Thanks for the Battlefield 4 Beta Feedback!

We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has played the Battlefield 4 Beta! Your feedback has been crucial in testing the underlying infrastructure and reporting both bugs and balancing issues to ensure a smooth launch on October 29. In this blog post, we want to bring up some of the key findings and how we’re addressing these for the launch of Battlefield 4. Thanks again for playing!

Low frame rate/stuttering
PC players may have experienced trouble in the Beta getting the game running at a good frame rate. Rest assured that we’re using the information we received to optimize the performance for the launch of the game. We also released three game client updates and a number of game server updates during the Beta to address some of these issues and to gather more information to ensure a smoother launch.

Stuck on loading screen
We have identified some of the reasons why players, mainly on PC, were getting stuck on the loading screen and are currently working around the clock to decrease the rate at which this occurs. The latest PC patch for the Beta helped for some players and we are confident we will be able to minimize this issue for launch.

High CPU usage during the Beta
CPU usage could sometimes skyrocket for dual, quad and six-core processors. We identified some of the reasons and released three patches with fixes that went live during the Beta, to address the problems. This was a true Beta, and as such all the crash reports that were generated during this period will actually help us make a better game.

Controller layouts (X360/PS3)
We’ve increased the available controller options in Battlefield 4, including the new controller layout and multiple alternatives that we hope will make you feel right at home. If you’re more comfortable with the controls from Battlefield 3, we’ve got you covered. Just by bringing up the options menu, you can choose the “Veteran” layout, which is similar to that in Battlefield 3.

Empty server listings (X360/PS3)
While in the Server Browser you may have seen lists of empty servers. By changing the filter options, you’ll be able to find populated servers that you can join. You can also use the “Quick Match” function to quickly get into the action.

The elevator catapult (All platforms)
Although an interesting concept, elevators were never designed to act as a catapult or teleporter. The bug where the elevator button would catapult you up into the air is fixed for the final game. But we did enjoy all the crazy videos you’ve posted. Thanks!

Gameplay balancing
We are still balancing gameplay, and in true DICE fashion will continue to do so well after the release of Battlefield 4. Below are just some of the gameplay changes based on your feedback that we’re making in time for the launch of the game.

Infantry Changes
-Fixed how the player only receives a single local damage sound effect if he or she was the victim of a quick, clean kill.  The sound and camera impact effect had too long a cool down between hits. This should improve the responsiveness of being killed and taking damage.

-Reduced the fire rate of the AK12 in burst from 1000rpm to 750rpm. The rate of fire was too high when combined with the low recoil of the weapon, making it more powerful than intended in burst mode.

-Tweaked the compensator and muzzle brake so they’re properly less accurate in sustained automatic fire.

-Reduced and rebalanced full auto accuracy based on rate of fire for all automatic weapons to balance low ROF weapons. Low ROF weapons were remaining accurate long enough to get easy kills outside of their intended optimal range.

-Increased the default throw distance of the portable ammo and med packs. This makes it easier to throw these packs to teammates.

-Portable ammo packs now reload 2 magazines of bullets instantly and up a total of 4 magazines per pack over time. The player must stay on top of the ammo pack in order to benefit from all of the ammo reloading. Grenades, RPGs, and other explosive launchers do not benefit from the instant reload function of the Ammo Pack.

-Increased the muzzle flash of the 25mm and 40mm launchers to make their threat position more visible.

-Fixed an issue where the knife stab didn’t align with the kill event.

-The revive time has been increased from 7s to 10s.

Vehicle Changes
-Fixed some descriptions of weapons for vehicles that incorrectly described the function of the weapon.

-Increased the damage of the Stinger and IGLA to 3 hits to kill attack choppers (was 25%, now 35%).

-Increased the speed of all TOW guided missiles to 75m/s from 50m/s so they can catch-up to fast vehicles like the Quad bike.

-Increased the sustained fire accuracy of the Coaxial LMG on armored vehicles because it was underpowered.

-Reduced the damage the 40mm and 25mm infantry weapons do to armored vehicles to highlight their anti-infantry role.

-Reduced the damage main gun on the IFVs against other armor to highlight their primarily anti-infantry role.

-Fixed an issue where the tank main gun did not correctly hit the center of the crosshair at all times.

-Multiple options are now available for controlling how your vehicles steer with a joystick on all platforms, as well as improved the responsiveness of steering while accelerating.

Locking Weapon Changes
-RPG7 and SMAW can no longer lock on to Laser Designated Targets. It was inauthentic and not balanced.

-Fixed some projectiles not warning vehicles when they were fired on a Laser Designated target. Reduced the lock on distance for MBT LAW missiles to 350m from 500m. This gives the IGLA the clear long range AA role for soldiers, and keeps the team play element of Laser Designation.

-All Laser Designated missiles now do a maximum of 90% damage to Attack and Scout helicopters (down from 100%). This was done to give helicopters a chance to use their Fire Extinguisher countermeasure even against Laser Designated weapons.

General Changes
-The kill string in the score log now appears sooner, making the UI more responsive to a kill event.

-The aim assist on X360/PS3 has been tweaked to be more consistent at all ranges. The assist was over powerful at close range, and not powerful enough at medium range. Players should now find that close combat requires much more player input and the snap to a target is far less forgiving. At medium range the player should experience a bit more assistance tracking targets, but generally still reduced aim assist effectiveness.

PC Specific Changes
-Fixed a string in On Foot PC key bindings that should have read “CROUCH (TOGGLE) / PRONE (HOLD)”.

-Removed an unused “Underslung” key binding on PC, the “Select Gadget 1″ key binding now controls both of these actions as expected.

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  • MrRBWTATC26 02.18.15 at 22:45

    if you send me a beta key I will renounce my will to play call of duty

  • walkoffhomerun 12.10.13 at 16:01

    While playing engineer and you have properly selected anti-tank you SHOULD be able to deploy 6 land mines at same time. However there are 2 game problems:
    1) game limits you to only 3 but you have selected anti-tank
    2) 95% of the games with this selected ONLY show 3 land mines and 4 rpg’s even though u properly have anti-tank selected. The other 5% of the time the game will properly show 6 land mines and 7 rpg’s but still only allow you to deploy 3 land mines. After you deploy 3 then your next land mine deployed removes the 1st land mine, even though you should be able to deploy a full 6. In this event you strangely can use all 7 rpg’s

  • AL0F0QUEDR 11.25.13 at 19:50

    When the patch for party to play with Friends will be release because every time I try to play with my friends the severs is full

  • Ki11er Ke11y 11.24.13 at 15:19

    It is just after kovic is hit climbing the ladder,the voice just keeps saying give us a target

  • Ki11er Ke11y 11.24.13 at 15:18

    I am stuck on defend the valkyrie,there are no more targets to kill but game is stuck there and will not move on,how do i get past this glitch

  • 4NlM4Ll-l 11.19.13 at 07:52

    Please consider changing these jet button options :

    1. Flares on top of the controller for emergency deployment.

    Spotting is not a button that needs to be pressed in an emergency. Currently you have to take a thumb off of the flight sticks to pop flares. Troublesome.

    2. Brake on one half of the controller and shoot on the other half.

    Jets in most cases brake into their targets. Brake and shoot on separate sides of the controller helps this considerably. Right now you can brake and shoot if you want to keep your index and middle finger on each button, but honestly i find this ruins my grip on the controller. Players shouldn’t have to limit their grip on the controller down to the pinky and ring fingers to be efficient in the jets. Swapping brake and acceleration is ideal and seems like an easy fix.

  • rastablu 11.11.13 at 09:16

    Actually, what really annoy me is that you start level 1, but suddenly you face people level 20, 30, 40, even 60! Like full gear, i can’t even shoot at something they already found a way to kill me. Teams are really not equilibrate and i’d like to play with people at same level or around. Well the gameplay is amazing!! But this issue put me between 2 chair. Hope you Dice will take a look. Level 3 against level 25 is’nt that fun… (p.s. Sniping is totally amazing :D)

  • Nazmul18 11.10.13 at 21:20

    When will it all be fixed and ready for puchase and does it have full controller support on pc?

  • MCEA-VP-ID 11.07.13 at 01:20

    There is no (wtf I can hardly read what Im typing here who webdesigned this mess ) .. no microphone action and no screenshot taking ability boo

  • Der--Fuehrer- 11.06.13 at 23:52

    for the final build are they going to fix the infinite loading problem for consoles such as PS3…and what about the horrible spawns in team death match where the enemy spawns behind you after you take a couple steps. Or what about the hit detection, its still terrible. And what about the lag when you get knifed…it doesn’t go into animation well, it glitches and lags?

  • acidshell 11.06.13 at 01:53

    BF3 controller layout?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • IMMORTAL CHAFF1 11.05.13 at 05:00

    Completely frustrated that it is not saving my experience and rewards that I worked and fought hard to earn now. So when it doesn’t freeze up while loading a server after I leave it and go to another one it is all gone. Total BS!!!

  • Mindreaper4 11.03.13 at 21:54


    There are a lot of things i like about the game. I like the critical hits on vehicles and all the components surrounding that. While in a tank, it’s nice to 2 shot a tank if you catch him in the rear, which is the weakest part of a tank.

    One of my biggest complaints are the MBT’s. HOLY FREAKING HELL are they way OVER POWERED!!!! They load twice as fast as a RPG and they can auto-hit if close to the target! In a tank, you don’t stand a chance against these if there are 2 people shooting at you. You need to either A) Slow the reload time to be equal to or slower than the RPG or B) Take away to auto-hit part of the weapon. I understand the LAZer part of the game and the guided aspect, i accept that 100%. The un-lazed MBT’s though are a complete crock of BS!

    The boat cannons are also ridiculous against tank as well.


  • robbi1986 11.03.13 at 18:15

    Gameplay not so different form bf3 multiplayer
    Im waitin 4 the ps4 version.

  • robbi1986 11.03.13 at 18:12

    I feel like im still playing the beta
    every time i shoot some1 hit them 5 times they dont drop
    I die with 3 hits. And the sniper rifles are to weak

  • vaffel2 11.02.13 at 18:31

    it really amaze me that they managed to ruin posibly the best online game ever just by f*****g up the control layout.
    I refuse to play the game untill the control problem is fixed.!
    And dont blame on the new social battlefacebook has to get Prioritied buttons, that should be MY choice, not yours.
    Why not suddenly change my pedals in my car so the brakes are on the right as well ??!!
    I hope DICE adress this becouse the game looks really good!

    • Bryan Danger X 11.03.13 at 11:18

      This post is spot on.

      - the controller changes are incredibly irritating and spoils it for me

      -if Dice thinks that the new control scheme is better the offer it as a choice. let the players decide

      I do not like to post criticism but I really like the game and this needs to be fixed.

  • Psychotango 11.02.13 at 06:16

    I have been playing the Xbox version since release and have noted several issues and have a few suggestions for game play.
    Firstly, some graphics issues, such as on flood zone while flying the viper hovering over B I ran into a repeated issue with hitting something that was not there directly over the small waterfall. Also about every other map the game crashes and freezes. In operation Locker when battling in the middle the games frame rate drops well below 10fps during intense fire fight after the center tower is knocked down. The filter for browser search still indicates full servers due to it taking into account commander slots even though there is another filter option for open commander slots and it is not selected.

    Secondly, being slightly biased due to being a helicopter pilot for the military, the impact reaction of incoming rounds causing the aircraft to instantly flip upside down is very unrealistic and extremely frustrating. Furthermore, the rapid reload of the stinger with several shots combined with a ridiculously slow reload of the flares makes it impossible to escape. Flares should either be a set limit of higher quantity requiring reloading from an ammo drop, or reload more rapidly and have less than a 99% success rate on deterring incoming misses. Otherwise, the stinger should hold less ammo and take about twice as long to reload. Also the roll and pitch rates should be about double what they are for all of the helicopters.

    Lastly, I would suggest a hud option with a color and transparency setting. White hud against a white sky is rather worthless. Thanks for the awesome game, and hope this helps make it even better

    • Rigamortos 11.02.13 at 17:00

      Yes what is with the HUD. Impossible to find target when looking at the sky. There is a colorblind option to change the colors for players squads and objectives but now changes for the HUD. Light blue, really? What color is the sky? Latency, graphics quality, map selection, loadout changes in menu, all things that need to be updated. One word, Patches.

  • Big_Zoltar 11.01.13 at 02:51

    I redeemed my Slim Jim battlepack and now the game totally freezes about 3 seconds into a round. It wouldn’t hurt so bad if I wasn’t having the time of my life the last day playing, but now nothing. My guy doesn’t even get to shoulder his weapon before it completely freezes. This is for the PS3.

  • StangasaurusRex 10.31.13 at 22:40

    “Controller layouts (X360/PS3)
    We’ve increased the available controller options in Battlefield 4, including the new controller layout and multiple alternatives that we hope will make you feel right at home. If you’re more comfortable with the controls from Battlefield 3, we’ve got you covered. Just by bringing up the options menu, you can choose the “Veteran” layout, which is similar to that in Battlefield 3.”
    This is false! Developers – please bring the “alternate” vehicle controls in BF3 to BF4. The vehicle controls found in BF4 are all very poor. This could be a deal breaker for me! I just don’t get why you would remove this setup?? You have to know people like that configuration and would expect to find that configuration in BF4!!

    The main buttons that are issues with the BF4 configuration are the trigger options.

    BF3 Alternate:
    Left Trigger = forward
    Left Bumper = reverse
    Right Trigger = Fire
    Right Bumper = Gadget

    BF4 only has options where Right Trigger is forward and Left Trigger is reverse and vise versa. The only config where you have the right trigger = Fire has the left stick for forward and reverse.

    • Rigamortos 11.02.13 at 17:04

      I agree. Controller layout was way more customizable in BF3. Why the removal of the customizing. It should be up to the player to choose the layout. One of many thing that need to be updated.

  • Glenn37216 10.31.13 at 11:50

    I’m beginning to think the Swedish should just stick to Danish making and leave the Game Development department to the U.S.
    Everywhere you look in BF4 you see sloppy coding .. objects that are not snapped to the surface .. hard binded keys ….AND THE SINGLE PLAYER ? Who the heck is in charge of quality control there? I ran into bugs on every freaking mission ! C’mon Dice… you bragged about FROSTBITE 3 and this is as good as you can do ? SAD.

  • dps86 10.31.13 at 04:45

    Aim Assist is Ruining Battlefield 4 for me.

    Aim assist is ruining this game for me. It’s destroying the necessity to master individual guns. Perhaps one of the biggest appeals of this game to me is the necessity to master the attributes of each gun. Now that aim assist is so strong, the necessity to master a particular gun isn’t there. I’m not motivated to unlock new guns and I may just stop playing altogether. I know longer feel the satisfaction of properly compensating for recoil or skillfully tracking a target. It just happens automatically. As a die hard BF fan, I may have to move on :(

    For example, I was rounding the corner of a building and an enemy ran out in front of me. I was using a gun with a high rate of fire and a lot of recoil. While I had the jump on him, he should have had a fighting chance simply by catching me by surprise. If this were BF3, using the MTAR for example, I may have sprayed bullets too quickly and had difficulty tracking him while he ran by as the gun rumbled and jerked about. But since this is BF4 and the aim assist is soooo strong, it moved with him the entire way as he ran by! I pulled my aim up, it snapped to my enemy, and it tracked him the whole time while I simply held down the trigger like a noob. This is seriously alienating BF fans who want to earn their kills.

    Everything else is great! Please fix!

  • DieHardBearFan9 10.31.13 at 04:24

    Last post – this feels like COD with a destructible environment. Not like a BF game. BF3 was far better. Utter fail by DICE. I cannot express in words how disappointed I am.

  • DieHardBearFan9 10.31.13 at 02:29

    Also, I noticed you didn’t fix the problem of selecting, say, “Quick Match: Rush” or any other game type and being put in a completely different game type. Again, What. The. Fuck.

  • DieHardBearFan9 10.31.13 at 02:00

    Two things -why has the select button gone from possibly the most important button (for spotting) to a completly debilitating button that brings up a friends menu? That’s what the damn middle button on XBox is for! I’ve died a shitload because instead of spotting, my avatar stand there like a dumbass while i have a useless menu pop up. Also, switching the enter vehicle and knife someone controls are different, even with your supposed veterans controls. So no, you don’t have us ‘veterans’ covered when it comes to controls. Secondly, the double xp weekend advertisement? I signed up and it required no information to link my code to my gamertag, which means everyone is going to get it. You lied just to get me to sign up for an origins account. EA hits a new low and drags my beloved Battlefield with them. What. The. Fuck.

  • Dreamer344 10.31.13 at 01:54

    PLEESE FIX PS3 INPUT LAG its not as bad as bf3 before the patch but its still annoying and if alters gameplay.

  • LoneGunman72 10.29.13 at 06:57

    I didn’t get a chance to post my feedback about the Beta. If I had one gripe about the game it was this. Shouldn’t as a player I be able to jump off of the falling skyscraper and parachute to safety? Seems that would be more realistic instead of just instantly dying even though I’m in a position to save myself.

  • wWaAVve 10.27.13 at 23:15

    Great game! Can’t wait. Just one question and it may seem like a small thing but will the text glow when “Enemy is Killed”? I noticed in recent Fllod Zone footage the text is very plain and not as rewarding when you get a kill. I hope there is something satisfying other than plain text either as a sound or something more visual when we get a kill.

  • zam-zam2712 10.27.13 at 23:05

    Are the PS3 and XBOX 360 versions of the game getting the ammo system like it was in Battlefield 3? Because I noticed in the beta, the PC players had the ammo/reload system like it was in Battlefield 3, but the console versions did not have the ammo/reload system from BF3

    • iXlnt 10.28.13 at 00:16

      I agree! That system is just stupid if you ask me. What’s the purpose of reloading if you loose 30 rounds every time you reload if you’re mag is not completly out? Reloading in real life is individual, some soldiers save their mags whith bullets stil in them if they have the chance, some throws it away. But the basic purpose of realoading is that you will be prepared to meet opponents, but you’re definatly not prepared if you loose 30 rounds every time you realod. And I noticed it as well, that PC gamers didn’t have that. It pissed me off, lol.

  • neLA-_LIFTED 10.27.13 at 02:05

    Gonna get for the ps4 thoo cant wait

  • neLA-_LIFTED 10.27.13 at 02:04

    Dice should make a splitscreen for multiplayer so me and my lil brother dont have to take turns …. Plzzzz ahaha it wpuld b really cool ps3,player

    • Maxiviper117 10.27.13 at 22:32

      What in your right mind thinks thats remotely possible on a ps3 with bf4.

  • Styx_O_matiC 10.26.13 at 23:40

    And when do you fix the dawm transparency of teamates icons, when they’re far…
    plus, can you provide us, an server option to implement a real hardcore mod, all the weapons in this game are deadliest one, how they need 2, 3 or 4 bullet in hardcore to kill ?
    oh,last but not the least, the head shot… or this is the netcode who is code on amstrad CPC, but when I shot 1 sniper bullet right in the head how can it not be a headshot ??? (recurent problem…)
    You have a one of the 5 best game of the past 10 years, just dont make it casual.

  • kablammy 10.26.13 at 23:06

    who designed this text entry ? in 30 years of computing – i think this is about the worst example i have ever seen implemented – you can hardly see the text that you are typing – whose idea was it to have super light text on white ?
    did you even try it yourself ? and you thought it was ok ?

    i guess that explains why the compass on the minimap is so hard to read the N S W E on it – did you intend it to be almost invisible like this input text ?

    lame .

