The Road to Battlefield 4: Hundreds of Awards for the Dedicated

In this episode of ”The Road to Battlefield 4”, learn how we are guiding players to great team play, rewarding skill and dedication with ribbons, medals, Assignments, and more. Prepare 4 the biggest collection of rewards in a Battlefield game yet.

With Battlefield 4, we are introducing our deepest online career ever. We are also tweaking it to make it rewarding for newcomers and challenging for returning veterans. While sharing similar basics with Battlefield 3, we are now offering a cleaner upgrade path, clearer Ribbon and Medal progression, and an increased focus on richly rewarding great team play. Read on for the full info on how you can earn 900 unique rewards in Battlefield 4, as detailed below by DICE Persistence Designer Valerian Noghin assisted by William Cooper.

The quick fix and the long journey ahead

We know our fans can spend literally hundreds of hours on the Battlefield. With Battlefield 4, we want to make sure players have goals to aspire to at the end game, while at the same time rewarding players at earlier ranks as well. Ribbons are the quick fixes, whether you’re a veteran or a newcomer to the series. You typically can get one or more of these in a single round if you perform well. They can be awarded for anything from repairing vehicles, capturing flags, or reviving team mates. There are 45 unique Ribbons in the game, and you can earn each of them an infinite number of times.

Perhaps the biggest bragging right in Battlefield 4 is the Rank you achieve, from 0 (Recruit) to 100 (Colonel). Rank is strictly a number that shows your dedication to the game, and each Rank has five sub-ranks denoted by Roman numerals – similar to the system used by the U.S. Marines. So at Rank 16 you’ll hit “Sergeant”, with Rank 20 being “Sergeant V” and Rank 21 bringing a new title (“Staff Sergeant”).RankS0100


Earned at set scores total in multiplayer, goes from Rank 1 to 100. Ultimate goal: Reach Colonel 100.

Your Rank is directly tied to your accumulated score throughout your multiplayer career, and is a way to represent the sum total you’ve accomplished so far. A very skilled player will rank up faster than an average player, but it also comes down to sheer time that you have dedicated to the Battlefield. Even if you hit the Colonel 100 Rank milestone, there are still new items to collect – we’re adding high-end Assignments that are only attemptable by high-rank characters, with unique rewards that let your friends know they’re dealing with one of the few elite veterans in the community.

To make the progression path clearer, we’ve cleaned up a few quirks from Battlefield 3 while adding to the overall scope of the entire system. There’s never been more to do and more to discover, and it’s never been easier to understand how to earn everything there is to collect in the game.


For Every Ribbon a Medal


45 Ribbons, tied to one Medal each. 45 Medals, tied to one Ribbon each
Example: Attack Helicopter Medal – Receive 50 Attack Helicopter Ribbons.

Every Ribbon in the game has a clearly corresponding Medal, usually awarded when you’ve earned 50 ribbons of one kind. And now more than ever, these Ribbons and Medals are more tailored to the unique characteristics of the four playable classes. Some of the Ribbons are only earnable by Recon, Support, Assault, and some by Engineer. Players who gravitate heavily towards one of these classes will automatically have a trophy cabinet that differs wildly from that of a player that hones in on one of the other kits.

The concept of grabbing dog tags from other players in the game has been an exciting cat and mouse chase between players since Battlefield 3 and earlier in the series’ history. We’re now more clearly defining how the hundreds of dog tags obtainable are displayed in the game, and what they are used for. The left part of your dog tag is now more focused on who you are – this is where you’d display your country’s flag, your clan tag, or Rank. The right hand side dog tag is where you can display what you’ve achieved on the Battlefield. If you’ve got a knack for flying jets, your right dog tag could for example display your number of jet kills, which is dynamically updated to show your latest tally for everyone to admire.

Service Stars are also returning in Battlefield 4. These are additional distinguishing marks that you get awarded for heavily investing in distinct areas of the game. Think of it as a sub-rank of sorts that takes much more dedication than Ribbons. If you’ve amassed a great accumulated score playing as an Engineer, you might be awarded an Engineer-specific Service Star. In a similar manner, getting great results with a specific weapon will earn you Service Stars for that weapon. This time around we’ve even included Service Stars for winning the available game modes. Note that only objective scoring and actually winning rounds will earn you Service Stars for game modes. So if you run into a player with one or more Obliteration Service Stars, you know you’re up against someone who knows what to do with the bomb that just spawned on the map.


Scoring will show the way


Shows dedication in specific areas. 130 unique Service Stars earnable. Each can be obtained 100 times, for a total of 13,000 attainable Service Stars. Example: Stealth Jet Service Star – Reach the end of the Stealth Jet unlock tree.

There’s a role for everyone, and you can always play to your strengths in Battlefield 4. That said, one of the major design goals going into Battlefield 4 was to use the underlying scoring system itself both as a friendly guiding tool and as a strong incentive to great gameplay. Since your score is directly related to ranking up and gaining new weapons, gadgets, and accessories, this is where the foundation for the online career is set in place. The scoring system effectively allows us to influence all aspects of Battlefield 4 – from teamwork to playing the objective and the more strategic aspects of the game (such as the Commanders receiving points when their teams use the Supply Drop provided.)

One new way that we are using scoring to incentivize playing the objective relates to flag capturing and arming objectives. Now, as soon as you attempt to capture a flag or arm an objective, the points will start ticking into your account, even if the overall attempt might fail. So if you are trying to reclaim a base but get killed just one second away from completing the capture, you’ll still be handsomely rewarded for the great attempt, for the risk you put yourself in, and for playing the objective. By contrast, doing the same in Battlefield 3 would have netted you 0 points if the flag was not at least neutralized.

