Battlefield 4 Beta Basics: Learn how to Dominate on Siege of Shanghai

With the Exclusive Battlefield 4 Beta in full swing, have a look at our new Beta Overview Video for a run-down of the playable map and available game modes.

The Open Beta available to all players opens up on October 4. Learn more about the Battlefield 4 Beta.

Pre-order Battleifeld 4 Digital Deluxe Edition on PC from Origin to join the Exclusive Beta that runs through October 3.

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  • MrM0rten 10.16.13 at 20:12

    I have noticed that when I´m in the middle of a match and try to spawn on the chopper right after it has respawned, I ususally get placed in a car. Also every time I respawn, it takes a fewseconds befor Ican use my weapons.

  • MadDog Bullseye 10.15.13 at 07:46

    I dont know how many times enemies have spawned next to me, easy kill but not to funny for them…..

  • MadDog Bullseye 10.15.13 at 07:41

    I got a whole bunch of dogtags unlocked for handguns, Pretty weird :-)

  • Dafortycal 10.14.13 at 21:36

    Another thing I would love to see, if I were the first one to enter a elevator and took it to the top of a building, I think that it would be way cool if tossing a M67 inside took it out of service for the rest of the game. There are always other ways to get to the top of a building.

  • Dafortycal 10.14.13 at 21:20

    I just played another match, hit someone up close with a shotgun 5 times and he kept going, might have shot him some more but I got killed by someone else.

  • Dafortycal 10.14.13 at 21:06

    When you are on top of the mall at checkpoint c, if someone has a tactical light on their handgun and the enter the elevator on the roof with the light on, it will shine on the other building like the guy isn’t in a enclosed elevator. While on the same roof, I have fired at people only to have them disappear and reappear in front of me. A couple of times, someone fired from the hip at me, they killed me but the strange thing about it was that it looked like he was firing two weapons at me at the same time, I am pretty sure that I saw more than one muzzle flash.

  • Ch1cK3N Jo3 xD 10.14.13 at 08:34

    I did notice that sometimes in the beginning of the match everyone sometimes is invisible for a short time, with limited movement you can only use the left stick going forward an back an strafe side to side . like I said it is limited maybe 5-10 sec max. also the choppers seem to have some issues. when you are piloting them in first person an you take damage the wind shield will semi crack/ or shatter but it will kinda glitch an partly stay there. this severely effects visual performance while in the pilot 1st person view and doesn’t seem to go away until chopper is destroyed. also with the mbt if you go through the ruble after the skyscraper is down on the left side( the side closest to point a) seem like the tank trends will glitch our under the sand when you hit a certain piece of ruble. this issue immediately make the tank immobile but when you go to 3rd person view you see the tracks moving but you don’t go anywhere. o lastly when give ammo or med pack( small one) they tend to float or fly past the place you intend. other than that game seems to run smooth I cant think of any other issues. keep up the great work cant wait for the full game to come out had the reorder paid off as soon as it came out.

  • countryuncle 10.11.13 at 21:37

    what up with they hit marker with tank can hard kill any one with it when the a are on foot

  • Udonitron 10.11.13 at 01:53

    OK the update today seemed to have replaced the satchels with the old BF3 ammo and Med packs but it seems you cannot drop them on Obliteration mode now and the MG on the Support class is just iron sights now with the magnifier however when magnified you lose the center of the iron sight and cannot see any tracers on your rounds so it seems like you are not even firing….really odd choice guys.
    All my settings were reset too and the auto detect for graphics WAS choosing Ultra but now High?

  • Ninja B Ninja 10.11.13 at 00:20

    This is complete crap. BF4 Beta runs like garbage on the Xbox 360, why In the hell would any idiot buy BF4 for the 360? You make no sense Dice. Getting sick of the constant misleading information. Constant crashing, crappy graphics, silly control options, dumb attachment screen load outs, stupid Battle Briefcase’s. Who are you making this nonsense for? COD players? Ridiculous. Seems to me, None of the developers actually play this game.
    Just put useless components into a game. Fix none of the issue’s players were having with the game mechanics. Basically take the money and laugh in people’s face’s. I’m not fall for BS again folks. Have fun. I just hope the Division and Titan Fall will be hits.

    • Ch1cK3N Jo3 xD 10.14.13 at 08:17

      ok ninja look its the beta version of course in not the full game graphics its enough to get you used to it till the real thing comes out. as far as the crashes go its prob you internet service or you xbox cause I have only had one crash an that was on opening day. the reason they make a beta public is so that way not just the developing team has to work on them but also just incase they missed something or over looked it. if you don’t like the standard vehicle controls go to options and set it to veteran turns them right into bf3 controls. and the load out screens are kinda nice lets you take you time and choose what you want instead of making mistakes and the battle briefcases give you nice awesome random items for free just based on you leveling up. so I really don’t know what you complaining about. since when has any COD let you fly a chopper kill a bunch of people then when YOU want to eject , parachute, blow a plane out of the sky then land an knife someone. truth is never. an in reality its the COD games that are trying to be more like battle field. for example. the new ghost the just added a squad feature, or the true ability to mantle, an for the first time ever environmental damage. last I check the people at battle field been doing this for a while. Do you even remember BattleField 1942. so really I don’t know what you complaining about…… have a good night

  • m_q6r85 10.10.13 at 22:39

    i hope you fix that “jumping into water is a SUICIDE”!

    thanks for keeping us on the edge of our seats:))

  • m_q6r85 10.10.13 at 22:36

    well, i started playing and addicted with BF3 and BF4 beta really got me out of the box but still need some bugs fixing which really got us stock + controls of launching of aircraft and other vehicles and crawling is totally different besides spotting
    why you bother changing whatever was perfect??

