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Click “enable” to let the world know you’re a #BF4 fan.

We are happy to announce the new Facebook Sharing in Battlelog! Now, our Battlefield fans can choose to share their in-game progression with friends automatically. Some example of stories that can be posted to your activity feed (and in some instances your wall) are ranking up, joining games, and winning rounds.

Players clicking your story can be taken to either the Battlefield 4 Beta page, your Facebook profile, or the Open Beta server browser (depending on which item they click).

Let your friends know you are a true Battlefield fan by enabling Facebook Sharing now. You can switch it on by going to your profile and setting ”Facbook Sharing” to on. You can turn it off again at any time.

This is our first iteration of Facebook Sharing from Battlefield, and like always we appreciate your feedback. What kind of stories would you like to see in Battlefield 4? Let us know in the comments section below.

Head to Battlelog to enable Facebook Sharing.

Join the Battlefield 4 Open Beta and help us make the game better!

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  • RATLHED 11.03.13 at 03:28

    FaceBook Sucks, and
    This game is a turd, the maps are getting old. Better push China Rising ahead about 3 weeks to keep people Interested. Or it may be time for a change – COD!
    I’m pissed that I actually paid for premium before playing the game. My expectations were based on Bad Co. and BF3. What a let down. Also, Dawn Breaker – What a stupid map for Jets. Get rid of Commander and utilize some better graphics.
    This Game Doesn’t have that old BF feel.
    Nice job screwing up the vehicle controls.
    P.S. The Campaign Story Line Sucks, and way to many long dragged out Soap Opera Cut

  • AKSlipJr TGHT 10.31.13 at 07:47

    Is anyone ealse having problems with their disc two game for story mode? I got to a certent spot then the game froze on me. I cleaned my xbox hoping that would work but it didnt the game would load then freeze again please help?

  • JayBanner09 10.29.13 at 05:01

    It would be cool if we’re able to post our accomplishments on the BF community and share our score……. and can break our friends records …. would have been nice

  • Dafortycal 10.16.13 at 03:57

    Now I am really pissed, I can no longer try the BF4 beta and had to return to the old plain jane BF3, now I have to relearn the controls again. BF3 now sucks!

  • Xanth1as 10.15.13 at 19:24

    The problem I see with this is that I have about 10 friends on my Facebook that even care about this content. If we have the ability to narrow down the audience, this is perfect. If not, then I won’t be participating.

    • yamahaboy06 10.18.13 at 20:56

      hey can you help me with something please!!!! Thanks

  • Marduk_killer 10.15.13 at 08:56


  • Khanzza 10.15.13 at 06:29

    Battleville! Can we blow up livestock and beg for perks too? XD

  • rugalck 10.15.13 at 06:02

    Idea: Include this option for Facebook Pages, cause I don’t know a lot of people who would want to share their game progress in their Facebook Profile, but A LOT that would like to do it through their Facebook Page, so their followers would know where are they playing and how to reach them.

  • UnholyAres 10.15.13 at 05:29

    I think this could be a good idea for someone that has a lot of facebook friends that play…but why share it with them when they will see you have ranked up when they play with you next….idk just my 2 cents…

  • DarkMatterGaming 10.12.13 at 00:02
  • drtspt74 10.10.13 at 17:35

    I agree with wWaAVve. There is just so many little things that you get hung up on when running through the building and map that if you are running to get a way from someone shooting at you it is often difficult.

    I’m not sure if bf4 is doing it anymore or if it is a glitch, but when I am assault and I see a player with lower health I will throw a medic kit at them, but I am not rewarded for supplying health to them.

    I do hope that with aerial vehicles the HUD is NOT that outrageous neon green color. That was the worst color you could think of using for vehicles flying. The display is completely washed out when flying toward clouds or the sun and you can’t aim at enemies. I would suggest using black or orange display.

  • wWaAVve 10.09.13 at 16:07

    Anytime, and thanks for taking the time to read it.

  • fishingtime 10.09.13 at 03:53

    I’m sure my friends would love this. No thanks.

  • wWaAVve 10.08.13 at 21:25

    To stay on topic H Brun/DICE here’s a funny story, or event that happened. There’s so many to tell but this one was funny to me.

