Battlefield 4: Showdown Live – Europe vs USA

Battlefield has always brought out the competitive sides of players. So it’s no surprise that on November 1, Europe and the USA are going head-to-head in Battlefield 4 to finally find out who’s best.

Tune into the live stream on Xbox Live on November 1 at 11:00AM PDT to find out who will win the Battlefield 4: Showdown Live – Europe vs USA” match-up.

Xbox Live’s Major Nelson and AceyBongos will each command their own team of 32 players on Xbox One. You’ll get the first look at the Battlefield 4 Second Assault expansion pack, which debuts at the Showdown and brings four re-imagined Battlefield 3 maps to Battlefield 4.


Team Rosters

The teams will consist of players from the USA and selected European countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom). The players have all been hand-picked by EA in collaboration with DICE, and their skill level will vary as they are all there on different premises, bringing something unique to the table. With the Battlefield 4: Showdown Live Europe vs USA we want to give our fans a high-quality entertainment event accessible to anyone tuning in.

Team USA

Gamertag Country
Epsilon-Hulk USA
EyeSucks USA
tripleWR3CK USA
Paycer USA
Level-Whitexican USA
EvilViking13 USA
Fets25 USA
nXs-BrettFX USA
Mantis701 USA
widgitybear USA
ponylionHD USA
IceViper777 USA
on3nightstan USA
FakeThriller USA
intheworks USA
mobilesinper USA
Level-Darktimes USA
Stun_gravy USA
spartan117gw USA
BrassMonkeigh USA
iCoNiC_Wally USA
Darkness429 USA
daskro USA
Shibby2142 USA
iCoNiC_PaYn3x USA
GrizzleBF USA
Fredrik Loving DICE LA (USA)

Team Europe

Gamertag Country
Starbuck CMDR UK
Xa_Eurasian UK
Paragon N7 UK
FrazzleCakes UK
Vikkstar123 UK
Ov3R fR4g UK
Vermilion N1nja UK
fegeon FRANCE
mythiXAnThraX FRANCE
InFamouS_AsphaR FRANCE
Emosbloodshot GERMANY
ginkobiloba ITALY
Fazzhh ITALY
Just Rohn ITALY
Fonso3 SPAIN
YeOldeHickory SPAIN
iPabbie SWEDEN


Sonicjiz IRELAND
ChaBoyyHD UK
AaronLawdYuTube UK
CoiledDiagram5 USA

Second Assault Key ArtDuring the Battlefield 4 Beta, players helped Team USA or Team Europe get the edge by playing the Battlefield 4 Beta on Xbox 360. If players in the USA performed the best, Team USA would get an advantage in the Showdown. If players in Europe performed the best, then Team Europe would get the advantage. We’re running the numbers now – stay tuned to find out which side came out on top.

Watch together with millions of fans on Xbox Live, 11:00AM PDT/2PM EST on Nov 1st – and make sure to support your team!

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  • DEmJAY 02.23.14 at 14:14

    Why is there not a similar showdown for PS3 or PS4?

  • BoganBattler 11.05.13 at 22:13

    Whilst I love a good old fashioned nationalistic slagging match, I think we should rise above these COD-esque comments and actually discuss gameplay and issues that relate to the game itself.

    I love the Showdown. Superb content. I found it somewhat scary though, that Team EU had pretty much zero response to the air domination of the US. Why weren’t any of the Engineers using ground to air missiles to take out the jets? Is it because they are basically useless against a pilot with some skill? If that’s the case, then the jets need to be balanced again because otherwise matches will just end becoming a very linear play – whoever controls the air wins. That’s not really enjoyable. There has to be a viable response to air rape. A 64 player match shouldn’t be decided by just one player in a jet. In the case of the showdown, all three matches went to the US because of just one or two players in the air, and the EU just looked like ants running around from a giant child with fricking laser beam.

  • hoss024 11.04.13 at 20:42

    Well all I can say is we just beat an entire cocky continent:) Bottom line I knew we would win, and I think the European air was a major factor in the loss. But regardless we still would have won because we are hard asses and we don’t fall short.

  • ajfrosh 11.02.13 at 23:31

    So I just read all of the comments..(was bored) and I’m American and gonna try not to be biased in this comment. So number one no one can base real life statistics of battlefield. #2 people are arguing who is a better army. So my answer is it can not be matched. People can say “we have more people” or “they can’t survive the cold” truth is any soldier is a tough mother fucker. And another factor that needs to be added is special teams. Now I know England has a great special team(SAS) and same with the U.S (navy seals) (MARSOC) (Marine force recon) and others. Now obviously I think the U.S is stronger. Cause I am involved with the people from the seals. And it is some crazy shit what they have to do and I respect them. Every country has a army and every soldier should be respected for their sacrifice for your country. (Unless they are Muslim) and bottom line WAR is WAR. It won’t be different for any other soldier. -thanks

    • Cpt Napalm 1965 11.06.13 at 01:42

      Wow, just wow. The UK has a lot more special forces outfits than just the SAS and while you can argue the toss all day. Different special forces units are created and used for different purposes, so all tier 1 SF units are almost impossible to compare. I especially liked it when you where racist at the end there. Way to help out the image of your fellow Americans on the internet mate.