  • Hideyoshii 10.10.13 at 17:12

    I love BF4. Its old school BC2 in a new design, loving it! I was so dissapointed in BF3!

  • SilentBarrel121 10.10.13 at 07:12

    Dear DICE,
    I have been playing your Battlefield 4 Beta for about a week now and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I do agree with many of the comments that other players are providing. On console we don’t get to try out naval warfare other than shooting at people while swimming. If it isn’t too much trouble, I think that it would be greatly appreciated if you could throw in an attack boat for both teams so we get a more full experience. Secondly, I noticed that your are allowing people to transfer their data from the 360 to the Xbox One, but at a price. I don’t think that it is fair that you are making us pay to save our hard earned progress onto the next-gen systems. With this info, and more as others and I keep playing, I think that you guys are doing a great job and I can’t wait to try the real thing.


  • armyglenn1 10.10.13 at 07:11

    Just remember folks, this only the beta, don’t panic noobs, if anyone is WORRIED, have a look at the multiplayer footage that’s been released, there is too much money at stake for them, they wont stuff it up, too me it all looks great and cant wait to get my ps4. Everyone should think themselves lucky because when I started playing game it was pingpong on a little black and white TV, ay showing my age, the consoles just keep getting better and better all the time, so if anyone is complaining about beta, go back in time.

    • SilentBarrel121 10.10.13 at 07:13

      Just as excited as you mate. Hoorah!

    • Brando99 10.10.13 at 21:36

      PONG! I remember it too…It was great for the day and time! Ok maybe not ;]

  • wWaAVve 10.08.13 at 17:47

    After playing the Beta each day totaling over 35 hours, I can say Battlefield is feeling great so far!
    Here’s some feedback for DICE from the Beta. I’m one person with one opinion, but it may ring true for more. This has nothing to do with bugs, just some minor gameplay stuff which may already be fixed…

    - Getting stuck on stuff below sight line. I noticed this in B3 also, getting stuck often on not just rubble, but smaller things like doorway step areas, small debris, or stuff down below out of your peripheral. When focused on shooting the enemy this can be frustrating, especially if it’s something that you should be able to easily move around or through, instead of having to hop a few times.

    - For consoles, cycling through the range of sniper scope is in one direction (200, 300, etc) but there are many times I just want to go back one not cycle around again to 1500 to 200 again.

    - When spawning into a vehicle, the same cycling issue where I sometimes accidentally hit one button too many and end up in passenger seat, gunner etc instead of driver seat, and have to cycle around again like sniper range noted above

    - N, S, E, W is hard to see on minimap. I don’t mind memorizing that South is near water in front of skyscraper, East side is Arcade, etc but when someone says sniper spotted on West side I want to also be able to check the minimap quickly.

    - We should be able to customize our soldier in the lobby between games while waiting not just on spawn screen after dying.

    - Glass on roof of Arcade is very clear, making it very difficult to see which are broken or not. Not sure if this is intentional but a little more shading may create more of a maze/route to plan out for crossing or allow more strategic smashing of them.

    - Gates down in Arcade aren’t that much of a deterrent for enemies since one blast opens up a hole and then the gate advantage is quickly gone. Maybe make it a little more difficult like they have to crawl through prone to slow them down or allow only one or two areas they can actually get through forcing them around to open gate.

    - -More commands in the command/commrose wheel.

    - It’s still a little difficult to see the classes when you need ammo, medic etc or where to look to find them when you need something.

    - An icon or something is needed to help identify who asked for a ride, or asked for ammo.

    - -Fire extinguishers don’t seem to play a part in game (I’m also only on console), but maybe place more of them in strategic locations like near elevators to blind them with smoke at times.

    - Skyscraper seems too easy to take down, maybe an engineer can prolong the pillars by repairing, but once they’re destroyed that’s it they’re gone. Or set it pillars to take more hits.

    Thanks for listening.

    • wWaAVve 10.08.13 at 17:58

      sorry, 2 more things I forgot to mention. (I’m at work :)
      1. Red font is hard to see inside of range goggles to determine range for sniping.
      2. Range setting of scope is hard to see, and might also be useful to see somewhere in scope while allowing you to adjust it while zoomed. (unless this affects gameplay balance?)

  • AHIRNE 10.08.13 at 02:46

    really people complaining ? its a beta wth did you expect? and to the console players complaining about the controls that’s why you get a PC !

    • gunfightermcb 10.10.13 at 04:00

      Dude betas are made so ppl can tell the developers what they need to fix. dont complain about something if you dont understand it

    • SilentBarrel121 10.10.13 at 07:06

      Not everyone can afford a PC dude. So quit hating on us console users and worry more about the bugs happening on the PC.

  • DBMgamer 10.08.13 at 01:36

    Yep, Was there… Did that:

  • saaris 10.08.13 at 00:24

    how do i download the beta game ?

