64 Reasons to Play Battlefield 4

We here at DICE cannot wait until the launch of the next-generation of console gaming. The power of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 allows us to deliver the best Battlefield experience on a console ever.

As we prepare for battle on next-gen, over the coming week we will be sharing with you 64 reasons why Battlefield 4 will be the premiere shooter on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this holiday and beyond. Check back here daily for more reasons on this list. We look forward to seeing you on the next-gen Battlefield!

Part 9

So here we are, the final installment in our 64 Reasons to Play Battlefield 4 blog series. As you choke back the tears remember one thing, when one door closes, another opens. That door is the next-generation of console gaming.  Today, Sony’s PlayStation 4 launched in North America, and next week Microsoft’s Xbox One will be available in 13 countries worldwide. Both of these platforms will deliver amazing entertainment experiences for years to come, and though there are differences between them they both share at least one thing: the all-out-chaos of Battlefield 4 multiplayer complete with 64 players and running at 60 fps. So sit back, enjoy the final 64 Reasons blog post (#64 is our favorite by the way) and we’ll see you on the next-generation battlefield!


Zavod 311

Codenamed “Abandoned” during development, Zavod 311 is set at a deserted Russian tank factory. When you’re not busy admiring the map’s autumn foliage, you’ll be fighting at key areas such as a Bunker, the Living Quarters, Train Tracks and the Radar Tower. Any Levolution in this one? You bet! Initiate the timer in the Manufacturing building to blow up a warhead, which sends a big chimney crashing to the ground, opening up new paths. More BF4 maps. 

play your strenghts

Play Your Strengths

No, you don’t have to be a trigger-happy killing machine to enjoy Battlefield 4 – although that is a perfectly valid option. Maybe you prefer playing as Commander, fixing up your team mates’ vehicles as Engineer, or spotting enemies from a distance. No matter what kind of player you are, there is a place for you on the Battlefield.

squad deathmatch

Squad Deathmatch

See yourself as a good team player? Have a stab at Squad Deathmatch, where four squads hunt a preset number of kills. Team work, knowledge of the map, and having a well-balanced, skilled squad is essential to be victorious in this mode. More on BF4 game modes. 

Anti-Air PWC

During the Battlefield 4 Beta, fans discovered a way of using C4, a Personal Water Craft, and some serious rocket launcher skills to create a high-flying miracle. Community, we love you.

final stand Hero Promo

Final Stand

The war is reaching its epic conclusion in Battlefield 4 Final Stand, the fifth expansion to Battlefield 4. We are keeping the exact content of this pack secret for a little while longer, but we can guarantee that Final Stand will be something special…

geo leaderboards

Geo Leaderboards

Ever wondered who’s the best Recon in town? Curious about your country’s top dog when it comes to Fast Attack Crafts? And which one of your friends can rightfully call themselves Lord of the Rocket Launchers? The Geo Leaderboards have the answer! Check them out on Battlelog to see who’s the best in different regions – and where you are dominating.

Pure Emotion

Battlefield 4 has the power to move people in many different ways. Bina Bianca enjoyed her first glimpse of Battlefield 4 so much she composed this Battlefield 4 Campaign Tribute Song:

The DICE Store

Feel like showing off your love to Battlefield 4 with some sharp-looking gear? You should stop by the DICE store where you will find T-shirts, hats, bracelets, key chains, and more. Visit the DICE Store



One great way to trigger that competitive edge (and hilarious rage!) in your friends is to create a Battlefield 4 Mission. Divided into categories like Best Squad Player, Carbine Expert, Bullseye King, Steersman, and Road King, the Missions challenge you and your friends to chase the categorie’s respective high score within 48 hours. There are both bragging rights and special Dog Tags in the pot for this one.

A Boat on the Roof

Oh well. Ship happens.

The Music of the Battlefield

Can’t stop humming the Battlefield 4 theme? Maybe dropping extra beads of sweat listening to the dramatic score at the end of a thrilling Conquest match? We can’t blame you: the music of Battlefield 4 is a big part of the experience. Stay tuned for a meaty post here on the Battlefield Blog where our composers tell you about their creative work.



Let’s face it. Without YOU, there would be no Battlefield 4. Teaming up with (or getting pwned by) you in Battlefield 4 is by far the best reason we have to play the game. We are amazed by your creative, funny and impressive gameplay videos on a daily basis. You are doing things in the game we would have never imagined possible. Your feedback and suggestions has truly made Battlefield 4 better. Thank YOU for making Battlefield 4 what it is today!

