Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation

Today we launched Battlefield 4 on Xbox One. With that console, we will have brought Battlefield 4 to no less than five platforms. It is amazing to see such a complex universe come to life across so many advanced hardware systems. Millions of people around the world are playing the game and seeing the tip of the iceberg of what the next generation has to offer. At DICE, we are committed to you, the fans, and view the game as a live service. I am extremely proud of the people at DICE and everyone across EA that contributed to the development of Battlefield 4. However, I am less proud to see that the game has experienced some turbulence during the launch period. While some platforms have had only minor problems, others have had more than their fair share of issues. Resolving the launch issues is our #1 priority. In fact, we are so serious that we have the entire team working to stabilize the game and we will not move on to other projects until we are sure that Battlefield 4 meets – and exceeds – your expectations. It is the right thing to do.

To show our appreciation for your patience as we work through these issues, we are announcing that from November 28 through December 5, we will reward all players with Double XP for every multiplayer match they complete. We understand that the launch issues may have impacted your progression, and we want to do everything we can to help you get back the XP that you may have lost. Also, to cap off the week, on December 5 we will give all players that log in to Battlefield 4 multiplayer a M1911 pistol scope. This special sidearm scope, previously reserved for our DICE developers, has a 3X zoom and is available for all classes in Battlefield 4.

You are the heart and soul of Battlefield. We thank you for your support in these early days of the launch, and will continue to show our appreciation as time goes on. To stay informed about the latest game updates, please visit us at Battlefield 4 Control Room or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Thank you,

Karl Magnus Troedsson

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  • WeaselSuit 02.01.14 at 03:04

    Life is not fair. Deal with it.

  • anthonybbk 01.31.14 at 15:29

    people should have to earn all there unlocks through hard work game play as I did rank 110 why cater to the noobs …….

  • anthonybbk 01.31.14 at 15:26

    people should have to earn all there upgrades through hard work game play period

  • DARK COUNTRYB0Y 01.31.14 at 10:56


  • MOE_FUGA 01.30.14 at 20:03

    So as a avid real life rifle shooter and the Dice team claiming to try to make the game as realistic as possible can you please tweak the snipers on hardcore so that every hit is not an instant kill. The accuracy of the recon class is stupid over powered. It is next to impossible to hit a moving target runningtthrough the bush at 200m but i continuously get blasted and one shot killed from these guys just blindly shooting in my general direction. Thank you

  • RubberTypeX 01.30.14 at 14:50

    Free weapon shortcuts!!?!?!?! What about those off us who have unlocked all weapons already, is there an alternative!?????

  • conquest98 01.30.14 at 11:05

    Can’t wait for that!

  • M1cl4s 01.28.14 at 19:14

    I was thinking what i do with my free time in february. No i wasn’t don’t have any. Thx dice this was good news.

  • Sir-P10 01.28.14 at 19:07

    so on feb 1. we actually have our Second Assault DLC 1 Month delayed or what

  • KHANFLiKT 01.28.14 at 19:06

    I’m pretty excited about this, can’t wait for FEB 1.

  • MAAD DAWG 01.24.14 at 03:39

    I have played BF4 for almost 100 hours, built out most guns and vehicles. I am very frustrated and disappointed with BF4 after a pretty good experience playing BF3 for over 1051 hours.

    I expected some degree of realism in hardcore mode. Instead, I see:
    1. Soldiers soaking up .50 caliber rounds,
    2. Chain guns that almost cannot kill anyone,
    3. Tank rounds fired at peoples’ feet and they run away,
    4. Heat seeking missiles that even fired in pairs, cannot kill an enemy helicopter,
    5. Invisible “shields” around tanks and soldiers, just like Star Trek.

    This is battlefield fantasy.

    I wanted and expected some realism, at least in hardcore mode. I wanted something approximating the lethality of a real battlefield. I’m tired of arcade games.

    BF4 looks like some sort of hybrid combining COD, Halo, and Star Trek. It’s not what I expected and to say I’m disappointed is an understatement. I don’t even feel like powering on my XBox tonight. I’ve gotten to the point that I actually hate the game and rarely enjoy playing it.

    I could go on but my experience with EA Games is that the company makes up its own mind about what players want, so this post is just one of many you’ll likely ignore, even if I’ve taken the time to write it politely and to accurately express my disappointments.

    For all of the reasons stated above, and no matter how many bugs you fix, I don’t think I’ll be back. If there is a better game, I’m going to buy it. If not, I’ve got a life. But I’ve had enough of EA Games, its products, and its attitude.

    I’d ask you to change my mind about your company, your games, and your attitude toward your customers, but I’ve done that before and never received a response, so I don’t expect one now.

    Prove me wrong. Contact me. Tell me how it’s going to be different in the future. If you do, I’ll listen. If you don’t, I’m finished with EA Games.

    • CaptainSnag 01.24.14 at 11:50

      I reached that point today as well and posted a rant to them on Facebook where they almost always reply. I still love DICE as a developer, but EA needs to leave them alone.

    • WeaselSuit 02.01.14 at 03:07

      Life is not fair. Deal with it.

  • S D I c0rKyZ 01.17.14 at 21:41 if anyone would like to have people to play with join a fun clan message us xbox one only

  • D-DAY1995 01.14.14 at 05:34

    I would like to start by saying that you guys at EA have successfully created LITERALLY the WORST game I have EVER played. I loved Battlefield 3 but never bought premium for it. Figured I had no reason to believe that I wouldn’t love Battlefield 4 either and went and bought premium for it. I have never been more wrong in my life. Your piece of crap game has frozen on me more in the past 2 weeks I have had it than all my other games combined. I played campaign and got to the next to last mission and decided to take a break for a while, so I saved it and started playing online. The game then froze on me and I had to restart my system. When I turn it back on, it gives me an error message and will not save my campaign and settings and says I have a corrupted file. I also, continuously get kicked from servers out of nowhere, ill be playing the game and out of nowhere a black loading screen will pop up. People kill me in one shot, whereas it takes me almost a full magazine. Multiple times I have spawned and been invisible except my pistol floating in the air and it wont let me switch to my primary of any other weapon I have. and to top it off, many, many, many, many times it wont let me shoot an enemy until he has turned and started lighting me up. then I get two of three shots off but get slaughtered. its not my controller causing this seeing as to how it is brand new and the incident has happened while I have used both controllers. The list goes on and on. So, thank you guys, for the waste of $110. I really do appreciate it. I will NEVER by another EA game again. Maybe I will check back in a month or two and maybe you fucktards may have actually done what you are fucking paid to do. Maybe.
    One Pissed Off Customer

  • Trunen 12.31.13 at 16:03

    Hey Dice, loosing hit markers and crosshairs is happening on ps4 too, not just on pc( like stated on the control room blog) Also, I’ve noticed since the last update/patch, I have been getting a lot of black loading screens when joining into a server. Apparently I’m in the game until i get kicked from not doing anything, but all I see is a black screen with a loading symbol in the top right corner.

    Oh and I can’t forget the most important. In the control room it says the one shot kill is fixed on all platforms, but it is happening on ps4! To a lot of people and all the time!

    Thanks for everything and I hope I’m not coming off the wrong way. I truly do appreciate what you’re doing.

  • Trunen 12.22.13 at 02:12

    Hey Dice, here’s some other ”goodies” for the fix list…
    1. One shot kills
    2. Error msg ce-34878-0 (yes I know you’re working on one and two, but they really piss me off)
    3.grenades killing you through levels above you( operation locker: all around C point of conquest large)
    4. Grenades falling through the floors.( operation locker staircase, siege of Shanghai top of buildings: between d and e)
    5. Not seeing hit detection when shooting enemies: mostly noticed with the ak5c carbine.

    I’m drawing a blank on some others out of frustration, but I’ll keep checking the blog for the upcoming patches and praying these will be fixed soon.

    Thanks for your time and I know you guys are trying very hard to fix all the issues; it can be very frustrating though. Merry Christmas.

  • Trunen 12.20.13 at 16:11

    Dice, I’m truly appreciating all of the updates/patches, but for everything that is holy FIX THE ONE SHOT KILLS!!!!!! I’m so tired of shooting someone with a entire mag just for them to shoot one round and kill me. I can deal with all the other problems, just fix this PLEASE!! This is totally wrecking the game for me and so many others. PLLLLEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE FIX THIS.

  • be0wulfe 12.19.13 at 04:12

    Can’t even join a match via Quick Match, Server Browser join works less than half the time. I can play from a couple to a few minutes then I get kicked. I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, power cycles (all BS troubleshooting btw), sent in traces and pings (which indicate one of your hops is completely dorked), Medium NAT type – nothing. All this on top of the Premium Package.
    t this point, almost a month into it, I’m returning the game for a full refund and now I get to chase YOU around for weeks trying to get a refund on Premium.
    And I won’t be back for future releases, which is a real shame since I always preferred BF to CoD.
    Oh well.

  • AL2RIDE 12.14.13 at 22:50

    I just did the 12/13 update and it still doing the same thing. WTF? Are you freaggin serious?

  • TeCDeathStunna 12.14.13 at 07:03

    Everybody here seems to be under going the same issues I am. I’m glad I didn’t buy premium considering k can hardly ever “connect” to the inefficient EA servers! If this isn’t fixed this week, k will take my game back before my 30 day return warranty is up and I will never buy another battlefield. Good thing I held onto battlefield 3.

  • AL2RIDE 12.11.13 at 14:13

    Oh, and what’s up with the color of the font in this site? On my PC while I type it’s a light gray that I can barely see….and then it becomes white after it’s posted…and then I have to stare at a black background with white font that it’s a headache after staring at it.

  • AL2RIDE 12.11.13 at 14:12

    Agree, we should be able to customize the loadout before and after the game starts. It sucks to have to waste time after the game starts to customize the stuff you need for that particular map.

    Also, what is the deal with the occasional blur? I thought it was from fire suppression, but it happens without it.

  • flanker2020 12.11.13 at 06:56

    Game Dvr on the xbox one doesn’t work with your game!!!! I keep attempting to record stuff only to find out after the match nothing there. Works fine with every other games I have tho. Please fix!!

  • Dark Mr Vader 12.11.13 at 04:44

    xbox one: game crashes alot!! please fix asap, game is garbage till then. also, no other way to customize ur kits unless in a game?? WTF??
    another thing, i choose conquest and go to squad team deatchmatch?? And WTF is up with the server brower?? ur game sucks big monkey balls right now DICE/EA

  • plansr4fools 12.11.13 at 04:03

    Dont know why but my progress on my campain keeps getting erased even tho i still have the achievements. I am fed up up with multiplayer i keep trying to connect and when it finslly does , it brings me back to the stupid xbox media center.

  • Elscorchio666 12.11.13 at 02:17

    Instead of releasing new fucking map pack, shouldn’t you idiots fix the goddamn crashes every 2 games on xbox 360? EA, you are losing soooo much respect from gamers everywhere with this piece of garbage.

    there is nothing worth 60$ in this game, most of the content could have been DLC for BF3… at least it would be stable.

  • Danknugz420k 12.11.13 at 00:34

    I think we can all agree that a pistol and double xp isn’t gonna cut it not trying to get anything free here but if your really trying to make it up to players you should sacrifice something better like let the first assault add on be free or a different map pack something worth it because I love playing tho game I was there 1st at my store to pick it up with the launch of the xbox one and since the issues after issues I even had to go get two replacement game because your discs did not read right and after that fact I had days where I couldn’t even play do to it booting me off its cause a lot of stress and point blank period just disapoint meant I really hope you guys take tho into consideration

  • 36west 12.10.13 at 23:02

    I’m not buying your extra content or premium membership when your friggin game doesn’t work to begin with

    • cbarnard05 12.11.13 at 00:03

      Agreed! Every time I try to join a game of Conquest I get booted to the Xbox One home screen or it freezes while connecting to a game.

  • Osko0407 12.10.13 at 20:40

    Does anyone know if it’s safe to play the campaign mode I’ve played campaign mode two times already and it has always crashed and restarts The campaign from the beginning. Thanks

  • AL2RIDE 12.10.13 at 18:46

    Class action lawsuit waiting to happen. I’m forced to play COD and even though I’ve been a fan since the first one, I have to admit that Ghosts sucks big time. The story line or campaign was pretty awesome, but the multiplayer is terrible. I can put half a clip on a sniper, but he barely aims and I’m dead only about 10 yards away. They need to put a delay on aiming down the scope so that a sniper plays the sniper role.

    Back to BF4, I’ve never been a sniper, but after going pretty far as an engineer, assault, and support (on xbox 360), I decided to give it a try and it’s a lot of fun and challenging. I find a good spot, get a good scan for distances and support the troops with spotting and when I see a gopher within range I take it out.

    It shows how much money these big companies have. They can get away with selling millions of broken product and get away with it. I can see the head honchos telling their minions to push the game out on schedule regardless of it working or not….we’ll fix it later…the gamers will just drink the juice and shut up. We’ve become so complacent.