  • merkulater88 10.26.13 at 22:25

    What about the distance at which you can see non squad friendlies. I can’t tell you how many times I ended up shooting at my own team because I thought “spot” wasn’t working and soldier had not friendly signs

  • kablammy 10.26.13 at 18:37

    we are two countries at war – killing each other – but on the server rules – you can’t say anything racist – how come we don’t get to kill mexicans ? – that sounds raciest doesn’t it ?

  • Muzzy-Jones 10.25.13 at 09:43

    U should have a kill cam for the last kill,or just to say who got the last guy at the end of the game instead of just clipping it off and all u see is some fancy weed looking smoke.and then yr back in the lobby with crickets cuz yah cant hear the other team.thats the best part when u win a game.yah all wanna scream for victory to the opposing team.instead yah just got yr team that just sits their,and one dude burps and the other goes good game.boring!after u win a game of uno or any type of u just sit there and stare at the person u just beat?nope.come on guys.

  • Muzzy-Jones 10.25.13 at 09:35

    Get rid of the red glow around the enemies when u die please. Dont make it look generic.real.and i hope them graphics dont look like that on the ps4.cuz they have already gave it a bad rap.i played the beta for a mere 20 mins.and i was bored. And i cant stand call of dooky,and been a fan of bbc2 and b3,but bbc2 kept me more interested cuz of the maps.3 just looked to grey and dull.and only some buildings came crashing down.and the sound effects for bbc2 were way better than 3. The morters were more fun in bbc2 than 3.metro was thee most boringist map for conquest.u needed more paths to get around.why have 4 players in a squad when u know that all of us want to play with more than 4 friends.u should put on the mics on the opposing team just after each claim victory.different melee weapons would be way much to write,but you guys prolly wont care enough to change anything.and all these requests r from my friends as well. But they made me sign up cuz they r way to lazy.peas;)

    • Dono5062 10.28.13 at 02:25

      They have 5 man squads now and there are more melee weapons now, DUMBASS!!! Find out the facts before you ask questions.

  • Hesalasiah 10.25.13 at 06:09

    I noticed one thing while playing the beta, When the building has already collapsed in shanghai the flares that drop from the chopper do not show through the dust.

  • Jasper QST 10.25.13 at 03:08

    I really wish DICE would limit the amount of times a vehicle can be repaired… it is ridiculous to constantly be repairing a tank/chopper multiple times throughout a match. limiting either 1) the amount of repairs per Engineer life or 2) the amount of times a vehicle can be repaired in total would really level the paying field… just my $.02

  • beaneater315 10.23.13 at 23:33

    Bring back the Bobcat – looking forward to the launch, it should be a great game. Thanks DICE for the hardwork to get us here.

    • beaneater315 10.23.13 at 23:34

      Will there be a pre-load opportunity before the 29th?

  • Dark_vader11 10.23.13 at 23:30

    why is battlefield 4 beta down?

    • starburn703 10.24.13 at 12:23

      the beta was until the 15th of october sorry mate

    • Russellunloaded 10.24.13 at 22:35

      it was only going to last till the 15thit freakin tells you that.

  • SJonz 10.23.13 at 20:57

    But pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease do away with orange Kill cam!!!! its crap. Part of the fun is sometimes not knowing exactly where an enemy is, especially if you are recon class, as they are a typically stealth class, whats the point in setting up a position to attack, then being highlighted to who ever you kill?! let them find you, old kill cam was fine. PLEASE REMOVE THIS, its not MOHWF!!!! THIS IS BATTLEFIELD

    • PsillyPseudonym 10.23.13 at 22:19

      Just like with Battlefield 3, they’ll probably remove the kill cam in Hardcore mode.

    • Reborndiablo 10.24.13 at 21:40

      Dude i understand ur pain, i also play a lot of recon. But! if u dont want to be on a kill cam play hardcore, they dont have killcams.

      • SJonz 10.27.13 at 21:24

        Im not against kill cam, just the orange glow. The kill cam from bf3 was all they need!

    • Russellunloaded 10.24.13 at 22:36

      I hate that orange crap. rather havebf3 kill cam

  • SJonz 10.23.13 at 20:54

    How about being able to change/modify loadouts etc on loading screen? rather than having to keep to-ing and fro-ing from phone? Also, at least knowing what map is coming next, so you have a chance to quit, or modify loadout to the map your about to play, rather than losing time playing so you can mess around with loadout in game?!

  • Mambo-B 10.23.13 at 17:53

    Clarity I think you mean Scale factor of the overall game seems to be reduced since BF3! Why? It’s harder to see people now! Maybe this is because the ps3 and xbox360 suck! I hope the scale factor is back to normal on final release on Tuesday!

  • saudiarabic215 10.23.13 at 15:30

    The game is nice but the clarity of the screen is not good

  • mahhagonn 10.23.13 at 14:42

    Just make the recon class playable again.
    Afraid of that everyones using the recon class than?
    Look at BC2, there were just a few people with snipers.

    Make it playable again !
    Higher bullet velocity !

    Killing moving targets with headshots is nearly impossible.
    It has been getting harder and harder.

  • kablammy 10.23.13 at 12:16

    forget the bipod – what you really need is an aiming reticle for the knife
    funny – the spell checker on this page does not know bipod or reticle

  • J_Ransom2 10.23.13 at 07:32

    They should add the bipod for the knife. Js.

  • kingmatt007 10.22.13 at 22:25

    counting the days until midnight launch. I am so ready for this

  • grammatik2013 10.22.13 at 21:28

    “Locking Weapon Changes
    -RPG7 and SMAW can no longer lock on to Laser Designated Targets. It was inauthentic and not balanced.

    -Fixed some projectiles not warning vehicles when they were fired on a Laser Designated target. Reduced the lock on distance for MBT LAW missiles to 350m from 500m. This gives the IGLA the clear long range AA role for soldiers, and keeps the team play element of Laser Designation.

    -All Laser Designated missiles now do a maximum of 90% damage to Attack and Scout helicopters (down from 100%). This was done to give helicopters a chance to use their Fire Extinguisher countermeasure even against Laser Designated weapons.”

    EA, you needed ‘True BETA’ to discover this? You know there is a game out there that you may have be aware of, it’s called BF3!!!! Why ‘invent’ these ‘new gems’, learn and improve. I can send you a copy of BF3.

  • grammatik2013 10.22.13 at 21:21

    In response to:
    “Low frame rate/stuttering
    PC players may have experienced trouble in the Beta getting the game running at a good frame rate. Rest assured that we’re using the information we received to optimize the performance for the launch of the game. We also released three game client updates and a number of game server updates during the Beta to address some of these issues and to gather more information to ensure a smoother launch.

    Stuck on loading screen
    We have identified some of the reasons why players, mainly on PC, were getting stuck on the loading screen and are currently working around the clock to decrease the rate at which this occurs. The latest PC patch for the Beta helped for some players and we are confident we will be able to minimize this issue for launch.

    High CPU usage during the Beta
    CPU usage could sometimes skyrocket for dual, quad and six-core processors. We identified some of the reasons and released three patches with fixes that went live during the Beta, to address the problems. This was a true Beta, and as such all the crash reports that were generated during this period will actually help us make a better game.

    Really EA???? You needed a ‘True BETA’ to discover this? How about buy a PC and try playing your game. Once again like BF3 it’s going to be a half-assed console port that will take months to make playable.
    I owned every single BF game to date. I pre-ordered BF3, got BF2 & BFBC2 as soon as it was available retail, but I canceled my pre-order of BF4. $110 for a broken game?? No thank you, BF3 will serve me well till game is made ‘playable’ and price will drop.
    This PC Beta release shows utter disrespect of your customer base. Releasing a broken PC game to promote what? Your stupidity/ignorance?

  • VainestMonk 10.22.13 at 20:01

    furthermore, the blue/green triangles from teammates across the map that look like they’re over the guy in front of me who just blew my head off issue… can’t ally triangles be line of sight only?

  • VainestMonk 10.22.13 at 19:57

    you can change the translucency on the heads up. great. can there be an option to turn down the translucency on the big dang pink “

    • VainestMonk 10.22.13 at 19:58 b objective…

      • VainestMonk 10.22.13 at 20:04

        ooh, ooh or be able to turn the objective off on the main screen and have it on the map and you glimpse at the flag to see capture status… or move capture status to the minimap…

  • VainestMonk 10.22.13 at 19:49

    How will issues with next gen consoles be addressed if they saw no beta action or will we suffer several weeks till the first patch?

  • burgessmobb 10.22.13 at 18:16

    please keep more dice severs online. I dont like playing on other gamers servers(battlefield 3) who can be complete a holes from kicking me cause of my style of play like droping mortors on people to c4 rigging a car and driving it into a tank.OH and biggy,intergrate each dlc to the main maps would be great.thanks and super stoked for battle P.S. keep dice optioned severs online till battlefield 5 not just rented severs then we all would probably play longer and buy all the dlc packs caues i bought two map packs and couldent hardly play on them cauese dice severs disappeared and rented servers were running crazy on one map over and over again with crazy tickets and favorite items banned. i stopped playing before the realese of the third dlc for battlefield 3 caues there were rented severs and hardly no dice servers so think of the players who play till the next realese thanks.

    • x Drachma x 10.22.13 at 20:27

      Have you ever heard of a period? Try some punctuation. People might actually understand your paragraph.

  • Cany0 10.22.13 at 16:51

    Hey DICE, your game is amazing so far. I can’t wait for it to come out. But, I wanted to know if you addressed the issue on the consoles where when you reload it get’s rid of all of the bullets in your magazine. I knew that feature was coming to Battlefield, but I thought it would only be on the hardcore servers. If you are reading this please fix the problem. Thank you for your time.

  • warrens125 10.22.13 at 08:21

    Hi, thanks for a crack at the beta. its interesting to see whar dice has come up with! Of special note the mini map should be mentioned. what a shocker u have come up with, very unless and nothing like BF mini maps of the past. I very much hope that something is done about this, PLEASE! The BF3 mini-map is sick. As a PC player I run it at the largest picture by hitting M, and zoom in and out as required by hitting N.

    On the BF4 beta i found the mini-map to be far too small, and when u enlarge it, the stupid thing takes up the whole screen! This mean we get no mini-map, or one that blocks the screen!

    Please fix!

    • kablammy 10.22.13 at 11:49

      i didn’t have any trouble with the mini or the full map – maybe your keys were double bound ?

  • FLETBED ZA 10.22.13 at 08:03

    At first the building collapsing was a site for sore eyes(awesome) , second time looks cool, third time “there goes the building” fourth time I dont bother looking at the collapsing of the building anymore because it falls down the same way every time, so dice should at a variety to the collapsing like ex: if they C4 it from the side it falls sideways or from the back it falls backwards adding a mixture to it, meaning the player will always look which side the building is collapsing to, meaning the battlefield can change in 4 or 5 or 6 ways, im not complaining lol but a variety of changes would be really awesome adding tons of strategy, by the way BF4 is awesome cant wait to jam on it >=)

    • kablammy 10.22.13 at 11:45

      sorry bud – the laws of physics changed on 911 – now you can make any building fall straight down to powder every time – ASK NIST – ( being sarcastic ) the fact is – this type of collapse only happens in fairy tales and computer simulations – the only way it can happen in real life is to have a lot of secret preparatory work ahead of time – otherwise the building will NEVER FALL STRAIGHT DOWN AT NEAR FREE FALL SPEED

  • xWHiCKERx 10.22.13 at 02:47

    Thanks for making the RPG and laser designater useless… Vehicles are too powerful as it is and coordinating taking out vehicles during the beta was the most fun I’ve ever had in Battlefield. The changes to dmg would have been enough, but now its useless. The reason we play battlefield is for the huge maps and synergy between infantry and vehicular combat, you just fucked that up. Basing anti armor and anti air weapons on non upgraded tanks and choppers was a stupid decision and will come back to haunt you 1-2months into the the game when all vehicles are nearly invincible.

  • kablammy 10.21.13 at 20:45

    by the way – thanks for the spectator option – hopefully that will go a long way to help stop the cheaters

  • kablammy 10.21.13 at 19:44

    you forgot one ultimate goal in your list for yourself – be able to play a game without cheaters and hackers ruining it – every game so far has been ruined by hacks – if you would put more effort into stopping the cheaters it would make everyone else much happier

    • Yuitz 10.21.13 at 20:00

      Could you be more specific?

      @NITR0UX: LOL… I love that dusty effect – if u don’t like it, convince your team not to destroy skyscraper.

  • kablammy 10.21.13 at 19:41

    oh – i think i remember that the bind problem happened with vehicle only – so if i bind the original enter / exit keypress to something else then when in vehicle when i press the key that was originally bound to enter / exit but is now bound to another function – when i hit that other function – say reload – it still exits the vehicle – even though a different key is bound to enter / exit now

  • kablammy 10.21.13 at 19:05

    did you fix the bug that makes you exit vehicle even when you bind that to another key

  • kablammy 10.21.13 at 19:03

    did you fix the description that says toggle weapon light to read toggle weapon accessory ?

  • SJonz 10.21.13 at 18:19

    Dice, please can you at least make it an option in some settings to get rid of the dreadful orange highlight on enemies who kill you, if you’re adamant on keeping it then at least balance it so we can turn it off, looks tacky. Thanks!

  • eng mitzy 10.21.13 at 14:55

    im kinda disapointed becuse u can give a different attribute to different knife and suppresor how come dise didnt think about it
    u know like faster knife or bigger but heavier that do more damage so its move slower or suppresor thet make the weapon heavier but dont make any noise or lither suppresor that is less silent etc…
    whay they didnt Thought about it
    better to take more time and think aboute every thing to have meaning!

  • NITR0UX 10.21.13 at 11:25

    Can you please fix the problem where you don’t get the visibility reducing effect after the skyscraper falls and before it falls, because when it falls everyone can’t see and I can see everything clearly, so it doesn’t take much to kill people from a range when they will never know where I am. and plus it looks ugly without the effect.

    • Richbuff 10.21.13 at 19:46

      The dust is a consequence of destroying the sky scraper. It is was created intentionally by Dice to make the game more realistic. You will notice this on other maps where you can destroy or change a large feature.

  • FoxFire510 10.21.13 at 08:59

    I think the scoreboard should show more than just Kills and Deaths. It should show you Kill Assists, Vehicles Destroyed, Revives, Ammo Resupplies, for the whole lobby to see. That will promote more Gameplay for team tactics rather than just who can kill the most or die the least. Thats my opinion. Go DICE!

  • kablammy 10.21.13 at 01:24

    i guess no one else has any trouble with the compass directions being hard to see ? – can you make the north south east and west marker on the compass stand out a lot more – i have a hard time finding it when i look at the mini map

  • Wez321 10.20.13 at 23:27

    DICE you need to decrease the time people have to counter knife or make a different button every time because right now frontal knifing is impossible as long as the other player knows what their doing

    • thebudworth 10.21.13 at 02:13

      I agree, it’s not even that difficult to do either

  • CountCurlyStache 10.20.13 at 21:25

    Did anyone else have issues with the shotgun losing 5 shells to reload 1…

  • RuStYShEll 10.20.13 at 19:31

    I ddn’t think the radar locked RPg’s was such a bad idea, seeing as how planes constantly destroyed infantry…..not quite sure of what the balance will be as compared to BF3, if it’s the same, then it will be another air massacre on the infantry…..

  • krguji2 10.20.13 at 16:54

    Please highlight the directions arrow on the elevators, so we know if it is already going up or down. Thank you.

  • zMaD_MaTz 10.20.13 at 10:39

    How can a RPG have less bullet drop then a tank shell? Why ruin the tank its pointless to use now!

  • M-Easy 10.20.13 at 09:05

    Hurry up and gimmie the game.

  • NationalSalmon3 10.20.13 at 05:46

    DICE should make only 1 hardcore mode. There should not have to be a hardcore no-map mode (still catering to the noobs smh). Its either you roll with normal and get a map or hardcore with no map.

  • madkills666 10.20.13 at 05:32

    For MBT

  • madkills666 10.20.13 at 05:31

    New button lay out for ps3 is badass

  • NationalSalmon3 10.20.13 at 03:15

    1. You should allow console players to map the controls to what ever they want just like PC (if I want the damn start button to be fire I should be able to do it!). At minimum we should be able to configure our controls and buttons so that they are “exactly” like BF3 stop trying to fix something that aint broke DICE.

    2. No way in hell should an attack heli be able to survive a laser designated hit it takes 2 people to accomplish this! Its enough that its now going to take 3 hits from an IGLA to take down an attack chopper (only 2 in BF3 hardcore so hopefully this change is isolated to “normal” mode). Stop nerfing the game for noobs. I seriously hope hardcore rules are “hardcore”. A good chopper pilot knows when to run and repair and I have ran into plenty who do. (I’m ranked #14 on Xbox 360 with the IGLA ask about me).

  • diablo_89_hector 10.20.13 at 01:04

    the chopper controls should be changed back to the BF3 controls I can’t even keep the heli in the air

    • NationalSalmon3 10.20.13 at 03:17

      You can you just have to make a few adjustments and invert some of the controls. I know what you mean though for a while I kept on crashing until I changed them to match BF3 controls.

    • lll WEAPON lll 10.20.13 at 03:19

      I hate when people rather express their opinions first before reading or shoot, experimenting. Nothing new about switching to veteran controls. I own with the new lay out! Way better! But yes we should be able to modify buttons.

  • netror_pr 10.20.13 at 01:03

    @Vincent Vukovic . Thanks god we have a new community manager. Daniel Matros never listened to us. As you can see no one likes the controls layout so please let us have the oportunity to edit or have the same controls that we had for 2 year on BF3 . They did it on MOH why not on BF4. We are the one who pay s for this game. So please listen to us. Thnk you

  • IhIawk20_N7 10.19.13 at 22:41

    Elevator music, understandable description of weapon accessories functionality, we want diagonal running back not that straight-line running its hard to avoid enemy fire or to run out of conflict when you are out of health, i played beta and even if i have recommended config i have a lot of stuttering its kinda objects are not rendering good on edges of screen probably low fps, i was playing till beta is closed and stuttering was never gone it was just getting better, i have i5 3570 and it was working at 95% capacity ALL OF THE TIME and graphic card gtx660 is barely used, hope you fix this coz many guys from balcan including me had those problems please fix it i want it to work smooth, THX!! :D

  • Thy Majestie 10.19.13 at 22:13

    Is it known if the Delete/Insert keys have been changed so they can be used in key mapping?
    Also, there was an issue with the spot/communications not working with the mouse, and the spawn screen not showing the scoreboard if you changed it from TAB.

  • rogersmithbigo 10.19.13 at 20:46

    please remove crawling while ads!

  • OPERATOR CLINT 10.19.13 at 19:55

    Oh yeah another thing would be to put elevator music and change the elevator so you have to call the elevator down if it is up there instead of making the elevator pass through each other.

  • OPERATOR CLINT 10.19.13 at 19:47

    Can you guys change the spot button and knife button back to BF3 format when we are using the veteran layout and if it’s like that put battle log in the menu instead of the spot/select button because we are so used to the BF3 layout of the console controls?

  • XxKyriakos_ANOxX 10.19.13 at 19:35

    Make the RPG and the SMAW stronger against helis!!! I hit the transport chopper so many times but never go a kill. PS3 player

  • VaniLLaBeaR22 10.19.13 at 18:51

    Please change the reload in normal mode so you don’t loose all your ammo from that clip. Specifically the shotgun should not loose 6 bullets when putting one shell in the chamber…

  • wannaplay1time 10.19.13 at 16:44

    Will you address the issue when flying jets in combat you can run into the ceiling in BF3 and get stuck there. How will you address that issue in BF4.

  • TEX_KILLERR 10.19.13 at 16:15

    BF4 controller layout for PS3-PS4 twins of BF3.