Similarly in Rush or the all-new Obliteration mode, simply starting to arm or disarm an objective will make the points roll in. While succeeding in the arm or disarm will naturally yield even greater sums, doing the right thing that actually drives the game mode forward will always be advantageous to your career progression. We’re also more greatly rewarding playing the objective this time around. So in Obliteration, you’ll be granted quite a large sum of points for doing pivotal actions like running with the bomb, arming it at an objective, or killing the enemy bomb carrier. It’s all part of an increased effort to drive each game mode to a distinctly different experience than the next one.


game modes slider image



Multi-layered tasks to perform. 45 multiplayer Assignments available, divided into Bronze, Silver, Gold. Rewards include dog tags, vehicle paints, and weapons. Example: Assault Combat Basic – Reach Rank 10, get 7 kills with Assault Rifles, get 11 Heals with Medkit.

Another aspect of using scoring to promote great gameplay is tied to the new vehicle hit mechanics. In Battlefield 4, the way vehicles take damage from the Engineer’s RPG attacks is directly dependent on the angle of attack and the hit zone. The new ”top zone” on tanks, for example, is especially vulnerable to RPG attacks. By greatly rewarding attacks that deal heavy damage and letting players know how much damage they’ve dealt via the VEHICLE HIT message, the game will drive more and more players to try to achieve certain kinds of attacks. Over time, the full potential of anti-tank weapons will be discovered in a joint effort by the Battlefield community. You can learn more about anti-vehicle warfare and damage models in this earlier in-depth blog post.

The concept of handsomely rewarding great gameplay is also highly relevant for Commanders. Scoring in itself is one of the major ways for Commanders to verify that they are making a critical impact in their team’s struggle on the Battlefield. The Commanders are naturally distanced from the ground fight (this is especially true for Mobile Commanders). The scoring system is a great means for letting them know they are performing well and helping their team out.

A new concept in Battlefield 4 is that of KILL ASSIST COUNTS AS KILL. If you get a few shots in on an enemy but can’t manage the kill, you’ll still get awarded the kill if that enemy is later eliminated. The thought here is that if you’re contributing to your team you should be rewarded accordingly, since team play is at the core of Battlefield. In Battlefield 3, you could take down an enemy from 100 to 1 in health, then a friendly player would sometimes “rob” you of the kill by dealing the decisive shot. In Battlefield 4, we are instead rewarding both players with a kill and with a healthy dose of points. This means that players who put themselves in harm’s way at the frontlines are more likely to rack up decent scores even if they don’t manage to get a lot of regular kills. Overall, the scoring design in Battlefield 4 is meant to make everyone willing and able to contribute to the greater cause.


Team play is one of the defining aspects of Battlefield 4, and with the new Field Upgrades system, we are making sure to reward team play specifically within your squad. A squad is a team of two to five players and you are free to join or leave a squad at any time on the fly like in Battlefield 3. Performing team actions within a squad will net you score towards your own progression, but will also benefit the entire squad. As your total score for squad actions in a round rises, you will move along an accumulative upgrade path that gives all squad members benefits like faster sprint, more grenades, or better cover from enemy spotting. But beware – if your entire squad is wiped, you’ll all lose the progress you’ve made. If you get the message “LAST MAN IN SQUAD” in-game, make sure to stay alive until your friends can respawn and rejoin the fight. You can learn more about Field Upgrades in this earlier blog post, where we asked our fans to vote for their favorite upgrade path. The winner, ”Shadow”, will be in the final game. Thanks to everyone who voted!

A Knife for a Knife: Changing how Unlocks Work

We have more weapons and accessories in Battlefield 4 than ever before. With that, we thought it was time to change how you actually get new hardware to play with. Now, weapons, gadgets, and accessories are awarded to you for using items from the same family in multiplayer. So if you’re all about shotgun action, using shotguns (and scoring with them) will unlock more shotguns and shotgun accessories for you to play with. Similarly, if you use a lot of sniper rifles and amass respectable scores with them, you will unlock more varieties of sniper rifles, scopes, and barrels for them. While there is an implied connection between LMGs and Support class or sniper rifles and Recon class, playing a class itself will not bring you new weapons. Killing, assisting and suppressing with a weapon will give you more unlocks from the same weapon class.

One tweak to the progression system in Battlefield 4 based on fan feedback is that each class comes to battle better equipped from match one. The default weapons and vehicles will be starting with a few essential unlocks already from scratch to make sure the fight is balanced no matter when you join the game – right at launch or later. For example, what this means is that jets start with available flares, whereas in Battlefield 3 you had to struggle to unlock them, often in a hostile air space where other players had already unlocked flares and heat seekers. For your weapons in Battlefield 4, this means that starting assault rifles will have applicable grips available while LMGs have bipods from the get go, creating a game where the default class loadouts are both more unique and versatile from the get-go.

Bronze, Silver, & Gold: Introducing Battlepacks

Another exciting element to Battlefield 4 progression is the concept of Battlepacks. Battlepacks are bundles of content that are awarded at certain Ranks. Think of them as a collection of items that are not hard-coded and will be granted at specific moments in your career. At certain ranks, you’ll get a handful of items, but you’ll never know exactly in what order you’ll receive them. If you played the Beta, you might have seen these in action already, since the first Battlepack is awarded to players at Rank 3 (and later at set intervals tied to your Rank.)

Depending on your actual Rank, you’ll be awarded a Battlepack of either Bronze, Silver or Gold Rank. The value of the Battlepack decides the number of items you receive in the pack, as well as the chance to get something really rare. Items in Battlepacks include things like weapon accessories, weapon paints, vehicle paints, soldier camos, dog tags, XP boosts, and unique knife designs.

The weapon accessories earnable in Battlepacks are not game-changing in any way, as they are simply cosmetic variants of accessories you can already unlock via the normal weapon progression. For example, if you use a specific rifle, you’ll eventually unlock the U.S. red dot sight for it. At the same time, you might earn a Battlepack with the Russian red dot sight for the same weapon. The special Weapon Battlepacks are awarded for each weapon after completing all its regular unlocks. Thus, a player faithful to a specific carbine will eventually obtain all its accessories by simply using it. You can learn more about Battlepacks at the official Battlefield 4 Battlepacks page.