  • KINSELLA CAFC 12.10.13 at 12:59

    The foundations of the best game ever! Such a shame. Never in my life have I bought something so hopelessly broken. Maybe you should do the rest of the Greek alphabet when testing rather than stop at Beta? I’m starting to understand why the company is called Dice. You have a one in six chance of your game not crashing. Pity…..such a pity :o(

  • mycologist69 12.10.13 at 08:29

    So I pay 110$ on a broken game, that you still havent fixed,and your response is to award double xp? Really?…..i cant play it how would that help me? How about you give me my money back for a product you havent gave me yet?

  • Debo Invictus 12.10.13 at 06:49

    So 3 weeks later and still constant crashes. Are you kidding me?

  • YaWeeBawbag 12.09.13 at 14:01

    Gimmie my op scope for my short range pea shooter

  • shredsofhumanity 12.09.13 at 02:17

    So has anyone got the pistol scope yet?

    • SPARTN29 12.09.13 at 10:40

      no spoke to EA support last night i must say what a joke they did not have a clue was told by them its not out yet as they fixing the game but was told the other day that it would be out by sunday just gone what a joke customer support even told me that if im having problems with the game to go play COD lol

  • rogerwcs2 12.08.13 at 04:23

    Loosing my patience now! Played right now for 40 minutes and got crashed 5 times. Dice, where is your respect for your customers? Should I call my lawyer?

    • GodHatesLags03 12.08.13 at 08:50

      I’m sure Dice is shaking in their boots.

  • Protius_hF 12.07.13 at 12:43

    NO SCOPE HERE EITHER, whilst i don’t know if i would have ever really used it I find it very poor that you have not delivered on what you said you would. I understand that you are taking the time to fix all the issues with the game and appreciate it but to offer something to us and not deliver is a very poor apology one of which you will now have to apologize for as well.

  • GodHatesLags03 12.07.13 at 11:55

    Short and simple. I’ve read a few reviews and I’m not the only one with issues. I play on Xbox One. Purchased this game November 31, and was able to play a solid two days without any problem. I’ve been getting “unable to connection with EA servers” notification. It seems the 360 doesn’t have as many problems as the One. I thought it could have been my WiFi connection but i get 25.00 Mbps with a signal strength of 82% so I doubt its me. I just want some reinsurance and something to keep me here. I don’t need a pistol scope, or any in game item, but just some progress update and if possible when could I be looking forward to actually being able to play the game. Is that to much to ask for?

  • TeCDeathStunna 12.07.13 at 02:37

    I understand most people are now here for the pistol. But I never got the opportunity to play on Dec 5 or the entire duration of the double xp. Now I bought this game hoping for a next gen adrenaline experience…. the only bit of emotion I’m getting is the frustration of not being able to play after having spent 60 dollars. To think that I even considered buying premium…. ea, you should try to fix your servers soon! This is ridiculous and disappointing coming from a big game producer like you. Maybe next time you can take your time to release a full game as opposed to rush into competition with Activision.

  • buzza007 12.06.13 at 23:15

    where is my promised Colt 1911?

  • BRAVEHEARToo7 12.06.13 at 21:15

    Tom Clancy Future Warrior is still the best Squad match ever! Battlefield 4 squad match enemy in a brown cartoon figure is just pain stupid and copies all of the old games except for the Tom Clancy games, not to mention you rarely can see the enemy who would shoot you. Mass confusion playing squad matches and nothing like the personal battle experiences and graphics of Tom Clancy. I play Battlefield campaign once and a while for a different experience, but for squad matches I go back to the Tom Clancy, thank God I did not get rid of my old machine! In fact, I just may take back this Battlefield 4 game. I wish they would make a new version of the Tom Clancy Game to play on the new game systems!

  • Gods_Razor 12.06.13 at 18:03

    I asked a simple question on this forum early last evening, how do you get the M1911 scope. Not a bitch about why I did not instantly get it when I graced the DICE team with my presence for logging in.

    Let’s be honest, all games, all software and most things in life have glitches especially in the beginning. I’ve played the entire online series of COD and its predecessors. They were all miserable at launch. Black Ops was the last COD series game I will ever buy. Not only because the first few months were torture while they made the game work but because the lag and connection speed balancing system was so bad the game was unplayable and in every game, everyone complains about the lag so much you can’t communicate strategy. This was going on right up until the day BF4 launched. Add to that the issue of running around on tiny maps that you can’t even jump up on 99% of the battleground objects, move them, blow them up etc and you have a TWICH, TWICH, TWICH run & gun. Clearly a lot of people love that. To each his own. That’s why we have so many different games to choose from and why even BF4 offers Team Death Match but a vastly superior playing experience compared to COD.

    I fell into the Battlefield camp with BF2, loved it by BF3 and now with BF4 I’ll never look back. If BF4 had only one map and you played it for hours everyday it would never be the same experience and any one of the BF4 maps is better than the entire COD series.

    Having close connections with the game developer side of the business, its been my experience a significant number of the people who post online do so with negative comments. I guess the other millions of people playing are having too much fun playing the game to find a place to kevetch online.

    The M1911 scope will turn up. What I hope will turn down is the complaining.

    So, take a breath, relax and consider that BF4 is not only software with the inherent problems of software, its a full blown enterprise class Software As A Service 24/7 platform supporting PS3/PS4 Xbox/XB1 & PC plus all the external device connections for Commander & Battlelog on most any device you want to use. And they built it in what?… a year? The entire government of the US spent $500+ million dollars building a healthcare website for THREE YEARS and it doesn’t work. Friends they built that with YOUR money. That’s something to bitch about. BF4 is a game, the ACA website is very real.

    I’m muting everyone online I play with that complains unless and until they build something perfect that millions of people enjoy because all I want to do is have fun playing the best shooter game ever made.


    P.S. If complaining is how you have fun, sorry no disrespect meant. However, I would offer this: as THE man said, “don’t worry, be happy.”

  • Duo Maxwell 12.06.13 at 17:36

    Yeah I’m kind of blown, I was really looking forward to the new scope.

  • FORCE-FOCKER 12.06.13 at 16:14

    shocking. well at least i’m happy that i’m not the only one that did not receive the scope unlock. “Also, to cap off the week, on December 5 we will give all players that log in to Battlefield 4 multiplayer a M1911 pistol scope. This special sidearm scope, previously reserved for our DICE developers, has a 3X zoom and is available for all classes in Battlefield 4.” – BS

  • Marty-2001 12.06.13 at 15:45

    No scope for me either.

  • SN1P3RBO55 12.06.13 at 14:09

    No scope for me too:(

  • Count_Chocu1a 12.06.13 at 12:46

    No Scope unlock for me either. Played In the morning & at night & nothing.

  • Erudius 12.06.13 at 10:19

    Same as a lot of others apparently – no scope unlock for playing on the 5th.

  • Wizzinator 12.06.13 at 10:03

    Maybe the CEO shouldn’t promise a giveaway to all players before checking with his developers that something like this could actually be pulled off with relative short notice. Given the track record for things getting done in a timely manner in this game maybe it would have been better to say sometime before the release of Battlefield 5 all players will receive said gift.

    This game, I’m sure, has made and will continue to make millions of dollars. It is however a public relations nightmare and I hope other gaming companies use this as a blueprint of what not to do.

  • ReshiramZero 12.06.13 at 09:40

    I played multiplayer as well and recieved no scope. Howcome?

  • GamerPET 12.06.13 at 08:53

    I can’t believe I forgot to login yesterday :(

  • Gods_Razor 12.06.13 at 07:05

    I’ve been playing multiplayer today and no sign of the promised new pistol scope? Has anyone actually received the M1911 pistol scope today? How/where?

    • 2CoolBreeze 12.06.13 at 09:05

      I logged in yesterday and today, I have no idea where the promised scope is too.

    • mu5ic43 12.06.13 at 09:46

      I played on the 5th and saw nothing pop up about my unlock. I am also still waiting for my preorder code to access China Rising (via

  • Vengefu1Reaper 12.06.13 at 06:14

    So what is the deal with the net code? why is it that i can be shot through honest to god solid cover or better yet around corners? has anyone else not experienced this? i find it quite strange because i didn’t have any of this on BF3 and that i played religiously i actually got people to switch fro COD to BF because of BF3 and now i feel that i have let them down due to the horrible outing that has become the launch of BF4. I hope to god they can get it fixed soon enough but honestly please fix the system that you all had in such a great place not a year ago. Also weapons need reset on the Xbox One version, several types of weaponry are overpowered while others are extremely underpowered. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIX THE GAME GIVE ME THE BATTLEFIELD EXPERIENCE I HAVE BEEN DEFENDING SINCE LAUNCH THAT I KNOW YOU ARE CAPABLE OF!

  • WarReaper_1 12.06.13 at 05:55

    Hope it all gets cleared up soon.

  • SKYNET_4802505 12.06.13 at 05:51

    Wait a minute. ….my post says I posted 12.6.13…… unless all my sources for checking the date are wrong……hmmmmmm I hope I didn’t have to take into account the time zone difference when logging in for this gun scope……

  • SKYNET_4802505 12.06.13 at 05:47

    Been getting the xp but no scope……sigh

  • Jak Gold79 12.06.13 at 05:27

    Im so happy we got double xp for our trouble. Except for one thing I DIDNT GET ANY!!!! The game has crashed to the home screen every match ive played this week!

  • DLSbooth 12.06.13 at 04:53

    Today I read on the website that a 3x scope for the M1911 will be given out. After seeing this I eagerly sign in and worked for well over an hour to get this gun. Once I did get it I decided I would add on my new scope. I was very disapointed to find out that I DID NOT have the scope. Also I pre-ordered the game and got the dog tag offer code and a twenty five digit Xbox Live code and yet I still CANNOT get onto the China Rising maps. I am not the only one who has experienced this and am not the only one who is getting frustrated at this. I sincerely hope that this gets fixed and that everyone gets the scope that they have earned.

    • MAGNUMOCITY 12.06.13 at 05:19

      I agree Dice needs to fix this. I want the china rising maps that came with my preorder.

    • Doughboi_MI 12.06.13 at 05:20

      I don’t know when the scope will show up…I haven’t seen it either.

      However, you can only play China Rising right now if you are a Premium subscriber, all others who pre-ordered but did not get Premium should have access to the maps in 2 weeks.

  • AtomicVariable 12.06.13 at 02:32

    “Will not work on other projects until we have a Battlefield 4 that meets – and exceeds – your expectations. It is the right thing to do.” Really? You took my $110+. You don’t say that actually delivering a product that works is the right thing to do. Aren’t you supposed to do that before you take consumer’s money. Don’t you test these things before launch? Wasn’t there an Alpha and Beta. You are already losing stock value. You’ve been voted the worst company 2 years in a row. You apologize for more game releases time after time. Yet you are always taking are money and banking on DLC the day the game is released. Get with the program EA!

  • BroodingTube 12.06.13 at 01:31

    When are we going to get the scope? it said that you have to log into battlefield 4 multiplayer on december 5th. I did so and did not get a scope.

    • spartan 1848 12.06.13 at 01:46

      ya I dint get it either and the veteran battlepacks

  • faithlesssoul 12.05.13 at 23:48

    M1911 pistol scope crash on the ground and they broke the lens so they could not give them out.or and the the veteran battlepacks key were lost so Dice and ea could not open them
    to give them out eather HA. :)

  • XDagurX 12.05.13 at 23:31

    Again the scope isnt given out yes. they “DID NOT” say the moment you log in you get it.

  • spartan 1848 12.05.13 at 23:31

    where’s my m1911 scope

  • Roran Seagate 12.05.13 at 23:30

    I still cant join any Air Superiority server, but i can still play the maps, and i didnt get the 3X scope

  • XDagurX 12.05.13 at 23:23

    playing it on the ps4 right now, no problems.

  • yeroc77 12.05.13 at 23:13

    My game still wont work online. been a couple weeks since the problem’s been up. Loved playing on the 360, really want to play on the one. hope its fixed soon

  • ForceProduction1 12.05.13 at 23:08

    Since everyone said it already PISTOL SCOPE PISTOL SCOPE PISTOL SCOPE. Seriously, how can all servers be down. Major disappointment.

  • XDagurX 12.05.13 at 23:07

    Well to those who keep saying they don’t deliver Has the 5th Ended, did it stat the moment you log in you would get the They said they are recording who logs in on the 5th in multiplayer and will send the reward. So keep your shorts on hang on tight and enjoy the ride.

    • xBiGFoot-86 12.06.13 at 04:36

      Where does it say they are recording who logs in? I never saw that. What is do see is “on December 5 we will give all players that log in to Battlefield 4 multiplayer a M1911 pistol scope” +ON+ dec 5, not anything else. So they have until midnight, actually i’ll even wait until after worktomorrow, but i’m not holding my breathe.