  • kablammy 10.19.13 at 14:35

    it seems that the flash suppressor for the sniper rifle decreased the muzzle velocity way too much – it made the weapon almost useless

  • koksukker 10.19.13 at 14:28

    I didnt read the full 24 pages, but:


    Comment X if u agree!


  • Acconda 10.19.13 at 13:59

    What about counter knife? It’s literally just to spam F to counter knife if you notice you are being counter knife, and which you will learn to notice. So free kill, if someone tries to knife you from the front. Which in my opinion is ridiculous.. At least the window for counter knife should be smaller, and if the victim of initial knife press the button to counter knife to quick, he will pay the price and die.

    • fatbardhR 10.19.13 at 18:33

      you have press the knife button more than your opponent, so if he tries to block your knife press the knife button constantly to win the fight. Its hard, but still useful.

  • tswillard 10.19.13 at 13:24

    Have you fixed the reload bugs on the consoles wit the ammo throw away and the shotgun sells, using 6 or 8 as only 1.

  • me3_0888BDA2D 10.19.13 at 13:11

    Ok im a Level 100 in evey battlefield to date ive got 100 friends that love these game and eveything about them.All any of us ask is make sure you dont need a hard drive to update the graphics i had this problem in bf3.The inturnale memery unit isnt consederd as a hard drive i use flash drives for all my updates and save…

  • SkankwOn 10.19.13 at 12:01

    Please unbind the console prompt from B key.

    `is fine for entering console, B is usually my knife melee key …

  • ShootEmUpKG81 10.19.13 at 09:55

    no clue if this was said before, but the button for spot/command or Q, if you change it to say X and Q for sprint. you still see the command part… i like to sprint with Q

    • SkankwOn 10.19.13 at 12:02

      Q was always spot in the previous two BF games, please don’t …

  • Numb3red 10.19.13 at 07:49

    I would like to suggest that counter-knifing is made a bit more difficult. If you press F to early or too late, you should die, but if you time it in a sweet spot, you get the kill. It’s too easy as of yet.

  • Highspiral 10.19.13 at 07:43

    Destruction….. Besides dropping the tower, (And shattering the Chinese dragons) where is it??? I want to expose the enemy through walls… I want to take the entire corner off the roof I’m getting sniped from… I want to blow the front walls off the building that enemy squad is in. I want to C4 the elevator cables and drop the enemy squad to their death! I want my tank shells to be FEARED!!!! MORE… SMOKING… RUBBLE DAMMIT!!!! *pant* *pant* MEDIIC I NEED A MEDIC!!!

  • Bleekz78 10.19.13 at 07:17

    My bad, 13 points….:)

  • Bleekz78 10.19.13 at 07:11

    Well said Funky_Finger !!!!! Those 11 points pretty much sum it up for most people. Developers, please find this post and take notes. I’m also a long time dedicated player( it’s the only game I play )
    Don’t get me wrong, the game is excellent but these issues need to be address.
    And seriously, if there’s no tactical or practical reason to change the controller layout from bf3, why would you? (Ps3). Were people complaining about the bf3 layout?

  • Guttter 10.19.13 at 06:13

    So, you horrible assholes never fixed the stuttering?? You gloss over it as if the issue was fixed during the 3 updates. Fuck this shit. DICE, you suck ass.

    • Mr Zachilicious 10.20.13 at 15:32

      it says they fixed stuttering at the fucking beginning of the article dipshit

      • Guttter 10.21.13 at 06:13

        Uh, no, it says they fixed it in the beta updates. And NO, they did not. Read it again DIPSHIT.

    • Guttter 10.21.13 at 06:12

      I hate you Dice. Real, pure hate.

  • THE_DARK_ACE12 10.19.13 at 06:04

    Hmmm Personally I Would like to see a knife change because i would start the animation it would show my character stab them but then i get shot after and i don’t get the kill and they spring back to life :/

  • Its_ShadyCreek 10.19.13 at 05:57

    HAHA DICE I like how they said they added new ones yet all the mentioned was “veteran” which was already in the beta and everyone hated it for me it didn’t even change the controls I went back changed it saved it didn’t work went back saved it and nope still didn’t work.

  • jmelchio85 10.19.13 at 05:23

    Why don’t you guys just let us on consoles configure the controls like the PC, rather then have 5 or 6 different choices.

  • PPNSteve 10.19.13 at 04:20

    would have liked to see a small buff on mounted LMG especially on the tanks and IFVs

  • BIG__BOY__77 10.19.13 at 03:31
  • QIDOM 10.19.13 at 02:37

    Boo….I liked the RPG’s locking onto aerial targets…sure it was unrealistic but it made games a hell of a lot more fun for me….I hate heli’s….more pain in the butt than fun for anyone that plays with their feet on the ground. Plus it solved the problem I had with BF3 where I would have to choose between the igla/stinger or RPG/Smaw….I always wanted a rocket launcher with 2 types of rocket rounds…just choose which type I wanted (similar to the multiple crossbow tips) before shooting the attacking vehicle…whether it be a chopper or tank….only saving grace to this fix is that at least you’ve given the recon class the PLD…which will be the holy grail for us engineers and make the local sniper our best friend…

    PS…I know it was all you heli pilots that complained to get this fix…I guess the idea of one RPG killing you during your 40-0 overpowered decimation run of the entire battlefield was too much of an annoyance…We all weep for the poor heli pilots…

  • TheWordinator 10.19.13 at 01:49

    ” decrease the rate at which this occurs” – the rate it should be occurring is 0%

  • Checkmate11B 10.19.13 at 01:41

    One of the big things I saw involved the RPG7/SMAW lock-ons and overall damage. This was such an issue in beta that helicopters (at least on Xbox 360) were going unused. Glad to see that changed. I’m also glad they tweaked the coaxial machine gun. It was laughably underpowered.

    On the flip side, I’m not sure I like the decrease in damage on the grenade launchers to armored vehicles. With that change, Assault is now the only class that has no way to properly engage vehicles.

  • IILUC4S_43II 10.19.13 at 01:17

    for ps3 i hope they change the square button to push the elevator, shutter, and the road blocking button to another controller button because i hate it when my gun reloads every time i have to press the elevator button. its a complete waste of ammo.

    along with the deploy and revive button. it should just go back to X and O not R! and R2. because sometimes i get revived and i do not have to shoot, so i hit R2 and fire wasting ammo. it should just go back to how it was in bf3

    not a big fan of battlepacks either, i like the way they had it in bf3 to unlock attachments, weapons, camo, etc.

    • onedjchiszle 10.19.13 at 03:26

      sounds like you might as well just reset your stats and play BF3 since you seem to dislike change

  • Funkertron 10.18.13 at 22:28

    my main gripe just take off the sniper trails and the grenade and grenade launcher trails they are not needed and the hud for your laser sight and fire mode is not needed either it just clutters up the screen

    • IILUC4S_43II 10.19.13 at 01:04

      i hate the trails too, especially with the sniper rifle

  • camoman1213 10.18.13 at 21:43

    Any body agree on changing parachutes from unlimited use to single use then you have to reload it? And how about an ejector seat animation on airplane.

  • Perkhan 10.18.13 at 21:33

    Anyone else having problems binding mouse buttons?

  • Funky_Finger 10.18.13 at 20:55

    I just looked up the M-60 damage statistics. It layers down 34 points of damage per shot at close range falling down to 22 damage at a distace. In my opinion, this would be a good damage model against infantry for both stationary and mounted .50 caliber weapons.

  • ggbrah 10.18.13 at 20:50

    Are you guys going to fix the issue with windows 7 stuttering which was solved by many players by upgrading to windows 8?

    • Guttter 10.19.13 at 06:15

      They think they fixed it during the 3 beta patches.
      Fucking assholes!

  • Funky_Finger 10.18.13 at 20:27

    Dear Dice,

    I am a longtime console (PS3) battlefield gamer and a loyal customer of yours.

    Thank you for addressing some of the gaming issues discovered in the BF4 Beta. It see fixes are a good start. However, much more than this needs to be addressed before the game launches at the end of the month.

    Here are some other game breaking concerns that many of us have expressed and deserve your attention:

    1) What happened to team chat? Serious BF3 gamers ALWAYS used the team chat function to coordinate with the other members of their team as a way to coordinate the teams movement and convey the enemies location. Please reinstate this function so that we can continue this useful game tactic.

    2) As in BF3, we need the ability to change the players load out from the main menu screen PRIOR to launching into a match. It is annoying to have to waste you time and your teams time setting your players weapons up only while in game.

    3) Why does the start of a new game default my player to the assault class? As in BF3, I should spawn with the last games load out unless thr player chooses a different one.

    4) BF3 controller layout. As stated many times before, we loyal customers of yours do not want “similar” to BF3 controller setups, we want “EXACT” BF3 controller setups. Can this be any more clear?

    5) Team player designations should be like BF3. I should be able to identify the locations of my team mates at all ranges. All of us in your beta test have wasted magazines full of ammo shooting at our own team mates thinking they were enemy because they had no “friendly” designation over their heads. Do you understand the havok this will create in a hardcore game? This is a glaring oversight.

    6) The vehicle and stationary .50 caliber anti-infantry weapons are almost useless against infantry. Isn’t that a bit rediculous? Nor are they affective against airborne vehicles like the scout helicopters. These .50 cals do too little damage on targets and, as a bonus, overheat too quickly rendering them useless. There are two fixes for this. Either increase the damage (preferred) or delay the “overheat”. Upping the damage is preferred because it is silly to have to hit a soft target 25 times to get a kill with a .50 caliber weapon.

    7) Regarding vehicles, the IFV’s/transport vehicles like an MRAP are too easily destroyed by Ariel vehicles like a scout helicopter. Combine that with the already useless .50 caliber (as discussed above) given to defend yourself against air units…..

    8) PS3 game lock up’s and crashes. During the Beta, I probably averaged a console lock up every other game, requiring a complete restart of my system. Something is seriously wrong with this game as designed for the PS3.

    9) Tank shells need more splash damage. I understand that the beta allowed only the sabot round but still… Combined with the underpowered .50 cal that you are given to defend yourself with, the tanks have been turned into nothing more than slow MRAP’s.

    10) RPG’s need more splash damage. We all understand that an rpg is an anti-vehicle weaLon. But even in normal (noob) gameplay, an rpg shot within a meter of the enemies feet should be 100 percent damage. It is an explosive device after all, not a marshmallow!

    11) As I and others have stated on this forum previously, weapons compensators and muzzle breaks IMPROVE a real weapons accuracy. Just as you did in BF3, you seem intent on inverting the bonuses of these attachments to actually harm the performance of the weapon if you chose to use them. So just as in BF3, why would I or any other player use them and DECREASE my accuracy with my chosen weapon? You score well, you are rewarded with an attachment that HARMS your accuracy. Thanks? Nope. The only useful attachment will be the heavy barrel which increases aimed accuracy. Just as it is in BF3. That’s too bad. You should be rewarded for your gameplay, not punished.

    12) I know this is a small annoyance, but the elevator button is in the shape of a triangle but you have to use the square game pad button to use it. Counter intuitive, don’t you think?

    13). Lastly, it seems that a simple return to the weapon damage models so refined in BF3 would solve quite a lot of these BF4 complaints. Allowing a player to select a BF3 controller layout would as well. Why you all would throw away all of the hard work and progress you’d made in weapons balancing made over the years of BF3 is a mystery to your long time customers.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    • IILUC4S_43II 10.19.13 at 01:03

      I agree with everything you said. another thing with the elevator buttons and buttons for the shutters. you waste whatever ammo you have left in your clip because your gun reloads when you hit the square.

    • Numb3red 10.19.13 at 07:45

      I agree with everything except for number 12. It isn’t supposed to be a triangle, it’s supposed to be an up arrow. You use the “use” key on your controller to press the up arrow. It’s the same for the systems that use letter designations to buttons.

  • Blackmic 10.18.13 at 20:10

    Here are my thoughts on what should be change.

    First the counter-knife. The idea of counter-knife is great, but the problem is that it is way to easy to achieve. I could just spammed the key to do it and i could be counter 5 seconds after my attack wich is way too long( unless i was lagging…). My suggestion is that the person getting knife should either have only a fraction of second to press the key shown( wich should be random), or have to press 2-3 different keys (who should also be random) and if he takes more then half to one second to press one of the key, he gets stab.

    Secondly. I don’t think that we should have infinite parachute, it should be considere as ammo, so you could only get a new parachute from a ammo crates. You should also make the parachute destroyable( sorry for my english) , meaning that if you shoot directly at the parachute it would riped but the player would have a second parachute that would be really hard to control and get a really small damage when landing, But if the second parachute gets shot,the player goes to freefall hoping for the best.

    Thirdly, the choppers. I had really hard time doing attack chopper vs attack chopper battle. The lock on missiles wouldn’t do much damage and would take for ever to reload, sometime i would shoot the first missile, wait for the flair, then the second missiles wouldn’t fire until i reload, and for some reason, my main missiles would rarely hit other choppers or would do really small damage even when i was less then 5-10 meters away . So my suggestions are : Either make the reload time for the lock on missiles shorter or give them more damage. As for the main missile problem , maybe it only was a beta problem, but just give it a look would be nice. Oh and the auto-repair time is way to short, i could get damage or damage an other chopper pretty badly to almost put it on fire( when i could) and after like 5-10 seconds it was already repairing. It would be fair for the chopper pilots and for the infantry to just make the auto-repair start longer.

    Fourthly, the snipers. The damage is great, I do not mind at all to shoot 2 bullets to the torso to kill, makes the game balance. The probleme is the speed of the bullet and the smoke trail. It could take 2-3 seconds for the bullet to hit the target wich is alot when the target is really far, and sometimes i couldn’t see where the bullet landed because of the smoke trail Just make the bullet go a little faster and make the smoke trail more transparent so we can actualy see the bullet land or hit the target.

    Fifhtly, The minimap, when spotting a player, we should only be able to see the location where he was spotted but not his mouvement or even where he is looking. I think it would make it more balance in my opinion.

    And finaly, Character costumisation, I know it must be too late to change this but, it would have been nice if could fully customise our soldier but only with army equipment. You know like different helmets, gloves , tactical vest etc but with no bonuses in them, meaning no 25% more accurate with pistol, sprint 10% faster etc. Just costumisation for the look, to feel more unique on the battlefield. I understand it is pretty much to late to make that kind of change, but it would be really awsome if you would do it.

    Thats pretty much all i had to suggest I think, I am pretty confident that It will be an awesome game and I can’t wait to play it. See you guys on the Battlefield ( Sorry for my english, not my first language)

  • PingvinHelvete 10.18.13 at 19:12

    The BETA was great and I had alot of fun playing it. Sure, there was alot of bugs but I loved it. I honestly don’t care if the paintings are hanging in mid-air when a building collapses, I had so much fun playing the BETA; thank you DICE and EA, for a open BETA.

  • meanmachine1980 10.18.13 at 19:11

    Why you not make a free Keybinding on the Controller? All Layouts not really fine, i dont know what is the problem with it.
    Next Questinon is why you have no Mouse/keyboard support for the PS4 on the radar, i think its same like you use a Stearingweel with racinggames. Just only for FPS Games. The mouse/keyboard would make the gameplay much better on the consoles, specially on the NextGen…
    I m really couriose about the PS4 Version. :)

    • onedjchiszle 10.19.13 at 03:36

      being able to use a mouse and keyboard on a console would only be unfair to the competition, true you can use a steering wheel in a racing game but a person playing with a regular dualshock would still be on an even playing field.
      we both know a mouse would be able to get headshots way easy compared to a controller and honestly if they added support for that I think a bunch of people would quit playing just like people quit when they think a hacker or glitcher is playing

  • Luhfinho 10.18.13 at 18:39

    About counter stabs,It would be interesting to put random keys

  • Evelice 10.18.13 at 18:30

    Personally the fact they removed the only means (Lock on missles) that infantry can take elitist air pilots down away makes the game that much worse. BF3 was awful for air dominating ground and we had very little to do against it. Where the hell are the AA emplacements and where are the other options infantry have against air. I think the rpg and smaw lock on with laser designation was fine, but all it needed was to add the lock on indicator for the pilot. Then as EA we don’t stop there we cater even more to the air vehicles and reduce lock on range. Basically there is nothing besides the petty stinger and igla that will do nothing that a good pilot can recover from. Infantry have nothing and will continue to get dominated by air vehicles. Thought this game with going in the right direction with things feeling deadly, but now we are back to nerfing shit again and catering to the few. Might just pull my pre-order. Leave the game alone and just fix the game breaking bugs.


  • kablammy 10.18.13 at 17:44

    i really get tired of being killed after i take 3 steps around a corner – in BF3 it happens at least 50 percent of the time – does that happen to everyone ? i have a good internet connection so i don’t understand why it happens so much or why i should be getting hit by bullets for over 2 seconds after i go behind a wall – it almost seems like a penalty against good connections

    • PingvinHelvete 10.18.13 at 19:09

      You’re not alone, I have a 500-1000mb/s internet and this happens to me alot.

    • Remedy76 10.18.13 at 23:32

      I have the same problem.. Have good connection (22/22) and still this happens all the time.. Really hope they can fix this issue..

    • onedjchiszle 10.19.13 at 03:39

      it has nothing to do with your connection. it’s the ea servers and the game engines, it happens on call of duty too. I died like that at least 20 times a day but I never had that problem in the beta

  • M1573R3X3 10.18.13 at 17:15

    “Because shells come out a little off. Grow up.” “Yes you have adapting to do. The controls and aiming are fine.” “its not that hard to deal with It’s a beta.” “I deem OP troll AND stupid.” “the off center sights is supposed to be a more realistic representation of a tanks actual sights” Those were comments made to my post in the forums titled “Take The Tank Test” where I highlighted the fact that the aiming was off. So if it was a more realistic representation, why was it fixed?

  • ninjakarlsej 10.18.13 at 16:42

    yes please fix the lag:)

  • JokER_grpp 10.18.13 at 15:03

    bravi,continuate cosi,verrà fuori un capolavoro

  • Crashpilot_GER 10.18.13 at 14:12

    Actually those elevators are kinda poorly designed, making them only a borderline teleporter for players

  • mahhagonn 10.18.13 at 14:08

    Yes Please increase the bulletvelocity for Bolt-action Sniper rifles
    They are way to slow, and that sniper bullet trail??
    Sniping is almost impossible !
    Sniping in Bad Company 2 was just perfect (although it could have been a bit more difficult), and however not many people were using the sniper class !

    Please DICE

    • kablammy 10.18.13 at 17:37

      i hope they leave the sniping just like it is – it wasn’t too difficult

      • mahhagonn 10.23.13 at 14:27

        Than I wonder what type of sniper you are
        Easy targets require easy sniping you know

  • Crashpilot_GER 10.18.13 at 13:45

    DICE please give the bolt-action rifles a higher bulletvelocity! It was already hard enough to hit something at range in bf3, now you added all those awesome tools like zeroing, the rangefinder, 40X scope etc, but you cant use them at all because the bullet is way to slow to hit anything moving at a certain range, its like a constantly applied suppressor that does not give you stealth bonusses.

    • mahhagonn 10.18.13 at 14:11

      Yeah I hope that to, everything would be fine if the bullets were just nearly as fast as they were in Bad Company 2. In Battlefield 3 they were also too slow, at least after the first patch.

      Please DICE make the Recon-Class playable again. Just more bullet velocity.