Battlefield Most Wanted: Tracking Your Next Reward

Battlefield 4 is our biggest game yet and that includes the behemoth that is our awards and unlocks system. Let’s put some numbers to that: there are 45 Ribbons in Battlefield 4 multiplayer, each tied to a corresponding Medal. You’ve got 45 Assignments in multiplayer and 5 multiplayer-specific Achievements/Trophies. There are over 600 dog tags to attempt to steal, 130 Service Stars that can be obtained 100 times over for a total of 13,000 earnable Service Stars. We also have 80+ weapons to unlock and a massive amount of weapon accessories.

With this amount of content, we wanted to help our players visualize what to go for next. Whether you’re longing for that new 40x sniper scope, the new Assault rifle ergo grip, or the Obliteration Mode Medal, we’ve added the option to track up to three unlocks and rewards to see how far you’ve come to earning them. Settable from Battlelog (including inside the iOS/Android app), tracking an item lets you see what you have to perform to receive it, as well as how far along that road you’ve already travelled. On PC and next-gen consoles, you can also follow the progression of your tracked unlocks and awards in-game by bringing up Battlelog. In multiplayer, you can even see in real-time how you’re progression towards these. You can also check your progression for every single unlock via the detailed stats and unlocks pages on Battlelog. The items you are officially tracking will simply be displayed more prominently for you.


Our goal for Battlefield 4 was always to create the deepest and most rewarding progression system in the history of Battlefield. We hope you like the way we’ve set you up for years to come on the hunt for Colonel 100 and beyond. Let us know what you think in the comments section and the poll below – what is your ultimate goal in Battlefield 4 multiplayer? As always, we value your feedback. Thanks for reading.

Stay tuned to “The Road to Battlefield 4”, where we’ll continue the journey towards launch by diving deeper and deeper into every nuance of the biggest Battlefield game ever developed at DICE.

Pre-order Battlefield 4 to get the China Rising expansion pack at no additional cost.

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  • Triggaaar 04.13.15 at 14:41

    I’d like to see a reward for anyone dedicated enough to obtain every medal and complete every assignment in the game.

  • LTCommander83 02.09.14 at 08:12


  • King_Wapiiton 01.28.14 at 00:40

    I just want the friggen veteran battlepack, I have been playing battlefield on the xbox since bad co. and all of a suddden I am left out on allot of bad ass stuff because a glitch?? laame

  • Freakeytyy96 11.07.13 at 19:23

    I don’t like how got they us getting dog togs now 5 metals each onc

  • Freakeytyy96 11.07.13 at 19:18

    I don’t like howgotthey us

  • IMMORTAL CHAFF1 11.05.13 at 04:55

    You talk about earning rewards. Yesterday and tonight my game has been freezing up and not letting me onto a server but now it isn’t even saving my experience or rewards I get so everytime I leave one game I loose everything I earned. Very frustrated!!!!

  • DarkMatterGaming 10.28.13 at 09:33

    There needs to be a C4 Medal

  • beaneater315 10.23.13 at 23:40

    Bring back the Bobcat loader!! Add a few non-military vehicles just to spice things up.

  • nanotech420 10.23.13 at 00:41

    I’m expecting a ‘squad wipe” dog tag,, this time around

  • UNIT40 10.22.13 at 20:34

    Definetly looking forward!

  • VanillaGorilla5 10.22.13 at 20:12

    I hope they give you the squad score perks immediately upon reaching the level instead of after you spawn. It would be stupid if you lose progress when your whole squad dies, but you each need to die to get the rewards!

  • burgessmobb 10.22.13 at 19:16

    Dice severs good.Rented severs suck.I mean c’mon dice on battlefield 3. Bought dlc maps 1 and 2 but could never play them in full cause all the rented severs only playing a couple boards or just one board with ugly amounts of tickets and banned items to help the server renter witch probably played to his or his clans legal cheating and hardly no dice servers online so in short did not want to buy the other dlc cause figured i would not be able to play like it should have been played and hardly no dice servers available to join so dice think of the people who play till the next release and intergrate or add all dlc maps into the main maps when released.thanks

    • DaBigWorm2003 10.22.13 at 22:05

      I agree with u i hope they have a limit of overall servers that can be rented and they would have a waiting list for the rest of the people

    • Indignant Yeti 10.29.13 at 02:33

      Yea, you could’ve fixed that by renting your own server.

  • AftFastEddie 10.22.13 at 06:44

    Hey DICE can’t wait for BF4!! anyways i was wondering if you or any fan could tell me about the drone assault pack that is coming with my copy from GameStop.

  • Ghost_F141 10.22.13 at 06:12

    Kill/death ratios doesn’t matter to me! Most important that team must fighting together to win! Fight now die later hoorah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Theheadbussa 10.22.13 at 10:29

      I concur.

    • charlie0707 10.22.13 at 13:18

      Agreed. In Beta I placed first in my area in RPG kills simply due to team work. Go teamwork!!!!

  • SkyStalker 10.21.13 at 20:22

    Good show on the new trailer DICE. Makes me proud to be a BF Fan

  • gkmackey 10.21.13 at 20:08

    “team play is at the core of Battlefield” Dice’ own words. That means, if you are playing any form of Conquest, capture a FLAG. It is not Deathmatch! Otherwise, you are being a dick. Period.

  • Coreyweb 10.21.13 at 17:11

    “Even if you hit the Colonel 100 Rank milestone, there are still new items to collect – we’re adding high-end Assignments that are only attemptable by high-rank characters, with unique rewards that let your friends know they’re dealing with one of the few elite veterans in the community.”

    That sounds good. But rank should not be affected at all by “time played.” Makes it like BC2 and BF3 where like everyone’s a colonel 50+…..but they all suck.