  • X-SirEvilGrin-X 12.05.13 at 23:02

    I love playing this, would really enjoy playing it more with my pistol scope that was promise though ^-^

  • ShadOWh3ARt78987 12.05.13 at 22:26

    i play on the ps3 platform and my friends and i have tried to log into the servers several times but we lose connection to the servers every time. this is not on our ends as we have all tried everything to ensure that our consoles or internet connections are at fault. Has anyone else come across-ed this issue and if it will affect the possibility of getting the unique pistol scope?

  • faithlesssoul 12.05.13 at 22:18

    m1911 scope event no where to be found :(

  • SnakePlisken1978 12.05.13 at 21:45

    I for one am thoroughly enjoying the game; it may be noted that quite a few of those complaining on here may wish to look to their own hardware set ups, for the answers to their various woes. That aside, I would like to say a big thank you to Dice, for once again creating a brilliant game – and if anyone on here complaining believes they can program a better piece of software, then step up!

  • Xcaliber83 12.05.13 at 21:18

    LOL Yet another thing that EA promises and cant deliver, dammm i seriously have buyers remorse… WILL THINK TWICE BEFORE BUYER ANOTHER EA GAME…

  • Adamant80 12.05.13 at 21:04

    There is some humor in this situation. DICE want to make it up to us for all the issues but they will now have to make it up to us for failing to make it up to us. I am loyal to the game and will keep chugging along because I know it difficult to fix all these problems but I do expect to recieve everything that was promised in the end. My Magnum and 1911 scope will have to wait.

  • XDNOVA13 12.05.13 at 20:59

    DICE where the fuck is my scope?!?!?!?!!?!?!!!

  • Virpi 12.05.13 at 20:41

    No scope for me too… but they didnt say “when” to get it, maby och Christmasday :)

  • C1Rob 12.05.13 at 20:37

    No scope. Logged in as commander on my tablet as my pc had to break today…
    Also no veteran pack :/ and cant enter my details for my old bf2+expansion(gamespy is out of the air…) and bf vietnam

  • EESON56 12.05.13 at 20:36


  • IRiPP3IR 12.05.13 at 20:24

    No scope…

  • SCORPION42988 12.05.13 at 19:53

    Btw I mentioned the other games just to clarify, that most major games r having problems now not necessarily battlefield. U buy a game bring it home play it for couple of days and pray so that they dont mess ir up. Its just stupid and waste of money. Nicely done by all of the game developers

    • SCORPION42988 12.05.13 at 19:58

      Im playing on ps3, so no excuses that the system is new and we r workin things out….. yeah right

  • SCORPION42988 12.05.13 at 19:49

    Really? S every flippin game that I buy this days is gona fckin crush after the stupid update? AC4 battlefield 4, gta 5. Stop the fckin updates. Let enjoy the games man. I bought this game 5 days ago played it perfectly for 5 days, I loved it became my favorite in all time and booom, a stupid fckin update again, server error, server eerror, server error.STOP ……….

  • captmarkb 12.05.13 at 19:32

    What I would really like is my money back, not double xp or a scope for a weapon I can’t use because I can’t get into a game. Sadly, I downloaded it from the pan, so I can’t even trade this crap in… This was my first Battlefield purchase because I was sick of Call of Duty, and friends talk about how great this game is supposed to be. I may have to deal with all the idiots in Call of Duty, but at least I get to play in the multiplayer games.
    To all those who complain about us that are complaining about the game? You wouldn’t keep a brand new car you bought if it didn’t work, if you ordered a pepperoni pizza and got an anchovy pizza instead, you wouldn’t sit quietly and eat it, you would speak up, demand the right thing. Not just accept it and move on.

  • DamQuik 12.05.13 at 19:22

    No scope either, time to break out he lube boys, where all getting royally f—-d.

  • XxJRAD_859xX 12.05.13 at 19:21

    no scope really come on. why is everything a day late for ya’ll. for this i want a scope for every side arm, and the return of rifles scopes. maybe the Xbow. or a throwing knifes. p.s 10 QBZ shots to kill some one. for real

  • dawetten 12.05.13 at 18:56

    No scope received either… but no surprise on my face either

  • Dinglesbdd 12.05.13 at 18:56

    Not feeling very appreciated. No scope. Over $100 into this game with game and premium and so far I have a game that freezes 5 times a session and empty promises. No 1911 scope and still no veteran pack!!!!!

  • 8ootcher 12.05.13 at 18:47

    No Scope received here :(
    Dice is playing games with us!

  • Grim reaper1110 12.05.13 at 16:58

    No scope?? I just want to troll people is that to much to ask for lmao

  • Dasllamas 12.05.13 at 16:48

    Logged in played several games and still no scope. Does it come in a battlepack or something?

  • BOOOMheadshot21 12.05.13 at 16:09

    I have played half a dozen games this morning but no M1911

  • jbinmead 12.05.13 at 15:12

    Pros on BF4: good online play and tanks,jeepsECT.cons:campain restarts does not seem like I’m getting 2xXP and i never got the scope/UPDATE THE CAMPAIN

  • Hequaqua 12.05.13 at 14:35

    I’m a new player. Where would I find it if they gave it to me?

  • EliteNerdRage 12.05.13 at 14:31

    Im am also still waiting on that scope….

  • XxJRAD_859xX 12.05.13 at 11:26

    still waiting on that scope

  • ScottyDoo_1 12.05.13 at 11:11

    Has anyone actually received and used the scope? I just earned the M1911 and I see the scope as a future option to earn however, it doesn’t say 80 kills or 6000 points to get the scope. Any ideas?

  • Gus_Haines 12.05.13 at 09:42

    I have BF4 for PS3 and PS4. To date the only real issue I get is that the campaign keeps resetting. No biggie tbh..
    With regards to the multiplayer game… Awesome :) A few crashes on PS4 but I have sent in a reasonable detailed crash report via the sony crash report thing so I hope it is getting through to you guys.

    I appreciate you hard work guys. As do a lot of players. I appreciate that you were under a lot of pressure to release the game on next gen consoles as early as possible. I thank you for continuing to work to fix the game. (looking forward to the CR DLC via my Premium when you release it for PS4).

    Players. The more you slate the devs the more disheartened they will become. The more disheartened, the less productive.. The less productive, the longer it will take for these guys to fix!

    If you can do a better job then I challenge you to develop and release a similar game. Oh. Make sure if you do it’s problem free ;)

    Devs, Keep up the good fight. Again. I, at least, appreciate your hard work and I am looking forward to the results of your hard toil. Thank you.

    Players. Grow some. Stop bleating and let the devs work their magic.


  • dpoverlord 12.05.13 at 09:37

    I never played any of the battlefields. I bought this game as did 15 of my friends from TF2 and a few other games just so we can immerse ourselves and build a clan.

    My computer easily is over 5k…. So What is going on here? Why is BF4 crashing every time

    3 Titans
    3 30″ monitors
    I play at 8050 x 1600 with bezel correction

    I load up crashes with some “not enough memory” error on my first load out. I wonder “Not enough memory, each titan has 6GB”

    I built this computer just for BF4. Frame rates are at 30FPS on ulta so of course I tone it down.

    I think to myself ok…. Next part I put the settings at medium… it works! Great!!! Then the level ends, I realize I really do not know how to play and figure ok, can’t be too bad play a few matches get the “Swing” of things. Nope, the game crashes… No reason at all.

    Next step, I load it in window mode, game runs… the campaigns ends, crashes to windows again.

    Now I am getting really annoyed. I start the single player campaign, it gets 15 minutes in, my frame rate seems very fluid so I raise the settings to “high”, 15 minutes later I have to alt tab out to restart the game.

    What is going on here? I don’t mean to make this long and drawn out, typically I would write a post as “Problem” Solution, etc. This is just unreal…

    Anyone able to help, I find it hard to believe a game would be put out that cannot even load, Battlefield has a massive following, hence why I joined….. There is no way these bugs were not found before it was released.


    System 4.3GHZ i7
    Ram: 16GB
    GPU: EVGA Titan @ 1050mhz x3
    Monitor: 3 Dell 30″ have not put up the 30″ Accessory monitor yet…
    PSU: 1300watt
    Mouse: Razer Deathadder 2013
    Ergo keyboard
    2 SSD Raid 0, 3 4TB WD Red

    I definitely should not be having issues here…

    One of the crash reports:
    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: bf4.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp: 52963762
    Fault Module Name: bf4.exe
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp: 52963762
    Exception Code: c0000005
    Exception Offset: 0000000000b52efa
    OS Version: 6.1.7601.
    Locale ID: 1033
    Additional Information 1: 9136
    Additional Information 2: 9136a4bce8b19c39a22d8a49fef88859
    Additional Information 3: 5bbd
    Additional Information 4: 5bbd61231e96008cb178640fc0f0eea9

    Read our privacy statement online:×0409

    If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:

    To top this off it is crashing every 30 minutes. Mys ystem is stable every game plays perfectly. What are you guys doing to fix this?

  • 2CoolBreeze 12.05.13 at 09:02

    How do I get the special ” M1911 pistol scope.”?
    ” This special sidearm scope, previously reserved for our DICE developers, has a 3X zoom and is available for all classes in Battlefield 4.”

  • obiwanbonjovi 12.05.13 at 03:56

    Keep doing what you’re doing, Dice. It’s not easy making games, and it sure as hell can’t be easy making games for 5 different systems. While it is upsetting that I can’t play more than a few games without getting kicked to the home screen, I will tell you that I still recommend it to all my friends. The ridiculous set pieces, the underwater mechanics, and the great level design make this worth waiting for.

    • StreetSoldier79 12.05.13 at 06:15

      Finally someone who understand us TRUE gamer and battlefielders! might be a bit messed up but its hard to maintain 5 different version of the game! You sir are a Battlefielder and i salute you Hooah!

  • EthanEthanEthan 12.05.13 at 03:54

    Just got BF4 two days ago and I haven’t been able to play one single multiplayer match. When I join a game it shows me the map loading screen and then gives me a black screen and takes me back to the XMB menu on PS3. There is no reason why they shouldn’t have this fixed yet. I have every game mode and I couldn’t even play on the Test Range, I have great internet connection as well.

  • jojo21840 12.05.13 at 03:27

    I own BF4 on the PS3 I just updated the game two days ago. I tried to get into a conquest match but everytime I try it tells me joining server and then it says to check my internet connection unable to join server. My internet connection is fine. I can join tdm rush and other match types but I prefer conquest. It just won’t let me join any conquest matches since I updated the game. I even tried server browser and it tells me all the servers are empty. Any other ps3 users have the same issue? Please help.

  • king198526 12.05.13 at 01:49

    All BS cause battlefield 3 still have’s problems right now
    if i went into a server in battlefield 3 there will glitches in the game so you think is fair for what they doing man
    your a problem cause people like you destroy everything
    EA wants more money okay look at the facts okay this game as problems hell they did not have a release date for a dlc then came with the game just like mohw because when then game came out oh anyone who preorder mohw gets early access to the bf4 beta and guess LIED okay so why your standing up for them my bad
    your fanboy sorry

  • Shyxx123 12.05.13 at 01:49

    I am 45. Owned Pong, Atari, Vectrex, Coleco, Ps1, Ps2, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One. BF4 is only console game I’ve ever purchased that had so many profound issues. On Xbox One, it is hard to even launch the game. I’ve restarted campaign 5x. I’m done. I am now active in telling friends and workplace buddies to avoid game. Ironically, it had so much potential.

  • ChristianSlater 12.05.13 at 01:11

    I got BF4 and premium on day one and experienced the headaches for the first few days after launch and was quite disappointed. I travel for work so I’ve missed out on most of the double XP event. Is there at least a way to get the scope without logging on December 5?

  • snakefyre69 12.04.13 at 22:56

    thanks EA/DICE we feel your love………….. not … ever since your update 2 days ago cant join any games now i know this is not due to my connection since i have bypassed all routers and went straight into modem and confirmed everything on my end is perfect only to get cant joing server check internet connection BS you need to address this asap have posted on almost every forum i mean at least ghosts plays not that i feel like playing that game but even after gta 5 worse launch in the world you would think you could at least say hey we know we are working on it if your really appreciated us then you would give answers instead of just taking our money this is on ps3 might add fixs all the bugs

  • king198526 12.04.13 at 22:00

    Dice you put a code in a game and tell people hey you could play china rising but now if your not premium member. you will have to wait into the dec 17 like the what the hell remember something and remember it will when your fans turn against and stop buying battlefield games well it will be your own fault

    • ThexCanadian420 12.04.13 at 22:40

      Premium members have always been able to access things earlier than standard players. They did not make any claims that you would get it on launch, they simply stated you would get a code for a FREE DLC pack. This is not being deceptive, evil, or anything of the sort. You are still getting a full DLC pack for no money. Battlefield is just like any other game out there i.e. you have to pay to be first in line for the better things. If you can go and make a game of your own that is better looking, has better gameplay, and spans over multiple platforms then please put me on the waiting list for it. Until then be glad they are giving DLC packs (that came at great expense on their end) out for free just for buying their game. For this among many other reasons I will forever be a Battlefield fan. They take care of their customers and fix what needs to be fixed. They have a history of setting things right and pay attention 100 times more than any other developer out there. So I say THANK YOU DICE for the free DLC and amazing game you have put out, sure there are hiccups but with a game as expansive as BF4 there is no avoiding some but I have faith you will take care of it like you have time and time again.

