Battlefield 4 Beta Basics: Learn how to Dominate on Siege of Shanghai

With the Exclusive Battlefield 4 Beta in full swing, have a look at our new Beta Overview Video for a run-down of the playable map and available game modes.

The Open Beta available to all players opens up on October 4. Learn more about the Battlefield 4 Beta.

Pre-order Battleifeld 4 Digital Deluxe Edition on PC from Origin to join the Exclusive Beta that runs through October 3.

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  • MrM0rten 10.16.13 at 20:12

    I have noticed that when I´m in the middle of a match and try to spawn on the chopper right after it has respawned, I ususally get placed in a car. Also every time I respawn, it takes a fewseconds befor Ican use my weapons.

  • MadDog Bullseye 10.15.13 at 07:46

    I dont know how many times enemies have spawned next to me, easy kill but not to funny for them…..

  • MadDog Bullseye 10.15.13 at 07:41

    I got a whole bunch of dogtags unlocked for handguns, Pretty weird :-)

  • Dafortycal 10.14.13 at 21:36

    Another thing I would love to see, if I were the first one to enter a elevator and took it to the top of a building, I think that it would be way cool if tossing a M67 inside took it out of service for the rest of the game. There are always other ways to get to the top of a building.

  • Dafortycal 10.14.13 at 21:20

    I just played another match, hit someone up close with a shotgun 5 times and he kept going, might have shot him some more but I got killed by someone else.

  • Dafortycal 10.14.13 at 21:06

    When you are on top of the mall at checkpoint c, if someone has a tactical light on their handgun and the enter the elevator on the roof with the light on, it will shine on the other building like the guy isn’t in a enclosed elevator. While on the same roof, I have fired at people only to have them disappear and reappear in front of me. A couple of times, someone fired from the hip at me, they killed me but the strange thing about it was that it looked like he was firing two weapons at me at the same time, I am pretty sure that I saw more than one muzzle flash.

  • Ch1cK3N Jo3 xD 10.14.13 at 08:34

    I did notice that sometimes in the beginning of the match everyone sometimes is invisible for a short time, with limited movement you can only use the left stick going forward an back an strafe side to side . like I said it is limited maybe 5-10 sec max. also the choppers seem to have some issues. when you are piloting them in first person an you take damage the wind shield will semi crack/ or shatter but it will kinda glitch an partly stay there. this severely effects visual performance while in the pilot 1st person view and doesn’t seem to go away until chopper is destroyed. also with the mbt if you go through the ruble after the skyscraper is down on the left side( the side closest to point a) seem like the tank trends will glitch our under the sand when you hit a certain piece of ruble. this issue immediately make the tank immobile but when you go to 3rd person view you see the tracks moving but you don’t go anywhere. o lastly when give ammo or med pack( small one) they tend to float or fly past the place you intend. other than that game seems to run smooth I cant think of any other issues. keep up the great work cant wait for the full game to come out had the reorder paid off as soon as it came out.

  • countryuncle 10.11.13 at 21:37

    what up with they hit marker with tank can hard kill any one with it when the a are on foot

  • Udonitron 10.11.13 at 01:53

    OK the update today seemed to have replaced the satchels with the old BF3 ammo and Med packs but it seems you cannot drop them on Obliteration mode now and the MG on the Support class is just iron sights now with the magnifier however when magnified you lose the center of the iron sight and cannot see any tracers on your rounds so it seems like you are not even firing….really odd choice guys.
    All my settings were reset too and the auto detect for graphics WAS choosing Ultra but now High?

  • Ninja B Ninja 10.11.13 at 00:20

    This is complete crap. BF4 Beta runs like garbage on the Xbox 360, why In the hell would any idiot buy BF4 for the 360? You make no sense Dice. Getting sick of the constant misleading information. Constant crashing, crappy graphics, silly control options, dumb attachment screen load outs, stupid Battle Briefcase’s. Who are you making this nonsense for? COD players? Ridiculous. Seems to me, None of the developers actually play this game.
    Just put useless components into a game. Fix none of the issue’s players were having with the game mechanics. Basically take the money and laugh in people’s face’s. I’m not fall for BS again folks. Have fun. I just hope the Division and Titan Fall will be hits.