Part 8


The Support

The Support class is in many ways the backbone of the Battlefield, laying down suppressive fire with mighty LMGs and supplying team mates with ammo. Playing as Support, you can access devastating hi-tech hardware like Claymores and Mortars. Keep those experience points ticking in – and you’ll also get access to the coveted C4 Explosives.

Commander Mode

Commander Mode

Ready to take command? Commander Mode gives you a top-down perspective of the Battlefield, allowing you to deliver critical intelligence, manage support activity, and deploy powerful war assets during the matches. Want to deliver deadly missile strikes from the comfort of your bathroom? Sure, you can do that, though we’re not encouraging you to play from your porcelain throne. You can take Battlefield 4 with you wherever you go. Try out the Commander Mode App for your tablet! More on Commander Mode here.

Rogue Transmission

Rogue Transmission

Based around a humongous observatory dish, Rogue Transmission features both vehicle and infantry combat areas with plenty of jet and helicopter action, to boot. Awesome tip #1: Try speeding around in mad circles with a quad bike on the dish, capturing the control point in the cockiest way possible. Awesome tip #2: Do this before Levolution is triggered and the massive radio telescope crashes down on you. More BF4 maps. 

Take to the Skies

Master the Skies

They look like ants from up there, don’t they! With all the varieties of jets and helicopters, Battlefield 4 lets you realize your life-long dreams of air superiority. Use your miniguns and missiles against enemy targets or give team members a ride in the roomy transport helis. If you find yourself constantly crashing your attack jets into perfectly innocent pine trees, go practice your flying skills in the all-new Test Range.

Becoming a Heli Artist

You say you’re already a master of the skies? Try doing this.

Battlelog App

Did you know there’s a new way to even more efficiently kill time waiting for that stupid bus that’s constantly late and never has any free seats? Download the Battlelog App, and the features of Battlelog will be with you on the go! Available on Android and iOS, the Battlelog App lets you customize your soldier’s weapons and vehicle loadouts, stay updated with the latest Battlefield news, and create challenging Missions and compete against your friends. And more!

Get the Battlelog App for Android.

Get the Battlelog App for iOS.

Part 7

Lancang Dam

Lancang Dam

The multifaceted Lancang Dam lets you battle it out on land, air, and sea, granting you many different tactical approaches. Overlooking the riverside lies the map’s iconic dam, and if you keep pounding it with missiles and rockets you will trigger the Levolution moment where the dam collapses, causing a deadly concrete rain and altered battle conditions. Make sure to master the nooks and crannies of key areas like the research building and power station. More BF4 maps.

Ranking Up

Climbing the Ranks

As you know, a journey of a thousand miles (to rank 100!) begins with a single step (playing as Private First Class!) All your various efforts on the Battlefield generate experience points, which in turn lets you rank up. The feeling of ranking up is addictive and before you know it, you’ll find yourself high up on the Battlefield 4 ladder – with a lot of unlocks to boast.

dragons teeth Hero Promo

Dragon’s Teeth

The fourth Battlefield 4 expansion, Dragon’s Teeth, coming Summer 2014 – lets you experience all-out urban warfare on new multiplayer maps, taking place in war-torn cities locked down by the Chinese army. Wondering how to secure early access to this, as well as the other four expansion packs? Read the Reason below!


Battlefield 4 Premium

A Battlefield 4 Premium membership allows you to be more – and do more. Premium includes all five upcoming expansion packs for Battlefield 4 – China Rising, Second Assault, Naval Strike, Dragon’s Teeth, and Final Stand – all with a two-week head start. Premium members also get exclusive content updates, 12 Battlepacks and more. Everything about Premium.


Superior Audio

Shouts of squad members, the roar of tank engines, bullets flying by, and the subtle swoosh of your soldier’s vest. The award-winning audio team at DICE have outdone themselves with Battlefield 4, creating the game’s immersive soundscape. Anything from explosive Levolution moments to subtle map ambience all play a part in the soundscape. Do yourself a favor and get a good audio system and enjoy the ear candy. More on BF4 audio on the Battlefield Blog.


Battlefield 4 Live Stream Events

Thanks to the competitive nature of Battlefield 4, the future holds many exciting events and live streams featuring the game. The recent Battlefield 4: Showdown Live – Europe vs USA, where the two continents faced off on Xbox One, was a success and similar upcoming bouts will be action-packed indeed.

