single player as a result, so the game is completely unplayable and I have spent €120 on this Piece of Sh1t. Reading the above you are defending yourselves instead of fixing the issue and admitting that you wrecked the game controls. Fu<k you you shower of pricks. I preordered this and the Premium, and would have not done so if I knew that the control layouts had been changed so drastically and couldnt be changed back. There is no layout that is the same or even close to BF3 or Bad company 2.

    For fuk sake, why is spot not select???
    Why is battlelog not in the start menu. I dont need it in the middle of a gun fight???
    Why is Enter Exit vehicles swapped with crouch???
    Why when I press R2 does it bring up a spotting menu????
    Why are the helicopter controls not the same as they were in Bad Company 2 where everyone could fly the helicopters easily with the "Bad Company 1" Setting.

    Why did someone get paid to come up with this idea to change these settings???
    Why did someone get paid to post this retarted Blog post????
    Why was it not written on the Preorder of the PSN store in the description that you fu<ked up the controller layout and cant change it back???

    Why are you focusing any of your efforts on anythig else other than this when you have people that cant play any aspect of either the single or multiplayer game as a result of these changes.

    Have a look at the amount of hours Ive played all the other battlefield games?
    Ive had:
    BF4 Premium (PS3)
    BF3 Premium (PC+PS3)
    BC2 + Expansions (PS3 + XBox360)
    BC1 (PS3 x2)
    BF2142 Deluxe (PC)
    Batttlefield 2 All Expansions (PC)
    1942 (PC)

    • ArSj68 11.03.13 at 18:41

      I was quite pissed off the first time i tired it, but now after couple of days i %80 got used to it, after a week or two ill be completely adapted to the new one, instead of coming here and insulting try to get used it! try to understand why things have changed, at first i though the spot button is kinda stupid to be there, but i can’t go back to “start” button for spotting, i think it’s absolutely brilliant idea to put in a trigger! it’s much much easier to spot rather than stretching ur finger to the start button, now it’s alot more natural, it’s more easier, DICE is a huge company, lots of talents lots testers are there to make sure, their changes are for good! so don’t be too quick and judge! grow up! be patient and give it a shot for a week (remove the hate from your mind) keep your self open minded to the changes, believe you will realize how better this changes are! any other lazy ass company would have stick to the previous layout, but stood up and make some impressive changes to the controller … Trust me! i had a bad feeling too but now i Thank DICE for the changes!

    • DrugMonkey 11.03.13 at 18:42

      Holy Christ on a fucking cracker shut the fuck up you butt-hurt little bitch

    • NAPALMDEX 11.04.13 at 04:23

      Dude I had that exact same fucking issue switching from BF-BC2 with the chopper… Hence I never flew them on bf3

  • rocca4life 11.03.13 at 18:11

    Please put the same controler for ps3 Like BF3 … I change mine to Veteran but is not the same , to drive the Tank is hard because is on R! and L1 then shoot at L2 make no sense is not easy.. I like the defaul settings for the soldier..btw the graphics for ps3 are horrible worts then BF3.. Change the controls settings put a option that we BF3 players can enjoy the game

  • scrappy-_-coco0 11.03.13 at 17:53

    I guess I’m the only one who likes the controls.
    Flying with the veteran settings is much better and when you just change the soldier buttons to veteran as well you go prone with R3 and knife with O.
    I don’t have the game yet because I’m waiting for Ps4 but the Ps3 Beta controls were awesome and I don’t care about bugs or bad connections.
    I’m just patient and I wait untill the people at DICE have found a way to fix them. Some people say that they wasted $60 on Battlefield 4 but I don’t feel like that.

    If you don’t like the controls or bugs you should waste money on COD or some other FPS.

    • heyfukudude 11.03.13 at 17:56

      I don’t mind the bugs or connection issues, its a part of loving BF. But it’s very hard to fight a decade of muscle memory.

  • heyfukudude 11.03.13 at 17:53

    Also the new controller scheme should be called BF3. As nobody gives a crap about the battlelog having a dedicated button, and should be in the menu.