  • duhcommish 12.04.13 at 08:18

    Purchased BF4 for the XBox One. This was my first time playing any BF game. I have been a die hard COD gamer for years. BF4 is truly a work of art by comparison and I was really excited about finally getting into the BF universe. However, like others here, I keep losing my campaign progress and refuse to keep playing the same missions over and over. I can’t connect to the EA servers most evenings and when I do, I get get dropped every other game. This game is unplayable. Forget the “We are sorry gifts” and FIX THE GAME! Without a patch very soon, I will be contacting Amazon to get my money back.

    Rickferd is absolutely correct. Dice had a real opportunity here. I was going to buy BF4 for a few of my COD buddies. No more.

  • deathtothewicked 12.04.13 at 08:06

    I paid $60 for BF4 on ps3, bought a PS4 for $400, spent another $50 for playstation plus, spent another $10 for the ps4 digital “upgrade” version, then paid another $50 for premium. BF4 is the only game that I own for this console currently, and it is the primary reason that I upgraded to the PS4 even with Sonya lack of launch titles. I am very disappointed in DICE right now. I expect this from EA, but not you DICE. As a result of what happened with this game I am going to be very reluctant to buy another DICE and EA title at launch. I will probably wait, several months, until all the problems are “fixed” and I will most likely wait until the price drops on the title as well. I understand that there are some difficulties with all the different platforms. But I also understand that this is a consumer driven billion dollar industry. I cannot recall ever being this frustrated with a game in my entire life. No, me spending $450 to Sony is not your fault or your problem, but me spending $120 on an unfinished game is ridiculous, and I feel so stupid for buying Premium . It was some kind of false hope that maybe if I purchased premium my game would work correctly. Nope. Fix your game soon or give me a refund for Premium. I can’t even download china rising yet because it is behind schedule for PS4, so you have already broken one commitment. Another strike and I will never buy another game at launch or at full price again. I can guarantee that. Double XP is nice but it diminishes the integrity if the ranking system. I will probably be level 100 before I am even able to download the new DLC. I take that back, as I am probably going to take a break from BF4 for a while, I’m complaining in a blog post for Christ’s sake.

    • deathtothewicked 12.04.13 at 08:14

      Oh, and I like how you said the double XP was to recoup some of the xp you may have lost. You weren’t joking. I can only finish one maybe 2 games before the game crashes completely in the middle of a match and I lose all of my progression. So you really aren’t doing anything for us you are just comping us for what we lost, with hopes that we will continue to play it while it still has problems. Thanks guys. I feel appreciated. Get well soon.

  • LotusShepard 12.04.13 at 02:58

    Yeah Battlefield 4 for Xbox One, seems pretty cool on paper. Looks great, more BF goodness. The problem is, I’ve never played a more unstable piece of garbage. It is nearly impossible to create a party, if somehow you manage to do so, halfway through a game I get instantly kicked to the Xbox Home screen, you have to start the game over. This is after it lost my Campaign save three different times. I’m so glad I convinced all my friends to get BF4 and not CoD, just so they could waste 60 bucks. You know, I think, instead of Day ONe DLC, I’d finish making the f*cking game playable. Absolutely unforgivable. It’s so clear that you appreciate your players. Get f*cked.

  • BoltActionDuck 12.04.13 at 01:53

    I just purchased Battlefield 4, for my ps3. I was able to play two games of team deathmatch, and now I can’t log into any server to play. I’m very disappointed that I put hard-earned money on a game that’s been out for over a month, and it’s still having online issues. You guys are launching expansion packs already, but haven’t fixed your multiplayer problems yet.
    Would you put a new stereo system in a broken down car without getting it running first?

  • Dj Flicky 12.04.13 at 00:29

    Oh i do so agree with @Rickferd. Pre order and you will get china rising. Yeah right… Disappointed.

  • Rickferd 12.03.13 at 18:30

    It is pointless to even try to play this game until DICE fixes it My friend and I were trying to find a game online (xbox one) on 12-2-13 for almost 2 hours before we gave up. most of the time it would crash before even finding a server. The sad part of this is when DICE has a chance to grab a good chunk of the gamers who are tired of COD with providing PC like gaming on the consoles they lunch a game that is not even stable.

  • phatLip-pHiLLip 12.03.13 at 18:29

    I have to say like many other BF gamers, I have also been frustrated with the number of bugs and glitches we have had to endure while waiting for the necessary patch/updates that will correct them.

    Still, I have not lost faith in DICE or interest in the BF franchise, and I do appreciate the double XP and the M1911 pistol scope (exclusively for DICE developers) that will be released to anyone logged onto multiplayer this Thursday, December 5th as part of their player appreciation PR campaign. Thank you DICE; this is a very nice gesture.

    Before closing I want to add, I do very much look forward to the DICE version of “Star Wars Battlefront”, I definitely plan to purchase this game when it finally releases, only if what I have been reading here is true, I hope your design team is not pressured to rush this game in order to release it early, and that they can take all the time that they need with it. Meanwhile, I will continue to patron BF and other DICE products as they become available.


  • madtop 12.03.13 at 18:25

    I refuse to play the single player until I find out that it has been corrected. If I have to hear the phrase ” A wolf has to chew off his own leg to survive” one more time, I’m liable to snap. Please fix the single player so it can actually hold a save file.

  • ShockersQuad 12.03.13 at 18:20

    UFOtestpilot said:
    Campaign: Broken
    Server browser: Broken
    Sound: Broken
    Server system: Broken
    Group function: Non-existent
    Team communication: Non-existent
    Clan support: Non-existent
    Consequence of releasing a broken game: Non-existent

    Minimap on HC: In place
    Lag throughout servers at an unacceptable level: In place
    DLC release: In place
    Profit from pre-orders: In place
    Bonus from EA for beating COD to market: In place
    Satisfy the A.D.D. kids with double XP for a week: In place

    Summation: DICE profits by mistreating their loyal customers and fanbase in yet another major catastrophic release of an unfinished non-working product. Then focus on a bug patch that is evenly distributed while the real issues plaguing the game are left out of any communication by the Development team or it’s representatives.

    In closing: Battlefield 4 Launch = Obamacare Roll-out – Whether your for or against them, you have to admit they both rushed to put something online that wasn’t even close to ready.

  • elnatdehat 12.03.13 at 17:57

    My single player game has also been deleted multiple times and conquest more rarely works (it just puts you directly into another mode). I contacted customer service (online chat and phone) and they are not willing to even allow you to return the game, but they did offer me a 15% discount at origin’s online store. I guess we could all buy another product that may or may not work after you pay full price. Bf4 for xboxone is deffective and as customers it’s unbelievable that we have no recourse but to wait for the developers to fix what we all assumed we bought to begin with. I have never been more disapointed with a game and the company that makes it. I’m a long term customer. I owned AUTO DUEL on my Apple II.

  • DarkNoir 12.03.13 at 17:34

    Yeah, I am really disappointed, my game is crashing almost every other map now and is not very enjoyable. It’s sad since it’s probably one of the more innovative games in its class. Seems like some very poor decisions were made on when to release it. I feel like I have been taken advantage of and that some greedy bastards used my love of this franchise to cheat me out of a completed and playable game.

  • HAL 9002 12.03.13 at 17:27

    BF4 on my Xbox one won’t save single player progression, and of course multiplayer doesn’t work well either. Everytime I request a Conquest game I get pushed into a Team Deathmatch game. I appreciate the double XP, but how am I supposed to use it when the game doesn’t work. So, the plan of playing campaign while you all fix multiplayer is out too. This game is a $60 brick.

  • bacanater297 12.03.13 at 15:20

    Look guys I’m tired of all of these people complaining about the damn netcode or the fact that their game freezes or whatnot, i have bf4 for the xbox one and so far I’ve had almost no problems at all, i personally find the 360 version unplayable. So the launch has been rough so what? Grow the fuck up guys the game will fix itself over time, the only person to blame is EA for making DICE rush the game for next gen. Honestly guys you’re all acting like a bunch of 5 year olds and I’m sick of it.

    • Vile Warbringer 12.03.13 at 16:08

      It’s really sad to see another person attack other people who have valid complaints and then marginalize them by calling them children. That’s really pathetic. It’s all fine and well that your version of the game works, but it makes your opinion on the subject irrelevant because you’re not suffering the same problems that other people are. I also find it kind of funny that the person calling people 5-year-olds is throwing such a tantrum about it.

      Personally I have no doubt that the problems will be worked out in time. However, people have the right to complain about whatever the hell they want to whether or not some troll approves.

    • RicanHeroNr1 12.03.13 at 16:21

      I think your full of shit ,we have paid full price for a game and would like to enjoy it without it crashing ,freezing or possibly damaging our consoles.on top of that we would like to be able to join games with our squad mates ,just because your not experiencing the complications that thousands of other players are having doesn’t give you the right to defend dice or ea .We want what we paid for, and I’m still missing my veteran battle pack,been playin since 1942 get real.

    • king198526 12.04.13 at 22:04

      Listen fanboy stfu

  • SGT A Jonson 12.03.13 at 15:00

    Now that your dlc crashes the game before it loads, time to play arma 3. Hey at least the game loads….

  • EESON56 12.03.13 at 04:02

    When will you fix the Veterans pack i have played BF3 and BC2 and i don’t have one!!!!!

  • kults 12.03.13 at 03:26

    Origin. EA. Whatever or whoever you are! Fix this damn server problem. I downloaded the ps3 update and now i cant play the game. This is BS! Not just that tje codes from your game for china rising doesnt even work! Isn’t thatCHEATING?! I hope you make someone from the congress incestigate this kind of rip off.

  • EMAGDNIM0671 12.03.13 at 02:35

    Please tell me you are going to make it possible to join friends in a pregame lobby before joining a server!? I find it appalling that you left out that capability for ps3!

  • The Lorax IX 12.02.13 at 19:47

    It is absolutely revolting that you guys haven’t fixed these freezing issues yet. I guess the xbox 360 people are second rate now that next gen is out. Instead of offering us extra experience, how about fixing this awful product you pushed out. Why should I have a quit percentage over 15% when I havent quit a game yet. That means 15 PERCENT of games are freezing. Unacceptable. This will be the last battlefield I ever purchase.

    • FU2_HAMMBONE 12.02.13 at 23:09

      Settle down. I get frustrated too. It will get better and Battlefield is the best product out there and we sll know it!! Keep on pushing DICE!!!!

    • PenguinTwater 12.03.13 at 06:34

      Dude, just reset your stats online, its not that hard if stats matter to you that much.

    • PenguinTwater 12.03.13 at 06:35

      Dude just reset your stats on the battlelog app or through the website. Not hard at all if stats mean that much to you.

  • TALON1988 12.02.13 at 14:19

    I know that there are a lot of people griping about stuff but I just want to take a second to say thank you for this blog. I came to Battlefield from COD and just seeing this makes me realize that I made the right choice. After ALL the problems that COD has/had I never saw any blogs with content like this. Saying thanks for being patient, and we are really focusing on the real problems. Awesome job guys, KEEP IT UP!

    • The Lorax IX 12.02.13 at 19:48

      Are you serious? COD has had issues, but never like this. Two months and they cant even make all their maps playable. They should be ashamed of this game.

  • profeska33 12.02.13 at 11:55

    Please do something ith L2 and R2 button on PS4. Now this is stupid!

  • nokturnaldj 12.02.13 at 11:24

    Conectivity issues I get booted after every other game from the servers, and how many versions of Battlefield have you released and in every one of them u have invincible planes that just crash into helos w/o any damage taken…. get your shit together, you didnt give us the game we bought it and we expected better.

  • nanotech420 12.02.13 at 09:55

    DICE. fix your shit. YOUR BETTER THAN THIS.. wtf. what over site, was the party system. this is next gen.??? you are looking amateur. Why did you put the battle log on the touch pad for what reason?? should be the score card.. wtf where you thinking?? How can you make such a huge great game, and make massive little mistakes????????????????

