BF4 Double XP Weekend – Times for Eligible Consumers

We would like to remind eligible players that they can look forward to a weekend of double XP in Battlefield 4. Players who participated in the Double XP Pre-Order Campaign will get double XP playing Battlefield 4 on PC, PS3, or Xbox 360, during the time periods listed below.

Double XP Weekend Times:
Starts at: 2AM GMT on November 2 / 7PM PDT on November 1
Ends at: 8AM GMT / 1AM PDT on November 4

Those who used the campaign to pre-order next-gen versions of Battlefield 4 will be able to participate in a Double XP Weekend on December 28-29  - stay tuned for the exact times for that.

Battlefield 4 - Operation Locker TDM_WM

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  • Neoluddite 12.01.13 at 23:01

    Awsome. Double XP for a game that freezes and crashes. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SERIOUS-ENERGY 11.30.13 at 18:23


  • SERIOUS-ENERGY 11.30.13 at 18:19

    VERY DISAPPOINTED!!! Double XP ISN’T WORKING AGAIN!!!! I guess you can’t look forward to anything DICE claims. BF4 is really not an improvement on BF3. BF3 was actually more realistic on a number of fronts. They de-balled the armor in BF4- no reason to fear it, as it is easily destroyed and it shoots spit-wads at the enemy. “Veteran” controls are not the same as BF3, so you still have to relearn the “Veteran” controls- USELESS. I quit playing for weeks, then XP weekend came up again, so I thought I would give it another go…no double XP! AWESOME!!! I WASTED A BUNCH OF MONEY ON FALSE DICE CLAIMS…reminds me of….OBAMA CARE!!!

  • metlgearsolid200 11.28.13 at 11:24

    Now there’s problems with the Doyble XP?….I’m almost there DICE…almost there. stayed up and now this…WOOOOW!!!

  • Castrob187 11.20.13 at 01:51

    What up whit the campaign!!!!!!

  • jedidiea 11.19.13 at 02:02

    this is bullshit!! still no double xp and all of my campaign progress was erased, TWICE! I am not playing this game again until they update my progress, which shows i’ve completed on this site!… all yall care about is satisfying the next gen systems. Fuck that! We pre-order games for the double xp and yall cant even figure it out. Call of Duty: GHOSTS has had no freeze ups, no lost progress, and when they say their having double xp weekend, THEY ACTUALLY HAD A XXP WEEKEND. this game has so much potential but if you don’t keep customers happy, you’ll never get my business again. oh and if this game wasn’t a gift, I would of taken it back…

  • banzi-34567890 11.18.13 at 07:25

    Where can I put my code in for double x I can’t find it on the blog I have it for ps4?

  • Star_damiano_ 11.16.13 at 22:04

    I don´t know but i haven´t the double xp in my ps3 “!I have pre order the game and give my code to battlefield .com and became a PSN Store Code and give it on!” can somebody help me !

  • brooklyn911 11.15.13 at 20:11

    Where the heck is xp weekend at bro.and a update would be nice also plz.can that happen soon.thank you over and out.

  • GaloreVirginia1 11.15.13 at 02:29

    I agree with you brothers about the freezes and glitches, we pay enough money for this shit not to happen. Whats Up microsoft, better get your ducts in a row because i personally think alot of people might switch to PS4?

  • AmbientCorn 11.11.13 at 07:12

    I certainly cannot speak for everyone, but I have issues with my Xbox freezing completely while playing, there are maps I haven’t played enough of due to this.

  • jrudy1971 11.11.13 at 01:41

    major lag, multiple freezes and glitches.. what a great piece of software.. go to call of duty ghost if you want to play a solid game.. i want my money back.. Hey, did you guys also build the website for obama care?