  • Crackhead88 10.21.13 at 02:22

    Great, as if hackers weren’t bad enough already we have to give people even more reason to hack.

  • maddog6 10.21.13 at 01:55

    we need RANGERS not 4 star weenies !! promotions should be for achieving RANGER,AIRBORNE,DELTA,SEAL status etc there shouldn’t be anyone above O3 allowed to fight just command !!!

    • PlayfulCannibal 10.21.13 at 16:28

      No offence but your comment is really stupid people buy the game to play it and feel the action not to just stay and command some stupid things.

    • PlayfulCannibal 10.21.13 at 16:30

      Think twice before posting

  • mrs_diablo69 10.20.13 at 19:19

    man i am so exited that battlefield 4 is almost here what i really want them to add is 2 things a little more destruction because we were suppose to have more destruction in bf3 but they didn’t add it so please could somebody tell me if there going to add more destruction and the second thing is dang i forgot ill post it when i remember it sorry

    • Akujuo 10.21.13 at 12:18

      8 more days man…. wow over 900 Awards for BF4…Okay…. yes more destruction Oh I love how the Tank can drive over a car with no problem, even little poles… To me I feel that BF3 was the testing ground to ready us for BF4… I am ready! You will be hearing me say…”hello to my little friend..” Counting days… We are at day 8 for Battle..

    • Richbuff 10.21.13 at 22:17

      Mrs diablo – If there was more destruction then the map would just be a huge field of rubble by the time the tickets ran out. We need SOME cover to hide behind. HAHA!

  • TornadoMan98 10.20.13 at 19:15

    Ok, i way sound annoying when it comes to this question, but i’m still VERY curious on this question, but, are we really having the F-22 for BF4? Just asking…because i haven’t seen a screenshot of it, even though by commentators, say it is confirmed, but i still don’t quite see that as a actual confirmation. I know most jets in BF4 are stealth, so, i assume the F-22 is a new addition. AGAIN, just curious…

    • mrs_diablo69 10.20.13 at 19:25

      to kinda anwser your question i think they might have the f-22 all i know is that they should have the fA-18 hornet,SU-35 flanker,A-10.F-35,SU-25,j-20,SU-50,f-22 raptor,and the AC-130 Gunship oh and if you read all those than you’ll see that the f-22 raptor is in there so if this link dosn’t let u click it then go to ur search bar and type in all bf4 wepons list and click on the first one

    • I-Starscream-I 10.21.13 at 17:40

      Hi! No, I don’t think the F-22 will be in the game. DICE said there will be new Jets “Stealth Jet Class) with 2 new jets and as we saw it’s the J-20 and the Su-50. I think they will use the F35A (Air Force Variante with no VTOL like in BF3). And there is an F35, J-20 and Su-50 Service Medal..but no F-22 Service Medal. Maybe they will add the Raptor in a DLC

  • CptDirty 10.20.13 at 18:45

    1,2,3 and 4 star **** GENERAL is not making a comeback? man I’m disappointed

    • P4lnKiLLeR 10.21.13 at 10:02

      Yea thats right,so Boring COD Like Ranks,Private HIGH 5,LOL!

      Not resourceful the Ranking,the Battlefield 2 Ranks are 1000 times better :/

      No good work Dice!!!

  • Tracomaster 10.20.13 at 12:39

    FUCK THOSE BATTLEPACKS! If I want to unlock an attachment for a gun I will grind those 200 kills if necessary to unlock it! And when I suddenly get a 6x zoom for a shotgun then I’m like: so this is what i grinded for? A sincere fuck you DICE!!!!!!

  • xammax1 10.20.13 at 05:30

    Too much emphasis being put on rewards and awards and not enough on just enjoying the game because it just happens to be an enjoyable game. IMO. Medals promote selfish play in some,in what is supposed to be a team game. I hope team play is encouraged and awarded.

    • Reaper_Aussie 10.20.13 at 10:28

      Yes, that word GAME has completely left the building

  • Goose_67_A 10.19.13 at 21:32

    Win or lose the BF4 Beta was an incredible amount of fun! I’ve pre-ordered everything I can. Is there a place where the pre-order stats are posted? I’d love to see how many units were sold before and after the beta. The 29th can’t come soon enough.

    • Nineduce12 10.20.13 at 05:16

      You must’ve played on PC. Cant say that for console.

  • walnuts84 10.19.13 at 17:30

    hmm the ultimate goal is to have fun is not on the list.

    • Horschdoflux 10.19.13 at 17:46

      true :D

    • lightsp0ts 10.19.13 at 18:22

      Totally agree!!!

    • RdgAzevedo 10.19.13 at 18:37

      Indeed my friend!!!

    • IXOYEMAN 10.19.13 at 22:26

      I agree. After all, it is a game. Yes winning is fun of course! But playing with my mates is what makes it fun for me, win or lose.

    • ST1_MikeMack 10.19.13 at 22:28

      I agree. Was thinking the ultimate goal is to have an effective squad that works together and help your team win. “Having fun… is way more fun if you win”.

  • GhostRiderLSOV 10.19.13 at 14:48

    I hope there’s a system like PlanetSide 2′s for jet/chopper pilots who jump right when their vehicle is exploding and let themselves die.
    Usually done by pilots who think “you don’t deserve to get the kill”, even though you were hunting them for some time and just leave you without a kill, while they effectively suicide like cowards.

    • GhostRiderLSOV 10.19.13 at 14:50

      Forgot to explain PS2′s system:
      If a pilot jumps off his plane that you’ve almost destroyed and he dies by hitting the ground, you (the chaser) still get the kill and points for that player.

      • PimpDaddyMRDR 10.20.13 at 15:32

        People arent usually stupid enough to not parachute, but i know what you mean with pilots being pussy bitchs after you spent 5 min chasing and gunning them down fairly just for them to bail at the last second. It should be like if you jet/heli is 10 or 15 percent and lower, a little message reads on your cockpit saying ejection malfunction so that they cant eject.