  • Tru_Pestilence 12.02.13 at 09:33

    I am hoping the folks at DICE/EA will promote this response, as I feel it is one well deserved. I first want to point out that I have only been on the Battlefield since Bad Company 2, a game that I would not have kept past the first day had it not been for the guy at GameStop offering me a full refund if I tried it for a solid week and still wanted to trade it in. I was an AVID CoD fan, reaching my Lieutenant General rank in just under a month on MW2, and I hated that all of the crutches that I had grown accustomed to using (perks and kill streaks) were no longer there to help me distinguish myself from the flock. I hated starting out with nothing and trying to work my way back up. Before I get to the point, let me tell you what made me stay. This was a game that didn’t reward you for camping out and collecting kills, this was a game that forced you to take every point you made to heart because you and your squad performed near acts of god to get them (specially in the air) this was a game that had a check for every type of player strategy. I learned of this when on the map with the us up top and Russians below near the railhead, when a group of heavy hitters and snipers had sewn up with surgical precision. Being from CoD I prepare to advance and clear the building room to room when my mentor at that time said “no you be sniper and get ready to do what I say when I give the order” he chose support class and his partner did engineer they were throwing stuff left and right then ran inside to do more they came running out and I provided cover fire as they dashed. My mentor climbed atop the construction tower and his partner mad his may to the red brick building on the high side. He told me to pull out my designator and aim it at the door to the terrace, call for fire there times and watch. I was enthralled as I watch that crappy green building buckle and implode on the dug in combatants. The tie was turned and we won. The next thing to hook me was when a Russian medic ran up and cut his name in my chest and took my tags…my mentor explained what took place and I was hellbent on revenge. These signature elements of Battlefield opened my eyes to what a shooter should be. Now to my point; I preordered BF3 and was annoyed at first by all of the little things like having a selector switch on the Javelin, by the reduced damage that could be done to environments, but most of all the seemingly apparent lack of concern for the steaming pile of dung the game was being allowed to become; I started a boycott among the players that I ran with, demanding that we all refuse to support the sub par mentality that was adopted by everyone involved with the game. Myself and several of my associated clans walked away swearing to never look back. When I got news of th BF4 Beta I was I school and couldn’t participate, but I kept up with the things DICE/EA were saying about lessons learned and the limitations which prevented console gamers from truly experiencing Battlefield as it was intended to be seen, and I was compelled the give it a shot (maybe the brain injury from Iraq was to blame) I pre-ordered a copy, and waited weeks before I got to test it out. At first I was furious with DICE/EA for releasing it, then more at myself for rallying everyone who swore never to play again to go back on their word for the same old broken companies. Then I read and read and realized that this isn’t just an I don’t give a shit about anything but initial sales, this was a company whose reputation was on the line, who went to great lengths to generate a new engine capable of bringing all of the most demanded features into fruition. The problem came with the new tech that comes along with the next-gen consoles, and the push to integrate social networking into the mix without having a loss of functionality in other areas. My point is you tried to deliver. With limited access to the tech you were centering around, with a launch dat that would’ve created just as much flak had it been pushed back even a day. Next-gen consoles never got a live beta so no gamer in their right mind could possibly expect a diamond on day one…but I’ve been watching the way you are attacking this at every angle, and I want to let you know how proud we are of your dedication to exemplify the commitment to excellence you say Digital Illusions Computer Entertainment has with this series. Keep swinging that axe and we will feed you whatever insight you need. I can’t wait till you truly unlock the games true potential and no match is the same as the last. I just gotta get up the money for a premium membership, I know that day is going to need priority in the queue. Don’t let the counter productive comment derail your momentum. It’s nice to have you back…let’s make history!

  • widowmakerz2 12.02.13 at 04:35


  • cOlOmbn_JuJu 12.02.13 at 04:23

    Wish DICE would have utilized logical controller layout presets, or custom. I ABSOLUTELY hate driving/flying with L1/R1 just doesn’t seem normal at all L2&R2 are more standard buttons, and the in/out of vehicles being square is ridiculous, what was dice thinking? In any other game you use triangle square is for reloading. The controls seem counter intuitive and backwards. Why DICE?!! Why would you even consider making controller layouts so back words, disappointing -__-”

    • MaximusBiPYC 12.02.13 at 04:35

      If you play on ps4 the controls for driving you have it with L2 and R2. Buy ps4 and your problem is solved. Because there is no select button anymore they needed to put they layout different. Do you hear my complaining? Get used to it! Like I did. The game is maybe not perfect i still enjoy it. If EA didn’t rush the people’s at DICE they would launch the game next year. Because this is a new frostbite engine. They will perfect it. I KNOW IT

  • nguyenluc1994 12.02.13 at 01:45

    i paid for bf4 and i feel like i play a free download game

  • nguyenluc1994 12.02.13 at 01:39

    i also love bf4 but i don’t know why i got banned for 72h just because the emblem and it BS to me

  • vandalic72 12.01.13 at 23:50

    Yes I would like to see DICE stand by their product. Seeing as how BF4 has been out over a month now. It is pathetic that it is not fixed yet. In a Conquest match 15 points from winning, BOOM FU***NG FREEZES. Get your heads out of your ASS & fix the game so many people paid their hard earned cash for ALREADY. Like I said over a month since release & not fixed yet is TOTAL BULLS**T. Would much rather have a game that works right than freaking Double XP, as I am sure everyone would.

  • WahooBob 12.01.13 at 22:56

    double xp for a game that wont work sounds real smart

  • Neoluddite 12.01.13 at 22:48

    I still freeze up and get kicked off as well. Why offer double XP when the game doesn’t work? Stupid

  • TUNE1097 12.01.13 at 22:35


  • Kaliban1234 12.01.13 at 19:47

    How am i supposed to download and/or get this scope?

    • AdDicti 12.01.13 at 22:13

      As I understand it, you will automatically be awarded with it by playing on December 5th and you can’t/won’t get it before said date.

  • CAMMSHAFTT 12.01.13 at 18:42

    For all moaning about double xp that have purchased premium get over yourselves ! This week is to appreciate all players as everyone has had problems some more than others. One week of double xp for everyone is nothing compared with the benefits premium player will enjoy over the months/years. So do us a favour and shut it. Bf4 will run like clockwork in time. If anyone can’t wait you can always go and play ghosts lmfao !

  • astronwhtx 12.01.13 at 17:34

    >>>>>It keeeeeeeeeps kicking me ouuut <<<<<<<< XboxOneWTF

  • TUNE1097 12.01.13 at 17:29

    So let me get this straight. I paid extra for a premium package and the first weekend I was suppose to get double xp everyone gets it for 5 days. Not only that but I can’t hardly play because it freezes up and kicks me out. That’s the best 49.99 I’ve ever spent. Also why do the battle packs give you items for weapons that you never use?

  • DOVAHKIIN89098 12.01.13 at 17:02

    Will the 3x scope work for the 44 magnum too

  • Doctor Proctor 12.01.13 at 16:47

    Day 4 of the double XPP week and I still can’t connect to the ea servers. I was briefly able to play a bit on Friday, but the rest of the time the game has been basically a brick. What is this garbage? I’m missing out completely on your “appreciation”, and I’ve seen zero acknowledgement of this issue from your staff. I doubt I’ll even get the special scope since it requires the one thing I can’t do, which is LOG INTO THE GAME.

  • K Fresh80 12.01.13 at 04:13

    I find this really funny considering how an i supposed to get 2x xp at the end of the match when IT KEEPS FUCKIN FREEZING, in which case I don’t even know what happens to the points. Fix your damn game DICE, its been a month.

  • cowboy081472 12.01.13 at 02:12

    Show some appreciation to the 360 players and give some double xp to make up for your servers being so retarded during my premium double xp weekend to where you can play the fucking game without freezing up and lagging out

    • Trance_Wolf 12.01.13 at 09:38

      NOT HAD A SINGLE PROBLEM ON EITHER PS3 or PS4…Food for thought about 360′s

  • SLiiF0X 11.30.13 at 21:08

    Well , i play battlefield 4 on my xbox 360. My console is all good but when i try to install the 2GB content at the begining, it like goes a quarter of the way then it stops and tells me to try to download it again. I checked my game disk for scratches and there is none. Please help i want to play BF4!

  • Sheik_Arif 11.30.13 at 18:22

    while playing the game crashes. while playing the screen goes black then in battlelog it shows leaving level. graphics sucks even playing in high end graphics pc. first of all fix all these issues then say your Appreciation

  • XxAvEngEdX666xX 11.30.13 at 17:40

    Its the worst game launch ever. Maps are tiny with jets in them..Dawnbreaker, Dam, Then you got invisible littlebirds if you have guys repairing. Why did u not bring the balance over from bf3 ? Too much smoke, very hard to see players, too many skyscrapers with camping snipers, why dont you just give them ammo packs too !! then got everything else ffs. And you give us xp and a scoped pistol for the fact no one can play the Crappyfiled 4 CUS ITS BROKE BEYOND ALL RECOGNITION. NETCODE !!!

  • XxAvEngEdX666xX 11.30.13 at 17:34

    What platforms have had minor issues ? theyve ALL HAD SERIOUS ISSUES

  • J0Dirt 11.30.13 at 17:15

    Myself and another gamer just left COD to B-4. Bad decision. My xbox has had so many hard reboots that I’m concerned about the shortened life of my unit. Black ops ghost looks pretty good right now, as well as a ps4. How mu h did you spend on the development of this game only to get it wrong with freezes and crashes ? I dont want your stupid free xp pts. THE GAME DOESN’T WORK! !!!!

  • kturf 11.30.13 at 08:54

    What about Soldiers stationed overseas? All we have is the PX and they are not working with us in the upgrade. In fact we do not even have copies of battlefield 4 for the next gen. available where I am stationed? Any option for mail in?

  • JayThe3K 11.30.13 at 08:44

    @Cowboy, as a PS4 owner I can tell u its not just you I think whether its PC, Last gen, or current gen we all are having issues.

  • DaVille06 11.30.13 at 08:35

    Everyone defending DICE is on crack. Be happy they gave us anything?!?!?! They gave us a gun and double XP for a game that doesn’t work! You know what we want? A game that WORKS! I don’t want double XP, a silly addition, or anything else. I just want to play the game. Stop implementing new guns and XP and start fixing my game.

  • cowboy081472 11.30.13 at 07:41

    Want to feel appreciated but until the servers are fixed on xbox360 I feel they don’t care because PlayStation 4 and Xbox one are too important let us game on the 360 without all the freezes and lockouts. Premium member and the servers are so screwed my clan can’t even take advantage of the double xp and new maps coming to get kicked from what joy!!!!

  • JayThe3K 11.30.13 at 07:10

    Honestly dont feel appreciated at all

  • BeerzGod 11.30.13 at 06:28

    What a complete slap in the face! Who gives a flying shit about points? PC still suffers from an insane amount of crashes making extra points completely useless beyond the point of their already uselessness to begin with.

    Get off your lazy asses and fix the game.

    Appreciation for the people who purchased an incomplete game would be something like selling Premium for 75% off. Not extra points. You guys are a joke.

    How did you not learn from the release of BF3 and repeat that all over again and then some? you’re dropping customers left and right.

  • DpXFlOw 11.30.13 at 02:49

    some people defend dice it’s funny! i hate it when there bragging about there game and showing new stuff even if the basic of the game don’t work. and my lost time for that scope i don’t need, because i use the p226. one word stupid! (hope some other people gonna be happy with it). and people that say its not that bad haven’t played as much as i do. i am over 100+ freezes and ready to learn them how to fly. because i’m tired and frustrated at this moment! i tried to play it really almost for 30 day. but this is really taking to long now. at least tell us whats happening on this site instead of showing us you trophies and awards make us believe on the battlefield it’s the best game ever instead posting this shit! i really hope you guys gonna fix it one day but make sure it’s not one day to late because you already lost a lot of your fans who made you what you are today. the gamers should not be afraid of the game makers, but the game makers should be afraid of their gamers keep that in mind and don’t fuck up on bf5 if you gonna make that game. so good luck with your game but i’m tired of trying everyday to see the same crap for a while.

  • TheShamer 11.29.13 at 20:31

    What about those of us who had dbl xp code for buying xbox one version of the game from gamestop? Are we to assume that is now worthless?

  • RyanRoga 11.29.13 at 19:41

    The game is still incredible. I, for one, appreciate the efforts. Thanks for the token of YOU appreciation of us as well.

  • HillBilly Tango 11.29.13 at 16:19

    Will 360 players get the classic maps that xbox one players get?

  • xx Roudi xx 11.29.13 at 12:35


  • xx Roudi xx 11.29.13 at 12:33

    If you buy battlefield4 on Xbox 360 is it true that EA will stop multiplayer servers and stop creating DLC’S because of the next genera,tion consoles

  • douchydice 11.29.13 at 10:18

    First off, now everyone knows why the company is called Dice… What a chance everyone took with Battlefield 4 and it has turned into an epic fail across multiple platforms… It’s sad really. What’s the point in beta testing a game when no changes are implemented in the final product to correct numerous bugs and issues?

    Second, please stop defending Dice people! My only guess is that you are Helen Keller clones or likely employees of Dice. It’s been a month since the game launched and yet there are too many current issues with the game to make it playable. Fix it! Many people are out over a hundred dollars for the game and premium that’s barely playable. It’s unreal that corporate giants can get away with stuff like this.

