Battlefield 4: Showdown Live – Europe vs USA

Battlefield has always brought out the competitive sides of players. So it’s no surprise that on November 1, Europe and the USA are going head-to-head in Battlefield 4 to finally find out who’s best.

Tune into the live stream on Xbox Live on November 1 at 11:00AM PDT to find out who will win the Battlefield 4: Showdown Live – Europe vs USA” match-up.

Xbox Live’s Major Nelson and AceyBongos will each command their own team of 32 players on Xbox One. You’ll get the first look at the Battlefield 4 Second Assault expansion pack, which debuts at the Showdown and brings four re-imagined Battlefield 3 maps to Battlefield 4.


Team Rosters

The teams will consist of players from the USA and selected European countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom). The players have all been hand-picked by EA in collaboration with DICE, and their skill level will vary as they are all there on different premises, bringing something unique to the table. With the Battlefield 4: Showdown Live Europe vs USA we want to give our fans a high-quality entertainment event accessible to anyone tuning in.

Team USA

Gamertag Country
Epsilon-Hulk USA
EyeSucks USA
tripleWR3CK USA
Paycer USA
Level-Whitexican USA
EvilViking13 USA
Fets25 USA
nXs-BrettFX USA
Mantis701 USA
widgitybear USA
ponylionHD USA
IceViper777 USA
on3nightstan USA
FakeThriller USA
intheworks USA
mobilesinper USA
Level-Darktimes USA
Stun_gravy USA
spartan117gw USA
BrassMonkeigh USA
iCoNiC_Wally USA
Darkness429 USA
daskro USA
Shibby2142 USA
iCoNiC_PaYn3x USA
GrizzleBF USA
Fredrik Loving DICE LA (USA)

Team Europe

Gamertag Country
Starbuck CMDR UK
Xa_Eurasian UK
Paragon N7 UK
FrazzleCakes UK
Vikkstar123 UK
Ov3R fR4g UK
Vermilion N1nja UK
fegeon FRANCE
mythiXAnThraX FRANCE
InFamouS_AsphaR FRANCE
Emosbloodshot GERMANY
ginkobiloba ITALY
Fazzhh ITALY
Just Rohn ITALY
Fonso3 SPAIN
YeOldeHickory SPAIN
iPabbie SWEDEN


Sonicjiz IRELAND
ChaBoyyHD UK
AaronLawdYuTube UK
CoiledDiagram5 USA

Second Assault Key ArtDuring the Battlefield 4 Beta, players helped Team USA or Team Europe get the edge by playing the Battlefield 4 Beta on Xbox 360. If players in the USA performed the best, Team USA would get an advantage in the Showdown. If players in Europe performed the best, then Team Europe would get the advantage. We’re running the numbers now – stay tuned to find out which side came out on top.

Watch together with millions of fans on Xbox Live, 11:00AM PDT/2PM EST on Nov 1st – and make sure to support your team!

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  • DEmJAY 02.23.14 at 14:14

    Why is there not a similar showdown for PS3 or PS4?

  • BoganBattler 11.05.13 at 22:13

    Whilst I love a good old fashioned nationalistic slagging match, I think we should rise above these COD-esque comments and actually discuss gameplay and issues that relate to the game itself.

    I love the Showdown. Superb content. I found it somewhat scary though, that Team EU had pretty much zero response to the air domination of the US. Why weren’t any of the Engineers using ground to air missiles to take out the jets? Is it because they are basically useless against a pilot with some skill? If that’s the case, then the jets need to be balanced again because otherwise matches will just end becoming a very linear play – whoever controls the air wins. That’s not really enjoyable. There has to be a viable response to air rape. A 64 player match shouldn’t be decided by just one player in a jet. In the case of the showdown, all three matches went to the US because of just one or two players in the air, and the EU just looked like ants running around from a giant child with fricking laser beam.

  • hoss024 11.04.13 at 20:42

    Well all I can say is we just beat an entire cocky continent:) Bottom line I knew we would win, and I think the European air was a major factor in the loss. But regardless we still would have won because we are hard asses and we don’t fall short.

  • ajfrosh 11.02.13 at 23:31

    So I just read all of the comments..(was bored) and I’m American and gonna try not to be biased in this comment. So number one no one can base real life statistics of battlefield. #2 people are arguing who is a better army. So my answer is it can not be matched. People can say “we have more people” or “they can’t survive the cold” truth is any soldier is a tough mother fucker. And another factor that needs to be added is special teams. Now I know England has a great special team(SAS) and same with the U.S (navy seals) (MARSOC) (Marine force recon) and others. Now obviously I think the U.S is stronger. Cause I am involved with the people from the seals. And it is some crazy shit what they have to do and I respect them. Every country has a army and every soldier should be respected for their sacrifice for your country. (Unless they are Muslim) and bottom line WAR is WAR. It won’t be different for any other soldier. -thanks

    • Cpt Napalm 1965 11.06.13 at 01:42

      Wow, just wow. The UK has a lot more special forces outfits than just the SAS and while you can argue the toss all day. Different special forces units are created and used for different purposes, so all tier 1 SF units are almost impossible to compare. I especially liked it when you where racist at the end there. Way to help out the image of your fellow Americans on the internet mate.

  • zacharyk36 11.02.13 at 06:58

    striptease got that ass handed to him.

  • bryceman101 11.02.13 at 00:20

    The assertion that the US lost the wars in Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq are simply inaccurate and simply go off of what the common media opinion is.

    In Korea, our casualties were minimal against the North Koreans and even more so the Chinese. When we beat back the NKs, China sent 1 million soldiers to push us back South, they suffered over 900,000 casualties by our firearms. We were forbidden from using our full military power on the North and China in response and we were pulled out by the politicians.

    In Vietnam, we never lost a single engagement against the Vietcong. Even in the Tet Offensive, with the media reporting how devastating a defeat it was for us, actually failed miserably, and we regained any lost territory. The only reason the media reported it that way was because of the surprising manner of the attack, misinformed initial reports, and a strong bias against the war. We were restricted by the greedy politicians in Washington from going into North Vietnam AT ALL. Even with that, we still were able to negotiate peace under a treaty that forbid further North Vietnamese invasions. However, after President Nixon resigned, The North attacked again, and Congress refused to offer air support to enforce the treaty.

    In Iraq we defeated and overthrew Sadaam’s military and government in 23 days. We found him hiding in a hole shortly thereafter. We set up the first free elections that they’ve had since the early 20th Century. The politicians again restricted our operations, BUT still tried to maintain an illusion of success by keeping us they were “committed to victory”.

    In all of these wars:

    We killed more enemy combatants than men we lost.
    We won almost every if not every engagement.
    We were restricted by the politicians in Washington in the scope of our operations.

    Don’t even try to pull the civilian casualties card. In EVERY war, including the one with an undoubtably just cause like World War 2, civilian casualties are higher than any military’s (I am referring to civilian deaths in the middle of combat, not including the murder of millions in concentration camps).