    • WackierGalaxy25 10.08.13 at 01:59

      You go to battlefield beta then follo
      w the links

    • armyglenn1 10.10.13 at 07:13

      go to the ps store and look under demos or downloads and you will find it mate.

  • imarcello 10.08.13 at 00:16

    Hey this update/patch didn’t do anything to my framerate issues!!! I’d be so so angry if I couldn’t run this on my laptop because my high-end pc won’t..

  • KyPTeD 10.07.13 at 21:36

    Ok, DICE, you’ve done a great job with BF4, don’t even read the comments above. Just a few things I wanted to point out (all of this on ps3):
    -It would be great if you could make squads in the menus like in bf3
    -i got a bug, when i was playing on conquest, i got all the gun mastery dogtags of the final game, but in my profile i cant see them
    -it would be good that you removed one of the big jeeps from uncaps and insted, spawn an attack boat, os even only jetskis, cuz in consloes, naval battles dont exist.
    -it would be good if you can, to add a bit more decoration to the cnquest versions (like in pc)

    Thanks, youre doing it great! See u on the battlefield! :)

  • l23lFirejetl17l 10.07.13 at 14:09

    Guys can someone fix or answeer the problem this video regarding the graphic problem with BF4 Beta??! /watch?v=hlY_hVbrL6E on youtube

  • wWaAVve 10.07.13 at 06:34

    DICE after 20 hours or so of playing Beta I think there’s something great to expand on-more commrose/commands for soldier dialog and here’s why!
    A true Battlefield moment was created by one voice command phrase…
    I was in the water and our chopper flew by…
    I used the voice command from menu “I need a ride”
    The chopper turned around and flew down to water so I could hop in.
    I used “thank you” phrase and he said”Sure no problem” and lifted me to a rooftop to snipe!
    All from my 1 button click!
    We need MORE phrases to create specific commands like “take me to that location” maybe accompanied by icon of where Im pointing to, or a hint of where the soldier is located who’s asking for the ride, and a way for non- squad members to suggest things to do other than the general need ammo or need medic.
    What about if the squad leader could say “go pick up that soldier” or “cover that door” etc but with one button/menu!
    Maybe have different groupings of phrases to quickly access for different situations like…
    -covering a location
    -lets meet there
    -flank them
    -watch my back
    -he’s hiding
    -be careful
    -wait for my order to go
    This is so simple to add even now and it would create some great immersion and teamwork, especially for non headset mic players or playing amongst other groups. These dialog commands create more teamwork naturally in the voice of in game soldiers :)
    “Thanks for listening” (pretend I just chose that from menu :)

  • BrunchAtMyPlace 10.07.13 at 05:27

    The beta so far has been… well a beta. I like the map so far, and all the functionality of the game has been up to my expectations. Only draw backs and of course there will be its a beta, is scoreboard function, being put on the start button and then having to hold it down to see score really through me off my game. Another would be the excessive wait time you need to hold down to either enter a vehicle or to take another players class. Other than that I found the game fun and enjoyable, can’t wait for the full product.

  • HighestShark54 10.07.13 at 04:53

    why the hell do console players only get the scout helicopters but no attack boats!!! WHAT A LOAD OF BULLSHIT!!!

  • Gioyanks 10.07.13 at 02:28

    The beta is pretty good. But you guys have to change the controller layout back to bf3 controls. There is no need for the select button to be battlelog. If you want battlelog on there, i suggest just putting it in the pause menu. It would be easier for everyone in my opinion

  • DFA JETFIGHTER 10.06.13 at 23:07

    i think bf4 is the most realistic game ive ever played i love it even though it has a few bugs but its a betta but overall its the best game i ever played and beats out cod 0 to 10

  • wWaAVve 10.06.13 at 11:27

    Battlefield 4 is shaping up to be a masterpiece so far!
    Don’t listen to these crazy whiners.
    The reality is DICE has improved Battlefield in just about EVERY category.
    I played until my eyes starting shutting around 5am for two nights in a row. And that’s from a BETA!
    Of course there’s tweaking to do and will be always. That’s the difference between DICE and mediocrity.
    The fact that we can play some of it now to test out speaks volumes to their commitment for improvement.
    I’ve had less glitches in this BETA than in the final release of other hit shooters.
    Even on console with 24 players there were great moments so I can imagine with 64 what that will be like. I never have experienced that yet.
    Look forward to it and thanks DICE, as I’m sure I speak for many who appreciate that a game like this exists.

  • dprince72 10.06.13 at 04:02


    As far as i am concerned , I’ll be canceling my copy and getting a refund. In Battlefield 3 after ten kills with a gun, you get an attachment . I’ve killed at least 41 with every class and have NOTHING . People have max weapons, can snipe across map with pistols, I’m kicked after killing certain players (same player time after time) Obviously a programmer from one of battlefields design teams . These “Employees” always leave these holes in the game so they and there friends, and there friends friends, can get into the games “God Mode” this is garbage i’ve spent a 100+ for the game and premium membership and you allow this crap . I have been a licensed computer engineer for 12 yrs . I am a member of hundreds of gamer boards and sites everyone i speak to will here about how crappy your beta and game is. you made some good upgrades as i have previously posted this is true but you have created mounds of shit in the process. You dont care or wish to change anything significant cause to close your God mode holes youd have to shut down your beta and scrape the disc’s you’ve made . Dice there engineers and EA are nothing but Exploitative bullies. Why should you have the ability to do this in a demo or a production game. And before you wave your hands screaming your innocent , think if your not doing it then you’ve already been HACKED……. Even more reason to get a refund.
    SAVE your Money this game will be just as corrupted with back doors for friends and family to exploit which means those friends and family will show there friends so on and so forth.
    The only way to affect a change is if everyone gets there pre-order money back. Then and only then will a Small change be deployed and i promise you it will be small at best . Programmers are fickle and temperamental on there best days tell them they cant have a back door and they close it temporarily and later leak it to the public via YouTube like in MW3. You didn’t think the CALL OF DUTY serious split between development teams was simply because it was to big for one team did you people.