    • Ch1cK3N Jo3 xD 10.14.13 at 08:17

      ok ninja look its the beta version of course in not the full game graphics its enough to get you used to it till the real thing comes out. as far as the crashes go its prob you internet service or you xbox cause I have only had one crash an that was on opening day. the reason they make a beta public is so that way not just the developing team has to work on them but also just incase they missed something or over looked it. if you don’t like the standard vehicle controls go to options and set it to veteran turns them right into bf3 controls. and the load out screens are kinda nice lets you take you time and choose what you want instead of making mistakes and the battle briefcases give you nice awesome random items for free just based on you leveling up. so I really don’t know what you complaining about. since when has any COD let you fly a chopper kill a bunch of people then when YOU want to eject , parachute, blow a plane out of the sky then land an knife someone. truth is never. an in reality its the COD games that are trying to be more like battle field. for example. the new ghost the just added a squad feature, or the true ability to mantle, an for the first time ever environmental damage. last I check the people at battle field been doing this for a while. Do you even remember BattleField 1942. so really I don’t know what you complaining about…… have a good night

  • m_q6r85 10.10.13 at 22:39

    i hope you fix that “jumping into water is a SUICIDE”!

    thanks for keeping us on the edge of our seats:))

  • m_q6r85 10.10.13 at 22:36

    well, i started playing and addicted with BF3 and BF4 beta really got me out of the box but still need some bugs fixing which really got us stock + controls of launching of aircraft and other vehicles and crawling is totally different besides spotting
    why you bother changing whatever was perfect??

  • Hideyoshii 10.10.13 at 17:12

    I love BF4. Its old school BC2 in a new design, loving it! I was so dissapointed in BF3!

  • SilentBarrel121 10.10.13 at 07:12

    Dear DICE,
    I have been playing your Battlefield 4 Beta for about a week now and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I do agree with many of the comments that other players are providing. On console we don’t get to try out naval warfare other than shooting at people while swimming. If it isn’t too much trouble, I think that it would be greatly appreciated if you could throw in an attack boat for both teams so we get a more full experience. Secondly, I noticed that your are allowing people to transfer their data from the 360 to the Xbox One, but at a price. I don’t think that it is fair that you are making us pay to save our hard earned progress onto the next-gen systems. With this info, and more as others and I keep playing, I think that you guys are doing a great job and I can’t wait to try the real thing.


  • armyglenn1 10.10.13 at 07:11

    Just remember folks, this only the beta, don’t panic noobs, if anyone is WORRIED, have a look at the multiplayer footage that’s been released, there is too much money at stake for them, they wont stuff it up, too me it all looks great and cant wait to get my ps4. Everyone should think themselves lucky because when I started playing game it was pingpong on a little black and white TV, ay showing my age, the consoles just keep getting better and better all the time, so if anyone is complaining about beta, go back in time.

    • SilentBarrel121 10.10.13 at 07:13

      Just as excited as you mate. Hoorah!

    • Brando99 10.10.13 at 21:36

      PONG! I remember it too…It was great for the day and time! Ok maybe not ;]

  • wWaAVve 10.08.13 at 17:47

    After playing the Beta each day totaling over 35 hours, I can say Battlefield is feeling great so far!
    Here’s some feedback for DICE from the Beta. I’m one person with one opinion, but it may ring true for more. This has nothing to do with bugs, just some minor gameplay stuff which may already be fixed…

    - Getting stuck on stuff below sight line. I noticed this in B3 also, getting stuck often on not just rubble, but smaller things like doorway step areas, small debris, or stuff down below out of your peripheral. When focused on shooting the enemy this can be frustrating, especially if it’s something that you should be able to easily move around or through, instead of having to hop a few times.

    - For consoles, cycling through the range of sniper scope is in one direction (200, 300, etc) but there are many times I just want to go back one not cycle around again to 1500 to 200 again.

    - When spawning into a vehicle, the same cycling issue where I sometimes accidentally hit one button too many and end up in passenger seat, gunner etc instead of driver seat, and have to cycle around again like sniper range noted above

    - N, S, E, W is hard to see on minimap. I don’t mind memorizing that South is near water in front of skyscraper, East side is Arcade, etc but when someone says sniper spotted on West side I want to also be able to check the minimap quickly.

    - We should be able to customize our soldier in the lobby between games while waiting not just on spawn screen after dying.

    - Glass on roof of Arcade is very clear, making it very difficult to see which are broken or not. Not sure if this is intentional but a little more shading may create more of a maze/route to plan out for crossing or allow more strategic smashing of them.

    - Gates down in Arcade aren’t that much of a deterrent for enemies since one blast opens up a hole and then the gate advantage is quickly gone. Maybe make it a little more difficult like they have to crawl through prone to slow them down or allow only one or two areas they can actually get through forcing them around to open gate.

    - -More commands in the command/commrose wheel.

    - It’s still a little difficult to see the classes when you need ammo, medic etc or where to look to find them when you need something.