    The objective of the wars were set by the politicians, and the objective was NOT to win. It was to contain or police or something else that was not going to bring victory and lasting peace; it was a political game for the politicians. World War 2 was the last war we have WON, but we have NEVER LOST a war, and the faults of these three wars were the fault of the politicians, not our military, which is the most powerful, elite, professional, and honorable military the world has ever seen.

    • Striptease89 11.06.13 at 11:06

      What you really mean is that it goes off of what the US media opinion is? In fact, according to you and other Americans, the US have never lost a war. That’s maybe what you get taught in school, it wouldn’t surprise me at all.

      In N. Korea the US started losing ground as soon as the Soviets started to get involved in the conflict. The F-86 Sabres were easy targets for real Soviet pilots. Now the Soviets didn’t dare to have any larger number of pilots in combat as that would in real be seen as an act of war. The reason why the Sabres had a higher K/D ratio than the MiG-15 where solemnly because they put Vietnamese pilots (farmers) with no training in the cockpit, and still they actually managed to shot down the US planes. Which is sad from a US perspective.

      Your mighty army have never faced a worthy counterpart. The exception being the Germans during WWII. You have always engaged developing countries and their armies and still had a rough time doing so. The fact that you didn’t have the power or capability to end or win the Korean War, Vietnam War and the ongoing War on Terror just shows how ill advised those wars were and the incompetence in your military.

      Now, during WWII the US-army offensive covered an area from France to Germany. (Normandy – Berlin) That’s a total of 1100 kilometers which took 1 years against the weakest part of the German support and defensive troops. (The main German army was at the time on retreat in the East).

      The Russians defeated and covered a total of 2700 kilometers against the main German Army in a stunning fashion and in just about 3 years. The US army was so afraid of the Russian steamroller that they secretly developed ”Operation Unthinkable”.

      As a Swede with connections to the military I now a few thins about the ”powerful” US-army. For example I know that when the Navy SEALS came to participate in exercises in Sweden they failed tasks that regular Swedish soldiers manage with ease. In fact, Swedish regular soldiers get the same kind of training as Special Forces. Let’s just say that the Swedish special forces (jägare) can perform combat in -50 and on high altitude for weeks at a time without support and in deep enemy territory.

      The Swedish army exists to defend our territory. We are the best at it considering the climate in our part of the world. Equivalent to North Alaska and the Arctic circle.

      I know that we recently sent JAS39 Gripen to participate in dogfight exercises with the ”superior” F-22 Raptor. The Swedish pilots didn’t lose a single engagement. Secret? We have the most advanced radar and missiles in the world among other things.

      The US buy our weapons in large numbers for their war effort.

      I know that when the US-Navy leased our Gotland-class submarine for combat practices our sub ran rings around your carrier battle groups and sank the USS Ronald Reagan, without being discovered.

      Don’t pull the ”we have the most elite society in the world”-card.

      The Swedish army are among the oldest standing armies in the world and we had won 14 wars against the Russians before the US constitution of independence was even written.

      Now, regardless of what your patriot teacher says in high school the US know that they can never engage Iran or North Korea without being defeated or have the same outcome as in Vietnam.

      As of today the US economy is in panic. The truth is that you can’t even afford to have another war. That’s why you backed out of Syria and let your allies down and you President hanging like a clown. Your national debt I’m not even going to comment.

      Let me give you a tip. Your policy on war will give you some real headache in the future.

  • RoyWolfe_9c 11.01.13 at 23:26

    I like how everyone who likes to hate on Americans is saying “Europe would win in a war against America” because they cant say shit about the match, which they got smashed in by the way, because that match was about as legit as it gets when it comes to online play. So they decide to make up fake statistics about shit that doesn’t make sense, like hellreaper92 down below. The difference in the casualities between the US and the UK (not the entire European continent jackass) doesn’t show a difference in skill it shows a difference in their involvement in the war. And for the goddamn record, numbers are insignificant, its all about will. Classic example is the story of the Battle of Thermopylae, so think about that shit next time you want to compare numbers

    • Striptease89 11.02.13 at 00:04

      Swedes and Europe pretty much owns the US in every online game. Counter Strike, Dota 2, Battlefield 3 and 4 (PC). We are among the best in every E-sport championship and have the most medals. You were saying? This was a insignificant game played on a console. Means shit.

      The Vietnamese had will, the Koreans had sill, Iraqis had will, Americans don’t have that fighting spirit or morale.

      That’s why you lost those wars.

      In every war you have fought with allies? How would you stand on your own?

      You wouldn’t.

      • RoyWolfe_9c 11.02.13 at 01:33

        Quit going off on tangents man, first this shit was about who is better at battlefield, then some d-bag brought up wars, now your’re goin on about e-sports and games that aren’t battlefield. BF4 is the superior first person shooter, and this Battlefield 4 showdown was to see who was the best team at the best game in the fps genre, so that renders everything you were saying about online games in general irrelevant.
        As for that bullshit you were saying about our fighting spirit, it was America who backed the French up in Vietnam because they were having trouble keeping the peace there. It was America who defended innocent people in South Korea from being taken over by a dictator in North Korea, and the North Koreans would have gotten smashed if the Chinese hadn’t gotten involved, as we couldn’t engage with them at the risk of starting a war with China and Russia.
        And what about Sweden, which I’m presuming you’re from. Sweden had to stay neutral in both the world wars. And there are only 2 reasons that you didn’t become part of Nazi controlled Europe; 1: you couldn’t “handle” the war, so if you resisted you would have gotten destroyed, and since Hitler didn’t have plans for you…well why waste your energy slapping the weak when you can do that after you’ve beaten the strong… and the second most important reason 2: America came to the worlds help after being repeatedly asked by the rest of Europe in BOTH of the world wars, thus saving you and the rest of Europe from Nazi tyranny…(I do have to hand it to England though for their outstanding defense during the German air raids)
        The point is that America hasn’t stood on its own since after our Civil War because we’ve been saving everyone else’s ass in conflicts they couldn’t finish alone, but hey maybe if you go back to being a viking then you’ll have some luck understanding something about fighting spirit, but until then go brush up on your world history

  • hellreaper92 11.01.13 at 22:17

    Lmao u go ob about skill fuck me the yanks dont have any how many men and women have died since the war in iraq and afgan over a 1000 how many has EU lost since then about 500 mmm really shows the own skill yanks have is dying killing there own friends and sitting on ass doing fuck all

    • Demonseed2252 11.01.13 at 22:52

      LMAO. Seems how much you know. You judge us American gamers skill based on real-world statistics on the death-toll in Afghanistan…yea…you’re european, so it’s understandable, but all i gotta say is this, if you’re French, show some damn respect. If it weren’t for us Americans, more than half of Europe would be speaking German right now, and under the rule of a dictator.

      • Striptease89 11.01.13 at 23:52

        Wrong. Russia won WWII. With or without you Russia would have won in the end you. Don’t ever lecture a European on that subject. Without us USA wouldn’t even exist. We founded the US, our ancestors built your sorry ass nation from the ground. If Europe and Asia cuts your oil supply and collects their loans you would be bankrupt before you could even say GAME OVER. Your national debt is so high it makes Mount Everest look like a needle. The world owns the US not the other way around.