  • heyfukudude 11.03.13 at 17:50

    DICE! please give us back our BF3 controls not something “similar”. I have been playing battlefield since 2005, and this is the first time i am genuinely mad. Its hard to play a game you love with controls you hate. While playing the beta all i could think was how much i hate these COD controls. I don’t understand why loyal customers have to put up with this, oh that’s right. WE DON’T! Any business that doesn’t cater to it’s customers will fail. I was relieved to see that other people felt the same, and would be fixed according to beta release notes. But It was not! I was waiting to buy premium as this is my deciding factor. I hope others that feel “similar” will withhold buying premium until this is resolved.

  • _-v-VIRUS-v-_ 11.03.13 at 17:46

    Every time I set up my xbox360 controller up on pc for vehicles the defaults bindings take over still so I can’t setup to what iv got set on bf3 please fix

  • Jenerix 11.03.13 at 17:36

    Please, please, please DICE give us back all of the old BF3 schemes; I know you want to have an emphasis on teamwork but having the R2 button as spot does not do that. If people wanted to spot in BF3 then they had no trouble pressing select. Select itself feels like a tactical button; the trigger on the front of the controller does not. Plus having R1 and L1 as vehicle movement buttons on the PS3 just doesn’t feel right at all.

    Firstly it makes controlling vehicles feel off because you cannot control the acceleration. Having R2 and L2 meant that you could gauge just how much movement you wanted by gently pulling back on them (this is why all racing/driving games use these buttons for vehicular movement). Don’t even get me started on the analogue sticks; yes they may make helicopter flying more intuitive for new players, but for someone who spent hours of game time in the helicopter in BF3 it just puts me off flying altogether. Tanks intantly become more awkward too; just trying to move in one direction and fire using the middle finger instead of the index finger (what we’ve grown accustomed to) feels un-intuitive.

    I have heard that it would not be an easy task for you to allow button mapping on the consoles, whether or not that is true I still think that investing your time to give players this option would be great. Alternatively just give us the most popular controller layouts from BF3 back. I personally would like to see the alternate infantry controls that switched R3 and R2 for crouch and knife make a comeback. As for the vehicle controls, well you can see where I stand; Just change the spot control to select and give us those triggers for that feeling of acceleration (it is after all far more intuitive).

    I hope you will take into consideration this post. As a games design student quickly approaching my graduation it often pains me to see mistakes being made in design areas such as controls. You had it right the first time round (in my opinion) so please give us, your loyal fan-base, the option to have those beautiful BF3 controls back. At least then people will be free to make the choice between the old and the new.

    Yours faithfully


  • wWaAVve 11.03.13 at 17:31

    DICE the control options seem fine except I really wish we had an option to swap back the melee and crouch.
    It’s much more intuitive to click in right stick to quickly duck on the fly.
    Plus I’d rather accidentally duck while firing than accidentally melee while firing.
    Which one do you think you’d have a better chance of surviving from in a firefight?
    Please allow this easy swap back to B3 crouch/melee.

    • DippinSticks 11.03.13 at 17:39

      That layout is called ‘Veteran’ if I’m not mistaken. It’s already in the game and I use it.

  • CyborgR08 11.03.13 at 17:28

    I can’t assign my “Q” key for anything else. Whenever I set the Q key for any action (for example gadget 1) it doesn’t work in game ! It is hardcoded for spotting/communications. This breaks my gameplay, I used to use the Q key for gadget 1 and now I can’t. Please Dice do something about this ! Thank you.

  • khailcon 11.03.13 at 17:21

    This is all well and good. But for LEFTIES switching the entire D-pad with the Face Buttons should be an options. It doesn’t make sense to have functions that work best when when used in tandem with movement fighting for the same thumb. I hope this bit of feedback makes it way to the right channels.

  • BattleBooski 11.03.13 at 17:20

    On PC, I can not configure my soldier layout during gameplay with the controller. Is this going to be fixed in the future?

  • mr hinkus 11.03.13 at 17:09

    I set everything to Veteran and Legacy, and it feels exactly like BF3, except for RB as spotting. I didn’t like it at first, but it really does make more sense. What doesn’t make sense is that a game focused on team play doesn’t have a squad lobby, or queue to join, and that you can change loadouts on your computer or device in post game, but not IN THE GAME. The flight controls at default we’re absolutely not intuitive for me. Overall the game controls offer good flexibility.