      • onedjchiszle 10.19.13 at 03:42

        they’ll add bullet velocity and then people will be asking for something else to make getting kills easier when they pick recon

    • kablammy 10.18.13 at 17:38

      so you think sniping should be easy ? that’s funny

      • onedjchiszle 10.19.13 at 03:42

        exactly. smh

      • mahhagonn 10.23.13 at 14:33

        No, it should be playable.
        I guess you play BF because its fun, am I right?
        Me too, but if something isnt good, or too hard, it kills the fun, wouldnt you agree.
        I bet you wont have fun if you need 2 clips for killing one person, while he can use medi kits all the time.
        Ive been sniping all the BFs, and sniping is getting harder and harder, and now its reached its top.
        Killing moving targets, in normal mode (headshots required) is almost impossible.
        I play BF, not some Sniping-Simualation.

        It should be playable, you know.
        Also making bullets faster is making something easier for you? Ok.

  • Remedy76 10.18.13 at 12:15

    What would be really cool, was if there were possible to actually use teamspeak to hold enemy at gunpoint, and speak to him.. and tell him to put down weapon.. he should of course be able to choose what to do, but if he get killed he get longer spawntime or some kind og penalty.. To be able to choke someone instead of melee would also be a nice option ;) or hitting, braking neck or some cool stuff like that ;)

  • Remedy76 10.18.13 at 11:56

    I also hope we get to se a better side of “levolution”.. Like plowerpots u cant even destroy with a tank are fixed.. and a lot of other things like that..

  • Spetsnaz-353 10.18.13 at 11:53

    Please give us the option to change to bf3 controls in Vehicles and as infantry and remove sniper bullet trail. Oh and make it more difficult to start levoloution so its not instantly done at the start of the game and ruins any tactical advantage that it could employ.

    • Remedy76 10.18.13 at 11:59

      Agree.. It was too easy to crush the skyskraper.. often it was almost down b4 we could reach there in the start of the round.. Has to be fixed..

    • onedjchiszle 10.19.13 at 03:44

      they wont remove sniper bullet trail. learn to work with it or get an ak and run in circles

  • Remedy76 10.18.13 at 11:47

    The mounted guns on the side of transporthelis are waay underpowered against infantery.. imagine what should happen when you fire that thing in to the elevator with ppl in it.. shouldnt even be needing direct hits to kill, cause there should be ricochet all over the place.. Even with direct hits u have to fire way too much to kill..

  • kablammy 10.18.13 at 11:20

    haha – can we get the jet packs back from bf 1942 penemunde map ? and the little one man rocket that flew around for about 15 seconds ? it would be nice to jet pack to the top of a building instead of get c4′d when exiting the elevator every time

  • kablammy 10.18.13 at 10:41

    one other thing that i have always wished for but don’t understand why it isn’t already implemented – it seems that when taking a flag that it would count faster if you are closer to the flag and slower if you are farther away from the flag – that way if two opposing players are attempting to take the same flag – the player that is closer to the flag would eventually take it – instead of it being a stalemate indefinitely

    • onedjchiszle 10.19.13 at 03:45

      that’s how it’s supposed to work. to prevent people from hiding in a corner at the edge of the flag range constantly claiming it

  • kablammy 10.18.13 at 10:29

    i am interested in seeing the joystick support for x52 saitek working – it worked when bf4 beta first started but after the first update, it doesn’t work any longer – in bf3 it clashed with my logitech g13 gamepad – i had to wait until bf3 loaded before launching the gamepad software in order for my x52 joystick to work in game – at first bf4 beta worked with both g13 and x52 without delay of loading g13 software until bf4 started – if you can get it right with bf4 – why can’t you update bf3 to work correctly ?

  • me3_0888BDA2D 10.18.13 at 08:49


  • me3_0888BDA2D 10.18.13 at 08:46

    All i ask is to make sure the gravis update dosnt require you to have a harddrive alot of people dont have one they use flash drives..

  • blazinciber 10.18.13 at 08:11

    Stop complaning about the controls. Basically on every battlefield there have been changes. Get use to it. Adapt to it. Is that so hard.

    • VS ViperStriked 10.18.13 at 15:10

      Everyone has their preferences, And a good Majority of us say that there needs to be a (BF3) controller schematic option, page after page explaining that, you play on What preference you choose, our choice is BF3 not “Veteran”

      • onedjchiszle 10.19.13 at 03:47

        reset your stats and play BF3 or stop living in the past and adapt to BF4.

  • jewie27 10.18.13 at 06:35

    Provide better support for Windows 7 64-Bit performance. Also make this game compatible with Nvidia 3D Vision.

  • netror_pr 10.18.13 at 06:05

    I spend 77 hours playing the beta and 2 years playing BF3 , I like Bf but if you kept similar you will lose a client , I dont you dont care about it but there is a lot of people like me doing the same thing, I am the one whos gona paid for it not you.

  • netror_pr 10.18.13 at 05:58

    WE DONT WANT SIMILAR CONTROLS, WE WANT BF3 CONTROLS as an option. I will cancel my pre order and get COD Ghost, well BF4 is a COD copy buy at least they dont fu&% with the controls.

    • onedjchiszle 10.19.13 at 03:49

      what a load of crap. battlefield came before call of duty and if your weak ass cant get used to new controls you might as well play easy ass call of duty which has completely different controls and gameplay. go back under the bridge you troll

  • olimpia84 10.18.13 at 05:34

    Regarding the controls, what do you guys mean by “similar”?? We want the EXACT control layout from BF3 for both infantry and vehicles, not just “similar”. Looks like I will have to cancel both my PS3 and PS4 preorders because the dev team is too stupid to figure out feedback from long-time BF players like myself.

  • ICE-COLD-CHIEF 10.18.13 at 03:41

    How about fixing the key bindings. I could not bind my insert and delete keys.

  • Bruh iTz R1ppN 10.18.13 at 02:37

    Are yall gonna boost the power of the tanks, the main gun didn’t have the same power from 3 and didn’t seem to kill people on the ground like it did. Also the gunner’s 50 cal seems to be way underpowered, there would be times it seemed like I would get 6 plus hit markers and still not drop people.

  • Leobagua 10.18.13 at 02:03

    We can jump over a window, but we can’t jump over the doorstep!

  • ReadyForTheFight 10.18.13 at 01:52

    On Xbox when you reload the bullets don’t stack up.

    • Otsuko 10.18.13 at 02:07

      It was an alpha. On PC they had the beta, and you don’t ammo dump. go watch some youtube videos of the PC beta.

  • Prebbles 10.18.13 at 01:50

    hi thanks for the many long night ahead of me playing bf4. Well i got a good 105 hr of bf 4 beta (and small paycheck for 2 weeks :) and things that i notice that if change would increase my fun would be
    (1) the weapons kits from my fallen enemy, if i have to take out squad by time i kill the last one the first few are gone ,this sucks if u wanting to get there ammo or health packs and if you want realistic they wouldn’t go but they would cover the map which would suck:(,. um what if u had it so that they stay til guy who killed them moves X amount meters from them mix with say 1 min timer in case they are camping the spot:) although seeing a pile of kits would tell you snipers targeting area like a doorway or corner so can try different way.

    (2) the mg on the transport chopper seem to be weak against people on foot,awesome against choppers and boats,

    (3) i can’t think of any other ha ha

    oh was thinking be cool if targets spotted by others in your chopper or tank came up different shade orange would help pilot to gunner communication on targets aiming.
    for a squad um it would be good if your squad jumps out of a chopper and on way down u spot group of say 6 enemy on ground below u so they can see as u can now but to be able to pick which target each u gonna go for like in bf3 co-op u get a number over the head of the each squad should get a number so no double up on shooting same targets:).

    or to see squads view angle on mini map so u cam glance to see if u got all entrances and exits cover in area u holding defending maybe as a something u can turn on and off give it as unlock to getting high amount squad points, be another way to make people want to work harder together as squad.

    lol these are just my thoughts and prob make no sense and mistakes

    i love bf4

  • RefIector 10.18.13 at 01:47

    plz make us shoot when jumping

  • RefIector 10.18.13 at 01:44

    there is some thing u forgot to fix it we can shoot when we jumping how is that ?
    i can only shoot when on the ground and can shoot while in jumping

    • onedjchiszle 10.19.13 at 03:54

      do they jump and shoot in the real military? it’s a cheap tactic unless you’re playing halo

  • Ghostwolf0208 10.18.13 at 01:44

    PLS bring back the end game engineer rocket like the Javelin.. i really missed that one

  • mumyouryu 10.18.13 at 01:15

    Hopefully that’ll be tweakable for server admins as it was in BF3

  • M200_xTerminator 10.18.13 at 01:14

    This beta was breathtaking at every turn. The graphics, mechanics, gameplay; they all left me breathless. It definitely was significantly better than the Battlefield 3 Beta, especially the mechanics. The game itself hardly worked when it was a beta (BF3), but BF4 ran quite smoothly. The AK12 does seem like an overpowered weapon, though, so I’m a bit glad that the fire rate has been reduced.

    Praise the gods! Stingers have finally been nerfed! I thought it was perfect how they did 25% damage initially. Even with the bump to 35% for the original game, that’s still not as bad as in BF3, where it did an absolutely absurd 80% damage. Thank you Dice, for making choppers usable again.

  • blazinciber 10.18.13 at 00:53

    Hey dice! I still have some opinions. Like the xmb25 range should be shorten. I was able to kill as far frm the building next to charlie to the building in alpha.(ps3 version). I love this gun but the range is way to much. Also the timing it takes for kits to dissapear from the floor. They dissapear way to fast. Its almost imposibble to pick up kits from the ground. And you cant barely see the kits the blast radius of the tanks main gun need to be fixed. At times when i shot next to an enemy it didnt do anything.

    • Mr Zachilicious 10.18.13 at 03:03

      tanks now can change out the rounds in their main gun. In the beta the tank had a sabot anti armor round which deals high penetration however deals low splash damage. an example of a new round will be the HEAT round which will do less damage to tanks but deals higher splash damage

  • Crazypan3 10.18.13 at 00:32

    What about the counter knifing

  • totallyAcRo 10.18.13 at 00:20

    Actually loved the RPG lock on :-(

  • thebudworth 10.18.13 at 00:15

    The respawn times are way too long on conquest as well

  • AmericanDash 10.17.13 at 23:33

    I don’t think anyone asked for longer respawn times.

    • GZSmog 10.18.13 at 00:00

      They didn’t the increased revive time how long you have to get to a friend and revive as a medic

      • thebudworth 10.18.13 at 00:11

        They did, they increased it from 7s to 10s

  • Kroad4444 10.17.13 at 23:27

    Also yeah address the whole friendlies not having an indicator all the time thing. Imagine the effects that would have in hardcore…

  • Kroad4444 10.17.13 at 23:25

    Everyone would be super happy if we were able to customize our load outs at the end screen. imagine you just unlocked something for your jet for instance,but you cant apply it until you are in the next round. Well, besides going on battlelog, which can be inconvenient in between rounds, you have to apply it at the start of the match and miss your chance to grab the jet. This can be applied to any other role, from infantry to armor, if you are stuck customizing at the beginning of the match you may get left behind and have to book it on foot to the objectives. On the other hand,you might need to rush out without customizing yourself the way you wanted just to make sure you get out there with everyone else.

  • golvi88k 10.17.13 at 22:43

    Die Beta ps3 Version hat mir schon mal einen vorgeschmack auf das finale game gegeben und ich
    Muss sagen es wird einfach nur geil werden.:-) einziges manko war fur mich die
    Grafik wabei ich sagen muss es war ja nur die beta.desweiteren ware es toll die kraft der stinger zu steigern und die der pistole etwas runter zu setzen.und meinem vor redner gebe ich recht mit den munitions packs, das ist mir auch negativ aufgefallen. Freue mich riesig aufs game muss leider noch auf next gen ps4 vers. Warten :-(

  • thomas2765 10.17.13 at 22:16

    ich Fand die Beta nicht schlecht ( PS3 Version ). Aber was mich beim Spielen gestört hat ist das die Munition nicht addiert wurde wenn man nachgeladen hat weil es ist mir oft passiert das ich bei 10-15 noch verbleibenden Schuss nachgeladen habe und die dann weg waren. Das hat in der Medic-Klasse schnell dazu geführt hat das man keine Munition mehr hatte und dann erst mal einen Versorger suchen musste das man weiter kämpfen konnte.
    Aber sonst hat es spaß gemacht und ich freue mich schon auf das fertige Spiel :)

  • DraftyGold04 10.17.13 at 22:15

    I can’t connect to the EA servers how do i fix that?

  • Devilishbrutus 10.17.13 at 20:58

    Re thinking my pre order

  • Motorider71 10.17.13 at 20:48

    Ok, I had 3 major issues with the BETA (PC version). Number one, Cooldown time on vehicle weapons reloading. (I.E. Chopper gunner seat, tank main seat, etc…). Number 2 has already been adressed, and that was for the RPG lockon, thank you for doing away with that! Number 3 would have to be the lack of effect the RB Boat and transport chopper’s chain guns had on infantry. I got 18 confirmed hits on 1 guy and HE DIDN’T DIE!!! 18 HITS!!!!!!! At maybe 30 meters too!!! Btw, I got a 73 assist for that when a team mate finally killed him. (this happened a lot actually, this just happened to be the one time I counted hit markers.

  • Cinole 10.17.13 at 20:46

    what about kills with sniper rifles? All that assists are very boring….you can do something like….when i shot on torso i do a oneshot kill….

    • Kroad4444 10.17.13 at 23:30

      imagine how rage inducing that would be for everyone else. The m8 fills that one shot role in a balanced approach id say. Cause otherwise everyone would use snipers all the time and there would be like zero skill involved.

    • thebudworth 10.18.13 at 00:13

      I agree, snipers need a lot more power

    • onedjchiszle 10.19.13 at 03:58

      hola stupid noob request. aim for the head or pick a different gun

  • commandotimmy 10.17.13 at 20:32

    what about kits defaulting to assault after every round?

    Revives are a little difficult. I’m trying to run up CLEAR! and get out, not perform surgery. Sorry team, but if its this difficult you all will stay dead around me.

    a little off topic, but would be nice if we didn’t have to pay full price slot for spectators. As I am sure most server admins would be using this to monitor suspect players. Will we be able to reserve a spectator slot for admin?

  • FROSTY-DRAK 10.17.13 at 19:59

    Did someone look at the shotguns reloading on PS3. The 870 for instance only had 12 shells before becoming empty.

  • Roginator0312 10.17.13 at 19:39

    I’m hoping in battlefield 4 the servers are a lot better. In battlefield 3, People would make servers and only put one or two maps on it. I think the creators should regulate the servers and maybe make servers like in call of duty where they alternate around. Thanks

    • Rhyvos 10.17.13 at 20:31

      Those servers are paid for by users. They charge a sub based on the number of players, how many maps you want to include, and a few others. They get pretty damn expensive to maintain.

    • onedjchiszle 10.19.13 at 04:00

      EA has official servers in BF3 when they do this exact same thing you’re talking about. You just have to find them

  • rgandy123 10.17.13 at 19:34

    Agreed on the controls. Leave the same as BF3. Make the controls you had in the beta the alternate scheme. Or if you must make a BF3 controller choice and match it exactly as in BF3 button for button. Pls TY

  • PoL4k4N 10.17.13 at 19:26

    DICE…We want EXACTLY the same controls we had in BF3! Veteran controls are NOT THE SAME!!! Why are you ignoring us? Knifing with the R2 button was PERFECT because you were able to control your soldier AND knife at the same time. You don’t need to react very fast to spot but,you do at times,to knife. Spotting should stay at the select button and knifing at R2!!!!!!!!!!!

    • onedjchiszle 10.19.13 at 04:01

      spotting with the select button was horrible and it always brought up the score screen or asked for ammo or something random

  • LunaticGunner 10.17.13 at 19:07

    I’m concerned about the language they used around the console control layouts. “Similar” does not equal “exactly”. DICE, when the game is released there better be a control option that is EXACTLY like the BF3 controls or users will be back on the forums. That is what people are asking for. Not similar or almost or very close. EXACTLY. What I think you are doing is trying to point people to the control options that were already in the beta that you think people are just not finding. NOT THE CASE HERE. The community wants an option that says “THESE ARE THE CONTROL OPTIONS THAT MATCH BF3 BUTTON FOR BUTTON”. Not sure how you could misunderstand the feedback on this one guys.

  • GoProne10 10.17.13 at 19:02

    ISSUE: When you kit switch, it will follow what ever slot that player had assigned it to.
    For example, If you assigned DeFib on Gadget slot 1 and MedPack on 2(Or Vice-Versa) and you get used to that settings when u pick up a gun with the opposite setting it could be frustrating as it will follow that players settings, this could be a problem when trying to kit switch and reviving a downed team mate specially now that the time it takes for a downed team mate to revive is short.

  • CrunkC 10.17.13 at 18:37

    Can We Just Have The BF3 Controls BACK PLEASE. At least For The Vehicles. DICE Is Was The Main Problem With Most Gamers on Console.

  • R E A C H 141 10.17.13 at 18:30

    I had a big problem while sniping of teammates not having an indicator above them so I would always shoot at a friendly thinking it was an enemy. I didn’t like the fact that I had to always spot the person before I pulled the trigger. If you could fix that, that would make things so much easier (on Xbox 360)

    • -Yrr- 10.17.13 at 18:58

      Not spotting enemies is the worst think you can do in this game. Your teammates will appreciate it.

  • CO_Sasquatch 10.17.13 at 18:15

    The controls for BF4 should be EXACTLY the same as BF3. There is no reason to change them. The Veteran setting is different!

  • Jvnk 10.17.13 at 17:44

    -Fixed an issue where the knife stab didn’t align with the kill event.

    Thank GOD. So tired of completely knifing a dude only to get killed before the animation is finished…and the dude walks away unscathed.

    -The revive time has been increased from 7s to 10s.

  • eXntiC 10.17.13 at 17:23

    I would like, if the Flag markers would fade out or get smaller when you look towards them. Its like, the red or blue line aound the letter actually could cover a man behind it if you were looking at it from some distance.

  • W1TWOLF 10.17.13 at 17:21

    funny how you can draw pictures of dick’s and vagina’s on their emblem but as soon as a swastika is mentioned people loose their minds. Wanted_Rus2000 I think you should draw a nice pair of high heels, a pink handbag and a box of maypax tampons to match your complaints.

  • Crashpilot_GER 10.17.13 at 17:13

    Dice, thx for fixing the elevator teleportation bug, but please, fix the elevators entirly, because they are, while still beeing intact, borderline teleprters, they dont actually bring you up, they just teleport, wich is really weird, when you are in the cabin, on the top of the elevator, while its not on use. Then, someone downstairs is using it, then you the elevator starts, and you get teleportet downstairs, so basicly, there are two elevators at once, which is super weird. And when placiing a medkit or anything in the elevator, it just stays on top or below level, and that kinda sucks

  • JavaFire 10.17.13 at 16:51

    If you dont want to see a flag or a emblem make a tiny tiny tiny emblem. And add to your gun.

  • Wanted_RUS2000 10.17.13 at 16:30

    Dear studio DICE! I very much hope that you will read my humble post! and so I would really like to see in the final game option that 1) to isolate the logo / flag on the gun 2) will turn off (only poego fighter ) display of custom emblems on equipment of soldiers and equipment ie for example I want to see only the flags fractions on the costumes of soldiers and equipment but also should be able to completely disable in-game emblem t to accurately find those people who do not like it . so this option should consist of 3 parts: 1 ) default te all displayed because now 2) show the flags of fractions 3 ) Turn off all emblems in the game again for this user ! So it will give a person more opportunities to customize the game under sebya.spasibo .I just often see 1) lijuo swastika 2 ) or no decent picture 3) or simply some daub razntsvetnuyu.ya respect the creativity of other players but when the technique of weapons and equipment of soldiers plastered it is unclear what this is terrible! so add the above mentioned options in igru.tak way you can solve the problem immediately say hurt feelings igrokov.oni just be able to replace the emblem on flags factions option or a = all hide think for spam ! also would like to have optsyyu separately , allows to hide / disable the logo on the arms !