    • dcalderajr0 10.06.13 at 08:20

      Your flipping out for the Beta? Really the Beta? Of course it’s going to be crappy. Have some common sense!

    • Lumos 10.06.13 at 17:33

      Are you by any chance an elite gorilla sniper?

  • Funky_Finger 10.05.13 at 21:46

    We have a saying here in the United States; “if it isn’t broken, dont try to fix it.”. Well, dice did just that. Why would they reassign all of the controller functions when the BF3 button layout was perfect and well known? From simply trying to spot the enemy to climbing in and out of a vehicle, to actually driving a tank, everything has changed. Rediculous! And a waste of a developers time reinventing the wheel. Change for changes sake I guess? We should all be able to put BF3 down and pick up BF4 without thinking. Now we have to stumble around with a game that feels totally foreign. Terrible idea guys! I mean, really unprofessional and armature to let it happen. Disk any of you even discuss it before you launched the beta? Allow us to re-map the controllers to “BF3″ in the menus and all will be fine. A simple fix. Use your heads.

  • AcTiKilL4851-3 10.05.13 at 19:37

    Amazing Beta. Only thing is the elevators act more like teleporters, compared to taking you up, they close, and a few seconds later you are teleported. I’ve had a few instances where someone poked their gun in before I was teleported and killed me in the closed elevator :(

  • BOBBYSOUTH 10.05.13 at 18:38

    you need a missile warning when an rpg is tracking you

    • dcalderajr0 10.06.13 at 08:23

      An rpg doesn’t track you like the stinger does

  • ForesterNL 10.05.13 at 14:20

    i and most of my friends agree that the new button layout is not transparant, prefer the older layout, also the new layout is too display consuming, its obvious confusing and lack of manuel it is a searchparty what is what.

    • Jakon_Hagaw 10.05.13 at 16:26

      I agree. the new controls are awful. just make the bf3 control presets available. Don’t care for the cod-style tracers and killcams. Don’t ruin what you mastered in bf3!!!

  • BURN1200 10.05.13 at 11:57

    I don’t like the new button layout for the vehicles nor the solider controls. The old bf3 layout was much much better.

  • RanCorX2 10.05.13 at 11:52

    all i’ve seen of bf4 so far is a loading screen. cheers dice for the exclusive access of not being able to play it.

  • M200_xTerminator 10.05.13 at 07:14

    The beta looks pretty incredible, even though its only just the beta. The graphics, amount of vehicles/weapons, map format…they all blew my mind. I thought Battlefield 3 was really raising the bar for FPS shooters, but this just launched the ‘bar’ light years into space.

    The vehicle (chopper) mechanics feel so much smoother…choppers feel much more “alive” and easy to control. Unfortunately, rpg’s are a huge threat now, probably even more so than stingers in bf3, because rpg’s now have the ability to lock onto air vehicles. Nobody is safe now…

  • Z71Silverado 10.05.13 at 03:54

    The new controls ruin the battlefield experience for me on PS3. Please add an option for the old control layout!

  • FusionWhite01 10.05.13 at 03:30

    Wow, this beta is just bad. Graphics are horrible, controls options are all screwy, and helicopters still fly like your trying to wrestle a greased pig.

  • awesomeness0715 10.05.13 at 02:49

    You should change the controls for bf4 Babcock to bf3 at least for te vehicles

  • awesomeness0715 10.05.13 at 02:47

    Are the graphics in the beta test the real graphics because they look kinda cartoony especially the vehicles

  • DJ_KONVICT 10.05.13 at 02:35

    Of course it lags you noob its a BETA what part of that dont u get? They need blogs like these to get an idea of what to fix. So instead of just bitching explain the problems to the team so they can fix them.

  • Chumchugger 10.05.13 at 00:14

    Again, Long distance rifles are extremely under powered. Battlefield must have something against snipers.

  • elcmoura 10.05.13 at 00:03

    I’m very disappointed with the beta so far. I’m a big fan of BF, but BF4 so far is showing a lot of lag, very slow gameplay, many changes I didn’t like for example the kill cam. I have a very good pc configuration that runs BF3 at maximum settings without any issue, but my GTX680 card with latest drivers is not able to run BF4. Many people in the game chat is reporting the same issues. Hopefully they will fix this before the official launch and I won’t regret buying the digital deluxe edition with the premium package.

  • djscottcross 10.04.13 at 21:20

    On the 360 version when u kill someone it comes up too small and goes to quick and when you get killed your self don’t like how it goes you should have kept it like battlefield 3 it really is like a cull of duty game and I really don’t like call of duty! Fix up all this hype bout battlefield 4 all them years in the makeing and its come to this. So dissapointed. Still not to late thoe to make this game the game that everyone is goin to be talkin about,hope u take my feedback into consideration.