    • IGrimReaperI 10.19.13 at 17:03

      you ever played Battlefield? They will never die because of hitting the ground. there is this thing called Parachute each soldiers has an unlimited supply of.

  • XsancoX 10.19.13 at 14:35

    I recognized everything in the beta wat is writen above and i love your thougts behind the things. Keep up the good work

  • Leon1008 10.19.13 at 14:32

    I love the improvements and incentives to play as a squad.

  • NightFurys 10.19.13 at 14:06

    I really really miss the rank system in BF2 :( One suggestion: mix the rank system from BF2 with BF4, like the beginning stays the same but the ranks at the end is like BF2/BF4

  • Boofyhorry 10.19.13 at 13:35

    ohh and the damage of the guns on the transport choppers needs to be tweaked. Too underpowered. I put a whole mag (time it took to overheat) into the canopy of enemy chopper and nothing. And it was at close range

  • Boofyhorry 10.19.13 at 13:32

    did he say 40x scope. WOW and hope there’s crossbows

  • RaminDixin 10.19.13 at 12:39

    Ok, it says hundreds of awards for the dedicated. I hope dedicated means time played. There are many out here that will never be great like these guys that play in the Olympics, lol. Moving up it ranks is a time served deal in the armed services. With this time, more weapons are issued. So the basis for receiving rank and weapons should be a time played factor and not how good your finger bangs a mouse. This way the great don’t get greater, but the people who are dedicated to the game get better. This is a perfect concept that would even a playing of the great, as well as the devoted long term players.
    Rank and weapons should come with time served.

  • Sermattex 10.19.13 at 12:15

    Per caso è possibile sapere l’orario di uscita di bf4?comunque il gioco è perfetto solo provando la beta non vorrei che ak-12 non diventi il nuovo m16a3.(sono italiano)

  • MorningTimeCloud 10.19.13 at 08:58

    Battlepacks are a good concept. I can’t wait to start earning them!

  • xx_t0rch_xx 10.19.13 at 07:39

    EA DICE plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz add Offline unranked LAN multiplayer in Battlefield 4…. A lot of my friends are buying the game and we want to try out the maps and new game modes and our unlocks in LAN…… so again PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ add OFFLINE UNRANKED LAN support…..

  • Legomaniacj 10.19.13 at 06:47

    did not get to witness battlepacks in the beta, mainly because it was so laggy 90% of the time I couldn’t kill much. Was lucky I got to be a level 1

  • OMGs_KODIAK 10.19.13 at 06:43

    Hi BF comunity, great news for the new ways to get points. good work ¡¡….buuut :
    - The misilles looks and sound bad (these need more intensity)
    - Helis speed in BF3 are more fast and exciting than BF4

    Other things were incredible sound and animation (tanks, weapons, etc…so good)

    Thanks a lot…Just waiting Oct 29 and READY FOR THE BATTLE…

    pre order is done XD


  • Khanzza 10.19.13 at 06:30

    Only in game design is galloping inflation seen as a good thing.

  • Its_ShadyCreek 10.19.13 at 05:51

    Very glad that specific weapon unlocks will not be special to battlepacks and that at the end of a weapon’s progression you will unlock a battlepack with all of the weapons extra unlocks.

  • RaminDixin 10.19.13 at 04:21

    Dood you can’t buy your medals, lmao. Go save a little kid running on the freeway. This will get you a medal. doofus.

    • ShevermiN 10.19.13 at 04:32

      You still have to win them in battle.. Could you see in the future all the Battlefield Vets out marching with a chest full of medals. Sonny back when I was a lad I put 400 hours into Metro to get these medals.. :)

  • ShevermiN 10.19.13 at 04:15

    How about offering a gold premium service that costs a bit more but when you are awarded a medal they post you out a real one.

  • Dannyboyyy98 10.19.13 at 04:07

    The first thing I’m gonna due is get 130 service stars with the attack chopper. Won’t even use any guns, lol.

  • lllDEFCONZERO 10.19.13 at 03:04 Battlefield 4 Chopper Jacking.

  • Pwny Up 10.19.13 at 02:08

    There will be paid for Battlepacks. I saw them listed on a price comparison site for digital keys a few days ago. Also they should be seen in a similar way, albeit perhaps better implemented, to the packs in Mass Effect 3 multiplayer. You could buy them with BioWare points, or with in game credits. I suspect that Gold Battlepacks will be the only one you can buy, at around $3-4.

    • BackusAttackus 10.20.13 at 03:08

      You can buy Slim Jim beef jerky and redeem points for BF4 battle packs. I thought that was a little weird…

  • NioXin 10.19.13 at 00:44

    Battlefield is not about anything in the Blog post. Achievements and Dog tags are for kids that lone wolf and don’t care about there squad or the objectives.

    • Pwny Up 10.19.13 at 01:46

      Take a look at my BF3 Soldier and tell me that they are only for lone wolves. I’m an achievement hunter and completionist, but I also focus first and foremost on my team winning. I’ve got a win/loss of 2.4, and I’ve completed every assignment, won every ribbon, and every medal prior to End Game. Battlefield is a broad church. A multitude of players, with different skill sets and play styles, can all find a place in this one game which fits their preference. If it’s not for you, fine, but that doesn’t stop it being there for someone else.

  • Crystal Dragon 10.19.13 at 00:20

    Stats are for noobs

  • THEKARMANATOR 10.19.13 at 00:14

    The controls for the helicopter and other vehicles are to confusing.. I mean they are easy, but everyone who played bf3 wants them back how they used to be. They were more realistic…
    The beta version had a lot of bugs like timing out and freezing, if we get kicked from a server or timeout we should still get the points and rewards that we got when we were in the game. I can’t tell you how many time ea or the internet went down in one of my best games…
    Otherwise…go BF4 and AWOL oooooorah.