  • Hulk4D 11.03.13 at 17:09

    Why does everything have to be intuitive and easy and dammit, why is this text so light that I’m typing! But seriously, Vehicle controls should be different from infantry controls. You’ve added the test range for a reason. Don’t break a control scheme that makes sense and that feels more organic just so new players can more easily get in a vehicle and operate it. Different controls help to give the game depth and it’s rewarding for a player when they can master one, or all. Dice, please do not water down this beautiful game and take the EA mentality of underestimating gamers’ intelligence.

    • Hulk4D 11.03.13 at 17:12

      In other words, for the intelligent people that play this game, the learning curve is part of the fun.

  • TrulyDragonborn 11.03.13 at 17:06

    All’s I want is to have the “Back” button on xbox is to display the leaderboard like Bf3, thats all, I’m happy with all the other controls, I’ve died multiple times going to check the leaderboard and it pulls up battle log… If you could have the option to change it from battle log to a leaderboard that would be great. – Xbox Bf3 Colonel 100, Bf4 Rank 30s right now– TrulyDragonborn

    • dromedary32 11.03.13 at 22:24

      Press and hold “start” instead – it shows leaderboard.

  • Recon Ocelot 11.03.13 at 17:01

    This article is honestly insulting to the people that are asking for the bf3 controls. Of course we know that option is available, it just isn’t what we want. I tell you what nobody wants though, the “battlelog” screen.

  • ScoutZ_KnightZ 11.03.13 at 17:00



    • [DICE] H Brun 11.03.13 at 17:12

      Please head to the Battlelog forums and the “Known issues…” thread where you can get an update on where we are. Thanks!

  • screaming_pink 11.03.13 at 16:59

    i don’t want my controls to “resemble” that of BF3 or BF:BC2. i want the control scheme FROM those games. i can’t tell you how many times on the beta i brought up battlelog trying to spot, or how many times in the full game that i’ve gone up to knife someone and just start pointing at them like i’m scolding them for being a naughty little boy, or how many times i’ve been under fire and swipe my knife at them like it can deflect bullets instead of going prone. i appreciate that you guys are looking into it, but it’s not the same thing. it’s like while i’m putting 600+ hours in BF3 someone from EA/DICE was looking at my battlelog thinking, “this guy would really like COD controls”. yeah… that’s why i put so much time in on battlefield; because i like COD.

    • Reeqon 11.03.13 at 21:56

      It’s actually a better layout, quit bitching

    • OzWylde 12.21.13 at 02:30

      Deflecting bullets with the knife. Not cool, it’s like bringing a knife to a gun fight. Gonna try out these Veteran controls tonight.

  • MoldyTowel 11.03.13 at 16:52

    DICE, are you guys aware that you have double mapped control functions. For example I use southpaw stick setup and veteran southpaw button setup so my crouch and hold breath button are the same. I can’t hold my breath when sniping. Thanks.

  • dromedary32 11.03.13 at 16:38

    Looks like “Veteran” settings does what is expected by all. But there is confusion over whether “Legacy” setting does what is expected.

    • [DICE] H Brun 11.03.13 at 16:49

      VETERAN is what you want. Legacy is not tied to BF3 controls. Blog post updated to reflect this. Thanks for the feedback!

  • aLfReDyc 11.03.13 at 16:23

    before u do anything about the game, pls go fix all your fucking bugs in games pls, DICE!!!
    my campaign stuck in the TASHGAR stage and cant load the game again!!! not even resume game!!! its fucking lag in multiplayer and always disconnected during game and changing maps, WTF!! you suck, DICE!!

  • J Rockz 828 11.03.13 at 16:13

    I Love the new set up, and Awesome Game…

    • bmw_motorsports_ 11.03.13 at 16:16

      That’s because your a COD fan boy. People like you ruined the game for all console players.

  • GOOBL 11.03.13 at 16:13

    gotta admit, im not lookin forward to trying to knife ppl and instead just pointing at them,,, that got on my nerves in beta

    • EvilDog77 11.03.13 at 16:45

      lol. *points at enemy soldier* “Oi! You! Nooooooo!”

  • IRELAND914 11.03.13 at 16:04

    pshhhh… controllers lol.

  • bmw_motorsports_ 11.03.13 at 15:58

    Don’t hide my comments, give us the controls we want and stop screwing with your loyal customers.