  • Striptease89 11.01.13 at 22:13

    Just like you raped Vietnam? Oh wait you didn’t…

  • guirro1981 11.01.13 at 20:46

    Team USA won because they were better organized. I guess the language barrier in Team EU might have played a role here. Amazing air support from Compact Killer and Team USA.

  • Ewalker38 11.01.13 at 20:44

    So after watching this event what the hell happened to team EU

  • hoss024 11.01.13 at 15:45

    In no way shape or form, will this reflect on what an actual war between the US and Europe would be like. In this the Europeans have a decent chance of winning. In real time war we’d fuck you up:)

    • fox king12 11.01.13 at 20:59

      Um no deud do your reasearch America has an army of 1 million strong (its bigger than that but thats an estimation) if you look up top 10 largest armies none of them are European countries. Iran has a bigger army than all of you and thats sad. We also have the best trained military in the world best technology we have the best everything and we all speak the same language…so your communication would suck…your navy powers are weak we would cut off all of your water ways stop your trade starve you…i mean Germany a European country took all of Europe out almost by themselves… thats sad… now think if we hadn’t shown up and saved you guys what would’ve happened… and now were even more technologically advanced, better trained, and we have more man power. Sorry European but we’d win…!!

      • Striptease89 11.01.13 at 22:06

        You kidding me right? USA WHO couldn’t even win in Korea, then Vietnam and now in Iraq. That’s just sad. Europe would win easily. We have a bigger army and would simply sink your carriers just like our Swedish submarines have proven in exercises. We sank your biggest carrier and you couldn’t even find our sub. We have the most advanced technology, METEOR missiles and tanks you name it. Fully mobilized Russia have an army of 1 million minimum. Then we have Germany, France and 30 more countries. Good luck with that. The scenario would be like, you lose, can’t hack it. You nuke Europe, we nuke you right back. THE END.

        For the record. Russia won WWII, and you took the credit.

        You have seen too many Hollywood movies.

        Your economy is sad and your national debt is outrageously high. You are in debt to practically all the world. You would be bankrupt before you could even win a war. Try again shall you?

    • Demonseed2252 11.01.13 at 22:54

      France would be the first to go.

  • Raunholm 10.30.13 at 19:38

    So this event will only be available on xbox live? No stream for PC?

  • MatsRB 10.29.13 at 19:56

    So thats why the american government had to shut down? Lol. Europeans are clearly the most powerful, americans would die of the cold here in Norway and sweden. And if america were to be attacked, they would’nt stand a chance because you have such a big ego. You attack countries for no reason etc omg.. ahahahahahahahahahahahahah

    • MaliceGhost 10.30.13 at 23:50

      Know what Americans can do? Make you stfu.

    • MaliceGhost 10.30.13 at 23:52

      What do you have to say about that?

    • wupy36 11.01.13 at 14:55

      why do you think Americans would freeze in Norway and Sweden. Oh thats right probably never been to America, most likely you watch videos or movies on america. Cause where i live in Minnesota within in the 50 states of America just to let you know its actually colder than Norway and Sweden, also if you care so much for your countries then spell correctly for instance spelling Sweden with a lower case “s” isn’t proper spelling sir.

      • Striptease89 11.01.13 at 22:11

        Colder than Sweden? You know that Sweden in located on the same latitude as Alaska right? That’s about 2000 km north of Minnesota. We have 2 or 3 months of summer, then winter. We even live above the Arctic circle where the sun never rises. You have that In your warm state of Minneosta?

    • hoss024 11.01.13 at 15:15

      Haha, i would love to see Sweden or Norway attack us. They would get butt raped:)

    • hoss024 11.01.13 at 15:17

      Just sayin, we coud probably take on all of europe. And win:)

      • MegakeFF 11.01.13 at 18:10

        Funny thing. Our subs play games with youre fleet. Sink youre carriers and our airdefence realy raped you attackchoppers in exercises ;-) funny facts.
        Yes we will loose. Cause of numbers. But it will cost you. Allot!

        • hoss024 11.01.13 at 19:28

          You do realize I said all of Europe. You outnumber us by a shit ton, and yet you are right we will still win cause we have something called skill and shit so advanced you couldn’t even dream of it:)

          • hoss024 11.01.13 at 19:34

            What the hell are you even talking about, nobody plays battleship anymore kid

      • Striptease89 11.01.13 at 22:17

        You couldn’t even take on Vietnam and win let alone the Korean War. How’s it going in Iraq by the way? Swedish army is there and cleaning up the mess you left behind.

    • fox king12 11.01.13 at 21:01

      Um no deud do your reasearch America has an army of 1 million strong (its bigger than that but thats an estimation) if you look up top 10 largest armies none of them are European countries. Iran has a bigger army than all of you and thats sad. We also have the best trained military in the world best technology we have the best everything and we all speak the same language…so your communication would suck…your navy powers are weak we would cut off all of your water ways stop your trade starve you…i mean Germany a European country took all of Europe out almost by themselves… thats sad… now think if we hadn’t shown up and saved you guys what would’ve happened… and now were even more technologically advanced, better trained, and we have more man power. Sorry European but we’d win…!!

    • fox king12 11.01.13 at 21:07

      are your demented or something …we wouldn’t freeze to death we have stuff now called jackets…and it also gets very cold in the U.S. …so how we’d freeze when in Alaska it’s colder than any of the European countries put together

    • neosxtc 11.01.13 at 22:13

      You know why our Government shut down? Because of our incompetent leadership that is currently in charge. Most American didn’t want this person in the WH again but we got our voted by people that didn’t even care about this country. One why are when even fighting about who would win anyway. I have friends all over Europe and what we need to be worrying about in all out way is Russia and China. We know that those two would team up to take both mainland Europe out and America.

      Second, Europeans fail to remember that 2 out of every 5 Americans own a gun. So not only do we have our main Military, we also have Reserve components, and National Guard. Not counting State Armies and militias that would form up to fight overseas as well if needed. Again the question isn’t about who would win between Europe and The United States but who we should be worry about next.

      -Iraq Army Vet-

      • Striptease89 11.01.13 at 22:32

        You know who put that government in charge? Americans easily forget that Sweden had a National Guard in the 80′s about 1 million strong. That’s even a higher percentage of people with guns than in the US.

        One day in the near future the US will collapse, either by bankrupcy or in a war. I’m sorry but that’s the truth. You can’t have a government which time after time keeps dragging you lower and lower into the abyss. Your national debt is sick. Chine literally owns your ass.

        • Simmonstuna 11.02.13 at 06:23

          The same thing could be sad about the EU. I don’t even know why you guys are fighting anyway. US and most nations in the EU are allied through NATO. America was founded by people who originated from different parts of Europe. Than again, this is the internet, so not really surprise with all the hate going on right now.

  • SanaeKochiya904 10.29.13 at 17:28

    Americans -,-
    What is going on in their heads?

  • sexualcongress 10.29.13 at 05:19

    II aNi II is GODLIKE. Team America is going to be choking on his dong.