  • Hiago-117 10.18.13 at 23:57

    Remove Battlepacks, they are just another stupid money grab. It doesn’t make sense for me to play as the Assault class for a long time, want a scope for my weapon but it’s only unlockable by Battlepacks. So I’ll keep playing with that weapon but I’ll instead get scopes for the sniper rifles, which I don’t use. It’s another stupid cash grab by EA, keep the old Battlefield 3 unlock system and remove these stupid Battlepack$.

    • dG-HaCkEr 10.19.13 at 00:39

      Battlepacks don’t unlock unique stuff, the attachments that it unlocks is in the normal BF3 type progression where you will eventually get it! In this case you will just unlock it sooner. And what if it unlocks stuff for weapons that you don’t use? It’s at least better than not having battlepacks AT ALL! You might get camos and xp boost and sexy looking knives! What’s wrong with that?

    • NioXin 10.19.13 at 00:40

      Battlepacks are not paid for, you earn them as you rank up, can you not read?

    • Prebbles 10.19.13 at 01:30

      everything in the packs is unlock able by using the weapon its a way to get them in different order.

    • Pwny Up 10.19.13 at 01:55

      Take a look at my BF3 Soldier and tell me that they are only for lone wolves. I’m an achievement hunter and completionist, but I also focus first and foremost on my team winning. I’ve got a win/loss of 2.4, and I’ve completed every assignment, won every ribbon, and every medal prior to End Game. Battlefield is a broad church. A multitude of players, with different skill sets and play styles, can all find a place in this one game which fits their preference. If it’s not for you, fine, but that doesn’t stop it being there for someone else.
      Of course it is motivated by money, but it is still entirely optional. In fact it is better than that, you can unlock everything with comparable stats in game, and you get free Battlepacks as you progress. I came to this article, still very skeptical of how they would be implemented, but now I am confident they will be a useful addition.

      • Pwny Up 10.19.13 at 01:58

        Please ignore the first paragraph, which was in reply to another comment, but seems to have stayed in the comment box after having posted it. Also, WTF why can’t I delete my comment if I want to?

  • Hawk_v90 10.18.13 at 23:09

    What is your ultimate goal in Battlefield 4 multiplayer?
    To have fun from playing this game on cool maps (like strike at karkand in bf2!)
    BTW – “Be the best Battlefield 4 player in my city” if i buy this game i will be only one player in my city…:)

  • ARISING-TALE 10.18.13 at 23:01

    It would be nice to have a personality stats. For example, time spent per gamemode. another example: time spent per class (from BF3). more sutff. like your effectiveness/team average. Time spent in each vehicle(including on foot). Please add more of these, tell DICE.

  • idrawrobots 10.18.13 at 22:52

    I just want to have fun.

  • AKA_neil 10.18.13 at 22:27

    it all about FUN FUN FUN

  • GrimCW 10.18.13 at 22:24

    Disappointed.. No option for players who just want to have FUN and ENJOY the game?!

  • AngryDave-UK 10.18.13 at 22:12

    None of the above. My ultimate goal is to have fun and I don’t find it fun turning a game into any kind of “work”. Things that result from the natural course of playing are fine, but tailoring my playstyle to specifically aim for certain awards/achievements is not how I want to spend my time. I’m just interested the gameplay, not playing for the sake of progression. But hey, that’s just my take on it!

  • NightHawk6666 10.18.13 at 21:51

    @Asiaticdefense Your comment about the snipers and K/D ratio is subjective to the context of a game. Yes general team play is more important then a simple K/D, but when that is all people look at and make assumptions that said sniper contributed nothing to the team is unfortunate. BF3 for example on siene crossing the buildings across from D/B are great spots for a sniper to play the objective defending D by covering the approach from both C and B and yes as long as you are defended your self you can get quite an impressive K/D. Many times Ive seen people get booted from servers (myself included) strictly on a high K/D claiming we did nothing for the team (sensors and beacons placed near objectives while defending from a good location and back capping D/C when lost) and its easy to see what players with high K/D are actually playing the objective (37-5 K/D with no team play is around 3.7-4k points while you can gain an easy 5-6k plus PTO) its sad and annoying but great to see them adding more point gains for team play so the snipers who do more then just camp spawns and skyscrapers doing very little outside K/D don’t get such a bad rep from scrub snipers

  • jharowicz 10.18.13 at 21:22

    Hopefully the dog tags that you could see on the beta battlelog will not be the same in the game. Some of them looked like they were drawn by a two year old.

  • SamRock 10.18.13 at 20:58

    After I reach Level 100… Let me start fresh with new SPM, KD, WL ratio from Level 1.

    You can add up the Level 1 X 2 multiple at each level.. just like we have for the Service Stars. This is make me want to play the game for longer time even after reaching level 100 and completing all Assignments!

    * If possible please allow us to reset our stats… I know this will create lot of fake stats. But in the beginning some tend to learn slow and play bad… and only start improving after almost several level. By then we have a really bad KD, SPM , WL ratio. Its tough to gain back most of that. After certain level you should allow us to reset our stat completely.

    * Give us a new Solider to create .. May be three per account. I am even ready to pay per solider. My brothers keep messing up my stats all the time.. Cant buy a new copy and premium for each brother. Please let this happen!

    • Skater_Ricky 10.18.13 at 21:29

      If you didn’t know your brothers could play all the maps you bought with Premium but could not use the extra stuff you earn as a premium member. So letting your brothers use your personal account is your fault. They all could play all the maps on the same console your account had been activated on and you downloaded the map packs on.