  • Sir Wranrap 10.04.13 at 20:32

    What happened to the awesome physics from bf3?! What happened to bullet drop?! What’s the deal with these controls!! Come on dice

  • Boss24Rukito 10.04.13 at 19:04

    When beta will end?

  • Loligjunge 10.04.13 at 18:42


  • kadasha910 10.04.13 at 16:58

    we need ak 47 on bf4 and RPK

  • CHAINSAW305 10.04.13 at 16:53


  • YIYUYTUFYRG 10.04.13 at 16:09


  • SNSDx3Fany 10.04.13 at 15:37

    Hi, anybody know where i can report the BF4 Beta bugs??? I can’t seems to find a shortcut to report the bugs and issues.

  • wWaAVve 10.04.13 at 15:18

    The last I read Lars said that you wouldn’t lose all ammo in the clip for the release of game. Did this change? Is the losing of ammo just in Beta?
    I prefer not to lose all ammo since out of habit I reload after a kill, which is often :)
    I also like the tiered reloading feature.

  • FORCE-FOCKER 10.04.13 at 15:09

    like losing any unspent ammo in magazines i reload, brings more realism and the need to pay attention to what you’re doing and how you use your ammunition, not just the COD spray and pray concept. don’t like the new vehicle controls, totally eliminated the learning curve. got my arse handed to me early on in BF3 vehicles till i learned the controls, after that it was game on. just seems dummy downed now to appeal to the casual gamer or COD fan. for a beta i haven’t experienced any excessive lag or glitches, impressed so far, have high expectations for this DICE and i’m feeling you can live up to them.

  • babacil 10.04.13 at 13:48

    where is the downloaddddddd

  • NitroVoodoo36 10.04.13 at 13:02

    the new control layout on the veichles is way better than bf3

  • bladesalive 10.04.13 at 12:59

    Can someone plz tell me where do i download the BETA!!!

    • JohanCruijf68 10.04.13 at 13:25

      the beta will be made available in your origin client.

  • TipNineTwenty 10.04.13 at 12:41

    Im not kool with the new control layout on battlefield 4 especially the vehicles. I could probable get use to it but i dont want to. I feel like battlefield had their own controls, and now its more like cod’s control layout. battlefield is way more advance than cod and most shooters so i would like to see battlefield staying distant from them. they should have an option to keep the battlefield 3 control layout for who ever wants it like that. i feel like they really could find a way to do that.

  • SnEaky-StrEaker 10.04.13 at 12:05

    let me at the godamn open beta already D:

  • Boss24Rukito 10.04.13 at 07:22

    why bf4 beta for ps3 is not in playstation store?

  • dcalderajr0 10.04.13 at 06:04

    you don’t need to change the control layout is what I am saying.

  • dcalderajr0 10.04.13 at 05:52

    Please change the solider and vehicle controls back to BF3 style. It’s a lot easier for all of us who played BF3. Please add suppression when your getting fired at and also the sound of the sniper bullet just missing it. The damage is ridiculous, one shot your died and it wasn’t even a headshot. Other than that everything is fine.

  • Sir Wranrap 10.04.13 at 05:37

    These controls really are terrible and should certainly be switched back to bf3, please don’t ruin this dice

  • Xxpyromancer8xX 10.04.13 at 04:16

    A few things that I’ve noticed on the beta on xbox 360 is occasionally my teammates grow in height my 2 feet and on some guns where there is suppose to be writing it is blurry. Also, when the skyscraper is falling the animation seems very glitchy.

  • wWaAVve 10.04.13 at 03:38

    DICE I have a question about the damage models in the beta versus the pre-alpha and B3.
    It seems so far that the damage of guns is a lot higher from pre alpha and possibly B3.
    I could be wrong but it seems that people are dying a lot quicker when they’re shot and there’s less of a firefight.
    Is the damage model different than the Pre-Alpha or B3?
    Personally I like the damage a little lower as in E3 because there’s more of a firefight and you can kind of see the marker and where the enemy is shooting from to give you a better chance to take cover or survive some of the time.
    That’s less time in killcams or menus and more time in the battle.
    Plus that makes it less like the other shooters where you die out of nowhere.
    The main reason I stopped COD was this dying over and over every 5 seconds even when I’m kicking ass!
    Battlefield felt SO much better because of the WEIGHT of shooting, running, staying alive longer, and better firefights, missing more often which is more realistic and I’d like a little more suppression effects in B4.
    Please don’t head toward COD direction with gameplay.
    I really liked the way the pre-alpha damage and gameplay was. Pre alpha had much more positive response than beta gameplay.
    Please don’t overwork that masterpiece.
    I trust you DICE so don’t stray from your core roots.

    • wWaAVve 10.04.13 at 04:05

      Just watched Pre-Alpha footage again and to reiterate one reason I liked the lower damage or missing more often model/longer firefights is the variety of enemy character animations you saw.
      But In Beta it’s like enemy- boom he’s dead-killcam.
      In pre-alpha you see enemies shaking arms and hands when hit, ducking, etc! That’s fuckin cool!!!!
      That is one reason Golden Eye back in the day seemed cool.
      Please keep that in mind DICE from Pre-Alpha.