    • jedidiea 11.19.13 at 02:06


  • jrudy1971 11.11.13 at 01:26

    It would be so awesome if you could get the game to freeze up on me some more. It only happens about 3-4 times an hour now, but if you try hard enough i am sure you can double that…

  • DIRTY187WEST 11.09.13 at 16:53

    control system is garbage… but the game’s good, no doubt. for veteran bf needs the old control system, too. accelerate on the r2 button, c’mon. Own servers plz! Oh yeaH, can I join with a friend as a squad. Do something, jeez!

  • Mopesallot 11.06.13 at 17:29

    ok so at the end of the day the game is fun, but come on, I hope some heads are rolling over the horrible glitches and bugs. And oh yeah thanks for the double xp weekend, not.
    How about someone getting on top of this site as well? How hard is it to keep us posted on possible times for a new xp weekend. We know when it was supposed to be.

    • Lamapunk 11.07.13 at 21:08

      I have to agree… When will we hear anything at all? We pre ordered, Stood in line at 12am and danced your little dance, EA. Now could you at least try and pretend you want us to do it again? Or are you still ok with being ranked #1 Worst Company in America. (Even Bank of America [Ranked #2 Worst] cringes at how bad you are)

  • dan-006_ 11.05.13 at 23:11

    What are ypu talking about,nobody got the double xp,you were supposed to tell us because it didnt work

  • BTL-A4_Ace 11.05.13 at 22:01

    My dad and I didn’t see anything indicating we were getting double XP over the weekend. BF3 always doubled up the total XP after the match, and then said so in bold letters. BF4 doesn’t do the same? Or did we not get our double XP?

  • deciple666 11.05.13 at 14:34

    Hainan resort freezes my xbox good map just does not work properly

  • yomamma13579 11.04.13 at 07:31

    my double xp didn’t work either.

  • Kaysif 11.04.13 at 06:23

    There is no indication that I am receiving DOulbe XP. I Talked to support and he said that it should show in the battlelog and to wait sometime and contact them if i don’t get it… IT ends in less than 4 hours.. I think I have waited enough time.

  • BrentLostak 11.04.13 at 03:07

    I think double xp didn’t work ? anyone verify ?

    • MikenJi 11.04.13 at 23:06

      You have to enable the XP boost before playing the game. This can be done once a game started, just navigate to the option section and there you’ll see an XP boost tap on the bottom right corner. XP boosts can also be unlocked via battle packs.

  • IReactI94I 11.04.13 at 02:09

    how do you know your getting doulble xp?

  • DJHurricane87 11.04.13 at 00:39

    yea still not receiving double xp. How does this origin account link to my gamertag on xbox360?

    • deciple666 11.04.13 at 02:23

      i was wonder the same thing they should have sent an email with a pass code to your email address given and not just assume its tied to your gamertag

      • MikenJi 11.04.13 at 23:08

        If u pre-ordered the game, when you receive the hard copy of the disc (consoles) they’ll give you the receipt with the code for double XP and you’ll have to go to in order to redeem the code.

  • JOYofLIFE 11.04.13 at 00:03

    Still not recieving XP. it says it’s fixed, but it is not working.

    • JacenSolo2008 11.04.13 at 04:47

      it’s working fine now, those that are saying the receipt code is bogus, are idiots. The double-xp site is valid too.

  • ArticBlizz 11.03.13 at 20:38

    Got my copy of bf4 friday & i was playing online perfectly fine till sat night game frooze & it frooze my system restarted the system load game up & go mutli load up a match as soon as i click deploy my game freezes right away & i have not been able to play online sense

  • GeneralSativa 11.03.13 at 20:12

    Still not getting my dbl xp

  • EpicxMIDNITExx 11.03.13 at 19:24

    Dice restored the double xp and will give us more at another time because of the fact that it was down this weekend

  • EpicxMIDNITExx 11.03.13 at 19:21

    Here is the link for double xp on BF4:

  • KGC Shootem 11.03.13 at 17:33

    There is no place on any battlefield site, to enter a code 4 dbl xp

    • lux69luminosity 11.03.13 at 17:44

      for u guys who = the site is

  • KGC Shootem 11.03.13 at 17:31

    Yeah, the reciept is garbage, the site doesnt seem to exist. Im searched and searched, and i get redirected to bullshit

    • lux69luminosity 11.03.13 at 17:45

      its, it should have been on the reciept

  • BoRaXiN 11.03.13 at 17:29

    it wont matter even if you give 1000 times Xp since the client shuts down and deletes all points…

  • portly assassin 11.03.13 at 17:22

    the link on my receipt is bogus. I cant get to a site to redeem my code.

  • dropK1CK_ninJA 11.03.13 at 16:59

    My double XP is still not functioning.

  • deciple666 11.03.13 at 13:54

    who will be voted best turd of the year gta5 or battlefield 4. I think turd of the year goes to gta5. sorry battlefield you have just a turd

  • Luvs_Wife 11.03.13 at 13:49

    Nope can’t find DOUBL-XP either ! This SUCKS !!!

  • mav2ric 11.03.13 at 10:18

    i can’t not find webb side to put my double xp code????? i try hole weekend. can’t not in came only to bft4 goldpack and i all reedy use that code for goldpack.can’t not find were i can put my doublexp code????

  • Ned Kelly50 11.03.13 at 09:22


  • Grandcrosser 11.03.13 at 06:36

    People, read in-game messages; XP bug will be fixed. The game is great but my XBOX also freezes sometimes, especially when I play commander.

  • fellarob 11.03.13 at 06:00

    i cant use support class with out freezing and, my scopes are showing up red so i cant use them y give them to me and were my xp

  • deciple666 11.03.13 at 05:52

    my xbox freezes

  • mrballzack2 11.03.13 at 05:26

    Wheres MY Double Xp Weekend. Whats up With That.

  • kingbemro 11.03.13 at 05:02

    wheres my double XP weekend, disappointing dice

  • RATLHED 11.03.13 at 03:08

    Not only no Extra XP, I’m not even getting points for hits. This game is a turd, the maps are getting old. Better push China Rising ahead about 3 weeks to keep people Interested. Or it may be time for a change – COD!
    I’m pissed that I actually paid for premium before playing the game. My expectations were based on Bad Co. and BF3. What a let down. Also, Dawn Breaker – What a stupid map for Jets. Get rid of Commander and utilize some better graphics.
    This Game Doesn’t have that old BF feel.

    • EvilBadazz 11.03.13 at 03:36

      Wow you really speak like a someone that is a total idiot first off the game is great the graphics are awesome and if you don’t like them go sell the game and go play COD with all the like 5 years old whining and crying and calling you a hacker and a cheat ect cuz BF$ is a game for real men and not babies and COD is for babies and i see ur one of those babies that like to bitch so go play COD with all the other Noobs BF4 is a blast and a great game some maps i don’t care for but i love the game

  • deciple666 11.03.13 at 01:23

    Hainan resort freezes my xbox

  • KCIDDERs 11.03.13 at 00:54

    the game doesn’t work right but dice made sure that the development team has special camo and weapons that consumers cant use. what a bunch of a-holes

  • KCIDDERs 11.03.13 at 00:51

    will never buy another ea or dice made game. turd turd turd

  • deciple666 11.03.13 at 00:50

    So, when you log in to your origin account, are you supposed to give the email address associated with your Microsoft account? we used our main email because we were told we would be emailed a code to put on our console ourselves. does this mean we lost out on double xp? is there anyone we can contact for tech support about this?

  • KCIDDERs 11.03.13 at 00:49

    ya freezing every other loading screen is bs. dice doesn’t care once they have your money good luck with refunds. ha ha ha

  • mybighead53 11.03.13 at 00:46

    No double xp is just the beginning of my being pissed off. The glitches are the worst, not to mention the complete freeze of my xbox every other game so that I have to press the power button on the unit to get it back. This is a joke that’s not funny, EA needs to offer refunds yeah like that will happen.