    • [DICE] H Brun 11.03.13 at 16:02

      You’ll find a lot of rationale for the current default layout in the blog post above, and the settings you can make to turn them to something that closely resembles BF3. I hope that helps!

      • bmw_motorsports_ 11.03.13 at 16:13

        No it doesn’t help. The rationale is a complete joke, none of encourages team play, none of it does anything good! I’m returning this crappy game, it’s obvious EA owns your souls now and can’t do anything logical. Did you even bother to read that thread which clearly states how none of these “rationales” for the new controls work. What a joke

      • notman 11.03.13 at 16:47

        “Closely” but not exactly! That’s the problem. The battlelog feature, and the helicopter controls were my two most infuriating changes. I don’t need battlelog in the middle of a gun fight, and I surely don’t need it to appear because I’m programmed to use it as a spot button. And (during the beta) I tried to match the helis, to my BF3 controls, but I couldn’t untie the throttle from the left stick, even when I already assigned it to the buttons. So, even with it matching the BF3 controls, I found myself hating the heli.

      • heyfukudude 11.03.13 at 18:07

        If the rationale is to finally have a chance to beat COD in sales for the holiday season. Then wreck it by pissing off loyal customers. Then you have it dead to rights.

      • RobWithGuns 11.03.13 at 18:30

        What was your rationale for completely scrapping alternate tank controls from Battlefield 3, and all the other console games leading up to it? I’m sure I and many others who used this setup for years and now have it locked in by muscle memory would like an answer for that. The new veteran controls don’t feel natural at all and it hasn’t solved the issue for people like me who have been using alternate controls for years. I feel like all this feedback is falling on def ears… Pretty disappointing.

      • Jenerix 11.03.13 at 18:37

        People do not want rationale, what they want is to at least have the option for familiar controls. None of this “resemblance” malarkey; it’s the real deal or no purchase.

    • notman 11.03.13 at 16:11

      Exactly. They said they’d be offering a BF3 configuration option, and it didn’t happen. I don’t want quick access to battlelog on my select button! Next to my gun trigger, it was probably my most used button, but now a menu comes up! WTF! Yeah DICE, sure you’re listening… but you’re not acting on what we are saying.

  • AHelplessInfant 11.03.13 at 15:50

    Oh thank goodness this happened, hopefully I can stop crashing my vehicles because I had the audacity to want to drive and aim at the same time!

  • scudly 11.03.13 at 15:46

    I’d like it if my custom keybinds for planes would actually stick. I’ve rebound everything from WASD to ESDF yet as soon as I hop into a plane it only uses/respects the default bindings.

    Which left me quite surprised the first couple times I got into a plane, thought I was pressing forward and then bailed out of the plane instead.

    • [DICE] H Brun 11.03.13 at 15:48

      Thanks for the feedback! Will bring this to the team in case they’re not already aware.

      • bmw_motorsports_ 11.03.13 at 15:54

        DICE what the hell is your problem, we don’t want the crappy veteran or legacy set ups that everyone has tried and still hates. This doesn’t solve anything. You lied, and have not fixed this for any console player. You will be losing customers and already are because of the threads showcasing these terrible controls, give us custom mapping or give us the EXACT BF3 scheme or you can watch all your loyal customers disappear. Here is my 30+ page thread laying it out for you. Stop screwing with us already…

      • MoldyTowel 11.03.13 at 16:50

        DICE, are you guys aware that you have double mapped control functions. For example I use southpaw stick setup and veteran southpaw button setup so my crouch and hold breath button are the same. I can’t hold my breath when sniping. Thanks.

      • TeeAge 11.04.13 at 18:23

        ! @DICE:
        1. Please make it possible to set COMMOROSE on TOUCHPAD on PS4! (With gestures > much easier and faster to TEAMPLAY)

        2. NextGen-Gamers with Premium should get ALL the Premium advantages from November, even if they start on Nov29th . Because if you changed your platform (Xbox to Ps4) you were Not able to upgrade and i don’t have the money to buy it twice for only one month of gaming! I will get BF4 and Premium on PS4 Release.

        3. Please don’t set the revive time longer than redeploy

        Thank you, it’s really important to tell the developers! You’re doing a great job and here’s your feedback :)