    Third, I preordered my game from GameStop and got Jewed out of that opening weekend… I’m not sure if that is supposed to be included in this “customer appreciation” bologna or not… We were told that a new date would be posted for this, but I never heard anything… This far after the release date there’s not even a point anymore I guess…

    • rainbowchees3 11.29.13 at 11:41

      Um yer i get wat u mean about the issues i get pissed off to but look what they have achieved they changed gaming plus they gave us free stuff anyway thanks dice happy christmas

  • Rufous Squirrel 11.29.13 at 10:04

    Really though Vrissen. Almost a week of double XP and a free DEVELOPER item? This is why I’ve been dedicated to Battlefield since 42 came out on PC. The makers look out for their players; even when they don’t have to. Thank you team Battlefield and happy Thanksgiving.

  • Vrissen 11.29.13 at 07:35

    Jesus. Show a little gratitude, guys. They didn’t have to give you anything. I think it’s very nice of them to give us free crap. I swear, you people will bitch at anything.

  • iMotionLotion 11.29.13 at 07:21

    I was on the last mission of the campaign, went to go play it and get my multiplayer weapons but it was gone. Second time it happened and really made me mad. Very good campaign and would love to finish it but I’m not spending another 8 hours just to do one mission. Also, it crashes after I finish every game I play and I lose my double xp. I have to leave and find a new server after every game.

  • Thytty 11.29.13 at 05:29

    And the final version of the game, when will be released?

  • XxChaRbSxX 11.29.13 at 04:32

    Rocky start… Losing all my campaign progress?!? I’ve had to do the campaign 3 times every time losing the save. And also not to mention all the crashes..

    • pyro502 11.29.13 at 12:00

      Dude same here man… it pisses me off that ive done the campaign a few times already and its irritating that I always end up losing my progress on it.

  • VonMeeganshmoot 11.29.13 at 04:06

    Oh a pistol scope!? 3x Zoom function?!? WOOOW! That just sounds SO useful!

    Actually it sounds useless. Instead of offering useless attachments because of “turbulence during the launch period”, focus on all the crashing issues that cause me to lose my game data. Lotta good that scope is going to do with the game still freezes once every two days.

    • VonMeeganshmoot 11.29.13 at 04:08

      Also, I’m replying on my previous post to add that you guys seem so proud to release a game on 5 platforms, but unfortunately it doesn’t work properly on ANY OF THEM.

  • Avendano21 11.29.13 at 02:24

    Now I know why I stopped playing bf3 cause of the constant lag and the crap servers ! I thought BF4 was going to be different guess NOT!! Here’s something fans will appreciate fix the problem everyone is having which is the lag !! Then ! Worry about the double xp! Thanks and god bless !!÷

    • camkiller_1-3 11.29.13 at 03:07

      Dude its not nd4 its your connection fix that before u start bagging on battlefield.

  • CoupDeGrace11082 11.29.13 at 01:16

    Few people are as pissed off and disappointed as myself. That having said, they acknowledged the problems and to be honest I couldn’t care about the scope or the xp, I would be happy with the game I thought I was buying. Spending more money on premium is not going happen at this stage either. Although still very bitter, I’ll give them them benefit of the doubt and trust they will get it fixed.

  • MarcoJellly 11.28.13 at 23:23

    Why release a game that is bit even finished yet!!!?? I have yet to finish a damn conquest game! Darn you Dice!! You waste my time.

  • LethalWeapon095 11.28.13 at 20:37

    You guys have to realize that these guys are doing their best. Give them a break, because BUT is pushing the limits of the video gaming world. They are working to improve your game play and experience, so try and not bashing them at every turn just because you were about to rage quit before your game froze!

    • ENGLISH L33 11.29.13 at 03:45

      what was that you want to what go to see the people at dice and nosh them all off well done you go have fun while your there can you ask them to sort there buisnes out before it goes out off buisness because they took my money and the product they sold me is not fit for purpose which by law means i can get my money back and if every one who is not happy with there game dose that they could lose a lot of money lol while im playing titan fall or have we not given them a break? and a chance to fix the game but with little feed back and there history at fixing things wrong with games ie metro and its crashing issues its not looking good for us or them and we sttill have not seen a patch on xbox one for an unplayable game we payed for £££££££££

  • selig9000 11.28.13 at 18:55

    This is all very we’ll but you guys are supposedly professionals in your field so rather than promising us goodies if we ever get to finish a game why not simply indicate how long we will have to wait for this to work properly (ps3 for me) – then we can all go buy cod ghosts to play while we wait – might not be BF but at least it’ll work!
    summary HOW LONG BEFORE ITS FIXED??????

  • ENGLISH L33 11.28.13 at 16:37

    drummerboo83 your a suck up the game should never have been released there are so many problems and not just teething major problems, if you dont finish a game you dont get the xp so what good is it? lol you really have polished a poo, the game crashes , logos dont show up on guns or vehicles , if your in a party it constantley asks you to join some one elses game who is in the party if your in the middle of shooting some one or not and not the once every couple of minuets or less, it makes being in a party and being in different games impossable, 64 player is a joke it cant handle it at all air vehicles are in most full games usless unless you can fly hitting a invisable wall every couple of seconds, and the list goes on But what i do wounder is if we will ever see a fix metro was the last beta and there where crashing issues even when the game was released and there still is todate, its the same story all over again on the 360 close quater map operation locker was a nightmare it jumped so bad at point i didnt only think my xbox would crash i thought it might explode. I was really looking forward to getting the xbox one and smashing some battlefield 4 and it running smooth 64 playes 60fps and all the other crap its suppose to be but my looking forward was quickley pooed on after the first few game so thaks Dice for ripping me off im also really looking forward to the pistol scope LOL , i have been tweeting like a mad man out of frustration and all i get back is what platfom am i useing or a couple of hours later i will see another tweet about how good the game is lol you should not be tweeting on how good the game is when its a load of bull poo, i got an e-maill with all the awards you won on the battlefield 4 picture and just want to no how have they been given to you it would be like me starting the game as a level 100 before i had even done anything? you should be giving us the map pack second assault for free so maybe we can play and enjoy metro without the threat of it crashing? i really hope some one from dice reads this and has some thing to say on the subject without trying to blame the platform or maybe my connection because i can assure you there is nothing wrong with my connection ! Thanks Dice ?

    • Firegod6969 11.28.13 at 17:21

      You must have a faulty system and crappy Internet. The only issues I’ve been having is the usual crash between games about every hour. I can deal with that until its patched. 64 player conquest runs smoothly even on operation locker where there’s always at least 40 people in one hallway around mid. 60 fps 1080p flawless the whole time. And don’t try to blame glitches for you crashing a helocopter. I can fly them no problem. None of those supposed invisible walls you mention. Take your boondocks Internet and broken console elsewhere. You’re not wanted here.

      • ENGLISH L33 11.29.13 at 02:58

        WoW firegod6969 lol i wish my internet was as good as yours and my brand new xbox one was because some how your the only person out there who’s game only crashes inbetween games, and when your sitting fire rockets down the hall with around 40 people each side heading into the middle of the map and i no you probley love your rockets or M320 , it dosent lag even when your trying to fit your massive head down that hall trying to get more than one kill i bet for you it still dosent lag wow how do you do it tell me please i bet your the best pilot out there aswell arent you?

      • ENGLISH L33 11.29.13 at 03:19

        your probley the only person who is not welcome here you sound like you work for dice undercover as firegodI6969withmynan trying to make it look like the game is not a compleate flop for every one, but if you read through the comments or had any friends online or offline you would no you probley are the only person who’s game runs smooth, as for operation locker the only time mine and a whole load of people out there’s runs smooth ish is on tdm or domination, maybe your the one who is lagging i have a 30mbps cable conection and tested through the xbox and speed i get just under which is more than enuff to online game so stop running your mouth , as for my chopper skillz i would smash your chopper out the sky but if you do read this dont let me stop you trying to suck the whole team at dice off you crack on LoL

        • Vrissen 11.29.13 at 07:51

          My troll radar is off the charts! I’ve never seen readings this high before!

          In all seriousness though, sounds like it is a hardware/connection problem. Either that or I have a PC blessed by God. I have never experienced any lag, and I’ve only experienced about 3-4 crashes in my couple of weeks of playing.

  • Trunen 11.28.13 at 14:24

    I truly appreciate everything you’re doing to fix these issues, but I’m still stumped on the latest update for the PS4. I didn’t even receive the update. I contacted EA just to be told to install the PlayStation update. I tried to tell them that I downloaded it multiple times, plus deleting the game and application data, but nothing has helped. I asked them to verify the version I should have and they told me they don’t know what it is. I understand there can be kinks in any game and that’s why I’m not to frustrated over this, but I continuously getting the ce-34878-0 error code when playing Battlefield 4 and only Battlefield 4. I truly dont know what to about this. If you’re reading this Dice or anybody else that knows how to solve this or any information on this, please let me know. Thanks for your time and hope to see you on the battlefield.

  • utrinqueparatu5 11.28.13 at 12:54

    How much longer do we have to put up with this glitch ridden game ?? I cannot complete more that 1 game if im lucky with either being dashboarded or the game freezing , why ? I have an xbox one now but this also happened on my 360 which points the finger at you n not me.
    We pay good money and deserve to get the best , im an avid bf player for yrs but this really is unacceptable. I have some of the best internet available in the uk yet the online game stutters stalls and loses sound EVERY game . What else do we do ? So far this game has cost me £100 and for what a single player campaign ??? I actually want my money back tbh as ive bought a product which doesn’t actually work !!

  • lolENGEN 11.27.13 at 23:34

    2X XP for every game I finish? Out of three games not one did I get to finish. Don’t humor me with a pistol with a scope, only for developer is right only a complete retarded would use it. You guys haven’t fixed “3″ yet but you all saw dollar signs and polished this turd. Keep up the good work

    • drummerboo83 11.28.13 at 02:15

      Man you really are stupid they are saying for every Multiplayer match you complete you will get double XP points for it not the Campaign mode you clown. Double XP for the campaign would not do any player any good as the story is not that hard to complete plus with good combos you can get more then the Gold requirements for the missions. Yes I am not happy with the game crashing either but this game is still better then any other battlefield game from the past. Yeah ok maybe a scope is not the best freebie for all the frustrations I get that but at least they are giving you something rather nothing but the middle finger. Bottom line is if you don’t like the game or are even interested in playing the multiplayer stuff then bring it back get your money back and stop bitching. Unless your a programmer I don’t want to here your crap!

      • masual 11.28.13 at 15:12

        A lot of people can’t even finish one MULTIPLAYER game without crashing, so he is not stupid. It is hilarious that they are going to release a new patch that basically fixes bugs introduced in the first patch, and they are selling it like the end of our problems… that’s sad.

      • ENGLISH L33 11.29.13 at 03:25

        Try reading out loud dummerboo he is right the multiplayer is the bigest part of the game and it is well and truely not finished, its not even at a beta released stage

  • GUNTLY 11.27.13 at 21:40

    Toby I also payed for premium and can not chees what map I would like to play I thought that I would have access to second assault but there is no matches available and I can only play team deathmatch no matter what game mode I try to load it will allways pull me into a team deathmatch this is so frustrating. I mean I just spent 120 bucks to play this game to its full extent on my xbox one and instead I can only sometimes get into a match when the game decides to load. I understand the game just came out but something needs to be done offering double xp means nothing when I can’t even load a match sometimes. I was pumped to be able to play second assault maps and it won’t even allow me to download them. For fk sakes.

  • ROP_Command 11.27.13 at 20:06

    This is a joke right? What good is 2XP when most of us are crashing? Not only that, there is more than enough 2XP available from battlepacks. So in the end, you’re offering us something we don’t need (2XP and a pistol scope), in an effort to apologize for having ripped us off by pushing an unfinished game to release. Oh I feel better already.

  • wWaAVve 11.27.13 at 15:38

    First of all, aside from the technical issues you are working on, GREAT GAME! An improvement in just about every area!
    Please pass this onto the devs regarding the latest PS4 patch. It is more stabile than before, however in Conquest, for me at least, the SOUND keeps dropping out, or just doesn’t play all of the effects, for example, footsteps, ambient sounds, etc. Most of the time it is quiet and has 50% of the effects going at all times, or it seems ok later for part of the match.
    Thanks for continuing to fix this game so we can experience it in full glory, and damn it is incredible when it is working 100%.

  • ntrsandman 11.27.13 at 06:06

    Just lost my single player save and have start all over again for the third time! That patch that was supposed to fix the game actually made the game less stable thanks DICE for screwing us over !!!

  • southchaswv5911 11.27.13 at 05:50

    Almost every time I play, my game freezes and plays a sound loop over and over. All I want to do is play with my friends and I cant do that. Please fix soon

  • tobyandwillysdad 11.27.13 at 02:26

    I’m seriously losing my patience here. I even made the mistake of paying for premium. Any others that are also feed up. Please post. I positive we have enough for a class action lawsuit here. ? EA. You need to make this right and fast..