    • omc_carnage1 10.29.13 at 17:37

      sexualcongress is nothin but a fag, whos dong are you choking on…….

      • sexualcongress 11.01.13 at 16:53

        I’ve just played || aNi || a few times. He’s frustratingly good. Enough to make most players on a server ragequit.

  • 7hephoeniX 10.29.13 at 02:46

    Go get them Team USA. Of course I got to stick with my guys. Mobilesinper, Darkness429, daskro, and Mantis701. Bring back the W.

  • 7hephoeniX 10.29.13 at 02:43

    USA for sure is going to take it. I got to stick with my guys. GO get Team USA.

  • JUANQUI35 10.29.13 at 01:18


  • spartan5012 10.29.13 at 00:32

    I have a playstation….

  • assaultking117 10.28.13 at 21:17

    America has the best gamers in the world. Europe won’t stand a chance because they have no idea that they will unleash the wrath of the American juggernaut. AMERICA!!!!!!

  • jorgen779 10.28.13 at 19:51

    America is gonna get owned America is getting cocky. 2534+ dislikes

  • swe sebb 10.28.13 at 18:08

    I coming from sweden

  • oper8or_supreme 10.28.13 at 03:08

    heres a little history lesson for you USA haters over 200 years ago the USA became the STRONGEST military superpower and we still are today and I can name a army airborne soldier on the list SPARTAN117GW for guess what team USA USA USA USA USA so that military training gives him the teamwork and leadership capabilities to win this showdown on the battlefield can you name any active duty special operations members on your team I didn’t think so

    That is all

    • xxxxxCronoxxxxx 10.28.13 at 09:37

      next do some actual real research before you make stupid remarks like that and prove almost every stereotype the world has against your country right

    • n0rthStreaM 10.28.13 at 18:11

      Americans and history, haha ^^

    • assaultking117 10.28.13 at 21:18

      AMERICA!!! FUCK YEAH!!!!!

    • BARRiiZ 10.28.13 at 22:46

      1. OK If you believe one man wins a war what fucking planet are you on and 2. it’s video game

    • ArzoR 10.28.13 at 23:17

      USA became the strongest military superpower 200 years ago, are you serious? Thats the beginning of the 19th century. USA wasnt particularly strong in terms of military at the time. It wasnt until pre WW2 when USA became clearly the strongest military superpower. Learn your stuff.

    • CHUAKI.B 10.29.13 at 09:04

      Real combat has nothing to do with video games. I’m surprised he still wants to experience warfare but in a different environment. I admire his sense of patriotism but don’t get the idea that real life combat skills will in any way help with a video game.

    • SanaeKochiya904 10.29.13 at 17:27

      This is a video game stupid, not a real war.

    • hoss024 11.01.13 at 19:44

      Learn your shit man, you just made us look stupid as fuck

    • Striptease89 11.01.13 at 22:51

      Here’s a history lesson for you. Europeans founded the USA and built it from the bottom up. Not until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 did you become the most powerful. Never ever lecture a European on US history. Without us you wouldn’t even exist douchébag.

  • iNeedLuck 10.28.13 at 00:27

    Well i think this team is was not chosen by dice but by microsoft. it’s only a PR-thing for their xbone exclusive deal and since there are non-console-player on either side, its a fair game :D

    the real positive thing will be: we will se Metro with levolution….well not live since I have no xbox live gold membership.

  • PHOOPSTA 10.27.13 at 07:11

    What a joke, Lot of these guys are just popular. not much of a match up worth seeing.

  • M3GALON 10.27.13 at 06:47

    publicity yall.

  • pr0blem 10.27.13 at 06:04

    I’m 8th in the world overall, 1st for IFV’s, 2nd for tanks with a genuine 16.10 KDR & over 4000 1st MVP’s. I didn’t get an invite… What a joke….

  • red69ers 10.26.13 at 19:00

    Not saying its bad but most of the players are kn pc and don’t get me wrong I love pc but for some of the guys to compete using a new console and feel of the game will be pretty difficult but it will still be interesting to watch

  • jamvik32 10.26.13 at 18:54

    how is europe going to stand against stun OoO!

  • Xervath 10.26.13 at 16:23

    Hmm I would have expected there to be some people from the Netherlands. The Dutchies have some Battlefield players that are harder than a coffin nail. Regardless: So this is it, eh? Looks like the showdown will be an interesting watch…for more than one reason…

  • xKlRAx 10.26.13 at 15:06

    best player of usa and EU…. They call unable youtubers. Nice shit

  • FINEST 10.26.13 at 14:54

    All I see is a bunch of pc players with YouTube channel they shouldve chosen console players this isn’t the pc version there playing most of them hate the console version why reward them smh… Great job dice on picking the players.. Most of them will probably talk how bad the xbox one version looks compare to pc…..

    • xxxxxCronoxxxxx 10.28.13 at 09:41

      i only reconise 4 you-tubers on the us side and on one from the uk side

  • AV State 10.26.13 at 11:31

    Good to see the best xbox console players from US playing the best xbox console players from Euro. Oh wait, I forgot the formality that in reality the US team has about 4-6 actual xbox pros and roughly 20+ youtubers from other consoles, same goes for Euro… Really good job picking the best of the best EA & DICE. $1.6 Mil tourney yet bro????

  • oDuDezzz 10.26.13 at 11:05

    OMG who ever pick up the roster for EU dosent have a clue what does it means best players, you have so meany grate players than this except guys from France in the roster

  • IQjoshbra98 10.26.13 at 09:17

    Wheres levelcap, Xfactor, Jackfrags, Sgtred,Rachaelbattlebot and matimo and Chayyboy should be in and not just a reserve

    • CroHazarD 10.26.13 at 10:37

      I think they dont want to play on the cheapbox 360

  • H1TM4N12 10.26.13 at 05:52

    I agree with mrgoodcatz. How is ChaBoyyHD a backup?

  • AiFJ 10.26.13 at 05:14

    Very strange CHINA rising. No one from China.

  • Lynx30 10.26.13 at 03:46

    YEAH Cha, I’m glad you made it in!!!

  • Hookd_On_Phonics 10.26.13 at 01:56

    This should have been on PC, not the peasantbox 360.

    • MrFrownyFace 10.26.13 at 02:28

      Heh, always funny the “superior” PC guys start this crap but you never see a console guy starting it. And no, it isn’t because “we know we’re wrong”, we have a trait you elitists long lost: we know how to enjoy our games regardless of hardware.

      • TheGuider 10.26.13 at 02:59

        Nah, actually it is precisely because you know you’re wrong – mainly because you have nothing to go on in order to “start this crap” to begin with.
        Hardware is hardly the only factor in this PC-Console face-off; it’s more about the possibilities of each respective platform and their communities than anything else, which is why you have earned your “peasant” title, and why you will keep it for decades to come.

      • CroHazarD 10.26.13 at 10:35

        Only us start this crap ??? haha what about your crap about gta 5 “You cheap pc whores go buy a console”, “Dont put GTA 5 on PC its just gonna get modded and destroyed”

  • Nez0x 10.26.13 at 01:55

    Why only the XBox360?