      • SamRock 10.18.13 at 22:27

        What?? :s

        I assume you responding me. U not making any sense there. Firstly I play n the PC. I clearly know they can play all maps on Premium… infact I allow them to play on my account, since they are equally BF fans as me since BF2. And I dont want them to miss the great game. On older BF games like BF2, BF2142, and BC2 we had the option to create multiple soldier under one account. This allowed each to have our own soldier and stats. But with BF3, dunno if EA got greedy or stepped backwards, they decided to remove this great feature. Now I am forced to share my profile with my brothers.. And even though they have been playing since BF2 players and play well most of the time.. the final stat on my account is not my true achievement. When I look at my stat I am not proud of some of the assignment, unlocks, level change, upgrades, Dog tags because I know its not my whole effort. I really wish we could have our own stats and have a sense of pride when many years to come. I still look at my BF2 and BC2 stats on remember the old days. I hope it will be the same for BF4. Its totally unfair to expect a family of 3 to 4 BF player to buy the base game and premium 4 times. I would instead prefer to play additional cost for an extra Soldier(license)

        DICE please listen to my request.

  • Asiaticdefense 10.18.13 at 20:44

    I think another way of promoting team play, and playing the objective every round is to highlight the players at the end of the round so all can see. Players like seeing their names in lights. They want their name to be at the top of the scoreboard, and right now (in BF3) the best way to do this is simply kill a lot of enemies.

    Example, if someone planted and destroyed two objectives in Obliteration, killed the enemy bomb carrier a couple of times, revived a bunch of teammates, and killed quite a few enemies, that person may earn the MVP title for that round. If so, I think his name and stats should be highlighted at the top of the end of round scoreboard, separate from the normal scoreboard. Highlight how well he played the objective.You (Dice) took the right steps in rewarding players who play the objective with even more points now, (in BF4) but if some guy camped the whole round as a sniper and had a K/D of say 35-7, never once touched the bomb, or capped a flag, he may be rewarded as the round MVP over the guy in my first example.

    Die hard BF fans who play to win ever round, who play the objective, who put team play above a gaudy K/D should be highlighted for all to see. My suggestion would be to highlight the guy who solo/assisted in capping and/or defended the most flags, highlight the guy who carried the bomb, destroyed the objectives or MCOMS, display the stats of the best Medic, Eng, Support or Recon player for that round.

    People that play to win, and not focus on having the best K/D, will want to squad up with other guys who also play the objective. Dice promote the true team players at the
    end-of-round scoreboard and more people may play the objective more than just trying to rack up kills.

    • callmeM 10.18.13 at 21:02

      Two remarks on that: What, if the sniper killed everyone around the teammate bomb carrier, so that the bomb carrier could ultimately reach his goal or everyone around the enemy bomb carrier, so that teammates could stop him more easily?
      Second: There is already something similar to what you propose, but unfortunately it does not appear at the end of the game, but instead in the battle report.

    • Skater_Ricky 10.18.13 at 21:49

      Team play is already being promoted in BF3 buy the top 3 players earning MVP. For example myself I played a round of conquest. Played the objective and killed no one and died zero time earned still earned #1 MVP. I’ve actually done this many times. Be 0-0 and still be #1 MVP. Having a high K/D isn’t apart of all Battlefield game modes and those that come over from COD are playing the game wrong. Each game mode has there own objective. For me my favorite is Conquest because you have many different ways you can help out your team and your squad mates. And still have ways to become the #1 MVP.

      Going back to highlighting the top 3 MVP players would be nice but would they need to be singled out sure but the already are on the scoreboard with a #1 #2 #3 next to there name. Having more animation at the end of the match is really not needed.what needs to happen between matches more is the ability to change out your load out. For example you earn a new unlock like a gun attachment or new paint for your tank or the next round is a snow Map but your previous map was a sand map you want to update your load out to fit with what your playing to maximize your skill and our have the advantage on the Battlefield. So load out between rounds are more important then highlighting a single player.

  • lehusan 10.18.13 at 20:22

    “What is your ultimate goal in Battlefield 4 multiplayer?” – hmmm…To have fun?

  • I No I FeaR I 10.18.13 at 19:45

    I was really hoping our Rank from 0-100 would also include having to complete certain tasks like in BF2 instead of JUST being how many overall points you’ve accumulated. For instance, to reach Rank 1, instead of JUST getting 2,000 points to reach the Rank, why not do it like 2,000 points AND 10 kills with Assault Rifles and 10 kills with Carbines. Then like Rank 10 would be a certain number of points AND a certain number of total headshots or a certain number of objectives completed. Something that actually incorporates SKILL into the Rank and not only time played/points accumulated.

    • DravinClaw 10.18.13 at 20:24

      I am not sure the kiddies could handle that BF2 was a thinking game I have over 300 hrs in BF2 and I’m still a Gunnery Sergeant but had a lot of fun playing they started nerfing the stats in 2142

    • Skater_Ricky 10.18.13 at 21:55

      This is being done but adding the ability to earn assignments.not everyone wants to be forced to do something to earn the next level rank so the way they have it set is perfect because it maximizes “FUN” and when your maximize fun you maximize players having a good time playing the game and when that happens they recommend the game to other gamers.

    • cccpnyc82 10.18.13 at 22:09

      AMEN….I MISS BF2…if you saw a General…you had at least a little respect for the fact they were a general..instead of everyone and their mom a bird with a dee dee dee # below it…

    • Coreyweb 10.21.13 at 17:06

      Dude yes! This. Rank should never simply be how much time you’ve played the game. That’s so dumb. It should be based off of skill. That way…when someone is playing and you see a colonel its like “oh dang. He’s good.” Not like BF3 where everyone in the server is at least an eagle 50……and 3/4 of them are still bad at the game.

  • PunXt3rrOr 10.18.13 at 19:41

    600 dog tags? will it be easier to unlock them? I mean, I have played 1016 hours and I couldn’t reach rank 100 of any classes or vehicles, I unlocked 442 dog tags, mostly guns, achievment and soldier’s rank but those ones are so hard or at least too long too get, so how will it works for the classes and vehicle?