Part 6

60 Frames Per Second

Battlefield 4 on next-gen will be a true treat as players will get to experience Battlefield 4 in all its glory running at a silky smooth 60 frames per second. This is a huge leap for the Battlefield series on console and made possible by the power of Frostbite 3 and the next-generation hardware.  This week, fans will be able to enjoy the loveliness of Battlefield 4 64-player gameplay running at 60 fps, when the PlayStation 4 version is released in North America, followed by Battlefield 4 on Xbox One next Tuesday.

Hainan Resort

Hainan Resort

Immerse yourself in refreshing all-out war at the stunning Hainan Resort! With sugar-sand beaches at your doorstep, indulge in breathtaking, Frostbite-created oceanfront views, complete with delicious and destroyable accommodations. Enjoy a good night’s sleep in our luxury Bungalows, start the day with an energizing visit to our Tennis Court, and head out for a relaxing battle tank ride by the bustling Marina! Hainan Resort is a paradise on earth.

(NOTE: We are aware of the oil spills outside The Gold Coast Hotel and will have this cleaned up immediately. Thank you for not igniting.)

More BF4 maps. 


The Assault

When it comes to the Assault class, there are two sides of the same coin. On one hand, you will see the Assault dishing out deadly firepower on the frontlines. On the other hand, the Assault will show its gentler side when reviving team mates with its defibrillator and handing out medpacks.

Tons of Customizable Weapons

Battlefield 4 features more weapons than ever before, and there is a whole world of assault rifles, PDWs, LMGs, sniper rifles, carbines, DMRs, shotguns, and pistols out there waiting for you to unlock and customize. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself spending hours on browsing for the most fitting weapon – and on customizing them with various attachments and paints. More on weapon customization. 


Dog Tag Hunt

It really is a special feeling, that blend of smugness and excitement. Sneaking up on an unsuspecting enemy, stealing his or her dog tags with a melee attack, and then riding off into the sunset, is one of those small-but-still-great reasons to play Battlefield 4. (The feeling when someone does this to you is actually also great – in its own, interesting way.)

Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch

The simple joy of throwing yourself into a game of Team Deathmatch is hard to top. The setup is simple and the action is intense: two teams face off in combat, with the first team to reach a preset number of kills emerging victorious. Team up with a friend and let people know you’re in town. More on BF4 game modes. 

Part 5

Hundreds of Rewards

Hundreds of Rewards

Dedicated Battlefield 4 players will be handsomely rewarded. That’s why there are hundreds of different ribbons and medals to earn for those who excel in different fields – anything from delivering bombs in Obliteration to being an excellent spotter of enemies. If you show extra dedication, you might even receive one of the sought-after Service Stars. More on awards.

Levolution: Small and Big

From the tropical storm of Paracel Storm to Zavod 311’s collapsing chimney, Battlefield 4’s Levolution moments are visually stunning game-changers. As epic as devastating floods and collapsing skyscrapers are though, they are not the only example of Levolution in Battlefield 4. Raise bollards and enjoy the road rage of enemy tank drivers. Close shutters in a mall for extra protection. Or cause mischief by locking up your foe with a hand grenade in a train cart.



Strong nerves. Sharp reflexes. And a firm grip on your controller. Have you got what it takes for Defuse? In this highly competitive game mode, each player is given one single life per round, and the objective is to eliminate the enemy squad or detonate the other team’s military installation. More on BF4 game modes. 



You are battling at the break of dawn, and there is action around every corner. Snipers will sneak around the rooftops, the streets will be crawling with enemy artillery, as hostile jets are roaring by, lit by the neon skyline. The atmospheric Dawnbreaker map features both indoor and outdoor battles in an urban environment, and there’s always a new route to explore. More BF4 maps. 

64-man Base Jump



The new and improved Battlelog is your online Battlefield 4 home. Here, you can launch the game, tinker with your loadout, track your progression, design emblems, see what rank your friends have reached (they’re not higher than you, right?)  If you’ve received a yummy Gold Battlepack or made a new friend, Battlelog lets you share your activity on your Battle Feed.

Part 4

operation locker

Operation Locker

With Operation Locker you can expect intense, close-quarter infantry combat in a mountain prison environment. Make sure to experiment with the prison doors to trap enemies – an extra devious action if you also blow up the nearby tower. Operation Locker features both indoor and outdoor environments, with the snowstorm outside dynamically intensify as the battle rages on. More BF4 maps. 