  • zacharyk36 11.02.13 at 06:58

    striptease got that ass handed to him.

  • bryceman101 11.02.13 at 00:20

    The assertion that the US lost the wars in Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq are simply inaccurate and simply go off of what the common media opinion is.

    In Korea, our casualties were minimal against the North Koreans and even more so the Chinese. When we beat back the NKs, China sent 1 million soldiers to push us back South, they suffered over 900,000 casualties by our firearms. We were forbidden from using our full military power on the North and China in response and we were pulled out by the politicians.

    In Vietnam, we never lost a single engagement against the Vietcong. Even in the Tet Offensive, with the media reporting how devastating a defeat it was for us, actually failed miserably, and we regained any lost territory. The only reason the media reported it that way was because of the surprising manner of the attack, misinformed initial reports, and a strong bias against the war. We were restricted by the greedy politicians in Washington from going into North Vietnam AT ALL. Even with that, we still were able to negotiate peace under a treaty that forbid further North Vietnamese invasions. However, after President Nixon resigned, The North attacked again, and Congress refused to offer air support to enforce the treaty.

    In Iraq we defeated and overthrew Sadaam’s military and government in 23 days. We found him hiding in a hole shortly thereafter. We set up the first free elections that they’ve had since the early 20th Century. The politicians again restricted our operations, BUT still tried to maintain an illusion of success by keeping us they were “committed to victory”.

    In all of these wars:

    We killed more enemy combatants than men we lost.
    We won almost every if not every engagement.
    We were restricted by the politicians in Washington in the scope of our operations.

    Don’t even try to pull the civilian casualties card. In EVERY war, including the one with an undoubtably just cause like World War 2, civilian casualties are higher than any military’s (I am referring to civilian deaths in the middle of combat, not including the murder of millions in concentration camps).

    The objective of the wars were set by the politicians, and the objective was NOT to win. It was to contain or police or something else that was not going to bring victory and lasting peace; it was a political game for the politicians. World War 2 was the last war we have WON, but we have NEVER LOST a war, and the faults of these three wars were the fault of the politicians, not our military, which is the most powerful, elite, professional, and honorable military the world has ever seen.

    • Striptease89 11.06.13 at 11:06

      What you really mean is that it goes off of what the US media opinion is? In fact, according to you and other Americans, the US have never lost a war. That’s maybe what you get taught in school, it wouldn’t surprise me at all.

      In N. Korea the US started losing ground as soon as the Soviets started to get involved in the conflict. The F-86 Sabres were easy targets for real Soviet pilots. Now the Soviets didn’t dare to have any larger number of pilots in combat as that would in real be seen as an act of war. The reason why the Sabres had a higher K/D ratio than the MiG-15 where solemnly because they put Vietnamese pilots (farmers) with no training in the cockpit, and still they actually managed to shot down the US planes. Which is sad from a US perspective.

      Your mighty army have never faced a worthy counterpart. The exception being the Germans during WWII. You have always engaged developing countries and their armies and still had a rough time doing so. The fact that you didn’t have the power or capability to end or win the Korean War, Vietnam War and the ongoing War on Terror just shows how ill advised those wars were and the incompetence in your military.

      Now, during WWII the US-army offensive covered an area from France to Germany. (Normandy – Berlin) That’s a total of 1100 kilometers which took 1 years against the weakest part of the German support and defensive troops. (The main German army was at the time on retreat in the East).

      The Russians defeated and covered a total of 2700 kilometers against the main German Army in a stunning fashion and in just about 3 years. The US army was so afraid of the Russian steamroller that they secretly developed ”Operation Unthinkable”.

      As a Swede with connections to the military I now a few thins about the ”powerful” US-army. For example I know that when the Navy SEALS came to participate in exercises in Sweden they failed tasks that regular Swedish soldiers manage with ease. In fact, Swedish regular soldiers get the same kind of training as Special Forces. Let’s just say that the Swedish special forces (jägare) can perform combat in -50 and on high altitude for weeks at a time without support and in deep enemy territory.

      The Swedish army exists to defend our territory. We are the best at it considering the climate in our part of the world. Equivalent to North Alaska and the Arctic circle.

      I know that we recently sent JAS39 Gripen to participate in dogfight exercises with the ”superior” F-22 Raptor. The Swedish pilots didn’t lose a single engagement. Secret? We have the most advanced radar and missiles in the world among other things.

