Official Battlefield 4 Single Player Story Trailer

With just one week to go before Battlefield 4 starts to hit the shelves and hard drives around the world, things are heating up at the DICE office.

While we’ve discussed multiplayer at length already, it’s time to give you another look at what the single player campaign in Battlefield 4 has to offer. Take a look at the Official Battlefield 4 Single Player Story Trailer, then let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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  • M200_xTerminator 11.15.13 at 04:50

    The single player looks just as promising and intense as the battlefield. The graphics and dynamic weather definitely make it feel more realistic and riveting while playing. I hope to see a change in sides’ superiority though. In Battlefield 3, the Americans constantly got wiped out and endured hell, why not shift it a bit and have the American side wreak havoc and dominate the battlefield? Also, the ‘new’ enemy side is great. I am truly sick of seeing the Russians be the enemy in almost all first-person shooter games…

  • RATLHED 11.03.13 at 03:19

    Not only no Extra XP, I’m not even getting points for hits. This game is a turd, the maps are getting old. Better push China Rising ahead about 3 weeks to keep people Interested. Or it may be time for a change – COD!
    I’m pissed that I actually paid for premium before playing the game. My expectations were based on Bad Co. and BF3. What a let down. Also, Dawn Breaker – What a stupid map for Jets. Get rid of Commander and utilize some better graphics.
    This Game Doesn’t have that old BF feel.
    P.S. The Campaign Story Line Sucks, and way to many long dragged out Soap Opera Cut Scenes

  • XxxTehZohanxxX 10.31.13 at 13:57

    My problem with the campaign is that every part or mission there is no victory DICE should change the plot we and our allies should be kicking asses not our ass getting kicked

    • johncosmos1 11.01.13 at 18:34

      So you want one more propaganda game huh? If you want fake , ugly american propaganda go play cod dog

  • wWaAVve 10.29.13 at 05:20

    A GREAT GAME, however 2 things have been bugging me… I don’t like the white 2d grenade icon when throwing. It takes you out of the illusion/immersion. The B3 glow was better but it could be subtler to the thrower since only the enemy needs a little hint when it lands.
    The flat 2d icon also makes it seem like it’s not thrown as far and seems clunky and flat.
    The 2nd thing is the Kill Text is plain and not rewarding without a glow or more satisfying effect.(It can be subtle but better)
    So to cap off a perfect game please fix this grenade icon and enemy kill text please in a future patch. Please. It would enhance the game more than you might think :)
    Just my opinion but I feel strongly about these 2 small things that would make a larger difference over time.

  • Lieutenant00 10.29.13 at 01:37

    What I want to know about BF4 is if they will have bots to practice on with helis/jets. If you have an answer to this then E-mail me at , or if you have any questions also give me an E-mail. Thanks for reading and peace out.

  • Lieutenant00 10.29.13 at 01:34

    The graphics overall are better than BF3. Also they did have more time to work on this than they did with BF3, so it should be better.

  • JUSTME0o7 10.28.13 at 14:56

    Well I can’t c video it has an age restriction I’m guessing I’m to old to watch it

  • DarkMatterGaming 10.28.13 at 09:37


  • Steppinrazr 10.28.13 at 08:59

    The guy with the scar on his face is Micheal K Williams. He has played some of the coldest characters in television history. Google Chalky White and Omar Little. Baaaaaad dude to say the least.

  • Mrwezz123 10.25.13 at 00:38

    Yeah I’ve got a question. I’m not trying to be a dick cause I’m really looking forward to this game. But if this is a story trailer, what’s the story? I just see a bunch of characters in random bad situations. There’s not really a story there. lol Hire me to write your story yeah?

    • Lieutenant00 10.29.13 at 01:31

      Well obviously they don’t want to just give you the story, it just ruins the experience. We will have to wait and see before jumping to that conclusion. Any questions? E-mail me at and thanks for reading.

  • BTL-A4_Ace 10.24.13 at 21:17

    Personally, I loved BF3′s single player campaign. THIS, however, looks ABSO-FREAK’N-LUTELY MIND BLOWING. o_O Man, I can’t wait for BF4! :D

  • Captain_Tasevski 10.24.13 at 04:16

    OMG Dice, this trailer has me in goosebumps!! From the little I have seen it will DEFINITELY out-do the BF3 campaign. This looks worthy of a Hollywood Blockbuster and brings so many past ideas to mind. I can already feel your campaign will out perform anything I have seen from the competition.

  • hmbarret 10.23.13 at 16:39

    waiting… waiting…

  • Wyndsock 10.23.13 at 16:36

    That black guy with the scars on his face…is that Seal?

  • saudiarabic215 10.23.13 at 15:28

    The game is nice but the clarity of the screen is not good

    • bungelbear 10.25.13 at 23:32

      Bear in mind these trailers are all pc versions too, so your right the ps3/xbox360 is gonna look a little less great, but it is still gonna rock the sh*t out of it’s predecessor

  • D1989lobo62 10.23.13 at 15:27

    i want to play in the tournament of europe vs usa

  • KPSradical 10.23.13 at 06:01

    I wish that i could have the full BATTLEFIELD 4 game in my ability graphically to enjoy the beauty but i guess i will have to settle with medium settings at 40 fps as my computer cannot handle all this awesomeness. This just goes to show how good of a game this is going to be. If only good computers were cheaper.