    Уважаемая студия DICE! я очень надеюсь что вы прочтёте мой скромный пост! и так я бы очень хотел видеть в финальной версии игры опцию,которая 1) позволит отключать эмблему/флаг на оружии 2)позволит отключить(только для поего бойца)показ кастомных эмблем на снаряжении бойцов и техники т.е я хочу например видеть только флаги фракций на костюмах солдат и технике но также должна быть возможность и полностью отключить эмблемы в игре т к точно найдуться те люди которым это не понравиться. итак данная опция должна состоять из 3-х частей:1) default т е все отображается так как сейчас 2) показывать только флаги фракций 3) отключить эмблемы вообще в игре повторюсь для данного пользователя! Таким образом это даст человеку больше возможностей настроить игру под себя.спасибо.
    Просто я зачастую вижу 1) лиюо свастику 2)либо не пристойные изображения 3)либо просто какую-то мазню разнцветную.я уважаю творческие способности других игроков но когда техника оружие и снаряжене солдат обклеено непонятно чем это ужасно! поэтому добавьте выше упомянутые опции в игру.так кстати можно сразу решить проблему с скажем задетыми чувствами игроков.они просто смогут заменить эмблемы на флаги фракций в опция или а=вообще скрыть их.не сочтите за спам! так же хотелось бы иметь опцыю отдельно позваляющую скрыть/отключить эмблему на оружии!

  • Grimr3ap3r01 10.17.13 at 16:13

    it is super glitchy and the graphics were shit ((given it was a beta only but the beta should be presented like the game would look.)) it was soo bad It made call of duty look good…

    • onedjchiszle 10.19.13 at 04:05

      because call of duty ghosts totally has a beta…

  • TrenchCore 10.17.13 at 15:57

    And also, I would almost never try to fully charge the defibs, because I feared that the revive timer would run out if I do.

  • TrenchCore 10.17.13 at 15:57

    Please consider increasing the revive time to 15 seconds like it was in Battlefield 3, because it is one of the Assault’s main tasks and already takes longer because of the need to charge the defibrillators. In the Beta I could only revive soldiers that were really close to me. If they were on the other side of a big room, it wasa despereate attempt to revive them.

  • ThickMcRunfast99 10.17.13 at 15:53

    I’d like to begin by saying that the Beta was TREMENDOUS fun and I’m very much looking forward to the release of the full game. Great job.

    I’d be stunned if you haven’t already addressed this, but the much celebrated “land boat” spawns probably need some attention. Comedy gold. On that note, the vehicle spawns in general were a bit screwy. There were a number of times I clicked on a vehicle icon on the respawn map and either dropped onto empty road or water…no vehicle. Happened most often with attack boats and tanks.

    Thanks, and I can’t wait for the 29th!

  • Hawxxeye 10.17.13 at 15:37

    So only the LAW missiles get a reduced range? Does that mean that SRAW is locks at 500m or that it already was 350m?

  • -Yrr- 10.17.13 at 15:25

    Is it possible to add something to the triangle of enemies and allies on the map that shows their height?
    Because its strange that you can see their position up to 1 or 2m on the ground but cant say if they stay on the street or 50m above it.

  • JAG2911 10.17.13 at 15:23

    Re “veteran” controls in BF4, i agree totally with everyone else – they need to be EXACTLY the same as they were in BF3 “why fix it if it ain’t broken”?! This needs addressing for the full release – there is no apparent reason why they cannot match BF3 exactly. If so please explain!

    Overall the Xbox360 Beta was good but graphically very poor I thought – I hope this is also addressed for the full release (although I will be getting an Xbox One to enjoy the game more!).

    Don’t let us down DICE!

    • onedjchiszle 10.19.13 at 04:09

      graphics for bf4 on ps3 and 360 will basically be similar to bf3. if you’re getting an xbox one i don’t see why you would complain..

  • naughty40 10.17.13 at 15:18

    give us a helicopter flying tutorial..i have been asking for one since bf2..
    and give us better weapon hit detection and enemy the beta you couldnt recognise enemy from friendly from a distance.
    make the recon a better sniper in bf4,make it respond like it did in battlefied 2 bad company..sniping in bf3 was terrible. in beta bf4 i used the sniper rifle and could’nt hit anything..had to stay on engineer :(
    the sound of the sniper rifle was awful too,sounded like it was really tinny.
    overall the beta was good,apart from getting stuck all the time on the rubble on the collapsed building ,and most of the time unable to access the vehicle pool,it was a good beta.
    ive played both the console bf4 betas and xbox 360 looked and played awful compaired to the ps3 version…ive ordered the limited edition ps3 bf4, i cant wait..i have the bf series on ps3 anyway..bf2 bad company is the best version of the game ever..sniping and everything was simply the best..beat bf3 hands down.

  • VS ViperStriked 10.17.13 at 15:14

    I think that all can agree that having “veteran controller schematic” is NOT the same as BF3 controls, its close, but its NOT bf3, Yes, we can disable battlelog to prevent “accidental” pop up for the ingame, but why try to fix it if it isn’t broken? This option NEEDS to be in BF4, and leave the “battlelog menu” in the pause menu, who in their right mind is going to spawn in a hostile environment and decide.. well.. lets see whats happening on battlelog, making that player vulnerable. There was countless times where i was in a gun battle and trying to spot out a person using the “back button” where i had lost that battle due to battlelog menu popping up, its an annoyance, forget disabling it, put it in the pause menu where it belongs.

  • BIGJONRACE 10.17.13 at 14:52

    LEFTY VETERAN, SOUTHPAW – VEHICLE CONTROLS GLITCH. ALL functions are committed to the RIGHT analog stick. Left stick is dead.

  • BIGJONRACE 10.17.13 at 14:42

    X360 – Back button, change it to scoreboard, NOT Battlelog! Put Battlelog in the start button menu.

  • JavaFire 10.17.13 at 14:35

    What about Battlefield 4 Spectator Mode. Without a minimum 3 minutes delay. It is going to be the gameplay killer. Does any one know what is the delay time is set to??? Or are they releasing Battlefild 4 with Spectator Mode set to just a 1. sec. to sell more games???

    • onedjchiszle 10.19.13 at 04:11

      idk how it’s a gameplay killer when the spectator doesn’t even actually play..

  • ilduelloil 10.17.13 at 14:21

    “Although an interesting concept, elevators were never designed to act as a (…) teleporter” – the fake elevators are nothing but teleporters. DICE, create real elevators please, games have them for 10+ years and you cant do it? Come on. Also, create a random key function for counter attacks and not just one… Everyone just spams it instantly. Except for that, good job, but these two things were really annoying in the beta.

  • ilduelloil 10.17.13 at 14:20

    “Although an interesting concept, elevators were never designed to act as a (…) teleporter” – the fake elevators are nothing but elevators. DICE, create real elevators please, games have them for 10+ years and you cant do it? Come on. Also, create a random key function for counter attacks and not just one… Everyone just spams it instantly. Except for that, good job, but these two things were really annoying in the beta.

  • Mr Zachilicious 10.17.13 at 14:05

    great job.. just dont cater to all these noobs as much by trying to buff the new less skill based weapons ie( lock-on missles)

    • BIGJONRACE 10.17.13 at 14:44

      Did you read the full list of changes? They DID “buff” lock-on weapons. ALL OF THEM.

  • Phuton 10.17.13 at 13:24

    Players shouldn’t die when the main bulding starts to fall, we should die only when we hit the ground with the debree.

    IMO players should have at least 2 seconds of spawn protection, specially when we spawn in a team mate and he’s in the middle of fire… many times we die and we dont even know from how…

    • Mr Zachilicious 10.17.13 at 14:02

      no spawn invincibility in bf3 was bullshit. if you dont want to run the risk of dying pay attention to his camera or dont spawn on him

  • -Yrr- 10.17.13 at 13:16

    - Spawning of ships mid air was funny but not unseful.
    - Sometimes a small shock hit my soldier without interaction with anything which felt like squad spawn but without actually anyone spawning.
    - You die way too early on top of the collapsing building.
    - Stinger still too weak against helis (now 3 hits with every second shot against flares).
    - sometimes glass breaks by swiping it with a knive but upon moving through it it reappears cracked.
    - sometimes getting ammo of ammopacks didnt work.
    - as engineer taking a new automatic weapon from the ground removed rocked launcher as well.
    - on german keyboard “,” didnt work as a hotkey for changing seat in a vehicle.

  • MikePala84_ITA 10.17.13 at 13:05

    tool repairer must not damage the enemy vehicles!!

  • crow972 10.17.13 at 12:53

    we don’t need aim assist in consol , just made server without please ! a lot can pay for that !

  • yehidot 10.17.13 at 11:42

    Thanks to DICE for your feedback. Thanks for BF4, it’s an amazing game. I’m PS3 player, and i’m agree with Scuderia07. We want the same controls as BF3.

  • Exarathas 10.17.13 at 11:33

    What about all the game play bugs? Like getting stuck at 5 cm high obstacles? Or weird red dots on walls? Or models of destroyed objects getting stuck mid air?

  • SCUDERIA07 10.17.13 at 10:53

    we dont want console controls “similar” to BF3, we want the exact same as an option or ability to remap. I like my spot and knife buttons where they are at now. i have zero need to bring up battlelog in the middle of a firefight ffs.

  • Leyvai 10.17.13 at 10:30

    I understand that using RPG’s and SMAW was “inauthentic” to lock on flying vehicles but now that you’ve removed that choppers have become overpowered.

    It’s going to be much harder to take a chopper down unless you’re on another chopper.

    • Crit Boy 10.17.13 at 11:03

      In BF4 choppers tend to fly lower so its easier than ever to free fire your RPG and hit them. Seriously its not that hard…

    • Mr Zachilicious 10.17.13 at 14:03

      just kill the shit using an rpg or smaw

  • KENTOTZ 10.17.13 at 10:29

    they should put back the CO-OP mission and addmore mission in it! and if possible to make the the campaign mission to be multiplayer?

  • JABUKI 10.17.13 at 09:31

    Where is the 3D HUD transparency adjust????

    The 3D HUD is a HUGE distraction of large neon junk covering everything you are actually trying to see. Sorry but i don’t need to know where every single player on my team is at every second on the other side of the map. that’s what my map is for.

    The 3D HUD transparency needs to be adjustable by players. also it would be ideal if friendly 3D HUD info was size and transparency adjusted for distance from you. the further away the smaller and more transparent.


    • Foodrepublic 10.17.13 at 10:05

      Agreed. Sometimes the flag HUD covers the enemy I spotted, really annoying.

  • Xida 10.17.13 at 09:31

    I would rather walk from my base than squad spawn

  • Xida 10.17.13 at 09:27

    Squad spawning needs to be fixed.
    Because it unbalances the game.

    The game becomes a SPAWNATHON

    Spawning should not be used as a tactic unless there is reasonable logic. It’s ok to spawn in base, vehicles, radio beacons or flags.
    Spawning on any squad mate is totally beyond remotely realistic and destroys the flow of the game (squad leader only spawn makes a little more sense). There needs to be a reasonable expectation of a front.
    If friendly players are constantly moving up from the rear from their base spawn it helps to reinforce the rear and the player’s up front can focus on the enemy in front instead of watching the back all the time.
    Players should not be able to spawn anywhere where their squad mates are. Enemies appear out of thin air all over the battlefield which does not enhance the game it simply makes it chaotic and rather stupid.
    For example in conquest, if your team holds every flag you can have up to 5 flag spawn locations plus 3 one for each squad mate plus your base. So a total of 9 spawn points. This is ridiculous!
    It is imperative to have a front! I cannot stress that enough. In the very least there needs to be a negative to squad spawning (aside from being killed straight away – that just increases the frustration).
    Here are some ideas on how to fix the problem:
    (1) squad spawning only works when 2 or more squad mates (or team mates) are within a minimum of 10-15 metres of each other. This encourages the squad to stick together and provides the squad with some centralization.
    (2) squad leader spawn only set to default whereby the squad leader is the player with the most points (usually not a sniper). Or points scored from long range headshots do not count toward the squad leader selection.
    (3) players use a radio button to call for reinforcements which lasts 10 seconds. Squad mates can then spawn on the player however the radio signal temporally gives away the players position to the enemy.
    (4) when joining a game there are two options: put me in a squad or not. There needs to be a third option: “put me in a squad and elect me squad leader”. This ensures player’s who want to be squad leader can take the role willingly instead of random assignment. If two or more players elect to be squad leader then randomly assign it to one of them. ie someone who does not want to be squad leader is not assigned to the role.
    (5) immediately after death, allow players to spawn almost instantly in their team’s base spawn location without having to watch the killcam, so long as they don’t change their load out (also referred to as ‘quick spawn’.)
    (6) Players can always spawn on their squad leader, but only on their squad mates when a squad mate is near another team/squad mate or inside a vehicle. This would encourage players to stick together and stop the lone flanker from spawning his 3 squad mates behind enemy lines.

    Nothing is more frustrating than being spawn camped, and squad spawning makes the whole thing worse.
    When players spawn into the game there should be an expectation of a front. Don’t get me wrong – its ok for players to outflank etc but NOT to then multiply behind enemy lines. Thus is very very wrong.
    For conquest squad spawning is not required and battlefield worked fine before its creation. In rush, the maps need redesign so the objectives are half way between the attackers and defenders with the defenders spawning closer to the objectives for the first 15 seconds of the MCOMs’ activation.
    BTW: please do not take this post to mean I hate battlefield 3. Rather it is positive criticism.
    I loved battlefield 1942 because when you captured a flag it was a lifeline away from your base. Squad spawning had ruined that experience, and in my opinion ruined the battlefield franchise. The reason I play battlefield still is because its other features go some way to compensate for the issues around squad spawning (mentioned above).
    So please Dice, look deep into your heart for what you know is true. You know squad spawning is wrong, I know it, I feel it and I am sure I am not the only one.
    I want to finish by saying battlefield was great until squad spawning. Please fix ASAP.
    Thank You

    • Nightshade601 10.17.13 at 09:49

      I agree with most of this argument. Something does, in fact, need to be done about the whole “spastic front.” Situation. Although I think I only mostly agree with the spawn beacon/squad leader fixes. I do also believe that it should take longer to perform a non-base spawn at if anything. That would at least slow it down a bit.

    • JABUKI 10.17.13 at 09:50

      TLDR it all, but skimmed the major points.

      I completely disagree and think squad spawning is back to being done exactly how it should be.

      spawn base raping has been a major problem in the history of the battlefield franchise. Previous battlefields have been designed so that the ultimate goal was spawn base rape and honestly all that does is clear half a server.

      The ability for one person to get past the enemy lines and then allow his squad to spawn on him and cap a rear control point KEEPS THE GAME GOING! honestly I was hoping to see random air drops open up when a team looses all control points but i didn’t see that in the beta but i can still hope.

      Obviously you are of the mind set that spawn raping a server to death is somehow ‘FUN’ but really it sucks and once a team has taken every control point there needs to be a game mechanic to keep the game going. This isn’t a battle simulator (parachutes don’t instantly repack themselves to be used over and over again) , it’s a game about both sides having fun. perhaps arma 3 is what you’re looking for in realism.

      • kablammy 10.18.13 at 10:55

        i like your assertions on base rapes making the game play ridiculous – the base should be off limits to all enemies at all times – i also like your idea of having parachute drops when all flags are captured by the enemy .

  • AUTh0rity 10.17.13 at 09:14

    So at first the article says “SMAW and RPG can nolonger LOCK ON”.
    And then it says “SMAW and RPG have LOCK ON radius reduced”…

    WHAT NOW??????

    • [DICE] Vincent Vukovic 10.17.13 at 09:20

      No worries, it was a typo which has been changed now.

  • BigEarnMcCraken 10.17.13 at 09:09

    What about adding Joystick control options to the console games? PS3,PS4,Xbox 360, Xbox One…

  • boltactionftw 10.17.13 at 08:41

    I mean fixed lock on warning for rpg and smaw

  • boltactionftw 10.17.13 at 08:40

    Wait so no rpg and smaw lock on yet the lock on for rpg and smaw is delayed wtf I don’t get it?

  • Dracula 835 10.17.13 at 08:32

    Please please please please add more destruction so we can take down things like small buildings.

    • [DICE] Vincent Vukovic 10.17.13 at 09:24

      We also like destruction. Depending on what map you will be playing, different types of destruction will be more and less prominent.

  • SirSpookster 10.17.13 at 08:24

    Seriously there better be team chat option in final release. Otherwise it will force groups of friends to use voice chat options outside of the game which will just make the game worse. If i’m not playing with my own friends I might join some random server where a group of people are talking outside of the in game chat which will be even worse than squad chat only. This worked just fine in BF3 on PS3 so what take it away? If you didn’t want to hear the entire team you simply had to change VOIP to squad only or turn it off or just mute the people you didn’t want to hear. No team chat is going to be a deal breaker for many people.

  • greymaniac 10.17.13 at 08:15

    out of bounds needs to be extended near both mains, vehicles spawn out of bounds, if the opposing team takes A, when they spawn at A, many times they are 7 seconds out of bounds at full sprint.
    no idea if this is an easy fix or not, but it’s probably the only thing Dice may fix out of all my complaints with the beta.
    one shot kills for snipers but it takes 3 head shots from the .50 cal gunner in a tank. ? ? ?
    6 or 7 head shots required from any other gun that shoots the same round as the sniper rifle. ? ? ?

    glad i didn’t pre-order. after buying every BF game made, this is the first i may not, BF3.4.

  • TiagoKD 10.17.13 at 07:47

    I seriously think the aim assist should be removed. It’s utterly bad from the point of view that people less skilled than you, can now count on some sort of assist to outvie you. What annoys me the most actually is that most of the changes in the controls, at least on consoles, seemed like a way of getting Battlefield closer and more friendly to players/fans of the Call of Duty franchise. I believe that for most Battlefield players, one of the main reasons why they play Battlefield is that they don’t like (in many cases hate) the CoD franchise, apart of course that Battlefield is a spectacular game. Holding Square/X to enter/exit vehicles and interactive with other stuff is a stepback. A simple and quick pressing of a single button (Circle/B) was much better! Not to mention crouch/prone with Circle/B, instead of the traditional and awesome R3/RS. These things left me really disappointed… Overall, the Beta was not very pleasent to me, but that might be down to the game modes available. Rush is definetely my favourite, and I did not honestly grow feelings for Obliteration so far. BF4 on PS3/XBOX 360 doesn’t feel much different from BF3. I realized that getting a next-gen console is possibly paramount for a greater experience on my favourite gaming franchises: Battlefield and FIFA. In the meanwhile, let the fun begin on current-gen on 31 October.

  • finc.loki 10.17.13 at 06:56

    What about the most important fix needed, “crash to desktop”.
    That was the single most annoying and game BREAKING bug in the beta. At times it happened every other game played.

  • theluckynmbr13 10.17.13 at 06:49

    Pleaseeeeeee fix the bug on the 360 in which reloading a partially empty magazine (ie. 7/15) subtracts an entire magazine-worth of ammo from your overall ammo (ie. when reloading a 7/15 magazine, 15 bullets would be subtracted from the total ammo held instead of 8). MUCH appreciated!!

  • Belgradar 10.17.13 at 06:36

    the fix that drives me nuts is sometimes i cant kill some who is knifing an ally. i use up my ammo and when its dont they kill me. had to train myself to wait till my ally was dead and then shoot they guy

  • Anavel 10.17.13 at 06:35

    I BEG YOU, please fix the IJKL keybinds for lefties. If you currently program WASD to IJKL, pressing J and K at the same time will result in a complete lockup – even if nothing else is bound to EITHER of those keys. I’ve tried it numerous ways and it’s definitely a system glitch.