    - An icon or something is needed to help identify who asked for a ride, or asked for ammo.

    - -Fire extinguishers don’t seem to play a part in game (I’m also only on console), but maybe place more of them in strategic locations like near elevators to blind them with smoke at times.

    - Skyscraper seems too easy to take down, maybe an engineer can prolong the pillars by repairing, but once they’re destroyed that’s it they’re gone. Or set it pillars to take more hits.

    Thanks for listening.

    • wWaAVve 10.08.13 at 17:58

      sorry, 2 more things I forgot to mention. (I’m at work :)
      1. Red font is hard to see inside of range goggles to determine range for sniping.
      2. Range setting of scope is hard to see, and might also be useful to see somewhere in scope while allowing you to adjust it while zoomed. (unless this affects gameplay balance?)

  • AHIRNE 10.08.13 at 02:46

    really people complaining ? its a beta wth did you expect? and to the console players complaining about the controls that’s why you get a PC !

    • gunfightermcb 10.10.13 at 04:00

      Dude betas are made so ppl can tell the developers what they need to fix. dont complain about something if you dont understand it

    • SilentBarrel121 10.10.13 at 07:06

      Not everyone can afford a PC dude. So quit hating on us console users and worry more about the bugs happening on the PC.

  • DBMgamer 10.08.13 at 01:36

    Yep, Was there… Did that:

  • saaris 10.08.13 at 00:24

    how do i download the beta game ?

    • WackierGalaxy25 10.08.13 at 01:59

      You go to battlefield beta then follo
      w the links

    • armyglenn1 10.10.13 at 07:13

      go to the ps store and look under demos or downloads and you will find it mate.

  • imarcello 10.08.13 at 00:16

    Hey this update/patch didn’t do anything to my framerate issues!!! I’d be so so angry if I couldn’t run this on my laptop because my high-end pc won’t..

  • KyPTeD 10.07.13 at 21:36

    Ok, DICE, you’ve done a great job with BF4, don’t even read the comments above. Just a few things I wanted to point out (all of this on ps3):
    -It would be great if you could make squads in the menus like in bf3
    -i got a bug, when i was playing on conquest, i got all the gun mastery dogtags of the final game, but in my profile i cant see them
    -it would be good that you removed one of the big jeeps from uncaps and insted, spawn an attack boat, os even only jetskis, cuz in consloes, naval battles dont exist.
    -it would be good if you can, to add a bit more decoration to the cnquest versions (like in pc)

    Thanks, youre doing it great! See u on the battlefield! :)

  • l23lFirejetl17l 10.07.13 at 14:09

    Guys can someone fix or answeer the problem this video regarding the graphic problem with BF4 Beta??! /watch?v=hlY_hVbrL6E on youtube

  • wWaAVve 10.07.13 at 06:34

    DICE after 20 hours or so of playing Beta I think there’s something great to expand on-more commrose/commands for soldier dialog and here’s why!
    A true Battlefield moment was created by one voice command phrase…
    I was in the water and our chopper flew by…
    I used the voice command from menu “I need a ride”
    The chopper turned around and flew down to water so I could hop in.
    I used “thank you” phrase and he said”Sure no problem” and lifted me to a rooftop to snipe!
    All from my 1 button click!
    We need MORE phrases to create specific commands like “take me to that location” maybe accompanied by icon of where Im pointing to, or a hint of where the soldier is located who’s asking for the ride, and a way for non- squad members to suggest things to do other than the general need ammo or need medic.
    What about if the squad leader could say “go pick up that soldier” or “cover that door” etc but with one button/menu!
    Maybe have different groupings of phrases to quickly access for different situations like…
    -covering a location
    -lets meet there
    -flank them
    -watch my back
    -he’s hiding
    -be careful
    -wait for my order to go
    This is so simple to add even now and it would create some great immersion and teamwork, especially for non headset mic players or playing amongst other groups. These dialog commands create more teamwork naturally in the voice of in game soldiers :)
    “Thanks for listening” (pretend I just chose that from menu :)

  • BrunchAtMyPlace 10.07.13 at 05:27

    The beta so far has been… well a beta. I like the map so far, and all the functionality of the game has been up to my expectations. Only draw backs and of course there will be its a beta, is scoreboard function, being put on the start button and then having to hold it down to see score really through me off my game. Another would be the excessive wait time you need to hold down to either enter a vehicle or to take another players class. Other than that I found the game fun and enjoyable, can’t wait for the full product.

  • HighestShark54 10.07.13 at 04:53

    why the hell do console players only get the scout helicopters but no attack boats!!! WHAT A LOAD OF BULLSHIT!!!

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