Spectator Mode

When you just want to kick back and watch the glory of all-out war without participating, Spectator Mode is the ticket. Spectator Mode enables you to view the multiplayer mayhem in many different views and toggling between players is as easy as pie. If you’re in to making your own Battlefield videos, this feature is ideal for getting an overview and setting up dramatic camera angles. Learn more in this post.


The fast-paced sibling of Conquest, Domination is an intense game mode where it’s all about the infantry. Make sure to be on your toes while capturing flags as your enemies are never too far away. More on BF4 game modes.

Field Upgrades

Field Upgrades

Battlefield is all out team play and we want to make sure you’re rewarded accordingly. Helping your squad means your Field Upgrade meter will go up, granting you a number of different gameplay advantages. For example, with the fan-conceived Field Upgrade “Shadow”, your sprint speed, and height you can fall without damage, can be increased – among other things.

Flood Zone

We all know it: When the levee breaks, you got to move. Set in a Chinese town in the direct vicinity of a large levee, Flood Zone is a versatile Battlefield 4 map that supports a variety of multiplayer tactics. If the levee is destroyed, the map will get flooded and the fight continues on the rooftops above. More BF4 maps. 

Only in Battlefield 4 Moments

Thanks to the unscripted nature of Battlefield 4, every player will experience moments that are truly unique. At various gaming events, we’ve grabbed players after their first taste of Battlefield 4, and asked for their all-out war impressions. The results speak for themselves. Real players, real gameplay. 

Part 3

paracel storm

Paracel Storm

Already a Battlefield classic, Paracel Storm throws you into battle on a series of seemingly idyllic islands on the South China Sea. Dynamic weather soon turns the tide of battle, and huge waves will provide new challenges for your naval units. Adapt to the changing Battlefield, watch out for a Destroyer on the loose – and don’t forget to bring a beach towel.

Competitive Gaming

When you’re ready to show the world who’s the Battlefield top dog, you’ll be glad to find that Battlefield 4 is built with competitive gaming in mind. Game modes like Defuse and Domination require you to constantly be on your toes, and the new and powerful Spectator Mode is ideal for elite competitions and live streams. More on competitive gaming.

The Recon

Sizing up your enemy from a thousand yards away and delivering that single kill shot that helps lead your team to victory- that’s what the Recon class is all about. Excel in spotting and taking out enemies from a distance. Recon can also provide crucial intel to the team by deploying motion sensors and other hi-tech gadgets.


Whether you’re Attacking or Defending, the asymmetrical game mode Rush is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. The attacking team must arm and destroy MCOM stations in each zone of the map, and the defending team must stop this from happening before they run out of respawns. Different environments require you to reconsider your tactics and your loadout. More on BF4 game modes.


All the Gadgets

Mastering the many types of hi-tech hardware Battlefield 4 has to offer is a great way to ensure success on the Battlefield. Use the defibrillator to revive fallen comrades, throw a flashbang to confuse your enemies, or secure information on enemy movement thanks to the motion sensor. There are tons of other gadgets to tinker with, so make sure to explore them all.

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike

Experience even more epic naval combat as the Chinese Armada take the fight to the high seas in Battlefield 4 Naval Strike digital expansion pack coming Spring 2014.

Part 2

Second Assault Key Art

Battlefield 4 Second Assault

The upcoming Battlefield 4 Second Assault expansion pack coming first to Xbox One includes four fan-favorite maps from Battlefield 3 pushed to their limits with the power of Frostbite 3. Return to post-nuclear Paris two years later in Operation Metro 2014, featuring flooded subway tunnels and destructible ceilings. The walls of Caspian Border 2014 have been fortified with new vantage points, and players can now bring down its central communications tower. Operation Firestorm 2014 truly lives up to its name – the refinery’s pipelines can be breached to create flammable hazards across the map. Stay sharp as a sand storm rolls through Gulf of Oman 2014. Second Assault also equips players with five new weapons, an all-new vehicle, ten assignments, and the Capture the Flag game mode.


Conquest is the signature Battlefield game mode that features all-out-warfare on land, air and sea and rewards players for solid team play, tactical skills and quick reflexes. In Conquest, you need to capture and hold bases on the maps. The more flags your team holds, the faster the enemies’ tickets will decrease. Win by reducing the enemy ticket count to zero. More on BF4 game modes.

Siege of Shanghai

Siege of Shanghai

This is intense urban warfare amongst the skyscrapers in downtown Shanghai. With a skyscraper that can be completely demolished to alter the map (LEVOLUTION!), Siege of Shanghai also adds a vertical element to the multiplayer experience. Be sure to lookout for falling glass!