  • Valdamart 10.04.13 at 02:57

    im exited for the game, but im expecting a lot of lag, i already pre ordered it so whatever

  • NazaCone 10.04.13 at 00:23

    Gostaria de saber se desta vez os prédios irão desabar ao invés de ficar só tremendo!

  • OmegaLeader01 10.03.13 at 22:23

    Also, I lose all ammo in a mag if it has any in it when I reload.

  • OmegaLeader01 10.03.13 at 22:21

    The thing that got me the most was the commorose, but I knew how to use it because I dabble in BF P4F and I had seen it before. Nice new ideas, though though the decreased/nonexistent bullet drop is sad. I play on X360 and the beta froze my console AT LEAST five times yesterday.

  • F00TBALLER167 10.03.13 at 22:15

    the controls need to be changed back to normal like bf3, soldier controls and tank controls!! this is not COD gentlemen this is BATTLEFIELD!!! nothing makes sense with how it is now. feels like the battlefield is transforming to COD with the silly grenade sign and knifing. i froze up twice yesterday while trying to play, lots of glitching. but that typical with early access.

    • F00TBALLER167 10.03.13 at 22:29


      • xChRoNiiC_v2 10.04.13 at 01:44

        No Need For bulletdrop its game being to complex well not appeal people, and were i aim i want my bullets to hit,just go play some bf3!!!

        • F00TBALLER167 10.04.13 at 07:11

          its has appealed millions of people. if you dont like real world shooter games go play COD!!!!!

    • F00TBALLER167 10.03.13 at 22:31

      also it would be nice if you could fix jumping over thing and getting stuck on stupid stuff

  • BelfegorCAT 10.03.13 at 19:29

    To correct:
    The change of control is ridiculous, put the same control as COD? Incomprehensible.
    And why have so changed the controls of the vehicles? Putting veteran control is not enough, the tanks and helis management is not natural, is it possible to customize the buttons on PS3 or PS4?

    Now it is much easier to kill, is a game for kids or still is room for skill?

    The grenades signal is laughing game, did not like the realistic approach of this game? Where is it now? For when the gusts of casualties and attacks with dogs …?
    Speaking of streaks, where is the combat efficiency ribbon?

    • xChRoNiiC_v2 10.04.13 at 01:50

      You noobs just complain because your not good stop bitching and adapt yea? i have to agree on one thing the controls are just cod style the gameplay mechanics are good now..DICE DONT LISTEN TO THESE NOOBS THEY JUST PLAY 4 FUN!! IN THE OTHER HAND COMPETITIVE PEOPLE THINK ITS GREAT !! LEANING SYSTEM I LOVE IT!! THE PICK UP WEAPONS SHOULD BE REMOVED.. EVERYTHING ELSE IS GOOD :))))

      • xChRoNiiC_v2 10.04.13 at 01:53


  • froggy6443 10.03.13 at 18:34

    Xbox user, why is it that there are no boats or attack heli’s in beta, and we are limited to three flaw, can’t give honest feedback with limitations

  • LAD1398 10.03.13 at 18:17

    My biggest gripe is the change of putting a battle log button in on the ‘back/select’ on ps3/xbox and that means that the spotting was moved to the RB and that takes away a big button on vehicles and on foot moving the melee to the ‘B’ button and that really effects you if your using ‘veteran’ for the button control scheme. I think the best way to fix it would be to completely customize the controls how ever you want.

  • BRAINNIAC 10.03.13 at 15:01

    Good day, I think a lack of respect to people who have NVIDIA video cards are failing to play BATTLEFIELD 4 – BETA DICE and shows no interest in helping users. I have a problem that more than 50,000 people have also reported the DICE and they do not bother. My error is the load time of the game and it closes simply alone. And also there’s this error from my image => <= and they do not solve and do not speak when they solve. Part BETA ends tomorrow and I and many users will not get to enjoy it and that's a shame, I paid dearly for the game and will not get to play. My computer is very good and still the best parts of the market I am not able to play the game or during BETA. Situation is resolved soon or return the money of more than 50,000 people who bought the product elusive until now. BATTLEFIELD 4 – BETA a shame so far for many users.

  • tazmo8448 10.03.13 at 12:43

    Beta freezes, lags, stutters to mention a few. BF3 plays flawlessly. It would be nice to transfer settings from BF3 to BF4. In BF4 trying to bind keys locks game up w/BF4 has stopped working error message. Much too buggy to play on a WEI 7.5 rig.

  • boy98barca 10.03.13 at 08:21

    i have played the Beta and i saw that the controls are different for airvehicles etc. DICE it would be great to get a control option named’bf3′ because in bf3 in can fly a heli or a jet and now in bf4 Beta i cant even fly the scoutheli so please change that. And thanks for the great games you guys made:)

    • lAfternoonl 10.03.13 at 09:54

      Change the controls to veteran. It’s the BF3 controls but it does have changed things in it.

    • Jonny Blair 10.03.13 at 11:18

      You can change this. Its called “veteran” in the options.

    • GUIDO FROM NY 10.03.13 at 12:37


  • beaverVKLAN 10.03.13 at 08:03

    I don’t want the battle log on the back button I want the scoreboard on there

    • Jonny Blair 10.03.13 at 11:18

      Don’t we all, don’t we all. Fuck battle log.