  • KCIDDERs 11.03.13 at 00:44

    diablo must work for dice the makers of the crappiest game ever BF4. thisgame is a turd turd turd

  • KCIDDERs 11.03.13 at 00:13

    this game is a turd not only do you not get double xp. half of the features of the game dont work. now dice is having a redo xp weekend. which means all the people who did get double will get double again next weekend. the melee is a joke unlocking grenades is a joke snipers are the biggest joke in the game. you cant move across any map without 10 snipers one shotting you with a 6 power scope from 10 feet away. come on dice tone the snipers down. they are not shooting bb guns they are shooting high power rifles. they shouldnt be able to shoot a thousand rounds a minute accurately give snipers a close range penalty or limit snipers to one for each team. all in all dice really botched this game. bf3 was twice as good

    • diablo_89_hector 11.03.13 at 00:25

      Stop your crying boomed cares what you think you’re the joke foo

  • diablo_89_hector 11.03.13 at 00:02

    What happened to double xp???

  • GROVExSTxRIDER 11.02.13 at 22:12

    Has anyone figured out the time for the new launch if double xp

  • VoLTz_IgNiTE 11.02.13 at 22:09

    Where do u go?

  • Grizzly0063 11.02.13 at 21:48

    Yeah go to the website sign in and select your consol its really simple

  • Grizzly0063 11.02.13 at 21:35

    Yup a BIG ASS waste of everyone’s money. That’s all they wanted and now that they got that they don’t care what we think or experience in there shit of a game. And to the people who have no clue to where to put there code in read your damn receipt retards

  • CAWLEY ALAN91 11.02.13 at 21:26

    Was havin great fun last night until the game jus starts randomly freezin this happens 5 times lastnite but yet when i was playin it durin the day all was good??.this only happened with battlefield when online, nothing wrong with the xbox and the game isnt damaged so it must be the online. This is kinda disappointing especially after paying for the deluxe edition and premium

  • Ruin227 11.02.13 at 21:26

    Where do you redeem your code at?

  • Grizzly0063 11.02.13 at 21:05

    They have went side by side with gta5 as the biggest disappointment of the yr. And I’ve also bought for the Xbox one if that fucks up in done with battlefield for good

  • Grizzly0063 11.02.13 at 21:04

    Yup good job battlefield high five.

  • MarknMariah 11.02.13 at 21:00

    i ditched my grandmas funeral this weekend to get some double xp, and it didnt even work please fix this and give us extra days for this fuck up

  • DevilDog66x 11.02.13 at 20:54

    Geez. We cancelled plans with some friends last night so we could get double XP’s. Got online with 3 other friends that were also signed up for dbl xp and no one got squat. Really pisses me off.

  • JaYxFresh 11.02.13 at 20:51

    No 2xp yet :( please fix it and and add additional days

  • Grizzly0063 11.02.13 at 20:50

    We Better get something in return for this major f up me and a crap ton of fans have dedicated our time to bf because IT WAS good n we did enjoy it at one time but looks like call of duty will rise compared to this f up

  • AARONS MILITIA 11.02.13 at 20:44

    where is my double xp.

  • Grizzly0063 11.02.13 at 20:44

    Good job fn up a good game for the 360. Horrible graphics double XP doesn’t work at all. Apparently Y’all’s oh so good frostbite 3 engine IS a COMPLETE FAILURE good job guys good fn job

  • Badboy551987 11.02.13 at 20:37

    I’m Not getting Double XP, Never get Dog Tags which I was told (via: GameStop) they had plenty more to send…….What is going on? Every1 of your consumers are being miss informed. Got Premium for BF3-4…….From Bad Company to here I’ve never had a problem till Now?