    IT’S VERY HARD TO PLAY IF I CAN”T MOVE BACK AND LEFT… Please, I know it’s a small issue affecting a small number of people – please try to help.

    • khailcon 10.17.13 at 06:45

      It seems that DICE has a ways to go in the lefties department. As of yet, they don’t seem to understand the issues of not flipping the face buttons on the consoles. I’m elated at the numerous color options for color blind people. Give us lefties some love now too!

  • jmayr2000 10.17.13 at 06:20

    In on statement you say
    “RPG7 and SMAW can no longer lock on to Laser Designated Targets. It was inauthentic and not balanced.” And another “Fixed some projectiles not warning vehicles when they were fired on a Laser Designated target. Reduced the lock on distance for RPGs, SMAW, and MBT LAW missiles to 350m from 500m. This gives the IGLA the clear long range AA role for soldiers, and keeps the team play element of Laser Designation.” Which is is RPG’s and SMAW’s lock on or not?

  • engelbaa 10.17.13 at 06:00

    What about the flickering smoke issue with SLI gpu configurations?

  • auzzie_oz_born 10.17.13 at 05:44

    What about the hacks? what is being done about them?

    • pungchow 10.17.13 at 06:34

      spec mode will help with the hackers but find servers like ours hostiltakeoverclan that are monitored by admins

  • Shnukumz 10.17.13 at 05:42

    Such a shame I could not even play for even one second due to the loading screen bug. In my 15 years of PC gaming, I have never, not once been unable to participate in a Beta test, until now. This is honestly unacceptable.

  • BrutusCassius 10.17.13 at 05:40

    THANK YOU DICE for removing the lock-on capability of the RPG. Well, please tell me that the very next bullet point stating that the lock-on distance of the RPG/SMAW has been reduced was a mistake…

    I’m psyched for the game, I appreciate all the work you guys put into it, & definitely that you make the effort to please your customers, as frustrating & impossible as that probably seems most of the time. My only real complaint about the beta was the lock-on RPG thing. Other than that, great work. I can’t wait til the 29th.

  • PostalDude88 10.17.13 at 05:35

    B-but that’s not even half the things that were wrong with the beta.
    What about the fact that 64-man servers automatically drop 24 people after a round restart (they crash)?
    What about the god awful random fps drops that supposedly were “fixed” with one of the beta patches?
    What about random spawning vehicles/boats?

    I was convinced that this was an earlier build or maybe a “fork” from the final build of the game, but jesus christ this is even worse.

    Definitely skipping this Battlefield. I might buy it when it’s $5 on sale in a couple of months.

  • nodaz99 10.17.13 at 05:26

    I thought the Beta was great. my only gripe is that when I roll to the next game it defaults back to the original load out and I have to remember to change back to engineer or i jump into the game as a medic. this happens even if i set engineer as my active load out and save it on battlelog.

    • nodaz99 10.17.13 at 05:32

      Also would like to see more destructibility of buildings and maybe even bridges. like in BC2 were you could level the whole town.

  • REVELATION408 10.17.13 at 05:17

    Please tell me this beta was a joke! It cant seriously look like that can it?? It was glitchy,had bad graphics, the controls were ruined (and not just because i was used to the old way). Ive been a fan of the battlefield series for a while and this makes me embarrased for laughing at COD players. Id rather play COD(choke) then play this crap. I hope this is some lame marketing scheme to encourage buying the ps4 and ps4 version or something. Trying to make us see how much better the ps4 will be… As long as the real game is everything you promised. The trailers i saw was not of this game… dont worry about all these Chodes who are whining about laser lock, capturing a flag while hovering in a chopper, or mad that they didnt kill an enemy with 1% health. They are retarded and dont understand what a game is. The real issue is your crappy graphics and slow speed. keep the controls the same and let us do what we want… untill then im not buying.

    • onedjchiszle 10.19.13 at 04:26

      the graphics in the videos and trailers are next gen graphics. the bf3 ps3/360 graphics are about the best this type of game can get. get a pc or upgrade your consoles or stop bitching

  • FlyingNinja69 10.17.13 at 05:01

    I just hope they fix the servers so i don’t have a ping of 300ms and make me sprint at the same speed as bf4

  • DSX1999 10.17.13 at 05:00

    That seems to be an act in futility that you guys would remove the laser lockon feature of the RPG and SMAW but you would decrease the lock range as well? What’s the point of reducing lock on range of those two weapons you already disabled said feature? LOL though not like I care too much I didn’t like that you guys were making those two weapons vehicle lock on via laser anyways.

  • chris24RDC 10.17.13 at 04:56

    I hope you guys just put the controls back the way they were in BF3. The spot button as select was perfect for the PS3. Along with all of the other button configurations. thank you for all your hard work at DICE.

  • Voidward 10.17.13 at 04:40

    Kinda disappointed they nerfed the lock-on RPG/SMAW. It required 2 people and teamwork to take down. The only issue was no lock-on sound and it made IGLA/Stingers/Javelins less useful.
    Reduce range and make sure the other lock-on options have are higher damage.

    I hate maps with armor/air because unless you’re anticipating taking down a chopper or intentionally trying to grief them it’s like you’re completely defenseless unless you have armor of your own or the enemy’s playing really dumb.

    It’s not fun to just be constantly murdered and feeling defenseless against a coordinated attack chopper team.

    • Fatfinger210 10.17.13 at 05:05

      Yes, any soldier got shot and can automatic generate health back to 100 is called authentic.
      Soldier left only 1% of health can still ran called authentic
      DICE just forgot why they originally put locked RPG in game. They just felt scary due to some hard-core player’s post. They even not noticed there are lots of people said “it’s fun” during BF4 beta as it’s a lot more balanced. Now they just took away. Let’s see how many pre-orders would be lost.

    • Sagardon Kahn 10.17.13 at 05:27

      Are you seriously assuming the Javelin is not going to be in the final game? That’s what the SOFLAM was intended to be, and that’s why it was the way it was in BF3. I like the nerf to RPGs and SMAWs; I’m not attracted to inauthentic representation of real life firearms. AT ALL. IF I was, I’d play COD.

  • Fatfinger210 10.17.13 at 04:32

    “RPG7 and SMAW can no longer lock on to Laser Designated Targets. It was inauthentic and not balanced.”
    So a heli flying on the top of object without landing and is able to capture object called authentic?

    Most of the building and bridge cannot be destructive called authentic?

    Lots of players love to play COD and the weapon in COD MW3 or BO2 is authentic?

    Good job, DICE, you guys just can not keep the original design concept and make heli pilot more dominating in the game. You called this balanced?

    It seems DICE was managed by some 13-years old children. Now DICE just read forum posts to make decision. If heli dominate in a game, you will see lots of ppls of another team left in the middle of the game. And this would rarely or never be posted on the forum.

    • Sagardon Kahn 10.17.13 at 05:30

      Do some work, unlock a Javelin in the final game, and have your buddy rock a SOFLAM. You’ll get your laser guided missiles back.

    • BrutusCassius 10.17.13 at 05:46

      That’s why they put Stingers, & Javelin’s with SOFLAM’s or now PLD’s into the game. Its not as if we’re defenseless against heli’s. There’s also these things called THE HELI’S, JETS & AA VEHICLES IN YOUR TEAM’S DEPLOYMENT SPAWN.
      An experienced heli team isn’t any more dominating in a game than an experienced infantry squad, or jet pilot, or tank/gunner team. There’s always going to be MLG pro players lurking in the servers out there. If you can’t hack it, feel like rage quitting, then do it. But don’t insist that DICE ruin the game for the rest of us.

      • Fatfinger210 10.25.13 at 21:29

        Just your own personal opinion, or “us”? plz make sure what you think and then post.

  • Rud3dawg 10.17.13 at 04:26

    Ok, Heres my 2 cents on the Beta

    1.Loading screen freeze and game sounds being audible way too early, about 10 seconds before the deployment screen is displayed.

    2. In the deployment screen, Viper selection spot displaying active viper even when there is no vehicle present.

    3. Hint boxes visible even after confirmation and should not affect deployment screen selections

    4. RPGs not damaging tanks at close range as some one else already pointed out

    5. sky scrapper levolution should give players more time to jump off the building, Even before the building is leaning properly the players on top die..

    6. Sky scraper should have more particles/broken sections while levolution

    7. Other buildings to should have demolition option…. may be not all. but some more would be really appreciated.

    8. Jet Ski Rocket propelled bug should be checked (Though I got it only once.) and also when a jetski is rammed against a wall its stuck there..

    9. Kill cam should be for s shorter time.. Unfair practice of giving away location..

    10. Counter knifing has way too long of a time.. wheres the advantage for the Knife~r who actually takes the pain to go for knifing. Or introduce a counter – counter knife lols

    11. Damage effect on screen is still extreme even after the character is healed for 50% or more… is that intended ?

    12. ‘Q’ and ‘F’ keys when bound for knife and spotting respectively, fail to function as per the revised settings alone.

    13. Game crashes for some after getting killed by Tank

    14. when game is launched or round re started the default ie Assault category is auto selected.

    15. Character is stuck if he lands on the side panels of the building.

    16. Aim assist changes after re-spawning.. and Head shot damage is a miss randomly.

    17. Blown up chopper/ debris stuck in mid air.

    18. Please make knife re- attack time quicker and also.. Knife stays drawn if the first attack misses and the player attempts another attack immediately.

    19. Sound effects for the chopper are incorrect in a Home Cinema making the position prediction incorrect is this the environment acoustics?? if so even on the tallest building?

    20. Default sniper damage and bullet traverse rate very …is this intended?

    • Rud3dawg 10.17.13 at 04:30

      Most of the issues I ve seen are in PC version coupled with 2 issues from my friends on their consoles…

    • onedjchiszle 10.19.13 at 04:30

      this is way more than 2 cents

  • nowenz 10.17.13 at 04:24

    Thank you Dice for listing to our comments, especially the load screen freezing. I’m thankful you are addressing this now and not 5 months from now. The only thing I would change is enemies spawning right behind you in multiplayer. It is almost impossible to snipe anyone now. Being that the board is so large spawn enemies further out to give snipers a chance a scoring a couple shots. That is my last complaint, other than that I love the new style of the game. You all did a awesome job.

  • CrimsonVolver 10.17.13 at 04:13

    There was an instant where I entered the tank at the same time as other player and we both seemed to be in the driver seat, or I was in both driver/gunner.

  • Zemog10 10.17.13 at 04:05

    What they need to fix on xbox play was the fact you would lose a whole magazine when you reloaded. I can understand that for hardcore play, but for regular play that’s just stupid. Oh, and the fact that with most guns you only started with 3 magazines with one locked in the weapon. I’m in the military and everyone knows that real inf guys will have a “full pack” and that includes 6 mags with one locked in the weapon. you know how small the pouch is for a triple double mag holder is for your body armor?

  • droptheG 10.17.13 at 03:57

    I love you guys. I hope you continue to update the multiplayer when the game is released. Best multiplayer of the year please. Lol CoD never does this at all.

  • hoppy 10.17.13 at 03:40

    Were they going to fix the damage done to infantry by tanks? I remember shooting at inf and they would literally run around the tank with the torch and mess me up.

  • Lantian187 10.17.13 at 03:35

    with the defibulators your should adjust the points your receive on revives on how charged the defibrillator is so its something like 20 points for not charged and 100 points for fully charged as this will encourage medics to charge there defibrillators

  • Kounty01 10.17.13 at 03:34

    There was a issue with vehicle spawns in the beta that I don’t see listed here.

    * US lav would spawn out of bounds almost every time ( behind aa gun or at shoreline)
    * CN lav would spawn out of bounds behind base
    * Attack boat would spawn on buildings or on land
    * CN Attack helis would not spawn at times but two transport helis would spawn

    Have these issues been fixed?

  • Kyle8497 10.17.13 at 03:34

    I really hope they can optimize the gameplay even more!

  • IRELAND914 10.17.13 at 03:31

    Aim assist is still a thing? lol consoles.

  • Ragnarok013 10.17.13 at 03:25

    Vicent on the controller issue I am worried because the article stated “Similar” to BF3 which is exactly what the Beta’s veteran controls were – close but not close enough. What the community has been asking for is THE BF3 scheme as an option, not a one off. Will the complete and unaltered BF3 controller layout be an option?

  • The_SundanceKicl 10.17.13 at 03:00

    There was also a PC keybinding issue that occurred when I switched Q from “spot” to “enter/exit vehicle” and E from “enter/exit” to “spot”. The issue was that the game still used E for “enter/exit vehicle” after I had changed it everywhere you can and so once in a vehicle if I tried to “spot” anything it threw me out of the vehicle.

    • kablammy 10.18.13 at 11:05

      i had this same problem with changing the binding for enter exit and it still exits when i press the original button .

  • AlexC47 10.17.13 at 02:44

    The beta was lots of fun. Here’s my two cents (for PC version):
    - sometimes the building would not crash for everyone, and people would float around the building, clip through terrain, hide in invisible walls and so on.
    - one time my player model dissapeared and all i could see was a flying pistol/grenade/knife. main weapon would be unselectable and it would show only the pistol with no ammo. fixed by restarting game.
    - sometimes after death it would get stuck on death cam and i’d have to press escape to menu and resume to get back to the deploy menu. this was fixable only by restarting the game
    - various floating debris around the map
    Also, did PC beta not have a hardcore mode ? I know i saw it in a PS3 playthrough, but i did not see it on PC version. Hope it will be present in final game.
    Thank you for VOIP and shame on you for not including it in BF3 :)
    The beta updates were great. Game was unplayable at first, but then ran quite good on ultra with no AA options

    • Kounty01 10.17.13 at 03:36

      agreed viop is nice but can we have a ay to mute certain childish players PLS?

  • Boolwinkle 10.17.13 at 02:39

    @ Coldkill
    I’ve got an AMD-8150 Zambezi 8 core and have yet to have a problem with my CPU overheating. Granted it doesn’t stay the coolest, but what can you expect playing a game w/graphics such as BF4? Oh and, that’s on air cooled – not even liquid.

  • DogTagsUk 10.17.13 at 02:33

    ( PC )

    **** CROUCH (TOGGLE) ****
    I noticed when I was close to low small walls and rear press CROUCH (TOGGLE) button to stand it would just make me jump over the wall very annoying bug IMO .

    **** Spotting vehicles ****
    Please Fix and make Spotting vehicles the same as infinity I do not want to see a tank or any other vehicle that is not in my line of sight as spotted when they are behind walls and buildings ,or even on the other side on the map its very annoying to shoot at some thing that’s not even there .

  • BoricAcid 10.17.13 at 02:29

    They should wait a few month to release this game wAy to many bugs .
    That’s what a good company would do . I have a feeling there be a lot patch to come…

  • Disapator 10.17.13 at 02:29

    Any consideration to being able to see the location of ALL players in spectator mode? If you’re watching one team you should only see those people on your team IMO. Seeing all players allows for some exploiting in public matches IMO.

  • lightsp0ts 10.17.13 at 02:23

    Oh,2 more points.

    the character seems to be a part out of the environment,which means it doesn’t fit the environment quite well.their feet seem to hover above the floor or ground.

    It seems that there is no real time reflection.Maybe that’s my problem of running in low settings.

  • lightsp0ts 10.17.13 at 02:14

    beta is very good but I wanna talk about some downsides.

    The water is not transparent.

    Those guys on the top of the skyscraper should have a chance to survive.

    When you shoot a tank with an rpg at a short range, it goes through the tank without damaging it.

    The differences in different weapons are too small.

    Adding a shockwave damage which means when a rocket or a missile explodes,It not only destroys what it hits but also damages what is close to the explosion.

    The small building at Echo Objective,the bridge and ceiling at Delta Objective,the pillars and ceiling at Bravo Objective and the upper level at the Alpha Objective should be totally destructible.

    The main skyscraper should crumble in at least 2 ways depending on the order of the destruction of those 4 pillars.When one pillar is destroyed,the whole skyscraper will lean to that side slightly,and when the other pillar at the same side is also destroyed,it leans more severely and shakes,while the pillar’s destruction on the other side will compensate the leaning.However,no matter which pillar is destroyed,the whole skyscraper will lean forwards cuase those pillars are at the front.

    Too many bugs and I hate the vision when the camera moves through the walls,buildings,etc.

    Bullet through the window shall hurt the driver or passengers instead of the vehicle.

    No guns are able to light up a vehicle but they can disable them and damaging them.The tyres shall be flat when they are shot and flat tyres affect driving.However if you shoot the bomb or missile on the vehicle it will cause explosion.

    That’s most about it.After all,bf4 beta is a lot of fun!Thank you!

    • Penguino-Patch- 10.17.13 at 02:40

      bombs and missiles wont explode when shot, they have to be armed for that to happen, and they arent armed until they are about to be fired

  • ProMiku 10.17.13 at 02:08

    BF4 beta no problem on my pc

  • VELOXARAPTOR 10.17.13 at 02:00

    ——-BF4 Beta issues that i found!—–
    -Delayed sound bug when i first spawn in a vehicle where i couldnt hear the sound of my Vehicle for a few seconds(40% of the time)
    -On consoles reloading with half a mag would take away the full clip on all weapons
    -the spawns in DOMINATION were a little off as i have spawned 2 feet away from my enemys a lot of the time.
    -BIG PROBLEM:In siege of shanghai the building collapses way to easily one game the building lasted 45 seconds from 1 player(this should apply to all maps)(LEVOLUTION) please make LEVOLUTION Harder to happen
    -Helicopters repair way to quickly
    -When you pick up the weapon drops and die with it it, it will dissapear most of the time
    -boats spawning on land
    -Show how close you are too unlocking the next level in the OFF/DEF upgrades
    -Game freezes
    Thats all that Ive found Thanks DICE for the BETA!
    DINO MODE! is a SEXY idea?

  • C0LDKILL 10.17.13 at 01:58


    CPU usage:
    People with AMD-8350s (8cores) are still complaining about high CPU usage and shutdowns from overheating. Even with newer liquid cooling heatsinks. Do you guys plan on fixing this issue by the 29th? Or shall I just cancel my preorder now?

    • Jasonelmore5 10.17.13 at 02:08

      This has nothing to do with the game. These people just have poor cooling solutions. Even the guy who had water cooling and still overheated, his water block or thermal paste has poor contact with the CPU, or he’s using a rinky dink closed loop cooler with a single 120 rad on a 8 core cpu lawl.

      The game is well optimized to take advantage of today’s latest and greatest hardware and technologies, and this should be praised and not proclaimed a bug. DICE has always had the best coders in the world.

  • ShakeS Dogg 10.17.13 at 01:53

    Ok well what about these?: (XBOX)
    1. The main tank gun when fired hits every obstacle below and to the sides of where you aim. For example if you aim over top of a wall and fire, the shell hits the wall and explodes the wall instead of firing over top of it.

    2. Their is an invisible thing on the ground obstructing you from running up the stairs. This occurs after levolution on the stairs that are located between A and B, closest to B about 15 meters from the bridge.

    3. Remaining ammo in clip is lost when reloading.

    4. Parachuting on top of the C flag building from the roof of B causes the enemies and the elevator on top of C to dissapear or become invisible. This also occasionally causes enemy ground troops to become invisible and then reappear.

    5. Levelution (skyscraper falling) causes really really bad loss of frame rates during the building collapse and very low frame rates for the remainder of the match. This is a serious issue because we only get 30 max to begin with (and thats only when no explosions are occuring and nobody is moving). Is this going to be a problem on all maps when levolution occurs?