    • GUNTLY 11.27.13 at 21:50

      I am so mad I payed for premium as well, play on my xbox one, can’t even use any of the preium maps tried to download but wont allow me to what a waist of money, the game is great but I would like to play something other then team deathmatch !!!!!!! Please fix this soon

  • Craigger85 11.27.13 at 02:17

    Whenever I try to play multiplayer on my Xbox 1, I just get a prompt that says “unable to connect to EA Servers.” I can’t even search for games, all I can do is play the campaign. My Xbox is connected to my wireless network so the problem isn’t on my end. Anybody else having this issue? It seems so arrogant of DICE to release a game before it’s finished and to just assume the fans will forgive them if they’re given a weekend of double XP. Battlefield is much better than COD, but since I can actually PLAY Call of Duty- I’m going to have to switch back. I’m done with European companies and their shitty products/lack of customer service. I seriously want my money back. I guess I should’ve known it’d be a broken game when they couldn’t even get the trailer to work right at E3. DICE is a freaking joke- hire some Americans to replace your lazy European programmers.

  • Lezlow247 11.27.13 at 02:03

    I was testing out weapons and vehicles in the single player mode and I crashed a helicopter into a tree by accident trying to pull off a trick. When this happened the game crashed and I can not do ANYTHING in the game now. I can not play single player or multiplayer. Since I bought this on the Xbox One there are obviously a limited amount of games to chose from but if I would have known about this I would have chosen something I can play rather than something the developers didn’t want to fully test and leaving me with one other game to play. Thanks. I will remember this when the next game launches. As much as I hate to say it, at least COD can get their games working year after year.

    TL;DR: It doesn’t matter about your weapon mod or double XP , since the game is broken for Xbox One and I can not play.

  • BlueSam-034 11.26.13 at 21:14

    On my ps4 i played the campaign for about 3 hours, got a crash and then could not get past the menu without a crash ever since wtf ea

  • DiarrheaJesus 11.26.13 at 21:14

    Double xp and a scope don’t cut it. This game is broken. If I’m even lucky enough to get into a match I get kicked out before it’s over. My next huge gripe is why the hell would you remove the ability to change my load out from the main menu. I don’t want to do it in game it wastes too much time. I also don’t want to use battle log to do it. That is a basic feature, it’s mind boggling that it was removed. I regret paying for this game and premium. What a waste.

    • DiarrheaJesus 11.26.13 at 21:16

      Also, I’ve lost my campaign save 3 times now.

  • AnotherDrummer 11.26.13 at 17:50

    no hardcore servers up?? soft core is not what i paid for. the next expansion is due out next week for us “premium” players and the core game isn’t even fixed yet. get on it DICE this is ridiculous.

  • SirStelioKontos 11.26.13 at 16:06

    Server browser on ps4 still shows no one in any game. Is anyone else experiencing this still??

  • WOLF xb 11.26.13 at 15:28

    Why no update on fixes for x1? We’re four days into this…let’s get some info.

  • buddhaguru56 11.26.13 at 15:09

    I’m so underwhelmed by this game. Paid so much only to find out it’s crap. Well it would be good if it worked. I’ve never seen such a glitch ridden game. It will be a cold day in **** when I give you another 50 bucks for premium when the main game will not play on my 360. Over a hundred bucks for this? Something tells me you abandoned the 360 to focus on the ONE. Not cool. Ebay may see my disks listed soon. I’m going back to BF3.

  • assesinoasueldo 11.26.13 at 10:15

    I want to buy the premium but with this issues

  • assesinoasueldo 11.26.13 at 10:11

    How long its going to take fix the issues for xbox one am a fan of this game and i cant play no matches they kick me out of every single one please fix that first then everything please

  • MARK7743 11.26.13 at 04:24

    This game has way too many “issues”. Oh goodie, we are going to get a double xp while I wasted my 200%xp during all the freezes oh and a little pistol scope. GET REAL. FIX IT. Sorry I paid for Premium.

  • SOOPERGOOMAN187 11.26.13 at 01:07

    So when’s the update to fix everything. I end up having a great night only t have the game freeze within seconds left in the match. Lose all stats. getting fed up waiting.

  • monsta 11.25.13 at 22:47

    What I think we would really appreciate is if you implemented the pre-match squad feature. I understand that you have the create squad feature when in the game, but not adding the feature when it was in BF3 is just plain laziness.

    Today it was reported that you “didn’t feel that the feature in Battlefield 3 was on par with the quality that we wanted to offer our players. We have no plans to add it in the future.” What you should have said is that you will make it possible and make it on par with the “quality” of BF4. It is mind boggling to me that you would not put this feature in the game. I find it hard to believe that people complained so much about this feature that they didn’t want it present in the game. Do you just not read the hundreds of replies to posts regarding this? You give us double XP weekends and scopes but you make us jump through hoops to play with a friend. Ridiculous.

  • SAS-DARREN-UK 11.25.13 at 22:01

    Karl, I gave been a fan since bad company, the only game I really wanted was BF4 you can imagine I am so disappointed that I feel like sending the game back to never buy your games again. My game judders and sticks so bloody annoying, so what are you going to do about? Offer some really naff double points? You should read the forums your game is going down in popularity. Please get these issues fixed

  • SAS-DARREN-UK 11.25.13 at 21:53

    Just played b4 on xbox one why does the game seem to judder, I got wasted several times because I couldn’t move quickly enough it’s like it’s stuck

  • Lordkratoz 11.25.13 at 20:40

    Some people need to grow up. It’s not everyday that a game releases perfectly. Just shut up, hold on, and stop whining. These problems don’t happen to everyone.
    On another note, this game is bitchin, thanks DICE and EA!

    • REDSOXFAN0407 11.25.13 at 21:50

      Releases? This game has been out for nearly a month at this point. Not only is game a broken turd on the next-gen consoles which is unsurprising but it doesnt even work correctly on PC, 360, or the PS3. THE GAME IS BROKEN. Just because it works for you does not make it ok thats its a piece of shit for the rest of us.

  • ugman360 11.25.13 at 20:25

    Should we have boosts active at the same to to get even more? Will this work??

  • FLEXFIRE007 11.25.13 at 20:01

    Fix this game

  • boddington01 11.25.13 at 19:05

    Dice, EA. No one gives a dam for double XP if they cannot get into or sustain a game. A pointless gesture. How about delivering what we purchased, a faultless gaming experience. Treating your customers the same way you treat a pet dog (with scraps) is not the answer.

  • REDSOXFAN0407 11.25.13 at 17:25

    Man double XP would be sooo awesome if i could actually play the game… Maybe instead of doing stupid little promotions like this DICE and EA should, i don’t know, FIX THEIR BROKEN GAME!!!!!!!!

  • NazztNas 11.25.13 at 16:11

    Please fix hardcore servers please. Only play hardcore conquest

  • Realness_305 11.25.13 at 16:10

    My campaign keep getting corrupted data n deleting my campaign is they going to fix it om ps4

  • hellrazor721 11.25.13 at 15:22

    How am I suppose to complete a game when I keep losing connection to the server or the server lags so bad I have to quit so I don’t end up with stats that suck. No its not my internet because I have broadband with my system showing 32 mbps download and 4.9 mbps upload and a nat type 1. I just checked. Unfortunately I will not be playing this game until the problem is fixed.

  • mattofthegods 11.25.13 at 14:57

    WHERE ARE THE HARDCORE SERVERS!!! i freakin hate normal mode!! 50 shots to kill someone and being revealed on the mini map after firing is driving me insane!!!!

  • Burnardburns 11.25.13 at 14:31

    You can usually get connected to a 64 player conquest large round that is in progress, sometimes it boots you to home screen after a couple of mins though. The annoyance is when you do join a round and it works, it stays connected and doesn’t crash, it plays great. Then the round ends and it loads the next map, at this point it ALWAYS crashes out to home screen. But I have had more success playing 32 player rounds/maps lately. It is annoying when two minutes in it kicks you out though.

  • mikep40 11.25.13 at 13:14

    tired of freezing and losing connections to your servers for no reason

  • whynotzoidberg 11.25.13 at 10:24

    Wow what a joke

  • xXMIKSXx 11.25.13 at 08:08

    Im tired to get kicked from ps4 multiplayer, can’t play conquest, lost campaign data twice PLEASE FIX IT!!!

  • legationX 11.25.13 at 07:34

    Hardcore Server still bugged, conquest 8 tickers and rush only 1
    That is the reason why. noone plays hardcore
    Please Fix Server Lists and provide own server configuration/renting service

  • marq6969 11.25.13 at 06:23

    Please get your shit together I just shelled out another 56 bucks to play your premium and I can’t even fucking play it fuck you dice bunch of euro trash cunts fuck you Karl you lying piece of shit nerd fuck head

  • martymushroom 11.25.13 at 04:58

    Killing me that I can’t play hardcore on xbox one, can we get that fixed please

  • ramen45 11.25.13 at 00:49

    Good, I don’t like being locked out of more then half of the MP modes.

  • marq6969 11.24.13 at 23:38

    Hey Karl been following your career for a long time man!!! Where’s the hardcore servers at?

  • marq6969 11.24.13 at 23:37

    Hardcore servers up yet??

  • marq6969 11.24.13 at 23:21

    Where’s the hardcore servers? Why doesn’t the server browser work???? Wtf??? Is hardcore gone from your selection why can’t I get into a hardcore match ????

  • Minotaur NZ 11.24.13 at 23:07

    maybe can we just have 1000 xp for every time I have to reboot my xbox when hainan resort comes up in the rotation and the game freezes the console … : -}

    I really appreciate that you have made this post but it should have been weeks ago. I’ve given up on the game till its more stable.

  • Unicorn_Giggles 11.24.13 at 19:42

    Hello devs and all. I got the game and dig it. So, please just tell me that you will restore my hopes and dreams by adding the MK3A1 back into the game. That shotgun gave my BF4 life meaning.

  • JESS1CA_76 11.24.13 at 17:46

    I notice it says we will be rewarded double xp for each multiplayer game we “complete.” Most of my issues are freezing during games, so how am I supposed to complete a match if I freeze up? Does this mean that I will not get the double xp? Just looking for some clarification, because if your only awarding double xp (for the game having many issues to begin with) for completed matches then it defeats the purpose of awarding players like myself for sticking with the game,e while it has been pretty flawed. With my freezing issues, that does not help me, nor reward me, one bit. I hopehope the double xp is awarded whether or not a round is completed because iI know iI am not the only one out there freezing out of matches, most of my friends do as well.

    On another note, thank you for addressing the issues and doing what you can to appease the loyal players. I love the game, have many of the games in the franchise, but I do not love not being able to finish rounds due to freezing. I also freeze up trying to play campaign which is annoying. I play campaign to obtain the dodog tags and collectible weapons and some of them I am not able to “pick up/collect” because it doesn’t give me credit. I am excited to see how well the game performs once all the issues are fixed.

  • ITFN GENERALGiX 11.24.13 at 17:34

    I agree with assassin ninja. Stop whining like little girls. I’ve played every Battlefield and this is epic. I’m sure the bugs will be ironed out.. I remenber waiting 30-45mins on 1942 just to get in a game I was there when BC1 kept lagging out and Dice fixed them. When BF4 has its bugs fixed its going to be the best shooter out. Thanks Dice 64 playes is epic igore the cry babies and keep up the great work. Gix

  • Skjutengris 11.24.13 at 15:27

    sry guys this isnt Battlefield.
    I lost faith with you a long time ago it started with BC2 and then the worst game in history made by you called BF3 and now BF4 which just sucks.

    I am 49 years old and had fun with you for 8 years BF1942 and BF2 what games those was, heroics.
    Today you just suck at designing Battlefield its call of duty cloned bad gameplay, you gone the wrong direction, you lost your soul.

    I am constantly annoyed with your gameplay design, where once it was fun it now is just bad and annoying and you guys lost touch which made you great. Rome fell due to internal factors and so have you.

    You guys made Battlefield boring, onesided gameplay and instant gratifcation.

    Hire me to set you guys straight again.

    • WeaselSuit 02.01.14 at 03:17

      Hire a putz that rips the company? What a moron.

  • AssassinNinja27 11.24.13 at 09:55

    You know I have to say I basically see here nothing but a bunch of fucking children crying and bitching because they payed 60$-120$ for a game that we all want to play. If you haven’t learned by now there is a process to game making. When a game is originally released it is never a finished product! There will always be bugs and and issues with the game no matter how big or small. It is up to we of the gaming community to bring it to the attention of dice so that they might fix it as quickly as possible. Bitching and whining and moaning about it won’t fix it so many of you here actually understand just how difficult it is to produce a massive scale, multi-platform game like this? If you would just be patient and quit bitching there wouldn’t be any problems.