  • billygilley00 10.26.13 at 01:52

    I would have love to be in this! how does some one get picked to do this?

  • MrGoodKat24o 10.26.13 at 01:34

    ChaBoyyHD in reserves? That is not right! :( Go ChaBoyyHD! :)

  • mikeboom6969 10.26.13 at 01:24

    if they do this for the ps4 i would love to join in bf4 is all about team player i am one for the best team players bc i lysten too all people.

  • kingfrederik 10.26.13 at 01:19

    Firstly, is it being streamed on twitch? I mean xbox live basically locks out 70% of your audience (PC/PS3) secondly, it’s early release for USA, in the EU we get it on Friday. And finally, why is nic not there? a guy with 2000 hours played would dominate.

  • ADDISON396 10.26.13 at 00:06

    Happy to be representing the EU! I have 674 hours played and I think ill be in jets on in a vehicle. If not im handy in a firefight and I hold a 1.4 K/DAlso Feel free to check out my battlelog

  • HaPPY xx CaMPeR 10.25.13 at 22:18

    What i want to know, is why are half the people playing on both teams not competitive players.. After playing against some of the best European teams on the CSL, Fragged Nation and WGL.. im pretty disappointed to see that i only recognise a handful of the guys, and after a bit of research, some of the players are COD Youtubers and don’t even play battlefield.. Doesn’t make a lot of sense, to do a big Xbox competitive tournament to make battlefield competitive without the competitive players…

    • II aNi II 10.25.13 at 23:55

      There’s a lot of guys on this list which for some reason, are using different tags. You may not recognise me for instance, but a lot of the guys on the list know me. It seems a lot of people are using different tags. I think it’s a good balance of Crowd bringers, Pro gamers and representives. Hopefully between us, we all put on a good show.

  • Crysie 10.25.13 at 16:46

    Dont USA get the game 3 days ahead of Europe?

  • 802436460W200 10.24.13 at 11:53

    so this is a f.cking commerce shit belgium and holland not in the eu ? set up thats whut i call it …. fuck you guys you made me angry

    • Axxelerated 10.26.13 at 04:16

      Dude i totaly agree with you, why the fuck are the netherlands and belgium not selected i was number one with score per minut in the netherlands…. im angry

  • AnonymousHQ 10.24.13 at 10:10

    I don’t live in any countries that are involved in this Showdown, But I honestly think that Europe will kick ass.

  • mrjazzyjazz1 10.24.13 at 08:14

    Make their mustard Hot dogs moist with tea, Europe!

  • Und3adGhilli3 10.24.13 at 04:16

    C’mon USA! We’ll kick their sorry European butts!

  • CherubicSnake5 10.24.13 at 02:35

    country vs a whole continent. Murica

    • jediROF 10.25.13 at 19:12

      Last time i checked, Europe was a continent?
      GO EUROPE!

      • GrandNoobian 10.25.13 at 20:55

        NO SHIT SHERLOCK but the USA is a country innit burv

  • Alpha1_actual 10.24.13 at 02:14

    Go Europe!!

  • Spetznas_Alpha23 10.23.13 at 20:43

    Go For the USA, kick some tail boys.!

  • Imaad970 10.23.13 at 19:10

    EUROPE FTW!!!!!!!
    Regards from South Africa

  • Death1099 10.23.13 at 17:13

    Euro Faction :) DLC?

  • Z0one-Sniper44 10.23.13 at 17:08

    Sais un peux con qui remette Opé métro ok les joueurs 360 et ps4 i aller souvent étant donner le peux de joeurs qui avait (12vs12) M’ai avec ps4 xbox one 32vs32 mettre une map ou le plaisirs de bf et détruits fait chier tous même

  • kaputsnake 10.23.13 at 16:52

    I Will like to Join Europa Iam fron Sweden and send a email to me if Iam in your sqad thanks and nye bye

  • simplemindid 10.23.13 at 15:37


  • NANOSUITHUNTER 10.21.13 at 12:26

    Wait a sec, so there will have EUROPEAN player models in Battlefield 4? Or just for the show?

    • zPredator99 10.21.13 at 14:16

      No, theres not going to be an EU team in BF4 or playermodels and there wont be EU skins for the show.

    • Cpt Dylster 10.22.13 at 01:29

      No thats the russian model

  • Andrewz777 10.21.13 at 02:03

    Hello DICE I think it would be really cool if you guy’s put some BF2142 Map into BF4 like the Map.Verdun,Fall of Berlin,Bridge at Remagen,Cerbere Landing,Liberation of Leipzig,Port Bavaria,Yellow Knife,and Operation Blue Pearl. you guy’s should put one of these map in BF4 DLC that would be awesome!! Please DICE think about this.

    • Crackhead88 10.21.13 at 02:18

      Shaghai is already pretty much a copy of Bridge at Remagen

    • animefreak2606 10.21.13 at 08:57

      I would rather have a remake of the game :D

  • MrMdB 10.21.13 at 01:51

    It’s so great to see that the best BF3 map is going to be back!

  • xoblite 10.21.13 at 01:12

    back to Metro

    • xyanide 10.21.13 at 01:15

      It’s so sad to see that the worst BF3 map is going to be back. I know that I dont have to play it, but I still will be paying for it since I want the other maps.

      • I No I FeaR I 10.21.13 at 04:54

        I know right. Second Assault is definitely the “runt” of the group of DLC’s just like Close Quarters was for BF3. I hope Levolution can actually make Metro worth playing. That map should never be played with more than 32 people and Conquest is a disaster on that map.

    • XAngeled 10.21.13 at 20:02

      All over again, lets hope they changed it a little and added ALOT more destruction.
      cause it has NOTHING

  • ALASEEL 10.21.13 at 00:55

    Europe Europe Europe …
    I’m with the two teams :)

  • Ace-Bishop_55 10.21.13 at 00:47

    As long as EU plays as the RU team then fine. But this tournament should really be on PC. Consoles are pathetic to have a big tournament on when the game plays best on a PC. Seriously what is the point

  • Wez321 10.20.13 at 23:35


  • mataksas 10.20.13 at 17:03


  • Intense4Play 10.20.13 at 12:22

    EU! Major Nelson is such a faggot.

  • Thugaveli 10.19.13 at 20:33

    Its a pity its only xbox and not on all platforms would be a lot of fun

  • RD xXShy TownXx 10.19.13 at 10:05

    were gunna win hands down

  • MrBaconator12 10.19.13 at 06:25

    Notice how it is multiple European Countries vs USA and still the land mass of those countries cant even get any where near the size of USA combined.

  • RaminDixin 10.19.13 at 04:11

    USA will win, Europe is too busy trying to find a razor to shave their armpits, lol

    • EmergencySpork 10.20.13 at 01:54

      Vietnam… Good Luck

    • Lanaya_Altair 10.26.13 at 14:13

      Really, w’re men enough not to use a razor for shaving, we used a carved wooden spoon.

  • Specter1125 10.19.13 at 02:49

    U.S.A. U.S.A. U.S.A.

  • Specter1125 10.19.13 at 02:46

    U.SA. U.S.A U.S.A.