    • Captain_Tasevski 10.24.13 at 03:50

      You can! BF is very scalable to hardware. Even if you don’t have all the extras graphically, the game will still look and feel amazing. You will almost forget the graphics are on low. Just think of this – COMPETITIVE players all play BF3 on MEDIUM settings (think XFactor)

  • KPSradical 10.22.13 at 20:03

    Another bug that might have to be fixed is the placement of us players when getting out of the choppers. I recall at least 3/4ths of the time that i would bail out of a nearly destroyed chopper i would be so close to the chopper that it kills me in mid air so it basically runs over me. Please fix soon!!!!!!!!

    Best Regards, KPSradical

  • KPSradical 10.22.13 at 19:50

    I loved the beta but one issue i see with Battlefield 4 is the platoons. I’m not hating because i love the game and its mechanics but i hope you here me out. Please don’t take away platoons because it is a way for people to be unified in a group. Like there on little army and alot of people enjoy this aspect of the game. Dont abandon the platoons. It might seem small and I know you cant make everyone happy but even something as little as this might affect people.

    With Best Regards, KPSradical :)

  • RealLRP 10.22.13 at 19:46

    Yes and my boonie hat is off to all those who have spent countless hours working on Battlefield 4. I like a lot of others, have served my country and prefer the realism in gaming when it comes to weapons, tactics, etc.. I don’t want to run around blasting zombies with a rechargeable stun gun or whatever. I along with others have also been waiting ALONG TIME for an FPS to say they are releasing a game and actually DOING IT!! I’m not going to mention any names here but, Delta Force Angel Falls, Rainbow Six Patriots – MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT to say the least ~ Cheers and kudos to Dice and all others who have made this happen.
    Thanks again,

  • RealLRP 10.22.13 at 19:38

    I know A LOT of you guys are all about MULTIPLAYER, MULTIPLAYER, MULTIPLAYER, did I say MULTIPLAYER?? BUT, what about those of us who enjoy single player or “campaign mode” mostly? I can’t find ANYONE who can answer my questions about basically WASTING my money purchasing the Premium early digital etc., etc., version and getting all the “EXTRA GOODIES” and if ALL of that “EXTRA” content is for multiplayer only?? Is there ANYTHING in the expansion packs that are add-ons or enhance and or extend the campaign mode play in ANY manner?? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? I enjoy MP too I’m just not into it as much as a lot of folks due to the number of let’s say, very computer literate folk who can manipulate gameplay/outcome. Can someone please inform on this? I’d appreciate it -

    • Captain_Tasevski 10.24.13 at 03:49

      For starters, you need to realise that this game is PRIMARILY a multiplayer title. The SP campaign is there for only two things – to showcase controlled visuals and technology, and to SET THE STORYLINE for the multiplayer campaign. No sense playing factions on all these maps without having any context, otherwise people would be asking “why are we in China?” or “Why do we have 3 factions?”. I have always been like you, a single player person. So I know how you feel. I for one actually will miss co-op. But this is reality. THIS-IS-SPAR….BATTLEFIELD!!!!

  • ayrglokbv 10.22.13 at 18:47

    OK from Italy.

  • Xervath 10.22.13 at 18:39

    Single-player is looking mighty fine as well.
    I reckon that at this point stress around the office starts building up.
    Just know that you have another fan who wishes you the best of luck and a healthy dosis of ‘Thanks’ for this awesome game to come.
    I thoroughly enjoyed he beta and I can’t wait for retail.

    I take my hat off to you, DICE.

    - X.

  • Pavanjit_1 10.22.13 at 18:03

    Hey dice nice game u guys really worked hard for this. Oh and nice way of killing the dog #cod sucks

  • KPSradical 10.22.13 at 17:34

    Amazing game dice. I would just like to support you guys and congratulate you because the speed at you are fixing things are awesome job because i know that it stressful when you get all the complaints about why this inst working and you guys were on top of it so i just wanted to show my appreciation. Cant wait for Battlefield 4. Hope to see you on the Battlefield.

    PS: You didn’t have to fix the elevator glitch because you can use it tactically to get from point a to point b. XD JK

    • [DICE] H Brun 10.22.13 at 17:41

      Thanks KPS! I know the dev team really appreciates the kind words. And thanks for stopping by the Battlefield Blog. Seen this?

      • KPSradical 10.22.13 at 19:56

        I have seen it and i tried it my self and I got a transport chopper while in the air jet-ski, it was so awesome but i forgot to press record. So Angry at myself. At-least its in my mind. Cheers!!!!!!

  • Cany0 10.22.13 at 17:02

    Hey DICE, your game is amazing so far. I can’t wait for it to come out. But, I wanted to know if you addressed the issue on the consoles where when you reload it get’s rid of all of the bullets in your magazine. I knew that feature was coming to Battlefield, but I thought it would only be on the hardcore servers. If you are reading this please fix the problem. Thank you for your time.

    • [DICE] H Brun 10.22.13 at 17:27

      Thanks for the feedback! This should be fixed at launch.