    6. Soldier will all of the sudden have a jolt occur similiar to what the screen looks like when you fall 15 feet and hit the ground. This jolt causes no damage but it happens for no reason even when your standing still. This is a random annoyance most of the time but a problem during fire fights for sure.

    7. Sometimes the repair meter or slowly filling circle thats shows during a vehicle repair will not be present or appear then be gone again.

    8. Sometimes the lean around corners feature will lean the wrong way. This has occured on the roof at C.

    9. Claymores will not resupply. If thats on purpose thats fine.

    10. Teammates will not have a friendly color triangle above their heads. In fact the have no triangle at all. Teammates farther away from them do have triangles but not the close ones. This happens very randomly and often.

    11. When the bridge posts (bollards I think they are called) are activated to raise, vehicles can still drive over them 90% of the time making them useless.

    12. Tank shell takes two hits to down a little bird. If this is on purpose thats fine but a little odd.

    13. Small ammo box – I was also under the impression that you could stick them to teammates for use later. If that is incorrect thats fine.

    14. Screen will become very pixely and flicker and distort randomely.

    15. Sometimes the elevator “Ding” does not happen.

    16. Sometimes the main volume becomes muffled sounding. Pressing start and then start again makes it go away.

    17. After blowing up walls on the ground level at the C flag, some of the left over wall at the soldiers foot level cannot be jumped over. This usually occurs at the edges.

    18. Some of the rubble at B flag after the skyscraper falls cannot be jumped onto or over and sometimes causes your soldier to only make small progress moving forward after several jumps. This occurs at several areas of that location.

    19. Not sure if the gunner proximity scan is working or not. Their is not any indication (like your tank blinking or pulsing) on the mini map.

    20. We are randomly given dog tags (level 50 and FN57 tags for example)

    23. Sometimes the “capturing flag” circle or meter will not appear when you are standing in the capture zone.

    24. The red laser and flashlights on guns do not cause any type of vision impairment.

    26. The sights on the MK11 MOD0 do not render correctly when the gun is first pulled out. The center sight does not have the circular peephole and is solid grey.

    27. Switching weapons sometimes doesnt work. Usually switching between pistol and main gun.

    28. Soldiers will have full sleeves that are a different color like yellow or blue for example. I believe this is a glitch having something to do with the customization of their emblem in battlelog.

    29. When you are near water but standing on land, enemy fire that hits you causes water splash to come out of your soldier as if you were standing half in the water.

    31. Reloading the XM25 airburst launcher will only give you 4 ammo instead of 5 when reloading after refilling ammo from an ammo box.

    32. Sometimes the XM25 airburst launcher will fire very far sideways and off target for no reason ( about 30 meters sideways). This happens when hip firing and when aiming down sites as well.

    33. Game freezes out of nowhere every once in a while causing you to have to power off your console similar to what Operation Metro always did. Happens out of nowhere so I cant give a suspected reason.

  • zipperhead15 10.17.13 at 01:40

    Tweaked the compensator and muzzle brake so they’re properly less accurate in sustained automatic fire. Typical EA. Compensators and muzzle brakes are designed to IMPROVE ACCURACY and REDUCE recoil. ^They have NO EFFECT on the velocity of the bullet. They should be awarded as a benefit to a weapons handling, not as a DETERMENT to it!

    • Crashpilot_GER 10.18.13 at 14:06

      Wait, what has ea to do with that? Dice is the develloper, and in the end, its balancing, cause otherwise taking other attachmments would be useless

    • onedjchiszle 10.19.13 at 04:38

      if you haven’t noticed every weapon attachment has positives and negatives. sorry but it’s still a videogame and if they didn’t have negatives high ranked players would never lose to low ranked players because their guns would be overpowered

  • 72VirginExpress 10.17.13 at 01:34

    Thanks for creating an impressive game – with some very advanced features. Thanks also for keeping us up to date, and for being consummately professional in your dealings with us, the gamers. Some of us appreciate, and some of them hate…..they just don’t know they are stupid.

  • Vongimi 10.17.13 at 01:34

    Any planned changes on the transport heli miniguns? They rip apart vehicles, but only tickle infantry. They are REALLY underpowered against infantry. I could imagine not wanting them to cut apart infantry instantly, but I am better off just using my rifle at the point they are now which is REALLY bad.

  • mriff42 10.17.13 at 01:22

    I don’t know if this is something that can be changed at this point, but if the A-10 thunderbolt is in this game, it needs to be more realistic in terms of the GAU gatlin gun. In BF3 I was disappointed that detail was left out. All of the guns on all of the jets were the same. The detail on the sound of it’s subsonic GE engines was superb, if you could just make it a more powerful air to ground vehicle and less of an air to air. The GAU gatlin gun on the A-10 has a very distinct sound, and the 30mm depleted uranium projectile is very effective against infantry and vehicles alike. My thoughts were to make it similar to the attack heli gun, but it’s of course fixed sights like the rest of the jets. Just a thought from a fan who used to call for air support from these aircraft for a living. I am a terrible battlefield pilot, but just throwing my 2 cents in there. Would love to see more attention paid to the A-10′s main gun!

    • kablammy 10.18.13 at 11:12

      it’s helo not heli
      heli sounds like a kid toy
      you should know if you were ever in the military

      • Crashpilot_GER 10.18.13 at 14:09

        That does not make his argument invalid, and doesnt even matter. Anyways, it could have been a typo

  • G_I_Cho 10.17.13 at 01:21

    WOOHOO! THANK YOU BF4! CAN”T WAIT! It’s going to be one the the longest 2 weeks! EVER! Where is the countdown clock on the homepage?! Where is the BF4 launch party? sweepstakes giveaways? partnership with fast food chains and beverage companies for dogtag offer codes? Replay of Last kill in Team Deathmatch might encourage many soldiers to post up more awesome and funny footage, just like all sports shows replays over and over again.

    • Crashpilot_GER 10.18.13 at 14:10

      Type bf4 countdown on google, you should find some :)

  • ScoutZ_KnightZ 10.17.13 at 01:08

    Until you did t fix the FAIL Hitbox problem for the game it will NEVER EVER be a competitive game as Counter Strike is… so… stop fixing minor bugs and focus on the real big thing!!

    • onedjchiszle 10.19.13 at 04:40

      yea because this is totally in competition with counter strike.
      why are you even here?

  • iAffrayer 10.17.13 at 01:04

    So no fixes on the shotgun reload? No fixes on the aim off set? No fix for the grenade falling trough the map? No fixes for the poor elevator setup? No fix for the ammo box being destroyed? No fix on the general registration errors ? No fix for the under powered tank shell vs infantry? No fix for the building fall killing for no reason? No fix for the errors in the rubble? No fix for sniper head shots not registering? No fix for the RPG to the chest not killing people? No fix for the “your in the water so my bullets don’t really hurt you”?
    No fix for the super in accurate pistol? No fix for the broken DMRs? No fix for the “This ammo crate can refill everything, but it doesn’t really refill everything”? No fix for the “ohh you are jumping so I cant shoot you glitch”? No fix for the aim assist being nearly useless? No fix for the wall peeks not working? No fix for the squad spawn issues? No fix for the barriers not stopping tanks? No fix for the under powered explosives (XM-25, MGL, Tank cannon, RPG, C4, Etc…)
    Just to list a few…

  • o0_bobbo_0o 10.17.13 at 00:57

    Something very minor I noticed in the beta is the entry buildings going down to the Metro at B. The building wasn’t seated down all the way. Meaning, the game model wasn’t fitted all the way down so the solid/indestructible part it sat on. You were able to see a gap between.

    Another suggestion (not a bug) would be to maybe make it so when you’re looking at an enemy player dead on, it should make your team’s markers/indicators directly behind them (if there are any) transparent by like 70%, or just have them disappear. That’s just a suggestion though.

    • FRAILTY757 10.17.13 at 01:02

      I did have problems distinguishing friend from foe a few times when a friendly was in front of an enemy. got me killed thinking it was the friend because of the name that popped up

    • Kroad4444 10.18.13 at 00:20

      wow that would be appreciated, this happens to me more than youd think. I see an enemy who happens to line up with a teammate symbol and im like” o its cool hes friendly, and then he shoots my brains out. its a buzzkill sometimes especially if your on a killstreak.

  • Aserth 10.17.13 at 00:54

    As much as I love all the tweaks, there’s always more that could be done in BF.

    Kill cam is still the silly kiddy one from MoH:WF. Can it be removed.

    Legacy controls are not the same as BF3 controls.

    Will we be able to remap the knife, interact, spot and remove battlelog on console buttons? Its not needed in game other than from the menu.

    Directional aim needs fixed on console as it locks up for about 2 seconds if you pick up another kit that’s lying around.

    Ammo and health packs/boxes shouldn’t disappear in elevators when used unless destroyed.

    I heard the gameplay/gunplay responsiveness is more in line for the final release? Would be good to know as its quite slow and unresponsive in the beta.

    Spawning into the heli on console often ends up with you in a jeep while the heli remains empty until you redeploy.

    • Aserth 10.17.13 at 00:57

      * Heard the gunplay was more in line with BF3′s.

  • guitargas123 10.17.13 at 00:43

    How about the orange highlighting in the kill cams? Does that really have to stay? Thanks for all the other tweaks though :) I can’t wait!

    • FRAILTY757 10.17.13 at 00:46

      I like it because there is always that death where you are like “WTF killed me? How?”

  • dtryles 10.17.13 at 00:42

    wait what? i liked that rpgs could lock on (no i didnt sit and camp with a friend and take out choppers all game) but i liked having a chance to defend yourself against an attack or scout chopper. just lower the amount of damage it does a little so it isnt overpowered

    • kilt_cha 10.17.13 at 00:44

      Yes this X10 something has to help against the flyguys

  • Joao611 10.17.13 at 00:29

    I agree with all of those changes except the catapult elevator ( D: ) and the RPG’s and SMAW’s no longer being capable of locking on. Seriouslt… you bragged so much during Gamescom that you made that for the sake of balance… and now you do this because some little crybabies told you so? DICE, please, close yourself to gameplay-based feedback, just like in the good ol’ BF2 times, because these little babies keep crying about every single thing and they have already ruined a big part of BF3 with your help. So now RPG’s and SMAW’s don’t even lock on, even less recons will use their PLD’s… and I’m pretty sure that AT LEAST 50% of the people in the forums agreed with the locking on, so, yeah, that’s a very stupid change you’ve made. Change it back to how it was, please… it only required a small drop on the damage multiplier when locked on and warning beeps when a locked on RPG or SMAW launched…

    • FRAILTY757 10.17.13 at 00:35

      Im a heli pilot on BF3 and I dealt with more beeping noises than a man can take. I believe the guys on the ground should be able to defend themselves, if not, guys like me could kill everything and everyone way too easily. So you are right its something guys like me should have to deal with and figure out different styles of attacking

    • acboyd656 10.17.13 at 00:37

      The fact is though, that in real life RPG’s and SMAW’s have no lock on capability.

      • FRAILTY757 10.17.13 at 00:43

        but doesn’t the game take place in the future………. plus you can fire a stinger over the shoulder so why not a locking RPG…. just saying

      • Kurunir90 10.17.13 at 16:30

        The fact is though, that in real life, helicopters don’t have infinite hellfire missiles, unlimited fuel, and do not take 3 missiles to bring down. You also cant spawn into (read teleport into) helicopters at will. SUCH AUTHENTICITY.

        tl;dr – You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

    • cirOx 10.17.13 at 02:21

      djeez.. you mad bro? You think you start with the best equipment? do you even know about the unlocks? or have you been to busy crying? calm down and let me educate you ;) So! You will start with the RPG/SMAW, No lockon, No guiding. You will gradually unlock the other launchers; Stinger/Igla – Anti Aaircraft – Lockon. AT4 / SRAW and MBT LAW – Wire Guided and *drumRoll* the Javelin – Locks on to ground vehicles on its own og to helis with help of PLD (Same goes for guided shells in the Tank etc)

  • kilt_cha 10.17.13 at 00:28

    I still think that if the heli’s have a rocket pod that can one hit kill me on foot. That engineers need a one hit kill rocket of some kind. I understand they get flares and warnings to stay alive make them fly away from action to stay alive. Limit flares reload time to keep them away long enough to cap a flag!

    • Joao611 10.17.13 at 00:30

      …Yeah, I’m pretty sure there isn’t such thing.

      • kilt_cha 10.17.13 at 00:41

        Um, everyone keeps talking about real life. Any rocket hits a chopper in real life it’s game over! There helicopters not flying tanks for christ sakes!

        • Kroad4444 10.18.13 at 00:08

          ok this game tries to lean more towards realism, but it isn’t a simulator. Is it a lot more realistic than cod…yes. Is it as realistic as ARMA… no. It has a nice mid-ground that doesn’t need one shot kills ruining the fun and pacing of the game. Battlefield fills a niche of being reasonably “realistic” for immersive gameplay, but also BEING A VIDEOGAME. So one shot rocketpods don’t belong and neither do cheap persistent lock-ons. If you really want to take out a chopper with rpgs in one shot, take him down with skill and timing. If you shot down choppers in bf3 with rpgs, you would know how much more satisfying it is, and how it’s something you can brag about, instead of being that guy who is being a cheap noob.

          • onedjchiszle 10.19.13 at 04:48

            its not being a cheap noob if it’s in the game to use for that reason and especially if the person you’re attempting to get the cheap noob kill on is just floating around spamming infantry units

  • ALB1NO DUCK 10.17.13 at 00:27

    I would love it if the Scout Helicopters weren’t as maneuverable as I’ve seen a little bird fly, and in BF4 you could sling around a building so quick it was fucking insane.
    A swell as the MRAP and armored jeeps… How in the world can a 120mm cannon of an M1A2 Abrams not destroy them but a few seconds that a scout helicopter hits the target, it’s as good as grass? An MRAP is a Mine Resistant Ambush Proof vehicle. It’s made to survive IEDs and small AT mines… How do 7.62 rounds puncture that bitch like its a tin can? Just curious dice. Makes some vehicles realistic and better than the other teams in certain things, like the MRAP is more armored than the Chinese jeep, but slower or something. It puts more thinking in a combat scenario than two tank models like an M1 and T90 having the same stats.

    • Joao611 10.17.13 at 00:31

      Balance > Realism.

    • Kroad4444 10.18.13 at 00:14

      yeah choppers shred jeeps and MRAPs to pieces in like a second flat. If the pilot is on target, there is virtually zero time to react; its done deal. Maybe the jeeps sure, but the MRAP has got to be able to take more damage than that. Any soldier that has been saved from mines by these beasts, I’m sure would agree.

    • Crashpilot_GER 10.18.13 at 14:00

      That is so true, its ridiculous how fast a littlebird can destroy those things, i played on console, we only had littlebirds, and most of the time i was just patrolling the streets looking for jeeps to get easy kills in litterrally a single second

  • PHIL0S0RAPTOR 10.17.13 at 00:25

    What do you mean on these lines?:

    “-RPG7 and SMAW can no longer lock on to Laser Designated Targets. It was inauthentic and not balanced.

    -Fixed some projectiles not warning vehicles when they were fired on a Laser Designated target. Reduced the lock on distance for RPGs, SMAW, and MBT LAW missiles to 350m from 500m. This gives the IGLA the clear long range AA role for soldiers, and keeps the team play element of Laser Designation.”

    First one says RPG7/SMAW no longer locks onto lased targets, but on the second one it says reduced lock on distance for RPGS/SMAW/ETC. what should I understand from these lines?

    • oHoboKRAZYo 10.17.13 at 00:30

      It means that the rocket launchers that don’t lock on to helicopters can’t lock on to the heli’s with a laser designator or known as in battlefield the PLD

    • acboyd656 10.17.13 at 00:36

      In real life RPG’s and SMAW’s are dumb-fire weapons, meaning they are point and shoot and do not have tracking abilities.

  • FRAILTY757 10.17.13 at 00:16

    look at all the crybabies. 1st off you shouldn’t put BF3 controls up here so that every monster from BF3 can go around destroying every noob like he didn’t miss a beat or learning curve. when I stopped playing COD I had a big learning curve switching to BF3 so all my friends who switched gave up because there were guys destroying everybody. make it fair. Give everyone a curve. 2ndGet rid of 3rd person too it made the dogfights in the last game super unrealistic to the point it was like nascar. Do loops till someone speed fails. People will adapt trust me. These guys who cry all the time ruined the last game in many aspects. YOU ARE GOING TO DIE IN THIS VIDEO GAME. Adapt like the rest of us and make new strategies. its competitive and TEAM BASED so squad up kiddies

    • ALB1NO DUCK 10.17.13 at 00:21

      I agree with you very heavily on this.

    • onedjchiszle 10.19.13 at 04:51

      I agree too. One reason I’m not playing BF3 right now is because the people that go through maps like a robot, knowing every single detail take a lot of fun out of it if I just want to screw around. At least at launch I can screw around in bf4 for a couple months before I have to get serious

  • Wirthier 10.17.13 at 00:13

    No increased distance of blue friendly markers? Or snipers having spawn beacons? And does similar controls mean the same? What was wrong with the original?

  • hogmaster3 10.17.13 at 00:05

    Will there be any ground launched man portable rocket , i.e. Javalin either laser designated or thermal lock

  • c20h 10.17.13 at 00:05

    So no changes to the colour blind options? Please make them easiet to tell apart, at the moment they are really close to reach other. :(

  • Lt Col Guerra 10.17.13 at 00:00

    Snipers were too overpowered, it was very annoying, and there were a lot of campers in top of buildings, please fix those things.

    • ALB1NO DUCK 10.17.13 at 00:20

      Actually Snipers weren’t over powered at all. It takes two bolt action rounds to kill an infantry target. This annoyed me as a 7.62 at 200 meters, ballistic vest or not, will put a man down. Sniping is somewhat harder and I like that. It makes it an actually skill to learn. And campers on buildings? That wasn’t hard to take them out. There’s Counter Sniping. There’s tagging them for sir support (the scout helicopters are meat cannons).

      • Crashpilot_GER 10.18.13 at 14:04

        Especially because most people in the beta used the armor perk, you basicly couldnt do a one shot kill to the chest anymore, and with the reduced bullet speed, longe range sniping is impossible

    • I No I FeaR I 10.17.13 at 00:30

      I don’t understand this either. How are snipers OP? It takes 2 body shots to kill someone…

    • kablammy 10.18.13 at 11:15

      i don’t think they were overpowered – most of the time – it takes a head shot to get a kill in less than two hits

  • frsthit 10.16.13 at 23:53

    DirectX problems &crashes will have to be fixed before I will order BF4. There is no (or not enough) fun in playing and crashing every first or second round.

  • Spreadcheeks 10.16.13 at 23:44

    That’s a damn good idea man!

  • spazkill 10.16.13 at 23:41

    1 more thing.. in bf3 i used to toggle through my primary and secondary weopon using push down on scroll wheel. in bf4 it would not switch me back and forth through the 2 weopons. if i mashed it once i got the pistol, if i did it again i got the pistol… if i held it down , i got my rifle. I tried many combinations and nothing worked smooth. I even set them up on the mouse thumb buttons , didnt work correctly….please fix!

  • jabroni686 10.16.13 at 23:37

    did you fix the B key opening the console?

  • covert snyper 10.16.13 at 23:36

    if there is going to be a lock on feature it should be through upgrade like laser guider attachment or thermal guided optic . also it gives the player the ability to upgrade and modify his kit even more.

  • DrOneOneOne 10.16.13 at 23:34

    Much more concerned about the performance issues. I expected the beta to be a substantially older version, but apparently it’s only about a week old. I was expecting very large performance improvements (I have a 670 SLI setup) from the final version, but it seems this isn’t so. I’m considering cancelling my order over this.