      The US buy our weapons in large numbers for their war effort.

      I know that when the US-Navy leased our Gotland-class submarine for combat practices our sub ran rings around your carrier battle groups and sank the USS Ronald Reagan, without being discovered.

      Don’t pull the ”we have the most elite society in the world”-card.

      The Swedish army are among the oldest standing armies in the world and we had won 14 wars against the Russians before the US constitution of independence was even written.

      Now, regardless of what your patriot teacher says in high school the US know that they can never engage Iran or North Korea without being defeated or have the same outcome as in Vietnam.

      As of today the US economy is in panic. The truth is that you can’t even afford to have another war. That’s why you backed out of Syria and let your allies down and you President hanging like a clown. Your national debt I’m not even going to comment.

      Let me give you a tip. Your policy on war will give you some real headache in the future.

  • RoyWolfe_9c 11.01.13 at 23:26

    I like how everyone who likes to hate on Americans is saying “Europe would win in a war against America” because they cant say shit about the match, which they got smashed in by the way, because that match was about as legit as it gets when it comes to online play. So they decide to make up fake statistics about shit that doesn’t make sense, like hellreaper92 down below. The difference in the casualities between the US and the UK (not the entire European continent jackass) doesn’t show a difference in skill it shows a difference in their involvement in the war. And for the goddamn record, numbers are insignificant, its all about will. Classic example is the story of the Battle of Thermopylae, so think about that shit next time you want to compare numbers

    • Striptease89 11.02.13 at 00:04

      Swedes and Europe pretty much owns the US in every online game. Counter Strike, Dota 2, Battlefield 3 and 4 (PC). We are among the best in every E-sport championship and have the most medals. You were saying? This was a insignificant game played on a console. Means shit.

      The Vietnamese had will, the Koreans had sill, Iraqis had will, Americans don’t have that fighting spirit or morale.

      That’s why you lost those wars.

      In every war you have fought with allies? How would you stand on your own?

      You wouldn’t.

      • RoyWolfe_9c 11.02.13 at 01:33

        Quit going off on tangents man, first this shit was about who is better at battlefield, then some d-bag brought up wars, now your’re goin on about e-sports and games that aren’t battlefield. BF4 is the superior first person shooter, and this Battlefield 4 showdown was to see who was the best team at the best game in the fps genre, so that renders everything you were saying about online games in general irrelevant.
        As for that bullshit you were saying about our fighting spirit, it was America who backed the French up in Vietnam because they were having trouble keeping the peace there. It was America who defended innocent people in South Korea from being taken over by a dictator in North Korea, and the North Koreans would have gotten smashed if the Chinese hadn’t gotten involved, as we couldn’t engage with them at the risk of starting a war with China and Russia.
        And what about Sweden, which I’m presuming you’re from. Sweden had to stay neutral in both the world wars. And there are only 2 reasons that you didn’t become part of Nazi controlled Europe; 1: you couldn’t “handle” the war, so if you resisted you would have gotten destroyed, and since Hitler didn’t have plans for you…well why waste your energy slapping the weak when you can do that after you’ve beaten the strong… and the second most important reason 2: America came to the worlds help after being repeatedly asked by the rest of Europe in BOTH of the world wars, thus saving you and the rest of Europe from Nazi tyranny…(I do have to hand it to England though for their outstanding defense during the German air raids)
        The point is that America hasn’t stood on its own since after our Civil War because we’ve been saving everyone else’s ass in conflicts they couldn’t finish alone, but hey maybe if you go back to being a viking then you’ll have some luck understanding something about fighting spirit, but until then go brush up on your world history

  • hellreaper92 11.01.13 at 22:17

    Lmao u go ob about skill fuck me the yanks dont have any how many men and women have died since the war in iraq and afgan over a 1000 how many has EU lost since then about 500 mmm really shows the own skill yanks have is dying killing there own friends and sitting on ass doing fuck all

    • Demonseed2252 11.01.13 at 22:52

      LMAO. Seems how much you know. You judge us American gamers skill based on real-world statistics on the death-toll in Afghanistan…yea…you’re european, so it’s understandable, but all i gotta say is this, if you’re French, show some damn respect. If it weren’t for us Americans, more than half of Europe would be speaking German right now, and under the rule of a dictator.

      • Striptease89 11.01.13 at 23:52

        Wrong. Russia won WWII. With or without you Russia would have won in the end you. Don’t ever lecture a European on that subject. Without us USA wouldn’t even exist. We founded the US, our ancestors built your sorry ass nation from the ground. If Europe and Asia cuts your oil supply and collects their loans you would be bankrupt before you could even say GAME OVER. Your national debt is so high it makes Mount Everest look like a needle. The world owns the US not the other way around.

  • Striptease89 11.01.13 at 22:13

    Just like you raped Vietnam? Oh wait you didn’t…

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