  • Brandon104 11.02.13 at 20:30

    Im not get my double xp at all

  • Ode_To_Darkness 11.02.13 at 20:29

    i had it yesterday now its gone. what the fuck dice

  • B3craw 11.02.13 at 20:28

    Anyone else still not getting double xp?

  • ztifire10475 11.02.13 at 20:10

    where do you enter the code because i cant find it

    • Magik LeGeNd 11.02.13 at 20:13

      Go to

      • Cahaun 11.02.13 at 20:33

        Can you explain as to why my browser can’t find it when I type it in the address bar? I’m using Google Chrome.

        • DevilDog66x 11.02.13 at 20:56

          Make sure you use http:// and not www or just type in the link without either.

          • Cahaun 11.02.13 at 21:02

            That’s what I have been trying along with “www”.

          • Cahaun 11.02.13 at 21:03

            What I meant to say was that what you suggested has already been attempted and failed on my part. I even tried again just typing “” with nothing working.

  • Magik LeGeNd 11.02.13 at 20:08

    Guys, they said (if you go the main menu of Battlefield 4) it is an error that people are not getting their double-xp. They said they are addressing/fixing the issue now.

  • FroyBDigital69 11.02.13 at 20:07

    Still not working eithier

  • FroyBDigital69 11.02.13 at 20:04

    The ironic thing is i pre ordered the controller bundle for 360 and they didnt print the double xp code
    I hadto. Call them three different times with10 minutes because everyone kept teling me the wrong onfo… I finally get the code right and get confirmation alllllll. For it to work for 15 minutes last night
    Hahaha wowwie fun smacks

  • EvilGummyBear66 11.02.13 at 20:03

    Had double XP all night and now it’s gone. Yet on the website it says it lasts til nov 4th. I’m a little frustrated here guys.

  • Cahaun 11.02.13 at 19:57

    My Google Chrome could not find

  • snootiestcoot3 11.02.13 at 19:18

    took me long to figure it not gamestop

  • GimmeUrSandwich 11.02.13 at 19:07

    Still not getting 2XP!!! Already entered code from GameStop receipt.

  • DEATHDEALERS_xp 11.02.13 at 19:02

    Where do I enter the bloody code?????

    • snootiestcoot3 11.02.13 at 19:20….not at gamestop site

  • JonnyDnt 11.02.13 at 18:42

    its working for me now i had to switch servers and im in TDM

  • PHILLY SwaG GQ 11.02.13 at 18:39

    They also need to fix the freezing issues also. It’s starting to be annoying that I have to keep shutting down my 360.

  • milkyway67 11.02.13 at 18:35

    It’s not working for me either.

  • shadowwolf5243 11.02.13 at 18:34

    Still no double -xp sup with that. What a disappointment.

  • Icarus IV 11.02.13 at 18:24

    Not working for me on Xbox 360 too. Between the inability to create a squad, problems getting into rooms with friends, the freezing of the game on the console, and now this…I am getting pretty frustrated here DICE!

  • JonnyDnt 11.02.13 at 18:19

    it worked for me for a couple hours last night but now it doesnt work

  • Davidmiller879 11.02.13 at 18:16

    I put the code into but how does it know my account?

  • Jos3ph2010 11.02.13 at 18:15

    Still no double xp … this is getting old Hope they dont wait for 1 hr till it ends to get us our double xp

  • Can U Kill Me1 11.02.13 at 18:13


  • MasterKiLLeR979 11.02.13 at 18:04

    where do we go to use the code

  • malkav02 11.02.13 at 18:01

    No double xp yet, sucks, just had a 22k xp match

  • Zakos- 11.02.13 at 17:44

    Still not working :(

  • nads_McKenzie 11.02.13 at 17:27

    I preordered the game and am not getting double xp…wth?