    • scottgtyup 11.24.13 at 18:10

      Why don’t you go fuck yourself

    • shadyares 11.25.13 at 10:26

      Yea that’s a good how about every one stops complaining and we will see how the next battlefield tuns out. You seem to be the one with the mind of a child because if you sit around and accept things like a obedient child nothing changes.

    • codymx3 11.28.13 at 11:14

      Dude if your fine buying half of a product at full price than that’s your decision. I like a finished product when I spend my hard earned money. But that’s just silly me.

  • GoochFacilitator 11.24.13 at 07:31

    My god it is frustrating reading all of the ignorance from these people. For one, launching a game of this scale is impressive. Even if it only works 50% of the time. For two, EA rushed DICE… DICE would have taken their time but EA wanted to get the game out there before next gen consoles came out. So don’t be giving them shit for giving you a truly amazing game that gives the feel of reality. If you predicted that the game would “be bad” because of previous games, why did you buy it? Jesus people, enjoy with what you have, don’t bag and bitch about minor things.

  • IxBURNxCHURCHES 11.24.13 at 03:53

    All will be forgiven when I have an FAL with wood furniture and option for Rhodesian camo in BF4.

  • airfalcon2 11.24.13 at 02:54

    These are big issues but we have bigger ones as you must know. We can not join friends while playing BF4 on the Xbox one. It worked on my 360 but does not work with my Xbox One. So after paying $60.00 then another $10.00 just to find out friends can’t play together lets say I’m a little less than happy

  • DerrickTheMan 11.24.13 at 00:55

    Please fix the invite system it is pretty bad on ps4. I cannot invite a friend into a lobby at all and the only time he/she can get into the same team is if he or she is playing a match with open people or people leave his team. It is not something to freak out about but will be helpful if it was fixed.

  • The Lorax IX 11.23.13 at 23:09

    6th freeze up of the day………..

  • x-haba-haba-x 11.23.13 at 19:52

    who wanna this m1911? Better make AS VAL available for all classes, as in BF3. Because Val need for Medics and Recons and not for Engeneers!

  • DROP DEAD JACK 11.23.13 at 19:30

    Amazing game with a few annoyance which I’m sure will be fixed: no server queues, joining friends, lag in chat, game crashes, weird color distortion on siege of shanghai.

  • The Lorax IX 11.23.13 at 17:45

    How about showing appreciation by fixing the god awful product you put out. Maybe stop the freeze ups? Make it so its not rocket science to join a game with friends? Not sure if this game was forced out, but it definitely plays like it was.

    • GOD of FYRE 11.23.13 at 18:03

      Agreed. I preordered and I’m fed up. It’s too late for a refund also.

      • codymx3 11.28.13 at 11:18

        Demand a refund. You purchase a product that is supposed to work. This game doesn’t work. It’s broken. If they don’t, dispute the charge on your card if you didn’t pay with cash. You will most likely win. You simply didn’t receive what you purchased. F Dice and F EA.

  • NuclearKilIer 11.23.13 at 15:22

    Than for premium how the event would it become 4x :) I hope soo..

  • YESHAEL 11.23.13 at 12:43

    will the pistol scope be for all platforms or just PC’s?

  • nanotech420 11.23.13 at 10:57

    To bad, your under the EA umbrella company DICE… I bought a new tv. yesterday.. and paying close attention to the DETAIL.. I thought it was broken for a second.. until I relized the Commander EMP, was up.. FINALLY PLAYING ON PS4.,, (great job none the less)

  • Necromancer-xX 11.23.13 at 01:44

    You guys at DICE are doing a fantastic job with trying to get the game fixed for all platforms. I think that this release of Battlefield by far is the best yet. Keep up the amazing work and THANK YOU for making such a great game and keeping me entertained :)

  • Headshood99 11.23.13 at 01:36

    first FIX THE GAME !!!!!!!!

    • 2bedevious69 11.23.13 at 02:36

      they just fixed it for ps4 today. dice won’t let us down. patience my friend. patience.

    • Grenadier K 11.23.13 at 21:34

      They need to fix it quickly. They trying to finish Xbox 360′s update but they haven’t made progress since they announced about a patch, PS4 got theirs and I don’t know if they’re good or not, PC players are fine by the looks of it. Also if a DICE employee is looking at this then by all means make the group thing like back in BF3.

  • Johnzerker 11.23.13 at 01:35

    Dice, as long as you guys fix the issues across the board and allow me to get my Veteran Battlepack, I’ll be happy. The scope is a nice touch too.

  • BloodSnowflake 11.23.13 at 01:14

    So…. What happens when PS4 players and or others can not log on to BF4 on Dec 5 due to Your errors.

  • deadlydecibel86 11.22.13 at 23:58

    The game is amazing! Forget all the haters. Cry me a river JT track number 5. There is nothing like a good battlefield 4 match after a long day of work. Keep up the great work and thanks for the scope!

    • SillyBeatnik 11.23.13 at 00:25

      You’re mostly right. This game is amazing. Dice outdid them selves. You can see that in how well the campaign runs. People are angry because multiplayer, the reason we buy battlefield, doesn’t work. When the game works i love it, but you cant say a game that only works in two multiplayer modes, and even then the servers crash 50% of the time, isn’t broken. I have so much hope for this game, and when it works properly i share your love for it, but until it runs properly i just have a hard time having fun when i know at any moment it can crash and all the progress i made in that match will be lost. That said, i cant wait till its fixed and i can confidently play for hours.

  • Random_FishStick 11.22.13 at 23:17

    Any update regarding no points on ribbons? Starting to get rather annoying. Think I’ve lost about 5 ranks worth of points at least.. Also since a lot of us are premium do we get double double EXP? since we’re already getting an bonus.

  • DogTagsUk 11.22.13 at 22:57

    Ill take black camo please and FIX THE HITREG thanks TBH i wont be buying any more BF games this will be the last WHY because i am so sick of buying a broken game from you and taking months to get it fixed to how its should of been on day one , I wish i had never got this one really if there was some way to get refund i would you have ,This as left me with this very bitter taste in my mouth never to buy DICE or any thing with EA on it again sorry guys . GFXS are great but the game it just really bad plays like S**T even with 2×670 cards and the i7-4770k and gfxs are not what make a game good .

    • Baby_Flesh_Eater 11.22.13 at 23:12

      If you call them and say you want a refund they have to honor the 30 day refund and you have to ship the game back to them first that’s what I did because just like you I’m sick of people releasing beta’s for 60.00+ and making their fans suffer. They knew the game was not finished but pushed the release anyways that action right there lost me as a customer for ever. It seems more and more companies are doing this and why not? people are sitting here doing nothing about it but bitching well bitching doesn’t loose them money but demanding a refund and never buying from them again does.

  • Tezamistic 11.22.13 at 22:56

    Give it a rest guys this is all anyone wanted for whatever trouble has been caused, an acknowledgement and a little present. So why still being so harsh? Hell thanks to microsofts lack of stock management I can’t even get an xbox one see me crying ? I’ll just be patient ;)

  • old_guy 11.22.13 at 22:44

    Hey I think EA should give the 49.95 Map pack for free.

  • Leon1008 11.22.13 at 22:34

    No free refund for the broken, constantly crashing game this time? Oh, well, perhaps next time.

  • TribeFan_1986 11.22.13 at 22:31

    The game is still fun, but very disappointed in my PS4 edition. The game launched a week ago and I’ve yet to play in a vehicle due to the lack of servers featuring rush/conquest. Not the mention the constant crashing which appears to have been fixed recently. Finally, the one-hit-kills have removed some of the fun.

  • rpsgc 11.22.13 at 22:28

    Still waiting for the Veteran Battlepack.

    What, you think we’ve forgotten about that?

  • SmokeThis13 11.22.13 at 22:28

    Nice only my issue is that I still cannot join conquest and if i do get in I am kicked out after a couple of respawns. Also more recently obliteration mode has begun giving me the same errors as conquest. I was able to play just fine launch weekend on my PS4 but since monday I have not been able to enter either conquest or obliteration. Any word on what I can do to remedy this? I tried deleted all files and then reinstalling but I still can not enjoy these modes. Please fix this ASAP. Conquest is the reason why I bought BF over CoD and I want to level my vehicles. Also commander mode would be nice on my PS4. Any word on when eiteher of these issues will be fixed?

  • NL_Bumblebee 11.22.13 at 22:28

    its just another fuckup from dice , just like the thousand other times , they just that arrogant that they will not learn from there mistakes

  • NL_Bumblebee 11.22.13 at 22:27


  • SpazZmatiK 11.22.13 at 22:26

    How about you give us the first DLC for free. Rockstar did that with GTA V after there online issues, its the least you can do. I have been been a fan of BF since Bad Company 2 and because of these issues I hardly even play and its the only game I was really excited to play on my ps4 and now I dont even want to bother with it because I can never get into a room without it booting me out. Why release a game with so many issues? Why even have a beta. Double xp is not a reward, how can we even earn the xp when we cant even play online without getting booting out??

  • OldSalt1945 11.22.13 at 22:25

    I like double XP. :)

  • brightwhiteninja 11.22.13 at 22:15

    Well I for appreciate the fact that you’ve updated us with this. I also appreciate the double xp weekend. When I found out that the pre-order card from walmart (stop judging me) didn’t count I was a little bummed, so this will help. The pistol is gonna be sweet! I have slowly but surely been decreasing in the amount of errors I personally run into.

  • TPRICE2579 11.22.13 at 22:11

    i just hope that the issues are fixed by time the 2xp launches. i been having alot of issues with staying in a game and cant even play conquest.

  • h4lfbak3d 11.22.13 at 22:10

    To all the crybabies complaining they are losing out because they bought “Premium” waaaa. You did NOT buy Premium edition for the double xp. You bought it for all the expansions, so please spare us your crying because we dont want to hear it. Be glad they are doing ANYTHING to show appreciation for what we’ve endured..

  • HellfireGamaster 11.22.13 at 22:05

    Wow, so you keep screwing everybody in any way possible… how about a little respect for PREMIUM users? I would really want to know why you had to do this on our premium event. You better fix this, or maybe you could start telling me how to get a refound for premium…

    • SnoT8282 11.22.13 at 22:09

      You could whine more cause that’s obviously helping…

      • FtGF 11.22.13 at 22:19

        Saying nothing is worse then “whining”. Of course anyone like myself who bought premium want’s to be compensated. We payed for it.

    • discorobotron 11.24.13 at 07:36

      Everyone hates you. Thought you should know, since you’re a PREMIUM user and everything.

    • WeaselSuit 02.01.14 at 03:13

      Life is not fair. Deal with it.

  • I No I FeaR I 11.22.13 at 22:05

    Is there any way we can opt-out of getting double XP? This game is already ridiculously easy to level up in and I don’t want to get double XP and rank up any faster than I already do. I still want to be able to play on this double XP week but without the extra XP…or am I just gonna have to wait till that week is over?

  • ItzFraggertime 11.22.13 at 22:02

    Based on how great BF4 is…i just know Star Wars Battlefront is going to be AMAZING. keep up the good work. :)

    • Sir-P10 01.28.14 at 19:06

      Based on how bad the current BF4 is im scared how worse star Wars and Fucked up Battlefront even will be …

  • CLOUDN9NETY 11.22.13 at 22:01

    I thank you guys for your work… We just want to be able to play the game and exercise it to our hearts’ content. Hopefully us current-gen users wont be forgotten. lol. keep the patches coming! I <3 SG553!!!!! :)

  • Yanni4100 11.22.13 at 22:01

    Awesome. 44 Bucks I spend for PREMIUM Features like the Double XP Event and then everyone gets it. May I have my Money back?

    • MiSS_SPaRKL3Z 11.22.13 at 22:03

      I was thinking the exact same thing! They could just had the even after the premium one… but I guess having premium isn’t so ‘special’ anymore

    • Trance_Wolf 12.01.13 at 09:41

      What about all the extra battlepack xp’s you been getting…and I have noticed that I get extra xp days when others are not…you might wanna check when the premium players are getting them and when they are not…

  • Gobmy 11.22.13 at 21:56

    what about the double xp weekend for premium users? do we just get Double double xp?

  • Saffron 11.22.13 at 21:56

    Are you going to allow us to join a lobby before games like BF3 has??

  • Wakaru 11.22.13 at 21:56

    Double EXP is nice, but if the server crashes or I lose connection to EA for no apparent reason… what then?

  • warrior-of-Prey 11.22.13 at 21:54

    Nice to read this because I was very disappointed with this game. I preordered and purchased premium day 1. I pushed this game to my friends and they went out to buy only to experience all that we have been experiencing since release. I am not happy but I like Battlefield enough to stick with it, so …

  • Mute_Screamer 11.22.13 at 21:53

    And what about the people who got that scope already?Like I’m gonna get an answer here :)

  • jpbslayer 11.22.13 at 21:51

    how about letting us transfer stats again? i transferred day 1 ps4– but with your servers being so screwed up on the 4 i have been playing on the ps3 still.