  • JDM_WaltStac 10.03.13 at 07:04

    Oh yea and also the beta keeps freezing my ps3

  • JDM_WaltStac 10.03.13 at 06:49

    Playing on ps3. Some bugs need attention are counterknife. They get so much time to do so. It’s super easy to switch it around.also with the disappearing map on top of. Charlie. Spawn protection.

    • Jonny Blair 10.03.13 at 07:16

      I think they are more interested in tweaking their servers, than the gameplay. The gameplay is probably fixed and ready, and you are playing an older version of the game. The help they need is for you to just play. Sucks, but you’ll have to wait until release to play it bug free.

    • Jonny Blair 10.03.13 at 07:18

      I mean, it was stable on the E3 live demos and gamescon. So, more than likely, you’re just playing a very old version of the game. I can’t say anything for sure, but I know dice would never release a game with the issues you brought up. This is a 1 gb demo, which is probably more like a separate product, than what is the “final product” of the game. But I feel your pain, son.

  • me11972 10.03.13 at 05:28

    I am alongtime Battlefield player and retired Army (22yrs), after playing BF3 for a long time, I would like to address things my friends and I would like to see changed to be more real.
    1. Get rid of the hand torch that can burn thru vehicles
    2. Make all weapons damage accurate to the caliber round fire.
    3. shooting pistols more than 50 feet with accuracy not true
    4. When Javelins lock on, there a guided missile, not affected by flares
    5. Get rid of these level 100 modders playin with aim bot
    6. When shooting any 50 caliber machine gun on vehicles there should be no hit markers on enemy soldier, one 50 cal round will kill an individual
    7. When planting C4 and exploding it , the individual should be more than 100 meters away otherwise he should be killed to.

    • DamThezCrackers 10.03.13 at 05:54

      its a game

    • Jonny Blair 10.03.13 at 07:01

      Yeah Dice! And while you’re at it… Make sure that people can only fly jets and helicopters after taking assessment tests, and flight school! This should be completed in game for 6 months! Also, When a medic is reviving a guy, make sure it goes into a mini game, and that you have to spend a good 15-20 minutes reviving a guy, and then that guy will have to sit out for a few weeks until he can play again. Anything less is realistic. Grenade indicators? Get rid of those. No REAL soldier had a flashing icon either. Make sure the weapons jam too… and that you have to sit and clean the rifle. Also, it doesn’t make much sense that these guys can parachute one after another after another. Make it realistic, and make them have to salvage their shutes, otherwise, possibly find one no a dead soldier. Please also make sure to sometimes add bathrooms. Sometimes we’re fighting for hours, and we go to the bathroom, but our characters don’t. Metal gear taught us that diarrhea refrains for NO MAN.

      This whole “over the top mayhem ridiculously fun awesome cinematic experience” is for pussy’s.

      Please fix this, dice.

  • BlackCat935 10.03.13 at 05:23

    I have seen some wired glitches please fix

    • Jonny Blair 10.03.13 at 11:20

      Ha…. I love this.

      Dice, me no like. Please make L337.

  • BusyWings 10.03.13 at 03:59

    it keeps saying my account wont let me what do i do i tried to change setting but it didnt work but i still have battlefeild 3 and that works

  • benson1982 10.03.13 at 03:42

    dice needs to fix the controls please listen to all of the gamers

  • Johnny555420 10.03.13 at 01:36

    Ok… Here are my thoughts about the beta. Most important are the controls! BF4 feels more like COD then BF mainly be because of the controls for everything. If the default controls must be changed, then you need an option for BF VETERANS. We are the ones that have carried you through all of these years. 2nd the comm function is pointless (to me) i feel that if ppl want to communicate, then they will get a mic. At least put it back to select. I have been killed many times cause the select button stuff won’t go away. 3rd:,graphics are too plain. I’m sure u will fix this in the full release. Thank you for your time and excuse my grammar errors as this phone sucks.

    • Jonny Blair 10.03.13 at 07:28

      Remember that when you first got BF3, there was a high res texture download that was optional to download to the hard drive. That is why it looked so good. Without it, BF3 looked awful. I think this is what you are experiencing with the beta’s graphics.

    • lAfternoonl 10.03.13 at 10:02

      Theres a control setting in the game. It’s called veteran go check it out and change it. You need to look for it before sayn anything.

  • imarcello 10.03.13 at 01:21

    it’s all good but crashing and not saving my progression in the round is very annoying

  • el matador50400 10.03.13 at 01:12

    !. It looks like BO2
    2. its hard to distinguish who our friendlies and enemies are until you are right on top of them.
    3. You can spot with select.

    • Jonny Blair 10.03.13 at 07:27

      I think you’re saying you CANT spot with select. You now spot with right shoulder button, or whatever the ps3 equivalent is. You are playing an older version with much more glitches in it. Remember, the point of the beta is not for your opinion on what should be changed, but to tweak the servers. Therefore, Im pretty darn sure that the blue icons over your teammates will work just fine at launch. Finally, as to it looking like BF2… Remember when you got BF3, there was a high res texture pack download. If you played BF3 without it, it looks worse than BF4 does right now. Hence, according to a tweet by one of the developers, with the high res texture download added at launch, you will see a pretty drastic difference in graphics. Closer to what you see in the videos.