  • YougotJEWDhard 11.02.13 at 17:22

    No double exp? well.. Ill be contacting someone…

  • Rigamortos 11.02.13 at 16:51

    So many bug in the initial days. No double xp. Tons of freezing during loading, maybe a better engine. But where did the graphics go? BF3 was smoother looked better and was more linked to the player. What is the deal DICE? I expected more and honestly I am a little disappointed. Start with giving me my double xp to redeem my poor attitude at the moment. I was pleased to see America win in the showdown. Though I knew Europe never had a chance. Go USA!

  • SharpChedduh 11.02.13 at 16:46

    I am not even given double xp…what in the world.

  • Rigamortos 11.02.13 at 16:45


  • wagdad 11.02.13 at 16:41

    You have to buy premium wait 12 months when they fix the bugs then buy medal of honor 12 do 4 knife kills and a suicide frag bf3 then beat super mario no warps. And presto double xp weekend but its already over. Wah wah waaaah. Thanks dice

  • McDouble_1-99 11.02.13 at 16:13

    Doesn’t work at all for me

  • Arch894 11.02.13 at 15:40

    So i hosted a lan party for this whole weekend just for double xp and no one is getting it…

  • NUKEMASTER99 11.02.13 at 15:24

    how do I type in the code I got on the gamestop receipt

    • Scandalous31 11.02.13 at 15:26

      google search double experience battlefield for the link. Some otehr guys posted but i am too lazy to dig it up for you

  • Myg0t DraxXus 11.02.13 at 15:19

    Is this still working for anyone?

  • Scandalous31 11.02.13 at 15:19

    One more let down from EA in battlefield. Game crashes, no lobby for joinging games with friends and the double xp is no where to be found. Why do you have my $60 for a product that’s faulty?

  • Vos Despero 11.02.13 at 14:56

    I got double XP in one match, and that’s it. I’ve given up and just used one of my XP boosts that I have, but it’s kinda of idiotic that double XP isn’t being given, when they said it would be. Pull it together…

  • wagdad 11.02.13 at 14:20

    Still works one round then no more

  • Kel El 425 11.02.13 at 12:40

    I have two Origin accounts and wouldn’t you know it, I placed my DLC codes and Double XP codes in the wrong account. EA help desk said they are investigating the issue. But it looks like its not going to be resolved before this weekend. So my double XP is lost.

    • HUGIEN788 11.02.13 at 13:53

      same mate i didnt even bother with ea you know what they are like

  • sheldor82 11.02.13 at 12:29

    this game is glitchy as hell. EA get your stuff together. we pay up to 100+ $ for this game. you need to give us our money back for a poor product.

  • Barmbeker_Adel 11.02.13 at 12:26

    Where the f**** is double xp?

  • LoD_Narcissist 11.02.13 at 12:16

    Been waiting 9hours and still no 2xXP

  • Mr_Eklund 11.02.13 at 11:06

    Well… this game is funny and nice to play when not frezzing,lagging, not loading textures text on text, buggy (even in Campaign)

  • TntmanOorybl 11.02.13 at 11:06

    ou met on le code du double xp

  • TntmanOorybl 11.02.13 at 11:02

    on le tape ou le code si on la ?

  • jacksraging 11.02.13 at 10:33

    Yeah some matches I get the double xp boost and for the last two hours I haven’t gotten the double xp at all. What is up? It is very frustrating because Friday was the main day I could play.

  • jedidiea 11.02.13 at 10:25

    just rebooted ps3 and when I came back to this game it said BF4 will go offline, for routine maintenance, for an hr starting at 10am central time… hope they get this straightened out, and should give AT LEAST 1 extra day of double xp…

    • Pyroman230 11.02.13 at 11:16

      Quit being so entitled.

    • wristDEEP68 11.02.13 at 12:35

      That’s probably a PS thing not a BF4 thing. That’s why I stick to Xbox. No ‘routine maintence’ bullshit every month

  • darkknigth5696 11.02.13 at 10:05

    Ok so sometimes you get the double sometimes not, mad lame

    • jedidiea 11.02.13 at 10:07

      how can u tell when have xxp?

