Watch the Battlefield 4 Launch Trailer in its full ultra quality glory


Sometimes, normal streaming doesn’t do Battlefield 4 justice.

Battlefield 4 features 64 players waging all-out war in 60 frames per second. We wanted to give you the possibility to watch our official Multiplayer Launch Trailer in its full glory.

Below, you can download the Battlefield 4 Official Multiplayer Trailer in unmatched fidelity and witness every explosive detail in the highest rated next generation shooter — delivered in 60 fps.

Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Launch Trailer in Full HD

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  • Neoluddite 12.01.13 at 22:53

    Yes watch the video because the game doesn’t work. What a waste of money.

  • Sheik_Arif 11.30.13 at 18:28

    while playing the game crashes. while playing the screen goes black then in battlelog it shows leaving level. graphics sucks even playing in high end graphics pc. first of all fix all these issues then release another DLC and all

  • magneira 11.29.13 at 18:23

    you guys make such awesomes songs, like the them from aftermath from battlefield 3, I just wished they played during multiplayer matches to make things more tense, not just at the end of an round and always the same music… just imagine those songs from the trailers during a turnaround in a match, that would be awesome.

  • RPBaconman 11.22.13 at 03:46

    DICE good job guys. You all have been working real hard, can’t wait to see what you have in store for us

  • chrashbird 11.21.13 at 14:36

    So will Conquest work on the Xbox one as it doesn’t on my PS4? Maybe Xbox has a 2 week early exclusive working game?

  • Big_LeagueChewFS 11.21.13 at 06:06

    how about fix the fucking game its crap you released a game that isnt finished cant play 64 player conquest now i cant play rush with out losing connection you guys are fucking junk

  • jrudy1971 11.20.13 at 15:19

    Xbox version is just terrible. It Constantly looks ups on me. i have had to reboot at least 15 times is 1 hour of play. Now my profile does not get saved, so each time I log in, i have to reset my profile settings. May bugs still in the game. This is plays like it is still beta and was a complete waste of my money. They tell us we can help by reporting bugs, well i am a consumer not part of your testing team. why not fix the game before you release it.

  • GTXPLAYER 11.20.13 at 11:51

    Game is epic in Ultra and i’m glad the issues are fixed. Thanks EA

    • CommandoCoyote 11.20.13 at 18:32

      WTF are you talking about? The game is a broken pile of shit! Fuck you, you little cock sucking bitch

  • Alkanida 11.20.13 at 09:53

    One thing to learn in all BF Games:
    Watch your back

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