  • arjacko 10.03.13 at 00:47

    My PS3 keeps freezing in the load up screen after I die please fix

  • InvolvingSole02 10.03.13 at 00:29

    Dice I just want to tell you that when you see a teammate that is blue it doesn’t pop up so I get confused if it’s an enemy so please fix it

    • Jonny Blair 10.03.13 at 07:30

      Please remember, that this isn’t the beta they are currently working on. You are playing an older version, that more than likely is fixed in the current beta. You are playing something that is probably pre e3 footage beta. The point of the beta is stability and tweaking of the servers, not graphics, glitches, etc… which they can already fix without the help of a massive community of gamers. My advice… don’t worry.

  • Crashpilot_GER 10.03.13 at 00:08

    Dice please tell me that in the release version for current gen, there will be attack boats, attack and transport choppers, and counter-knifing. And please bring back the bf3 controls, the veteran option still does not work like Bf3

    • lAfternoonl 10.03.13 at 10:04

      It’s the same controls it just has new things in it. I’m use to it, just keep using the setting.

  • YAMAN17 10.02.13 at 21:17

    here i can down lod the free beta for play

  • Tank_Krusher 10.02.13 at 21:03

    Hi Battlefield, would you please post a webpage article on the cpu and gpu necessary to run the BF4 at maximum power, i.e. Ultra settings and with no glitches, just guaranteed smooth game play for those of us that know we will need to upgrade our hardware!

    Thank you,


  • DLD_swagg_ 10.02.13 at 20:39

    The only thing i dont like so far is the simple flying and driving controls (ps3). And even when you switch to the veteran controls it uses r1 and l1 for throttle. This means all you can do is FULL throttle up or down. You cant really ease it. Learning to fly in bf3 was a skill, now its too easy

    • Zachs shotgun 10.02.13 at 21:12

      I know its annoying

    • Jonny Blair 10.03.13 at 07:33

      I actually think its better, the easy controls. While, I do agree, I loved the learning curve… The fact that more players can pull off strafes and light up an entire floor of enemies when you call for support, means closer and tighter teamwork. I have to say that I’ve noticed a lot less “lone wolfing” in this game, because of all the perks. I had to quickly break from that, as these engagements have 3-4 guys running around in packs, taking down loners left and right.

      • lAfternoonl 10.03.13 at 09:57

        Yea I have seen that aswell when I stick to my team I see lone wolfs running around and get destroyd by a firing squad.

  • DomAzz BUMBLE B 10.02.13 at 19:22

    where the hell did bullet drop go? at best its VERY minimal, is this to make it easier for Call Of Duty guys to pick it up? what happened to cutting your teeth? sucking for a long time, while you learn the game and its mechanics? i seriously hope they bring bullet drop back.

    • DLD_swagg_ 10.02.13 at 20:41

      I think its there, just the guns shoot farther

      • DLD_swagg_ 10.02.13 at 21:00

        Actually, im sniping pretty far right now and no drop…

    • DLD_swagg_ 10.02.13 at 23:34

      I figured it out. You can actually set the sniper rifles scope to adjust depending on the range. So lets say the guy is 200m out, set the scope for 200m and itll hit him right on the cross hairs. i kinda like it because you can use the range rinder on the “soflam” which is now handheld and actuall calculate the distance and stop guessing, like a real sniper.

    • Jonny Blair 10.03.13 at 07:21

      It may also be, that the scope you are using is midrange. When you use a longer range scope, and can actually see targets much father, you may actually feel that the bullet drop is still there. Also, note, that the default kit has a range finder. It’s been said by many who’ve played the game that you can zero in your bolt, and adjust it to the meters distance someone is away, so you can just line up the shot… This would be for someone camping and staying still… so there definitely is bullet drop.

    • xChRoNiiC_v2 10.04.13 at 01:58


    • xChRoNiiC_v2 10.04.13 at 02:00


  • EA_AgentX 10.02.13 at 16:32


  • peteraugust 10.02.13 at 16:01

    how do i get the acw-r

  • TheVikingHenrik 10.02.13 at 15:50

    This is not from the beta, how the fuck did they get a customiced skin?

  • AxlFlussbch 10.02.13 at 15:35

    This Video Material is not from the Beta. The’re lieying. At 2:01 you can see a wheapon with a customiced Skin. The game actualy says: Availiable in Gold Packages.

    • K.Drizzy 10.02.13 at 17:20

      Are you dumb or what ? This come from the E3′s Multiplayer trailer

  • riggityrogllc 10.02.13 at 15:24

    pls help me im a bf3 premium member no demo option in store

    • Nilmur 10.02.13 at 15:32

      The Beta to BF4 is not under the store it is under your My Games section.

    • Crashpilot_GER 10.03.13 at 00:05

      I found it under demos, and than shooters, it should appear there

  • riggityrogllc 10.02.13 at 15:16

    still cant get on beta no option in store wtf

  • gatordone911 10.02.13 at 12:08

    Absoluteley hate the old school and COD feel of the after kill cinema . The BF3 after kill cinema was 1 feature that put BF3 in a class all by itself . I was looking forward to more and better versions of the same . Instead Dice , you either took 2 steps back 2 BF2 or just made a glorified COD .

    • DevilDogUSA 10.02.13 at 12:28

      And this is why no one cares about what you have to say, you simpleton.