      • darkknigth5696 11.02.13 at 10:20

        At the end of the match it will say something like ” total Xperia” and it will be double what you earned

        • jedidiea 11.02.13 at 10:28

          thanks for answering me.. I haven’t seen that, so not working for me. Guess Ill try again later…

  • CosmicStrike 11.02.13 at 09:56

    i paid for this and can’t even use it… thanks for nothing EA

  • jedidiea 11.02.13 at 09:05

    how do u tell if xxp is working? I noticed an arrow next to my score when I shoot someone or capture something. is that it? or does it say double xp?

    • DevilDog66x 11.02.13 at 21:07

      When you finish a match go to the progression tab and if you receive any additional xp’s it will show in the stats in gold.

  • darkknigth5696 11.02.13 at 08:59

    Mine just now started

  • me3_08EA71527 11.02.13 at 08:56

    And to top it off for what ever reason I lost all the unlocks i had for the grenades! Its really hard to unlock anything for the grendes, But i just unlocked the Minifrags, and now I have NO progress in the grenades at all… Wtf?

  • darkknigth5696 11.02.13 at 08:43

    Same problem here, so much for promotional items :(

  • jedidiea 11.02.13 at 08:42


  • ridorkulous 11.02.13 at 08:40

    I am not impressed. Graphics suck, game keeps freezing, text overlapping text and the double-xp promised by Gamestop is not working at all. Get it together EA/GAMESTOP/BF4

  • TexasBarbie 11.02.13 at 08:39

    Worked for 2 or 3 rounds and then stopped. I thought this was supposed to be all weekend for us? What’s going on?

  • jedidiea 11.02.13 at 08:38


  • me3_08EA71527 11.02.13 at 08:35

    Yo, My double xp, where is it dice? Its like… 6 hours late!

  • DJDazeUno 11.02.13 at 08:25

    double-xp not working for me either…pretty lame

  • ridorkulous 11.02.13 at 08:20

    double-xp is not working. WTF gamestop/BF4?!

  • Anarchist2169 11.02.13 at 08:12

    wth i put in my code earlier today at or what ever it said i was good and now its like 0315 and still no double XP wtf EA

  • sheldor82 11.02.13 at 07:09

    not working. this sucks. put in my code and everything.

  • GM3 Crawford 11.02.13 at 06:59

    not working

  • Zakos- 11.02.13 at 06:26

    double xp not working

  • johnshadow36 11.02.13 at 06:22

    where do i enter the code

  • wagdad 11.02.13 at 06:07

    This is bullshit not working

  • PrimalEvo 11.02.13 at 05:27

    Only worked for one round. What is the problem

  • M3X1CAN M1K3 11.02.13 at 05:09

    it worked, froze up no more double xp this is bullshit

  • grimeygriff 11.02.13 at 05:07

    where do you find the code if you preordered it through the psn network (bought a digital copy) i cant find a code or download …… so sad please help thanks in advance

    • sergal33 11.02.13 at 05:38

      you cant its for game stop/ eb games preorders

  • BIGDADDIE679 11.02.13 at 04:59

    I did as instructed. Gamestop and all

  • BIGDADDIE679 11.02.13 at 04:58


  • BIGDADDIE679 11.02.13 at 04:57

    Im not getting them

  • A7X_4REVER_9000 11.02.13 at 04:56

    Hell yes

  • june615 11.02.13 at 04:46

    Where do I go to put my double xp code at?

  • Mr Saari 11.02.13 at 04:41

    Where is my double xp??

  • TubeSteak1979 11.02.13 at 04:20

    Double XP only worked for 2rounds this sucks!!!