    I had just entered a rooftop of one of the many skyscrapers and I saw a teammate’s chopper starting to take off. I noticed he had a little trouble at first and the tail of the heli grazed a generator on the roof.
    This led to the heli’s rotor fin somehow hooking onto the ledge of rooftop and it just wouldn’t budge. He tried and it went left to right a little but it was stuck. I don’t think it was a bug either but maybe.
    The heli wound up leaning completely over the side of the building until the front was facing STRAIGHT down the side of the building. It was quiet I thought how can I help.
    I aimed my rpg off to the side near rotor fin.
    The blast shook the ground but the heli was still there facing straight down about 200 meters high above the ground.
    The rotors stopped turning (he must have jumped out), and it was just a heli staring straight down motionless on the ledge of the building like in a movie where you hear the creaking sound of metal about to collapse.
    I should have jumped in the heli, but I said the hell with it and shot an RPG blast toward front.
    The chopper slowly and quietly fell straight down, all the way slowly to ground landing on a soldier below, smash!
    Now that’s something you don’t see every day, or maybe you do (insert Only in….. punchline :)

  • wWaAVve 10.08.13 at 21:05

    (Sorry to post this twice, but sometimes I do this to increase the odds that DICE will read it :)
    After playing the Beta each day totaling over 35 hours, I can say Battlefield is feeling great so far!
    Here’s some feedback for DICE from the Beta. I’m one person with one opinion, but it may ring true for more. This has nothing to do with bugs, just some minor gameplay stuff which may already be fixed…

    - Getting stuck on stuff below sight line. I noticed this in B3 also, getting stuck often on not just rubble, but smaller things like doorway step areas, small debris, or stuff down below out of your peripheral. When focused on shooting the enemy this can be frustrating, especially if it’s something that you should be able to easily move around or through, instead of having to hop a few times.

    - For consoles, cycling through the range of sniper scope is in one direction (200, 300, etc) but there are many times I just want to go back one not cycle around again to 1500 to 200 again.

    - When spawning into a vehicle, the same cycling issue where I sometimes accidentally hit one button too many and end up in passenger seat, gunner etc instead of driver seat, and have to cycle around again like sniper range noted above

    - N, S, E, W is hard to see on minimap. I don’t mind memorizing that South is near water in front of skyscraper, East side is Arcade, etc but when someone says sniper spotted on West side I want to also be able to check the minimap quickly.

    - We should be able to customize our soldier in the lobby between games while waiting not just on spawn screen after dying.

    - Glass on roof of Arcade is very clear, making it very difficult to see which are broken or not. Not sure if this is intentional but a little more shading may create more of a maze/route to plan out for crossing or allow more strategic smashing of them.

    - Gates down in Arcade aren’t that much of a deterrent for enemies since one blast opens up a hole and then the gate advantage is quickly gone. Maybe make it a little more difficult like they have to crawl through prone to slow them down or allow only one or two areas they can actually get through forcing them around to open gate.

    - -More commands in the command/commrose wheel.

    - It’s still a little difficult to see the classes when you need ammo, medic etc or where to look to find them when you need something.

    - An icon or something is needed to help identify who asked for a ride, or asked for ammo.

    - -Fire extinguishers don’t seem to play a part in game (I’m also only on console), but maybe place more of them in strategic locations like near elevators to blind them with smoke at times.

    - Skyscraper is too easy to take down, maybe an engineer can prolong the pillars by repairing, but once they’re destroyed that’s it they’re gone. Or set it pillars to take more hits.

    - Red font is hard to read in IR Goggles to find range for sniping.

    - Range setting number of the sniper rifle is hard to see, and might be useful to show the range number in scope while zoomed so you remember what it’s set as or allow the ability to change it while zoomed (unless this would affect gameplay?)

    Thanks for listening.

    • DaGreenGrouch 10.08.13 at 23:43

      great ideas. btw the map does tell you who asked for a ride. at least on PC

    • [DICE] H Brun 10.09.13 at 10:27

      Thanks a lot for the detailed feedback! Appreciate it.

      • wWaAVve 10.09.13 at 16:11

        Anytime, H Brun, and thanks for taking the time to read it.

  • NegativityDX 10.08.13 at 18:47

    What of it?

  • Anders_Bisi 10.08.13 at 18:00

    What about Google+?