  • STR3LAC 10.19.13 at 02:35

    best in austria/vienna….

  • fishgoatfury 10.19.13 at 02:25

    i am the tank driver. check my stats

  • Axxelerated 10.19.13 at 01:29

    -_- i was number 1 from The Netherlands with several general scores, but The Netherlands is not one of the selected countries in Europe… WHY….

  • Lottiedwag 10.19.13 at 01:18

    This will be really hard to decide

  • rookgunner 10.18.13 at 17:45

    Only on Xbox Live? This is somewhat unfair. Can’t this be on TwitchTV as well? If not, well here’s to hoping that it’ll appear on youtube soon enough.

  • xGRKx BlackRain 10.18.13 at 15:23

    Hey BF Team man I wish I was going I am one of the best tank drivers. I really hope you select the perfect Team. If you do USA will win we are very good. I think that having these kind of comps is Awesome hope you have more comps. Also remember not all the Best players have the most hours lol

  • FlyingNinja69 10.17.13 at 05:15

    i could care less about the competition I just want to see the new metro

    • CRYPTICxxUPRISE 10.18.13 at 21:46

      Why don’t you not care about it we are at war with Europe ww1 ww2 we overcame Euroing to
      they are trying to claim there dignity we must not let them get it back understand.

      • Lanaya_Altair 10.26.13 at 14:16

        Oh boy, another one of the we saved europe. You do realise that we we’re killing of eachother right, You guys only had to aim your rifle one-way. and it was the bolsheviks who overcame nazi-germany. not you americans.

      • hoss024 11.01.13 at 15:39


    • Tough Guys R us 10.18.13 at 23:12


  • Adhem008 10.17.13 at 01:50

    Team America will probably win hopefully

  • onedjchiszle 10.14.13 at 01:07

    so I can only watch this live if I have a 360 or xbox one. lol
    Guess I’ll wait for it to be uploaded by someone to youtube

    • Cpt Dylster 10.15.13 at 06:17

      Haha ya most of the time the Xbox Live live shows aren’t that great

  • xxxelimin8er 10.12.13 at 20:07

    I hope i make it ive made it to lvl 10 and i do great in domination ive only lost 1 2 matches in my time playing it

  • mattyat15 10.12.13 at 15:58

    Come on team EU

  • SANSOO IAN 10.11.13 at 21:08

    Go by stats, thats the only way to find the best players; Players with the most MVP medals and flag cap metals

    • izak1399 10.13.13 at 22:09

      Wouldn’t it be awesome to see which country had the best hackers.

  • Naberios 10.11.13 at 19:16

    I want to know who gets to decide who “the best BF players” are for our country. Seriously. I’m guessing it’s just buddies & contest winners. It’s all about who you know (or blow). This is a joke.

  • Joey_Jiggles 10.11.13 at 17:19

    How the hell do I get on Team USA!? I want to battle.

  • prestige-player3 10.11.13 at 00:04

    USA will ein wish I could be in it!!

  • Axxelerated 10.10.13 at 22:41

    where do i sign up? i have the second highest SPM of The Netherlands and i would like to sign up or is this not a possibility? haha

  • Chrisco 10.10.13 at 21:11

    I wonder how many times we will see people knife the vehicle when they want to get in, or try and use the D-Pad as their counter measure and switch weapons.

    • onedjchiszle 10.14.13 at 01:09

      we both know if they kept the same exact controls people would complain and say nothing has changed. personally I love the different button choice to spot enemies though

  • TheFpsGamer1125 10.10.13 at 20:43

    to be honest, i wished they showcased the China Rising maps first. why showcase the Second Assault maps already? we already know that they are going to be bf3 maps. why not China Rising?

  • Ernest 21229 10.10.13 at 20:40

    please keep it the buuton configure the same as in bf3

  • kaqz 10.10.13 at 19:57

    If you actually want the US to win, choose people at the top of the leader board!!!!!

  • ChiefGinjaNinja 10.10.13 at 19:29

    Wha?? I play on PC! so i cant help?? BAH huge US community on PC ill bet xbox is the minority here.

  • 6izabello6 10.10.13 at 18:20

    Европа вперёд !!!!!!

  • jamieuk 10.10.13 at 17:16

    Lets face is the usa cant stand the full force or Europe! As i hail from Great Briton i will join the fight

  • MarioTorrisi299 10.10.13 at 15:37

    Forza Europa!!!

  • fallback354 10.10.13 at 12:46

    If this means that we get to show our true American skills against the Brit’s… can count me in Major!!!….Hoorah!!!

  • SilentBarrel121 10.10.13 at 07:15

    Go team USA, Hoorah!

  • bakofive1210 10.10.13 at 06:11

    I’ll do it I’m a very. Good fast paced gamer and I’ll do what I can if I get on the team to beat Europe I know what it takes I work well with others and I rely on me and my team to win team work is the key

  • el8aclan 10.10.13 at 02:55

    I know I have what it takes to be on this team I want to support the USA by playing in that showdown. I love playing the battlefield games and the beta is very nice. I am a competitive player and love the BF atmosphere. It would be amazing if I were invited to go, it would be a dream. I want to show Europe why USA is better. I will play to be the best ever being in team USA.

  • fishgoatfury 10.09.13 at 21:00

    put me in coach, i got the good stuff

  • Epsilon-GS 10.09.13 at 20:51

    I wouldn’t mind throwing a little beat down on some Euros players. Yes i was one of Epsilons USA players :)

    • hoss024 11.01.13 at 15:35

      I hope we get some players that can talk some serious shit as well as being able to actually fucking shoot. We Americans are notourius for our ability to talk some major shit while kicking ass:)

  • ElephantNutz-TMF 10.09.13 at 20:43

    Xbox is a good platform, and it will be funny seeing console players upping the ante with 64 players. Their heads might explode! For everyone saying it’s not competitive, it’s a 32 vs 32 show match chill out. I don’t think there are 64 people that I would consider “pro” anyway. Just have fun :)

  • xX_Adz-Prime_Xx 10.09.13 at 20:21


  • TRIPLE2013FCBM 10.09.13 at 18:50

    Klare klatsche wir machen Usa fertig

  • iNc Perseus 10.09.13 at 18:27

    I am defiantly 1 of the top players for Battlefield DICE invite me u wont regret it :)

  • jamieuk 10.09.13 at 16:20

    Europe for the bloody win!

  • Bacccon 10.09.13 at 07:04

    I honestly feel like I should have been invited to this event. Amaerica!

  • StuntedJet 10.09.13 at 05:29

    ‘Murica, Fack yes!

    • LegacyAct 10.09.13 at 05:31

      Yeah… no one has to know about the government shutdown shhhhhhh lets keep it between us.

  • SGT PsyOp 10.09.13 at 05:04

    So, where do I sign up?

  • TheKittensCall 10.09.13 at 05:02

    where do i watch it

  • SS Deathhead IV 10.09.13 at 03:20

    Europe will feel the full weight of American power, as I crush them with my Abrams….
    Mu ha haa….
    seriously how do you enter to possibly go?