  • fadel beast 11.02.13 at 04:11

    when does it start for boston

  • Epatton77 11.02.13 at 03:38


  • Quiet-senpai39 11.02.13 at 03:18
  • MadRushin 11.02.13 at 02:47

    i cant get to where i need to enter my double xp code

  • Mokiemoto 11.02.13 at 02:42

    can someone help me I put in my code for the xbox but my gamer tag isnt issude and I cant figure out how to link my xbox to my ea account

  • PinoyC 11.02.13 at 02:37

    Fierce…google “Current GMT” The Double XP doesn’t start for another 20 mins from when I post this.

    • FierceOnyx 11.02.13 at 03:46

      My friend who is in my country and time zone was getting double XP last night

  • FierceOnyx 11.02.13 at 02:30

    Please HELP ME! I’ve entered my code for double XP weekend and it said it worked on the site, but when I go to play, I don’t have double XP and its the same with a few of my friends. One of my friends who is also in the same country as me (Australia) has double XP. Can you please help me? I’m on PS3

  • FroyBDigital69 11.02.13 at 02:12

    So what is this coversion for eastern standard time ?

  • bloob6979 11.02.13 at 01:39

    dice sucks i cant even play the game on 360 because it freezes every time i join the game so are they going to give us are double xp back since i cant even use it right now and if this game is better then ghost then both dice and infinity ward should just give up. if that ign statement on the back of the game case is true then i have no hope for future war games

  • Itch Victor 11.02.13 at 01:36

    So do I

  • MR TrueMU 11.02.13 at 01:33

    DICE where do i enter the code???????? plz!!!!!!!! reply i need help DICE.

  • CBOnnnage 11.02.13 at 01:15

    Where in the frick do you enter the code for the double xp week !!uggggh

  • Has257 11.01.13 at 23:55

    to get china rising you have to enter the dlc code for the map, you get the code by preordering the the game, the code is located in the game case infront of the manual.

  • bear7159 11.01.13 at 23:14

    I like too know were do I find the new map u get for your ore order? Can anyone tell me

    • Tsuki22 11.01.13 at 23:16

      The new maps arent out yet. its comes out in about 4 weeks.

    • Has257 11.01.13 at 23:52

      you have to enter the code you get in side the game case

  • xPilioka 11.01.13 at 22:59

    I just put in the code, now I am not even getting regular xp. I am getting less than half.

  • DrgnRc 11.01.13 at 22:31

    Hey Guys I has the same problem , I call GameStop and they don’t know shit !, so keep trying and this is the WEBSITE hope it helps and see you in the BATTLEFIEL :)

    • bglaros 11.01.13 at 23:09

      Hey thanks this worked great. Hope to see you in the field…

  • bglaros 11.01.13 at 21:06

    OK so I got my pre-order from game stop. They have the web address on the receipt, but everytime I try to go to the web page to get my PS 3 code it tells me that the sitre does not exsist. I try copying and pasting the link listed below, but no go. Any one else having this issue?

  • Webhead2099 11.01.13 at 20:22

    Having probs with my double xp. Was working fine this morning and then the game froze on me and now I’m not getting it any longer.

    • MR Rodgerzz 11.01.13 at 22:41

      same here i put it in and it worked, got off a hour later. when i got back on it did’nt have it

  • krekc 11.01.13 at 19:18

    What about Premium members who ordered from Amazon?

  • deciple666 11.01.13 at 18:59

    what ti,e is that for central time zone?

  • DW-77 11.01.13 at 18:39

    Is this for all pre-orders?

  • BIG BAD JONN 11.01.13 at 17:27

    where the hell do you enter the code for double xp

    • Captain_Tasevski 11.01.13 at 18:23

      You follow the instructions on the email you got. That’s assuming you pre-ordered from an appropriate source that was offering the double XP weekend. Mine was from EBGames, and they sent an email with code and instructions.

    • Indignant Yeti 11.01.13 at 19:11

  • ShaneSkyz 11.01.13 at 15:23

    Yay. I have been looking forward to whore-ing this game this weekend. Along with my 100%xp boosts this will be awesome.