    • Batpimp 10.16.13 at 23:44

      Good cancel it. It’s a bbeta.Get a reality check

  • BOY 98 WONDER 10.16.13 at 23:32

    You need to fix the shotgun reload on the xbox 360. Each shell you reload it counts as a chambers worth instead of one shell.

  • NiCeDiCe 10.16.13 at 23:31

    -RPG7 and SMAW can no longer lock on to Laser Designated Targets. It was inauthentic and not balanced.

    - Reduced the lock on distance for RPGs, SMAW, and MBT LAW missiles to 350m from 500m.

    I dont get it… Did you remove it or reduce distance?

    • 1DeathB4Dishonor 10.17.13 at 00:00

      LOL Agree to disagree

    • Crashpilot_GER 10.18.13 at 13:55

      For smaw and rpg its gone, only the law is concerned, its a typo

  • shintopig 10.16.13 at 23:29

    As long as the framerate issues & CPU problems are fixed; I’m a happy camper for launch-day.

  • dmb4lyf 10.16.13 at 23:27

    Locking Weapon Changes
    -RPG7 and SMAW can no longer lock on to Laser Designated Targets. It was inauthentic and not balanced.

    Reduced the lock on distance for RPGs, SMAW, and MBT LAW missiles to 350m from 500m

    Do explain.

    • Lt-Damian 10.16.13 at 23:30

      I was wondering the same thing, don’t these two things contradict each other?

      • hogmaster3 10.17.13 at 00:04

        Will there be a replacement ground launched guided rocket i.e. Bringing back Javalin ???

  • bbtrenoble 10.16.13 at 23:27

    “-RPG7 and SMAW can no longer lock on to Laser Designated Targets. It was inauthentic and not balanced.”

    So much is wrong with the authenticity logic. Is 3 stingers to destroy a helicopter authentic? It’s a rhetorical question . I enjoy the hypocrisy of the double standard for helicopter pilot/gunner teams. It’s ok for attack choppers to dominate in a game because they are working together but it’s “inauthentic and unbalanced” to have a PLD/RPG team to respond to them.

    • veciocat 10.17.13 at 01:00

      They have to fixed flare ir on elicopters: 25 second for reloading is a life.
      And fixed the stinger too. Is too fast to reload and made that a bit overpower against helicopters IMHO

  • freshfelicio 10.16.13 at 23:26

    They still need to change something about the counterknife. And choppers need 4 heatseekers, or a higher heatseeker damage, or lower heatseeker reload times. But at the moment that one heatseeker (one gets flares, one hits) does 20 damage or so and then it takes 30 seconds or so to reload. And with 2×14 hydra rockets, no real heli dogfights were possible.

  • SPARTAN_12B 10.16.13 at 23:21

    Dice the counter Knife system is way to easy people just spam the counter button. A solution to this is to make the player being knifed choose from 2 or 3 buttons because choosing from one is way to easy. This will actually put a bit more skill and flavor to the game. Also please add more destructible furniture in the stores. I played the beta and when I walked into some rooms while playing conquest it was just empty, even on top of the skyscraper. Please also take a look at the small objects because sometimes we can’t even jump over them. Also when the skyscraper falls it is very clunky around the flag, Numerous times have I walked around it and had to jump over multiple obstacles just to move a couple of feet away, also it seems as though there are pot holes around the flag. One second I’m walking and the next I find myself swimming. there needs to be a little bit more solid ground around that flag. That is all and GREAT GAME DICE can’t wait to play it on PS4!

    • NioXin 10.16.13 at 23:31

      Congrats on a useful post, these are to rare, but would be better in the feedback forum. I also agree with everything you say, since BF3 I have always gotten stuck on the most small rocks, trees and objects that you would expect the player would just walk over, with out need to jump risking being killed when you could be firing back. I have been killed so many times while trying to navigate random rubble that should not need to be jumped over. Clipping on certain objects need to be made smaller so you can brush past or step over rather than getting stuck. BF4 was great to play, can’t wait for release.

      • NioXin 10.16.13 at 23:33

        Also, the counter knife thing, the easiest way to balance this is to make the counter a reaction based thing, you should only get a reaction window right at the start rather than 1 second into animation, if you miss it you die.

    • Kroad4444 10.17.13 at 23:52

      i was thinking the same thing this way it actually tests your reflexes a lot more instead of whether or not you know which button counters but not so much that people could just spam the front knife

  • Sheazer 10.16.13 at 23:11

    Are you fixing the bug where it doesn’t save your class from the previous game when a new round starts? It always defaulted me to Assault class even though I had been playing a different class for the entire previous round.

    • Rhyvos 10.17.13 at 20:52

      Yeah I noticed that too. Not sure if its a bug but it’d be nice if it just remembered your last class played.

  • Trojan_Knight 10.16.13 at 23:09

    and the controllers, forget about the legacy, just make The theme say battlefield 3 layout for ps3, R2 you can leave the same, it’s better than select

  • Sheazer 10.16.13 at 23:07

    Obliteration sucks. It needs a lot of balancing to make it worth playing.

    • fromXtoR 10.16.13 at 23:18

      True story, seemed like one side always had an advantage.

  • Sm0kinMetal 10.16.13 at 23:05

    Thanks for the option to change the controller layout more like BF3 . Can’t wait till it comes out !

    • fromXtoR 10.16.13 at 23:20

      So is it going to be exacrly like bfbc/bfbc2/bf3 or similar? It really just needs to be the same. If cid players want their right stick melee let them change their settings.

  • Trojan_Knight 10.16.13 at 23:03

    one of the main let downs in the game was the change in the bullet drop! people that have never played battlefield shooting like 20 year veteran. that was one of the main differences between battlefield and Call of Duty. please fix that before you release the game

  • RussianBlue-X- 10.16.13 at 22:57

    And what about the knife kill anmations , will they be as slow as in the beta or did you optimized them ? Plus , I hope you also decreased the reaction time for counter-knife because there was too much time given … even when the enemy was surprised …

  • PToastman 10.16.13 at 22:57

    Please try to increase the firing time of vehicle mounted guns (e.g. tank gunner, MRAP gunner, etc.), on consoles at least, as they “overheat” too quickly not allowing the gunner to take out infantry. Also increase the damage of the mounted guns inflicted on infantry…I’ve had way too many enemy players simply run away after getting multiple (at least 10 rounds) hit marks.

    • zipperhead15 10.17.13 at 01:53

      Totally agree. It’s a fuckin’ .50 cal. bullet and WILL cut you in half.

      • Crashpilot_GER 10.18.13 at 13:54

        Yeah, it should be way stronger, i would be fine with 2/3 shot kill

  • HeyKooolaid 10.16.13 at 22:55

    But I noticed nothing was mentioned on the shotguns taking a whole clip of ammo per 1 shell reload

    • PToastman 10.16.13 at 23:00

      When reloading any weapon, the remaining rounds were all discarded. You’re better off completely emptying the weapon as opposed to reloading a fresh mag with this bug.

  • thebest5 10.16.13 at 22:55

    I love that dice heard my request and added BF3 Controller layouts

  • HeyKooolaid 10.16.13 at 22:55

    Thats the point of buying Premium…

  • travisg83 10.16.13 at 22:54

    as small as it may be.. i am happy they fixed the crouch (toggle) / prone (hold)… i bind this to one of my mouse keys and i missed being able to go prone with my mouse binding in the beta

    • I No I FeaR I 10.17.13 at 00:23

      Agreed. I didn’t like having separate buttons for crouch and prone. I liked being able to just press the button once to crouch or hold it down to prone.

  • 1DeathB4Dishonor 10.16.13 at 22:53

    A few Bugs i noticed while playing. (PC)
    1. Stuck on kill screen to fix the issue i had to press ESC twice and then find my spawn point.

    2.Map or soldiers not rendering completely in main area of operations.

    3. i didn’t see much of a bullet drop in the long guns but a huge drop on Assault rifles and carbines. i know its fairly a small map for sniping but BF3 had a better bullet drop ratio.

    4.Classes defaulted to assault when game restarts. and i wasn’t able to select my class to start with from the app.

    5. Arming distance for RPG and 40mm way to short.

    1. The 40MM Grenade launched from the Grenade launcher was perfect damage. people saying that it doesn’t do that has never fired a M203/M320 at an Armored vehicle or light Armored Vehicle. It took me 7 shots to disable a tank and another 2 to destroy it.

    2. Sound Effects. Fucking Awesome, The sounds from the helicopters from distance to when the fly over you sound almost identical to that of real life. If you could incorporate more hiss, snap and snags when you are being shot at that would be cool but you have a good start.

    3. I know you are tring to make money but damn include all the DLC the game hasnt even come out yet and you have what 5 Expansions. give us more than 1 for pre ordering.

    I may have more but these stick out the most. THANKS FOR CREATING A GREAT GAME.

  • Biggydaddy 10.16.13 at 22:52

    Very good job guys.

  • Ortega_King 10.16.13 at 22:52

    I’m so happy that my main complaints got fixed,
    rpg behaving like a heatseeking rocket was the weirdest idea ever since the rpg was just plain looking, and Stingers finally doing some more damage :)
    Hit detection fixed due to instant kill-ish moments.

  • Secessionist61 10.16.13 at 22:51

    Thank God you are fixing the lock-on RPG/SMAW snafu. That was ridiculous. Can’t wait to see the final version.

  • B 1GP7 10.16.13 at 22:49

    Did you find a fix for the problem with Origin and BF4 crashing alot? usually every round i played, origin either crashed before loading BF4 completely or mid fight. Really would want an Origin fix before the full game, also punkbuster seemed to fail often, but could be hotfixed.

  • Krujelikruj 10.16.13 at 22:48

    I’d also love to have a selectable gamemode where everything actually is as realistic as possible. I love Hardcore but it’s nowhere near realistic. I mean then you would attract more players? Different modes that goes like from CoD-realistic to modes that is like ArmA-realistic(maybe not possible but hey, you get the idea)!

  • xile6 10.16.13 at 22:45

    Did you change the starting weapon of the support class? And how do we get ammo refill for grenades?

    • B 1GP7 10.16.13 at 22:51

      Ammo refills you get from ammo crates and not ammo packs.

      • B 1GP7 10.16.13 at 22:52

        Ammo for grenades/c4/rockets etc

        • BIGGYDADDY 10.16.13 at 23:05

          Yes. You will get all things refilled with crates not packs

  • IITHEPATRIOTII 10.16.13 at 22:43

    The igla and stingers are useless. what is the PLD going to be for now? And will the support class have C4 as well?

    • B 1GP7 10.16.13 at 22:53

      PLD will be for the laser guided tank/boat rockets plus the end game engineer rockets like the javelin in BF3

  • Krujelikruj 10.16.13 at 22:43

    Please fix the laser sights. They are not aligned(the whole weapon is out of alignment in some cases). I actually use the laser dot for aiming in Hardcore mode, which is hard and unrealistic when it actually does’nt line up to where the gun is actually pointing. This is a problem in BF3 also and has made me stop using weapons that are not aligned with laser to actual aim. See the weapons in “Payday 2″ game on PC for how it should be. Laser is worthless if you cant use it for firing from the hip :S

    • BrutusCassius 10.20.13 at 07:22

      You can absolutely use the laser sight for hip firing, with all weapons. I know I can, anyhow; & I’m not that great of a player. I just use the hip fire crosshairs, which are tighter & more focused when the laser sight is on, rather than trying to actually place the red laser dot on the target. I have tried that, though, & for me is much more difficult, especially considering I have a relatively smaller monitor (the dot is kind of hard to visually pick out, esp. on targets further away than 10 m or so).

  • Crazyscrub723 10.16.13 at 22:41

    I still would like it if you gave the same feel of the bolt actions to the same weapons in BF4, I dont mind the vapor trail to much, but the sniper rifles now have a different feel to them…

  • Openworldgamer47 10.16.13 at 22:37

    Dice fixed everything! <3

  • iamxerc 10.16.13 at 22:37

    I had a bug several times after beeing killed, i was stuck in the killscreen looking at my dead body.. I got to the spawn screen by pressing esc and then enter.

    • ShootEmUpKG81 10.19.13 at 09:38

      yea i kept having that same issue. fix it plz

  • Kalashnik 10.16.13 at 22:35

    “-Reduced the fire rate of the AK12 in burst from 1000rpm to 750rpm.”
    Why? Real gun has 1000rpm on burst?

    and then u say “It was inauthentic” ->
    “-RPG7 and SMAW can no longer lock on to Laser Designated Targets. It was inauthentic and not balanced.”

    • Openworldgamer47 10.16.13 at 22:39

      This game isn’t a simulator. But it has to make some scense. The RPG has NEVER been a heat seeking launcher. Now a free firing rocket launcher firing heat seeking shells for no reason or logic behind it is obviously dumb and should be removed.

      • Kalashnik 10.16.13 at 22:42

        Yea but im just saying there is no logic in this.. they say that something is inauthentic and than they make other stuff more inauthentic.. :)

        • BrutusCassius 10.20.13 at 07:33

          I hardly think reducing the *burst fire* rate of a weapon from what is possible in real life is more inauthentic than changing the entire nature & characteristic of a weapon, such as making ordinary RPG & SMAW’s into guided smart missiles.
          It’s not as if they’re reducing the full auto rpm rate; which would actually be inauthentic. In real life, the rpm of a weapon in burst fire mode is nowhere near as concrete & exact. It depends a lot on the skill & timing of the person firing it.

          For me, I’m a person who appreciates authenticity, even in a definitely non-sim FPS like Battlefield; & I was extremely disappointed with the lock-on RPG thing in the beta, but I don’t mind the nerfing of a burst-fire characteristic of a single assault rifle in the interest of weapon balancing at all.
          If I had to choose one “inauthentic” aspect to live with for BF4, I’ll DEFINITELY take the nerfed AK-12 burst fire mode. By all means.

    • BrutusCassius 10.20.13 at 07:24

      They said why. With the low recoil of the gun, 1000 rpm makes it insanely OP in burst mode. Even more so than the M16A3 was in full auto in BF3.

  • xLosSkywolfGTRx 10.16.13 at 22:29

    Still need to ditch the vapor trails for snipers,decrease the ammo regen times for vehicles, and fix the shotgun reloading bug.

    • Rhyvos 10.17.13 at 20:43

      I agree the vapor trails are kinda lame. We already have scope glint. They should just put big red arrows over all recon players heads.

    • Kroad4444 10.17.13 at 23:41

      For me the vapor trails present different problem. It makes it harder to track the speed and bullet drop of the bullet. the bullet blends right into the vapor and it makes it really hard to know how close you were to your target. If the vapor trail was a lot softer so people can still see it to track you, but the bullet isn’t obstructed that would be nice. I like the way sniping feels in bf4 especially with the pld accompanying it, but it can get a little annoying to track the bullet at longer ranges.

  • Spartan0536 10.16.13 at 22:23

    How about TEAM VOICE in game?

    • Rhyvos 10.17.13 at 20:41

      Please no in-game voice. Nothing good can come from it.

  • tastybrockly 10.16.13 at 22:20

    what about the reloading bug with shotguns? that pretty much made shotguns completely ineffective unless you played a support class to refill your ammo after ever reload…

    • x iN I K E x6 10.16.13 at 22:27

      Yes! that was so annoying. The shotguns weren’t half bad except after killing 4-5 people you were out of ammo

    • Crashpilot_GER 10.18.13 at 13:48

      The whole reloding system on ps3/xbox360 with the losing your entire mag ammo was just because our beta was older than the pc version, that system will not be in the final game. It might be in hardcore, but the shotgun bug will be totally fixed

  • gonorherpesyfaid 10.16.13 at 22:20

    game map voting possible and more detailed post game unlock progress screen!

    • gonorherpesyfaid 10.16.13 at 22:21

      *please make

    • Kroad4444 10.17.13 at 23:35

      yes the end screen needs a lot more to it in my opinion. There are lots of other games that give you a way more detailed list of what you did during round like halo for instance where it tells you how many times you killed certain people and vice versa and the weapons you used and how many kills you got with each one. This kind of thing would be nice to have instead of just the top weapons and customizing your class at the end is a welcome addition as well. i can see this keeping more people from leaving servers at the end of rounds because thelll have something to focus on. i know adhd but you know its pretty true

  • Crashpilot_GER 10.16.13 at 22:17

    Please fix the bug were the friendly icon does not appear at range on console, its terrible if you and some friendlies start shooting some random person, and not even getting hitmarkers, you never know if its an enemy or not. If you have already done that, sorry.

  • fusseltier 10.16.13 at 22:16

    looking foward to a great game . but these pick-up weapons.. not lucky with that.. if they were able to unlock ingame .. better idea

    • Crashpilot_GER 10.16.13 at 22:19

      They are not unlockable, because they really would be overpowererd, at least like thiy we are able to use them

  • tendernuts 10.16.13 at 22:15

    should have added the c4 to the support class.

    • Crashpilot_GER 10.16.13 at 22:17

      It is in the final game apparently… Recon and support get c4

  • LEADxPOISON 10.16.13 at 22:15

    Are we still stuck with the Back/Select (xBox360) bringing up Battlelog?

  • DeW4rd-AUS 10.16.13 at 22:15

    -RPG7 and SMAW can no longer lock on to Laser Designated Targets. It was inauthentic and not balanced.

    -Reduced the lock on distance for RPGs, SMAW, and MBT LAW missiles to 350m from 500m.

    Isn’t that contradicting? I’m glad you have removed RPG and SMAW from being able to lock on to a laser designated target, but then you say you have REDUCED the lock on distance?

    • Metallicat95 10.17.13 at 00:56

      It looks like two changes. I for one like the RPG and SMAW having laser locks. In real life, TOW, SRAW, MBT-LAW, JAVELIN, have no laser tracking capability. Current and near future RPG series (RPG-32 and SMAW II) have optics with laser rangefinder and other electronic aids. It wouldn’t be a huge step to give them laser tracking, just as the other rockets have.

      That would improve the use of laser designators. More people, especially new to the game, will have laser assistable rockets.

      To balance this, the RPG and SMAW should be the least effective when laser locked. Cut damage a lot when using the laser (fuse change), so even with laser they aren’t as good as stingers vs helicopters. Slow lock on, and make sure they are hold lock to use. If the lock is broken, they miss (or fly straight), no chance to relock.

      This fits with the warning and range change. The SRAW and Javelin should be the best weapons to use with laser lock, with the MBT-LAW next in line.

      RPG and SMAW can fire without lock for regular damage, so make using the lock on a balanced choice.

    • Rhyvos 10.17.13 at 20:36

      -RPG7 and SMAW can no longer lock on to Laser Designated Targets. It was inauthentic and not balanced.

      -Fixed some projectiles not warning vehicles when they were fired on a Laser Designated target. Reduced the lock on distance for MBT LAW missiles to 350m from 500m. This gives the IGLA the clear long range AA role for soldiers, and keeps the team play element of Laser Designation.

  • NL_Flat 10.16.13 at 22:11

    Sounds Good guys. I only have one request. We have rented 5 bf4 servers. Pretty please fix the Blaze disconnect problem on the PC servers.

  • SidianDarkshade 10.16.13 at 20:59

    Please have it so I can change my loadout from the main multiplayer screen without having to be in a game or use battlelog. Thanks.

    • Crashpilot_GER 10.16.13 at 22:21

      I believe its a typo. Another DICE member already stated that rpg/smaw will no longer be lock on weapons

  • Hostile Habitat 10.16.13 at 20:15

    We want elevator music while riding elevator.

  • CURLIAN 10.16.13 at 20:11

    Thank you for putting the bf3 controls :)