  • BoRaXiN 10.18.13 at 19:37


  • MeCHTeCH77 10.18.13 at 19:10

    I was thinking about ribbons and medals for taking down aircraft with non Anti Aircraft weapons or vehicles. For example: taking down a heli or jet with an RPG/SMAW or even a TOW launcher, or taking down aircraft with a MBT/LAV/Jeep/Humvee. But for MBT & LAV guided missiles wont count, must be main round or TOW missle.. LMK what you think, i personally think it would be a great addition.

  • RespectedDoor2 10.18.13 at 19:09

    please make the mounted guns more powerful. If you are going to stand with no cover and shoot rpgs i should be able to take you down with a few hits.

    • Erebus_Rox 10.18.13 at 19:29

      That very true. A mounted .50 cal yielding 25 damage per shot is pathetic!

      • I No I FeaR I 10.18.13 at 19:49

        25 damage? Is this upgraded from the Beta? I swear it took more than 4 hits to kill a single person with mounted vehicle guns. The Beta seemed more like 15 damage per bullet.

        • DaBigWorm2003 10.22.13 at 22:07

          u cant run and gun too well either on domination

  • JMsacred 10.18.13 at 19:08

    В бой ептя )))

  • elpuertorro 10.18.13 at 19:06

    Yes! about time now if i used support i’ll unlock support stuff and not sniper stuff( in which i suck by the way lol) Thank you for that change now it makes sense!

  • Sgt.Romeo9 10.18.13 at 19:05

    My ultimate goal is to remain a true Battlefield gamer and support my team in whichever way I can. Work together, play tactically, play strategically and have fun.

  • S3xYHiltz 10.18.13 at 18:55

    i plan on dominating every signel aspect of BF4 with my platoon , we are gonna rent a server and have complete domination

  • Zoutepoel 10.18.13 at 18:51

    If you don’t care about playing the same kit everyday then you shouldn’t care about your rank either. I’m doing what I think is fun (playing a lot in choppers and playing infantry on RUSH) with a SPM of 1036 and a K/D of 2.34. Some of my friends have a K/D of 6+ and they only play on TDM and CQ on METRO, that’s their choice let them have it.

    I just hope the BF4 assignments are more interesting than “Get 100 kills with.. get 500 kills with.. etc.”.

    Also since DICE devs are reading this, will you guys make it harder to take down the skyscraper? It sucks when it gets taken down 30 seconds into the game.

    • I No I FeaR I 10.18.13 at 19:52

      It’s only getting taken down so fast now because it’s the “new” and “cool” thing. Once the “coolness” of it wears off a little bit after the game is released, it probably won’t be taken down right from the start and would probably start being used more for strategic purposes.

    • DaBigWorm2003 10.22.13 at 22:09

      true one match as soon as i spawned 15 seconds into the game the sky scraper came down because noobs wanted to piss people off

  • Zoutepoel 10.18.13 at 18:51

    If you don’t care about playing the same kit everyday then you shouldn’t care about your rank either. I’m doing what I think is fun (playing a lot in choppers and playing infantry on RUSH) with a SPM of 1036 and a K/D of 2.34. Some of my friends have a K/D of 6+ and they only play on TDM and CQ on METRO, that’s their choice let them have it.

    I just hope the BF4 assignments are more interesting than “Get 100 kills with.. get 500 kills with.. etc.”.

    Also since DICE devs are reading this, will you guys make it harder to take down the skyscraper? It sucks when it gets taken down 30 seconds into the game.

  • M1573R3X3 10.18.13 at 18:38

    “A very skilled player will rank up faster than an average player.”

    That depends on how you define the word skill. If you are skillful at doing nothing but playing a mode and a kit that will get you the most points per game then you are sure to rank up faster than the average player.

    What if a very skilled player doesn’t care about rank and plays the game as it was intended to be played? Are they now “average” because their rank is lower as compared to the player that remains wedded to the kit that will get them the most points? Is the player that is attempting to win less valuable than the person who got the most points and lost?

    Funny that there is such an overwhelming amount of points that can be gained for simply playing and what, 100 extra points for winning?

    I wonder what would happen if the winning team got half of the losing teams points?

    • [DICE] H Brun 10.18.13 at 18:48

      You are right, sort of. I often find myself having a lousy K/D ratio but being high on the End of Round scoreboards simply because I play the objective (and get rewarded for it). In the end anything you do that gives you points will take you closer to the next Rank.

      This includes repairing vehicles, capturing flags, doing team actions… so playing the game “as intended” could be one of the fastest ways to Rank up (especially since we’re more heavily rewarding that type of behavior now). Hope that makes sense!

    • Sofa King 10.18.13 at 19:18

      Dude, playing the game “as intended” WILL get you the most points. During the beta, me and my squad would rush from flag to flag, pushing the enemy team back as much as possible looking to hold that overwhelming 5-cap. We coordinated chopper take downs with PLD/RPG, tagged objectives and defended/captured them, and overall worked together to win the round. I consistently ended the match with the highest combat score, almost always greater than 10k, and once even going up to 22k. At the same time, there were people on my team who were just going for lots of kills and few deaths, and they would accumulate only 9k points for a full match. Their K/D may have been better than mine, but the MVP does not go to highest K/D, but to the highest combat score.

      Bottom line, if both teams PTFO, you are going to see a lot of very high combat scores at the end of the game. Also, it makes no sense to steal half of the losing team’s points and give it to the winning team. The losers put in just as much effort as the winners did, sometimes even more in their desperate struggle to steal victory.

      • M1573R3X3 10.18.13 at 21:25

        My “as intended” was not the same as your definition and excellent examples of “as intended.” We both know what I meant when I was referring to the players that play a kit, assault for example, and spam out medkits for & 70% of their assault score. Those players that get cheap fast points are the ones I am referring to. Unfortunately, rank is presented as a badge of skill when nothing could be further from the truth as far as how the designers intended a player to play/

    • nTsT 10.20.13 at 08:49

      What would happen is, everyone would switch to the winning team all the time and it would ruin the game. You have horrible ideas…