    • Lanaya_Altair 10.26.13 at 14:21

      Bahh you’re abrams is no match for the challenger nor the Leopard

  • METAPOD666 10.09.13 at 03:13

    SIGN ME UP!! Level 100 here!!

  • SonOfCylon 10.09.13 at 02:15

    hell yea i want in

  • Cr0xTheMight 10.09.13 at 01:37

    Were do I sign up?

  • SlimTheSaint 10.08.13 at 23:03

    The poll says what was the first thing you did in the beta and an option is try out the attack boat, but I haven’t seen a boat in the beta?

    • XAbstergoAgentX 10.09.13 at 01:30

      i now right

    • Lanaya_Altair 10.26.13 at 14:22

      Conquest mode, after the skyscraper falls down there is an attack boat that should spawn in front of the debris of the fallen tower, it has been known however that it could also spawn in the streets & at times on rooftops.

  • BONE YARD 7 10.08.13 at 22:56

    are the teams already picked? i feel i would be a great assault asset to team USA

  • GottenWheel14 10.08.13 at 21:16

    How do you join the showdown or have the players been selected already plus i realy like the way beta has been repaired abit as i can now get head shots with the sniper but i noticed as i got better alot of the matches ive been out numbered as there was only four of us againt 12 i realy like the hand first hand gun as its what ive been using alot for cqb and the sniper for mid to long range

  • imarcello 10.08.13 at 00:13

    Hey this update/patch didn’t do anything to my framerate issues!!! I’d be so so angry if I couldn’t run this on my laptop because my high-end pc won’t..

  • RVDHUDDING 10.06.13 at 12:50


  • dprince72 10.06.13 at 03:59

    As far as i am concerned , I’ll be canceling my copy and getting a refund. In Battlefield 3 after ten kills with a gun, you get an attachment . I’ve killed at least 41 with every class and have NOTHING . People have max weapons, can snipe across map with pistols, I’m kicked after killing certain players (same player time after time) Obviously a programmer from one of battlefields design teams . These “Employees” always leave these holes in the game so they and there friends, and there friends friends, can get into the games “God Mode” this is garbage i’ve spent a 100+ for the game and premium membership and you allow this crap . I have been a licensed computer engineer for 12 yrs . I am a member of hundreds of gamer boards and sites everyone i speak to will here about how crappy your beta and game is. you made some good upgrades as i have previously posted this is true but you have created mounds of shit in the process. You dont care or wish to change anything significant cause to close your God mode holes youd have to shut down your beta and scrape the disc’s you’ve made . Dice there engineers and EA are nothing but Exploitative bullies. Why should you have the ability to do this in a demo or a production game. And before you wave your hands screaming your innocent , think if your not doing it then you’ve already been HACKED……. Even more reason to get a refund.
    SAVE your Money this game will be just as corrupted with back doors for friends and family to exploit which means those friends and family will show there friends so on and so forth.
    The only way to affect a change is if everyone gets there pre-order money back. Then and only then will a Small change be deployed and i promise you it will be small at best . Programmers are fickle and temperamental on there best days tell them they cant have a back door and they close it temporarily and later leak it to the public via YouTube like in MW3. You didn’t think the CALL OF DUTY serious split between development teams was simply because it was to big for one team did you people.

    • The Batman 1206 10.06.13 at 04:32

      I sincerely doubt any of the attempts to prove the worth of your words. Mainly, because of the reprehensible grammar you are displaying. If anyone should cancel their pre-order, it should be you, and you alone. The things that you have stated may be true, but you should at least take the extra minute (if even that much) to spare whatever sites and boards, that you may or not be a part of, the shame of seeing this post and knowing that it was one of their members that posted it.

    • Koursaros93 10.06.13 at 12:57

      did it occur you that its beta?DICE said a 100 times that beta wont be like the actual game..what cant you understand..but to be honest it would be better for the community if people like you left..

    • ZeroEdition 10.07.13 at 12:11

      Dude how? I unlock all attachments very quickly usually after 3 or 4 lifes. I think you just dont know to play very well :P

    • Mr PenguinGod 10.08.13 at 20:39

      I highly doubt that someone with that kind of background would do such things because lets face it, this is a BETA not the complete game on top of that there will always be exploits not so some programmer can come back later and use it against other players maybe unless they’re as petty as you are. you know what just go i don’t think anyone in the BF community or any other gaming community would like you around not only for your lack of skill but your negative lying attitude

    • SlimTheSaint 10.08.13 at 23:09

      You are probably just mad because you suck, you already have attachments for the start guns in the beta and when you get the next guns the first attachment comes with ten kills

    • ThaHamboiglah 10.09.13 at 01:08

      You aren’t very bright are you? You claim to work with computers but have terrible grammar. Either you’re just lying or you didn’t pay much attention in English class. And you can’t expect the game to be perfect, there are latency issues and other players lag, the map for the beta has to load correctly which it may not always do, which you should be able to tell when it isn’t loading as well due to clipping. Before accusing someone of cheating or hacking at least try to think of things you may have done wrong. maybe you missed the shot by a bit, which is very easy to do. And the level progression for the guns may not be very fast due to the fact this is a beta. And maybe you got kicked from the match because of your connection compared to everyone elses. And if you’re playing on PC you can’t really complain about hackers because its usually easier to hack a game on PC much less a BETA of one. I suggest you take you complaints elsewhere if they aren’t going to help make this game better in the long run. All you did in this post is spout about exploits people are using but did not give an example of what the exploits themselves are, so really you seem to just be upset and that is your only reason for canceling your pre-order and complaining. If you want to actually help them make this game better, keep trying the thing that is not working for you and report it to them in a more calm matter, because the way you’re stating things won’t help anyone. And call of duty has nothing to do with this either, so it’s best left out of the arguement.

    • MrGermonicus 10.09.13 at 01:30

      Obviously you’re like 12 becuase your spelling is way off. Learn to use which “Their” to use. Second, you’re probably just mad becuase you got wooped in a game. Don’t come on this sight and post things like that becuase people are comming here to check out this amazing event. I know for a fact that I’m going to be watching it because I will pick Dice engine over call of duty’s enging anyday, including the games. None of the battlefield games have ever disapointed me, and personally, I don’t think any of them ever will. Becuase of battlefield 4, I’m going to try and get me a gaming computer so that I can play it on my computer instead of the xbox becuase xbox can only have like 24 people in a game as the computer can have 64.

      • Lanaya_Altair 10.26.13 at 14:36

        I’m a PC User myself and while i def recommend playing the BF series on a desktop, The PS4 and XBOX1 supports up to 64 players.

    • DARKI3RINGER 10.09.13 at 02:29

      Your an ass hat. Please do get a return on your game. I havd unlocks for all the classes ive been using. You seem to just suck a nut and the weapons come with basic attachments so theres why you dont unlock shit right away. God forbid a little hook up on equipment so you just jump in and play the Beta without grinding through the bull shit to get a red dot.

    • burningblaise 10.18.13 at 23:18

      Someone is being a little whiny baby today. Get over it. Its a freaking beta. If you let a few bad things ruin a great experience then just leave. You can’t even enjoy a good game because a few losers made you mad?