Epic Parachute Sniping

Have you ever thrown yourself out of a building, defying gravity as you plummet to the ground below only to deploy your parachute moments before and pulling out your sniper rifle to land a million-in-one shot? If not, you need to play more Battlefield 4. 

The Engineer

A vehicle’s best friend – or worst enemy? Playing as an Engineer in Battlefield 4 means you’re taking down enemy choppers with RPGs or destroying tanks with land mines. But it also means you’re fixing up your team’s vehicles with the trusted repair tool. The Engineer also has access to gadgets like the EOD Bot and the M15 AT Mine.

hold all these battlepacks


Battlepacks are like birthday presents on the battlefield. These bundles of joy come in bronze, silver and gold and contain anything from Weapon Accessories to XP Boosts. Don’t worry: Battlepacks don’t give one player an advantage over another; instead they let you tailor your Battlefield 4 experience with more customization options.

Part 1

64-Player Action

For the first time on consoles, Battlefield 4 lets you jump into 64-player multiplayer mayhem on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Prepare for non-stop action as you’ll have to watch your six at all times.


The Best Next-Gen Shooter Out There

The critics and fans have spoken: there’s a new king of shooters for the next generation of gaming. Battlefield 4 is the highest-rated first-person shooter available now. Read the reviews of Battlefield 4.


Golmud Railway

Big, bombastic, and beautiful: Golmud Railway is an ideal map for fans of vehicle warfare. This vast area features a mobile control point atop a train, that moves towards the controlling team’s base. You will also find many improvised explosive devices on the map that create huge craters when detonated.


Battlefield 4 China Rising

This December, the all-out war continues in Battlefield 4 China Rising, where you fight for dominance across the vast and majestic Chinese mainland. Four massive new maps, all-new vehicles, and high-tech military equipment await you.

You Can Point at Many Things

There is a lot to point at in Battlefield 4. Actually, this is called spotting and is a vital teamplay tactic, but JackFrags, one of many Battlefield YouTubers, got inspired to write a song about all the things he’s pointed at in-game. You should listen to it.

Test Range

Practice makes perfect. Newcomers to Battlefield, or pros who want to perfect their skills, can visit the non-hostile Test Range. Here, you can to test your wings in an attack helicopter or snipe wooden targets or barrels thrown in the air.



I’ve got the bomb! Quick, get to da choppa! DO IT, DO IT NOW! In the frantic Obliteration, you are likely to both shout and hear things like these often. This explosive game mode sees two teams fighting for control over a bomb that must be detonated in the opposing team’s targets.

Social Sharing

You’ve just had an amazing match of Battlefield 4, saving the day and taking your team to victory. Time to let people know! Through Social Sharing, your Battlefield 4 experiences can be shared on Facebook, letting your friends see what you’re up to – and to join you in-game.

Frostbite 3

The advanced technology of DICE’s Frostbite 3 engine offer you a glimpse into the future of interactive entertainment. Delivering visual and audio fidelity that is unmatched, superior character animations and dynamic destruction.

A Ton of Vehicles

Whether you’re roaring through the skies in a jet, or stampeding into battle with a tank, the thrill of piloting the Battlefield 4 vehicles is unmatched, and with the new naval units you will dominate the sea aswell. Remember to pimp your ride through Battlefield 4’s vast customization possibilities.

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  • AL2RIDE 12.15.13 at 14:08

    Ah, now I know where they came up with the number 64. It’s the crash to play ratio. You get to play an entire match for every 64 crashes. Now things are starting to make sense.

  • Neoluddite 12.01.13 at 22:57

    Can we think of 64 reasons to fix this game so it doesn’t crash every 10 minutes or drop you from servers?

  • CHIK CHACK 11.21.13 at 13:12

    Love Battlefield, been playing BF3 every night for well over a year. I had hoped the BF4 Beta fixed a lot of the gripes I had with it but I have to say I think releasing on XboxOne and PS4 stretched resources at DICE because the quality and functionality are extremely disappointing. Would love to see soldier customization brought back to main screen but above all the game needs fixing on current gen. Don’t turn your back on the biggest demographic you have for the minority of next gen.

  • JIMMYHARDWOOD 11.20.13 at 15:23

    I love battlefield but Please help , every time I download the update and click on install, it will repeat saying install , help us oout with an update, if anyone knows how to fix it please let me know

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