  • Funky_Finger 10.05.13 at 22:03

    Europe vs America. Prepare for a lag fest of rubber banding players, knife fails and getting killed as you watch the enemy shoot you while he’s still in the reload animation. Great. Just can’t wait for that kind of “fun”. In many peoples opinion, those who rent servers should be able to “lock” the region you are gaming in, keeping players from the other side of the planet from joining the game and ruining everyone else’s game. If we’re on an east coast American server and someone from eastern Uzbekistan joins in, the game becomes unplayable. If we could lock the region to only allow east or both east and west coast residents, the game would run without a hitch. Those willing to make their server open to the entire planet may do so. As it is right now, server admins are having to monotremes and then manually kick players from foreign countries due to lag issues. I don’t care how good your connection is, the game cannot compensate well enough to ensure good game play from a gamer playing from his mothers basement in Tazmania. We should be able to prevent that.

  • AoW I SainT I 10.05.13 at 16:54

    Hopefully the players will be from the top teams iCoNiC, Tempest, and Epsilon on USA side. They are easily the best in the game here.

  • Haakan 10.05.13 at 13:51

    How does Europe signup – when I try to download the ganerpic to enter the site says not available in my Region (live in Denmark)?

  • ColonelChocomel 10.05.13 at 13:37

    Europe is going to destroy ‘murica!

    • FIZZ1O 10.05.13 at 21:00

      I don’t know I think we’ll give you a run for your money :D This is gonna be epic

    • MrBaconator12 10.19.13 at 06:14

      That in fact will never happen because America has the most hardcore gamers in the world

  • FruitCakeFPS 10.05.13 at 12:00

    Instead of making a blog post mainly focusing on addressing the issues on the game, DICE made this. Something that is still so far away. Don’t think anyone else cares about something that 2 months far.

    • TROLTASTIC 10.05.13 at 16:09

      Two months? More like less then one month. Right after release.

  • McWop 10.05.13 at 02:28

    PS3 Please fix battlelog. Its been useless since your last update.
    Cant access it on my phone anymore. Accounts wont link. Its crap

  • Fuzzahda1337 10.05.13 at 01:24

    So first of all i dont mind that you doa tourney on consoles fine,
    But why aint there a pc tourney?

    like all the pc players would demolish the console players just to start of with.
    2nd the core gamers of this game was pc gamers, and you are treating them like a third hand shop.

    this is like spitting on the core gamers that supported you from the start and the ones that even MADE Bf3 become possible to compete in due to injects and stuff in your client becuse you didnt feel it was nessecary to implement competetive to bf.

    i usually dont rage, but are YOU !”#%( kidding me? like really?

    The person that decided this or persons should be spot on fired no offence.

    Take a godamn look at esports Before you do somthing.

    cs,dota,warcraft,sc,quake,ut yes all pc exlusive titles that gave birth to esports, and yes i know this is like a fun event.

    But its like you would had a csgo tourney but only for consoles and no nip nope, no star players or nothing noooooooooooooope.

    i dont mind you want to get console players to the competetive gaming, but why not for pc aswell? atleast for some respect,

    you just shitted on the whole PC Community congratulations.

    • Skeld1 10.05.13 at 01:47

      Why are you so certain the PC players would destroy the console players? Give the PC players a controller and they probably would not.

      • Mr Crimson 07 10.05.13 at 09:08

        There isn’t much of a difference, it would be a slight learning curve for the player that switches but that’s it. I’ve played COD and BF on both consoles and have had similar (quite good not to toot my own horn) stats on both. The idea that one crowd of gamer is superior to the other is simply an unfounded truth and the elite superiority complex of PC gamers who feel that since they spend alot on their machine they are entitled to the title of being the best. On the contrary, there are alot more console gamers and the argument could be made that the level of competition from a sheer numbers standpoint could create a “better” gamer. It’s all speculation and it all doesn’t matter. What occurred here is Major Nelson a man in charge of marketing the Xbox paid to have a deal with Battlefield in order to promote the game on the console.

      • TROLTASTIC 10.05.13 at 16:11

        And give the console players a mouse and keyboard, same thing would happen. Lets just agree that we are all playing the same game, so lets night fight each other but fight dem cod kiddies.

      • Anders_Bisi 10.05.13 at 19:32

        yeah but give console gamers a controller and pc gamers a mouse and keyboard and pc would win

      • Aggression_Meph 10.06.13 at 21:34

        That’s why we don’t play on consoles – so we don’t have to use those shitty controllers!

    • tokyofriedworm 10.05.13 at 01:55

      Dude 1st its just a game so just chill. Raging and throwing a babies tantrum is never a good way to get your point across. As of now for the past months BF4 has been displayed on PC not console. Dice also Puts up videos from PC game sessions all the time. The Term “Only in Battlefield” is a PC created term and now Battlefield uses this term all the time. BF4′s structure and mechanics is Heavily influenced by the PC community and how they wanted things tweaked. Dice Listens to you guys so stop with the Bitch Rant.

      I’m Glad they’re giving us console gamers a chance to be as competitive as PC always was. And i’m sure If you practice patience there’ll be a PC Event as well. Although I wont blame dice for not doing anything If all PC Gamers act like You do. Thank Goodness they don’t tho.

      In order to Gain the respect you want you must show respect in return, not a mountain of negativity. If you think Dice even read your post you’re mistaken. They glance over shit like this unless it comes from a rational respectful point of view regardless if you disagree with them or not. Take Notes man.

    • Rush Boomtackle 10.05.13 at 03:07

      Wow. You’re really complaining about absolutely nothing. The game isn’t even out yet and you’re crying about a console tournament. I’m sure there will be plenty of PC tournaments. Until then, please stop crying.

    • White 5orrow 10.26.13 at 14:09

      My theory is just that Microsoft paid EA/DICE to do it on their Xbox One. I don’t like the console either but hey, just relax and enjoy the show.

  • Lockon Stratos6 10.05.13 at 00:01

    Man with my birthday comin up on the 10th I can’t help but hope I win LOL

  • SixSillySins 10.04.13 at 23:39

    Remember when Battlefield used to be a PC exclusive? And DLC was announced a year after launch ?

    • tichdbullet 10.04.13 at 23:49

      Shut up and stop whining like a lil girl.. and wow i can’t wait to see bf4 second assoult

    • Morisato 10.05.13 at 01:13

      Remember when developers didn’t have as large of a budget? Remember when there dev teams were smaller? Remember when developers tools weren’t as accessible? I do.

      • Morisato 10.05.13 at 01:14


      • D3AD1TE 10.05.13 at 04:29

        Really? I remember developers tools being completely accessible. Which led to the creation of mods like Project Reality which are still heavily played today. EA is no doubt milking this franchise for all it’s worth. A sound business decision.

    • Lanaya_Altair 10.26.13 at 14:44

      Oh yeah, oh but hey. remember when DLC was called Expansion packs ?

  • GRlM_5 10.04.13 at 23:23

    Woohoo.. Xboner comp…